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1/18/16 - Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Jan 18, 2016|

The purpose of this election is to nominate a conservative who will hold fast against the bureaucracy, the courts and the media. The Democrats and President Obama have been destroying the nation and our country will be lost if a principled conservative is not elected. This is why Americans are sick ...

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And never got no good thing about an old truck you can read like an old truck. However you want. Because the paint job looks Briscoe and Merck dense build character and unpaved roads are on scientifically proven to be so deeper and more fun. And with a over 400000 cars a little method Noel. You can keep that thing running longer stronger there's not a whole. That's broken and that's not them. It's. Only underground. Well easily hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel. There's brick building. Once again made contact. Know everybody mark the event here right number. 87738138118773813811. Let me ask me question. What is the purpose of this election. I'm asking you those conservatives is constitutional. Reaganomics on foot what is the purpose of this election. To nominate a conservative right. Nobody we went and nominated considered. Because we want to make sure whoever's sitting in that Oval Office despite all the pressures that go on from the bureaucracy in the courts and congress in the media and so forth and so on. That they're gonna hold fixed correct. Isn't that the problem that the Republicans buckle all the time they tell us one thing they get elected and then they do another. I'm not going to each year. And repeat every one criticism. One candidate or another. I expressed my own position. Positive or negative my own views of one or another candidate. You can sort out. What you think of your own view. With or without me or. Accept not except. Not I can't satisfy those. Who want me to support five candidate at the same time. Unencumbered. By any kind of criticism not gonna happen. That's not who I am that's not who you look. I'm glad that ribbon. In any and I intend to leave this world that my integrity. As you do. I think there's some very very serious issues. And serious questions. That we need to sort out. That's what I do in my private life and I think through these things. And that's what I do with view here. Now why is this election important. Important because we need to persuade our fellow citizens. About the state in the name. Barack Obama is doing his best to destroy this nation he's done a hell of a job. The Democrat party is about to nominate somebody who my greatest. Who want to finish the job. They're just trying our jobs. They're destroying citizenship. They're destroying our military. They're destroying our police department. They're attacking the values and traditions in this country they're turning us inside out. And if we do not nominate. A solid principled conservative. To try and do some of this when we lose our country. It's as simple. I'm have you over the years you've told me it's already a loss. You've posted on my FaceBook and Twitter sites you've called and here there's nothing we can build. This is why I'm sick and tired of OPEC talk. This is why I'm sick and tired out so did she. I didn't spend forty years of my life 45 to be exact. To reach a point where we actually might take back the white house with somebody whose conservative. And edit. Any discussion perforation. And I did it. And whatever candidate. Tries to draw us into these argument these debates that are mindless that I use if they're not gonna save the republic. I'm not gonna affect that at that time that we have strengthen our military. And I call him out. Whether some people like it or not. It that simple. It's that simple. This earth. Nonsense. Has gone on long enough for most of us if they're web site to wanna keep entertaining it. And retain it if there are not job lawyers and professors who want to bring a lawsuit I beg you bring a lawsuit. But the rest of us don't have to be dragged in the stupidity. The rest of us don't have to be dragged into stupidity. As a take criticism of New York values is an attack on the NYPD. Or the FD. And why. Nobody believes that these idiot Republicans running around out Christie's paddock Arctic hours astronaut it was asinine. Purely liberal a holes there are in New York City. And by the way in every city. Trying not city. They're trying to police department. Now. So now we're supposed to believe. And it's a nation of 9/11 I cringe when people bring that up. Because now we actually have Republicans and conservatives. Usually 9/11 like liberal use nine elevenths. So we're supposed to debate that for the next twenty days. Not me. No way. I wanna make it clear. Went trump was under attack by the morons in the establishment. I defended. It and defend everything you said and I'm never going to. And are gonna defend everything that man's done every contribution he's made everything he said. I wouldn't be a conservative now what. It's he who has eve op their transition he said that's worth looking at. I'm certainly not gonna defend everything I'm Marco Rubio has done I can't even keep track of his movements on immigration. And yet there is a man to come out for article five convention this day. In a way that and none of the other candidates have. True. And I go down a list. But here's what gets me. Two months ago three months ago six months ago two years ago. Forty years ago. Tank crew. Was considered mr. conservative and he delegates. He's one of the most prominent conservatives in America he's one of the most prominent conservative. Period. He took on in trend. Corrupt. Texas Republican establishment. And. Beat them he was the dark or any of. He'd need a man worth a court have a billion dollars have been lieutenant governor forever. He was never expected to win and a multi candidate race. We endorsed only supported them all over the country anyone. Anyone on watch. He said I'm gonna go to Washington. And I'm gonna challenge Mitch McConnell. And I'm gonna challenge what's going on what Boehner and I'm gonna challenge what's gone on in the Republican Party. I'm a conservative I'm going to fight this. And we chaired. He gets into the United States senate and he determined to more corrupt than you thought before. As we belief. With McConnell. And McCain. And collector and Graham. And I asked them miscreants. As used the power of the purse to stop Obama care they and that you know next time Ted. We get up on the senate floor. And he's viciously attacked. And he runs a filibuster and they don't get up for two weeks. He's attacked by Colorado he's attacked by fox knows he's attacked over and over and over again it's gonna cost the Republicans the senate. What do they do they win that sent. Introduces poised to pull amendment to tell off. The gang of 81 after another after another you fight the fight to fight it and you lose. I'm by sessions. Among other fine I'm likely. Now those poison pills are used to argue that actually favored. When he was trying to kill you what I argue here that don't I'm not that little bit. We are we remember what took place. So big donors. Give money to track some jerk it down erratic commercial and all of a sudden now people look at. Actually think I'm a big. What's different. Right now. Is that the attack on cruise. In many ways is an attack on us. That's the problem. He's nasty nasty nasty Donald and why because Mitch McConnell thinks he's asking. Because Bob Altman asked me. Because the Duggan ruling elite Republicans think he's masking our also poster. Jen Affleck and yeah he's nasty that right. We don't like Rosie doesn't get along whether anybody ladies and gentlemen you're attacking yourself. I don't feel like it doesn't even make any second. All of us. What we thought was courage. What we thought was Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. You and I are supposed to believe this guys bought off by the banks. There's guys nasty. There's got to get along and anybody. Grow. Is that what we're supposed to do. I'm all in favor. Of duking it out. I want them to do it. And I want them to duke it out in a way that helps we the people. This election isn't about Ted Cruz. Not about Donald Trump. It's not about Marco Rubio at face they all have massive egos bigger than any of the rest of us is none of us run for president. The election about the future this republic it's about your children and grandchildren. In the last week or two there's been no debate about the debt maybe. In the last month. Instead we are consumed with the issues that you and I don't give a crap about. Instead we are consumed with the old Washington inside the beltway game in I guess the Manhattan game. Where advertisers include salt and others are now they have a twisted and pretzels. Writing attic commenting each other all over social media attacking each other pro. It is a bracket Elliott did it looked at 1790s that it ought to do look at him evident 1790. Well at large tribe and it. Said. You wanna say the country are not. I'll be right back. Saturday morning. All of a sudden like a hurricane. One lead after another just viciously attacking cruises Karen. There's honour its integrity. Is dignity. May be criminal home. Owned by the banks. The world what the hell is this Alan Grayson. Rob. I'm thinking to myself. Don't we have a responsibility. To try and pride. The candidates in the right direction. This is our country. Those of us are Republicans this is our party. Is our election. We don't have to just be observers ladies and gentlemen. Respond to every week and every year nearly every campaign tactic that. Candidate actually don't hatch pat no other advisors in good counselors and they all around figure out their tactic. But I thought it was really over the top. And these are the kind of attack that Arlen. Very very personal. And he's attacking the most prominent conservative in the country. In some of the things he sang. Any nasty because he can't go on what people are thinking. Not yet not nasty. And he can't get along with people. He doesn't get along with a ruling class Republicans who lied through their teeth every election and then Washington DC. They blow us saw the McConnell and arrest a massively expand government they lack the military they want a cure the water. Of course he's not gonna be like why they ate up about stock. They hate that I Wear the or the Reagan revolution in the Tea Party the conservatives at us. They don't get along with us it's not a question of us getting along with the hand they're supposed to represent don't. I thought he's got it up like yeah. And nobody is speaking out nobody. And I want this debate to be the right debate. And they continue to engage editions he doesn't need to do this. And I put out a friendly. Post on my FaceBook. What somehow just. Boomerang all over the place. And I simpler route Frederick friendly advice Donald and I do mean friendly. Either cut the crap your accusations this morning the cruises Canadian