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11/28/16-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Nov 29, 2016|

Fidel Castro is finally dead. He murdered tens of thousands of innocent human beings, ran drugs, almost started a nuclear war and even banned Christmas. Now people like President Obama, Canadian PM Trudeau and leftists in America are heaping praise on him. The left in this country loves ...

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At the holiday almost here you don't have time to go to the pro stock will be packed with everyone mailing holiday get a package you Stamps.Com and we're Stamps.Com you can buy imprint official USA or any letter or package using your own computer and printer Jennifer and dot com and used a problem code. Bunker for this special offer a four week trial of 100 dollar bonus offer including postage and the digital scale go to damp dot com click on the microphone and like in bunker. Is it. Only underground. From the bowels of hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel. This brick building. We want to again make contact without leadership. Looking at Bob Barker again respected. I'm Tanya we're gonna try and fight it. Tooth and nail to nominate him but I'll get that in the third. Ladies and gentlemen I'll get a great Thanksgiving a mark of the man I number 8773813811. 8773813811. Yet Castro's dead. Will deal that. Yes. There was an attack in Ohio eight. By a and lomb. Naturalized American. And the reason we bring people in like this is because I to we ours American in or on the immigrants we're a nation of immigrants. But we're not a nation. Of a suicidal citizens' army. There's a coated top underway to ladies and gentlemen with the left. Trying to do that abuse the Electoral College system while retaining their following the constitution which they never bill. In an unprecedented effort. The bad denies the election. There's a war let me put it this way there's a war on Republican government. Not Republican Party government Republicans. Little our Republican government. With the coated Tata. Backed by Soros. Hard left. And of course the Clinton machine. All intended not just the taint trump. And to take any momentum away from his agenda. But the taint the Republicans out. Because this is what the left. We have an advisor to trod by the name of Stephen Moore he's been bounced around Washington a long time from libertarian think tank to conservative think tank does this add in the gathered. Who told Republicans on my Capitol Hill you're no longer the party rank in the party trying to. Why would you even say that. And we not the Party of Lincoln or not the party of Coolidge the Democrat talk about FDR this way. And I hope to get into that as well we'll get it all these. But first slipped it into. Not just the death of Castro mainly to ninety. By the evil people live. But it evil people live so this is a horrific human being. He horrific evil demonic human being. A genocide don't mania. In a small country. Killing tens of thousands of people portrait imprison. Breaking up family. People trying to lead his police they'd violent. Merited on the high seat. Merck. He was a drug runner. The that stupid little brother of his Raoul. Talk about a family I don't even know what a family. The man had mistresses go Lori had illegitimate children all over the place. Can't even keep count. Here's a guy who band's Christmas. Amanda almost started a nuclear war. Between the old Soviet. And I country. And praises heaped upon him by the prime minister. A candidate he truly buffoon a human being. Eight milk toast. Or work statement put out by Barack Obama and so forth. But what do you folks. Let me tell you dirty little. The left in this country loves dictatorships. As long as their side. Is an office. The left loves soft dictatorship. Hard dictatorships. It doesn't matter. As long as they of the Tina of Communist or mark. As do all collectively. Ideology. Whether they claim to be socialist. Or neo marxists or whatever they are. Aggressive sorry ass progressed. They all have the taint the marxism. And they defend. You know Castro wasn't a mass murder. In thirteen. They sick ego maniac now. Demand trying to do well by the people give them health care and education don't you know the ones and actually lived but once it actually didn't die from. But from a being malnourished and so probably yes yes it's tea workers' paradise that line. Barack Obama. In Fidel Castro actually were quite close. When Barack Obama first came into office in 2009. I notice. I notice these two were awfully close. And you know when your heart a heart that Obama admired Castro. Much as she admires the regime in Iran. Much as he despises. Republics. Here is what I said in August 2009. How one go that. Peers at Barack Obama has won that fastow. Pairs of Barack Obama has one friend who will not. Abandon. And his name Fidel Castro. His name is Fidel Castro. This from the associated depressed. Cuba's Fidel Castro. He's criticizing. Barack Obama stepped up US war in Afghanistan. While backing Obama's effort to provide health care coverage for all Americans was the most. The former Cuban president had an essay published today the answer at the slightest doubt that the race is right. We'll do anything to stop Obama by succeeding. Idea from succeeding domestically. She doesn't he sound like. Paul Krugman. The net whip phony economist who writes for the New York client doesn't sound like the mental midget and physical major. Frank ridge who writes for the New York's why doesn't he sound like the the woman who dresses up like a hooker. Maureen down at via New York lines it doesn't show I didn't ever elected in this country SE. I like that idiot on MS Ellis being robot on robot AKA. I want to drink that Chris Matthews. The format he. And president had an essay published Tuesday. And he hasn't the slightest doubt that the race is right we'll do anything this up Obama from ex is an agenda from succeeding domestically. Castro's remarks appeared in the Cuba debate website all yeah they have debate in Cuba. The Cuba debate website which publishes his frequent and saves on global affairs he formally stepped down as Cuba's president February 08. After ceding power to his brother Raoul. The strategy withdraw troops from Iraq and sending them to the war in Afghanistan to fight the Taliban and thank the Soviet thanked the aero Astro. Was a close ally of the Soviets at the time the united a European allies are more and more unwillingness spelled a blot of their soldiers in that country. Even our Castro said he is red with a management. News reports on US public opinion polls suggesting a decline in Obama's performance ratings. Obama he's a quote didn't want to north but he changed the system. What's odd is that despite the extreme right hate him for being African American and fight what the president does improve the deteriorated image of that country. Castro's cited Obama's efforts on health care reviving the economy closing tax havens immigration reform and climate change. That's right let me be blunt. All of God's agenda domestically. And maybe otherwise. As very interesting parallel to cashed out he did not say that now. Obama has inherited those problems from president George W but you need it sounds like the DNC. If bush is thought as Castro. I don't harbor the lead out that they're racist right will do everything possible to wind down blocking his agenda to take him out of the game one way or another edit. I hope I'm wrong and I how did drop dead cashed out what do you think that why is that match at a I don't murderers like him. It another eighty something or ninety something and some brave Yang going to Iraq. 1819 years old is Phil why is. There's the world is unfair. Pastor Castro was no way aerial bombing get through supporting cast. I for one I'm not prize. Their ideology is really not all that far apart I'm happy to debate that. You know the left in this country on the one hand say they worship Michael Moore who goes on he'll bat loves the health care system. Meanwhile back fat slob he would never go there to be treated neither would any of the leftist. They like clean needles toilet paper or watch any and all those other little things but it can't get and Castro's Cuba. They're real mentality and people really. On the one hand. On the one hand you know damn well what they're trying to get. They never embraced capital they never embrace it as they never embraced profit creation of well. Ever embrace it acts. They nationalize industries they undermine industries they demonize industries and delegate column on it. You guessed it not not a mark says and what he's suggesting I'm not a socialist youth may. In Ely. We'll be right back. Is making it clear that he likes Obama and his body is domestic agenda how come Brian Williams isn't an excellent how come Charles Gibson isn't doing that stuff. I'm Katy Kirk is not doing that perhaps none of the morning shows tomorrow we'll do that. All right that's from a at August 2009. Now that is why. The left will not condemn Castro who on the hard left has condemned Castro. Haven't heard a single one. Now one. The leader of the Democratic Party the president the united doesn't condemn Castro. The prime minister of Canada doesn't condemn cracked and Castro. Incredible isn't it. Castro slaughtered tens of how have been in human beings. They don't call for gun control any kind of control does. Weren't Bernie Sanders and. Bernie Sanders is they Castro font. Bernie Sanders is a Castro fun. I give an example. This is from October. Of last year. Bernie Sanders