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1/22/16 - Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Jan 22, 2016|

Americans should never forget that it’s not about the candidate it’s about the country. Donald Trump is running a very unique campaign in the way he moves from portraying himself as an outsider to attracting more inside establishment support. This type of campaign tactic is very Nixonian. It is ...

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Then I met a guy knows and science proves the dress minivan is the one you've already got targeted transporter. Part drywall. Who cares of the faux wood grain is a little stated that was a platinum package up in the 1987. But over 400000 cars a little never know well. It is not old. This vintage. Deaths now when you know. It was okay. Only underground. I'll also be hidden bunker somewhere under the bridge can steal. Good brick building. Once again made contact. I mark the then here are numbers 8710. 3813811877381381. More. Everybody blames. Everybody who supported Kennedy did it looks yeah. Well us against us and ask whether it's. Not about the candidate. At the country. Never forget that about the candidate spent the country's national review put together this addition. And they say there again trop and they have a couple dozen. Individuals tried about half of whom are prominent. The other half of whom I really had no stomach for quite frankly. Not very interesting over the years I've criticized national review not viciously. Not gratuitously. Or aspects of it. Announced today. I'm opposed to follow the pattern that's been out there on fox all day. And on talk radio all day I understand it. And trash the hell out of them. There's a very very good people. Who wrote articles. At nationally. And I dare say most people haven't read. Most people on fox commenting on them haven't read them. Most web site is putting up that hey you guy did this but it does not I happen and all these web sites one hit that's what they tell me. Markel Iowa in my apparently when he delegates were getting. That's fine that that businessmen. So what can do it. Gonna brutalized them. He's going to support them what he going to do ladies and gentlemen who cares. There's this really matter. They're number. Wonderful people. Choral pieces in there who don't want Donald Trump. He didn't say they won't vote from all of them. They don't support. Big deal. 70% of the Republican electorate 65% of the Republican electorate that deeper in the Republican electorate saying the same thing. I let get out. You got these people who really don't even understand what's going on they're just lashing out. Look at this let me show is on hair full. Or something like that. Degraded me. Read tech. People don't even know what tanking is they go to Wikipedia has kind of been. Let me read this here in any any any complaining on went to order Paris other operating net. Any McCarthy is he a hack. We item all the time. He prosecute terrorists. One of the most bold voices against the Amman not isn't in the nation. And he's that he's up. But hall hey he's a sellout. Real real. Is that interest. Brent Bozell the media research. Been fighting for decades the media. Pac guys the arrogance and I don't like it and RNC and its other mining. Of course transport ten billion and everybody's in it for the money everybody out and just sank. This thing. So now I'm not going to play this game where everybody who wrote something is a piece of crap and everybody who. Didn't mark may standards and the the new evolution of news conservatism. And nationalism populism granite and well yes yes that's that's so that's that the trumpet candidacy is all about nationalism populism that agrarian. That's why he's put us in the granite. I even heard somebody on the five. You can't buy trump which is probably true but trump says he buys everybody else but that's sad. That whole ethanol thing is the ethanol industry. And trump buying votes. But I wanna say something positive about Donald Trump to. Won't. Or suppose I'll like it or hate him I can't pick up my mind I don't know what led them. Because you have the thing freeze up. Get the thing for you out. What I'll say positive about Donald Trump is he's running. He's truly. Unique campaign. And yet. Have you noticed how it is not so subtly now shifting. No no you don't understand equal conservative minds and it's under attack and what's not. No not at all. Every one of these candidates claimed to be running as a conservative. Trump is moving from the outside her. To the inside. The now bragging about his ability to do deals with the establishment the Ab bushman is coming out and you know I think maybe we can work this guy took. He's he has shifted. This is a campaign tactic that is what is advisors are working on the as what he's working. And what's interesting to me about it it's very knicks don't have talked about this device he Roger Stone that is out there. I thought Iraq disarmed resigned from his campaign that he never really to ease the outsider who's really him. I don't write an atlas. Roger worked for Nixon. Won't get that connection no conspiracy. Nothing wrong with by the way I think Nixon was done by it I really did. I think he'd allowed a terrible things. But I don't think you should have had to resign I mean he should have had to resign Barack Obama should be doing time eleven hours. Hillary Clinton be doing time in the same out because you know. We can't discriminate against ex. But in any event. And he's done a shift. Without his supporters even criticize it I think this is remarkable thing. I don't think it eat. I don't think you represent this great groundswell. Whenever. I don't think there's some great evolutionary thing taking place. I mean I'm laughing on the one hand. Really deep thinkers and intellectuals are being attacked on the other hand there's really deep thinking electoral stuff going on in the trunk campaign what is it. The answer is that not what's going on it's very practical. From their perspective. It Mitch McConnell who won't allow a vote on the senate floor. Two under going to take cruises are innocent. But they did from McCain. And you have you have Ron John. A complete fraud running for reelection in Wisconsin another one who hates cruise. And you know I'm maybe we ought to sort out there are. K get Ronnie. But in any event so. This has a current now this isn't the philosophical issue I'm not making eight if philosophical point clerk criticism. Happening right in front of your face you wanna look at it or not. I say let. And you'll hear Bob Dole say you know comes down and trumping Cruz on for trop now that right on camera camera trap the trap that little. And I echoes he's an extremist rhino. Is. While. Stuff like that. So when I can spend all day on this. Spent all day on what. He. Had an idea that's been three hours on the national review edition magazine. And other things. People are saying over and over again that Nash review has no impact and they won't stop talking about national radio. Folks you would have a good time if you wanted to ask the under the static the I'd. And all the pressure to go this way or that way. Hang. Who endorsed then asked who can't be endorsed at this candidate that candidate today. Wow which one of these so called Tea Party leaders is backing which panic Wu. Can look that you have an effect stupid this is very. All day long and I Australia has no impact. For fourteen hours on the Fox News Channel crime that it has no impact whatsoever. And right Rich Lowry there that ahead of national review and the other people who wrote it. They we have a panel that comes up later in other than that is no impact whatsoever. They just keep talking about it which means we'll have some impact of unkind. But he he ladies and gentlemen the demonstrate the Heatley. And people. The elite against Pete. And so I told Mr. Big is it no more Milton Friedman audio. Because he was an elite. No more references to the framers of the constitution of the want to protect the Second Amendment in your gun rights in the First Amendment your right to so that your religious liberty and free speech and due process. And property rights and federal payroll leaguers and a Rick White slave owning guys with with teeth member. We can't talk about them anymore. Just talk about. Let out a lot. This new movement. What is it can read about it that is it is it to somebody might not know you don't understand. Agrarian populist. Nationalism. I don't know. That sounds so cool and sophisticated. And wonder what intellectual immigrant and I we don't and we don't do the intellectual thing we're very malice in this regard all the intellectual they go out you know they got to go out map. Brother right in a move from the eighties and put them out there in the FR. We don't need to pare down everybody ladies in general we'd only to pare down everybody who wrote peace is a national review them. Because maybe they disagree with some of us there's disagree on a particular point. We've only to trash the institutions. Because the campaigns tell us to trashing institution. Give a legitimate reason to have to address national realize I believe I have over the years. Because I don't think they've actually stood up strongly enough for conservative principles and in some ways very ironic that they put out this. This addition now come out and about conservative principles but at that. That was supposed to destroy them. What do they become. Both runners magazine renders. Institution brash yet we're gonna are all over it. Now or not. Ladies and gentlemen principles. Are principles. Because there are around the return. The truth is truth because it's out. And it eternal. No candidate. No mob. No immediate form can change any. We'll just keep our wits about us as we plow through these are things we're gonna have some fun. And I'll be right back. Yeah. How long we've been discussing this restoration we've got a couple of web sites that have. They've gone person crazy. A very important issue that we got to get it out there just to clean up the records so you don't Hillary does pregnant. From Chris I don't know enough. Women's prison in Camden villagers. Into the feeder and Campbell's chicken noodle. But in any event. Martha is the issue this is the issue it's gonna make a big difference and I. The first thing. Just because you cited a nonissue just because he said it's over doesn't make it so. Well Fox News did a poll and the results are and they ask Republicans have cruises berth in Canada to an American mother make them more likely to vote for him. 88% note 10% at yes. With a 10% problem right now ladies and gentlemen. We kept goof balls ten percentage. Who go to every social site go to every web site. And they overwhelm. Like firing. Crawling over the hill Don for somebody's pink for their big taco. Any guess keep posting over and over. I hit the hit to forget it. But they have what the commons we can't have worked at length like the wild fowl and how much. And so that's driving. The report. It's strident talk radio some case of driving fox and other cable networks. 