a grim at all. Owned by big bank six veteran. Or you will lose lots and lots of conservatives. Anyway. Save the liberal New York City bully tactics with a New York City liberals. Put down your computer keyboard for a few I think before each week and collectors out. You're not politically invincible regardless of the polls and media I am already hearing more more people getting fed up with a low road to taking. Again cruise which is obviously intensified this morning Saturday morning. You don't legal attack designer attempt to smears reputation. You can leave that to Mitch McConnell on the New York Times. He gains on real and substantive issues that matter to that country. That matter to the country. Stop playing that McConnell stopped minding your times editorial board you're better than that. He's better than that. In so of course. He did mark. On Sunday. More. And he can do all that that he wants. I'm not accepting them. I reject. The cruise a wanna Texas the crews like that up on the senate floor who we had was courageous who we defended we supported. It's the same guy. To the tactics used against Ben Carson. And the others. They're just not gonna work. The less homicide you and I switched positions and I. OK well maybe he is nasty and he doesn't get along and go whoa whoa wait. We didn't. Don't do that. Don't be so quick to abandon. People who you once. Admired. Don't be so quick to. To accept the attempts at character assassination. When you know they're not true. Don't be so quick to say boy that was a bonehead statement about New York when you know what he set about New York. And I consider this helpful advice friendly advice support that. And by the way. What ever the web site put on their headlines or however the media twist what I say forget about them listen to what I say if you want to know. We don't need interpreter. I speak very clear English. Very good English. Ha ha ha. I'll be right back. America is tyranny. Call it now at 87738103811. They marched on a whole segment now natural born citizen. Wouldn't be better quit the whole segment on. Parts of the constitution. That affect your lives. Isn't it funny they wanna talk about natural born citizenship what do I talk about article one of our. The treaty power. That tenth amendment of the fourth at the fifth the first and second we don't discuss those I've ever seen a segment on that. The separation of power this is my point. The nation on our focus. More and more focused on not. What we focused on crack that's what we're focused on. We expect to persuade people to vote for our candidate. How. Well. I guess we'll just had to keep talking about how cruises and asked the. Before Cruz was nasty crop was an. Before trump was nasty and Carson was and not. Right and on and on and off. These boys need to elevate their debate. And you and I need to insist on it. Don't just fall into camp and fall in the trap. You know I need to win this there is no savior. Cruises and a savior opposite the same and none of the day. We're talking about the office of the president we talking about politicians whether they're out I'd hazard and we have the say the country. Which I talk about over and over again in the article five which output side for now. But we can't get caught up in their campaign tactics of their campaign tactics are not in our best interest. We talk about Obama the I I I I well I'm not entirely I I I him him him him him. We the people. I expect this from the Democrat expected from the UN EI. We need to demand more. Most people in South Carolina on Saturday. When Donald Trump was going on and then all of a sudden he goes about the bank. Like I left the banks and got loans so they need it is wrong with the loans in the blob of black. It was boot. He was booed. And not just booed. People are yelling at. Because those are conservatives. And Tea Party activists. In May be breaking their answers for years and years and years to reach a point where we can finally get a conservative in the Oval Office. And they don't wanna and yeah that's cracked and did it right. Neither do line. Morning here's some stuff. Good stuff. About how we're gonna get our republic. About how we're gonna dress the debt. Trump has led the way on the border. Why are so popular. But there's a lot of other issues that. They need to be addressed. Deluca we're relying on to rebuild our united states military who can reveal we rely on the typical Marxist out of the Justice Department. To put patriotic Americans and lawyers in there we'll stop harassing the cops. How are we gonna fix EPA had you heard candidate talked about the EPA. What they're gonna do about. Now you have. What went into that. I'm not gonna get caught up in their world and neither should. That's my opinion you don't agree let me. People call an end here this is Mike is right is why cruises that they don't really get what. They only get what I'm saying. Whomever you want. But it seems to me majority of the candidate you need to prod them. The ups. The victim that's out. Rubio has been pretty smarmy too. Quite frankly. And even more so now Chris Christie Chris Christie lies about his own record okay and go after his record that perfectly fine. I never supported this autumn on Europe yes you did. Actually. I never gave a donation to Planned Parenthood she did. We understand on their records. And tell us what they're gonna do. To tell us how they're different than the again. I don't believe any of those Republicans. Any of even trump could probably has more laws would mark banks and Wall Street and any man in history. I don't think that man's car are not. Only he's owned by the bank. I don't think anyone on the ages Iraq. None of them are corrupt. Matter of fact. All of them. Are well meaning. All of that. All of them. Now here's cut one. From 1 is that this morning FOX & Friends are buddy Brian Kilmeade and trumped up. People like what Rush Limbaugh and Marco that have weighed in and says who's telling you had to. Back off say you know they were supporting him to a degree but they don't want you attacking Ted Cruz. What's your reaction let me just stop there and amend that no I don't mind if he attacks take crouse. On policy and substance I mind when you trying to strike guys' reputations Marron. Somebody owned by the banks Kazan alone I guess we're all home by the banks that most of us have mortgages what is happening. I've got a mortgage. And house and I don't know what it would Wells Fargo in my own by Wells Fargo I don't know what they do over Wells Fargo. Big deal. No more successfully are. The more relationship you have a more banks I would think trot most that I would think all of us know that so what your own paid for by the banks. Cannot. The left the left does Akron. So no I don't mind criticizing. At all I don't mind a healthy debate at all. And I nearly packed. That's what I'm mine go ahead. Well I like both of them and they've both been very nice and Russia has been unbelievable to me and and Gary's been they've been great about. I have to do what I have to do but you know I I had so yeah I wanna make America great geographic I have to get installed. When you have somebody that can't get along with anybody at Washington about it to get deals done I mean you have to get gives us we can't always keep invoking executive orders like Obama does. What do you think of that answer. What do you think it limits. And I mean about liking me and rationing what do you think about things I wanna make America grating and I have to get things done. We have somebody that can't get along with anybody in Washington. You're not going to get deals that. This sounds like McConnell to me or orange hat to me or or or McCain and he or Lindsey Graham then we wanna get it could here's the deal. I. What you do is you elect a conservative. You lay the foundation Ukraine. The argument break conservative. The conservative. But we fight like cal hopefully gets elected president. Then the other members of the party start to come along the president controls the Republican apparatus at that point he controls around the RNC. He is an enormous control over what the Republicans on the house and the senate. His enormous control over the entire Republican infrastructure in Washington DC now Lloyd they have to get along with the president are. May have a problem. Talking about the Democrats I'm talking about the Republicans that's the reality that's how a work. When Reagan became president I was there. And when Reagan became president the Republican establishment was all over the place what they had to deal would rag. I know a lot of them didn't like up. Even though he was the nicest guy in the aura when he was also a fierce. Fierce conservative. And by the way he'd become a conservative three years before he ran for president. He helped lead a new conservative movement. For some twenty years. Just correcting the record. Oh that's a fact. So it's not a matter of we want to elect a president who didn't get along with Mitch McConnell we wanna get like the president get along with Harry really eat. And Chuck Schumer. And Nancy Pelosi. Why would we do. Emotional support Jeb Bush Chris Dodd thank. Now. You went elect somebody who could pull the party. To the constitutional conservative side. One elect somebody who can have an influence of what's going on in Washington or nothing's gonna change not just cut a deal. But it bit caught. Not just try to deal a bit at odds and that's what I'm talking about. To go. It is an outing I can't get a deal that's just sit down behind his desk. Such an executive order to get sued LSU what happens in five years from now OK but I certainly you do what you get congress to get it together. You get everybody together in a row we've cajole. You can get along but I have dinner and you make deals and you know everybody hates to that's a great task but they all eight of puppets or lottery since. They only ask a question ladies and gentlemen I. Aaron those of you who supported head for all the easier the hate them. Are you furious with the politicians who got elected and why. When you send somebody to Washington. They haven't done anything we've asked them that's why you're furious. What what his interest in the mean one day it'll be written. With given the rise to trumpet in many respects your contempt for the very people he wants to cut all these deals with its interest and because he is. Shifting his. He's thinking in his argued. Washington doesn't work why should I won't cut it you are kind of doing this on top candidate. It's very very interest. Washington ladies and gentlemen is that that's it's not a question that doesn't work you don't cut a deal it's corrupt. It around. It operate out I think constitutional structure. It breaking the back at the country. It's not a matter is cutting deals it's a matter of advance of liberty it's a matter of advancing constitutionally. This is what we need to discuss. This is what we need to hear more. This is what we need to have the American people think about this is what we need on fox not. I have a debate over Arthur chipped. There's a problem now there's a lot