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WSU Baseball vs Bradley 04-22-16

Apr 22, 2016|

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The center field. Slicing toward left center to center fielder watches them. Flair right side second baseman doesn't. It right. Talk him out he went. Center field that is way back then headed hair is gone. State shocker baseball. Santa yeah. The voices of the. Good evening welcome. Good stadiums for tonight's matchup between Wichita State and Bradley. First game three game Missouri Valley Conference series and NASCAR man Joseph Hart into the studio and it turned down the return for a drive discreet area county. Ever gonna debt is along with Joseph I'm Mike Kennedy chain Dennis alongside the shocker said Bradley. Both right in the middle of Missouri Valley Conference race after the first two weekends to show packers' three and three Italy play Bradley two and three losing a game with Missouri State to whether. On the first weekend they played three close games in Peoria last year with a shocker is winning on Friday night and Bradley winning the other two. And certainly. We could see that kind of baseball again although both teams pitched very well in the series last year Shane and now hard to tell if they can match up today at this time around and yeah I'm not so assured that even though that's. Bradley has some veterans in there starting rotation. Not quite like what they had last year what they lost last year I'm sure we'll get to that throughout the course of the series but. Neither one of these teams are quite the same way that were last year certainly Bradley a team that. Went to regional one like 36 games a year ago via 3621. And ended up going to regional play so. They were real real strong last year you were raised to be seen look at noise they're gonna make in the valley this year that kind of got off to a a little bit of a slow start only played Evansville. And Evansville had a chance to play their way. And he upper tier in the league so I think this will. Not necessarily. Goal all the way in determining who finishes in the top half of the league either Wichita Stater Bradley they were picked to both be in the upper tier at the very beginning. But we'll see the winner of this series gotta feel at least good about their chances of finishing in the top four. You know I hadn't realized it so much just watching them play last year but as I was going back over there season a year ago. They had one of those kind of magical years for instance they hit 260 as a team their opponents to 62. Eddie four point 41 ERA in their opponents four point 40. And yet they finish fifteen games about 500 they had just enough outstanding guys. That gave them really good efforts went especially pitching when they pitch. They gave up seven point nine runs per game in 21 losses only two and a half runs per game and 36 wins and threw eight shut out so. It was like when ash back again and add and Israel. They tend to win 42321. Games like that and then they might give up seven or eight or nine in the Lawson so the statistics didn't look that good but they want to out of their. Retrieve basically yeah and they had that met Dennis was there closer and he was really good and now he's starting to see him tonight Cameron regular. Throughout his career it's been kind of up and down anything like he's put together here in his final season so. There's been a few roles that have changed a little bit some familiar names that are. Pitch in some pretty meaningful innings at the back into the the bullpen too and Alan Beer and Eric Sugarman and if this guy's been really get so. They they've kind of leaned on their upperclassmen as far as the the pitching staff is concerned in my view. And offensively. They've got a good mix of young and old so Ellis Dominguez at. Pretty a lot of pressure frankly it back up at 36 and when he won in a regional tax season with another one. And considering they don't play very many games at home I'd say the average early returns are above average for Bradley but there's still waiting to take that next step. This year I think it'll be texting deceive for me is how they look offensively their numbers are actually a little better than a year ago they're hitting 282. Not a lot of power thirteen home runs in 29 games. But they haven't played a great schedule and so far in their first couple of conference series they haven't been able to produce much in the way of runs against Missouri State in Evansville so. We'll see is they get into the valley scheduled start to play every weekend in the league at those offensive numbers start to come down a little better if they're just off to a slow start the first. Weekends and maybe after. The ending April when Dallas Baptist gets done going to Peoria we'll see what kind of not only numbers like he talked about what they have but. Overall wins and losses and again they have barely been at home. I don't know that that's really a huge deal breaker for them because they've always been a team throughout the first two months of the season. They go to Florida a lot may play in line neutral site games no place in true road games. But not too many at those are parking it in Peoria and they want played by so far this year. They'll have a five game homestand coming up when they're done here. And then at three gamer on the weekend. In the middle Megan's Indiana State that's pretty much yet they don't play at home aren't at all. But over the years they've kind of gotten used to hand me. While not great on the road at least serviceable away from home at. With a neutral and any away games as well and picks up a special kind of team. And Elvis Dominguez I'm sure it's kind of guy that road warrior thing going with this month. Last year in Peoria Wichita State won the Friday night game five to three behind Isaac Anderson and John Hayes Bradley came back to win four to two. And three ditches the shocker scored nine runs in three games on 21 hits Bradley only had ten runs. On 25 hits. And you just never know but if Cody Tyler and Zack Lewis throw like they did last weekend then it will issue once he comes back on Sunday. And Bradley if they get. Capable performances from Matt Dennis and Cameron regular and then Brett stung last weekend against Evansville through a really good game on Sunday and it showed in the past. That he's very capable we actually could get that type of series again. I would agree with that absolutely. That they're not necessarily that Q best. Pitching teams in the league. Numbers wise but lately. And as we've seen at Wichita State what they're capable of and we know Denis dragged earns its dawn we know what they're all about we've seen them a much. So yeah I think there it's very possible. Certainly tonight with the weather conditions and certainly not. Hurting the hitters but not favoring the hitters like we've seen over the last month or so with the wind dealing out to left field. No such win tonight in my pick up later on the weekend but yeah I would I would look. Or two pitching type series. And with a cat a potential series sedans in the two teams kind of feeling each other at. Maybe tonight's game might be especially important to shocker skin get to Matt Dennis at least a little bit to get off to a good start in the series offensively. You just never know what kind of carry over effect that could have this is one of those series were. Each day could be totally different depending on the gas on the mound but I think that it could be important for either team to get off to a good start tonight. Yet Cody Tyler thank surprises all by going as deep as he did in and it does start that he had against. I'm Missouri State going all nine innings. It was only he is a second start time. Yeah he's got three starts under your belt one complete game so what he does and how effective he is tonight I think they'll be adjusting to track. He start to really get it. I think. And especially we'll talk about this during the game he started to roll more consistent strikes pounding that strike to get more comfortable we with talked about him. Over and over again and coming off Tommy John surgery and missing all of last year at some kind takes a little while for somebody taped cat port kind of click once again. But in his two starts in valley plays only walk to. You know and its first I wanna say twelve innings he had either 910 blocks mused out unsightly you know and and it led to some pretty poor numbers. But now whether confidence or discomfort. He's been able to pound the strike zone and most of this fastball especially lately. And it makes it that breaking ball a little bit here and there but he's basically been up to pitch pitcher and a real effective one at that. Met Dennis last year pitched in both Bradley victories in the series and do shut the shocker is down at the end of both for saves in both games. But it will be interesting. Looking it is numbers so far. Still very good but it looks like. Being more than just a few hitters guy or one time through the order it's little bit different and that you know if you stay with the immune may have a chance to get to him as the game goes on. Associate shoppers can hang with Damon. Avoid the strikeouts because he has punched out more than one an inning. If they can that's start to get a feel for him and maybe start to get to him by mid gamers. And all those guys for Bob Bradley basically the guys that they'll pack they'll pitch in the high leverage situation. Throw strikes and including Matt Dallas now. He has allowed six home runs in 49 innings which is a fairly high number and sixteen extra base hits overall so I think that kind of give you an idea wise ERA is four and a half or thereabouts in his. Eight starts but all the rest of the numbers pretty good. And he looks like he'll attack could come match and we we saw that in the last couple years with him out of the pen he's a fearless guy needs strike throwing he'll attack. Checkers had two very good games offensively against Missouri State last weekend. They had twelve hits on Tuesday night at Kansas but as we say register. Much different type B game twelve singles just never could get those big breakthrough hits and it just seemed like they'd get a couple of hits and get to first and second or even. Three gets a load the bases that it is harder hectic turn that many hits in anything very protect. Yang and Wichita State for all the things that they have not been on the road they've kind of all or hall and Nate they've been able to add some different points in time put up some crooked numbers at home. They are hitting 300 as a team here and overall there'll hit 274 sec and it gives you an idea what they do in the difference between home and road. And you got to factor and also. The voodoo that Wichita State has over Bradley in this stadium and I'm sure we'll get to that at some point during the weekend or points during the weekend but. This is not a Bradley team. Coaching staff any thing that has any confidence or. Past history that is good to draw and hopefully Wichita State for their fans and players and coaches that'll continue this weekend. Edited to show Packers play remember you get 50% off your on line ordered any Wichita area Papa John's log onto Papa Johns dot com and used the promo code shocker fifty. To receive you're shot you're discount if you're headed to the game. Your drive to the game brought to you by the law offices appalled at staying in gearing UT line criminal defense attorneys give them a call at 263. 7596. Or visit their website at www. All the law. Dot com. We don't do an injury report per say. But the show actors do have made a missing person denied Dayton do is ill and not at the ballpark. It is not doubly be anything serious he's been examined for things like mono and was negative on all of that so hopefully he'll be back this weekend that. They're giving him some time to do is Reston and try to get over it quickly but he has been one of the shocker is hottest hitters over the last couple. Weeks he had date is really start to find the range to be in our who's hot who's called segment even though these. Not a lineup tonight but the guy that has struggled when he's gone poorly with. Swinging and missing boy when he makes contact he's been dynamite and overall he's gotten his season average of 300. With sixteen runs batted nannies among a trio of shocker freshmen that have been hot but to do about it tonight. We'll talk about that and more with head coach Todd Butler only come back. We all know that girl the girl with no inside avoids the girl who speaks in textile. The girl assessed with cats and videos of cats will that girl is playing powerful and she might win state powerball jackpot can fund a lot of cast videos which beat GW was not hello will form and it. It's up to you to win. You are busy meeting deadlines aaron's car pools sabres needed to das render the thank you completely forgot to our team have to pay any different feel expecting any candidate promised better yeah. Stop you can't be everywhere but we can. Delta dental of Kansas offers individual dental plans across the largest Dennis network in the nation's so when something's got to dance blues the laundry list. Keep your smile learn more about individual and family dental plans and delta dental KS dot com. 