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WSU Baseball vs Bradley 04-23-16

Apr 23, 2016|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello and welcome to let them. Center field that is way back there and it airs on. A state shocker baseball. SS. Here's the choice of this. You have stadium games 83 game Missouri Valley Conference series between Wichita State. And Bradley and attackers got the series opted a good start last night with what's been a rare type of win for this then this season eight come from behind win and coming from behind. In a significant deficit was five nothing in the game Bradley the shoppers got three back in the sixth. Took the lead with three in the seventh and added one more in the eighth to John Hayes locked it down for Cody Tyler. The final score seven to five Shane Dennis alongside Kayla wired our production assistant here in the studio. And Caleb corral back in the studio today on a beautiful day again here next stadium's going to be around eighty degrees. But it is breezy here that wind blowing out different type of conditions more hitter friendly today. That it was last night and shame we've talked a lot this year about to shot. Here's even being able to put things consistently together over the course of the game now and they start to put things together from one game to the next yeah that's been 64000 dollar question but. If you can draw on last night that's a heck of a good place to start because they had nothing going on the first five innings it's not a zip. Bradley got out five napping after too. You know if this was mid game. We were deep into the game before his doctors got off the map. And being down. After five innings and even six innings has been pretty tough. Proposition for the shocker. Coming of that game last night Wichita State was one and 22 when he trailed after six innings and they trailed after six last night. And it was almost a year ago to the day that they overcame a deficit of that big remember that Oklahoma game this Yorkers. Spotted out US six run lead and came back to win now one. It was five to nothing last night. At the shocker worst point. And yesterday. Was the tenth anniversary to the day. That Wichita State overcame an eight run deficit. Against these Bradley braves in 2006. Bradley led by as many as eight runs and a shocker came back to win and that's still stands as the last time the shocker to overcome a a deficit of even seven runs. And so Bradley and we talked about there we'll get to it who's hot and cold. Bradley with a long losing streak in this stadium had the felt like they got really close it was an aircraft last. 91 of the things that you mentioned last night that I think's important to note also let's not only was it five to nothing. But the shoppers didn't let it get beyond that and that's been rare this year when it started like that all too many times as you said it's got to ten or eleven and nothing in the may be attackers were a few runs late. But the few exceptions came to mind the game and Oklahoma where they scored some runs early but the shocker she hung in there and that being afforded to laws. But there have been many of those have been that many. Most games periods it was significant in a lot of ways that's why you have to shut off the rally from the other guys. After it gets started that that's why we say that all the time when shocker give up five or six that the killer. But if you can only give up one or two and that's the case last night shocker is only gave up two in the third two in the fourth he could survive stuff like that. But when you give up 45 or six. Not only is obviously a mountain to climb on the scoreboard but it just deflate you you know it's like okay how. Now how do we come back and put up a six a lot of our own that that happen very often. That's why we talked about being able to stop the bleeding Todd Butler talked about that quite a bit over the last month got to be able to finally got to stop the bleeding. Give up one you can surviving and even do some cases. But you can't have a guy or the whole team behind crumble once the other guys start a rally and before you know they put up five or six that you're done. Shocker is did eventually get to and get a a very good pitcher out of the game and met Dennis last night but so far this year they got there are facing today Cameron record may shape up as even a bigger challenge particularly. It is to Missouri Valley Conference starts so far he seems to be getting better as the season goes along. To their. Benefit to show hackers had been better against left handed pitchers this year than against right by quite a bit bad they've been very very good against south paws and we'll see. One today and one tomorrow as the Bradley braves will try to get back into the series with a pair lefty Cameron regulars to kind of guy that's kind of split time between the bullpen and starting the big left hander. Doesn't really. Have a quote unquote out pitch but he strike thrower he's only walked 750 in the third innings. The stock lefty besides his size he's bigger than most lefties that killing counterfeiting the fastball curveball guy to left handers and fastball changeup guy. To right handed batters. And but again like the man Dennis last night looking at the fear of extra base hits shocker is laughed try to string some things together but again he'll be here. In the strike zone around it. So Wichita State wants to be a little more ultra aggressive with him make problem. We get away with a nobody mentioned early on on our injuries slash illness reports that Dayton the guy is back and feeling better took batting practice today he will be in the lineup and the timing is facing a left hander because he's been wanted to shocker is best hitters period lately look particularly good against lefties out pretty much only opened up a lineup including Luken Janice never left handed batters but. Todd Butler wins jockeys face outlaws will stack them up that. Duke got comes back to the next time. Talking about consistency and building on performances anxious to see shocker is yet today from Zach Lewis who has had. Several good day bordering on really good performances could have that one bad inning here couldn't quite get past four and two thirds are so. Certainly last week his best outing of the year an outstanding performance against Missouri State now see if you can do something similar. In these hard nosed guy to these blue collar guys not gonna give anything good competitor. I'd you feel good about your chances when he goes out there. Yeah ice each had a one inning blow up you know to. To kind of ruined his numbers a little bit or make them look worse than they are better. He was perfect through five innings last week against Missouri State and you know I'll only say it went to get beyond Friday night. Your job as a starting pitcher on the weekend to outlast the other guy and I his work will be cut out form. Because Cameron regulars again it has gone deep into games but. It's up to Wichita Fiat it's ladies night out now to get pregnant get out ahead and it's. In exactly lewis' case he needs to think all right any better than Cameron right you know outlast. Him and we'll take our team. Talking about the weather we've got a good breeze blowing out to left field so certainly a chance for some lefthanded hitters to hit some balls up in the breeze actually we haven't seen a lot of that last weekend it was that way for two days running in the Missouri State series there was one home run yet by the bears. And that was it out and certainly today is actress has a little advantage there being a right hander who can. Either work to right handed hitters were way out or picked them away if he chooses to them and certainly right there will have a tougher time against right handers keeping them from yet balls element. Neither team has done much in the way of power. Soccer's with a home run on average every two games and Bradley a little bit worse than that but in valley play. Wichita State is still searching for its first home run they have 210. Team at bats through their first. Seven Bally games they have no long balls and Bradley only had four home runs of their first six teams in valley play and only he can succeed and see how the weather effects well in fact on a night. Not dissimilar to this a shocker is looked like they were really breaking out a season high four home runs against or Roberts those were their last four there on nine games since that game without another home run and at Anderson hit in conditions were certainly out there are some chance to do it and yeah but I think and I thought this at the very beginning and it still holds true now. To me this plea doubles and take the extra base on basically the outfield Hannity and Wichita State so far with 71 doubles in the first 38 games to get an economic value their power. But there are plenty of guys up and down along up and down the line up with. Korda who knocked out power or the opportunity to give you extra base hit here there and we'll see what happens today. Certainly both teams will be looking to I used the term tighten things up last night middle of the game today for sure. Early on it was Wichita State a couple of errors that led to three unearned runs a couple of unearned runs. A couple of base running mistakes in the course of the game and then Bradley had a self destructive and it gave it really helped the shocker committing four errors which was as many as they had in their first five Bally games and so I would expect both teams to play a little sharper today. Yeah out. You brought up a good point it was sloppy last night period and both teams kind of took turns shocker first after the game in the Braves in the second half the that was certainly not a thing of beauty at all regardless of the outcome Wichita State will take it the way that really both teams played. Thought Butler eldest evening news couldn't be happier about the way that these two teams went about their business last night regardless who won the game. In the midst of all of that Andy she added did make two outstanding catch me get the first one there was some dispute whether it might have been trapped but nobody had a clear evidence that it was a trap certainly from here. Looked like he made a great catch it made sports center last night and they made another really good catch coming in and shallow center so we had a little bit of everything and again. Rare to see that type of dominance by one team for half the game than the other just take over. The other half and Michael hooker with a second outfield assist of the season throughout a runner trying to score on a base hit to center field so. Yeah we had some great defensive plays we had some bone headed base running miss plays and some poor throws from infielders so. Yeah it was certainly not a Rembrandt but in the grand scheme of things Wichita State ended up staying hot against. Bradley over the last 34 games here. 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Before the middle game of this three game series and Bradley and coach quite aware of the last night and that type of game that is all too often gone the other way agencies really needed it that I come from behind win down five in Athens were 63 runs in the seventh. Three runs talent willingly. You know Cody Tyler really battled. In the first four innings Bradley had a leadoff guy on. First four innings and you kind of got out of trouble. Misplayed ball in the hell do you hope to routes. We should've caught me exclude to answer Cody competed. John Hayes came in the eighth and ninth and into the great job close enough to the ball extremely well. In this they had a big hit and we first and second. And I'm talking iTunes it's hard rock bottom over on going brother swinging back. And so he gets double wall and Agassi and going so it was good save the team hopefully to spark that we can carry into today. She mentioned last night Cody Tyler started to develop content that. Friday guy mentality battle through adversity pitches and innings in and get into the game late he'd be in the position try to list. They went seven innings and you know we can use on pitch camera that you around a 10810. Pitches and getting mountain. It was good to see hate you know well it's Cody tower right change cities really started to compete. He's keeping the big inning away from our defense we're home field these kind of containing. The school there and it's really good we were throwing strikes right now on the weekend in Zach Louis start today and you know he's a competitor. I'd really truly believe he's tough competitor roam around with us. Just the look that he gets on the mound pitching so well you know we need him to give us it's good quality start today. Speaking of Zach he's been. Really close to some good performances had that one bad inning or couldn't quite carry it beyond the fourth or fifth what was may be the key to him kind of breaking through this. I think this one you know while we have not given exactly lose much run support. You know in Evansville. They have four run inning because it's two outs and room all the kicks up and he's kind of had some bad misfortune for him that we need to score for him and give him a little. Breathing room confidence so he can keep working through the game that I think offensively we didn't use were first it'll help PO. And I give us confidence to finish the game. Dayton did not miss last night's game with illness what's his status for it is what he's gonna be fine today he he texted me this morning said he felt very. And yesterday came out people swinging in to get a little bit and tapped as energy really quick. He's been sick since Kansas he played against Kate you sick. And you know found out that night that he was not doing well and it's kind of like flu like symptoms symptoms but he does not have clues tested. So what you said crud I guess in should be good to go today. Cameron wreck near their starter a veteran for them he has started and relieved in the past and what have you heard about in this series is a senior. In so he's experienced and he can pitch the 88 and adding one. And you know for the most part. Stay into the middle feel when going out today. I think which sets favorable swing bout or. You know anytime you're facing experienced guy. He cannot pitch and try to get out of jams so if we get opportunities we need to take advantage. Check your coach Todd Butler and we will have the lineups were today's game two we come back. There are certain. Precious. You just can't currency. He'd like to forget but you never want. The worst part about it Iran has something like that somebody has been injected. Is that we're in nursing tells us the fact that it is such an easy thing to do. Most vulnerable. Are you to not wearing her seat belt and Kansas it's belongs. Click it or ticket and worst. 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Jane we'll tell you who's hot and his COLT brought to you by Hannah heating and air for over 30 years providing south central Kansas who superior service. At affordable prices your comfort is there business last fort valley teams shocker pitching staff has been pretty hot they have issued just seven walks in the last four conference games. And only twelve. Earned runs all together plus the offense in three of the last four. Missouri Valley Conference games has been hot double digit hits for which he taught me through those last hour we told you last night remains true now. Straight Vickers against Bradley has been hot in his brief career he's five for ten. Against braves pitching. And again Wichita State since 1996. In this building has been hot. Against the Bradley braves they have won 34 consecutive games against Bradley in Wichita. And there have been more than their share heartbreak along the way they haven't all been run away including last night where Bradley led five nothing after five. Six of those games in that 34 consecutive streak have been decided by one run. Two by two runs so eight of those thirty fours by two runs or less. Three times a shocker has had to go extra innings to do it and we mentioned. Ten years ago yesterday shocker within historic a run comeback and winning. Nineteen to thirteen someone's got to give on the cold side note can occur. Is this do for his last eight team buddies hitting high twenty. Against lefties so we'll see what happens with that stat here today. And two guys in valley play ice cold grind take one for his first when he won in league play you'll get the day off today at least to start with. Chiefs raiders went three for nineteen in valley play. Here's a who's not. Soccer softball team has taken 8921. Lead in the top of the fifth in the first game of their doubleheader at that point it. And now win would move them into a time when Drake. For the lead of the conference northern Iowa also the picture they also go into the weekend let them eleven and five record the same as Wichita State Drake at all. Casey Williams. Ledee two run homer in that game with what Wichita State in front three a lot of time in the 36 of her career which is an all time. Wichita State record. Also the shocker runner status do wonders 75 straight into the valley conference dual match earlier today. Beating Evansville for all of the Sheldon moment tennis complex. Jigsaw works really that deadly. Like number two singles of that match won her match and now going back to last fall is 35 and five this season flawless break. That's a new record for wins it one year breaking a three decade old mark held by shocker hall of famers sandy Sadler. 134. Matches in the 83. 84 school year. And chain has today's starting lineup flat to buy equity bank where you'd never pay and AT&T be shared vision of online equity bank dot. Rather grave sixteen and fourteen Cuban or in the league. Leading off with Luke and teary PH. Today I heard they split second and batting third at shortstop is Tyler littler also get a clean up spot played first base for the Braves. And then it left field hits fifth. Andy shabby at the center fielder will hit six. Lower third of the order for Bradley here Chris Dodd the catcher. BJ gaff so the second baseman. Brady welcome. You're right fielder for the Bradley parades and Cameron Wagner will start his 43. On the year so again for the Braves and here he gave leveler silica Gruner chatted. Chris Don. Get out so well Wilkens and cam Ratner is gonna start for Bradley. Wichita State fourteen and forty orbit four and three in Missouri Valley Conference play. Michael local deleted off and play center field followed by the left fielder Luke Ridder. Batting third playing first base today Grayson Jenna stuff. The cleanup spot the catcher Gunner Trout line Jason rader will play third base again today he'll bat there. Alec bones is the DH and he'll bat sixth. They give got back in there today he's gonna play right field and hit seven batting eighth the second baseman tanner Kirk. And trade Vickers is simply shortstop this doctors and that night. Zach Lewis making start number nine is 16. On the year but again for the shoppers. Mocha Ridder Janice. Trout line greater home. You gawker Vickers sack Lewis with the start. And the head coaches Elvis Dominguez and his eight years that position at Bradley tot Butler and his third year Wichita State presenting their lineups to the umpires for today's game. And today's lineup will be great but behind the plate met Anderson at first base and met with Kendry. At third game time temperature is gonna be right around eighty degrees. Wind is blowing out hard toward left field fifteen miles per hour plus steadily and gusting over twenty. And certainly it's going to be breezy day for pitchers to keep the ball down the shocks me wearing their. Old school kind of off flight home uniforms with black numbers the black stripe down the pants and all black cap Bradley today and red jerseys over gray pants. And the letters and numbers on managers it looks like a dark collect it tells that's black with white trim around it great caps. With a red bill for the Braves this afternoon. As checkers or just about ready. To take the field. After last night's action in the Missouri Valley Conference Dallas Baptist in the lead at five and one. Evansville five and two is that in the devastated what did you tell us states for in three southern Illinois three and four Bradley Missouri State to a floor. Illinois State at one in five and now. Our National Anthem here at the ballpark. I. Attention these standings at Missouri Valley Conference one game already well underway that went in terra haute where instant our. Later that it is here in the central time zone. Indiana State had an early 41 lead over Dallas Baptist Dallas Baptist is not cut that to force. Three. In the top of the sixth. In addition to the other stuff we've mentioned softball women's tennis the checkered track and field teams participating in the John Jacobs invitational University of Oklahoma this weekend. Most of the activity today a little bit of field event competition yesterday it lasted cut pro. And Skyler artists and of Wichita State finished 12 of the man's camera. And Tunisia milk and it's been having a great season finished third. In the women's hammer. And still one more tennis match to go that would got under way about an hour ago. At the moment tennis complex Wichita State six and on the conference against southern Illinois fighting though. Doctors trying to wrap up at eight straight. Missouri Valley Conference title in the regular season conference tournament will be coming up. Final weekend of April here which toppled the men's and women's tournament will be at the moment complex posted. By Wichita State. Doctors getting ready to take the field after some video board demonstration. And we will get this one under way in Wichita State fourteen and 24 on the year before at three down mr. Zoellick conference. Bradley sixteen and 142. And four in the valley at what to tell us today lately all time series between the two schools. 