of people in Washington who hate him he says there's a lot of people watched the ladies and gentlemen who hate trop. There's a lot of people washed and who hate and Carson there's a lot of people watched it and take Carly Fiorina there's a lot of people watched him who hate you. That's not our standard as. I don't think. George Pataki former three term Republican governor in New York. The only judge tweet it out. Any suggestion that Ted Cruz was referring to 9/11 is absurd. He was obviously referring to the liberal values of New York politicians such as. Liberal New York politicians like bill to blast you know Hillary Clinton he and Donald Trump. New York Governor Cuomo and Chuck Schumer. Now you really do have to have an IQ of about Ford to be phone for us. Now I understand certain partisans for sharing candidate love it and stand. Certain of the all the presidential candidates running in the same thing Schumer of course he he is say yes snake oil as in the rest. You don't have to follow along with all these people well. You don't have the followed it. We know that at least on about how many more shiny object are we gonna follow. Try has some good argument to make any good argument to make against all the other candidate so I am when it comes to this. I may stick to the Asian crowd type is my brother rush would. Any shoes leave it to the Democrats to go on a mud and no we have to go on the mod and deal with them all wrestle them in the. By the way. You do all those UFC fight last night mr. producer. I gotta stay up to 1 in the morning. The crucified and not take credit Dominick Cruz unbelievable. Perry clot. Either could want nobody stole a great friend to a number of great fights. I love DOC I love MM main I don't know what it looks I just do. But in any event this is not the Euro a year MMA when it comes to. These debates but I'm sick and tired when Obama does IA and I and I don't like him. Whether or pub I and I thought about I that we the people. Our election. I want to salute George Pataki I think he's the only woman that he got in the hole eight in New Yorkers are quite a man. Any suggest and I'm reading Ted Cruz was referring to 9/11 is up and get everybody's got a lot to the McDonald's has. Looked in you know and and and by the way. After it was his greatest mom and I I cringed when he brought it up at why you doing that like a liberal. Legally that. But they don't. I don't want to scored or not I don't much care in advance the damn ball in any direction for you and me that's what I'm concerned about. And by the way you're gonna see. You know pro trump anti trump. Led media not Libby media take everything I actually had a context put the phony headlines are. And then you're gonna respond to them rather than listen to what I've sent. This now. You should know better. If you're live in night he'd been in my audience a long time you know bad. You know my friends and came -- resolve to continue their mission to restore America's moral compass. To make America better. To save America from liberal ideology. And this is what we want her appear from the candidate. But they can't let alone a Mac Biggio an American each. Americans fighting to stop illegal immigration to increase border security. To keep us safe from terrorism to protect our individual liberties to defund Planned Parenthood and much more. You know when you join me Mac you're supporting an organization with the courage to fight for the values that made America great so folks we can't afford to lose this fight. And is indymac remember the loss or gain access to a bunch of exclusive benefits and discount that I help you save money. Save the America we the people laughed join or renew your indymac membership at www. A Mac that US. Www. AM AC dot US or call 88826. To 2006. At 888262. 200. To join or renew your Amex membership today. MX is better for you and it's better for America. I don't think what I'm saying here particularly controversial. I think what I'm saying here. Makes me a special leader for cruise or anybody else when you listen what I said last month about trump. Well the month before that in defense of course. I want us to get back on the straight and narrow. I don't care which candidate dragon a soft into the gun. And if they won't stop. And that's gonna have an impact on what I think about them what you should think about that no question about it. No question about it. The Pataki has got to. To tweet out. The obvious quite frankly and apparently the obvious doesn't even matter. How this doesn't even matter. And really get paid for Ted to make the comment about you know liberal New York okay. Right he must have been talking about how he hate the cops. And how and how other first responders didn't respond properly to 9/11. And Iran shouldn't yeah that's funny Matt yeah that's what I get the liberals on that that's what they do they like through their teeth. I know some of you had dug in on the candidate. That's fine. But don't tell yourself. Usually hit. And you will he would have been in this audience has long you've been in this. You don't have to agree with me. You don't have to good mentally. But don't allow yourself. To be manipulated. To be managed to beat position. Speak out whether trick candidate or another candidate speak up. Because if we're gonna win the day we need to win the issues. I'll tell you something I am concerned about. After a long hard fought primary. You have to bring the different factions of the party together in order to win. We already had bush. We'll announce and they won't support trop but he's nominated. You heard Bill Kristol say and other people at the weekly standard. They set back venture between it. The joke who writes for the at New York's times and they said they're not gonna vote for trump. My concern is if this keeps up you're gonna have a split among conservatives and constitutional list. Who won't vote for one or the other candidate. That's what happens when you go low and he gets personal any attack Carriker. I'll be right back. Is there. Only underground. Bowels of hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel over nondescript building. We've once again made contact without. Hello everybody marquee event here are number 877381. 3811877381. Create one on his wife. In my head. We may have 23 even four or Supreme Court justices. Who retired. Which of the candidates on that stage do you trust absolutely. The most. To nominate the right kind of people to fill a slot. Without a doubt without question. Which. You better start thinking about it. Because that's gonna happen. Should we when the president. You're not gonna wanna cut deals and that he. When nominate. Solid. Constitutional conservatives which much Republicans call. Oh ideological purist. And yet they attacked. Trump. And crews and hey you know what they're in consist in new York and then if you are more you're what do you wanna there it's about those people they know what now they're doing. Right. The attack kept up on Sunday. The attack kept up on and he cut for ABC's this week. Would Democrat George Stephanopoulos go. Look at the truth is nasty guy. He was so nice to me I mean I know what I was watching I cut kept saying c'mon kids let's go cats but he and then again I. Nobody likes them nobody in congress like nobody likes him anywhere once they get to know. He's a very un he's got an edge it's not good he can make deals with the. I would ask the people at Texas steel like Kennedy's the most popular politician inspect. I think he's been endorsed by virtually every Republican congressman. That's simply not true. He's not like by the people we don't like. And why is that a problem. Nearing. I'm. By the way people who pose and what type difference between a web site. And social. The mark television show FaceBook and Twitter sites are my height I don't it's my name on. On the 100%. If you wanna come on my social sites encourage. You wanna come on my social sites. And being nasty person has trumpet say. The administrator remove should. If you wanna have a difference of opinion and engage great. We like that if you're excited about a particularly Kennedy you wanna get on their promote them and I support them great. I view my. FaceBook and Twitter site is I do my dining room table. If you gonna be an a hole in my dining room table I'm gonna take about the scruffy to the neck and throw me out front door. These are much my social. I don't go in your social sites and nasty. And talking to the 110 of 1% it can't control themselves. That's the policy I can't watch everybody on the such as we have several people who do it. And that's the test that's the rule. If people are a part intelligently or politely engaged great. If they disagree with me great educators. But if you're gonna be a jerk are gonna go on their hundredth time to just keep saying the same things you're gonna get noticed. This morning united not a web site where we count archaic. And we published our hit. As I don't care about it. All right you've heard several clips on trump. And the tactics he took this weekend. Now here crews today. In response cuts seven go. You know you're right Donald did an interview where he described that he thinks. He's bigger than Ronald race. Don't think the American people make that determination when you know I was notes it's time that there Ronald Reagan's just spin jets. As a principled conservatives spent decades. Traveling the country sharing his conservative free market view is defending the constitution. Ronald Reagan. Did not stand the first sixty years of his life. Supporting democratic politicians advocating for big government politics. Supporting things. It's like to target big banks bailouts reporting things like expanding obamacare to turn into socialized medicine not solid growth rate in this. Ronald Reagan was a voice of. Consistency. Is that national. Mr. producer. One more I won't I'm a boy would. The back and forth and back and forth but I think it's only fair that I play cup when I wanna get to rubio to. Cut eight got. And I'm pretty sure it's. That Ronald Reagan. Didn't write checks. And support democratic politicians like Andrew Cuomo it's. Like Anthony Weiner like Hillary Clinton. I'm pretty sure that Ronald Reagan. Did it right. H a huge checks for Rahm Emmanuel. In the number 2010. After by the way the big party wave to us after the 2010 elections I'm pretty sure Ronald Reagan didn't get Rahm Emanuel a big check it out. And every Republican candidate tries to compare themselves to right. CNN today the American people are going to assess children's. School is in fact. I got enough. You. Cruz is not. Ben Carson and I loved encouraged and I think he's one of the most decent human beings and Mandy Bowen there's a man who saved thousands and thousands of lives they need to treat. Didn't treat treated like crap. The cruise is a step above when it comes to intellect and what comes to the ability to debate that's one of the reasons I hate him. That's one of the reasons they hate him. You can just hear how he's developing it are two entirely thinking them through how he's pounding away pounding away at I