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8/2/16 - Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Aug 2, 2016|

President Obama is in no position to say who is fit for the presidency given his background and contempt for the Constitution and limits on his office. Obama is friends with two domestic terrorists, Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn. Ayers and Dohrn fueled revolutionary efforts to advance Communism ...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Is there. Only underground. From the bowels of hidden. Somewhere on to a brick and steel over nondescript building. We once again made contact without. Hello everybody marquee event here are number 877. Create one. Reid won one it. 877381. Create 11. Details of. When it's a little story and it's relevant to what's going on right that it can. About John Quinn yeah. John Quinn CNN news. And Andruw Jones. Considered one of the most brutal presidential campaigns in American history. John Adams. Live long enough you some become president and 1825. Quincy Adams lost the president and Andrew Jackson and 1828. This is an eight year old. Portrayal what took place from CNN. Fortunately that mean he didn't have to witnessed what many historians consider than nasty contest for president. In American history. The slurs flew back and forth. But John when he had as being labeled a pimp. An injury Jackson wife getting called a lot. As election progressed. Editorials in the American newspapers read more like bathroom graffiti than political commentator. One paper reported that quote general Jackson's mother was common prostitute. Brought to this country by British soldiers. She afterward married anymore a lot of man with whom she had several children of what general Jackson is one unquote. But got Americans so fired up for one thing many voters felt John Quincy Adams should never have been present in the first place. During the election of 1820 Fort Jackson had won the popular vote but not the Electoral College vote. So the election was to out of by the House of Representatives. Henry Clay one of the other candidates running for president threw his support behind Adam. To return the favor when he added proudly made in secretary's day. Jackson's supporters label that the corrupt bargain and spent the next four years calling Adam you are. Yeah getting the short end of the electoral sticking Andrew Jackson's managed to connect with a vote as he has a program which could have been more different than Adams. By the time John Quincy was fifteen he traveled extensively in Europe master several language is worked as a translator in the court of Catherine the great. Meanwhile Andrew Jackson and none of those privileges by fifteen he'd been kidnapped and beaten by British soldiers orphaned. Let's defend from off from the streets of South Carolina. Adams was a Harvard educated diplomat from a prominent doing let them. Jackson was a humble war hero from the rural south. Who never learned to spell. He was the first presidential candidate in American history. To really on south as a man of the people. For which he was supported. Having been denied their candidate in eighteen funny for. The masses rampant arms for Jackson for years later. There was lack of education of political experience terrified many Adams supporters. That argument didn't hold water. For those who lined up to cast their votes for old Hickory. And ever since Jackson decisive victory no presidential candidate. Has dared take a step toward the White House. Without first holding hands with the common man. But losing the 1828 election may have been the best thing happen to John Quincy Adams. And assaulting a home to Massachusetts. At a school in south together ran for congress launching an epic phase of his career. During his seventeen years in the House of Representatives Adams became an abolitionist you're. Championing legislation to open the debate on slavery. And 1840 when he famously put his money where his mouth was. When he defended the 39 African captives aboard the slave ship Amma. Before the US Supreme Court. At a time when all but two of the justice those on the court were pro slavery. Adams won his case. Anyone who's human rights appeal. What this element. Well I listen to Barack Obama today and almost threw up in my shoes. I almost threw up in my shoes. I have serious issues with Donald Trump both in terms of subs and and temperament. But the idea that he is on it to be present in the United States is preposterous. Now Hillary Clinton. Team known serial line. The lot. To the big guys he. Lies about Whitewater lies about the travel law. Lies about her husband unleashes. An assault on innocent. Victims women. But claiming to be a feminist. A brutal attack. Lies about the Espionage Act in this remain tight okay. Not lying about emails bigger than that he's lying about classified information. The FBI director and if he wasn't a coward what have recommended. One indictment charged hundreds of indictment charges. Mention goes on FOX News Sunday analyzed to Chris Wallace. And pretend the FBI director didn't say she lied when in fact he did it. When in fact eat it and I want to get back to Barack Obama Barack Obama used the occasion. The precedent with the with the prime minister of Singapore. To get involved in our presidential race. I've never seen anything like. He's in no position to say anybody's unfit to be president of the United States given his background. Given his association with domestic terrorist. Given there's complete utter contempt for the United States constitution and a limit of his off. As a ladies and gentlemen. And spend this half hour. Re weaning ourselves. But the man who is president and was never fit to be president of the united. Barack knows how Benito. Obama. And I'll do this by way of how reg Mary's he. Several years ago. In the American spectator. They're all in this to get. And so bear with me this we'll take a little time a story. That put things in perspective. The medium respectively erupt. Quick tarring garden media in perspective. As during the 2008 presidential campaign about his relationship with left wing radical Bill Ayers. Barack Obama replied that there is was just a guy who lives in my name. He implied that to even bring that questionable relationship out of the shadows was a means bearded. Guilt by association political tactic. Errors Obama went on and nothing had done nothing and had done something deplorable forty years ago when I was six or seven years old. Other wise Obama and it. Ayres was a paragon of virtue respectable fixture in mainstream Chicago professor at the University of Illinois in Chicago. When he foundation board focused on education that included Republicans bankers a lawyer. There's an even worked for was a good friend of mayor Richard Daley. The Obama campaign at once launched a crusade to distance Obama from. It went so far it's actually defend the man who had implicated himself in terror bombings. And on 2001 memoir fugitive day. In fact there's and his wife Bernadine Dorn where radical Marxist revolutionaries in the Vietnam War air. They were founders of the Weather Underground a violent terrorist arm of students for a democratic side. But were eventually indicted in federal court and Doran by the state of Illinois. Rather than face a trial they jumped bail and disappeared into the underground in nineteen haven't. And they resurfaced eleven years later both were admitted into the halls of academia. And it became a distinguished professor of education. Any senior university scholar at the University of Illinois Chicago. Incredibly. Dorn became a law professor northwest. Oh. What about the gold star for. I'd say five X days this is enough. 56 days and this is enough. Hopefully Donald Trump got the point nine believing it. But beyond this now. Is kicking a dead horse. Or did you know he was a professor Sharia oh did you know I could careless. With this guy out of sight out of mind. And focus on Hillary Clinton. And my I had Barack Obama. And now he's involved in the presidential campaign as I will play next hour when the hour thereafter. Back to our little story about a man who was unfit to be president and he's demonstrated every day in the Oval Office. That's the case. The American spectator is developing information this is a few years back to demonstrate without any doubt that there isn't gone it's been a lifetime advocating a practicing the strategies and tactics. A mark. That includes a violent overthrow of the United States government. It also involves treasonous cooperation a revolutionary Communist government in China north Vietnam and Cuba. Door in the 1960s and Anthony's head into the fall of these block government in eastern York and the Soviet Union. But unlike many of their compatriots from those days of violence and turmoil errors in garner completely unrepentant. About their past activities. It is day they continue to support the traction in the American free enterprise system and its replacement replacement but a Marxist utopia. Mark why he's going into this I mean we need to discuss that I'm telling you one. He got to listen to the entire program. Because the fact it. Barack Obama is on it to be present the united date as I speak. And Hillary Clinton is unfit to be president of the United States as I speak. Say what you will about prompt. I'm not a big Tom tomboy I leave that to the idiot they can run around with their compounds in the Roxanne in the yet. And Iraq kept out there and all the rest now my focus. My focus on true enemies in this country. People who your lead to I our country. While they look at for everything it's worth. The obamas and the clintons I'm not done I began but I'll be right back. And yeah. Yeah southern Vermont Republican nominee is unfit. Folks are was front and that's the last week and why don't I give a damn what you. With this little game you play with a median immediately with you. They should be a lesson to Donald Trump. He'll play foot with the app management you rely on the applicant to beat up on conservatives. You rely on the establishment don't endorse him. But it disasters circle man. But that's not the point of what I'm saying. Who picked to be president and who has. This comes from a man. The associated with domestic terrorists. What then is the relationship. Wrote Gregory in the American spectator between the two hardcore leftist revolutionaries and Obama. And why is it important. Important first because Obama along when there isn't going to went to great land the mislead voters in the fall of 2008. They get lived in the same neighborhood. And had little contact they pretend it on the contrary. The spectators investigation concluded that Obama and his campaign staff with the help of the mainstream media. Lied outright about the relationship where there. It is also concluded airs lied about it as well. The air Obama a ODA is far deeper longer more significant. There was ever acknowledged during the campaign. Now does that retiring garden media protected the Fulton. That writing full. The relationship is important second because it's in Dornan. And neither unrepentant violent radicals who may have adopt the new tactic up and the united day and what it stands for. But whose calls remained just that they weren't 1970 