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Jul 19, 2016|

Sarah Adams with the Mid-America All-Indian Center

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thanks for listening to thirteen thirty can assess and joining us this Saturday morning for which tall means business. We appreciate you taking time to send today whenever they are really finding guess in the studio today with thing great. Amount of information that we're going to be passing on to yet. About the mid America all Indians center Sarah Adams is here today sir thanks for coming in things happening. Tell us about yourself what your position with the sender. I had museum director at the center riches basically it curators so I do anything in the museum. With the exhibits with the collection with a gift shop our second great we're a little bit familiar. With the men America all Indian senator because of our buddy Jack Oliver. He's our program rector over KY and so we get to enjoy some information about what's gone on over there once in awhile friend Jack. Give us a little bit of an overview if you would about the mid American all Indians center in kind of a mission statement just coming bring us up to speed. So we are our primary mission is that where museum and cultural center and what we do is that we preserve and educate people about American Indians and connecting that passed to the press saying you know we want to focus on the people that are on today. So that's something we really focus on a mission. Cash it seems like you have lots of items and events and I'll just a whole bunch of things that you offer to the community there. We sure keep busy with a lot of events going on author of the year. How long as a senator Ben and Wichita. I've considered self was bill in 1976 but the organization's been around since 1969. That's coming up on forty years or something yeah this is our fortieth anniversary of the building that's paid as scary it's a beautiful facility. And are so much talk about what will delve into that terrible war as we go along. What is the most fun and rewarding thing about what you do every day over there. While that's really hard to choose so. The most rewarding thing I think is when people come into the museum and they leave having him there or knowledge base where and a lot of people saying you know I didn't know there are still American Indians in this area I didn't know. You know all these different things and you know challenging people's stereotypes and having them come away and might be excited you know that's one of the most rewarding things about it. If you'd like to follow along with the us this morning you can go to then really nice website they have the Indians center dot org. On line got checked out because there's just tons of information there and and all these different services that they provide. And so it's a it's really pretty nice website generally colorful. You'll enjoy check in and out what are some of the services that you provide Sarah know that there's a host of services that you provide what are some of those. Yeah we. Now we mostly. We focus on our museum in that we do a lot of with educations or having events for families based on our exhibits based on. Just different educational opportunities that we have when our buildings started out they also had social services there but they've since moved and they are now hunter health. I'm so that actually formed out of for building also forty years ago. He's still have a friendly working relationship with honor health care to achieve we didn't actually involved with us on narrow coming into the that we have very great. What are some of the products and services that you provide to each field the best about it you're most proud. 1 thing that I am I'm really proud of that we do is that we need. We worked really hard to represent American Indians from all over the country so we have exhibits from Alaska from the southwest and of course from plains Indians as well. So that's something I'm really proud of is that we try to always white nursed open and welcome in as many people as we can. When I go to the website I see a lot of things have been sent that you've had in the past and that's so there's I think there's maybe three that are current is that correct our child. And seeing. I didn't your parents okay driver seven yes tell us about the current exhibits what ones are in their now what are permanent exhibit the one that never comes down as our black bear boasts an exhibit he's one of the founders of the center and really famous American Indian artist might know him from the keeper of the planes and really just they're well beloved and Wichita. And so that's a one permanent exhibit and then we have other exhibits like I said on Alaska we have one on each unit dolls. A turquoise exhibit. And it. One exhibit that will be coming honest also if you wanna check it out probably a good time doing is our. Indians an aviation exhibit talking about the formation of the center and how. Our community came to be here today. And Jack was tell me a lot of native Americans came to Wichita. During the war to go to work for some of that airplane factories cat and that's kind of how some of that. The population base it it came to be in which as the current. It's it's really an interesting story because. You know because we're the air capital of the world we had a lot of the aviation industry going on here and they would take buses. Two different as a patient and ask people they needed work and of course you know people always are needing work so. A lot of people are coming up here and they didn't have a community that