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2/5/16 - Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Feb 5, 2016|

Sen. Lindsey Graham isn’t going anywhere in the Presidential race and is now saying the most vile things about Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. He talks about Cruz as an opportunist dragging down Republicans, yet he himself is dragging down two Republicans, Cruz and Trump. Instead of running down fellow ...

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And never got no good thing about an old truck you can read like an old truck. However you want. Because the paint job looks Briscoe and Merck dense build character and unpaved roads are on scientifically proven to be so deeper and more fun. And with a over 400000 cars a little method Noel. You can keep that thing running longer stronger there's not a whole. That's broken and that's not them. And here. Only underground. Feet from the bowels of hidden. So when it come to a brick and steel over nondescript building. Once again made contact without. Hello everybody. Mark then here are numbered 877381. 38118773813811. Paralyzed our by the way I would have left Fred Dryer on actor's former New York Giants LA rams friend of the show from the mine. Talk a little bit of. So provoke fifty. And he is terrific and he is hilarious and he is blocked. Those of you who haven't heard him you may remember him also violate the or hunter. Which I watched a lot of I love matchup. It was a great show. Tomorrow would have been Ronald Reagan's a 105 birthday mr. produced. And what's amazing is they show was launched an indication. On now February 6 2000. Now been on the air much longer than that it was launched an indication. Enough February 2006. It began on a Sunday show for two hours noon to. Back in 2002. And that really just grew from there and a I want to thank all of you and I told you and I mean it that. We're going to be a couple of very very big announcements. I would I wanted to make one of them today but not ready to do it next week. And then a very big announcement on February. And I think it's February 18. You know one of the things about has me a lot. Are these establishment types. And how they are fully prepared. To burned down things they don't get their way. You've heard a number of them declared that if Donald Trump was nominated he will not go far. And I'm a declared the same about cruise. It's really quite appalling. Give Lindsey Graham and down. Going anywhere CNN anywhere anywhere that I haven't. Little weasel. And really the most vile things about cruise and trying to. Lindsey Graham actually is a very stupid man. You may recall when he was in the House of Representatives. And all this Clinton got came up. Lindsey Graham was on the house judiciary can mean the how I became faint. Everybody Cody candlelight march when he unit will Rogers when in fact who has more Forrest Gump. And then he insisted that look we should bring these impeachment charges but we should not bring an impeachment charge. On what took place going Clinton's deposition that'll never hold water. And how they House of Representatives moves on they'd they'd do their below indictment and impeachment indictment. The senate the senate and it's missing. It's missing Bill Clinton obstruction of justice. Perjury. And frankly what became contempt of court. During his deposition testament. The most damning of all the testimony from illegal per that position. And as I just said Clinton was held in contempt because he lied during that deposition in front of the federal judge in Washington DC. He was to art for I think eight years. By the Arkansas supreme Carty was permanently disbarred by the Supreme Court because he never went back for his life. He basically yeah admitted guilt to pay the fine he wouldn't defend them off in that district court. Little Rock, Arkansas because to have defended himself would have meant he would of had to explain himself without an. Against him in front of the federal trapped. So the most Dan noble thing the Clinton did. And by the way those of us. Those people who say this is personal lied during a deposition to cover up your conduct. Not a minor issue. A major. It's a significant. A Lindsey Graham blow. Any still cocky. Arrogant. Little Fella. Who keeps slipping through the Republican primary process because at an open process. If these South Carolina primary process was a closed process he would mean being nominated for the US and it. To the Republican primary had to rely on other. Now he ran for president. In the Republican primary they guy wasn't even a blip on radar screen. Never before icing somebody actually get negative numbers. And yet there Iwuh. So he's on CNN yesterday. I'm talking to wolf let's I don't know what all these Republicans are doing talking to what I don't know what the hell's gonna bank Carson at this point. Well all due respect doctor I just think your way out of sorts at this point I really do and you can be assured that. Tomorrow night at tonight's debate is gonna come up bowler. How leaves he had crews are probably a what do you think. Donald Trump what do you think. And cards and what yet again we know. But listen Lindsey Graham on CNN yesterday being questioned by. Wolf Blitzer first of all who names their kid wolf. Secondly how this has got to remain on TV. He's another one dumb is it to make. Koch Ronnie go. You don't have any confidence in them basically to be commander in chief and and religion is wrong is Obama if not worse than it is worse for trump. I don't know if anybody worse than truck. Here Republican in your charge is Donald Trump and Ted Cruz and general election of a difference between poor and our shot is filled it. I just don't get to win a general election you got that temperament and background judgment experience to be commander in chief. I don't think Donald Trump has the temperament his foreign Paul is he's completely gibberish is domestic policy is all emotional it won't work ticker is at his core. Is an opportunist. When it comes to political career. He is an ideological bent that won't know the American people. And when it came time to say what it is is done and at what he's on the Rendell and other Republicans can't solve any problem. One interview Cooper what problems have you sub Kubrick you in your stupid they gang of eight. They don't solve problems they create problems. What the hell is this full Don up against Obama. He learned that the sided John McCain. He learned a design it's amazing thing. I don't want out of his mouth he talks about. Dropping crude. Any talks about cruise being an opportunist who just drags down other Republicans want dragging down to republic. While he's bad math thing the two leading Republicans. And then this week or Hewitt and United States armed forces of the Libya the United States armed forces. And Syria United States armed forces more. Ignore Iraq all of the damp light while marking him in the military. He was a lawyer in the military. I'm not putting it out but there is a difference. At what makes general MacArthur what makes general Patton. Can you imagine this guy running for president and talking to pollutants mean he leaned acting deputy chef at gala where. He's not out they're gone after Bernie Sanders. Eight died in the Wal-Mart is he's not going after Hillary Clinton. At odds that aren't as they would be ballot. The spectacular Republican leaders he could beat him on the campaign ran out he couldn't beat him in debates they couldn't get on the same stage as they lower. And now he's walking around on us. One's an opportunist. Who's an ideologues who runs down Republicans as he's running them down. And the other guys basically saying is an Eddie. So what he's really saying is. The hundreds of thousands. They millions of the bat one of the two of these candidate. There's something wrong with you. Lindsey Graham is the quit the central problem in Washington DC. He Natalie has a low like you think he's Smart and everybody. And they talk about getting things done you haven't solved many problems that aren't talking about solving problems Lindsey Graham what. Problem is Lindsey Graham. Yeah. The way that eighty to Scarborough. He really did corner Rick Santorum anywhere Rick underwater wetter I rubio is accomplishment. Basically he said none but he didn't know. What we're Joseph Scarborough his accomplishments when he was I mean none. Zero. Borrowers accomplishments on radio. He sucked so bad they threw him off Arabia. And now he's on TV. Caught and Ellis eight GB I called a funny five watt lightbulb I'll be right back. On the radio here. We're gonna get in the morning news in the second but it's. Ted Cruz a New Hampshire yesterday. Came across a brilliant lady. It absolutely brilliantly. And that cut his team go okay Hollywood. Finally. And sometimes I get the who his favorite. I'll we'll be right now is your favorite. Well thank you very much that I question you know I have to say it is important to the other marquee event phenomenal. I love Martin. Yeah you know when I was running for and it mark endorsed me in the senate race and and bright for the race on Kennedy did as well. And and and John pointed out that he said he really had no choice to endorse him because he had every day for two weeks mark called an issue. Support through the not your career and yeah. But yeah if you don't generally and it is understood to believe in America. No I was it was the only way to market leave me alone so. I listened to the question do you an unbelievably in the Supreme Court. We have a radical and activist Supreme Court right now. But as out of control as a supreme Korea's leader wonder just what. From 85 just his left wing radical majority the likes of which this country has never. And he goes on and here's the thing. The Iranians Lindsey Graham. Doesn't care. Lindsey Graham votes for every nominee. This radical president. Put forward. Lindsey Graham whether Obama care. Whether the outrageous immigration decision whether same sex marriage which is they did in the state should be making Lindsey Graham. Keeps telling us to move on and to move along