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More town brewery is the new favorite in town. Check out their outstanding food choices from the chopped and chipped nachos award winning Chile to their half bacon hamburger truck merger. It's the best food you'll find in the craft beer joint. It's not a sports bar but it's a great place to watch the game check out your new favorite today in Bridgetown brewery west 21 in Tyler and east when he first and rock room. We're town brewery since 1992. Some students can join this morning right here on Kate in as well. That it could not Butler joins me for the series opener was friendly here next to any coach before we. Dot that we can any post mortem on Tuesday's game. And you comforts we can you replace Bradley in India moved past it and be ready to play were from coach Cody tower tonight. Sacked Louis tomorrow and will each want he seems to be healthy so he might be on the pitch count since they're pitching him Friday night. In maybe having to go to our bullpen early we're gonna go Cody Tyler the moves bench walking on Sunday so the only thing we have today is a Dayton do guys deal. Should be fine back to the dorm trying to get some rest and recover from being sick all week. Bradley had one of those kind of magical years last year everything kind of fell into place for amend and what do you see from this year's team what you know of them as far as comparison to last year you know the thing that stood that catapults our albums stats is they're pitching staff they're really throw strikes they've only walk like 94 batters all season. I don't think they played quite as many games as we have things I think we've had like four rain out. Or whatnot but they they throw strikes will have to be aggressive in the zone. They're not gonna Waukegan earned get on base earn earn your way to get on base and you know we have to pitch again like last weekend attack the zone are pitching staff and our starters attacking the zone throwing strike one get ahead. In the media do some things from there we really establish the fastball last week in our pitching staff they're very good job. And we didn't walk many guys only three and one was intentional so really two walks last weekends we'd like to see that again. Well and that kind of continued Tuesday night even though. All the guys that pitch count has struggled for command went to a lot of long counts but not many walks we hope that that's. Continuing thing yeah I hope so and that's what one thing we've really tried to address and you're trying to find a fourth starter also to pitch in middle of the week in Chandler Samberg throughput in this week and he seems to be healthy. And try to weak candidate meg a pin with him where we get this pitch count up so there's good chance of him possibly start next Tuesday in long which maybe being in relief to help us also so. They'll still trying to grow the team in the and then find the parts that we need in and go from there. Certainly the series last year Bradley all low scoring close games well pitched they're kind of playing those same kinds of games and again this year is sorry hoping that maybe your guys' skin. Provide a little more offense than they're getting. There'd be nice that to do more office have have an offensive weekend because I really don't think in conference we've swung the bat that like we're capable. You know I think were average in around six runs a game. This week can we need to put some runs on the board I'm excited to see how we attacked their pitching staff offensively because you know looking at their stats tell on the team the hitters. You know they throw strikes and you're gonna get ahead. And other picture my two right hander is very good he's going to be anywhere from 88 and 93. And I think he pitches with his fastball until he gets two strikes runner since we're position. But did not ill what's your lineup tonight well the one thing it does is we're gonna engine piston right. We'll have moved of course and sooner river and laugh will have to commit first Curtis second. Vickers it short raider third. We'll DH Bowman truck wind captions so why you know. And we get moment line up there in raiders so hopefully rate of speed and athletic citizen children tonight. Bowl game in the thorn to left handers the next two days so raiders had really good success against left handed pitching. And offensively which it left handers better than we have right hander for the season. Checking it coach Todd Butler will have the full lineup until we come back to that stadium. There are certain. Precious. You just can't ever on C. 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For safety purposes and how to address weather can affect everything the information you depend on the line every day. The securities and SS shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance. C agent Alex Acosta NG Valentine or in mold main Kirk Farber a Sean Hannity here listen to meet every weekday at two it's fall half. Happening right here on KM SS. Back at their stadium we're getting out of Wichita State and Bradley opening game of this three game Missouri Valley Conference series change takes a look at who's hot. And his COLT brought to you by Hannah heating and air for over 30 years providing south central Kansas was superior service at affordable prices your comfort is their business. Against Bradley in particular trade Vickers the once hot last year four out of seven with a couple of RBIs against Bradley pitching. And John Hayes as Mike mentioned earlier in the broadcast. Against Bradley last year at third. Or four strikeouts and a saint in the shocker victory. On there Friday night game the team they want in nets series a year ago which does state that at home are hot they are hitting a collective 300. And Luke greater Dayton did god. Great to Afghanistan trio of shocker freshman all hitting 367. Or better in the last ten games they've played. And Wichita State vs Bradlee here. Couldn't see much Trotter charters in the regular season games have won 48 of the last 54. Played between these two clubs here including 33 straight if you include conference tournament games. Shocker from now on the Bradley in this stadium. Since 1996. Whose fault what you tell us they chased raider in hander Kirk both of one for ten a year ago against Bradley. And overall they're both slumping a little bit cases over his last eleven seeded season's average dropped to 56. And tanner Kirk only two for his last fourteen. His season average now she's seventy. And Ryan take him it's been cold in valley play Ryan is only one or sixty. Bradley as a team in their first five conference games hasn't exactly been tearing it up at the plate either as they are hitting. 20 or two Chan as a team averaging three runs per game. Over those first five games and they've struck out 47 times of their first five conference games factors certainly like to keep that step going. This weekend they had coaches are meeting at home played elbows him in against these eighteen years at Bradley and tot Butler in his third year Wichita State. Dominguez last year led Bradley to a 36 and 21 record. That's the first time in his eight year tenure that he had had better than a break even season. Let Bradley to its first NCAA tournament appearance in 47. Years they had not yet. Since 1968. So I was quite a breakthrough season for them. And they start this game at sixteen and thirteen overall two and three. In the Missouri Valley Conference or shoppers aren't just thirteen and 24 overall right now. But did win two or three from Missouri State last weekend to get their record to three and three. In the conference now they're looking to really have a big breakthrough week and then make some noise against Bradley. Looking to move forward before they go back on the road next weekend in conference play at southern Illinois. Well as soccer's with the way they played last weekend we can we keep tight my confidence what you carry over all that good stuff. They only gave up nine runs in Missouri State for crying out loud if that that make you feel good I don't know what will these guys thought out article out there green fired and I. And last weekend coach butler's matched it. Just three blocks and one of those was an intentional walks to true walks in three games and for all the struggles to. Throw strikes consistently Tuesday night only walked through campus into your dad's really small he didn't pitch any of those games a guy that the strike their own machines so yeah maybe there's a corner being turned. The umpires for tonight's game Matt but Kendry behind the plate great mud at first base. And met Anderson. At third. And the starting lineups are brought to you by equity bank where you never pay an ATM fee be sure to visit them on line of equity bank dot com. First for Bradley they'll start it up with their DH Luke man Jerry. Spitzer game will play third base and hit second followed by the shortstop. Tyler left flirt Paul soul got to be at first base in the cleanup spot. Ian Chris Dodd is gonna catch and bat fifth. For the Braves batting sixth and center field and he shouted. Kevin Kruger left field it's seven. DJ gas so play second base and hit a batting ninth to be in right field right fielder will be Brady's Wilkens and Matt Dennis makes his ninth start of the year. He's five and two on the year so far. So once again for Bradley will be named Jerry game left flirts local Crist on chatted. Greater gas so will then met Dennis your pitcher for Bradley Wichita State Michael mocha we'll leave it often play center field followed by the left fielder. Luke greater grace and generous than right field its third followed by the clean up man first baseman Ryan take him. Gutter Trout line will catch and bat 53. Year third base hit six. Dinner Kirk at second base hit seventh banning hate the DH Alec ball. And batting ninth will be trade Vickers shortstop Cody Tyler making his fourth start he wanted to. For the shocker so again for Wichita State it's mocha Ridder Janice I think I'm Trout lines greater. Kirk Bowman and bickers. And Cody Tyler. We'll make the start Wichita State and Natalie is writing into our National Anthem before Wichita State and Bradley game one. We do they have a color guard coming out of the deal with that we're ready for the actual anthem but. Air force color guard marching toward home plate and once they're in position with the flag. Then we will have the singing of our National Anthem. Elsewhere around the valley tonight interest in series getting underway in terra haute where four and one Dallas Baptist takes on four and two Indiana State. Four into Evansville at two and three Missouri State this weekend. And it's southern Illinois to him for the league so far at one in four Illinois State and now. Believe we're not ready for the singing of our National Anthem. Yeah. Okay. It's. Okay. Me. Okay. So weird just not ready to get it under way attackers and I was wearing black jerseys over white pants black caps Bradley all gray. With red numbers letters and under sleeves red caps. And Bradley again at sixteen and thirteen overall two and three in mr. teleconference Wichita State thirteen and 24 overall. But three and three. In the valley one to mention an event taking place tomorrow and that is women's tennis at the Sheldon Coleman tennis complex. It is senior day. 45 shocker seniors Wichita State ranked 26 in the nation. 22 and three on the year they will play Evansville at 9 AM in the the second match against southern Illinois. At 1 o'clock so that Illinois thirteen and nine over problem like the shocker they are five and I'll. In the Missouri Valley Conference so certainly the winner of tomorrow's. Afternoon match will pretty much wrap up the regular season title although southern still has one more match to play that Missouri State. Great harvest bread company will provide certain minerals coffee and other goodies that the 9 AM match he could have breakfast watch soccer tennis tomorrow morning. At the common tennis complex track and field at John Jacobs intentional though use and activity getting under way in that event today. And shot her softball team swept a doubleheader Missouri State on Wednesday. And there at Drake this weekend to grade twelve and two in the conference in first place to shocker is 115. Tied for second. So they have a chance if they can go in and sweep that series to tax rate for first place others to other stuff will be watching this weekend. And seeing just about ready to take the field to get this series underway here FedEx stadium. Yeah video game results that one of those games against Missouri stated that not like yeah I want to hit the seventy. Now astronomical so hats off to the softball team and good luck to them up north this weekend. Jane mentioned the success that Wichita State has had ongoing against Bradley here of the shot usually the all time series. 