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Episode 28: Top 10 Tornado Events of 2016 – Part 1

Jan 10, 2017|

Overall, 2016 was a below average year for tornado activity.   As of this writing, the preliminary tornado count was 985.  It was however, a year of talked about tornado events, ones that took social media by storm.  It was a year of amazing twister photos and close-up videos.  It was also a year ...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hi this is Dan from tornado talked please take a moment to go to our website tornado talk dot com and click support the show on the menu. As you know we offer this podcast three but it is not free to produce we accrue monthly cost including writing researching recording editing in producing. If you click the donate button on that page you can help us underwrite the cause that's tornado talk dot com. Click the support the show on the menu and you'll see to donate button and thank you in advance. Asked about one of nature's most fascinating phenomenon to share your tornadoes story with us by email Jenin Dan at tornado talk dot com. Yeah and dance at a tornado doc dot com. Now meteorologist. Jennifer near Moore and Dan Holliday tornado touch is fine after twelve months of tornadoes in 2016. The tornado totti who compiles data and figures to faxing gathered. The story of yeah. And these are the top ten tornado events of 2006. Teams. Number ten on Thursday July 7 2016. A unique summer time setup lets you severe weather across southeast Kansas. Chance Toews as the warning coordination meteorologist at the National Weather Service in which a top. We had a media servers low pressure center. Sooner or south central Kansas and we had numerous outflow boundaries oriented. Eastward. Across central and eastern Kansas and basically what happens whenever you get those outflow boundaries it creates an area of convergence. Tomorrow we talk about convergence that means an area where air is going to rise. In any time here rising air and you have what we call instability which is also rising there. You have different levels of instability could be weeks meaning the air not gonna rise very rapidly. Or can be strong instability where the air is gonna rise. Viola player very quickly and in this case we had to. An enormous amounts of instability your or the ability for the air erased. Very violently. Just off to the north and east of the service low pressure center along those outflow boundaries and it when those conditions came together to try. It was just like a powder keg for these thunderstorms to develop. Taylor right James Wilson and Jacob I Sherman had made the decision to go storm chasing that day and waited nearby for big storms to produce tornadoes. As leaders sitting in in Brasilia disclosed a year Rica we saw power is going out. Really rapidly from a storm that it has gone up near Emporia and we knew with the environment the way it was at that point the tornado primers are almost you know maxed out because Kate had been. Much higher than what was forecast and and there's a lot too low levels here you need her tornadoes so. We we didn't and Rosario we saw that storm by Emporia. But as we had ignored the new storm wonder southwest of that one died off near Matt he'll green and so the ones we saw that we knew that this storm desolate had a good potential for tornadoes but. Wields in Italy ended up north is the Centerville. And we sat there and a wall cloud formed in blood cell wall cloud sort of been in that figured tornadoes were imminent. Taylor was right to that night after dark this tornado threat increased putting your region Kansas in the path of danger. He and his team are calls what they went naslund night time tornado was on the ground. We entered into the north side of town we started getting some very heavy wins that kinda it. Resembled tornadoes regulation and then all of a sudden we started seeing these bright our classes out our back window we knew there's a tornado almost directly behind us. So that's one Leah we initially we couldn't actually see tornado on that board but that's when we kind of got just east of town and started. Seeing a tornado go right. The town Mick ball was a resident of eureka Kansas he watched the flashes of lightning from his front porch that night in grabbed his phone to record the video. The next nine minutes which captured the eerie sound of tornadic winds. Like when the transformers explode in the video I try to use that. As best try to gauge what was going on but quite honestly and left it was blowing past. Right in front of me I did not become that much. Best record seven dollar worth hints I Kurds can fly. But I didn't really tell exactly where it was coming. So with the elevator and stay right across the street than just about every bit of their building nothing but sheet metal. I figured it had to be coming from there when the action picked up in the video when the wind really starts to pick. And especially the he can sheet metal that wrapped around the pole. On my front four marathoner realize that we're in a lot deeper situation. Rusty Miller is the assistance emergency management director in