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Christmas Radio Hour 2016

Dec 14, 2016|

Dec 13, 2017, 7pm

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Pitching and pitching because it's. Imagine. Merry Christmas everyone this is Steve Macintosh. And I did what word you can hear us on Steve and 10 in the morning on the radio weekdays on 987 and thirteen thirty K and ask us tonight we are in the beautiful grand dining room of the Scottish rite center in downtown Wichita Kansas. For the sixth annual capital chorus Christmas radio. A benefit for the Kansas food bank. Putter. We'll okay. He isn't okay. Whom they make sure you take a look at your program and find all the businesses and organizations who made this show possible and you can say thank you by shopping at their stores during holidays. And let's say a big thank you to our sponsors KN OSS radio. McClellan sound. The Scottish rite center. And of course our studio audience for their generous donations to the front bank. Okay. Do you look. It is well. We'll. You know why cause. Unity. She's okay. Maybe Andy Murray has he. You know abuzz this game. Okay. You know. Did you move. Did you move around. Oh. He's here. Okay. Okay. He. Okay. Okay. That was a year capital chorus under the direction of Mary calls it. You know Steve this is my first appearance here at Christmas radio wow well we're glad that different ball game deals and no way else. No the personal appearances for united we could be here. You keep busy buying gas as well it does keep me young. Note to note to self do more personal appearances. Got it all right. Let's welcome the other members of our cash to heal we've got Melanie Williams director of the which talk Laura's gold medal. Steve it is so great to be here and I would like to think you Eric Kaplan course for inviting me and my course to be part of this great tradition of getting. We're all looking forward to that performance no we're also happy to say that. Dan. And it's so good to know that Sony people are willing to give to such a worthy cause hey I'm ready for more great barber shop music Mary. Does the or capital course have a song will get us on the moon for the Christmas season by ASE. There. On his movement is. Yeah okay. Okay. He's. He's. Yeah. He's. He loves seeing. Now we'll. Okay. OK. Okay. My children. He's now. He's the focus on his practice everyday yeah. I know and oh yeah. He's. Oh. I. Are chronicles here we are the Scottish rite. Beautiful building in downtown Wichita celebrating some what new Wichita tradition. But I am curious the how this whole thing gets started I don't go to let's ask Mary poll that is a good idea so marriage can you tell us how do this all. It started sure. Six years ago I suggest the course that we do a radio show was a benefit for the Kansas city bank may be gives some other people in the community and not and as luck would have it. Long Smith then director of the Kansas aviation museum had some experience with writing and directing radio shows and he offered to work with me to make it happen. And that's when he called Tony reducing it came in his hands and got us involved. That's right and you've been doing the show ever since. Well two years ago long was neck deep in writing his dissertation. So we took over writing Asia. Let's see that is when we first met stinky Pete and the great escape from jingle. Little Rock. Yes and last year at the base isn't harmonious. Youngsters plotted to stop the Christmas radio hour. Unless they were given a feature song so how did that turn out. They can compromise will show. Yeah I really can't stay ahead. I'm glad to the way. Evening as good. There and Nina. And you hazy. Okay okay. Zoom me. So me only you know well maybe Justin Hanson's name oh. Name his mind. Yeah it is yeah banks that do. I. Remind me so I knew how I. This man. On Tuesday. It was okay. Yeah and he's done. On Thursday and intense day. I. Nice sandwich in this. And soon news. Well ten has today. CNN. No advances to a it's a good month ran the. These band. Okay. My name and then it's mind is there. Snow. Who may be suggested tags in more. Oh. That's again a low. Yeah saying let. And me come. You've really been red. This. It's. This ban indeed tell. Zuma. I. Although at this therein these men and low. Think Kansas ahead. And still. Hands off. That song reminds me when I asked not a girl to prom she had was to golden. May fourth. With all these songs about Christmas and snow I can just picture a family gathering around the fireplace. Sharing