91 to 26. All time. Chargers are four and two. Under Todd butlers with Big Three games here in 2014. And winning the first game in Peoria last year before Bradley took the last close games fortitude freedom to. The two teams did not meet in the Missouri Valley Conference tournament here. When Bradley. Going all the way through the bracket to get to the finals against Missouri State finishing second in the tournament. But that just getting there pretty much assured they were gonna wrap up large pit with the NCAA tournament which they did yet. Bradley returns five eight full time position starters too that team's seven of fourteen pitchers. An eighteen of 49 letter and over also took early veteran team. And then one of the names that Shay mentioned there it sure men who has emerged as one of their two closers out of the bullpen. A guy who pitched a lot for them into previous seasons missed all of last year with an injury. And they do have a couple of guys back that were previous letter and it didn't play much or at all last year because of injuries or. Truly is one of the more veteran teams in the conference and certainly some guys who were contributors to the very successful season in years. That you don't often keep track of recalled injuries or other teams see you know you're so concerned about what they. Club you're covering how banged up they are bit. I can remember in the last three or four years of particular that Bradley has had some injury issues had a hard time. Keeping guys completely healthy all the time spent or gay comes to mind real good player when he's healthy. Lifetime. Over 300 batting average for them and you mentioned you were maddening but they put their their fair share of injuries until everybody does that. When it happens to somebody you're playing and some of the injuries stick out and stick with you one year after the next they. Elvis Dominguez and say you know we've been staked this this is not as anybody else including Wichita State when it comes to the entry. One thing they've done a pretty good job in the last few years is building through recruiting with freshman and in that 2014. Spencer Yang a who changes mention became their third straight freshman all American 1213 fourteen they had a first team freshman all American all three years. And that is really carried over to some longevity in the program and some depth to the program that's that a big part of their group. Living it up for Bradley denied Luke man Cherie who as one of their newcomers he has DH Ing tonight left handed hitter. Hitting 292. With no home runs and nine runs batted in left on left match up for Cody Tyler goes into the wind and the first pitch the ball game. It's over for a strike for the news. Intact temperature at 74 degrees there is just an occasional very light breeze and about 47 miles per hour out of the north northeast. 01 demand here in a fastball on the outside edge for a strike evens it up. At two and two. Cody Tyler last week against. Missouri State on Friday night nine innings eleven hits. Just two runs no walks five strikeouts. You know to. Fastball lay driven foul down the left side. And it's kind of been forgotten because of how he finished that Cody was that a lot of trouble in the first couple or three innings worked his way out of some major jams and I'm sure he would like to get off to a little. Easier start in this one today. It made up for me it game now really settled and then got really efficient with his pitch count after that. Fastball up that they had really lean back man jury ball one strike two man Cherie. Is a big freshman from Peoria 63206. Pounds. 12 fastball up and away even to two balls in two strikes. And Cherie kind of took over as the primary DH for this team beginning on March 12. Now played in 22 games of his reach base in the nineteen of 22. Is balls lined out there to the shortstop into left field kind of a soft liner. Toward the hole at short opposite field single from engineering to lead off the ball game the. Certainly don't wanna argue with the results especially. With his last start but. Any left left matchup right there in the very first batter of the game there are a bunch of fastballs matter fact they're all fastballs and in getting ahead of him 02 after the first three pitches never did showing that breaking ball. And men Geary is nice job of fighting off their last fastball that he saw on muscled it in left field. There is Spencer gate she aid to soft idiot junior third baseman he takes a strike on the inside corner. Gay hit a 343. Two home runs sixteen runs batted in. Battle they hamstring problem the very beginning of the season got off to a slow start but he has really been on fire. Over the last eighteen games hitting it even 400. 012 it misses low ball on a strike. Gay in the five valley games so far hitting 459. For twenty including a solo home run. 531. Over the last eight games on seventeen for 32. 11 pitch behind me and that's a great catch. My Gunner Trout line just to snag that one. As gay had to jump forward to get out of the way that. Two balls at a strike. And cheer their rhetoric first doesn't run a lot but 343. When he does try to steal. Cody Tyler from the stretch. 21 inside. In the count three balls and one strike dispenser game. Gay worthy shocker is out last year's six for eleven in the three games between the two teams. He is the leading returning hitter in the Missouri Valley Conference from year ago threw over to first base of man jury diving back. Gay only played in 38 games last year because of injuries that hit 3514. Homers drove in 32. That's just went toward third grader has and on the in between hop over Kirk and on the first time for the double life. That was hit pretty hard and well handled and gay it was just barely out on. On the back into the play at first the days. The good pick up vibrator just started to turn by Kurt. And so these lead off single race to their two out of nobody you know. Generally Cody Tyler this year has not been a quarter include ground ball pitcher about an hour and a half. Fly ball out for every ground ball and yet but that particular case got a very welcomed and a much needed first inning double play. That was just the third that he had induced all year. Brings up Tyler left learn the shortstop right handed hitter takes a strike fastball down in the zone. Lechler 327. Mil home runs that 21 runs batted in which is second on the team by one. To Paul slocum is waiting on deck. 01. Off speed pitches he went swinging around on it tried to stop himself and its own two yelling you know hoping it hurt himself because that was an awkward enough swing it looked like. You could maybe her rooster know bleak or something like that trying to stop your swing you may be better off to let go. Tyler Loeffler freshman all American in 2013. Now a four year starter for Bradley. You know to. This high ball and two strikes. Let's hit 311 as a freshman 354. As a sophomore and then last year inexplicably slipped 196. He's back up to 327. Coming into this at the crazy drop off right there. 196200. Fort bath. Access their for a called strike at today's Cody Tyler gets its first strike out. And pacers that good an attorney in the first after a leadoff singles and no runs one hit for the Braves Andrea happening Bradley nothing the shot is becoming the bat against Matt den. Taco Bell find shocking data and new polls a 100% of dentists know your lying about flushing Michigan doesn't think it's that cold. And finally Americans won a dollar menu and actually costs a dollar. You don't say. Taco Bell's new dollar morning value menu with stuff like sausage flat bread case ideas and bags juicy sausage melted cheese all folded up and a warm flat bread for just a block. They only breakfast value menu work everything's a dollar compares a base among national quick service restaurant at participating locations prices and and later Texans. 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But for the good of the team where they've needed it most he has moved to the starting rotation and so far is five and two. With a four point 56 ERA for 49 of the third innings giving up 47 hits. Eighteen walks with 51 strikeouts. In those 49 and if there. Faces Michael look at witty and off the shocker since his first pitch is lifted high in the year down the left field line. Toward foul territory the shortstop over at left or info out territory makes the catch about seventy feet behind third base. So Michael Deluca first pitch swinging thousand after the short stuff down the left feline. And the matter will be Luke Renner. We are getting the start of left field tonight. Pity to 981 home run eighteen runs batted in Boca by the waking minute date team leading 331. Greater freshmen getting his first look at Bradley and takes a fastball for Matt Dennis for a called strike one. Dennis last year as a closer 26 appearances three you know twelve saves. I don't want to. 51 ERA for 47 to there's swelling and in this rant that went down and and it's strictly go into moderator. The greater after hitting in four straight did not join the twelve hit parade Tuesday night at Kansas he was over for that ball game. Drive system fouled out the right field line had a pretty good cut at that would after getting in the hole quickly Owen to. Met Dennis as a closer only gave up 31 hits in 47 and two thirds this year closer to a one to one ratio. Voted to be 245 picked up the left side third baseman DA has it and fires to first for the out. One long big high hot to gay it third but it wasn't really an issue as far as the timing yet plenty of time to throw. To get too down to the shocking as the better racing Jack mister. Grayson playing in right field tonight he has DH to little bit and has played first base recently but back in the right with Dayton did go out of the lineup with illness this evening. Janice stating 311 with three homers and twenty runs that it is. First pitch to hymns just a little bit outside for ball on a fastball for that Dennis. Left handed hitter facing the righthander with the bases empty and two out. Now witnesses slowed to a nothing. Seeing over the years in this league in brilliant all College Baseball. Sometimes your best arm is the one that you want at the back into the bullpen closing games for you but. Sometimes by the end their career when they really need yet. Gonna have to convert to a star. Towering fly ball to straightaway center by two Aniston center fielder chatted just waiting for it to finally come down makes the catch. To retire the side so three up and three down for the truckers in the first pretty quick getting from that Dennis and it's nothing nothing have to want. 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You should to go to surrounding home health dot com or call 86629. Between artists and a free consultation. Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance. C agent Jared Crawford Chris post or Mike Rogers. I just let deck enjoying each week day mornings and night right here runs. Each pitcher faced only three in the first inning however this Cody Tyler did give up a leadoff single to lose men jury for Bradley and then. It came off the base says in a double play so face to put a man Paul so go leading up to second. So go right handed hitter hitting 327. With four homers 22 runs batted it takes low for ball on. So there's four home runs. Are about a third of Bradley's totally at thirteen as a team. 10. Just this low again two balls no strikes. So get has four Kevin Kruger with war and he chatted with three. And Spencer Haywood to those fourth taken care of all of the dangers for Bradley so far. That was inside runs the count to three and now. Cody Tyler went to a three ball count on Spencer gay in the first inning before finally getting him. At 31 to wrap it do a double play. 30 to soak it that's inside for ball four. So four pitch walk to start the second inning for Cody Tyler. And the matter will be Ian Chris Dunn this Dunn. To study seven no homers eleven runs batted in. Something about the lead off guy the first couple innings the last couple games. Thirty tigers came in and out. Cody had walked 21 in 41 in the third in his thirteen previous appearances coming in that night but again only. Well not last week in the ninth inning route Goer. Throws outside for a Baltic Chris Dunn. And got a Trout lines going to not have a talk with his pitcher. Chris Dunn a left handed hitter. Six to 215 is from on the line Illinois. Catches and play some first base last year. Started one of the three games against the show hackers who went all for three with a couple of strikeout. So go there on her first four for four as a base stealers the pitch is a strike on the outside corner that time to Chris Dunn. Chris Dunn. A part time starter for the Braves a year ago on their NCAA tournament team. Period 33 games made 31 starts we started just over half of the games last season. One ball one strike. Tyler's pitch swing and events with the class call by mid twenties. Chris died last year hit 248. With eighteen runs batted in in his 31 starts ten of his 28 hits. Were for extra bases here at seven doubles two triples and home run. 12 pitch coming instead of move over to first base so to back standing up. Chris Dunn this year with four doubles among 22 base hits. Under at first nobody got topped the second inning. We want to start came out a high fastball. Thank you chase a kind of sounded clear and that's the