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9/7/16 - Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Sep 7, 2016|

A Russian fighter jet made an unsafe close range intercept of U.S. fighter jet coming within 10 feet of it recently. The U.S. has long protested the buzzing of its aircraft by the Russians. Why does Russia keep buzzing our planes and ships? Because they arn’t our good friends, like some may say. In ...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's okay. Oh. Only underground. From the hell of a hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel over nondescript. Building. We've once again make contact without. Hello everybody mark let them hear our number 877. 381 38118773813811. Well. I'm not gonna talk about this for too long. But let me suggest to. And the TV host of some of these radio hosts can they shut the hell up. But it's just amazing to. Talk Obama being an artist who. I mean these guys and were up about them. I explained yesterday why I'm voting the lamb voting cause we're inundated with inquiries about it. They said it done. But I had people who want to keep talking to me and they wanna talk about the Al Rosen how they're the last guy standing in. How this one's responsible for that he would job. Do your job. And don't let it relative handful of many come who knucklehead faceless morons. On the Internet. Influence how you think and what you do. It can be honest disagreements and opinion doesn't mean you're a sellout you're getting paid off your ratings are dropping year. You're this year that forget that these morons don't know what the hell's going on. Primary seeming like this. Talk about our citizen and idealism and all the rest them. They are supposed to be a format that enjoyable the format that can be serious he format that substantive. A format in my view. That makes it worth your while to be here. What it's supposed to big. But some of these guys and gals. As a man and egos they can't control. And I wish they stop on my neighbor. But they'll do what they do. I'm just pleased to be here with the pleased to be here with you. So a Russian jet fighter. Made in and save close range in her set of the United States aircraft over the black seat today. Coming within ten feet. Of the American like ten feet. Six feet tall you know attention 810 feet. Another forfeit that nothing. One little mistake. Given midair collision. Pentagon spokesman Geoff Davis said the potentially dangerous incident involving a Russian history 27 jet. US navy PA eight bush go hide in plain lasted nineteen minute. US official told CNN's Barbara Starr that the Russian plane came within ten feet of the PA at one point. Davis out of the US claims conducting routine operations in international airspace at the time. The official added the US plane was operating international air face these actions the potential that unnecessarily escalate tensions. The Korean solidly miscalculation or accident he can't. Pentagon spokesman Geoff Davis you cowards you both phones you full. The US has long protest at Russian intercept of a aircraft have been several this year. I'm sick and tired of these apologist repute. There's guide our presence even Colin you know. Well you see John. You know they ukrainians. Are rare process is that the Crimea an event Alaskan of the georgians are very productive. It's he Johnny the Americans are very provocative in the mentally in the year and the Czechs and the Hungarians in the halls are very provocative port Newton. And we should be working with the man he's want to or not he's an ally don't announce he'll work with us again nice and Annette how Bali bombing our ally. An apology. I am married to the head of the nation. Banded global mobile whatever the hell I name it. His defense. The professor. And these other media gone on and on. And raise a warmonger is. Who hate rash LA Davila regular Afghanistan. Anything like this in your life. The food. We're gonna rush to do what. I have. Russia we have the same man raising that now we don't. And cases we do some cases we don't. Wanted to keep causing our airplanes one of the key buzzing our ships. Our good friends irrational. Because they're not our good friend. And I speak as somebody who's in majority part Russian ancestry. And I cannot stand that government. Good guy at a KGB. The. Rob the country blind or forty billion dollars I guess that's where hard work get. He's the president pro life. He's been. Using cyber war cyber attack. To get into our database is in the government and at the DNC say what is unacceptable. I tenure early and I'm. Act. Nearly improvement. In Kenya. The US has long protest at Russian unit out of its aircraft have been heavily you know even that casting a La mode the phone. It'd gone shouldn't Dejuan that isn't it'll be irrigate aired again. He shut down one of their jets. From you know going into their airspace away at and daily protests you know this could be danger it. If you beginning to wake you now. On two separate occasions in April Russian and U 27 fighters. Perform barrel rolls over American KC 135 planes flying about the ball Tennessee. Russia keep. Jet team buzzing US ships and planes what in the US do. I you know John. Railway you're way we really need to get out of these rationale why are we doing this so provocative over the blacks see. Over the Baltic Sea over the you know over the Ukraine Crimea Diana. Parts of Alaska parts account firewire why do we provoking the Russians. Russian officials have defended the actions of their pilots in the past. But have yet to come and in the most recent. Tensions have been ratchet up in the black he reads these fresh began five days of military exercises. Involving 121500. Per known as like he fleet based in Crimea. Or the Russian Ministry of Defense. Russia and next Crimea from Ukrainian 2014 an event that is subjected Russian to international sanctions Ole. So painfully. Oprah surprised Obama hasn't had them cash to. And so. That took place today but ladies and gentlemen there's more. Our new friends Islam or not he's in that Iran. I know friends. Well when the tuna. Navy times EUS coastal patrol ship they haven't Iranian Republican guard Courtney BA in short attack aircraft. Amount follow before swerving to avoid crashing into one on an eight currently fifth fleet budget why are we avoiding crashing into them. Why are we blowing them off the the I don't get this. The Iranian navy. The all powerful Iranian navy. Should we destroy the Iranian navy. And they next time we'll take out when your city your little you know what. The incident is the latest in the ears of interaction the navy is called dangerous and unprofessional. Any of that has been my more run in between US and Iranian ships and in recent memory Iranian vessels harassed dryers in PCs and foreign and in late August. Resulting in warning shot and one case. Iranians unsafe maneuvers near a US ship op training chords within an hour law. While transiting the international waters created a dangerous harassing situation. They could've let to further escalation including additional defensive measures by fireball. The Iranian that they'd type of large. You know it's amazing ending to produce. Based on the various at gun shows I've gone to there's enough weaponry kinds of weaponry there. We the American citizens could take these boat and the lawman of the water in other. Course the US navy can't. We don't wanna be provocative. So these vessels like the large bead Iranian boats aren't good rockets are gathering guided weapons. Approach fireball in the middle the Persian gulf Sunday three peeled off and shatter the PC. For about 500 yards away for about a minute before returning it leaving the area. One of the remaining four FIA he's in the area then turn to stop directly and are both back. Why do we let it. White House. Have a jacket and god and get a ticket they are. A lot of problem. And and thing. Not what it you are eerie it kept our heads one of us one of your area I would advocate what about. Which includes technology used all from us. In how. What do you get back. If they get back. Other prominent paying. We all ran Out Magazine he's trying to say I use a lot of what I did little demo pilot. Lot of the water and how do you think that. So provocative you must be in the all time not Leo time a year and Americans first to make America great again. Running from that. We'll put a few things on the table today. She smorgasbord if you will. I moved to the minimum wage because she's apparently a little bit of confusion. Who by the illiterate among us the economic illiterates. Anonymous does anybody know why. The government imposing a minimum wage. Well not really any science without any market presence than any. Why that harms younger people in particular and put them out of work as any that yes Johnny. But pretend we're in fourth great yes John why is the minimum wage her younger people practically minorities and in poor neighborhoods the most. Tried Johnny you learn very well. Because. When your hiring people who have used skills or no. You're teaching them how to work you're teaching them that trump. So they may not be worth fifteen dollars an hour or maybe you can't tell enough to pick and choose. In your little sandwich shop. To cover fifteen dollars an hour because you see ladies and gentlemen most businesses in this company are not ExxonMobil. They're not Google. Now most this is in this country or little mom and pop shops. So you're right Johnny you get jacked up the minimum waged a fifteen dollars an hour. Things might happen. Number one. The shop Arnold will have to drive up the price of their tuna fish sandwich and a lot of people may not wanna pay more for the tuna fish. So number two there might be your cup of. So the shop owner may have the foreign media to employ two teenage if the fire one. Or put them both on part time work. How does that help though 1988. You are radically. It is those who support the increased minimum wage who