when it comes with a massive national debt Lindsey Graham supports. When it comes to taking the united states military. And sending. Ground troops. In every hall all of the energy Lindsey Graham support it like conservatism. That's not being a Hawke Petit utterly irresponsible and unconscionable. Regular one of our greatest president because of both domestic and foreign policy accomplishment heat defeated the Soviet Union we never invaded any country. Around the Soviet Union. Kuwaiti. They collapse or the Bush Administration. He's around of their mother our allies. He's the man to disaster. We are arrogant use satellite country. And yet we use our military. But we didn't basically any American everywhere is matter of fact and I could be wrong off the top of my head. I believe the only place we actually invaded was Grenada. Lindsey Graham doesn't know what they're really talking about. Lands' End Wednesday. It mama come back on Wednesday it anyway. And quite frankly I don't I held a lot of distance between Lindsey Graham Marco Rubio. You know what's going on Libya today. Al-Qaeda on the run. Around. Egypt is being you is being threatened you know what's right across from the Mediterranean. Maybe a yard rent that I. Prods from Tripoli. Lindsey Graham. John McCain Barack Obama Hillary Clinton and yet even Marco Rubio they have little light to this part of the well. They. No I am not an isolationist. No I am not Ron Paul no no no I am not act you can. I'm conservative. Reagan night. Strong defense hawks but you don't intervene in every situation. We're not out to create a society where not to stay in our own side. We're up to help protect our allies to our allies are out and I'll protect us. Let me Saturday night if there any series quite. In this regard Marco Rubio or is it all going to be Ben Carson what do you think about the ethics of tank crews. Rubio what do you think about the ethics of Patrick. Let's say Donald Trump why do you think and you know. The meat is Hampton. The debate tomorrow and which of course opulent. The Democrats had a debate I didn't watch 12 of the we do have some clips continued here. Economic. Summit because it's crucial. And I've been thinking about the immigration issue. I hope all the campaigns live and I'm not gonna ask candidates to call him because when I do that water to actually do. This issue about. Amending. The gang of eight what Ted Cruz man there what Mike Lee may enter what Jeff Sessions mentally patient. Those men and others should never had to have proposed amendment to that deal because that bill should never have been present it. And but for the fact that those eight and it. That those eight senators. Propose such a monstrous bill. There are other senators who are trying to figure out any possible way they could to opt. What Iraq. And we've reached a point and get a 2800 air whatever whatever it is. That this back and forth that the the moderator is like. Rubio turns isn't well actually I do agree with me and actually use supported them in actually used to put illegal as they actually hear this and actually that. The fact of the matter. Nobody would have had to present any poison pill amendments that are now being twisted. If that bill hadn't been presented in the first place. And that bill. You can say rubio has been. Ever gives him in many respects but that. At bill ladies and gentlemen would have been at staggered at the heart of the United States would never have recognized his country again. That's what Chuck Schumer went up to it that's what Dick Durbin was up that's what Lindsey Graham was up. And that's what Marco local. Rubio was up. My above their means. But your ass for a common liberal plot tomorrow in our 87738132. Sport Martins and. Graham is not strong on defense Lindsey Graham is not strong on national security he's reckless Rex is not strong reckless stupid. Lindsey Graham a scope. The quickest way. To destroy morale and a country the quickest way to deplete resources in a country. If you do it Lindsey Graham pushed. And John McCain and quite frankly in many respects ruby. We need to gondola country kick ass so we ought to go on no country take us. We need to obliterate in my view and I've been talking about it for years I. And obliterate them in a way that we used to around war wart to. And during the Korean normally don't do that anymore. 'cause we're told that not our values it's not our belief system apparently our values and belief system is sent our young men and women. But particularly our young men and combat. When they have to go on the streets and alleys or abide dole. And get killed. Rather than knocking at their block up affect your. Did not that might. You obliterate the lack. And our values and our country. They hit on 9/11 we didn't it. And I can talk to my country being put down. Pretty quick with our country. And Lindsey Graham answer is I don't every damn how long that they yet. You wiesel spent well. You lose the American people that way and you. It's utterly irresponsible. Debbie at 101215. Countries and I report. Fighting every day civil war. Don't held on what night. And I am second tired of sending our men and women in these rallies. A five to fight Islam or not they. What are we had these bombers for anyway. Like they not the drop bonds anymore. Why I have now bombers even at 852 why it happened. If you're not gonna use them but what Kelly did you. And we can't fight wars is way George Alcan but we won't. And that takes a leader to explain that the American people. Out Graham wanted to send 1020000 troops in Syria. And it didn't do. Yeah let's go. There are happy about it could not Fiat. Finally we get cut off indicate. He gave up its nuclear program. US intelligence. He was slime ball and I. Eddie parent. According to the Bush Administration the parent. The Bush Administration. And then we take them out. We take him out. And I'll look what. The look on a map Libya's one big game country and it is oil rich and it innate problem area. It is access to the Mediterranean Sea it is a problem this is no joke. Oh well I had out. Eras are of. Absolutely responsible. That cannot repeat Pratt to your question. This democracy project pushed by the bushes. But by McCain pushed by leaned Cranium. Push by rubio could only word democracy is as a result of democracy project. Whereas. Where it let me. Get my. Mary. Barack where's where's the democracy. Afghanistan. Where as soon as we get out the Taliban all rove over the whose Roma over those hills again joined by guy is an al-Qaeda. Or that democracy project. Yeah we needed democracy project right here in America where we need a democracy project. Utter and complete failure. Mr. radical intervention is it is not there it's not. A wrong foreign policy. On military policy it is what it. You must be an isolationist hell now. I don't believe in national suicide he now. Bernie Sanders. In a better time in America. 304050 years ago Bernie Sanders would not be a United States. He'd be a homeless person in Burlington Vermont. And a public park. Wearing that congress lacks naked. White shorts and a paper hat screaming at the top of his lungs on on corner. And people give them an apple as they go by and pat him on the head it but now he's running for president of United States in the Democrat party. Always got some great idea. And I like mark. We'll go to the bank let go look at the oil companies let go look at the bit that good back. Why how what a revolutionary. He pronounces archery. I don't let don't let up a anyway. Last night debate. Two losers. Yelling at each. Look like an icing on the an attic controllers and. Can make out. We argue I'm talking about they are not radicals like I love Obama but when I did. I'm glad any. I'm mark them totally get it or not rattled when I did it again. Go ahead yeah. Public colleges and universities to worship afraid. And country all all I'll clap that. Making public colleges and universities to exist in countries like an argument. Not bad at all public the last. It would allow Tug at gateway and look what led the way. What are only Buddy Hackett never Buddy Hackett mr. reduce it even though I'm talking about. I was like Buddy Hackett demeanor is. You all over the world ladies and gentlemen and a public colleges and universities to push this your typical liberal like all over the world if free healthcare. Now all over the mark last socialist Wear out all over the third where they can Bailey feed them out everything freight. Everything fraying. And they're disaster. Everything's free at the human being everything freaks at the individual. You would actually have people two thirds of the people in this country don't go to college he and actually people in this country who earn less money and work hard. Subsidizing people who wanna go to college. That's redistributing wealth from people who Ernie limited income to people who are likely to earn a bigger income not at all Kaye has obviously there are exceptions but you get my point. The way Ernie. Lord let it and let what every extremely well. But people who don't know what college segment segment that people will get a caller to protect exactly blow out. Okay I'm convinced now. Notice Lindsey Graham not. Marrying a guy. Now I get along what is a good implant made many good. And one to elect anybody president named Barry. A lap at tech but Britney and Ernie. President bringing in are now. Continue. In the united rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure. And how mad can how many more times that would allow public look at the bill of rights rumbling and rock. Whatever happened that almost trillion dollars. I don't know they got probably Democrat. I'd probably reflect that that would have let them down. You know I had thirteen million jobs. I don't get away with tax loophole. That large corporations. And I'll enjoy it like putting their money into that came and I. I had madly dodged a leg at the McLaren I'm a minute and let it all they know bill. I have a question. Why don't we make investment in this country. Good enough for me. Don't put the money in the Cayman Islands but they put the money in America. I don't