furthermore. The relationship is important. Because of the policies and issues that both Ayers and to a lesser degree Doran work on whether Obama during the twenty years preceding election to the president. These include so called education reform juvenile justice acorn and community organizing among others. Taken together they dammit make big and what these hardcore left wingers influence today's president of the United States. You know is is a limousine revolutionary was born into a wealthy Chicago family raised an elite few western Chicago suburbs. Educated at the best schools and benefited from connection privilege where every turn. His father Thomas Ayers was he our president of commonwealth that Chicago is electric utility company. And he sat on several influential boards including those of the Chicago Tribune. Northwestern university and the Chicago Symphony. In 1966. Mayor Richard. To head negotiations with the Martin Luther King first city wide open housing agreement. There is what does it ask we're talking out of both sides of his mouth they hang claim victory while according to local press accounts. Delicate claim he was able to preserve the segregation is status quo. And after a couple of mediocre years and suburban public high off bill or transferred to lake farce academy in upscale prep school for boys on superb in Chicago's. Nor sure. He then went on to the universe in Michigan in 1963. Will like to consider him off a jot because he room with the Wolverine star running back. He spent a summer working for Leo Burnett Chicago's largest ad agency in job arranged by father. But he and joint protest and demonstration. He was arrested and spent ten days in jail for trying to disrupt the Ann Arbor draft board. Surely they after he joined the students for a democratic society yet. Was well went on his way to becoming a mark and Al style radical revolutionary. Bernadine Dorn seem in prayers. To wonder if god and find the perfect may even for people who don't believe in. A native of Milwaukee points better first two years of college at Miami university of hot. But transferred to the university Chicago after it was black balled that the delta delta delta sorority because she was had George. She graduated from the universe Chicago law school. But it didn't take in the bar exam she became an organizer for the national large scale that economy front group. A group identified by the FBI as a Communist front. She also became active in the SPS. I'm not done. I am not done we wanted to talk about who's unfit to be present the United States weren't gonna take some time on this. Barack Obama as Darren virtually every tradition and custom in this country and now it's time Barack. Spirit Airlines but I'll be right back. Our laws are now and just chat didn't call liberty at. Conservatism. On call Martin now on 8773813811. New. Obama in front of the prime minister saying that. Getting involved in this race talking about old prompts unfit to be president you can have a lot of problems but can't. But on it that would be Barack Obama. In many get more into this. You need to stay would mean that our next hour as we work our way through and remind you who Barack Obama yeah. And that he's unfit to be president. The before I did. Come and join me once again. For a wonderful day. A day of on. A day would dogs. But they would dog adoptions. At the park bark in the park are six annual bark in the park. Saturday August 13. 11 AM to 3 PM Saturday August 13 11 AM to 3 PM at over packed park in Ridgefield park new agers. Bring the whole family out for a day celebrating man's best friend content like my dog looks like me. I demonstrations fund vendors with gear for your dog but of great food. Music games more but here's the thing North Shore animal league America. A wonderful no kill shelter will be there were lining of dogs in need of a loving home in the the other two. So that's what this is about more details at WABC. Radio dot com WAB. He radioed back come. I'll be coming to overpay park Ridgefield park New Jersey we're gonna have a wonderful time August 13. He 11 AM to 3 PM I hope by Ian. Park in the park. Back to Obama. Is unfit to be president of the United States. And his two friends. You've heard superficial stuff and I wanna dig in now we're gonna get an. She rose to prominence in the student for a democratic society ST SA domestic terrorist and program. Dorn and mark right. Rudd the leader of the ST SA Columbia. Laid off from STS in 1916. For the MS DS were to pass have been it's radical and opposition to the Vietnam War. They believe the more militant group one that would preach violent class hatred and worldwide revolution was needed. They called themselves the weatherman. After the Bob Dylan line. The Weather Underground. Torn was unique in our left circle no wire rim no stringing hair and no sack cloth. Peter Collier and David Horowitz and they're 1989 but destructive generation. Right dead daughter arrived in New York City in 1967. When they're tight mini skirt and knee high tiny leather boot. She crede and and in and sensation among males in the movement circles even ST this president Greg Calvert was astonished aren't. Dorn was always one event DS is most radical and outspoken leaders. When she ran fresh ES international organization secretary in 1968. Chose asked whether she was a socialist. When she answered that she was revolutionary Communist. She won by a land line. In order to assure everybody ever bona Fides she announced that. What we're about is being crazy M effort and caring at had a hunt America. She being a hunky off color. Hello is indoor we're both active weathermen during the 1960s. They didn't hook up until sometime in 1969. The meantime airs libido is as vibrant as dorm he bragged his comrades of dozens of sexual exploits. And it goes on. Didn't take long for rhetoric replaced. With violent. And October 16. The weathermen launched their days of rage against the war where they dynamite blast that destroyed a police monument. In Chicago's. Haymarket Square followed by a window smashing Rampage that look. Over the next several days police for assault and more windows were smashed police narrowly averted a riotous as salt and on the federal judge Julius Hoffman. The feisty jurist who is about to preside over the Chicago I conspiracy trial. When I cast right we Chicago Tribune which lasted four days 290 militants were arrest. 63 people mostly police officers were injured. Thousands of dollars in damage was done mostly by smashing windows and card. By attacking police and smashing windows was not enough to satisfy there's appetite for its traction. Two months later he and several other weathermen leaders senate and explosives factory. And I how a New York's Greenwich Village they intended to make bombs to blow up Fort Dix in New Jersey and police headquarters in new York and Detroit. But one of the bombs actually let accidentally exploded leveling that townhouse and killing three people. According to the wash and post. The wedeman claimed responsibility for 25 bombings including the Pentagon in 1972. State Department in 1975. In 1976. FBI report he totally thirty bombings and attempted bombings by the weathermen between October in 1969. In September 1975. Aren't quite doing that. Be kidding me. These are Barack Obama's does embody. There's more. As has always claimed that is bombings were designed to damage property in fact they killed at least seven people. Three of whom were police office. Com. Seven people three of whom were police office. That makes one think doesn't. Yet it down. Let's continue giving the way and perhaps most notorious was in 1981 armed robbery of a Brinks armored truck and and Nanette New York. Which took police officers and Brinks guards were killed. Here's was not directly involved that Kathy Boudin David Gilbert to it was close weathering Conrad's work. One former member of the Weather Underground Larry grasp all became an FBI informant a later testified to the Senate Judiciary Committee. He'd been in meetings when there's when was make clear Ayers wanted people killed or injured by Bob. Wrath ball at that when billionaires gave me instructions on where and when a place explosives I want and that people would be dealt. And revolution has replied. I'm people have to die. One was no innocent bystanders and Billy's bombing craze in February 19 avenue the weather in place a bomb and went alleged San Francisco police station. They killed one office and injured eight others according to grass while Senate Judiciary Committee testimony. Air told him that spreading darn had planned developing carried out the effort is about. 227. Other weatherman members traveled to Yugoslavia and hungry in 1968 to meet with representatives of the Vietcong. And to discuss south British student unrest in the US might as the north Vietnamese. And the account. Just maintain close relationships were members of the Cuban UN mission in New York. She made several trips to Cuba where according to the FBI reports she met with Cuban and Vietnamese intelligence officers. To plant strategies that frustrate Americans ever in Vietnam. Gridiron FBI agent who followed our activities. In like 1960s. Going lived in San Francisco on at a Communist Chinese Communist state. And here's for his part. Let me see here. And a little computer problem and get man nearly. And computer. Then got into the quote unquote good part yet ladies and gentlemen. Barack Obama's career. At the era for his part. Hell. You know we're gonna take a little break and I take a break now mr. producer. Let's say and then we'll get this back that I don't want to leave this has important. Because this relate directly to Barack Obama what he said today no joke this area. I'll be right back. You know worst first 2000 around. Dramatically from one side kick to another but you know we don't do that here so. We go deep and we're gonna go people on this I'm not done. On the Barack Obama apart I haven't even gotten. Common thieves steal Smart take anything you take over mobile account. This is an example to grind away or identity can be don't. 