first data beginning of the second strikeout particularly timely. Tyler is I don't think he's got mastered but he's. Got a pretty good handle on now just a little higher than high fastball to get the Spezza left him matters to. Swing through it he's 8788. Most of the time these fastball we've got pretty smooth delivery. Hey he's done a real good job working both sides of the plate and gets ahead idea he'll elevate for effect. Here is Andy shed at the center fielder right handed hitter instead of throw over to first base to change so get back. She added a freshman six feet 195. From Notre Dame high school in Peoria. Hitting 36 team with three home runs and 21 permanent. Tyler sat first pitch and she added showed bonded takes a strike. Looked like he was serious about may be dropping one down toward third but let it go at the last moment. And was runner up but plate umpire map McHenry. But nothing in one to shed it. This pitch checked swing it try to hold up but he got the bad add just enough to spread now back to the screen and he's in the hole and two. She added is one of several interest being family related stories connected to this Bradley team this year. His father and two of his uncles played baseball. Before him it Bradley. Vote to pitch now look back and stays alive. He also as a younger Brothers already signed the letter of intent to join the program next year and a cousin. Is a member of the Bradley track team so all the family stories his family is the most invested. In the history of Bradley athletics in the current programs. So to again high fly ball in right center Booth at the center fielder tracking it he's gonna get to area deep right center makes the catch. For the second out. It was a hit realty fairly high gate look at times you run under it was pretty well placed right in the middle of that right center field Alley. To not still at first base Paul Salter who drew the leadoff walk and it's up to Evan grounder to keep the inning going better left fielder for the Braves. Who's hitting 272. Here's the team lead with four home runs and has twenty runs batted in. Another lefty facing the lefthander. And the pitch to him as a strike right down the middle nothing wrong. Ridder last year made 56 starts he only hit 247. That led the team with seven home runs drove in 26. Laid down thirteen sacrificed bonds and stole nine bases. Take settling just outside one ball one strike in make many non productive outs there we really didn't. Guys guys over got a million. The love and everything. One ball on strike around her first two down. Left on left situation for Cody Tyler hear news ready to melt. And delivers fast ball swung on advancing the twentieth. Evan Broder is Bradley's gutter Trout lines we've talked about how. Gutter strikes out but yet the what is have reached is when he makes contact greater leads the valley with 45 strikeouts. That the essence for 62 average he puts it in play 3462. When he does not strike him. Toss over to first base so good that. In the count at one and two to Gruner with two out here in the second. Toss over to first he added living but he didn't make the throw collided time. So Phil was definitely gonna take off at eight barely caught himself and scrambled back but. Tell him make kind of little soft costs he had already committed to just kind of ease it over there. And it he had been able to just set it really threw a party might have had. 12 outside the breaking ball to him to. So agree sorry Soka maybe I'm guessing there. With Cody Tyler might give them 12 count maybe expecting something off speed trying to get. Another couple of extra steps anticipating a breaking ball almost got himself picked. 22. And it delayed try to steal and successful at second base. As a late break by Soka. Pretty accurate throw by gutter Trout line that they just didn't see it soon enough then Ritter is so good steal second. Is tipped in five tries this year really well timed so it didn't take off immediately. Probably wasn't the reason that. He was. Safe at second. Those. But like Vickers got there in plenty of time it does. Clock for outlined by surprise just enough and the veteran would so there's still was a very close pitch to renew it looked like he pitched it was maybe over the plate. But tired get the call disciplines upn and the ball for so he has now walked two in the innings. First and second with two that's for DJ gas. The second baseman tonight for Bradley. Redshirt sophomore from Norman Oklahoma. By way of Hutchinson community college is right up the road. Mrs. gas so's twelfth game eleventh starting shooting 200. On six for thirty. Right handed hitter. Tyler's first pitch to him load inside for ball on. Gas so. Ten strikeouts in thirty events. Two men on both reaching on free passes here in the second there to about a story out of the ballgame. Cody Tyler ready to go. And turns to second to pick play late this standard curtain the second baseman broke him. Tyler facing is stiff man here in the second. Gave up a hit in the first and only faced three getting a double play ball. One and noted BJ gas GA SS so. Swing and a miss any way out of throughout that time and they can't even after the ball in the strike. Guess also has little interesting family tie but it isn't connected to the Bradley program his mother patty guess though is the did softball coach at the University of Oklahoma. One ball one strike committee tallies pitch and swing and a miss kept it down it's one and two. They all had to confuse with those two curve balls and he's drowning gas so huge fastballs swings and it. Long way over the top both times. Code each other trying to picture around a couple of walks here in the second as runners first and second. But is one strike away from getting out of it. The 12 to guess. This load inside it stopped in the turf by gutter Trout line it rolls around a little bit that stays close. And the runners pulled his account goes to tune to. Just a gorgeous evening here next stadium on the opening game of this three game series. Supposed to be warm tomorrow eighty years so but the wind is expected to pick up. He wanted those blustery Kansas days. To light up the middle of basic. The center field charging hardest move to the rhetoric coming around third. Throughout the play is zip tie than out of compliance. Great throw by Michael Bolton also rely on the fly better crop lines sweeping the tag on the others to try to go flag. And Cody Tyler dodges the bullet here in the sense that no runs one hit. Dollars and two men left after it inning and a half still nothing nothing. Stadium we have a lot of responsibilities in today's world we cautiously analyze our wellness but neglect the largest organ of our body. 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Security and advisory services offered through SII investments incorporated member finreg SIPC and a registered investment advisor pastor and associates incorporated and SII investments incorporated are separate and unrelated companies. George story from coast to coast AM stormy week knights right here I'm KM SS. The second coming up here what to tell us state and Bradley's nothing nothing. Bradley's made all the right on the base has so far was four base runners in the first few innings. But nobody able to score is Michael good pitchers threw man at the plate to him the top of the second Bryant to completes up. Bottom half takes time for met Dennis for ball one. Wichita State's returning players other than trade Vickers. Ryan Jacob had the most success against Bradley last year although wasn't a lot the one note to him isn't there for a strike at its one month. Jacob was three for thirteen to 31 in three games did hit a home run in the Friday night win the shoppers in Peoria. Getting to 46. So far this season. Takes that went low and off speed pitch for Dennis and it took one to 46 is up a little. After going two for three at Kansas on Tuesday night drove it a couple of runs he has three homers and 27 runs batted in. I drive to left field up balls pretty well here debris is getting help knock it down and waiting and making the catch. Is editor. There short of the warning track did not carry near as well as I thought it was going to up today. And and Al drops Bryant one on seventeen. In valley play so if you think and if there's a hot streak inning you'd think when he finds it Wichita State's gonna start. Scored some runs by the bush. He has remained couldn valley play. Another try outlined takes time for ball one from Dennis got to get him to 895. Home runs 28 runs batted in both of those letter figures leave the team. Right handed hitter against the right hander Dennis in the 10 is over for a strike. A ball in the strike to Trout line who was old 46. In two starts at Peoria last year with four strikeouts in those six at bats. 11. That would bounced off the plate two balls in the strike. And Dennis got up to very efficient start retiring the side in order in the first on just eight pitches. As one out of the second to one account to gutter Trout line you'll be followed by chase trader. A line drive up the middle lap weld dropped for a base hit to center field there's just factors first base runner. Now we've talked about gunners batting average when he puts the ball in play. I swear lately every hit he's had has been here right on the nose he hasn't just been started out that every time he gets ahead it's a line drive boy yeah. Really make too many soft outs anyway when when he makes contact it's awful low parts revert to the shortstop or a line drive to the outfield. I mean when he makes contact the ball jumps. Here is chase raider he takes one up just a little bit for ball one. Jay sitting 2561. Home run eleven runs batted in. Getting back in the starting lineup for the first time since game two the Missouri State series last weekend. Right handed hitter. And the one out. Hy drive to right field pretty well hit toward the line them playable very high fly balls hard right near the line. By wilt in the right fielder for the second now. Always hit pretty well but again the breeze actually reasons almost shifted to the northeast blowing in from right a little bit. So there too down with a rhetoric first in the that are tendered her. Cannery to 72 home runs fifteen runs batted in. Chase rader who just batted Kirk was one for ten against Bradley last year thousands went back. Connect over the screen and understands. Soccer's getting their first base running here in the inning and a one out single by Trout line that he's at first with two out now tendered her. Kind of moving over. That's Dennis from the stretch and that was over at the knees for striking it sends a captain Owen to. Can't occurred senior from Lincoln Nebraska. Right handed hitters standing deepen the bucks. Noticed a quick look over his left shoulder and delivers. Bouncer to the right side should end the inning the second baseman has that gas over the first to end the inning. And which doctors get no runs on one hit and leave the man after two Wichita State nothing Bradley nothing so. Your busy meetings deadlines aaron's car pulls sabres needed to das render the thank you completely forgot to our camp didn't pay any different really expecting any candidate promised better yeah. Stop you can't be everywhere but we can. Delta dental of Kansas offers individual dental plans across the largest Dennis network in the nation's so when something's got a chance blues the laundry list. Keep your smile learn more about individual and family dental plans and delta dental KS dot com. The Carnahan. Group that JPY get that sense there's a highly trained team that presidential realtors ready to accomplish the goals of buyers and sellers in Wichita we utilized data PR marketing with exceptional photography for an inspirational experience online and in print media buyers can expect a team a unique abilities with years of experience to negotiate on their behalf and dismissed transaction all related their new home see all of our beautiful homes at the Carnahan group dot com a leader in real estate for over forty years. Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance. C agent Bernhard Ng does. I'm like storms from ground zero. A weakness in nine near Montana's dad. The third in the end we just stated Bradley nothing nothing Bradley the and gets busted on a couple of walks which just states. With just one hit so far off Matt Dennis Brady look at batting in the ninth hole lead it off for Bradley. You'll be followed by loop and cheering and Spencer gay. Look at a left handed hitter hitting 268 but no home runs and five runs batted in. He has a senior for Bradley whose best year came as a freshman in 2013. Swings and misses for strike one he is having so far it to 68 his best years since that freshman season. Played in 35 games started 28 is a freshman hit 286 with two home runs he strokes this went smoothly equivalent just out of the reach of trade Vickers. Into center field. So broken. As Bradley's third yet. Just a soft liner right at the middle and just barely out of the reach of Vickers and the leadoff man on for the third consecutive innings for the Braves. You wonder Tyler can mix in some breaking balls against these left hand matters he's got a. Handful of them in the lineup but. I don't know that he start any curve balls left on laugh just yet. And it's one thing go through all the way through the order to give Matt steady diet of fastballs and try to get him out that way and that's fine. But now that we're the second time through once he gets ahead of them. If they can handle that left him breaking ball to us over to first base of their letter back most left in college hitters cannot. We'll see if the guys to expand the strike zone with the breaking ball. Bradley already were they stolen base but also go look it is 346. On the year. And a strike on the outside courted man Jerry who shorten up and showed bunt that took the pitch but he thought was outside. Owen one to the left handed hitter who stroked a single between short and third his first time. Came into the game getting to 92. Nothing at one took a little time outside the box to get to sign. And appeared she does square around bonds in the air foul all the way back to the screen to the left of home plate. So then cheery now in the hole and two. We've mentioned all of the family connections on this Bradley team. And cheery and freshman pitcher Jacob Hearst. Market presence. There bombs are sisters. Both have joined the program together this year. 02 to count throw to first base and look at had to hustle back on that one. Cody Tyler looking in for the senate as a runner at first and nobody saudis are headed and cheery Owen to. And his pitch man jury box with two strikes and it's gonna were all found out will be a striking out it was a pretty good but. Jason rader might have taken just a little bit of a chance that he had a pretty good read on it looked like it was heading for foul territory. Fortunately for chase it did but it got within about six feet to the peg third defying court finally crossed the line. Took some guts to look down when you know he got out for sure if he fielded the throw to first. And if it doesn't go found yet first and second nobody out in the heart of the order so. Fortunate for which it just me and tip of the cap to street trader for fielding reading spin on that bus. Here is Spencer gay and throw to first base since looking back standing up. That counts as a striking out on ice towel bunt on a third strikes three strikeouts for Tyler. And with one out the runners still at first. That is thrown over their own or back. Gay bounced one sharply to chase raider third to start a 543. Double play in the first inning. Right handed hitter. Left hander delivers and afoul straight back and he had a big packet that was nothing to once again. Started the night at 343. Takes a look into the dugout before stepping back in the box case it's 2185. He has from the Peoria area that a Mora Illinois. 01. Doubted in for a called strike brings account to Poland to. They're a beautiful day. Bright sunshine and that. Sun is now starting to sense that providing plenty of late day sun to the defenders on the right side with the exception of Ryan ticket news in the shadows from me. Stadium. Sidearms snap threw to first fairly close play as will can get back. It's tough to run on Cody Tyler before that soul gut delay steel in the second. Opposing base runner just wanna forward Tyler's been on the mound he's quick to the plate and quick to step often. Snap went over to first weekend just walk off there. 02 fisted a little pop up left side traitor the third baseman will make the catch that ball really jammed Spencer today. And only carried about two thirds of the way down the third baseline not very high in the air and that's the second round. So two down Tyler left leaders struck out looking his first time up. Came in at 327. Lechler is a four year starters started to stake his claim on some spots in the all time list that Bradley. Second all time it hit by pitches in his career. And plus 49 times and he's also moved into fourth now with fifty career doubles. Toss over to first base of their daughter back. Left cooler so far this year sixteen. Doubles. Led the nation for awhile. As recently as a few weeks ago. In doubles and goals per game fall off a little now now that the bill could get through it does get through it to center field the lead runner we'll stop its second. This depict bouncer perfectly placed over second both stickers and Kirk we're trying to get there are plunging four and excluded and between them. And left Fuller has his first yet. Bradley now with a total of four hits in the ball game and writers first and second. Brings up Paul so gun walked on four pitches his first I'm not. He is to clean up man and RB I leader for this team so. You would probably be one of their first choices certainly to be up there in this situation 212 out. And it pops it up into shallow right field toward the line late jump by terrorist adding. Drops the ball. Ten at bats into the corner one around his head another man coming in this tour so okay headed for a third Kirk's role is not in time there. Not a very good read by Gracie pianist. Circuitous route to that ball and stuck the glove out. Couldn't come up with a I would imagine especially with the route that he took. At the ball was jumping on him a little bit as the ran over to it and couldn't get a good read on Bradley. With a couple of unearned runs here in the top of the third it's gonna go to 93 base fielding error on Afghanistan right field. Tyler should have been out of the and I is pretty routine fly ball except the wind was pushing it back toward the infield just a little bit. Got wind comes up looking to throw to third as Chris Dunn took went outside for ball on the runner back before trial winds could release it. Two runs again. Bradley out in front here in the third. ONEOK curve ball in their for a called strike at its one month. It is Vinny. Long long. Long time since Wichita State has had to struggle with outfield play. We've been spoiled for years and years and years. 11 fastball outside it's too little one and this year there have been some adventures really in every. Aspect to the shocker outfield play whether it be balls dropping or. Drop fly balls are overrun base hits. Swing and a miss it popped off the glove of Trout line but he keeps it close to two errors in this place in the shocker outfield. Very few and far between. Over the last dozen years or so they've had guys can really go get it but this year's been a little different story. Tennis to. Just back out there tonight after not playing the outfield for a while as they do you know there's a swing and a miss for strike three by Christiane. And so Cody Tyler was tough luck here in the third he gave up a couple of gifts cutting three base error. Allowed six runs to score two runs two hits one error and one left after two and a half two to nothing Bradley. What is the sound of dream of the senate in new car and places it'll take you when you home members who make inside. 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Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance. Seat agent John Green Ryan woods or an Andover west Sawyer Wichita severe storms leader. Thirteen thirty chain assets for. That's Denis take 282 era Adelaide at the Helm of a shocker misplayed in right field goes back to the mound for the third. Having allowed just one base runners so far one out single by gutter Trout line. In the second. Movie Alec ball deleted off against him that trade Vickers and Michael look as good schools start to shot her second time through their order. Alec bomb DA king tonight the freshman getting to 781. Home run twelve runs batted in for pitch to him instrument toward the gap in right center may stay up long enough though but it. Dropped it pervasive. All around first thing in the second you know holed up in a standup double. Off the bat it looked like she added it made it could not jumping might get to that it is just kept slicing a little bit away from him it landed just out of his reach of the shoppers have a leadoff double. Bones drink came through there muscled one and the opposite gap or do you base hit so Alec. Getting his 45 start of the year being the DH not tonight it's shocker is rumored scoring position with. Nobody out and as badly needed after can machine at the top of the third inning for Wichita State fifty shocker it can. Jump right back in there and answer and low pressure on that Dennis. Trade Vickers out there first. Pitch to him shows spot takes a little bit high for ball one Bradley was looking for the buck did for space console yet. Shortened up before the pitch in and really was charging aggressively from first base. So one another Vickers who's coming off 84 for four night at Kansas on Tuesday the first four hit game. And his two year career Wichita State. Next pitch didn't show but there takes up an and it's too and now. Trade Vickers the shocker is leading returning hitter against Brantley was four for seven in the series at Peoria last year. Raised his average. Thirty plus points on Tuesday night to 267. Has nine runs batted in. To go. Low and away three balls and those strengths. That Dennis has walked a few more. Percentage wise that he did last year. Eighteen walks in 49 the third still not at especially high total. Between three and three and a half per nine innings. And that would just did get the inside corner for strike it's three and one. Leadoff double by allied bombers shot crews try to get on the board here and get back in this little bit after giving relate to on a three base error with two out in the top of the inning. Notices that should victories this it to the left side can opt for the third baseman gay. Check the runner throws to first for the out. Vickers got jammed a little easy bouncer to the third baseman one out of the inning of the runner holding its second. He said Michael look at. Swung on the first pitch Denis through in the ballgame and fouled out to the shortstop along the left field foul line. Michael leading the shocker since hitting it 331. Coming into tonight. One for five against Bradley a year ago. Stretch by Dennis the first pitch to mood is low and inside for ball one. Attackers have had two hits one out single like Trout line in the second. The leadoff double by bomb here in the third. Dennis set a deliveries fastball high to add nothing to Luka. Had a little bit of trouble with the radar gun that night has been working part of the time that Devlin did show up on the board at ninety from the right hander. Matter its second one out to too low. Lucas swings and misses fastball at 89 kept it down it's 21. It's the kind of situation with a shocker struggled Tuesday night at Kansas twelve hits at that game and only three runs. Just couldn't seem to come through as many big hits with runners in scoring position. 21 swung not a mystery and that fastball in on in the ninety wanna worry that it tuned to. Got back in the camp by just raring back and thrown to by Michael. One out away from him now when. More middle and credit Luka for really turning it loose trying to drive in bull and I just what's put in place. Tutu a big shot the right side in between hop. It bounces off with the governor yes they turned a third type moments could be caught between third and home in a run down. Did chase back quite a catcher and tagged out for the second out of the inning. He is absolutely got to make sure that ball. Patrick kicked off the glove. Gas so get him to left field left flirt snag it as the deflected off the gases glove. And Mike's Giuliani had to stop lined up there but. Home. Too far around third even the dead duck Phoebe tried to go back. And in that inning and run down and Michael moved down the second. Second base two that's Luke greater than hitter. Like that's gonna be scored as an infield hit four Luka that pitches to load Ridder the ball on it was a big chop. That's tough in between hop for gas I was trying to charge the balls he tried did. Play that little soft hands in between pick up that deflected off the heel of his glove to the big high bounce over towards second base. Left alert alert lead pack it up kept the ball on the infield. The critic takes time for ball two to announce it. Today dropped fly ball. Three base here that leaded to wrench in the shocker is possibly lose or run. On a base running mistake. To moderator. Hi fly ball actually popped up on the right side of the infield unity and again so that's the way it factors. Read themselves out of a possible chance to score no runs two hits. No errors one left after three it's two nothing Bradley. Kids with pizza that's five dollar Lieberman you we get any two or more of our favorites are just five bucks each shall medium one topping pizza for five bucks yes what should be done recently yes he does. Not and it could he yes because she's. Yes and circus is what I'll just take your pizza. Favorites for just five bucks beat them by don't look like remains all the athletes the development as a reference to talk to have prospered for what you stimulus. Wind down broke down made its same day what time is not on your side call led put expressed. A hot shot to toss our next flied out to Orlando led put express gets it there fast. He'd apart nationwide the same day is their next flight out or hot shots services would put express delivers anything fast. What an absolutely has to be there on time call let's put expressed at 5409991. Or online at led foot express dot com. Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance. C agent Alex Acosta NG Valentine or in mold main Kirk Farber. This is Stevens can join this morning right here on cape enhanced and. Not for the fourth inning couple unearned runs giving Bradley eight to nothing lead after three they'll be at the bottom half of their order with Andy she added Kevin Kruger. And DJ guests have to get under way the 67 and eight hitters Cody Tyler. Ready to go to work lefthander winds it delivers and a fastball inside chatted for bowl on. Andy she added these freshman center fielder Oprah one will fly ball to center his first time up. 10. Checked his swing it bounces away from Trout lines in the count goes to to know. Cody Tyler is yielded four hits. He has walked one struck out 41. Of those on a foul bunt with two strikes. That would just inside three enough to. On the correct. That is sitting walk when he walked two both in the same inning back in the second 30 here. That's over for a strike even though Trout line dropped it it's three and one. Packers need to sharpen up a little bit half say. Good way to put it. 31. Fouled straight back and it's 32. Packers have given away a couple of rounds of the fielding this play and maybe cheated themselves out of one with a base running mistake 32 pitch count down the right side. That's that went in on him a little bit kind of an outs inside out swing by Chad it's rated over the first baseman again. She added hitting 316. Coming into tonight's game. I was 32 again this time for ball four that's his third walk. It's his second leadoff walk and Bradley has had their leadoff man on every one of the first four innings. That's a dangerous way to proceed. Better Evan Ritter who drew a walk his first time up back in the second. And it's a good way to invited team has lost 33 straight here in this ballpark to snap that streak especially. Behind the veteran. Like Matt Dennis. Who has made his way successfully through the first three innings. Toss over to first base throughout her back she added 346. As a base stealer. Good or left handed hitter to 75 on the year went three for nine against chapters last year in Peoria first pitch to leave bonds at a deadly birth of their baseline raider charging scoops throws. At Tampa taken had to kill off the bag. Not sure that it was time anyway. Are really good bunt by having greater greater played well charging hard they had to throw across his body was. Within about fifteen feet of home plate when he finally let it go and I'm sure that'll go is a bunt single and does for Evan Gruner. First and second nobody out for Bradley. So greater running for himself that haven't mentioned last hearing at thirteen sacrifice bunt. First and second floor DJ Grasso who lined a single up the middle his first time up on that play Michael look at. Able to throw up Paul so good at the plate to end the second inning. At a lifts his leg steps off. Turns chases the runner back towards second. DJ gas so it just. Thirty at bats prior to tonight six hits. Tyler from the stretch and delivers gas so bunt and that's a good bunt toward third. Catcher fielding. Drop wind throws and nobody's on first base. Diving stop like her throat of the played ads related to play Bradley scores another bank goes to dinner. The tremendous heads up play I guess after the fact by dinner Kurt. After Ryan Jacob was nowhere to be found really nobody was anyway the fountains. Outlined field that beauty of a bunt. Just outside the brown turf up along third spun and fired nobody was there and Kirk with a headlong dive. Steered it and then. Strong wind tried to recover and get back home plate in time to try to get. The sliding in each added but it was a little wide. And so now first and third 1 AM in the shocker is down three nothing. That error charged on the play. Pitch outside to single. For gas so to really good months in the inning for Bradley they now have six hits. And then to throw by Trout line charges an error because you have to account for the runners advance another base but he threw their right to the bag and there was just nobody there was expecting to find it empty. Brady will look in the theater once for once he bonds dragged up to first base line. Jacobs Field and we'll tag it now but that gets another run home. Looters scores from third down to second on the play guess those so broken we'll get credit for a sacrifice. And it runs batted in. Tagged out by the first baseman unassisted. These two teams are playing nothing like the other. Badly sitting only executing which dusty not so much. Thwarted I think Bradley here in the fourth putting off putting clinic to hear the end. One for hit one that was intended to be a sacrifice for here in the safety squeeze who's perfectly pushed to the first baseman got everybody up ninety feet. Big curveball for a called strike to lose command here that would kind of buckled in a little bit no balls and one strike and Gerri one for two. An opposite field single to left in the first. And then tried to lay down a bunt with two strikes on him in the third and fouled at which goes as a strikeout. 01 fastball bounced up the middle to his right Kurt the second baseman has it. Throws it out at first and go to the third play DJ gas and there two out of the end. They started an hour before us and very fast moving game in terra haute Dallas Baptist and Indiana State Q2 of these eight. In the fifth inning in southern Illinois jumped out in front of Illinois State five to two. And Evansville with three early runs lead Missouri State three nothing in the third. Here is Spencer Gayle through to the runner at third a fly ball to center shouldn't be having Michael looking back a couple of steps waits. And puts it way. But Bradley picks up two more runs on two bunt singles a walk and error. And after three and a half they lead at four and hasn't. Getting a Coke and McDonald's is easier done and said. I was so. Well by the time I finish the sentence you could have already pulled up the drive through window hand over a dollar and grabbed her Coke instead it was to give me just talking about how delicious is it amazing that Coke McDonald's would be when you could already be enjoying the happiness and describing. Fact right now QB like forty Stegall says. That fourth gulp that is special mcdonalds Coke always convenient always just a dollar for every size. All of early pricey participation later. 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Don't try to get something going with the heart of the order up there Grayson Janice to Ryan ticket and gutter Trout line here in the fourth factories had three hits off Matt Dennis one of the infield variety. He has not walked anyone. Recent tennis to take time for ball one Tennessee hit a towering fly ball to center his first time. There are some extra base hits out there to be had against that Dennis say this need to find if you out here you up off the deck. Breaking ball just missed inside it's too and now. Checkers do have one extra base hit a double by Alec ball leading off the third but then he. Overran third base on an infield hit and was thrown out between home and there. To go to Janice to. Fastball for a strike on the other hand since two and one. Just a coming into the game a trio left them. 21 pitch. Strike on the inside corner fastball that really had good late movement. And it's two and two. 92 was good run in on the inside corner suggested. And the 22 delivery. Chopped off the plate salad hitting in the batter's box after it hit the plate. And the countless state two balls two strikes. Dennis who has gone over a hundred pitches. Several times this season. Backed his last five starts he's averaged 209. Only had a bit 34 through the first three innings tonight. Tuesday and it just the rich line up by the second baseman in the right field. Jose lol lighter wasn't that far away from gas so but he reached for it to his backhand and it was by him before he gets the club down to. Soccer's just four hits three of them been very solid. So far like Tuesday night at Lawrence they've had trouble putting something together. Batter Ryan Jacob hit a fly ball to left his first time. Fairly well hit got a hundred a little bit cynical left fielder back a few steps. Takes a breaking ball for a called strike on the inside corner. I. Florida I think Bradley bottom of the fourth soccer's with a leadoff man on for the second street and 01 to take them at a good breaking ball for a called strike. Started the first what it nodding broken over the inside corner rant that went across the plate to the outer edge. And so too. Matt Dennis gums sent. 02 to take them striking out swinging on a fastball away. Good sequence they're breaking ball in breaking ball away fastball away and taken. Had trouble staying on them swung and missed for strike three for strikeout of the night to meant business. Except better Trout line who had a good swing his first time up lined a single to center. One out runner at first. Got wind hitting 289 killing it. Except for a strike on the insightful or something off speed down and in. Leadoff single by Genesis to construct candidates on one to Trout line with chase traders borrow follow barring a double play. 01 pitch got 1000 straight back. Aniston nice job in this inning of Nixon and those off speed slow breaking balls for called strikes and get over breaking balls and any community will back it up with 99 he wanted. Breaking balls for a called strike to always make a fastball looked a little better. Those two began fastball high. Not given anything away no walks and he's only gone 213 ball count so far in the first three plus innings. One into the gutter Trout line. Here's the pitch and a swing and a miss on a fastball up and in tidy up what 92 up and AM. Second straight strikeouts for Dennis his first two of the game. Present chase trader hit a fly ball to right his first time up. Soccer's leadoff single but two straight strikeouts in just distilled. Kept over there at first base. First pitch generator driven down the right side again slicing out of play. The balls one strike that ball. Slicing fly ball carried right over the top of the shocker bullpen down the right field line. All wonder raider. And it Dennis ready to go back to work. And excellently indeed back that didn't quite catch the and so I caught another breaking ball that didn't quite snap all the way back. The ground for the royals in the first inning to get three they lead three to nothing after long young guy Argo Kansas City. The stock has with a two run homer but. 11. Now that it's one and two at six. It was stuck and I think that's just RBI eight and nine for him but at all but. That one and one before. He was nobody on. One on here for the shocker is that two out of a 12 count to chase raiders. This is pitch missed and I took something off two balls two strikes. This inning even with the leadoff single this inning. To me it seemed like Dennis sharpest as far as mixing his pitches and throw to more violence do I agreed been falling behind him got away over the last couple of them. 22 ballot back just did get a piece on a 92 mile an hour fastball. Actors have been generous tonight four runs on the board for Bradley. Three of them have been gifts. 22 again raiders strikes out swinging in Dennis after the leadoff single. Strikes out the side his first three strikeout of the game so after three and a half it remains Bradley for Wichita State not to. Kids with pizza that's five dollar Lieberman knew we get any two or more of our favorites are just five bucks each actually medium one topping peak just for five bucks yes what should be done recently yes he does. Not and it could he yes because she's under siege yes I did in the circus what I'll just take your pizza. Feels good to say yes it's favorites for just five bucks beat them by colorfully remains only happy that I couldn't tell from just a trifecta to talk to prosperity for what you stimulus. Well no big box hi I'm ready to get an LG four KTV delivered sweet all right let's get started of course deliveries extra. Plus you don't want the TV hooked up that stop part of the deliver all the fuel surcharge. Plus alt plus any starts than them. What's my name flight service fees extra steps charged sunny day can. Colleges have gone to have tires. Cast your TV we believe your TV should be fun not frustrating that's why we offer free delivery and installation we also surface everything we sell LT and Kathleen TV watch Kathy. Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance. C agent Jared Crawford. Chris post or Mike Rogers this. Mark living finding. Weekdays at five right here on tape and as bad. I hit. Score runs one earned three walks or strikeouts will be facing Tyler left foot also got. Andy and Chris Dunn who are the 34 and five hitters in the Bradley batting order. Loeffler one for two of the single up the middle his last time up later supporter and takes a breaking ball low for ball one. Butler struck out looking in the first. So one for two with a run scored. Here's the 10. And that would miss upstairs just a little bit something off speed to a nothing. Cody Tyler getting a second straight. Friday's start. 