think this plan on the crackpot. This one of the professor Erwin Corey I don't think he'd get. Money goes where money can make money. Well I take it. Now somebody needs to confront this man. On the Republicans slash conservatives. In explained to him. The reason we have the highest standard of living in America. The reason we have flush toilets in America. The reason we have dishwashers and washing machines and the reason we've clean water coming at a faucet in America. The reason why you flick which and you had light in your house in America. The reason why most Americans have won if not to automobile. The reason why most Americans have a color TV and microwave oven posters and everything else. Is because I capitalism you to quit. You Marat you joked that's right I edit. There are being nothing to read it except misery. A few people who actually spoke out for free market capitalism and free market. Not crony capitalist I love the attack on Wall Street to all that. Well a lot. Laughter Walter Ellis Wall Street John. It did Hank what are the big acts why they're big bang. And they get me. I think there's people put their money in the and people got loans from the any bill all the things that. Pretty amused looks about like infrastructure. I guess some three out liar ladies and gentlemen I don't care if the banks are bigger or smaller in between I don't really think it's government's business. Now I don't I don't think we should be bailing them out. And I think we should be subsidizing them but I don't think 80% of their private activity should be regulated from Washington you. Oh I know. Call me an idea Lott calling it. It. Problem in this country is in the big banks and big government. Even the collapse of the housing market wrote about it in liberty here and have talked about it on the air many many times. That was caused by the banks that was of the the banks were required as a matter of law as a matter of law where they would have been prosecuted otherwise from the Justice Department and hot. Including the clown as governor of New York now what about. Obama. Who is via. A pay cut. They forced these banks the loans that the banks would never have given. Because we all know that race that only a straight right. I am sick and tired of these left wing Kooks. Trying to destroy this country trying to strike one industry after another turning American against American. This jerk. Who had his wedding ceremony in the old Soviet Union. Eric should be left up late at eight irony or we like irony. Well he's romantic action in aspect I irony. Now let's seat them at his whole life. Boycott man elected mayor Burlington Vermont a lack. Any crack act and the elected mayor of Burlington Vermont. Tonto what 31 how. A white town in America. At right. Even more than Martha's Vineyard I'm surprised Obama hasn't vacation there yet he looks for these areas I'll be right back. Okay. Constant. I get older. Like the minimum. Oh yeah. I meant if it is yeah. We're trying clips of Megyn Kelly. Come mania Jimmy Fallon show last night. Think she won't. And that I noticed she was wearing black leather. Illness to produce an oven if I do this showing black leather what do you think. I think it. Nobody would notice. And they would notice flies during the show up my. But just say you know but there don't like your imagination run while I'm fully clothed when I do that I mean usually in. Imagine gift. That was thoughtful easy something she would love all on one a call that a win for Valentine's Day would you. Well Valentine's Day is almost here. Pro flowers at the pros that make Valentine's Day vary you. Pro flowers is offering you my listeners. 10100. Blooms of love plus a free class they had to 1999. MP. Plus. You'll get free chocolate if you order like tonight at midnight tonight at midnight that it. All you have to do is go to pro flowers got a pro flowers dot com use my special coat mark. And pro flowers is quick easy delivery always guaranteed. They are having seven day freshness guarantees. He looked great can't think of the better gift and a Valentine's Day. But don't wait you need if you wait you're not gonna get the deal including free chocolate category tonight. Call 800 ER oh flowers 800. PRO flowers. Even better. That a pro flowers dot com click on the blue microphone at the top of the right hand corner. In type and mark the pro flowers dot com click on the microphone type in my coat mark. You have to get the order in and night at midnight. In order to get the idea when we're going to urge you to do. Bernie Sanders wasn't done on the MSNBC debate and unfortunately. Lot of people want to watch. While I shouldn't and fortunately I'm one of them wasn't watching add something to do. You know likely my fingernails. My theory is again cut nine ago. I literally sell. When you have three out on the floor largest mines and American candidate. Big are certainly works significantly better off than when we bailed them out because they were too big to fail. I think he's Teddy Roosevelt girl I did a good Republican guard the way what he would say here's a break them. They are so powerful economically they're 20 how cool politically and that is what I believe and many. Evacuated town town. Now ladies and gentlemen what two big today's government. Brain and is one never explained there's an over 200 million dollar unfunded liability. He would ever explained that there's so we're nineteen trillion dollars now in fiscal operating debt. You want to break up the bank. We break up the fat heavily break up the Treasury Department how well we break up the federal government in the piece is it's supposed to be. How about we embrace the constitution. I would leave people alone how about we stop redistributing wealth that we topic and it's decoy attack in the analysts regulate. Is Ernie is really smarter. And all the other clouds and have come before him and of the draw I want society after another. Why are we got. This guy's gonna decide what industries live what industries guys what industries look like a minute he's gonna decide if you're too much money too little money. He's gonna do I who pays what. Well god and they didn't achieve marks. Well. Burlington Vermont. Who looked white and the United States senate. He's good at this odd. For all of us for all time. Blip of public biblically yeah that's what I them gave me today. I'll be right back. These days. Only underground. From the bowels of a hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel over nondescript building. We once again make contact without leaving those. You know everybody this team needs and italics do. I number 87738138118773813811. By the way. There's a number of issues that Marco Rubio Donald Trump and other. It's sad that I strongly agree with the well there are. There's a lot of issues that they have worked positions. That I strongly agree with clearly not all of them. But it is funny BP disparate treatment used in our favorite cable talent and watching that regret. In the break. That was either that are banned. And that I was watching regret and these are the kinds of questions it would be. Tony yeah I want you to that particular shirt to Wear it and I Tony Grammy. And Tony you know. I'm too tired of being victimized. By the tag team of crispy and bush well. And then. Don't like it when young people are coming to your rallies and large number. And I remember the crews. What do Lee is well and I'm no good for nothing Sheikh. Avery yeah. I mean obviously him. Dramatize it but. Not that far off. Two bit. And I see year up Politico is reporting my good buddy Hugh Hewitt. And Donald Trump on a show. And he said trump said he would not rule out Ted Cruz has his hypothetical vice presidential pick he said well I don't know look and nothing against them. Sort of a bad thing that happened but I've always liked them. He's focused on New Hampshire and at ten and I've always gotten along well. And I got to thinking. Waited. Shouldn't he ruled out Ted. Can. He ladies and gentlemen it's been living in position you can serve as vice president intranet qualified service presently ninth. And all the earth like crap that's been spinning around for months. Shouldn't have Donald Trump's answer to my dear friend Hugh Hewitt have been. I get along great attendees a good guy but you know large tribe that he might not be able to serve is not. Present the united thanks of course like to you know given its Canadian. Citizenship and but he didn't say that. I'm waiting from the earth they're site and a surrogate to point that out. Fanned out. And always the truth. Boy I imbalance that now by the way. During the democratic debate there was another person's standing there. They color Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton. Paid a lot of money to give speeches to produce I don't know where me I'd be paying her a lot of money to shut up. But they pair a lot of Mike because what she has to say is so incredibly important. He spellbinding. Not really. Screaming junior year. And a they sympathize for bill and renowned and doesn't. So here she is that the MS Ellis. Because I and it progressives who gets things done and over in terms that words can rest of his progress. And I hurt us. I thought the root of the word was rest. But she was arrest. But the root of the word she says is progress. Go ahead. And your comments and it's really caused me to wonder who left it in the progress of wing of the Democratic Party under his definition. I'm not progressive because he took donations from Wall Street's. Vice President Biden is not progressive because he's important he's downed senator Shaheen is not regret that because he supports a trade pact. Even the late great senator Paul Wellstone would not fit this definition because he voted for don't mock. You know the way I look at this do you have Trotsky I. Debating when and debating Stalinist debating with mallet. NN NN. We we did we explain at this. We take a ranked number we take them out of step. Oil companies compact at the oil and again yeah delegate at every week. And that's why get that refrain goes on and they go to the gore lock them over there are. My