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Let's continue. I'm gonna bounce around a little bit to understand that. Be aware of what turned him off ten years later even though he was on the Lam. But Bill Ayers didn't realize I was there was a Supreme Court decision they got him off the hook. That at that evidence that had been collected against him wiretapped him particularly violated the constitution. Also getting off the hook was Bernadine Dorn on federal charges but it state Illinois charges from Cook County. And she cut a deal. Then the two of them flew back to Seattle actually me to Chicago they don't enough Hyde Park near university can't. Just around the corner from where the Obama is completely. Here's found a job at the university Illinois at Chicago teaching education. Eric had found his second act using the cool to further his revolutionary age and became active in Chicago so called school reform movement and after to replace bureaucratic control the schools will local control. But he made no bones about the fact that school reform is just a vehicle for teaching the kids are revolutionary Communist. He teamed up with one Michael Chlumsky. Michael client's key former chairman of the something called the Communist party of the USA. According to Stanley carry as they were to introduce children to radical politics and ethnically. Themed school. Doran. Bounced around a bit eventually finding a job teaching at northwestern Moscow which is in testing and so. Couldn't get admitted any of the bars as a result of her background. She emerged as tough an act cause celeb the last two and out just this. And into a contemporary report the New York Times she continues that vision and dream of her radical days. Both dornin is joining a number of boards it became active and all the usual liberal causes. Who welcomed by Chicago's liberal establishment. There is in fact has made Chicago's citizen of the year by mayor Richard M Daley the son of the original definitely. Unclear just one Barack Obama met Ayers and his Pfeiffer how well they came to know each other but we do know that the pair of crossed many times. They may well have been in the early 1980s when both were in New York participating in our left organizations and causes around Columbia University. Certainly they knew we are they in the early 1990s if not before in Chicago. When Obama was a community organizer and heirs was working on juvenile just as in educating. In 1993 years were closely were they calling on school reform while Obama was acorns lawyer. They are gone to a foundation board together in the mid 1990s. In 1995 Ayers and Dorn host of the famous party at their house for Obama. When he announced his candidacy for the Illinois State Senate. After Obama was elected to the state senate 1996. To the major causes were surprised education. And juvenile justice is the same to that Ayers and Dorn Ramos and robbed. Here's that in 2008 we came together in Chicago. In the civic community around issues of school improvement around issues of fighting for the rights of poor neighborhoods. To have jobs and housing and so on. Newton. So why did Obama find it unnecessary. To deny the relationship but he came to light on the 2008 campaign and why did airs continually try to protect Obama I claiming they hardly know each other. Here's the clearly not just a guy in my neighborhood is Obama claimed. But remember the names social and political heir of Hyde Park liberal. Both worked on the same issues were involved with the aim organizations knew the same people. But close enough that one would host a political coming out party for the other. Obama went to great lengths to make fears relationship go away campaign staff attempted to block an independent expenditure TV ad campaign. Tying him yet they tried to in in intimidate talk radio host and not interviewing experts on the the attempted to block access archive records revealing more about the relate. The mainstream press went to bat for Obama as well ocean tide and newspapers and on times and Tribune. Editorialized the controversy was only slap. Now worthy of the Q. Mayor Daly issued a statement hanging off a new billionaires that he was a bad member of the Chicago community. He's critic of the relationship a plane guilt by association. Here's trying to Obama denying they were friends. Too vague acquaintance. The Ayers Obama relationship and never been any of Ayers and Doran had matured enough to leave their radical world behind. Starting with their emergence from the on the granite reentry into Chicago liberal social. They never want expressed regret for what they've done they had no remorse in fact emphasized over and over again. That they remain committed radicals intent on destruction of western values and the adoption of totalitarian socialist. In an interview with Connie Chung she still around ABC news 1998. Going said we'd do it again. I wish that we had done more I wish we had been more militant. Is famously said almost the same thing in the New York Times interview published on September 11. 2001. Even liberals on the mound repentant salon dot com. Cannot even the paint to evidence of the pen name or apology. Nor any consciousness of the fact that almost everybody else in America left writer and I think they were completely out to lunch. And what about the daily connection on campus. And I do care about the air father's mansion was an old friend of political supporter ever Richard Daley. Aimed LA of course presided over the Chicago police. As they fought radicals like air he tried to disrupt the 1968 Democratic Convention in his own town it'll time for war protesters. But I'm may have been one of Obama's most significant supporters in 2008. That's. The son of Delhi who would also become mayor. Daily provided several of Obama's most trusted aides & Associates. But dropped. They included can legally area Valerie Jarrett campaign strategist David Axelrod chief of staff Rahm Emanuel William Daley. Who is Richard and his brother in other lesser known henchmen. Richard M Daley is mentioning guide going into her plea bargain named Chicago's citizen of the year that we defended the Obama airs French. Because his father and her father have been buddies. The daily family ruled Chicago for 45 years you're skillful big political machine politicians who don't like to lose an election. And so it is that they enlisted the liberal wing of the Democratic Party elite Chicago liberals and Obama's acceptance of Ayers and Dorn. Equals the ultimate expression of the last descent into degenerate. One thing we do you know about him is who is friends are that is Obama Jeremiah Wright Valerie Jarrett David acts or not. Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn. Barack Obama relied on to. Off. Terrorists. From the sixties and then. To help launch his political career and he beat he was friends with them close fast friends and them for many many. Runs for president and he pretends he never heard of them before. Now I ask you ladies and gentlemen. But Barack Obama's pick to be president of the United States. He befriended people. Were involved in the killing a police office. I don't believe battle trump has done. Don't trust them. Probably anybody else's things anybody else so much. We really need lectures from this chair that tried this yet. I'll be right back. Gives me. Only underground. He from the bone easily hidden. So I went on to a brick and steel over nondescript. Building. We once again made contact without. Hello everybody mind. Then here are a number. 3813811. He. Create one. Create 10 mr. producer Iraq into the Donald Trump has proposed. Tax cuts correct. But heat today proposed the most massive. Spending in recent times almost doubling what. Hillary Clinton is proposing for quote unquote infrastructure. Cut eleven please tell you talking about for infrastructure. I would say at least double our numbers and and Peter really need more than that we are bridges that are all the guys get I don't know I'd be devastating indeed. The warning charts but we have many many bridges that are. In danger of stalling. Under our and where does that money come from if he's talking close to a trillion over 800 billion all the very close to a trillion is that Columbia talking about when you get the money for. We're gonna have to go out with a fund will get assigned to a meg jet that's phenomenal deal with a low interest rates and we're gonna have to rebuild our infrastructure we have no choice. Still with O'Neal into that fund. If you drink too would put money into the song that people I investors people would put money into the find people. Citizens were put money into the front. Doesn't anybody believe in smaller government if we a federal bridges I get it. Between state and local bridges and on it. And we hear that every single election cycle and they spend hundreds and hundreds of billion dollars on stimulus programs and infrastructure program. That never go where they're supposed to go. There's also been reports that the stuff about infrastructure is way over blown. I'm sure there on bridges and so forth that need to. You know refurbishing. Their new bridges needed of course that's what happens in society. But almost a trillion dollars is I would I just heard. I mean with. This is what is ultra but we have low interest and of course we loan interest rate the Federal Reserve as have kept interest rates. Below market levels now almost a zero. For going on eleven years you wanna know lying. I'm gonna tell you a lot. Because even if interest rates go up 1%. It is a disaster for the federal government. That means there's a massive amount of money that has to be put a side here I'll give you an example here's a the US national debt has increased every year this century is a pro and twenty trillion dollar nearly four times what it was sixteen years ago. It is not a ground relative to the national economy when it was. A while I was an amount equal to 55%. Of the nation's gross and our product in 2000 that is all goods and services produced. We have surpassed 100%. Most Americans aren't aware the escalating debt some economists warned the citizens will eventually he'll the consequence but they don't feel like today. It is if it doesn't exist. No one's upset about the consequences haven't been out yet. If they raise interest. Jazz ever so slightly. That means billions tens of billions of dollars. In at a cost the federal government. Each year. And so this is a huge problem the Federal Reserve honestly doesn't know what to do natural. All I keep hearing from the east a candidate is what they're gonna spend money okay got the tax cuts are important. But it's time to bring the band to shrink the bar to shrink the debt. Now they gonna do it. They gonna do it how they ended up. I'm gonna double Hillary Clinton's and. I doubt Hillary Clinton and the hall. In a double Hillary Clinton's spending your money you're damn thing about this from the boys with the power arms. And the girls and the tight in Iraq had out there you want to hear anything because Eric or Don talking about pollen in principle and all there. It and it. I'm not done with a they're done. But it these issues the policy the principles. That are gonna impact you and your children now and in the future. Not to gold star father. Not all this other stuff not impact you at all. That you watch living TV and on I would strongly interrogated at. One of the things we've done is we've gone through the voting matrix sounds complicated but not. That is how many people actually voted in the Republican and democratic primaries b.s who need the population of the united. There's 324. Million people in the United States give or take about a hundred million of them are ineligible to vote including children. Non citizens and so forth. Tens of millions didn't vote in the primary. I choice. Tens of non. So in the primary Democrat or Republican thirty million people voted approximately in both. Party's total of sixty million people. Sixteen. Neither candidate. Well let me put it in this way. Less than 50%. Actually voted for either candidate. Of the thirty million that voted any party. If the super delegate and other and caucus situation and so forth and on. Had the thirty million who voted in the Republican primary actually slightly higher fourteen million. Voted for. And Hillary didn't do much better. She had slightly over fifty recollection but again but in any event. About forty I have. An up or what they're saying is. When you look at the nine per cent. And the American people participated. In voting for these two nominees 9%. 