Greenwood county Kansas. He released even though there was some damage within each community your Rican dodged a bullet that night. We had a spot we're live on main street between eleventh twelfth. We're we had a lot of we're actually paying. We had some built in network basically can added we didn't have any completely on the ground yeah. In the area. I towards the middle apparent corporate grain elevator we had a trailer don't harbor near Russia I'll force I trailer homes are completely candid. And on the ground. Trees twisting around. The grain elevator and two buildings I believe that were completely destroyed and pushed long arm arm or leg. How lots and lots of breach beyond logic tree damage and things like battle allow buildings dorm. I'm very very fortunate tornadoes that occurred more pledged to Jiri can did not occur and city limits of eureka or I think he beat a completely different story. Chance haze from the National Weather Service agrees that it could have been worse. His team surveyed the damage and raided the tornadoes. And it was just kind of launch party just step back and and look at the damage and realize. How fortunate to folks and city of eureka war. That there were no injuries and there were no fatalities. Even if there wasn't a lot of structural damage where the homes were. Completely wiped out in the community. You know the trees falling on homes or folks happen to be outside or in your vehicle's did. Trees all of them. I really could cause problems. And then once we made it through do and the community of eureka and and we came back and gave that a preliminary rating of the F two. We continue on to the northwest where we knew that there is another tornado touched down and another home that have been. Hit by the tornado. You know once we got to that time we. Recognized very quickly. That it was a much stronger tornado blew past slipped loose. Much wider. And the tree damage was much more significant. And almost completely wiped off it's foundation at that point in time. And we spent some time there really assessing the construction of the moment. Him based on you know the home construction and and the level tree damage and no we assess that would that. Hi in DEF three tornado. And then there was another one often ignored last. Nero disk recorder or which you know private land up there. In bright in the middle of the Clinton also it's very typical to protect. What actually happened from meadow creek bred to roar to Wear their homes sustained the EF three damage. Only four other ES three tornadoes have occurred in July in the state of Kansas since 1915. In addition to this EF three there's also an EF two twister. July 7 theory gangrene wake county Kansas storms are ranked as the tenth biggest tornado events a 2000 sixteenths. On May seventh four confirmed tornadoes touched down across eastern Colorado. They occurred near hard sprained actually and near the town of rape. Video the storms went viral and became one of the most viewed and talked about tornado events of the spring. Jeff Magnum Jeremy payment engaged cock surged three friends who founded tornado trackers they met in church and learned they shared a passion for severe storms and tornadoes. Gave Cox says he was in Colorado on May seventh and witnessed a series of tornadoes up close I actually arrived in Oklahoma than the night before. And met up with my chase partner for that day Scott Pete. And he united nine. We're debating on whether or not to get out is the atmosphere conditions weren't that great for tornadoes on May seventh and it was. Gonna be a long haul in that ninth through gonna do it but we decided you know what let's do that were brought together let's let's just do this and you happens so we showed. In Colorado that day was misled to take enough for awhile there in the afternoon we didn't think we're gonna see anything actually before the re Colorado tornado there was a tornado and likely Colorado that most people don't discuss his re pretty much overshadows it but the heck they tornadoes actually are really gorgeous tornado also. Happened in that nature preserve. There weren't many roads to get to the tornado. Adam Scott nine pension fund Wonder Bread and that it does he within a quarter mile from tornadoes approached out. It was probably one of the most gorgeous broke out this I have never seen. From the top of the tornado is directly overhead. And then it snaked down to about a quarter mile away and it feels good. And it was just really surreal listening very quiet area because of your nature preserve to hear the birds chirping negotiated three years. She's a brush and then you hear this waterfall sounds. This tornado spinning just a quarter mile away and that lasted probably for about fifteen minutes and we're excited weird. I'm thrilled today that tornado we'd seen emissary heading down. Ray. Five planes magic because we noticed another super cell approaching the highway and can raise only about fifteen minutes away from act Glazer didn't have very far to go out and we got there in time to see a brief tornado just before the rate Colorado tornado started. No one is really brief and I'm thinking causing