lesbian. And their progress because they believe in progress. Now they're regret. And they don't believe in Prague may begin the eight iron fist at least eight government. That's what they believe it and it'll be one hell of a dark day if either the east to munch and become president united state. There's no question about it. And she should get things done what Belichick had done as a US senator for eight years. And what she got Don is a secretary of state is a disaster. Ocean got much done. Remember Hillary care. Yes. Hillary care Obama care Romney care. We've asked our own can't I can't do that. But she wasn't done. Hillary did what he usually. She focused in on her genitalia. Right there in front of the entire nation. All twelve people watching the Democrat debate. Including those inner. Cabinet but in any event. She wants you all to look at her genitalia would seemingly Mimi Le. At twelve guy out. It just jump in here because. Honestly. Tennis and it's the only person who I think would characterize. Me. Pie in woman running to be the first woman president as exemplified establish. Let's let's stop there isn't Carly Fiorina running Vista is. Potentially running to be the first female president that's not her goal but would she be the first female president. Yeah he would. There's Carly Fiorina. Insist that we look at Aaron is a woman tradition as the we look at her as a candidate. I'm Tony Carly Fiorina. Well anyway she is. Would kick this Hillary Clinton across skate there's no question in my mind breaker fought. But don't kicker across the stage. I'll tell you ladies and gentlemen Hilary Clinton could never be part of the establishment she was never First Lady. The the United States who has never senator. Should never secretary of state. She was never giving speeches for which was paid an exorbitant amount of money. In court they weren't trying to influence or where that. So of course he's not part of the establishment. Look at it. An Italian does that look like a part of the tablet that does it look like it's all about it I don't wanna get another note I. And is. That we focus on what Twitter is. Well let me Wayne but you understand. And and if you do focus. When you act. How it confused. We're supposed to look at chair. Because you'll want. In and we look. And and then and then. I'm confused. But she wasn't. Hillary rotten Clinton. Cut thirteen go. Yes I spoke to firms on Wall Street's they wanted me to talk about the world what my experience a van as secretary of days. But yeah what I want people to know is. I don't until Wall Street before the crash I was delighted saying you're gonna wreck the economy because of these shenanigans with more. Are you adds yeah we are remember. Hillary going a long story saying. Look at the shenanigans. Already adds weight we all remember Hillary even before the all the F banking she was their first Hewitt lost in eight. And that mr. producer. I don't remember that does anyone remember that. Before the court. She was a morning. The get their act again. Well. She's so misunderstood maybe it's because every genitalia. Let's continue. Cut fourteen go. And finally let's start that a right has tuna that. Little fellow they'll match truck Todd. That truck cut. Cut fourteen. Into the matter how about how you may have handled classified material are you a 100%. That nothing is going to compound the FBI and I'm not. That that is a. Interest in question. I expected when they question like that would be yes must deduce if she put upper hand and think I can. I. Or something like. No. And I am 73 point two and cup. We're gonna question. I think it discriminatory because of her genitalia yet again. Go ahead and confidence this is a security review. That must request follow its security review. All you have to security review that's what the FBI's approach to a security review how. And the FBI is known to boost security review. No. They're investigating you. Are turning over secret to the enemy. Yeah you hear him. And your genitalia. Turning over secret to the enemy. Would your private Eric now one damn well you were getting classified information of the most classified elect. You didn't give a damn about an Asian security and now. You're doing particularly the media. Security review and which sounds like Buddy Hackett that I had. Being carried out it will be where I'll. But I have to add. If there's going to be security review about meeting to be security reviews about a lot of other key Republicans always older already good. The difference is Republicans get charged with that. You Hillary always one step ahead of the law. I don't understand how you've evaded the law for the Obama. Should be running for president of the United States she should be running for president of your cell block. I'll be right back. Okay and. You can see how this is developing them. Born yesterday Jindal just now endorsing rubio trying to push from across the line in New Hampshire which could happen. Could certainly happen. You know enough. Phyllis Schlafly at their paranoia rubio. I act than during this debate in numbers things happened first of all. They'll go after cruise. Through Bangkok. I don't know why bang car keeps hammering away at this he's not even put up a fight in New Hampshire. And he was not going to win Iowa. Letters tweak audio none of that matters. And and I'm sure rubio will bring up look. You know there are many prominent conservatives who think some conservative. The answer to that is simple. And they do. But nobody defends no serious conservative defense or even attempt to justify what you do with a gang of eight. And the gang of eight is your big issue. That was your big issue. There's only two people on that's fake. You talk about getting along with Schumer we're dealing was Schumer or who've dealt with them. And that trumpet rubio. Hi frank Schumer to be used to pick a bullet they come. He is a horrid. Her. And his ambition. Has to change this country in ways that you and I fine unconscionable even revolt. You would find me a pirate senator in the same room with that jerk or businessman for that land. Period. No way. Well ladies and gentlemen. Barack Obama was out about today. Bragging about the economy. I think we have almost the same unemployment rate is North Korea at this point I may be Zimbabwe. They cut they're the same way. People out of jobs. People who are desperate and I ninety and I take them off the rolls so they don't count. Well they fell out of the workplace. Or they go all there on the street. In this or what I remember when Greg Lewis present I ever in his administration day after day night after night people my age remember the to have. The nightly news. Had a story in like on. Regular Hillary. On the homeless. Men. They would go down and they should be soup kitchens and people online reaganomics they used to talk about. The most vibrant economy. If not in American history certainly one of the most vibrant in American history. They would talk about inequality in elaborate that they were always bring those camera the news cameras into these places. How the Reagan economy. Had bypass the poor helpless in the medium handicap. Than minorities. When in fact that was nonsense. Massive robust vigorous economic growth. Why you love them so much dominion. Today. Arnold homeless people there's no soup kitchens. The we live and not look at unemployment is at four point 8%. Right down there wouldn't oratory and Zimbabwe. Expect. There's 95 million people under the workers' day. Tony about whether news media. We're the Pretoria and guard we have to protect has clamped I mean as president. Caught one go. I want to buy because as you're aware by now America. Created another 158000. Job well my ally 158000. Jobs nominee that it had about 3000 jobs per state. In a country of 300 almost 320 million people. Whoa. Look at all the shots we traded Matt. You can't fight. Thousand people in California. Really proud of you look at look little that we don't 158000. Jobs and increase. Diet. After reaching 10%. In 2009. Unemployment rate has now fallen to four point nine. No way four point 9% I think it's one. I think the unemployment rate is one. And the more people we can pull out of the workforce the more people we can pollution to ocean into welfare. Any unemployment rate will go down. I'd really think the real number is one. Amanda doesn't take enough credit for how fundamentally transforming America. How he would unleash the American economy pulling back regulate. Actually tax encouraging economic growth. Pat how do you like living in a soft here. How do you like living in a country where you really don't have a free press a propagandist. How do you like living in a country where you lied to with the army statistics. Oh yeah four point four going to be great now ahead. Present. Even as more Americans joined the job market last month. So the first time that the unemployment rate has dipped below 5% in almost eight years wobbly wanna thank you sign. When a hanky down and all the economic growth and just look around your community. Although shattered those misses. And offices they're not really shattered there's all kinds of work going on behind it slide board that's been nailed up against the wind. Well yes caches all kinds of stuff going on here. America back to where. The black community is. It's just Bill Clinton entrepreneur origin growth higher intercity kids if I've never seen anything like it in my life. And they America's back ladies and gentlemen. Coming right back. Blasting conservative. De mark love them to show. Colin now that 8773813811. Thing if you fine and god knows if it is true that now. People are literally going on our favorite cable channel. To announce their support for ruby and. But I don't. Is that how weird. I'm not to. We'll go to regretting show she's been on the air fourteen years and relations. Regretted. That only seems like when he. In game there will announce her support in the they act like it's a surprise we all now. So governor Jindal. Former governor general her recent pal Martha revenues as easily and guys they can pull us all together into the mountain. Pick and