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Episode 29: Top 10 Tornado Events of 2016 – Part 2

Jan 18, 2017|

The Countdown Continues!  On the last episode of Tornado Talk, we tackled #10 through #6 on our list of Top 10 tornado events of 2016.  Which events made the top 5??  Well, wait no longer!  Episode 29 is ON!! Statistics above from the 2016 Annual Tornado Report from the NCDC: ...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hi this is Dan from tornado talked please take a moment to go to our website tornado talked dot com and click support the show on the menu. As you know we offer this podcast three but it is not free to produce we accrue monthly cost including writing researching recording editing in producing. If you click the donate button on that page you can help us underwrite the cause that's tornado talk dot com. Click the support the show on the menu and you'll see to donate button and thank you in advance. Asked about one of nature's most fascinating phenomenon to share your tornado story with us by email Janet Dan at tornado talk dot com. Yeah and dance at a tornado dog dot com. Now meteorologist. Jennifer near Moore and Dan Holliday tornado touch is fine welcome depart you have our special countdown of the top ten tornado events of 2006. Steve the tornado talking compiled figures and facts along with special data including the magnitude the tornadoes had on our lives over that twelve month period your recap the chance the biggest tornado event of 2016. It was July 7 in your leaky Kansas at number nine the ray may Colorado tornadoes of last year the November 27 through thirtieth outbreak including more than 46 tornadoes across parts of the central and southern plains. Ranked at number eight BEF two twister of October 14 and Manson either origin was the seventh biggest tornado event of 2016. And number six may 24 2016. When a tornado emergency was issued for Dodge City, Kansas. That is where we left off. We're down to the five biggest tornado events between January 1 and December 31 2000 sixteenths. It just one day after Dodge City was in the path of tornadic storms severe weather broke out across north central Kansas. On May 25 2016. It was a late that afternoon what an isolated super cell formed over Ottawa county Kansas. The storm went on to produced four tornadoes the first twister touchdown a three mile south of the town of Minneapolis Kansas. The second was a long track violent tornado that spent over an hour on the ground. Chad ailment of the National Weather Service and to peca recalls that day. That is a unique set up brilliant when we look at they're the type story as we see those violent tornadoes dot com and here again this we give him every every few years so unique about this this system or this situation. Was the factor that tornado stayed on the ground for nearly 26 miles. It was on the ground for about an hour and a half and we have visual confirmations of that men and also. Radar data that substantiate that the fact that this thing was on the ground for through upwards of an hour and a half about 26 miles long past. The tornado pass just north of gasoline damaging a number of homes thankfully. David tornado didn't hit any larger cities had this great city. Play Abilene. Where there's more structures to hit it this could very well Betty a five and we would have had perhaps fatalities. So we're very thankful for that that this the storm didn't hit any any larger population centers. For a while the large tornado appeared to be headed for the community of Chapman a town that was heavily damaged before by a twister in June of 2008. Nick does smell was anchoring severe weather coverage that evening on W I VW radio. I'd pass that Chapman exit on interstate 76. Many times and you can still see tree damage from the 2008 storm. If you look in the trees above a cynics gas station there at the Chapman accept offer by seventy and that's immediately what I thought of as we went through a tornado emergency situation. There in the Chapman area on May 25 what also struck me was the verbiage used by the National Weather Service obviously they've changed in the last few years teen using a much more stronger language in their tornado warnings and tornado emergency warnings. She really talk about like storms can do and to actually read those words for the first time for me in a storm of that magnitude really brought things home. Also as part of my work in McPherson prior to coming to W I VW I did a few high school football games in Chapman. And I remember some of the new construction. Of the high school and things of that nature that took place after the 2008 storm that I thought to myself are they going to have to build again. All those thoughts going through your mind while the same time trying to stay on the air. And continue to bring the information the people only need right now it was really kind of emotional forming in its own language. This town was spared that some of the strongest damage occurred only a mile away. Chat on that was part of the survey team for the National Weather Service. Justice storm itself it looked as though was going to weaken and and and and it perhaps a storm interaction. Allow this this tornado actually persistent