and me cut to go Castro loving Marxist Bernie Sanders he's not a democratic socialists who is a Marxist ladies and gentlemen. He's defending a brutal. Genocide a Communist regime in Cuba. The evidence is unequivocal. And a Communist. Regime that tried to rise up in Nicaragua and by the way is backed. He's defending Communist regime. Not democratic socialism in Scandinavia. Bernie Sanders thirty years ago 1985. On Fidel Castro. And the tennis title police date. That has cool logs has executed opponents people just to appear. Shoot people sink their boat if they try to escape the police state top seven got. All the way back in most of the 1961 million did you look and everybody was totally convinced that Castro was the worst guy in the world oil looking to be a little wide open rebellion against another crack. I thought that he thinks she's accused in the middle there trolling transform society and obviously didn't do Fidel Castro Schumer apparently are certainly not. Stop not stop them. Do I even have to explain what a nut job this maintenance. And he is supported right now by about 25 to 30% of the Democrat party. He's not talking about family leave and all the rest he is to sending. Eight dyed in the wool mass murder Marxist police state genocide at all regime. Communist regime. He's a propagandist for this Communist regime pretending that the kids are educated they have free health care he transform that society. This is where the last ultimately takes. It's a matter of a lot of this is inevitably. Where you go when you believe in a centralized government backed courses. And squeezes. The vitality out of an ancient. This is what he means by equality. I had. Because Ronald Reagan does what he's beaten was not immediately the people in the early Ronald Reagan just like these people insurance how did noted John Kennedy. Noted Lyndon Johnson. Noted Richard Nixon. Noted Gerald Ford ordered all of them. Until we came to Barack Obama who was up like mine would Bernie Sanders. I don't like mine. Go ahead the winner of the latest news from an otherwise we Juba inhabited have a tremendous uprising in Cuba when its a policeman. They tell people who rise up what do you think this is America. They take their opposition they bring Amanda these these prisons they beat and tortured and they execute them people rise up. This must be Bernie Sanders idea of utopia. Iran utopia North Korea utopia that is well utopia America however is horrible. This is one sick bastard there's no question about it would why did five of thirty repetitive support from the Democrat party. I had to finish if they are expecting a tremendous uprising in the while they are very very very allotment not a Communist regime Daniel large tank. Daniel large tank. So now you know when I said. At these people are marxists there Mark. Foley wanna you know dumbed down and make you feel comfortable disarm you. Gas relax mentally know what no big deal. No big deal. Oh we just wanted to take care of you know sick kids we just want to make sure people have equal pay always just want to take care of the bankers on Wall Street. Like I've had about this guy he sounds like a Marxist. Because he has a Marxist. And they want to people of Burma. Want to people of Vermont. Are sending this man did it they said. He has taken great. It wasn't asked Ronald Reagan who dislike Castro boys. It's that tens of thousands of people who fled Cuba. And that tens of thousands more who would like to flee Cuba. Ernie standard. Thirty years ago haptic cnet's news. Open. Okay. Take a listen to our immediate in this country matches Rivera. And Ella Williams meant a cut three go. It was a romantic figure when he commended power when he knocked off the corrupt dictator. But she still thinks we emerging young young high school kids think should rotate vertical ice man for the gusts. But what I think of Castro and I think of this charismatic guy he was the most sought after interview that in the 1970s. I think that the Cubans have a tremendous sense of pride over day and that his legacy of that and I think that he will be remembered remembered fondly. I doubt I would consider even to this news. Do they do today and Jordan Washington and in the country among those who remain in Cuba. UCV medicine system they are very proud of how do you see athletes and think of how many Cuban athletes have enriched the sports. In this country and around the world. Why then a declared socialist he dramatically improved healthcare literacy. Is this beyond belief. Now this is the left don't ever forget it I'll be right back. Market close then. America is tyranny hunters call and now it's 7738103811. Time is now. House today mr. producers here around. Busy busy yes dating add another thousand regulation and. Nothing on his schedule. Normally had that good. That means we're we're safe but we're really not. They put out a statement today about the Islam or not he from Somalia. The the media newly. What American. Legalized American refugee. Who. Ran got a bunch people with a bus in Ohio State didn't mention any of that today. We Wear this. Probably be hit in paying nothing. Nothing. So. This morning. As reported by conservative review an active shooter Hitler was sent out by the Ohio State University emergency management team. As a man an eighteen yard dead. Now identified as Abdul Razzaq Ali are ten yeah Abbott Abbott deal. I don't believe he's Irish or Italian I don't think he's an orthodox Jew or a Mormon. And I think he's Buddhist or the end of recklessly attack individuals on campus grounds for the car and at night and by the way the nut jobs on the left for calling for gun control. Let me repeat. He attacked with a car and a knife. Our ten crashed his vehicle into pedestrians on campus and emerged from his vehicle brandishing a what a night. President Abdullah sought several people on the scene. I wish I was there when my 357 Magnum. I can't. At least nine people were hospitalized including one in critical. And CNN reported. There's a hero here. And office. Alan. Her ruled Jericho HOR. You'd JK oh he shot and killed. Clorox not Ali are tonne gather data do. Shot and killed. The officer ride about a minute later according to USA today inning gave I'd bet art was fatally shot by the officer. Alan Horrow Chet who joined the Ohio State University police department in January of 2015. He's studied security and intelligence and Ohio State University graduated in 2012 after working with student safety service. That's kind of what if you wanted to become a police officer he told the lantern. The unit or a newspaper if turning his back. Previously an engineer major the officer said he did not steal a passionately about engineering is his classmate didn't I just couldn't see myself in any cubicle. I'm working. As a student safety air service. Individual. And in what police do and what student aid he does on the campus kind of behind the scenes stuff freely let me. To my law enforcement career now he saved a bunch of lives. President elect Donald Trump commended the Ohio State University emergency team and thank the first responders. For their service and action. Leonard dancing out of Obama that I'm aware. He is a schedule is clear today may be wanting to get out more medals of freedom and our friend may be kept. Maybe he's working on the the library via. The Barack no house beanie you know Obama. The library. With a really big mark went all the left wing cook books he can fit in the and another wintry community activist. So forth and so on but. Our great leader. Has not been heard from. Now and what it takes something out while I'm on the subject law enforcement. The recipes from Fox News late last week. Six the law enforcement officers fatally shot to six. Wanna an ambush. Six they. Died in firearms related incidents in 2016. Marking a 67%. Increase in 2015. The law the national law enforcement officers memorial fund report. That's true. November 20s there. The worst single attack was in July as we know when Dallas. With the execution of five officers ten days later. The execution of three Baton Rouge, Louisiana office. So sixty law enforcement officers have been fatally shot. Wanting an ambush. And that in my view. Due to many things the breakdown of our culture breakdown of discipline in the rule of law. And the breakdown of political leadership. Which condemns. Law enforcement which looks at every opportunity. To condemn law enforcement. And then. There's this young guy maybe he should have gotten the medal of freedom. All kinds of people in the military all kinds of people. In law enforcement. Who could have received medals of freedom and that multimillionaire athlete multi millionaire actors like an idiot Dinara. Among other. Let's move along. And watched. It fun isn't. It it. Donald Trump. One the president of the United States. And our constitutional republic. He's the president elect. Under our constitutional republic. He received. Most of the Electoral College votes Russian I say over 27. Need to avenue here more and he easily. There's now an effort underway because he lost the popular vote by over two million dollar and had a substantial. But that not which the president. There's now an effort underway to smear him. To attack any legacy they choose me any mandate he may have. And in the country. The same left wing goon mentality. And undermines all aspects of our constitution. A specially separation of power. Never before in American history. Have there in a collection of electors. Who sought the change the results of an election. Never before in American mr. know there's been a knucklehead here in