Dan mentioned money insured assured of an official report after that we noticed that funnels arming and we were able to attract the raid Colorado from its burst to you when I wrote down mature is an incredible. Chase and so one of the most. Stunning things that I think everyone notices right up and ask you any videos or pictures of the array of tornados are the colors. Colorado than deaths in Colorado it's a very rich red brick colored. And back and contrast the fifty equally amusing greens of the storm. As well as the white collar classic type material that was spinning around very tough but the tornado created such an amazing contrast there's an absolutely beautiful tornado. Look what happened that day. Then the tornado traveled down. I highway uproar about that you do mile stretch. And we were able to you followed directly behind it I mean it followed the path of the highway at exactly. And that allowed us again close enough. The path the tornado happened a lineup that highway and rank. We were able to drive down. And we were safely following the tornado from behind it is constantly moving away from us. That one moment the tornado stopped and a stationary for about two or three minutes Tom and so when the tornado stopped. We stopped. This is road network just happen to work out where we can. Come right up. Due to tornadoes and just really feel the power this is India to you that when we were winning a quarter mile out and just how massive it wasn't a very wide tornado I think hey it was officially rated as about a quarter mile line but. When you're there and it takes. Year entire periphery it just feels enormous. And and a sound was just absolutely. Stunning. We still there was a wind blowing through the power lines he had that. Erie ghostly whistle nearby and then this deep rushing water false sound of the tornadoes as digging out. Though planes in front of us. And so we were able to do it takes inside rodents and follow it a little further once. The contrast shared data became a little more rain wrapped we got into some hail and but we are able to track within down a dirt road and wash it broke down and a field about a half mile away. Social media went rampant put another image of the tornado. When high school students Charlie but Torre and his girlfriend Ali were headed to prom. The two grabbed a quick sell three with a tornado in the background they posted the image on FaceBook and head everyone buzzing. Worldwide I had attract me that day and I had to go to work and then on my way after work around 6 o'clock I was headed up to ready to go so how he's problem. And I noticed it was kind of story of stuff I got up there were Storm Chasers all over this little valley public lapels and there's. Storm Chasers all over there and this particular kind of weird thing where people quite it was an astronomer at bats. And then I got valley and the wind started to pick up business started this hail in there and. Alarm for the tornado or not. Then we all started to go back toward them I could be getting ready to take confirmed existing take doctor go east. And then he passion that. I'll be out there alarmed just shut off it was dead silent and in the wind started picking up really stopped and do as I can glean over into the win at a 45 degree angles. And tread it's. Bright day outbreak has that wind and then it just stopped and it would dead silent and a cloud went away in the tornados and ordered it beginning to the tornado went away. And then after that down. Bed picked up from like three miles north of us. And we started watching here and eat it starts we watched it and I got it on video and stuff. It started to go way in that tornado. This tornado siren came back on purpose like just flipped over here. And then after that we went back outside and tornado certainly go away and then now he's mom I eighty says oh we should they got a picture from that tornado. I don't know what. Made happening after they just block the tornado coming came back to these guys are really we went to Canada and took her sister. There was definitely one for the books it's one you don't remember refresh my life sure. That tornado rated as an EST you it was on the ground for eight miles an at one time was 440 yards wide. The other three twisters remarked ES zero the ray Colorado's tornado events is the nineteen biggest at two thousand sixties. Number days at a time when so do you think of tornadoes one of the worst outbreaks occurred in late fall 2016. From November 27 through November 30 there were 46 tornadoes across the central and southern US. On November 29. The storm prediction center issued a moderate risk for central Mississippi parts of Louisiana Alabama and Tennessee the worst round of severe weather occurred after dark powerful storms questions she Alabama producing tornadoes. One person was injured near Val crane when a twister did ES Sudan ends PSU tornadoes also occurred in Winston county damaging multiple homes. The eastern part of Huntsville was struck. And some of the strongest storms in this through spending a significant ES three tornadoes near Dan bill and Neil just after midnight on November 30 a monster