92 to 26. After last night's decorator. And shame mentioned 34 consecutive wins for the strikers of the Braves here. It was too tough. Pick up those introductions scoring here really shocker defense floor today had left fielder Lew Ritter once again my shall move this matter huh. Dayton duke got back in the lineup that in right field after. This last night's game with an illness around the infield plays later trade victories short. Standard Kirk and Shaq is Mason tennis the first. Letter Trout lines catching and on about Jack Louis. Jack Lewis coming off the best performance of his brief shocker career last Saturday against Missouri State when he went six and others. Gave up just three hits and one run walked one. And struck out five in his previous Missouri Valley Conference outing at Evans Billy had gone for. Getting up just three hits with six runs five of them earned with three walks. And three strikeouts in fact in his last two starts against Evansville and TCU before the Missouri State adding. He had given up eleven hits in thirteen earned runs in eight and a third inning so big bounce back performance by him last week. And again as we talked about we'll see if he can build on it and keep it going here today start to join Cody Tyler's a couple of weekend starters attackers can depend on the rest of the way and only fifteen walks in his home. Parents and so far this season that's what you would expect from a junior college transfer at navy. There's little steeper learning curve of the true freshman but shouldn't be as much. For a junior coming in from junior college program exactly Lewis had that outstanding freshman season at wabash valley. And he was recruited by more than. Certainly obviously Wichita State got on him after he went a lot less valid but there's lot of interest in by Evansville. For him coming out of high school but ended up going to junior college for a couple of years in the shocker is enough with him. Indiana a tremendous start last week against Missouri State. And at that weekend still sticks out to me way which does state threw the ball against Missouri State team that can really break. Twelve appearances eight starts for the year from Louis won in six with a five point 56 ERA most of his numbers he lie and the RA that high and that record 43 and two thirds innings. Forty hints at 244 opponent batting average just fifteen walks to 38 strikeouts of benefit to one strikeout to walk ratio. Just slightly over three walks per nine innings. The one thing that. Kind of hides from the it to you look a little deeper seventeen extra base hits among the forty. Including five home runs this and that and it did just make a bad pitch at the wrong time a couple of people on that is very. Five home runs surrendered it stops on the staff. But again building off what he did a week ago. He can throw the ball much better. He is ready to go and look man Jerry steps in deleted off first pitch demand Cherie low for ball one managerial true freshman DH for the second straight game any. Kind of moved into that regular DH role march the twelfth and has been steadily and their percent swing and a miss on a fastball down away than to duck. And wanted one man Cherie had an opposite field single through the hole short his first time up last night that ended up tonight 145. And is now hitting 286. For the season the 11 to him lifted fouled behind the third base dugout. And the cat goes to one and two. And cheery MA and GI ER. True freshman from Peoria went to Dunlap high school. 63205. Pounds that's from the left side. 12 from Louis low evens it up two balls in two strikes Lewis generally does a good job of keeping lead off guy off the base. Theaters only he won 95 leading off an inning against. Two to lower at one skipped his across the plate and the count full to lead off man men juries act Lewis 642 Chan. Junior whose fastball typically be 89 to 91. Takes a big deep breath. And he'll deliver 32 pitch to man jury in a swing at a desk recognized the fastball in the and there's the first out of blog. One out the better Spencer gave the third base but the show Packers head unparalleled success against him last night. As they held in oh for five. Gay went six for eleven against the shock reason three games last year's sophomores swing and a miss on a fastball down that when it ninety nothing in one. Even after Diaw for five gaze still at 3272. Home runs sixteen runs batted in. Oh one's swung on and mr. Ellison fastball up he went down with the first one came up. But shoulder level without winning got in the swing through it for strike two that's a big thing on the scouting report Mike these guys are susceptible to fastballs. The cannot get playoff very often when they're up above the children drive to left field greater back a couple of steps planted next to catch pretty good swing on an 02 pitch by Spencer gave but he hit it right at the left fielder for the second out of the inning I will say high fastballs today will be Dicey proposition you better throw right where you want it because. Up around the barrel probably won't come back up around the letters more like. And may be in a little bit tired they'll let me extend those arms today Tyler left where the shortstop one for four last night is average at 325. No home runs 21 runs batted in. Lewis' first pitch to him and high towering fly ball when will play with a little bit but it's not deep enough Ritter camp tendered and left to make the catch. To retire the side so luncheon featuring first for us after he went 32 on the first hitter. And after a half inning Bradley nothing Wichita State we'll come up to face Cameron wrecked. Taco Bell finds startling data and new polls a 100% of parents need nap time more than their kids country singers prefer a large belt buckles and shockingly Americans want breakfast with bacon vs no bacon. No kidding. Taco Bell's new dollar morning value menu with stuff like grilled breakfast burritos with fluffy eggs and yes crispy bacon rolled in a warm tortilla for just a buck it's the only dollar breakfast value menu that brings all the vacant at participating locations prices and I have been very tech's extra bacon available and grow -- is -- in Pakistan. RR. It's keeping you wouldn't know what's going on right now 26 team election we'll local news keeping you one time they can't get to. Bad traffic and TV news. For safety purposes of how to address weather can affect everything the information you depend on for life every day. In the securities and as soon as. This is Stevens can join this morning right here on cape enhanced and. And the starting pitchers camera right there is a tall lanky left handed. Redshirt freshman a senior fifth year senior. 66205. Pounds from Beloit Wisconsin. Tucker got off to a slow starting medical redshirt as a true freshman in 2012. And then didn't make his 2013. Debut until the second of April that year made ten appearances all in relief. And had a six point 46 ERA. But then in 201414. Appearances eight starts five and five with a three point 97 ERA. Last year improved attitude seventeen appearances in eight starts to horror know what to say it's. And a 379. For 54. And two thirds innings holding opponents to at 223 batting average up to a good start this year we'll catch up. On those as he faces left handed hitting Michael look at leading up to the shocker Michael takes low for ball one. We'll go one for four with a walk last night it's one hit was an infield single big high chopper that. Deflected on a short hop optical over the second baseman Paul ran short right at leopard makes little quick crow hop. And throws him out. Left it was flying about the middle of Michael had a pretty much right adding just a step or two to the left. Second base as you look at from home players. Look at her record to start the ballgame Lew Ritter comes up from the right side and Luke Oprah four with a walk last night. And now 048 in the last two games after hitting safely in the previous wars first pitch to the freshman a fastball and their for a called strike. Reg Mary's just two outs shy of two complete games in his first two Missouri Valley Conference starts what eight and a third for a win last week in Evansville. Now when mrs. blow something off speed it bounced and it wanted 12 weeks ago against Missouri State a complete game to the one victory over the years. To valley start seventy in the third just nine hits allowed misses low there. And it's 219. Hits four runs for 208 ERA with one walk and ten strikeouts. In seventeen in the third innings. For the year four in 33 point 409 appearances in eight starts. While hit hard but one hopper to second baseman gas throws differs from the and a low liner by Ritter. That's tipped ball he said so far in the series that it was right at the second baseman and their two. Right her also started perhaps the most important came in badly history. He went eight innings and 321 win over Dallas Baptist the semi finals of the conference tournament last year propelled them into the championship game. And for all intents and purposes vaulted them into a regional for the first time since 1968. Now to right side on the first pitch to Janice to blow up by the first baseman saw fit goes to the bag and it's pretty quick. 1231. Inning for both starting pitchers after one way or nothing nothing near that stadium. 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Snacks books started out. Working as strikes back and forth a little bit against the men here getting it to 32 but then struck him out came back to get a couple of balls in the air left field and ended up with a pretty quick 123 innings of baseball's all go. Evan Gruner and Andy she added years in the second. She Packers down and ordered quickly against Cameron wreck here there have for the first. Also go one for three last night. And hitting 3274. Home runs 22 runs batted in right handed hitter takes up and away for ball one. So the walk stole bases first time up last night one for three the rest of the way reached on a dropped fly ball whether right field in the lead in a couple of rounds takes a strike at today's and it's one and one from Zach Lewis. Paul so that SO LK one of the Bradley veterans and their fifth year senior. Six to 202 pounds. Swing and an S had a madam front of a breaking ball and it's one to. Soka leaving it off to the anti shed at who'll hit third right handed hitters against the right hander Lewis in between left handed swinging Evan Gruner. Swing and Nancy got about another breaking ball and Zack looks as his second striking out in the first four hitters to start the second. One out to Kevin Kruger left handed hitting left fielder another Bradley veteran who. Had a pretty good night last night one for two with two walks. Scored a run. Getting to 794. Homers twenty runs batted in a foul tip off Trout lines glove for strike one. Evan Gruner. A junior from Rogers still Missouri. That at least a part time regular throughout his three years Bradley. Except breaking ball just a little bit inside one ball and strike. One other second for Bradley. Sunny warm day with the wind blowing hard out to left field. 11. Checked his swing at it and they're for a strike fastball up that brings to count to one and two. Act Lewis brings the glove in front of his face. Coastal winds at a 12. Just low close pitch and it brings to caddie. The net so often that we. Alluded to last night but the last couple years haven't anchors biggest problem is making contact he strikes out eight times. Two to stretch you out there fastball up and in ninety. And Lewis has struck out the first in the second and three of the first five hitters that he has faced. For Evan Gruner and adds to his Missouri Valley Conference leading totals now at 46 strikeouts on the year. He struck out 76 times last year did hit seven home runs others that danger factor there that. And he swings and misses quite a bit Andy she added takes outside for ball. It's showing man had himself a night last night that one for three with a home run. Made two outstanding catches in center field one of which made sports center. Wanna check swing thoughts on the outside corner for a strike good slider from Lewis and it's one and one. Chatted a true freshman hitting 3164. Homers 22 runs batted it. 11. Over but low two balls in the strike. Stepped out of the box for just a moment glanced down at third. Do not nobody on the second for Bradley at 21 count. Two center fielder and she added. 21. To checked off just in time that was just barely loans three and one. Lewis back to work 31 delivery shed it takes to strike fastball down and it's three balls in two strikes. Second time lewis' gone to a full count to 32 pitch. Missed outside for gulf war came back with a fastball away and there's the first base runner for either team. As Andy she added draws a two out walk that's the second walk through these drawn into games here. He has now reached base safely in 22 of the last 24 games for Bradley. Brings up to catcher Ian Crist on a left handed hitter who was Oprah for with a couple of strikeouts last night now hitting 282. For the year. Jack Lewis from the stretch. In his first pitch to Chris Donohue at high in the years under the wind getting up Kerry at the could go on back when still drifting at look at that track makes the catch right front. It was a fairly routine fly ball that got after the jets' treatment just kept drifting Michael looked at making the kids just short of the fans. In straightaway center to end the inning so no runs no hits a walk and Amanda left after one and a half. Still nothing that. We have a lot of responsibilities in today's world we cautiously analyze our wellness but neglect the largest organ of our body. Our skin at Moeller dermatology we offer specialized testing and treatments for common diseases and skin hair and nails and thorough treatment for skin cancer moles and lesions and we're the provider offering moons in micro graphics surgery that's recognized as the skin cancer treatment with the highest cure rate please call more dermatology at sixty to 7546. 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In that first inning he faced Michael moved good grace and Janice they are the only left handed hitters in the shocker lineup today so laughter. Pianist at bats and it's six straight down the order right side Corey expect Lucas to top again. Better Trout line starts today at 2985. Home runs of 29 runs batted in. The first pitch to the big right handed hitter bounced out got it in on his hands a little bit thousands straight down nothing and one. Drought winds hit three balls about as hard as you can hit a last night to line drive to center for singles the third was a blast to deep center. On which the center field this year added made a sports center highlights diving catch on the track swearing in of this on a straight changeup there. And it's known to. I outlined did get a sacrifice fly on me all what she was robbed of extra bases. That one's outside a fast ball one and two. To outline his 29 RBIs leading the shoppers in that category. The one to. That would bounced little bit outside as well two balls in two strokes. This now is officially the deepest counted rector has gone to his first four hitters. My two and one on Ridder in the first four retiring him. 22 to Trout line enough pop up the Wynn's gonna keep it in play on foul territory the first base side so the struggling of the second baseman dropped it in fair territory. Scott Linehan rounded the bag scrambles back. It was clear so go ahead kind of override it that the ball is gonna drift back toward the playing field gas so the second baseman Saudi was in trouble came hustling over it was in position to make the play and then dropped. I would think that'll have to go as an error broadcast. And I couldn't it was poorly read by the first baseman soul can do. Dini fly ball to the right side now ground. At this time of the year is gonna come back to you. Here is chased raider 2000 under the right out of play for strike one it is an error on Grasso Trout line at first but nobody out here in the shocker second day first base runner of the afternoon. Raider last night one for four beat out an infield single atom RBIs. Getting to 56 for the year was one homer and twelve runs batted in. Regulars first or next pitch to him. Little bit high and outside 11. That are Trout lines are rendered first taking a quick look into the dugout. Not your typical catcher as a runner but not overly fast he has one stolen base in one trial on the year. One wondering. They chop up the middle in between hop that play by leopard get the force at second and throws to first in time. Attackers got a couple of breaks on big hike choppers like that last night. Lechler got caught on a tough in between hop David made a very good way to turn the double. That was the only thing I was gonna keep that from being double life if left foot couldn't field it cleanly. Couldn't play the hop exactly like you wanted it to but sometimes is nothing you can do about it and soft hands prevail there. So regular got a tough break for the drop pop up. That comes back to get a double play ball now faces Alec Obama takes one up and away for ball one all of last night three for four including a double into the right center field gap. He has raised his average to 2971. Home run thirteen runs batted it. An outlaw hit off their hands high in the air shallow center field chanted calling off the infielders then he almost overran the wind drifted back that. Reached up and made the grabbed. So the suckers had a little spark on an error but just three men batter of the inning and after two that remains nothing nothing your critics stadium. Your busy meetings deadlines aaron's car pools sabres needed to das render the thank you completely forgot to show our camp didn't pay any different believes that he can you promise better yeah. 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The top of the third does score here at Wichita State's next stadium. Each team has had one base runner Bradley on a walk Wichita State on an error. Through the first two innings Jack Louis facing the bottom to the breath in order to started up with DJ gas so it breeding wolf good. And then back the lead off man to man tearing. DJ gas so start deploy more Boras Bradley has got into its conference schedule. He has now made twelve starts including today. Swing and a miss for strike one. This is his fifth in seven games in valley play. Gas and hitting to 35 after going two for four last night he's not eat for 34 on the season takes that went just a little bit votes on the corner at does going to be just a little bit low on late call by Greg but. And the cattle into. Can also had a single and a bunt single his first two times up last night then widow for his last two takes that's at a ball and two strikes. DJ gas so it GA SSO. Richard sophomore. Oklahoma. 