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ISSUES 2017 02/12/17

Feb 8, 2017|

Pastor Dave Fulton of Partners for Wichita discusses Safe Streets, an effort to prevent violence in Wichita

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This is issues too funny seventeen I'm Steve Macintosh and our guest is pastor Dave Fulton of partners for Wichita. Welcome to issue 317. Spectrum and look forward to a nice to have you with us this morning wanna talk about a project called safe streets. But first I'd like to get a little background on you if I'm a pastor Dave okay you are minister you have a church somewhere I present this to us about that I serve. Saint Paul's Lutheran Church. Our on ninth in Waco and downtown. Wichita. I've been an effort twelve years. And before that we're. I was in to peak for eleven years before that it than Kansas City before that then I began my. Pilgrimage in Kansas and in good. May I open spaces lawyer. A very no are you from are you from I'm originally from the state of Washington as well and eat or in Olympia. Watched and man. I went to school through college and in Washington you've been all over this that are. What is. Partners for which is a tell me about that martyrs is a nonprofit. That we've sounded about seven years ago seminary years ago. That brings congregations together for good. That's kind of arm are low though the whole idea is that congregations have a need to engage publicly. And there are lots of needs in the community so we do it partners is bring congregations together with those needs. And then both the needs of the creation man of the community. To how many gimmick congregations you have involved in this then we have. We have a mailing list of 600 variations. Man. We participate pollutant under 150 kind Asians. Out of grew. Annual basis geographically speaking having an area is set then I'll work where all the way. Across the county we have people from that we work less and across the spectrum in terms denominations. We work with. African American creation is Catholic variation news. Course and the main line institutional kind. Nations that is such as those for an while helping a little bit on on the structure of your organization it. You have a meeting a once a month third. Eases some really well we have very various we have the board meets once in my time van we. One aspect. Partners is called the samaritan community obviously allusion to the local story. As that community right now is is planning to subdue recalled bags for blessings which is. Pretty get a hygiene items we've we've put about a thousand hygiene kits together. And then we distribute those to various and sundry. Helping agencies across city. And it. A number of variations work with that actually saying jams saint James episcopal hosted. Ask the last couple of years. Where they they gather in the stuff and distribute them there and then beyond that all have. This very committee will be doing something called. Fill in the gap which is providing meals for kudos during spring break. If you're gonna talk about all that little bit later on right wanted to what is were view off just a little bit scared and tell us about done. How partners from Wichita is involved in safe streets. It was safe streets. It is a program I founded in two. Man I did his funeral. I just. Felt that something needed to be done about violence. As I did some organized team. Pocket of people and I decided that putting together a non profit for. Deal with violence would be helpful. On my hometown school Washington there's a program called safe streets. So my column they said they sent now other stuff and so we've got diseased trees and again that was all blow over about forty years ago. And then when I came to which. Senior police officials asked performance here. So we did. Safeties. So. The connection was excuse is that these nonprofit that sponsors and it is partners switched coaches faith based nonprofit. And to peak at waivers sponsored. Regional prevention center which is more a nonprofit doing drug and alcohol prevention. Now had to do what is is safe streets mission what he's trying to accomplish receive streets. While the short mission is peace in the neighborhood. It's State Street has three elements to it whining is and neighborhood organizing block by block organizing game neighbors to work together for error. Improvement of their own neighborhood. The second element is partnership formation. If you have an issue in your neighborhood and you don't know involved. We deal as we have partnerships with most of the active agencies. And the third element is youth. Because youth are the ones who are most vulnerable to to violence and drug and alcohol abuse. The whole program is driven by. Prevention drug now illegal drug and alcohol use. Which is a player and most. Most crimes the most. You know you have some ambitious goals. Or talk about a few this morning if we are very. How do you unite people with common concerns and objectives. Very. It's it takes a great deal of work. And it's all based on. Kind of a notion of community. That. There's the quotation now lights. To use by a man named John Dunne who. In sixteenth century people ask. The bells of the church would ring and it asks who's who's a bell ringing before they would they would count the number of times it rain because it ordering for one year bear over his life and Saddam said. Send not to ask for whom the bell tolls on snowman is an island until himself at all are part of the main. And send not to ask whom the bell tolls the bullet holes for the and the idea being there that acts of violence affect as hall. In the community. And so. Going from that perspective. We we simply bring people together for conversation. And their common sense tells them that prevention is the best way to move forward. Yeah and it is becoming increasingly clear to me is the only way. To move forward. You also mentioned dismantling barriers of indifference and misconception. That sounds like a tough when pets education right and it it really says. We again. A world that is. Era here I am in the media but is driven by. Frantic. Electronic communication yes if you a if we can get people togethers slow down and consider. What the options are they generally look to common sense solution to the issues. So it's kind of counterculture role in it in a way. And we sold