think may be about a per day. I think hateful about it. And so they had. But I really wanted to get to. To ruby. On Meet the Press. And this is what I wanna get into substantive issues. Because they're crucially important. Because. One of these people going to be president or Hillary Clinton. And I cringe if that's not what happened to our court system you know after Obama Hillary gets on its over folks he really. But here's rubio on meet the depressed cut eleven go. Let me ask you about a quickly any eleven million are you still for finding a way for them to legally stand United States. Now look at your criminal alien no you can't say. Eight years someone hasn't been here for very long time you can't say it and I could find them and have a reasonable solution find criminal alien in letting material well OK so. Not to slide stopped. It's. You know these guys who are supposedly the experts on immigration laws are really quite ignorant about it and I would say to Marco Rubio saying try to get Lindsey Graham on here to challenge of over what the law actually is this is what the criminal penalties are. Vis a works ladies and gentlemen. Since over 40% of the people here illegally violated their visa status. You know how that works. Your interviewed in the home country. By the current. Here interviewed you signed papers under penalty of perjury. That you can do what you statement. When you're coming into the United States. That they go into a special line. That the international part of the airport. In a who yard demonstrate why you're here and show those papers. So to two governments. You're dating why you're coming to the United States. How long you're staying in the United States has its permanent residency for a period of time. For certain things like education or teaching or entertainer or whatever. When you violate a visa status. There are different levels of punishment. If you overstay your visa for say. Six months. I don't have it memorized I think you're banned for two or three years from reentering the United States. If you overstay your visa for over a year or so. Band for like ten years. There are serious penalties involved here should have a Republican candidate say hey look. Again haven't been committed a crime you know you get raped somebody now drunken driving accidents you knock off a 7-Eleven. Sure you can stay year. How did not people who are here who knowingly violated the visa requirement. Federal immigration law and you and I did and encourage more and more than a year knows that when he was running for the senate. Way back when when I endorsed him when he came on this program he said he opposed. Legalizing people here illegally. He has completely. The stumbled on this completely disassembled. This is a big deal. People who violate their visa should be deported. Don't let them be rounded up and all deported at one I ever hear anybody say that Bernie Sanders an array that I read the 52%. What did billionaires and millionaires don't wait around LaMont. You're around them up impediment present you ever hear these arguments about drug laws what do you go round. A put imprison our bank robbers are murderers or a bed pretty good round up everybody. You do at some point. Our round up I get the OK corral. Local state and federal law enforcement working together over appeared at time need to find these people would send them all. I humane that's not compassionate. While putting somebody in prison if that your position is not humane and compassionate. And get rid of all criminal coat. I don't understand me argument. And we should reject the internal logic on its head. We have Republican politician defending Wallace. I foreigners. Who signed document. Who don't penalty. That they would follow the law is gonna be good this. How could it be good citizens you don't get a pass like that. Like giving man of immunity. Are hardening millions and millions of farmers who are here though overstayed their visa and we can't even start with that and then their answer what you gonna do the rest of them. Why can't we do this first. Secure the border and go after the visa violators that's the lament plant why can't we do that first. And I can have a man here. Who said go ahead play. Rationalize how does it how would I set up for a car that's been commenced I mean. That felons some news misconduct or crime and on immigration related. Obviously the audio and that's what our. Why cannot immigration related crime that's my whole point mark don't. Let us be clear he's made it clear. It's an alien comes to this country. Under a false pretext. Knowingly lies to his home country not only quiet filed federal papers. American federal government papers lying to federal authority lies to get into the country. And then violates that Lisa. Marco Rubio says forget about all that. Forget about all they haven't committed 88 felony in addition all of active they have committed a felony. They get the day he has not only on a pathway to legalization. But a pathway to citizenship. How are you ever going to have. It proper visa program and those are. It doesn't solve a damp and by the way. The visa program does not rely on whether we have a wall or not these people come through the front door. Not a walk keeping people from crawling on the border. That people coming through that front door. Lying. What would he do about it. In state tuition. Federal benefits. Such as security is an example. Driver's licenses. Legalization. And citizenship. That's the rubio plan. This is why so many conservatives. Are turned off by Marco Rubio. They like about fiscal policy for the most part. They yet we have disagreement I do on foreign policy. But the biggest problem is this right either. This is why so many people like trump. Because trump he's it is black and white is most of us don't know not you racists out there we're talking about you know black and white in print. To help you walk. I'll be right back. OK okay. Yeah. Right apparently under attack. Hackett MS Ellis yeah. Stick with me folks I can carry oh boy here. I am very broad shoulders I can and apparently it's Chris Matthews. When releasing mr. producer on the watch. That the peaceful human being. Who. Years and years of drunkenness. And obviously affected the Brington issues. That's when I think I don't know that for a fact but of course. One has won. We'll see if we can find that audio employed there I make him famous from about three minutes and then put them back. Let us go terror wreck Melbourne beach Florida the great WM and beat go. I'm mark I am I appreciate cure just button straight forward trees there. When what's what I see happening with trump and now into rubio. Is that. I'm starting to see them behave like McConnell I didn't I am so tired. Our Republican politicians. Trying to do see. To benefit themselves politically. And that's. Think McConnell is rooting for. No he's not rooting for Ted Cruz I think I would expect. Well I don't know. Probably would be over crops somebody unity and make you aware personally I know he's not rooting for Iraq. Record that the and so now now we're supposed to stay cruise is not really able to be president because he can get along in the count. That's the net and things have turned around pretty fast and one weekend thing. Yeah. I heard I know that every time I make an accusation against it cruise and I go check it out and find out they just lied about it to me. You know you're. You know Donald you're you're messing up what may. Seem this. I'm worried about and I might file Lewis firmly in the trump can and now he's not now he's teetering between him and Chris and being honest. I don't trying to influence and he just watches and listens to pays attention this he has his whole life when he had you know I'm not like illness. Could he likes crews but he wanted to vote for trump. And this is my biggest concern when you get really name him personal. It becomes personal to the followers of the other candidate. And they may not come back. And so if you do get out on the issues you might persuade. Yeah. And the pure example of you know what's what's wrong with Marco Rubio his position on immigration that is that is the way to handle it and you know you're wrong you're. Your approach is wrong for these reasons. Not. And this and he's taken his by the way an analysis of the rubio. And they beat the the multiple boom boom boom boom boom at the end of the debate we dropped ten or eleven issues. Well that's been analyzed over a conservative view reviewed dot com if you wanna check it out. And they were told to do a very honest and objective job of going through those issues and figuring out one from the other if anybody wants to take a look at contributor to get reviewed dot com. There there hi Rick I think you share a lot of people's opinion I mean from what I'm hearing. I appreciate it. People who like them both. But don't like the low road. You people concerned about this country. And want us to talk about the country. Not that I I and he he stuff. Iowa finality Chris Matthews had to say because obviously it's crucially important. I was an IQ at negative seven and an audience seemed smaller. I'll let you know I'll be right back. It's. Consider that no ifs ands a war of bombs polian. And 877381. Only one month. Parents. MS Ellis being Chris Matthews. Little dripping down his face and I never like Pete. Fact we get past the chair. This is he relevant segment that was brought to our attention though as it now Saturday night Katie. No unfortunately did not go well it's unfortunate for you would amid it was forced to forget I said that win. The guys you're covering ten crew smiles and looks like he's taking a T. I mean that is probably the Muslim weirdest description but everybody I've tried it on says you know what there's something about the guy's face anyway hey hey have back yeah. And I can't think it looks like it on a newcomer on the new big dummy. And I said went on no respect I had. Strange about that occurs. Has trump got to do with this nasty comment that now Rush Limbaugh is now defending Isaiah and Rush Limbaugh saying all it's not Rush Limbaugh. Dummy. It's Rush Limbaugh. Go ahead and it is Rush Limbaugh. As your character well. Think it's a Rush Limbaugh and mark live in our defending takers I. And initially but it is one of the most distasteful human beings there giant. Much like the conservative right this is the basis of what people can do people listen sales observers think it. There's a lot of there's a lot of guy that's enough you ladies and Jim. They need to hate me. So I guess I wouldn't get along without me. I guess they Communist ruled this peaceful. Boy oh boy Chris Matthews. Trying to meet this case. I find him to be a puke. There they are. Any time with Saturday Night Live. About ten crews looking like he's taking a leak. On a punitive minutia. And around the ice. The same jerk who attacked Sarah Palin. Because they target used and one of Iraq where he tried to smear bear. And have her Roland. After the shooting. Of the congresswoman and the judge and others. In Tucson Arizona. Guys and nobody. He's back on MS Ellis his