don't yet. They don't get it because they've never had little bit. They don't know what it like to run a mop and pop shop that I'll inefficient. And it has consequent ladies and gentlemen. Particularly in poor neighborhoods. Where young people around you know or Los. The vast majority of people earning the minimum wage. Do not have families they're not supporting 345 people this is Barack Obama's argument that big labor's. It just not room. Not I can show you study after study after study that point that out but if I do then I'll be all you must be in the lead. You must be an elite I'd like me of course I'm for the people. Predicate. Raising the minimum wage are the people. Young people. Hurt them. And it cost them their jobs. Can point to a survey in the Saturday but why confuse people with evidence. Why confuse people with facts. And yet a fact and it demonstrated every single time and where does is fifteen dollar minimum wage come from. Who thought that up what is it based not at a little bit not think. So what's the point. We can take a little example can't we Johnny sure we can weaken a little example the case of attack. In suburb of Seattle. It increased its minimum wage for their service industry employs a fifteen dollars an hour starting Jarrett won 2014. From the Seattle times. Even John deacon Google. The Seattle times reported in February 2014 quote at the clarion hotel up international boulevard eight down restaurant has been shot it. The what might be replaced by a less labor intensive cafe. Look at all the people who lost their job. Because of the fifteen dollar minimum. Other business is having it in ways that run the gamut from putting more work and I hand it managers. To instituting a small living wage surcharge free daily parking space near the airport. Some businesses and he packet cut benefits to their employees when asked whether they appreciated the increase in the minimum wage a hotel employee were replied. I lost my 401K. Health insurance paid holiday and vacation. The hotel reportedly offered meals to its employees now the employees had to bring their own food. The hotel is also over cut overtime of the opportunity to turn over to you ladies and gentlemen. All these mastermind after the pseudo right. Who really have nothing but contempt for capitalism even when they become millionaires and billionaires. The left. The contempt for freedom and that would include free market capitalism. They don't get it. Not that. The terrible businessman. Living there when why and walked out money. And he's so selfish. Andy Andy he's just playing these outrageous wages they. These men and women nature that I'd give nick at night in general. Many of these small business people can't afford it. They jump in the minimum wage in addition to property taxes. Business taxes. Income taxes. Obama care. In addition a worker's comp. Social Security deductions Medicaid reduction. In addition a potential law though. Boy asked canceled these things they have the you look around your neighborhood lightly if you see all the shuttered little businesses in store fronts I had at what it amounts to my brother the other day. What I get out. I'll be right back. The. Liberty is drawing Smart. Not ten. Talk with that voice now. 877381. 3811. Don lemon of CNN. One of your post is going to show at 10 PM tonight. Preferably in studio. 10 PM tonight. Spanning half hour after my program ends and I will be digesting and I hope by then a moral filet steak mr. producer well done little ketchup. Don't cringe beat the I have TD green vegetable. May be green beans maybe broccoli oh no I can't take it. In I would. Yeah I'm sure they want me on their to attack conservative I don't go on the liberal TV to attack and there. That's something to say it right here. We get requests for me the depressed we get requests from this week we get to prep question from CNN we get requests from this MSNBC. On and on and but here we. Well buddy of mine that don't wanna promote yourself. Signal. They wanted to do and I'm doing if I find an occasion. On the shows because I think it'll make a difference and I'll Billick now let's get back. To the minimum wage because what we have now lady is say that the ladies and gentlemen is some. Propaganda class warfare by pseudo conservative. Who trash constitutional. And crash capitalism constantly. All the way to the bank. A little bit of deep digging on the hour. Or should just be my chips. This is from plunder indices this is a real book with a real that's in it and I think you'll enjoy it even though it's a year old it's in paperback. Economists Newmark and washed. They actually evaluated decades and decades of studies analyzed in the efficacy of the minimum wage in the very model used to analyze their economic effects. She ladies and gentlemen. This experiments being going on. And FDR in the 1930s. And what are things FDR did he traded minimum wage and twelve up wages and everything here's the problem. Morning's hot. So unemployment. Rose. And less and less people had jobs. And it was harder and harder to create jobs. Now what are these professors these these are lead. With a they'd done. They concluded that quote what I love the way people from Ivy League school. Where advanced degrees accuse everyone else are being laid. They concluded quote based on the evidence from our nearly two decades of research on minimum wage is coupled with the evidence accumulated from the impress a body research. Conducted by others. We find it very difficult to see good economic rationale for continuing to seek a higher minimum wage. Numerous economic studies conducted over a decade are fairly and ambiguous. Minimum wages reduce employment of low skilled workers imagine that. These adverse effects are even more apparent when the re focus on those directly affected by minimum weight furthermore. Wages for low skilled jobs are dictated by applying the man not the I'm constrained wage offers an employee. Because anybody who's in business even small business nose eye sees and what the hell too inefficient actions. And I did this just don't like people there isn't the south to fish sandwiches and make it. We are hard fresh they write to imagine a compelling argument for a higher minimum wage went neither help lower income family nor reduce poverty out. I would call upon those. On the left and right who believe in this increased minimum wage to present us with dish out. With a rabbit. With their support. Or they just pied pipers and we're supposed to follow them around usually in circles backwards. No market watchers slightest idea that on the average wage for day labors in California. He job completely unregulated and required minimal skills. Is even more than eleven dollars per hour in this case the market and the laws of supply and demand. Increase hourly wages while about the current federal minimum wage and that's what happened. Eat any read and study by the Congressional Budget Office underscores the finding that these professors. After examining the effect of raising the minimum wage the Congressional Budget Office include. That for those who keep their jobs wages would obviously increase. But jobs for low wage workers were probably be even litany. The income of those workers who became jobless with Paul substantial. And the share of low wage workers who were employed would probably fall slightly. Indeed increase in the minimum wage would reduce total employment by half a million workers. Moreover most of the increase earnings of those who retain their job. But go to families below the poverty level because many low wage workers are not members of low income fan. The seat. You got that. They're young people in many cases. The CBO estimate that of the 31 billion dollars in increased earning 19% will go to households below the poverty line. 29 for them to go to families earning more than three times the poverty. You have two things going on now. People who really need these jobs in the unit city's young people going to high schooler. Or I'm not going to college in trying to get the first run up on the latter. There Al lock the minimum wage goes up. There is an enemy fire the enemy moved to part time and never gonna get a job in the first. And others. They say their children of families that. They don't rely on the minimum wage they're eighteen year olds seventy you know at the for the for the rest of the family to survive and that most. They don't. It had really no major consequence to. There's almost no benefit except to a very small percentage. Of workers. Almost no benefit. In fact it's very very negative. Now ladies and gentlemen this is an plundered a lot. Has basic. This is basic stuff. Why do we have just embracing the left radical agenda. And then you class warfare to cover up our. Our lack of knowledge. Is that the deal with the rich vs the pork. Nothing. And nothing and yet more and more the nationalist pocket. I like the progress to date. And they want you to be a. They don't want you know about research and they don't want you know about information that available they don't want nobody at. Just class warfare bang bang bang bang on the minimum weight class warfare on trade. In you know I dreamed of them and am asked me how lousy human being I want set to grow Americana American job and I ranked. Had run you must hate America you must won a match. Could be haven't not. And yet that's not how most of these people made their money. That they don't have this I mean if it has any broadcaster gone in the business. To employ their producer. To employ their call screener. I'm not aware of any humans to produce. But I get into radio much as I love my Nan rich on like rip. Items I need rich. But not why I got in the radio. And I didn't radioed to employ the app. Whomever no of course not neither did anybody else. I'd like to talk about the little guy but they're not about the little guy the point is you how the little guy. By embracing capitalism. Capitalism that created a massive so