turn around market where he can unite us so in unison. Who's next. By the way the former governor of Virginia has had plotted out last week and mr. Gil Warner. When you get fourteen votes some serious in Iowa. Now we've asked before why governor Gilmore is on the race honestly I thought he had dropped out of the race. You know he's still running. And hubris that might take for some of these people it's it's just incredible to me. Does not an embarrassment. Twelve people fourteen people an entire state vote for him. I mean that would be an embarrassment if you're running for your local HO. And I got twelve well I'll hold it. -- Running and apparently he's demanding that hey I need to be on the right here empire on the first day debate. Mark public apartment at out. Others had more votes. Then former governor Gilmore it's humiliating. Really not that hill I don't yet. Luck that Gilmore juggernaut it in the wings it's just waiting for the next and other and the dropout that married yes he's ready he's rated elite. It's only knows no offense I just think it's ridiculous. I mean and the extra amount Marilyn what's his name O'Malley a little bit. He finally woke up. And suspending my campaign spending a lot. Just drop out I love that so we're spending our campaign why are they gonna happen on Wednesday. Now. Well guess I am not running anymore. What kind of blew that. Media research and it sat down recently. And calculate precisely how many millions of broadcast networks ban on every topic throughout 20:15 other evening newscast. The results are astounding they should network news agenda heavy on crime terrorism and whether. An extremely light on democratic scandals obamacare is failing out of control national debt Sanctuary City atrocities taking place a plane parent. I really believe our. Biggest at this year's media met by the way Erica Brent Bozell and the media research center on important. They provide the proof for what we instinctively know a real. This year and are you taking their efforts to hold a level up with a campaign called all the truth when he sixteen. The other I don't war room mode over there and they're working 24/7 a fight liberal media bias. So what can you do to help very simple. You could start by going to tell the truth 2016. That'll work. Go there right now get a free don't believe the liberal media bumper sticker we want this on as many cars or any given thumps up it happier orange my out. You know you're near a fellow patriot. We need a lot more of these out there. It got to tell the truth when he sixteen out all right get your free don't believe the liberal media bumper sticker from the MR seat today. And tell the truth 2016. Dot org. And it's continued shelling and yes I think we will drop. Mobile, Alabama on the mark that a mark that it's taking my call man I love it you know I wanted to. Stay in regards to that senator Graham on bet you know a true believer of a philosophy are calling Europe a movement. Tried to do in whatever. Capacity they can do good and that college you know when they don't. I think they're released indicate how seriously should take their their voice within the movement and honestly this collection department of Italy on both sides of the RO and this is why we brilliant we projected grant his candidacy that's why Iran were rejecting Jeb candidacy. And I believe that we're gonna reject any candidate. That we believe it isn't going to advance the car you know and I think that. We've seen enough. As people look again that it likes and Kane got to where you know we we want progress on our front it we wanted to see. Are yet for our generation not deferred project to do column. That the competition is preserved you know and I. Isn't it isn't did you take constitution. Yet. Are you a purist. And you know what. Have you have you on down and bang your head. Back. And I don't ideologues there don't understand. A new era a new day. Well you know I believe. I believe our common human experience. That really. He generations. No truth. And acquisition be preserved and I believe that. Like yourself that we know there's certainly the don't change you know there are doing that change it. I believe liberty and the desire to really live three. And it plum the depth of our potential human being does something that any thing civilization. Should be cultivated. And then he will blending to have that. At our founding and I'm proud that our founding I think that even the founders they've debate they didn't they didn't have problems you know that cannot be dead my right. You know there really is a way that you know I think a lot from people like author conservatives are you know libertarian you know. Is Israel using did you say you're conservative. Yeah. And a conservatism is a new communism in a closet thank you for a car my friend. Listen to some of these idiots. Dan. San Luis Obispo California the great day as an act out. I've been accused of the last six months. And Dave unaware of Libya be in the yeah thirteen years I have. Are there a better result and I just looked from other top artists. JRO I let my previous space and it it's an extension. Yeah they're now. I absolutely hound. Side wanted to tell you why I've. While I'm backing at this flat back in Marco Rubio I think he's the second most conservative candidate out there on the field. But I think he's the most electable candidate took those two turpitude that's why I'm back at. He's the most electable. Maybe he is may be here until why do you make that claim based on what. And did not make that senate debate all up up the hole when he goes up against Hillary you went nine diabetic and deepen. And no other candidate has that so far. Not correct I I went through statistic yesterday that show an Iowa. More young people voted for a cruise and then trump. And for rubio more blue collar workers voted for cruise and then trump. And and mark your radio hopefuls when I go to the group there are. Ought to explore and I'm looking at the national polls and I'm I'm not. Looking in national polls I'm looking and actual interviews with when people went into voting these caucuses. So it is not a given. At all that he's the most electable. Any more than Romney and McCain were the most elect but but here's the problem. And I pointed this out yesterday and a lot of people pointed this out and I accretion Adams a PGA media made the point. For a lot of people the most fundamental danger in this country. Starts with the failure to secure our borders. The failure to secure our borders which has an effect on our. National security are domestic security our crime levels in this country terrorism in this country which has an effect on our economy. Which has an effect on the welfare state which has an effect on our communities schools system a local taxpayers and so forth and so on. Much of the revolves around. Illegal immigration and illegal immigration run amok. And the problem a lot of people are having is even when you look at the ratings drink I like rubio on this issue. Where he pledged when he was running for the senate. That he would not support any of this. He almost immediately Jen Affleck enjoying what are the low of lows some senators ever Chuck Schumer. And that wing of the Democratic Party and that wing of the Republican Party in came up with a monster and came up with a prank and stuff. Which not only harmed our security. But would've been an absolute disaster for the nation he's yet apologized for any yet to admit he was wrong Ollie says is we can't do it all once we got to secure the border first. That shouldn't be here. Hey hey it is a light ball popping up all of a sudden we've been fighting this Asia beginning what George W. Bush. In the mid 2000 all the way up to now and you're saying to me why asleep while he's the guy didn't get elected mount a lot of people are furious about the. But I'm also plays the second most conservative and out there. Nobody can not listening nowhere I just. I agree I I. I agree I think the same boat as product. And how was my second conservative candidate Al. Inserted got a 95% of server and was in 95 semi look today. Voted for the loose adrenaline today. And I agree I I I wish I wish you cannot say. I regret it on with that bill I let. You know below the angle. Leaning national conservative. Who says not only is Marco Rubio the conservative who by contrast. But I agree with him on the gang of eight you know anyone who says. I don't. I don't know anyone by the way is a 79%. Rating it conservative view I don't think he's ever had a 95% rate you may be can easing in the Rand Paul. Rand Paul as they're not Marco Rubio 79. You went to school right used to get exams right. When you got Saturday night what was that there was a seat wasn't it. Agassi plus. Well that's what he's got the conservative radio in plot so he's not the second most conservative run but even that aside. I even told you and told the whole world there are a lot of issues we unite green on. A whole lot of issues where he and I agree. But this one is particularly hard one to bite down on it just did. I agree I totally boots it's hard to buy them on I listened to how many says Spain like. You know I what I learned from this what I learned from those and he's totally rich Hewlett say you know I'm repressed man. Second it would be the Florida house he ran a Tea Party conservative. He opposed any path to legalization. At and I've played the audio but that would be a form of and a Dana would certainly encourage more people to come here illegally. He knows Chuck Schumer is a sleaze ball and it becomes a Washington. You think he's just ninety. He knows who Chuck Schumer is he knows who McCain is and Lindsey Graham knows a little Dick Durbin is a Menendez he knows their attitude toward this issue. He completely reverses course. I mean that that raises a lot of questions to me does it not to you. I don't know it does and I I think I do. So somebody's president of the United States. And they're no longer they won an election there for four years and they're no longer inhibited by an election unless they wanna run again which is a what he did it work which are over