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9/8/16 - Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Sep 8, 2016|

According to Hillary Clinton, voter ID laws are an underhanded and mean spirited effort to deprive people of their votes. North Carolina is being accused of being racist because of its voter I.D. law and its tightening up on early voting. This is a flat out lie. What the Democrats are trying to do ...

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Get Google this there's danger Sunday even your favorite brands for your home like kid named Cuisinart food network's third and more than. And anyways pay an extra 20% out of Britain. But every month get ten dollars plus cash for everything dealers and no limit. You and your calls Katz later on just about anything online and in Zurich now that ended up. Pulled it off without integrity to eleven some exclusion and I think he's an article that poverty of. Is there. Only underground. From the bowels of a hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel when nondescript building. We once again made contact without leader. I know everybody mark the event here are number 8773813811877. Create 13811. Michael tense man running for vice president with Donald Trump. I'm living on a very long time is actually quite good friend. We're working on scheduling him his senate campaign then he has asked me to come on the program. I think he's at the Reagan library tonight or somewhere I do not take these interviews you have to be alive. So. I don't know hopefully tomorrow maybe next week were working on it. Meanwhile Glenn Beck will be here in 8830 PM eastern to discuss his new book liars. How progressives exploit our fears for power and control. And we look forward to discussing that to. End we'll see. We'll see the ticket book. Now let's continue. On some of these other issue Hillary Clinton Charlotte, North Carolina today. Now keep in mind. North Carolina. Is requiring people who shopped a vote to demonstrate that they are who they say they. North Carolina also tightening up. Early voting from seventeen days attending. The left the AL used NAACP. That this that that in the other claim that this is all intended. To obstruct blacks from voting. It's race. So identifying whom you are there are eight different forms of identification deaconess. And tightening up early voting on how is ray this. Now we've been talking about this sort of thing for years I might legal foundation has been involved and up hope on to litigation on this it's just a flat out lie. And you know all the arguments she neat idea for virtually everything in this country except for voting apparent. But what the left is on what the Democrats are doing is trying it to two lives graft that's what they did institutionalized. Fraud. Because they're nominee she's a fraud. Now they wanna deal election. That's why they do that and they wrap it up and race like they do virtually everything on the Democrat party is they are a party. It is an anti American party. But here is Hillary Clinton in Charlotte, North Carolina today cut to go. Can now North Carolina. Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa we sure let's hear her voice changed. And man oh. Are from the topic in how we go ahead can now North Carolina. You know under the current governor and legislature. Has been trying to Wear a strict people's right ball to stop had a hell they did in. I mean Wal-Mart like Harry Reid how how have they done it. Trying to restrict people's right to vote moved. Ahead. Well you know it. North Carolina voters Zell won an important victory. When a federal court just struck down this State's voter ID law. He federal court trekked down on this day notoriety. It is a court. That has now been packed but Barack Obama was left wing Kooks. That's what happened. The court's been packed my left wing Kooks. And so. Now. To Dem and I read that the decision was appallingly stupid. Could have been written by. By any of the hackles over them as well as they. Because you ladies and gentlemen ordered. Showing voter right ES obviously intended to discriminate against black people. And our federal government is constantly discriminating against black people. That he has and any. Gift ever voter. ID I guess we can call that a driver's life. Yes and. All these eight require identification in order to buy booze. Cigarettes I guess they're anti black Arab. My any. And if you try to get in the White House. To the first black president. And the first vice president within IQ under that. You also need to show. Identification. And not appeal not utility you know. Actual photo IE. Obviously getting into the White House. He's grown in maturity. Have you wanted to open a bank account. Sounding more more like Al Gore Madeleine mr. did. Where the hell is that to happen I want them and around and just. Flying off. And about masseuse that he was like a rabbit Poodle or sucks how. Member of that. As Democrat anyway. Hillary isn't Charlotte, North Carolina earlier. And she had mortars today. Cut three go hello. What's the best way. You repudiate that kind of underhanded and mean spirited effort to dip rack I people let their votes or it's under. Hey did you well. How. I'm under handed mean spirited effort to deprive people of their violent. To show a picture I'd. Easy. Recent birth certificate without a picture. Underhanded. Means spirit thing you notional compared to Jim Crow. I had. And naked player. Where Clinton was. These laws are rightly asked from the judge Jim Crow past in good. Yeah it is. Some. The Jim Crow pass on me ask you folks something silly you're too young to remember of achievement to. Little good goal. Don't do it. You can check the past when we Jim Crow laws. Jim Crow laws were intended to stop black people from vote. Hillary Clinton should know her party was very good with Jim Crow laws so they have things like literacy tests. And poll taxes. Like that to intimidate people. But it shouldn't cry of anything that do and actually identifying who you are in order to vote. Now so what is identifying who yard just to make sure you are you say you are white black brown yellow red in between. What what does that have to do the poll tax. Or literacy test. Or anything I need that. Why is it means being created. Well you people who wanna get a lack a very kind need to host on ninety. Polyp removed. Yes at and if you wanna get on a plane if you wanna get on a screen. At the shark and I DE. Open a bank account and I. Yeah she's annoying her voice is annoying everything about arisen. And one of the main plank now the Democrat that objective here is to prevent. The actual. Requirement that you identify who you are when you vote. But it rather consistent is an. That's right. You don't have to identify who you are in order to vote and you don't have to identify you know what's between your legs when he got to the rest. Amazed now if you go to the dot. There they wanna know everything about every ration that Red Hat. You thought their tax returns I wanna know everything about. Every angle and you never. But when it comes to voting. While the donut Dan now suddenly all of the the federal government a Democrat won an Olympic. Normally they wanna know everything. All of that and they wanna put it on data and on native you know computers and haven't enact but when it comes to voting I don't know I'd act backed. I support him crow bar. And we hear we American citizens. We look at this like with the take this seriously. We look at that who the hell they think they're fooling nobody doesn't matter they control all the law they control the government they are the iron fit. And now. Proof of citizenship. In order to have. Is so mean it's like Jim Crow. Even worse than that ladies and gentlemen. If you dare to criticize Hillary. Are you relying. Her Crockett met. Her felonies. March has been proven she's have been proven in my mind and that's good enough. Yes if you wanna look at that he criticized her for that wore her remarks to send you. Or hear Cochran say. Or using the Clinton foundation and library to launder money. What you wanna mention any of those things it's because. Well. You must have a problem with there. They not linked to talking to Bill Clinton. Has nothing to do addiction to oh it certainly. Hillary wants to be treated just like one of the guys except when she. In then of course she waves around the genitalia. Dot org don't. And also suggests that there is it double standard do you think that you're treated differently in this race because there wasn't what I mean let all of you 200 outlet by tyra let's. Kinda the last question. No I don't think you being treated any differently because you're a woman. I think you being treated differently because your loads of did you love some. Because you're a woman. You know a lot of us Hillary meaning you may be surprised to know this a lot of us that mothers. Sisters. Bounces your girlfriend your daughters. With like women we love women. The part of our fun. Bono Hillary eat you don't understand. If not what between your legs it's what between your ears that repulsive. Well whenever you know ahead. I think there will be a lot of JC's. Easy as popular journalism. I TCI PH. They include scenes are usually. While since so many PE TV ERB. When different. I had. Objects for years. There and you're writing about that object three years to come. For our Hillary. The well always she. Gore and Hillary. Taking all this abuse yes because every genitalia. Nothing to do with anything G dot hasn't done. Nothing to do with her nothing to do other character how lying to the American deep nothing to do at the way she became react. Paralyzed or violations of the Espionage Act well or I Hillary while I was there. You'd check. Oh brings. How lot. There's TJ bill Jefferson Clinton. It was just thinking you know this guy has the goal to show his face anywhere but I was thinking. You know used to show you know what so I guess it but it shows a face but at said. He was an Orlando Florida yesterday. And there just is brilliant. Wives. And his lovely wife. Here's what bill had to say cutting eco. Cannot match will not remember the good old days and they