12 pitch. Popped up. Back in the land gonna try to push it but not enough to Atlanta about four or five rows back into the box seats in the cat stays the ball and two strikes. Through the first two innings Zach Lewis has struck out three. And the other three outs have been on fly balls and that's not uncharacteristic for him and his six and a third against Missouri State last week. Ten of the nineteen out he recorders were balls in the year fly balls or pop ups. 12. Check swing you'd listed salad backhand stays alive. Give up fly balls that he stayed down around the handle or downer on the into the back. And he did that very well against Missouri State yet kept them off balance. Not very many. Forceful line drives off bound bears a week ago. 12 to guess so laid off for breaking ball low and it's two and two. Right handed hitter. Lefty swinging Brady will give due up next on another lefty look man jury here in the inning. Lewis that the team to a line drive base hit in the left field. Ritter accident on the second bounce you hold to a single but he SO now three for five in this series against attackers. After being. 6430. For the season coming into the series. Lead off man on for Bradley the first hit for either team in the ballgame Brady woken stands in from the left side. Look at hitting 271. After going one for three last night he has six runs batted in first pitch to him bonds. Back toward the pitcher Lewis will make the play goes to first get the out fairly close play at look at hustled down the line. But he sacrifices gas at a second. And guess that becomes the first round victory scoring position Fareed teed it. Look man jury at the top of the order a strikeout victim his first time out. And Jerry with nine RBIs on the year. Act Louis working from the stretch. Come sat and delivers. And a fastball catches the outside corner for a called strike. Bradley to best small ball team in league when you talk about sacrifice bunt. 31 for them now. One thing both teams did a good job last night. Bradley put one whole living together with three months involved. There's a line drive the lab dip will drop for a base hit that are charging runner on third. Here's the throw toward the plight it's going to be late Tim Bradley takes someone to definitely. Opposite field base hit by a man Jerry. His second hit in seven at bats in the series is right toward the line critter got a good jump on the ball charged it well that. Is deep enough in the outfield he didn't have much of the chance to throw out gas so. So it is one nothing Bradley they take the early lead for the second time in the series. Bradley got on the board with. Two runs in the third two in the fourth last night they had a runner thrown out at the plate for the last out in the second inning. So rhetoric first one out the the better Spencer gay throw to first base and Jerry scrambles back. And Gerri three stolen bases in three tries. Not a lot of attempts that they would have him batting lead off if you could run a little bit. Stretch by Louis. And it pitched a game breaking ball in their effort called strike. Gate lined to left his first time up. Look down to the third base coaching box there under first and one out. Lewis takes a look over his shoulder the runner at first before coming set. And the pitch to gay. Checked off that broke low and outside one ball one strike. You had this. Inescapable feeling that gays probably overdue and so for six in this series so far. Stretched by Louis. There goes the runner pitches checked swing throat. That is right on the bag and out at second base that tag right hander curt got it right down on the foot the around here. At the pitch was a strike on the check swing to gaze of the cat goes to one and two on him. And Jerry thrown out stealing for the first time in four tries this year. Could throw like gutter Trout line to out of the inning. Bases cleared now on the pitch to gain is a breaking ball low and outside. Two balls and two strikes gay in the first five conference games prior to last night nine for 2450. To YouTube. Low three balls and two strikes. Throw line now hours. Thrown out now at 27%. Of would be base stealers but he's been a lot better after the first month this season. It get lot of help from his pitchers and either three to be chopper toward Third World state foul. Now holds three balls in two strikes dispenser gay. Brantley the run home in the inning single sacrifice and another single. Bases empty. And another 32 pitch in art and aground and to his left Vickers could sit ups bins throws him out nice wildlife trade victory. By Spencer gave to championing the Bradley in the third gets a run on two hits they don't leave anyone and it is now one to nothing Bradley after two and a half. What is the sound of the dream. Is at the center of the business the new car home. I was just enjoy. 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Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance. Seat agent John Green Ryan woods or in Andover west Sawyer. George story from coast to coast AM stormy week knights right here I'm KM SS. A lot of street in the article Wichita State in the bottom of the third shot is now trailing one to nothing after a run in the top of this inning by Bradley date. Do gobble it adopted tattered Kirk. And trade Vickers Cameron rector. Has faced the minimum six his first pitch chopped over the mound charging the shortest left solar real after her age and save chronicles well. Date this guy showing his speed on a chopper over the map there is the first hit for Wichita State. And it lead off man on here in the third. Packers have had probably more than their share of infield hits. In this series. That's awful nice to have that stuff doesn't go into slumps but that he didn't really skewed even when you don't swear up a ball. The end up with a base hit if you truly hostile and that's what do guy was all about there. Here is standard Kirk. In the first pitch to him plotted a little hard back toward the pitcher rookie Greg there's gonna go to second and gets the force. Not a very good but I chatter Kurt and very quick flying off the mound by Cameron Gregory really came after that on aggressively and probably got a good cough missed catcher Chris Dunn to go to second and made a perfect road additionally man had yet to test the guy as big as Greg areas sometimes. Those guys that are 66 or thereabouts. Don't feel the position all that well with Dallas. Pretty well done and we'll handle. So runners still at first with one out a new base runner in tattered curtain in the better trade Vickers Kurt draws the throw and get back. Tattered curtain six stolen bases in six attempts he has the second leading base stealer for Wichita State. With regular on the mound opponents are three for four so not a lot of attempts for the number of injured innings that he has pitched. Vickers lines what the right field that's the case yet. Her head to freeze for just a moment to make sure it sliced out of the reach of DJ gas so what you just barely did. That Vickers that two for four in the series. Six for his last eight going back to the KU game on Tuesday in the jackets have first and second the one out. Infield hit in the inning and then shot his first legitimate solid hit. Do on that one out for Michael Lopez grounded to shortstop his first time. Michael one for five so far in the series and an infield single last night hitting 328 coming into today's game. Takes one on the inside corner for a strike. He has been leading this actors in batting average for quite awhile but has slipped slightly behind race and justice starting the day today. Janice just three hits moving him to 330 coming into the ball game. Right there with DO one. It over hand curve ball had time to drop below one ball one strike surprisingly good against lefties do Michael. Came into the gaming 379. In itself clause so he's more than held his own against lefties. Writers are Kirk a second Vickers it first one out in the third the shocker is trailing one to nothing. Pitched Lucas likes to left. Side it may fall it is a foul ball off the bat I didn't have very good angle on a thought it was closer to the line that it was it ended up. Drifting it did ten feeder more foul. So it goes to one and two on Michael Luka. Who certainly not afraid to take the ball the other way last night had a couple of outs right along the left field foul line of pop up in a fly ball. 12 the count right yours pitch high and away with a fastball to add to. Soccer is looking to make one up right away after Bradley scored in the top of the inning for a one and ethically. Bradley now thirteen and six when they score first in a game after losing for just the sixth time in that situation last night fastball inside to move could. And it's always fought three and two. Look at looking over to Todd Butler in the shocker dug out before stepping back in. Cameron wreck near relating a little longer than usual for the sign. Now the 32. Runners going a soft. Liner to left field for a base hit. Round third giving on this Kurt drove it good or not like the third baseman in the sectors have tied it at that we'll. Michael cook in essence kicked left hander curt thereafter scanners but it was a little too hard it turn into and out but. All's well that ends well Vickers. Goes station to station first and second 11 ballgame. Exactly that's the good job of keeping net damage in the top inning to just one of the shoppers picking up by gaining one here in the bottom. And a nice TC hearing about it as a pretty good pitch away from him he just kind of leaned out over the plate and guided it into shallow left field and here's Luke Ridder. First pitch to him as a breaking ball for a called strike Ritter. At the first best wine probably vetting the shocker is the first time through until Vickers city get a sharp low liner. Just one hop right at the second baseman gas of this through right now. Shaka is now with three hits and a runny and game tied at one here in the third. No wonder Ridder fell back the other off speed pitch he tried to stay back in time that that now that ought to into the bad knees in the hole owed to. That trying to get on track again going 048 over the last two games. Had a good series last weekend against Missouri State. Had five hits in that three game series. Those two pitch fastball outside of volunteers strikes you want those doctors that are good against lefties too. 450 hitter against south paws coming into this than before that groundout. In the First Solar hit sharply then. He hit that there again he's got himself on not because. Second baseman Grasso pay its way up the middle. It just now to the right out of play Ridder hanging in with two strikes. The base runners are Vickers at second look at it first there's only one out in the inning. Chapters have scored to tie it up at one apiece. Regular leading end to get design. They left beset. And it's pitch Ritter strikes out swinging on a breaking ball. Record dropped one off the table that time to go out in the inning. And for Cameron right near his first strikeout the F. Record coming into today's game 38 strikeouts in fifty and a third innings. And only seven walks better than a five to one strikeout to walk ratio. Here's grace suggested who grounded to the first baseman his first time off after going three for four last night. Left on left match up here. Greg here's pitch to ask. All lined up the middle that's gonna drop for a base hit pickers around third Chad it's is going to be coming up to the middle of the diamond of the factors. 102. Laps to go about tennis. Solid base hit right at the middle for Grayson Genesis 22 run batted in of the year. Disasters come right back from giving up around to get a couple. Such a good idea of what's companies like the guy who wants to do feeling out there as far as the opposing pitcher he felt like Greg there's gonna try to. Get ahead of him with a fastball and Jason would loaning this nice smooth swing and stroked it in the center field. Brings up gutter Trout line to pop one up reached on an error when that pop up was dropped by the second baseman battling the wind takes a breaking ball for a strike on the inside corner. Got wind to a retreat last night cup line drive singles and a sacrifice fly to deep center. Look at second gen listed first with two out through Wichita State. Here's pitched outlined its high fly ball foul territory down toward the bullpen and it will fall out of play. It was actually. In territory just outside the bullpen where it would have been catch a ball. If the right fielder will get had been able to get there but the wind was pushing it back toward the field but also knocking it down low in the still. Several strides from getting to it. To catch Trout line Owen to. Rick knew leaning in. That hasn't gotten the money once he's ready now. 02 pitch coming. Play nine outside writers don't throw to third not at times. Double steal by what you stay with good stuff on the front end of getting used night steel in tennis champs. What exactly the pitch that Todd Butler. Probably would have predicted was coming but it worked out. I'm away from Trout lines so focused on can had to reach for an end maneuver his way around him. 12 and out Trout line. Reactors pitch bounced up to middle has a chance left to cut it off behind the bag and throws him out offers could play my left foot to get to that bouncer up the middle. And the soccer's. Can't add on but they take the lead picking up two runs on four hits and they left him in on base so after. Three full innings of play Wichita State to Bradley wanted. Lieberman you we get any two or more of our favorites are just five bucks each shall medium one topping pizza for five bucks yes what should be done recently yes we just. Not edit cook yes yeah it's under siege yes I did circus you what I'll just take your pizza. Feels good to say yes it's favorites for just five bucks each but I don't look like remains only happy that I couldn't tell but don't charge for you to talk to them frustrated for what he's doing. Welcome to big box hi I'm ready to give an LG four KTV delivered sweet all right that's it started of course deliveries extra. Plus you don't want the TV hooked up that stops part of the deliver all the fuel surcharge plus alt plus any starts them what my name lite service fees. Extra steps charged sunny day in the I just went on to have tires. Cast your TV we believe your TV should be fun not frustrating that's why we offer free delivery and installation we also surface everything we sell LT and Kathleen TV watch Kathy. Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance. C agent Alex Acosta Angie Valentine or in mold main Kirk Farber. I'm like Jordan from ground zero weakness in night here on tennis as. Badly executed well to manufacture a run in the top of the third but Lou. That lewis' teammates picked him up by coming right back with two right hander goes back to the mound with a 21 lead. As we go to the floor at the beginning right into the heart of the Bradley orderly Tyler left Fuller Paul Soka. And Evan crooner here in inning number four. Bradley with a running on two hits they've committed the only error so far Wichita State with two runs on four hits all four hits. Coming in that two run rally in the bottom of the third. Tyler left where hopefully want to. A fly ball to left as he steps in deleted. Had a hit in four tries last night started this game hitting 325. Senior shortstop for Bradley. Sacked Lewis into the wind up. And his first pitch to left wears a fastball a little bit high. Thank kept track correctly left you're making his 138. Consecutive career start today. That's getting within range of the all time record for Bradley is going back to the 1980s. That was a little bit low and it's to another record around a 14243. So that's it pretty good Iron Man stuff. As far as college baseball's concern. Two balls no strikes left Fuller with sixteen doubles this season giving him fifty. Through his career and it's fourth all time Bradley bouncer toward third foul. Think chop down the third base line stayed outside the line by about 45 feet. In the count to a one littler batting in the three hole. Last year's you mentioned last night slipped from being a 300 plus hitter. To just 196. Minutes bounced back to 325. So far this season just really hard to explain that your he had a year ago. 21. Just missed load and off speed pitch three and one. Bradley had their first two men retired and each of the first two innings and got a leadoff single from gas so in the third and that led to a run left they're trying to get on to started off here in the fourth. Lewis' 31 tie with a fastball and walked. Second walk for Zach Lewis. The leadoff man on the second straight inning for Bradley they immediately applauded him over. Back in the fourth in the third base here in the fourth you've got also that the cleanup man and RBIs leader out there. Dangers when you walk in guys on a day like today especially Zach Lewis a fly ball pitcher. Got away with a two out walk in the second leadoff walk here in the fourth. You all the more dangers when it comes with nobody out. So just struck out swinging his first time up to pitch to him and he takes a strike on the outside here. 88 mile an hour fastball. So good does have three sacrifice bonds on the year. Bradley now with 31 in 31 games after Wilkens laid one down in the third. 01 soak it takes another strike goes a breaking ball up in the zone of its own to. So go one for three with a walk last night. Lewis took a quick look to the runner comes set. 02 pitch bounced towards third foul. Greater fields throws to second. Seemed to be some misunderstanding or just a lack of hearing nobody don't call half out. And there at the hands went up to signal found apparently nobody was loud enough to. Look the fielder know that it was found that can I need play if you don't hear anything going and playing out. That's incinerators credit and money had made the play until he heard something pressure. Still 012. And the next on land and that is just foul down the left side. Kind of tomahawk wanna hooking liner down the left field line of landed four or five feet foul and it is still only two. To Paul Soka institutes that needs to be buried that was up around the eyes and soul -- where he could easily handle it. And Zach Lewis gets a reprieve here still and do we got away with a mistake. And it struck you about it breaking ball. Second time he has struck out so there's the first data and not say you make it just right there mounted on top home plate. And I you basic guys that. Leads thirteen strikeouts by quite a few in heaven Gruner and struck out already once today. Ritter won for two with two walks last night. 279 on the year left handed hitter with power under its first one out. Necklace now with four strikeouts in the first three and a third. And off speed pitch jazz missed the outside corner. You're steps out of the box for a moment to look into the dugout. Ready to go from the left side Lewis taking a little time. He's ready. And the picture is swung on and golf Tipton to Trout lines glove for strike one. If that went down now Grayson generous to the first baseman in two. Say something quickly does that Lewis. Evan Gruner. Has started all six games in Missouri Valley Conference play for Bradley. Now. Actually seven including today. Hitting it even 200 so far in valley play on four for twenty with. Eight strikeouts sort of first base there are back actually that would now be. Four for 21 with nine strikeouts through his first that. Rendered first base Tyler traveller just one for one. As a base stealer. 