called middle class we have. And the standard to live we haven't elect and I'm not when the last attack. But when the Sony pseudo conservative. So called national popular attacked a note. You just have to wonder Daughtry. You just have to wonder. Had a the world survive how did America get along headed American become his wealth is a Pittman at the minimum way. The federal minimum wage which came to be in the 1930. Well before that there was him. I know mark people people aren't just a little bit of money they didn't deny it into that but people worked. We now have a situation where a lot of people out of the workforce who wanna work. Well said the situation and a lot of people out of the workforce because they don't wanna award. Because they want welfare and as for the government. The government is the biggest employer in the country. The biggest insurer in the country. Rather than the private sector. But always amazes me to do when we hear talk about the impact. Tony why the antitrust laws applied to big labor. It's because the erupt Theodore Roosevelt exempt the labor why did he do that. Because it was a progressive. What is the biggest trust in America. The federal government. No one company. The federal government's biggest trust in America. It that they get pension hole. The biggest spender in the biggest tax. Owns more property than any other entity on the face the in the of the country. It the biggest landlord. It's basically the biggest everything. And yet we're relying on the biggest everything. To tell us by all these private companies are too big inning in this in the of that you know we had the housing bubble. I wrote about this and liberty and tyranny years and years ago. It was a housing bubble caused by. Well in major part Janet Reno the attorney general. Andrew Cuomo the secretary of cut. Whether we're actually forcing financial institutions to make loans to people who couldn't pay them back. This is well documented and the IB like twelve document. They couldn't pay them back. Then we had these soon to a particular government. Why I private but mostly government and it he's giving out money to people who couldn't afford these loans. Run by mostly Democrat. Former Carter and Clinton administration officials as the community reinvestment act has been document that are. But what do they do. They created a housing. Bubble and the bubble blow up and many many of you were affected by. Reminding your own business get nothing to do it any evidence. And housing bubble blows up. Because hundreds of billions of dollars in loan. Would default. Given to people who couldn't afford them. And two of the men who were involved in that senator Dodd and congressman frank. Went on to create a law called Dodds frank. Intending of course to think that what they helped create. The which creates much more worse that it much more I'd difficult. Loan and financial environment. Much worse. Ladies and gentlemen. Yes yes yes. Why all the trashing the private sector of the time. While the trashing of economic liberty that time while the trashing it. Individual entrepreneur ores and enterprises all the time I really trashing of American business all the time. By the outta right national popular degree. While they claim to want to put America first. But I claim they care about the assembly line work. They really don't. A lot of this propaganda is the angle left wing propaganda. Of the old school left them 1960. You know the crowd. The would not crowd. The hippie crap the yuppie crowd at the entrance Disco the and I you know that bunch. The same thing. I'll be right back from earth and okay. I can't miss running mate if Donald Trump obviously in Thailand old friend them. Is some news in the come on the program of course we will have them on the program working that out in his past before tonight. Statement yesterday. Glenn Beck is it to come on the program. Talk about his book we will we're locking that and I believe tomorrow. Rich previous now has made contact through what his latest spokes idiot MM. And they range would like to talk to mark what how how can we set that average premature banned from the market went for a you're games don't cut it anymore. I told you wanted to talk to me through a year. Three year over what your year phalanx of Lackey. You have to do it on the air you have the done all of MTV none of these private meetings. I don't trust you. Oh yeah we'll do that first it was before the convention. Door in the convention let's wait to the conventions are I have no use for the I think he's contributed to dragging down the Republican Party he's Donald Trump's new friend. He's the all right nationalist populist new friend they conspired with him. Screw conservatives in the grass roots so let them live with. I want nothing to do with a previous year ban from the living in shank on all the other shows you don't need to be on action. Or can out with the others by the way. I'm not big on having time to get on hearing and I ideological about it one way or the other they have an interest in book or something interesting thing. And of course. But I don't need a conga line. Coming through this program I just don't. Our dear friends of the media restriction. I know a lot of you are making travel plans for the winner someone or something up their feet he can. Our buddy Brent Bozell at the Media Research Center is planning a cruise was an all star cast of conservative leaders to the Caribbean. For seven days in February. Right in the heart of winner. Where else would you wanna be but the Caribbean. Sounds like a lot and lots of fun lot more fun and shoveling. Here's what I'd like you did did go to MRC cruised dot com MRC cruise dot com or call 1800. 9557018. And check and a the Susan B. Anthony list as co sponsoring the trip by the way here's just a partial list of the gas acres will be there for panel discussions and answer your questions. Colonel Allen what. Our body count Tom Marjorie dad and fell only asks Terry Jeffrey general Jerry Boykin. Jim grant from news busters battle like my body Craig Shirley expert. Out standing. On Ronald Reagan breaker. Let me go to MRSA cruise dot com or call 1809557018. For. Not an easy number and they wanted to jot it down. 1809557018. Now one of the best parts about this trip is the axis to have all these great speakers going to do any actions at receptions and had dinner. And MRC cruised I can't sign up before they as they will. Or call 1809557018. At 1809557018. Or MRE crews. Adam. Irony. Here my body. Retired colonel John full of United States Marine Corps Obie doesn't mind me mentioning. Is perhaps we need to revisit the shootdown of two Libyan as to 22 aircraft by that has had fourteen from the US a name. On August 191981. We shot down the Libyan aircraft in the gulf loose address Neftali exercise their freedom of and I'm gay right into the gulf. Prior to this and that the Libyans have been fired and bad that even fired on US aircraft after they should now we didn't hear much from the Libyan jet I remember that. I was serving in the Reagan administration at the time. And of course the media and the left attack Ronald Reagan. Because. Those Libyan jets were shot down. What was your role when you ordered to shoot down the tree that happened in the middle of the night. That you wake up the president when this happened let me did you do this it. Do that. So the military knew they had a real commander in chief. And then Libya. While they never did anything can go in the Reagan administration pretty much. Yes yes this is the kind of feed respect Colin whatever you want. It's gonna have to be reinstituted. Will only Fuchs. Russia China Iran North Korea and arrest me I'll be right back. Is there. I'm totally underground. From the bowels of hidden. So when it comes to a brick and steel. This brick building. We once again made contact without. Hello everybody. Mark the end here are number 8773813811877. Create 13811. I'm going to be. When our bodies that read it. Going to be of their buddies at credit. If you go do on my website. My web site right mr. producer. Okay. Okay go to my FaceBook page we're living in TV he go to the mark looting and show FaceBook page and you hit the link. You'll see tomorrow morning. Let's see it on a Friday morning 10 AM eastern 7 AM Pacific will be on read it. Read it AMA. Well all our friends there to discuss. My decision on how you voted. The way. I've received a much shoddy reporting in my life. First off for what it's worth which probably isn't much. Web site reporting. Pretty lousy in many instances. They listened to eight relatively brief clip of what I said over ninety minutes to legal what an abrupt flip flop it and went. I. I've been talking about this for months. For months. And then we have people who look at this he's endorsed Donald Trump I didn't I said I'm voting for doctor. There's many of his idea I reject. Several us ideas I embrace. And I hope we'll continue to embrace I'm not gonna redo that on tonight's program. Many people at the same amount. Well he surrendered its principal amount surrendering any. Matter of fact the reason I'm voting the way I am this too. Two weeks actually to the and I can. Under very faulty primaries and comment on general election Pratt has. Our principles. The issue is how to we protect our footprint both the best under a difficult. Situation. People like to beat their chest. That's why I'm standing on my principal not. It. Can I doing a damn thing to help defeat Hillary Clinton. And those or early trump supporters. Into a damn thing to help elect a conservative nominee for the Republican aren't. Your lectures from these people. Bad who is in his and could derivative. Market must be a purist you know you get it all it's the. Irrational. And they do the best to canned. Explain it. Honestly to your family your friends and in my case also to mine. My audience which I'm blessed. We see what happens. Obama is in allows again today. You might say collapses in my house with