weren't all that good in man. That message where's the jobs in the news. America great again isn't it pure white other you know exactly what my. Annika ho ho ho told. The. These clowns on the left the clintons Obama smaller that this race stuff so out of control. Make America great again now is racist. Was used in the Reagan campaign. Used in the Reagan campaign it was thirty years ago. And I'll make America great again in the south you know what that means. You know that means an out Dutch a wink wink oh you not that mean. Yes. So contemptible these people so unconscionable. You know I had this. Me you had two years ago and I'll move you back up on the social totally vulnerable people back out. What are both there. I shut up you old Ron. I can but don't. Brags he had over 2000 limit. Why don't how you avoid getting at various forms a you know what mr. produce it. CD's I tell you think they call. I'm not saying he's got and I'm just saying he sounds like some are right. But that big bulbous nose ahead. I can criticize him right he's he's not a woman. He won't. He won't claim on discriminating against them because it is genitalia willing. It's amazing Hillary Clinton. Both will be all kinds of things he's written about this issues and I'm not attacking her because she's a woman. Now well Bill Clinton attacked a lot of women. Many still roaming the street and he ought to be registry is a sexual predator wherever he goes I'm serious bout that. You CN you're a white southerner. You know what make America great and means again cannot come on you know come. Southern strategy in come on. I interrupted him too often take that from the tap them move along go ahead. Actually we'll look remember the good old ladies amateur eleven good enough anyway. Can't help but this is a guy. Who left gave the medal of freedom. The William Fulbright. Well known race and segregation out of Arkansas served in the senate forever. Also undermine our war effort in Vietnam. Was part of the filibuster effort against the 64 on right. He's old enough to remember. And is nobody Arnold's fault remember him. Blocked in the school house door and then. Using the National Guard so Dwight Eisenhower sends down the 101 airborne has excuse me the doors open and get out of the way. He remembers he remembers. Celebrating confederate Flag Day. Oh wait that's what he did about that nothing in the little lady. Excuse me Hillary. I don't mr. in my most of peak speak demand as a lady oh I'm gonna be the first woman. That I want. I mean it literally have to be schizophrenic a follow election. Now what do they do battle nothing. Now of course you think these are civil rights leaders. Kimono. Well I don't Jarno what I meant a white southerners. And make America great again on pure white southern you know exactly what it means don't means. I give the economy at fifty years ago not a movie back up the social totem pole and they totem pole because. I think that derogatory to the American pop. He's a totem pole I don't know. And other people what Hillary wants to do is take the total pulled down let us all go forward together. Wow that's so cool. I'll be right back. America is most powerful. Conservative choice demark gloves and show. Island now 8773813811. Well when he more thoroughly Duma. It all the coo rounded up in one film will and that would include. Supreme Court associate justice former General Counsel to the American criminal liberties union. Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She's still there Ruth Bader Ginsburg radical left wing Kook. In black robes. Sitting there year after year after year. And she's imposing her personal policy preferences on the American people as if it's law. They complete an organization of the supreme. And she's very outspoken. Is Ruth Bader Ginsburg the very outspoken. He like to comment on all kinds of things when she's not supposed. She should have been impeached along time ago that. As it turns out ladies and gentlemen Mitch McConnell is very very busy. Making sure the Barack Obama's priorities are funded did you know that. I'm Matt never Mitch McConnell. They're Mitch McConnell. How much the never in front guys are never Mitch McConnell for that matter how much of how many of the pro trump guys in the establishment. I never Mitch McConnell. Oh well. Here's the issue is a question no Ruth Bader Ginsburg and here's our enter Taiwan go. Wondering if you thought there were any valid constitutional argument that would prevent a President Obama from filling just Scalia to on the Supreme Court now first of all. As a child or something. Obama doesn't fill a seat on Supreme Court does he ladies and he makes a nomination. And then of course the senate has to confirm or not. Maybe she means a recess appointment I can't now. But Obama doesn't make an appointment. He makes a nomination. What did Ruth Bader Ginsburg have to. Now. That president. And and I need to move a little. I'm cranky from the Supreme Court but he has to do so with the advice and consent of the senate. And it performed the defendant. But an active and passionate confess bathroom. I have the right can be friends. Can be done about it. He's practicing. He meat eating even if you could conceivably testing Rafa will win the response me practice what I garlic film I don't know. I mean do you think it. Could I have to approve an only child sooner rather than later we'll. The presidents have selected for you at three years files off brightly. Yes he has collected for a four year about three years. On the other hand route. We know what the president is all about and it's a meaning to me with you. The other leftists on the court the leftists in the White House you don't really care for the constitution. Yeah hide behind. You let you use it that you pretend that you actually following it yes yes yes you don't. And it's funny how you move from. From activists. To reconstruction. And back and forth and back and forth. Amazing isn't ladies and gentlemen. Now the president has elected for four years attorney each term not three years. That's correct. And Justice Scalia was now standing just. In the senate knows that Barack Obama has packed the courts open down the federal courts district circuit and pretty much Supreme Court. So the senate has or Alter the and it's elected to Ruth. And the senate says no. I hope not for nothing happened do. Who do. And you notice the two that Obama has nominated. Nor confirm Sotomayor. And Kagan are reliably. Left wing hack. We only get into the situation where we lectured by the likes of Ruth Bader Ginsburg or other leftist. About what it is we're supposed to do under the constitution. And then when they rule on issues under the constitution they blow it off. I really was made against very tricky promotion that you can't. She's a liberal liberals can never shut the hell up so. Yes that's route F you know I had. More than. In theory and continued continued flow of foreign may mean. Some members of the senate rule. Where wake up an appreciable flu. And that's how it fiction and non. All right maybe taken of the big dinner. With the oxygen or something I don't know what's gone on their list of it is yeah. Yeah Supreme Court and little me me me me me the other senators will wake up and appreciate that that is haven't from. That is out of well ladies and gentlemen. We've had three of the great state men in America. Presented to you today. Hillary Rodham Clinton. BJ built Jefferson Clinton Ruth EE LU Bader Ginsburg. Three great leaders of America ladies and gentlemen what do you think he'd think what they've had it. Mike and Ed and I New Jersey they grade WAB. They don't. Markers street here again. I just wanted to just slip in little comment about a year. Statement with Hillary and out she's you know. Make that comment you don't need it Tommy you're making it does Iran have. They're sort. When I have to renew my license my driver's license in New Jersey. I got to show my license. Shall purchase certificates and three other ports of identification which usually. Bill or some other type of thing why can't these people are short driver's license to. True crime does these people all of us. I guess my question use areas that you must be part of the white. Make America great again. Southerner 1940s. Movement as a correction. I don't know what court for more where you I am a white man and Larry worked mussina and and absolutely not. And it's not. Yeah actually I'm proud of who I am I apart from very humble family. My father and mother worked very hard tore us to work very hard and I'm still lead. Oh we have stipulated that your white. We. While any easier for you to get and I. And all these judges say it only judges say luck getting a photo ID it's obviously the white man in the white system. Abusing guy Garrett Hillary Clinton it's like Jim Crow. It's a function falling you know mark everybody knows. Newton took the courts. The judges with a straight face. These these are these pathetic left wing lawyers and black black robes they are there and they lecture us that. The voter ID requirement and the North Carolina eight different opportunities or ways of what you can show who you are who you are. That they are race with it can't listen to these you know what. Like this series. Oh well of course it is that we have the listen to their politicians. Go on and on and on and trying to make this an issue about race. Anyway what are we gonna say Mike. I just think separate from our approach could really do I really think there there well I don't I do you liberal who doesn't. But that's really all at this remarkable record. Thank you Mike I appreciate it. Continued shelling. Gary Oklahoma City, Oklahoma they Greg Tate TOK country go. Mark thank you so much more terrible. But of course are taller. Thank you but I know what I I would talk about what took place last night with a NBC and MS Celestine. On the down the gush about farm pol I just didn't think there was a whole lot they. Maybe I missed on it anyway go ahead. But that three stooges you've got The Three Stooges Hillary Clinton should be brought up all. I treat an absolutely what she did pretty cheap why continues but why should I leave Celanese right. You can charge of talent at a minimum adding that she what she did do it all people router which. You don't get it he made in the day. Oh yeah right we are and you're attacking her because of their Janet Elliott we all know that are you a male yes or no. You know what I thought he answered my question you O'Malley essar now. Are you sir are you are right that your problem right there. Hey look good debater you probably know like guy aren't you. Oh well back here and African descent. 