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01/11/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio - The Kensington Runsestone - is this a modern-era hoax, or a medieval relic discovered in America?

Jan 13, 2017|

01/11/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson - guest Scott Wolter of America Unearthed discusses the Kensington Runestone and the debate on its authenticity. Also, we explore other such discoveries throughout North America and how they are rewriting history, and our understanding of the founding, by Europeans, of this continent.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Our. Welcome to everybody it's beyond reality radio and Jason on Stevie Johnson it is what is its error when tonight's show I feel us on Wednesday but really Thursday on the East Coast via CE all little little lost because of a the week in Vegas beat the illness on Monday which so you last there was refer shows 2017. Starts right now for -- one and done some my days are often they rose to begin with so. You just gonna have to keep pointing me in the right direction jet. Page you're not gonna want me to do that you really should be thinking about that hello everybody welcome beyond Haley radio Jason and javy and we've got. We've got a really interesting show tonight on or be joined by Scott Walter he's a forensic geologist. He's also best known for the history channel's hit show America on Ernst. Which I know you've watched Jim I've watched many times. And it's it covers the truth behind controversial historical artifacts and and sites found through North America and beyond uncle a lot of the stuff doesn't get you know headlines it doesn't get a lot of notoriety and let's kept in the dark and I don't know if that's to protect. Scion in the science that an order or the history of the oral taught to believe. Or what but it's really kept kept out there mean to really touched down. It is and it's a unity coming here come across a guy like Scott and neat. Told you this is happening that's happening and you get so open drives home so many things he just did know was going on. Well Wall Street talking about the Kensington rune stone. Which it was found in a farmer's field and how Minnesota I believe it was jumped him and it which shows or may if I know there's been a lot of controversy out of some people think it was. It was fakes and probably it's a real I'm. But if it Israel than it would chills the nights temple bar made it at least that far into what we now call in North America. Well and as will learn from sky's calm that stone is only one of many similar things that have been found around. The North America particularly in new England and even the connection to oak island there are a lot of things that. That kind of connect here that make you think OK well let's say. The you know the Kansan stone is not legitimate while boom are all these all these others these dozens of others not legitimate to I mean there's a connection there so they all frauds or me either I think could be one of the other. Will years ago they did show and they were covering Iraq that we had Narragansett Bay here in Rhode Island. And it had carvings on him he can only see it during certain ties and these all these carvings that were on from the vikings showed that they were here. And it's sad because you know remember way tie for 67 years ago some idiots are that the stone was gone. So somebody literally head retain the stone now and you know that that's our spot. There but it it is neat when you look back at history you'll squalor of people here long before Christopher Columbus and and all this other stuff but not speaking Christopher Columbus you know it was five. 1493. Or whatever the on the stay he claimed to have seen. Three mormons and this is no joke easily jump on this day in court on this day three yeah they were manatee and but whose writings he claimed that they were far from the beauty the current. But a let's talk and neglect as a proposal harassment is. Ornament that is funny we also have agreed to a series of upcoming shows for his well tomorrow night we've got mr. Lobo. Mr. Lobo is a television host horror movie host TP for a specializes in hosting B movies bad movies the kind of movies he'd CN mystery science theater. 3000 that kind of thing he's also an actor Bennett a bunch of films it's kind of a different topics for what we normally talk about but I think you should be a lot of fun. What's it should be interest and especially. In I don't really watch many of those B movies X two when I was a kid who I would watch from. And I'm Imus and his re seduce a you know we talked about this creature double feature and it's time palm. Now the mystery science theater made it just. Phenomenal blocked. Put all the fun and there's no way you can now watch those and laugh hysterically. Cheese and Monday night we actually have the rescheduling of John tighter. John is the time traveler. From the year 2036. He's been around now our time kind of concurrent with a sense about 2000. He was originally. At least his name was and this is a bit of a confusing story but it. Someone using man named called into their program coast to coast and sort of talking about the fact they were time traveler and providing all these details and always perfection predictions. Well if you understand it correctly Jay and I think I get bits and pieces that from what we've learned from Jason quit and some other people are fed on the show apparently that guy was a fraud. The end the scanners are okay is just a real guy so I'm not mean there are and a lower how the try would have known and who. There for a quarter. I suppose he was a time traveler also who knew him knew of John tighter time travel came back. To proceed and then that would have made him a bill that would remain im not a fraud so is but an oil wealth to have John explain it to us it's Monday night. And if you choose area Howard storm he was professor of art for twenty years at northern Kentucky university in 1985. Following his near death experience in Paris his life was transformed. He eventually studied it became a pastor in and in 9092. Was ordained. In the United Church of Christ so. I mean each team to talk about expressly covering our. The whole. Demon RG Atchison started activity and and then Wednesday could retention Spanish. Same Sharon ESM Sherron also known as mr. Sammy some British Liverpool born dark artist specializing in horror and science fiction. Done a lot of stuff very popular in England we're gonna come on the show and talking about a work he does himself with X-Files and are things he's he's been around for a long time. That's right him anyways. Soros is on the agenda well wanna remind folks at the numbers 8446877669. If you like to call and chat with us we always invite calls during the first segment of program or we try to get him in when we never guessed as well. There was couple things that I saw on the news that I thought would be interesting to talk about. And this accompanying England has launched a robot in artificial. Artificially intelligent robot. That is considered it's called a friend to the elderly and it's designed to hold design of this robot. It's provide can bet companionship for elderly who live alone. Okay so you'll just companionship or is it able to pull them we just angles what I mean it's not as I don't think it does manual labor per say but what it does do it reminds them to take their medications. It reminds them to stay active it gives them ideas for activities. My phone does only does these things going for one given the problem with the phone is that a lot of folks in in that age group can't use those phones they just can't just mandate doesn't seem to have much more technology than I thought I'd probably probably isn't the robot suggests that things like reading going for a walk playing games with their robot keep mentally active reminding them to call friends and family. It doesn't replace human and our action but it can be important it can be an important motivating factor in keeping older adults healthy because we all know. That tip frequently when you get into that those later years and life here often alone. And down their loneliness can be a very very devastating. Part of of that lifestyle and can really have consequences and health riker a 100% so this robot is designed to take care that it's launched in London. And double see how it goes we'll see if and if it makes any difference in the lives of other folks who will be using it over there. Teach you to place Nazi and dinner on Jim running and he's like he's so I don't rob me Jason. With how life silicon needed a drink there it so we only stories I've got Jimmer pretty much and it creepy and kind of doom and gloom when I like creepy before acquired Brazilian vampire bats mountains they have these things and they and they're surely know. Accounts of that mine. And drinking human blood but that's just changed him. Hitting and he knows first I Brasilia Brazilian vampire bats a little little ones but the seed Siena that our power something rarely at a bed and mainly in there on casing cows and things like that on. Vampire bats the Brazilian ones have actually been found