intensify again as it moved across interstate seventy. Adjusted itself of this small town of Chapman that's for the the most intense damage was we're seeing him and that's where the as the years for the violence. Tornado recess. Designated. Two farm stead just southwest may be a mile or so southwest of the small town of Chapman Kansas. The Chapman Kansas area tornado that was one half mile wide at one point caused damage but didn't claim any fatalities ranks is our fifth biggest tornado event of 2006 teams. Score. On February 23 and 24 2016. The atmospheric setup in the midst of winter pretty sore NATO's from North Carolina to Pennsylvania. In all there were 61 confirmed tornadoes across the southern and eastern US the hardest hit area was in the. The National Weather Service in Wakefield has issued a tornado. Warnings for help eastern king William county northwestern James city county and southeastern Virginia. At 2:56 PM eastern standard time emergency management reported a tornado here rustic. William Perry is a senior forecaster at the National Weather Service in Blacksburg Virginia now we had a very strong low pressure system analyst trekking across the how valley. Bring a cold front across the Appalachian Mountains from the west. How to head at that we're actually in order banning setup book polar surface. But there is a very warm and unstable air mask just in itself with the warm front across the Carolina. I just. Our first the ducks the southern edge of the Barbara gluten or increase the instability belong to a warm front and as well as a very strong bull sheer. I've associate with the entire system. So this brought all the right ingredients together foursome beer and tornadic weather in the apple it's a mid Atlantic region. In fact this combination of greens coming together. It's pretty rare. Even in the spring months here in Virginia but especially for February. So what happened during the afternoon. We had. There's some love a lot of showers and storms move and out of the mountains into the foothills and we actually had one EF one tornado. And a touchdown actually Giuliani. Early that afternoon and then as the line moved east we had some super cells develop. And won. The biggest one was the F three. First Bosnia one of the touchdown and Campbell you know eight. And then there's a move northeast has developed an EF three under the community if it ever green. And then as a pushed on into Buckingham county it's weakened him and then dissipated. So what's dangerous thing about this event. Original surveyed. You know based on estimates of radar and stuff we should like thirteen miles for the past links. And then we actually had a couple drones aerial drones which is new technology now that we're trying to use due induced dork storm damage surveys of private companies. They actually extended the path playing for thirteen miles to seventeen miles. That tornado initially touched down in Campbell county pastor ever green and listed in northeast aframax county Virginia. Smart pretentious inner sense Steve told LE SL less TV that they wrote out the twister and escaped injury stays that. How alone around the you and all this. I'm nick Howell mountain 'cause I know myself about an hour and solve. Can't birdie at the founder and act. If tornadoes in Virginia in February sound as usual William Perry at the National Weather Service says they are we've only had. Six tornadoes. In our forty can anyone here in the month of February now it's eight because of the pastor Kelly tornadoes well. And this is big first PS3 in a month that they were there are warning area. It's also the first PS3 to hit an automatic Schiavone. And it's only the third tornado hit after medics came running. And actually this is the first EF three tornado. To get our fourth gestured since March 20 1998 when and he had three effective stone Fillmore east Carolina and Rockingham county. So you know the rarity of it you know tornadoes to occur any time of the year any month it's not you know big worries not. The immune to tornadoes spread. Bullets interest thing is to be a global pattern of global sort of like a winner scenario where the low levels for more like spring summer very warm. Temperatures south of the front in North Carolina law in the sixties and seventies. And in north of the warm front. Across Shenandoah Valley was in the forties. In Waverly Virginia a tornado ripped through the community killing three people in a mobile home including a two year olds. And EF two twister caused damage to homes in Oxford North Carolina and another EST you touched down near white horse Pennsylvania destroying fifty homes. There is to ES trees went have a honig an ES three that hit ever drain in mathematics county claiming one life. William Perry believes at a school officials are mathematics county had not made a vital decision that could have been more fatalities. Schools superintendent Africana given what was gone ahead of the earlier that afternoon they were in the severe storm warnings we had a tornado warning out. Earlier cross to the counties to the south even though hitting getting verification. For the tornado in Pennsylvania candy but given that were put warnings up they decided to hold this because the kids in school. And