entire record is this jerk was chief of staff. The Tip O'Neill. And he wrote a phony book talking about how O'Neill and Reagan got together. How they work together and hated Tip O'Neill. As Greg Cheryl. One of the great Reagan biographer so I over and over again. So anybody who worked with the rank in what Reagan's diary for crying out last. Oregano Tip O'Neill was a big fat drunk and he also Lilly had a go over tip O'Neill's head to the American people which is exactly what he did. Anywhere with the so called blue dog Democrat in the house of which there are forty or fifty. And today of what there are none. So that's a badge of honor coming from a nobody. I may be distasteful. Talk hardline left. Any Democrat operatives. Who tried to block the Reagan agenda. As testimonials cheapest that he was not only Tip O'Neill chief of staff you know at this video was he was a speechwriter for Jimmy Carter. I guess yet you small where I want to Alamo where it. Jimmie wouldn't make any mistakes. Guess guess guess. Some already guy he's an old O'Neal and Carter guy and he goes back to that part. When it. This is. Well. All right anyway. That's enough of that. When he get back to what rubio said because I wanna have a little bit more facts to this cause during the break I did look something up. They even make this more outrageous and I think Marconi into. Go back to cut eleven mr. producer ago. Let me ask you by the way quickly any eleven million are you still for finding a way for them to legally stand United States. Now look at your criminal alien no you can't say it is something that hasn't been here for very long time you can't say it and I could find and I had a reasonable solution find criminal alien. Is that nobody material well OK so. Not too slow on the immigration law yeah but how but I set up before god that's been convinced me that felons someone is mr. Let let's stop right there Lamar go. It's my understanding from a quick screening of this. Cause I just checked both the Department of State and the department of Homeland Security. On the reforms when you sign them on them under penalty of perjury. Fergie. Now does that not significant. And that's significant. Under penalty of perjury. And the other penalties are severe if you're at like six marcher out of the country for several years in each area ran over a year. This is my recollection maybe it's off a little bit. You can't come to the country for a decade maybe just. Blows off. He blows it off I wanna repeat. Whether there's a wall or no wall. When you get a visa application at approved and you make representations and a penalty of perjury you've come through the front door you are a welcome get into the United States of America. That's what you are eight yes. Well no law. 040 to 50% of the people here illegally would be firewall or no law and Marco Rubio has given up parents. What are you gonna do round them up you would slowly but surely enforce the law. You which slowly but surely enforced with employers with the Social Security Administration. With colleges and universities whether they like it or not are you cut off all federal grant to them. And you said you identify these people you remove them do you now. You know if a company. Bring somebody in from overseas on of these so let's say the Silicon Valley one of the computer chip companies they bring somebody in from wherever. To work on some. Do you know if they overstayed their V said the company is responsible for putting them on a plane and shipping them back at their cost. You know. Law. Well. And that is why get so frustrated or we debate not at issue is we don't get into this stuff. It's really quite outrageous. That's Susie let's take a call. Michelle Manhattan New York the great WABC Howard. Thank you much for taking my call marketable hurry up very well thank you Harriet commit a link to link it here with someone that actually lived in New York City. Yeah you're hitting it great city. But the liberal policies of Governor Cuomo and the head of the non you know. Aren't destroying that city. Because you know high. And they don't of the cops. But what they're doing to the cops. Yeah we caught. It would be high taxes for individuals and forbidden city somebody small businesses are coming out of this neck he could Italy the New York. Individual nominee of my friends are leaving New York because they can't afford to this year. And then tried to make it out. Two blocks away from where I live right now somebody the she at the pulpit. She is on Saturday during the day her pocketbook but it'll. Those because I appreciate that but the content with. The Bellagio. Not giving them the support not giving that the backup. So they get a great city that it is what's happening under the failed policies. So we are we all know what was meant. And it's sad that. That people use the the horrible 9/11 event. As a political issue I said that's why I cringe that's why Pataki is not put out a statement that he put out and so forth and so on Michelle I appreciate your call very much. I wanna read something to Marco Rubio. Immigration navigator dot com headlines. The big mistake of lying to immigration to get a visa or green card. Under section 21286. I the immigration and nationality act a foreign national is inadmissible to the United States. If he or she willfully or fraudulently misrepresented material fact account officer. Or ths official that is an answer to an immigration interview question in attempting to order obtaining of these sort documentation. Admission into the United States or other benefit under the immigration and nationality act. Got back. If our national makes a fraudulent statement when he makes a false representation of him of material fact would knowledge that the statement is false. And with the intent to deceive a counselor immigration office. Prosser requires that the immigration a counselor officer believes that the misrepresentation. The misrepresentation and act upon let me explain how this works if you wanna commend this country. You're interview by the counselor officials. It's not due process it's not you have a right to come and in May have to disprove it work the other way on our immigration laws. You do not have a right to come in and you have to prove that you should comment. And you try to demonstrate look I haven't got under the visa that six month these are twelve month lease on an honor it does is when I'm gonna do. They counselor officer the immigration official has enormous power bacon they know. But if they act on your representation and they say yes and then you violate your visa document. You've done another penalty of perjury Marco Rubio. Material misrepresentation. Material misrepresentation. Is boring everybody wanted to talk about Arthur stuff while the end around play. Material misrepresentation. On the other hand merely requires a willful misrepresentation. Statement is made here at the US official might have found the foreign national inadmissible if the official of the growth. I'd like fraud misrepresentation. Does not need a finding of intent to deceit on other words you put on their hobby their twelve month has as student. And you stay eighteen month you overstating or not and anymore you overstate period. You made a misrepresentation. You lied to get it. You're found inadmissible. Under federal immigration law the immigration and nationality act penalty. He's fighting a buy their fraud or misrepresentation. Makes an alien inadmissible. Under federal immigration law most cases and bombing and admissibility under this ground and Bob miss representation a not brought because fraud is often more difficult to prove. The penalty for fraud material misrepresentation. Is a lifetime ban from the united state. And let the foreign national can get a hardship waiver. Listen. This current well. Additionally a foreign national who makes fraudulent statement or use as fraudulent document. Such as using a passport of to have family member. To get admission in the United States may be subject to criminal prosecution and imprisonment. One rubio and look at their. Here if they violated a law. Other than the immigration law. And everybody I like that not a big deal it is a big deal. I you know if you violate. A law. That tax laws uniting keep your money. Back. The foreign national may also be subject to a civil. Document fraud ordered by an administrative law judge from making using false documents using document issued to other persons. As far nationally using fraud misrepresentation. And Eric or seek unlawful entry in the United States may be finder imprisoned. Refine it under this side or the other. And it goes on about misrepresentation. At great length. Ladies and gentlemen we actually have good immigration laws. In very rational system. But when you have a guy who says he's a conservative income build a bridge between all the parts of the Republican Party. Flat out saying look everybody is nearly enough when you have the media say when he editor round everybody up. They don't know what they're talking about the politicians are deceiving us I want to know what we're talking about wouldn't it be nice if there was a real segment on this. Rather than natural born. Are they shatter the other. Frightens not. Gonna happen election listen to the show. As obviously the distasteful Chris Matthews does I'll be right back it's. Personally and I. Web site called media hype here's their headlines based on my first hour discussion. Mark living goes off on trump stupid attacks on cruise it's an attack on us now that I can completely out of context. Even though I think I said but I set. You have to listen. To what I set not on the headline and out what other people are trying to project. Yes I think they are stupid attacks and yes I think when you used to but it packs in that way. It's not just an attack on Knight candidate is an attack on us but that headline and nothing more. Is really totally out of context that you think mr. produce and I mean I spent a whole hour on it. So be aware you where if you want to know what I said listen what I said. Don't listen to what somebody says he's not going to want to be clear. Look at Donald Trump gets the nomination I'm supporting them a 100%. 100%. Let's see that headline. To read that headline somewhere I had right. You may think ordering window coverings online sounds complicated but what blind side comet easy and affordable. That's because their customer service is the best program. Here's how customer Jim described his experience. I've never been so satisfied and pleased to deal with any company in my heavenly three years. How blind can reduce energy costs protect your privacy and really spruce up the house and blind icon makes lightning fast affordable and shockingly. They're designed pros learn about your home without having to step a foot it. 