again. What I don't know what else can happen to you. Not cap it can't predict that future but I I do think that. I think it yet able Leonardo and you wouldn't even have done well. Let me take something he would communicate with me during that period and I would tell nonstop during the and he didn't stop doing that then on the east and Dolly here but. He kept plugging ahead. And I think one of the other things that irritates people is this. You have a number of senators who were trying to kill the gang of eight and they put in the one sentence one paragraph amendments to trying to right. These poison pill amendment to trying to expose. That side to Schumer is there rubio and McCain's all those who won about this gang of it. These guys are hot in the trying to figure out a way to obstruct this did he ray outlets. And that really turns around going to debate and there's not enough they agree when many. They supported amnesty they supported a pathway to legalization. Which is completely untrue so on top of having done what he's done this is my point. Nobody would have had a proposed amendment. If they didn't propose a bill in the first place what day. Or. So. Look if rubio the nominee I'm voting for rubio against Anna. Against the mark how could you not. But this is the Republican primary process. So I voted. My friend Danny. I'm gonna send you a copy of what gift did. And it's young kids. Yet five. And one perfect I'm in any copy in my dad's Beatles album proper for young people. I don't hang up when he get your address your wonderful caller and I appreciate it and I'll be right back. Okay wind. Showed us fans is it just me. He did thank them talking to myself you know and now. And I got a letter from a listener about how their dogs filed a burglary. Dog's name his mama that ball from Ohio. And apparently tried to break into her family on the normally playful dog came to the red attacking the burglar and forcing him to flee. Now the dog hero. Doesn't always am like that the devastating truth is that burglars have ways of getting around your pet going home invasion. 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Let's continue now he has yet we can't. Let it go to Dave mountain brook Alabama that's pretty. Any area and then my brother in Birmingham the great WA PI go. Good to talk to you. There are other. What I'm I'm I'm lose and you talk right into the Mike right in the mouth piece. Accent actually don't let them our broad corporate. Oh well we don't wanna know anymore about. How we don't. Anyway mark what I want. It would be or where we started out about. Lindsey Graham and like you maggot. Well that question. But I want to play it seems obvious to me that it. You. Soros. Favor. Ted Cruz and you know I might try supporter. But I think you would have to agree. That if we can get. Ted Cruz. Marco Rubio. Donald truck as far as but it would be held a lot better off or are. Yeah I don't think I don't disagree you know. Yeah and what our blog crowded out by wet but not a with duke and through the Republican primaries. That's the way it works and I don't want people call me to like particularly candidate tell me what they want me to do I'm just not in. But I it should be no surprise I've said before I. I wanna get the most conservative candidate we can nominate and elect a president and you know these off election cycle period. I'm Dave we're always talking about well why can't we get you know we never have a chance to vote for a conservative okay fine. So that's my attitude about it but I want I wanna thank you for your call on people have a different opinion. And that's perfectly fine too. Quickly quickly quickly at College Station, Texas on the market that an act out. Mark rule our report government when Neil and I cannot believe it's astounding 85% of people my age are voting for opensocial. The millennial support. And just support by people that are are younger than a window on the social media sites are vote it's overwhelmed you know what's being indoctrinated. By iron dog on your FaceBook account. While they are indoctrinated and one of the things we need do is reach out to them and if we don't reach out to them as a party as a philosophy. As parents and relatives. They have no I they have no alternative my voice they don't know what we're doing. Right. Is there. I'm totally underground. From the bowels of a hidden. Somewhere on to a brick and steel over nondescript building. We once again made contact without. Aren't living here and I'm. Number 877. 381311. 877381. Create 11. And this guy Josh not. Earnest. These folks idiot print media. The imperial president. Well we have traction on not earnest you see Obama has proposed a ten dollar. Barrel. Tax barrel oil ten dollar tax. Now under the socialists marxists. When I recall your son is innocent and that's got to go get. Your oil at. And he's a twit don't understand that that cost to pass on them. Hey what if the price up almost gone up. That's right you mark let that get ten dollars a barrel on there. And it's for the people of course. We're driving up the cost of electricity. By shutting down coal mines for the people. That's right we're shutting down and a smokestack industries for the people. Were killing off assembly lines. For the people. We're opening our borders not. For the people. Not the American people but still the people. Because we all know that's what the less about the people. The left ladies and gentlemen. Hate the people. They hate you. They hate your lifestyle. That they had it to do what they went to manipulate you they went up pushing around they want a Kuwait issue. They wanna tell you how much Sharon. They wanna tie yeah how you shoot it that way you should and it. For the people. So here we have oil well they weighed down something we always wanted to look at that the price at pump dropped. Here we on the precipice of energy independence we got fracking we got racquet would get up I just have gone on crucial and read all the rest of the yet. That propeller head and. Obama. In addition to trying to put the trackers that. In addition to rejecting pipelines from our enemy. Canada. Natalie when attacked at Colorado oil. We can get that unemployment rate you know down to one per cent. Because Obama is always about growing the economy. Suez is little mouthpiece is little lady it is rationed iron. And here's what he has to show it India cut five ago. We were particularly surprised or some other guys knocking. Let me just like the lap this guy around and by the way secret terrorist I would never I'm not even suggesting that. Kinda guy you know what I mean. He EP go ahead. We were particularly surprised. That when we announced our oil for either Republican lead to the defense of the auto industry all leaping to the defense of the oil industry don't Chenault. Do you buy these people as much an idea. That little puke. Does he use oil have you looked at his hair lightly mr. producer I uses a lot of oil. The comb his hair. We got men and women. Who break their back. Looking for oil drilling for oil. Refining oil transporting oil. Pumping oil. We've got men and women across this country many of you who rely on a lower price of oil and natural gas. In order to get. I we have truckers. Taxi drivers over a driver's. And it generic. We're looking out for oil company. An incredible to me actually incredible to me. When you put ten dollars tacked on anything the consumer pays. And pays. I say we put ten dollars. On every brief that a trial lawyer file then you'll hear them doughnut. The slip and fall lawyers had fun the Democrat party I've put ten Bob and every race they file every ocean I file every deposition may halt. Hey that's a good idea glad I thought it. For the people. Go ahead. Vacation at the oil and trees millions of dollars in lobbying and campaign contributions or money well spent. They have people who are really looking outside shot that's it I can't take. I can't take. Cut out when. Somehow. Donnie what could wind up paying it would Debbie past none of that Donny. And. Don't. I think it is. It it does seem likely candidate oil companies would have passed on only woman that expense. Who'll. So not the Republicans who are looking out for big oil it used growing the commission. Josh Smith Carly John. Having go. But no I don't think there's anybody here that surprised about the fact again as I mentioned that the Republican Party how Republicans in congress. Are eager to lead the defense of the oil industry. You know it's amazing to me epidemic. Sports are eager to leave to the defense. For. If criminals. The rapists and murders. Tax evaders odious and I don't like many in and out of prison. Sanctuary Cities. Illegal aliens. An amazing do you. Having just ten people like that. I think loves him. I think they aren't. This administration hate American oil company. More than it hey I. With a Muslim brother. Or out I. You every hear them talk. Talk about the enemy this way ever know Ivan idea rather than I said let's call them ExxonMobil are much yeah. Not allowed. On all law yes that yet I think. What not I I. Used me I I gotta get what I. Poet's eye sore right so you don't. Depends where you from Baghdad. Not even know what it is I. Or I asked or is. They're the amount Nazis it doesn't much matter. But at least they're not bagel. A big oil and we had a problem we face about bagel. Our oil companies are privately held most of the peak oil enterprises around the world our state controlled it's not 51%. More. And all of our oil companies together representing small fraction of the oil that is found that is drilled. Transported. Eventually brought you. A small percentage. Don't hold me in like 568% in the entire world to. And other risks to the world. They're proud of what they produce. The rest of the world tries to make maximum use of these recessions we we beat the hell out of these companies. Like a big Arnold. I just don't wanna pay to attack us they read they thought up. I actually am not for big oil little oil Armenia mile I just don't think we should be taxing about Alec. Audio and video lot yet. Know. I just know that we shouldn't drive but the