10%. Are concerned about it. 10%. 88%. At will have no impact on them whatsoever. Let me also suggest you bet the same with the loan. You know who out a loan from Goldman Sachs. Mark your hated my. You're supposed to talk about national radio this hour they're irrelevant cannot mark. Oh. Yeah. True. Well I thought I'd mention. I thought I mentioned that and in my best as I can tell every loan. They head and his wife Heidi I don't believe a government Heidi. That they've ever taken out and actually been paid back in full effect cannot be at about every candidate who's running for president. The which candidate hasn't paid back their creditors in full. Even against mr. produce and. I say to talk about national review. Trying to get. And then and then this new growing. Nationalism populism agrarian isn't. And yes. We're going to. Take over the dining conservative movement. Just rearrangement. Because obviously something big. Massive. What is I don't know. But it may have. People going on web site and on social sites. Calling everybody but polls I've never seen anything like it I think it and victory. It. Do you realize how on of these common it commentators Iraq we doing Donald Trump a disservice. Donald Trump has a serious and he's a successful man. He's got some really good ideas. I believe I'm one of the only. Major national talk show hosts. They're others I'm sure I can't listen all of them and only marvelous all of here's the point. Why do you think I keep prodding him to get off the bill but not that does it matter like 10% care about the birth there it. And get on issues where 90% care. About a particular issue. People on the web have their little political correct. And their new ejecting all over the place defending every stupid tactic. Why do you think I'm on the hit and stop doing stupid things. You must. Part of the national review crowd. And within actually had resigned from that I hope you know probably thank you want with people. I'll be right back. Love then you show. Fly a national at 8773813811. I know ladies and gentlemen. I've heard it's said that. De dynasty family. It's split on their endorsement. Oh yeah no no I saw on a web. The little endorsement. One of them went for Cruz and one of the one for trump. I thought to myself I can't tell them apart no offense and no offense I don't watch the show maybe once. I've met. At least two very very nice people. But there are split. Now there needs to be analysis of this ladies and gentlemen the the dot dynasty family the father. The father's name McCann which ones will I don't know. And they would mental and the sun the sun back romp. And the father back crews. Obviously the filers Cella. Put to myself. Are we talking about the kind of team we're supposed to be trashing national review. And what are we trashing national review are we supposed to be talking about. Ted Cruz is mother's gift birth certificate bigger gift certificate to. Don't know I'm and that adds it is very perplexing. So the fox poll asks. Republicans have cruises birthing candidate to an American mother makes them less likely to vote for him. 88% no 10% yeah I'm sure that'll be a headline on our favorite web. All that work. And all that work. And zero outcome. Very very painful. Then there was a remarkable change on fox with Greta Van Susteren. Well as we like to call here Greta van what's your name. Greta Van Susteren. Who's become the face plot as a matter. What happened. What did she say it so critical cut eight go this is AB Stoddard from the hill any caddie go. I think if mark Taliban especially Tom. I'm Chris is being half and went back supporting him let's not that I'm not actually trying to. I'm discussing the issues I only carry inching trump do the same thing I really can't. Now I'm bashing case that. I don't want bad and I know I'm not bashing and by the way. Go to crews and soda trump try had a very nice things about me yesterday which we had a clip I don't. You have these are very gentlemanly man to me. I like them. I'm now one of these guys it's an anybody but propaganda trump trot trot I don't believe that I really don't believe that. Animal round as some questions come around. Start from the top because this is so compelling and when you listen very looked many of us are stuck in now and I hasten our. Collected around our fake electric fireplaces. I trying to get warm. And when to listen carefully cut eco. I think if mark Levant as fast as Tom. I'm Chris is behalf send one back supporting him. He has enough supporters his endorsements coming actually is not gonna somehow I didn't notice Greta van watching intently to get him. Really. Hey that can't. Don't hit. Apparently I don't lot of other I don't think people Lima does not Iowa Wisconsin but I don't think they care mark the event. And so and then Glenn Beck verify you know and a blow out Amare had not fighting over anything. This fighting over and doing my radio program. Like the back dynasty family I'm not my family that divided you know and I ran around in stores in line and then the other one is endorsed him on you know. No known threat. Maybe we should call her regret it. Come on regret if don't let it. Concern is senator Chris is an organized caucus goers in Iowa. Yeah Harry can serve and in my lesson they listen to talk radio and TD's also and I was right there oh. That's Jackie Kucinich for the daily be so. And ABC not a live Jackie can senator let regretted those. Should. God. Tech and so that's why it hasn't said it matters between Glenn Beck and mark lament of I thought she doesn't even know what she's talking about Glenn Beck and marked women aren't fighting. We don't have voters. Glenn does what he does I do what I do everybody does what they don't I don't know. At the Glen Beck and they fight game may have voted yellow yellow yellow. Go ahead. Only how animated adding visual academic record that was in every sane and look at the record Suze stunning things and they feel like put the person's done. Now. Very profound. Let me say this about our friend regret it van. Just another pretty face on product. Yes absolutely. I. I know she adores me and loves me. And effect when I was at the fox New York studio in several years ago walking through the hallway because shot. It got to try to got to come out here in town you've just got to tonight at. We bumped into regret. She Jenna selected and shot the other direction. I don't know why I was chewing gum might breathless trying to I don't know she. She. Hello. Breaks my heart. Really done. Who else was there is all of that that network yesterday and I finally kick over Roger Stone. Was wrong. I don't really know Roger Stone I know allows him. I respect him I think I do I mean from what I know I don't. Remember run on used to work for Richard Nixon now remember in my analogy I that we have on people running the 1968. Nixon campaign. Really not terribly big on principles but speaker on you know. Making the trains run on time that sort of thing the we of the 1980 campaign which I think is more crews oriented. Which is a campaign where they wanna run it on principles in order went. And we're being told by people he can't run our principles anymore and went down at the B and got. I'm gone you understand what you're doing team to Donald Trump Donald Trump not and don't. But you're telling him don't run on prints are actually telling him to think rather read about my parents. You know what. Right. What an idiotic. And ask about domination. Oh okay. Hop and in any event. Roger Stone was on Fox News. Who is no witness to this it would show was at Megyn Kelly. Any talking about Donald Trump cut and go. He is the conservative who can bring radical change to the country up all he's a conservative. Not all week long we've been told. Conservatism. Is dead there's this mood and. Com more. It got the nationalism and got agrarian is imminent got populism. And it yet if that goal of empowering them in old line conservatives. Don't get it. They understand the world's passing them up. And yet here's Roger Stone. The trump guy saying trump is the conservative that can bring radical change in the country. I think Roger needs to get with the message no he's not easy nationalist. Agrarian. Popular. Season. And eight G. Oh that's nagged. Have been hearing a lot of the primary match program. Oh by the way you know where I first read that. He'll. I did read it on national. Yeah. I'm sure he's a good guy again you play called David tell me being attacked and mark and then attacking any. I didn't detect Greta. Anyway so let's listen to Roger stopped at the time. Cut to ten don't. He is the conservative who can bring radical change to the country. Mark within the terrific guy but Ted Cruz. Bush policy guy who got us John Robert and whose wife worked for 'cause I'm right here. Listen to this. Listen I have this guy does this is an old Nixon got a. And then for the US trade representative Robert Dallek harbored. Princeton council on foreign relations Goldman Sachs please give me a break in and cherry and Canadian candidates right demo while a good. Very good. The two seed Roger. He hero after he never donated to Schumer Reid Pelosi Clinton to blogs via. McConnell. Our friend Donald he went to the editor of Pennsylvania Wharton school at an eye the public school one of the top business schools in the world. I don't this sets. Council on foreign relations a main shoring Canadian Kennedy you know. On the knicks and staff I don't think it's gonna flight but I understand your run and that 1968. Nick campaign I really do and I criticizing for you. It is it and it's quite successful. But