9% of the population. But they only received half hour forty half percent. For the Republicans I approximately four and a half percent for the Democrats. So four and a half percent of the population. Chose Donald Trump has the Republican. Candidate in four and a half percent of the population shows. Hillary Clinton. Like the system or not that's what happened. And so when they do these holes. They don't say did you vote they say would you like a different candidate does he get over 60% who say. I'd rather have different candidate in either of these cans. While many of those people didn't vote summed it. Are couldn't. And on many ways should have this disconnect. We're a small percentage of the population. I'm not saying that whose fault it is timing of the people exposed devoted they don't wanna vote that up to that. When he buried small fraction of the population. Elected both of these can. You very small fraction. And I thought around while more people voted than ever before and it's we the people we the people. Yes and no. Order. And so there's this this can. Any. Petaluma California the great assets I'll go. I'm not managed Jamie and 9% of that retired at this group results are due. There's a burst on the scene of the park police station bombing in the 1970s over sixty birds are dead sorted Brian McDonnell was. Was killed by about mark stable bond. And I Bernadine Dorn. I'm good friends we I would get credit Larry got dropped or late Larry grabbed all the past eight years ago daughter Lindsay. Every piece sitter earlier about. Media planning and conspiring. To plant the bomb. Which was constructed above our staples. By by adorn herself. Which was true. Larry Knight in my father and when you sat down on their cherry so there are not Castro Valley. For about three hours and we went over everything that happened. The canaries. And infiltration of the wedeman only up to the leadership level. Bill Ayers told him personally that he was upset. But Bernadine Dorn and other so leaders around country where we're having to create. Constructed at the bottom so because the he runners and the the people that were hired to do this upward weren't doing it took a leadership I'd do it themselves. Toward. That night dropped out approximate and 45. PM. Ups and patriot are stationed near keep our stadium. Plant a bomb on the windowsill. But father and part of Bob fight. Where patrol on the didn't the neighborhood around it out experienced and they heard about over the radio there was a bombing. And send a six game launches. And had multiple injuries as they drove up. It so other bodies laying on the ground with black smoke coming out of the station. And yeah I did it hurt exciting I got to this day still had to Bob are stable from a bomb. And what really bothers me is the fact it is my father was killed that night or would have been injured my mother was a widow what it born. So. What do you make of the fact that. Barack Obama. In the he's said domestic terrorists. Will blot all of their hands and blood all over themselves directly and indirectly. We're fans friends and now Peter talks about who fit to be president who isn't fit to be president. I I I have a huge public that I had its Iverson's 2008 when I got back from Iraq segment accurate my dad. And and I told my dad there's during the during the debate it's funny that that would bring that up because it wasn't any Republican conservatives have brought up. The wedeman connection it was it was Hillary Clinton is that she brought it up during the primary. Scioscia 200 pretzel like that doesn't Barack Obama had a had ties as part of this councils are part of boards with its Bill Ayers. Back in Chicago. You know each artist career off in the midnight he's at his home. Builders home with his wife and with Barney and Dora the murderer Brian McDonald. And win. I talked my father you know I told security to get the message out that was on your brother's a Christian. God that W sergeant to sergeant you know an enemy had a sergeant issues unions as a part of the sod being beat state. Eight yet they cheer but to keep your line and make sure you do your duty right to keep on in my that was kind of a hot music when he was young a young sergeant. And you know and I think yeah Indian newspaper you know he was always. You know as some kind of a kind of coincided assorted cousins the city's pot had it was a really good good patrolman and eventually sergeant at 22 of these thirty years and that's very the other. He's about a betrayal by Candlestick Park. The work the nights and he worked the night of the mission district you can and it's seven. How when he went to Black Liberation Army which was also be any any yeah. I don't think people realize. The war that was going on. In these cities what was taking place in the city. But I want to get back to Barack Obama I brought all this up because I want to ask you giving your connection to event. Three your father. What do you think of a man. Who's president of the United States who had these connections I mean doesn't it still astonished at. 88888. Did it baffles my mind because. We think the present United States I think the president elect Ronald Reagan word or George hw but short. You know you look back at John can you look at somebody and of the United States of America somebody that serve their country somebody that. Put themselves out. You know it is they put the country out front of themselves first they didn't talk about themselves during the year I have what we didn't what I'm doing and I want doing things. And be connected to people that would travel to Cuba to pretend they're doing church and artists and wondering how to make bombs and and and and Larry tapestry small arms. To come back to be a candidate Barack United States to different regions around the United States and or else. And to attack college campuses to tackle needs to blow up police stations. So so so. Barack Obama had to know all about these people. Absolutely I mean I knew I know I I know a lot of things about all my friends. For people I'm associated with and if I even have one. I do you think if the Republicans had a friend like this or. Political alliances like this. Say the heat the nut jobs. The Klansmen types. Do you think the media would cover that up do you think the media would do anything by going on the attack in the short. It would Gil they would they would yeah they would they would blasted immediately be front page and in New York I'm to beat the front story on on that. On I'd unbeaten major new net news network's ultimate a list yet you say aired. Manner or or could this be why don't Barack Obama has very nice words to say about America. That he really means can this be why goes overseas and trash as America could this be why goes overseas. And Eric talks about protecting Christians who are under attack. Could this be why talks about fundamentally transforming America could this be why he is a hate on for cops and police departments. In this Eli put radicals and hard to the Department of Justice. Could this be why he makes uses for people coming in here and committing acts against the American people. Could this be why he's he's now gaining they're talking about trumping unfit for president. I mean this is pathetic. Absolutely I I I ate it whenever you're something that happens a police officer I had to get personal and so on I was raised by police officer. My mother she's an that you see an immigrant from Salvador came here and I've been great it is. And when I can't account for what they called biracial American she's surrogate G gonna vote for Donald Trump inserted my father. You know it was was actually when he was young cop and a bit in the nation injects his source was dubbed as a racist and courageous kids are apt Salvador. And and they in in in these these Democrat race beaters intense like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. They come out and start talking about how conservatives are this and they label us and they do their solvency package and errors in the Warner dish it disciple of that along with Hillary Clinton by a. Yes and you don't realize that island he. Was a Chicago. I'm my friend. Fascinating information fascinating story thank you for your call will be right back. OK okay. Bet I'm only bringing this up now because. Obama is who is an isn't it blonde Flint, Michigan and a great Debbie Debbie Nikkei go. Are you going. Case. Just want to comment I'm like can I ask an honest as the water situation resolved there enough. It's not it's not every year every neighborhood in the city extolled neighborhoods closer to the GM plant my neighborhood is in effect it. There's as much about how about the older neighborhoods they tightened canyon. Yeah they're bigger part or is going to assess global all you go to mainstream media wanna keep it. Where rich source of official live it every day everybody destitute. But it you're not like not real enough. Powerball lotteries here you know or is it that the mainstream media ancient city of what it is a hole in the ground and I. There have been. Yeah the body whose father used to work there and only line there of one of the car companies and anyway go right ahead. Our decision you know when you were saying what the president stared straight to be president in to get it is called back with a history could you look at the the president in the gym corner there were supporting. You know all of the oppression and everything and there will orchestrate a bubble rock I agree with some of the things you say. Boy it took to paint him as just super on (%expletive) because they. Hold on out he's the one that brought it up and last time I checked Jim Crow sometime ago and none of these candidates support. He's gone on about their unfit to be president. I'd like to suggest and we will hold Joseph rely on if you have a man. I would like to I would like to suggest that he was on such as matter of fact I would argue that he was among the least fit certainly in modern history. To be president and I wanna hear your input to. We'll be right back. Mark banjo. Though Reagan goalie Jimmy and great get cold feet seven from 381381. Bonds. 