cost of fuel for all the American consumers out there rail. You must be on the lake and climate in Nyack and a polluter. And may I say is she felt. As this is what we get at a White House and they know nick. Josh not burnished what do you think he's gonna do after. After he really the palace parent I think he's gonna get a job done. For habitat with humanity. I don't think he will think he'll. He'll give up a hair piece and his three piece suit. And a team that harmless enough and don't think he will. Count. He's gonna work for a peek crony capitalist corporate. And make much money he can't because that's what left it. That's what they do that's what Hillary and that's what they ought to. That's what he's gonna do. I'll be right back. Okay. The relief. Okay. Okay. Here's a stunning headline. Reports as a teenager rubio dreamed of being. First Hispanic president. While I would I mean what else would he dream of being the first Asian president he's not Asian. The first Jewish president actually. The first woman president. While the genitalia doesn't work. I mean it works but it I you know my point. So laugh at that dining headline isn't it. To know what not I haven't taken any calls slightly. Let's take some calls shall we. Let us go to Garrett. Evansville Indiana another great WG BF. How. Smart they are taking my call disputing appreciate what you do you trust listening audience. It could get to a point and I want to connect the dots with this are you know. Her eyes as Melhuse to Sam a three stooges I take your time and area. And a lot of connected Dotson and awhile back we learn the Office of Personnel Management. While giving packed. And it's seems to me that there could be a connection between Hillary news server at home. And by passing per server to get into that apartment while duke. Heroes carried great at that the FBI will be interest took a look at cutter approach. I'm not really following the other red Chinese and a fascist Russian captain of the year. The federal records in Hillary servers the way they did it probably. And I doubt. She should go to prison for other things but I I don't election. In a manner and I you know we're not a lot of delta air. Right by I. Yeah I don't think I think. I think economies in the fashion captain of that. And which is a whole another scandal quite frankly thank you for you call my friend here we have. CNN a 153. Million dollars in bill and Hillary Clinton speaking fees document. A 153. Million dollars. In total to two gave 729. Beaches had had. Had to have harmed their loved life and to think mr. producer. The romantic loving couple I only on the road apart from each other what could go wrong. Combined earned more than a 153 million paid speeches from 2000 wanted to Hillary launched her presidential bid. This stunning. 729. Speeches. From February 2001 until May receiving an average payday of 2101795. Dollar for each beat. Generally get. It. But to also reportedly seven point seven million for at least 39 beach is a big banks. Including Goldman Sachs. Goldman's. The Jews. And UBS. Was Hillary Clinton the Democrat Tony sixteen front runner collecting at least one point eight million for at least eight speech to big banks. Speech is to banks shouldn't that be illegal bundling. And big oil. Does everything that capitalist and six as far. Why big banks and. Doyle. My big art of. There are big liberal. They act in a jumble liberal. This stunning though isn't it a 153. Million dollars between the two. BJ bill Jefferson and Hillary. By the way did you know she is. She wants to be the first woman president. On a point that out now. He now says was made at a time when Hillary Clinton's been under scrutiny for ties to Washington and and new different and I mean the FBI's investigating air but the truth be. Told initially came to washed FBI has been doing an investigation of her like constantly you know I heard FBI firemen look like. Gotta be massive from the travel office a white water to this that the other here we are. She never changes the money laundering my day through the foundation on the contrary. To much good work over there what do they don't. I don't know there's a lot of it. And people are lining up to give them money. Look at the speech unbelievable paid speeches to Goldman. Just beat they they paid her for naturally we. Total of 2225000. Dollars twelve B nine to for bill three pretty Hillary. And he didn't want anything for nothing and opt. It adds that Hillary gives it inspiring. Me. He's the Churchill speech bankers. Not because of what she says but how he looked I mean what Isa. Bill and Hillary hate speech to UBS. I UP SUBS. One point 915 million dollar ten beaches and on by bill won by Hillary. This is not incredible seriously. Paid speeches Bank of America's slash Merrill and five speeches for a bill one Hillary. One point three million dollars. And you know look at the tiny could say the wrong word about what bank there. One point 255000006. We formed by bill to buy Hillary. Did grow. I tell proud that you put your money in the banks. 700000. Dollars for four speeches bill gave all of them. Because it's so important here with these two have to say I mean. And those of you who would suggest. That something was bought something must pay for how dare you. As Lanny Davis would say where's your evidence. Well I mean look at the money paid look at all the beaches mechanic where did you write it. While I don't have subpoena power act say they're innocent everything's cool. But their for the little people ladies and gentlemen Hilary Clinton she's for the little people. As Shia continue and by the way. They're getting. On average. 2111000. Dollars a beat out another 150000. Dollar that you're the top 1%. You. Yes. Hoya wanted to add features she's in the top 1%. Well I actually for the little people. She's for the little people. And where are these little people finally which little people who before where are these networks and midget elections for May I say. That's got to wallet. In Kansas says serious and I guess well. Well our preparation each taking my call. Him. The shock thing that is always eluded me in ever Republican debate. And that question. Trawl the Republicans who believes. In amnesty or pathway to citizenship or whatever they want a label it. How come they're never asked and they never explain. How did they secure the border. Yeah and they just they're wet dream of amnesty power in ensure the American people that future presidents are gonna keep the border secure. Might acquire right I've got one for it to the wall or no law forty to 50% of the people coming here going here illegally go to the front door it's called at least this. Why in the hell would we give a legal status or ultimately it is who should the people walks with a front door who commit perjury by signing document at the consulate back home. In their magnificent cultures which they wanna import to our country where against assimilation. These people who violate. Their visa requirements and the penalty is that they're banned from the United States for a period of time. Why would we wanna give them legalization. We don't even know Walt throw them out there kind of through the front door. Thank you for that call while when we come back Fred Dryer. For a little bit of fun about. The Super Bowl I'll be right back. Mark what being shot. What about Reagan coalition meets every day. 8773813811. And I had a English and I tonight buddy went back and apparently stuck in traffic. On the West Coast. The good man. You know there's lots of advice on how to get a good night's sleep. And get a good night's sleep he needed great mattress would do what I did get a cab. Mean one of the best inventions of 25 team by time magazine. Casper is a single perfect mattress for all sleepers. It's engineered for support of comfort think Garrett to enjoy a great night Lee jets like their new machines and they'll. And the dual layer hello contains nearly a billion micro fibers they TP supported ankles throughout the night. Casper ship it to mattress for free any surprisingly compact but you don't love the pick it up and refund to every. So for a great night sleep not counting sheep getting Casper track for a 119 your own home risk free with free shipping and returns as I suggestion. Taker okay your mattress grew up against the wall. Trying to Casper you'll exactly what I mean so that it Casper dot com use mark. And get fifty dollars towards the purchase of your mattress used that code marked. And Casper dot com code mark for fifty dollars towards the purchase of your mattress Casper dot com terms and conditions apply. Fred Dryer how are you my friend Britney were marked. It's always a pleasure to be with you and by the way you're you're doing a talk show on. Yes first try or show us CRN dot com and that we do every Wednesday and mortified at the surgery and were syndicated on the weekends. When your hilarious. And you are blunt spoken and you're knowledgeable. And that's I'm glad that had it will let me ask of the super ball fifty. What do you do that do you do it at home and watched this season I'm just I'm always curious how do you watch a game like this. I I look at it should aria I I kind of note to match ups are I look at it to see what coaches with the game plans are. And I and I and I Dicey work you know how to unfold. And then what it kind of starts to go that way I am Credo to walk around the neighborhood you know. And and so I don't sit glued to it. I I I enjoy that your true love exactly accurate time but the guys vote it's the ball. You wanna hear all the pre right yeah I can't I can't produce this could do the dance you know. I can't either and they just go on and on and I know. What do they know they don't know anything more and anybody else and they have predicted an early warning nationally Garko. Oh yeah. Let me ask you this who who do you like who do you think's gonna win. Look. My heart goes with Peyton Manning. He put my common sense tells me it's sort Carolina the big difference in the game. Is. Chandra. Geez see Europe the great equalizer. And I keep he has the ability to keep grated defense. No matter how