011. Dirty jacket. So would I qualify for anybody who is how those and then when he Elizabeth Warren Kerr at I'd bet awards. So you know that's about the people here know what. He's in good joke go back the credit file Iowa but what's really dig and find out what Ruth Bader Ginsburg portables. Which as you were all about yesterday. In the end at some point you have to. That's an Iranian state can lord this woman is vote at a nine justices are great justices. Over the future of anything she wants to I don't know does that mean. She's barely whether. Released that he's a hard court left. Appoint pro life. GI although was wondering achieve this goal weight during deal stated the you know that your adult actually that there are. I can tell I wasn't but that's on other than. Well Gary abolition of my friends from the great state of Oklahoma. I shall return similar. Okay. Okay. It. And a delivery amendments I limits Supreme Court justice James to twelve years. And it looks for this reason. Court is not as the court was intended to. It's almost like a pull that your. Now the original on the court treated that way that's quite obvious that the ritual is on the court. Rarely ruled by. Majority over a long enough period of time. Republican presidents despite their best ever nominate people who they hope all. Wheel here to the constitution and often they want. And we've been burned time and again. But it even more than that the court's powers well be on anything contemplated by the fringe can't point to anything that took place to constitutional convention. That would even suggest the power of the Supreme Court. Exercises today you can't point to anything in any of the ratification government. In fact. I would argue and the evidence was overwhelming. But if the date believed. That a Supreme Court a federal Supreme Court. Which started that was seven justices but whatever that meant that any federal Supreme Court. Could overrule almost willing Nellie. I reverting the federal constitution. State law they said. Now when it comes all the social issues related to prayer related to marriage related to abortion among many other things. Does anybody honestly believing single state a little snake would ratify the constitution. And it is different now. The lunatic left controls and a whole lot in this country. But those men who fought the revolutionary war on those men. Who read the great. Philosophers the enlightenment. Unlike at 98% in the current congress. Of the people on TV or radio. Who are out their thoughts left and right. Do you think they would have except that. He supreme court of the sort that operate today there is no way absolutely no way. And the best efforts have hardcore libertarians and hardcore left to demonstrate otherwise approve a fallen flat. At a look. And a way of individuals who get on the court once there for life they know they're never going to be impeached. Unless they're caught with a little kid. But even then who the hell knows. The effort to impeach him a Trace who was whose Supreme Court justice. By Thomas Jefferson failed. And Jefferson sought to have him impeached. Based on what he believed and I believe he was right. In this regard not traces abuse of his office based on how it was. In in practically taste interpreting the constitution he lost. It didn't happen. And so. I'm not saying we should impede Supreme Court justices merely on the base any decision. Although I think Cheney would have been a good example. But. I think when you have a print court justices who spent years to find the constitution. Advancing their political agenda. Without any serious checks or balances that the impeachment clause is all that's left. So this is why under the liberty amendments have a couple of proposals relating to the Supreme Court number one their term limits for Supreme Court just twelve years and get the hell off. Go to something. It was campaign against breaks case retired. Number two. There is no re. Why five justices. By five people. All they are there's no reason why I people and at the final say on every single thing and when they're really outline. Contrary to the body politic there needs to be recalled. Because apparently exercise as I said is really not in the constitution. So what my proposal is that three fifths of congress. Or 35 of the state like. Acting within two years of a final majority decision of the Supreme Court. Have the power to. Override. Not to rewrite it not replace it. There's an elephant. Not easily get three at the state legislatures but that's that's how we could have addressed obamacare when John Roberts slide through his teeth. About the tax clause. And the stature that extremely in the car to. And that's how you would of addressed this issue up with. I'm Anthony Kennedy who's been on an upset mission in a tiny under the court. Concealed it from the Reagan administration. On same sex marriage has the solution for the state of the decision for five justice. That's for marriages to sign it. Wal-Mart Wal-Mart what about the they loving case in Virginia with a state legislature said. Two people. One white one black can't get married under state law while we have the fourteenth amendment of the constitution. And I was clearly unconstitutional a market that the federal government to the fourteenth amendment. Was ratified by the a quintessential federal. When I objectives the effort to change the fourteenth amendment. And applied to every single left wing agenda issue. Imaginable what we know the people who created the fourteenth amendment and wrote and ratified it. No such intention. You believe in same sex marriage deficit. A little footnote course then you amend the constitution. If you want a federal decision on this. But in any event. And I really my focus. My focus has now. With me and thing. You know realization finally constitutes an arsenal and we will wait. And Mayweather way cam from. Where's my aspirin when it went in and maybe a little wake eminent you know in kink in ninety. I let's take another call. Nino Atlanta Georgia they may WYNEY. Dealt. That mark I just wanna say that the voter. Debate over exactly who the true bigots are great so are Democrats. Five you know by that sank only black or effective by the and demonstrate Hispanic Asian or anyone else it's only black people so they're basically implying. That somehow black people aren't capable. Not confident enough or Smart enough to figure out how to get an icy. I would slightly amend that they mean liberal black. They mean people who are gonna vote Democrat. Of course itself. If it's not outright racism it's implied racism but the left that's away with a stuff all the time it's outrageous. Thank you made out of Iraq back. Gives me. No. Only underground. From the bowels of a hidden. Somewhere under the grip can steal a nondescript building here. We are once again made contact without. Hello everybody mark within here are number 877. 381. The 811. 381. 3811. And when I read something to me. About a candidate is made a proposal that I strongly support. At this candidate unveiled a school choice plans to. The something near and dear to my heart as I've told you before Landmark Legal Foundation was one of the leading. Servant of legal groups to fight for school choice in Milwaukee Wisconsin. And well beyond. Because the only way out of many of these terrible neighborhoods and crime ridden schools and so forth through school choice. Credit vouchers hopeful. Competition. We've monopolies and our schools systems in the Democrat support them because the any gain JFK. Helped on the but even more than that most of you and your school district to check it out. You're teachers have Election Day off why they've election to support and service day while many of them shop at the precinct that's why there's an army of over two million people. Who demand the polls on Election Day. That's why they negotiate in the local contract to have Election Day. This candidate and Dallas school choice plan today. Who would crede twenty billion dollar block grant. To expand charter and private school options to low income children. Be the nation's. Biggest such program ever. Any school choice would help minority students are currently trapped in failing government school. That's but the candidates. Nearly all the schools and can they guard great great. In many of these schools are African American. And this proposal has been made by Donald Trump. This school choice proposal. Did not new spending this would be money taken from other parts of the department of education and so forth. The federal massive bureaucracy. But they were great this block grant program when he billion dollars. And I can assure you this will be opposed vigorously by the left by the Democrat. By Hillary Clinton won't claim it take away from our wonderful schools and has nothing to do with that. This is a big deal. Something having committed to most of my adult life. I do not believe we're gonna get too far in this country without certain crew. I make reforms and that includes in our school. And so this is a a wonderful proposal. And over Kato Neil McCloskey says Qaeda being a libertarian organization Donald Trump his right to emphasize we'll try. We need to empowering parents get the education that's that's the unique children. The for educators. To teach how they want. And trying new innovative approach that this is not something that should come from Washington. I don't agree that that that if we can take twenty billion dollars or disagree that it's likely we can take twenty billion dollars. Head of the federal bureaucracy which will abuse it for other purpose. And move it toward school choice. Yes that they should do that mouse but I even