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5/5/16 - Mark Levin Audio Rewind

May 5, 2016|

Donald Trump needs to show conservatives that he is going to advance at least some of our fundamental principles. Trump is reaching out to Bernie Sanders supporters and trade unions so why not conservatives? In addition, Trump has become inconsistent on the issue of minimum wage saying that he will ...

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It's. How well. Only underground. Heat from the bowels of hidden. Somewhere come to a brick and steel over nondescript building. We'll once again make contact without leaving the. Kmart and then here are number 8773813811877381311. Your well they're doing well she America goes on. Life goes on. He's in the right Betty throwing hardball feature. Brett there is one of the reporters one of the people at fox or I do in my professional. He ala. And he was interviewing Donald Trump. And was asked about Marco Rubio and Donald Trump says he talks to Marco Rubio a lot. They get along very very well there was a little period timely and where they didn't get along at all but. You know he says this they can have very friendly and very very cordial relationship and I'm not trying to put words in his mouth is on record and they get along great. And wonder what Doug. The trumps supporters think. I wonder what kind of headline win again on some of the website on them. It's an inside outside thing isn't. If and it didn't take crews of course he'd be out. But it quit in this instant it shows what. Presidential temperament. Who by the way I think it does. I give us some strong differences with that Donald tramp. But I don't detest the man I hear people to tackling him personally and on and on I don't to test that. I'd been furious with the because always attacked people. In because and because in your blood to boil. It's really not personal thing. How about they were in the country that's what it is for me. And as I said yesterday. He's going to have to demonstrate to conservatives are a lot of conservative and that he's going to take steps. To advance our principles. We talked about his position on the minimum wage yesterday I know people downplay it because they wanted to. I don't downplay it these are signals. And you know what it doesn't hurt anybody's purpose to pretend he didn't say when he says we need to help him eat things our way. Rather than apologize. For positions that are liberal. State. Position. Doesn't help him. Doesn't help us doesn't help the country. I remember when I served in the Reagan administration for eight years. From time to time when Ronald Reagan would. What kind of up out. He was questioned. Member of the phrase let Reagan be Reagan while on the WTO. And certainly no different in this instance. But Donald Trump has to show more. He has to show to conservatives. That he's going to advance. At least certain of our fundamental principles. And I'm not to repeat everything I said yesterday. Both behind the microphone on and on Livan TV but they're there for all the here. And it's a very very important. And yet I hear he's taking back the backwards steps. Minimum wage is not a militia it's a big issue it gives an indication of where somebody's head. A typical liberal knee jerk position that they they bring out every election cycle and you need to know how to respond to it. It kills drop kills jobs particularly at the unskilled or low skill level kill jobs for young people particularly. Pour young people practically mightn't come and aren't. It just doesn't. The evidence abounds as to overwhelm. And the left is gonna keep going at the clear warfare. And what we need to do is grow the economy. Great opportunity great jobs and create wealth. That I have a vibrant night. The vibrant economy. And that's exactly what we had doing. Much of the Reagan administration I don't know why we just copied it. So. You know people Jen Affleck people who claimed it uptight one of the funniest things I touched on this the other day is to listen to people on TV. And people on the radio. Who just a few years ago used to say. Attacking the Republican Party I don't attack Republicans enemies a Democrat I don't attack Republicans enemies Harry Reid I don't do that I don't do that. All during the time when I was trying to generate support to oppose Mitch McConnell. To get rid of John Dana this is what was on the airwaves on TV and radio. Ad nauseam. I'm not one of those guys and know attacks at the Republican Downey and I don't expect her factions and now all of a sudden. They're outsiders and anti establishment. And they are sympathetic to that. You know the Republican Party. And we just need to unite now. That we need to unite we need to get rid of the unique leadership the Republican Party and unite behind trumka. You know folks a lot of these hosts a lot of these people on TV in great you can go back and check. The audio from a year or two ago. You'll laugh hysterically at their hypocrisy. Absolutely hysterical. I'm not saying you have to be. Perfectly consistent all the time nobody yet. But he can't be chameleon. Kenya. And so they pull out the compounds and there they are they had to pop comes from McConnell the compounds from Boehner that compounds for Romney. I'm the biggest now that they were the biggest supporters are Romney Oliver of fox all of the Internet. Outside. Establishment now what trump. Well Paul Ryan today was on CNN not too long ago. And I wonder if Paul Ryan listens to the radio chart watch Leunen TV app and you know they do he does a lot of them do. That is listen to the radio. Because he said something that I said yes to. Something that I had yet. We'll just play a little bit and listen. He's with Jake Tapper why capital like most of the time on CNN. Cut nine go. So mr. speaker you said throughout this process that you will support the Republican presidential nominee now you have a presumptive nominee Donald Trump. Will you support them. Well not to be perfectly generally Jake I'm just not ready do that at this point I'm not there right now. And I hope to help and I want to but I think what is required is that we unify this party. And I think the bulk of the burden on unifying the party Obama had to come from our presumptive nominee. Tom I don't want out under play what he accomplished she that he needs to be congratulated for an enormous accomplishment. For winning not now awful rowdy delegates and he's on his way to make winning a majority of delegates. But he also hear something very special. On the series a to a lot of us this is the Party of Lincoln of Reagan of Jack Kemp. And we don't always nominate a link to generate in every four years. Com but we hope that our nominee. On this as far as appealing to Reagan asked on the bad person on the advances the principles. Hum all of our party's gonna kill us so called a wide. Vast majority of Americans and so I think what is necessary to make this work defer this to unify. Casey actually take our principles and advance them and that's what we wanna see. Saying more unified doesn't in and out of south unify us. But actually taking the prince was that we all believe in showing that there's dedication to nose and running appraisal campaign the Republicans can be proud about. And I can actually appeal to a majority of Americans that to me is what it takes to unify his party so you're saying you can't. You can't support or endorse him right now. Yeah I am basically saying that look hot and that's you know I thought about this two days ago I thought actually this thing was gonna go to June 7 at the very least. Probably to a convention. And so this is all pretty new for us but at this point on I think that he needs to do more to unify this party to bring all wings of the Republican Party together. Bob and then to go forward and to appeal to all Americans every walk of life every background. On the majority of independents and and and discerning Democrats. And so you know I think conservatives want to know. Does he share our our bellies are principles unlimited government in a proper role of the executive adherence to the constitution. I'm there are lots of questions that conservatives I think are gonna want answers to myself included. And I wanna be a part of this unifying process I wanna help. Unify this party but we have to unified I think. For us to be successful trust had a campaign the Republicans are proud of going forward that is unify double and that that actually can go and appeal to a vast majority of Americans. Well I I haven't had much less concerned about unifying the Republican Party. And I am advancing conservative principles. Is I honestly believe the Republican Party news. In many ways and vapid party that doesn't advance our principles and I and I would implore speaker Ryan. To do as he says. To advance our principles in the house and and sent it. But we have problems because a lot of Republicans who don't believe in our pre. Now let's head. This is exactly right. In this respect. And there is one you know. What believe what values what principles Donald Trump is going to promote. And advance. He's reaching out to Bernie Sanders people. He's reaching out to us trade unions. That's perfectly fine. I have my reaching out to conservatives. Reagan traditional. Tea Party constitutional. Conservatives. And who we are after all the ones who brought the Republican House in 2010 we are after along all the ones who brought the senate. To the Republicans cited when he fourteen we are after all the ones who overturned one legislature after another one governorship after another. We'd like to be heard too. And the fact of the matter is more people voted against trumpet the Republican primaries and caucuses and voted for him. So we do have an interest in knowing. Where he stands a little bit more firmly on these issues. Kind Utley yell at people. We got to unite we got to unite we got to unite and cause people to unite he got delete. You got a late and this is this is the first big challenge in my view the trunk pat. It's the first big challenge any hat. If Ted Cruz was talking to Marco Rubio. The way that trump says he talks to Marco Rubio and has befriended Marco Rubio ruby has befriended him we'd never hear the end of it. We never hear the end of Mary headline after headline big mouth after big mouth going on and on and on. Ryan's right on this he can be right on time to be wrong a lot. The people who say that we need to see more it's conservatives I don't care who says that they are exactly right. I I had some land. Yesterday. And even before that. Now we have the minimum wage issue we also have another mission. Trump's tax. But let's address these Syria. Trample on CNN yesterday on the minimum wager. Of course. People who do not want to think for them counts people who do and I wanna hold his feet to the fire people who do not want to bring them to the right for his own sake. For his own political out. Canada say. And for the sake of the country. We'll defend we'll dismiss and they shouldn't. And they shouldn't. Because it did on. And it. And people will regret it down the