11 account to Gruner. Lewis holds a little longer now delivers at a drive well hit toward right center field and plug the gap. Bounces out over the fan to the sharpest catch a break that would would have scored a run. Had stayed in the park but it took a big high bounce over the fans it's a ground rule double for Gruner. And the league runner left their hands to hold up the third. That ball rattles off the fence most likely. Left would have scored pretty easily hurt. So remains a two goal on shocker lead but not two men in scoring position for Bradley will only one out and Andy chatted coming up. First extra base hit. She added walked his first time. Lowe's delivers and a fastball on the outside corner for a called strike wonk. In terra 066. Dallas Baptist and Indiana State in the eight. After one Missouri stately Evansville 32. Wildly shaking up there in southern and Illinois State scoreless after two. She added takes we'll let outside throw to third and the runner back. And that was the same saying that shocker is pulled off against Missouri State last week for the kind of watch the rudder and if he's going back with his hit down not watching the capture. They picked a guy off last week at that time. Left clear back safely you could see was a little surprised. To learn that a throw it's coming there's one chest inside just barely missed two and one that she added. Could go on Wichita State in the fourth but Bradley threatening with second and third one out. Two balls at a strike. Lewis' pitch and it's now off the plate Cubans and to and to. Kind of do or die strikeouts situation here with Italy being. In the fourth inning but punch out would be nice and shouted here. He will strike out some. One of three last night one time in three at bats every 3.3 at bats on the year. 22000. Off heated up the plate. Annie hangs in there. Made a real good pitch to Seoul could get him down swinging Zach Lewis did. Yeah he's got shouted to him to do with Crist on the catcher coming up next. Shocker will trader run for an out. In field. At regular depth except for Genesis. Long way over towards second base. They played she added to pull on the ground. Lewis stepped off for a moment. Ready to go again here's the pitch struck out swinging on a breaking ball. Another big strikeout for exactly Louis who have now struck out five. The first eleven now. And the better Ian Chris Dunn hit a fly ball to deep center his first time. The time to breathe a sigh of relief though is oftentimes you get those two and that's second one with a runner in scoring position or runners. He didn't let off the gas a little bit on the third month. One more big instilled it yet. Krstic to Chris Dunn objectives language you want around they're gonna appeal it and they say did not up that's tough break for which does state there isn't. Base umpires in the middle of the field looked like Chris on what around the almost impossible for Matt we can't read arena so a break for the Braves. One iota Chris Dunn hit a first pitch deep to center is first time. Thousand nacco screen. Watch out that one's coming in hot down there one ball and strike. A leadoff walk to strikeout and double that bounced over the fence and kept the lead runner at third another strike Louis has a chance to get out of here second and third to down. 11 to Chris Dunn. Good off speed pitch for a called strike on the outside corner particularly wanted to do. They got all kinds of possibilities to get Chris Dodd go fishing here weighing headcount and base open. Do not give in doing. One balls two strikes lewis' pitch. Breaking ball lifted in the air to let senator coming in on his Ritter the left fielder makes the catch. And lows pitches his way out of CNN crowd real goal is the best thing I haven't had any no runs one hit. 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Oprah wanted to double play grounder to the shortstop but he takes a strike on the inside corner from Cameron Greg here. Greg you're 334 hits two runs no walks and a strikeout. Wonder raider bounced out on in their one ball one strike each greater Alec foam. And date and he got to the shocker here in the fourth. One ball one strike left hander delivers and big shot to the left side charging his. Gave the third baseman had trouble getting it at the glove but he got it by half staff at first base. Greater runs well money always hustles down the line in game looked like he had a little bit of trouble making the transfer to his throwing hand but he got there just in time. Overall Cameron Wright Kelly good job at hand off to shocker barrels today. Greater. Kind of lunged for the Allen one arm swing a little tapper to third. Soccer's slim that very many good swings together although they got that you've run third take the lead to account I have to do is chip away at. Alec bomb takes low for ball on lifted a high medium depth fly ball to center his first time. Three for four last night came in hitting 297. And at what caught the inside corner started to strike gave up on it that ball tailed a little bit of fastball back over the inside corner 11. Well tall lanky right handed theatre 65 listed at 240. Popped one up off the hands again and to shallow center she added. Fighting the subtle little bit makes the catch the sun and the wind it looked like that time that makes the catch for the second round. Regulars also a guy that likes to work quickly so we'll see if over the next couple of innings shot could do anything trying to. Destroys timing or his rhythm a little bit step out on him. Then mess around too much pressure that nobody else. You're state did go out with two out. And the first pitch to him as outside for ball on duke got started the rally. In the third with a leadoff infield single but he chopped over the rounded beat out a close play. Guano. Driven there right into the land. Winds could push it back a little bit that's gonna fall. Into the shocker bullpen area out of play for strike was. Then really blowing out toward left field than anything hit to that right side's gonna come drifting back but if you slice it in that way and it'll also knocked it down pretty quickly. The 11 to do go low and inside two balls and strike. Dayton did just started this game it'd even 303. Home runs sixteen runs batted in. Is the 21. Driven to write again if that went a little better but again foul down the right side and little farther up on the hill and foul territory for strike two. There's two men down pretty quickly here in the fourth for Wichita State. All the scoring in the third Bradley got to run in the top half the shot which came back with two. To choose to do got fastball hit through the right side for a base hit. There again sad thing that he's gotten better as he's gotten better in the second half of the season just going with a pitch the other way hitting with authority to right field. It's strong enough to get need people happy. Just hit the ball where it's pitched plenty strong and drill that went through the right side. This tit for Wichita State the better chatter Kirk who tried to bunt. An advance do after he let off in the third but butted into a force play reached on a fielder's choice Slater's quarter takes a breaking ball for a called strike one. Kurt started the day at 2622. Home runs and fifteen runs batted in that poll for five so far in the series. Right handed hitter against the lefty. 01. Our speed breaking ball low one want to say was hitting 560 so I wanna close. At 520 coming into this one against left handers currently in even 513. For 26. Left hander ready with the toss over to first base you've got back. Date with excellent speed that has not yet really mastered the art of getting great base stealing jobs he's two for six. As a base stealer. And toss over goes back at first. Can't holding at one at one to ten or Kirk. Really a nice day feels like baseball they're here next dating. Because the router got a good job and fouled behind first out of play by ten occur in the count 12. That time did god did get a pretty good job. It's hit and run on her fouled it off. To outer outer authors Wichita State leading to the one in the bottom of the fourth. Tech Lewis pitched his way out of the second and third one out jam in the top of the inning another move over to first do goddess flops back to the bag that time. You guys been ill. All week back in the lineup today after not even being here last night these two for two and Mary goes to getting Kurt strikes out swinging to end the inning. Fastball away from record might even have been off the plate. 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But it absolutely has to be there on time call led put expressed at 5409991. Or online at led foot express dot com. Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance. C agent Jared Crawford. Chris post or Mike Rodgers this is Stevens can join this morning right here on cape enhanced end. That's Louis pretty much reduced through his first two innings retiring six of seven struck attic. Three of those walked one that was the only base runner but the last two innings. Given up three hits and walked in and a couple of jams gave up a run in the third had second and third with one out before it. And pitched out of it so looking for a little bit easier time of it here in the fifth. He starts it off the DJ Grasso who singled to start that run scoring rally in the third. Guess those three for five so market shocker pitching. It takes a fastball high from Louis the ball on gas so batting eighth in the order then Brady Wilkens and look man jury here in the fifth. To Dejuan Wichita State just one run advantage at the moment. 10. Fastball away gets a strike it evens adept at 11. Lewis back to work the pitched against. Strike on the outside corner fast quality United's one and two. BJ guess Richard sophomore. 12 delivery. Takes a strike on the inside Tony we were getting my wife came back inside this kind of tidy up frozen. And that Lewis has his sixth strike at a tickets yeah so looking. Lord Charles. At the bottom of that one big overhead breaking ball and Datsyuk gave up on it. Clipped the knees and pretty much in her third. Council is not looking for that slow jog. Here's a ball popped up on the first pitch to Brady will look and left side in field is meddling inside of the land at Vickers can't come up with a look at slides into second. Let them very often trade Vickers but that's Paulus a Major League pop up as they say. Way above the stadium roof and even windier than 45 miles an hour. Hi is will can hit it unfortunately. And he sticks right there. Both teams have now committed one error and they have both been on pop ups in the way and that they were unable to handle look at hustling all the leg gets all the way to second. There with one out for Luke man jury first pitch to him to breaking ball for a called strike. Ran it down and into the left handed hitter. And Jerry stroked one into left field in this same situation in the third drive in the Bradley route so he has won for two today. Lewis from the stretch and his pitch. Breaking ball again it skidded across the plate blocked by Trout line 11 at. In defense of trade Vickers we praised him all weekend last weekend for all the tough catches he made on pop ups in the win. Chain said he's normally very good at it. He's aggressive and that's the first that's the first part of the battle. Fastball it gets a strike on the inside corner one and two out of injury. Look at the runner at second runs pretty well he's gonna score on most base hits. Lewis tried to prevent that from happening with a 12 count to look man jury. They used to pitch. Off speed pitch missed low and away two balls and two strikes. I get Manger to chase down. And series strikeout victim in the first. Cannot even out Q into with a runner in scoring position one now is soccer's leading by one. Two balls two strikes. Lewis delivers. Fast ball in goofy way back. So it's three and two. Lewis was six strikeouts he has walked to do. And he's given up three basis. And Jerry doesn't strike out all that often about every 55 and a half times. 32. Outside for ball four. To stop the outside edge. That is three walks given up by sex Lewis first and second with one out Zach is not being at his sharpest today. Along with those three walks have been quite few missed spots. But in situations like this. He's really bared down and made pitches when he had to. Dangerous customer up there and Spencer gay who has lined to left and grounded to short. Still looking for his first hit in the series going all for seven so far. Well over 300 career hitter. Outline let out a little chat with snack Louis. They are ready to go. Right hander from the stretch. First pitch to gay. Low and inside one ball and strike one ball and no strikes. Spencer BA second team all valley a year ago hit 351. Four homers 32 runs batted in limited by injuries to 38 games. One know. Popped it up. Wynn's gonna play with a travel back toward the screen edit stays in play for the good job by Trout line is no the wind was probably gonna do with that he would have a chance with the backs they had an. And the wind it came from behind a screen back into the field of play and up pop up like that on the day like today he kinda wanna. Cautiously go after you don't want to spread to them to the wire and then have a balanced behind it's gonna come back to you anyway and it takes certainly some. Training and experience to kind of just. Take easy when you going back to the screen because it'll end up coming back the sit two out two on Tyler left alert comes up there he has flied to left and walked into plate appearances today moved to second and the runner back tanker the second baseman breaking in. Brady look and a second man jury its first. Louis in fairness to him should be out of the inning now like pop up that. Trade Vickers couldn't handle it for a two base error with one out in the inning. That pitch is a little bit inside the left or bowl on. Tyler left footer with 21 runs batted in is third on the team that just one behind the co leaders all day and chatted in the champ 22. He has been pretty good in these situations runner in scoring position with two out another man at first. Act Lewis account of wanna know. To the plate dinner breaking ball low and outside to domestic. Wichita State leading to go on. Bradley. With the tying run at second base two out in the top of the fifth. Left learn. Stepped out for a moment settling back into the boxes Louis gets the sign from gutter Trout line. The stretch check with a runner at second and the pitch. That when apparently just a little low I was waiting for the call from Greg mud who's over the plate that down just a little bit three balls no strikes trot line. Came up looking to throw thinking man Jerry might not be paying attention first base that he was alert to possible Plano throw was made. Notice three I don't out of left solar. Course to walk would loaded up. Move that tying run to third with two that. Lewis stepped back off the rubber for a moment to think it over. Looks in for the sign. Here's the stretch. 30. Fastball in for a strike up in the zone three and one. Littler steps back readjust the batting gloves. A lot of readjusting and turns his attention back to the pitcher. Still well up on the count three and one. Act Lewis ready and delivers. Hi I thought my ball popped up way way way fell behind there kind of collect. Landed on the roof the indoor workout facility. So it is pulled out three and two after he had a 30. At 32 with two outs the runners will be moving with the pinch. That's again left foot stepping out that's in the batting gloves. Back in the box. Lewis nods at the sign. At the three to. Tried to command of the fastball cranky guy named. The on the left shoulder. Upper arm area. So they are loaded up on an error a walk. And I hit batter and Brett cabinets checkered pitching coach is going to go out and talked his neck Lewis. Give no point now where the pitches or start to pile up. And the free passes have piled up to so far the shoppers. Haven't had any of those freebies come around up item yet. There have been three walks a hit batter and an error. Milwaukee hit batter and an error in this inning alone but. So far so good as Jack Lewis again has continued to make pitches when he needed to. Got called sold go out there who has struck out twice. But a good gators 3274. Home runs 22 runs batted in starting play today. Two out bases loaded top of the fifth with Wichita State. Holding 821 edge. So good steps in from the right side. Lewis will stay in the stretch position with the bases full in his first pitch to soak as a breaking ball at their for a called strike Iraq. So look at has taken a lot of pitches from Lewis he seems to be having trouble. Picking up what he's throwing her just may be guessing a little bit. 01. Driven up the middle base hit to center field just to put Bradley ahead runner on third group that will go back to the middle of the diamond and a two out single but also look at. Plates to the unearned runs and give Bradley gets treated to Lee and achingly. Play with fire so many times you gonna get burned. They're breaking ball for a called strike and then that breaking ball hung up in the strike zone that mistake was cashed in Beisel kept. And so now it's 32 but again what we've talked about all season and even yesterday. All right you give up a couple but you gotta make sure you get the next guy out and keep your team in the game even though lewis' may be tiring a little bit. No one more guy to get. Evan Gruner is that next guy and he takes a strike on the outside corner. Period who's been at both ends of the spectrum so far strike out swinging in the second but solid double to right center. In the fourth. Two for four so far in the series against the shocker. 01. Yes good strike on the outside corner something off speed to sell into now and Evan group. This situation you like to get a Mandy strikeout prone he's not going to be quite as disciplined but is confident with two strikes. Editors at first and second. To up the pitch. Wild won back to the back stuff and they'll move up to second and third. Analysts over Trout lines head back to the backstop. So we've had a little bit of everything in the inning. Yeah now one and two Gruner. But it changes that with all of the events that have taken place if he gets it you're still just one run down in the game. 12. Stocky now it's what got him on and off speed pitch the way. So exact Lewis gets a big strikeout to end DNA. Both runs are unearned because the error prolonged the inning but Bradley takes the lead with two runs on one hit and one air and they leave to the board. After four and a half Bradley three of Wichita State to. Much your actions can make all kinds of things disappear do that began making ATM fees. Or amber and get an equity bank debit cards and make every eight GMT at every ATM vanish go ahead the greeted me. The magic potions insider equity bank debit card prevents the fee from ever appearing in your account abracadabra. Get a equity backed up card and perform your own bit of magic got ready AGF Kate want to top that not require equity bank memory PX. This is Todd cipher with Cochran more scoring crematory would you tell us exclusive certified veterans and famine memorial care provider. Over a 150000. Troops are currently serving overseas away from their families and loved ones. Join us and supporting armed forces by donating your old cell phones to cell phones for soldiers. Come by and call or find us on FaceBook for details. Cochran mortuary crematory proudly supporting our troops and nurse sharks. Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance. C agent Bernhard Ng does. Happening right here on KM SS. It's nice to Celsius the lead as he goes back to the mound to pitch the fifth Bradley scored in the third Wichita State came right back with. Which at the bottom half now Bradley Kaplan. Two. Regaining the lead at 32 this camera regular basis trade Vickers Michael look at. And Lew Ritter in the shocker half of the fifth. Vickers won for Juan with a hard single through the right side of the infield his first time take some off speed pitch for a called strike one. Stickers one for one today with a run scored two for four so far in the series. 