have a better but it. They should send that money back. Back to the date of the block grant program for the purpose of expanding culturally that the way I would. I disagree slightly with the trump proposal as I think it. Right just read the new story. Now but that at. The city. In a Smart thinking that they mark approached this news. Something different this something that need to be debated at something that a I'd at least need to be done. Block grant these fun. And give the money back to the states. And then the state. Use the funds to promote cultural. That's better then. And our bodies federal programs that come out of Washington DC. What are they No Child Left Behind and on the night remember them all but. Can't and to. Tinkering with education. At the Department of Education with local education. So that's a good arc. And I don't agree with every piece of it I think we need to add to Andre federalism but. OK so we can debate these specific. But the fact is it a good proposal a good it's good that it's proposed as I'm trying to. That's a good thing. I said the other night. The part of the problem here is that none of these candidates talk about what they're gonna cut. And of these candidates talk about how they gonna change things really did you keep talking about growing growing growing well. And thereafter trump came up with this proposal to cut the bureaucracy in federal spending. To limit the growth of employment federal government. Yeah at Pacific. And our school choice point. Which is not enough. Which is not focused enough on the date they aspect of it but okay it's there and we can debate. Hillary Clinton would come close to anything like that. I told you. That went from propose or something I strongly disagree with whether it is his crazy trade and tariff positions which are much like Bernie Sanders are his crazy minimum wage increase is which is. Somewhat like Hillary close I'm going to be his number one critic on the air. I'm not part of the rockettes and radio or TV. On the web. But when they got it proposes something. Pretty good or very good. He can't give credit where credit is due and I know there's people out there are gonna do it the have a thousand breeze at up to them it's not me. Even your people starting to and a can really hold back to work early early early for trop and I can hear them saying now he was a liberal he's not perfect and even if he's elected we need to stay on and isn't that hilarious. And I've been saying this from day one except I did I get from day one. Has applies to this. Effort to be the nominee of the Republican Party and I've been saying it and he's been the nominee of the Republican Party. If you throw in and year out what would the compounds that are in the ocean and have no influence on again. So we will continue to do what we've been doing from day one. We will embrace our principles. In my office the bunker. Has when it. Now I know that might come as a shock and how long ago eyes looking at the bus delinquent at blinds in my window here and at a brand new custom blinds from blind dot com. Not only did they look great. There's ample talent all ordering a blind dot com is easy and the design consultant walked. If your questions are walking through every step of the south in relation. To make sure you get it right. Table 100%. Satisfaction guarantee program and that means even if he mismanaged war picked the wrong color. Pull remake your blind absolutely free he can't do better than. Now if you want samples their free shipping is free. Get made don't order cock them blinds without pain cut them price has applied not come today. Check out the Labor Day sales event appliance dot com that's right. It ends today. You've got to do it now. It Evans 17 PM eastern time. You've got to do it now check out their cells of an appliance dot com you'll gave up the 35% off site wide. When you use promo code look thin that promo code LE VIN. The event and today. Pretty much after my show I got a blind dot com use from a Kovalev then Quetta the 35 and off site why do what now. Before and ends tonight that lines that come from a code love and lines dot com go there and check them out for details. Now. Here's the thing folks. We've been talking about this voter ID frank. Well there's a battle going on. In the DC Circuit Court of Appeals we were talking about North Carolina in the fourth circuit. The DC court of appeal you have a federal district judge Richard Leon Washington in June he rejected a quack request to block. Three days from enforcing. Other change. And to the voter requirements and that is basically they want voter ID proof of the and the HR Kansas Alabama and Georgia. And the N double AEP. The League of Women Voters they all go on the court. And they taught they told the judge shut now it's discriminatory particularly against black. Judge me on that not not. He rejected the request to block and so what do they do they appeal. To the DC Court of Appeals we call it the Circuit Court the DC Circuit Court. And at least initially goes to a three judge panel. Now there's three judge pan out of the following three judge. Eighty Ramon ran. Eight Raymond Randolph I know him not social buddies and he's a good job. Ray ran out. Even if William. Judith W Rogers. Judith WR Rogers. A bush appointee as I recall. He could judge. I could be wrong but I think the League of Women Voters in the NAACP. Well. I think their interest surprise on the three judge panel that hears the issue. Barack Obama and the Democrats conspired to increase the number of judgeships on the ski circuit even though it didn't need more judges. In the data so they can actually packed the court by increasing the number of and kept. To the court now has left. Even though the panel has original. So we'll see with the panel does. But I suspect the League of Women Voters in the NAACP. In Georgia and so forth I expect they will eventually appeal. Whatever this panel does depending on when it does to the entire court. So politicized to its price has become. So that battle is going on now. As relate to that. And number or date. And that will be addressed again. In short order but ladies and gentlemen here's the thing about citizenship it's a beautiful. Do you mean mark. Well we have a little hospital managers. This from the Fox News. For a pregnant woman in Russia the L pitch from one New Jersey hospital is a Lauren. An upward of 101000 dollars to deliver a baby in the US facility where mother and child will receive pure medical care. Within the fine print in the greatest benefit of all American citizenship for the newborn and all the privileges that will come with a childbirth in New York is the best investment in the future and your family read Iraq and language I'm Mara mama web. The hospital has aggressively advertised its maternity services in Russia. The a Mara mom op program at meadowlands. Hospital medical and it may I repeat. Meadowlands hospital medical center. In New Jersey. First reported by New Jersey spotlight. Is part of a lucrative and controversial business called birth tourism from Fox News I didn't make it out. Birth tourists and the practice of solely in pregnant women from other countries to deliver their children in America automatically making them American citizens before they return home. You and I we know that birth birthright citizenship is bogus but at but the government recognized. For feed ranging from 8500 dollars to 27500. Dollars. The Russian language website for a Merrill mama. Promised to security citizenship papers passports. And travel visas for the baby. I'm if this is accurate. And again I don't know this is from the fox web at Fox News now account but if this is accurate. By the hospital or my personal opinion should be put out of business. Any hospital is conducting a tough in this manner if this one has or any other should be put out of business. I don't know what's happening in the country. This country's been changed by the government it's been changed by the left. Being changed by the courts being changed by these politicians they're destroying our country. They're abusing the constitution they're abusing our liberties. They use in the law against us this is that the great one issue after another. Why am pulling out one of these case is after another one of these lawsuits after another one of these policies after another. Hillary Clinton that Bill Clinton the Ruth Bader Ginsburg we Barack Obama's in the Chuck Schumer is an audit on or not. The Mitch McConnell it's just a disgrace what's happening in the country. Be right back it's. Okay. Irrational claims that cause any of our planes or ships and am curious. Because they can do it without any consequence whatsoever can thing. It seems to be discernment to make an announcement I wanted to remind people. That they can join me on read it. For another AMA ask me anything. About my and a decision to vote for Donald trumpet tomorrow morning. 