road. You don't suddenly lurched to the left. I don't care for eleven dollars 111012. And twelve dollars fifteen dollars seven dollars and 77 cents. It's been involved in a minimum wage. Cut to mr. producer hat tip right scoop go. Tigers. He went fifteen dollar an hour minimum wage. And he's really gone after you lately for you you're happy with seven dollars and forty fives are the current federal minimum wage job with 100 dollars yeah. And I'm actually document that because I'd be very different from most Republicans and. Right there so that. Part is the best. Eye on who had just so far in the tank that they're not even helping their own guy. I'm looking at that. So he's looking at a I. I went looking and he's been looking. Even though we told all of us going to debate. No don't touch. Any looking at it which makes him different from some Republicans which want. While the conservatives. Don't believe in a federal mastermind. Mourning over. Like the progressives data and the progressive populist. And a Republican wake. Wanted to be very clear he said. Well take it from the top again there mr. produce I don't need to repeat what he said listen very carefully got ahead. Burning under. As he went fifteen dollar an hour minimum wage. And he's really gone after you lately for you you're happy with seven dollars and 45 or the current federal. Minimum wage jet with 100 dollars. And I'm actually look. Can that because I'm actually looking at that because I'm different and other Republicans. Which makes him more like a democratic or actually looking to do something about it. Go ahead. For most Republicans I mean you have to have something did you get a little much. We're really looking to do is get people great job so they make much more money than that. So let's stop there I will understand that that we all would like that but we were at about the minimum wage and here's the thing. As I've pointed out. Most of the S sixty million people. Who are in full time jobs one point five million in the minimum wage. The vast majority of them are under 25 in the vast majority of them. Our teenagers middle agers in terms of teenagers. Go from six and eight in nineteen or twenty years. That's what we're talking about. Return about small business. Already we've all the regulations already. There's is the problem. We need to break this cycle. We wanted to know. Where are you gonna promote our principles our constitution. Our economic beliefs coming right back. Okay him. I. I'm doing wrong with the minimum wage especially increase in the minimum way. As I've written about and talked about almost endlessly. It's nice and hard to an easy. And then there is via. The trump tax plan I praised the trump to explain like America remember them a producer. I said it was a reaganesque. It was in his rank and. I think that's a very very positive. Except I'm not sure he supports his own tax plan. It was on CNBC today mr. Trout. Anyway announced. Part of his own tax plan today. Mark what do you do what do you mean what am I doing. I was just close my ears and eyes. I want him. To be more like a conservative. Maybe he won't be and then you'll make a decision but I want you to hear that when we return. Have you. Plus ten. Just Chad did a sliver G at neutral. Rule conservatism. Call mark. 8773813811. Wall Street Journal the news section. And Carstens says. Donald Trump could can your Democrat for running mate. I read Epstein and Beth Reinhard bang car in the former rival now helping presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. Choose a running mate said Thursday he doesn't want to position. And the Democrats may be among those can edit. I'm not interested in doing that for a number of reasons Karstens had an interview with the Wall Street Journal I don't wanna be a distraction. I'm sure you remember how crazy the media was about being I don't wanna be distraction it's too important time in our life. As for the wide net being asked for candidates he added. We would consider people who are Americans and who put America first. Duck. Just two days after his last two rivals but the primary mr. trump effort to choose a vice president speaking take shape. Mr. Carson is the public face on the search process on top campaign at all manner effort is maintaining tight control over the process. And to people familiar with the campaign. And he. Most and a look at mr. trop for mr. trump his running mate choice could be the most important signal that he seeking to unify the GOP. In give their Republican National Convention delegates aren't bound to abide by tries. Presumptive nominee could face an arena delegate rebounds and trying to find that such a plan would almost certainly have to be led to. Went to adamant that he mr. Trump's campaign manager Corey Landau ski and it's implausible that mr. Trump's election won't be nominated his running mate. What does all this and just trying to figure this out the Democrat part for an out trying to dates are assembling a broad roster of candidates. Had mr. Landau askew added that the near businessman well in the near future. You feel who's on the campaign's vice presidential search committee beyond mr. Karr. And it goes on. Let's seat Nikki Haley is not on the left. Our Rob Portman of Ohio that he won't admit to being vetted for consideration. But in Maine governor Paul Le page Saturday Wednesday night town meeting that he is considering a 2018 and it ran a front not into the trap administration. Former house speaker Newt Gingrich or by email Thursday he might be willing to serve yet this is get that this is Gingrich positioning and we might do undeserved as mr. Trump's running mate though he otherwise declined to discuss his interest. So there you have it. He had a. Back to the tax issue. Trump on NBC today. Cut one missed a few days ago. I am troubled attack front. Given you you can't in the middle class so many features. Of course one would the critique of the tax plan is that 40% Europe are not for deeper and all of the tax cut and they're going to the top one that's not let up. There first of all the live media. Just lie and lie and lie. 40% of the tax cuts. Whenever you have tax cut ladies and gentlemen because the vast majority of taxes federal income taxes individual federal income taxes are paid by the top. 1% they just aren't. They pulled this on Reagan too when you have across the board tax cuts. The people who get the largest cut in terms of app salute dollars in terms of absolute dollars of the people who pay the most. It's not that the thing is leaning toward the rich at the way it is at our math works. And you need to be able to respond to the mark has class warfare stuff weathered the minimum wage. Or tax plan. And he is at eight damned good tax plan. No question about it. I've defended against other people. Go ahead. And we can't do it. And now process. There's. I will say this and and I am not necessarily. A huge fan of bad. I've. So much more into the middle class who have just been absolutely forgot. Let let out before we get to the propaganda. I will say this I'm not necessarily huge fan of racked. The fact is you attack. That is your tax plans and off the table in part now too. I think he's very malleable. Is very very flexible. When it comes to do you think if Lee reacting to the left. He doesn't stand up. And push them back. Well Wolf Blitzer brings up the minimum wage. He backs off. When this this post at NBC brings up this tax rates is cut. And of course they go immediately class warfare he backs off he says I will say this I am not as early huge fan of that you're not necessarily huge fan. Of a chunk of your own tax plan. Why. Why. He used to being. Go ahead. In in our country and you know what and when you put out a tax plan you are going to start negotiating and activists say okay this is our tax plus plus plus plus is going to be me I cannot. President yet there's no need to negotiate yet. There's no need to give ground yet. You gotta make the case the principled case. For your tact played not my tax plan not match or use tax plan. Not Paul Ryan explain your. I had. Force fourth and I concede that going out to be honest with you weren't I don't know he's already negotiating with a south he's already agreed. But the operate he get it going up. That is he concedes his putt going up. I'm Tanya. I understand people wanna ignore the I'd understand people want to beat. Excited and and rally and unite and it can't talk show host and TV host. They can earn about their ratings in other willing to say almost anything there. But it's gonna hurt the ratings it's gonna hurt them and it's gonna hurt the country and it's gonna electrons can it. Seems to me we have an obligation to keep trying to pull him back. Pull back pull back. Before he's over on the other side. He's got a good idea is here in his tax plan. A lot of good idea. Which is why when I saw a world that is a great tax went well you know I'm not exactly. A huge fan of that not exactly huge fan you know proposal. I don't know we negotiator and that's what everyone a happy endings right yet again don't get everything you what he's not negotiating yet. And you don't. Negotiate from a position of weight to your already saving. Like John Boehner or Mitch McConnell on. On the power the Paris when trying to run out what went out and shut down. K lo. He's an easy mark. McConnell. And easy mart. Go ahead and finish. You know golfer and as we are cutting and it's doing a negotiation I could see that going up I don't want little to go up at all. But I concede that going up and I think that's probably will happen because it's a cut toward everybody's. Well there you have. Taken anybody. Animal. And tells round. The house right hey. Why even bring an ad up at the house run with yet at minimum wage attacks that. Cars and gone off on a potential VPs anyway hey what are probably yet. Nothing at all. I'm not going anywhere I've been changed in the least. I haven't. And maybe maybe the progressive populist are right maybe he should not consider it. May be but even a populist in any got to grow the economy and keep whacked in the successful people. But Paris of protectionism. And regulations. And taxes and all the rest of the house I can affix. And here's hot air and this has thrown a number of media sources. And they write good news. Donald Trump's new finance chairman has given more. Than twice as much to Democrat. And you worked for George Soros. I think that would even bother. The people who are part of the build apparent. So I think Google it. And the Fella Alapont they're right imagine how embarrassing this would be the GOP we're still Conservative Party instead of an independent and it left nationalist program under the Republican label you right. Given more than twice as much kind of a way of putting it actually kind way of putting it according to the watchman examiner. Fully 85% of those guys contributions have gone blue. Alternate headline democratic point Democrat the top campaign position right Alapont enough hot air. Guy's name is none and I think M and the UC HIN. Two continent together makes it tough to pray now. Although