01 fastball low one ball one strike. Laughs as appalled at staying and hearing your proud supporters of shocker athletics. On one to Vickers driven down the right side salad the shocker bullpen. And the count one and two. It could reach Baltic staying and carrying 2637596. Or visit their website at www. Hold it law. Dot com. 12 off speed pitch Foulke back. That may have done it for Zach Lewis he's gone five and kind of labored his way through it Tyler jones' downing shocker bullpen. He was up when the shocker throughout on defense of him continuing to throw here would lead you believe these next. Ball chopper toward third that is a foul ball. But that a tough play for Spencer case because it was chopped it slowly it high bounce. Vickers knotted speed demon that runs pretty well. The ball was foul count states won in two. I had to I had Louis getting upward of ninety pitches toward the end of that top of the fifth. He was in the stretch pretty much all day. 12 to victors big breaking ball grounded up the middle backing headed by gas so sliding on one date throws to first in the turf and dug up by -- sitting out. Pretty well placed but Vickers credit to middle but Cassel was playing in their cheating up to middle able to go on one billion backhand behind second base. So why anatomy adding Michael look up there Michael is granted to shorten it and look a little single in the left to drove it around in the third one for two today. 246. So far against Bradley. Wagner's first pitch to him big slow curve ball at their for a called strike one. Doctors have out hit Bradley so far five before an error opened the door and Bradley now leads it three to two in the fifth at breaking ball low and inside. Here's the 11. Fastball grounded the first baseman easy play for so you know unassisted for the daddy just chop it right to it not hit very hard at all. Almost like what she did in field. Out of the end of the better live critters. Raiders still looking to get on track day. Low hard one hop line to the second baseman in the first to strike out swinging in the third 046. So far in the series. Wagner's first pitch and he takes fastball for a strike. Peter came into the game at 286 after going oh for for a last night two out bases empty in the bottom of the fifth. 01 skipped across the plate 11. Cameron Greg you're back to work. And it balls hit like a shot through the ball into left field for a base hit. Could swing by a lucrative low liner in between short third and the checkers have there's six to have a two out base runner for Grayson to Aniston. Let's get greater say in raiders continued to stay out of middle of the strike zone has not give up given up many hard hit balls do guy with a sharp single to right the fourth and hit right there from Ridder but. No this shark has really gotten. A ball they can finally hit hard and elevate. Low ground balls with no extra base hit potential to speak the first half of the game. Grayson just up there had a line single to center in the third driving around me also is grounded out to first so he has won for two on the day. First pitch to it as a big curveball for a called strike one. Canister one for two today four for six so far in the series plus a walk last night. Let's get a hitter against the lefty that hits well against left handed pitching. 01 another breaking ball that was way outside one ball one strike. Chris Dodd had this slide out get in front of that one in the opposite batter's box at time. One and one digestive Ritter first two out in the bottom of the fifth to shocker trailing 32 and picked first. Later back at first. Genesis stepped back in the box for a moment after the throw to first he's ready to go and regular camp set. To the plate fastball popped up should end the inning third base area gay. Makes the catch right behind the bag at third to end the inning. Taxes get it to that hit it can't do anything whether it and reliever runner at first we have played five and Bradley leads it by a score of three it is. 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As far as living join me. Weekdays at five right here on tape and as best. Hey Shane predicted tallied Johns takes over on the mound through Wichita State as we go to the sixth. Jack Lewis. Around ninety you're just over ninety pitches in five innings. He went five gave up four hits three runs only one of them earned three walks seven strikeouts hit a batter. And threw a wild pitch. And for being all over the place as much as he was a time seven strikeouts ties his career highs shocker yet seven. In six and a third innings at cal state Fullerton earlier this year kept the team in the game most importantly. Can't win all the weekend but. Leaving three do you think it. John's taking over last appeared at Kansas on Tuesday night. And in its players gave up three hits and two runs one earned with no walks. And three strike yet since his fifteenth appearance all out of the bullpen. What an old ones save me five point 76 ERA for 25 innings. Given up 31 hits and fourteen walks with 26 strikeouts in 25 innings his first pitch fastball on the inside corner. And he shouted she added today has walked in struck out swinging. 01. And now back quickly on to. Tyler Johnson appearance at Kansas on Tuesday was his first outing in about a week and a half its yet last pitched just facing three hitters. At the end of that run rule loss at Evansville on the Sunday of that series. Fastball up and away one ball in two strikes. She added in Chris Dodd. And DJ gas do up for Bradley here in the sixth. And the ball hit a decider coming artist that they won't be able to get it but on the brakes it dropped in front of him for a leadoff single. She added that his first hit the ball game his second of the series. In the leadoff man on again for Bradley they have not let you lead off man on three of the last four innings. And that's pretty much all series long. That was a six last I think so Ian Chris Dunn. Fly to center flied to left his two at bats so far against the starters back Lewis. Jones. From the stretch and moved to first fairly close play is Chad it goes diving candy she added three stolen bases in six attempts. Look like his lead was all that big that looked like he reacted just a little slowly to that one flat footed big time. No cannot yet to Chris Dunn. Jones holding and now the pitch. Out back behind third nothing on. Tyler Jones made one appearance against Bradley in the series last year period pitched two innings did not allow a hit or run walk to. And struck out three. Sophomore righthander for the shot here's. As a man on that nobody else. Moved first to the writer dives back. Bradley one of the third dish Packers answered with two of that inning and then Bradley to bar in the fifth. To take a three to two lead and that's where we currently stand. Pitch to Chris Dodd a strike fastball better remedies at night unit so into. Here's Don has only grounded into one double play on the year. Jones with a note to account. Taken his time as he gets assigned. And delivers. Inside with a fastball. One ball and two strikes. She added. Immediately to first base. Jones takes a glance over. To the plate and a slowing in a foul tip into the catcher's glove tried to stay back on and off speed pitch he was still a lot of front. Who's done strikes out the first out of the six. That's eight strikeouts for shocker pitching now in just five in the third innings. Bradley in its six previous Missouri Valley Conference teams has been averaging nine strikeouts in game. DJ gas so with a single and a strikeout so far in this what struck out looking. Against sac Lewis in the fifth singled to left and scored leading off the third inning. Alex Johnson moved to first chatted dives back. Tested decade long slow look at first base umpire Matt Anderson as if to say sure we didn't get him. Again it is three to two Bradley top of the sixth. Rachel the rhetoric first of and now. Announces that it moved over close Hawaii just barely missed that time and pianist and dropped it and that's why. I thought the it's sad to see what color did just that they're able to catch it that was bang bang but. The left and on the turf. He thought he had it even looked in the dugout like having that time that he realized balls land but decided. No count yet to DJ gas so. Jones delivers pitch out that time that nothing happening one ball no strikes. BJ guess those moms a big fan which can ever watch it because she's busy every weekend she as the head softball coach at the University of Oklahoma. Moved to first knowing almost had him again and again Jen Aniston. Look into the dugout like I think we had. It has been really close about three times now on chatted going back in. Think we know how Porsche attic can get out there that I get picked. I Jones was quick feet he's got a good moved first. 10 account. And pitch but it did a good look toward the third baseline Jones up their hands throws low could pick up by the JavaScript yeah. I was a kid like this that was another good spot Cassel had a bunt single last night and Bradley continues to do a good job putting the law. Goes a sacrifice but now with two outs yes I was hoping to move the runner but I also get on himself. Nice job by Jones to hurry get over there and bare handed them really the only play hat. And now with a runner at second and a base open Brady will can do out so now that. We'll starting to turn shocker dug out governor Trout lines as well. Welcome so far as laid down a sack but and popped one up to short. That trade Vickers had a tough time between the sun and the wind. Couldn't get a hold of it. And woken turned it into a two base error and later scored that opened the door to a to run inning both runs were charged as unearned two Zach Lewis. Pitched awoken. Gets away from the catcher back to the backstop looked like that would bounced across did justice spike fastball and Jones overthrew. And so now. Insurance runs only ninety feet away shocker for the most part today have made pitches when they've had to you and lord knows Bradley said base runners all over the place but. That fastball just spiked and even though governor Trout line is upset that he wasn't able Lockett. Who has been a tall task. So a runner at third two out. Wanna account you will get a that won it hitting. Way inside. So put runners at first and second with two. And I suppose that's not the worst thing it can happen but the base open but the way that. Tyler Jones dismissed. His alarms pitching coach Rick yemen's. If fastball that went all the way to the screen. And that fast ball would've if will can wooden in the way though. To really wild ones have. The little concern in the first base dugout. And now the two pitchers so far today for Wichita State's necklace entirely Jones have both hit a batter and throttle wild pitch. First and second to outlook man cheery at the top of the order has struck out singled and walked. Great candidates talking it over with Tyler Jones. And that shocker bullpen has been shaky at times this year for Wichita State. Tyler Jones has an opportunity get shut this off right here but again he's got to get back into the strike zone. The B one thing if you get beat giving up hits but. A little wildness here in the sixth. As Tyler Jones wobbling. System that. Now back to the top of the order. And Jerry struck out swinging in the first any stroked an opposite field single in the third drive in Bradley's first run. Walked on the back of the drop pop up in the death and eventually scored the second run that inning of that run as the difference right now as Bradley leads it three to two. First and third two out and pitch to him. What I get caught like Tyler job. And rocket that looked like it was headed for center fielder a Jones got the glove up just in time for the shot through sneak out of the inning. No runs one hit to left for Bradley in the sixth he remains free to to Bradley after five and hand. There are certain. Precious. Do you Joost can currency. He'd like to forget you never want. The worst part of Iran has something like that somebody has been injected. Is that we're in nursing tells us the fact that it is such an easy thing to do. Almost all the honoring and you know it's it's not wearing her seat belt. In Kansas it's belongs. Click it or ticket worst. Need a place to watch the big game. You still have the best seat in the house located off finally came 96 and went room. Offers daily specials a dozen Beers on tap and a menu featuring everything from pizza to primary. Jerseys proud to be an official sponsor of the Wichita State shocker as. No matter where the soccer play home or away want to make jerseys and tickets ride to the game and style and their sweet Hummer limo. Call 3166365000. Jerseys grilling barn Wichita. Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance. Seat agent John Green Ryan woods or an Andover west Sawyer I Glenn Beck joining weekend mornings and night right here on. Bottom six. Which is just date batting cleanup spot today takes curve ball from camera record low for ball one. Reg there's been very efficient through the first five innings averaging about thirteen pitches or innings giving up six hits the just two runs. Fastball is loaded Trout line too and now. No walks he has kept bases clear free passes and he has struck out two. Really leads it 32 and a pair of unearned runs in the fifth line drive left field a base hit for got to travel on. So gutter had a couple of solid hits last night gets his first one today the shocker seventh. In the tying run on with nobody out here in the sixth. They we very likely could see above here chased raiders wanted to shock is best fighters. It's capable of lagging and out on occasion this to sacrifice months on the year for outline every runner. Like to get him in scoring position here. Bruce penetrator is Bunning pretty given that the third baseline game of the third baseman fields and throws to first for the out and good but by razor. Gets the job done move Trout line to second with one out. Now like bomb had hit one on the barrel just yet he's been close but right near us. Been able to timed up just enough or a couple of lazy flies to senator. But it Indian doubt get a chance to get the shocker even or maybe better. Here in the bottom of the sixth. Bombed three for four last night including a double but it chain says he's gotten fisted a couple of times today to. Shallow fly balls to the center fielder. First pitch to him now that oil was this great there. Fastball at 86. Pretty much middle middle. Now that straight back. Nothing in one. Collecting himself a little bit before stepping back in there. Cox the vet wreck near takes a look at second. And to the plate big slow curve ball stays high one ball one strike. Soccer's with seven hits. That hit Bradley. In the ballgame that trailed three to two. 11 day Alec home. And time called right there. As Chez mentioned earlier is usually pretty quick works very fast but. Just on occasion he'll take a little more time to Catalina inning get that side that was the case there bomb decided to call time. 11 here and little's. Flare up the bill could be trouble idiocy and they had to center field for a base hit. Outlined had to hang close to second to make sure it's dropped at least got to third on the play but it's first and third with only one out. Still ahead marijuana and one for three so that you doctors again discounted chipped away at Cameron right here and it's pretty mentally done all day. Handful of singles. And. Now do guy whose two out two probably. The pubescent bats and shocker individually so far against regular. Shot one over the man beat it out in the third and then hit one sharply through the right side for a single in the fourth. Try outlined at third ball that first one out do go tried to hold up went on a breaking ball and so on one. In his approach didn't change from the previous two at bats when he was up there with nobody on put extra pressure on yourself. Get pitching can handle stay back on. Line drives it to right doubles well hit it's gonna get the run on the right fielder back and look at almost let it get over it makes the catch. Tech news story is trapped by the attackers tied up. It got really put it gets might not happen. Drove it cross wind still carried deep to right feel welcome and almost. Let it slip over extended his arm not that justice good. Holding its first bomb with two did with a seventeen to run batted in. 033 now the bottom of the sixth. Better tanner Kirk who has butted into a force play reaching on a fielder's choice and striking out. Over to today 046. In the series. And a great competitor he has been struggling nevertheless they're gonna run. Pour foam now Travis gun with him and his pinch runner. Tattered Kirk. Now seven for his last 4912. Strikeouts in those last 49 at bats. Travis young very fast. Yes five stolen bases in six attempts to see if they would be. Bold enough to letting try to steal here to get into scoring position with two. Because a throwback standing out. The sixth innings in a pretty good one the shocker so far this series got back in it last night trailing five to nothing with three in the sixth that it day. Score runs to tie it up and throw in the hunt and expanding. You know and could have been close to bag. He's literally one step away. Obviously they'd always in their for reasons. Stretch director. Pitched occurred in a high fly ball to center. She added almost it is tracked him in a little that risk with the way that makes the catch on the side retired. The shot just get tied up but it Ron on accidentally gets in the sixth as we go to the seventh it's now Wichita State three Bradley three. We have a lot of responsibilities in today's world we cautiously analyze our wellness but neglect the largest organ of our body. Our skin at Moeller dermatology we offer specialized testing and treatments for common diseases and skin hair and nails and thorough treatment for skin cancer moles and lesions and we're the provider offering -- in micro graphics surgery that's recognized as the skin cancer treatment with the highest cure rate please call Moeller dermatology at sixty to 7546. To schedule an appointment at our east or west Wichita locations experience for yourself one more dermatology is your premier trusted source for all term it's a logical needs. Your busy meeting deadlines aaron's car pools sabres needed to das render the thank you completely forgot to our camp didn't any different believes that he can be you've promised better yeah. Stop you can't be everywhere but we can. Delta dental of Kansas offers individual dental plans across the largest Dennis network in the nation's so when something's got to camp blues the laundry list. Keep your smile learn more about individual and family dental plans and delta dental KS dot com. Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance. C agent Alex Acosta NG Valentine or in mold main Kirk Farber George story from coach to coach. Am stormy week knights right here fine KM SS. Tyler Johnson becomes the pitcher of record for Wichita State as it goes back out for his second inning here in the seventh attackers have tied it up so accounts could be the winner or loser depending on what happens from here. With the score tied 33 feet facing Spencer gate Tyler left and Paul so good 23 and four hitters. In the Bradley order here in the seventh. Hale for three in this one to two fastball up and in a little bit the ball one Jones got through the sixth unscathed that gave up they hit hit a batter. A little bit wild that worked his way out of it catching a line drive right back at ground ball toward short. To his left Vickers keeps it up throws to first and gets. Good play by trade victories Gail runs pretty well you don't have a lot of time to mess around with a when he gets it Vickers had to go up the middle a little bit. Throws you not start the inning beginning years in the seventh Mikey got the heart of the order for Bradley at 91 and two in the shock yours come up against. Can't presumably Cameron Greg there who go back out there for the seventh with nobody in this. In the bullpen for Bradley in a tie game so. Come across roads for both these pitchers shocker have the fresher one out there. Tyler Loeffler offer one bit to free passes hit a fly ball the left in the first and that'll walk and hit by pitch takes a strike down around the days of 91 mile an hour fastball from Tyler Jones. Left are walked in the fourth got plunked in the fifth ended up stranded at third both times. And he has spent a lot of time adjusting those batting gloves in his last couple of the death stepped out of the box there to get them just right. One out nobody on in an old one pitch on the way. And tap up to played it rolls now along with their baseline cat goes to owed to. Badly with one in the third shot records came back with two Bradley took the lead with two in the fifth. Wichita State just got the run back in the sixth that knotted up at 33. To the Bradley runs are unearned and so. Only fair that act Lewis at least is off the hook now he cannot be the loser. Announced now off the plate national way over the third base dugout. And it stays at Poland to go Butler. So Louis would get a no decision. Battled his way through five innings gave up four hits three runs one earned. Matched his career high with seven strikeouts and now Tyler Jones. And to keep this score right where it is. 02. Low and inside a ball and two strikes. Came down in around his feet. Once again some batting glove. Readjustment. You're watching Nomar Garciaparra too much it. Count it one and two tallied Johns from the windup. And this tie breaking ball to two and maybe someone very few people listening would have. Remembers Mike Hargrove oh man hammer him to human rain delay you just to both of them. Tapped his foot with his back cleaned off the bat. And I wasn't time hours speed of the game nobody really cared about at all because not many of those were televised. Too too low and now it's three into the molecular. Loeffler has worked his way on that getting a hit his last two times now has a chance to. Worked his way on there again at three and two. My car crew after a long big league career manage the liberal BJ's countless hours. 