10 AM eastern 7 AM ethnic. And we'd love to have you. Don't do it often enough. Man man chase and handle on my social media and children get very frustrated but you know I'm busy. So let's do it. Tomorrow morning Friday and AM eastern nine. Innings 7 AM Pacific. Mean drumming on red and try and AMA. About my announcement that's what will be talking about. It and we'll have a lot of fun we always do we get a lot of young people are very curious. The end apparently there was a big piece in the Washington compost. And look at that later on time and try. About millennial senate that it essentially what I've been saying about Melinda. No millennial sort trashed by talk radio. Particularly conservative talk radio because they're not trash by me I the other victim a one join me my ball market but known up. To read plunder and to see you know what I. We put them in these indoctrination schools. In these government schools. That we encourage him to go to colleges and universities. In order to get a better education and hopefully. Perhaps a better job and make more money and so forth and so on. Whether indoctrinated for an. People and our generation the Jenner the parental generation. They run Hollywood. And it put out their cultural cracked. They teach our kids. Paula left wing crap. These politicians Obama fifty years old he's not eighteen years old. That the generation of many of us. And so forth. Somebody expect a lot of these kids to China but it's a very very interesting study actually Ian and I believe. Maligning l.'s are more conservative than you may think I'm not typically on social issues as we call Michael and culturally. But don't ending. In the eyes of government. The bureaucracy. And taxes. Many of them are with us. Which is the hope wanna plundered the city. Many of them or whether we should write off that generation. Many respects said generation or write us off but a very serious about this. I'm not surprised by these findings have these findings are I mean they spend an enormous amount of mind you look it's time to look at the statistics on this rather incredible. I'll be right back. America is here any hot here. Call and now 773813811. And what would you do if you were elected. About a lot. About how left out. And what is a laugh at all. You can now. 110 isn't serious. It's the is that epicenter. Of the refugee crisis we got it got us there. Well you with regard to Syria. I do sense that a match I think that's the only way with weeds that we deal with area is to join hands with Russia to diplomatically bring that and an end. Oh yes a total China hands with them. Would that thud Putin's. Bizarre it seems like decent writers Mora. In love with Putin and the hardcore lefties it. Now I wanna get some advice to these libertarian candidate former Republican governor of the next coach Gary Johnson here's my advice. Learn from Hillary Clinton. You should claim you had a concussion. And you forgot 10 up a list that's on. And here's the difference. You actually didn't violate the united. You didn't violate the Espionage Act. You didn't obstruct congress heat and obstructed investigation. You didn't forget about 171000. Emails and change. You didn't confer 20% of Americans uranium production capacity. To a Russian company controlled ultimately but you. Didn't do any of these things but I suggest you think Hillary Clinton defense look at a brain concussion weapon out. While prove it release your medical records well of course now what are you sexist. And of that only applies to Hillary and urgent Italian not years while I did cited applied to my genitalia to. So my advice notice I give public advice to most of the vote on my advice is that Gary Johnson. Can't say much. I had a concussion. I had a concussion I can't remember I can't remember what happened while lay out Erica now. Don't be sacks I am not releasing my health record is not any damn business lead me and my genitalia allow. The. BBC's Rick. And I mean he. PH thing I have high and they are teaching bays. That's my advice to Gary Johnson. Here's some of these people that you actually prefer his running mate bill well bill weld is a load. Do you talk Canada. I weapon that jacket the Justice Department was always a jerk. Like the set you know every now and then. Mr. but it. Little apparent act. Monitoring and a liberal Republican tracked both of these guys like liberal Republican. And I think we have attacked. Carbon dioxide. Others is the last street. Pay act nice. It must be carried now he's not believe it but not. Anyway back to. My friendly advice. To Gary Johnson. Just say I had a concussion. And couldn't remember a lot. Let blow. Philippe though whatever it was I I just as you know I can't remember Donald against me. I'm just qualified to be present united you know who went whenever. Amazing the double handed them Hillary Clinton literally. Expose. National security classified information to the enemy. And they don't say her careers over this guy. Didn't know what a lap OS which is embarrassing. But no harm no foul right. And it I you must be done. He's done he's gonna be embarrassed he's nine years although. I have never let it down. He's a third party candidate that's fine he's not gonna win that's fine. The libertarians really blow quite frankly they've had a really solid articulate. More than a normal person offense. Are running. They could've been a default candidate for a lot of voters here. Could have to default candidate for a lot of voters. Back not to be. One of those elections like so many of the day. And look at the recent history America. The two run. Barack Obama and nobody from nowhere with nothing and off. Wins the presidency twice. And the first time I pretty damn big market. Against John McCain. A rhino. Runs again against Mitt Romney. I rhino. You're Barack Obama mean holy McAleese Republicans how stupid does it. Mean changed. And here we are again the Democrats are up Hillary Clinton. A disaster. Disaster inmate number 47336. That's what she should be right. She's their nominee. People hate it. Whether Republicans nominate trapped. Negatives through the roof. But while Mitch McConnell is back in time anyway this latest in general a town in Washington DC. He's back in town and he's already to surrendered. Participate in the in the Barack Obama. Agenda. But what he's doing. He's embraced essentially Harry Reid continuing resolution. His view that we why. He quietly sneak across the finish line and get 51 won't Mimi will have 51 Republicans. Rather than stand up on principle rally debate rally Republicans rally in the. Carter. RO. Everybody keep their head down. Get on it would it Kennedy had been. Whatever happens it do whatever you have to do to get affecting he me is that as a good opportunity. Acts like led the progress we're making it the United States. Yeah. So. He is voting on who they are voting and they're gonna undermined the conservatives in the house. Every step of the way. And then we'll get the at the pom pom boys at the year. Wall street journal editorial painters I like to refer to limit the circle merits. They'll tell us what a great job McConnell is doing in other never trump over there but they're not never McConnell what settled. It's a weird mix of a forces here. The the the Republican Party. And even a party I don't want to cut the let me say about goal line. Wonderful sponsor more and more. Institutions are demanding an end to build larger than ten dollars. And certain cash transactions claiming that paper money fuel corruption terrorism tax evasion and illegal immigration yet can have currency and now. Now this isn't just happening in America. May be the beginning of the very real move to digitize money around the world kinda happening already. And that means with a new keystrokes by a government employee banked Eric hacker. Russian. Red Chinese. Government your financial freedom could be frozen. If cash is eliminated. I'm way eviscerate it or your protective. Now's the time to add gold as a recognized safe haven asset to Europe portfolio. 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Millions in such true I wonder if they had asked Obama that question he would have been can't. Rallies over and little else. Attacking Americans lazy and so forth. In Obama really is a bomb he just above him if he can call lazy I can call him a bunt. America deserves better. The fact that we have so many nit wits who put this man office. That's not on me and that's not on you guys a bump. Talking about how we need to change our model for our economy and how we think he has I want to mean a week. Eric contributed to the economy. He's gonna leave office and he and his wife. They're gonna pull on hundreds of millions of dollars. All the people who are suffering as a result his policies and we'll be suffering for generations. The threat from foreign adversaries and enemies. He won't give a damn he is wife has his Albania fully perfectly fine. And as I point out all of MTV tonight why he over the last without his wedding ring. Whereas Michelle. They wanna compare him to Reagan. Now that's a joke. Reagan took very few trips without his wife man. It was a weak. Weak then the day. Like a trip a vacation trip he spends 90% of his time on the golf course with his buddy. The renowned nannies on a bike with the goofy helmet trying to do they ice cream parlor with the kids. Sometimes. Michelle and how. Everybody needs that I've talked about it for years it's quite apparent. What are you trying to say mark why do people ask me that what do you mean what am I trying to say I get this sad. I don't have the right I I do. Something not. Right in paradise. In my humble opinion. You know several large hotel chains across the country have been involved any credit card data breach. If you stated a major hotel recently take proactive steps to keep your finance. Requesting new credit or debit card contact your financial institutions for any unusual activity to discuss any fraudulent charges immediately. 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And alike flocked dot com lifelike dot com use promo code Levine LE VI NR call. 180457. Locked 180457. Locke again he's from a causal event. Well you'll get 10% of your life like ultimate plus members. 