he knows Brown's brief three various win this storm happened around 330 the 340 covenants when they usually lets kids got to go home so it's actually thanked. In keeping them in schools save their lives when he takes management L you know and a bus. And homeowners tornado coming sort of I think that was open and tell us a while so a decision on school superintendent. Part Susan Shirley said the damage and mathematics county was hard to believe she told WS LS TV that the tragedy hit the community especially hard. Everybody knows somebody that's that's an effect decided we are closed community you know I'm heart just goes out to anybody that's just lost their homes there. You know their loved ones or anything in this. The February 23 and 24 tornado outbreak that killed seven injuring 117. And included two EF three tornadoes ranks as the fourth biggest tornado events. 2000 sixteenths. Number three. On the afternoon of August 24 2016. Unique atmosphere it's set up led to a surprise round of tornadoes across Indiana and Ohio. Dan McCarthy at the National Weather Service and Indianapolis says what looked like a date that might produce some strong thunderstorms. Quickly turned violence. Well we're much training would be conditions for that day August when he scores Doug given that speed. Our National Weather Service is storm prediction center originally had a Saddam marginal risk. Hum as we continue to moderates. The day or at least keep track of the days. These. Late morning outlook. From his beat feed them bumped. Part of Indiana is to a slight risk Smith's slight risk is mainly for it's a small part of central Indiana and southern Indiana. But earlier that day we did have some showers. And does some isolated thunderstorms a little warm front that went through. And neck could laid down some weak boundaries were. Somewhat innocuous as far as the surface data was concerned. But that particular day when storms started to develop over central India and we've heard did some of them have gone turn at a gamer. Restarted the rotation. And that's when we first decided to really active start issuing tornado warnings for that particular day. Skinny Beasley has worked on a year for years at WW KI radio in Kokomo Indiana. It was the alert that popped up on a Smartphone they'll let him know the thunder storm headed toward this town was much more than anyone realized. It took me by surprise. And it's something that I track it's something that I've done a professional career. And it this year it was so strange in the last tornado that we had here November 2013. We did have plenty of warning we knew the day before. That is there in the pretty good chance that it was gonna get bad I used to the point where we locked down all of our outside belongings and made sure that. He never won them a safe place hours before the storm hit. Any image that's what this is scary about it was the fact that it came out of nowhere and then it wasn't just one it wasn't just to. We had at least three in the area we had asked for my period about 3 PM eastern. Until. I think 8:45 PM eastern. We had a tornado warning in effect we're counting. Almost that entire time Tammy lively also works at WW TI radio and was on her way back from Indianapolis that morning when this guy turned dark. And as we were coming home I lose. You know your origins are currently whether I'm looking to the west I'm seeing it looks like it's a very brainy. That is really that's all it was making this look like it was going to laying. So. We get it. But we get home. My purse have been in the backseat in my town had been in my purse on each machine and I heard they got out of the car ice grab my bones like in College Station and say hey I'm back into town and my my way and when I grab my tone it was about. Jewelry he supports tea tree just Jeanne. I'm seeing tornado warning tornado warning that I am from the American Red Cross it out that I had it on me so I didn't hear it. Why were shot. My brother lives just around the corner and other brother I have a very large damage and I you. Rainy day here's how it suits seek he was aware. Look at the radar. And. Turn on the radio immediately in the cart and their army air we have a tornado warning is on the grounds in 'cause mouth. It's got employees. I'm honestly kind of freaking out a little bit because as a broadcaster he. You wouldn't be right scared when Aziz in that scared us telling people where the danger is an exploration and stand. But I wish so careful if it was on the ground I'm. In between the tornado in word you know I didn't know what you do or secured waited out. Sure we'll be in my bones are blowing up and all of these things happen. So rapid fire talking within a matter of minutes. Why I never really can't hold your head like is that a big may have played. Andy Snead was out and talk live with the tornado and that actually. Chasing the tornado. And he called and he stayed cameo my guide me this means peace. These homes across from mart the mall he says there are new careers. Yes I felt like I just can't stand because I wasn't expecting bad weather and and this is all happening within a matter of minutes. And I decided then he said that he saw it going east it was our. Towards screen count on