Leo. Be what I call wow what we used to call that taleo. Qatar now let's gutter. Anyway yeah. So he's in not allow us today and he's having a town hall meeting and of course. He spends the town hall meeting trashing America. They went to hear what he thinks that she. He goes over he's the top Communist what he thinks about you got one go. If you are in allows you need to know about. Thailand and China and Cambodia because your small country and they're right next door. You know they are. If you are. Go through and I sometimes you can feel lazy. And things could get our big hit. We don't have to literally you know I didn't care about other people. Hello is this fool talking about it. A sick and tired of him putting down the American people. He's an in great. He's an angry it's the guy that. You don't really have to know about other people we know all about other people we know about you you'd Jack cut to go. Usually. It ain't. The environment destroy it is not because. That's been necessary for development. Because were being lazy and we're not being creative as we could be about how the door and smarter. They're more. Or Luke lazy again because Obama knows how to do everything now the man has never created a thing. Not a thing that chaos but I'm in the private sector. He was a community disorganized. Now we're being in late. We're not being creative this week and he has created Obama wants destroyed our healthcare system. He destroyed our borders he's destroying act Aaron destroyed destroyed district and now. Another guy gone on and on and on. Incredible. He's CEO we're lazy so we're destroying our environment cut three go. The models of development that we on the west. Using fossil fuels are not going to be terrible. We're not going to be able to oh actually they are sustainable called fracking. Where energy independent but Obama isn't the way. Go ahead go up from Laos. This game where there we developed the united and I thought who is developing out first Obama nothing do the development of the United States and he's. We're not going to be it'll develop blouse in the same this guy is. Office rocket. Easy jet around with fossil fuels and all the rest go ahead perhaps have a new model. Because if all of oh we're gonna happen at a new model. My act communism. We're gonna have seven new model. And Obama will develop will call beat. Old I'm a model. I had got your own comforts. And China and India. All were using much. Oil and gas or coal. Shut up you any you know what the hell you're talking about. Yeah I don't even know what the hell you're talking about. You don't know a thing about these industries we don't know a thing about economics you sound like these are a conservative idiots with the class warfare. Don't know any. They sit there and I lecture us some black dress is a community disorganized. He served in the senate two years. Becomes present united day. And he knows how to run the nation. Not just stars every night I was not around the planet. He knows how to run auto industries and petroleum you know how to you know everything. And yet he knows nothing. He's got to cover what now. Ideology that drives and eat it every day guy ahead. Good morning it was developing. We're all going to be underwater. The good environment yeah you did it we're gonna be under water. The environment will not survive. Understand this is an attack on capitalism that's what he's still. This is an attack on capitol. That's what is that that's what's gone on the that's your present and allow not mine impeach him along time ago I want to clarify this stuff. Ready to interview. Because we're gonna have a lot of fun on Friday morning just wanna go over the again. And read it a lot of young people go over there. In particular and I'm gonna have another AMA and that's stand ran me anything. Over regret that can be Friday 10 AM eastern one hour. Folks can ask me questions are going to be focused on my decision to vote for track. Mechanism. Perfectly willing and able to discuss. All the down sides in the app. So we'll have fun doing it he can head over to either mark living and are living in TV FaceBook page. But just go to WWW. Living TV dot com slash read it hey and an eight. Ladies and gentlemen. I don't rail against new technologies. I don't relic and these new media platforms we embraced. We wanna get the message out to as many people as we can as many ways we can we go to the people. I don't matter trick here we just go to the people. They're living TV in the different platforms whether social media. FaceBook and Twitter and and our multiple web site. Survey to review. And all the kinds of digital platforms on which we do radio. Finally in TV union is on your pot. Pocket device you're here cellphone near iPhone and android device it's on your laptop but Tonya PC. On your TV if you have a Smart TV and roku is so that's what we're doing. And we are doing this and we are moving at a very fast pace. Bricks banning in all. Areas. To reach as many people as we can't. This is absolutely cutting edge. And I predict a lot of people follow us we're doing an irrational way the cost effective way a responsible way. We want to bring as many of you along with a us as possible. You know people upset over the it Roger by the newspapers early by the cable wanna donate to. We create our own platforms week we create our own community. And that's the great thing about capitalism and cutting edge technology is. We got the literally for Google or anybody else. People who understand what's going on a modern technology they understand. That there are many many ways to do this. Anyways to that and you'll see them copycat popping up now. People who would never even thought about doing TV now to our to do TV you'll see that pop up in the tea how innovative they are. But we truly are. Not relying on non. Cable or satellite or network TV and only. We are weird you know blazing arrow on trail here as far as I'm content. That's what we're doing. And we look forward to seeing many of you on Friday morning. We'll have another and many on rent it you can check us out on the event TV FaceBook or the Mark Levin show FaceBook mark Lou then chose Twitter and everything I'll be right there are we'll be right back. I get so excited about the things were developing the things we're doing. And properly funding and supporting. You have to do these things the right way. And we are. We've just got started. In the living TV so it gasoline now hearing if trump loses he's gonna are on TV better than mr. producer. I don't know what that's so. And it may be a tough Roger Els working there and maybe has but he Bannon will be working and maybe if the team and I I don't know what the house does not only matters. Doesn't really matter. I have to keep my lips sealed because I you know we have big announcement in October and November. During the Thanksgiving period and before the Christmas period. But. Memo option talking amount should do something we hatched in my living room a couple of years ago it's very very exciting. Look at conservative radio I think the rarity of reviews about a year old is now. Not much older. One of the premier conservative. Sites in America today in the world today. In over a conservative review. You know we don't we don't play these Mickey Mouse games and have these national enquirer headlines and pictures of big busted women and all the rest of it in order to get hit and then we. Outside knows I look at all the way to act with an I knew it or not. Yeah. And I haven't at all. No we intend to maintain our integrity we intend to be the goat to place for conservatives who. Really want some thoughtful types of writing and so for their site to under sang the who's our our place we also were liberty scores over there. The most. Farrow scoring a politicians. Members of the house and senate. And presidential candidate. Period. We go back many many years a lot of these the night they played games with the ratings system. He plays favorites we do not play Federer. A lot of them allow these candidate. When they're running for reelection in moved to the right that McCain doesn't turns I don't snatched it and so forth. Well they catchall. And so they go back further where they can't at least six years. For those who have been their ears or Juan and they go through their record but an entire research that we conservative review that does John back. We have a lot of Smart up and coming solid principled constitutional conservatives. Who right there now one of the things I do not do even on the editor in chief does I don't rule with a ninth that sometimes there's differences of opinion. Testimonies that guy that manages it data date I don't dictate what the headlines are I don't hold daily meetings and all the rest. And only give people there. You know there are their ability to think for them selves. They exercise their judgment. And have an opportunity. To flourish. And that's conservative reviews perhaps Julio and I think it's about a year ought to be off. We know that. You know we have living TV. Well I'll. And that Taylor I'll say what I want. We're developing and into a network. And we'll be talking about that a great lands and probably gonna get in trouble anyone accent. And we're gonna have additional program he gonna be surprised and very pleased to now. With whom and how are expanding. Now on this some involved in every decision to leave a tremendous. Senior executive team but. I like to participate in this is well. Given. Give in my role in the upper out. All kinds of cool stuff coming and we're gonna need at all. Because this is going to be a they're very tough election and whomever wins they're not a conservative. Once a radical only EI ideologues. And that Hillary Clinton. And she will be on fire trying to put in place and ran it down she doesn't care about the constitution or anything else. Yet trump. Who sounds pretty good today and sounded pretty good last week and sounded pretty good the week before may sound great write up to election time I might get elected. And no illusions about him. When it comes to our economy. Particularly trade and tariffs and and his to mute ability. Which he's demonstrated over the years I'm well aware of all of us as are you. So more than ever we're gonna have to be. Resolute. As a citizenry. And we're gonna continue to hold his feet to the fires this election goes on. Had a pretty good couple weeks I think. And we had a pretty. Bad couple late Hillary's across. Hillary's a serial lot. Hillary's a law breaker. The director of the FBI. Has. Has humiliated himself broken down in history. As they cover up artist in my humble opinion. You don't hear much from the attorney general of the United States because behind the scenes. I believe he's the invisible hand. He Obama and Hillary Clinton's operatives. I don't think there's any question about it. You know in the democrats' takeover they really control account. They put their people in the civil service job. To protect them to make it almost impossible for Republican administrations to get them out. That's one of the things settle at trump when he's gonna have to confront he's gonna need a team make committee. Have hardened tough guys who know the bureaucracy who've been there before. Trying to at least begin to clean it out. So we're gonna have our work cut out for us and we will continue to do that right here I'll be right back. 