180457. Lock 180457. Locked. Promo code live in well look at this we found a smoking gun and came out. Out Powell's call and I think Colin. How. Suggest. Any about it any advise Clinton now on her personally know a little bit more extensively than he has confessed thus far. So all of us are supposed to snow okay that's fine would not. I'm a fan a Colin Powell in early. He's a big Obama got. And where and that he sat there silently. Now when that they act like Richard Armitage. Was the one that gave information that lady at the CIA. About a kidney to the media about the lady at the CIA. And he like Libby take the fall. What kind of guys that it Colin Powell. If he abused his office. Then he should have a report to. And let's continue. Eli. Jerusalem. My view the capital of Israel that's correct. In Israel and Jerusalem Carrie is there. I think you look putting up the record about. Jerry job can win courage that a great. Well I didn't have anyone to vote warden and I controller. And a cute pair of god and so I do they. Liberty small government. Conservative. The co conspirator penetrate. And get them like that the bank must realize that either. Big government little joke to pretend to be conservative. And more government course and keep cool in order. Cook he packs. Two and one of the most. One of them bigger. Liberal. Big government. Bill well bill weld former governor Matt is he's a live Republican when you get better when we get better record. Well on both pretty well David Kennedy Susan Collins and you know. Now. And then but to. The more I learn about the wire Olympian. Someone who. Really bad and little oil and it injured. Are we getting out of hand attacking the cops and saying that the term illegal immigrant there. Discriminatory and critical border which is just clearly pandering. There is that aren't they Gary Johnson yeah. Yeah he doesn't like the term illegal alien. I think it's perfectly it's perfectly legitimate Eli I gotta go thank you for listening in calling I know it's some. Time in the middle of the night there and Israel and god bless you and our best all of our fans we admin all over the world Israel. Browse mr. producer Paris. North Korea. Sorry folks mr. producer. Obviously smoking pot in the program. Now Ireland. And other places all over the world that's a great thing. I continue stayed at Dallas Texas agreed WBA pago. And mark thanks for taking are also very reason that legendary our next get streaky. And I wanted to my my report about Hillary and if you used her logical or should talk about North Carolina robotic arm. It would be counterproductive to everything they do under smokescreen. Can vote on what if I understand your point you sank. He's saying basically that that to require any voter ID or other forms a representational prove who you are. That he is Jim Crow and what you're saying is fine then don't apply the same into the Second Amendment. Yeah and so what she says you know they account I wanna I wanna go to your point is very important. So another words. If if if minorities are to war. Or are for reasons only liberals can explain incapable of so it during something simple and inexpensive because they offered for free. As say as AS ID. Then it is truly grim editorial minorities to require night T when you purchase a weapon. Under the Second Amendment. I think you're on the on the their brother I really give David in Dallas that call. I ladies and gentlemen. I shall adjourn. It's me. Normally underground. From the bowels of hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel. This script Philbin. We want to again make contact without. Hello everybody in my. Air I number 8773813811877. And create more. 3811. I bet we'll be on the program. The bottom of the hour. Discusses. His great new book liars top progress and exploit our ears for power and control. Glenn Beck is a good friend. Have good friends and all side of the election. I mean not on the liberals and all sides of the election. Sean Hannity. One of my best friend known forever. So that's the way it is and we're not here to discuss the election or anything else I wanna talk about his book it's about standing book. And no they put a lot of work into it. Definitely worth. Taking a look at purchasing and hopefully we'll have Glen on the bottom of the hour. Mike Pence has also asked to come on the program will be working out. When that can be his schedule on our schedule I back next week on point. Practically tougher candidate during the 6:9 PM eastern hours. As they do a lot of fundraising and campaigning during that period but I don't do these taped interviews soon. We'll figure that out we'll get him on we'll chat with him to. EU and has I think surprises at. The matter of time now this issue. Of raising Hillary's health and therefore you must be sexist. Over that come here to revealed. At the sang them editor in chief there's so people can reptiles are pattern change and it kind of and that's kind of lazy while I am. I'm in. Gassed and many. The day to day operator over there but we wonderful writers and contributors. He says on this issue of Hillary Clinton's health and oppose the action if you. He raised that you must me. He points out how short is the memory of a talking about it. In case you forgot here's a refresher on how the media covering a presidential race just eight years ago when you get to the Republican nominee. Was a man. Considering the media headlines in 20081 would have thought John McCain of Arizona had one foot and a great. US news and world report may ninth 2008. McCain's age impair health problems could be an issue in the presidential race. Huffington compost September 32008. Or John McCain mentally fit to be president. Liked. June 11 2008. How might the senator's mind deteriorate over the next eight years. NBC news via a mini. September 30 2000 anyone unfortunate McCain may not survive a second chance. How about that. He points out the promise not that people are asking questions but rather the media's nodded and there's enough. An obvious double standard when it comes to the media coverage of Clinton's health vs previous presidential candidate. You know. He just how out of their way the media mainstream media have gone to protect Hillary for many questioning in this cycle check out these look. Here's actual headlines. CNN August 242016. The new birthers the bucking the Hillary health conspiracy. Fox. Not fox fox. The German version then back up August 232016. The bunkers conspiracy theory about Hillary Clinton's health explained. US news and world report August 15 when he sixteenth Hillary's health and spirit Erica. Huffington compost August 27 116 but called the conspiracy theories about Hillary out what they aren't. That's right not only questioning Hillary Clinton's help. Is not a conspiracy there. Double shot of protect. This is media malfeasance on a grand scale is nothing new back in the dark ages on the Internet was and at him for having a 56000. Bob remote modem was considered a high speed time magazine may be about Bob Dole eight. Cover story. Can you imagine even for a second time asking the question of Hillary Clinton. And so of course as you know ladies and gentlemen Hilary Clinton raised the issue of their own health and I pointed this out repeatedly now so much that the backed ventures are now spitting it out. In our interview we note that released Friday evening. The evening before the great three day weekend from Labor Day. By the nonpolitical nonpartisan. Director of the FBI called me. Who to call me. And that. In there he said she had a concussion Sheehan had a yeah. If blood clot on the brain and therefore she could remember in 2012. What program she was there was not a resident. And so we wanna see your health records. He had sex panic. But he talking. So the media as we know suck now what I won't do that many host to do is spend three hours talking about the median Tonya how left wing media. Now we move in and out we probably we we are professional boxers actually more professional you have seen here. I won't spend three hours telling you the obvious but it did wanna give you some of the evidence. Thanks to a Jake a roof over their conservative review I think there must be a double and it you'd be right. And now how often have you heard people say. You know we need a health care system like Europe the only health care but that doesn't do that so that. Like our friends and Britain and France and Germany what is that. Well it's called America. But let's visit William Dennison a long time in years let us let us visit. What has taken place in the United Kingdom. This is from the telegraph ready for the list. This is American in a few years this is why I'm doing this I don't particularly care about the UK health care system except. The idiot in our country who manage our healthcare system now the masterminds they do they think it well. I think it well that the brits can't get into it that a walk around what broken yellow teeth are I think that's well. Ready for this headline. Obese patients that means fat people obese patient. I don't say fat people Palin and him. I'm not the skinny guy in the world. And as many of you regular listeners know I formed an organization many years ago. Called fatty united Arab feel. So I'm the chairman CEO. What is banning column south the chairman of the executive I'm the executive chairman. And fatty uniter F field. Obese patient and brokers banned banned. From routine surgery and most of the year ever rationing. The national Hauser and Britain. Oh to tell. Obese people will be routinely refused operations across the any chance. How service bosses have warned if the one authority said it would limit procedures on unprecedented. Scale. Hospital leaders in North Yorkshire at the patience for the body mass index BMI of thirty you're about as well smokers. Will be barred from a surgery for up to a year. Amid increasingly desperate measures to plug a funding black hole the restrictions won't quite a standard that any operation. If you smoke. And you have a bad hamper a bad knee you're out of luck. Or if you're having had a bad hip are banding and many heavy people don't you're at a lot. And progress wonderful. The decision described by the royal college of surge. As the most of the year the modern any chase and each as has ever seen. Led to warnings that other truck will soon be forced to follow suit and rationing will become the norm the current funding crisis continues. A raise taxes on the rich won't fix. There's not enough money and not enough rich. Chris up in the head of the NHS providers. Which represents acute care ambulance and community service a set. I think we're kind of seeing more and more decisions like this. The only way providers are going to be able to balance their books it's all government run there in any way you have to applaud their honesty. You can see why they're doing this service is bursting at the same. I utopia. The announcement is the latest any series set back their patients are facing rolling strikes by junior doctors that threaten the crypt public health service has winter approaches. Just look at the DMV and newspaper that's what we're looking back at Tony national centralized. Get online get a do you smoke yes I get Adeline and get lost. Get airline get not get on the scale oh look at that your little heavy I'm not a box I don't have to lose wet as it did get a