let's call it what it is. I don't know if there's an earthquake. Let me point out something else. The trump campaign although many are not tax because I actually think he would have a higher percentage of the popular vote. I really do. If he. And his Nixon friend in the others will cut this out actually think he'd have a higher percentage of the popular vote. If he would take the high road. And more more people will be comfortable with a more more people should be nominated and intellectual supported his negatives are way way I have seen the numbers they're double what cruises are. There's no need that at this point. Hit the front in the front runner there's no question about it. You've gotten to that point. Night you're you're already lurching toward the in tighter establishment side the rhetoric needs to change. Mark what do you tell what that county and a I don't know any. I don't know any. And is giving my opinion people do whatever they want. Do whatever they want. So after that first generation and 10%. And present. Delaware the overwhelming majority of Republicans the overwhelming majority conservatives. Don't give a flying at about it. And I you don't understand the statue to send 1995. You don't understand it. Not only do I understand it this whole issue as a ridiculous legislation Monday want. If the cup campaign with listen to me not because I'm arrogant that because. I have an audience with millions and millions of people. They communicate with me. I communicate with them. We are bigger. As are most of the big posts. In anyone campaign. When he comes to. Really getting feedback and so forth and so on. If he would shift. Not just to talk about I can make deals may be out be a little bit establishment as today. He's got the average of that wrong he should do any of that but what he should do. You get back to the issues. That should be the shift. The 12 punch are they beat the crap out all these guys. You know jabs. In my yet in you know in my rearview mirror. Kasich looks like a goof ball you know you go on and on and but then he bangs in the cruise that he tries the same tactics. And what he should do is try to top concern you just heard Roger Stone set. He used a conservative I can bring radical change to the country. Which by by the way would be absolutely fascinating. End in that case quite supportive I think. But you gotta get away from these issues and their being encouraged. By some blind followers he's got the blind follow. Every one of these candidates has their blind followers. Now I get a dude just a little bit better. When I was gonna say before we run out of and we actually have in this segment but. He's got a plurality. Of support. In heavy field. He plurality of support. With a 48% in Florida or twenty MM per and the New Hampshire or whatever it is 2540. Present and I went a foot. That he's leading the pack yes but he only has a plurality. If you really wanna. Clean their clock if you really wanna get ahead you wanna really wanna be the courts. Out front. He can't get over 50%. At some point you're gonna have to get over 50%. At some point but mark that'll be the general lack of then don't (%expletive) off everybody else. Or you're not gonna get it. I'm giving positive by. I'm not one of these phone cheer leader. Who go on and on and on and on and off. Or pretend that things are happening that aren't happening. I'll be right back. Okay. And. Can. Stunning that in news reports it. Absolutely stunning. Absolutely stunning not trying to hold Joseph I don't enough time they didn't. I heard somebody and on fox and the five who fanned out. I heard them say this whole issue of the kilos Supreme Court decision. Appalling the right of government. To take somebody's home to build a mall. There's nothing there. So a big developer. Who has influence. With a town council. The town council condemns. A bunch a row homes or other homes that are perfectly. Nice there's nothing wrong. So they can put something they hadn't given bigger attacks but this was a big Supreme Court decision we lost five before. Nothing. I'm thinking to myself wow that's nothing Bergen. Is that nationalism populism or agrarian and the stealing of somebody's home and basically giving it to an idea is that nationalism aggrandizement popular. Not conservatism. But not constitute. I'm saying ladies and gentlemen don't throw your principles out the window their principles for a reason. The principles for a reason let the politicians lack principles and morality. Do we have to join them all of them. And nick cheerleaders. Mindless cheerleaders and it has that we do the same thing. I don't think. I don't think we have to do that because you see ladies and gentlemen property right that's a big deal. And that's what that's all about private property rights. Because without private property rights as Milton Friedman at he has won the tank. Private property right. He's inextricably linked to individual liberty. And your private labor. In other words without it worked here. Yet he managed. Dealing somebody's property giving it to somebody else that government appoint taxes. Is that not an issue. You don't understand. I agrarian. I don't even know what the hell they're talking about. Is that ethanol agrarian hasn't yet agrarian ism if at all. You know whenever I have a fair election in this country as long as the national press corps he's in as their job to pick the winner every four years. If that's what most of them think unfortunately. Many Americans believe everything the media tell. That's why the work of my buddy Brent Bozell on the great Media Research Center some important. They've been exposing left wing media bias for going on 29 years now and it's working. Europe people trust the media than ever before this year the MR he's taking their efforts to a whole new level but the campaign called. How that truth when he sixteenth. They've gone into a war room mode over there working 24/7 to fight liberal media buys and I've never seen anything like it. So what can you do to help. Bleak it's dark by going to tell the truth when he sixteen out of work right now and get a free don't believe the liberal media bumper sticker. And put it on your car I Mallory time when these these figures I eat I rolled out my window thumbs up. And I like this a whole lot more of them out there. Go to how that route 2016. Dot org to request your free don't believe the liberal media bumper sticker from the MRC today. That's how the truth 2016. Doubt or now remember. When you come back after the top of the hour a big big news items which they let me don't have called a news site of the big information all item to. I'll be right back. He's here. Only underground. From the bowels of hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel. This strip filled again. We once again made contact. Everybody Smart living here are numbered 8773813811877381. Create 1 morning. And I know it's snowing out. Because they have reporters on the street Helen's down and I could look out the window. And I think he did it knowing. And of course we have the no warnings out there. Stay at home. Don't drive. If you have to go outside. Bundle up. Don't take your pets out. It's very cold. May have plenty of plaintiff in the case electricity goes. Maybe if you flashlight. But of course of the electricity goes out a little late right now that you are not opposed to go out I don't think it in my up or how are you supposed to do all these things now. Why did they tell us yesterday. I mean all of us finally 304050. Years old who would have known to have flashlight. And blanket. Who would've known to have food but what amounted to any of these things but for the wall to wall coverage. That the president of the. We're gonna get and as slowed us now there's my rather report. Now here's my question let's say you're staying inside and this this is scary. And I am thinking about this is where me and there's so much on a roof roof came. This create what we call a conundrum. The go out all right. Do you stay inside. Now if you stand side to bundle up. Or should he gets millions. But truthfully if this is my big concern thirty inches of snow or whatever it is pound up on your roof a type a lot. And I've done before I'd like Harry tomorrow morning I'm going to be after throwing snowballs on the roof. Maybe shoot my neighbors he's now looking tournament back in the head he won't know what the hell's gonna but she get the point. Here's the information I wanted to tell. If truly our web sites out there who are very angry listening. Yet they are still waiting Google. There really angry with me. Because until. And they wanna know how many of you white people that there. Know that I MA filthy Jewish day. And worse. And this particular site. Claims to support trot and by the way. I in no way am making a connection like that I'm telling you Donald Trump that with respect to meet couldn't be nice he could not be nice. And I'm gonna prove it to in a minute. But I thought to myself. Do these seven to throwback even though they're talking about. Have they ever heard of Levon can trump. I don't know her last name but it's the Jewish. You see she's a convert to orthodox. Yeah. Keeping had a she's a convert to or adopt me. He thought could trump. Classy. Smart. Pretty only. Wish. So I thought they'd wanna know. Who they gonna swing the support to now Hillary. Just curious about that that information in order to pass on you know rather breaking information. Mallet gets started shelling. We have Bob Dole. On Fox News. Now we all know as Bob Dole goes so goes the nation. Bob Dole fought like hell to prevent Ronald Reagan from being present the United States and he said in. Only words of Franklin were to be elected the outcome will be epic debt nominated the outcome would be tennis is. Aiming at the exact words but I was there I remember. I brought Irish. Record can't. Of course Bob always blown out the idea that the backwards mentally cola. Hold deliverance Bill Clinton but in any event here's Bob doll on Fox News yesterday. About crews cut to go. It is an experience out here scarier here the door very bubbly kind of there's always adored conservative friends. I always thought I was conservative but looks. How much Chuck Grassley of big public guns on on the. I think we're all Chuck Grassley Republican. Mr. producers said to me this morning how come