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WSU Baseball vs. Bradley 05-25-16

May 25, 2016|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Flair right side second baseman doesn't. It right. Talk a little T what's that. Center field that is way back there and it is gone. A state shocker baseball. Send us. Here's the voices of this. Pocket pop corn field terra haute Indiana Mike Kennedy alongside change Dennis our producers studio is Kayla corral. It's a warm kind of muggy afternoon here in terra haute in the game coming up between these doctors and Bradley will be the third game of the day. In the first round this year is Missouri Valley Conference postseason tournament. The shocker is won the regular season series from Bradley to the one in three games that were kind of of the slugfest nature back in the third week of April. In what should we'll talk more about the match up in just a little bit but in the two previous games today. It was southern Illinois over Evansville for three of the 45 match up at Dallas Baptist just defeated. Illinois State by a score of 95. 45. Game that typically it shapes up as your closest game in the first round of every tournament Jan Whitman was pretty good and his record doesn't reflect the kind of pitches and he's been this year but. He pitched in the eighth once again how Ryan out of Myers one of the kind of under the radar closers in this league that you don't really think about when you think of shut down guy that. He's only given up I think three earned runs all year so Mike Downey went one plus got another safe. And it's kind of interest in the last four games of that series that dating back to the regular season. The winning team. Got exactly four runs so they're used to playing close low scoring games and it happened again. Patrick Schnieders again we saw Mike that wasn't all that impressive I think in May be in his second start. And is very first start. In Mia Friday night role he was much better today went five plus innings but. Southern Illinois kept the pressure on them and I think maybe there a dark horse team if you want to. Maybe. Someone that's not you know obviously the water to see if you wanna pick a kind of non. Generally non contending team that might. Actually makes no I think so no I would probably be a pretty good bet they play good defense. Michael Baird gonna go for them to Marty even better than Widmer is statistically. And those freshmen last year that took their lumps of grown up a little bit there's four or five of them right in a row in the order. And now they do enough due to take that game early this morning 43 was fun. Factors we talked about at that time that's kind of what we're hoping for from some of these young Wichita State pitchers to make the kind of job from freshman to sophomore at seventy SI you guys have this yeah and position players too although. The Wichita State position players for them to make that kind of a jump from this year and next would mean there'll be hit over 400 cook meth. If they just kind of low level off Oprah will be even getting. Even as good but yeah out the the younger pitchers for Wichita State hopes that make that next big step. Chad with her last year Michael Baird certainly were nothing special but there while at DuPont so far this year. That in the second game. Again almost what you might have expected accepted had a weird ending Dallas Baptist actually had. Being nine nothing lead going into the ninth that it had a chance to put it away in seven they were up six and I think got their first two guys on. Decided to bottom over and then hit a three run homer came up one run short of the run rule in the Illinois State scored five in the ninth but still up. Solid win for Dallas Baptist maybe with a five run ninth didn't. Have to get really deep into their people then get yeah assist cosmetic change what happened nine nothing verses nine to five got a could've. Potentially ended at a couple innings earlier but the only thing I did. Really the grand scheme of things his push his start back the start time back seven minutes. But yeah they didn't have to necessarily go to their guys first say I shot Stutzman got the last out. But he only had to throw one pitch at village never got up and Colin tocchet went seven solid innings they. Well those situations where you try to get guys from work get an inning where you don't have to. Burn when he or go to guys and while that it kind of got out of control little bit five runs came across it was an error in the area got a little sloppy. The bottom line is Dan Heath care didn't have to use it in his big big guns out bullpen. And there called the player of the year in the Missouri Valley Conference hit the first pitch he saw. In the turnabout for a two run home run of the opposite field. It left senator. And Camden these neck also had a three run home run after Mike told you that they elected on a couple of guys over with the score. For the six nothing at the time and so. Anyway. All's well that ends well for Dallas Baptist and on May go to the winner's bracket. And shocker some Bradley will kick off Brackett B or the night session here in Terre Haute. And looking at the scheduled for tomorrow. If Wichita State wins so much has this game today they will be at the letters bracket in the feature game tomorrow if you wanna call it that at 730. And if they lose. They will be in the 1230 game tomorrow afternoon so pretty big difference in starting time we. Certainly much quicker turnaround for the shocker if they were to lose this one. Evansville at Illinois State will play the first elimination game of the tournament. At 9 o'clock at Dallas Baptist moves into the semi final of their bracket at 4 o'clock. Against southern Illinois. Still to come tonight after this game host Indiana State to two seed taking on. They seventh seed Missouri State which. Might be one of the most scary seventh seed ever come into this tournament they'll be an interesting game tonight and see if Missouri State he'd gotten. Has got his guys to truly turn the page they had a forgettable regular seasonal late although they did win their last three. They swept Illinois State to get to the seventh spot and I popped up above Illinois State put them in the cellar but. They'll be clinching game in the few big guns guns for them Spencer Johnson Jake Byrd will certainly shoulder load once again but. They've got a decent line up all the way up and down. I just can't imagine and it's that simple that they're pitching is what really let them down and kept them in the in the basement for so long but maybe that's the case should look at the season long numbers. And Missouri State pitching numbers to start what you used to seeing. And map hall and John Harris obviously lifting huge gaping hole and that's starting rotation Jordan needs and had that. Go from Sunday guided Friday guy Annie was just OK I mean either pretty good Sunday but that's about Ali is they've had dipped since then. Turn to their bullpen. And then I Jake prompts and has made three or four starts. Now he's he's done a good job Foreman is kind of steadied things out a little bit but. You can you can out slug people for a while Mike in the internment. And obviously it's not. Suggested that you try to do it in the very opening game but. Sooner or later you know that offense is gonna draft you're gonna need guys to get some outs from readers starting rotation so there's going to be an interesting stuff. Any data shoppers play get 50% off your online order any Wichita area Papa John's log on to Papa Johns dot com and use the promo code shocker fifty. To receive your shocker this gap. Let's get to today's game between Wichita State and Bradley as I mentioned in the series at Wichita. About the third week of April April 22 to 24 Wichita State won the series opener seven to five. Lost the middle game eight of war and won the finale ten to nine. In ten innings of both teams averaged seven or slightly over seven runs a game both hit over 300 for the weekend and while that could happen again we could see something completely different to Bradley's pitching ever since that weekend. Has been outstanding in fourteen games since the last game in Wichita they have an ERA of one point 80 and the staff. And while Wichita State hasn't made that kind of leave certainly overall. The improvement of their bullpen over the last couple or three weeks has certainly put them in a position where they're starters can get them even five. They have a real chance to put up pretty decent pitching them no doubt and so I think. The real key to this game will be exactly what's that night pitches against two to me a pretty potent Bradley lineup they're batting averages. 283 as a team they slugged 420 team both well above average in the league. They've got a nice mixture of young guys and veterans Spencer gay and there it's got to deal that Evan Turner is a huge swing in mask I've also were really hurt you in hitting that. And left learn so good in the middle lineup so it's a big test for exactly those Wichita State can get Mikey sent five or six solid out of him. And back into the pin to do what they've done the last two and athletes Shockey will be fine. And Bradley this year made the commitment to move their closer Matt Dennis and off conference closer a year ago to the starting role and he's been their Friday guy. And Molly hasn't been one of the league's very best. He's been pretty solid and doing what we just talked about given them five or six every time out maybe seven occasionally but at least five to six. And and keeping them in ball games. Soccer's got to have a little bit they did beat him. When they saw him and but it wasn't a match up for sale of him vs Jack Louis Louis went. The next day got a no decision well Wichita State. Play against Matt Dennis earlier this season they got five runs off of in six innings and he paid yet. That was. The highest amount of hits that he's given up all year long he gave up eight on March the twelfth against Bucknell and eight against Wichita State in six innings. That the shocker saw. So they got good looks that in and they turned it into the W. And imagine Jack Lewis and actually worked out pretty well that. Four for basically other reasons last week to coaching staff decided to move him up to the first game of the series on Thursday. And have been set up to go in this game today because of his ability to bounce back quickly and the hopes that if the shock is really get all the latest Saturday he might even be able to come back on two days and make another start. As it worked out Bradley the opponent and he had one of his best outings of the year against Bradley during the regular season. Yet on the surface he'd definitely raised your eyebrows when you saw there. Last Thursday that exact Lewis was gonna get to start against Dallas Baptist but it really makes a lot of sense if you want to win this tournament and I don't know why. Any head coach in the valley wouldn't do similar things if this were the case. That you got to picks up Louis first in the hopes that. Later on in the term if he can make one more start for he's the only. Shocker picture capable of that when you talk about the resiliency of these armed with team many times cities pitch multiple times in a week out of the bullpen. And he is a competitor he wants the ball but more importantly his arm and take it. And that's not to say that he'll come back on a couple of days' rest and throw you a hundred pitches or the shocker we expect something like that. But at Wichita State extends its way through the winners especially the winner's bracket they win their first couple. And it comes to us where Zach lewis' time comes up again and a couple of days. And ideally today if you really wanna dream that he doesn't get taxed to get up near a hundred pitches you know he stays in the eighty pick trains today. In later on turn that he's the guy the most capable. To come back in the starting game again. And that saves you from. Digging deep in your bullpen to have somebody maybe make their first started their career when she got time and time again in this term it. So what Todd Butler the calculated risk that he's made is that if we wanna win this tournament this is out he'll be. Jane mentioned. It and references start time a little bit ago extending it back seven minutes the the finish of the Dallas Baptist Illinois State game dragging out just enough that it guys just slightly our schedule but. So far so good today first game what quickly. Wichita State was scheduled to go at 404. Against Bradley it's now for eleven. First pitch there is the possibility of rain in the forecast all weekend but it's one of those. The percentages aren't all that high it's that the conditions are here where a thunderstorm could suddenly pop up. And today originally they were talking about it may be starting in mid morning what we've gotten through that this might without any rain at all or any threat it. And now the best threat looks like it may not be till about 745. So hopefully this game also go off as scheduled and goes smoothly. And again we're looking at starting at eleven minutes after the top of the hour 311 where most of you are listening back in the central time zone for eleven here in the east. In terra haute. Your drive to the game brought to you by the law offices of Harvick staying and hearing your. 263. 7596. Or visit their website at www. Holik lost. Dot com that with his coach Todd Butler as we continue our pregame show from the valley tournament in Terre Haute. We'll move. That girl the girl with no inside avoids the girl who speaks in tech's home. The girl assessed with cats and videos of cats will that girl is playing powerball and she might win state powerball jackpot can fund a lot of cast videos which beat GW was not hello Wilfork and it. It's up to you to win. Your busy meeting deadlines aaron's car pulls sabres needed to das render the thank you completely forgot to show our camp didn't pay any different believes that he can you promise better yeah. Stop you can't be everywhere but we can. 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But because he inserted right shelter helped him get a new anniversary edition of the same model. I'm still misses his old fight that he admits his new CD is a lot more comfortable motorcycles to riding mowers are news to bass boats we've got you covered. C coldly Zeke and Wellington Leah taken Winfield or Randy Kessler in our Kansas City. You found useful thanks for listening to remember this is what we do around here news updates to keep you informed and aware of what's ahead. Traffic reports so you can get to work at home faster the forecast so you can make plans. Stay safe. Kept track of what's going on things listen dad and when you're not listening remember check in 234 times a day so there were no load the program. Handling this morning I mean the simple and easy way to stand for. This he's KM SS any Sean Hannity here listen to meet every weekday at two it's fall camp. Happening right here on KM SS. It's good that's subtler join us for the chargers opening game of the valley tournament against Bradley here in terror coach you've been pointing for this tournament for awhile now and now let's hear an opportunity to play for something meaningful. It's it's meaningful time it's at its finest time of the year and me get to this point and go through 56 games you're grinding it out. Just trying to get better improve food for. It passed with 56 games it you have been now you know records in the stats and all the things done through 56. Start anew so. The attitude has to be up tempo and are ready to go. This tournament is going to be about performance yet perform. Starting pitching has to be good. Our bullpen as we get our defense needs to be good and we need to really be hard wood bats in this tournament. You know you tennis set things up last week they had sex Lewis leads you off because his ability to bounce back and actually worked out pretty well the nature of bond friendly as anything about it. Yeah I mean inception of the last really mixed in some change ups and effective changeup for strikes in. You know I know you know we all as the team in being exactly know what type of competitor he is so. He needs to give us good quality start and it be nice to get about the seventh inning and get those Big Three guys at the end I think we have good set up for the into the ball game. I think those guys are confident. But offensively. We need to really be hot with the bats and we led the league in hitting hits runs scored. And if I went back to a fall forward and pitch well you know us before we get those injuries. If we play good defense and I wasn't really sure about our offense all the freshmen players that we had so. Offensively has been a surprise that those 56 games that. The bats need to be really hot there's ten rules in this tournament. You can you if you swing the bats well and score a lot of runs that you can save some pitching. The main thing is involved. Peeking at your lineup he gave a couple of seniors a chance to play on on senior day and stuff Clinton threw the game at a couple of the perform well also get the chance again today. They're curse commits sect enemy hitters are best defender at second base and one of the toughest guys if not to discount to the home run that he hit. He's still making adjustment in this industry and races hands it is to stay above the ball a bit better so in the intake can hit the home run the game winning home run dead center field. And yesterday taking BP M practice and sing like every swings and balls all the hard. Right now the wind here is blowing now that's a steady gust in the ball traveled B do you sit two home runs in their game previous star so far. So. You know not that we have to hit home runs at home runs or. Are helpful. And met Dennis their guy is guys you've seen in had some success against. He's good to me why I have watched him on video on TV. Review and some of the games he pitched in his I think he'll start out the fastball away early. He'll come in with a fastball in once he gets through the lineup once or twice. In the new sportsman and a breaking ball he does elevate the ball a little bit and he's one of those pitchers to be chasing that it's enough velocity that is hard hit. So we need to make him beat down in the zone. And now we need to get after them we need to be aggressive and swing mistakes. I'd check it sketched out Butler rule of the game online happily come back to tear. There are certain. Precious. You just can't currency. He'd like to forget you never want. The worst part about that Iran has something like that person has been injected. 