dot OK I'm I'm gonna go it's not on the ground in town anymore show and listening to him on this town and I'm. Who monitored the radio and ink dried these count it can't. They stated that there are more homes hit on Webster street. What can be an emotional mountains talking about it. Just sort of suddenly went and information. Granddaughter who. And I can reach stands and he's you know there my son the millennia old. They don't have. Television. Baby wipes you will do you know I'm thinking oh my god they're at home. And probably watching new video into. Herb you know something on Hulu or not not even aware. Of what's going on sore loser really. Hands. Up because they couldn't reach him and didn't know if they were all I eat and then I'm I'm driving. Down 931 towards work. And I get to that area that my brother were talking about in the mall. And that's an area where anxieties. Snipes finally I got myself things. Actually shot some video features. I don't people have to see that they're not going to believe this day image and I was so afraid that you know warnings wouldn't be heeded. Young people are anymore and it parallels not that fast. But the damage was devastating I hate to my last there was a star backs that had been there that weren't absolutely. Flattened. Look over to my right each chew the cedar crest subdivision. And Indy. Literally saw. Walsh. You know ho me you're just a wall and didn't. We saw like my brother set in just total devastation. Distress a severe weather across Indiana Ohio and parts of Ontario Canada would last about nine hours there are 23 confirmed twisters including an EF seemed as struck Windsor Ontario. And Kokomo damage was rated. Stefano owns a nice hot productions in Kokomo. His company uses drones to capture storm damage for private companies to analyze he can easily remember seeing it just moments after the tornado ripped. Three you have now survey course disease the first half of the people just don't come our and they are obviously a shock. Some old Nichols walked medal don't always you know Harvard and evolve about it now. And you know I would be okay he wishes okay that I kind of just. Kind of meet my way through the debris on the streets. And trees everywhere it does and ask you this nightmare you know hours. I was right there and pregnant just after it was just a just and we're going to be part of I would human donor clip in the air. I'm a little with a damaged or the first responders purpose of guys on the scene that there's enough power to seize the moment it's called from a lets us know. And it got him pretty hard foot trees and debris is up over it. That is basically started working my way. East to see what tornado has gone through and boulders where neighborhood. Really international area it is delivered there. Justin Wright is just business partner and the two were in communication during the aftermath. We didn't realize I was damage destruction or was fourth in the city of Kokomo. At that point her own book just sort of working our way it was you know to kind of hard to. Actual because so he cursed girl there you see what would damage. They feared he would he would always say animal appears listeners and they originate Augusta area. I was over here and there but the country club rest because I was so the conditions and it was kind of work our way we met kind of right the middle. We kind of went from there as we were making their way through more storms that happens around us it was it was one up on important. Our carry kind of in the Miami. Our county area line. Just actually go to grown up in the air and was able capturing come across. Street it was probably about. Let's say it's three miles away from where it happens but you get to see the storm so go across the cost you big room 31 north. That's bad times we could reconvene has all the power sort of go out all around the city hit our girls don't have so much better like we deplete all the batters. There's always so close at my office. Good I'd driven by a nose with his own power so we can measure to charge early season. I'm sure the workers were put her photo FaceBook. In the process of doing that. We here at my office to another storm so actually. Comes right over the top my office. It is something in what we gotta get hells yeah there's social group my office. And about what time art poster going off in another tornado hit just populace. But don't police that there's farmland. Just you know golf course because it sold out from my office it was almost just like all these storms sort of happened all around us we are the middle of the as we are going to set the they would not once we get another call. Our phones there's one going out and crucially though which. I nobody knew exactly other I don't go there. Would wind up there and she was safe there in the basement and I've actually got to practice the tornadoes Jesus. Still survivor from that is separate from its quarter comes we'll talk to her afterwards. Malicious it. Phillips is still good so we just kind of precede the drug delivery to give it more footage don't we. And the destruction and apparently the tornadoes that we just kind of poet who wanted to materials to water and kind of just captured what has happened. Jeff frame