not action has given to Republicans as financial ties to the Democratic Party liberal causes appear to be significantly deeper. Overall knowledge and has given more than a 125000. In 1998. To Kennedy and committee that disclose their donors within half a which went to Democrats according to the FEC records. He contributed to Democrats Hillary Clinton Barack Obama John Edwards Chris Dodd in 2008 presidential election cycle. Just a game ball bombing click any campaign and supported democratic senator Chuck Schumer on the and the ad Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. This is trumps who financed him. Beyond its contributions. Not in past employers don't fall in line with trump rhetoric on the campaign trail. He is a former Goldman Sachs partner what I know now I would hate them. Member Heidi cruise Goldman Sachs. We have. And worked for liberal mega donor George Soros hedge fund well. Oh that too if Eric George or Arjuna hedge fund. Folks. Concerned. And make America. You know contributed to a group called America coming together or act which was largely funded by Soros and union. Why would try to pick this. Packed my act. In the minimum wage Mac ma. In his own tax plan my act. Not enough mine. And they Alapont minute hot air says remember that heckler in Indiana on Monday the tonic cruised by asking where is Goldman Sachs jacket is. Not only did none can work at Goldman Sachs the FTC database shows he donated thousands of dollars to the Goldman Sachs political action committee. He gave 2000 dollars to Hillary Clinton perfect 2005 and it run any gave her another 2300 dollars. On the democratic presidential primary 2007. But he gave Iran T Ryan two or despite his grossly anti populist hedge fund debt pedigree and its relationship to Soros. You know what the mountain moronic and will be. As it was one trump himself they'll be dismissed as none in simply trying to buy influence according to the rules are rigged system. Notwithstanding his lopsided support for one party. Makes you wonder. He writes. Speaking of Democrat stepping up the Democrats hears it a bit from the New York lines report about goings on at the Republican National Committee. For some in the party the quest and wider to embrace mr. trump is not merely an intellectual exercise. Some staff members at the RNC were told Wednesday that if they were unable to get behind the nominate they should leave by the end of the week. There aren't he says it's 100% untrue but conservatives on Twitter every suspicion of rain is grow as crew. Are outraged. I'm not sure why I'm not sure why they aren't they wouldn't implement such a policy. And he goes. But here's the exit question. And from all pundit. How would trump supporters have reacted to nominee crews are rubio tapping a left leaning Goldman Sachs alumni. To lead his money raising operation. How Mac. I don't Matt Drudge website. Pat any what do you think of that when any. Hi Eric. Anything when Eric. Regretted. Not anybody. Cricket. Absolute and I'll be right back. OK things. Millions and millions of you out there. Voted for a different candidate. The candidate lost. Millions and millions. More of you voted for other candidate and go to for Donald Trump. But it doesn't matter that's not how the system works as rigorous. Millions of call here truckers. Custodial workers. Teachers. Police officers. Military personnel firefighters. Are you sick of being called a leader. Because you don't believe in big centralized government are you sick of being called elitists because you actually believe in something called capitalism. Are you sick of being called to lead because you actually believe in our constitutional system. Are you sick of being called a leader because he supported and voted for Ronald Reagan. Are you sick of being called elitist. Period. And how is it that the people calling you elitist. I'm Natalie. You believe in freedom. You believe in individual decision make. You believe in keeping most of what you heard you're at high taxes and redistribution of wealth. You're sick a massive regulations stopping you from doing what you wanna do you're second government telling you which bathroom at everybody can use. You're at a government period. And yet. You called an elite. More of the class warfare crap that grows out of progress it is whether it's progress to date isn't her progress of popular. It's class warfare. It away they'll debate it's a way to kill the passion way to kill fact any fact. You must be an elitist. It. Are you dismiss like the liberals and it and higher you're denying the climate now I know there's climb off. You're denying it we don't. All of you out there and voted a different way your apparently elitists. But you're not believe. And you're sick and tired of being called. It's up to anybody who want to be present the united day to unite the the united. This whole phraseology middle class. You know of that phrase it wasn't invented by remarks but it was a phrase repeatedly used landmarks. Middle class and the workers. I'm here for the middle class why can't just be here for the American people. How do you define middle that's what the income group. Let me ask you this as an example. Let's say there's a young lady. And she's a graduate from college. Let nation's 28 years now. Let's say she lives in an apartment in Manhattan. Works for a law firm it's very very expensive. We're for a law for not a lawyer that Asia is apparently. Just making it up just as an example. Shares 85000 dollars a year. Is that in the middle class. Let's take another example. There's a farmer. Small family farm. He's Merrick. Has five kids. The main farm their family farm that they've had for generations in camps. And he makes. Let us say a 140000. In the middle class. Why does that matter. Why does it matter why don't we use these government Marxist terms to define ourselves right out in the group. Why don't oil out politicians are gonna outsiders and anti establishment politicians are treated this way. We are individually human beings. That what. We are. And we want happy productive. That fuel our lives. That's the point and only when it greatest my twelve as a country is we can. So many people as possible can live well. And live well. That's what we wanted you know I'm for the middle class really how about being for the American people. I'll be right back. Is there. Only underground. From the bowels of hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel over nondescript building. Once again make contact without. Hello everybody in my living there are number 87738138118773813811. Question on the table. Are you disappointed in so called conservative media. Or not. Even raising this issues honestly. I mean I'm not talking about attacking Donald Trump. I'm not talking about her only. If this rating Donald Trump. As Donald did others know I'm talking about. Self censorship. Or are you disappointed in me that make use. Well that minimum wage that's really won't let fall. And that tax saying hey come on now. Battery under the laughed when I get him elected don't have the easiest thing. The easiest thing for host on TV or radio to do right now. Is that the missile of this thing of course we have proud that we have to beat Hillary. We need to make sure that Donald Trump not moving left. Isn't even popular. It left isn't. Even though there's a significant overlap. But just to keep it understandable. He's moving left he surrendering part of his own tax plan. He has surrendered only the minimum wage when he said no we wouldn't change it now and we're looking at that. I think that doable what. It's Friday chairman. Is Jay Goldman Sachs. Democrat. Donating. George sort out. Now for days and days and weeks and weeks there was discussion about port Heidi crews and earth so usually Goldman Sachs. Now watch this century. Watch this watch. Or mighty flop in the area with a thousand other thing. But won't be focused on. That's for sure. All right. Now my view is when trump those good things he should be praise. But you don't ignore this. You don't ignore this we never ignored it would bush we never ignored what McConnell we never ignored what Boehner. Frankly never ignore it it would dragon which was. Rare. Any contact given the magnificent things that he did. But. You don't completely ignore them. We want to ease of movement. In our direction in the freedom direction in that capitalism direction. Yes yes things like that and why they out of a fashion. And a fashion. Where order then understand what you're being goalie yeah little late. Now. Coming from a lead this of course. Brian no Windsor New York Sirius satellite now. But mark. Yeah erratic hits and. I want to ask why should we both like you conservatives. Believe trump regulators' sights he looked panicked. I didn't say pandered to I that he needs to come over to our direction and indicate that he's gonna break in of our principles but you might be right but he hasn't even done that yet has it. Now and I don't like blade Iran I wanna take it completely absent here. I don't care who's running it out every dig up we met Buckley it doesn't matter. Like it's tribe got what he still we're not conservatives. Okay that you aren't gonna have the votes for somebody at some point right. I I unfortunately I think America go libertarian or something just to get I'm not convinced. They eat any better than Hillary I'm really are is that. Anything can radio over the course of the next several months. I would be credibly surprised. In the you folks this is the problem this is what I'm saying I'm actually trying to help Donald Trott. I don't know who is advising him but I think it's just whatever he says and let it go when Donald whatever he says. You got people make an excuse is for whatever as it the media thought the Democrats are. This cheap TV and sheep radio now that's not right. All right thank you for your call. October Lakewood New Jersey the great WAB ego. According doing very important are always a group of like you sit in front and then tell them we had one program director from one relatively. Moderate city state and calling in and lay off Donald. We had one program director for made from a very large city calling and say thank you keep it up. It's an amazing thing. Whether it's program directors or audience I have to be true to myself I have to have my own integrity when I ain't. Well my day comes I have to know that I did what was right. And whatever happens happens and the fact of the matter is this. What I'm saying I believe is important. To move the country in the right direction to move trump in the right direction and to remove and to move the compound boys and girls in the right direction they're not helping their guy. I I had. I create just about what you believe it's at trump has been. He's new to the Republican Party is too liberal position in the past few can be the nominee we need to put him to be as conservative as we can get entity. And if we don't do it canola oil and spoke to Democrats opus and we'll extend. They'll be another child sort of an unlocked. I'm my friend I appreciate your car. Let he here first on