EF three tornado ripped through the town of Rosalie killing three and injuring ten others. The tornado destroyed homes churches and businesses and completely leveled a shopping plaza in Rosalie Alabama Jackson County sheriff chuck Phillips spoke to WD EF TV. Andrews and the style is always from one home it was a mobile home that was it. And is there a kid it was destroyed. It's a small child and a little was injured in the hands tighten our Langer and we had three adults lose. Tell us. A day care center near fighter was reduced to a concrete slab another EF three twister severely damaged a town of a co we Tennessee. WD EF TVs Eric out in yea reported from the scene off. In the distance it is what used to be the post office hero calling it has been destroyed just behind that is they fire station a 100000 dollar bar states from what we understand it's fairly new. That has also been destroyed. Before the storm system came to an end several brief tornadoes also impacted Atlanta Georgia the National Weather Service says a high end ES she's tornado strike Athens Tennessee. It destroyed businesses and homes mayor John gentry address still EJ shelf TV and the media after viewing the damage in his community. Well we have no reported casualties commitment can only at this time at least twenty people were injured from the storm. And we estimate over thirty structures have been damaged or destroyed. That includes. Private residence and commercial the tornado outbreak that produced 46 tornadoes between November 27 and thirtieth. With the greatest concentration of severe weather on November 29 and thirtieth. Is our eighth biggest tornado event of 2006 teams. There's a familiar saying that a tornado to strike any time of the day or night any day of the year and any place in the country. On October 14 2016. Residents in coastal or again. Found that to be true holly Lawrence is a professional editor in collaborative rider who works from her home remains a need or again. Holly is also a single mom who is raising her ten year old son all the she said that she and all he had practiced for tsunamis many times since they lived just two blocks from the beach never had they planned for what was about to happen that day. And on and on morning which is a Friday and he happened to not have school. He is sitting on the couch. And you treaty and Booker he's immediate team. And I was in the teaching in the kitchen is open the living room. And Christine Hermann GM and eating soup or any because we were supposed to have a huge storm coming in that night with really big wins but not tornado just are averaged. When your. Storm here on the ocean and recent losing power so I want to make sure we are compared to that. And my son sitting next to my son zenith RE. And it certain beats being in this is very odd weight. It it was nothing I never heard I heard other alerts on my own and and goodness and it kept going on and so he drank teeny like non says we have a tornado it's imminent antiques shoulder. And I just can't take my gosh online it is going to lose their job because. This is ridiculous we don't have tornadoes near. But continued to go option and that was 817. And after a couple of seconds so it OK let's just flown. His address and we'll go downstairs because our answers as totally. Unprotected and you knew there was attorney immediately and I thought ridiculous. And you we would not be Cink appears so. Play a threw in some boots and newsletter that on an and I went into my room and address and I was coming back I admire and into the living here and can these secret agent emotion. Every time bill wind goes all out and sorry I know. I shouldn't. Be able to talk about this beaten easily innocent until at least a million times is how healers we would not clear how long recently sting on how well on his boots. And it happened to me alert Hewitt didn't brighten the windows blew out. And done. The glass pierce the walls so it was announced that it was obviously high speed and there's two different types of glass little windows was not tempered and that was the best nursing loan goers and then the other with the sliding doors which we're not broke away like theirs students safety glass. And many actually weren't picked up and you are swirling around our room and a new. Sorry so I'm students in reading. And yet we do not hurt. No and also it sounded like that tornado. If hit with hitting the back of the apparent and it was hugging their rooms and it sounded like the back bruise had been delayed its. So it is only go back and there is the only way to get out and it who is to go up front door and a tornado was. Behind us and I got out red dawn on you answering for me shown. In he was which did a little bit off the ocean she. Wish. I'm pretty sure you're going to see that in English explain tonight and into eating. There was Katrina was being torn out in the ocean under thanks goodness and still I didn't there was also a metal railing that was pulled into the wall I was holding you to that and I got us it was just don't one short flight of stairs there on and it was on her. We were the tornado cleanup the treeless is not twenty feet