32. Driven into setter and apple all dropped for a base hit a line drive base hit to left what are. That is hit number six for Bradley the second off Tyler Jones and runner on with one out this time the Braves have had their leadoff man on three of the last four innings. Brings up Paul soul good who has the single biggest hit of the day for Bradley after he struck out his first two times. Line 82 out single to center in the fifth to give Bradley a three to two lead at the time those were his. 23 and 24 runs batted in of the season. One for three in both games now against the shocker the pitch to him fastball in there for a strike up in the zone. 33. Top of the seventh. Middle game of this three game series Wichita State. Won the opener last night 75. 01. Over at the industry strike fastball DA so went to the sofa. Kind of strange it tomorrow the shocker we'll have a known commodity and a bit of a mystery all the same time going for them and will each won't keep you know what he's capable of but. How's he gonna feel after a little bit of time off. Tyler Johnson 02 count to Soka here's the stretch. And it's pitch to move to stop to yes I like but it was it was just barely outside as the fastball intended to be right where he threw it. It gets OK to chase and at one moment to strike. Certainly dining set up so at least one more pitch you don't wanna catch to strike zone where. He's right on top of the plate to. The one to. Guided bury that one missed in the turf two balls two strikes. Attackers got so look at a couple of times earlier was breaking balls but Zach Lewis. It's even at two and two and a runner at first and one out tie game in the top of the seventh. Jones has designed. Comsat. And delivers. Ground ball up the middle one hop did Vickers over to Kirk Jones to first. Double lives of the suckers out of you. That was just made to order as it gets one hop tonight at snack blues. Not Brewster at their first double play and they go to the seventh inning stretch with this game tonight. At 33. Dependable and capable advanced one look at the 4016 Chevy Silverado and you'll see why it's a new face of strong. Muscular new grill give Silverado bold new move well and available small block V8 engine offers impressive power and efficiency. Plus it's built with high strength steel for our strength dependability. Silverado the most dependable longest lasting full sized pickups on the road. See your home town should review it today in dependability based on longevity in 1987 to July 2015 full size of the coverage restrictions. You know the benefits of dental implants from Cambridge family dentistry will now Cambridge is giving you a very special offer a complimentary exam and a 3-D X ray valued at 350 dollars. Two hours from start to finish and I had six plants and we didn't. In retrospect. I would pay double received your complimentary exam and a free 3-D X ray now call 3163501100. Pick Cambridge family dentistry you have something to smile about. I'm like yeah stormy from ground zero weakness in nine years on can SS. Bottom of the seventh. Three things on game Cameron Greg you're still out there for Bradley has pitched chance been pretty solid throughout. Three runs on eight hits for the shocker suffering here over six innings no walks. Andy has struck out to trade Vickers Walid enough then Michael Luka and look greater here in the shoppers out. 75 pitches through six. It's fine as far as that's concerned. Used to go deep in the games. They're complete game against Missouri State went into the night against Evansville. And Vickers client but at the center field for a base hit it on the first pitch trade Vickers just continues to rip the ball all over the ballpark. Two for three today three for six in this series seven for two hand so far this week. Is now seven for twelve lifetime against the Braves. That's pretty good to have some nice down around the bottom of the order a spark plug. So the potential go ahead run. On here in the seventh with nobody out to soccer's in two previous situations where it had laid off base hits have spotted Michael moved up there. Rigors pitch Michael showed thought it takes low for ball one good decision to let that one go. Showed lady didn't square around early look at one for three today it was an opposite field single that drove in a run in the third he also is grounded out twice. Stretch director. Look at dragged to the pretty good but first baseman got a failed second baseman coverage and they get a lot of close private. That was a good drive by America there was some room on that right side. Try to drag his way on but he gets the writer Dan the second with a one out and it was perfectly thrown for a bond of that nature. Lugo left handed batter and they're basically quote unquote take it within. And it was in off the plate so has Lucas kind of moving to first base he gets out of the way of it in his. Kind of allowed just to take it living and almost. Beat the second baseman to the back so now Ridder and Jenna still have a chance to soccer's Lee. Reader takes a strike on the outside corner and off speed pitch -- had some good swings or Greg today struck out in the third but his first time up. Get a low one hop liner to the second baseman hit three mad and then he lined a single through the hole short in the fifth. 01. Driven well at the center on the Roddy shouted at. Mean banks another spectacular catch back to second trade Vickers with two out. A line drive that litmus taking it away from him chanted we want all the way to the track to make a diving catch to rob try outlined last night. Laying out on that one in taking away and. Gervais in the name of Max Murphy is going on around here. Center fielders for Bradley over the last four or five years. Routinely making it. On sports dinner and putting up those kinda catches. And when it gets that was. Only outdone by the one last night that was. Somewhat disputed by the doctors. I didn't think you've just got to get that one that has laid out at the end and just did reach it saying here's Grayson Janice. That the go ahead run at second and two out now. Janice don't want for three with a line single to center in the third he also is grounded to first and popped up to the third baseman. That's three good swings today for Ritter and he's only one for four big curve ball in there for a strike to Janice to. Grayson three for four last night started this game at 330. RBI in the third his 22 of the year he's third on the team. No balls one strike breakers pitch fastball in me and moved him back one ball one strike. She added so far this series has made one above average play a little blooper to shallow center last night and two spectacular plays in deep left center. 11. Her ball below two balls and strikes to Afghanistan. Doctors have trailed twice in this game came back to take a brief to the one lead. And then have Ty did it 33 is that in the seventh right hander Alan Beer loosening in earnest and they Bradley pin. As regular may be ending nearing in the line and. And drive well hit to center mall slicing back and shouted at the track Johnson makes another catch that was not as difficult. Because it had some slicing action and got brought it back to right but its doctors hit two balls on the nose to senator couldn't get anything to fall in. It's no runs on one hit in the seventh we go to the eight tide history. Are you looking for a great place to play golf whether you're beginner for a seasoned veteran and look at ten and over municipal golf course complete distressed behind and come to hand over municipal golf course with your wife and kids and friends. Under new management the greens have recently been re grasping. With inexpensive green car and membership fees and of municipal golf courses they're golf course for you want. And don't forget to try foot golf. And over municipal golf course off of highway 54 just blast of hand over Rhode. Hi this is coach Gregg Marshall as a coach I know the numbers are important everything we do will be judged by escort and a record great teams produced great results. When it comes to home health care serenity home health is not only the hometown team. They're the change Medicare has awarded us ready home help. Quality score five out of five stars putting them among the best in the nation I trust surrounding home health. You should too. Go to soaring home health dot com or call 86629. Between artists and a free consultation shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance. C agent Brad would be Shawn Chapman Orrin he's built for a stumble Wichita severe storms leader. Thirteen thirty K and assets. The shutters in the seventh. Go ahead run at second one out of spectacular diving catch by the center fielder Andy she added to rob loot Ridder Victor faces and then upon the straightaway center by Grayson Janice. And she added made jumping catch on the track. To end the inning so remains 33 into the eighth Tyler Townsend to scoreless innings back to the mound. People on the sixth of relief but Zach Lewis who started. Facing Evan creator and we chatted Ian Crist on. In the eighth for Bradley. Bradley three runs six hits one error Wichita State three runs nine hits and one there. Gruner one for three with a double in between two strikeouts today first pitched him. And just missed the inside corner fastball at 91. This is the last guy. Were Tyler Jones to face to complete his first time through the orders faced the other eight Brantley hitters. 10. Driven hard to right field looking toward the corner it's gonna stay fair and bounce off the fence on one hop. Give up plays the care of fires towards second base threw her in there with a standup double. So update leadoff double for Bradley here in the eighth gives them a chance to maybe go in front. Andy chatted. Comes up he's one for two of the walked so far in this one. Or if Coleman tennis complex Wichita State this afternoon defeated southern Illinois seven to nothing. Choppers and the regular season 24 and three. And wrap up the valley title at 70. Iraq 26 in the nation this week. They have now won 76. Consecutive dual matches in Missouri Valley Conference play. Here's Andy chatted and a swing and a miss for strike one neighbor and looking for the possible but Reeder we shortened up just in front of the bag at third. Jenna still weigh in its first. Chatted swinging away on the first pitch Janice to stays in close. No balls one strike Tyler Jones from the belt. And delivers. Good breaking ball just a little bit low one in one. Activity in the shocker pan. Tyler Johnson doing is third inning of work. Chase Williams then they're for the shoppers. Beer and strong. In left field bullpen. That fastball again just barely load to have one. Child one not to talk to his pitcher. This little quick pat dot Terry Jones just barely missing on those last two that he's now behind that cater to a one. Big leadoff double by Evan Gruner for Bradley. His second of the game. Bradley now with 71. Doubles as a team on the year Wichita State. Came into the game was 71 as well now right violence toward the third baseline they're gonna let it roll outs foul. And it'll bring him back with a count of two and two. Soccer's today. Kind of reenacting their game that Lawrence on Tuesday night they've had nine hits all singles. Shocker is coming into the week. 69 in the nation in doubles Bradley right there with them now both teams with 71. Two to the camp to show added. Swings bounces to third grader looks the rhetoric back to second fires to first and gets me out. So that could be done much better as the shoppers get a now pulls the runner at second base. A one for any Shannon shock to prevent two more doubles that last and an adventure. Tears in Chris Dunn who has fly diddle center flied to left and struck out swinging the strikeout came on his. Previous at bat against Tyler Jones. 33 top of the eighth. Go ahead run at second with one out for Bradley. Jones pitching Chris Dunn takes a strike and Hauspie pitcher on the outside corner. If the shocker should happen to. In some way or fashion take the lead in the eighth to be at the scene they turn to to get the final three outs this one. John Hayes 128 pitches last night. That's little ways down the road. A lot of good indirect Leo that's a base hit probably gonna score there on the guy has to go always to get to it round third scoring his crew here. So long single for Chris Dodd his first hit of the series and Bradley goes in front forestry. Can't take anything away from Bradley in the inning both hips have been rock solid to right field pole by left handed hitters that went toward the line did not go over quickly made a strong throw back here and hold a single thing. Bradley out in front runner at first and one out. Well four hits now off Tyler Jones you're comes Todd Butler. And so that may do it for the right hander. And he will go to the bullpen here. So chase Williams look coming out. As Bradley with a double and single taken a four to three lead here in the top of the eighth. Jason Williams. Started last weekend the middle game against Missouri State and came out there at the stack. Live. Discomfort in his forearm just turned out to be some tightness fortunately. And will be making his twelfth appearance of the year Owen four with a 914. ERA for 21 and two thirds innings. It right hander. He's facing BJ gas so once he completes his work cut that. A five lawyers have completed the national college for DUI defense holding staying in hearing will be your defense against any. Make it cannot 26375. 96 Tyler Jones two and a third four hits. No walks or hit batter a strike out. Is currently on the hook for losses shocked as you NAFTA rally. You get them off of that and Jason Williams in that last outing that he had it did look good at all and anytime that. There's a kind of a stress test with the trainer. On. Can strengthen how does this feel on your forearm and that sort of thing. And then end up going very well very often but in this particular case chase Williams had just what was. Determined as nerve irritation. That there's just a couple of pitches that. There in the twin engine there where we know the one of baseball's pretty unnatural act for a. A pitcher out there but it has subsided. They played some catch. Before the Tuesday game at KU. And everything checked out so. Luckily he's back out there raring and ready to go the he's got a situation here at one on one out and hopefully he'll have his good command within keep shoppers. In shouting distance four to three Bradley here in the top of the eight. In the Wichita State. Women's tennis program ranked 46 in the nation beating Evansville for nothing southern Illinois seven nothing. And clinching another regular season Missouri Valley Conference title they are now 24 and three on the year went seven you know in their conference. Dual match ups and the shocker softball team run rules Drake in the first game of their doubleheader 921. In five innings. And that puts both teams at twelve and five in Missouri Valley Conference play with a lit at least a share. First place with northern Iowa. Now up there for Bradley DJ gas chase Williams first pitch gas soapbox out front of the plate gutter Trout lines springs out on it throws to first for the out. Those who sacrifice. Moving resigned to second but it is also the second out of the inning. Second sacrifice. Of the day for DJ again so. Game two of that softball double header to mourn shocker leading seven nothing in the fifth. They are rocking and rolling today that's after a low double header sweep of Missouri State in mid week on Wednesday. Chase Williams gets the second out we'll try to get the shocker is out of the inning only trailing by one here in the eighth as he faces left handed hitting. Brady Wilkens. Runner in scoring position at second now the swing and a miss flywheel goodness 86 mile an hour slider that ended up in the her. Look at has sacrificed. Reached on a error the drop pop up and been hit by a pit so officially is all for one. And has scored around left handed hitter. 271. Coming into today's ball game. Williams so long. Fouled off the plate they're so into it. Bradley but the pressure back on Wichita State for the go ahead run here in the eight to lead off double by Evan greater. No one out single to right by Ian Crist done. 02 to Brady look. Chase Williams sat. And the pitch. Bounced it and they're good blocked by Trout line the runner holds its second one ball and two strikes. Shocker is in their half of the eight we'll have Trout line raider. And then the DH spot which right now is Travis young after he'd pinch ran for Alec Baldwin. Travis Eric Chase Williams ahead on the count one and two. Long looked to the sign the righthander ready. To look at second and delivers. Bounce that went Trout line the block runner going to third he'll make it without a play. That would bounce its way out in front of the plate ricocheted off that Trout lines chest protector toward third base or wild pitch. And now Chris Donnie he's. Scoring territory at third but two attitude to count to Brady look in his previous two outings Williams that seemed to kind of figure some things out mechanically. And wasn't down around it in the turf. Quite as much by these kind of reverted back to that little bit here in the first couple batters he's faced here in the eighth. Is worn out from outline already. And now governor has another runner just ninety feet away. Two to tap now up to plate again and it stays at two balls in two strikes. Steady diet of sliders do you. Brady will can. Soccer's trying to keep the deficit at one. 43 Bradley top of the eighth two out. Another runner at third base. Case Williams delivers. Got to look at slider on the inside corner throws him. And Jason Williams gets the third out to hold the lead at one Bradley gets a run on two hits. There were no whereas they leave a man it's certainly go to the bottom of the Yankees to score Bradley for Wichita State history. Think whites machinery and bobcats sponsored seemed someday be important in practice it's still on the bobcat many track floated past the center field wall. On the old Muslim it's. Headed for the bond get all wheels to your letter left with the actual attachment. Elite yeah right. The dog gets kids deal with the power outboard side. Nice tight being put the Mets bobcat equipment and attachments from white star design repeat performance built to take a beating there plus car. Your busy meeting deadlines aaron's car pools sabres needed to das render the thank you completely forgot to our team have to pay any different believes that he can you promise better. Stop you can't be everywhere but we can. Delta dental of Kansas offers individual dental plans across the largest Dennis network in the nation's so when something's Manningham blues the laundry list. Keep your smile learn more about individual and family dental plans and delta dental KS dot com. Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance. C agent Jared Crawford. Chris post or Mike Rogers this is Stevens can join this morning right here on cape enhanced and. They have some work to. His attempt to bat in the bottom of the eighth trailing now 43 they'll face a new pitcher in right hander Alan Beer beer a sophomore from Tulsa. 61200 pounder who has been a bit of a two way player for Bradley hasn't seen. As much action for awhile as a position player but he's been in seventeen games sixteen as a starter with 59 at bats on the mound. Just five appearances but it wanna know what to saves. And at one point 93 ERA for nine in the third innings eight hits two runs three walks and five strikeouts. Will be crazy better Trout lines lighting up the show actors in the eighth. Curious line of greater than it looks to be Ryan take up his grabbed that. In the shocker dug out little weight Steele later Trout line takes fastball high fastball at 91 Malin beer beer has not pitched. Since throwing a scoreless inning against Dartmouth in Florida on March 17. Swing and a miss fastball away wanted one so he hasn't pitched in over a month. Made seven appearances last year 011 with a save and a six ERA for nine innings. Outlined takes a strike first breaking ball he's seen a slider on the outside corner and it's one and two. Better Trout line one for three today with a single to left leading off the sixth and scored. What was at the time the tying run. That one's up and end. Off speed pitch two and two children and Nathan strong to the other reliable relievers pitched last night not. Either one them for very long but they've all pitched in both 120 pitches. To toot Trout line boy it pretty well the left field left fielder gone backwards over his head and. The problem. Just barely want to declare an offensive to 375. Bars. And he shot her home runs later scattered throughout line with a six ties it up the fourth floor here in news. Doctors haven't exactly use the elements to their advantage. Enough. On that swing I got a drop wind. Just got to noteworthy thing 75 mark in love you kind of again. His first long ball of the day at their first in valley play all season. Here is chase rated a swing and miss it a fastball for strike one their first in ten games SimCity four in one game against Oral Roberts. The home run beer has allowed on the year. Rader loops on behind first and soak it can't quite get it to foul ball. We'll slicing Fister. It soak it made a good effort gone back after that it just carried out of his reach and raiders still alive though and too. Brian T income is out in the on deck circle Alec bombs started the game is to DH after a single in the sixth. Travis young ran for him. So it. There's a line drive toward left center that pitted yet again. Ritter who can run get a get a couple out of this it's all the way to the fans. Rader around second at holding up there as the left fielder gets the ball back to the cutoff man. Leadoff home run by a truck lines ties it. And though it doubled my raider hit the shot here's the go ahead run the. Nobody out at second base. Really nice comeback. British doctors after giving up the go ahead run in the top of the inning they clutch hits by Trout line and raiders they're gonna go ahead and pitch yet for young. Who. I would think would be much better bonding option then Ryan take him. But apparently thought the others going for all right here trying to have taken drive in the end. Client was the second leading hitter on the team last year did have one sacrifice bunt if Casey periods one year ago then this year. But it looks like. To come do god Kirk we're gonna get a chance to try to drive home the go ahead run Nathan's the long. Who is down there with beer in the last half inning is the only guy. Now in the bullpen. And we're gonna come to a grinding halt years shocker to. Braves with high drama here in the bottom of the eighth. Larry Sculley the Bradley pitching coach not to talk to Alan here Bryant sick of old for five last night reached on a couple of. But although he's just 230 sevens still second on the team and runs batted in with 28. You and I talked about it many times off the air and on how baseball is such a great game because of all this asks some mean something if some don't. Cool we're talking before the answer I that the best inning of the year. Orion think can be hit is the eighth inning. He's hitting 385. In the eighth with seven runs batted at and here we are. Well here is in the eighth pinch hitting another matter it's second to go ahead run in the game in the bottom of the 844 ball game. And fears first pitch to take him on a strike on the outside corner fastball at 91. Alec Baldwin started as the DH today ended up one for three. Got jammed three times too little shallow fly balls to center in the third time dropped one Everett hit in the sixth inning. 01 particular hot shot on the ground foul outside third. Just barely found not more than a foot or less. Some good swing their bodies in the whole load to. Beer it's been a little flat. Here in the eighth at. A home around a solid double almost another double right there is up owed to him now on Ryan Jacob. Right hander sat. 02 pitch outside. Fastball at 93 that's as hard as he's thrown one. Ryan two income has struck out 28 times in a 131. At bats. Playing him as a dead pull hitter. One to swing and a miss on a fastball down so take him strikes out. First out of the inning only the third strikeout. By shocker hitters today and it brings up Dayton do. As the infield single play hard single to right and a sacrifice fly under right he drove in the tying run back in the sixth. Now looking for a way to drive in the go ahead run here in the eight. Officially two for two of the runs batted in. Peters pitch to him swaying and tenacity chased a slider that ended up. Footpath outside. Little over anxious on that one. That was so far out there that Christiane at a tough time catching it and knocked it down out in the opposite batter's box. Lay and MySpace in writing instead of regular but he needs to have the same approach he did last time. Let that ball traveled don't gas don't try to pull Allen beer. 01 fastball over for a strike action is a breaking ball down no into. Did god. Deepened the home of balls and two strikes raider the runner at second base of fast base runner. The outfield playing a little bit deep because of the winds of base here it should typically scoring. Those two to do Dottie just did fight it off night two mile an hour fastball away was late but now that that discreet little bit added pressure on you guy here as well because. Tanner Kirk is in that dreadful slump right now hole for three today. Waiting on deck so you got doesn't do it. Lot of pressure on again it's scuffling to produce with two outs. They're gonna hit for Kirk it looks like. 12 EDT. Mood just happening axles and other OT and that is bull one fastball just barely inside. Quality strikes act Redding has come out in the on deck circle will hit Parker. Left handed hitter. Wanna continue to dig. Unless that is if it did not come through and hit here that there might end up still batting for himself for defensive reasons. In the ninth especially Uga goes deep for example that I think it's 64 and congress back out there. Greg mud was hearing it from the Bradley dug out. There just before. Allenby or is it radiates through the 12 pitch here is another 12 to swing and a miss. Off speed up and and their guests wrong right through it so here. Has bounced back from giving up a home run at a double to strike out two straight hitters. Andy go ahead run remains at second base with two out now for pinch hitters that Redding. Reading this most recent appearance a pinch hit attempt at Kansas on Tuesday night he struck out looking. And for the years 9438. To 37. Five doubles and nine hits two runs batted him. Left handed hitting senior. Most of his appearances this year's muted in his DH or pinch hitter one for five. As a pinch hitters Akron. Reader its second two out. One of the shocker seniors trying to pick up another here with a base skeptic but the suckers again. Her today was over three with a strikeout. As he exits the ball game for the pinch hitter. First pitch to reading a little bit outside the bowl on. Theory netted a third previous innings just three walks so it doesn't walk very many five strikeouts not a huge strikeout total either. Struck out two so far today. Getting the last two hitters. 10 pitch coming does that critic. Fastball over the outer half for a strike and it's one and one. Redding has struck out fourteen times in 38 at bats so. More often than every three at bats. One ball and strike. Checkers fell behind 43 in the top of the inning came back to tie I don't know leadoff home run by Trout line. 11 bounce our way out in front of the plate. Blocked collectors Don and it goes to that line and one part of pinch hitting when you're in college it's so foreign to them that they a lot of pinch hitters treat it like their first at bat in a normal game. A pinch hitters job is to go up there and ambushed the first fastball that he sees anywhere close in Redding took the 10 fastball he's backing and the count but. As a pitch here you wanna be over aggressive wall balls when you see a fastball. That was kinda exciting Peter I don't want and it's three and one that reading trade bickers. Is it red hot cup next year credit gets aboard. After the tying home run by Trout line at double by the next hitter chase raiders that spears comeback to strike out to act. That's three and one to pinch hitter Zack ready. 31 pitch high fly ball to left to win the period the right left fielder on the long run and can't quite get its foul in the quarter. And reading still alive got a break here because it wasn't that well hit that the wind kind of took it. And greener the long run it without territory couldn't quite tracked it down deep in the corner. Bob Butler had a brief question and answer session with Greg mug the home plate umpire. Has. Mud was getting a new supply baseball's. So at 32 meter reading but at least he cut away put that on one there. Yeah his job is to drive in this run right here. Wind almost helping do. Three balls two strikes. Alan Beer from the stretch fast ball striking about high fastball probably opt out of this sounds so clear. Punches at three in a row after giving up the home run in the doubles with a shocker is at least get it tied up as we go to the night. Wichita State floor Bradley gore there. We'll move. Bad girl the girl with no inside avoids the girl who speaks in Texas home. The girl assessed with cats and videos of cats will that girl is playing powerball and she might win state powerball jackpot can fund a lot of cast videos which beat GW was not fellow well for any. It's up to you to win. Wind down broke down made its same day what time is not on your side call led put expressed. A hot shot to Tulsa our next flied out to Orlando led put express gets that there are fast. The depart nationwide the same day is their next flight out or hot shots services would put expressed delivers anything fast. What an absolutely has to be there on time call let's put expressed at 5409991. Or online at led foot express dot com. Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance. CIA agent Bernhard inning does. Happening right here on KM SS. Changes when we should just days after Zack ready pinch hit for two hander curt with Kirk out of the ball game. Keenan eat. Moves into the lineup in that spot the eight ball he goes to left field and Luke Ritter who's from left field to second base. Jason Williams who retired both Manny faced in the eighth goes back to the mound to start the ninth. Validate tie game in his hands for four and at the top of the ninth. Top of the order for Bradley Luke man jury Spencer today and Tyler left Fuller tough assignment for chase slaves keep this baby tonight going to bottom of the ninth. And have to do with the hard way. And cheery the freshman DH is one for three plus a walk takes low for ball one. And don't many fastballs and know that. He may be one DJ gas so laid down a sacrifice but then all sliders to welcome to strike him out last half inning. There's a strike in utter agony is fastball at ninety evens it up that one and one. Bradley took a one nothing lead in this third to shoppers got two in the same inning Bradley scored two in the fifth to go back in front 32. 11 pitch low to a one. That Wichita State tied it began with a run in the sixth. Each team scored a run in the eighth that we're tied at four into the ninth time. 21. Fastball just outside. Three and one. Soccer's. Although they did tide had a golden opportunity to take the lead they'd go out double by chase trader right after the home run by Trout line. Hijackers then struck out three times that are Brent candidates headed to the mound then. Chase Williams falling behind 31. You're resigned kind of a short leash here tendency toward wildness he can't be putting people on in this situation. This is stall tactic plain and simple. With a 31 count you very rarely see it pitching coach go out. To start an inning but John Hayes who's up and going in the shocker pin. Needs a little bit of a chance to get loose. And it'll be a long slow walked back to the dugout. And in the meantime. The death chase Williams. Puts on means theory. Will that be long enough for John Hayes to get ready before you have to have chase Williams face Spencer again. But hopefully get back in the count may be retired means theory make a moot point three on the cannot. And Williams to the line. This low and outside for ball four that was not close at all leadoff walk for Bradley here in the ninth they. Best possible way to started inning when you're trying to scratch at a run. Fifth time that they've put leadoff man on an. That is a total of four walks by shocker pitchers today so still not especially high totally hit a couple. And thrown three wild pitches so there has been some wildness but only for actual walks tot Butler to the mound that will do it for Williams John Hayes. Comes on. John of course last night picked up the save. Backing up Cody Tyler with a couple of scoreless innings. Allowed one hit and one walk struck out two. On the year's numbers are pretty ugly. Because he's had those bad outings. Twenty appearances poetry to saves at eight point 18 ERA for 22 innings. One never that really stands out 32 strikeouts. In 22 innings of an opponent batting average of just 229. Well job number one will be can this be an interesting decision for almost against. Is to get Spencer OK now what gay is one of their better hitters question becomes. Will he try to bunt the go ahead run in his scoring position and basically give himself up. And leave it up the left learn sold it to try to drive in the go ahead run and that's the case. He could. He viewed that that would. He doing what you just a little bit of favor he's been cold in the series but he's a very good hitter so. Again Hayes personals and after a strike time we'll find out what the strategy is that. 23 and four coming up with the go ahead run for. Wanted to little element to all of that changes to explain them and again game is a very good hitter he hit two made to order double play ground. All sharply at the shortstop today so that's. That's a factor too but he also runs well he's not an easy guy to double up. So this one is definitely. Trauma personified as we're in the ninth. Game tied it for the show hackers have come back a couple of different times in this when you either take the lead or tie it. Just did so on a better Trout line home run in the bottom of the eighth. Now the potential go ahead run on with nobody out in the ninth for Bradley and Hastert when he pitches a night ago. We'll see how that. Affect him if at all. In the game today how sharp he is. Lack thereof. And there is no magic formula to how but he pitches. Constitutes to bang out a few more than that you can start to get in the range where does anybody don't wanna bring him back but. So it just depends on the particular individual how their arm bounces back and John Hayes. Although he hasn't had that many opportunities to do it this year certainly showed last year that he is a guy that bounces back pretty well. So we'll see how he handles it here and product that'll be Eckstein to see what gay is up there to do runner at first nobody out. He squares around it and takes outside for ball one fastball at 88. DA has won sacrifice bunt this year. He and soul gut tied for the team lead in highest batting average among those who qualifies them to say he's the best hitters not a stretch. Squares around bucks back toward the mound Hayes fields goes to second dad knotted tie knot in time that's bad advice. Last night that worked he had a similar play and got the runner at second base. But. Didn't. Just the whole thing kind of unfolded slowly and probably not it is good decision at all to try to go there and so Bradley now with first and second nobody. It was a pretty good bunt and as a pitcher you gotta have a little bit of a feel that even if and I am consumers trial Weiner told him to go to second if you're hearing too cute to Philadelphia bucks in your lifetime to know. When you can get a guy at second when you can't man juries a leadoff guys you know he's at least. Above average runner get the out there when you're in doubt and now the shocker of painted themselves into court. Wonder if left Fuller might be plotting to get both runners over here. Sacrifice but he won on that play. And they've. Make the inside move that pivot to second by Hayes just to see if left solar gave anything away. As left foot came up just I was gonna set up behind the rhetoric first playing deep in the coaching staff Friday man on the green portion of the inner turf. Now those that don't know hey he's a pretty good athlete so. Analysts it's a really good bunt the shocker and it pays can get to it don't have an opportunity to get via third if they wanna sell out. To get the pinch runner. Let's learn is finding bugs in the air Trout line didn't see it right away though and it's back over the street anyway. So left flirt trying to bunt the runners over popped it up. Little bit surprised that the error on haze in the throat seconds I'm not sure that the throw beat the runner anyway. Whatever the case Bradley first and second nobody out gutter Trout line. Getting assigned from the dugout steps out front of the plate to show a defensive signal to his teammates. 44 top of the ninth Bradley was first and second nobody out. In the three hole faster muffler it's if he still plotting after he fouled one off. He is and missed it. Now that. Just in the right down his throat come from first base and they were convinced he was going to he barely got a piece of it. Now that straight back it's owing to. Did look like a strike. And now John Hayes to as Mike mentioned was really impressive strikeout numbers this year. Connie is one now. 32 punch out of 22 innings. Trying to actually pick himself up for a poor decision. On the previous bunt and get littler on strike here. On the stretch lifts his leg pivots shocker is still thinking. There's a possibility at least that left Fuller still might but with two strikes Aniston still playing pretty shallow at first. And they'd need to guard against hear your Hayes though too is trying to make that perfect pitch to strike him out you know balance in the past Trout lines so. Again plenty of drama here in the ninth. 