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Up on the mark Lemmon show web site how many years mr. produced. Forty years now used to beat two than three now it's forty years so you can go where they go. If you really care if you don't care than my Butler I'm at sea at the crab claw. Wayne collider is high Pennsylvania I grew up in Cheltenham Pennsylvania right next door at the great W&T. Great market yellow side of the township. Elkins park that's right right I come out and my work in Brazil years ago and I was down there or towards Egypt just getting an armed I knew that if I got caught. I would probably get thrown out which I did. That down there that you can't it torso and work OK they did. Source so you were working under and are worried until. Yeah sort. You can claim that any kind of citizenship rights in state tuition and you didn't wanna drivers in inning collect Social Security down they didn't. I mean I got to throughout obliges a related garbage like this does yeah it will do to tourist season. But when I got caught I don't know you know what might aside Spock I didn't know what you know three out right. And it gave me they want to do is create. One of bosses the culprit in the world of what you government officials are 88. I've been with Syria and I it is noisy court jail. So I came back government they're sort or another way they rounded you out. Yeah allows Google to date they've met Leo tell us why he's going on the weekends I'll order in the country. That not Brazilian values and traditions. Yeah I yeah let me get this right of Brazil Brazil the government there in Brazil they turn around a Japanese toady to get the hell out if you stay one victory on a prison. We're my fitness stud. This is the way it's supposed to work. So people honor our laws. You know we don't bend over backwards and say all other here they love us we need them and on and on and on a more BS. By the way Chris Matthews distasteful. I'll be right back. It's. Only underground. From the bowels of hidden. Somewhere from to a brick and steel over nondescript. Building we will once again made it. They mark living here in the number eight so. Create 13811877381311. I'm very excited. About fifteen minutes mark guys' eyes member of the big guys CNN security team. Who fought the battle of fame guys is great hero. I will be on the program. And when talking about what. Took place and so. Portrayed in the movie thirteen hours which is he truly special movie the Washington Post and others are attacking you might wanna check it now. You know I'll never have a fair election in this country and won't as the national press corps sees it. As their job to pick the winner every four years if that's what most of them think. And fortunately too many Americans believe everything the media tell. That's by the work of brand pose on the Media Research Center is so important here's a perfect example you go to the website media I you look at their headline. When he takes on my comments how to contact I spent an entire hour discussing trumping cruise an American all the rest. So people will be misled endlessly listened to everything that was that. The Media Research Center there on the job that's what they do they make sure that the media do what they're supposed to do or they tried to. They've been exposing left wing media bias for going on 29 years now it's working. Your people trust the media than ever before this year the MR she is taking their efforts to a whole new level but the campaign called tell the truth 2016. They've gone into a war room mode over there working 24/7 a fight liberal media bias I've never seen anything like. What can you do to help. We can stop by getting going to tell the truth 2016 dot org right now to get a free don't believe the liberal media bumper sticker. And put it on your car I smile every time I wanted these stickers on the road and I see them a lot. Go to hell that route 2016 dot org to request your free don't believe the liberal media bumper sticker. From the MRC today that tell the route 2016 dot org. You know what it's like our secret. Signaled to each other. Well there's one of us striving I've actually been known you can ask my found that lower the window give a thumbs up and say hello fight that sticker on your karma. Well yes it's true. You know. I wanted to get into the nuke for a hostages thing let me just say. I remember the outer ring Contra matter. How the Democrats sought any way they could that destroy the Reagan administration and impeach Ronald Reagan if they couldn't. Unleashed an eight and a half year criminal investigation. In two arms for hostages. That's what they call. Well ladies and gentlemen here we had nukes for hostages. And on top of that a 150 billion dollars for hostages one point seven billion coming directly from the United States. And more than that trade sanctions being lifted for the most part and obviously I'm not regime in Tehran. Can pretty much of. Or whatever the hell they want from wherever they want. Now what do you think they're gonna do it. What do you think they're gonna do it. We are creating. A powerful country. In the middle about how all. The next president the next president if that's gonna have to deal with and who are gonna threaten your children your grandchildren. That's what this jerk and a White House has done. That's why I've had a it was opened debate about it and meanwhile we had to turn over its candidate Obama not to eyes. Back to the enemy. And we didn't get to Americans back including the scholar Robert Levinson who they think may have been tortured to death and die. We didn't get him we don't know let's go with him now but it I would Obama. But in addition all this. Every one of you now traveling abroad. Are under threat. Because the mama or not he's in Tehran. In the other G Heidi tight groups. They don't know what they have to do. They all know that this government while Lohan and Paris. They all know that they can get I thought. This is why you don't do that. RA Contra was a constitutional issue. It involved the president at Nevada and he took offense they use to argue you're the president goes out. Brag about it. And brags about it. Incredible. The disaster. Let's go to Iran in Baltimore Maryland on the market and enact. Now. Thank you very much your. I wanted to work mention about these visa overstays. I used to work as a government contract of federal contractor. On a program called US visit which ths. Has to identify people who overstayed their visas and I can tell you what the process is that they go through the order to grind. A person who's overseas is he's settling on a lot of times ahead. OK I have basically what happens is when some comes at a fortunate to form a big lead the country distort the belt before. And the two forms is supposed to match that they don't. Then. Does the name of the person goes through this with this program little army get people look through budget database and each database. Has elusive people who are legitimately overseeing this these. For example someone who. Use. Changing their visas to a different status and I wore they have to put the jail where they marry some order or what. Need to re eighteen of these. Databases that are scattered over the government. And they looked through each one of these of sparing the person in the field find it that they put in my Melissa Alexander looks over ice. And ice is supposed to take these people who they can't find legitimate reasons. And track of Belden and then throw them out. Track them down and throw them out threat exactly exactly or I attended a house hearing one car into a that was looking into this and would developed what they brought out at the hearing was that ice. Has about 360. Agents to do this and they get maybe. Somewhere we. Have about 45 million people who have violated their these. Exactly exactly so what advice do they say well they take the ones who are they know our. Our national security risks urine or Greece or he's. Those who want to go after the other ones forget about that do and I the other one's gonna become sick and if Marco Rubio as president. Appalling deal. It is fitting into this terrible I mean your chances of getting. Caught on this or consider if you if you don't. And the way it goes out doesn't it. And the way does that mean. You might as well buy a lottery ticket got a better chance to wouldn't bet the getting. Then terrible and if people only know so. This is why a lot of us don't get along with people in Washington this is why a lot of us are not only angry but now he. And sat up. And I just think this is Marco Rubio stubborn. Position and Achilles heel because I don't know if he doesn't understand this or did you reject it or what it is. But it unacceptable it's illegal and it's not there. And what do reporters as the what do you do about that it will we have a law what we do is we track these people now one at a time when we remove the you can around them up. The answer is actually well one of the question is at round them up like we have a rodeo going on here. How we treat anybody who's violated our laws we could only find them including American. Bright bright the problem is we need to. Far more resources to do it a chorus less than 400 people tracking down millions such an impossibility. Of that that is created the fail. All right my friend I appreciate your call. And was very edifying. Conservative radio. The sponsor and partner and editor in chief there. He tired of watching these main immediate debate. We're getting in a primary season deep into that we have an election coming in a few weeks. Things are really heating up at the Iowa Caucuses. And I watched all this going on in we're missing. We've had arguments when moderator people talking over each other some of it's been very entertaining. But what about the substance. Have you learned anything. Well that's why I'm excited to announce that on Thursday listen to this Thursday. February 18. Right the staff Thursday February 18 in Greenville, South Carolina. Could serve it every deal will hold the inaugural conservative convention. Where bypassing the lib media to bring the candidates' messages you unfilled. And also leading conservatives. Who you're gonna enjoy hearing from two I'm extremely excited about the event. Not only are we inviting GOP candidate but we have confirmed an all star lineup of conservatives like David Limbaugh. Senator Mike Lee Michelle mocked and I'm going to be either Louis goma it's going to be there. David Bratz gonna be there I go on. The top it all off. Rainy great speech short one and I think you'll like it. So mark your calendars now February 18 Greenville, South Carolina you know I rarely do just two days before the South Carolina primary. To get more information and to reserve your tickets right now visit conservative reviewed dot com slash convention. And I recommend you act quickly maybe go with a family member. A group of you people and cherry tree temple or what have you Tea Party activists. If conservative reviewed dot com slash convention. That conservative reviewed dot com. Slash convention. Oh. Show. At the link port to the most. Smart guy stories and I'm sure there are more there are. I'm doing great listen. I didn't find this thing does he matter for some time. And went so at least thirteen hours. I gotta tell you're a hell of a hero Maine you are brave guy all of you guys have brave