Christmas dinner. And parents giving those perfect gifts that say how much they care. The mood. Yes these are the good times for Ralph and Nancy Johnson. With Christmas rapidly approaching three kids in school and two working parents and a barbershop performance. Every other night. They have a plan to be ready for Christmas this year Mabel divide and conquer. Ralph it was Sasha and I did the split up the jobs this year. Let's see where we are so far. But Turkey and he's going precisely fixing him the other MP inning but 38 AM. And I will wake up her right apparently to put it in the oven. And prepare the side dishes that everything would be ready to serve at exactly 12:37. PM. The tables with grandmother's China an ant road these over the highs or break the rules are rising as we speak. The cranberry sauce simmering I'm addressing it as you ready to go and our brand new instant hot. Doing but the tree and the presents for the children. Take a look shall we I have a few more things and. Three. That. Worried do you hear the stories program for another three hours. We moved. Brazil and Anthony in the parking lot of the only department stores open on Christmas Eve all. Had to put off shopping. Area. Ask Qaeda gather for apple they have chosen chariots won I know. Is Steve captain. And day out they'll just say it implies they are ready to face whenever things are lies ahead. They laugh in the face of the obstacle course that is department store Christmas. I do not fears self checkout lanes to avoid eternal lines they will win the race they are gladiator. And revision of traditions. You bring me the wishes of children. In possible involvement. It is deceptive practice of moment. You mean apartments credit but interest rates to. Limit. Rule you've threatened my reputation. Good. Will it. Safely home. All the presidents are unloaded Letzing. Decorate the tree assemble the toys and wrapping presents. 5:30 AM and I'm finished. Poetry would straighten all the presents there assembled in Iraq. Time for a few hours of showtime for the kids Ghana. Yeah. Okay thirty seconds. Yeah thanks for the three alert I'm just wondering. 32 of them front and one on the back is that it's probably some new design for doing tricks in trying out later. I got to find that fourth realize no it's here somewhere. Really really Ralph I'll find it before you write this yes yes you will. Cammie what did daddy did here. Brees. Apparently. You can't a straight. Well. I don't think I'm ready to each game. Have three bringing. Personally I look up my friend. It's all about getting into art I just love trying you do oh yeah I knew that can pass. I'm doing steered and get started right away I think you have any. Immediate I'll tell her daughter. Doubtless there all around. What did you give me. I got to netbook you've been wondering. Nice hardcover and and well. But. Oh here is tendency. With my. Run. Seat. Round. This isn't tall. That's a price that's Lilly's at all no so. Let what what it would have. Let's see what is the day. Say the ground. Or. You gotta give the guy made some credit mean everyone got to present three looked great. Time Brothers song right Steve you've got to Ted. This next quartet. Has been a guest on the show many times that welcome patty dead pan and yulia and Sheikh. In those via. Lately is hanging low names. And amounts hands and it. Oh being manager his gains. Low. All her. On the here next galaxies and you move. You yeah. These day. Are. Foolish. Santa flying V yeah. And gay I do think Johnny has changed long. That's not the time he's created Reyes ends I had. And the song well. Loney. And and therapies okay. Who are. It and it's just seized. And you. And and NCAA. Eras. He changes seen us come on time fun now. And me. A blank team. I'm ready. And it's analyses and those low. Ernie ha yeah NN says it is yeah. The. Thank you peak. And suddenly there was with the Angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising god and saying glory to god in the highest. And honors. Peace. Goodwill toward men. And didn't harm me. The book and he's he's honor. The U. Yeah. I. He's the. Oh. You can lose. Mom. I'm being. Birdsaw. Okay. You love. Yeah okay. Yeah. Love. OK okay. She's. And he's OV. And I. My. I'm pretty. Off the ground. OK. Okay. All. And okay. I at all. It is yeah. Again. ORVs. Okay. Blue. Or. Children. C. Don't want our favorite Christmas radio our traditions is listening to the Wichita Cloris. These ladies just keep getting better and better. And in 27 team they will be competing in the harmony classic. As the sweet battle lines small course competition for the top five small courses in the world. And when you hear them you will see why that's right Ted every year the Wichita chorus made headlines are I point. Of this performance and we have back again this year looking forward to another great rendering of a great Christmas to her to. The Wichita course we'd analyze I'm looking forward to it. Am I okay as the. Eyes. Okay. Mean lewdness and us me. Okay. And I. Are. He had his. It is. It is okay. Oh OK okay. You know. Oh. Murder. They had me. Okay. They need. Yeah. This show. Sir and he's. OK okay. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Hey he's. Okay I'll. Hello I'm game. Today. Me. Isn't okay. Yeah. It is okay. Or I had. Okay. So it does me being. And in her okay. He's though. Okay love it here. Okay so. Isn't news that. Leon on love it and and mentally and those. Yeah me and well then. And you inning yeah. Okay. Okay log in and rains and in the early minutes of heads I win again. This is now held. If it. Were a he has been okay. Lock him away. I. We just never get tired of hearing from the Wichita accords sweet Adeline and truly a world class performance. Good luck of the harmony classic ladies who. Greetings again from the Scottish rite in beautiful downtown Wichita we are back with a second half hour show and the error capital chorus. Well okay he's not. Okay me I'll need. Innovative people that he meant love I had. Show through the any little baby bonding that. You. Maybe going back. Shop the room. It is okay do you mind that. The movie did you learn about love and you know anytime. You lose me. You move anymore than that. He OK he's. He's I don't anybody. Love. Didn't work into the old news. He maybe we'll run into and created new ma. CEO. It's. Not a bad. His movie. Movies OK okay morning. Home on the you don't need a better club. You do okay yeah. Okay do you. IndyCar event. Yeah. Maybe I'm. Baby boom. I do OK you're gonna bet love I had. Do you view them. You know maybe my best. Oh okay. Do you view. You do OK well then back. You mean my. Okay okay more than ever. He's okay he's okay. He's he's eight that. The third. Well maybe yeah. You know any time in anybody. The movie won't invent. I had. You can remove any opponent that. OK okay he noted that. Yeah. You know maybe go to bed. You he's. Do me now. Little baby and he want to. It's. He's you know me. Yeah baby good. He's. And you know I mean. Maybe. OK okay. And they are. Good stuff right Steve you're absolutely. Hey you yourself do I hear something parents. Fly. The jolly old now. So it's rock is like coming here pipelines Stephen sped. You can make producers and it worked thank you I'm here in the nick of time next. I came here because I thought you might need some help like nor your lives. All this radio program but Stevens said this is 26 team now and it's not live until we go. Liable on make up FaceBook so I need some help all the good boys and girls here in the audience we're going to go live. Here in just moments away like count to three. 13. I need everybody to shout out in your best outs always. Is so. Infrequently go to get one take on this so all three we're going to go walk. And why here at the air capital. Chorus Christmas radio hour and over here is Stephen's head hopeful that would close up so hard god is high. Of course we are broadcasting live on the radio. But people watching live on base will live. We're going to hear this on Christmas Eve morning. So I can't really divulge too many secrets as one people listen Christmas Eve morning aren't taken as ass and find out if Stevens head. You're on the an audio or the nice list. So listen Christmas Eve morning on occasion process. Okay that's that's how do. FaceBook live. This technology. To find out whether or not Stephen tea or no audio noise because we haven't actually that. So it. Kansas City here that we can look at us be real quickly and nor headlines about this drawn up like hello I hope I do I see I see that. Shelly you woke up roughly nine times this year with the rest of the year she elevenths we've. And can't ignore. The ignore. Cool. Breeze remember remember that though unborn. Seeing circumstance that that one nobly that you were in what was what was that. Something to do with smoke more people lifelong. Full Monty all. Paul line. Pumping. The statute of limitations are over we're never gonna talk about it again. There isn't jolly old well it. Like what Abbas