that slow people down helps them have conversations with each other. Around the issues that matter and and Percy issues that we define our our issues around violence that are on drugs and alcohol abuse. All right you also talk about channeling anger. Fear and frustration into productive actions. Petty and you do that. That is. It. One of the things are working on now is a grant to address hate crimes in now man. And any any crime that's committed to its people. Activated they want to do something about the crime. And of course you know law enforcement comes and and the criminal justice system but then beyond that totally do and we see. Critical incidents like that as opportunities to organize people have energy they wanted to do something as say okay listen let's organize us build community. And so that's have. That's one great way that we. Utilize that energy and try to channel it. Positive productive. The candidates support. Are you getting from the Wichita police department. Although it the police have. It originally asked me to to organize pastries and and then chief Ramsey has been very very accommodating. When it is it is. Deputy chiefs Jose's house veto has worked with us from the beginning of state street's. It's they are very very supportive. But their main mission it is to catch the bad guys. You know and we as safe streets that's we don't do that we were surprised and we re trying to keep people from offending breaking loss. And keep. The crime rate down by preventing it. So they see. It's yes pretty much as partners in and work and we worked in partnership with the place almost. Especially when we're doing neighborhood work. Or other government entities involved in this. City. The what used to be it the neighborhood and coordinators. That work with us. Codes officials. We work with City Council members. So yeah we we work with other government agencies that can help us with the mission of peace in the neighborhood. The safe streets and require. Any special funding or volunteer support. We. Yes. Short answer yes well and is in its peak Cadbury is eight group called turnaround game. That was volunteer led an organized. Had. If big you know when I was organizes these cases or did you just use it to turnaround when you need people who are professional. In working prevention. Somebody does it full time. So that's. The funding base now. It. We're not funded. Publicly we were into peak we had 80000 dollars a year steady state funding from the city and county. We have knows that he statement in which we're Alter it's all driven by grants and so you know you live by the great dive I think that. You know at. Holy. How big is a gang problem here in our community. It's. You know this is not as explicit as they used to be. Because that's not good for business. And again you're game you wanna get below the radar there exactly you know uninterrupted draw a lot of attention to yourself now that there are. And says we haven't. Then active it and work in neighborhoods. Last couple years and not act as aware as I used to be. I had the gang culture disaffected young people. Are. Our president and will be present for some time. It and that the gang culture is driven by the drug trade which is driven by your cart now. Facilities the solution to the gang culture react you can go and put him in prison. Or you can can put some resources and remaining. Gang activity wishes which is what world. You're listening to issues Tony seventeen on the Entercom radio stations and against his pastor Dave Fulton. Of partners. For Wichita them before we continues or any thing more you'd like to tell us about safe streets and yes something I haven't covered this morning. Well we are currently. Reorganize his State's case we went kind of dormant for a couple of years went into finding. And now we have funding from the state. It's actually a federal flow through a grant. And we're building a coalition. To do. The partnership pieces pastries so we're very excited about that and we're hoping to rollout to use peace and the neighborhood peace and in the near future. Well let's talk smells a little little bit about partners for Wichita how did that start. When I came to town a colleague of mine. Pacers' nine frazzled. Did a a needs assessment we went Anton was. Leaders of major faith based nonprofits which and asked them what they needed. Based we need connection. Connection with congregations are connections with others. We design partners which got to do exactly that. I want to talk about. Some of the programs and services you'll offer was for instance what is GAAP lunches for kids. Billion gap lunches for Campbell is filling out I just don't get what is all right to only about yeah get pledges I think death is a trade is starting and take that's true that fact that they don't finds that the gaps are well quality is she one of the interesting things in Russia has kind of guy hidden issue is the issue of what's called. Food insecurity. And that is that people don't have enough to eat and Armenia those people are children. There is a program called the school lunch program Aaliyah and federally funded school lunches that are provided for kudos. And we discovered there was a need a gap between the school lunch program. And the summer lunch program. Absolutely side lawless fill that gap and so it mobilized. Congregations. We have sixteen or seventeen. Sites across the city's metro metro area. Where we provide distribution. Lunges during that time. And it's it's a considerable effort to mobilize that base sites. These. Cans food bank is key partners they provide the meals for us that we have to find the money for it. Which as we get something grasp it a lot of it is just an individual giving. And so we have. This expanded effort during that time in GAAP. Timeframe there's there's just this great energy. Contributions are working together they're mobilizing their neighbor's cat doesn't come in and having him meals. Some law have music during that time it's just it's really great Yemeni children who do you think you're feeding with this program. Last year 151000. About 101000 in the summer and another 5000. During spring break. Aaron. So I think we've been doing fill in the gap enough warriors. You're looking right around 50000 well so tell us about. Cooking matters. Just sending him to get. Divide misinformed on that one. He noted that