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And the six seat after finishing ninth and twelfth in the valley chase they were actually tied for fifth with Evansville. Evansville applied seat on a tiebreaker having taken two of three from the doctors. In the regular season chain has a look at who's hot. And this goal brought to you by Hannah heating and air for over 30 years providing south central Kansas. The superior service at affordable prices your comfort is their business. Who's up for what you Dodd stadium is not in the lineup Zach. Redding has hit in his last eat he had three multi hit games at the very start of that. Hitting streak of any the last five he's got a single hit in each game so we should come off then she'll have a big game streak eleven hits in nets fan Alec bombers seven hits in his last four games and he's been hot or strategy young. He has. Leading off for Wichita State in writing a hot streak like you can't imagine. Before that hope for four against the B you might yet I've street two hit games and as really treats himself at the top line. Hayes and Williams. When they pitch in the last nine games they have both pitch in the same game and over that span. Hayes has given up one run Williams has given up one run totaling eight team and a third innings to earned runs over the last nine games for those guys that kind of book ended at the back end of that. Shocker bullpen they are really figured some stuff out so they've been hot sure whose COLT trained workers a little bit chilly after a white hot. Run their over the last couple weeks as he goes over his last eleven chase raiders won for his last sixteen but. During the regular year against. The Bradley braves Vickers was as hot here's a shocker tablet five out of ten against the. Braves' regular here. If I mention this was just officially released yesterday which state had seven players selected for Missouri Valley Conference honors. Including. Six position players who are all in the line up today. Michael Luka and got her Trout line where both honorable mention Grayson just Alec moment Dayton do golf freshman were named to the second team. Along with the pitcher Cody Tyler. And trade Vickers was shut her love representative on the first team also general staff. Is the co Missouri Valley Conference freshman of the year Sherry and honor without the other Jamison Hannah. Dallas Baptist on the players Shaq has been saying for Bradley today Spencer gave their third baseman on the second all valley team. Freshman DH Luke man Jerry was honorable mention anti shed at the center fielder named the league's all defensive team they're only first steamer shocker is Walt ceded day lefthander Cameron rafters then there's Saturday guy over there number two starter. And that's probably as good fortune for the shot it's not to have bases. I. Think self statistically. That shoppers do really well against left hand pitching better than ever call record in shocker one in trouble and he was pretty sharp pretty efficient like he's been on here. I would imagine that one number again because it's pretty incredible sense. Giving up ten runs on fourteen hits it that ten inning series finale at Wichita on April 24. Bradley's earned run average for the last fourteen games. Is one point 81 witness over those fourteen games they've only given up as many as four runs for a time had given up four runs three times. And six runs once that's been the high over those last fourteen games doctors are facing a hot staff in general. But they'll be trying to do is take them back to that we've given what you towers they hit it pretty well we've been on. After further review camera right there. They're number two starter. Went seven solid innings hit Wichita State giving him. Three runs total now shocker. What their offense have any given quite a few pitchers this year there. Season low or high as it were. But that's it before the close numbers hits that you met Dennis is giving up his here's a man twice shot there's one of those. You know here they shot her fight song in the background possible you have the entire shocker rosters being introduced along the first base line. And Shane has the starting lineup for today's game. As always brought to you by putting back where you ever pay at AT&T sure to visit them online and equity bank. Travis ultimately it is often play center field for the soccer's followed by the left fielder Michael Luka. Crazy Janice said first they hit third. Alec ball in the third baseman hits for batting fifth and catching it better for offline and her batting sixth in right field for the joggers big guy. Craig Becker's play shortstop and hit seven. Batting a hit the age of Bryant and company and hitting ninth place second base for the shocker. If that are pertinent that Willis making his ball started here. To an eight on the season they'll get but the shocker. It's done a good Janice. Involved throwing him. Vickers victim car. That list it's English soccer's. Who are these six CD very determined number three seed Bradley under head coach Galveston. There starting with the advantage theory the BAQ. Spencer gang will take second and play third base and batting third for the Braves as a shortstop. I don't leveler. All focus on the first baseman hits or. Batting fifth in left field is Evans Brunner. And. Shouted in center field and six. Batting seventh and hedging is Ian Crist on Welker DJ Vasco will play second base get a doctor's. And batting ninth and right field. It's Brady will get starting for Bradley is. Matt Dennis there relation it is for the start of the season with eight and and through enough of looking at the graves man Jeremy gate left learned. Soul goes through. Heard shouted come on Chris Dodd got so we'll. And not give us your pitcher what Bradley will. Bradley's entire lineup nothing introduced Bradley will be at a white uniforms today the letters and numbers. Actually in the Brad but it's not a solid red it's like yeah. Red outline of the beyond the front numbers on the back red caps. Socks of wayward after sleeves today shoppers into the fray. Letters and numbers of black trimmed in gold and gold. Yeah umpires for today's game will have format cruised through upturn about what these events. You know we Charlie club like behind them play my role at first base camp cat at second and Scott green. At third and hope. Mentioned the weather here is warm and had about 82 degrees at game time that the wind has picked up. Progressively through the they have got one at that says it's out of the south southwest at eighteen out again probably. At the very least right around that exploit hard certainly have some effect. Balls hit in the air certainly carries and also the left field but it got me again street react got to be blowing in here Bob Miller feel for the ball not scary it is. Still overflowing out. And plus for the company's but the committee today it will become a little bit. It is 332. Downed power lines. 372. At least power alleys they had. It Satterfield. These are anything real deepest part of hard for. Expands a little white. From left center to right center 3096. Feet. All the way across that expand to straightaway center but as Jane mentioned the ball usually very rarely seen the wind out of the south east blowing straight out to Saturday times that. And let's suppose in a historic and it's you have a good chance that carried the ball here and and it doesn't do that much here this time of the year but it is warmest day a warm week ahead of the game and again thousands of decent chances of rain but better than somebody could pop up any time type thunderstorm right. And right now they're not expecting much movement here to help possibly hitting evening itself. It's braves which obviously get this game and it typically timely manner meaning to and I have three dollars for him it's going to be really good shape as far as getting through this first guns and even if featured game. There is a little bit of an issue with rain and the threat of rain. I would say that everybody involved certainly Jack with Jack Watkins and would rather go late in the evening nice to finish in the first round. As opposed to suspended. Starting game tomorrow on pushing all the other four games back and now our National Anthem for the shoppers. And Bradley yeah. And yeah. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Our national ads and hear about corn field and Tara Otis we are just about ready to get this under leg and the earlier scores today before seen southern Illinois. Over the five seat Evansville by a score of sort of three things we have a one seed Dallas Baptist defeating an eight seed Illinois State nine to five the final game coming up this evening's scheduled for 730 local time 6:30 central time. Will be the two seed and host Indiana State against number seven Missouri State this is the second time in three years. That the tournament has been held here in terra haute and what the real interesting aspects about this tournament over the years is it only two programs. I have ever won the tournament. On their home field Wichita State the Dodgers have done it numerous times and great which on on its home field at all on 2011. Last year towards the tournament was in Wichita was won by Missouri State. Two years ago here in Dallas Baptist on its first ever Missouri valley tournament title. Add to. So we'll see what transpires this week Indiana State went on to host a tournament two years ago so they're certainly looking forward to a better showing them that bill. It is good to see. Dating all of it back through 2012. This this morning Victor. Southern Illinois. River they went to the title game and twelve and eight the last. Handful here since then they've gone one and two. But they win the first when this morning so certainly. Of their feelings when you get the winner's bracket obviously you know the talent you Rhode gets a little smoother with the victory that you pile up this session. In a home. Try to look my words coming compressed. You know you start to turn on Tuesday a day earlier. So when you get out of the gates with the victory certainly feels good and I want them piggyback on what I've said right for the anthem in case the they featured game for the 730 local time game gets delayed by rain imagine they would do everything they can't even if it takes him to deep into the night to finish. Because he's suspending game tonight. In order to keep all the other four games on the schedule tomorrow you're looking at 8 o'clock local time start probably at the very. Latest you know maybe even earlier now like I just can't the baseball much earlier than that but if you run into weather problems you got to push for the next day. That's what you're looking at your place for the game besides that one so. Certainly. Missouri State and Indiana State we cross their fingers and end this. Playing field by the way is artificial turf in the infield grass in the outfield handles rain well. Certainly it's a good playing facility from that standpoint and even the outfield words grass is solid in good shape that I could absorb some. Some rain and still be viable so us. They have that going for them and of course that's almost become a necessity would try to press. A turn of this many games in the history at times you almost have to have a surface story and play with the rain on and in time's arrow world class grounds crew like Springfield. If it's. A natural surface there's. Built in challenge have a tournament if you go on grass field. Just to give you the actual number posted up Wichita State has won this tournament thirteen times on its home fielded questions head break once in Omaha on 2011. That made that ad that's been. Bush Wichita State hosted every year for a long time. It used to be used them you may recall that the regular season champion. Hosted the tournament and that was Wichita State about every year what may best scenario difficult was it they've played those last series through Sunday. And then laid on Sunday afternoon and sometimes that you figure out who actually won the regular season and everybody had to scramble to make travel arrangements to get there to get rooms and so forth so they. Started putting it up for eight bit process. And ending the season on Saturdays of the teams had an extra day that you do in advance where you were going for the tournament. In Wichita State was getting it every year with the highest bids for the league decided to. Gotta spread it around and so we've seated in recent years at some other sites including twice now here Terre Haute when just not posted it for a long long time. And the only thing and I would say to that what you know where the valley tournament got to be at its east. You're free to put the western guys it needs today final regular season series of the year and vice Versa it's gonna be at Wichita. Have a handful eastern teams finish up either which it does bring fielder Dallas stolen when they go. Well not a widget on Springfield still continues to post every element there but I'm sure the valley. Schedule makers have figured this friar at least they don't feel like it's quite big and it quite that big a deal anymore but that he's my only gripe. Umpires are ready to go are still waiting for. For the teams to take that vehicle were only a couple of minutes away now Bradley actually taking the field. Which actors will be going up against right handers Matt Dennis. For Bradley here this afternoon. Dennis will be making his fifteenth appearance and fourteenth start he has eight. Three with a four point 02 ERA 78 and third innings pitched 75 hits for about it batting averages 48. 49 walks in 72 strikeouts all of those ratios pretty the one number that. Jumps out Bryce you just a little bit he's given up 22. Extra base hits in 78 plus innings. Including nine home runs through three more than anyone else on the staff has surrendered. And it'll be a little while the times seven wild pitches and hit five batters there's that. Too much wrong with that but he can't be wild in the strike zone as Mike mentioned. Opponents hitting only 248 against him but. In situations like today whether where it's hot and muggy there were blown out maybe shoppers looked beyond the arc today. He went six innings at southern Illinois last Thursday for a win one of his best outing of the year four hits one run walked three struck out war. It is previous start against Indiana State he got to win that got roughed up a little bit six hits three runs. In five innings but did only walked one in having over the buy things. In its first four Missouri Valley Conference starts against Missouri State Evansville Wichita State and Dallas Baptist. He had an ERA up five point 64. For 22 and a third innings in his last three against Illinois State Indiana State and southern Illinois. And they are I have my dad to even for eighteen innings of work. Andy you talked about he was the closer. War. The Bradley braves earlier in his career still alone the single season and career saves record that twelve and a single year eighteen. In his career he began the transition from closer to starter in the Alaska baseball league's summer. Payment to three with a 58 ERA in eight summer start so this goes back aways with. He Elvis Dominguez. Brain trust that Bradley decided to transition him to being the starter. As often happens Mike whoever you leave your your best arm. If they can't start out the bullpen probably by the it is their careers they're going to be Megan's heart for him that's the case for that Dennis and you're here. Bradley traditionally has recruited a lot especially pitching prospects from the Chicago area and that Dennis is one of those guys did you hear from. Arlington heights Illinois a Rolling Meadows high school 61250. Pounder. He's facing Travis yet oddly enough from Wichita State in the first followed by Michael event and racing finished. We're ready to get this when underway joggers and Bradley in the third of. For first round games played today here in terra haute. Matt Dennis ready to go to work Travis young steps in the first pitch to young is high for ball line and it will be Charlie Clemons calling the balls and strikes in this one. Travis young. As Jane mentioned both for four with four strikeouts in the last game of the regular season against Dallas Baptist that'd been tremendous pride that takes that one hi. And it's too and now he raised his average coming into the tournament to 327. By hitting it even 500 in his last ten games sixteen for 32 that's with the O for four in his last. Takes that one for a strike on the outside edge and it goes to the line. Travis young only appeared as a pinch runner in the game that met Dennis pitched against she Packers in which. 