02. He's swinging and he drives it deep to left that make get out of here candidate in the fence it's gone three run home. Really did go with a slider. And he hung it. And now Bradley. Even though they're not done yet leading by 33 outs away. From snappy game 34 game losing streak here in this ballpark it's been back and forth game. And he's. Mistake on those two and mistake on me but played the previous at bat. As a shocker down three. That is left slurs first. Palm routed the entire season. It is the fifth home run that John Hayes has surrendered in 22 innings. Todd Butler back to the mound. Nowadays three run deficit no reason to extend Hayes any longer after throwing 28 pitches last night. Freshman Cody Hoyer will come in with the bases empty shot receive up come back. Three different times in this game will now have to do it again this time. The biggest deficit that they have faced at any point in the ball game. John Hayes exit did not retire man. Charged with a couple runs. It is seven before Bradley Cody Hoyer. Freshman right hander making his fifteenth appearance. Nice to third innings fourteen hits. Fifteen earned runs in the area fourteen point 46 he's also walked eleven in nine and is third in the struck out thirteen. His most recent appearance at Kansas you're retired the only hitter he faced there. And prior to that pitched a hitless scoreless innings against Oklahoma giving up a walk and striking out two so. Been affected his last couple of times. Just trying to catch many get three outs now. And get this actor's. Whatever chance they have left trying to come back in the bottom of the ninth. Dallas Baptist is beat Indiana State seven to six and they win that series of go for the sweep tomorrow I gonna run in the ninth grade to 66 time. Southern Illinois. Couple on Illinois State 521 in the eighth they're trying to win that series by taking the first two. And after Missouri State lost last night fourteen to four to Evansville. And the aces back a little bit today ten to five Missouri State there in the seventh inning in Springfield. Cody Hoyer completing his warmup to shocker softball team run ruling Drake get their first game at that point 91 they were up seven to nothing the last we heard in game two. I mean nothing in the seven there. The greatest polish off the bulldogs. That would boost them past Drake in the standings improve them to thirteen and five and conference. And the shocker women's tennis team. Finishes the regular season at 24 and three clinching the valley title at seven. We sweet. Today at both Evansville and southern Illinois. So here is Paul soul go one for four with a two run single in the fifth up there for Bradley facing Hoyer. And the big right handers first pitch a fastball high for Boland. Cody Hoyer. True freshman from Windsor Colorado. Towel back. Let's look at it 11. Also got tagged with Spencer gay coming into the game for the team lead at 327. Tied for the team lead with four home runs. And now has 24 runs batted in. That would. Have ball came out on the field that won't count as outside. Hoyer get a bit of a reprieve ball got loose from the shocker pin. Cat stays at 11. Loeffler was his three run homer joined Soka. At 24 runs batted in they share the team lead for Bradley. 11 to Seoul could hear was still nobody out in the ninth. Lawyers pinch. Low and away same spot as the one that didn't count the cat goes to two and one. Things got really quiet here after that three run homer by Tyler left solar. 21. Capped off the plate foul two balls in two strikes. It shocker skin get out of this. Still down just three they have Vickers move Ken Ritter coming up to start the ninth. To YouTube. Try to hold up anyone around on a high fastball. So often strikes out and check swing at the third time he has struck out today first out of the inning. Cody Hoyer muscling up through that went in there at 93. Here's Evan crooner whose head certainly a mixed bag today two doubles and two strikeouts that's got of his game anyway. When he puts it in play he has a tremendous average. Swing and a miss on that fastball up and the strike one. Readers to doubles today give him 82. For two today. Aside from the strikeouts and is now 33 for 66500. On the here when he doesn't strike out. There's a strike on the outside corner so to. We've talked about a few times before at first glance you would think everybody that puts it in play would have a higher average doesn't answer in the case. Some people get themselves out in other ways. And Eddie strikes out again out of foul tip into the catcher's glove so lawyers come on the strike yet to move back to back third strike out of the day for group. And for shocker pitchers that is eleven strikeouts today. Bradley's been averaging ninety game in valley play their hitters have but they are leading seven to four in the ninth. Andy she added one for three with a walk. Takes a fastball high and if it weren't for she added the shocker would probably still be tighter in this game. He has made a couple of tremendous catches in this series. 10. I drive left field winds could take this went to eat it looks up but it's off the scoreboard. Andy she added his second home run of the series fifth of the year it's now eight to four Bradley. Both Hayes and Cody Hoyer live up in the zone with their fastballs. And they've both been bitten by the home run by. Hayes gave up his fifth of the year a little earlier in the inning that's employers fifth home run allowed in less than ten innings. This year and it becomes a four run ninth shocker Israel he did for now. He and Chris Stein who's singled to drive in a go ahead run in the AT is one for four on today. Reuters first pitch to him fastball up for ball on. It's nice to throw 91 in 93 up and strike people out but in order to set them up. To get those strikeouts need to be down he'd be down early and hopefully not the other way around. There is a strike down at 91 evens it up at one a month. Bradley has scored four runs in the ninth on just two hits both have left the park. Net breaking ball is low. Two and one. The wind is still blowing out attackers can get some people on who knows the bottom of the ninth. They can do that Bradley just did but. Big uphill climb down four run deficit in the ninth. Do you want. Low ball 33. And one to Chris Dunn who is. 148. In two starts in the series. Cody Hoyer with a 31 pitch. Grounded to second loop greater in his first chance at that position today throws him out. And the inning finally overtook Bradley in the ninth scores four runs on two hits there was one error. And nobody left on base and go to the bottom of the ninth it is Bradley eight Wichita State for. Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance. C agent John Green Ryan woods or in Andover was Sawyer here. When it comes to local beer and local flavor. More town breweries the new favorite in town. Check out their outstanding food choices from the chopped and chipped not just award winning Chile to their half bacon hamburger truck merger. It's the best food you'll find in the craft beer joint. It's not a sports bar but it's a great place to watch the game check out your new favorite today in Bridgetown brewery west when he first in Tyler and east when he first and rock room. We're town brewery since 1992. This is breathing Phifer with Cochran mortuary crematory which tells exclusive certified veteran and family memorial care provider. Over a 150000. Troops are currently serving overseas and away from their families and loved and join us and supporting our armed services by donating your old cell phones to cell phones for soldiers and penned by called for find this on faced them for details. Cochran mortuary crematory proudly supporting our troops and our shoppers. Mark living finding. Weekdays at five right here on tape and as best. Bradley makes one defensive changes they go back out for the the bottom of the night snack parent child who has started fourteen games this year. Takes over at catcher for Chris Dodd Fairchild also finished up the last inning of last night's game behind the plate. For the shocker straight victories leads off against Alan Beers starts his second inning of work. And takes a fastball for a strike up and handling that that call from Greg mud and it's all in one. Vickers two for three on the day with a pair of singles. Shocker is Treo eight to four after a four run ninth by Bradley. 01 Vickers leans back that was not a strike that time was up one ball one strike. Here came into the game to start the eighth gave up a home run and a double back to act high score and then struck out three Euro. Vickers hit it in the air to left got it off the end of the bat a little bit greener back a couple of steps that makes the catch. So Vickers has been hitting it well didn't quite get all of that one flies out to the left fielder to start the bottom of the ninth. In looking back at me after a couple of serious news or things and ended up happening after raiders double represented the go ahead run. Dot Butler elected to pinch hit kicked him instead of the line and take him then struck out. And they do god Kurt character dude got wrecked the Redding struck out as well into the innings. Fastball for a strike on the outside corner of Michael Lucas won for three today with a RBI single a sacrifice. Still lack of the bunt and then lack of able ability to put the ball play hurt them. And go to try to hold up on a high fastball water around and he's quickly in the hole and two. And then as it turned out Bradley got four in the ninth so academies him point but. A frustrating hate for the shocker is when they kind of have Bradley by the throat. Wei had outside of that line almost a wild live wanted to. Here with a good arm ninety to 92 and his fastball. One ball two strike count to Michael Lucas there right handers pitch outside again two and two. Beard his first appearance in over a month stands to be the winner now lets the shocker skin. Map and almost miracle comeback. 22 not so high three and two. Given move that chance and actually that would have been ball for a Michael had. Committed too soon to pitch that was up out of the strike zone check swing strike to. 32. High in the air to senator the when bill drifted. It's that theory right to the center fielder chatted for the when this kind of group there right back the very was playing. To have been two down to the checkers on fly balls here in the ninth. Yeah. Except that Ritter who said he really bad luck days hit three balls right on the nose one was a one hop liner to second baseman to three Matty singled in the fifth and then. Drove one deep to left center in the seventh then. Chatted made a spectacular diving catch to take away an extra base hit that ball bounces across the plate for ball one that would have scored a run. Back in the seventh through Wichita State. Even if it had who knows what would have happened after that that. Would have had one more run that one's way hide beard. Beer overthrowing a little bit after getting the first out here in the inning threw a couple wild on Lucas finally came back to get him he's gone to an on Ritter was two pitches that were nearly over the catcher's head. 20. Here's a strike. Back down to 88 gets one in the zone it's two and one. So Ritter won for four on the day the noise at the ball right on the nose three times takes that for a strike and X two and two attackers down to their last strike. Bradley. Had to even up this series at a game apiece. Two seater there. A high fly down the right field line into foul territory drifting up on the hill and not a blood and there about rating exercise twenty years were the demons hand in this stadium to. One pitch away. 34. In a row to the shot this year in which it. Twenty years. Teach you are hit they sit at the left field but it keeps hit the ball on the nose cramming as a second hit to show for it. But the shocker still need two more base runners with two out just to get the tying run to the plate. There it off beard twelve hits now for Wichita State they've got hit Bradley twelve to ten. Bradley leading at eight to four in the bottom of the ninth. Race and Janice one for four his one hit was a line single to center in the third. Also smoked one deep to center in the seventh that was caught right defense by shed at the center field. Takes a breaking ball drops in their frustration. Pianist a one for Ford today 448. In the series came into this game hitting 330 as a freshman. Under its first two out. And the O line outside the fastball bowled a strike. No activity whatsoever in the Bradley bullpen. They're just needs one more out. 11. Off speed breaking ball heading striding out of Friday tickets for a strike and it's one and two. So again this doctors down to their last strike. Trailing eight to four in the bottom of the ninth one man on. Here's one too generous to take slow and outside another off speed pitch to him to. Jolie Johnny one fastball that was off the outside corner. Two balls two strikes. Allen beer ready. And to pitch in hard right at the first basement so yeah has it goes to the bags sitting out in the ball game is over. Turkish doctors came back three different times in this game validate bullpen meltdown in the ninth then Bradley wins that eighth to afford even the series. He's at a game apiece state and for the post game show. Clinton's appliance has a triple play and savings on GE appliances from now 326. Customers can receive a rebate up to 15100 dollars purchase of eligible GE profile series and GE appliances plus get a free upgrade of stainless steel and an additional one year warranty coverage for each eligible GE appliance purchase choose Clinton's great selection of GE refrigerator ranges dishwashers and laundry products don't forget to ask about Clinton's twelve month no interest financing options and pre season savings on GE window air conditioners Clinton's appliance were you always get the right product at the right price. 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Baxter & Associates time well spent money well invested. Security and advisory services offered through SII investments incorporated member Finneran SIPC and a registered investment advisor pastor and associates incorporated and SII investments incorporated are separate and unrelated companies. I just let back into any weekend mornings and night right here runs. Welcome back to that stadium for today's post game show following a tough loss the shocker is eight to Fordham Bradley eight to four doesn't sound like that tough loss but it was 44. Into the night the shocker is that tied it on a home run by gutter Trout line in the eighth and actually had to go ahead run at second after chase raider double. With nobody out the three straight strikeouts left the game tied Bradley with a four run ninth and so now we will play rubber. Game for the series tomorrow. And it's a little bit Dicey chip because it really sure on key is coming off of a bit of a minor injury and figures to. Beyond a little bit shorter leash so what's gonna end up happening you would think is. Good or bad I hitter behind shocker again have to lean on a bullpen again and it's been kind of a Dicey proposition back and forth and today. The bullpen. Ended up giving up. Five runs. And now. Four innings and a couple of home runs very late so. Obviously they'll be turned into Willie Shockey get him off on the right foot maybe dollars will be on offence to maybe out slug Bradley tomorrow who knows but. It was a situation there where Wichita State this talent back and forth with Bradley and they outlasted. Wichita State with 28 from those four in the ninth including the fuel runs. So the shocker so after a very promising start to the series that come from behind win in what looked like another solid performance through eight innings today just couldn't finish it off in the ninth. And they will fall to fourteen and 25 overall foreign four in the valley chance to go back above 500. 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George story from coast to coast AM stormy week knights right here find cayenne S test thing. Back at. The pregame show Bradley beating the shot there's this for a ninth here today eight to four star of the game rusty by the Kansas lottery picture Kansas lottery Mega Millions ticket today for a chance to become a millionaire KS lottery dot com. But most current jackpot amount like Kansas lottery and dream bigger. Vickers and do guys stayed hot for Wichita State the governor Trout line had the big hit we kept waiting for. Wichita State either string some things together extra base hit wise or get one up in that win him governor Trout line did that ends up with the sixth home run. Tied the game at. 44 in the eighth in that going to for the couple runs of that run batted in. And it. The play of the game is presented at nine lives appliance and soccer's with their last gasp retired as our play of the game for the day. Outline bullet pretty well the left field left fielder go backwards over his head and I had a hard. Yes fairly large enough declared a fantasy and 75 bars. Soccer mom and later scattered throughout line was his sixth tied it up the fourth floor here in the. That are Trout line with his team leading sixth home run of the year and had a solid day today talked about. The checkers off by a score of eight deplored Shane has a look at the rest of the stories Dallas Baptist is one it series against Indiana State to go for the sweep tomorrow. 76 the final today from terra haute. Southern Alan all I. Leading Illinois State eight to two there in the bottom of the ninth in normal. Southern Illinois couple outs away from taking a series logo for the sweep tomorrow. Barring a miraculously as they come back and in the eight Missouri State getting closer to evening its series with a Evansville ten to six bears. In the eighth. After Evansville one last night fourteen for Wichita State softball team walks Drake and double header 919. If nothing. So they take over first place in the valley softball. Some scores of note which does the former and future shock her opponents. Sanford. Took the first and made double header in ten innings three to two earlier today in the second game. Kansas leading Stanford six to four in the fourth and Creighton which nearly got no hit last night at BYU. It's a measure being revenge today tended to your final from Provo and Creighton evens up that series of becoming which come later on. This season in the mid week. And again bewitched testing women's tennis team on senior day sweeping Evansville and southern Illinois to win their eighth consecutive regular season. Title in Missouri Valley Conference play. They are now 24 and three overall seven and on the conference. They'll host the conference tournament here in Wichita. The John Jacobs invitational track and field Wichita State's men's team in first place the women in the second getting into the final events. Of that meat and Manning and eighteen meet to includes Oklahoma Oral Roberts Texas Arlington and they scored meet. It down in Norman. Tomorrow the shocker softball team will try to maintain at least a share up first in Missouri Valley Conference after sweeping the doubleheader today. And here addicts stadium rubber game of the series at 1 o'clock start will be on the air 1230 we'll see what will leash walking can do to get to soccer's this theory. Win two games to want adding it wouldn't be bad to see which guys they get on the board first and not only that may be built the somewhat comfortable lead early you know they. Had to come from behind last night as exciting as that was you don't want making haven't fallen behind. 50 it was more of a back and forth game today the shocker never had command of it. They led to the one after three. And then tied it 33 after six and we told you what happened in the eighth in the ninth but. In order to. Other old little pressure on Bradley Macomb. Feel like that Wichita State is going to be a factor in this race. Send a message early in the first two or three innings of ball game tomorrow would be nice thing and again. We don't think that Willie Schwab he is going to be on a normal pitch count. Considering he's missed the start and I don't know what that necessarily means how many pitches they'll walk off of it but. You know for him to go to 10510. Pitches probably not realistic more. And it will be an easy task for the shocker sprints on the left hander will start for Bradley they've been searching for a third starter on the weekend or slip and him in there the last two weeks. Only nineteen and a third innings in seven appearances had started. In almost two months but went seven shutout innings in a no decision in Evansville last Sunday so he'll be tough customer tomorrow. As well the shot here's for the second time this week. Get twelve hits but not a lot of runs scored three runs on twelve hits it Kansas. Four runs on twelve hits today so we'll have the series finale tomorrow at 1 o'clock. Pregame at 1230 for Shane Dennis in a lighter. And our producer in the studio Calif corral my candidate saying good afternoon for Mack stadium with a final score was Bradley eight to Wichita State war.