Chuck Grassley name is invoked tomorrow. We're all Chuck Grassley Republican cities today. And I thought to myself. Excellent point. And their food item I want all the news that I have. Rarely hear us use the word birds probably got a thought it either Republican. In name only. He's tough he's a right now on cruises the rhinos he is the Republican in name. And when ousted Bob Dole a cut three go. Scattered dated yet bush. Remains divided and say it's not that boarding. Yeah bush but zip it's kinda doubt it Donald of their experience. Hi I'm bird Arnold robotic beat. You've got a lot of ability you don't battle it brings people together and negotiate. So they would get things done in congress. Wow now there's a quintessential insider NS and put it. Then. And many Trump's supportive source say that's exactly right we reported to cause or get things done and he knows how to make deals under what will. Wedeman. We need to lead the nation out of the situation that went right. We need to advance a cause you know we ideologues. Bob Hope that we need to advance the cause. So. But Bob Dole has none of this guy's gonna make deals. Okay. And there we have. Trump in Las Vegas today I'd love to be in Las Vegas right now quite. Play little black track. They're wonderful restaurant. You know he Penn and teller something like that. I don't know as a Donny Osmond though there Marie Osmond and you watch that until. Amid great shooting place that can actually shoot a fifty caliber. On Edmonton. But in any event here's trumpet Las Vegas yesterday basically echoing what Bob Dole sent cuts that go. So what happens Ronald Reagan's would get along with the polonium Alan I'll have have have a government that. This is let the truly distasteful Chris Matthews wrote about that Ronald Reagan and tip Leno got along together Craig real. One of the best of the regular biographers has pointed out repeatedly that not true I can point it out from first hand experience. I worked in that administration. Tip O'Neal had to go oh excuse me Ronald Reagan had to go over tip O'Neill's head Ronald Reagan had to work with forty give or take. What we're called at the time blue dog Democrat Democrat from the southwest and south they don't exist anymore they wipe them out. So that's simply not true. It simply not true. And I don't think trop is intentionally Angus I think this is a myth that's gone on for a long time. Thanks to people like. Chris Matthews. But I like those of you watch Chris Matthews and MSNBC he went to watching HDTV. In the look in the corner of his mouth. He's got what we call special it is the grossest thing and in the sky is disheveled FISA. But in any event let's keep highbrow here as we always do. I had. Ronald Reagan would get along with the opponent. And they sit down and they make great deals for everybody had not they didn't pay great deals are off. They made almost no deals regular work where Rostenkowski's. They got along very well Rostenkowski was sort of a moderate Democrats from Chicago old school a daily guy. They don't exist anymore. They do get the weekly and it's. But they don't exist anymore. It is sit down with a pony up. Who is a slob from Boston. And always wanted to have his own way did everything he could to cripple the Reagan agenda. Nor is the enemy. And Reagan to test it up. They didn't calm all those names that trump calls crews yeah and and we did that. Go ahead that's what the countries that really. Seattle and deals done with it. McConnell and Harry Reid and hello Ian and that's what the country needs more of that they're already gaining. Back the prop you know the gridlock is a lot. There isn't gridlock the country's headed down the drain in one direction and both parties keep voting for. Is the inconsistency that I don't understand. Are we trying to fight the establishment army. Going to get things done. Or should not of that. Magnificent. Effervescent fortunate nationalism pluralism agrarian. And which one Aziz. Just nationalism pluralism are agrarian ism are in satirist. What published military and. I had. And all be topic we can do that but you know at some point we got to get our country backing track we're losing we have deficits like you wouldn't believe stop. That's as likely will. Believe it because all those deals. That are being made with these people. I wanna hear how you gonna fight these people. And force them to do what they need to do to save the country. Back when I wanna know how you gonna do that though it all the camp almost all of them all of them. Ahead. I found out by the way. Its fill of that kind of the father who's endorsed Cruz and will the sun. Of that dynasty whose endorsed trump. Confirmed. What are we gonna do and now we have Bob Dole who's endorsed prop up now my head's gonna explode now I'm totally. White and that's the quintessential insider that's a big government Republicans that mr. ethanol had missed that hey. Interrupt Trent Lott endorsed trot. Trent Lott who has not only detestable. Trent Lott who's on the payroll of the Russian bank even though. Well he's right wing that rank it pained establishment. And I'll already handed rent. I didn't do anything on them just playing like I listened for you now I haven't done a. While my ears are line. It can't be true and who cares. Who came. Principles began and boy are they ever got prince. Well principals have gotten the freest greatest country on the face the earth. And principles and your own life they're very good thing lit by at a healthy family environment. Friends who are loyal and viewed Iran as grab. It don't matter when he. It was you know. When he element in all the time to. People coming on my social site in the packing. Again romp in Vegas cut that turned out. And I don't mean honestly I have so many phone call. Chrome its Google establishment. Front page so generally I imagine that there I don't. And even received calls from people who are called establishment. Now I they don't they don't wanna talk to me. We ideologues buckles they don't wanna talk to. On all your. You understand the shift here you you shift to shift was from. Day in day out trumping trashed first in the first debate remember that the setup. Being trashed all over fox by the commentators being trashed all over the other cable channels being trashed by the Republican establishment being trashed by the consultant. You almost don't hear any of that right. Because something's going on behind the scenes and every now and then Donald Trump telling us what tomorrow. He's getting called by these people any taking their calls does it mean anything wrong going on but it's very interest in it in trusting dynamic. And you need to pay attention what's going on. They see trump and believe they wanna be part of that action. They want to influence him he's bragging about how they're contacting him that he got to be able to cut deals can't be trident. I just put enough my fellow conservatives like being called strident purist and under attack like this. Why you must work for a think tank how many do you work for a think tank at the. None of you pretty much. Well you might be an ideologue how many Buick is common sense conservatives at their party Akron. You have actually people redefining Ukrainian UN no trauma. They say you respect the basic crashing the base. And everything the base is believed it leaves don't change values don't change. Based on human experience. In your private life when you meet somebody who's a Schmoll. You know you know what I'm not deal with the well. Or when you put your hand on a hot hand you know hey I'm gonna burn it all is in the public life. You don't ignore it and irrational human being your brain has to digest these things that are written you don't think about them. And out now. I'm blindly doing and that was it. Yeah I am an Air Force's. Such a powerful forces that even that that dynasty client. He's been invited. I'll be right back most of. Let's play snowy cold frisky night all along the East Coast part of the south him. Little bit more. Everybody. Smile brightened up. I'm sorry. I'm glad to have some fun. I think I've shown going to be stuck here for the next three days. Part of the problem you even get to three feet no. And you're not from Maine Alaska Montana Wyoming and you're not used to it. You have to figure out. Had to get cheap dog out I'd say they can take their you know what. Now in the past when we've had the and a global warming global cooling climate change event AKA a weather. I've taken a shovel and I've dug out like an eight foot by eight foot area. Now from a dog this might work. Except from my dog Barney. My dog Barney had to find a fresh spot every time. I'm dogs unload there's a spot and it's over. Not my dog Barney and the problem is he's 20/20 one pounds. Any kind of off white. And I can get lost in the dollar mark. So this is a problem it's it's something I'm trying to stow figure out what to do. Then I decided where things come doors are shut them in the utility room and he could do it right there. I thought it went in now and by the way so that's film of the back dynasty who has endorsed Cruz will. Has endorsed truck. I'll be right back. George do you tell. Dosage of our constitution. From artwork didn't show Galindo 377381381. Ball and you know does have a common wisdom is so common after a few weeks. We've been told over and over again that just because a Republican wins Iowa. Doesn't mean they can win generally because. Mostly Republicans who in Iowa don't want to lose in New Hampshire. And they point to case after case after case after case. So this was being discussed on radio and cable day after day after day after day now what's being discussed is that. If trump wins Iowa. And then New Hampshire. Nobody can stop. By the way it might be true. But so what happened in the common wisdom. I don't know what whenever. That I would point them out. Ever wonder why people who believe in spreading the wealth around the same people who are destroying religious freedom and free speech. Doctor Larry arm my friend of president of Hillsdale College he gave an excellent speech on this very subject that I wanna end. It's called property rights and religious freedom. It appears in the hills don't publication in prime. You can get it for free. At Levine fresh Hillsdale dot com. Primus is the free monthly speech digest of Hillsdale College. That your