away. Maybe a little bit closer. And it was really the winds above and we're trudging in up 20 we downstairs an incident. Bakery in door which ends Greg Lewis and they're much more protected and being solid old building enough floor and so we are an errant. Clearly get behind a bar and now. In an attorney Joseph Biden was fast and it was funny that people Sri toasters and bakery in how it's not open in the back in. Be heard all the legalese that they had no idea what is happening in the world this is completely drinking their opulent. Likelier it is we. Her new crawling into action. In her converted and singing and and we were finally didn't have the nine kindly ones scratch and about a night that I didn't shoes aren't. Yeah it costs and pre existing extremely low key. A tornado hit Mancini or again Collie in her son had no idea what was next. She knew after sustaining damage at her apartment they had to get out and find a safer place to wait out the storm. I mean the decision actually to take my son a cross street you at Auburn because in many windows and big green it's actually. Their front side. Is windows and so I was just afraid that another trainer gene in you through an added to Ingle are different in mind as windows and you wanna go and adding and so I actually ran and Russell street and this time his life is spending her time in a tavern. First I'm a much longer on your story. But I am so he's a ten year old he's already been Kenya and bars but this was a safe place they held her back. And a couple of backroom there to clean clothes and they're really all been building in there is laziness in. Under is of course. Even though the worst of the storms that hit coastal Oregon authorities were concerned for more severe weather and ask residents to leave town. So my car is right across the street in new wins it was cleared out and so I loaded up the heat or in general dramatic turn to him. So friend's house and and you should generators actually their house ran on propane. So. It was nice and there are cities everywhere else power was arc but are out. As holly thinks that about what a close Colin was for she and her son on. The alerts on her phone number and including heat warning for that she's forever grateful. It happens in early alerts. That we guy even if you only a one minute warning. And no I'm Ian I would not. We definitely wouldn't I it. Where's your server that hosts. I think most people other people feel the singing not where. In her house and they all want me and under into Israel and got under it didn't. Sure and need it well it's. Like three minutes. Craziness and then the rest of the team we are all just in shock and we are also still. This huge storm was hosting it luckily it didn't rein in the horse I want you nothing we expected. Which is it goes there where power lines down everywhere and and we lost. Hundreds and hundreds of trees huge old spurs in this town is just lined with trees and those were all laying around a big millions certainly around you know how right behind me. Literally likely see behind me there was a tree that this year's aside like at this beard era an aero and it. I have been years some you lose you treat your silent house I who is there are trees hi Mina where I signed Garrard and the immune from somewhere else. And what it was like oh the path of the tornado or their repeat. Lost the tree where a tornado just sheared the top all of these trees and someone took a chainsaw and ran it across the top of you know entries that it was all twenty feet up and Warner shore not. And we do have storms here but I don't usually the trees just follow her. So it's not uncommon for us I mean damaged but not seen. She nothing in this order he is a short amount of time. The threat of tsunamis is far greater than tornadoes and mince any death which has a population of less than 600 in northwestern or again. But in any disaster Pauly found out her community rallied to help those in need we're. Lucky if we have a tornado hit her lucky that means we need everybody in reach out to us and our mine the windows were boarded up. Buying up late afternoon. People in the building were extremely worried and really she's young and insurance companies and replace the windows this is possible in the hander clay so the car didn't send. You have to throw everything going in the kitchen or my clients in similar to being. Still to stay open up my birds even though the industrial vacuum cleaner all through here. Un and I was cracking a billion times every hour every hour still every time a neat little tiny pieces in Oslo she me I'll. For him inside track somewhere and so I'm still elites and not my cleats every reason just in each. It's for NATO was truly a rarity for early fallen or again holly says living through it has gained her new found respect. For what tornadoes can do in for the people who live through them each year. You really feel the people before it does seem like such a distinct and in non billions in children and reporter but it's definitely understand that the tear. How long glass yeah this is what October 14. And still. Now any time in slightly windy or received look broken glass