21. High fouled on the right side of get out of play behind first base dugout. For the most part there's a lot of room down the lines in foul territory here but not much right behind home plate directly behind home play it's very shallow area. But down the line you could go a long way to possibly catcher felt rule. Two balls two strikes Dion. Matt Dennis has picked Shannon Travis went to visit the high fastball so unfortunately his streak continues rumblings. Titled CD game last Saturday at his fifth consecutive strike yet and there's a couple of games there where you live just chopped one over the pictures head on and let it out that's what he needs to even answer you that every time that's what he needs to think. Hit top half of the ball and cut down usually with two strikes he's fast as the day is long which can't steal first. Michael Luka takes a fastball for a called strike in Dallas after going to put out a started off onion getting the ball down in the strike zone now. Michael Luka with a good finish he had slipped just below 300 momentarily but 3% over the last two games he's at 304 ground ball right at the shortstop littler. Comes up throwing gets the out at first. Loeffler any good shortstop when they carry strong arm but made a couple of critical throwing errors against the soccer's regular season series on balls that he does tiger really air out. Shortstop but this time for me. You have to downed trees that racing had a steady shocker first baseman Andy mr. teleconference held freshman of the year. It is 327. Five home runs 32 runs that it is. First pitch to him from Genesis fell back for strike one. Grayson just ahead a six for fourteen series against Bradley in the regular season. He was one for two against Matt Dennis and also drew a walk. Against Dennis in that game. The 01. Swings really late on a passed ball away nothing NC rarely see him that late it was almost maybe it. Afterthought decision to go forward. So in the hole and 22 out nobody on in the first British doctor's. Genesis pitch generous to takes outside fastball one and two. Alec bomb would be next in Afghanistan can keep the inning going. Right hander wines are the one to. Breaking ball a little flare fell off the end of the bat down past the third base coaching box. That states the ball and two strikes. Wind that was blowing out of the south southwest now almost more south south east which means it's blowing straight out like center field. Carried off the ground ball hard get past the third baseman and a left field for a base hit. So Grayson Janice his first ever at bat in Missouri Valley Conference tournament as a base hit just out of the reach of the third baseman. Let's save that or I Obama might mention. As a win. Avery. Virtually all hitters they hit a little part of the ballpark. Left arm right handful hitters probably will benefit most of the day and they get a ball near the left side. Almost 3105. Home runs 28 runs batted in. He also had a very good series against Bradley takes low for ball line was six for thirteen in that series. Including the game winning tenth inning single in the final game of the series. He went two for three against Matt Dennis in the game he pitched. Bomb along with Janice then Dayton did go on name to the all valley second team in their freshman seasons and there's. Hy drive to left field the Wynn's gonna help carry the left fielder took offense and runs out of room. Alec Baldwin say to run first inning homer in the shoppers after they had to go out and nobody on. Tickets and I think laid on back to back yet but there are conference freshmen. How that ball over on numbers six on the year's team creeping ever closer together confines team leading seven. And -- now with thirty runs batted in and doctors. Strike with two outs and nobody on me at the urban league for another better. Outs nobody on an 02 count to Afghanistan is not present that getting to in the inning and gutter Trout line. Who like Alec all was two for three against Matt Dennis on his first start against the shocker in the big breaking ball is just a big loopy. Hanger that sailed over his head for Paul on. Trout line waiting to 887 home runs 37 runs batted in. 102 in swing and a miss slipped past although I'm on the inside corner. Petr Trout line named honorable mention on the all Missouri Valley Conference team which is the second year in a row that he has received that honor. One ball one strike Dennis is pitch Trout lines cases wanna put away for strike two. Fastball up on the outer part of the plate. And kind of flail that it missed one ball and two strikes. 12. Breaking dog got a lucky in what kind of proceeds with the gusty curve ball. And I Trout lines down on strikes in the first episode the other strikes out of there but he also gives up two runs on action against. And after a half inning in Wichita State to me Bradley coming up to face that Lewis. He made him talk about productivity and burrito. It was like Emma. I mean. 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C agent Alex Acosta NG Valentine or in mold main Kirk Farber. I it led to enjoy the weekend mornings at nine right here runs. Us we had to have a lot of losses here as far as run support from his teammates and some of those ninety days. Ball State to date and nothing related to the glory ever gets on the hill today and these doctors I think there's soccer coaching staff would gladly take it copy. That loses outing against Dallas Baptist last Thursday's six innings five hits four runs and only two of them were. One walk and four strikeouts. Or they would take the life against Bradley the first time around. He faced the Braves in the regular season that middle game change naturally got a no decision and one he went. Five innings gave up four hits and three runs just water with three walks in seven strikeouts. You're facing live may have cheery the DH living it up means you men carried. Ended up the regular season at 3082. Home runs in the thirteen runs that it is. That a strong finish after becoming the team's regular DH in mid march. Freshman left and hit the first pitch to him a stroke to left Michael Luka coming at a few steps and is there and makes the cat so one pitch one out. Exact Lewis here in the first. Greens are censored David Bradley third baseman. Gay has had some type all conference honors every year he's been at Bradley. And scams that in this one hitting 3374. Home runs 27 runs batted in is. He was Bradley's leading hitter in conference play and the only one they had among the top twenty individually in the league in conference games only takes fastball high for ball one. Gay named second team all conference he was second team all valley last year. Takes that went low at skipped past gutter Trout line two balls no strikes. Gay spelled GAA right handed hitter. He was three for fourteen against the shock yours in the regular season series is to fourteen they would. Gladly take anything close to that. Checked his swing at a pitch he gets the inside corner for a strike could pitch by Zach lewis' two and one. It is the wind at 21 delivery. And it Topper foul along the third baseline be fielded in the third base coaching box. And the cat goes to two and two. One out nobody on for Bradley to its after the first hitch hikers went to an out in the first top after the first inning and then. As generous to single a two run Alec foam homer to nothing Wichita State. Lewis shaking off the side in the two to the ground ball right at the third baseman beau plenty of time to set up Rosie about two down. Part ground ball right at Alan involved who's playing deep behind the bag if there. Two up two down could ask for much better start for Zack looks although I bet you said that. Afghanistan is a virtue out actors throughout that he got. Here's Tyler left where the shortstop. Left we're hitting Treo six. One home run in 31 runs batted in. He said kind of an odd season in which she get much better in nonconference play that he did in league games to 38. In twenty Bally games on nineteen for eighty. Exit fastball to strike call them around unease. It wasn't because of the Wichita State series that he hit to 38 though he was six for twelve against shocker including two for three. Against act Lewis. 01 from Zack and drive into right center field gonna find the gap it's getting hit and bounce off the base of the fence on the fly. Getting it back here and Travis it left with stops at second with a double. It's a team like Wichita State that gets a lot of doubles Bradley has a 108 doubles and 46 games coming in the shot as a 105. You know there are 56. And a two out double for Tyler left and it keeps their inning alive here in rivers. Turns up false altogether first baseman. Right handed hitter another of their veterans to 985 home runs 38 runs batted in. So get a fifth year senior from deploying Illinois six to. Just over 200 pounds. Zach Louis with a runner at second two out to shocker set to nothing in the first. The first pitch to soak it is a strike on the inside corner. So focus stepped out of the box for a moment. So far Charlie Clemons the plate umpire seemed to have pretty good pitchers zone. Lewis shook off the sign come set. Along. Good breaking ball really throws he leaves out of his front foot to stop his swing it goes 20 and two. That Lewis had a really good changeup in his last start. Against Dallas Baptist that the boasted he had thrown that pitch in any start this year is very effective for. Right we'll save that for Gruner and the other left hand batters to come. Those two outside the silken. And it goes to one quality strikes. Jack Lewis coming in the program as a junior college transfer from wabash valley community college. Had a really good freshman year there it and was drafted and then last year was hurt early ended up not having a very good season chapters. Able to picky not. Certainly had an up and down year but finishing pretty strongly so far the pitch. Fastball low it's two and two. Jane mentioned Zach Lewis has been very busy lately nine appearances in the last fourteen games finish actors. One week appeared in four straight games. One was a start which he only lasted an inning that any came back three more times in relief. Pitch. Low block like to outline and X three and two out of Paul Soka. There's some guys especially transfer is that. Lieutenant complain and moan if they don't. Get a particular. Spot in the rotation you know I wanna be a starter like he just wants to pitch he complains when he's not pitching and that's the kind of thing that you want from. A guy that transfers in. 32 it is so paycheck just let anyone around the field at first base umpire Mike throw all the ranking about. Lewis strikes out so go on a 32 pitch in the turf. 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Its security and advisory services offered through SII investments incorporated member finreg SIPC and a registered investment advisor pastor and associates incorporated and SII investments incorporated a separate and unrelated companies shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance. C agent Brad woody Shawn Chapman orange haze filled forest pummel. George story from coast to coast AM stormy week knights right here find KM SS. Got laid up second from Wichita State shocker in the lower half of their batting order after sending. Five men to the plate in the first scoring two runs on two hits the big blow a two run homer by Alec loan. It and it got named to the second all conference team comes into the tournament hitting 3144. Home runs 24 runs batted in. Right on right match up for Matt Dennis who deals and do got takes outside for all want. They can do guy was 448. In two starts against Bradley in the regular season but did not play in the game that met Dennis started. Takes that would blow it away and it's too and nothing. The clouds definitely moving in now for the first time they've been some of those the white clouds mixed in doubt that the blue sky today but we've got the gray ones moving in now for the first time. That was low and outside three balls no strikes. Just in the top of the second inning Wichita State as the succeed. Adding as the visiting team. Trio to do go play outside so Denis started to put on young in the first then came back to striking out. But that was four straight out of which were very close to date you got most of them outside their right handed hitters. Yeah top father plays here with you got first very good speed kickers. Handles the bat pretty well. And the all conference shortstop digging in their match he was hot against Bradley in the regular year five out of ten. Show's plot takes a strike. And maybe he's budding and it's not unlike him though justice square around it show but to take a first pitch and get a look at pitcher when he's been going good down the stretch he's been. Very confident in taking a strike a lot of time just to get a look. Not squaring this time takes a breaking ball and that's called a strike at the knees and its own to. Tree Vickers five for eleven in the regular season series against Bradley included one hit in three tries against Matt Dennis. Stretch by the right hander the other two and Vickers chases one in the turf and strikes out first base is occupied so the catcher just have to throw it over there. And that's the third strike out for Matt Dennis so far in the ballgame. That brings up Brian tinker who gets a chance to DH today after his. To hit two senior day game against Dallas Baptist on Saturday had a home run in the eighth inning of that on the straightaway center that won the game 43. Hitting 241. On on the year in the pitch to him is low it's away from the catcher few steps in Dayton did got. Down to second base. Yeah they scored that one it looked like one that could have been stopped at least that kind of skated on dream probably in the turf enough and it's. Maybe a wild pitch. That puts a runner in scoring position with one out of that helps the shocker suit failed to advance the runner on the first hitter after do guy reached. And that helps Brian taken get closer to predictable count where he can. Get one to maybe drive in the wind. One ball those strikes the stretch but I Dennis fastballs one on investigative pretty good job keeping it down and it's one of one to two income. Ryan 047. In the Bradley series the regular season 043. Against the guys facing right now. It got second one out shocker is that two nothing and time called us. Dennis actually I think stepped often called time himself. Yeah he thought he got the sign anyone had been as he teams that needs it now. Don't believe all wanna throw that so he stepped off and told Crist on human he sends signals. 11. Breaking ball and a strike call that are on the days when ball in two strikes. Against so far Charlie Clemons of the pretty good pictures zone is not that afraid at all to give them the low strike through these first couple of innings. A couple of real good breaking balls in this inning Dennis has. Fastball pretty straight though breaking ball there blocked. That's distinguish hackers are going to have to be good about it stand off that one it's out of the strikes and he got Vickers to chase one. Taken almost started on that one bit held up as that one bounced across the plate. Two and tutor Ryan tinker. Here's the stretch by Dennis and his pitch that would get through the catcher bank that would end there. Slid out and catcher you go over to third. And so did I after a leadoff walk has advanced. To bases on wild pitches by met Dennis. And now take a Molly asked the news. Not at one back that picture and have a decent chance to in the shocker is another run but. Three and two here and Dennis doesn't have to throwing a fastball obviously with a base open and Kirk coming up next so they got to look fast will certainly be able to. Respond to anything else 32 pitches a breaking ball low and outside for ball four. Second walk of the inning for met Dennis first and third with one out and the better tendered her. The ball all the loud do I gotta go to second baseman room that's Hal Beaulieu and in the wild pitch over the authors so. A couple of freebies on the last do god ninety feet away from Jennifer. And that Kirk's job is to stay out of the double play it was due gut third. There are unable to turn one he'll score for sure fast runner. Ticket but first is not looking back Ryan take him actually stole some bases last year it was some back issues that if things this year he has really slowed down as a runner. Has not attempted to stolen base is not a threat to British actors to do anything over there Kirk squared around to bond takes a breaking ball in the turf again for ball one. Bowl safety squeeze action and thought of that but that's also put that in play too. Do you guys speed at third certainly that opens up a lot of possibilities and she met Dennis right now is banging a lot of breaking balls after throwing a couple of good ones earlier in the inning tattered Kurt with two sacrifice bunks on the year. But as Mike mentioned if you wanna scorer wild pitch you. Hope it goes to one side or another to the catcher not directly behind home plate they'll bounce off that panning right bacteria. Hurt swinging thousand straight back had a fastball up and it's one of one. Tattered Kirk getting a chance to start on his senior day and hit a two run homer in the Dallas Baptist victory on Saturday. His third home run of the year. Sitting at even to fifteen with three homers and seventeen driven any was one for two little walk in that game. One hit on the ground third baseman has it down the second one back to first and in time for the double play. Hit it harder right at the first baseman goes around the horn for an inning ending. Double play no runs no hits one left for the soccer is after one and a half they lead it to do nothing. We have a lot of responsibilities in today's world we cautiously analyze our wellness but neglect the largest organ of our body. Our skin at Moeller dermatology we offer specialized testing and treatments for common diseases and skin hair and nails and thorough treatment for skin cancer moles and lesions and we're the provider offering -- in micro graphics surgery that's recognized as the skin cancer treatment with the highest cure rate please call more dermatology at sixty to 7546. 