there but never a concerted effort. I political party by billionaires like RO I left wing ideologues. Never ever has it been an effort like taking place today. The eight people. Who's had better accept the results say people who say that harm democracy in Arab public. I just adding he why he may not accept the results depends on what happened. Are now involved. In a nefarious. Code it topped. That's right I said it may go to top. There are all. The president elect. And replaced him with Hillary Clinton that is at all. They're funded. By a myriad of love this millionaires and billionaires who have at all. The collapse of American society. They're supported by radical left this. While I regard whatsoever for a constitutional. And in any respect. Supported by a political party. It is a party of the new left radical left. At the old Democrat party which is why they lost. We are an anti trust president elect is going to run behind. They election results with the US Green Party raising enough I'm very Wisconsin recount. The Clinton Campaign won't participate in the what was kind of recount. While while their lawyer that they've hired him back left wing litigator. Try to not the recount in North Carolina that involved the governor. Shipped there. He want that recount to go on. With respect Hillary Clinton. They now are Richard there. At Americans think we got it exactly right. He says the recount in Wisconsin in the coming won in Michigan and Pennsylvania there will not be coming at a Pennsylvania. Cause he pulls missed the deadline. When I change the outcomes and any that date no recount every change thousands of out. I don't think that the prep it you write the recap of them by hand. Which can be demanded but that was rejected in Wisconsin and I wanna get to a larger point. May take longer than so forth and so but what he says here. That romp but they're trying to do is push trump. Below are close to the 27 any number of Electoral College. The disgraced. Even better thing get it under the 270. Because then they can say he neither won the popular vote nor the Electoral College voted round of the house or representatives under our constitution. Where then they would and a vote among the top three Electoral College vote getters. And a court in there are more Republican they allegations any stake allegation get one vote. Trumpet will be the president but they're goal UC. Is to delegitimize. The elect. So where is Obama. What is Hillary Clinton are all these but. The one. On and on and on about. Accepting the ultimate election this started with a Al Gore. What the election was stolen from Richard nicks and by the Kennedy clan in nineteen it. Let up by boat out of Chicago that I'd vote on the West Virginia that I'd vote and it acts. When the election was stolen from Richard Nixon in 1960. He would urge bring litigation and said no I cannot put that. Country through that. And at that. When Al Gore lost Florida. He lost the popular vote in Florida. He decided well on the challenge. And you brought it in front court if a court if it court. Because he was formed up. And in the end he lost. Gore. Began this patted them. The pattern of challenging. Electoral outcome. And now we're supposed to change the constitutional construct to accommodate the let. It wasn't enough. We gave them the power of the Paris it was not. An agent for eight. Gave them the treaty clause. It wasn't enough that we've hollowed out in many respects the dollar right. They re not hours but commerce clause that not enough not a accommodate a lack. In addition to the seventeenth amendment direct election editors now they want the right elect. Shouldn't a president. Because they're popular. Not little are Republicans. When we when we come back and when when you. From a different angle I picked over and over and over again let me different angle. Why this is an extremely. Dangerous. Effort. I'll be right back. Calling on gun enthusiasts. An opportunity for you to get a brand new gun for free. 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Like taught college and wanted to move on next hour but this is an attacked the is an effort. George Soros. Finance hilly Clinton's recount lawyer Marc Elias is a great piece by Aaron Klein on bright part on this. I'm Michael Newton over what with the founder. Many today wanna get rid of the Electoral College math. The founding fathers considered debated and voted on different methods of choosing a president going to constitutional convention in 1980. Deciding how to elect elect the president was one of the most difficult decisions the founders had to make during the constitutional convention they have a lease. Clean vote on this one issue. The options they considered included election by state legislative election by the national legislature and an electoral it. Even considered direct election of the president as many today proposed but rejected the idea. Was brought up for a vote twice at the convention and rejected by nine don't want to vote on July 17 a by united to vote on August 24. These were committees. They got one vote. The fattest in the constitution. So that each public official was selected by eight different method. Representatives are democratically elected by their dish picks up until 1913. Senators were chosen by the state legislatures. Today of course senators are elected. My whole State Supreme Court justices are chosen by the president and confirmed by the senate. They are pro life. And that's the most independent a public opinion. Representatives up for reelection every two years are most dependent on public opinion senators serving every six years are somewhat dependent on the public. Last other representatives. Who run for reelection more often have a mullet constituent. Let. The president has chosen for a four year term through the Electoral College system. Of the Pacific methodology of the Electoral College has changed the year's most notably after the 18100 election when we have the twelfth amendment. Had always been an indirect method of choosing our president. That we have four different methods of choosing our public officials and eat public officials there it's very differently at the time. This makes it virtually impossible for any party faction region or socio economic group to gain power throughout government. Exactly what our founding fathers intended and exactly what progress and status left hey. Over the last hundred years the US has become more democratic. A local government added ballot propositions giving the people a means of ipads in the legislature and governor that has veto proof legislation with a simple majority. The seventeenth amendment provided for direct election of senators. Political parties used to choose their nominee but they started moving the primary like about a hundred years ago. Now the people instead of the parties choose their nominee that people's opinion gain even more strength with the advent of modern polling. Both these moves toward democracy. Are bad. Many if not most would argue that allowing people to choose a party nominee is better than having party bosses do now. But overall the rank toward democracy is opposed to republicanism. As we in this system of checks and balances our founders established. That that is where very wary of democracy. And not Republican as democracy. And rightly so Matta and federal and democracies have never been spectacle of turbulence and contention. And never been found compatible personal security of the right property. And haven't general been as short in their lives they have been violent in their debt. Moving to a direct election of president will be another step toward democracy. Another way that away from republicanism in our system of checks and balance. The founding fathers and it'd direct election of president and white rejected it. By overwhelming margins. The founder and up are delicate but elected officials including the Electoral College much study and debate. With full knowledge of a trend of weakness. Would only minor modifications over the past over 200 years. This system there than nation extremely well. We need checks and balance. We need a Republicans are not a direct democracy. These data progressives. Always argue for a direct democracy won in a line. Because they believe in mana. You wanna know why else. Because they dress their centralized totalitarianism. As they for the people in aircraft. Whether it's Cuba or North Korea. Or whether it's on the left wing co wrote. I now. Trying to code a tough. Who. Fight trump and it's thought Hillary Clinton. I'll be right back. He gives me. Only underground. From the bowels of a hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel over nondescript. Building. Once again made contact without. Know everybody mark living here on number 8773813811877. 