now drinking human blood. So and there are one of the only species that there were never involved in that Tom how do you think and how how would the finding human host it wouldn't be aware of the presence what deaths they can they actually have been doing in. And humans at night while they're sleeping. While you remember in Hayden and they have I believe it's a chemical sort of number of these areas like mosquitoes do you know and and sister and feasting your blood and Nike sneaker result. You know you'd use to violence blood sucking vampire you know I've Brazil seems like a really cool place but this at the list of reasons not. Everywhere I search sort and that way down on that list as a lot of other reasons you know what. And also I mean. I know we're taught him and owner Brazil at some point you wanna get that Brazilian. Wax whatever it was nonsense and I wanted to yeah originally due in Brazil so weird but. In my I don't know gaining on him you know. It just doesn't own us not asked to. Sounds nasty kids. It sounds really as the so yes let's not go to Brazil on campus and beyond. I'm stars heading this way and that will not millions of restaurants towards earth. Now you know I can't figure out if this is hype or this is if this is a real legitimate fear I mean I just fuel more and more about. The possibility of a significant asteroid strike hitting the earth and basically ending life as we know it again that there's more and more talk of that in the thousands of us is pretty pretty accurate moral and encourages him. Again I two on an army actually managed an opinion matters now bring her a break while they were thrown out he's a little time religion actually just under an altar rock and dramatic over there are things aren't as it toward better get them Hank Keeney quick. Leaves for Asia because there's no reason and you'll enjoy it cannot happen. Parents are researchers had I guess they unknowns for awhile stark called Gleason 710. Is headed straight for solar system. And now they've kind of worked out precisely when it should arrive. In Ecstasy you know Jimmy is traveling through space at us at about 32000. Miles. Is coming at a clip there. Yes it's about half the size or sun and it's it's definitely set to approach earth them they're saying it might not be a direct hit their sale to bloom and understand they're not saying this star's gonna hit earth. Hang on to sit down and they shouldn't be a direct hit. But there it is you might get it close enough to forty to 77 late days. Which is a light day like it's pretty close to these days tumor alone now. If tickets that close to earth you think it's going to be even terrorists apart well it's going to be the giant in the sky it's going to be it's gonna look lose you know as big and bright is maybe not quite the moon but pretty close. You know which it can and if you think about it I mean it would bad uncovered how. How do you ever do me favor just capital known on them mystic you know and on the wall gonna pay attention to this month. Okay Harry especially holiest anchoring now it's only 64 light years away so. And you know well I don't know I I it's I could do the math at 32000 miles an hour to determine how it's gonna get his release and well just you know I'm 32000 miles an hour at 64 early years in a way so it's 5000000878. Million are truck trillion actually com. Miles so they would got a little while I didn't. To not call for tomorrow assaying one point three million years from. Yeah and that's exactly what I pro Israel why you even telling me this. Wash I enjoyed it I mean the way it's going to lead this dead that whole thing just fell apart her and get everybody all worked up the elements. Yeah and I was trying to really build it up with here contests still lost your voice America. We'll have to cut back the slender shoulders slightly relaxed if play at one point three million years from attachments are and you don't need that sticky and you mighty we waste the time. To actually. Tigger and as I mean honestly do you think Kennedy humankind will be here and one point three million years. Try and do Carolina I didn't say it's possible it's not something I also happen between now and then yeah I think we have a lot more worried about them this idea that exactly one thing we don't. Have to worry about a release we can start getting less worried about is the fact that scientists have now grown a beating human heart from stem cells in the laboratory. Home. Team yeah a team of scientists from Massachusetts General Hospital. And Harvard Medical School they've used adult skin cells to regenerate functional human heart tissue. And what they did was they took these cells transform them to stem cells. Infused. A specific aren't a messenger. And gave them their dues same nutrients they would be receiving if they weren't developing human heart and the in the building blocks in them and the Ian cells actually turned into cardiac cells. And after two weeks they continue due to feed this thing and it became a beating heart. That's wild and scary it's both yes. They had they had to shock it was electricity to actually get it to start beating but when they did it it did me said reverend represents the closest the medical researchers have come to growing. An entire beating human heart. And so will win does that come to appoint or if they're able to actually take stem cells from from people and grow our heart that. It would be a direct replacement. Well they make surge is replacing carts with ones that are designed. Break from from your first round cells that's exactly right they say the next step past to be to find a way to help the cells mature faster. And to perfect the mimic Korea the can. Conditions of developing heart because it's still not perfect but they're getting closer I mean this is the first giant first step forward not to give an idea of how long from when they first started doing it till they had to shackled and electricity get into. Start being yes it was about three weeks now and again we're not talking about a fully formed human heart you're talking about cells. There were party excels that they were able to get to mimic beating so open but it would take longer four to develop into a complete and full heart. That's just it's amazing it is amazing. And rulings aren't as scary ailments and things just you know just it's a change nightmare you just think you're walking into a room and having him beating heart just sitting there. I've seen that movie. Something that's a little less. Scary mattress selection more scary a little less fun to talk about is. Others of video floating around on the Internet and apparently are now in Holland and coalition of the well you vineyard US Jimmy about the man gene expression on a video view. So I guess I didn't figuring I didn't see do that in Vegas but apparently snuck away for human he's gonna do when you find a few miles up a no this is a different video oh this is a video of aid a girl playing in kitchen on the floor. And I am just in your heart and she's been telling her father that. That something had been bothering her Walsh whose plan our panel in your time yeah so the father set up a security camera. In the kitchen to oversee the daughter playing and the video shows and then you know we obviously don't have video here on the radio but we're gonna try to Lincoln on our FaceBook page. A video shows the girl playing. And then suddenly a doll that sitting in the corner turns its head. Few times back and forth blinked its eyes and then things are flying around the room. Yeah and then men and moos to a different restaurant yes she's in a living room. Yeah I think so I think that's right yet. Is it the first clip she seen playing happily with the toys. In the down on the corner suddenly moves it's head to decide should remain in the girl remains completely oblivious to what's going on. And then the Dow moves it's head to the other side he keeps twisting its head back and forth. And then in the second clip what you're talking about she seemed drawing and a piece of paper in the living room and pieces of paper begin flying into the air sending her running out of the Roman terror. Just before other objects on the table appear to be knocked off under the ground. Well and I looked and I watched a video a couple of times express them a second part there was trying to see if you look like sand was blowing renting or anything else is moving. I couldn't see anything else moving as if a fan was blowing these things off the table. Yeah it's in them in the video loses some compelling and you never know the source of these things are so you have to always do you be very very skeptical when you look at them by Tom you know it's pretty good footage for what it is and I love people to would take a look at NTELOS what they think. Aren't so and we're gonna get slick ready to throw that up on the beyond reality really is FaceBook page as FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio so if you haven't liked the page make sure he would get over there and do that now. You have to go there like it check up but he'll let us know what you think can also hum if you listening and I'm one of the great stations we air on there