and clearly on edge Sri son still. Has many readers. I can I get it gets a greater respect for people who are going you can determine. And hope that they are investing in communities where we came here. The EF two men's and need organ tornado of October 14 it ranks as the seventh biggest tornado event of 2006 teams. Number six in Kansas are typically more tornadoes that are current made than any other time of the year that's because strong cold fronts clash of warm moist air. Influenced by a strong jet stream an upper air disturbance says the sunflower state is a playground for severe weather in late spring. On May 24 that scenario unfolded in western Kansas. Between twelve and fifteen tornadoes rumbled through parts of the planes that afternoon including five EF three twisters. Larry Ruthie is the meteorologist in charge at the National Weather Service in Dodge City, Kansas he says it was an outflow boundary that played a big role in producing tornado activity that. Days and it is not valid is it really has little local pulled his strongly east southeast we'll go. Behind it sounded good afternoon hours in the drama and propagated in a very decent daytime hours since ourselves western Canada's. Just have a couple port was this such an optical area of low pressure that developed over selfless Candace. With a really it is intense area well local issue the default for himself and Clinton does come up toward just got to know they. In the offenders from developed it during these late afternoon hours starting role or hawk opened Scott county in the first company to report just a little before 4 o'clock. But the scholar candidate that one area of thunderstorms moved across Scott related to the stability. And the first two we have to its retorted supported go to that we put to process Scottish delayed until they. It is the first significantly to the day it was one that developed in the southwestern part of definitely. And you have to retorted oh that was around 650000. Six political is that timeframe. And that we gulf toward these Dorsey the same time that was going on. We had other thunderstorms to develop sort of developed what's the next cluster down in the Ford County. Meteorologist and storm chaser Matt Crowder was also one of the many who were observing mother nature on May 24 2016. We we. Headed over Courteney can just switch in the southwest corner states. And we saw a little tyrant you must go up like right over overhead spot and uses in the area where you know there's a chance system for this storm so. We basically just can't solve that and we got him ideology and we stopped and there'll with a lot of chases auto watchers is I'm a match on that and more on this story. But anyway I guess it is the first tornado tore north or west and we just. Followed it up the the highway record Dodge City and saw a problem with ten tornadoes it was kind of quality time drama lost count at the US. Second member plants are nervous in the first now paparazzi are our twelve tornado make or break I thought they got. More calm and and I got called for those that say this is the second Austria has ever seen him and met. It was a pretty amazing power system one tornado would form in the kind of recede off northwest and almost want to set apiece that's that's process after about three. But that was that was that was one more. But the most controversy can someone help on the third not enough we saw. Com twelve corneas from three different storms. Which is usually kick that you can multiply that Canada. To see one with Juan super cell that's pretty amazing but a lot of long time chases it's been our son and I accept full speed that the JPMorgan made. You're sensing cabbage and a storm chase partner Danny Welch worked their way from buffalo Oklahoma to Mineola Kansas. They were out in the field this severe weather began unfolding. We gotten our trucks and continued to travel north on highway to eat for time and we saw our first final plot. And it lingered. For about thirty to sixty seconds before finally touching down and out that happened there is a secondary tunnel immediately to its right. That began before so we had our our. Wrote tornadoes to the last and kind of it was like to meet you don't bottle if you will to the right. And we had twin tornadoes almost right away. Harrison said it's when tornadoes for the first four stats. As a tornadoes approached on city from the south O'Leary racing in his team drew concern that the city was in danger and issued a rare tornado emergency. Being able to go to win the west the office and see this unbelievably. Intense wall cloud the tornadoes. It it it's kind of the it's it's a frightening and humbling experience and we were actually sent at some discussion with a muted to take emergency precautions in and perceived Dorsey threw them decided to include password to dodge it is critical we get paid to do that. That there resistance a fear and concern that it would hit western Dodge City immediately sent an illicit and and ability to prince of liberal but on the legislative panel members. There's that concern of people who we really big hole and under an hour or pleaded with his