blog done US tornadoes dot com that this event will likely go down as one of the largest tornado outbreaks during the month of August since modern records began. It's that reason that many people that day simply didn't see coming. WWK guys Timmy lively agreed. In Indiana in August we really don't expect. Tornado hit it it's a very usual in a year like sad for this kind of activity. And believe me you didn't first and foremost thing at all assess. Shock waves how fortunate we were beaches are nice shops Peta crowd I fully expected that we would be talking about how at least. And I am we had a couple of events in the last. Eighteen years here a couple of big tornadoes are just two years ago actually and indeed extremely sad thing is that the neighborhood. That was struck so severely this time by the F three. Please just recovering from the tornado that we had in November when he thirteen. Then again and Matt tornados no loss of life. And that was the primary thing we kept hanging out on the air all day you know buildings can be rebuilt cars can be replaced. You know people can't. The Indiana Ohio Windsor tornado outbreak that produce an EF three in Kokomo ranks as the third biggest tornado event 60000 sixteenths. Number two it is not uncommon for tornadoes to strike the US in June. But in China it is on June 23 2016. A tornado struck portions of Yang Ching in the east central part of the country. More than eight million people live there with the center of the city housing nearly one point six million. The menu fraud is a focus for strong storms for a few weeks during the late spring and early summer. It typically extends from eastern China in the Pacific just south of Japan they can be to focus for heavy rain with storm complexes the track in an easterly direction. On June 23 it was a powerful storm complex that produce a large tornado right around 230 in the afternoon. The twister left catastrophic damage in Jiangsu Province. Thousands of masonry constructed homes were destroyed some completely. Manufacturing plants businesses and mills were hit hard even a school buildings suffered severe structural damage. It was one of the deadliest tornadoes to strike China in fifty years 99 people were killed and 846. Others were injured 152. Of them critically. The China meteorological administration break the tornado in EF four. For that reason through June 23 killer tornado and eastern China. Ranks as the second biggest tornado event of 2000 sixteenths. Number why no. On May ninth 2016. More than two dozen tornadoes occurred across eight states but Oklahoma we get most of the attention with some of the most talked about tornadoes of the year. Rick Smith says the warning coordination meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Norman. While the weather setup on May ninth two is the one that's not that unusual for Oklahoma in in Maine and we dry line that was. Chilling out and in western Oklahoma. In I guess one of one of those small scale very bold that played a role that they list. Silence some outflow from some earlier under storms down in taxes that. The boundary was moving north through southern Oklahoma. And I'm. Get a lot of we have done at the moisture that really returned and the state we you know we look at dew point temperatures to kind of measure. The humidity in the air meteorologist do you and so we were seeing. You know. The readings in the mid and upper sixties and that we are deceased lower 72 points which even even in Oklahoma and many that's. That's some ninety. Smoggy air so the fuel is there and we'll get the storms develop along none. And a direct line and then you know mid mid afternoon. They just they became severe very quickly so let's it was. Not an uncommon certain ingredients that so that you you know you never expect to see. Tornadoes quite had intense. Jeremy payment is one of the members of tornado trackers to group of friends were passionate about photographing storms and severe weather my chase partnered Jeff and I were actually across the red river in Norse and Dallas. In the morning and be waited for a long time in aid I think it was a shopping center parking lot just waiting for the atmosphere of ingredients to come together and so if you've ever storm chase the four and tried to get on a storm. There is considerable amount of waiting second guessing yourself. And I kind of hoping and planning and so we spent the morning doing exactly that. I just felt just like any other storm chase hoping to see something beautiful I'm an amazing and Dave Cox and Scott he showed they give us a call and in told us here in the wrong spot. And we need to had no worse about an hour and so sometimes was sort of chasing also you. Have to kind of scrap your original plans and kind of by the balloon there except that he may have been wrong and so we gladly tagged along with them north. On I 35 and that's kind of home base disaster of the interstate there and so we we headed north and we saw the atmosphere begin to mature and develop and that's kind of when you get the tingling on the back your neck is a storm chaser that today's going to be special. My special Jeremy means that ingredients are coming together as they so often do in May to nudge in nature out of its