is you can also head to beyond reality radio dot com click listen life you don't have to listen there recap if you want and by the a much great people you can join the chat room GB and I am there and or always and talking back and forth. We have a great group of people in the chat room not only are they fine and have a great time listening to the show. But they're also fun with each other and didn't offer some great inside and the topics were talking about sometimes I feel like some of these people on the chat room should be guessed because there's some knowledgeable about what truck we're talking about. Yet and they're funny it's it's a very it's agree online community everybody. Hangs out talks and say it's really it's interactive two way to meet. Other people with the same interest and the so we like to do again the telephone numbers 446877669. It's beyond reality radio we will remind you tomorrow night. We are going to be talking to a mr. Lobo. Yeah mr. global it. Well as the host writer I'm so I've you know I've been an ideal sky it's. Because your year and your family and and then Monday were going to be talking with John. Teter is it teeter I don't know what turnip type letters I've heard it both ways I think Jason quit when we had on the program considering tighter so I got kind of what would that on tonight and say John referred to only. Refers to himself as a time travel and so the interest in to get into that so that a bunch great shows and two Tuesday Howard stormed a professor of art for twenty plus years. 1985 yen near death experience in Paris in his life was transformed. You know I don't know when when we're going to be able to schedule the show but I understand we just got. Grant an interview with William pepper now. William pepper is the attorney the last attorney for James Earl Ray who is she knows a guy that was accused of a step Luther yes Suze. Accuse and and a and convicted of assassinating Martin Luther King Jr. And William pepper defended him because he believed it was a government conspiracy to get rid of Martin Luther King in May. They just blamed this James Earl Ray had with the crime are alone and government and territories are tracked him jails army and Vermont I. Our analyst let's see let's take a break when we come back we'll bring our guests for tonight and tonight we're going to be talking with Scott Walter of the forensic geologist Scott will be talking about a whole bunch of cool things we document the Kensington stone. And other things in North America that have been discovered. That predate Columbus and also just raise a lot of questions a lot of mysteries it's beyond reality radio Jason JB. Don't go. Again scary time might be over for this year but there's another scare economy works you owe it to yourself to check out the details don't miss Gary Condit dot com. That's scary time. Dot com and sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare com include celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a week and you'll never forget it everyone is welcome. Visit the website scary time dot com dad's spirit con dot com. Fred it's funny finger discounts are. Prices should be illegal in fact it probably hour. Just an offer we pretty much sold so anything's abroad yeah. The studios. Cheaper than anyone else. Our products are slightly used maybe even slightly abused bold in working order. I have something to eat before Tuesday. You check out Fred's wife introduced youngsters. Beyond reality radio which Jason NG. And it's it's what are Wednesday night Thursday morning program our phone number 6446877669. Again hello to everybody. Yeah and I'm really interest and and talking with that with our guest here Pascal Walter. Best known for the history channel's hit show America unearthed and it was a show that medium my sons we sat around we watched all the time so I'm psyched about this able spring and into the shows Scott welcome to beyond reality radio it's great to have you on the program. Big I think for having me I'm looking forward to that issue because. Absolutely so then it's. It's an honor to have you on a map where we're happy to have you here with this is so much to talk about. Well it's my pleasure and what really up for tonight. Get into the nitty gritty of everything tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got to doing the work that you do. While well. Let's dig have to go back to them. This study did ideology in college and graduated from university of Minnesota Duluth. And that worked a few interesting jobs put asterisk got out of school including its appeal geologists but I've actually got hired. Can be appealed geologist working in the testing industry. When. I did that Beckett started in May of 85 and tried years later got an opportunity to start my own forensic laboratory with American companies. And I did that. Called American picture graphic services and basically. What I've done for the last 27 years. At that businesses run a materials forensic laboratory basically doing autopsy on concrete in rock. And what happened was one day about sixteen almost seventeen years ago. This large rectangular stone was brought it in my lab by museum and Minnesota that says hey we'd like it is steady to concede to rude style for. And I said what's that. Can ignore the word I'd never heard of it to end. Anyway they said we'd like kid trying to help us. You know figure out gee logically if this subscription is all or not to in the course that the question was is this thing a modern hoax or is that a a genuine and medieval historical artifact and if so it would be very important to insult. I went to work on it I did tombstones study and that concluded that the weather sold therefore must be genuine and I wrote my report. And I presented my findings at a conference. And that's when it started I I was just assuming that. They would accept it or cut them a couple good academic outlaw and I was just gonna get on my life. Well not so fast. If I was. Roundly criticized and attacked. Attacked for basically daring to tread on the as sacred historical paradigm that I didn't even know existed. And that is that nobody would hear from other continents. In North America prior to correct. You know Columbus. And at first I was confused and and then I got I got pinched. And I said to myself I'm gonna get to the bottom of this and that's what I have been doing. Ever sense and this work led to lay a documentary that aired on History Channel called holy Grail in America. Scrabble occur chronicled the the legendary trip consideration Claire who brought to treasure to North America. Which was great which was a great show really was so. Probably has so much fun doing that it was it was really. A great show and and a chance to. Present intelligent. In you know information. And entertainment in a way that's how slogged. And that led to America on earth because that sure did really well. Tactic tickets still. The most successful documentary. Yeah it was a number it was a number one series ever on how history too and there which I'm surprised it's still not on because they would it was a great done shell and even though there were no deathly a lot of things or controversial. Tom I still think you it was just a great show you guys you just had a wonderful job getting in there and and really trying to get to a lot of the truth behind. Well yeah I mean we. We we did give it our best effort in you know you have to understand that television is is an entertainment business sent. You have to find a happy medium between you know entertaining. You know people watching the show and in doing good hard scientific investigations. As. As legitimately and honestly if you camp and you know 'cause that's what I've done all my life consult I think we thought the good balance there and I can tell you that I never said anything. That I didn't believe. To be true and I think some people were upset that I didn't. Drop of you know definitive conclusions every time well if you don't have enough evidence to do had it's not appropriate scene don't do it. When I agree with 200% as a guy who I've I've done two in television for for many years actually my show I just just finished up my show goes on for twelve years. And got. And as one of those things graduation. That's what they call thank you very much. That one that I appreciate and and also just amazing job view but Tom. But I I do agree with that it's it's tough because as people going out and investigating. The nice thing is I don't have that I can of course concern myself for the people watching and I want him to be able to enjoy the show. We're going Allen dangerously Q you're going out investigating you're doing what you're doing. And then hoping that a production companies able to put it together in a positive manner and you tell the story and in a good life so an enjoyable. Well you want to be able to. Look yourself in the mirror and say hey we gave it our best shot and let's face it you don't find something every time I mean. I'm sure that was the case review them. 3% of the time in my comment Kenya. I mean and and when you do have something good. Interesting happens or you you really have a revelation. Then it really means something