381. Create 11. For Mike Julie Donald Trump as amended more of law enforcement officers and one day. And Obama has an eight years that's true not that which. All right as you know this is rather they ran on shall we move around. News a lot of C history economics politics whatever. And Winchell and this is one of the great mind. And they've been many in world history. But this is one of my favorite you've heard me talk about him many many many times he appears and almost on my books whose name is elect to tote. Now he's live for me to know five to 1815. And he was greatly influenced by month. Who influence. Our constitutional founder's. Great via. So he wrote two volumes which is democracy in America he wrote one volume and 1835. In the second one was an 1840. It was based on his travels and America and his observation. And what you listen. Because what you keep reminding Obama ministry is now pushing out the door hundreds of regulations. And think about what's been going on in this country for decades in terms of regulations and mothering individual nation and so forth and so on. To listen to the man. Democratic government may become violent. And even cool. At certain periods of extreme to prevent and our great danger. But these crises will be rare and brief. When I consider that heavy passions of our contemporaries a mild illness of their man. They then either educate the purity of their religion the gentleness of the morality. The regular and industrious happens the drink which they almost all observing their vice no less than in their virtues I have no fear. That they will meet tyrants in the rulers but rather. With their guardian. So not to want tyrant rulers why have guardians. I think then that the species of oppression by which democratic nations are men is unlike anything that never before existed in the world. Our contemporaries will find no prototype of it in the memory. Hey he can vain for an expression that will accurately convey the whole of the idea I informed of the old word that is cement tyranny or inappropriate. The thing it offers new talking about. What envelop a democracy. And I cannot name it I am I attempted to find. He says I seek to Trace the novel features under which despotism may appear in the world the first thing that strikes the observation is an innumerable multitude of meant. All equal and alike. So certainly endeavoring to procure the Canadian paltry pleasures. With which they collect their lives. Each of them living apart does a stranger to the fate of all the rest his children and his private friends constitute to him all mankind. As for the rest of a fellow citizens he's close to them. But he does not that he touches them but he does not heal them he only in a shelf and for him awful lot. If this kindred still remain to him he may be added any rate to have law this country. The key. Above this race of men stands at a man in total Larry power. Which take upon it off alone to secure their gratification. And a watch over their face. That power is absolute my new regular provident and mild. It would be like the RD of apparent if like the authority it object was to prepare men for manhunt but it leaks on the contrary. To keep them in perpetual child. Well content that the people should rejoice. Provided they think of nothing by rejoice. For their happiness at a government willingly labors but it chooses to be the all agent and the only arbiter of their happy. Provides for their security for season supplies and necessities. So what takes pleasures manages their principal concerns. Direct their industry regulate the day and the property. Sub divides their inheritance. What remains. But the pair them all the care of thinking. And all the trouble of living. Thus. It every day renders the exercise of the free agency a man less useful. And let frequent. Circumscribed the world with a name narrows ranging gradually robs a man of all the users of them. The principle of equality has prepared man for the it has predispose meant to endorse them and often the look on them as benefit. I'm not done pretty remarkable want to thank. After having that successfully taking each member of the community and a powerful grant in fat and him at will. The supreme power than make ends at arm over the whole community. It covers a surface of society with a network of small complicated rules minor in uniform. Through which the most original mind the most energetic characters cannot penetrate. To rise above the crown. The little man is much shattered the often bent and guide it manner seldom forced by attacked but they're constantly restrained from acting. Such a power does not to dry up prevent exist. It does not organized by the compressor. And Arabic and English and since empathize of people to each nation is reduced to nothing better. And a flock of timid and industrial that industrious animals which the government is the shepherd. I've always thought that servitude of the regular quiet in general kind which I've just described might be combined more easily than is commonly believed. The on the outward forms of freedom. And then I might even establish it up under the wing of the sovereignty of the people. Our contemporaries are constantly idea by two collecting pat. They won a lead. And they wished to remain free. As they cannot destroy either. One or the other. The one or the other of these contrary propensity they tried to satisfy them both at once. They devise a soul total Larry and all powerful form of government. But elected by this is key but elected by the people. They devise a all total Larry and all powerful form of government by elected by the people. They combine the principle of centralization and at a popular sovereignty is did they may respite. They console them now are being into alleged by the reflection that they have chosen their own guardians. Everyman allows him out to put in leading drinks to be put into leading strings. Because he sees that it is not a person or class of person. But the people at large who hold the end of a change. By the sit in the people shake off their data dependent just long enough to elect their master. And then relax into it again. Ladies and gentlemen you and I've been talking about this for years. For years. Forget about the later wrists in the propaganda in the copycat on TV and radio. Just listen to me. For a month. When Alexa to talk to listen. When I I did in the liberty and tyranny. Ten years ago what I cited in America hoping. Two or three years later what we've talked about here many many times I've read that passage to you many many time. Is that on the one hand. By talking about the Electoral College the Ku again try and all the rest of. On the one hand. We had this massive administrative state. Pushing out. Thousands are regulations a year Obama is using it to push out hundreds or regulations after the election be where he leaves office. To mother are independent. To make it more difficult for us to be unique human being. Afforded a product uniformity in conformity. Because we are nothing more than. A rather than the other way around that other data regressive views Obama. Hillary added a more aggressive totalitarian farm Astro and Iraq. And yet we go to the ballot. They go to the precinct that we can't about it. Every two years for the house. Certain number of years depending on when your senators up. Her present the united they would vote. Popular election however the we know about the Electoral College. And his point is and his point is brilliant. These are emotions in many respects that we go through. Because increasingly we are government. By this thing this blob. Which is getting bigger and bigger and more ubiquitous and more powerful. But every passing day. With every passing day. And more and more there's nothing we can do about it. Nothing we can do about it at the ballot box we can slow it down maybe get a short respite. As we daily Reagan as hopefully we will would trot. But we do not stop it. We do not reverse course. So point as we cease to be independent thinking viable. Successful individuals. Which is exactly what the data marts. Exactly and yet they claim to want us to get an education. Think once again and an education they wanna being indoctrinated. They want to be indoctrinate. Pets by so many colleges and universities. Are populated with tenure professors of the radical left. Marxist among others. With hate America professors and so forth. And it's not just in our universities and colleges many of our public school. You're taught to hate America. You don't hate the founder and you're taught to hate the declaration in the constitution. You're taught to think about things and in no way. And the only way you can get liberation I thought about this a lot is through government. That's how they are freedom has Ambac eventual pick this up just as they picked up elections Tocqueville in my books. They are my books. They regurgitate when I say this is one of the really bad aspects of this is. It just truly is there's not a damn thing I can do about it. But I think it's important particularly in this context. Here we have an article. Resist from the front PGA media. Citing political among other. Obama to push nearly 100 new regulations before leaving office. And several of them have an economic impact of over 100. Million dollars. And it covers everything. It covers everything these are men of regulation. He does not have the authority to do this the bureaucracy does matter the authority in the he's going to do it against the wishes of congress. Leaders the Republican leaders of congress have written. The administration of told on the cut it out but you won't Canada. Track the EPA administrator said quote as I've mentioned to you before writing donor employees were running not walking through the finish line of president Obama's present. Thank you for taking the run with me I'm looking forward all the progress that all lies ahead of me ask you folks out there. Other than those of you who are lobbyists and lawyers who who work on these areas of regulation and so forth. Those of you root out. You have any idea. What any of these 100 regulations say. Any idea whatsoever did you. Have a real opportunity to comment on any of them. Did your member of congress. You know they have the force of law you know they can shut down businesses you know they can destroy business so. They could shut down assembly line shut down smokestack