lot. The decision by the barrel of York clinical commissioning group. Comes amid increasing limits across the NHS on surgery for cataracts. As well as have been the operations okay. That added up. Rationing on hip operation rationing on the operations amounted to rationing on cataracts now. Most of the people who get cataracts mr. producer are the elderly. Not all most of the people of hip replacements are knee replacement are the elderly not at all. Because she ladies and gentlemen you know the money go quote on quote and when it comes out there the money goes to the elderly. And so in Britain. The other earlier out. And our other people. Now it out. It got Eddie don't I get out. Gotta have up and check it got to have good eyes at it I did yeah yeah yeah I bet everything it got no luck drawn to be healthy to eat right. Speaking at a healthcare service that I don't need him exactly are not patient. Not patient because the health care service exit. For those who work. I for the patients ladies and gentlemen. Under the latest restrictions patients in the catchment area. Who have a BMI of thirty or more will be barred from routine surgery friend nonlife threatening condition for a year. Although they may securing referrals and or if they shed 10% of their weight. A BMI weight in kilograms divided by height in meters winner of thirty is the point at which approach is Claire does OP. Can you imagine living like that. I'm Karen estimates more than half the population to be classified as such I try a fifth day. Half the population doesn't get knee replacement hip replacements cataract I don't qualify. In if they did they would increase the standards again would. Smokers who refused to quit will land operations goes on for six months. But may be included on surgeons waiting list earlier for proving they have given up for the last eight weeks. The ban on top fighting cancer patient or those what's on conditions that could become life threatening north exceptional circumstances. Can be proven. Obese people what smokers will be barred from some operations. And I'm speechless. I'm almost speech at this is the nature of iron fist of hypocrisy. I called on status but call it whatever you want marxism national socialist. Colin whatever you want paint. He leads we get the vote. We get about it now. And so these match mines throughout the massive. Bureaucracy. They had around I'd who's gonna get what. But don't Larry might they got out of the add your opinion again. I can't act like they're coming up hey they're out of the opinion yet right. And yet they grew them out because there are any. Of this to socialist country. They're not free people. He can't get it then you can't get in the operation can't get a hip operate in to router you're cataracts. Cataract surgery and so forth and so on. The bureaucracies sit there in the Sony have politicians in parliament they sit there. Man that you amount they're lucky to match have a candidate get a pay anatomy hey that's where we are. That's where we're at it. That's exactly where we're ahead. With this Obama chaired Hillary. I'm not going to get rid of Hillary and Obama Karen going to improve it of course news and we're going to prove that that's what we liberals do. Went into and search for improvement. And protection. And the more you seek perfection. More viewer has a role of government. The more imperfect the thing becomes. I'll be right back. Open. Plug and said Donald Trump he praising Vladimir Putin does he not know he's a killer. Does he not know that he's a fascist. Does he not know that he is stolen billions of dollars from his fellow countrymen. Does he not know he's ordered his jets. The buzz our jet implies ownership. Did you not know he's undermining our efforts in the Middle East. Does he not know is partnering with the red Chinese. Or making claim to the south and east China seas and threatening our allies. I would ask. The 88 generals and admirals and the rest who signed a letter supporting him to. To contact Donald Trump of and trying to straighten him out on this unit and our friend. As it has to be our enemy that he certainly not a friend Eddie acts like aren't. Doesn't. So we have two candidates running for president who like Putin now Hillary pretend it doesn't but he delivered 20% of very uranium production to Putin. Uranium production in this case and used to do what. To make nuclear weapons. And of course she's qualified to be present in the United States. But. Trump has this weird. Affection. For Putin and so to many it was so immediate area. I'm with the spears and nuts. So we don't have the Kennedy running for president ladies and gentlemen who fully comprehend what you'd miss what he's up to and what he will do. And don't tell me Gary John. That guy's a knuckle and it. I'm not just because of what he and it didn't say today in a concussion he could remember what you want. Bank has it. Several large hotel chains across the country have been and. And it say about the media research and I know a lot of your making travel plans for the winner. I wanna toss something out there for you to come. Brent Bozell my body at the Media Research Center is planning a cruise with the all star cast of conservative leaders to the Caribbean. For seven days in February right smack in the middle of winter can you imagine being in the Caribbean. Now that sounds like more fun than shoveling snow he should go to MRC cruise dot com. Our call 1809557018. A tough number I would jotted down 1809557018. The Susan B. Anthony Lewis has come co sponsoring the trip on it. Here's just a partial list of the guest speaker will be there for panel discussions. And to act in each colonel Allen west. Marjorie Dan and house Terry Jeffrey. My dear friend and buddy Craig really well go to MRC crews cut down. Or call 180955. And in the eighteenth for all the details. One of the best parts about the trip is the act shall have all these great speakers. Going Q&A sessions receptions at dinner it's going to be a black he'll be there with fellow patriots. Go to MRA Cruz dot com sign up before they sell out because they will. Our call 1809557018. At 1809557018. MRC cruise dot com. Glenn Beck the author of Polaris how progressives exploit our fears for power and control. He's scheduled to be next I'll be right back. From here on. Right. Oh and mouth feet 773814811. Glenn Beck how are you there. Harry don't. I'm doing very doing well and you're beautiful. I love that. You should come down here it's one of the only three point Latin America the group which you know Virginia is not that while you're on the right. Yeah. Let me ask you something and they are very serious question Glenn Beck my question is this before we get to your book. How did you come to your conservatism and when did you come to act I don't wanna do ten minutes that I wanna get your book which is a very Paris but I I don't know the answer to. The first well I think I kind of vote. It yeah I mean I've always been. Fiscal conservative you know I always by the first president voted was Ronald Reagan and like I believed in the Reagan. Vision. But I really didn't believe. Deeply in anything. I sobered up gave you know build a 32. Eight years old and and I was reading a book like Carl Sagan is called the demon haunted world and it was really about technology and how. Technology can really throw us off if we don't keep up a bit. And and he would you do a lot of comparisons to of the Catholic Church I was cap look at the time but I didn't. I mean I got never went to church I didn't like that I wasn't really. Apoplectic. And I got so mad at this book I actually threw it across the room. And I east under me and I thought where did that come from. I I don't even I don't I'm not really a Catholic and I'm so he's made me so angry with the whip bashing the Catholic Church. And it at the same time I was reading a lot of Thomas Jefferson and are you I read a line that I'll never forget. And in it a letter to Peter Currie the nephew he said question with boldness. Even the very existence of god for their BA god he must surely rather honest questioning over blindfolded fear. And so I decided I really didn't know it even god existed I didn't know I didn't know what I believed on any front because I was just taking other people's words for it and so light I went to instead of going to I went to her to jail for one semester is all I can afford. But. Then I went to the bookstore and I just bought books and I eight. I look for people lit would disagree with each other I mean I went Alan Dershowitz and Adolph Hitler and the and read it. Every saying that as that I could get my hands on the idol but I had a bit library of a serial killer for awhile and I and I would put things out and I decided I would reject. Believing in any thing. Until I knew it to be true and that I would put it back inside of me and they disagreed with something else that I thought was true. That I take them both out and examine them again because obviously one of them was wrong. And that it you know let us. Are you went through this process. And you came out the other end as they are. You have but I don't even know what that means anymore you know I I I don't know what that means I came out. Believing in that the principles that founded our country and I believe the constitution and the declaration of independence or secret document type. I think bill those are almost that they are American scripture. It's just riddled with truth all the way through it every word. And I know goes to not only be true but self evident and so what I heard that makes me. That's who I am. All right I wanna get India but it's actually very to announce any book liars top progressives exploit our fears for power and control. You know I started reading it I thought OK here's another book on this stuff but not another book on this stuff what is your basic premise the. Basic premise mark is. That there is. Is there has banned a concerted effort since around you know really since the beginning of marked. And a little bit before that. A concerted effort here in the United States. Taking socialism. And repackaging. It and controlling. People's lives. And to get away from the