because you know let's face it sometimes. There are chosen out there where they're making it up and some can't present. And you know we didn't do that in in. Sometimes you get criticized people football. You know Huckabee didn't find this talk committed program that will come type you'll find comfort every time and that's just what we did draw some. Really good conclusions and I think we. Made a difference in many cases and and I'm I'm happy with that. Now Scott deceived the Kensington rune stone com I had it had markings on they had writings on it and for it to be in real. Of course it would mean that the night's temple bar made it that far canyon correct and can we now. I just wanna ask who have preceding question them make me leading into this. What is the the Kensington so there are people don't know how sorry register that I. Going mile tonight I'm with you guys say I get ahead of myself all the time. I just assumed everybody knows it might I don't I forget sometimes in these politically it. And we don't know but I know there are people asking in Chad their credit they did not familiar with a so give us the ABCs have a first and go to Jason's Christian. Sure okay well in the out in the probably 1898 the Swedish immigrant farmer. I was clearing trees in preparation for farming on his roughly 100 acre parcel property. M northwestern Minnesota about two hours my house. And they tipped over pianist tore disarmed tipped over the strictly thirty year old Aspen tree. It tightly wrapped in the Ritz was this 202 pounced all along inscription. Car in the this Scandinavian medieval ruins. In the old Swedish language and basically the message says peak gust to 22. Northmen on this acquisition business or picking up land. Parts of the western Finland it's we have a camp near two shelters one based journeyed north from the stone. We were fishing one day after we came home from ten man read from blood and death than three Latin letters ABM. And then it's secede from evil from the split side there are three more lines and that says. Have ten men neither. See with our ships fourteen days journey from this island year. Thirteen 62 which I'd remind the audience is 130 years before Kress. Supposedly. Didn't sit they get it didn't set foot on the continent that are he had millions of people have been here just what a clear that. Well and even beyond that donors there's evidence support to the vikings were here long before. Christopher Columbus as well. Well I think that's already been established nobody doubts that. Why no one of course have a loose in the history books this. Well you know I did it could be history changes. Some people say what death at a time. It truly. It's really sad to be honest with you because. I work and hard science field and you know I do these these investigations and I have to draw conclusions based on the evidence that we compile. And you know explain why something happened that went wrong with the concrete of the rock. And then who's responsible for because they wanna they want to know who was gonna pay. And so I'm I'm very cognizant of of that and I don't draw a conclusion unless they have the evidence to support it. And whether I'm talking about concrete. Or historical artifact the process is saying and you know albeit the responsibilities. So. When I said the Kensington group stone was real I meant it. And I will play at this rate I'll guys I've made this formal challenge many times publicly about do it again. Would be more than happy. You have a mock trial. And testified today evidence that I have against anybody in the world the top critic expert in the world. Any day of the doubters that the bunkers anyone. And I can guarantee what will happen. The attorney for the other side will sit down and say OK guys what do you have for evident. Well also also said he was this has met well what evidence they have that while there is in. The point is is that there is no evidence to support the fact that it's the late nineteenth century oaks and how could there be. It's it's indeed genuine and that is something that a lot of people don't understand about our business. If you have voluminous evidence in multiple disciplines. That are consistent with the roost on being a medieval artifact which is the case. Then how can there possibly be evidence to support the contrary. Can't exist. The problem send. Did people tested before you or were you the first. Well that's a great question I did not find out until after it reached my conclusion. That these former the first state geologist of Minnesota guy but the mainly due Winchell big giant. Into the field of geology not just in Minnesota but it in the country. Studied it before I do it almost a hundred years before it. But they Don't Ask Don't Tell us what he said until we come back to break hold that until after the break it's beyond reality radio JC GB. Beyond we only do we have our own rambling man on with us tonight scout Walter and Scott we're really really pleased to have you on the show tonight we're talking about the Kensington rune stone and the question we asked before winter break was. Did anybody ever did anybody look at the stone in assigned to promote scientific perspective before you did in the answer was yes could take it from there. Okay. Well would be yeah and and this was really. Kind of attempts moment for me because I had already reached my conclusion. And and I found out that this. This giant in geology in Minnesota the university of Minnesota. Geology department is called we shall hall. And Newt speedway in Newton each went shall per state geologist to Minnesota a painless markets got was this the true story. He was assigned to the traveled with the general George Custer when he went into the black kills for the first time. And he was the one that basically documented the gold minerals in the Black Hills but the last trip -- that we shall took. Custer was the one for the little big part that is absolutely. A true story alone Mike at Iowa. Bets on your. Yet interest story but anyway. When I found out that we shall had studied the room still of course I would only good at it if he came to different conclusions highlight is over right. So right in it spending. And a number of months of the Minnesota historical society reading its files reading about your history is scrambling. And his research on the rooms. And I'll never forget what I found his field no looked at had been missing. For a number of years from his days when he was standing down went out and talk to the armor and looked around the grounds. And I on the letter he wrote this conclusion from this is Ortiz that. This redstone. Is not a modern forgery and must be accepted as a genuine record of exploration. In Minnesota. That the date stated in the inscription. And I read this and I just plant. But then I thought about it and I said you know I really shouldn't have been nervous. Because in reality all idea. Which independently replicate. Was he already did it. And isn't that. The scientific method. Right now. It's interesting to note that Saddam his conclusion was basically the same as yours yet. It wasn't but it is seemingly was an except that are they would've had you reevaluated ranked. Well yeah I am and you know the whole history of the investigations. Of the rune stone is is a fascinating study itself. Because. Basically what capital this storm was found within six months. It was looked at by an expert at the university Minnesota. Guided by the name almost Braden who was superb catcher Scandinavian languages would look at. You know the inscription and and based on what we know today. Nobody at that time had even a small balls champs. A figuring out what that inscription and said that the problem is these people. So Eric that well if I don't know what it is that it must be nothing right. They didn't even heard of them to say well gee you know what I I don't know what this says maybe we need. Two not say anything and just wait and and get more information that's not what happened. And that's what a normal. Scientific investigator would would do who is honest and objective but instead what they did this so well must be hoax and and and that's that. But that what happens in in in certain levels of academia is that once one of their one of their own. That's something. The rest of my aren't going to embarrass them they're not gonna come up and challenged them especially if they don't know what they're talking about which was the case here. So great at set a very important precedent. And then three more rude colleges in Sweden shortly after that look at I didn't understand it did man they elected a copy. Of the translation not if the actual artifacts and they all came to the same conclusion that it was a hoax. And then a few years later which who came out with his decision this is our hearts scientists who use scientific method and came to a different conclusion. And nobody challenged him because quite frankly they couldn't. But unfortunately a few years after he came to that conclusion he guides so they've basically ignored him until he was forgotten. And then the next generation. Acknowledges and Scandinavian. Scholars came forward and they basically came to that same