insight into why he'll tell is the leader in providing a truly liberal arts education. And how timeless truths are well when that day every one of their 31 major. And primus features teachings from out feigning conservative leaders and is read by more than two point nine million subscribers nationwide. When if we should get rid of that now that we have the new agrarian forced rise in Iran now. But I don't think this is good stuff in in this particular edition. Company doctor Ryan explains what progresses when government to control everything about the human being. Have they must try all your right in order to destroy your private property rights. Understand this war on rights and freedom forty your free copy of from primus and lose interest Hillsdale dot com. You know one of the people who wrote a piece and find on that now a new addition. You probably have been told about. Is doctor Thomas sole. He wrote he can't try. What mental. And like I had that some of that cash but it's a very cold night. At grauman's with a logs on. Just think for yourself folks we don't need to knee jerk all over the place and a if you're gonna make a decision by god make it based on. We all have to agree on everything we're never going to we'd all have to agree on all the candidates. You know there's a significant percentage. Of Republicans. And conservatives and voters. Who don't support trump or cruise. It's true. We have the latest fox hole. That has 34% nationwide. For trumpet 20% for crews. While by my calculation. Can be off at 54%. Okay there's another 46%. And my guess is there's a percentage and persuade a bullet here and there. So. Hopefully. Put aside everything 34%. In a crowded field. Is simply not massive. It may be good and have to win. It may be good enough to what. Back here. Now hall and share rid of all sat. At all an opera. Everything is not there. Everything's up for. Now. Roger Stone worked for Richard Nixon Roger Stone. And don't top counselor. The Donald Trump to go back a long way and went to listen when I'm telling. Trump has moved. Under the may not like it but too bad. He's moving from outsider. Toward inside it doesn't mean he's Mitch McConnell. Doesn't mean he's you know whenever he's Donald Trump. And down is no reason to say that Donald Trump doesn't have integrity. But he's moving this is a campaign decision he's telling you this. Don't yell at me I just play the sailor forget you know the establishment they're calling it a good thing may be a little establishment. I can make yet you can't be tried it got to this year got a there it is and isn't about being dried out but that doesn't I'm just making the point. He's moved his campaign is moved into another faith. And the reason it is is because Roger Stone among others is advising him Nixon. Rhonda they're right on the primaries. Ran to the middle in the general you can adjust that formula. And they are adjusting that formula right now. Donald Trump is the most vocal aggressive supporter of ethanol subsidies by taxpayers. At any politician running. I think easy to go after Bernie Sanders on this he certainly the left of Obama on his. While these shifted. To get votes on and then people always practical I mean. You can't just keep traumatic uses what is dead people should be doing who want trump the wind is trying to bring them back say wait a minute. Don't do the next and staff 1968. Do 1980. Because 1968. Would Nixon came a lot of chaos a lot of turmoil a lot of problems and the government got mad at. And so now what I'm and his supporters do not trumped by the way. What is mindless ignorant supporters. Not all of hill some of them. You start trashing Reagan and any unity allowed already was an and it allowed it was a conservative. He was conservative. So. You wanna support trump. We'll come back. From nick. Toward right. However at this whole. Program quote pain don't know we don't. This is actually quite simple when you look at the players and you've listened to what they're saying to let know what they're saying people are trying to project argument it's a. Just listen to what they're saying. And look at what they're doing. All maybe one of my friend nick and that there's nothing wrong with that too by the way. Lot of people voted for next. But Cruz has decided he's gonna run a write in campaign. Roger Stone and and and in tropic decided in Iran and actually campaign far you run. I have to close my eyes could not analyze it. By the way. Did you know that. Will from got dynasty is backing track and field is backing crew which true. Crucially important. It let's see you my all caught up mr. producer right now I think I am but the society insanity. It's taken call. Frank lake I can't pronounce it now New Jersey how are you my friend WABC. Mark thanks. Mark I'll let them make my case for why my vote goes the crews in the contest. Which trump. Croatia as a principled man and he demonstrated that the approach is problems. And governing standing on principle. Choked visit dealer. We got a lot dealers and watch and then when you deal. He gave up something. You that page keep something you know what to watch that might be okay and business. But when I come to liberty and freedom. That's not that does the word for its freedoms not negotiable no part of it is negotiable. I you can negotiate deals but clearly they have to be based on principle let your point and I don't know why people think you have to abandon principle all the time and and the wrong. Otherwise Larry let's even involved in this I don't understand. I frank thank you for your call my friend. Let's see and a let's go to guy. Dallas tech and WB eight. There like the bank at little quick analogy. I wouldn't really on the fence either one would trump or crude I'd like the bulk they we islets as. My emotions aren't that aren't well. But what I'd sleep at night I really want recruit vote because. I think you better politician these east Daley in there and delta all these people. But. I'd like to make an analogy to automotive racing. In automotive racing if you that they water to left Lee. That number is what really do is keep it on the track don't do anything stupid you have it is okay. Trust me stipulate to Cairo. Stop slandering dispatched to you know make you mudslinging that there's enough of that on that America is tired of. And you know let the proof is in the in the numbers. The Fox News just said the birth there issue resonates with 10% of the Republicans. 10% of Republicans say that's relevant whether they vote for crews are not 88% said no it's a non mission. But it nonissue I'm tired ignorant about it X stop leave the mud sling that's the Chris Christie in the bushes and all the rest of them. Bet nobody wants we want change we need a rape and that candidate I don't want the next candidate. I'm 44 years old I remember Reagan was in third grade discussing it over soccer on re ask. Everybody was Reagan the country was great collected country great again take the high road. Donald we love you stick to its stake in the issue. And I cannot thank you so you call waiting. Seattle Washington on the markets that don't. I'm on blog I got the chance actually just stay home today which of us I'm a little you know sound like you're the Seattle he's and the cue from London. Yellows altered in was born in England. There's a conservative. But the very end all but he. Thought your administration yeah. Mitt moved over here to go to college. Yes and you hear an auto institute did you that we that you need you here. But at at. I've got moderates. That's how you do it around yet but I would open here on May ask and the words I wanna move to Bolivia I need to marry a Bolivian. And Prokopec. But you can get a you know you can go to school if you go to sports and they'll they'll pay your school so scholarship yet Iran and Edmonds. Absolutely so so it just quick point and I think it's it's getting missed a little bit. I'm not Trump's friend and a lot of this campaign around being anti establishment which foreseeable all but. You know on I spent a lot of time. Well now you didn't hear what I said I think he shifting it mower from anti establishment actually anti. Conservative and I'm respect on to thank. He shaking up the conservative movement more than that shaking up behind yeah. You know I'm listening to it to people but I respect him in fact it was the first time a long time I got to listen to the radio host it's on that. New decent time. And I'm hear him talk about penalties you talk about like my nationalism popular populism. A grain I I I don't know who that is and I don't wanna get into that I'm mocking those. Absolutely but but my point is that it was just interest in the need to know this is someone I respect of the conservative Lida. But he keeps saying that that that's what what the what the charm campaign has popped movement toward which I don't believe by the way. But. Well I wanna talk to you I don't wanna talk about what I'm Medea not fair to them because I don't know exactly what videos that are what is your point. Well my point is. You know whoever we do pick. They cost to use the pulpit of the presidency. To be able to articulate conservatism. Bingo bingo bingo Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding. We're never gonna advance the cause of restoring the republic and limiting the separation of powers and private property right. If the president talking about cut deals and supporting at an off and all arrested this crap and he's not going on about why it's important to backed other things. And that's exactly what Reagan did and that's what a great statesman does. You'd just. One copy of plunder and is equally. Quite right very much. And thank you for coming to this country you would have been a waste in England and are now I don't know you know you're kind of guy doesn't do that and he was ready and oh by the way. Will wish he called a conservative. I think that was a sinister absolutely. Yeah she saved Britain from the industrial left. She did a watch on your body as well as the Tory party was in Paula the seventeen years by putting her at the Helm seventeen years which is. Gosh I mean it push it in a generation. That conservatism and. Republicans were in power here exactly for twelve years. Wooden massive appeal throughout the net society and what happened. George H. W. Bush becomes president and abandons reaganism. Kinder