called there around. And the one commonality that they all had maybe they weren't all the same nation but they have the commonality that they're all American Indian. And they thought you know we need a place where we can feel Wacom weakened you'll save. And that's how the union's general sports. It seems like there's been a lot of innovating ideas that have been brought to the Indian Sandner. Can you speak to that as is that something that you guys just consciously try to do or did it just. Still am you know it's not just in the Indians that are into museums in general we've got to stay. An innovative we've got to keep doing new ideas and adapting to the culture that we have today you know on and which tire American Indian population that's an urban populations and there's a lot of different needs that need to be met. You don't have you know maybe. On the reservation or something like that. And so we do our best to him you know. Where quirky music and you know we try really hard to be a little bit different a little more exciting for people. You know to entice and and that's it. I would imagine there's lots of people live in which time areas that never bench and the reason I hear it all the time people come and then either. They've lived here for fifty years and never come or they came for their school problem or something they haven't in years and then. And you know as long as I get them coming back at some point that's what makes me happy. As they're like one main thing or hidden hidden gem that that you like to share met with the audience about the about the Indian sooner you know I I didn't. He made to keep the planes but they exhibit that we have an army CM is just amazing heroes here is an amazing painter. And we have the largest. Displayed collection of has our work you know in the world. And his oldest our work and his the last thing he ever created and a mural in there that actually is just. It's so beautiful and you guys can actually see it on them like the front page of the website I think because of something orally product. And people don't know we have this and there are you know people come in their very surprised. Because you don't expect to see such a high class. You know art collection and a cultural means. Such a famous artists like this it's amazing to have him as a part of what's here in Wichita here we are so lucky. And you mentioned exhibits that currently have liked to catching exhibit sounds a little bit more about that. So we he have a large collection of pitching a dolls donated by different people and casinos are spears set the hopi people believe in another problem groups believe and and hopi people carve these stalls now offer the tourist industry are industry. But they're. They're originally something that they learn about because catching a spirits or something that bring rain and things like that all sorts of good things so these season. To teach children and they still do but now it's also something people have for our but it's something that's still very you know important to their culture but about the Turk course exhibit. I everybody looks turquoise you know we have. We haven't had a really great piece is Eric collection and I was. Able to get loans some great pieces as well squash blossoms and bolo ties and Turk isn't just a minute people love to look at because it's really beautiful. This the third exhibit is on elements air was sent an amount well we actually took down elements air we recently put up elements fire which is the second installment that's you know so the series is about the Madison Wi on all the different elements associated with Aston next year we'll do you earth and water as well. And so it's great now are focusing on fire we had a big event for that you know we have the fire department come out and all sorts of fun and get a lot of partners. For that one so we're looking forward to next year being able to do more events like that's but I know. You you continually have special events like that used to be years and years for years thereby go eat tacos on Tuesday. At the Indian center and I think probably still people whom missed that. Might notice something need you anymore regularly. I hear about it ally actually put yeah. It was so again it but you also have here colts are dashed round coming out pride. Yeah I yet culture dash is coming up in November and also share food is coming up in November's. Tell us a publisher drew what sent about. I am saying if you love to. One of our staff members at crystal she's our education director. She's making all this food outlets authentic American Indian food sub made by her people and some made by other groups and then we have. I volunteers come and help as well it. Of course with the handler license and you know they're making honesty and of course there's bright red included from the people who is having friar Fred. And it's a way for us to fund raise for our education program but it's a really great night and you can eat as much as you want it and they stuck to him on her lap flat ground. Yes it's really find. Now they still have community night on Wednesdays and if so what do you do there we did it's kind of an open ended sort of things so people can come and and you know we have a lot of people from practice their drumming or they're dancing and things like that this is kind of an opportunity for the community. To come and have that space for them to do those sort of things. But it's kind of changes every week sometimes you know they do one thing and sometimes again another. All right if you're just joining us for talking with Sarah Adams sees the damn person in