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Top seed Dallas Baptist via the eighth seeded Illinois State. Nine to five. Whether this game will leave the letter of the upcoming Indiana State. Missouri State game. And that would be in the later game tomorrow at 730. Number and the loser of this game will face the loser of that later game. That was the at least 12:30. PM game tomorrow afternoon. Evan Gruner. Left fielder for Bradley. Sheen mentioned an all or nothing kind of guy sitting to 874 homers 29 runs batted in a swing and a miss. That Lewis starts off that off speed pitch. Greater 28070. S fifteen doubles and four home runs and also 65. Strikeouts one every two point seven at bats. Breaking ball there is a little bit low inside one ball one strike and one of my favorite stats batting average and balls put in play. He's poster child for 71 when he puts it in play over although what you think 280 subcommittees. Foul tip off to catcher's glove in person. One ball and two strikes that are Trout line. Took a little bit of that one off himself. So the plate umpire Charlie Clemons is in the moment to shake it topsy ran a new baseball out to the mound. Greater against the shocker is was six for twelve in the three game series in which time and five of this six hits were doubles. Lefthanded hitter. Most changeup to come in handy right about now. Lewis' 12. Strike three call that's a good idea there. After a tanker ball. Whatever something clever works out back to back strikeouts for his act Lewiston. Yet another K for Evan Turner. Kurt did similar things last year my 76. Strikeouts a year ago they got twelve career home runs. In now 144 games and a 183. Strikeouts in his career in three years. And he chatted grounds one of the whole backing headed by victories but he can't pick it up over she added speed I don't think he could throw him out anyway out think that'll those they see appreciated. Ball seeing eye grounder right deep in the hole short it was to the left the ball and Vickers trying to backhand going to go home. This could come up when that it will be an infield single orientation. That's okay for him with what you state if they keep it in the park you feel pretty good he had four hits in the series which it three of more home runs. So here is Ian Crist on the catcher left handed hitter to 76. And the first pitch to him is a fastball just outside for ball one. Chris Dunn started all three games in the series at Wichita and a lot of their weekend series this year he would start two of the three. But he started all three at Wichita went two for fourteen in the series. Lewis' pitch. Breaking ball over at the knees for strike one and one. They're a good job in the early going exactly is it on those secondary pitches for called strikes me that fast will look even better. Uttered very she added can run just so so as a base stealer. And a move over there to keep him honest and so so right on the nose he's stolen five he's been thrown out five times. One ball one strike two Ian Crist stunned. That Lewis to the plate. In an off speed pitch stays outside to have one. To get so far for Bradley a two out double by Tyler left clear in the first he was left stranded at second when. Also focus struck out and now only one out infield single by Andy chatted here in the second. Louis with a 21. And runs it down and in a little bit three balls and one strike. Wichita State with the early two nothing lead on a breezy warm humid day here in terra haute Indiana. Listen the belt 31 pitch. Opted not. May stay and play down the third baseline Bowman foul territory looks like he's got room has actually an easy play there for the out. Off the bat I thought it might drift a little closer to the dug out area in the fence that separates the spectator area from the field com had an audio room to make that pitch me. So they get out there after the one out single to Dan in the inning in the batter's second baseman DJ gas though. Yes just wore a shocker is out in the series in which it's not going six for ten. For the season hitting 27 before. Stretch by Lewis and the pitch. Fastball just outside for ball one. Guess though is just starting to move his way into the starting line up with the teams played in Wichita I ended up making 24 starts in the regular season to 74. In 73 at bats. One out. Popped up now it's gonna get out of play behind first and one ball one strike. You mentioned during the regular season series DJ guess those mother patty is the head coach. The number four nationally seeded Oklahoma Sooners softball team. One ball one strike she's in the head coach there's since 1995. Moved to first in there under dives back. Two out runner at first for Bradley in the second inning. The real tough on her she never gets to hear people and a half seasons. Coincide with one another she's busy you know national seed. 11 showed bunt. Takes a strike thrown behind the rhetoric first ad out at first base easily. She added somehow got hung up. On the attempted but I guess and a good throw by gutter Trout line he didn't snap and immediately saw that he had plenty of time beginning it did and no runs one yet. And Lewis only basis hurry in the second inning after it says the show obviously to do nothing that's. Your busy meeting deadlines aaron's car pools sabres needed to das render the thank you completely forgot to our camp didn't pay any different really expecting any candidate promised better yeah. Stop you can't be everywhere but we can. Delta dental of Kansas offers individual dental plans across the largest Dennis network in the nation's so when something's got to dance blues the laundry list. Keep your smile learn more about individual and family dental plans and delta dental KS dot com. The Carnahan group that JPY get a sense this highly trained team that presidential realtors are ready to accomplish the goals of buyers and sellers in Wichita we utilized data PR marketing with exceptional photography for an inspirational experience online and in print media buyers can expect a team of unique abilities with years of experience to negotiate on their behalf and dismissed transaction all the way to their new home to see all of our beautiful homes at the Carnahan group dot com a leader in real estate for over forty years. Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance. C agent Jared Crawford. Chris post or Mike Rogers Wichita severe storms leader. Thirteen thirty K assets. Travis just looking to handle the story here he comes up we got the job. I'm struck out his last five at bats or in the regular season finale against Dallas Baptist. And what's got his first time up today. Against Matt Dennis attackers hit two runs on two hits Dennis has also walked a couple and has struck out three. Second time through the order against out the first pitch to young is outside for ball one. It should be pointed out that tanner Kirk double play ball he would. And did it two in the top of the second with a bullet right at the third base and so shoppers have been getting some decent looks and Kirk. Hit it it's tough luck. Fastball and their for a called strike evens it up Dion won one yet another three feet to the latter that's a base hit maybe less is sharply as the head. One ball one strike Genesis pitched you up. Tried to break one off and instead just leaning back and hung up and in two balls and one strike. Genesis round at least let's say 234 really good breaking balls please have a trouble commanding it consistently. 21 bounce to lopsided between hot and gave the third baseman comes up with a over the first let me ask. That would not hit a sharply as the ball Kirk hit two in the previous inning that Travis young at least putting wanted to play there he's thrown up by the third baseman. One out and Michael Deluca there. Pretty mellow walk ups on them and I hope he's not listening at a look at it really good Missouri Valley Conference tournament a year ago. Takes off speed hide the ball on humans shocker leading hitter he got a seventeen with three doubles. Gonna Trout line in addition flirted with 500 mark in the valley tournament a year ago. Out straight backed by Andrew got a fastball one ball one strike Michael grounder to shortstop left slurs first time up. Luka is a two time alternate selection in this is that he made it in 2013. And then again last year. Antoine takes on the outside corner for strike one and two he was a key factor in the shock yours comeback win through the losers bracket in 2013. It normal becoming active. Helped lead them to a five and one record in the tournament title hire an outside evens adapted to it too. In his career in the tournament twelve games for 2918. For 42 who do. 22 pitch on the way in a drive down the right field line it's gonna hook foul by may be eight or ten feet. But a good swing on it but just a little bit out in front. Soccer's continuing to at least here in the arrogance really good swings against Matt Dennis. Cat stays at two balls two strikes to Lucas bats with one out and nobody on. Lot of those gray clouds kind of moved over and move through and more blues guy overs. 22 and a little flare caught by the third baseman. Soft line drive it was right over the top of the third baseman Gary actually made a little bit of an awkward looking bleak for the ball audit for the second out there today went over towards the lines kind of leaned over toward the line and made a leap. It's almost. As if he had to reach back ovaries hit kind of misjudged it it was hit on line but not a bullet. And really Spencer gays glad that went over with the two out nobody on Grayson Janice did it takes a fastball cities for a strike Grayson got the whole Poland to. Looked really bad on the second strike was late late swing at a fastball and then. Punched one through the hole short for a base hit. 01 swing and a miss on a breaking ball there that was one of the better ones dances around kept it down and in no balls two strikes at say twelve to six nose to toes curve ball when he throws it well and you want any part of that if you can at least identify you gotta hope it's not a strike it's tough to hit. Annie strikes out of high fastball got a decline in the latter after getting into the hole and two such good sequence there by Matt Dennis to strikeout canister. Joggers go down and order in the third one they still lead it to an update after two and a half. The sound of the dream. 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Part of men's fine grooming at 224 east Douglas sweet little fly the treatment offers classic razor hair cut with scalp massages get back to the quality in men styling and the trades now in Florida men's fine grooming conveniently located in downtown Wichita surrounded by retail and restaurants that trades that part of men's find rooming 224 he's done us proud supporters of shocker athletic. Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance. C agent Bernhard Ng does. This is Stephen can join this morning right here on cape and as fast. Your dad has faced just one man over the minimum through the first two innings says he's given up a couple of yeah that's the one of those runners got picked off first to end the second innings a DJ ISO. It was at the plate but that occurs leads an operatic in the eight hole will be followed by Brady will fit and that leadoff man and years. Lewis two hits that no walks to strikeouts. Jake SO. Kind of follow up on a six for ten series against the shocker is the regular season right handed hitter. And the first pitch to him as a fastball high. Guess though is that one and one on the count when he went after one for strike two and that are Trout line pick the runner offer swing and a miss on a good breaking ball there it's 11. Definitely fooled on a sweeping breaking ball that time buys that clueless. Here's the 11. Andy hits the inside corner for a strike it's one and two. He talked about Evan career striking out alarming rate if this guy had more consistent playing time he'd be up there with things to. 12 pitch fouled straight back to the screen actually hits. Hole that holds up the screen and announces sharply back out on the playing field. Yeah so is struck out 23 times in 73 official at bats. So he's prone to swing a mess. 12 again. Breaking ball just this broke just wide at the end and it's two and two good pitch but that Lewis had buckled. DJ gas so he did not pull the trigger and he's lucky still up there. 22. And a liner just over pictures of in the left field for a base that. So way leadoff single. By TJ guess so here in the third after Lewis. Very close. There yet for Bradley. First and they put a leadoff man on today we'll see how they play at down to there's nothing Brady looked at the hitter. It left handed slider just in 66. On the year with eleven runs that is. Look at making his 35 start. Stretch by Lewis he does square around. Pushes edit and bounce it now. Look at has the second. Hi its third highest sacrifice but total on the team with seven. They average more than one sacrifice but per game so not unusual for them to be bunting in this situation that one. He kind of pushed that just pushed it across the foul line on the third base. No balls one strike. Lewis ready. Longer holding squares around again get this one down right out front of the plate did it well. Trout lines throws to hurt the second baseman covering and look at gets the sacrifice done to move the runner to second base. One out of the inning. And we'll bring out the man here in the age certainly doesn't end. Hey Jerry first pitch swinging flight to the left fielder Michael Luka his first time. There is second one out for Bradley. Lewis long look for the sign it right hander set. And his first pitch demand Cherie bounced it in there could pick up on the short up by better Trout line. Look man Jerry was four for fourteen against the shocker is that what you time it's 286. Had two home runs all year one of those came in the series and X stadium. Off speed pitch missed outside their two balls and those strikes. Bradley on that weekend in Wichita three game series hit five home runs. They hit. Another six in the other seventeen. League games that they play the rest of the year on either side of that series. Rhetoric second one out for Bradley in the third Wichita State leading to nothing. Checkers are at the visiting team in this one. Lewis looked to go to managerial. Pop up down the left field line drifting toward the out of play area bomb David Chase and it's just over the fence and play. And Alec unhappy with himself think he feels like to be gotten the barrier a little quicker might have been able to reach over and cats that but he didn't pick up. An angle exactly going over to defense right away. To unwind those two men Cherie. The man Jerry true freshman. Two balls one strike again. Lewis deals. Fouled straight back. And it's too into some fourteenth time that these two clubs have mad at me conference term it the first time in ten years. As. Pretty odd stat not since since 2006 at least you've gotten together in the valley tournament. And arrows six meetings only once since 99 such as two in the last hooded B seventeen years. Am plating neutral site. Tourney game since Springfield Illinois and 95. Two balls two strikes demands here. Jack Lewis turns to second loss to throw Vickers the shortstop was moving in that wasn't all the way to the bags. This is the only time and there. Previous meetings that Bradley has been a better seat. The two teams so this is a first. Louis what the tint to. And ball hit to shallow center come and hard as young but it's gonna drop in front of the matter around third big play town. Here's the throat of the play is cut off factory suggested that the drugs or. So I one out single by Lipman Jerry drives him. Bradley's. They have executed well here in the and it led. A single sacrifice and another single to get their version of the game. The little flare to center field looked much better job to do about it though in what looked much. Yes yes and they're they cut off man crazy Janice. But I still have the double play in order. And without a whole lot of opportunity opportunity to throw out Vijay gas so it plays yet pretty decent read off second base. And cheery at first. Not a big base stealer for your typical leadoff man he's three for four on the years Spencer gate takes time inside for ball one. It's 21 shocker shocker scoring two in the first on a single bite pianist and a two run homer. By Alec bone. 10. And it bounced to the left side Vickers charging they'll have to hurry second one Kurt back to first not in time. All wasn't hit very hard and gay runs well. Made a pretty good effort actually. Kind of risky effort Kirk had the better right leaning kind of side arm on the bounce Genesis of the nice pick up. But laid on the that are adverse. And to me what had to happen on that particular play after they hurried at every turn Tennessee's come off the bags mother that fall he was lucky. Flag it's the way did it would have been nice pick up on a close play bad with the broader Spencer dale RD pass back off there and try to block it like got to make sure it. Then get by and allow gay go to second. To Stiller rhetoric first the two out now Tyler left flirt Stanton takes a fastball to knees for a called strike one. Bradley finished the year on the year on a couple of kind of interesting notes by sweeping southern Illinois. Last week in it was their first sweep. Of the Missouri Valley Conference series in 2010. Arguably threw over to first base and they haven't been certainly great over all that time that. You'd think they would have swept somebody sometime wants six or seven year period. Also they beat everybody in the league at least once for the first time since 1995. The first time in 21 years that they beat everybody. Lewis was that no one the left instead of throw to first in a close play his game went diving that. Bradley doesn't run an awful lot maybe just a little more than. Your average team. But gay is one of their leaders 748 on the year. No balls one strike to left there news doubled to right center in the first. It was his seventh hit in thirteen at bats so far this year against Wichita State runner goes they pitch out to throw down his late. Pretty good attempt by Kirk to tag team that throws high and late. They've made the call on the pitch out but it just didn't work very quickly. Stolen base for gay. That's him in scoring position with the tying run the count now one and one to left. Bradley gave up a couple in the first they now have a chance to tie it two out hit here in the bottom of the author. Jack Louis with a sign ready. And the 11. Little roller hurts that Donald bought but. Not remote that it head. Started fell and rolled fair but it was about as it hit the foot of the batter in the batter's box days did that may have even hitting on the chance at high up on your leg is. How most of the time it goes out and fair territory so I'm not sure if that got down on. Tyler left we're issue I think that wind from back to bone. And then out to Alec moment third base hits. Tougher to walk off or is luck it'll gingerly it's his left leg. Back in the box with the count one and two. Lewis. To get the third out here get out of this inning with the lead. 12 pitch leaves at high. To add to. Bradley is actually out hit the shocker is now 42 Wichita State. Leads to an update on the big fly by bomb in the first inning. Two balls two strikes to Tyler left solar. Stretch. And lewis' pitch. And a high fly ball to deep left field going back is smooth pit to the fans and it's gone. At two run homer to left learned Bradley has gone back in front by a score of. It's it's his second home run of the year. It is eight hit added fourteen at bats against the shocker so. Days like today. We expect to give up a home run here there. Only left fielder's second and his 47 game. On the year now. On the flip side of that. For that Lewis will give up the fuel runs at seven that he has surrendered. Soccer's where. Dot Butler was begging for some offense to show up today mentioned all the other. Facets of the game I think the offense is what I was looking for today and it'll be. Maybe a bloodbath by the time this woman's. Quickly one of one DePaul Salter took a breaking ball there for a strike Tammy Cutler just. Let me know that the other home run left where hit this year. Was against John Hayes at which time ground ball to short bickers over to first for the out. And that will end it but Bradley after giving up a couple of the first test a three run. Third inning three runs on three hits and nobody left on base so after three complete its now Bradley three Wichita State to. By announcing. New apple would smoked bacon. And melting cheese. Stuffed. In that crossed to. Pizza hut's bacon stuffed crust pizza is here now with savory apple would smoked bacon and loaded with cheese in one irresistible crust just 1299 for a large one topping only had beaten not limited time offer this -- charged refugees topics president does this mean there. Wind down broke down need that same day what time is not on your side call led put expressed. A hot shot to Tulsa our next flied out to Orlando led put express gets it there fast. Eight apart nationwide the same day use their next flight out or hot shot services led put expressed delivers anything fast. But it absolutely has to be there on time call let's put expressed at 5409991. Or online at led foot express dot com. Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance. Seat agent John Green Ryan woods or an end overrule west's lawyer a Sean Hannity here listen to meet every weekday at two defaults have. Happening right here on KM SS. Alec Baldwin is not the more alleged times dating game Shaq citizenship rattling the ones doing reverse Bradley has come back. It's taken three acutely. Capped off by Tyler left fielder's two run homer in the third. Phone seven for fourteen against Bradley on New Year's exemption for the second time today. All right handed hitters. You'll be followed a gutter Trout line in Dayton do god first pitch to him to fastball for a called strike down around the knees. Matt Dennis said his first clean inning in the third 123 inning although. Michael Luka hit a couple of balls hard 10013. Baseman. Applause hit to left field. Out here real well it caught just about right over the left field agreement was playing for the out. Didn't quite get it on the barrel involved flies out to start the fourth. Character. Compare for lines that are Trout line Oprah wanna swinging strikeout his first time out. Came into the game hitting Brady seven. Lane continuing to blow hard out to left field today here in terra haute. First pitch to garner is low for ball one. Attackers had two hits both in the first inning Jenna Estes signalled they had phones home run they have not had a hit since then a couple of hard outs. 10 popped up right side of the infield the second baseman calling. And Cassel makes the catch coming in a little bit to almost the green inner portion of that your. Chipped it down to the shelters in the fourth of the better date. Drew four pitch walk his first timeout before eventually getting stranded in others. Just never know how many runs gonna take to win this game so I don't wanna have. Matt Dennis settle land with a shocker there sure let him. They hide popped up and Dennis the pitcher makes the catch catcher Chris Dodd seemed to lose that one for a moment. And Dennis came in right in front of the plate to make the kids that met Dennis that is easiest quickest inning of the day. 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A new went right now take humanities and great savings with rebates up to 17100 dollars on qualifying purges come for system is proud to be a premier Lennox dealer cue ball man winner at bay warm air is just a phone call away Comfort Systems comfort in your home comfort in your wallet call 3162657831. Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance. C agent Alex Acosta NG Valentine or in mold main Kirk Farber. This is mark living finding. Weekdays at five right here on tape and as as. Not a leaderboard I think Bradley home team in this. C sending out these middle part of their order was at the perimeter and we chatted. Andy and Chris Dodd against that blew us here in the fourth that gave up his first runs of the game a three run. Third three runs on three hits first pitch is will be loaded -- for ball one -- struck out looking his first time up. One have to strike out so far for Lewis. Right hander goes to the line in the 10 pitch and that would misses low and outside to that nothing. We're coming into the game at 2874. Home runs 29 runs batted in. 20. Swing and a mystery and that would right time to balls and one strike. Lewis' totals through 35 hits three runs all earned no walks to strikeouts. 21. Swing and a miss blue that would revive on the inside corners two and two. Good or left handed hitter. Lewis back to work with the team to. And he struck him out three straight pretty much down the middle inner half. That's second time that screeners punched out in the ball game. Brings up the ante shed at the center fielder who bounced one in the hole at short for an infield single in the sixth. Squeezed one perfectly in between the third baseman bomb in the shortstop Vickers. Lewis' first pitch to him swing and a miss on a fastball down nothing in one. Chatted for for twelve against the shocker is that what you two on the regular season three of the four hits home runs homered in each game. 01 swing and a miss another one down in the zone it zone to. Like he's going straight change righty on righty which sometimes you. Say that right handed change upper left hand matters that. He's taken the air out of Chad it's down on. Two back to back change ups and throws another one for caller I swinging strike three it Jack Lewis and needed a good inning here after giving up three runs in the third strikes out the first two hitters in the inning. And as a valuable pitch forum he's already got that. Pretty good overhead curve ball that goes to from time to time but it's really did feel that changeup Lleyton his junior year. Ian Chris Dunn takes time for ball one Crist on felt after the third baseman his first time up there. Eight to 76 hitter on the year. One out. Routed to the right side just a wolf fielded to first base they'll flip the Lewis covering the pitcher gets what out. To end the yanks are just as the checkers at a quick 123 inning in the top of the fourth. Lewis sets Bradley down and order in the bottom half and after four remains Bradley three Wichita State to. Announcing. New apple would smoked bacon. And melting cheese. Stuffed. In the cross to. Pizza hut's bacon stuffed crust pizza is here now with savory apple would smoked bacon and loaded with cheese in one irresistible prices to just 1299 for a large one topping only had beaten limited time offer discharged refugees topics president dismissed. Never. Say hey we don't have big bucks I'm looking for new LG LED and a real wood TV stand and the TDs are back there in the stands at. Over there by the stands real wouldn't threaten me here what does that mean well the plastic looks like wood especially these twins. I should've gone to fasteners had a team. TV we not only sell the highest quality TV brands like LG but we also have one of the largest selections of real way to entertain furniture in the city. After TV we've got our roots in which time not just our bridges. Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance. C agent Brad woody Shawn Chapman orange haze filled forest pummel. I just let back into any week day mornings and night right here runs. After the fifth setting here in terms of aren't the only home field in the other states with more they'll be playing their first game coming up after the completion of this one. As they will play host to seventh seed Missouri State in the late game. Wichita State trailing Bradley street two is shot it's got to bat in the fifth it'll be the bottom three in the order trade Vickers Ryan take them. And tanner Kirk which doctors the first pitch to Vickers a breaking ball in their effort called strike one from Matt Dennis. Dennis wood a five pitch fourth inning. And only through thirteen and a 123 thirds of these kind of settled in. Vickers takes a fastball high and inside. Two run homer by bomb in the first following a single by chemist at then the shoppers drew two walks in the second. But tanner Kirk hit a shot right at the third baseman to an inning ending double play swing and a miss by Vickers out in front of that one and it's one and two. Trey after being so red hot for so long was over twelve in the final regular season series against Stevie you struck out its first time up in this one. The one to slow bouncer to short charging is left Fuller and guns to first for the out. Went out nobody on the shocker is in the fifth and starting with the double play ball like Kirk. Dennis is now retired eight in a row recording nine out with those eight hitters. Shock yours are really let him settle land couple pop outs. And I. That handle fly ball last inning. Ground ball to short on a breaking ball that Vickers now obtain to commend Kurt on trying to destroy Matt dallas' rhythm which is really good right now. Jacob took one outside for ball he walked on a 32 count his first time up. 10 fouled the right to play of the plate and out of play one ball one strike. Last ball to show rockers really squared up was ball Michael Luka line to the third baseman for the second out in the third inning that was just after he had. Line one foul down the right field line. 11. Outside again two balls in a strike. Activists seen a lot of breaking balls wide from the right hander his first two plate appearances. Is it to one. A grounder to short couple hops to left clear. Bloody time throws him out too down. Too bad and nobody on center Kurt who. Ripped one right up to third baseman is first time update them perfect double play ball. Looking for his first hit against Bradley this year he's oh for ten against the Braves going back to. The regular season series takes a fastball for a strike. Had Dennis struggled a little through the first two innings but. Chain said the shocker is a panel let him settle in here over the last three Kurt takes a breaking ball low and that's one in one. Tenet Kircus senior from Lincoln Nebraska. Playing his final games for the shocker is whenever this season comes to an end now. Takes that one little bit low again to balls and one strike. Dennison retiring the last nine in a row. It's had for ground balls couple pop ups that Sheen mentioned. As the chopper toward third backhanded by gay couple hops and throws to first Padilla. So the shocker with three ground ball outs in the fifth goal in order for the third consecutive inning and after four and a half Bradley three. Wichita State do you much versions can make all kinds of things disappear do that began making ATM fees. Or can get an equity bank debit card and make every eight GMT at every ATM vanish go ahead agreed to let me. The magic potions insider equity bank debit card prevents the fee from ever during your accountant abracadabra. Get a equity backed up card and perform your own bit of magic got any AGF Kate wanted compact not require equity backed up the eyes. This is Todd Phifer with Cochran more scoring crematory would Utah's exclusive certified veterans and famine memorial care provider. Over a 150000. Troops are currently serving overseas away from their families and loved ones. Join us and supporting armed forces by donating your old cell phones to cell phones for soldiers. Come mind call or find us on FaceBook for details. Cochran mortuary crematory proudly supporting our troops and our sharks. Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance. C agent Jared Crawford. Chris post or Mike Rogers George story from coast to coast AM stormy week knights right here fine KM SS. They're getting floors close which just takes shots. Like to see him go five good innings he has given up three runs on five hits the first floor I don't want to entry for striking out to them. It's quickest inning home of the afternoon. So's if we can keep that going he certainly. OK on pitch count that got him at sixty threw for a decade ago. Certainly beyond the fifth he continues to pitch effectively but five innings coming endless sort of the minimum goal for the starting pitcher. DJ gas so leads it off against him and Grasso got the three run third inning started for Bradley with a single takes a strike down and away. Cast those singled moved up on a sacrifice scored a single violet man Cherie that. Got Bradley its first run and then an out later Tyler left flirt with a two run homer that would slow and outside yeah I think if you it is said that shocker will be within one after five innings before leading me to take a nap and shocker certainly within striking distance problem is. Matt Dennis has been really good sense to our one out in the second inning. Schumacher's have. Not meet Pete since then he turned around. 11 the gas though and he tries to bought thousand off the plate for strike two. Left or two for two today eight for fourteen against the soccer this year and this is the other guys checkers have had the most trouble getting out gas so they hit in the third. Is seven for eleven against Wichita State on the season. Louis what the sign in the 12. And a ball with. In the shallow left center can drop for a base hit Travis young plays and on the first bounce. But take kids can not get him out he answered to two on the day. And six hits now from Bradley. Certainly they have spaced them out much more than he shot his head bowed his religion thus became the first day that diddley did two rounds. Bradley's had at least one hit and every inning but the fourth. Brady will get at the bottom of the order butted the rent runner over in this similar situation in the third we'll see if he's up their budding again and he is hits it down toward the third base line pro life quickly over the purse just covering. And twice now operating Lothian has followed up a leadoff single with a successful sacrifice bunt. You pretty big hitters now are coming from Bradley. And curious one out of news Spencer dale always. Dangerous for the Bradley braves. If shocker wanna keep this of one run ball game. For the full season man jury. Bradley's second leading hitter at 308. In valley game's only. He cooled off a little toward the end then picked it up again the last couple weekends and time Coleman Cherie. Hit safely in all three games at southern Illinois last week going three for ten with three walks. And with the RBI single in the third he has now hit in seven straight. And is ten for his last 22. Over his first fourteen. Bally games prior to last two weekends he would hit 196. In 51 at bats. No count yet demand Cherie router its second one out. Lewis' pitch and it's up and away purple line. And I mainstay at the very top of the batting order for the Bradley braves though all this Dominguez is steadfastly stayed with them and might mention it start to pay off again and start to heat up. Under its second one out Jack Louis with a 10. Swing and a miss and united credit had us beat pitch and it's 11. Lot of different people have been trotting down the shocker bullpen along the right field line. Reagan beat cooler was one of the first down there and he might be the next guy up whatever sacked Lewis needs help. 11 account demand Jerry lewis' pitch. Valve back over to screen and it's one to. Indiana stayed in the last three years has really made a lot of improvements to this. Stadium area it certainly the press boxes some of those facilities a lot of that for the tournament here two years ago. 12 the count lewis' pitch. It breaking Ball State just a little bit high two and two. New LED scoreboard rights that are permanent seating is down right permanent seating down all right feline bleacher seating. They've brought in here a couple years ago for the previous turn itself. And they are definitely spurred some things up around here. Some new padding on the fences along the foul lines them both sides. It is two balls two strikes to Litman Cherie router at second base one out for Bradley in the fifth. And the pitch. Checked his swing at a breaking ball he is out. And toss to first base and the rhetoric goes to third on the play. Try outlined try eight dugout lately tried to tagging. But then Jeter got out of the box without being tagged and so we had to throw it to first adjustment. Still got to get in the bag. Tap dancing around the bag heads up play by the joke yeah so excited to take off and make it. Got a problem there was throw line tried to tag. Runner man theory and. This team hell like he's getting suited up run about thirty feet toward first base and then kind of lobbed a throw and then after. The dig asset aside that he made to third on bathroom. He's at third to about dispenser gay takes a fastball the knees for a strike Lewis has now struck out five in addition to giving up six hits. Spencer gay Oprah to a couple of ground ball outs won the third one short. Under its third two out this is a big hitter for Zach Lewis try to hold that routers that are. Fastball high it's 11 keep the game enough. One run ball game at three to two Bradley in the fifth. First game of the day of one run ball game southern Illinois edging Evansville for three. One watch. Line drive base hit down the left field line just barely fair and down into the water and will be a double for Spencer game. And Bradley comes up with a big two out run. To make at a 42 games. So even we have been hearing are under gay cancer had not been able to advance from second to third and a strikeout he would have scored on that one that won't. Right on the shot down the left. The alignment deep into the court. The formidable lineup for the Bradley brave did he open dared to 83 hitting team and they have. Five guys who hit 95 or higher and they've done a good job of setting the table. DJ yeah also has certainly. Four man theory gay and left foot and leveler do. That'll solve a me on the mound from break him and it's gonna Trout lines that Lewis butler's doubled and homered and no it's only mid game in shocker is kind of teetering on the range here because they don't. Really do much with. Met Dennis the rest of the way there are a couple of guys. In the Braves back into their bullpen we talked about Hazen and and chase Williams now they've done a nice job the last couple weeks wolf. It's got some guys can get you out down in the Bradlee then to those doctors certainly don't want to fall too far behind that combo. Channeling Sandberg and Reagan people are starting to throw in the shocker hope. Doctors sports properties of Wichita State athletics would like to thank the shocker ambassadors which does State's only level of corporate partners for their support Aetna. Not just one piece at a Taco Bell delta dental book industry. And Cox Communications. And. Stepping in for Bradley Tyler left through as a double and a two run homer in this one. Rhetoric second two out the pitch to him as a fastball outside. Panel Butler came into the game hitting 306 the home run in the third was his second of the season both. Have come against Wichita State and he now has 33 runs batted in. Lewis' pitch anise buyout but that was there it just missed. Well the reason lighting it called is because Gunner Trout lines basically setting up in the left hand batter's box they clearly don't want anything to do with Tyler allow Hitler. But even on a pitch that. Cali back over the outside edge because he's so far out there wasn't made to look like a strike. 