conclusion. But. It just it was just a poor job and I don't know what else to say. Well I mean even beyond that when your you're looking back to when the song was found I mean the odds of somebody. Creating a forgery and knowing the writing. Knowing and knowing this the symbols and and things to use I think would be extremely extremely farfetched or just very very rare to have somebody who. Knowledge it is it possible I mean it would have been impossible and he residents into the grounds should have been grounds to really look at. Well eight you know what it's your talking about. What I call. The human element. Problems of the human condition and you know you guys have been involved investigation she met many different kinds of people my gosh here's a dude television. You could probably write all series of the bloody your experience. But in the study even not a bad thing about that is as you were saying like television yet but even. We we handle cases for churches and and so for Reid gone into locations to rate preliminary reports and so called possessions or demonic compared to Monica. Activity in a home and we go into these homes and there's been cases where there's been right gigs that somebody in the house. To be had twelve year old thirteen year old kid. Or or older in the house has written words in Latin. And language in that there's no way this this person would it would Knoll would be able to PCs and other. Exactly so that's that's why sit here and I think well you're talking a stone that was found. In who helped Minnesota. And its way back when and it's not like. It great now okay you can browse the Internet you could fight you define easings probably piece piece together some sort of a some. Yeah exactly back yeah. Now Ed and the other thing is is that there is their symbols on here. That are absolutely. Not found in the Roenick record because they're secret coded symbols but the night's Cutler used. And is it viewed don't understand. A secret society and let alone the secret communication methods that they had. How the hell you even going to begin to figure this thing out that was part of the problem and many of these symbols. They should just flat out never existed well what I did my geology. He told me that it was real got to understand something I trust rocks. I don't trust people. I don't care rocked don't have personalities were rocks don't have. You know good days and bad days they just are. And so I trust rocks and I knew that there are with Kelly be the truth. So if it's old and it's genuine that means that everything in the transcription have to exist somewhere. He just have to go it locked sort of idea I took five trips to Sweden found everything. Scott did I I believe there's a connection to some. Least. And if there recently discovered or at least not widely known or accepted ruins it matched in Sweden and let's talk about that when we get back from the break. Oh yeah absolutely. Okay it's beyond reality radio our guest discover Walter we're talking about the Kensington Stonehenge. Your telephone number is 8446877669. And Stevie Johnson Jason Hawes were here with few every Monday futures in nine lives except. We have things that we have to go do must Vegas in that case we have best of shows. Yes there is not often but it's Montana sounds some of the calls yesterday we screw up everybody's life. I think we're confident sorry about that mountain but down and aren't our guest tonight is a scout Walter. A forensic geologist and a best known for history channel's hit show America on Ers. And it's not a Ferris guy we were talking before break about to the fact that there is evidence found in Sweden dead. Uses the same room who Roenick system routing code. In which predates anything modern their four it kind of adds to the legitimacy of the whole thing right. Well yes I haven't been actually there have been a number of that number of documents should have been found that are coming out now that that. Pre gate. You know the late nineteenth century this specific document you're talking about are something called the local papers. They were found in any. I museum in northern Sweden. That belonged to a guy named Edward Larson who is actually free masons. They have had any. And alphabet that contained many out of the so called. Symbols that never existed according to the experts and of course. When they were found and an abrupt end and made public of course the first thing that they didn't do was admit lodging we might have made a mistake or we were wrong they said all Null. These things may have existed in modern times organist stick it to a conclusion I mean it's just mystified to meet that. You know they just find different ways to. To maintain the status quo and you know I think it's partly due to the fact that there's just. This reticence to admit that that there were things that happened that. We didn't know before or had been kept secret and really the truth of the matter is that he is these missions. When the temperature coming here after the vikings. Had been here around the year 1000. They came here for centuries but they'd get it quietly. They weren't telling everybody where they were going to what they were doing for strategic reasons. Am just because we did not but it doesn't mean that didn't happen to. Them that evidence is coming out. Does that mean they weren't too interest in the interest in settlements or colonization at that point. Well it first they want but you know after the put down happened at their penal seven that tempers are outlawed in Europe. You know there were a lot of reasons and and Armenia when you're looking at something like this you also have to do the basic things. In any scientific of investigation. You know first brought did they have the means well they certainly have the money. They have the fight is failing to flee the world at that time they certainly could have could have say all the you know it's not like they couldn't go anywhere they wanted of course they do it. Did they have the motivation absolutely they were all while they were literally being hunted down tortured in perk. So you know that's a good good motivation the other thing that people haven't thought about is that not only were they you know. Sickened tired of being hunted them and an outlawed but they were plagued that were ravaging through Europe and some places more than half the people died. I have you know this is another reason why should they stick around here. I'll go public take my chances in a land where and this is a really key point that many people do not understand. And even academics they don't understand for the simple reason. That they haven't bothered. To reach out to native Americans. To truly understand what their ideology in their ideology is that they are matriarch coal. Culture. They Revere this sacred feminine. This is what is what and it is that the core of free masonry. And temple or some and I'll be audacity I'm a free base. In 1990% of the guys. That then I go to lied to it don't get to. They they don't understand it a very very few do but the template skit. That was the essence of their ideology. And it was compatible with native Americans. And that is why they were able to strategically aligned with each other and I can guarantee one thing because I've reached out to need of cultures. And they've shared their knowledge with me they knew all about the campers here by the way the reason we don't know about them knowing. Is capital genocide thing that happened when this came over small yeah yeah that little problem I mean the bottom line is this is made of native people don't care what white people think. They don't care about our questions about our history they know what it is. But because of that little issue they won't bother to to talk to however. Which really fascinating is that if you. Take it time to listen to them spend time with them respect their culture. And listen. And if you can gain their trust. So be happy to Taylor happened. They've done that to me I may have told me. I agree with that I work with with many native American Indians everybody from month cherokees Upton on North Carolina. Spent our time on the reservation down to all in Rhode Island we've got. Well you've got to cohesion and you've via the adjustment in Narragansett Indian tribe and all that so. Nor are again and the league are open Nova Scotia. What mandate that embryo Nova Scotia all right so this timeline with this and I am Kensington rune stone. Is that before or after that employers would have supposedly made it towards like oak island at all our all those locations and notes ocean. Well they were coming over here are starting probably around. I don't know in the first trip was but I would say probably began in the middle of the false entry probably around 1150 yourself. And they were coming over here regular. And I mean let's face it you've got to cotton and over here that's got lumber which was. Huge back then you've got in the northern banks of there. Up the coast of Nova Scotia some of the best fishing in the World Cup was like to find this fish. In the world the basket been going their percent trees could get fish you've got mineral wealth there. You've got a couple of