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What you quoted domestic perished when desperate times sometimes take desperate now and how desperate times do not take desperate measures like that. To not take up arms and start killing a police offer. Tutoring. People should not take up arms. And help police office. Which we are at least in my family and our group that you hardly OK we'll add but these people did. Okay that's what they did Garcia and when you talk about how they are you talking about who people. The came out of the upper middle last one of them came out of the upper class. Had no problems with a life whatsoever. And then decides they want overthrow America and they wanna do is violently as possible. That will go door and went well this country was not built on violence the country was built on liberty. No country pay attention I'm educating. No this country was built on violence. This country had a revolution. For celebrity. Liberty and a constitutional. Representative form of government you don't have ongoing violence for 200 years. When you're trying to trade is civil society you know what you have and yet Iraq. And Iran yen area. Right. Yes you're you are. I mean there's no way at the gods have to be put away. Oh lord why are we say to go to their to be at what point is now on that point was a long time ago. Ghraib and order determined that. We do the people through the civil society through law enforcement through these things you know advocate and the government. The election process and local state and federal levels. That's how you determine. Received from my back and American. Then again everything your everything your talking about is fair in everything is good but so. Our perspective we're we're under the go to all that way it's not fair for us all my who's who's pressing it is. Who's a bonus and the cinema I am asking eloquent and who is a press new. Breslin yeah whose price and you who oppress you this system is not shadow or anyone. None of the upper actually are we not say what is the re talking about it. Black mayor until I can't forget about it I'm asking you cannot rate what has to meet talk and this just a bit. Now you are. This seriously talking about the governing system of the economic system the governing system. Not slowed them the common man it's not. Well what do you lifts you live in Flint and in Michigan do you vote for the mayor. Yes I do did you vote for the tanned man. Yes. You vote for the council. Yes did you vote for the year tell menus in their now. Now. OK so what he wants from us I mean you voted you got your mayor you have a city councilman you don't like what are you talking about. The old system with a concrete good period equality for a little bit but there are the people are not white. He just said that wasn't about race and now you say the inequality under and I like in it it's not a fair not fair system. For every person in America and. K I don't even know what that means let me tell you that. The freest country in the face the any key question. Why people of color point over a border legally and illegally. None I don't you don't why are they doing. Wannabe gets the best way of prewar. So why are Latino leaving cultures that are almost a 100% liked to come to the United States of America with a different culture. They killed in order to let people have come from Nigeria some of whom are my friends why are they coming from. From Nigeria. Or other parts of Africa North Africa coming into the United States. To date those cultures to come to this culture. I'll give you this because some of our governing laws. Make it better fertilized here when people say they don't want bigger government government does help light here in America. Government you think they don't go and governor they have dictatorships. Yeah right they have big government centralized government. I think government hold on now and big government can be very very dangerous in the hands of the wrong people like it used to combing the system isn't good crack. And then you totally government. Just like someone Israel captured by which we know that you. Obviously had a lot of assistance it not shed been no problem isn't the system the problem is that people. Whatever their race whatever their background whatever their sexual preference or whatever. People need to take advantage of liberty they need to grab it and run with a bat with they need to do. That's what they needed them. I don't well Marcel and I just called cops I do world ourselves. Number educator Biden about Sam dedicated so I don't opportunity dare you need to grab elect you say glad you're well aware but it's I mean that Jerry. She'll immigrants came into this country who were part of the quote unquote majority. And and seen here with millions of dollars are you unit right. And a lot of big save it you know our largest money let me ask you that will you watch live in TV I give you only are well. You know we call me like in three or four weeks. To do it called back. Eyeliner you'd take herself. Right. Apparently. My new friend Lani. Yep I want knowing gates and warning gauge. With people I don't care race people who have an ideological bent it's different than mine. I really do. Mr. producer knows it mr. call screener knows that we trying to get people to call the program. Who differ or disagree. Greg for work tech migrate WBA peek out. It's our pleasure and honor that in March bank if you're eager thank you called it fairly well I don't know about my nervous but thank. No you don't you think you are get great service and our picture faith see every day. I totally agree I do appreciate that we disaster threat now and then but anywhere Quran had. I was around at a very young those around in the seven and are that the meeting in new York and in California. Oil and a lot of those warm and since that's going Arne and I kind of I left speckled because that would finally that wasn't what I signed up for. And it's true enemy. Laid out that you started out as sort of a radical leftist as Ian are. I think I started out questioning I want it my immigrant Italian. And my father cared about people help people in our city. And so I want to help people are probably angry I have to admit that and I got there were flyers going around comment. Learn about inequality common bar about their at bat I was there will be very you know very young woman I got it right in the memory or perhaps the. But they were talking about women's equality at the time. And they. All right hey we believe the women's equality about you lady you go around the main track team. Okay Baghdad. Down. So edit you know later rally in the middle so later seventies error like these big Angela Davis was on the ground. Though Larry let. She's another press fat in this is the problem of these colleges and universities intended. All the Kook left wing nut job they're teaching our children. And they are they have a lot of money. And they're talking about you know helping the poor. You know and all that and well then you're talking about all the violence that they had planned to look going to do and I can only the second you know anyway so about I don't mind crying about it. Their plan and I didn't think they'd ever do it and they did it was Jerry infiltrate the system overtime. Into the political parties say the party line that you are very exact words and then let the. While doesn't add up at you when you hear conservatives and that a concern has gone on and on about. How we have to make alliance would Bernie Sanders supporter. And I mean there aren't tackles well that's right now without it went I'm only. And spent club a lot TD Glenn Beck at these pictures on the blackboard you have to tell me it's you know that. And I expelled them ironies and I agreed right there oh my god they did it. They actually did it. And for a whole year I got so sick and hearing their caller thank the man let that bother and I mean it's just driving. Kevin I'm asking a question image in question. Do you think we should make alliance. With a retro Bates and malcontents. In mid Koreans who are really the product in any of the 1960s. Movement. Little that we who believe that we ought to use the system to overthrow the system Bernie Sanders is an old commie throwback to the 1960. Am I recommend those who wrote begat. And it's like but that at all all these Republican. Report to our op and then they're not knowing what we are the doors and let my barely a year. Bad when they hit that's what the plan was that they aren't buying general electorate once you're up there so you know it's bigger than it let. And my aunt and I'm pretty. All right my friend Tony he brought. We'll be right back thank you. Okay then. It's my contention that Barack Obama is unfit to be president he's demonstrated that while president he demonstrated that before it was. And so this is kinda did you debate on fitness and office I think we should engage. That doesn't mean Barack who have to me that that Donald Trump's temperament. His word ought to be it doesn't mean proposals and every respect to where they thought of being. And they get a huge mistake for the propaganda mill. The Iraq kept out there. And the compound tights crowd. Dancing across media all over the country descending whatever is sent an attacking whomever questions. They don't serve any purpose they certainly don't help their candidate. 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So my suggestion head over there right now got a blind dot com use promo code live in LE VIN when you buy a three blind. Your fourth line industry. Lines that come from a Kovalev then rules and restrictions may apply a blind not come. For deep. Right mr. producer. Give me the name of a wonderful caller would you please. WABC may think in New Jersey got. I'm mark to market they love Harry. Hi I think if any Republican would have done well Barack Obama did for me like you said before they need to be at hand and you probably election. Then you're. Oh well I agree with the completely. By called on the Pretoria guard media. Enough already with would with the Pellicano all right. And they go I think it was a bad mistake. For at trump to entertain. Fighting the guy that it's not from the reaction. Forget about a handful of us sites and host and commentator. The public doesn't like it now do you wanna be president or not. And you gotta conductor suffered a way where you wanna be president yet like. So that the best advice I give the man all the others are out there you know it fart let's go now my attitude is you're not helping anybody. I'm my friend thank you to oust mr. produce. Live in that Jake. In Minnesota howry is there. I'm doing great thank you sir take my call them. I'll come what I earlier talking about copy that just a tiny amount percent that. Actually voted for trumping Clinton and what I noted that there might always cycle up and take an acknowledged is that about 20% of the overall population vote. And that in the general election and that it's only really. The guy that motivates aspect or certain sector of the population. It you gotta get the vote so like Obama editorially. 2012 feet motivated the black population and that's what got him the vote and that's what got out of the presidency. Okay no I mean your right gotta turn out your vote he got to turn out your constituent that's what you have to do. But not a question about it but on top of that that the first thing you have to do the all I have to get. On the other parties. Supporters and some of those out there who don't identify with any party need those two are you can't win. You. Moderate some appear porno I don't think you have the moderated already ended moderate yet deadly clear sound principled position. Projected on the people turned day situations. How it's going to affect them. And how these policies and improve their their lives. We've a magnificent story Telus conservatives are principles are the American principles. Capitalism does work. It worked under Reagan make it work again. Trade work as long as you're not giving the enemy are technologies that they're not dealing it you have to address that. You wanna crate 25 million new jobs we know how to create those. That's called the Reagan revolution and they mocked him. They mocks capitalism they mock raid and knocked at all. And so that's the direction ago not that long ago. Well then how do you how do you bring in people from the other party gets there are so adamantly against our juris. I don't you only pushes that alcohol how old are you. I'm twenty. I'm telling you how right now list and. You make the case. For liberty you make the case for economic growth. You make the case for job creation for opportunity creation of wealth grinch. And the way you make that case is to explain. That you're the anti Obama thanks you're the anti Hillary. Thank you know that's the way to create jobs is to encourage investment. That's how you do. It works Reno because a man won two landslide don't exactly that who's doing it today. Nobody. It's okay. Only underground. From the bowels of hidden. So when it comes to a brick and steel over nondescript building. Once again made contact without leave it there. Hello everybody Mark Levin is this. Now worth three I and number 8773813811877381. 