CNN trump former opponent Rick Perry tells me that. Host who's CNN Dana bash he will support real dark round at Donald Trump into everything he can help. And I and there's also report that has a fair to be vice president you've been. Unbelievable. That Rick Perry. Did anyone ask them the ball all. It's funny watching these politicians like you know. I can't help. It's amazing what they put up with. Trump brutalized Marco Rubio. More than any other person even more than cruise in my view the right. But he tells Brett the bearer of you know we talk Marco and I think good we're good buddies you know we talked before we talk a little period about one month but now and went. We're good. We talk we text. Okay wanted to say about them. Living TV. We have a hell of a show freedom. Some of this but not all. I know you really don't like but I great graphics and hopefully. If you're follower this radio show. Hopefully in Lebanon TV aren't. If you listen to this radio shining a light this radio show up when you waiting for the price of this. Comes to five dollars and 75 cents a month. We need to resource has to run we are not on cable we are not on satellite we are not on network TV and we run no commercials what elaborate. It straight through 100% meet. Full of content. Full of content nobody comes between us nobody comes between you and me know what. Now advertiser no executives. Nothing. In order to do this. We encourage you to. We view this as the new television community. For patriot. For hate people who believe an Americanism that is and we can't. That's socialism and communism not aggressive is an populism not made isn't an agrarian ism American. If you're sick of watching the TV come watch you'll have a good time. And I don't just do this a professional staff we've got people yelling at each other. We dig deep. And I know you're gonna like it. Particularly as we go through this summer. We go through this process into the Republican Convention in the general election and we duke it out throughout. I think it'll become even more meaningful. And we have a lot of fun to. So I hope you'll join us. If you haven't join us when to start tonight. Give a home computer or laptop we you can watch him get an iPhone and iPad you can watch. An android phone or tablet you can watch. How I wrote Cohen you Smart TV how about Amazon fired TV or Amazon fire tablet. And here's our new the new apple TV and we're gonna expand on another platforms. And if you don't understand what I'm talking about these new platforms. Ticket at different. Our contact. At Levine TV will help you. But we wanna use cutting edge technology. With the best HDTV you can possibly acquire. Professionals who are handle everything from lighting and audio. We've got our beautiful studio and this project has right out of the box been far more. A successful than we gonna match meaning more and more of you were looking for alternative real true new alternative media. Not pretend new media not all media not big media not only media. New true alternative media. And hope you'll check it out living TV dot com and held a show tonight. And I think you'll enjoy it. All right we shall return. Okay and. Okay. The. Yeah yeah. Let's go back yeah. We took two years Spanish. Paid attention to about two months haven't. And that's all I can remember mr. witness now there's a few words like a week. I don't remember much. I just don't I wish I did but I don't. Now ladies and gentlemen what's the biggest problem. With economic growth in this country I know liberals that's for sure. But the consequences of liberalism what what is the biggest problem. He's pretty. What is it. While the Competitive Enterprise Institute is an outstanding organization. At home. And it. And they point out that federal regulatory costs in 2015 reached one point 885. Trillion dollars. You wanna know why. Well we're not competitive we're not competitive. Nothing to do with Japan when it. We're Killen ourselves. Now if people do not realize. If people do not understand. And they want to pretend that man of tax increases. On our own. A product that we purchased that are produced overseas. While somehow create jobs in America. That we're headed to a Great Depression. You either follow the Herbert Hoover model. Which is eight protectionist. And a tariff model. We follow the Ronald Reagan. Which is more of the free market model. As Emmett. Cano and yet transparent motor cycle that folks. Talk about. He's seventeen and a half trillion dollar economy. Not if 45%. Tariff. And goods from other countries. And of course as I've pointed out before we already have over 121000. I guess it's time to destroy Paul Ryan mr. producer. For his simple statement about we want Donald Trump to advance conservative and close again it's time to destroy him is an elite. I don't lot of difference is what Paul Ryan has anybody who lives in this program knows. And I been more critical Paul Ryan and Donald Trump ever watch. But what he did today was right. US lead in cider at pro establishment rhino. Now. None on the conservative Tea Party Reagan conservative. I'm not the one standing around with Chris Christie standing behind me looking like he's coasting me loose. No I met with Chris Christie. Not the least never what they don't when he beat you with the man in the same picture well. And you must oppose. Making deals. With him yet. But don't. Federal regulation. Is a hidden tax just like tariffs are. That amount to nearly 50000. Dollars. Every household each year in America. It's funny 15114. Laws were enacted by congress on the calendar year. 3410. Rules were issued by agents. So thirty rules were issued for every law enacted last year. And if you read plundered deceit. You would he AME chart on the news coming back several years which spells out the things. And I go further their point out what kind of a constitutional republic are what you. If this mass of administrative date is actually passing laws within the executive branch. And they representatives of the people are not. Ready for more. Many Americans complain about taxes they point out at the Competitive Enterprise Institute but the regulatory compliance caught a seat at. The one point 82 trillion dollars that the IRS is expected to collect about individual incorporating come Texas from 2050. While do it differently one point 82 trillion dollars in direct individual and corporate income taxes last year. Added to one point 85 trillion dollars in regulatory cost. Well ladies and gentlemen by my calculation. That's well over three point seven trillion dollars. That the government confiscate it he's. Directly and indirectly. I'm sixty federal departments agencies and commissions have 3297. Regulations into development. At various stages in the pipeline right. Now. It never ends. What are they gonna not regulating what LL be regulated. The top five rule making agencies account for 41% of all. Federal regulations. Department of treasury. Commerce commerce. Interior health and human services and transportation. Last year's federal register. Which print all the regulate. Contained. Excuse me joking around 80268. The third highest paid out in the history. Of the senate all time high federal register total pay caps. A period. And Barack know how they need Al. Obama failure. Our assists nine analysts. Disaster. The George W Bush Administration average 62 major regulation generally over eight years by the Obama administration has averaged 81 major regulations annually. Over seven. Ladies and gentlemen. Don't think that hurt us while we're trying to compete. Overseas. Don't choose and that hurts us when we're trying to attract foreign investment. Into our country. Don't you think this hurt job creation in America. Don't think there's a wealth creation in America. Don't you think this hurts the creation of small businesses and America. Don't you think we're committing economic suicide with these marxists clowns dressed up. As liberal. We can talk about Japan and all the rest of it all we want. But if we way to get our own act in order the explosion of the economic growth would be unbelievable. How do we know because it happened under Ronald Reagan despite Japan despite Mexico despite China despite the entirety of the rest of the wire up. When an explosion and economic growth job growth wealth creation are twenty some years. Follow the Reagan route mr. trump about the Hoover root. Again I suggest to be right back. Here's here's radio it's created bomb. I love my friends show home now 87738138. To eleven it's. A hoax. It's like to share something with you that you wanna act on right oh I definitely. I would I have. At a recent Hillsdale College event my buddy Andrew McCarthy former US attorney gave an important speech called Islam a acts where dreams. To about what McCarthy learned about Islam were preparing to prosecute outdoor rock month while unknown is a piece of you know lacked the blind Sheikh. For his role in the first world trade and about. And the good folks at heals up college publish his speech in a recent issue of on prime their free monthly be dodge. I'm McCarthy's clear and compelling and Alice has about Islam and Sharia law should be read by everyone who can hear my voice right now. If you must read issue about an important topic Islam that many people really don't understand. You have to read this issue. And you have to start getting in prime every month for free has always. There's a look then for Gil de dot com that Al dvi and Fred Hill to about common sign up and the annual free PDF copy of this issue. And you all receive every issue from primus moving forward at no cost to you absolutely free. Levine for Hillsdale dot com that live in Hillsdale dot com. Cheryl Wisconsin's Sirius satellite go. Eight time. I would tallying I'm I don't cap would not back in late yesterday morning and we're talking about uniting the Republican Party. But then went on to say that there where are on some Republicans he didn't want to back into the 38. I am no one has to ask him or any of it here again. Who we he would talking about. It between now and it bit Latino admit that both. Ibekwe Tehran. I suspected individuals petty clash with the I don't think it's groups of people. That's our mission. I don't know I don't speak from the that's my speech. What are I can't let every year. You're an I'm not interested in who you call thank you for your your content. I like to hear what other host. That mattered to me why do you care what I. I so most of us are different we don't compare now. People said hey UN ration nearly nabbed back in you and hanging edit watt. Everybody does their own thing nobody's comparing note. I in the web site to the same way in the cable shows are the same way I don't know. And Toledo Ohio on the mark the event that go. I disagree if you that's trying to give Obama cult ideas. Go to the right thing how can help them get. All right I think given many ideas to go to the right I think he needs to persuade us. By the way I don't either go to the right when you for the constitution why I go to the right. We need to start speaking properly when we will work for