20. Does go out there this time just Y three balls and those strikes. To me like you gotta do this put him on stand out and get out there and intentionally walking because. If you're trying to unintentionally intentionally walked somebody laugh or could be ambush among those fastballs out away from him he knows what's going on. Allen's off the plate for ball four so walked to left that's the first walk given up prize necklace. Makes it first and second with two out. And batters and other right handed hitter he also numbers. Struck out and grabs issue. This is just a matter shot here's picking your poison a little bit so they're good hitter but they've had better luck this by far ahead again. Tyler lovler. Huge hitter here at shoppers down 42 in the fifth. And struggling right now to score get anybody on need to get this out. Pitch to souls get high for ball one. Bradley four runs seven hits Wichita State with two runs on two hits the shocker said the initial lead to nothing in the first. Now for two Bradley in the fifth. Lewis' 10 and it chased one in the turf a swing and miss at a breaking balls one of one. Wit. Kevin Kruger up. Up next in the on deck circle left hander Reagan beat colors start loose loose and some may be getting ready for him if we get there. One ball one strike to Seoul who only hit 236. In Bradley's league games that led them with thirteen runs batted in those twenty games. Fastball low it's two and one. Two weekends ago so it was over for ten against Indiana State that came back last weekend to hit all is safely in all three games at southern Illinois going four for eleven. In all four of those hits were doubles and that's years. Two balls one strike. Lewis deals. Breaking balls blocked by Trout lines slow and outside it's three at one. A walk would load them up then probably bring Reagan be cooler into the game to face the left handed hitting Evan graders at their next even though Lewis has struck Akron or twice. First and second two out. Bradley with a run here in the fifth leads it 42. 31. Pop diva but it's gonna get out play behind home plate outline gives it a look at it and get back into the seats. It's three balls two strikes. That Lewis coming off his best inning of the game in the fourth. 123 innings struck out two but he gave up a leadoff hit. Here in the fill out. And both of Bradley scoring innings DJ paso has started it with a single. Brady Wilkens has sacrificed steam ahead in Bradley has driven event. 32 coming to. Also look at Lewis delivers the writers colony striking about swing. Does that Lewis strikes out so go for the second time he hits his sixth strikeout. Bradley picks up on. On on him yes leave a couple of men and after five it's now reported to Bradley. The Carnahan group that JPY get a sense this highly trained team that presidential realtors ready to accomplish the goals of buyers and sellers in Wichita we utilized data PR marketing with exceptional photography for an inspirational experience online and in print media buyers can expect a team of unique abilities with years of experience to negotiate on their behalf and dismissed transaction all related their new home to see all of our beautiful homes at the Carnahan group dot com a leader in real estate for over forty years. Ever wonder what dogs are thinking the cars were firing well let's huge shelter insurance is special don't want to Coker and inclusive. That's why I picked up no illegal to show and 56 he has a golden career PH sells weed. Currently children insurance we've been insuring all your favorite ride since 1946. But mentally. Steve Perry hall and Augusta studio eighties and hand over or grant Collins in Wichita. I'm like Stewart was from ground zero weakness in night here on CNN says. It's time for us today. That doesn't begin to get opted for the first edited that's in the second inning you retired editor. Starting with a double play ball flight shattered her in the second attempt straight hitters eleven outs recorded by. Dennis over the last 32 thirds innings you really only come down to Dennis hitting. Like bombs that wants no adjusted put together forget that but. Bones home run to left field is really shocker is only real threat became call out threat. Travis young takes a fastball that client side for ball one young has struck out and grounded to third in his two at bats today. At the top of the order so it'll be. The top three in the batting order here in the sixth that would misses time outside it's to an island so. Dennis has now started to an on young's three straight times came back to strike him out in the first. Got a strike and at an infield roller in the third. 20. Inside with that fastball three balls no strikes. Dennis has walked two and they both came in the second inning due walked deleted often take a walk one out later. Three Odeon. Hire an outside the ball for. So on a couple of the walks in he's given up yet this is done just that just lost it for that one hitter at swat team on four pitches. Highest total that he has and number eight. Issues forum a couple of times you walk Morgan's Austin T opening weekend. And four against Dallas Baptist and also for had Evansville so that's kind as maximum. Mike don't use season's numbers at the beginning of the season. Bases on balls not normally an issue was that throws a breaking ball to Michael Lucas for a called strike. Michael Oprah to the ballgame with a grounder to short and a soft liner to third baseman. Had a good swing on that lasted that in the third line one just slightly fouled on the right field line. 01 bouncer there right side the second baseman gas there was left comes up with a that throws him out for. Gasoline is made a little turn to second just take a quick look CPA and kind of play there. And then finished up the play her. The period tired but it does get a man the second one at home. It was a racist canister. Except for the ball that canister that hit the hole short for a single in the first he has not ahead. Good look on the other pitches he has seen from Matt Dennis he was in the hole 02 on that first at bat with one. Pretty weak swing and in strikeouts looking in the third hits this would sharply in the first place able to come up with a and makes the play unassisted snapped always ripped it right at salt god one hop. So the shocker to that a little bit of bad luck on a couple of balls they have hit well today with the walker hit to the third baseman in double play in the second baseman. That part out right yes. It down leaves it up to Alex Auld with a runner at third all got these doctors are two runs in the first with a two run homer to left. In a fly ball a little less deep his last time not to the left field. First pitch to him to breaking ball on outside. Should Dennis get one past the catcher even with the shorter space behind home plate here. Travis young at third fast enough he gets that Gregory he's one guy that might score on awhile and here. A popular option in the attic middle. Of the field in chalice centers manipulation added we'll make the catch to end. So I can get a leadoff spot and hit a couple of balls hard to find in the opening and after five and a half inch steel fortitude Bradley. There. Are certain. Precious. You just currency. He'd like to. Look. The worst part about Iran has something like that person has been injected. Is that we're in nursing tells us the fact that it is such an easy thing to do. Almost all yeah. Rookie to not wearing a seatbelt. And Kansas it's belongs. Clicked into ticket worst. Need a place to watch the big game. Are you sick when the best seat in the house located off finally came 96 and went room. Offers daily specials a dozen Beers on tap and a menu featuring everything from pizza and a primary. Jerseys proud to be an official sponsor of the Wichita State shocker as. No matter where the soccer player homer away want to make jerseys and tickets ride to the game and style and their sweet Hummer limo. Call 3166365000. Jerseys grilling barn which itself. Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance. C agent Bernhard Ng does. We can cause severe storms leader. Thirteen thirty K and assets. De sac blew. 5383. That. Seven hits four runs all earned one walk six strikeouts. Add not a bad outing maybe not quite as good as the coaching staff would have hoped it would be 83 pitches. Does he fit within the realm of possibility that he could come back on two days' rest to shut it. He'll play by Saturday. Reagan beat her a job to do to begin with did not face Bradley in the regular here. What they want innings seventy heads. No record or saves ERA of three point 86 in his 21 innings. Megan before. We left hand swinging and they haven't Gruner and hand right hander still loosening shocker and so it could be that. Big there will be called upon just to get burned. Because she shouted he's right handed maxed out Chris thought after that his left. You got left right left thing going there are so let's see what happens here with. Be cooler anger to start the sixth. After not pitching for 28 K here is some tightness in his forearm bigger appeared at all 4 games last evening. Got to gradually worked his way into the face three hitters against Kansas on Tuesday. Just want on Thursday in a situation repayment deface one meter lay down but. And then a 123 inning on Friday against Dallas Baptist and another scoreless inning on Saturday. This first pitches the fastball for a called strike to Evan Gruner who is O for two with two strikeouts. Facing the starters act Lewis that's Tyler Jones down the shocker pan and he has nowhere near ready so it'll be more than just so. One batter thing it would appear that break ball air for a called strike at its quickly go into the group. There really aren't all that many guys on this shocker roster who have even played in this conference post season tournament. Turn over in the roster the last couple years they get seemed to chase one off the plate for strike three could curve ball away. And be clear with a good stars he strikes back Gruner for the third time today to start the sixth inning. Because I was gonna say healer has the most career appearances have been a shocker picture in the tournament this is fourth appearance. He's on an inning and two thirds hitless scoreless baseball in his three previous tournament Alex. One out nobody on Randy chatted infield single to strike out swinging in a breaking ball to him swung on and missed for strike one. Chad at the Bradley Center fielder came into the game it to 95 with seven home runs. Was named to the league's all defensive team. 01 fastball away strike call on the outside corner to the right handed hitter. And chatted made enough plays against the shocker is and that one weekend and what you time almost during that all defense it spot. So on to make that you've errors against somebody else. 02. Almost got him to go on the fastball it's just barely off the edge doesn't really go to to pitch by Reagan be clear. 12 now to Andy shed it. One out nobody on the Bradley six Bradley leads it fortitude. That would well off the outside corner and it's two and two. Two balls two strikes he added stepped up for a moment being clearly getting it to get the side. Ready to go yours is pitch breaking ball striking Matty just about screwed himself into the ground trying to stop his swing. And anti ship it becomes the second straight strikeout victim for Reagan be put. But plate umpire Charlie Clemons. Brought it up as if it was a called strike and it was there but I think it. Just in case heated seat that Mike droll or wrong about down there first one way or the other Shannon who's going back to the dugout. Back to a left on left for being quick now at the interest on that little bit outside for ball one. Astonished fouled out to the third baseman and bounced one to the first baseman and his two at bats today facing the lefty for the first time of course. Biko or edit. And his wanna. Curve ball swung on and best and it's 11. Reagan be Clarissa guys fastballs 84 is sometimes 87 or 88. And he spots it well but as a really good breaking ball that he is showing that to great effect here today. 11. At balls driven at the center come and on his yacht Getty dies pretty short hop. And will be a base hit with portraits done that to. Sinking line drive to center young got a good job made a little bit of a gambling play there to lay out for that Clinton managed just short hop in keeping his glove and pulled into this thing and I was risky right now name thinking and nobody behind Travis jumped back up that was. Directly into center field snow. Neither do god norm Luka would have been anywhere near the play of that we got behind. Better first two out. He would be cooler and get DJ gas those two for two today at eight for twelve against shocker pitching on the year's swing and a miss fastball away. There's a good example of how the curtains plot that eighty ish fastball mid eighties. And get it by. It location on the outside edge. Christiane the writer first and run very well let pitches a little bit low. One ball one strike Bradley now has eight hits and is also struck out eight times collectively as a team. They lead it fortitude in the bottom of the sixth. Reagan be clear in his first inning after Zach Lewis won the first five. One ball one strike here's the lefties pitch curve ball slapped a third bomb has it. Down the second kind of a wide throw but Ted occur stretches that keeps his foot on the bag. And the shoppers are out of the inning good job by Reagan declared a runs one hit while Atlanta this after six complete Bradley still leads it no room for them to do. 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Delta dental of Kansas offers individual dental plans across the largest Dennis network in the nation's so when something's Manningham blues the laundry list. Keep your smile learn more about individual and family dental plans and delta dental KS dot com. Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance. Seat agent John Green Ryan woods or an Andover west Sawyer. This is Stevens can join this morning right here on Kate and as fast. That's giving up the single to praise and Janice an 82 run homer to Alex evolve in the first inning. Matt Dennis Bradley has not pitched five and a third hitless innings. Handle things the doctors in the seventh leading fortitude the only base runners that would last five of the community. Three loss to those in the second inning in a leadoff walk to Matt he's gotten sick yeah definitely. Stranded there better Trout line leads it off here in the seventieth struck out and pop to second. First pitch to him as an off speed pitch high for ball one. That Dennis is pitch count still below seventies through six innings so he's on pace to. Actually go the distance probably if he can stay that efficient. That's all there for a called strike it's wanna want. That are Trout wind two for three to get status in the regular season meeting in Wichita. It's not had a good swing at it today. 11. Fouled up the into the bat kind of a defensive swing on raw speed breaking ball. One and two. That's Dennis. Down to nothing early now leading 42 in the seventh. One to deter outline off speed pitch misses high and it's too into it again. Dennis had retired ten hitters in a row before walking young delete off the sixth. 22. Now wind hits it on the ground had a deep in the hole that left her as a strong armed guns and over there had dug out of the turf by so definitely the end. I short hop. David that was a good thing it was a that in between hop that sometimes you see a long throw in the hole from shortstop. I almost got all the way there in the air and me hopping that. Was dug up by sole goal is right in front of the loves those really and he picked up for him and Trout line has just average speed so there's point that you know. One out of the inning estate do got takes low for ball one date in his first time walked on four pitches is sex sack last time. Swung at a first pitch and popped it up to the picture right in front of home plate. 10 fastball low and away to nothing shocker is need a base runner to get the potential tying run to the plate. Fortitude in the seventh opening round in this valley tournament. Too low strike on the outer digits to a one. Do a second team all conference performer and his freshman season. Image of the game hitting 314. To one. Yeah out of hand just messed up pretty good contingent of Bradley fans here and they were wanting that one little bit three balls and strike. And us to do got a big job that they're easy play for Spencer gay. Throws him out to. Backers have been reading a lot of balls into the turf against got a since he settled in at the end of the second inning just really have. We're up much at all I was. 31 fastball that. Did god couldn't do anymore Whitman. Too easy grounder to third who has been all that Dennis save for a couple of pitches in this game is. Made very few mistakes the shocker is if they have gotten some. Have not capitalize on the ones in the strikes him. Trade Vickers takes a strike down around an AC is Oprah to strike out swinging and a ground ball to shortstop. The last sixteen outs nine have been ground ball outs. Now by Vickers to the right of home plate he's quickly in the whole load to. Soccer's Arnie standing innings or extending Dennis is pitch count either they've been down and order in the third fourth and fifth. He only faced four in the sixth that has a chance for another 123 inning here in the seventh. 02 to Vickers and a ground ball toward third foul. And there are really hadn't been any 89 pitches that you know it's shocker fouled off some or work the count full normally when. Matt Dennis is issued a walk today he's done a pretty quick have been. A lot of stressful at bats where one guys warning amount. Another oath to betray Vickers hide away that time one ball and two strikes his last. Four innings his pitch counts have been. 5129. So far in this one in double figures. 12 to Vickers. At a now off the plate keeps it alive. Wichita State with two of the first Bradley took the lead with three in the third. An added one more in the fifth bravely get four to two in the seventh. Matt Dennis is 12 against. And it popped up by Vickers playable down the first baseline at first base missile go with the call but for the way and the factors go meekly again. In the seventh. At least six and a half that Bradley pork Wichita State him. Dependable I'm capable advanced one look at the 4016 Chevy Silverado and you'll see why it's a new face of strong. Muscular new grill give Silverado bold new look flow and available small block V8 engine offers impressive power and efficiency. Plus it's built with high strength steel for our strength dependability. Silverado. The most dependable longest lasting full sized pickups on the road. Didn't see your hometown should review it today and dependability based on longevity in 1987 to July 2015 full size pick a broad restrictions. When it comes to local beer and local flavor. More town breweries the new favorite in town. Check out their outstanding food choices from the chopped and chipped nachos award winning Chile to their half bacon hamburger truck merger. It's the best food you'll find in the craft beer joint. It's not a sports bar but it's a great place to watch the game check out your new favorite today in Bridgetown brewery west when he first in Tyler and east when he first and rock room. Port town brewery since 1992. Hey Sean. Hannity here listen to meet every week they had to default have. Happening right here on KM SS. John becomes the third darker picture of the dad has them. Here fourth seven. The plan will most likely to be this follow. Couple of other guys want any time zone here in the seventh. Case play into the eight. And John Hayes a kind of decided to get to the bottom that I right now they trail fortitude. But Lewis went five gave up four runs on seven hits struck out six. Reagan Diebler. Hey you want to hit scoreless inning in the six struck out two. And Dow Jones takes over here in the seventh. It's been much better down the stretch you spin the situation he's been in lately point five years has done here. No one save at a five point 63 ERA for 38. Out of there. Facing Brady. Will it look in the nine hole hitter right fielder has been up twice has been asked to sacrifice both times. This time leading an office in his first chance to swing away today. You know its first pitch swung on and missed for strike one. Look at eight to 66 hitter on the year. Slightly built left handed hitter. 