381 month that first hour monologue last night must've been really a Grand Slam mr. producer. The 8 PM is repeating that today almost every host on Fox's. The back benches are all over it. Very simple. And Donald Trump wants to win he has a chance to win. He needs to focus. Doesn't wanna win. Many and keep doing what he's done. Really quite ample. He and his supporters need to get that message across. Because who did you listen to the TomTom boys and girls that message won't come across. Now on this notion of being unfit to be prison in the United States. More on Barack Obama. From Paul Bedard the Washington examiner. The report. But Arab buddy Peter Ferrara. He point out that. We of the worst economic recovery in the 1930. Salaries have dropped. 171000 dollar short listeners this. And I don't know why we're not hitting them on the economy. Sputtering economic recovering. Under President Obama the last to follow major recession. The following way short of the average recovering ranked as the worse than 1930s Great Depression according to a new report. Had a recovery under Obama in the average of the eleven in a depression. According to the report family incomes will be 171000. Dollars higher. Six million fewer Americans would be in poverty and there have been six million more jobs. I mean the campaign what is this man for. I noticed a big change in this format reference c'mon I'm not a Lewin doubt you and not a fan any of these people. But the not percolating right here. I mean these these are killer numbers Hillary information. Gonna claim to be for the blue collar worker in the working man and woman and so forth and so on then explain it. Obama's economic policies of the report from the heartland institute a great organization. Produce a worst recovery from recession and the Great Depression worse than what every other president faced with a recession has achieved. And a 1930s. Author Peter Ferrara who is apparently as I sent concluded that the president and Democrat. Have called the wrong model of Larry leaned it is legal learned. Learn from reaganomics. But are presented the public hasn't regressed a forward looking thinker. Barack Obama's actually take in the United States back to the Farrelly failed economic policies and a 1930s and remedies. That's your summer pushing trump to do exactly the same thing so ultimately to the same results. Most academic liberals no longer believe in your unreconstructed. Keynesian. Economics. But Obama and his economic advisors apparently built right Ferrara. He thanked several standards for meaning for measuring growth especially job and concludes that the last seven years. Have harmed the middle class which I think is. Undeniable. The log growth and negligible job creation under Obama caused a decline in middle class income. Now I play along with the phrases as you know I don't believe in class warfare care systems but. If this is the common parlance you have to discuss it. These are bureau's current population revelation is real median how old income fell by more than 4500. Dollars. Going Obama's first term approximately 8%. Meaning in the middle class lost the equivalent of one month's pay under Obama has the report key findings. Job loss if the current recovery we're strong as the average or prior recovery the United States put a million more jobs today. How holding come I'm emphasizing. If the current recovery were strong as the average the average US family what do 171000 dollars more an annual income. Six million more Americans are in poverty today than when Barack Obama and it offers the poverty rate it. In early 26 he was fourteen point 8% higher than on the war on poverty was launched. In 1966. I hope our friend on from Flint, Michigan as well. Income inequality. Real median household income now. I nearly 8% and Obama first turn equivalent to the middle class losing one months patriot and so forth. Who is unfit to be president again. And why are we embracing reaganomics. In advancing that. Economic dep policy. I think it's a serious manner I think it's. It's problematic by the way I wanna remind. People from all over the country. August 13. Not that far away. I my calculations at eleven days away. Come out join me once again for a day of fun at the park for a sixth annual bark in the park it for the dogs. He can bring your dogs it's also for. Shelter dog these no kill shoulders the yen North Shore animal league. We wanna strongly encourage people who come enjoy yourselves have someone do dogs and so forth have fun with your family. Enjoy the food trucks to enjoy the entertainment I look forward to meeting each and any every one of you elect adopt a bunch of these dogs too that's why do. He can bring the whole family to day celebration of dog. We've contests like my dog look like. I should mention her name him to produce. Sounds like. Handle. Whatever plus demonstrations in fund vendors with what gear for your pop. While great food trucks I mentioned music games more. North Shore animal league will be there one of the biggest no kill animal shelters in the country will be a lot of beautiful dog to adapt. You want more details go to WAB he radioed dot com WE BC radio dot com I do not too many events. I'm doing what 23. The three that it. And this is a big. The big 1 August 13 Saturday we'll have a Blair and over peck park Ridgefield park New Jersey. Look forward. I let's look and a couple calls here Mike Lee senator Mike Lee's going to be coming on. And our friend Daniel Horowitz from conservative Radio One of the great young writers who are out there he's got a magnificent new book own sovereignty. You wanna you wanna hear both these guests. I'm a lot of guess I'm not ideologically opposed to them. But when they're important subjects and important people we can make an important now. The message out there and I want a talker with Gil. Richard Hughes then I. Texas they Greg KT RH country don't. Mr. Bloomberg thank you gravity on wild. You respect what Lonny earlier you stated that the circuit and they're upping all our system other than politicians we got the they try to destroy it. Grew up white I grew up very very forward worked where actually it would knowingly. And people that raised me. Put it didn't need it you go up there you make something happen you can be anything you wanna be and I could see. Become successful I learned that I had to move into the city. And then I had to get a job and I in the construction business operates cattle are alluding why change a little better than myself. And between the two of us. We've been very very successful. What's wrong with our country is or try to take the opportunity away from a I would give them an opportunity. And I worked. Probably over a hundred hours a week even Richard. Also the mentality her headline say that it was against it you keep talking like that you're not gonna succeed. I mean. The fact is the system's not against anybody if not for anybody it's called freedom get out there and make of your life which wanted to make in your situation. A contain my father grow very very bored. And Wally was gone to schools a little boy after school after homework he would walk down the street about a mile or so. In that neighborhood there was a cigar factory and it worked there till midnight or 1 in the morning is a little kit. And it is mother and then they would walk home there was no welfare there was an anything of the sort. He's 91 years old he didn't hit thirty doesn't sit there today saying the system is against me the system is against me I'm enjoy the system is an against me. You get off here ask in a work. As electricity and our no education last year high school educational. Years that was for football and girls. And ideas that you want it bad enough your locker and give to you that makes all this Ernie thank that you were having. And I would talk this by the people who are where each it's too easy for people throughout whining cry and say this that the other never extract didn't speak. At least be pitcher but the thing this is your what are everybody would do that trot and the thing is you have to go make it yourself you know beat you know after. They want out and that's what makes me so mad about Barack Obama was elected president try to pick the right away. When he came moderates say you didn't do that by yourself. Let me tell you what I wish you have been a mouse and our. Let me call my eighteen hour days and at fifty years old I still worked eighteen hour days left this morning or blocked I don't. She's like itself everything on hold at about four million dollars live the rest of my life you know what I have a granddaughter that's coming up I mean she may eat. Hello Richard yeah magnolia Maine. God bless you man outstanding call really outstanding in you're the perfect example and there are tens of millions of similar examples. We'll be right back. The. Always a pleasure to have such an honorable. He's a patriot a senator Mike Lee of Utah on the program senator Lee how are you so. George great mark thank you very much. Now Obama has a app and then he has of loans and he's about there really squirrel over Utah as an. That's right he did you do panic you're reduces phony gonna take two million acres 2 1000000 acres south eastern Utah on the poorest county in our state. And he wants to designated national monument using his authority under the antiquities act. He's doing victory being app to do considering doing it notwithstanding the fact that every single elected representatives. From back counting from that. In areas that part of our state is strongly against it. And what's good reason it's going to lock up land. In an area where the sort of an already owns ninety plus percent of the land and has too much control over it this is a big problem. This is a big problem I mean how much more at eight and local private lands can be nationalized the monument thing has to be. Has to be rejected at some point doesn't it. No it absolutely does this goes against everything we believe. As America does that put it out in my book are a lot constitution. Beat. Biggest single purpose for having a constant and it the most important part of the constitution. Are are. Those parts there there to protect us from the gators recovered from the excessive accumulation of power in the hands of the few or in this case and into the water. India antiquities act is this a legacy. Search Easter eggs planted