industries. The EPA and a fine job already of destroying the colon. Would like to kill all the smokestack industry Eric destroy all of the reason carrier said it needs to get the hell out of here go somewhere else nothing to do. But labor caught. On everything to do with the EPA. I keep trying to get technology manufacturing air conditioning. But the left hate progress that hate capital. And hate ability. You know capitalism. And constitutional. On an individual and legal pain in pain. One needs the F. And the other. That's the way it works in a free. So remember when Alexis de Tocqueville said we've talked about it many times been included in many in my books. We're reaching a point in this country. Where we are so overwhelmed. I'm with federal rules and directives and yachts in regulation. So overwhelmed to being bullied and pushed around and so forth and so on. So. From the ability to influence what actually goes on in Washington through these bureaucracies and two million. Army strong. Yes we vote. Still importantly vote. But more and more the vote. Has little or nothing to do with the outcome. I'll be right back. OK then. Now the gap. Yes I'm on Nazis who was killed in Ohio State. After running now and a bunch of student. And getting out of his car was a butcher's. Knife. And attacking them when I believe is in critical condition as I speak. Was shot dead by any. Heroic officer tipped off at Ohio State University. And our friend Paul but article Washington examiner rights. The Obama administration resettled 8858. Somalia refugees in the United States last year. And nearly 43. Holes going Obama's eight years I just checked there's ten point five million people in that country. Nearly 43000. Going about his eight year. At a huge number that is now raising concerns after the Somali refugee lady one man attacks bring. On the campus at Ohio State. Like Syrian refugees there is not adequate way to check the backgrounds with a Molly's according to the head of the Center for Immigration Studies Kerkorian. The Somali refugee numbers into the US from the department of homeland security and state as follows. 8858. And 20159020147608. And 2013. 4911. And 20123161. In 2011. 4884. In 20104189. And 2009. Some 97000. Somali refugees. Have been resettled in the United States and nine elevenths. Of those 99 point 6% or mas. 19 point 7%. Where males between the ages of fourteen and fifty. In eerie view of the numbers. CSI executive director market Koreans said we have no way of adding people from any of the failed state of the Islamic world. Whether Somalia or Libya or Yemen or Afghanistan or Iraq. The latter two actually we have more intelligence on having ruled them for a number of years but even that information of limited use. We admitted to Iraqis is refugees who we only discovered later had been improvised explosive device makers back in Iraq. And the FBI fears dozens more such Paris had been amended his refugee. Well there. I hope we'll be very big dream vetting. Will let kick in the place. When the president elect becomes president of United States. I'm all for very extreme. Betting. But I am also in the one thing to say for years had you that people from Sears for in this case Somalian hopefully. When they have no. Civil society. You don't just get a database on some computer system they don't exist. I'll be right back. My program. Are Americans. And you can call at 8773813811. A recent fund manager believes that every investigation have any formal. Allocation of physical gold zone in the liquidity of the poor phone. Now that's what central banks understand which is why they owned gold. Times of political and economic uncertainty. Should should consider. 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Point even though we've had a new election even though we're gonna have a new president. That may have debt just keeps piling up and piling up and piling up. And nobody. And I mean nobody's talking about it nobody's talking about what to do about. So that very very years. In my humble opinion. So here I am now for the third time maybe. Having to address. The potential partly the possibility that Donald trouble elect pop worker. The junior senator from Tennessee. Does America secretary of state he's meeting with a begin tomorrow everybody's talking about Mitt Romney. Sixteen million of you voted for Mitt Romney I voted for Mitt brown. I don't support Mitt Romney. The main ought to be an obvious con bowl. Now that add. Bob court there on the list of names that floating around is the absolute worst. The absolute worst enemy at Iowa. At least Mitt Romney didn't do severe damage. To our constitution. I'm not carrying the ball for Mitt Romney I don't care of that round I told you I'd like. But let's address this one more time. And I really done. That president elect Donald Trump is considering Bob court. For secretary of state as I speak he's got to meet with a tomorrow. And I told Bob Clark is being pushed by his Idaho law again Jared. What does pushed. I would know Jerry could differ. Jared the subway sandwich guy quite frankly. So this Jared Kushner is. He's a liberal Democrat. He's 35 years old all of a sudden he's the ten Dolly with the strength. Well but to keep an eye on the young man won't. But it got the Donald Trump. And I would say that I think that Ronnie things a bit of a distraction maybe he will pick Romney I don't know. But the man who did actual direct damage black hat to them is named Bob Barker. And I cannot believe that he's under consideration. By Donna are pretty thing even opposed after a drop. I can't believe. The treaty clause in the constitution as they picked her with Barry plain language. Eddie about can understand. When you vote. Entering into any significant deal. Let one or more other countries. You got it back to the United Center. Which could either ratify why not eye opener of a senator president. The reason is to ensure. That the body politic he'll let me. Know what is that video. Before the dealers put into play. How about it in the Federalist papers put a bit clearer about that. A lot Hamilton. They know is on Hamilton. What they won't. And Hamilton. He argued. And the recently so. We cannot have one man a president of the United States. Barring the entire. The Asian art to an international agreement. Let out more about what individual looking at. And Bob Barker did work. He not only cut a deal with a Obama. Patti turned a provision at. Where we actually needed a edit the Obama from doing this deal. And Donald Trump is considering bout Corcoran for secretary of state. I'm not done. Not only did he. That rebate plus the constitution to accommodate Obama. What. That he was accommodating. The Iran. Nuclear deal. Bob corkum doubted it pretty close to the constitution. With. The president the united state event yet I had a problem voting down. That Iran deal. Voting it down and telling. A 150 billion dollars released to the Islam on Nazi regime in Tehran. Now we know all these ideals of it have been treated as a treaty and gone to the united they edit the show us all this idea. But it steady kind of ideals. Instead the senate guided own hands the Republican majority in us and it. It in this case I'd top court. O'Donnell is considering where it is eight. Acting as Rodney crap all day up at a pay attention a quarter. But a third or fourth time now. I concern about Drudge. Well the judgment of us on law and yeah we're pushing that. They not realize. Randy well endangered children and grandchildren. Which alleged are that Islam on not to enter Iraq had nuclear warheads on IBM. And under twelve years. Bob court artist responsible for the the secretary of are you kidding me. No. Doubt we're told John Bolton to Baja cuisine meal in their game. Too much about Clark. Did not me I'm not regime and around port or help arm them. Talk about a talked. A lot. We can do a hell of a lot better than I. And I should have to keep getting behind the microphone and talking about this. They open it idiotic. It dangerous. Putting a man of low intelligence. Doesn't comprehend the world scene. Who helped Obama aren't the Iranian. Now you might say to yourselves. You're really on the ball. Or a fury left wing professor. Trying to trick. You might say to yourself what mark. How on the senate vote on the deal if Obama didn't submitted as a treaty. Is that required under the treaty clause. That the senate has to sit around and begged the president the united date to submit an agreement on the open and it is that what it says. Not what it has. The minute. This deal quote unquote was made public or part of it we're made public. Mick. O'Connell would've taken it Roddick before the United States senate. Voted on it does it treaty and and. There's nothing in the constitution to prevent the senate from doing that in fact. The and it would be reasserted pro watch. It power to participate in the process not its hand maidens. Is my killer representatives of the people. You don't like that Iran India of not just Obama bought. It court ought to you know who pushed him out front. Mitch McConnell you know is pushing court. Jerry. What isn't in your car Kushner. 