mayor long Willie got anything on mayor Jeff Long Will be our long non insurance would want let me check but. Wait a minute then this happens every time I try and chip and politicians. And Siri can't even help me yes but wait a minute wait a minute I've I've I've got to I've got to hear. Mayor along well. Little Jeffrey let's see here no. He sold the home to hill. OK and now he's trying to sell boardwalk and park police. I don't think I wanna play a Parker Brothers game with him. Because there was fellows program. It I met. There it's too soon words here. Mere. Two words on your list I'm sorry to insert words. Road construction. But it'll all work out in the hands so on the nice list you're getting your cardigan sweater. Off. We will see him back out quick this neighborhood again. But that's gonna read here receive Internet. They're now broadcasting in spare Euro. Had you heard him as Steve and the elves look we haven't tuned in on the workshop. And the elves have the radio tuned so that the oh vote vote vote right speaker has Ted coming out of it in the last speaker has Steve coming out of it. But you're not trying to make a political statement and our guys. No I I. And so. I get. I wanna get back to all this music. But remember Santo will be over by the far please after the show to you sent us opens for anybody that wants to take a soap and Chris Stevens and. You know. Never thought I'd see today when Santa was sponsored by Verizon. Opera I ladies and gentlemen. Let's given up our next quartet they are all members of the air capital chorus please welcome the less. Bill Don and jam a common time. Yeah yeah. Yeah okay. Blue. Who has yeah. It has songs that go boom and did things that. I was still good days move he had used old. Article book created these. As song need god. A brand news man machine he owners believe a man he's outside the I'm in bad. Nautical won't agree smiles. On the the girls and morals and ran downstairs. To get there always. The car did most of the band's name. And use my agree is most hey punitive. It can't be and I it is unfair. I brush my teeth and go home hair but I. Okay let me and I need. There. God it move forward created some. Do you. But. Yeah. It. Do news dude it's. And. Do food food they do you really did I. New windows. Just along Santa. Prodigy you where's my advantage as soon yeah. Michael Long it is my this all the rose and boils. Ran downstairs to again two dollars unaudited. Us. He's then Smith. Penn menus my prayers love tankers. For me. Beyond the venues. And he and hey the injuries that we. The a hundred. Who. Hi gone all agree it is my. I got a couple weeks ago and and people agree. It. Is. Not. Wrong. I. It's. I. And now known. Just ignore him and maybe you who won I heard my own remote radio partners. One. Who argue and why are you here but ultimately it. Think Pete some sticky seats it. Can you must be news in the written. The name's Ted by the way. Through again this year we. I. Where's that hurt reporter. Injury. Should be cheaper an episode. With. I I don't see that anywhere on the schedule and is needed here all right you can now ms. Richards. Here then what exactly is a stinky Pete and the wrong. And it. She's an. In. Your. And act handle means. Such ads. Chip's hole came. That that does sound not it's not. Yeah. It'll bring up two to that your favorite cattle rancher. But this year yeah only. You can't. Ever wanna give someone that he had that they could use well yeah. I don't want our latest invention is just you mean how hockey so much that. Yeah. Is mood here I'd better call. He's not picking up. Need take a is that Diana going into her office right now. That seat. You think together a prank out to western campus from my latest interviews. So. That's. I did. On nine exactly what kind of candles are the EP. A better future. Oh it's a basket of candles. To skip my matches Ole Ole I think she's lighting them it is something going to happen no doubt act that is oh great risks. Apple or at. All. I. You get the fire extinguisher and put up Diana I'll call the fire department. Their capital cars or capital is paying it on my way Diana. Requests. Okay jingle bells and didn't. New movie you love the way. I. Need. Passengers is no one was opens OK okay you. You can go. Oh OK. Because I'm not he made easier this time. It is you guys. He's on June. Jeanne do you look you ma oh OK hello. I didn't want the slogans. Would you look cozy little balancing oh. We'll 20. It's. Two. Blue. Okay. Executive. Some minutes at me