by the Teddy Roosevelt as progressive administration. Give unfettered discretion to the president of the United States to dictate the outcome of entire communities in this case an entire killed. And it worked a walk two million acres between acres that that is bigger than just stayed at Delaware it's like three times bigger than the state of Rhode Island. In need get a lock this up just with a stroke could be executive tent and it's not right. And other than the people out west and how other than the people in the state that are affected it that's what the big deal for the rest of the country I mean. Do you think most Americans don't appreciate liberating or do you think it's any any any kind of rounding up traction too many people. I tend to think most Americans still appreciated. I still think that most Americans notwithstanding the fact they're governed by people who were themselves at all with liberty. Still want to build a live their lives as they see that. This one's a little different though because most Americans don't live in a community where most of the land. In the case of San Juan county Utah. I ninety plus percent Atlanta's own by the federal government and work there there were told he is unable to collect property tax on making it harder for them to work. On everything from public schools to search and rescue operations. Our and so this is what these sort of under appreciated threats to liberty and economic prosperity in this country that we need to deal. Bobbitt the antiquities act. To be extended ever had a purpose. Has outlived that purpose especially now that we live in a day and eight were president or content. Do you sit for designating an actual. Finite area of land limited space necessary to protect. It instead he wants to designate something bigger than the state of Delaware I'll. Remind 1000008. At some. Private question fight. It they're there is some breaking news here at a Wall Street Journal. US sent cash to Iran is Americans for free administration insists there was no pre quote quote but. Critics charged payment and managed to ransom. And we just read the tea and it really your first impressed the Obama administration secretly organized an airlift of 400 million dollars worth of cash for Iran. The con side with the January release of four Americans detained in Tehran according to US and European officials and congressional staff briefed on the operation goes on. You know otherwise at times senator when this would've been a scandal you remember the I ran affair which wasn't exactly this of course but. You think this will even read that there would be retiring guard media in this country. Probably not what the media but what we've seen these days is that you only have to help one flashlight to dispel the darkness. The fact that your talking about it here. Mean that a lot of people are gonna be aware and I think American going to be understandably concerned there was a day in the country that we didn't negotiate with terrorists we didn't. Negotiate with terrorist regimes state sponsors that are. And this appears to be yet another break from that one it's going to be a concern to a lot of Americans. The money represented. The first installment of one point seven billion dollar settlement the administration reached for the rain to resolve a decades old dispute over a failed arms deal. I'm just before the nineteen inning nine fall. Of the Shah of Iran and the settlement which resolved claims for an international tribunal mag also coincided. But the formal implementation that same weekend of the landmark nuclear agreement reached for the you know there must have been so much going on there was can heal from you and members of congress. In the shadows and so forth which is exactly why these things need to be treated as treaty don't think. Yeah absolutely and and that was a concern of mine all long. It was horrible thing is sure to better treaty act cross examined secretary of state. John Kerry on this very issue repeatedly why is that not being submitted to us. As the treaty. I serve on the armed services committee in the senate he appeared in front of our committee and his response was astounding. He said well this isn't regarded a tree because. Well it it involves more than just two parties. And that I I immediately looked on the state department's website. To consult the state department's. An official definition of the term treaty and it fits squarely within what this Waltz. I just didn't wanna amateur but it out to warm up many reasons why. We should about the opportunity to do what you gotta do treaty and to approve or disapprove but. With a stunning to me I mean there wasn't a change in cash for US and cashed Iran as Americans were freed leasing cash to Iran. They can't sides with the signing this deal. The American people were not aware that so we of course we know that day yeah one of the top NF AA officials over at the White House and rose. Bragged about lying to the media and how the media would just regurgitate what he said and so forth I have never seen anything like that ever. Well and yet we find ourselves saying that a lot during dissident true. Corporate overt Covert you know as they take and I exec of action after executive action warning no accountability wanted to make law would depend. And it's also it's got to stop. And it really we appreciate to that filling us in on the two million acres they intend to. Five that they do nationalized. And you taught. A huge percentage your state which is already controlled by the federal government. Good luck in god bless you sir and I appreciate your patriotism very much thanks so much for. I ladies and gentlemen. I show our read turn. To create well. One of the smartest young man of the conservative movement today I think there rider. Senior editor conservative review I'm honored to be the editor in chief. Where I've gotten no Daniel Horowitz and no harm a hurry much different under great honored beyond your dedicated purity in the bunkers and well you know truthfully nobody can bet that OK anyway you have a magnificent book as you know I. I looked at it did before it came out and wrote the forward to a Dolan offered to how to opt unelected judges from transforming America ladies and gentlemen. Any bookstore. On Marc Lynch of FaceBook mark living show truly this is a must read books on sovereignty okay. Generally speaking what caused you to write this book in what is the general mission of this book. Sure I realize that we are reaching a cathartic moment in our history. We're election bill matter the late Justice Scalia warned before this is how are you timely denied. Untimely demise that we are eating something much worse. In taxation without representation we hear these things. What what I refer to it don't sovereignty he called social transformation. Without representation. Where all the major political and social issues of our time. Are being if I didn't believe it and with finality by the court the unelected branch of government. You've written on it for years he wrote netted black about 1112 years ago and since then things have gotten villain thing. I was inspired to write his book last year when the court to redefine the building block of all civilization marriage. And then King David with thrown in jail. On September 3 a last year for merely being a Christian. On that same day. I'm not a ninth Circuit Court of Appeals panel. Invalidated the deportation of criminal aliens but asserting that that individual transgender. Applied international law that they that the person can't be returned to Mexico and in castigated. Immigration officials for not using the proper pronoun that when I realize he's been. We've got a problem here. We we we will not survive another few years interpublic irrespective of who wins this election. If the courts are not stripped of their power. And I was just struck at the helplessness to an art died how everyone thinks there's nothing we can view. On May be short of amending the constitution. Maybe we should appoint better judges which. As I know my book is equal parent in the long run to Philly focused on that. My goal is to stay in it. And now let me happy the fragrance coming up. You are arguing in the book the position I strongly agree that the constitution. Already provide a remedy now what his. Exactly. Even to the extent one believes the court has the power and it tribunal as you've argued for many years being do not. There is always a remedy article three section two. I had an entire chapter laying out the case for congress and plenary authority actual power. To exempt into regularly its jurisdiction of the court. So the notion that the court could say you know what. On min is a woman now for purposes of state law on marriage is not a marriage you have to fund Planned Parenthood you can't regulate abortion clinic. They do not have the power to do that congress protect the state and simply says no we do not have the power to adjudicate. I'll be a lot of people say they're separate but equal branch of government. It's true that certain extent that they can't as the constitution. Disagrees with it that both it and. Because they invested congress with the authority to define the scope so market not only could congress stripped them of their jurisdictions. John Marshall himself admitted that they don't have any jurisdiction other than what congress affirmatively. Grant that. Right. Other than a few areas that the constitution spells out. Congress does have this power. To limit the he reached the courts now you and I aren't arguing that they ought always stepped in and strip the court to this and that. What we're saying is when you have an activist court like the Supreme Court yeah. And you have 3048. To go one way in the in five justices decide they should go the other way that timing. That time for the congress that they. We meet the what I am arguing gains we have reached a point of no return way beyond. What you did your argued that 1112 years ago armed robber pork and meat from a previous generation ago. They were not confronted with how to find transgender and let me get beat inside both teams out. The lower court which by the way a war in the book are even a bigger problem than the Supreme Court many cases are decided there they don't make it to the Supreme Court. They had mandated funding for Planned Parenthood hood this story to religious liberty Mississippi it codified transgender is an educated. They may indeed beat give birth certificate illegal alien. And they're popping out being fake voter integrity laws. Our voter IT. Thank you talk about early voting. Early voting didn't exist as a matter of policy most speak until a decade ago. Yet the courts are now saying it you don't do it against the constitution or the voting out order or it's civil right that. Or something like that we had to we allow this to stand for even one day what we have no authority to simply say. The courts do not have jurisdiction over this issue. You talk about this. And it is if you're speaking in foreign language that congress. Does not appear to have a desire. To reassert its authority on behalf of its constituents that's. Don't mean this is the problem across the board obviously senator Lee was just mentioning that with executive branch were being both the executive and you