and gentler remember he's gonna be kinder and gentler. He was very ungrateful brat Reagan ended he won Reagan's third term he's the last Republican running for president. To win California. It's very sad but if you really understand the history of this country the history the Republican Party. You know not you but others wouldn't be Macon nobody has come at all over the place about how conservatives can't win. The man who got up this landslide of modern American history. Was the most of every president in May and Abbott and graphics obtained innovation and why. Because the bush and George H. W. Bush lost because McCain lost because probably lost they weren't. It. They were the only English. Thank you I'll be right back. OK okay. You know my friend Shane Mack resolved to continue their mission to restore America's moral compass to make America better to save America from liberal ideology. They can't do it alone. And I need to do an American need you any Mac is fighting to stop illegal immigration. To increase border security to keep us safe from terrorism to protect our individual liberty to defund Planned Parenthood and a heck of a lot more. When you join a Mac you're supporting an organizational with the courage to fight for the values that have made America great. So folks we can't afford to lose this fight has an I Mac member you also gain access to a bunch of exclusive benefit of discounts. That I help you save money. Gave the America we the people out. Join or renew your aim act membership at www. Indymac dot US. That's www. AM eight seed that US. Or call 8882622006. At 8882622. Of I'll get it 88826. To 2006. And trying to renew your iMac members of today in America's better field. And it's better for. America. Terry. Dallas Texas the great WBA pago. Are all right thank. I'm the couple are saying that first of our. Mainly Arab areas TU Erie say that people are attacking you and calling me names I am eighth just prior quarter. And I conservatives. It's really. Can you update. And so is Yvonne could trump. Battling to that I. Yeah yeah. He asked. Him what I wanted to say is bad all these. We. Either way though that the overwhelming majority of people don't do anything that. But it doesn't take but a handful of people. You know to screw things up and I can sit here quietly but I. On my Facebook I have gone ahead linked to some of them because I want folks out there the city people of goodwill. Have a disagreement that you don't have to get a violent hate fluent in and they go right ahead. Exactly. And and that you know kind of makes me wonder about trump too because we need to get nasty and then that people man. But what I wanted to say is that you know all these liberal republic. I call them now like McConnell and McCain and Ali people that are climbing on to try and all of a sudden after bashing him. Up until now. These people you know is it just gets elected. And it doesn't go well for conservatism. In this country. Those same people can never come back again and say that they're conservative. Because they you know effect did. Two another rhino which is champ ends up being established in the long I had to. Then these McConnell commandment can't. Ever come back and say well I'm a conservative. You know that's all right senator. I appreciate your call. One more hour ladies and gentlemen wonderful hour. We have these monster blizzard which we call. I would call the monster blizzard. I'll be right back. It's okay. Only underground. From the bowels of hidden. So when it comes to a brick and steel over nondescript building. We'll once again make contact. Without. This is getting. Mark revenge here. But I need monster lizard. So like six days a global warming myself. 8773813811877381311. Global warming went away and only climate change I want global warming to come back. What we're seeing another transition. Ladies and gentlemen and perhaps on the fox solutions. You trumps supporters may like this the Fox News analyst heavy duty pro trump it wasn't pro trump before if you wanna know with a Republican Party not the conservative movement is and I feel like he can watch the fox moved him. They've gone from. Unequivocal. Hate for Donald Trump that went on for months to. Unequivocal hate for anybody who doesn't speak kindly to note that it's really very interesting to see you. So they have somebody on there who trashing national review. So the way I see this as. We constitutional conservatives are now watching fox fighting national review. It's bizarre interest. Interest in weapons aren't. And then it. Should they have written the piece. And put out there magazine. Years. That's what they do they write things and put out magazines and they take position. Then we're told it's a very very dumb thing to do because. You know leave the grass roots will coalesce against the elite. They will and that we're told they have no influence because nobody reads. Now which is. Well everybody call list against national review and Tom soul and any McCarthy and I don't know all the others who written over there. Or is it sewing consequence on of the a look at. Inquiring minds want to know. It has been that. Since last night all day don't (%expletive) And I bet you. None of them read all 22 or 24. Articles and I read and want mentally. Why because I don't care that's what does in fact my vision. And how they might decisions on what everybody else right. He did you see what was. On that web writer who cares what it was and I website. We'll just approved DO. What Donald Trump said last night on the Hannity TV show. That. As far as I know we do get along quite well. And I'm not one of these who says. I will not vote for trump I will vote for trump if he's the nominee. Absolutely no question about it and I will fight like hell to stop Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. There's no question about that in my mind. Also no question about in my mind that the Saudi Milton Friedman Ronald Reagan conservative. He's Richard nick and I don't mean in every read back that early on me and all the weird respects. But I would have voted for Richard Nixon against George McGovern took quite frankly. But I know what we're getting. I'm not pretend that I'm not deluding. And I you don't get. It conservatives or kerosene. Or that. Excuse. And you can't eleven go. You had gotten gotten some criticism from from some conservatives about. The back and forth between you and Ted Cruz and wanna ask you about it. Mark within his mad at the tone. Rush Limbaugh said. You know that this is national and populism now I notice I don't block out anybody else's name and any other host comes up I let it go I just play the whole thing go ahead. Conservatism. Newt Gingrich had on the program this week that it's you or demeaning yourself if you get into a fight with in this particular case but the polls show you winning. So he'd go with the polls that it that it works when you go back and forth authorities say now maybe maybe my relationship with Ted Cruz can be repaired. Well I have to go what my don't think you don't forget cat attacked me and that I attacked him but he started. And he attacked me pretty viciously and you know first it was like back as we all know it was you know everybody they said in the wake. And frankly you have got to be shown so and I have a lot of respect for mark let it I have a tremendous respect for rush rush has been. Great form rush has been so amazing and marched in pretty good I'm in March like steady I think he likes me but that. Because I don't care about what Jeb Bush is doing let's becomes a threat. I want would be a trump campaign from my perspective. To do better. I really do. I would love the seemed really solid conservatives duking it out. But instead removing of the Nixon territory. And I wish he would he would be in regular territory that's all I don't anything horrific either about what national reviewed yet. People could supported or opposed it I don't think it's worth 36 hours a condemnation on fox but it might when you're down or would you have that I would've done it. You clowns won't do anything. They're all over the place. They're all over the map. You shift. With the Republican Party. In my humble opinion. And by the way that not an attack that the that the model that's what they want to win our Murdoch is on the left that perfectly fine. But we don't all have to go along delete without any Garang. You can say it. Icing it. So. I don't them and you know there are people out there who hate Donald Trump among conservatives. And you people you know they put enormous amount of pressure on. But let me put it this they tried to put enormous amount of pressure. I don't care. I don't care if they can try only want. So we get hit by the trump supporters we get hit by the trump opponents. We did hit by the establishment we get hit by a long time conservatives. My obligation is TO. Actually my first obligation to my own integrity. And then my obligation is TO because you wouldn't want to live with somebody doesn't integrity. And thank. So. That's my position at least what a billion times. Don't listen the headline on what let me tell you how web site and a and TV shows and meet at that they have editorial. Either before the hour in the early morning. If they come up with the headlines. And the people who run the networks. But sort of the senior VP level of the people who run the website. They have final say on what put up that I know they do. But they hide behind the name of the web site of the name of the TV. But then the final thing. And they have things that drive the. They're driven by ratings are driven by hit they're driven by other things and so preference I can innings and I have no idea what I'm saying on here helps our exploration. I just don't react to they give. Because they know immediately in TV that is the next day what their ratings are. Our web site they know immediately if they can how many hit they're getting what he changed generate. Which people generate. That's why you might name all over TV quite frankly it helps the ratings. That's why you see my face and name on web sites with controversial headline it helps their. They get their discussions. That's why I'm all over the place. And by the way this bracket ocean you are yet. And yet you don't have to go to TV they hear what I say you don't have to go to website to read when I