01. Fouled it off the hands straight back to the screen Nolan to. Welcome had one plate appearance against Tyler Johnson the regular season Tyler hitting with a with a pitch. No balls two strikes Jones delivers at a breaking ball stays high. Ladish actors have been swinging or not swinging the bats over the last five innings they need a scoreless innings from Jones they've got a hold this right we're idiots try to get something going offensively. Problem is that likely to be against Matt Dennis in the eight it's not like they've gotten him to the end of his pitch count. Check swing on a breaking ball at will pin is down on strikes. For the first out in the seventh that is nine strikeouts. By shocker pitching today. And they've only walked one and that was semi intentional thing. They've got a good job from that aspect Bradley also has eight hits the shocker to. Look man cheery one for three. Exit fastball high for ball one then Cherie said it was an RBI single to center in the third he has a fly ball to left. The strike out swinging in his attitude that. And Jones delivers the fastball high and outside it's too and Alex Jones pitched three scoreless innings in two appearances last weekend against Dallas Baptist just one hit and no walks with two strikeouts. There's a strike call on the inside corner. Two balls one strike. This is Tyler Jones eight appearance in the last nine games for the shot here's. Ground ball off his rear end toward third bomb scoops it up throw. Those not in time. At the base hit hard one hopper and it caught Jones the tail end somewhere after laggard but fox. And deflected over toward moment there. Charlie Clemons is motioning you over to the shocker dug out you come out if you want but the. Apparently Tyler down Peters told Charlie are. He waved to the dugout no need. This guy on the need for other areas though it's paid off his elbow apparently off the bat. Alex Johnson those seven appearances over the last eight games prior to this 17 or third innings seven hits four runs three earned. Four walks and five strikeouts not great numbers but certainly better than his early season numbers. Diop George short in between hop. Over to second one curtain back to first nodded time there. Well handled by Vickers and Kurt can get the best they could with the that Vickers having to wait and about half cannot for a second hop cost in the double play. Hill's victory day got down alliance that pretty good hurry to. It was a tailor made double play ball better news fairly close and gay made it not close as it turned out. Okay now one for four as he reaches on the field choice it's the second time he's reached on a fielder's choice play stole a base back in the third inning might. Think about running here with two out to try to get himself in scoring position for Tyler left solar. Loeffler at double a two run homer and a semi intentional walk so far today takes that one for a strike at Denny's. Left fielder hit 238. In conference play this year that has gone eight for fourteen against the shoppers. Everybody else got him out over the course of the conference schedule. Go to first of their own or back nicest Treo six hitter on the years so it's not like Wichita State the only team he's hit well against the most of the rest of the damage he's done was in nonconference play. His two run homer in the third gave Bradley believed they were trailing two to one time. Two out two run homer. 01. Just missed load and a good pitch but Alex Jones one ball one strike. Under its first two out for Bradley in the seventh lately fortitude speech Packers running out of time here in this opening round game. Quickstep off look over to first base no throw made. And see if Todd Butler sticks with Ryan take him and tanner Kirk. As they come up in the top of the eight. They got the start and parlayed that good senior day into a start here in the valley tournament CF. Butler sticks with a go to first close play man just back in time this Spencer gay. Gala the stolen base in the third eight of nine on the year. Bradley had the one big inning in the third with three runs added one more in the the days. And getting their hits here and there there goes the router got a good job if she is. To see the call close play at second that in the stolen bases game. Clearly the pitch was a little bit higher up than in a little bit too balls and one strike to leveler. And gave this second stolen base of the afternoon for Bradley they've done a good job in these situations when they've sacrificed the runner over stolen base coming up with a hit to get him in. Too little on the count. Littler with 33 runs batted him second on the team DePaul soul good news there next to the inning continues. Talkers have only had two opportunities Mike with runners in scoring position all day long. Alford to. Two on the left Fuller. Good fastball. Just a little higher apparently three balls and one strike close pitch. Looks like they're an intentionally intentionally walk him again because. Got her Trout lines set up way way off the plate. Even with the strike in the count they apparently don't want much to do with Tyler left for. And a 31 they set out out there again and block it. So first and second the stolen base like any kind of opens up the base if they want to choose to do that to go ahead at a conference basement now Paul. So bad. It is open three wood two strikeouts today. The only loss by three shots of pitchers. Today and six and two thirds innings of their lives and times of day and essentially put love on intentional. Here is so good. Two out two run. Again every pitch critical now for the shocker is they just can't afford to give up anymore they're not doing anything offensively in the trail fortitude in the seventh. First pitch to soak good breaking ball for a called strike one. So far Tyler John's doing a nice job the only hitter there reaches. Managed to bounce one off that Jones for an infield single very nearly had a double play to get out of it. Spencer gay. Beating it out and then eventually stealing second. 01. Swing at a mess that was a fastball down and it's going to DePaul Soka. So go the fifth year senior first baseman for Bradley to 98 hitter on the year. And the team leader with 38 runs batted in. No balls two strikes Jones taking a little extra time is set. Here's his pitch. Gets through the catcher lo scooted under Trout lines the runners moved up to second and third. Definitely sense the count to one and two. Jones still at the upper hand on the hitter but now a two out base hit could score a couple. Blitzes. Absolutely condition critical for Wichita State. Haven't had a hit since the first only two in the entire game. And down to you. And with the conditions the way they are it's favorable for a hitter but. They've got a kick start themselves and jones' got to get so good here to begin. One to foul back and I got away from Trout line it was not a foul throw to first though they get the out it was a swing at a strike out. And Trout line with the footpath on the throat of verses so that strikes out for the third time in eight scoreless innings for Tyler Johnson in the seventh as we go to the eighth it still fortitude Bradley. 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Go to surrounding home health dot com or call 8662929. To set up a free consultation. Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance. C agent Alex Acosta NG Valentine or in mold main Kirk Farber. This is mark living finding. Weekdays at five right here on tape and as bad. Assassinate Hitler since the first comes up in the eighth. Bryant take a bully. Slightly Ridder had scrapped a bad in the on deck circle that hit for tanner her Travis young would be due up third. In the inning at Dennis goes to work first pitch to take him a fastball in her hand for a called strike one. Bryant taken today has walked and grounded to short history plate appearances. Shoppers have been to hit nine Matt Dennis. It takes time for ball one. Both hits in the first two out single by pianist and followed by Alec bombs two run homer for two nothing lead. It's now 42 Bradley in the eight shocker stand of their last six outs 11. The ball driven to senator get well the center field to go on back though she added jobs said makes the catch. Looked like deadbolt fool they've never was totally in control that time his job well what happened backhanded the ball through the first out. Best hit bulk of the shots as it'll wild and it's his day long out. And Lew Ritter now will hit Britannica. Which. Shocker gives him 22 hitters to the plate yeah their last hit. All way back two outs in the first inning. First pitch to Ridder fastball today's for a called strike one. Lute getting back in the lineup for the first time a couple of games. One for seven in two starts last weekend against Dallas Baptist. And a line drive to the left field that's gonna drop for a base hit it ever regret or let it bounce by him. Kind of playing it nonchalantly let it bounce by him to defense and Ridder to second base standing out. Lettuce to line drives off shocker that's to start this setting up Matt Dennis they've got a tall lanky left handers starting to warm up in the bullpen. Will be the first error of the game it's a single now I could ever ask. And our second day. Exact reading. Has that eight game hitting streak to shape mentioned in the pregame. And pinch hit for Travis young person is a guy who could certainly time of one's way. The left handed hitter but he does have some pop to the opposite fielding hit a ball out of the park just barely foul. Last weekend swing in a felt tip for strike one. The left beginning looses. Ben Olson was a part time starter so I'm not exactly. One of their the guys the respect they expect to be up at this point in the game. Reading over his last eight games eleven for 25440. Matters second one out big curve ball doesn't curve stays high and outside wanna one. One of the things it Redding has improved upon because most of his at bats for a while we're as a pinch hitter but he was not real aggressive took a lot of strikes. And the last few times that he has pitched here he's gonna there's when it. One ball one strike. And Dennis is pitch breaking ball missed down and away two balls the strike. And it's something that you you learn as you get older. More experience than baseball and as a pitcher when your face and Matt Cain chair the one thing you want to do is get ahead of so you can put more. And the best way to get ahead of somebody normally used to the first pitch fastball. 21 fastball outside three balls and a strike it very clear attempt by Crist on the whole level of Beckett on the corner moved his whole body not just the glove and it's three and won them. Redding whereas extra base power. His twenty hits ES eight doubles and two home runs. Yeah us with a 31. And it's now left home plate out of play. Schematic with a fastball Redding fouled. And the count full. But he's worked to get deep enough to see some pitches which for a pinch hitters always a plus this. Feel like you've had a little bit of a look at pitcher you're facing coming in off the bench cold. Time called pictures. Dennis has slowed down his pace a little bit and then just as he was ready to go to the stretch. Readying call time out to break up his room. Three balls two strikes. The picture edit. My hope for ball for close just fairly low. Shoppers now have the tying runs on with one out here in the eight. Home Luka and Janice. Due up next both left handed out I think that's probably the reason I've been able to and is loosely in that can they don't I guess. Don't wanna go necessarily be sure men into war. Alan Beer just yet. The interest on catcher going out to kill little time but he knows that I think is ready by now mind as we are right handers starting to play catch down there as well. That is. Alan Beer one of their two closers. Josh did backer pinch running now at first base ready. And might go look at over three but he said a couple of balls hard today. Lined out to the third baseman hit a hard grounder to second as last time up and Elvis Dominguez is gonna go to the left hander make the pitching change years ago left on left against Luka which. Is what you think you should do this situation if your head coach but we've talked many times people have made that move against the fifth that. He has hit left handers extremely well yeah. Yeah this city the big leagues they don't have the opportunity to look at this situation that's all the way across the board so. Yeah it's statistical. And percentage move most of the time. But not necessarily in the is in this case but the outs of the Michael look at it come through but it will be moved. And jealous here or bin Orson. Part time starter making his fifteenth appearance. This is his seventh appearance so again. He's one hour or with a full 42 BR. Yeah. Given up 37 hits 38 and two thirds but he has struck out 42. In those 38 and two thirds Olson. And Lugo went two on and one out. Also business. Corliss inning and a third of southern Illinois on Saturday out of again won here and no walks and three strikeouts. Or out. And prior to that 123 inning against Indiana stayed on May thirteenth. That's eight and a thirds scoreless innings in his last four appearances. Michael Miller could get a free fifteen against lefthanded pitching this year. It was higher for much of the season still left after they end up. Over 300 against pitchers the same side 350. Against lefties it just slightly under three against right handed hitters right at pictures coming in. Olson just a freshman big guys 66185. And control normally isn't an issue with the film. Is. Around the played a lot and like it says it racked up a lot of strikeouts and only fifteen walks. We'll less than 39 innings. They should get the picture is he giving that dimension 866185. Who is laid them out there are dangers of the stretch my legs are so this. The employer case. Thought about it really selling out now he's gone to Redding and now the backer to run for him and change raiders getting hit for Michael Luka. So we've seen Ridder Redding back at the backer. And now raider. So. God Butler pulled out all the stops to try to take the lead right here. First and second one out raider right handed hitter in the pitch to him is just up and in a little bit the ball on that did not miss by much. Raiders started twice against Dallas Baptist last week and was 048. One for four in the mid week game against K you with a run batted in he's just one for sixteen. Over his last four games had been on a hot streak prior to that. Getting to 62 for the season. 10. Fastball little bit low to an island all of a sudden. I only Clemens is zones then I would say huge but certainly pitcher friendly. Couple of pretty close calls it what the shocker is way there. Lewis to another raider. In the routers are Ridder at second to backer experts in the pitch. Popped out of the right of home plate out of play for strike one. Raiders started 32 games this year he's got a 122 at bats with 32 hits including seven doubles and two home runs. Olson has surrendered four home runs and his 38 and two thirds but as Mike mentioned he's been virtually untouchable his last eight plus innings. 21 fouled it off then was definitely off on his time he gets it off speed pitch there look at fastball. Got looked like a straight change it just was out of his front foot felt it back to the screen. So it is too good to her raider. Two on one out the one out was a bee bee to center field by ticket that was caught by Andy she added. Shoppers are down 42 in the eighth. They need a big hit here comes at a breaking ball high three and two. Big loopy curve ball that time that stayed up around the bill of his helmet. Three continue to chase trader. Some of the shocker seniors getting a chance to contribute today. In their last valley tournament. At scattered clouds we've had some gray clouds for a little bit now mostly sunny. Over Bob Ward field here in the late afternoon. Mr. rader hit right at the middle to shortstop that should be to second base one that. The first double play. Shot for us get nothing out of its first good opportunity. Yeah several innings no runs one hit one left. And after seven and a half an exit Bradley wore Wichita State to. All right yeah. Gibbs gives direct. Star viewers. Alright that's it. Good to bid rejected. Make the right calls. My spot can be there plus. Your busy meeting deadlines aaron's car pulls sabres needed to das render the thank you completely forgot to our camp didn't pay any different feelings that he can be you've promised better yeah. Stop you can't be everywhere but we can. Delta dental of Kansas offers individual dental plans across the largest Dennis network in the nation's so when something's Manningham blues the laundry list. Keep your smile learn more about individual and family dental plans and delta dental KS dot com. Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance. C agent Brad woody Shawn Chapman orange haze filled forest pummel. I just let back into any weekend mornings at nine right here runs. I would just say defensively as we go to the bottom case. Assassinated by. It's hitters pinch runners. Jason Williams. Takes over on the mound the very picture out of the bullpen but he shot here's. They kind of follow up scoreless innings by Reagan B pillar and Tyler Jones out of the pin. Behind him Ritter is now playing second base. Josh factor in left field and Keenan. In center. They haven't surrendered leads off for Bradley. Through here over three with three strikeouts to those against the starters Zach Louis and then one against Reagan the cooler in the sixth. It could pitched an inning one hit no walks to strikeouts Tyler Jones an inning one hit one walk and two strikeouts in the swing and a miss by actor for strike one. She's Williams starting off with a fastball. Soccer's with a good opportunity first and second one out of the top of this inning the chase raider pinch hitting it into a double play to end that it still fortitude Bradley. That one dropped low and away ball one to Gruner. Jason Williams. Pitched four and a third innings in three appearances against Dallas Baptist last weekend gave up run on two hits with one walk and seven strikeouts and fourth there. Fast ball fouled back. And it's one and two. Chase has now appeared in nine straight games including this one today over the last 88 and two thirds innings five hits one run just two walks to thirteen strikeouts. He's pitched fourteen innings over his last thirteen appearances allowing just two runs on ten hits. In the struck out seventeen. Checks swaying. He left and that's another striking out for the shocker says. And a recruiter goes down on strikes for the fourth time today. All four shocker pitchers have struck out and his. One that's totally between eleven strikeouts for shoddy pitching today unfortunately hitters can't get it going. There trio in order to. And he she added one for history with the infield single and two strikeouts so far. Williams. Ready to go its first pitch to she added and it's down and in a little bit for ball one. Soccer's in the ninth will be getting into the heart of the order Janice did foam Trout line. And if anyone gets on do they are down two runs as it stands right now. One out. Popped up into shallow right field do Ghana. Sunglasses down moves in under it has his first play of the day for the second out of the inning. To have been two down to Bradley in the eighth the better I can get this done. Chris Dodd as well not for the third baseman grounded to first base and then singled up the middle of last time up bases Cleveland six. Bradley with four runs. On nine hits. Also struck out eleven times Williams hit channel liner toward left apple dropped for a base hit kinda get over an epic headed up Johnston backers don't hold it to a long single. Chris Dunn is now two for four of the day. And all of the shocker pitchers who have seen action have struck out somebody the wrong given up at least one ahead in the country. And that are adverse to up. DJ guess two for three. Doctors finally got him out in the sixth for the first time today when he bounced into a force play it would appear that Alan Beer is. Coming in the ninth inning leads the team with six days. You are just over four he's still listening in the Bradley Penn. That was in the turf smothered by Trout line holds the rhetoric first one ball no strikes. Time code is gonna Trout line heads out to the man for a quick chat. Today more about fear when he comes in but he pitched twice against the shocker is that what you two. Did get a win but he also gave up four runs. On five hits in three and two thirds in two appearances. So we'll see so far today nothing has worked out since the first inning for the shoppers offensively they only have three hits. Went from the first. Until the eight without any. One out of the hitter and gas so it takes a strike there's a good slider from chase Williams wanted to one. Bradley scored three in the third to come from behind to take a three to two lead scored the game's last run in the fifth. Fouled off the hands back to the screen wanted to and out of DJ Grasso. Gas short stocky right handed hitter he's a redshirt sophomore from Norman Oklahoma we mentioned his mother patty is the head softball coach you know you. He played here at Hutchinson community college before ending up at Bradley. Better at first base two out. She Packers trailing 42 at the bottom of the eighth. And the pitch low and outside get stopped by Trout line that time two and two. If this score holds the shocker is would play an elimination game at 1230 tomorrow. They're able to find a way to come back and win they would play at 730 tomorrow night in the winner's bracket. Local time of course yes a great one hour earlier in which it's. Jason Williams ready. To two. Lol. Yeah SO started to go held up three and two. Now they're there at first base Chris Dunn will take off with the pitch which is a bonus for him he's not a very fast base runner. Three balls and two strikes. Williams retired the first two of the inning then gave up they too not singled Ian Crist done. 32 pitch. Line at the left center field that's gonna find the gap gonna have to hurry don't hold the lead brother Pete and eaten. Yes it to the cut off man the rhetoric coming in common no play. And Bradley scores are huge insurance runs to go up five to two. There is the downside of going three and two. To a batter instead of making it happen before that this. We've offered this note that the depth. All they needed and to that end up coming around the store. That is. Five runs on eleven hits now for Bradley. I might get back breaker right there my. Although they were down three in one of the games they won. Against Bradley back at home. Going into their last at bat that began at least three here. And it's second to that Brady will look at an oath for one that to sacrifice bunds today up there in the ninth hole for Bradley. So far at a higher seed has won the first two games here in the tournament and now third seeded Bradley. Closing in on a possible victory that pitched a Wilkens swung on and miss down in. Wichita State has a big advantage. Over Bradley all time we talked about the series which atop Bradley got their first one at which time. What seemed like a century. And in the tournament Wichita State is ten and three against Bradley in the league tournament there's a called strike and it's all in two to Brady we'll look at. In the first meeting today since 2006. Shocker start to know against Bradley at. Sites other than what you. Bradley let the lead five to two in the bottom of the eighth another runner up there at second base with two down. Chase Williams with Diaw too many striking about swinging. So we'll look at goes down for the second time on strikes. And factored pitchers have struck at twelve in the ball game but they've also given up five runs on eleven hits and go to tonight that the Bradley in the lead to five to two. We'll move. That girl the girl with no inside avoids the girl who speaks in Tex Tom. The girl assessed with cats and videos of cats will that girl is playing powerful and she might win state powerball jackpot can fund a lot of cat videos which beat GW was not hello well for any. It's up to you to win. Wind down broke down made its same day when time is not on your side call led put expressed. A hot shot to Tulsa our next flied out to Orlando led put express gets it there fast. They depart nationwide the same day is their next flight out or hot shot services let's put expressed delivers anything fast. What an absolutely has to be there on time call let's put expressed at 5409991. Or online at led foot express dot com. Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance. C agent Jared Crawford. Chris post or Mike Rogers. George story from coast of Grozny and stormy week knights right here find KM SS. It does say the doctors come up with a top of the ninth trailing five. Obviously a three to tie Grayson jump instantly get up and Alex bomb. And got her Trout line. And also the top left handers came in to get a double play ball off the bat of chase cratered and G-8 will start tonight we may just have this one hitter. And he's got a left on left match up with grace and Janice at the net phone Trout lines do Vickers everybody to follow right handed hitters. And the first pitch to Janice to almost hit him in the helmet he ducks out from underneath and off speed pitch for ball one. Whatever that was guy completely away from Ben Olson sailed over Jim Estes hit back to the backs down. Alan the year right hander is ready in the Bradley bullpen whenever they're ready to go to. It is still walking around for a moment outside the box and you know plate umpire. Going over to talk to Todd butler's come out to talk to him that's something. I can't imagine that that was. It's any discussion about that being a rush back knows obviously something off speed they got away curve ball don't. This is maybe something has nothing to do its. Going on right this second may have been a cumulative affect her just the simple misunderstanding your questions Scott Butler had let. Never really got heated up so one noted canister. He still chatting with plate umpire before he steps back in the bucks. So one vote count left on left matchup here Wilson's pitch. And in this tied to a nothing. So actors have several guys coming up in the inning you're capable of getting one up in this breeze in. Get them two or three on a big swing they got to get guys on ahead of them though breaking ball called strike at 2 o'clock. After Janice do you get bomb Trout one and do go all of whom have. Bloody power in today's conditions. 21 swaying and and yes I was you know what they call woke up all over the properties that they called it hit the back. Altria and so that was actually wanted to and that's straight. And that was strike threes so there you have it it was not corrected on the scoreboard and then right before that last pit Charlie Clemons. Showed everybody that one and two on two and one so that breaking ball on the ground that there may wanna do it. That makes a lot more sense now. And that's. Not great news for Wichita State because Ben Olson goes a full innings in relief then double play. Strike out and it gets it seemed Allen beer who has a right hander. And will have a clean giving him an opportunity to do is faced with guys. Yeah. His seventh save of the year not your prototypical closer Heath to little of the six saves. But it's forty innings he's given up more hits than innings. He's walked eight and struck out ten yeah he's given up eight at today's kids of his toilet yet he. And any RA of four point 05 certainly not a world leader bill Mike's got numbers with what he. Against Wichita State. Well let and the last time out against southern Illinois last Saturday got to say they gave up. Run on three hits and that one and no walks and striking out prior to that it inning against Indiana State. The hits and two runs and that was an inning of work. Against what it just days made two appearances. He didn't get the the win. In the eight to four victory in the middle game but overall three and two thirds innings in those appearances. Five hits four runs three of over one walk and three strikeouts. Are against the Dodgers. It's seven point 36. For those three and two thirds in two appearances. But he does come into a pretty good situations. He's got through probably one out nobody on in the night. Steady group right handed hitters even though they are capable guys so all you right on right match up we'll. Here the completing his warmup tosses he is a sophomore from Tulsa Oklahoma my tanks high school. Also a guy who saved a little bit of activity at the position players in nineteen games. And make seventeen starts as a position player yeah 19. A one out the bases and these doctors down five to two in the bottom of the night in the top of the night. Alley ball. Hitter two run homer in the first since then. Fly ball lofted a fly ball to center. Shocker is only yet since bombs two run homer in the first it was a one out pinch single by Lew Ritter in the eight. And bomb takes a fastball away from Hofstra flock. Here doesn't have overpowering need as I recall from his appearances in which it's done 9089. To 91 probably with a fastball. Well president the senator well hit chatted on the move though makes that Claudia. The home. Squared it up the lines out to the center fielder in the shot as you're down to their last out. Cutter Trout line up there. Looks like the shot casualty and 81230. AM tomorrow afternoon. Barring a miracle comeback now with two outs. First pitch to try outlined fastball for a called strike. Their opponent to predetermined it will be the loser of the game coming up between Missouri State and Indiana State. 01. Swing and a felt tip. Jack is you're down to their final strike. That the team that led the Missouri Valley Conference in hitting in conference games only get to 96 led the league in hits and scoring. Limited to two runs on three hits today by a Bradley pitching staff that is lived up to a one point 81 ERA over its last fourteen games. That would his chest fairly low and it's wanted to. Bradley is going to extend its outstanding pitching to fifteen games. You're shook off the sun and the 12 to Trout line fastball foul down the right field line they stay and play newsroom for the right fielder he is there. And the kids made to them about it. Grady Little quick runs one down in foul territory up the that are outlined its not state goes 123. In the ninth. And the final score in this round as Bradley and five Wichita State to these actors are in an elimination game. Tomorrow afternoon we'll be back. But mostly. This is breathing Phifer with Cochran mortuary crematory which tells exclusive certified veteran and family memorial care provider. 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Any day of the Dodgers play and sent off your online order getting Wichita area of the what Papa Johns dot com and use the promo code shocker fifty. You receive your shot you're just got finals. Order today five to two Bradley in a game that began promising late for Wichita State at two run homer by Alec bomb in the top of the first shocker is that to a two nothing lead. And led to get nothing in the bottom of the third but a three run inning for Bradley put them in the lead for the first time and they never faltered as Matt Dennis. With some late help from the bullpen and shot to shot here's down. Freeze down Matt Dennis was that he had he did not look one swing of the bat and rattle him he settled in yet and went from the first to the eight without giving up hits in between he didn't walk a few guys and shocker I thought their biggest opportunity in my. Was in the second inning with runners at the corners and one out tanner Kirk you know hearts massive third baseman turned into a double play kept the game acute and nothing. And from that point forward. Madness really settled in retired nine in a row then walked a man retired seven more guys in a row before Luke raiders hit single in the eighth but. Mikey mentioned for the league's best offense in league play Lee league's best offense and scoring runs in league play. It's fell flat today it was madness handcuffed in Wichita State. The shocker to put themselves and extremely difficult situation the last time they won this tournament it happened this way they got shut down in the first game by southern Illinois. Came back to win five in a row but that really puts a premium on your pitching and it's really gonna take. Something that's not even it was far beyond anything shoppers put together so far this year yeah and the shocker along the way. Want to. Get this to the weekend they're probably gonna have to have their offense carrying them and today they just. Couldn't get the job done so starting tomorrow at 11:30 central time they've been having she's on welcome back to close things out right at. May is Maytag month that Clinton's appliance save up to 250 dollars for the purchase of select Maytag laundry pairs and at the 500 dollars with the purchase of select Maytag kitchen appliances. Plus for a limited time get an additional hundred dollar savings from the city of Wichita water rebate fund with the purchase of a qualifying meet take Energy Star washer or dishwasher called stop by or go to Clinton's appoints Doug come today for all the details remember it lives appliance you always get the right meet ten product. At the right price. The locks isn't holding staying in gearing is like to wish good luck to all of the what's costing shocker athletes and coaches through season. 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We can cause severe storm leader. Thirteen thirty K in assets. Back at Terre Haute, Indiana and Missouri Valley Conference tournament Wichita State falls in the first round to Bradley five. Do I start the game. Got you by the Kansas lottery if you Kansas lottery Mega Millions ticket today for a chance to become a millionaire go to KS lottery dot com for the most current. Jackpot amount like Kansas lottery and dream bigger. Well in the know one guy in the line up on the won the swing gives you both he runs he's probably our player in the game Alex well one out of 42 out two run home run in the first inning and actually had a the decent swing later on when he lined out to center field but. Hits were hard to come by today and Alec moment one of them Islamist. Clinton's appliance presents the play of the game for the shock the court are. Jump to the bounces off the top of the quality of the in the stands. At two run homer pretender Kurtz and how about on senior day of the factors lead to an ethics. Finally got to hit Korea left the yard Gloria. Not sure how that got in there well those that those two run homer all right it's better Kurtz on Saturday. But Alec bomb today in the first inning with our lives appliance. Play of the game. And on the scoreboard so far all the higher seeds of one's southern Illinois with a 1 run victory this morning afforded three over Evansville at Knox Evansville and two bracket Hayes loses bracket and Dallas Baptist coasted to a nine to five victory over Illinois State so edu. Advances to the winner's bracket and Illinois State will be playing tomorrow for its tournament lives as well. Shoppers will play at 1231. Pitch here that means 1131. Pitch in which it Johnson late morning start central time. Cody Tyler will pitch for the show Packers don't know who they'll play yet will be the loser of tonight's game between Indiana State and Missouri State. Go to town I had one of his best outing of the year against Missouri State and probably is worse against Indiana State in the regular season anyway you slice that he hasn't exactly been red hot these last four starts so hill. Alex trying to figure it out for himself and extend the shocker season another day. Well I'll let you move on to get a Nara due on TVM she and I will be back with you tomorrow again first pitch 11:30 AM. As the shoppers take on either Indiana State or Missouri State to see if they can remain alive in this valley tournament. But that will do it for today thanks to Joseph hard up for his assistants back in the studio and your final score Bradley five runs eleven hits one error. Wichita State to runs. Three hits and no errors the shocker is it 21 and 36. Try to keep the season going tomorrow. ATM abuse. Yes it is a real thing ATMs forcing innocent users into agreeing to their feet before they get any cash. These they're not averaged more than I dollars. Come to equity bank and get the debit card that blocks ATM fees and an ATM threatens you with the feet ahead except you know that your equity bank debit card blocks happy even after you've accepted. Take that AT and only. It's.