get straight French are. Running roughshod over the people VP of this social transformation without representation or being. That you know in our Republican form of government. And it is always said the legislature necessarily predominate because being the article is that people. But if you look at all the major social transformation taking place there either pushed by executive agencies or the bureaucrats. And what I what about the book and it has been named the without her and see that I believe we are reaching the final frontier. Of judicial tyranny. We're for years he'd been. Product hiding. Special privileges for protecting plant is what being an elbow right on its head. For for protecting quest of other Americans they're now copying and he's being those rights to foreign nationals. So we did it manifest itself with birthright citizenship. Illegal aliens count in the sense that you're being with voter integrity lost or speed speed and her band. A legal voters non citizens from voting they are not only deciding every political and social question over time that should be left to the legislature. They are preventing conservatives from even winning elections and handing fair elections in the first place this is why I feed his problem is pretty much what most imminent. Constitutional crisis we have been confronted this moment. Because. Daniel Horrow what your excellent book stolen our team how to stop unelected judges from transforming America because. This that there is a check issue planet in the constitution. And that is eight check on the court going into these areas. And if congress doesn't exercise that power. Then there is a check. It's unbelievable and you know what you did the that you must have been the only bit that on the legal profession even on the conservative side. Everything is no I remember when you're liberty Amanda king now. And you proposed using article body didn't it does not have been far. We're talking about personally constitutional. Remedies. You can bet unconstitutional. Booed throughout our government is Colette and. Perpetrate for a hundred years and are tied says no to everything. The only thing that that I had. I don't the federalists are fighting mode with a large of the Federalist society. So now and I we can't do that and don't arch original list what are you talking about. Well I'm gonna be persona non protected now Andy Dick is like a war that his base feel that all you have to do is just elect. Appoint better judges and I know a lot of people think Republicans must win this election because we need to win back the court or or prevented courts from going the wrong way. What what might look at the warning you that the courts are gone. If the redefinition of marriage and now the redefinition of sexuality and many circuits and mid dating early voting and fraudulent voting is not a wake up call. You'll let me get paid to DC circuit is the second most important circuit. Democrats have an eleven to one majority of the district level seven to four majority on the circuit level and not all the four Republican appointees are our original it. We are not gonna win nip that even if you had in twelve years until he governing. We need to do something now and did notion that we're gonna continue banging your head against the wall just take appoint better judges. Get it then it's still flawed went what we have the this road you know can we get into the premise. That the courts are not just the co equal branch to engage in judicial review. But they are a lot of the year and it's old and final RB tour of every single important question of our time. We lost their fifth in the governing it doesn't matter it doesn't matter when the election I guarantee you pick your favorite policy why you wanna Republican governor president. Policy will be thrown out. I've got two or three minute Kandahar what do you believe. That the the framers of the constitution Philadelphia would have adopted a constitution or the rat a fires. In the states would have ratified a constitution. That created the court system like the one we have today. Well I'm picturing don't overdo. That'd been Hamilton and tell them that a district court. I at Circuit Court which is created by congress in the first place. Would have the ability to tell us state that a guy with the union Yang a must use the female bathroom. It didn't expect that a wakeup call I don't know what is upended many years. That the constitutional congress explicitly reject it. The notion of a council of revision. And even the counselor revision was predicated on a different system of government that's predicated on. You do get in lieu of a presidential veto you'd have the president a couple of other elected officials and I'll. Here on top of the presidential veto. The notion that you can add and it tribunal that is completely unelected and there's nothing you can do about it Andy could redefine civilization itchy. And we just expected and paid the law of the land. We didn't give up and this is just saying this is more important than elections if we don't stop it court within the next few years. And we aren't just not that I nearly appointing a better judges we will no longer has individual. State and national sovereignty. Buy your book in this discussion I'd like to hold you over you are you available. 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But he gets better order now and enable include the platinum dark circle treatment freight what are now priority shipping history. I don't wait call them right now 800 in 604800. Begins 604. Okay. I often wonder if Hillary Clinton understand street cares about the constitution. I wonder he knows to put your limits on the presidency. And he knows she just care. But you know Hillsdale College as a free online course called the presidency in the constitution. It attend part video series and taking it one LP take better care of our republic. Sign up now at live in for Hillsdale dot com LE ZIE and for Gil de dot com which would go ahead and email that to the Hillary yet offer mr. producer. Now this recourse describe the original purpose of the executive branch have the founding fathers limits of power. Even to us is whether or not our current president is violating constitutional principles them. Constitution was designed to give power to we the people but if we don't know what it says how will we be able to hold our president accountable. Why not take the free online course with your family. He can all know how it works sign up at Levine for Hillsdale dot com LE EBI and Chris Hill dot com watch the lectures whenever and wherever you want our nation as I. Partly because we have a magnificent constitutionally gives parents the people cherish my first knowing look then for Hillsdale dot com. When the great young man out there conservatives conservative thinkers and writers Daniel Har what stolen property that is a terrific book. How to stop unelected judges from transforming America. So Daniel Harley and by the way we have linked to it on mark living in show. FaceBook a mark living show Twitter and it's out there. All over the place what kind of reception your book can't. You know it's really an eye opener a lot of people actually thought the court the final arbiter of everything. At what even conservatives are trained that they didn't get that something that is so danger it could that you noted it's got to be some sort of limit to it. And you know I don't just discussed the Supreme Court that the lower courts are destroying this country. Did you know that Obama has appointed 40% of the district and 33% of the Taliban's. And yet he denounced circuit by circuit is revealed only one or two where there's the administrative entity. Still I mean did it not gonna go away any time soon it's not gonna go away with for eight years of Republican president. And again congress you know where they only have power over an appellate jurisdiction of the Supreme Court when it comes to the lower court. They could make them break and they can make and it with a dunce cap they spit out. I'm so explain everybody the federal district and appellate court there all creations of. Exactly did notion that one district or circuit judge. Could redefine marriage could throw at a congressional immigration statute which they're starting to do a lot even though and I know my book congress. There's a hundred years to keep all the congress the full power over immigration. On the beach don't have that power because congress. Created bad article one article three called upon congress to keep acted by their prerogative to on and you had. Interior tribunal and and and create and so the numbers don't geography and jurisdiction. The way the operate administrative rules. They could regularly be need to step in this is the one variable we have never explored it always the courts are doing their opinion yet to stopper. No one ever looks too well maybe we ought to break up the court. And again with the Supreme Court outside of their original jurisdiction in which it's kind of let that Eric and it really report being that doesn't affect most of beat the title things. At least as it relates. Two issues pertaining to sovereignty. To immigration religious liberty congress needs to reclaim that power the people to be clear eight to speak court could still be all of these cases. Like you do about it wade yelled that the lower court didn't even have power to look at the constitutionality of issued until eighteen and beat by. If you don't teach that and now political fight anymore. Did he debut beating predate the constitution dated previous congress congress created them. And this is you know critically important point that you're making because you had this vision the same sex marriage decision as an example. Which destroyed every other to an an every other day whether by the people or even the state courts. And what the answer from Lindsey Graham. Belong. To move along the court has decided that the end of that and this is what we hear all the time move along the court decided hell no we don't want to move along. And the other thing is the left they don't even utter the constitution you and I we talk about look there's records in the constitution. And Utley were radicals. Meanwhile they they keep rewriting the constitution without the benefit of going through the constitution. Yeah I mean a number of them are saying this is the law of the land the courts have already decided. And it the court could decide if they could redefine the building block of all civilization and as we speak I mean a fourth circuit has already. Codified train gender than in the civil rights. And pretty much the fourteenth amendment as well. It did the point is if they need to do that what can the court. Not do you even taking into words didn't do we would have never started a revolution that they would've never joined in the federal unions and he's been told these diseases. And while they've been all right I just wanna mention the book again before we go. Stolen sovereignty how to stop unelected judges from transforming America. Edit I strongly Perry to check it out it's not my social sites any major bookstores. And Amazon god bless you my friend. We salute all you heroes out there right now and magnificent event evening and I'll see you tomorrow on the radio.