liberty why are we going to the right. I idea to persuade conservatives it's obvious from callers hear from other. Other at the avenues of evidence. That he has some work to do as we like to say. And he shouldn't be just reaching out to the Bernie Sanders guys and the establishment which he has go to be reaching out to our rating conservatives. With and he ought to tell us why we should vote for him on our prince. Why should we won't play and let him do what he wants to do want to give him the benefit telecast pulled it to the fire. He lied and everything put up slightly it is. What would get into what it held nothing but you're not gonna vote so no matter what correct absolutely not and you're gonna do Lubbock. Had an hour later infect crude slipped manifesto tapered could bode for the conservative hit somebody able poor. And and then what happens just curious. What happened I can look demand morning and I thought I would I think we'd be better off with Tom. It scheduled but really personnel grouping gridlocked I think that my idea that. What makes you think I'm just playing along when they think we're gonna win the congress. Welker got out to go to your doctor Gregory. Now let me ask you this what if we lose senate. And Hillary the president and the and the Supreme Court up programs. That are familiar thought thereby help behind and then you can look at stuff in the mirror correct. Yes that it can't get them there I think we did he sort of destruction I'm. Are there after he called himself a conservative talk and oppressive and you know I. Watched them on TV a little bit today. Between very jobs that I hold. And he says you know I I think on the conservative spot in the but isn't just men have and his arrogant they're not come here is they come up with new terms to describe themselves. It all BS it's all BS the guy is basically. The trying to position himself against Hillary tried to position him up against the the other sixteen he was running against. I don't think we really know. What is substance is I think the people speaking for him. Sound really stupid because they don't really know he changes on a dime and when he changes on a dime each they change and a dime with him. And what I'm trying to say at with a person as a responsibility behind the microphone is a Donald over here tell us if you want our vote. Where you stand a concerted issues now on your case you're saying he can't say enough so I got that. Well you people but from everything put anything so I cannot believe all right I got it thank you Eric. No and I go to howl. Cooperstown New York we know what they're not wait. On the great WG why go. Thank you just can't believe some of these crews supporters here from the beginning I wanted to up the second had you know he's a creed or he didn't say was that he gets certainly going to write in crew that doesn't mean he was increase of quarter from I know he's a libertarian. Folks are. From the beginning I would only Cruz or trump supporter an actress art truck rallies and to recruit Israelis. Certainly it became clear that I was more in line recurrence sinking and hit I did not clear with a lot of other people. But unfortunate people can't think. Obviously knowing you know I got talent. Let me take that. I treated trump supporters with absolutely respect to quality program I challenge. You call they show and you say people can't think. What are you talking about. You let me explain. That ticket I could explain marker could look to you because trying to get in Europe summer these folks are not talking about you Blaine. It it's your for our strong border. Are you saying that trumps not. It's if your support conservative judges. Are you saying trumpet if you're for better trade deals are you saying trumpet not. Well stop right there I'm not for protectionism and I'm not for these massive tax. I'm not for that at all for the liberty. I'm for economic growth and for opportunity for job growth. We haven't even tried it we have Obama for the last seven and a half years bush didn't writing. Reagan tried at what did you out. American. Here and I remembered I'd not to give me a 45 minutes but nobody cares they don't wanna hear you for 45 minute to your point. Okay you're gonna come on the show when you attacked millions of people. Crews people don't think. Get dinner table. If you come on a show like this she got to make a point going and make it. And what trip. No he wasn't perfect that I say was perfect. Until right at all why don't like why you keep referring to rob. Legend Donna GP thing for the country yet as. To. Why you had a chance. Amazing. UN maverick cruise guy you're full of crap and I'm gonna tell you why why don't I keep bringing up Reagan. I compare oregano Hoover and I compare trumped the Hoover and dragon. That's what idea why do you bring a break you like some talk show how out there who are completely in the tank for truck. I'm Bret let me let me educate you. Let me educate you wanna create jobs yet to create jobs and the way you create jobs through growth. And the way you get growth through economic activity. This crap with the with the with a parent in the protectionism and I know we're not gonna give that a chant of I have I have an argument that. Because it could be destructive and it too late then. It too like hey let me ask you something out you turned me off when with your first sentence. Why don't you people think. Because usually the last one year there example in the usual got the last twenty years conservatives haven't been in office. Could calling the presidency for twenty years. That Cushman is a conservative. Why don't you think. You even know what I mean conservative do you know what is it now. Read. Change now that not the meaning of conservatism. Out read it and change. You know I don't annual book you read you what our readers. I guess I has nothing to do with the constitution you asked about conservative. You know what conservatism is now just muted edition of the dictionary. That's not the definition of conservatism it not Webster's. The definition of conservatism include change you think conservatives like the status quo around. No they don't wanna change the constitution I. Know. Doesn't I support article five convention a page you know what that's all about. I know the bill right now it's how you give me a headache. You give me a headache become on the show you attacked millions and millions of people you can do that on social media if you want. Have a glass you're not gonna do it here I'll be right back. OK I didn't. Eight or nine rallies. They help us say eight or nine rally. But he takes five for crews in three or four for trump something like that. Do you work and go to eight or nine around the world where they all in Cooperstown New York I. But he's bound and all over the place he's a complete fraud. You can support whomever you want come on here and call everybody they're not thinking because they don't agree with the yield. How does that. In May disagree with them. That these guys are not thinking. Yeah. I don't know what he's angry about they just won the Republican nomination what do you angry about. Just got to go out there and convince other people they're not gonna follow online like yield not gonna unite like you you've got to persuade them. Given the pace to be made you hear people calling this program and they're not allowed. And too many people on TV and radio they sound like an act like politicians. They're chameleon. I'm not running for any. You ready to bring up pregnant for. I hear these these non conservatives. Say this all the time or usually bring up. Donald Trump. What they've already done for the country. Hey give them a chance. The most successful. President in modern history one of the top president ever. The reason they don't want us to bring him up because he's demonstrated back conservatism works worries about epic. Now Eddie. Org. Nobody can Arafat shouldn't. We are seeking access. Regular wasn't perfect. But he was a great president. And there's a reason for. I wanted to learn from it. Not bringing it up hands like Lipper stopped reading start our you know leader has been lead you don't agree that make you people. Not thinking you don't agree let me look like 109 rallies I I was there I saw them. And act and I made a decision. Now the way who was at mr. produced in the kept saying if there are guys not nominated they're walking. Oh is it that kept saying hey if I don't win. It would be viola should history. Know what it was saying that it be an ugly July oh hanging might go third party. And now everybody unite it doesn't work that way you gotta earn the support of people. Voters will do whatever the hell they want to do. And I'm trying to be helpful. A lot of people do not trust trying to keep flip flopping and block flipping on issues. Even on immigration. I'm gonna and everybody out but they come back legally what everybody should be able to come back they called back. Policy. The forty or 45% of the people who are here illegally. A law would not stop then they came here after their visa program. You know it doesn't matter not mentioning that I think data that hey you're not conservative means that right Dan Webster's dictionary. Dot preserve things. It's not what conservatism it. Obviously not a regular listener. Ladies and gentlemen. Bags under your eyes giveaway earache Jenna off from Shannon they will fix this problem while targeting those stubborn bag just in time from others. 