35 year old liberal Democrat who happens to be. Trump's son in law. Well you must now. He's so shocked as anybody ever heard the man beat. Mr. but it do we even have any audio of him. I don't think he ever did not get another young man you're gonna art. Re arranging our government you're gonna have this kind of influx. And defend what you're doing. You know who else like Corcoran. Mr. producer. Mitch McConnell pushing corporate. You know who else is pushing corkum is to produce. When greed. Now I can understand Newt Gingrich. And what's the chubby guy's name I can't remember from Americans are Huckabee. Going all over Fox's. Attacking Romney I can understand it Romney best of both those guys manage and Ronnie made a terrific speech about trap I got all that. But they're silent on corporate. It's a disgrace. Conservatives in natural populace constitutional. Agrarian. Transsexuals. Bisexuals. No sexual. All be standing up. It's a yeah. Should be announcing this. Should be announcing that. If in fact court there is chosen it would be the worst. Presidential pick I Republican in my lifetime. Actually the worst. In such a position. Beat the great. So we're gonna need to keep our eye on the the doctor popped up again again like a bad rap. Period. Well look conservative media aren't saying anything or little web site content. World ought. Nothing no Rodney Rodney. You talk about Romney got. No push over Romney over there at the State Department. He's a happy face. Of the the CEO although my Atkins under him cultural Muppets spit them out I got that. Corporate affirmatively. Ladies and gentlemen damaged our constitution. And helped Obama put in place a deal and walked arm up our enemy. With nukes. That's unacceptable. He fooled. In the United States senate should not be rewarded. The secretary of state position we can travel the world and show that he's a fool to everybody else will be viewed as a pushover because he is. And I will go to war. TV nominated. And I hope you'll join me. We may well lose. The will do this for a country. And family. I'll be right back the oh yeah. Understand. The man has the whole world to choose from. And tomorrow's meeting would run in court and let's what is all of. If not bizarre. It's a bizarre. The one guy who gave us speak. Which was the most. You range. Smear job I've heard a long time. The other guy. Who took that idea the pair of scissors and cut the hell out of the constitution. And now our enemy Iran. They're gonna get notes and to get ICBM to the sky watchers and hand. Court ready pretend yet nothing to do that give everything to go at. You're. Giving Republicans getting away with if not. I think that the stand up the Obama. That we tell us. Hit it up Obama and how they get it up to the needs of eruption. And that's where a banana republic. Absolutely unbelievable to make. Always coming back for another interview you for a lot. For crying out loud. Quite good. My daughter is Susan Collins what else. It is Susan Collins had a better idea that Mark Kirk who just bought and Ohno might make him secretary's day. I didn't make college secretary of. Why are. It's bizarre. Though. Ladies and gentlemen how many wrinkles to the election season on a clear idea appearance obviously added a lot. The other. 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You'll be actually amazed or your money back so don't wait. Call 810604. That's 800 skin 604 hour. And meet me at high tempo of the call screen here. Why only well. Credit. Let us go to and Lee Los Angeles, California eight ebony and the ant or great affiliate there how many I help the. Good evening my club issue now Ali let's you and I'm very concerned about the Democrats contesting the election results for trap. And the reason why is because we know they were stopped but they won't but anything to get their way. And I'm more recent election an election have results of Norm Coleman the senator from Minnesota where they found from ballot can someone trying to after the LA. I ask you ask they gave us the the former Coke head comic. Exactly the former. If there's a dispute. In the end it winds up in a joint session of congress and under our constitution. I'm in addition of the twelfth amendment added to that. The East Coast to the house represented to select the president and to the senate the like the vice president. In the house they vote one vote per state delegate in the Republicans have a majority state delegations in the house. The senator vice president and majority vote the Republicans have a majority. So let me just you know let you all know. That despite the attempt. At the coup the coup attempt. These people are trying to damage trump. And his mandate and damage our republic. But the constitution's broad. Trump will be present the United States in the end. No matter what and pins will be vice president of the United States and does that make you feel better. A little bit but I'm much bigger concern frankly is that this is a distraction. And the delay and the far left and we had such a presidential contest of election it was gore and bush. It was very shortly after bush got an office that we had nine elevenths all right well you're right. You're right about that I'll be right back. It's. Literally underground. Feet from the bowels of hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel over a nondescript building. We want to again make contact without. No talking points here. Home as we see implode. I'll never leave years. We use today. I am mark within our number 87738138118773813810. Well. There's a fellow by the name. Stephen Moore. Pops up on TV and radio everywhere. Spent a lot of jobs to including working partly in the Reagan administration. In the hill newspaper. Reported that. He was talking to Republican lawmakers heavily in the past. A closed door Whitney. I mean they took at the whips in the whipping each other mr. who's. Not I'm of that what they can't. Whatever. As an M that's gone on in the Republican caucus and open. Donald Trump economic advisor Stephen Moore he used to be with Cato who used to be with parity and he used to be used to be. Told a group of top Republicans last week that they now belong to a fundamentally different political party. More surprised some of the Republican lawmakers are humbled at their clothes or whip meeting. When he told them that they should no longer think of themselves as belonging to the Conservative Party Ronald Reagan. They now belong to try populist working class party. I mean. Warm and look at even a populist working class party. An American. These are briefed on the house GOP whip meeting which more attended as he gets a majority whip Steve Scully. At several lawmakers told him they were taken aback by the economy comment. Who got take it even more the source said he's the guy who started Club for Growth. He's mister a supply side economics I think it going to take them little time to process what this all means that our that it. The vast majority of them were on the wrong side they didn't think this was going to happen and so forth and. Well has been a reply. Have been able replies actually all of them excellent but there's any reply of recent vintage tried in the last ten minutes. By the director of the executive director of the Ronald Reagan library and foundation. John hi bush. And our friend. Craig surely he Reagan. His story and quintessential Al and Reagan starring in a personal friend of both personal. And I think this needs to be responded to also mean first off have you ever heard of have a rack you that's what he. Who's in the Reagan administration I want to work for trying to be bounces around my my only point is I think personal on the I don't. Like the man I barely know them. But would the Democrats ever put down. One of the most successful Democrat presidents in American history with they say this is no longer the party that you are the party of Obama. What a lot of the party of Kennedy or Truman at a party of Clinton they don't talk like this. For act follow it sounds. You know ridiculous. You have some big mouth radio host former left. Barack NR. To me. Anyway. Here's what they conservative read. The great conservative review website where I must confess I'm editor in chief that are remaining gaps in looney hold them for. Donald Trump has not even been sworn in the 45 president in yet trump who are Steve Moore former columnist for the Wall Street Journal. And former a lot of apparently told a group of how Republicans last week they're no longer. They are no longer Ronald Reagan's party. Interest. Steve Moore would have us Barry Ronald Reagan a second time. This before the trump president he's even begun. That era we are eight years before we start making based proclamations. Mores commentary notwithstanding histories already passed judgment on round right. And not just on as president he'd been on his entire life. Reagan actually won big majorities of the popular. And vast majorities of the Electoral College in 198094. And he left office was an astonishing approval rating of over seventy per cent. It's so because he had a clear philosophy. Less taxes less regulation smaller government more freedom any strong defense. He created nineteen million new jobs he righted in and fired a nation he toppled and even out in evil empire freeing tens of millions. He wasn't remains a consequential president and world leaders. So we got curious about the matter they write a commission the respected pollster John McLaughlin. Two recently as Republicans nationwide about President Reagan in the day and age of the trump phenomenon. By a margin of 58% to 25%. Republicans sought trop is different from Reagan not similar. One of crop would be as successful as Reagan by march of 48% to 33%. Republicans did not think tribe would be as successful as the gipper. There are thousands. Of site monument building roads. All manner of things in American named after Raegan. I grateful nation. Maybe someday trump will be as revered as much as Reagan. Let's not be hasty to be a little the relevance of Ronald Reagan in the Reagan revolution. Even