lay it all over the place the Great Lakes region you got gold. Two got. Primedia got all kinds of hers he kidding me that at that. Com INN and so what are you gonna do I mean look guys if you gotta. Hot fishing hole are great coming spot they gonna tell anybody. Now I actually Greece. Have so that is so out there their trip to. The oak island at would have been would have predated all the room the room stone correct. Yes it would have actually the party that that car of the Rumsfeld came over and thirteen 58. And that's what a band for years before the root zone was scarred and their mission was to establish a settlement. Com one of these discoveries that we made it studying the roots don't when I was working with a couple of rude colleges who actually. We're brave enough to step out of the norm. They think since. I got back to the old way of spread. What the discoveries we made was for a long time. The first line of the inscription was thought to be. Journey of discovery well what's journey of discovery big deal. But actually we discovered one of the rooms they thought meant one thing meant something else which change that priest a journey of acquisition. Or taking up land. Now I will be in the interest of full disclosure. I have information that has not been made public yet. Did deals with the result that that. That's why I'm telling you these PPL. About the timing. We know when they came we know what their mission was and they never came back and I've always wondered you know what happened little guy. And we do have some information about that from the natives they assimilated with native tribes. And they they lived out their lives they'd be buried they had family. And eventually they assimilated with the native that we would know them. You know. What is the band for almost 700 years later we wouldn't know them. Com although DNA. We might look at itself they to have done that. I I am curious about. Other scientists that have tested this on the maid had disagree with your findings. Are there any dead pop out TV you think while I respect that person enough tips to Britons to me me second guess the results I came to the conclusion. I came to do is anybody stand. Negative. The first job grew analogy and and language are not scientific disciplines in my opinion now they would. They would argue with that but they're clearly opinion Griffin disciplined. And if you look at the history of the investigation should concede that it. It's it's not a scientific discipline now is geology a hard course science of course it is. And I can tell you that there is nobody who's done any meaningful work on the rooms don't that is come to a different conclusion. In reality the only people that have done any. Meaningful work. Of any kind Israel it would sure myself. You know it was it was just not an interest to study because. It was put down then and nobody really took the time until. I came along and I it's not that I was this great guy got paid per my initial investigation but. In the end. I came to the same conclusion as we joke and so would any other geologists Mike's my work was peer reviewed. It's it'll get bright. By numerous other geologists and they say it's fine. So. It's not heavy lifting I can tell you then it's the work we get a number of stone geological it was as if if I was to testify in court of law. Which I've done many times. This could be Aaliyah. Mean Jason brought up oak island and we talk about oak on quite a bit on the show on what's the connection between. What the inscription on the Kensington rune stone and the ninety foot stone from oak island. A there is at the same Brunette language. Melbourne out roads so desired but what's on the well you're the first thing. I've been to oak island a couple of times that one of the reasons I went there was to try to to see this stall. And after I had been down my MM and admittedly it was a very brief. Investigation but I I couldn't even determine if it ever existed at all so I have never seen it and and to be honest with peer. Speculating on on drawings of what it's supposed to be conducting a couple of different drawings. And they don't match it all it's really hard to talk about something foolish actually seat artifact. But based on the pictures like seeing. The symbols on that don't look more like a masonic site Kurt. They have Scandinavian roots. The bulk. It's it's not the same and so I I I don't know what it is but I got to pay it's something that. Ninety feet. A 150 feet 200 feet in the ground to me that's ridiculous and okay light it. I said the two gym the other day just as a guy I'm I am a plumber by trade but I also. I've worked construction everything else and it just to think first off with the tools today it's pretty tough to get down that deep. So if you're talking about doing this hundreds and hundreds of years ago I am. I just don't know especially with a win not what I did that I have a trench box because all Steve in. Lorena it's it's just becomes insane so kind of scary to think trying to get down that deep that long ago. Well no it didn't happen and it just flat out didn't happen and and I can say that for a couple of reasons. One I know how deeply buried treasures that wasn't even close to that. And here's the other thing. I mean. You know people to contact me all the time about this to say what how BP compete buried it. What about the couples and what about this and what about that the flood doubles all that I dislike. Let's just think about this logically appear at the camp was brought this thing over hundreds of years before. The cotton it would settled by Europeans okay. What why would you need to do a couple. Okay there's nobody can see who. Is nobody there. You don't have to hide okay you can dance around with a treasure bug your head into that we gonna be okay. Second of all. Isn't the point comparing something in the ground. Can hide it. If they don't know where it is does it matter if it's one foot in a ground for a 1008 the ground. Soon. That matter. At all I mean if you don't know where it is you're not gonna find it it doesn't matter how being put it. Secondly. The flood Connell. Really pretty advanced. Now and well now it's called the water table. We hit a big glacial and moraine I am a geologist. I live in Minnesota to glacial. Could turn very geology region I all about this stuff. That's a terminal and marine island on the ocean its sand gravel and boulders. So went in and water moves to a like a trip. So when you dig down below the level of the ocean guess what water's gonna fill us. That's all it is. I mean it's just nonsense but it could be this good listener I mean I'm sorry I need to be as skills I. So what do you say what you're saying you know in Newman how many how many episodes of the crucible oak island Jason and I was just not divine anytime a guy. That they did not America. Guys and he's got an eight I think you're just seeing a couple hours are Tuesday night. I'm. But kids here are guys. Zero. Remember another thing okay. At first of all the depth of the treasure. Doesn't matter. And second of well let's say they are they brought over religious relics. As part of a trick which the idea. And your Heidi it's OK let's say the church is after because they work. And they know you hit it but could they know it's rate a year ten extra money pit whatever you whatever you are okay. Do you think what tunnels are gonna stop them. The leading 200 feet kind of up on the big into the center of the earth is being Olerud is they're gonna get it yet so that's what travels. Don't waste your time 200 feet. Just stopped. Okay well the good jump start I know Donna and gradually for being honest. I agree nice I've said that to Jim the pass in gyms agreed to a that it's just pharmacies like relief. And we're talking in couple hundred feet and it's just it's it's insane thinking of an identity and I don't have been. Can I tell you why you and everybody else. And there's a part of me it's still watches that show. Is your hope he'll pull the the digital divide some. Yes it's it's this gene. That we all have that even if there's one million for the chance. Tech treasure we hear the word treasure and something triggers in our brains. I don't know what it is but it's just oh god I know that they'll never find me think it's impossible it's solid Rick. I think I they just might that we hang in there. Even it would all of blocked them and I think it's a genetic thing. And I yes and but had to cut you off but I think it's just slate gray you know I'm much in my son's I've got 32 I've written a twelve year old son's. And it. When I didn't I got them all metal detectors and the funny thing is it's like they don't care if they go to the beach day in the island Al in the woods. Well I can't have colonel walker and we're gonna find treasure it will wind mammy you're in the woods who your card just I mean these trees have been here for ever there was there was nothing here it's just woods who we're gonna find treasure. Because that's that's the hole and I sit back thinking well hey you know maybe there is try to trail there. There's no there were so it's one of those things that go through your head and has a whole hunt hunting for treasure and