men it's unbelievable what you are facing. You think back on this and you must say idiot south. I gone to a nightmare something. You know it come as. And I know this sounds odd but no I mean that this is what we do. You know I just like. I mean we don't consider ourselves hero we're just guys that were there are doing their job. And got that job happened to be protect the Americans had ever most dangerous parts of the world and that's just trying to. I think we've you know that's what we're made Buick certainly did that selfless service that. That that's what we start to view. And you need served in the Marines. And you served an intelligence. And you were training Iraqi swat teams January deputy sheriff. And you you go end to thank you guys a year you're working at the panic human a couple of the other fellas. And then you see all hell breaking lose over there at the embassy to walk us through it brings. You know I think I would doubt jump at night work done. Or I myself have a dinner where bouts on the female case officers. When I got a call a broad net the embassy. Just to get back to he had actors sailors from the embassy. So are made our way back and get ahead take a long waists just or regretted the eighty. Impromptu checkpoints and they were in the the consulate urged and it's a pot let not embassy. When I get back they're very had to leave so I took over security at our place. You know what those guys started. Internet at a compound durability. That you know immediate comp on the blaze which fire. I mean. You know you are very accurate Hitler it's chaotic just. Add. I knew what was going on they are under attack. Yeah yet they're more by the time we got over their rarity. Big chicken over the compound had been taken over at the State Department diplomats security guards can hold up as they were trying to do. And you know unfortunately they grabs him not. Decent kid started to play itself fire and that's what ultimately killed ambassador shots metro smoke inhalation from the fire. No problem. Let me ask a question of him in your nicknames I was an outsider. You in the got to play in the movie you can't look very similar to the notre. He had at the that you ought to sluggers put your big as we did get beyond that when they sell the movie. Meehan Matt martini out and he'd get a third best job plainly. All my porch down my wife said that you know he heard it done a better job. The last night reaction plated player and he got a prank thought that the director Michael Bay. In wanted to change. They were you not me and switched out spots on Michael look at look at. And he didn't realize that I would be and it seemed so I look directly to camera. And now that a couple expletive yeah and that's what he realized there. I would say it stuff that wasn't in the script then yeah he's like what then explore not everybody died laughed and then. So you know we get a pretty good job look at life. Now. I want to get to this part I mean how many waves. You guys fought through the night in that day I mean. There are waves and waves of the enemy I can't I call worsen Abbott and under and funny as the enemy had coming. And did you think it would ever end did you think did you survive. Yeah you know can you you don't get that it's. You don't think about anything else spots are by making sure that your. Doing your job security guide your mustard and your right. You know there is the the first I'm the first to Jack it took over the top time the guys they've made it over. We all are. We made it over there we pushed their mosque never to count or salt they came back out of they came back get our guys and we were able to repel that. Knew at that point yet the decision had been made. To get back to be annexed speakers there. Your preparation that we were get net they were not an even larger forces. And so our guys got out of there it got the state department's security guys out there. But recovered the body shots left. At this point unable to locate the ambassador did leave a note do you still in the building that he'd been taken. Good decisions are made to get back to the end actually got back Indiana. We had three cat attacked so they're in the last sort of culminated with borders. That I'm injured you pretty severely. And chilled term would include or. The mortars. You know it's interesting to watch and living and I have thought about this. Those mortars were pretty precise how does that happen. It happened by admiral what strain mortar crew I'm note that their first round. In the books more just descriptive of exactly what happened at that and you know the movie took the tube sketch of the liberty sure. That looked fine. But I am. The first mortar hit the top of the Walt. All along on the outside of our compound that's loaded our compound escape rocket propelled grenade hit about four small arms fire opened up the meat. Stop you there when you when used. Yeah when you when you saw that first morning did you go holy hell a got mortars. I'm. At that point I know candidates. I think you might flashed through my mind maybe just quickly but they are worse you know yeah I'd do. There I had just open up and not starchy you're damn it every you know the next minute 192 Japanese. It seemed like it to observe but I. All four mortar but yeah hit within a minute 192 in the Q or in an area of sixty so let's just eat so. So get your first question he had it had to be highly trained work through to get that darker they had their first round. But what usually happens. When you are border from a new border threats from sub an avid best setup for you just get except. Or you have fired from a that based place it back into the ground checks what the rightful. So it kicked out of the ground and an extra going to be. A little bit shorter and etiquette salute you know every time our round it just a little bit shorter kill them to impact the ground and kept. You know embedding you've heard and that's where it burst mortar hit the wall the second one yet right on the rock this PC to my right. And then that sect that urged horse (%expletive) you assured that first one almost in a Linear fashion so. My starts at twelve years at number four in the combat arms itself so that felt exactly that it was a Wall Street crew hit New York State. I'd have dialed it from one big shots there Mike Dunn. Hang up we got another nine or ten minutes and I'm really. Thinking this is crucially crucially important have you here mark Geist odds is when he went five great hero thing Ghazi. I'll be right back. I'm proud conservative you know kids fan. The South Carolina and at 877381. You need one want to check out shadow warriors project path toward shadow warriors project now ordered it helps. Men and women and families who get killed or injured contractors who do this work. Most of them are former combat veterans and we can't win these battles and can't protect this country without them. Mark Geist pat you know even though we have nine or ten minutes ago I've got a couple quick questions we've but they're important I think. Why the level but why the delay. In getting from the annexed to the compound where you guys told to stand down. Yes side kid worst sold directly to stand out some of these cheaper base and then talk source told to wait twice. And ended late in the matter Symantec I guess our despair don't go palm. You know and no reason. They're cheaper base he words arm. He had done this before and it's more that he was probably risk averse and more greater thus exposed being. Maybe we'll get ourselves are worried you know I'd watch usually you are I'm not sure. But he would he seemed from my personal expertise can be very risk averse person competent he's very defensive about this market this point. Yeah he had you know an arm. And you know. It's understandable. Stopped in the sense that. There were two guys that were lost. Potentially could have been Strom. Could have been made Pixar at least there are great don't have been lost had we not earlier. But how come you're going to be sent or not it's totally understandable he might help that I regret and not watch you. I'm Ed did in. Yeah I wanna ask you another question there ERU the middle of battle how long this fight go on for these various ways coming. Are well you know out of the title of the book your memory or two hours. Let me ask you this for thirteen hours as is coming on did you expect to get a little bit of back up. You know and each one of us still a little bit yes for me personally. I'm doing what I do it or maybe you're not gonna serve the various people have done work idle time on expendable understood guy. Come that's that's how I still. Now the fact that there we daddy US ambassador that had been missing. He was not known to be alive forget. About to tell worse. That. Perhaps that's different I think that's I mean. I guess I can put it in terms of best I would need to ask my guys would be out there by about Serbia they're who's not a drop back Gary. I've put in harm's way. And I read they lost Emery could be caps are sick hours I would move heaven and Eric Taylor. To find him I mean he's a direct represented good trinity United States. Well you'll be glad you. In your talks with you if your friends your colleagues in other people there. Do you enough SOS in effect went out and went out to a lot of people nothing happened right. Yahoo! you know I know the one thing I'd you know it's we ask for support. And. At that point we were in the middle of a fire fight so aware whipped from their I don't know. Do I believe it to people that we've worked wish that we're inside the building. That day. I'll. Put that out yeah I do and I'm sure that it here and you know outside of that I knew at that point when we were a fire fight their words. Five died that I can depend on and it and the good lord about Cuban beer or it. Costs. All of the legal hello everybody ought to wash. Tell everybody winning entries use this thing doesn't look it looked imminent threat obviously it. The regrettably and here. Yeah I you know. Again like said three mortars here within fifteen seater knee problem. The kill radius serve anyone opposed it twice once they would need to hear what they're putting one seat magnet percent chance you're gonna die. I'm real bomb hit near me I had firearm by an upstart ballclub ever completely option. I got it had backed chair a still a three piece of metal in my chest. Got hit abdomen. I'm in my. I Arctic Circle about a millimeter Smart for moral artery. And about another big hitter when he called in various parts of my body there or more superficial like yes and anything. And the people in the in the console and going. Of any. They immediately tried to take it Caribbean they saved your life in their infinite. Well the first let's say in my life split ticket seat came upon the rust what. Total disregard we're both Dayton. I'm bought Ford dirt and debris from the expert certain the last already had settled and I. He will be able to get down. But tourniquet around my arm which is probably what saved my life have you also got to church and Sunday Woburn polluted State Department guy. Who