constitution and the first one to really. Bring it into the government was a Republican. And if you know the stories of these people and you know what early progressive Islam is. You'll see that it hasn't changed at all and it keeps working over and over and over again and we all know these things are lie east. So. Hey how can these people sleep at night. And B how come we keep calling for the same thing over and over again even though we know even though we know their life. And it is so vicious eight dug deep dives into. The history of progressive Islam but not. Gates didn't name you have to memorize during my dad it is it's it's more of the story of who these people are and explaining how they actually many of them I don't know how many now but many of them actually thought they were doing good. Now admitted he's been so why he'll lead discredited all around the world. You have to be in in the full or a lie here to believe these things and push these things I mean do you say that. Democratic rule in the progressive movement helped Detroit. He clearly didn't it clearly isn't. So why are you still on that bandwagon. Mainly because of power and greed. And it is it's the way you lead progressives have manipulated. Bowl parties and both. And voters from both sides. That is leading us down to this place now where we look at these two candidates and say. Is there they're they're both. Nightmares. Well it's because both parties. Have been deep roots in progress activism. And both of them are and how are are giving answers based on the progressive playbook whether they notre not to. And you bring that. Yet the way they they have. They rate them. People to support these positions you know not using their nod and not looking at experience and so forth you point out is the mere fact that the bottom line. He cut it and you know and market it was a mean we have put this book out it was on the bookshelves. The week of the Democratic Party. Conference and if I mean it is that all of it everything you saw with the Democrats and the Republican at the convention. Everything you saw was. It right out of the book they were going play by play and it. He. The winner was clearly defined and let me explain. In the book we talk about how you have to use. Fear and and I started to cave man I mean we we work with behavioral scientists and and and and and behavioral has to be able to say. Here is this Siri does this check out. And that this theory is back with a cave men. You know eat you had to. We the only animals. If you will. That know that there is an end of our life coming at some point all animals have been here all animals fear the hunter. And it but we're the only ones that. Know at some point. Grouping is gonna get me. And so. Really the idea of being able to pick up a stick. And to protect yourself to the just lay that tiger if you will. And then to be able to say I'll play that tiger for you give me some power. He's. Is is just deep inside of us and so if you look at what's believed that the progressives did on both sides. Donald Trump and and it doesn't mean that these are. Things to be feared this Saber toothed tiger is a real you should fear that as a cave man. So Bowden it's not like you're making these fears up they play on the Donald Trump was. If your beat Muslims fear the border. Fear. He restlessness in our cities interpret tetra and all of those I believe are real. But his solution was. And Bloomberg progressive. Idea which is give me the power. I am the only one that console desks now that. That is strictly. A progressive idea I am the only one not leave me. But that's not a winning strategy if you look over time with the progressives. The winning strategy is. Fear in these things and let me give you the example. Hillary Clinton didn't talk about ice is shouldn't talk about those things. She created a fear of be ultimate boogie man with Donald Trump. Fear him. Fear him but she took the rock winning strategy of fear him. And we couldn't get Dirk can conquer him and all these things we might be afraid of she said she was and then dish she didn't do this as well as the convention did. She was awful but the convention was all about we're better than this we are not like this. Together we can be better and that is the winning strategy. For the progressives historically. Both operate on fear but one says. Let. That he appoint me and wheeled couldn't get there get a. Glenn Beck the book is liar how progressives exploit or serious for a parent control. They need to take a little break you wanna hang on to lead into the final tighter together. You kind. Dump the defense dug in on last month the united they can carry association gave five responsibly armed Americans 17100. Only six dollars to buy guns and ammo. James M from South Carolina gymnast from Georgia. We just love the lucky responsibly armed American who won the giveaway. 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Well here's the weird thing. The only thing that actually works. Is I hope. And you know that to be true because that was the slogan of Barack Obama it was so effective hope. Now. What progressives do is they manufacturer. Hope. That doesn't work that I haven't laughed that only leads to more trouble down the road as we now know with Barack Obama. I hope the real hope comes from true. And so to conquer it we have to care about how the truth even when it hurts our own side. We have. Have to care about the truth. Because the truth is the only thing that gives you laughing hope you might not you know you might. Think you don't want the doctor to tell you had cancer in your dying. If your doctor is just telling you have a head cold wind. You have cancer. It's false hope and it he you don't want your doctor lying to you wanna deal with a head on. We have to be brave enough. Just say IE want the troops bikes and by the truth even if it means like stand alone. The truth matters. And once we reconnect with the truth. Then we can start working on. Actual hope because people will know these people are credible these people are going where they shape they're going. These people actually have a plan that they're not trying to get rich off that they're not trying to talk to anybody. There actually they. Actually say what they mean. And when we can establish that. That's the beginning of real hope weird weird bankrupt and hope right now because what what exactly do you trust mark. I mean honestly I I trust you because I know. Good or bad agree with you or disagree with you I know I I can count. But you're gonna tell me exactly. What you mean and it might mean it look really bad beatings for you. That's your job that's what you do that's what you believe that gives me hope. Let me ask that you would seem to be enemy is this. We have to address. The what what under guards the side. As individuals and in the aggregate that is. You know when the culture starts to get corroded. When the society the civil society starts to get corroded. The the the Jimenez a nation and government is almost secondary that is if we if we dress ourselves. And address what needs to be addressed. Then we have some hope in terms of our republic. Mark until I mean let me take it really down to basics we've for a long time have believed the lie you can have everything. You can have everything you can be everything you can be a super mom madness this ad does super mom at home no you can't. They can't make a choice. You can be a great businesswoman and a pretty good mom. I can be a pretty good dad and be paid you know great businessman. But if I and I I have to shoes I'm one of these things is gonna be sacrificed. And it couldn't give. The next generation any hope because they know the actual body. You have to stop telling the lie is to your self. And to your own family first. You know I I know hole. I I had false hopes for a long time that I'm an alcoholic. I lied to myself about everything as I just told you I I didn't even know what I believed. I believe the things that I was told or were convenient for me to believe or would help me get through that day. That ended up horribly. The only thing that gives me. They did get to be going every David keeps me going through is I know. The eternal truths I mean I know I mean I know the truth of this dire that I knew exactly. But I know the principles. That my life and Andy good decent. Successful society is built on. And it gets dark. Restoring those eternal principles. I hope returns. Common sense returns. Onto her nor should good returns six faster returns. Happiness returns. You know there's not enough time to get in this week we're gonna have to go here but. The F sounding fathers agreed with you. That's why they wrote the declaration of independence he got a event on the program this whole notion of the state of nature and natural right and our unalienable rights come from. The supernatural force. They talked about the creator and divine Providence and so forth. Even for people out there who don't believe in god atheists or maybe you're agnostic or something. Our society was formed around that notion. The one that Glenn's talking about. And it could you know marked it doesn't matter if if you believe in god or not Thomas Paine there are certain truth this. That are proven. They get over thousands of years. And eat and and you know it their basic you don't have to believe in Coleman's. The ten big tips from Bob. Or you can call them the ten commandments but those commandments we know our true for a civil society to work. Glenn Beck has been a pleasure of the book is liar how progressives exploit our fears apparent controlling get it anywhere. In hearing him anywhere pretty much and not on patriots satellite. JK itself. I countless. Glenn Beck I'm a fan I have to bid is thirty seconds I'm at a time ladies and gentlemen I didn't get Italian. I've got a great living TV tonight I really want to strongly at carriages have been thinking about it it's in two minutes check it out. We salute our armed forces police officers firefighters and emergency personnel. Get Glenn's book liars it's an excellent club folks and I'll see on rent it tomorrow morning 10 AM eastern 7 AM Pacific. And it tomorrow on the radio.