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You're buying gold is right trio. Many of you heard me talk about this kinda pulled the trigger 1877365. Coin that's 1877. 365 point okay. Mr. minister. You choose who I speak to first L. WM IA now. A great commonwealth of Virginia Kevin go. Hey mark great to talk here can't say is thank beat. Great to really talk to your favorites and I just wanted to go back to the minimum wage points you were making a while ago. Then and we'll do. Okay I'm yeah I agree with you 100% on it being not a job killer. Am not going to happen small business killer on the I don't eat restaurant for a living. And down there are several things it would really. Be affected by that one of which is existing employees would all have to be raised dot com if I had a couple of you know coax it out and fifty bucks an hour. And brought in you know a couple of high school kid you don't have to take him up to 22 bucks an hour and it will result unquestionably. Let me explain why because because of people already. Corning above the minimum wage you'd have to create the differential between those very get fifteen bucks an hour. And some who are more specialized like the Cox. Oh. The waiter or the where the person who delivers the food they be getting fifteen bucks an hour about what went out and accounting benefit. They would be getting fifteen bucks an hour. And because your clock staff. Is getting seven dollars an hour more now you'd have to pick that up the 22 dollars and Harris are resonate throughout the. Correct there's no question about it resulting in you know try try serve you know laid off so the whole night. I even you know having been in the business a long time I would not put it. Past the powers that be or the powers that may be to regulate it tipping system. You know where you know chipping would go out the window and it would be flat rate and you know who beat you know taxable at that point. We live in the country now my friends where the left to imagination. Are the limits of their power. That is there aren't. And they can wake up one Dana thank you know what little boy should be allotted at a girls' room the girls should be able to learn a little boy's room and they should be able to change in the same gym locker. Along the line. Brown made it may be others it should be adjusted net so the the. The imagination of the social engineer has never take it. It never say it. And that's the problem. And we're all affected by it one way or another even if we don't think where we are. But guys like you who have restaurants are people who have a little operations it just. It blows out there entire business model and many people are gonna go out of business and people are gonna lose dropped. Yeah and and the thing about it is this just another hammer regulation that trickles down. And affects how we control our businesses you know you're already getting crushed by taxes your cost of goods or through the route from you know EPA regulations and things like that. You know you'll see a lot of it if we really effect I mean I think that for a lot of places that'll be done. You know they can't ever battle Darby who want to bring a lot of places you know into real financial straits. What do you say to people who obviously have no real experience managing in any. Hey let gay and I got to give people a way so they can live and so forth and so on isn't the answer that and map the fire people I think who live on nothing. You have to precisely. You know I think another important point on that is to its you know how. You know tell me if I'm wrong but I think one of the reason they wanna you know that the way to get it when it's actually more you know so it's another waiter duke and people actually question okay well you know we're gonna have Coca-Cola didn't lift you up here as an entry level employees and everybody existing botched you know looks or another I don't know 10060 coming out of your you know. Check every other week or whatnot you know extra task. I don't know and the. This isn't a radical we have the cities that have done like Seattle and I gave the example that and plunder embassy. And it's been a disaster and the people who were in the play has paid. Because they're not cut to part time or they lose all kinds of benefits they lose their chops. It all right my friend good to hear me real world and a small businessman. OKMR. Producer here. Sirius satellite. Native North Carolina. Dull. Mark Eaton all right Harry used it. I'm doing pretty well HL com. You know meet wonder if she had breached her absolutely loved it in the suck up even more I devoured liberty and tyranny and I absolutely peer review on. Which essentially everything what you can you you articulated. That plots that I haven't you know how to word and I really just I appreciate you I'm very very kind thank you. Yeah no problem I'm gonna want to comment on the minimum wage. That sort of extension of what the points you've made in your previous caller who had an admirable talker December. I'm an ally won a separate stating the FT are quite intense and be he keeps. He gave an illusion I think that American hero I found through minimum wage is thought security and that's. This created this this all consecutive. Which which treats its independent if you look at it. And now that you have are on minimum wage ever increasing along with regulations you can you can deduce that the bull market. That more people on the government dole because you can't. You can't you leftists and honestly believe that read in the cost waiver would decrease. But a machine I notice tuchman noticed that even pseudo conservatives now wrapped themselves in this banging compassionate thing. Effective put people out of work. Or drives them and a full time jobs. Or make it impossible practically for young people to get their first job. I mean we Vick is now we know what it does we know what it does in real life you're the gentleman calling owns a restaurant or to a we noted that study after study after study here's what they can't demonstrate they cannot demonstrate that increasing the minimum wage expands job creation a wealth creation. He doesn't. And how many people do you know who go on to business and say I'm going in the business I can pay people and increased minimum wage that's not why they going to bid. I think you know what now maybe people should start their own business. Rather than the government telling everybody what to do how to do it when to do it and so forth and so on. The people wanna go on a business in order to pay people the minimum wage they don't do that I don't know broke broadcaster has done. Not one you know many. Ever heard of broadcasters have gone into business so I can. Paint people led the minimum wage now they gonna business because they want to that because they enjoy broadcast thing or whatever it. I'm my friend good call I appreciate it. I'm up now mister producer I see pat. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania they great WIN TP go home the Eagles the Eagles don't have a quarterback that might be a little rough. I had. You anymore pocket or at what point. Two months ago. What I'm remembers in the air force blue cheese. Remember me to fear KC 135 tanker. They were up the Pacific. Aren't doing air operation. How Russian Mick. And I did verify it was Russian or Chinese New York got extremely close to them so so close that they had actually great. And the return to your Casey's Sereno wants 35 tanker is not. There's a fighter. Is about 25500000. Panel. Over so. Yeah it's extremely dangerous story air operations but I have. Let him pity that it pokes. Patted open seas and Iranians are done at the Russians are done at the Chinese will do that Obama will do nothing. They are you notice. And I can't wait to this man is how Washington DC. I read somewhere that he might be effort billion dollar president. You know if the clintons are quarter of a billion dollars you know. But of course. They left this they make a lot of money when they leave office having an impact. It under. But until he gets out of office this is gonna continue it just did. My best to your family member of their pat we appreciate your call I'll be right back. Okay. Hillsdale College dating. I right mr. minister you guys do. The US constitution. And the precious right to protect and here's threat from our own Supreme Court. That's why hill don't publish the most recent issue from prime about the next Supreme Court. He'll be received your free copy. And now just in time for constitution. Which we celebrate this