comfort zone. Jeremy and his team were on the move and he south central Oklahoma. We pulled off of I 35 and we're near Cady at a time sort of terrain really hard I it was just coming out of the convenience store and loading back in. This guy was trying very dark at this point we are just finishing filling out there and I'm re headed to west actually we are off interstate now and kind of on the classic Oklahoma red dirt roads. The nice Rolling Hills in that area so we crested a hill and since I was driving or chase vehicle at the time and gave ingests it and we're actually preparing all their video equipment and just getting ready so I was actually I think the only ones looking up at the time obviously to those driving and I'll never forget that the site that I saw armed doesn't we are cresting Michelle Wie side and just a perfect. Dark Garay Ellison trump reaching down to the ground and that was. You start of the when he went to AD ES for that day so we progressed you didn't have positioned in the hands of confirmation first Storm Chasers often for the other cars are chasing near you and so we have. Had a confirmation there is that record that maybe three or four other chase vehicles trying to get into position and yeah that's that's where they chase began we we kind of I believe went to Norse balance to kind of get in the line to get the safety position. Behind some of the tornado so that we can let it inch. Ahead of us as we inch behind and it's kind of game modes and staying very safely away from the storm using discretion. Always always always our lives or not. The worst losing to get so it is a Sicilian so this this storm in particular was. Incredibly picturesque. New as a it kind of turned into a perfectly White House. Ellison trunk of a storm multiple Ford sees at the base that's how you know. More often than not that is we truly powerful storm passed and things in this life. Kind of talk to Chris legs or jelly fish tentacles at the very base of the tornado means that it is an extremely surely strong tornado. For approximately 21 minutes a tornado roared from just south of Katie to just southwest of when he would Oklahoma. Would be on the ground for nine miles and at times. 400 yards wide. Dick McGowan and Daren gruden were also following that tornado Dick McGowan vividly explains coming up on a home that had been hit and finding victims. You're like there's not going to be any survivors there's really matter of course ballclub about ordered thirty minutes there are here police scream. Heard that there are rare. She's like a workhorse my babies or babies remark where he talked about was you have viewed your two dogs entry so I have I don't know them. Shares dropped tutoring means and younger. I. Immediately thought my animals but I and I broke their liquor and no. For us our air out of their country here. And she's so it cheaters cocaine and record we'll cheering in her car in order for in the next order clearly appears to limit or Bono. So it literally trees here. Wheelchairs Sutton and by the time they're cougars. All kinds of first responders and that block also wrote the police and everything I letter similar car from little. So why I mean you are mean. I just lost a daughter. And all oversaw some. And why it like this why this keep happening in main page just black. Or how you go any further able to add on farm animals to like goats. Tong here and she is asking about a and the listeners know. We're we're in. Dear life you know he's people who rely an article particularly your lives. While the residents today we gallon and aired during and founder okaying this tornado destroyed numerous homes and other buildings claiming one life. Jeremy came and with tornado tracker says he was doing his best to stay safe since Storm Chasers can often find themselves in harm's way as the storm per. He gave us the opportunity to get to capture it for about ten to fifteen minutes. One of the things that I look back on most about this particular EF four tornado was as the driver I'm attempting to keep my. Friends safe keep myself safe. Move around obstacles. And looking back on the thirty G Ben we kind of had a a nearly perfect to capture of the tornado but. I was so in the Mo main kind of slows date that. I don't have much. Memory update in particular. And I've found that to be particularly true with being counted in that slowed in the state of chasing and so focused on the present that I don't know my mind. Didn't store those memories. Islam's of that we have the comprehensive footage that we do you have because we had. Our go perot's. Digital cameras and things like that capturing so. We're in the middle of the chase this storm is moving parallel to the road. But then like storms do you know they behaves according to their own set of physical laws and we were staying far enough away but the storm like tornadoes do they don't. They don't behave I are how we build roads and everything house's unfortunately. I'm very tragically. A few lives were lost we definitely felt. The gut wrenching heart wrenching moment we saw crossing the road the power flashes of debris it was spinning out. We knew that something really awful had happened. They Katie when he would tornado would be rated an EF four