Madrid another woman yeah. Yes I can make something up about and that's good about trivia night fund raiser attended its unionized coming up. And a couple leagues on the eighteenth of February and NASA's fund raiser we do for our partners for our. Our programming. Man. The first that we where we have it first Presbyterian Church downtown. A very graciously. Welcoming to us man. The first line we you know we we tried it scheduled around. Passed the law everything. So we found an open date had it first press and it hours six and justice now. By you know as always on is if we had 200 people there. So it's just it's a fun night it you do Trivial Pursuit Candace. Had dinner tables they compete prizes and we have. Auction items can be purchase. The main thing. In my mind is a sense of community comes just kind of ovals just on night doing good. Good works for community it's worthy guys. And every just feel you just walk. Out with this glow cars. Given the fund raisers. We have yes this in the fall. We have we have what we call the sweet piece event. And that's we have actually is the last couple of years we've had and Annika. And in there oriental realm. Dan. That is also that. Our main fund raiser. It's it's just great great deal of time and again and it's a celebration of community a lot of the people whose. We we used to have a couple hundred people would come to that and his people who have been involved with us or more interest in supporting our work. And pan and should be involved in a group that is working or community develops community. Feeling is just export to what what is it denizens of banquet or something it's it's it's dessert. Is deserves we honestly peace because it is just. Action now as desserts are donate. That desserts are donated five venues around the city here. And it gives them a blow so that'll they advertise for us. Early advertised form and and it's those not a big heavy media assistant deserves some program. Just just generally a good time. Kelly a little bit we don't have that please don't we won't ask for any names or could you tell me about one or two people you run into. In. A safe streets or in partners for Wichita that there are good stories people who have. Had to get a tough time now have been better you get anything like that for me this morning. Day. We've had. Wheatley ran into a number of people in. And do what stars smear and community programming who. Move. Do from one side of the equation to the other you know from in the people receive two people who give. Dad and that's that's always a thrill especially in in neighborhood work. The the best people we have for doing. Safe streets are people who have. A sense. What it is to be a victim of crime. And there are real motivated to be helpful. We and one man speak we do we it has seized east is a block against crime. Gang violence or we did that for four years. And some of the people that we had that had moved out of the game culture and working towards. Well being of the community. Really really inspiration. Good good now. It mean people listening out that they may wanna donate some somebody or some volunteer time or whatever how's the best way to contact you. The best place just due to or go online to. Partners which. I dot org who and we have. Various ways that you can give there velocity it it would tell you about. They. Various aspects that we have like I did hear 11 story something we did. You scorer. We talk about working with the inside out approach it and this youngster. We had a a proclamation that we presented to the City Council and mayor. Read them proclamation NN made that. Use core. Days at ways in which does is a couple of years ago and yesterday wanted to speak in this. Little guy named Hannah and gets up he speaks in these. He EEE kind of chatters on that day and he says. Just know this if anybody believe you just know that there have been a bad day. Aggies that's perfect. If right now what is the future hold for city streets and partners for Wichita. Are you optimistic that as they're getting it's a real good work done here I am optimistic. Because. It now. Him firemen to public environment Tennessee on the national level it uses to show called. People feel helpless and we've we provide a way to be publicly involved that is there's positive. And there's something in in people want to work for that. And is one of the things that I think about Kansas you know this this state was built on a pioneer heritage. And I cius. As working with a new. Spared a pioneering. To build communities. Communities are what built the stage and I think communities are the futures date. And so if both candidates to break away and engage. Become involved. And one of the cool things about partners is it works with congregations. And I am I believe there's. It's. A great future of our great land is. And people. I'm moving into this partial vision of public life. This is what Gandhi didn't India what king did an America and I think it's really what's needed to cede much on the national level but you're talking about doing it one community the times and I look what we call the grassroots level absolutely grassroots. I think you know it. Asked dale action and they had a women's marches and that's that is like. Grassroots but they don't have a mission. Act and you know it just against something exactly and ports and you can be for a community and my hope is that some of that energy will be translated into. Neighborhood work work and what our own kids. In our own schools. To make them safe. And peaceful and nonviolent so you retain some optimism of optimism about the future than. I am I am very enthusiastic about the future of I'm very hopeful. Nolan thank you for spending some time where this this morning talk about this issue and a lot of it has to do with violence and gangs and drugs and he you'll sing like you just like you do some good work out there a lot of people involved in this effort. And we ought to thank you for your efforts. On behalf of the although the entire community thank you so much and and a thank you for spending some time with us on the issue show this morning faster they've really appreciate it thank you so much. Thank you so much are gas is pastor Dave Fulton the partners for Wichita that's all for this edition of issues Tony seventeen will be back next week. Thanks for listening I'm Steve Macintosh.