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CE OMR Bennett section cornered it talks ill. Long term listener come first time calling anybody so they're giving him a little nervous. Just curious ST. I'm accord promoter even don't know lady glad. I you know your lunch yeah your life cord cutter I don't QB at just. An intelligent talk radio regularly strung. Mostly now. You know. I would just wonder and I heard anybody talk about. Does factor and just really want Ager getting inner ear is your take on. The fact that I forget which. Debated lies in the beginning that they've made it bigger rock and down. True what we are now that you it. Back. No it is the presumptive nominee it seems is everybody's turning their back on his own. And I I don't know actually lord image at a party or a what you're taking is on the error. I'm trying to folly in the first debate that he would not. Necessarily back the nominee later Eddie wood and then after that he saddle it depends who it is on how they treat. Here's what. Here's the thing his thing. If you think just everybody rallying around in the Republican Party doesn't hurt the party. I'm looking at the country that's what I'm concerned about. And I honestly believe that if we don't advance. Liberty principles are constitutional principles it's really it's going to be for not. We have a president has done enormous damage to our constitutional system in this republic lit a president who has just cutting through with a hot knife through butter. One tradition and cuss them after another. If you want to join baseball -- your baseball team B that's fine for me. We have now somebody's gonna be the nominee and I ended the nominee I don't care about all these other sixteen whether they Akamai or not. It doesn't mean anything to me Ellie doesn't mean anything among people. I'm aimed at this nominee. You what the vote of a lot of these people you have got to show yourself to be reliable and a dependable conservative. You don't have the back every single issue we get that. But we know we wanted to now and yet in the first 48 or 72 hours he's backed off on the minimum wage he's backed off on his own tax cut. And now that not a acceptable he need to advance an agenda that will actually help save this country and rebuild our economy. And it not asking who mark. And it's not quite know whether you agree would meet or not there are millions of people out there who have this point of view. You know ice. I I completely agree with you I guess that you're here where I get my news surround our. TV you cut off cable TV could feel I had to do the same damn thing don't hang up don't hang up has a we'll be right back. It's. No well. Only underground. From the bowels of a hidden. Somewhere from deliberate can steal from nondescript building. We want to again make contacts without. I'm Mike. Right past number one. Hello everybody marking event here are number 87738138118773813811. Here's a basically. Speaker Ryan you have to be kidding me. As average fan out to sabotage Republican nominee if they've betrayed the base. Laughter. So now ladies and gentlemen here's standard. Unlike any other Republican nominee. If you and says that the nominee show some ankle that is if you and is that the nominee who many of you didn't vote for. The putative nominee any will be enough. And you say hey look I want you to read or me on some of these principles such a conservative now you're. That's how my. And that's it it. I say. You keep demanding answers. He demanding answers. The media wanna food fight they wanna fight. Between trump and anybody else when a fight with a Ryan over this no big Ryan guy. These damn little budget and on and on and on. And yet. He said something that I. That many of you believe. And have set. Donald Trump needs to step up now in needs to demonstrate. He's a conservative he is he's conservative. And we've been playing this game with a -- get his supporters saying not now when acrid air that dad that night ideological up purity staff now Diana. We are populace okay. He says he's a conservative. To a point. We don't have to convince him he has to convince us. He has to convince. And millions of union vote for him and millions of you to eyes the establishment. And it amazes me to read something like that on a week. When Donald Trump today appointed as has finance director. Eight Goldman Sachs. Or sorrow Democrat contributing. Does that bother anybody. Does it. Now could you have it in many places around it anyway. Now after I mentioned that you might it. The double standard and no end. Just incredible. Now you're not thinking people you say because you're not just fallen in line. And you take the country apparently. And you must want Hillary Clinton went. Donald Trump will be the nominee but he hasn't been nominated. This is the time to make the statement and make the her. At the push president buckling to liberal media type yeah well you know the minimum wage I've been working on that and thinking about while you know my own tax plan yep. And then I'm I'm really not into that part of it. You talk about. Now my financed directly you know so what. I attacking Heidi crews and Goldman Sachs not Goldman Sachs. I wonder if all the all the mouthpiece hasn't surrogate out there that we're attacking Goldman Sachs are gonna act this guy in the employment or not. Not gonna attack yet they may mention it. But then I'll move on very very quickly. Why. Too because as to when to get Hillary. I want truck to get fed up. And I want him to better understand. Liberty. And the constitution. An unalienable right to these things that mattered if he's going to be negotiating and dealing with the other night the other side that they. I. I've never seen so many damn stupid people in the media in my life. I just haven't. With the compound. But the pump up. Takes them calls I was gonna get and other issues to import let's keep. They've Long Island the great WABC go. Is it and it's really hard to know your Steve I'm mark the things. That market. So really an artist teacher and I apologize for that they're really hit it first before it's gonna tell you are happy at thirteen year old son in middle school real Long Island. Who list since he couldn't cure every single day. He got deputy he would listen to. Anything that he can get from you or and he told me a couple of days ago that you know that he's been talking they had they had a mock election and it cost him. And that there was one vote for a cruise which which was his and he told me that it certainly debates in school and he's thirteen years old politics. And he probably you know he says I present the fact. And everyone just argues with opinion. And he's frustrated and so you know. He's trying to rattle around. I'm I'm starting to think that the nature of the vis the culture. You have the fight the hard left which is all about emotion. In control and now the other movement such as it is. Which is about the same place quite frankly. Yep yep but look you know they came back were both fighting an uphill battle you know who who is that that's sent if you don't if you. You know if you were an aide liberal when you were younger and a conservative when you're older that you don't have you have. I don't they say they are a Churchill said that a bush if he did say that he had that to justify his earlier liberalism. And two and his or later conservatism but anyway go ahead. Can't possibly possibly at remark listen I want to ask your question no it amazes me how little we know about comes policies and and I think the reason for that is that he really doesn't have any policies it's more about winning. And the policies will come later and you know would it and you can you know I'd. You know auto task right and done you know it scares me you're valid and I I don't know what I'm going to do because I can never vote for Hillary. Yet I can see myself voting for trump right now and abstaining to vote. Not voting is of artillery. And laundry is. I don't know what to do. A hundred while here's the thing we don't have to do it today. Which is exactly why and I'd rather than it around for the next three or for a month and just whine and complain and on and on and on. This man needs our votes this man wants our vote highest and then we need this man to explain to us you know there's all these so called special interest out there. What special interest. We just what our liberty back we just one country back. We did a private property backs is what the federal government to get our face and get out of a bedroom and get out of our home and get out of our cars that's what we want. We're pro liberty what for what they was out at four in the first place. And we want some admitted that he agrees with a. Mark I don't expect it actually expected to go in the opposite direction now haven't you already started it. And he's going to because now he's thinking about in the world now going to swing the other way in order to pick up our you know a lot of votes. And he's not principled and it's really scares me. You know in a way of record rather Hillary who we know which people back up than someone who we have no idea what he's about and you know I really expect him to go all the way to left right now and I'm back I'm looking forward to November and I just I just don't know what to do. While he won't go all the way to the left on immigration. That is you know that is meat and potatoes the so how it'll be interesting to see what he does but. Look I said early on I think he's gonna disappoint a lot of his supporters pin and just the question will be how far they go and you watched. These commentators on radio and TV. You watch the Janice just Jen Affleck and you need a break on your back to keep track of these people. Photo op attacking the Republicans and it is at the Republican dot com an outsider now it has. All unite around the outsider than it is conservatives must be establishment and they'll disappoint hey I'm a conservative. You want to go back folks listen to the audio or watch the video on of these people incredible. Incredible. And you know just I hate to say it but there are a lot of what you just said there are so many are in informed on. You know I would take educated. People other a lot of people who are informed and don't care. Right for them for them this is you know this is a football. I've found it interesting that you converted eighteen but you can drink underage when he won it seems that voting. Can be much more dangerous than drinking. Aaron well that's the constitution it was amendment there's nothing you can do about it there's a lot there's a lot of Smart people who are eighteen a lot of stupid people who are out and Hannah. Hillary Clinton being one of I'd date when it gets real weak we ought to do this today people want to make up their mind today. But pre K your caught. Heat for a mean I really want to cast an affirmative vote I really want to and I'm looking to do it. Am I have no personal animus toward this man whatsoever. I get angry at him for saying outrageous things and I have. But I don't want any. At that and I don't think again. Some people do. And people are out there creating a third party they think their I'm not into that are some others I'm not into that I'm saying okay this is the muted if Republican nominee not the nominee yet technically. I don't see how I stop. And so we need to try and explain to him and bring him over. One more of the big issues. Now if he's not going to do it in these gonna keep lurching left than people yet to decide for themselves what they're gonna do about it. I can tell you this we don't need another Richard Nixon when it comes to domestic Powell. And we don't need a yeah they Pat Buchanan Jerry George McGovern when it comes a farm policy. We just don't. Not gonna fix anything going to be disaster. We continue now and I can't I got to take a break I'll be right back. Okay I didn't. Notice the Big Ten always excludes conservatives he noticed that. That's the question but it bluntly for Donald Trump. Tell us about your big tent. Even include conservatives and how so. Now we're not going away and when I'm running for off you'll. Yet Paul man effort there. He was a junior delegate counter for Gerald Ford in the 1976. Election was on the wrong side of that one. He tricky guy happily. So these politicians always talk about a big tent these tablet meant as the labels do that I knows what everyone a column. So are we conservatives in the ten or not. How so. 