meanwhile another large tornado churned toward the town of sulphur Oklahoma the storms swept away mobile homes. Vehicles were thrown hundreds of yards and as it headed for the town to pick Korean Roth Rick Smith and his staff at the national weather service group concerned. They issued a tornado emergency. Now what we have in this situation was. A large tornado by all accounts for most of the media who were who were providing a service which reports from. All the Storm Chasers who were graciously providing reports. Spotter network and all the other ways we have to get information this is a big tornado. The visibility. Wasn't great it was hard to see. And while religion and fairly equal rural area is. Even one house on a rural area that one counts as important so we we we thought that. It's this certainly is a mile wide tornado that's capable of being in the upper hand at you know they enhanced Fujita scale damage wise. Small towns deserve just as much warning is just as much energy as we can get on. That tornado touchdowns as a north northwest of Davis and lifted just south southwest of roster it was raided an EF three after being on the ground for seventeen miles. Other tornadoes are spotted near potted tock lake thunderbird in your sign here Spencer bill and and it took accounting is all rated ES zero. It would be another EF three twister that would claim another life I traveled nine miles and was 700 yards wide your Connor Phil Oklahoma. I went through pick up tracked more than 250 yards. Just manga was a member of tornado trackers spotted yet another storm and tornado had hit Hugo Oklahoma as we move closer to town you can see. Trees had been hit into ripped apart small trees. From being uprooted and we were happy to navigate. Around some power lines and debris of this. Throw them all across the road. To the rights of our location. I'm there were multiple buildings but the walls taken out one very large building that had. Concrete wall that was completely removed you can see inside the entire building. Toro left. Downtown was the park. And the part had taken a direct hit from this tornado the pavilion was in was demolished. To face the pavilion was thrown all over the street and all over the park. Ball all of the businesses. Had some kind of damage as we were driving through in fact. The largest building. In Hugo. The top of the roof it looked like someone was just purely getting back. And we've documented this. This route just being torn up come off of author of this building. So we continue down. The center of downtown Hugo. And we still could not spot the condensation funnel we saw so much evidence of debris. There are signs. From restaurants sonic. Brahms ice cream their signs were ripped out in big over there were. All kinds of trees and signs. Through across the road shall we were navigating around that. And eventually we sat we saw in the distance. Toward the east and a larger per round. Final from the ground up. In this or we conceded that the twenty was starting to condense some more. It's hard moving into the northeast and so we found in the worst road options. And soon we retract this tornado that was just to our right may be one or 200 yards away. And as the tornado went over grass and trees and farmlands in two on. For the first time a real form or shape. And it kicked on this this really marvelous YT. Final and it looked somewhat like stove piped in May be a code. Kind of form to it to. And at the base so that I'm you could tell there was quite a bit of violent winds. Going on because there these multiple boards she's just deep sea around each other really rapidly in fact. I think this is probably the strongest part of the tornado and I'm glad that. That this part of the tornado cycle had not gone through that town. I'm because I think this was the strongest moment the tornado. Emblazoned with moving and so we watch it for about five minutes and and then it dissipated I'm thankful that it didn't harm anybody and people that. The last half of of the life of that tornado was over opened my end and overdrafts. For those two listing that violent weather day in early name each same memories are brought back in different ways for Jeremy came in a tornado trackers. It's the smell. It was. Peach springs at a news may in Oklahoma and so. There was a dream nests. To use the surroundings to the trees and grass to the fields. Hands down this tornado wears a whipping metropolitan area it was like a aromatic sort of just make sure in the atmosphere. That is one strong memory they say that snow is the strongest sense memory. It was like a massive. Grass types candle just burning you could just now it has like that's now when you mode you're familiar line in the air so that's something I'll never forget. On May ninth 2016. There were two EF two's three EF three's and won the EF four in the sooner state. Making the Oklahoma outbreak the biggest tornado event of 2016. Next on tornado talking flying debris can be controlled from miles when tornadoes are causing damage. They compensation for compelling video has driven many Storm Chasers to battle for the best. But is it worse putting yourself in harm's way just for a few bucks and how close is she close on episode 38 of tornado talk.