month. Hills Dell's offering a new free online course all about the Supreme Court. I was of course begin at the end of the month you can pre register right now that day. And living in freight Hillsdale dot com LEV I N free Hillsdale dot com when you do. You receive a free pocket copy the US constitution I would encourage you to do this now people get busy and they forget. This is a wonderful opportunity. The purity have a pocket constitution give it to a gluten can do your child when he or she goes to school. Can you don't teachers in the principles. But this course features ten lectures you can watch it leisure from doctor Larry aren't and other outstanding nosed up as. As an added bonus he get instant access satellite dish of a prime education minister. Don't delay I would pre registered two day total of infidels dot com LE BI and for Hillsdale dot com. Provide a magnificent service and it feels and we're very appreciative. Let's continue. How we. Brad a title and I think great WL and oh. Better protect my golf night to download at that every thank you thank you can't ask are really in raw. An early Powell politics you know last year I have been. Researcher a lot of documentary about idol and in the Clinton chronicle all certain. If all that stuff is true. That you see on the that you hear on the Internet all these. Documentary I mean they have documentaries. And. No but I I can't I can't vouch for every documentary everything on the imminent. But Garnett. Part you know it all day. Where we're all these people come from. Bit support Hillary Clinton. Where they come from knowing all this all this information about about her how she even quotes they're competing with trapped for the presidency. Well you tell me. I have no idea I immunity be it but it scares me I mean we got. Fifteen year anniversary coming up about you know on 9/11 coming up this month you ought to meet and hardly anybody talks about bat. And it Ali documentaries say about how to do all. Big government wooden ball and all of. Added EA Kook. The government and Bob and I only got through but. Because they're wrong I would lose then. Because they're wrong show. Right study was done. Just let it play at a little. Leo round hill Virginia the great WMA Al don't. Thanks mark I wanted to go back to the you know. Obama thing which is clean energy real quick. You know we gave so Warren ground 5017. Million dollars I've worked in a while so old and they only paid back 24 million. So what he should have been saying no hitters look at my stellar record of getting America off fossil fuels. But he can't do it. What are we. Guy the guys off his rocker you have to understand he's. He's never gonna be stricken. And actually when he gets out of office. Likely won't have that kind of power but. He will be a top notch propaganda and demagogue. There'll be books written about. But he an incredible president we never had a magnificent president such as Barack Obama. Were it is gonna make tens of millions of dollars Ian and the Allen book deals and he's gonna be made in the shade to me maybe it just pay a run for president we can all become billionaires and on I mean. Well why. He's a complete fraud. Obama he's an ideological leftist. And unfortunately. Probably in my lifetime. Will be naming holidays after him street after him out battleships after him. In all sorts of stuff and if she gets elected Hillary same damn thing. It only after republic crumbles. That people like this are really looked at in the in but it's too late for you and me and are proud New Year's. I Leo we appreciate your call on round hill. No it wouldn't. Marry partly and aren't in the great eight USO. Go. Mark. Yeah. I just called to say that it at this small business owner. People don't understand they think we're all wealthy. And who is the very first person who doesn't take a salary when things go out it's the business owner. We carried our people first six months with no salary and that very first time. That we finally got to take its salary again somebody asked as her race they just don't get. Well I think a lot of these pseudo nationalist populist phony conservatives don't get it either. Like I say they think everybody's John rocket. And yeah yeah apparently so they don't Canada and with the economies made up of his no small business people like you. Yeah it's true I used to work in any small businesses. My parents small business. And some weeks were better than other weeks some months were better than other bouts. And we would get cleaned we needed something we got it we were there to help our parents. Are very small business. I don't know that they would survive under all of these rules say and before that they ran a small nursery school and a and they can't they did everything. But they hired counselors and there are some assistants who tartan helped teach nursery school and so forth in my mother handled that in my filing in the the other thing there is no way. No way that they they could run the. That was the minimum wage and Obama care and and just all the rest of the smothering taxes and rules that would never happen. So it's just outrageous course. But. You know morons and they're all kinds of fields they think they know what they're doing and they played the audience. And Iran I'll be right back. He's here. Only underground. From the bowels of a hidden. Somewhere under the bridge can steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact without. Hello everybody in my living here ranked number 8773813811. 77. 381381. Like you know it's been as good news. The other day I said neither of these candidate ever talks about shrinking. The direct commitment. Ice that it is one of my criticisms of Donald Trump. When you bring it up he never brings it up. Says he's gonna cut taxes and attack regulations. He brought it up to. Somebody that campaign I think is listening. I don't out. But he is woody said in Philadelphia today cut. In part cut five go. Government wide improper government payments are admitted to exceed 135. Billion dollars per year. And the amount of unpaid tax is estimated to be is highest 385. Billion dollars a year. We can also reduce the size of the federal bureaucracy. Through responsible. Workforce. Attrition. That is. That is when employees retire. They can be replaced by a smaller number of new employees are the best way to do. We can also up funding programs that are not authorized in law. Congress and 320. Billion dollars last year on 2566. Iron laws are laws that are gone. And do all of that money. Removing just 5% of that will reduce spending by almost 200 billion dollars over ten year period. That is a rational proposed. I know having served in the Reagan administration that can be done. Okay there's a proposal for cutting government. There any idea how well a lot more but there it is. There's one. You'll hear this from Hillary Clinton. I'm gonna criticize him when he deserves to be criticized from my perspective and I'm gonna give him credit when he deserves to get credit from my perspective. And I believe that to be the case. Hillary Clinton doesn't get any credit because. She is. The opposite. Now what I believe they yeah public official should be. Now. What about. The united states military you and I have talked at the ladies and gentlemen the sequestration. That Obama proposed. In Mitch McConnell and John Boehner embraced wrongly. A disaster. In order to cut federal spending because 81. Why can't I don't hate her heart kind of viable government. Embark things done here and tell you a wet. Have been doing a chance and Wilbur. And Wright when it let. My great. Or. Anyway yet. You're not gonna control the power of the parish you get into these deals with. With Obama which you lose. And so for every dollar you try to cut on the domestic side that is. From the massive welfare state yet the cut from the united states military on top of Obama. This one of the reasons our military and a lousy shape right now. Because of the quite there. We need to slash domestic and ration. Much of what the federal government does is not in the constitution. The main thing the federal government does raise your hand what you think the main thing the federal government does what the main thing. Redistribute wealth. And I'll tell me that a republic. The main. Work of the federal government today whether congress. But the bureaucracy. Where the president is to read it anyway. Take from the person who weren't at and gives it to the person who doesn't. It does great. The purpose of taxation. Is to fund the basic responsibilities of government. At the re Gigot society. In any event here at trump in Philadelphia today on the debt and budget and the sequester cut seven doubt. Under the budget agreement defense took half of the cut even though it makes up only one sick. Of the budget and they put it all on defense. As soon as I take office I will ask congress to fully eliminate the defense request and will submit a new budget to rebuild our military it is so depleted. We will. Importantly create certainty that and community. As of funding and will allow military leaders to plan for our future defense and most importantly. We will be dependent. Because without defense. We don't have a country. As part of removing the defense request. I would ask congress to fully offset the cost of increased military and in the prior looming government leaner and more responsive to the public. To fully offset the cost and increase military spending mean cutting it somewhere else. Which is exactly what needs to be done. Which is exactly what needs to be done now another thing I have focused on. A living TV win a major interview. On the of our power grid and it is. Open to terrorist attacks and it doesn't take much to shut down the power grids in the United States. And bring this country to an absolute halt. But that your own finances. To think about everything that's on the electrical grid. Yankee gasoline. He can't get food. Because they Q package that the