'cause I'm just curious harrowing in your tent. You wanna convince millions of people devote free or not. Are we just off to put a leader. Well they keep that up it's over. I can tell you that right now. So that's the issue. I think they ought to make you can in an effort. If I were advising Donald Trott. To do exactly what I'm suggest. Prepare your list of the policy positions where you're going to be promoting constitutional isn't. Don't and that Jeff Sessions I've not much longer than you mr. trump don't just send him out to tell us that two or three favorite chest as he has. There are hundreds of other judges that have to be chosen to. How you gonna choose them right to choose to circuit judge. I can choose the federal district. You know ladies and gentlemen the fact of the matter is most of the action in federal court does not occur in the supreme but it sir it carries in the trial courts the federal district court. And the appellate courts. With a thousand federal judges in this country. The next president will appoint. Three to 400. That's a lot. Who's going to be in charge of that process. In the administration. And the Jarrett. It's important. And there's a lot of other issues too. I think that some thought and attention should be given to close. Now some of you have you don't care that it fine. Of one and now. Trump supporters don't care fine. Don't care but now I'm about one and now. Some of us won enough. We in the ten are we not in the tent. There's a lot of people getting into the haze like count. Any enemy gonna prevent Hillary. As if that's the choice. He would vote for somebody. Who were more confident. Because of the last few months they made it clear to us. That they're going to work with us that they're gonna support conservative principles are we just are running into the tent it cannot candidate to vote for me or wedeman. Now you have to tell us why while I'm not Hillary we know you're not. You're not Lee Harvey Oswald Utley. Get it. So. That's sports fans. In any moron who's out there going on and on that were out fortunate because we're asking these questions they aren't to be the mayor has morphed. Pat. You know liberals often dismiss the constitution and not just slip. People dismiss the constitution. If you centuries old you know they say it doesn't apply to the modern era. In these days different different and all of that while they couldn't be further from the truth. Now I can get access to the heritage guide to the constitution to give you all ammunition to challenge them. Get your free access at and heritage title art and charity out or the constitution secures or protects American freedom. Not an individual. Not a political party. It defines the scope of the federal government. Parted guide explains all this explains every single clause of the constitution. The online edition contains some 500 pages of analysis for more than 100 constitutional scholar all over the country. Including former Reagan attorney general Edmund me. My former boss. Now you can get digital access to the heritage guy totally free of charge. Just go to ask parity dot com that is let me correct that. Ask heritage dot org asked parity out our get in and access to marriage guide to the constitution. If you're an American who loves liberty and wants to preserve. You need to understand the constitution. I don't know a better resource and the heritage guide to the constitution. Get in a free access right now pat has carried out or. By the way you wanna learn about conservatism you don't go to Webster's dictionary and pick out one of the one sentence definitions. And then claim here a long time teacher. I opened an eager nine rounds. Here in the people who who disagree with they just don't think. Crusoe but they just don't think. Then that may work on social media. Doesn't work here. Had no comic foot I really don't. All right let's take a quick call here. And I go to bill Arlington Texas the great WBA pago. I could not our job wanna put a port on your point and that attitude back. If Donald Trump want to win in November. 18 the party activist there won't go overboard make phone calls to get out the vote. In November and don't bode for the movement conservatives like myself have been preaching church 35 years. This is what we do and we need to have a region to get out there were the enthusiasm level amongst us is wide open moment because most of the. At any time what I think's gonna have a lot of neo fight Eric gets in the media for trump. And then you have just a lot of compound dancers in their tight for trot them what they're not understanding is that they're giddy because they want. They want. Battery system any fans where. They're giddy what they don't understand is next comes the super ball. And the Democrats they're vicious they're vial a sheet. They all cheat at the ballot box they need as many people in their infantry is. Believe possible to come over the hill and take them on and beat them. And I'm trying to give them helpful advice if they don't wanna take if that's their problem. That's their problem. But just telling people. Who are very upset and angry about trot who are unsure of his positions get in line to unite that's not gonna work you've got to give them a reason. I'll be right back. Marleau then you show. I imagine. At 8773813811. Again breaking news CNN no evidence Clinton willfully violated the law so far this. Pathetic under the Espionage Act even the willfulness and it is irrelevant. Material negligence is enough but that this has been a cover up from day one and I wanna bring on the show a a wonderful patriot you've seen him on the Fox News Channel one of the guys I really like. He pegged at how are you my friend underwhelmed Mark Kirk. Wave Britain announce any book in the arena and I wanna get into this it's it's absolutely irrelevant to what's going on in this country. This is really eight e-book. A cross between your life and any book on philosophy sort of well. Classical liberalism conservatism if you will blab about right. Do you do you do it's not a book the autobiography I am not a the senator from Illinois about a 35 yeah right I like doubts it's just like you did you call to action it's meant to be in in. Jumbo debater to inspire people to remind people about how exceptional. Our country is. And that every generation has required citizens and patriots willing to stand up. Who understand. What our founding principles are what we are crowded in. And that we are willing to fight for it on apologetic at my experience on the battlefield in Iraq Afghanistan and Guantanamo they have been format. You know I went to school at liberal universities like. President harbored and fought as a conservative I battle on Capitol Hill. Talked to try to win a war and all the experience that taught you that if you're nodding your arena fighting every single day that people with very different views you'll be. Progressive others are out there fighting back into paring down the country that we love and I'm trying to motivate remind people didn't go basic. Difficulties. Debt debt debt that we all love. There are what will work for us because the larger our citizens. The smaller government but it took the smaller citizens the more our government a sort of you Britney so are we about I'm I'm a listener and a leader of our youth culture the student. A mark look there and and I hope that comes through in the book also we gotta be in the arena fighting participation or folks with different priorities particularly from. Well I hear overly generous I appreciate that now folks the book is in the arena you're listening to people take that he is a absolutely a great great. I think there and I always a pleasure to see you on fox although I watch less and less and less tired but that's another story. Now again you eat kind of touched on your background very very quickly. Tell everybody we want the school tell everybody where you were deployed. Sure Favre went to school at Purdue University is an undergraduate I let the conservative publication here called the prince Torre. And that is right during 9/11 where he'll protests broke out well for a shot was fired in response eleven probably a lot about where true allegiances lie. On campus I eventually deployed to Guantanamo Bay Cuba as a guard. They're rocket and if you platoon leader into the darkest days of the war a combatant by the advocacy group fighting for the surge. I read about the book a lot we won the war in Iraq Iraq surge was successful we defeated al-Qaeda in Iraq. Even Joseph Biden by February 2010 would be decreases of that war. Until we need to litigate that properly and make sure we can balance Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama want to block a crisis because of their retreat from the battlefield. But I also served in Afghanistan as he senior covered her huge record 20112012. And thought very different about the place where. It wasn't we could accomplish necessarily. But we wanted to because they're big they're just a very different culture with very different perspectives. And I'd like to harbor where I was what the Kennedy school of government remarked. You know what score a lot of little Obama who believe that everything can be called by another government program. All the climate change market always climate change as a vehicle for control. For more regulation for more oversight. Every class. I once had a student undermine our apartment in my classic. Note that premarket typical confusing I don't I don't understand it doesn't make a debate and and that is the way. It leak and progressives and be completed which should look at the world actually Barack Obama and John Kerry at each. Classic good people but they're believers in. Big government and progressive income and a wonderful perspective they are citizens of the world and Roosevelt warned against app and we get that he did bet. It does your own country. You know as I listen Leo as I've I've read your book. And you and your saying we have the battle here at home and the reason is we can win battles overseas but ultimately lose these wars. Because of what takes place in America. And battle we although with the tennis fans it and in Vietnam we actually want that you wouldn't know that if you if you had listened to the immediate attack. And you find that happening today to right. Indeed an and I learned that lesson. Through the Iraq surge in fact you know the anti war types watered Austin newspaper calling its effort to bring the troops home yet both of us -- in the battle on the ground knew that we could succeed. And you don't let me see. Osama bin Laden believed we were paper tiger there it that we would cut and run from difficult fights. George Bush and the surge showed that we heard about the biggest lesson of Iraq or at all. And we did win that war is retreat that brings vulnerability it'd. Like shrinking from like you better be Smart about it optical circuit for dragons everywhere taking every fight it you know in the world. But it we. We knew he had to meet the nature of the economy are you gobbled up he's that you talk about beat the club fascists to seek it very different world. They understand one thing at four in defeat and when we compete with them we get what we get. In places in Iraq and Syria with the with the black black vice squad of their calpers the politicians will always put their finger in the air and go put popular