possibly finding something that. That somebody lost hundreds and hundreds of years ago it. In the matter how old you are still a kid when it comes out of that. Exactly no I haven middle don't let me talk to your kids OK just just a but they if you know what day it is an idea I mean I think there's a there's something about that that's absolutely wonderful. Path and you know they're tedious. Pick up on it mean treasures shows are popular and women's life and many Betty found anything meaningful. But it doesn't matter which we're all hopeful and it's like dead dream of a finding. We don't even know what to traders' ability actor kid OK what what would the treasure beach they have a hard time even describing what they want a fine it's just trader right. While my kids my kids were psyched enough when they found an old Coca-Cola Q they thought they thought they immediately go holy Grail. Added a finance from when somebody was new building a house and you know put it down they covered it with dirt. But they found a Coca-Cola Canon Miller content how old do you think it is for a little house has been here for twenty years so. Which we find you if you think it's worth something we'll help hang on against the Coca-Cola can't. So we had to. I love it well that's their treasure and you know at the bottom line is that it was a fun experience farm they learn the always remember and they have this wonder take who drank out of this camp how it is and appear. It's ladies as of treasure that I had big so I think this though. Scott we have a couple minutes for we have to go to break let's such kind of boil this down what is the significance of the Kensington stone. Well the significant thing is is that. It's tied to look to the reality is attempting to roost on its which should be giving. The true beginning of the founding of this country. Stand. You know bit the question that many people have pondered it's it's did. Free masonry evolved directly from that might Stempler the answer their question is of course. And you know I'd maybe I'll wait until after you know the brave but you know I I have a little. Speech that idea ever just a little something about. You know all of our founding fathers. Were freed me pretty much all of them. And they were these great men that we have lionized in our culture to the point of near god like status right. And I ask people they say disaffected they were all free masons have anything to do with their great. I would answer yes. How many people do you think realize. That these documents that we all hold dear in this country like the declaration of independence. Bill of rights our constitution. Did they realize. That those arm comic documents. They don't. And it was these. Next couple are back in medieval times who were being persecuted. Because they wanted to have a place so they could. Think freely but it could practice whatever religion they wanted. They didn't have to worry about purity of monarch. Monarchs telling people what to do. Partnering where at the church and controlling the match is. And that it was that effort. In part by placing the rules don't as a land claim if they ever had to prove. That they were here which they never didn't have to pru. Because. They did it to establish this country this free sampler state that many of their group called the new Jerusalem. And it's called the United States of America. And what's really fascinating. Is what's happening right now. And I think more than ever. Personally and I'm biased. That the truth about what really happened about what really happened in the founding of this country people need to be reminded that. And I'll tell you what I thought Barack Obama was gracious and his farewell speech last night. And he expounded on a lot of the principles. That. Served as the basis for the coming in this country and I think we kinda have lost touch for the. All right we have to we'd be reminded they got to run to break we'll be right back after this it's beyond me. Beyond reality radio Jason harnessed JB Johnson who had a great conversation I would Scott Walker and we're Scott were a Walter we're talking about the what we would all over the place supreme Mexicans in the rune stone. And we only have a few minutes left with few but tell you what the founding fathers and you brought up their involvement in free masonry. And do you have any insight we we frequently talk about secret hidden messages on our currency in those kind of things there isn't anything there you can shed some light on. You with the down that hole some way we just lost to move not after just absolutely real simple. While. Oh I'm Lindsay and how who's the he does believers American Kensington rooms that you don't know what I'm talking about Vietnam frequently there's discussion about hidden messages on the come on the on our currency. And I DOC. And all that's unfair. Alma Allen there's definitely a lot of words things with it so. Tom let's go to the phones we do have listener call this is our good friend Vince Vince welcome to be on reality radio. I guess I go yeah it's. Well not not sign here. That dog. January oh you are into I don't I don't agree. With and. Whether guests. Now free masons you know you guys just soreness out there and it bought out and let these relations are blacked some kind of double and are not. I think he was saying that at all now because he's he's a freelance. No I think he was actually saying that they there was it was an organization that brought a lot of good things to what we can join us aren't as americorps. Did do a lot of good things. I think that's what he was talked about so I think had they edit. Our people. To and from. That place that it ago. And give it away for nothing. You know that was out there fighting a war. And they're by and it's coming down pretty masonry like it's like Barth said Michael. Liked our budget crazy. People but they're not. Now in I've never looked at him like that either side. Yeah protesters are now that there's of course has been hidden hidden things depending on. Now you can speculate on that. Well knowledge I executed beyond that I investigated the hellfire caves which was a big with a free masons and some of the things they did that but. Hi investigators scramble today. Yeah he's as saying I want a hit some hints. I got a advances our men are gonna cut you off we got Scott Beckett we only have about a minute left with him and we want Scott. It's weird trump those okay happens please tell people where they can get a hold of your books and see more of your work. Mosher well if you wanna go to our. My Yale web site is www. Crook Dex dot com spelled HO OK EDX. Dot com. And or you can go to my blog site if you wanna ask me questions about anything I've got some pretty. Pretty good blog post there and now am I have. Enjoyed talking with people there and seem happy dip in obscurity. All right terrific guy thanks so much for gonna have you back on the program soon I promise it was a fascinating discussion. Oh we we we had a great time talking and in and counseling and Ambac have bank makes so much for your time. Delisted or special line in this is of course our special guest was always whenever he joins us on the show it's the amazing funky well into the show funky. Wonderful hey Jason GPH and you can hear you green yet here we can care who he's trying to connect calling. Mrs. My first college 2017. And I felt the need to contact Heidi calling. Numerous times last week during piano it was the best racing. And I assumed I. Pakistan is then they definitely calling because I'm one of the past com and nobody nobody would answer my call. Do you know in a best of men that it was prerecorded shows that we dirty done and we repeating them from the past working in. I understand it but I was calling can be done analyst tennis I think one of the best so. And really I think you guys might have. Somebody outside slick that he it's he's just he's not really think that he answering phone I think I'm any different cars. Did anybody answer your calls. Discovering what I want this does not he was in power over three and a half hour we each should hung up skip camera of the show's only two dollars and surprised data on them on streets I didn't know if he's elsewhere. Before me after me and time OK so what he got. I just wanted to Colin has 2017. It's it's going to be Greek and I need to move on from some of the things I think that passed Blake and like looked. Well my singing career was really starting to take I know you guys wanted to and no more information on the I decided to do one more sign that was it. Let me just need to find and pattern myself I think it's Smart move appears so you we know with the slick has told us that we did receive a file from use or know we have something to play DMV wanna say about it. Well this is my farewell to the sinking Keller where. I just wanted everybody to understand it was also a big shout out to my mom who. Is such an experience on last night's. And you're going to notice it. Points I say hockey in the end vs the amazing athlete and think you know amazing hockey might have been really. Too much 2060. School. Well that's awesome. OK so you're saying now you're viewed ditching the amazing