wrong. We'll look plus being. Any news or. C news. We. OK okay. Yeah. We'll see them passing things including. OK okay. It's opens. You. Oh OK oh what. Relevance today. Okay. Are. Okay okay. Heard from a women's quartet evidence quartet. The next number of features a mixed quartet of two men two women. Let's welcome Cary Mary Austin and games guys and dolls singing let us know. Arranged by their base James multi. It's. Okay do. So many in the audience. He's saw. He's okay. It's me. Anything or a need. Yeah its ZU. Me. There. Mean. It's he's thank those. The it is the united furloughs. And since he Macy's balloon. Only dozens of those. LP and then at nine gone through my game and it's it's here. That snow. Men meet I mean. Now I came noon in this. It's gonna be alone. And it oh and me. Loaded. Yeah. Me as. He's. Let it snow let it snow that is an. And win these kind of lead excuse Buena. Go ahead this. Okay. If you really you know needs. The irony is low need he. I think he does. He's a that's not. And it's. Yeah it's. And it's been. His new moon. I. It's now. I can't answer your energy that's that's what death. We've all been waiting for. They are welcome to the show. We move now watts where. I'm not the mayor of Yahoo! mail I think that explosion missed it really rant heard page so why did you you I didn't leave. So you're still the main area. Yes I'm the mayor but not up is bill I'm the mayor our anger. Steve. Steve we better do something passed. Each your line mr. mayor it. So who's angry. Not what I'm behind it. And that interesting interview will take it here. Ladies and gentlemen a great civic leader and a very good sport mayor chapel. So much for joining us on capitol chorus Christmas or radio hour. Thank you it's an honor to be here with barely Longwell. While the mayor of a city bigger than the combined cities of Cleveland and Conley brings the. What you like here with a error studio audience our listeners. Well. Surely the only reason lag agreed to come tonight Steve was it to be can act more misunderstanding. And I was supposed to bring your camera. But surely want to thank all of the people from whatever villiers from men and appreciate your generosity. Certainly during the holidays than any time a year and I even like the people from who bill. Thank you mayor that was almost convincing. No seriously thank you so much for taking time to be here it's man. Say hello to Cindy Lou burn me once you. I'm well. Think he then you let that be why now. Yeah that's a lot. Does it does remind them allotment. Well we can only hope folks once again which it's not match up. As saying okay. Yeah it's. And he. He's. Oh and stuff like those same guys and I. That's. It is. And I. It's okay. Yeah yeah yeah this. And we're learning a moment and only. Because. That. He. Gave the game. Good night I was there and grab them you. Hello I recorded his importance joined together to be human viewers. Peace during this holiday season and our car. Series moves slowly lose the. As he goes OK. Okay. Let's. Being you know being happy and well. Sir. Yeah. Duty in the league through brilliantly. These these are all things I an overall I'm sorry I'm just. He brings. Honest it's. Editor variety you. It's. Gone as an. Okay. Yeah I believe it's. Yeah. I love. Yeah. Okay. Where. Okay. Love. Oh okay. It. And. Ease. Being. Oh. We. He's. Okay. He. Oh. Well yeah yeah. Game. All of. Okay. Okay. News love. I. A. We'll. This. Let's thank all of our fabulous performers and true. Tony dancing on sound. Our actors tonight Dan EMO. And Melanie Williams. And sound effects can there Lopez's. I think three years. Kevin Talley. And our great quartets. Thank you receipt. Common time. And the guys in bulbs. And our special guest Wichita mayor Jim long world. I don't feel as Santa Claus is. It's more as the Wichita Cloris we'd have a minds direct my alma. And are both callers the air capital chorus directed by married housing. Let's not turned out in the sense news director Steve MacIntyre. Thank you so much Stan. And thanks again to McClellan sound in the Scottish rite center and our great studio on hand helping us. Thanks for helping us in the bank and the people they serve. This is dean back in time and Ted Woodward would be our capital chorus and our Barbara some friends wishing you a married person and as Zach happy new year. Yeah. He's. O. Do you. The disease. Early. OK. Ma. And I. Okay. Okay. He's. Here all of. Okay. He has yeah. It is. We're. I had he's. Have you been okay. Well we're. It's. The.