and it takes real leaders. To understand the threat that we face. To doubled our bag or difficult dark and difficult court struck Obama never been that person. And that's why we feel we and it never believed in America he's got the blame America first out until the book try to remind people that. If we don't have good citizen but all we can't lead in the world and the 21 century is not an American century mark. It may not it won't be re entry because history is not over whether Islamic. Or the or be ambitious trying to ease or global international institutions there are people who don't believe in freedom and free people in premarket figure on the march. And America the only last weekend and we're we're the big hurt by drowning her debt and regulation. And I am not taking care of our military or veterans. The book is in the arena. What do we do that no simple answers there. There are no simple answer end and end there at third note you're greener and Irina did you do you argument that everyone know they eat eat. The post modern view that there is no right or wrong the yielding that if you look at the American experiment our founders. Gave it to what the constitution that we loved. And we can all defend come carrier rifle which you can do that I watched talking curriculum at your local school district or your city your City Council. Or leading the civic organization of boy scout troop coach Ritchie being a part of your church. All the things that are the bedrock of our unity deal elect wants but if that's globe want he want to quit. They're gonna criticize you you're gonna they're gonna beat you down you're gonna failure and fail again. And they want to give up. But you give up that's when they make incremental gains time and time again so the book talks about areas are at stake are made. I'll play where we we we can improve. Because if we can't sure up and keep fighting and we will be able air American experiment I wanna motivate people I. Every data what motivated either Teddy Roosevelt beat up a critic Alpert demand would actually even be arena. I hope to motivate America but he. He election result there are down out of our country down out of our generation apple so I just spoke to share with friends or other families. Mothers fathers who want to believe in America can't cook like you I know how special this country is our generation war fighters no loss specialist. We've got to dig deep and remind people and and lead the charge. He'd take us you know eleven. You could have reason to be down and depressed and crack and give up I mean I mean. But yet you rank want tonne of a look at Obama's done at Guantanamo usurped and Afghanistan. Look what's happening and Afghan and other parts of the world that you served and look what's happened in this country and this president you say no and I don't know double tripled that we got to duke this out. That's right because of one commander in chief can and can undo a lot of good yes. Are seeing the man who guard those. Those Islamic at Guantanamo way he honored that they show a few demand surge in Iraq and what they did what they believe grand. I've seen no Q school surgeon at camp and even other president ever believed that it was always political. He was never invest in the fight for seeing what you're sending troops to battle that he never had to back out yet I I eat or fighters coming Coleman and asking nick yeah he's running for office. And and barrel we. And we know we have no option but turned quarter declined to Detroit Obama is pretty Tibet precipice. Of course Clinton standard would like it to get even further and many of us have our preferences of candidates and frustrated and typical. And this book was not written around one election cycle and to say. Hey what wherever we are heavily are. Don't read instead of whenever will be more than one generation away from extinction you don't ask what we have to the next generation bloodstream you gotta you gotta fight for. LF we live in a country where we're once tell her grandkids what you used to be like slippery NASCAR race that. I think I've seen it we we've got it I've got a little boy got her booted record six. Three and six month I wanna give them a great country just like you wanna give you look I am a wonderful country. Our and it worked out in your arena and then we're gonna have a company we gave up refused to give up further your collection or the next election. And a guard like you inspire me and that was your program. Are you you chart the way the constitution and I think that we all love our remaining in the bedrock of our country and I just try out a good one modest contribution. Can fight it has been ongoing for 240 years or what will be ongoing. Are are you Ali. Are you doing any book signings and a so weary of signing. I'm I'm doing a good number of books on the home state of Minnesota next week. Are still in folksy go to my Twitter feed at. Right now as we speak if you go to my Twitter feed there's a link and the signing books. Ought to send out so if folks that they wondered aloud book go to my Twitter feed a I'm just grateful to try to do my part spread the message. That. PH EG. EEH take set at. That and your patriot your hero. You're out there fighting the battle here at home which we must win. And when a thank you for everything you do. And god bless you and I wish the best in the arena by people take that by the way. Get an Any major book or any minor books are anywhere house bookstore. And you get rid of mark Livan showed dot com. Excuse me Marc Littman show Facebook mark Livan showed Twitter that's marked the mention of FaceBook mark provincial Twitter. Why have the link right there go to Amazon any major bookstore this book is worth reading. And this man is worth listening to Peter except god bless you my free and I appreciate it Marc we're quite regular much. I'm all right take care. He really is a handout that. I seen him. In the future as a date and elected politician. I really did I don't know if that's his interest or not. In the arena. Takes us. At they take that at Pete takes at HE GM ET HE and other get a signed copy. Any major bookstore I strongly encourage you to get a copy of his book. I'll be right back. Our. Cubs Mother's Day this weekend. I my last check on the counter it this Sunday in other words it a couple of days away mama's always been the expert the expert you can get. For her advice on what to get from Mother's Day now. 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And I used pro flowers I don't talk about that stuff folks I do it on speaking from personal experience and many many many times. Now here's the only way to get one dollar and rainbow roses with a free glass face starting at 1999 ready. Call eat call 800 PRO flowers at 800 pro flower. 800 pro flowers even better. Visit pro flowers dot cut that pro flowers dot com click the microphone on the top right corner in tight end mark. That pro flowers dot com click on the microphone tight end mark and then the wonderful discounts will show up. Mother's Day is this weekend order now order right away time's running out this offer expires tomorrow at midnight but don't wait. Pro flowers dot com code mark. I love those flight to. We need to do. Joni Gretna Nebraska. Yeah on the market and an app howry. On attacking mark thank you TimeCrawler blonde and McNair here hero when he. Thank you an idea that her identity. Thanking my hot. I'm I. Where we're missing we're losing you will lose and I can. You know what to mr. call gonna get her number I don't wanna lose or will call her tomorrow okay. And he Tony okay okay okay. Right now Johnny will call you tomorrow if we can find. Jeffrey Manhattan and a great WABC quickly dealt. And march 2 time caller of longtime listener notre slivers love you a second time listening how I my ticket to whatever second whatever it. There Ranariddh divulge a picture down here anyway. You know about Donald Trump it's just to you know I'm such a tie our crew support coach so to check it when he lost. I will vote for Donald Trump because of the slaughter of Hillary Clinton or or Bernie Sanders is just as I can't even imagine that's beyond. An outlet and this is my point nobody knows how to play poker around here. If you don't vote for Donald Trump don't wanna know that he's gonna be more conservative while he's moving left right now. Yeah who haven't and I wanted to say that it just what would kill me is that the first where data is now would someone get to be an issue like the minimum wage. It should be actually America talks like you re talks you know whoever you know certain look at have been related to Joplin it is axiomatic talk like a liberal. Now and that's what's troubling me and it just hit its stride and he created he saw it it with that side of it doubly you know the W don't know much. I mean I just is it a quandary and it just it's making me crazy so I just Leino are two greens. Anyway I don't know what the other thing I wanted to say that I argued that book W essentially are getting to forget that that's a lovely setting and and just wanted to get him send a shout out so that it's a it's a beautiful book and and also the other. Point that would make it today was holocaust remembrance day and my mom was survivor well I think I mentioned yesterday because in Israel they were still do but go ahead on about your mother. That's OK yes she's going to whether that's you know what with a political collect Kenexa to just remind you that with which you went through you know it's just you know it just. Spurred me on to fight on no matter what happens naturally just on one of the senators that want god bless you watch live in Vienna. No I don't know that I would you like to that'd be great. I Don hang up I'll give me your one year's subscription. Folks I really want you to check it there's clips they're living TV icon you're gonna love it. You're gonna get hooked on you can become obsessed with that this is why people ought to seriously check it out. Good friend of mine just sent me an email look like Lilly got. He had he sent me the definition of conservatism and Merriam Webster dictionary you said the values the second definition. Because it the most in salt. And of course if you want to understand conservatism we don't go to the dictionary. They're here. He wanted to dance socialism you don't committed to doing. It doesn't tell you a damn thing. You wanna know your future you know that crack open a fortune cookie day. Now he can I think a little bit beyond that. If you're serious about it is currently do. We've got a little bit of time. We don't have a little bit of time our ladies and gentlemen. We will be right back here tomorrow behind the radio will be Friday and I wanna go through more and more more this wouldn't let one of the issues and one of the essence and beat him. There's a report out there officials saying that it does not appear that Hillary Clinton willfully violated the law. Bull crap and besides that well fall is not the task under section 783. We salute all you hear us out there join us tomorrow. I'm mark the event they are relevant to eating.