had shrapnel in his forehead and his arm and leg were almost both of them are almost ever cost. And Dick Gordon you dessert figured AmeriCredit then what I got inside the building. You know I had to try to direct people to get our post ups are checked it and yet this seemed okay saucer a couple of the other get a real good job. They got probably brought up what ridiculous stuff that the tourniquet they are director stock. If you don't answer that you don't have to Hillary Clinton and the president went on about this this online film and that there were protests and that's what caused all this rocket now we know that wasn't true what it what do you think about that. You know. I would put it ought abetted Germany went I first started aired bad. Put my Dick Jeremy eligible worried about even get well anything. I'm he'd argued people that tried to kill us they didn't have you know banners and posters. They had AK RGG borders and hey grenade and that's what they were trying to do it until it didn't hit the third stop vibes here but we'll just not get involved proud. He luck with the league. And yet they persisted in this argument about this this guy who did this tape he went to prison for a year or so give or take it was pretty incredible. Most a lot of Americans didn't believe it immediately so what they don't really need to protest to attack us they don't really need a video to attack us. Mean they hit you on 9/11 into the ambassador was and that's what happened right. Yeah as I firmly believe that you are without challenge that I. I could sit. Pot at dinner date didn't keep anything that would be not indicative of a protest. Typically from my experience. Being in and out of the Middle East or almost thirty years off and after thirty years you know you're there to get their protests start but there's. Gather in small groups of people and very act in our street course. Spread out around where he actual throat just gonna take place in the and you know assume social media somebody gets objections to take that get together. They're now armed Gerald act by heated seat anybody arbiter of Eric eerie calm until. And so how are you doing now. Physically and. You know you do there can be expect their apps fourteen surgeries there are a lot of them was about job a little bit over a year ago. And you know through countless hours a veritable Turkey up. I'm still you know still dealing with the actor structure chi BI. And you know things like death but I am. You know there's. Object to play army my arm attached they've done a wonderful job to doctors at Walter Reed. Absurd to medical hospital. The doctors that he air force academy who helped take care of me and all the other doctors. You know they did a wonderful job growing up and almost electorate better what I thought it would be I guess the best way to put it. X and yeah this is fairly accurate correct. You know we were it. When we first started search in the movie your book to get it to remove you out hooters tour about it studio. But there was only one net have surged to do the movie and I think they saw what I'm. What we want it out of what we really ordered did you resist so true. About what happened did we let us not from our perception I don't know somebody else they have additional source section or vector Victor Harris Brett. This is how we did it get this should be the cal fire separate individuals. From throughout the night and you know we were bluster being involved in the street ready. Consulted on that design and actually spent time arc that. You'll actually standard I'm Michael they looked it over your shoulder not. Jim you know Chara back at it would be that its citizen get shot you think its outlook it and you know that was that was really cannot. Kind of a blessing that we got involved. While I want to know what you consider a figure out not what you do is Rick it was incredible most people obviously. Wooden and aren't capable of it than you've trained your whole life for this sort of thing but still. And just do me a fair that you do. And the others tell them that I am I millions of listeners greatly appreciated and in my you'll. Well thank you so much rock marquis in a notch or the listeners thank you also support over the last few years keeping this story out there and and install some believe the knots. You know and as you shed him I liked it started may not process because iffy at best and it happened in the evening that we had to deal with and what we've found it there. Through those private security contractors worked in the shadows they don't have a Porsche. And their standard don't have a bush because of who they work for and we started this program to give them now for experience when they get injured it to be able to help take care of them strokes. They have to struggle to some of the hard times in my watch it. And just ask people to check the web site read up on this in itself compelled to get something. Give it knowing that you are going to be your health and out and Gardner going to be gallon range and now. And forgive and or altered so we can have what we have here. Shadow warriors project dot org shadow warriors project our. And how are you guys real quickly have the then little medical cost you know insurance doesn't cover everything and we know. The government doesn't cover everything you guys okay. Yeah we are we were actually blessed with such and conspicuous. It's not typical of your contractor Dutch. Because of the severity of my injuries and sat back problems. That it was bingo I've gained notoriety. Ye. In essence it would almost like they re enlisted in the military so my bad at all. Not enough I didn't get paid or anything like that but prompts the military to cure all my medical so I had some of the best doctors. In the world who appeared below what a lot of these umps educations or near reputations. Field took power back together aren't so so the rescue basket to. So from that standpoint they did you know that was that was very good but that's outside the answer and that's it outside of the normal. Pomp and circumstance than how things happen quick stop. What you're which. Contract. All right we'll marked. Guys this week greatly appreciate taken the time shadow warrior project out lord god bless you good luck to you. Her heart and thank you we appreciate it. He got to see the movie thirteen hours you'll note then a read the book. Or both you know then who I was talking to a remarkable man be right back. Us. There's debris visitors but I. Honestly there are full all the headlines. Claiming to represent what I said tonight. And then we'll go through them and we'll see which are accurate and we turn. Before I even get off the other all right so we'll take a look at it. Just before warned. Listen to what I say not what people say I stand with selective edit in the headlines sent them. Concerned veterans for America. You know the freedom dies we stand for under attack in America. Takes a principled action of patriots like us to defend. That's why I am proud enormously proud apart and we concerned veterans for America he grassroots group of veterans military families and patriotic Americans. Porn content with the broken status quo. They believe that this country so we're fighting for. But they need your help the fight for. Concern veterans for America defend freedom for listener that defend freedom corps is traveling the country. And I helping patriots like you mobilized to fight back against the big government bureaucracy that crippling our economy and threatening our national security. These free event free events include a lineup of inspiring speakers along with the music from patriotic rock band Madison rising country music singer. I love brown. This is patriotism this is Americanism. Like the old day. Do we really want it and go you're going to be fired bring your kids in your grand kids bring your family. Enjoy a free dinner learn how you can join a movement to fight for the freedom and prosperity that we are. Go to defend freedom toward dot com saw one worked. Each and freedom toward dot com please I can just check it out and then register for eight tore up near you. Tell your family tell your friends to defend freedom toward dot com we wanna help concerned veterans for America. And you can participate in the process doesn't pay much. Doesn't take much you know. Elaine Westchester New York degrade WABC go excuse me. I'm mark I've been listening to about two years now and and before that I really like following politics and though I've learned so much and I thank you and I learned that I'm. They're part of and I've been listening to the debate again trying to learn what to chat and end at the Republican debate when. Ten crew made that remark about New Yorkers the mean first I I just didn't understand it and quick check out insult in accordance with kinda strange that you explained at all. On Friday. So now I do understand what she was trying to do and my concern about him that there's been a really trying to like him because I. I should ensure high regard for him. But I'm glad. Claire Iowa high regard for a lot of these. Just twenty to believe me when I say that because people are trying to pit one against the other guy. I'd I didn't mean to do that I and you're not there. But but you know he's he's certainly a very principled man and he stood up her conservative in my change to me more than any of them I don't know I'm trying to figure it all out both Mike what bothers me is how deadly. He bungled his opportunity. On Friday to. You really exposed I guess what what Donald Trump chipset. In that into you. In other words you were you thinking two things number one. He could have headed up better and number two he should have been ready with a response by the way I don't disagree that. And what did dark mark is it worries me about him. It it really may want a one liner. Well I'm just saying I mean it it just strike me as very. Bizarre. The way he handled it's their dark and I'm trying to be more active in saying yes OK he would during grade all the way up through then and he's he's got the rights. Yet not all of these guys and now they've said and I think based on the course this campaign they don't. But if you're saying there was a better way to execute and you should have been ready because trump have said that earlier in the day. For rejoinder I don't disagree with what I'm saying is. The idea now that we have to accept the notion that he was attacked in the cops in the firefighters the first responders. That he was bringing up 9/11 is clearly not true. He brought it on himself and he shouldn't have done that it makes me feel like there's something nice line you won't support in the tank. Yeah that's OK too because I don't know well that the border while you like trump I like Tron. Not I but I don't like what they're they're the two million a pair. The deputy I don't know you have the right somebody in just don't write mania. All right Elaine I appreciate it ladies and gentlemen let's back. Lisa look armed forces police officers firefighters and emergency personnel. She tomorrow America. I'm mark the event.