in the cause of serving one's job hunt more aid treatment table talking head. Ironically once got a job in Washington because of Ronald Reagan. American conservatism American populism American libertarian ism are all closely related they write. These isn't gone completely overlap but they are often based upon on the right and dignity in private he of the free individual. My prized Stephen Moore and others who misunderstood Reagan's message. When he said in 1975 quote. In my opinion the root of these problems lies right here in Washington DC. Our nation's capital become the heat of a buddy system. That functions far own benefit. Increasingly and and added to the needs of the American worker who support it with a act that is ranked. Today is difficult to find leaders or independent of the forces that are brought us our problems like congress a bureaucracy that lobbyists big business and big labor. America is to move forward this must change. Quote unquote Reagan. Look at Reagan named bigness is what threatened and and held American big news is the enemy of individual. Continuing the midwest populist I wouldn't call on just a populist I would say the midwest populist conservative right and at. In the coming months we'll take this message to the American people what talk in detail about where our ball response of government. I want to other people it is they who should design how much government they want on quote. But could be more American conservative. More American popular than the statement announcing his candidacy for president. Went further evidence and an address to the California Republican state central committee convention in September 73 Reagan said this. One legislate tore accused me of having a nineteenth century attitude on law and order. That is a totally false charge at eighteen century attitude. That is when the founding fathers made it clear that the safety of law abiding citizen should be one of the government's primary concerns unquote. Was an error in which the thinking of John Locke and Thomas Jefferson who believe in the natural god given right to the individual prevailed. Reagan was the quintessential. American conservative. Even more so trump has made the GOP into a blue collar party but surely heard the Reagan Democrat. In 1980 alone Reagan went 25. Per cent of the democratic vote nationwide. All blue collar. Taking the party away from the country club elitism of Nelson Rockefeller and George Romney. Raegan railed against the corporate board room country club image of the Republican Party that through his rhetoric and policies remade the Republican Party. We don't EA strong Reagan like mandate mandate from president elect front right now the election was much rejection of Hillary Clinton. There's nothing similar to a mandate for Reagan revolution. The vote in 1980 was clearly an overwhelming electoral landslide. Popular and electoral college for Reagan and his idea. Post election polling showed a rejection of Jimmy Carter in an affirmation. For Reagan's new federalism. There's nothing like that from trop right now at that it to drain the swap it worthy goal which we applaud and support. Historically. NX terribly America has been moving to the right in the end of the new deal each Democrat has become more conservative each Republicans become more conservative. The great part of that impetus which led to the GOP holding a record number of elected seats nationwide. Came from regular. And they'll die. Barack Obama was simply detour in history an aberration presidency. Could soon be lost in the sands of time like Rutherford B. Hayes and Miller form Fillmore meanwhile the party of Reagan. The party of Reagan. What underlies their point here. At Reagan. Different things. That and the test of time. Individual. Meaning individual sovereignty. Private property rights. Meaning free market capital. Secure nation leading a strong defense a strong defense pop up. Reagan believed. In the American Heritage. And the reason so many of us. Revered. Is because so you president. So you presidential candidate. So few members of congress do. Reagan understood the enemy fire in the mass. He was a liberal Democrat. In Hollywood. Many years decades. Building the conservative movement that take on the Republican establishment. Does not a Johnny come lately. He helped forge and forced the movement. And up to succeed. But he also wasn't long ball player he could see down the road. They're not successful one year. He come back the next you'd become the nominee and toast their trust. But the point is. Even more is doing is. Quite outrageous. This is a man who was a libertarian than conservative and now a popular. I make constitutional conservatives ladies and gentlemen. That means I embrace the declaration of independence like you do. And I embrace the limits placed on government. To try and prevent centralized tyranny in this country is usually all over the world. I'm a believer in individual liberty. Not in group think. Nodding quote on quote group liberty there cannot be a group liberty we individuals re human beings. Our system is very different than every other system on the face of the earth. He truly was and expect him. We didn't have a history it'll. We can have a history of but he ruling monarchy in this country. We didn't have all the baggage that your patter of the Third World as we called the day ahead. We really were a blank slate. In John walks brilliant. One of the great thinkers. Of the enlightenment. When he was asked about where is where where does this place. Unalienable rights where is this place. And god given natural law on natural rights respect for the unity where is the place. He's an America that play. He's the ethically and America's place. Before we had aren't before we had a declaration before we had a constitution. We can't. He said look over there. Reagan knew that and understood that. Reagan read all about John Locke and Thomas Paine. And has been Burke. He chose the monitors. And Adam Smith. And Bosnia. All these books were on shelves at home. The corner patriots little worn paint chips. One of the most well read presidents in American history despite the attempts. To attack has character and his intelligence. Rickey knew exactly when he wanted to do as president. I've had it before was perfect no. Question that he was parish is anybody perfect. But he was exceptional. Shame on you even more. Shame on the others to do exactly the same thing. You don't build up trump my trashing Reagan. Just like you don't build up poor people by trashing rich people. To be right back. Canada's I don't want. I grocers and Mexico the great KT SM go. Mark elect startup thing. Great light up America just excited that I wanna awaken. And because of that we are now studying petition that we are. They don't we conduct on the trump decides who could represent it internationally. I hope to take into consideration. The ideas that perhaps media ought to might not be. Best able disturbed by it because. And I hate to put it quite liked it is Dade ideas and don't even dorm might not be at its. It's flat for his wife his last. Dated idea it was dated idea OK. If it don't kick it yet that whole national security things very dated. No I'm not speaking about national security being paid I'm speaking about the idea that security has fundamentally changed since the days to win now. George Bush urged him to all this scene. National security is not fundamentally change and the beginning of the republic. You build up your military to protect the country. You have certain alliances. You need to be very careful about them in order to protect your country. And when you either rise of an enemy you addressed. How has national security change. I don't. I at how national security chain right now and I hung up. He wanted to tummy like orca would be great as secretary of state don't. I tried. But I you know you're gonna make certain assumptions I need to ask them questions. Perry was all polite and everything. Well the area awry in New York the great WABC. Bill. Thank you thank you have been waiting wherever I live. It's. I love you and I really wanted to do it live and about my story. I asked if foreign matter Cuban I mean I was born there and I would it and witnessed the all of that into coming back after a deep and how you explain bill bill. And for that reason OK IQ I am so upset and ops that mean I'm angry to see how. Most Americans are. Not too. Educated to know what they're being swindled two and a look at the next day. And they're eating up he's pointing that I did he looks so dearly. Apparent and I don't know how. Let me just let me just like I match your most Americans are buying in this and the typical lib media. They haven't seen it dictated they haven't loved. Well I don't know about that and march that I can tell you dead at least he's dead and gone finally. You know I'd been playing forever for these man to. Now get the stupid little brother he's employed. Then he got his KG got Castro's offspring you know. That's the problem is a thing every gonna end. Well you know of what Americans listening to say I want them to know is that they need to speak up and speak to. Much more clearly and openly and I'm intensively. And they beat that they they voted that was just being number one. They did fight I knew was coming I sort. From the beginning in 2008. And I tried to warn people and they will believe me they think that I am probably about communism. And communism is just simply Damascus just not that I can't turn it does not speak and both these older. Dictatorships is just. I work and come. Joke you're exactly right Lazare I have to run I very much appreciate your call. We'll be right back. If you're listening tools. Denali. The great ones and you can call him now. 8773813811. Now this holiday season you can check comes security popular to do less to protect your home when my friends that simply say of home security. Now's the perfect time to do it simply save as having its biggest holiday now Everett. Right now you can take a whopping. 