well play. And we all but two weeks ago right until the. Yeah and and that it is very there's there's just there's just willing no way of planning for you know you have to tell your guys up front. Two to apply it felt rushed even. And that is contained you just can't go flying up to fielding creating all these gaps spaces could soak it properly does. You know all the all the secondary guys that run off their down the field coupled with the fact worker work fact. And so what you've you've got to really don't think it through and be discipline. What about the other team. That is Denver went about Peyton Manning you know I actually liking it to my heart's with him let my mind as North Carolina they're just too strong but. He is a very disciplined players so if not gonna depend on how well he does. Well it does. And what I what I am. Race war. And I really don't want it actually is. Like that it's different it's of Carolina somehow jumps up on guys with their capable of doing. And in there and Denver's forced to replace paid man in the Super Bowl. And and got the death Knoll battling for detained certainly but I think for for his career this is probably it will last game of the bank. And out quick shipping up anyway but yeah it just you just hate to see it go that way if if that doesn't. You know they say in Denver has the number one defense but. But hopefully that at least theoretically that will help somewhat Reitman who knows. Yeah REIT at all all these offenses try to limit the opposing change to a third straight down and then make a pot. And as we saw a couple years ago with Seattle does that create bad thing that they took away outside speakers. In fort can't understand. In the middle. Of the backfield. And throw the ball down the middle of the field and they're doing so. They rushed him a medal and they and they and they blocked as pointed. View and that the B routes. If you're gonna have to rather gonna have to be at justice if in fact he can't throw his two daughters primary receivers. So so bowl game. Are great corners. They're all very capable of dominating the game it gets that way. But as they separate great equalizer. Is that is that sort of Denver not disciplined at the alliance scrimmage. Does you know Chattanooga run water over. Do you miss us. Not being a year professional football player. You know I I admit like anything else that thing you do. I never. Doing something very well you know I admit. Doing something that I was good yeah. And I got paid for and they cut recognized for it and a choke. Good about what I was doing and help them out. What routine and everything but. I mostly missed my friend. I've got a lot of friends recently that. That aren't doing well we've lost several. You know every year get this thing from the National Football League. A list of the people that we lost 125250. Players 200 die every year. The nerves in the and it's creeping. You know on that list of the people that I knew very well. Yeah. As. You transition acting and I could be wrong what you transition. Really smoothly you. In match I've told you this before that O Connor I love that show and ended in reruns right. Yeah I did all the way around the world he's been we I lucked out you know it and I started. I let the giants and though they traded to New England in the Wimbledon. Certainly to the ram and up. In May of seventy true it's like got here right I immediately. You know started and acting classes. Doing doing things that. We're what the interest seems to me outside of football you know you can't play well O export. Very long without. Realizing I got a guy here you know brutal. It's tough it's it's not good and and I was lucky to deploy thirteen years I came out of it. Pretty good compared to the most people but I prepared myself well you know suddenly shoot 81 to ten years I was there. So over time I left the ran I presume that do. Remind me 100 start I don't remember it important war. Man oh man. Should bring you back to do another series like that are you really you really went spinning out of you really. Are gonna act. Well thank you I you know you work at things and you do try to look I remember it was you know just. I think I've figured that you know I'd put as much energy and time and interest in Cuba. Into this profession. I would I would excel. The only thing you don't know can I make a living here. You know if if I was sort of a young kid played football I was really good. Then it would be pretty clear. People would find me in and hired. You know but just the business done here that you could you know that a lot of great. Here at Starbucks well. It's. There's there's there's not you know this this doesn't it guarantee because you're an actor. I don't wanna get in trouble but they got these two Democrats running give any comment on these people. All that. You know. You know the outrages. To you really do do that C. How deplorable. The educational. System in the last 4045. Years as the calm the waters but as so many young people thirty and under. That Bernie is the answer. Did you had a lot. The end of the problem to the green apple did you through is solving these problems that we got to punish the rich people. And and you know I have I haven't. More the problem think at the athletic. Experience and I I've always felt so we don't forget the other guy for a I wanna make sure I know a lot of you. Some of the prepare myself most of the fight into battle. I care. And I think to the disgrace of the Republican Party is. Is Boehner and McConnell. And and all of a neo con and all of these left of center Republicans. Who were now transferring. Their interest. And the support from ship over DiMarco. Iron and it Marco now as their boy. And they're going after crude big time they're gonna go to trial. And so what what I want slumping crude. And these guys to do. Is talk to the American people just like you would you know. Also the sense in your backyard you know tell them. Who battled the real battle that we're dealing with here is is between. A Marxist socialism. A liberal progressive autism and a constitutional republic. That's what we're back we're feeling it you know what. I I gotta have you back and I wanna do you mind if I had your back we delve into this a little bit more to our partners who are thought you more about what we yeah. Now we're gonna do it I got a heartbreak. I don't want people to listen do you tell people what they think defining yen. Just skip a turn on your computer and month's GR and the dot talk dot com CRA talked dot com PM show red driver everywhere and they lied and fortify the other week into buying lottery. I Trent I'm here's how wanna have you back we'll talk a little politics god bless you my friend you take care where you are like people want to. Concerned veterans for America. The America we love slipping away and it's up to protect her from collective us politicians. Trying to expand the federal government and every aspect of our lives. Concerned veterans for America is a group that believes America's best days are ahead. They're fighting for the same freedom and prosperity here at home that they fought for to defend on the battle field. They're building a movement of veterans military and patriotic Americans and they're asking for your help. Concerned veterans for America's beef and freedom torque. Is traveling the country with a implement. Our country is still worth fighting for up to protect. The defend freedom tour is family friendly and Frito attend featuring moving speakers and music. I'm patriotic rack and Madison rising country music star Tyler brown you learn what you can do to actually cause an. And help find out about immediate way to get involved registered to and freedom tour dot com and you'll make a difference in your community and your country. That debt and freedom tour dot com I'm I had to cut Fred off them and Ambac. At the nature of the clock I'd be right back. Okay. Daily Mail Austria warns it's migrant camp is already a breeding ground for radicalized in youths who are not integrating into the night. What role. In his speech in a phone but goes. Some people ladies and gentlemen are more amenable to assimilation and others we are glad to say that there we gladly knowledge. And Austria is not the only country noticing their. Every damn country and you are not. Every damn one. And so when Barack now how who seemed we need Obama. Junior. Up condemns us. Fur surrendering our beliefs and our values. Well he's the one who doesn't share our beliefs and values we cannot allow people. From certain parts of the world to come and in this country. Because they demand to commend this country. Who are not going to was assimilate and because they embraced radical Sharia law. We need to be able to determine who's what who's gonna contribute to the society that's right. You see ladies and gentlemen the whole point of immigration is what we want what's best for America. What's best for American it is. What people coming here contribute to our society. I love it when the phoney out there say. Hey listen. We're a nation of immigrants now are not where I sit. And we get to decide who comes here we're not talking about race or religion or whatever we get that make rational yeah. Rational decision. If somebody's coming here to go to advanced Sharia law it doesn't work. The moment. I hear the drums. Yes this is America irate cards. Every Friday free milk in honor of yield. You do. Okay. He moves. And ever changed. Loom over Russian. Yeah. It's. Yeah. Okay. Bonus. You don't want all of that. Think I'm like yeah. News. Okay. I have no waves. Driven. Majesty. Can you. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Well other week finally over and and now the weekend begins. We salute our armed forces police officers firefighters and emergency personnel. And I writing and I Griffey and I have seen again I'd smoking. Tonight America. Debt crisis hit myself and I. Al-Qaeda. And other supplements not drugs. It's time for him to know your years here battle between hops and long. What's hops to fit in with moments. No way to wind is bad news NN Boston. How small the perfect format files yeah.