and you gonna go with chassis managers knew as you know who moniker just trucking and expressing and teaching me amazing. At this point in Houston in anything funky I just chose to use the in the eating me. Now for Nike. But yeah I chose to use taxes and again we'll see if it takes. Sarah and wanna see Elson or maybe I can be known as the fracking and excellent. The pin and went sounds like a fair shot so Jason Dunham monitor this now when players on. Yeah I guess of its last won a stood outside Iceland ice yes okay. Right so this is far keys the latest and according to him at this point his last song release. You read. I'm on my face. Preflight. Zero while. And I am. Okay. So much. This. Hey me. Yeah. Yeah. Marcy. It's. Anyway. Snow up there. Hey it's. Me. Email us. Yes I have. Yeah. Yeah. Free man. Maybe. It's raining you know. Okay. Yeah. Hey yeah. PM. Yeah. Oh. Yeah. Now. Fox can't get my pension safe hockey man knows oiled well I wish I was wanna make sure that can help you case each case keep on promoting the show and can keep on making it build an audience and that. That only in student asked me he didn't I hope he can as a company colors her. Anything like that so. I had no that's it we wouldn't exist. It's an orchestra pit crew that's great all right anybody else who had funky. Just like channel there's a lot of great things coming up and like I told everybody before. That's an icon thing in 2016. There's going to be a lot of good but this can decent match coming up this year of course going to be a lot of people who survive there's going to be some good night back. There's going to be some people who wouldn't have the power well there's going to be a lot of people who do out. And some people are gonna give me your pets I'm Stan and I and he happens by some people are gonna find new loves something that some people are gonna get divorced something that sent her into South Carolina. And so I just so much and so the gift. Really all there in Bethlehem is yes you lose again right thank you the amazing spot key have a great night. So what do we have coming up on the show tomorrow night shift. Mr. Lobo I know who'd lucky blessed to mostly you know fighting and hopefully he'll he'll take a break for a little while. Thank you referred. Sure. Playing out the singing our song and who would emphasize that thank you for saying that last song. Think it's over in the his music lockers down. I don't think he's ever offered but I met him life I think he's he's moving on. To batter I was trying to be you keep Doug in to file its lesson in the star rooms to Lobo okay let's talk to mr. Lobo and it was a little bit irrelevant go ahead. Mr. lobos are guests tomorrow night he is a TV host. Particularly of B horror movies he's also an actor and a producer and writer. I'm he actually appeared in the remake of the film plan nine from outer space which was actually just called plan nine he played the Chris well character if anybody is familiar with that film I'm very familiar whether it's one of my favorites. As far as bad movies go it's the worst which makes it the best. We get a text me because I'll try to watch it tomorrow during the day again it's it's it's detected and and I think it's public domain to connect to find it on YouTube and full formal. Going to you know and then on Monday we've got a John teeter are tied her. Is supposedly a time traveler so this should be and it's interesting subject. Even though the he claims that John tear prior to him was a phony I'm so I'm not sure how the one later could devalue you made a good point Jim. If he jumped back in different I don't know I'm so confused from the sole thing yeah no I mean if you if you was a time traveler stealing his name and coming back to pre CD real John teeters then that would make him a phony just making an imposter but he'd still be a time for oversight and John is gonna have to explain all of this to happen because I'm so tomorrow yen on trees and cleared up forests. They just had this conversation this is somebody Jane that you and I'm one and ham on the program since that first program. Which is actually one of the best of suite play with so Jason quick and Bob Mitchell who. I'm Bob sadly passed away shortly after that and review I'm not a great guy and it was it was wonderful having a mom and being able to. Connect with them I'm Pryor says yeah and he'd they introduced to John teeter story to us at that point. And down and we've been anxious to get him on the program he's agreed to months so and we had to move him because of my illness this previous Monday so he'll be out it wasn't a slump wasn't it was an unknown I would've fought through some injury to be here I don't Scalia barely barely gets you tougher and it is quite a few weeks ago I haven't quite an interview we quite a few weeks I mean we're we're hearing about this from about a month for Christmas until just read about -- Christmas now while we may continue to hear about it. Comcast is concerned and then Tuesday we've got Howard stormed a professor of our twenty years in northern Kentucky university and I believe I investigated this school. But and and and me in 1985 in near death experience in Paris and his wife was transformed me eventually studied to become a pastor. And socially definitely an instinct subject talking with him on Tuesday. You know and went and Wednesday we got Sam Sharon also known as mr. Sam. A British Liverpool Liverpool born dark artist specializing in horror and science fiction I know he's pretty strong stuff up for X-Files and and so many other things as well. Nimble we always have great guests on the program our guest tonight was awesome and I know we had to kind of cut that short we lost him for a few minutes there are. By too rapid ups who didn't get to wrap up like we normally do with our guests below bring. We'll bring him back sky it was a great guests who bring him back he's got so many other topics talk about one of them wanted to get to which we didn't. Is the hooked acts. Hooked Eric's we're seeing what it's say an and in and Hillary's and I'm aware of it does is because they were talking about in the curse of oak island but it's it so assemble it's an X with a little hook on the top of the the right. Operate side. Apparently it's got some real significance and he's done a lot of research on that particular symbol and wrote a book about it and am anxious to learn more about it. We covered so many different things from stone hedge in America the mystery of thrown all. In the desert cross tracking that employers. There's been all this information to employers were here in in New England that they actually build something new pork it's still there and zones some incredibly neat subject but definitely big shout out scuff coming on hang out with us tonight just a great guests we get them back on. Yeah I agree I agree with that lets see don't forget to stop by the FaceBook page. Give it a light. We who still watching those numbers climb we love deceived their gives us an opportunity communicate when we're not on the air. South of the website to check it out there is that pass programs of their you can see the program mark Qaeda in the snow chose. In dollar mall just click on the pass shows page. And a girl free for talents and check that down were also working and having a new app designed so you can listen on the go as well. Which shall make life a lot easier but it Jim in Waltham. I was talking with one when Scott was on down the whole idea of when they found that Stonehenge or to bring this up to you before we hand. I mean you're talking about. You fining stone in a way that went with this ancient writing on it. That nobody. Like now I can make your research Ian and I can find out something and and incur something. Be talking back then that's why I was so confused and there are deep bunking something that. How would anybody of normal language. Right anybody have known what war room so. Yeah I mean I in this morning's historian and again our the abrupt missiles what we had they had to let Scott go we couldn't even get the final questions and bode well we shall we put them yet we'll bring them back. We'll definitely have so what's again a big shadow to Scott Walter for coming on and and talking with Austin nine. And I really hope that they they bring back that show America unearthed as it was one of the there was I think one of the best shows summit channel it's the only reason I ever tuned into that channel. And my sons always wanna too as well also. Just a phenomenal want but yeah head over like the FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. And now after that he gave says there's also will be adding a ton of more stations coming up over the next few weeks ago. Look out for that as you listen and Jason NG Giambi on railroad to reel catch you'll morrow night. And comedians to discuss its. Season Johnson and a. Sorry I don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page just like in say hello it's beyond reality read you all one word if you've got information you want us to follow along were you like to be a guest on beyond reality radio. An email to slick Eddie. That's slick Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.