say it right here go to my web. Go to mark blue in the face. But it Mark Levine show FaceBook Markel didn't show Twitter. We don't need interpreter I speak complaining. Planning. We have to show. Archive on mark living showed dot com for four years where you think these people go to get what I. To my web. Where they recorded on their own and by the way and they put commercials. But that's what they get a front meet us. You listen to the show than you go to web site I'm a minute look at that headline act and I'll pay he said that no I said what I said. So it these editors who want to advance a position very gender whatever on TV or wherever they are. Who twist the and they do have agendas. I may read them and actually flirting and writing a book about this campaign. The idiocy. And the position. Is some of the behind you. I really am armed conflict with. I think I'll call the book. Nationalism. Agrarian isn't popular snack. Or should I call it. Populism aggrandizement nationalism opinion. Tough decision. Take a call. Eight trump supporter. Ruckus Smart of the great WS hey why don't. March. Yeah there I didn't get so sick all these people second trump was being conservative. Right in the movie that's for presidential election since the last time the Republicans nominate a conservative. And all these other guys illicit wanna bet cruise. I'd is as far as I can actually trump is as conservative more conservative than you Russian candidates. Than than what than cruise. No no I don't think that's all I know I I I think an argument can be made I'm not about car in the on the or Santorum as an exam I'm not a 100% sure of that. It doesn't really matter. Over the matter to you. Now there are out. Could you support him could you think yet you think he's gonna make America great again right I think you know. I can't enact a bill calling NN. You know not sure to operate them. And I'm saying that's enough for you right there absolutely not or okay what we're all purpose. So little alternative rodeo got a I mean there are ridiculous now which met in the Republican primary and I agree with his he's the nominee going to be out of your mind not to vote for him. I'm agreeing with you if he's the Republican nominee. We absolutely should vote freedom. To vote for when you look at these. Bush guy there all slobbering all over the soundtrack and a lot of them out. I'm not gonna let ran you know what they can go out and why did not respect they brought us to this point. Well if they woke program. And they take the conservative base they don't just take on hate people like me to be quite frank about it. Absolutely. An economic conservative. I'm a conservative can you prevent it are. And you can go. In. I don't I don't argue about approving an element that I'm I'm a mess and a high body. Pat I appreciate your call take care. And here's a Trump's support quickly nick. Cross hill Tennessee Harry is very serious satellite go. And I am glad to talk to thank I'm the first time caller for you. Can I get a pretty good start or. Yeah I had these short I don't mean to be rude and have a heart rate at a quick action picture you're old and it did Babel that drew. And my dad was a completely picked apart Democrat. You know but he wouldn't Democrat assess. Do not ever. Bogus cut streak I stay. Right so I've been doing that for our many of those left you know. Many Democrats less like that anymore well I'll tell you what he would be rolled over in his grave right now if he knew it sort out this country. You might there was. You know a strict person that believes in our constitution. And it never rates you know you know and I still same way. Yup. All right. I don't say. He sent money you're gonna vote for trump. Ultra plot but it's not pit crews get to that believe me he's going to be indictment next. This is my attitude. This is my attitude. I hear people announcing that they're not gonna vote for him to do what he had your mind. Seriously he and Hillary Clinton. Bernie Sanders is an out of the closet Marxist. He's an out of the closet Marxist. Hillary Clinton is in the opposite mark. It is crazy to me they went they didn't bring that dummy Biden back. Biden slobbering all over Obama that would be Obama's for a third term there. I would heal in that regard there thank you for your service and I'm sorry. That you must have gone through what you went through like that I'll be right back yeah. Don't know her. Nice. And a wrap the Republican primary it was a big news there. Former top Justice Department official says. Criminal charges are justified and Hillary Clinton does it become clear that highly classified information was discussed in her private email you're. The simple proposition that everyone is equal before the law suggests mrs. Clinton's state of mind. Whether mere knowledge of what she was doing a to mishandling classified information. Abandoned and as actual or attempted destruction and email messages are corrupt intent as to the State Department business. Justifies a criminal charge of one sort or another and I you know sadness. Marco the case. Easy former federal district court judge former federal prosecutor. Former attorney general of the United States. He charges. He's also one of the man who wrote an FA for national media. I don't know. And I thought they hated him. Actually a very good man. He has from her direction they classification rules being disregarded. Does the presence on her personal email server of information at the high level class vacation. Turn repeated falsehoods of any sort the juries are told every day may be treated as evidence of guilty knowledge. It is nearly impossible draw any conclusion other than that she knew enough to a party conviction. At least from handling classified information I'm Tony was a former federal judge in New York. With the kind of New York that is we like. Not the blogs. He questioned. Whether criminal charges will be brought. And put the onus on FBI director James coming and that's where the onus belongs to the issue is whether James Carney a former federal prosecutor in south. The head of the FBI. Whether he will be brutal as those to the constitution whether he will be true to the rule of law well he will be true as a top FBI official. To protect America's national security. From enemies foreign and demand. Or not. What Hillary Clinton did it. Wasn't son ministerial errors on administrative. Miss that. Intentionally had a private server. On her private property. Taking it out of the secure location. The server wasn't secure. This is a woman. Who went to one of the top law schools in the country. She may be an idiot but he's not a completed. She may be a moron but he's not unity Jimmy Dean eighty Patrice Matamoros you get my point. He's at fault cover up vote. And for heard a brazenly say there was no classified information on her server. Two we the people that should be enough for any voter right there. But there is no. Question that Hillary Clinton. Should be in federal prison. No question she should be it federal prison. And because she believes an egalitarian as a she would be what should be with the lowest of the low lives in federal. That's my humble opinion. She shouldn't get any special treatment you know because she's a letter I'll be right back. Some barrel. Right galway MLB. 773813811. You know I Mr. Big is your ask me if Hillary does go into the federal prison as she should would. The dollar which get conjugal visits from bill and my answer was why are now. I just listening on so out. I'm gonna tell about Casper mattress is finally the best matches. 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Terms and conditions apply that Casper dot com. Rick and. Told him how I in my friend. I superiority Clark actually hurt not just another yelled thanks or not. Thank you thank you without getting into specific Gary UN mine Mac they you know what's right. Now we're not I'm actually in your hand serve just Lleyton or burrow on the Iowa or Manchester will be speaking. Tomorrow. Are boarded the national. Yeah. And what is the winning and financial. Caught. Pertinent. Striker Kurt circular oak bark he. They are yeah that's that's that's saying yeah it's a very not that's what the first ever came to answer. It was featured actor whichever Roberts. You know I've ever been in New Hampshire. You're an Arab and Iowa that you guys you take up all the room I can't I Aaron whenever. Now Rick and when and if you're there let me give you serious questions. People are not allowed the media is reporting this pretty much as a two man race. Do you think you have a chance there and what do you wanna tell the people of Iowa. Well undergraduates. It didn't you know that their. And the primary that ironic first failure but watch court orders exceeded expectations. If you could exceed expectations you can become Burgos burger died at the restaurant report trying to clear that we are warriors airports extra. To a report access to leak out Oakland and Iowa ended up getting out its first place arrow in front of this time around I don't know whether that's. That's in the cards for your great here I think we're gonna exceed expectations. We're gonna do a lot better that people are. And I think we're gonna surprise on caught it item we do. I think there are here for this to be able to go or are usually Iowa. Hunters. Three force some of the previous five starts coming out and we hope to see that and that and that group. But it does well there and not they can move on to look to fight another day. Will what is your secret he's secretly organizing in the more rural areas like you did before now suddenly Machida quietly. It's our secret everywhere are starting tomorrow I'd be sure and it straight to our watch it all the arts are like that it copied western Iowa. Every district events between our between Saturday effort there an end and organized follow up. I would have been working really hard on the aisle talking to individuals we're recruiting caucus scare is people will honor the doctors determine how the caucuses. Warrior number 36% of the people who vote for the side and got caught. Sort of what what people don't realize is that probably less than perhaps the people in the state of Iowa the side and you're gonna vote or. And so this is still very wide open and I sought for years ago. Momentum is an amazing thing I would sub. Literally are single