family members. Could be killed in Japan this thing and so there's. There's a heightened level of the concerned that sort of thing that happens. As sirens were sounding and communities across southwest Kansas. Harrison sin cabbage and Danny Welch continued to watch the fascinating yet frightening situation right in front of them that. New drove a tornado sort of under the rope out and we had this very large multi vortex tornado that's just churning across the the the landscape it's coming up in the vicinity. Southwest Dodge City you. It's not good. Aren't these aren't around brownies tornadoes may become relentlessly in the knowledge getting so much this season coming into the nuggets in coming off. And traveling on highway 400. I just Irish. I couldn't record video I couldn't take photos and they want to do that it's owed to our net what was happening in the first time I actually got scared. Thinking what is about what happened. To Dodge City. Watching natural but tornado with the Oregon authorities go to work southwest Dodge City I I my stomach dropped like it was no longer about. Observing what what was going on I was just thinking I could not stop thinking oh my god people are in the path of the same. And it's going right towards dodged a bit and it was such a helpless feeling watching this. Violent tornado. And go tort cow. Dodge City was spared from a direct hits but nearby damage from the chase to a halt it quickly moved from reporting to rescue mode. Harrison and Danny were in the right place to help. And also many heated house. The roof is gone to the British friend walls collapsed almost blown it. And I just shouted. You seem to my friend it just stopped stopped the truck right now. And we got out the truck conceded this woman just waving her arms frantically and and we had no. Way initially to get and that they're downed power lines that power lines were lied to and there is no. Physical way that we see around and so we ran about 250 to a hundred yards. East along highway fifteen requirements on opening and that we can get and power lines are made me. Six feet or so about them. They ground there about my height as though they're roughly sixty so we just and we army crawl underneath the power lines and we just started. And house to help these people. We come out to the house. Did you elderly. Woman more than one was she was standing but she had had a call on her head. And there is another woman who's trapped underneath the collapsed walk off. I'm. And we will we will know it if she she couldn't move. And we didn't know it yes yes shoot compact Gerstein was injured of one of the we just we stayed with with a few elderly women they were around. 86 and 95 years old and the the elderly woman trapped underneath a wallop 95 years old. See I'm the shale core of the storm's. Wrath act around. And black friend and I got hit. Which golf ball sized hail stones. Protecting the other woman or there's no roof so there's no where we can go to shelter and I'm so we just we grabbed blanket suite with gravel we could basically I gravity. McCain is like cables lob wedge put over that generally woman and I just I just grabbed a Christian put them or had an additional children with my body. As so I'm a friend and I got here wit. This golf ball sized hails Arabs how. And after the you know or pastor we were finally able to get her 2911 after multiple times. Eventually the paramedics and firefighters were able to plant opening the power lines are under. Figuring out a way to get there emergency vehicles through. And they were able seats to get that you elderly women. To the hospital and miraculously. They were released the following day in fair condition. It was truly miraculous that they survived. Com I would be able to ask the one woman who would who is. Who is standing she was in shock or she knew what happens here where she was. I asked DC comics and. She said that they saw that this one that what was your children tornado move law but the last. But they didn't realize. That the low hanging. Cloud there what's the multi vortex tornado it was documents always their ground and there are these little boy keeps her refusal landscape. And that's what hit her house there is a sub cortex. The next serve so great you are property. To their house because the house's immediately see you there are western eastern neighbors. Suffered. Some broken windows and some shingle damage or yours tapered string cost that's suffered major damage. There were no major injuries and no fatalities on the violent tornadic afternoon. The southwest Kansas Dodge City tornadoes that may 24. Are still highly talked about on social media today with fascinating photos and images swirling online. It ranks as our sixth biggest tornado event of 2016. Do you think you might know what tornado event ranks as number one next on tornado talk we continue our countdown. It includes a powerful EF four tornado that stayed on the ground for nearly 26 miles. And a tornado they claimed more lives than any other on earth in 2016. We resume our countdown of the top ten tornado events in 2016. And number five through number one on episode 29 plus tornadoes up.