shipment. He can't go to the checked out for me get to your own money in your bank. If it hot he can't get air conditioning of it's cold you can't get heat you refrigerators aren't gonna Wear it to watch machines and other aren't gonna work. What you think about the you're televisions in your radios aren't gonna work. No we had Peter prion within TV I want to go back and check it out. I interviewed him for a full hour without an eruption. And he's one of the leading expert in the entire country on the. And I have to ask for Donald Trump to bring this up. I don't care if it is a distance or not Hillary Clinton's not bringing it up. Mitch McConnell is not bringing it up all right not bringing up nobody bringing it up at me for Donald trop the focus in on this. That's very important. To. Friday up. One of my first directors have to take it off will be asking. The Joint Chiefs of Staff and all relevant federal department to conduct any terror review. The United States cyber defense is. And identifying. All vulnerabilities. That we have to do that immediately including. To our power grid our communication. And all vital in truck. Stop and now he's saying the ladies and gentlemen because. We are open to attack you've seen some of it already. It doesn't take much. At their cyber warfare taking place in this country. It's aimed at us. Nobody talks about. Why do I mean nobody. But neither. And it's very very important Hillary Clinton doesn't talk about it Hillary Clinton's been around forever. Has anybody ever heard it talked about the. It's a big deal. Go ahead. I will then ask for a plan to immediately protect. Those vulnerability. And then six. I'm the same time. At the same time. We will invest heavily in an offense is cyber capabilities to disrupt our enemies including terrorist who rely heavily on Internet communication. It's something I've been talking about. We need to take it to the enemy. The take down one of our retail shops are and it is a retail chains they're data we need to take down there we need to demonstrate to them that we can reach right into the Kremlin. Ready to Beijing. Read in the Iraq. Read into that little inbred in a North Korea right into his head bedroom. This is very important very very important and there's an element of sophistication here. He his advisors military advisors and other. That you don't hear on the Hillary Clinton quite frankly. Cut nine go. The FBI report she claims she couldn't recall important information on 39 separate and different location. She can't even remember whether he has trained. In the use of classified. Information. And she said she didn't know the letter he means confidential. Or at least class a fine. If she can't remember such crucial event. And information. Honestly. She's totally unfit. To be our commander in chief totally out. Quite right. I believe this was something we hammered on Mr. Big is on Friday great luckless. Yes and he absolutely need to release her medical. And the media in this country is filled with fraud and cover up artists. Not because she's a woman not because work Kooks because they consider. Hillary Clinton according to the FBI released notes. On Friday evening for the vacation in the three week Labor Day holiday. The FBI acting like a political operation as I sat on Friday but I was there. I was in a way we caught it we have credit. The FBI releasing that information within that information we learn. That Hillary Clinton claimed as a result of a concussion. And Iowa was a blood clot in her brain. She forgot he had remained. A ladies and gentlemen I think that's bogus I think she's a liar but that's. Which he sent a let -- matter where. Now we need to know the health of this month. Yet we don't. We need to know if she is hurting. That he had such a severe crash. That he had a blood clot on the brain. Which caused her a two to battery maverick yeah. Reigning. Wheldon. We need to know. Now it's not a well properly packed records and of this release is that none and they are we the people. We need to know if she is physically and mentally fit. To be president of the united made it a big shot. It's our country. And we have our right and how that. This. If it matters not about eruption. Our tax day is really a bit about whether she is physically and mentally fit to be president of the united day. Based on what she sat. The Federal Bureau of Investigation. Okay in the. You know what happened the other day ladies. That seat today is September what ex mr. produce seventh but it haven't. You know it happened four days ago ladies and gentlemen. In the middle of Labor Day. Barack Obama. Tiny climate change deal. With a hole puncher countries in the UN. Without going to the senate for free rent. And he is tied this country. And our economy and our life to the lowest common denominator. A Third World banana republic. He wants to. He has no. No compunction. About violating the constitution. And about trying this economy. I'll say it again and I've added a hundred times before Barack Obama has done more damage to this country. The military. Our immigration system. But he's done more damage to our constitutional system and any of iron and Emmys together could hope to. Because he uses his office his public truck. And he uses the powers of the presidency and powers that he doesn't even happen. To attack us from within. His policies are spreading cancer. The body politic. And Hillary Clinton will do exactly the same thing Catalina that's. NBC news Kristin Donnelly. Obama kept his environmental legacy not to listen of that so here we have a oppose a news organization. And the news is Obama's environmentally. Not that he violated the constitution. That the he's attacking our economic system and our quality of life. Know the news is that he captives environmental like is that well but it has Venezuela we don't woman Dora. Obama captives environmental legacy right Kristin Donnelly of MBE news and farm Apollo eight pivot to Asia. I formally ratifying the Paris climate deal on Saturday. In a ceremony and come to town trying. Elicited this language. Obama formally ratified. Their parents climb again how does a president ratify. The agreement. Prison camp ratify an agreement. Part of the problem is that what they're bidding at a journalism school is economic and constitutional illiterates who are also ideologues of the left. They turn into what I've called per touring guard media. Now that phrase I've coined that. Can go around copy writing everything can. It they move what solidified a pact that many already he has his signature accomplishment well now Dana. I thought obamacare was a signature accomplishment. I thought the trillion dollar stimulus plan was this signature accomplishment. As I don't know what Signet tricked up. I thought packing the court was a signature accomplishment. Only has so many signature accomplishment he left wing historians will be a busy writing of the greatest president that. Don't distributed or maybe it'll do a movie about love story between him in the Shah. I think it. Where does Michelle. I've asked before I'll ask again why did you ever travel with the. Don't Ask Don't Tell. For decades. It was as if China in the US for the captains of two opposing teams any match debating approaches to climate change at White House senior advisor Brian. And if we're going to find a successful at out of Copenhagen failure we're going to have to. And so they can ladies and gentlemen we surrender our economy would capitulate. And we've made our constitution. He's told reporters on a conference call the president was always optimist that the deal was possible but remain clearer it. That it needed any assistance and diplomatic effort. The lamp not it's as if the NBC news operation is a mouthpiece for Obama. Listen really like to be landmark climate change BR includes a 190 countries pledging to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. And he keep global temperature rise below two degrees. I eighty to 90% of the countries out there. Don't produce a damn thing. So they already qualified for whatever reductions that are supposed to be. Generally bad for we the people. That an attack I don't. Capitalism and growth because these green user actually reds that is Communist. What countries where people can. It can't find water. They're starving to death. They're not going to be able to develop. They're not going to be able to develop. This is inhumane. They stand be on top of being unkind things don't any anybody talking about. Coming right back. And nations town hall meeting. And you can join again at 8773813811. Hey everybody yeah. By the way. For those of you. I don't mean to be provocative or controversial on any respect telling when I think those of you who recruits aren't. When I that I will look tramples it this is going to be. Massive. Change in direction for the campaign Iran. I give trump about a 13 chance of winning this election. I'm wrong I'm wrong it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. I'm just saying. The way things lineup you look at the Electoral College you look at the Democrat party. He look at how they call list and so forth. And they don't care if Hillary Clinton is committed crimes and serial liar and his. Is. Black characters and it is is awful and every and doable way they don't care. They vote because they vote for think. They accuse us of material that's being material Kapalua the the material. They vote so the Democrat can use the government to deal for. What would be a crime in the private sector. Is considered a human right. When the Democrats stood in government. So I suspect they'll turn out significant numbers. I'm not wishing for the I would wish for us not in the least. Now but I think this is a very big uphill battle. I just do. You know again I'm not part of Iraq yet am I gonna just say hey look over. Hit the road that's all. That's left leg right right everybody. To be in Iraq. Music ready there get mr. producer. To have a clue Indy. So. The problem isn't going to be. Perhaps. The fact that many of us voted for trump the problem is going to be that not enough did and that Hillary. Is likely to win. Who believe me he has his faults which is why. We're in this predicament to begin with because they should be a very very easy election night you know you really should be. The very very easy election. In oh. Last month the United States and they'll carry association the US BCA. The deep fibers are we armed American 17176. Dollars to buy guns and ammunition. James and from South Carolina gymnast from Georgia. To the lucky responsibly armed Americans and on the Google. 