charge over at the mid America all Indians center. Down town by the park and and there on nor Seneca 650 nor Seneca and so Sarah you have a really big event coming out. Come that's right around the corner I think it's a week from today in fact tried the 23 right. Yeah Leno from Saturday yep so what's that about tells all about it. So we are so excited for the submits called native voices. Native peoples concepts of health and illness and it's traveling exhibit that we got her grand. Through the US national library of medicine and the American Library Association. And we are so excited to have a because we were able to partner with hunter health clinic who I mentioned earlier has a lot of relationship with us. And envision. So they're going to be helping us with this health fair that we're gonna have surrounding the exhibit opening. As it's opened absolutely everybody out yet we want everybody to come it's totally free to go you can check out the exhibit and the health fairness and no cost and deepening. Now there's several services that are being provided that day Iran like back to school physicals knack sport physicals immunizations. Dental cleaning since screenings. Vision tests and accounting giveaways and handouts or any other details are leaving out. You know that's that's a lot of the bulk of it but we're also before that. At the beginning of the day at ten when the event starts we are also having. Ribbon cutting to kind of celebrate our fortieth anniversary with hunter house. So are going to be having a sort of reception at the beginning of that as well so that people can celebrate our history along with the opening of this exhibit. So that's a really big deal mean people can go there and and get these services that they need for the kids to start school in the fall Bryant I had asked perfect timing you know wanna wait till I guess today I caricature okay. Nashua what a great service that's providing and that's history for a truly cool him. We'll have blue star museum. We're soul happy to be part of this program it's a national program. Blue star families at least our museums. Museums all over the country are signing up for you can actually go to their website to see what museums are included case you're going on vacation. But where part of it what it does as active duty military and their families gain entry to certain museums anytime Pratt Memorial Day to labored and we've had. Loads of people take advantage of this opportunity and it's it's really some. That's great really timely. Tell us about the outdoor learning center. The hardest gardens and the keeper plans and those are when I look on the website those are three really cool tabs you have there lots of nice pictures and information and tell us how about those three items. Yes so. Artist artists have been around for awhile and that includes black hair posts in and woody crab boat or to really famous artist. Am obviously very talked about black progressive but those little gardens will have a little bit. Of re creations of their our work. And then the outdoor learning senator we just reopened it this past June. Ends. What it we have there's many things telling you about natural prairie and how are trying to re grow the Perry in the area. There is things like he peas and things are ATP we have ATP. And you know other housing things telling you about traditional housing that people use. I'm also some information on kind of the outdoor life of what people have been it's just completely beautiful and there they've they've. Planted in there and everything and now it's just. Gorgeous and the progress is right now with great. We even have a cat three sisters garden and there which is when you plant. Corn beans and squash together so that they they're mutually beneficial so they they all help each other grown right now the corn is like as tall as me so. And I'm 55 for the record. And so it's. It's how I. Nearly it's hard to really talk court. I'm and then you know of course it all leads back to the keeper plaza and any used to be united keeper plaza had been in our backyard does he can only get to it we are open and but now they you know in 2007 I think it was eight they built out the platform and she can get to the keeper any time date when you for hours today. And it's gotten medicine wheel that surrounds as well which is really neat to walk ons like walking through medicine wheel when you go to check out the keeper. And it's just it's absolutely beautiful now. What time did they turn on the lights on the keeper each thought the summertime it's at 9 o'clock everything clock as Ellis founding be there when that happens I sunny. The case or can people volunteer for special events. Yet we have a good volunteer based you can actually get our website and sign up to be a volunteer on there. There's all sorts of events you can volunteer forum where always looking for market the help right now is a really good opportunity if you're into garden we do we look to have people who like to work in the art. Were run out of time I'm sorry but I know you still do events like for weddings and and get together right that's still available next on regular classes yet here allowed said rent that building third. A lot of different purposes you know we have business meetings and weddings all sorts of things. All right thank you for coming in today early trichet taken time to do this if you ought to check things out and go to the Indian senator Dodd or. Our stop by 615 or Seneca. Are you can just give them a call 3503340. And sir I really want to thank you for coming and saying given us all this information thank you I appreciate it.