tickets that signal they're just it's only 6% of the vote. An eleven base. Can we do it aired it would stand out orders are. But if we can make that catalog and Margaret reached the top 00 it's in Israel strongly. We're going to be a story. Violent and its simplest out of their. The chance to work just to fight another. Has governor Gilmore Dolan. I'm just getting him fired. Don't have what. He is a fine man manifest eke out our property tax are taxes and half I wish we got to my 100% you know. That's what I remember and I liked it let me ask you this question I don't wanna starting announcement that a lot of people ask me and I don't know the law I do know the it's but I want you to answer. In many ways you're going for the same base and Huckabee. So really the difference between you two guys man that. You're certainly Mike Dyer our friends and acted like Eric both say there aren't. A lot of the world and and cultural issues social used I can I have very current support editions of exactly but there's the fact there are still talk to urge our supporters that you have a track record I shall flight. We really that you people on the GO. Who have I would argue server principal decision not bearish as well SE. Record. Are fighting the light so I'll bet and that respects were very similar I would say that the big difference it's national security experience at. As you know bark up that fighting. I NC. Threat that radical but that was is why. So the last thirteen years that focus particularly under a return to Iraq sub it was a bad day of speaker CO legislation artwork so hearts out. Iran sanctions act promptly to the support act put sanctions on Iraq Urquhart the president just remove that section. Those are sanctioned site I really and I bought our ears it passed. Aaron we're we're a fact yet yet she eat a lot slower and a lot out keep it from getting there are a nuclear weapon. Now about it but we're both. I think that's the real difference I would say energy out of entry level position. Lot of people with other relevant experience but given the fact that our country's on the precipice I would say on the rest as we are additional war. Eric and I believe this sports greatness is a war that. Are they radical Islam is is this Albany damper we're not different truck Iran I salute our our. The take on the united states of the last. Better relative that's I don't have a leader who articulates what they're fighting as the enemy is and why would have to defeat them about a plan to do that. I mean we really limited time and money moving around here what do you make of what's gone on time and I know you probably now what on the Democrat side Hillary Clinton I mean her negatives are through the floor I think. It irks. You're Clinton ran for years ago Christopher Hibbert it would all the money you know I know what it what ever they are here. Couple nobody can anyway yeah I mean you knew going into. I bought. Because there're there're a lot of lot of problems with oh record lot of problems that her. Her behavior process. While secretary stated. Yeah its First Lady in the liked it here so lot of problems there and Bernie Sanders. It's story it is gonna exploit those overtime it has. And that is probably is certainly the weather Hampshire had a pretty good shot at winning winning Iowa. That's a pretty crippling blow two Eric what what what about you order upper site. They Bernie Sanders helped purchase the sixty market in the company. Is it is they're not real time actually for Biden stepping in to get on the various ballots in the race hatred it I don't early convention and it went how. Where I don't have a Democrat suffered participating doctors know the Republican side. We already filed it about thirty states. And that's solid periods are close. You can how mistrial right at the economic impact the Democrats you'd think differently than Republicans still back. It's something to try are right at that stage it right so like the junior and a lot to write it on a ballot. So I miss it depending on the convention rules I guess kind of convention delegates say you know what. Went up but Sanders and we're sorry about divide in our you know now. But remember I don't remember the number but it's a fairly significant percentage of the delegates are super. So there are actually selected and I see ya at the library and will require has done an amazing job as you can imagine. It is the establishment Democrats to decide what person she go into this. With huge huge advantage because she has a bunch of super delegates lined up either you can actually probably don't lose the majority of primary and still adopt or is outraged. Is that right so the delegates ring. Our super delegates are part of the they're every Democratic Party Democrat it's not it's not the proper public. But I don't believe that and and giving power to the people that get at our special interest and super delegates are a lot of their special interest a lot of early. Literally they're teachers unions and other groups get Allah delegates are side delegates. A critical super delegates said they want to look at a six white and in the democratic governor for. About how many people turn out to the caucuses in Iowa. And vote Republican the Republicans aren't. Yeah I was to huge turnout of 140000. Turned out for years ago and there anticipating more than that this time. If you look at other caucus states. They get nowhere near that percentage of the vote out so I would like our is that yeah it is probably the biggest and most successful caucus and that's one of the reasons their first. So if I hadn't been. If there's a huge spike these things that do to trump the trump cruise fight your organization what. I don't know that question that doctor up their bringing new people answered yeah into the equation that. I if Turkey despite I suspect that trouble be part I think. It's it's the turnout at stake that probably bodes well a dollar drop. Are just so you know W barker call operators. Are not my mom all 4 o'clock AM this. If there's a huge spike is and also because people wanna turn out in the Democrat I'm just trying to figure this out and and support Sanders against Hillary. That's their that's good work topple Kabul would think because the issue would you reports of the Democratic Caucus as you all rock opera. Are they don't count delicate they don't count votes. They help our people they say they go into the room predate separated or two. I stand together recorded how but he. Who what nature or. And they just. Despite upped that number of delegates that are outside that cock. Three or 56 but whatever is. Add whoever and they do a like percentage sorts Hillary 60% of that people there should it's 60% of the circuits for. And (%expletive) personal story. And so the only numbers reported this sport tree so it did all the fans. You know it's birdied it turn had a huge turnout circuit board. In Iowa City where the university violators. That's still get seven delegates out of their at a out of the caucus ends you're cuter about. In a sixteen people were rural Iowa and get all four delegates that thought. Mary interest. Furyk and Tom I have to run on this not only Friday yeah. I preferred global warming to climate change you know an enemy and I and I like global warming. I'd be safe and give my best everybody night had not gone I mean in my best to your family let me put it that way. Thank you very much market people want to help get exit TARP duct greatly appreciate it. It will erupt here are very hard and we're gonna keep a positive we're gonna talk about poker you can make. BankAmerica. Take America back a bit at the structure to go. Rick Santorum dot com Rick Santorum dot com take care my friend. Ito he tired of watching. How the mainstream media reports on on the primary. Yeah we're getting well into the primary season now about to start. And you know we've had arguments that we've watched these debates the moderator people talking over each other issues that don't practically mattered to us. Why am excited to announce that on Thursday February 18 please jot this down Thursday February 18. In Greenville, South Carolina conservative read you hold the inaugural conservative convention. It's gonna be spectacular. We're bypassing the lib media to bring the candidates' messages to yield unfilled. I'm very excited for this event not only are we inviting the GOP candidate but even more we've confirmed an all star lineup of conservative. Senator Mike Lee. Michelle market. David Limbaugh David Bratz. Italy don't by many more. And to top it off I'm going to speak as well and I'd love to meet as many of these I books so mark your calendars now for a February 18. February 18 Greenville, South Carolina just days before the all important. South Carolina primary. To get more information and to reserve your tickets now dubious favorite to check it out. Visit conservative reviewed dot com slash convention. That's conservative reviewed dot com slash convention. I also put it on my FaceBook and Twitter site in Germany review dot com slash convention will be right back. Yeah. It's. The moon moves around you shouldn't do we do the vocal crisis. George. I see yeah. And flooded the al-Qaeda. The year in this heed the call of western civilization. The fear of death. This is they have slob. This is day eight in multi billionaire. Who's made money by. Creating currency crises in places like Britain that George Soros. That's the guy that that's behind her and he's discussed and and as at about trapeze has it about crazy show disgust and he's he had sugar daddy behind the left. To it wanna know. Cannot or do you ladies and gentlemen of America by Ray Charles. Her. You go. And ever change yeah. The workers who. Okay. Okay. You don't want all of that. So if I'm like yeah. Yeah. She's got. Love him. We're okay. Christine. Okay. It's. Okay. It's. Okay. Good luck out there America I know very serious weather conditions no joke. We salute our armed forces police officers firefighters emergency personnel and snowplow drivers thank you. And I writing and I Griffey and I Pepsi and unites smoky. Get niceness get out Qaeda. And all of those stinking hot growth that. It's open and kind of know your peers. Here's a battle between hops and long. What's hops to fit in with bolt to. No way to wind is bad news NN Boston. How small the perfect format files yeah.