200 dollars are simply a polity security package. This award winning alarm system has everything you need to protect your home it does. And arts on seventeen securities answers to secure each door and window. That panic button. A blaring extra siren. 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United and avert America has a relations with China we've relations with the brutal dictatorship or we'll stop right there. This is the point I wanted to. So if we have relationships with China they really should have relationships with every. Thought autocracy it Regan a final maniac. Who controls a country. What kind of a policy is that. We have a relationship with China had to miss that. They have like a million and a half people. They're building up their military and so forth and so. That's why we have a relationship with China. We don't have a relationship with Cuba we have a totally different history would kill. Including the miss Christ. Including them nationalize an American business. Things are unique. To our dealings with Cuba. But I hear this at a pseudo conservatives and left as well however relationship with China and that apparently is the knee jerk talking point. And no car wants what elaborate none. Now speaking of knee jerk liberals is Colin peppard. Has been made a symbol almost an iconic symbol. For the left. The problem is they figured out what all the rest of us already know. He's a moron. With a negative I U. I Eddie Marat with a negative IKEA. And the only reason I'm bringing them up. Is to ought audited tandem. Is on a conference call with a reporter. From Miami. Whose family fled. Cuba. So hard I understand at the beginning. But he was wearing a Fidel Castro share you also had Malcolm Mac. But Fidel Castro I'm a fan of Malcolm X either mentally. Cut exco. I'm doing the Doug lute move that I'm limited late. He's good and bad. And let's stop right there. I've looked at how do we know they've had the highest literacy rate where does that come from does anybody know where that comes front. What they and then the at scholastic people. The United States to test their pipa I don't think so we have no idea about the illiteracy rate not. And their health care system not everybody has it. And it Sox. And like you're one of the ruling class. All right score is or something of that sort. But it. The average person in Cuba urged 125 dollars a month. Emeka like it on my paradise down there. Even the photos were allowed that I don't have air conditioning the automobiles they have looked like a pick out of a 1950s movie. The people are treated like crap the media is controlled by the government. Welcome to think of that but anyway. There's no free speech none of these things. And I said at the top of the show. The left loves dictate. As long as the dictator. Can be said to be promoting. Income in the net income equality. Chris I don't live under any of them. They disputed aspect. The colts something to look at like TV. They're not really involved in what goes on in Cuba hey you know any trying nanny nanny and those are okay and a they shot people out maybe they deserve it their. Kind of undermining the and a man there run of their lives that whenever I had. I didn't want to have a look at the blue blue bad that I let it be great. You can live and let my Iron Man and look into them and I do not improve and moved. Remain steady at petty or how country's prisons says. You moron. Kennedy clan would live over there you know they visited. You know like they're on vacation and a week there and the yet. And the be used for publicity purposes rule Al comic dot it'll. Anyway yeah go ahead. Here in the oh Poodle Lulu and happy to leave the thing that we do not do here. Do you. The wind blew Blake family that we think are good. Are you schmuck. Yet there's Greg you got me. We break up families here how does somebody born in this country. Adopted by loving parent. A man who has fame and fortune. You quality and let pretty. Hate his own country. It can't just be ignorant panic. I think there's a gene out there for people like that. You're born in the greatest country in the face of the earth it's a lessening. It is so quick to denounce it is so quick to. To talk glowingly. A bloc countries a police. It's just that we have the same thing. Maybe this pulls out a way that over a million outlet that I. Let happily. Cup and many of them to come to the united. Lives on the line. And in the oh no. And Eric. Where he gets is that projects. They look good group there our country has no doubt about that. And yeah. Hey idiot hasn't been based on slavery. Was never on labor. It may not be familiar with the civil war I don't think there's that guy. Guy ahead. Little medical and I knew waiting and then getting out of Cuban families to win the people you know when he actually comes out. I'm waiting in the local network of them include cooking and. Wore my goodness. Larranaga. May he give up and wanna thank the National Football League. Four and a. Prick belief in free speech in the First Amendment which has no application whatsoever. Domestic downing. 'cause they're not the government. And maybe they should he took a look at. And fire has bought. And tell. Okay we're pressing you know you're fired. There is no First Amendment in the stadium there's no government in the stadium. I'd go to a worker's paradise. If he can live off 125 dollars a month. And go ahead and enjoy their they're learning institutions. And go ahead and enjoy their health care. Got to be great. Because has grown every used it but they called in the Spanish doctor. Apparently the the the great Cuban doctors kind of make up the fecal matter and pushed it into a stomach on some things. Maybe actually they were trying to do. Maybe they should get a metal treatment. Pot in any event is trying to point out that. I don't know. It it is so frustrating. But there's so many stupid people in this country. I'm not talking about it stupid people like him. Peter. Sedona Arizona has Sirius satellite don't. Yes I can't 1983. On your favorite team reps I get Cuban. And we talk often do go watch a movie and we'll watch him all week and made it. The order will be started. They showed Reagan and Hitler are all saying it was like but our bikes I inspection. And then open dealt Castro wearing white gloves. Shaking hands. Our little girls. Get their personal accumulated honest truth and I would hurt my big USA. I look back at my jacket you know. And I start to quote actually she can kill you all what what are. Bear cub are immediately going to be quiet you know whatever so I just I just kept talking talking generally people gathered around me. And they all wanna do you like you know what I would stay. And I ended up getting even canal what are the cops there who wanted to Cox can't buy really weird would be shot to protect MMX. Complete. Sorry you couldn't make it yourself we're about America great. I think a lot of left in the leftists and the kind you heard debt. Can't predict there and thinking it through that say yes that's true I just think you tonight we regular American. That is those of us who love this country. And other like people who love this country come in every shape and form. People who love this country come and every race and religion. Have all kinds of genitalia or not and the point is we have a different mentality. Then the people on the left the data progressive left they really due to ice this country. And it is a sickness had really is a terrible terrible thing thank you for your call my friend. That note to RJ mode bass boat California the great KF FOL. And assert and I don't I'm doing well how are you. But it's still too. But he election. Even called. All right all I got. About fifteen minutes away Milo or mr. Urgent went to school I grew up. Two years to inject into her car. He didn't hurt we were we were watched. What he had accomplished. And the locals around here will. Like fifty and stick it where the sun don't shine. Exhibited an American attitude they grow up that is nice suburb and I. So over California. To reveal a newer school internal ought. A beautiful. Big. Nights at school. Then of oracle country. Am paid. For his four year education. And then all country also give them a hundred million dollars but sterling complete some Coleman's. Bid on this guy anymore. Not and you shouldn't they are my friend thank you recall. We'll be right back. I can. Hundreds of fake retell apps are popping up in the App Store posing as well known programs now these apps try to get your credit card information and data. Like your birthday and at the holiday shopping season is here big time. Watch out for these apps by paying attention to red flags like using improper English no previous reviews. Identity theft is America's fastest growing crime that happens when thieves use your information. To pretend that they're yield. 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We salute our armed forces police officers firefighters and emergency personnel and I salute each and every one of you thank you for being here my fellow Americans. Randall living TV in two minutes. The other radio tomorrow. God bless each and every one of.