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I'm mark and to protect my call I am hey eighteen year old college student I'm. It shred of gears. And I am just your typical. Well no conservatives there are so liberal college and I know. I see why Democrats are so desperate. To take advantage take over education. And Tyco well at the time. I didn't fight with my professors. Oh they want to do push evolution. All they wanna do urged. You know art history class. All of respect except through the Israel they treat Israel like like everything I accomplished. It and maybe. Kurt can be made up. It sets out to what I. Rake and a long list of all the end inventions and so forests of the game mentally mas. You know it's just. They're taking eventually people who know no better and are shoving audio it's now. Yeah I know it at. In our colleges and universe he's it's getting worse and worse and worse they used to be liberal badly he could debate. Now they're left wing Kooks and you know I did debate have called these the last fashions of the old Soviet Union and that's exactly what's going on hey Caleb. Give a copy of plunder in the. Don't hang up Brennan and a any copying you'll be out armed with a even more information. Ted Cruz at Reagan national airport today EMC. And Reagan national airport today is asked about Colin peppard. Hat tip DMZ cut eleven ago there. Oilman. It's very easy when you sit there rolling. I come from and millions. Good morning. It's an out right disrespect. My Netanyahu and runs. Thought they see him on the tarmac is not the to that side of the terminal. Erica pet. America. The president should be encouraging every American. I miss that voice and that is what I wanted to play it primarily. Alex want to comments. Lots of companies. I continue ain't. So we're. Brings Nevada on the mark then that dealt. And Ali my brother mark thank you senator Harry hill. I am client I hope you're doing well also are you audience it. Our I was nadir of back late sixties early seventies. And one thing I Laura mark was soot. The naval officer who is true responsibility. Is to his command the air and everytime I see one of these incidents. In the U down the gulf. I I it just makes my blood boil ICC's Christine he's. Also urged. Being forced to yet now do you EU UAE and navy commander. You ripped the world what are you sir where you know assure our question where you support and mustard man. And I you know damn well these commanders would like to do something about this and their. Lee absolutely agreed to pay your the only reason they would. Chill in the responsibility. To defend their command marked is because they were given direct orders from higher authority. The results only possibly doing Valerie. Jarrett. Yes Kelly married is daisy fives are general in the Obama militant. No question about it. You know I IE it is just. If you're great to meet your return Murray I hear about this and I'm I know who took command urged. They don't rated horror slow down amount little. Bug got in front of the vote they wanted to run him over they wanted to blow allow water but today was following quarters. That's the only reason they didn't do. I'm my friend and I appreciate that you take care yourself. And I appreciate your service to. Doug Tulsa Oklahoma they great KF eight years ago. Are they are all up for their hero radio. Or out of our child or you bury how well. The era the minimum wage. I'll tell liberals here this. And at this point your bullets before yeah. I just wanted to reiterate that you know this is what ought to this group of political worker vote for. And by the yeah no vote you know all the doubts about our partners at Purdue where art art air. There are approach. Itself but. Don't know it and order in lower operation voter but. You know better giving them. You don't beat outlook. And check out you don't step toward earth. Sort spider. All the book I didn't you know quote below. We're you know they have them both arms at that picture out there and order 00 yeah. I. Don't worry about what jobs are at our at at all. Sparked rigor positioned ergo they don't water or. It urged. All are but wait it. Out. So. That's just before or. Out but it. Let me build on this dissect. What what was it that they have the volunteers they begin at the lowest Larry the military military personnel. And in the minimum wage do. Do you hear people who say you know Vienna have living where do the minimum wage and summit every talking about the military but the military against any. We aim left and and that people in the street fifteen guys fifteen and then give a damn about McIntyre with the military pay now does it. Some. Beautiful call I appreciate it my friend we'll be right back. A. I've got a lot of friends. They really did manage some people like to test and you can probably get them but the have a lot of friends. And some of them that are fighting with it. I mean they're fat like family members they're really fighting with. And they truly believe in what they believe in the not a game. Some of the map their position themselves and I was the first you know who endorsed prop them I don't care than any of that stuff. Anti began the program saying everybody needs to pull it stopped talking about a thousand any child. I pretty much but I said mr. produce. I mean what had a couple of them. I'm really not even talking about anybody in effect. I'm not. I'm really not. Hippies. But the Love Boat apparently mr. producer. In a week yes we have with a low blow a little about. That you don't remember UT up. And you didn't remember. He isn't an option but he remembers a well I would watch it now and then isn't exactly at the top the list goes okay. So I'm not warm and anybody. As I say there's some people in this business so I do despise but. You know my friends out there they know who they. On the refining with the track. In this election we'll do that. Divided families it's divided France. It's gotten ugly. I believe it started in the Republican primary gone into the general. You look at Hillary Clinton. Get an ugly there I would. That's where we are. So don't fret. Sleep well tonight. Of course I never sleep I'm an insomniac and working on a brand new book I think you know a lot of but I'm not gonna get intimate ways. Have a title for a mr. Pickens. Now at the titlist. Iacocca. Now I guess getting. Here erode the I have a large hotel chains across the country. Have been involved any credit card data pre. As you've stated a major hotel recently take proactive steps to keep your financial. Request a new credit or debit card contact your financial institutions for union usual activities. Discuss any fraudulent charges immediately. 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Even the Fed can't seem to stop it he need to be alerted economic quickly. That's what this is all about. Lifelike as spectacular company a wonderful sponsor. To get 10% off your life like ultimate plus membership is by mentioning my name within 1800. 457. O'clock. Okay. Let's take a call shall we. And it. The Chris. Oklahoma California the great KS FO ago. Hey it actually Oakland California I'm I was just calling and I thank Derrek Lee out. The nice side note of Oklahoma are yet no one yet erratic and that's okay. I'm so earlier you were talking rather crazy let's just to don't seem to care about what the military makes. Yeah I wanna guy that's kind of a straw man I hold on now are you one of them minimum. Well if I don't care about what the military and like I understand your argument is false when you're not yet your providers requires that they clocked how. So what they make hourly. Is not only what is it is as I was again over in Afghanistan. Who. You were a little. Our military and our guest. Well that helps military he's done talking about now yes they get three grants or housing. And they're called up. And they do dangerous things like put their lives on the line you know they're not they're not that Brian that now around in the Fryer at mcdonalds not that there's anything wrong with that. Yes I have a problem when it. Never promise that now. It also got a argued Jack. You left the book. Economical. Jane. Will new Philadelphia Ohio I guess I'm from the old Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Yes Jane Sirius satellite Harry user. I'm well and I just want to say what a pleasure and otter is being able to beat. On your show tonight I really appreciate taking the time to take my call. Well radon and indeed Iran. Has so mark my Mike called Knight is not with the question it's more with the comments in support of your decision to come out and vote truck now wanted to idea out brought to I am not a rock kept migrants. I don't raise right like life like for no but. I will tell you that I think I wanna yes it's kind of laugh in the what I hear principled opinion I want a standup and be counted amongst. People they have a similar opinion and you sir. Huge delivered daily I mean every day in my work office I run a small business. Then on your Philadelphia off. I don't get anatomy James have to go but I am very much appreciate you very gracious comments thank my. We salute our armed forces police officers firefighters and a married person out. By the way a great living TV yet haven't even talked about it ticket added two minutes. The other radio tomorrow god bless each and every one.