20 pitch. On the inside corner for a strike it's to have one. Hasn't had the support he had a week ago two errors behind him but he is also. Walked three already didn't walk any in nine innings against Missouri State last week. 21. Driven toward right on back on a tennis is still going back and makes the catch. Able to get back and then turn. Faced the infield the ball settled into his glove and there's one out. Better staff better drop step better route that time than they mishap. In the third. Here is Paul so hit that ball to right in the third inning went through three base error he also walked. Respect to the right handed hitter Nate big rip out that straight that. And elected delta had a little let that would go on that first pitch. Nothing in one just so good that came into the game 327. 01. Curve ball swung on and missed. He's got to the hole and two. I don't wanna throw him in more fastballs. You're in the fifth inning. Make him earn it some other way. Team leader in home runs and RBIs. Answered the third big high hop through greater easy play over the first two. One big long bad shots cuts chase rhetoric third she's done in the inning. And the better Ian Chris Dunn. Tyler has not had a true 123 inning he faced only three in the first after giving up a leadoff single and then getting a double play. Crist on the night hope for two with a pair of strikeouts going. Left Dunlap matchup for Tyler he's been able to capitalize on so far. There's the cheers have high gear right pretty deep look back Janice step back to the track and right at the pit next to catch. Yeah. Christiane but it charge and a lot but it just did stand apart again jettison the second put out of the inning as Bradley goes in order after four and a half still the Braves four. And the shock there's nothing. ATM abuse. 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But they're coming up Wichita State. Bottom third of the order against pac ten has to look like he's kind of settled in a little bit in the fourth inning gave up a leadoff single. And struck out the last three men in a row is really locating his pitches. Facing hander curt Alec home. And trade victories here in the shocker fifth. That Dennis. Five and two coming in a four point 56. Hour day. It is to Missouri Valley Conference starts last two weeks against the series stayed in Evansville. Club and a third innings eleven hits eight runs for a five point 84 ERA this first pitch to tanner Kirk called strike. That's no way to and I know. Here's Izzo wants her thousand up to plate the tone to. Last week last Friday against Evansville five and a third got a no decision that would five hits four runs four walks three strikeouts. He's been much sharper tonight hasn't walked anyone. You know two to Kirk play outside that have a ball and two strikes only three ball count. That he has gone too. Was in the third inning he went three and one on trade stickers before getting him on little roller to third. 12 pitch. Kurt swings and misses for strike three. That is four straight strikeouts permanent status after he had done. Through the first three innings. Things that Alec Obama who drove one of the gap in right center for a double his first time up but that was. Erased on a base running mistake rounding third base. One for one of the ballgame since 78 coming in right handed hitter. And the offers trips to have his hit hard but what happened to shortstop. Left there was plenty of time does it not serious Obama hitter right on the nose again but it low. Screaming one hopper right at church. Police that breaks the string of strikeouts for the checkers that. Nothing to show forestry Vickers comes up with a two out. Drake got to head of the camp trio is first time update on 31 not fisted rule 13. Takes a strike on the inside corner. That Dennis is. PD right now. 01. And it bounced up the plate not the glove. Catcher Chris Dodd one ball extra. More runs six hits and lawyers for Bradley no runs four hits in two critical layers for which testing. And what this is slow to add one to tickers. Prior to his four hit game. On Tuesday night at Lawrence Vickers it had three hits in the game four times last season one of them against Bradley. I just went up to know what they sit at the center failed. Like Adam Scott I'm panicked golf could spread it to that was slicing liner Vickers is one for two that's the checkers fifth hit. Also breaks the streak of five and wrote retired but man does. Five hits for the shocker but none in succession. It's kind of what Mike was alluding to about. Their frustrations and Lawrence earlier in the week. Seemed like they could swing much together you know here in the next guy get out or the B two outs in the row in the two hits. Nothing really put together. Michael duke it takes one low and inside for ball one Michael has yet it was a big chopper to second. That second baseman NASA chart got it tough pop in between hop bounced off his glove that scored yet. You can also has vowed not to shortstop. Assistant in the air behind third base it's good to get out of play over the third base dug out. And look at it wanna want. Standard game times for this weekend 2 o'clock tomorrow 1 o'clock Sunday for games two and three of the series. Trade Vickers the runner at first with two out in the fifth to shoppers trailing thwarted not to. The next one towel back. It's flooded to again. Michael Luka where it is infield hit the last time out there has put his average at 333. Young season. What balls two strikes the count that Dennis. Delivers services tied to a two. Look also has 22 walks on the year and on base percentage of 431. Coming into tonight's game the best of his career. So has been a good hitter has never walked as much against the city's pitch to him hi again all three. Just the second time tonight that that Dennis has gone to a three ball count. Look at batting with two out and rhetoric first here at the time in the bottom of the fifth inning. Dennis delivers record goes at a news. Those slapped up the first place let's get a roll foul before so it can get through it. And Michael we'll we'll come back with a had a chance. Just a little chopper a lot the first baseline kind of looked at it ruled foul. That twenty feet short of the bag. Kickers will be taking off with the the pitch with two out of the inning so the plague behind the a couple of steps. Once again Dennis ready. 32 Deluca sliced it now back over the street. Claude another one on. So actors have had a hit in every inning but first they went down in order in the first inning. Three balls two strikes Deluca. Again Dennis ready get your accounts. And it fly ball the last toward the line it's gonna hang up to the left fielder recruiter be alive next to catch for the opposite field fly ball at least in the air to log history tracked it down right on the foul line for the third out no runs one hit. And one left for the shocking as it after five it is still Bradley for Wichita State. The Carnahan group that JPY get a sense this highly trained team that presidential realtors ready to accomplish the goals of buyers and sellers in Wichita we utilized data PR marketing with exceptional photography for an inspirational experience online and in print media buyers can expect a team of unique abilities with years of experience to negotiate on their behalf and dismissed transaction all the way to their new home see all of our beautiful homes at the Carnahan group dot com a leader in real estate for over forty years. A shelter insurance we could tell you that we insure thousands of homeowners. But what we couldn't tell you lose their favorite room in the house so we asked isn't your TV room with a fifteen inch screen in the fifty yard line seats. Or is of the kitchen world is terrific meals and conversations he got. Four resist the tech world almost spectacular sunsets show up every night just like clockwork the answer is all of. We evolved for homeowners insurance see Trevor Harrison Bob do it or at a McDowell in Wichita. George story from coast to coast AM stormy week knights right here fine KM SS. Bradley and chanted leading up. 700 hurt Vijay gets the ball. But he Tyler. Victimized by 300 crimes trailing fortunately he's allowed five hits and three walks with four strikeouts and his first. 123 inning of the game in the fifth. And he chatted over one little walk. Groups which we hear of his driven deep to left field quarterback. Is read here that ball is caught. And instead it. Missed his fourth home run of the year. And it is five to nothing Bradley in the city. Cheap or gift about that runs that it launches over the left the confidence. They have appeal the first Hussein missed first. Apparently nobody was watching that and what much of a reaction. From Greg not interesting on a home run that. They thought that she added this first base especially considering using code doubters. Six tit for Bradley five runs that two of them earned. At its fourth home Ronnie has 22 runs batted in his freshman season now they make the official appeal pitcher has to. An unannounced up off the rubber and then throw to the person covering the bag and Greg. Spread his arms not to not but it's gonna go do what to do its thing and that's right you know. That's to be in. Let's not get a convincing if you didn't see it. Did it get it happened so. Nobody out nobody on another round on the board for Bradley five to two avid runner up there with a walk and bunt single in this room. Left on left for Tyler first pitch degree you're breaking ball outside the bowl. It's just the second home runs surrendered by Cody Tyler in 46 plus innings. This low for vaults to it nothing. 20 pitch swing in advance it's what the fastball violently and sank one. Here's to 21. And a fastball down and get to these stood to. Metre step out for a moment that right back in quickly. And he gets his foot in the areas that are slicing toward left center just a little bit Michael look at the center fielders under it makes the catch for the the papers back. Routine fly ball to shallow left center up to bat of Evan through her for the first out. And that'd be Jake gas who came in to tonight's game six for thirty. 200 he's now getting to fifty he's done two for two tonight. With a single to center NA but single. Here's the line by Tyler first pitch to the right handed hitter. A fastball in there at the needs. Yeah SO had started ten games this year coming into tonight. It started three of the previous high end PC games and sends one fairly deep to center but the key to getting back he steps tracks it down. And two straight fly balls to the center fielder give Tyler two out of the inning. Doctors need to change the tenor this game no question about it. It's only five do nothing but feels way worse. With the way both teams have been playing. Bradley has executed and every turn got leadoff guy on an almost every single winning. Shocker is that this kind of been languishing. With a base runner here and there is called strike in there that Brady will get one out single second. Two hits but no runs in the third for the shocker it's. The off single fourth nothing became of it throughout signaled that. Possibly breaking ball this why did she wanted one now to welcome. And the next wood from Tyler fastball looks to have one. Look at tonight has singled and scored in the third and laid down a sacrifice bunt up the first base line that drove in a run in the fourth. Two balls one strike. And that one caught the inside pitch at fastball to Cody Tyler Stewart to. Look at coming into the game it to 68. He did not even play against the shoppers in last year's three game series. 22 pitch lifted now back in adulthood. We'll get his first two seasons at Bradley had played semi regularly. Then last year only ten games seven starts. And was five for 34147. Currently played all late in the year. So this is gonna come back here for him. 22 pitch Sparky that's right. Cody Tyler after the leadoff home run gets real hero. And he has now struck out five and after five and a half Bradley now leads it five to nothing. There are certain. Precious. You just ten currency. He'd like to forget you never want. The worst part about Iran has something like that somebody has been injected. Is that we're in nursing tells us the fact that it is such an easy thing to do. I must all honor and it's it's not wearing your seatbelt. In Kansas it's belongs. Click it or ticket worst. Need a place to watch the big game. You say you want the best seat in the house located off finally came 96 and went room. Offers daily specials a dozen Beers on tap and a menu featuring everything from pizza the primary. Jerseys proud to be an official sponsor of Wichita State shocker as. No matter where the soccer play home or away want to make jerseys have tickets ride to the game and style and their sweet Hummer limo. Call 3166365000. Jerseys grill and bar in Wichita. Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance. C agent John Green Ryan woods or an end over west Sawyer. I'm like Jordan from ground zero we present nine here Montana's dad. Paul Bradley boulevard tonight bravely and. Five to nothing but. Eyebrows seven ahead which does stay has reviewed some big errors that have led to three under Ryan's. And checkers have five scattered hits off that Dennis who has walked none and struck out four Ridder takes a strike for Dennis to start the sixth. Lucrative genetic ground ball to third and a pop up to the second baseman. Poll on on the way. And greater checks not takes a strike if an easy sell it to. Better batting second in the order tonight to be followed by grace and Jen Aniston Ryan to come. Both tutor to. Now pop up on the right side again first and second baseman goes after it in the second baseman. Paulson foul territory makes the catch. First baseman Sokol was backpedaling guests are coming across have a better angle at it called it off and ended up. You can go all the way in the foul territory to make you hit. Well Mike mentioned it Matt Dennis no stranger to go on more than a hundred pitches. And if he gets to a hundred tonight that we were gone now taking all the way through not because he's been pretty efficient tonight. Now when is just low for ball 177. Pitches with one out here in the sixth though he's right on schedule. Grace suggested a towering fly ball to center and hot single past the second baseman that would skips across the plate it's to announce. Packers have only had two hits in an inning once that was in the third. Too though tennis takes fastball high three and that's. In that inning leadoff double by Alec involvement with one out Michael Lucas infield single that bounced off the second baseman gloves. Foam took two they get turned third ball stayed in the infield and moments rundown and tagged out there's a strike on the inside corner. And it's three and one. A couple of times that Dennis is gone to a three ball candidates like it became a challenge to it is. Pride or something he's just come back home strikes. Did it again now backed by Janice did etiquette cuts three and two. Rays up 50. Yeah it's pretty comfortable lead. There's no reason at all for him not to come right out of shocker hitters. He falls behind the counter starts getting a little cute early in the count falls behind come right out so far they hit three to. Love for gulf war Iraq Afghanistan continues to have a very good guy at the plate. That is the freshman 24 walk. Tyson was better Trout lines now for the most on the team. And it's only struck out thirteen times almost twice as many walks as strikeouts. Better on this one out. Brian ticket over to fly ball the left and a strikeout swing. Packers need something sudden and big to happen like ticket to hit one out here. Now find nothing in the sixth. There's pitched particularly hot show on the ground between not Boston third baseman glove throw to first just started time bounces away from the first baseman. And generously offered at third. And holds up. A bit of a break as you know. There probably should have been out somewhere. The third baseman. Gay had it skip off his glove and left the shortstop to stand there waiting to leave. Bare handed and through all in one motion almost got picked him anyway because he's not very fast runner but the ball skipped away from. So good the first basements announced dockers. Have a little something on routers at the corners one out. And shall want to play. Looks like they've scored that if they hit and an error. Infield single for seeing him and then an error I'm assuming on the throw by left Fuller which allowed Janice do it to advance from second to third. The initial scores he climb Mike listed here on game. Okay it looked like there was a sixth minute David is just side. So. There you have five all the way. Now a lot of play by Trout line evens it up to him at 11. First aired tonight for Bradley Bradley by the way a very good fielding team in 97 B. Well 9969. On the year but they've been fielding 976. Of their client Bally games they finished ninth 73 last year. 11 to Trout line lawn outside bounces away from the catcher. Just it will come home standing after the shot has finally have a drive in Bradley finally taking these few mistakes to help the shot there's here. It has in AAA. Especially against the Evans who. Is. Good tonight but not perfect on the season. In its ERA for 56. Owners. Some hits that he'll give up and maybe a little chink in the armor there as he starts to struggle a little bit. Here in the sixth inning. Two and one now to try outline who has a single to strike attitude previously after the winds out of the middle almost got dressed Dennis. Headed the third is hoping to stick him as a threat comes in from center fielder. That was just a bulletin Trout widest since betrayed both of his hits line drives right back up the middle. So first and third still only one out. Chase rader coming up there. And we're still just in the sixth inning so right now this hackers could even get that one more home from third at least they're back in the game a little bit. Anything beyond that they should really start to feel like they're back and. Elvis Dominguez not wasting much time Eric Sugarman. They're closers throwing already down the pin. It's they badly want to try to nail this down thinking. And for the first time denied a trip to the man for Bradley and Larry Scully and his second years pitching coach. Making the trek got to talk to met Dennis. Soccer's now with six yes. And for the most part the hits they've had have been solid base hits the one exception was that kind of big chopper by. Luke in the kicked off the second baseman left in the third and everything else has been hit pretty much on the nose. Got wind of particulars head to blind shots of the middle. So now raider Oprah to. Had a fly ball to right in the second but that would be plenty good enough in this situation to get the runner home from. Third. The first and third one out bottom of the sixth jackets finally on the board the first pitch to raiders swung and missed for strike one. Dennis realizes the shocker experience swing mode right now. That one gets looked past rader this big spot here Mike kind of alluded to a big spot for both teams. 01 greater day hikes up toward the hole at short field of my left belongs Carlos chronicles life. Raiders can really around legged out left we've played very well he's got a strong arm had a strong accurate throw them greater chance they get. Jenkins scores on the fly it's now a five to two log able to soccer's Neptune line was still want to. Wasn't well hit just a big high shot perfectly placed in the hole. It's now Trout line its second grader at first. The better tanner Kirk Lewis grounded to second and struck out swinging so. Pitch to. Her high performance so. Of these guys that are really been struggling for the shock authors have at least come through in some fashion here in the inning taken is reached on an air. Rader was an infield hit either one of those guys have done much at all in valley play but they've. Help the shocker climb back into. Tanner Kurt go for two on the night. Swing and a miss on a high fastball and he's in evens it out that wanted one. Kirk himself has struggled in the valley is now three for 22 in league play after going over for his first two tonight. Writers are true outlined its second grader at first. 11 to Kirk. Takes a fastball for a strike and at one and two. Matt dallas' first walk of the game. To grace and Shannon Stewart got this all started. The era signal an infield single. Checkers have around two men on. 12 popped up. Not front of the plate catcher calling. Mr. Want to go. Let's take care below. Leave field line. And effective if not. Already did not get up high enough. Maybe well they're gonna it's not too bad it looks like the third base umpire. That two runners Donald bases can move up in the dead. But if anybody signaled the infield flying. The batters out. Yeah and ice yet be the car. The other runners can move with their own risk and a shocker is while making an out there kind of got a break because. The catcher. Christiane just dropped it he was barely in fair territory in kind of struggled to corral it what about server along. So now if bolt can get a base yet we absolutely avenue. All of its five to two runners at second and third two about it bomb has hit the ball right on the nose twice a double to right center right one hop rocket to the shortstop who threw him out of the fifth. First pitch takes Loney hit a first pitch each of his first two times up the didn't get money could swing yet clear that was low. It was strange score boards where they hits or even at seven apiece shocker stray off five to two both teams have now made two errors as well. Stretch by Dennis the one home. Thousands to the right out of life. That's an odd play but it seems. The way the rules are is Chris Dunn looking credit for a put out on the pop up like her you know some of its life in prison and her. It on the same ball. Two out. Two men in scoring position 11 day Alec bombs attackers were down five nothing they've committed to 52 here in the sixth. Pitched a moment a swing in advance pulled the string on him and he was way out front of that when. Flail that at this that it wanted to. Called a day 324 hitter on the year with runners in scoring position. He would pitch coming. For Matt Dennis and team in scoring position two out to come. Sloppy six innings. Doctors have done the five run deficit to Wear a simple base yet can have them within one. It to the home bounced of the little big shot to get to win the second bounce is sort of first I guess I've sat up. Another round started supplying its. Shocker of the captain for real breakthrough in this thing that's beyond. An error two errors. To infield hits. And not a soccer are definitely part of this game. Infield single runs batted in for Alley alone. It's not have very clearly can't finish here who have locked in this inning. Trey Vickers one for two with a single up the middle his last time. Stretch but I met Dennis. And the pinch hit hard a little bit to the second baseman Kessel has that and throws him out. To end the inning attackers are back in the ballgame they get three runs. On three hits collection errors thrown camp and two men left on base that we got to the seventh it's now Bradley five Wichita State three. We have a lot of responsibilities in today's world we cautiously analyze our wellness but neglect the largest organ of our body. 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Keep your smile learn more about individual and family dental plans and delta dental KS dot com. Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance. C agent Alex Acosta NG Valentine or in mold main Kirk Farber Wichita severe storms leader. Thirteen thirty chain assets. Doctors listen fortuitous bounces. Got themselves back in this game trailing five to 3000 units atop the seventh top of the order coming up the Bradley. Cody Tyler all the way so far tonight facing Litman jittery leading. Freshman DH for the Braves to curve ball to him right through the heart for a called strike one. And Jerry single in the first instantly a struck out of foul bunt and some third strike and it's grounded to second. 01 fastball up in the air to center that could go on back and beat on it makes the first. And Jerry flies out to straightaway center to start the seventh. Cody Tyler getting up in the vicinity of ninety pitches here in the seventh inning. We've called 93. And fouled straight back by Spencer game for strike one. No she starts because of the season make but it seems like he's getting the hang of this starting stuff you know he's. He's been able to go kind of at 7580%. To launch take a little off. Been able to repeat delivering really well is barely missed there one ball one strike. And it is easy to pick ups tonight please walk a few more than he would have liked but he's battled and here we on the seventh inning he still around. Vista and our speed pitch upstairs and it's two and one of the gay news grounded into a double play popped to third. And hit a fly ball to center. 21. Load inside three balls and strike. Kate came into the game hitting 343. Including 450. Nine for twenty and five previous Bally games. Ground ball right at Vickers it sure comes up a couple of crow hops to first get sick. Two out in the end it. It has been over reported that after going six for eleven against each doctors last year was to go to nobody on Tyler left with a short stuff. Fairly big inning for Tyler in the shocker to me after they got three in the bottom of the sixth it crowd into a little bit. But he Tyler's. Queue up to tear down here in the seventh and a shocker in the bottom of the seventh while the top of the order. Don't go anywhere. And a strike on the outside corner molecular. Let their denied a strikeout looking a single to center and a fly ball to right he scored after reaching in the there. Two out. Bases clear top of the seventh inning. The only one. They slow curve ball over for a strike could soon to. John Hayes has begun to throw in the soccer bullpen. Leftwich stepped back in the box kind of stretched his shoulders back a little bit now ready to go audio to. This tie ball in two strikes. Okay. Very possible this could be it for Cody Tyler even if he gets left their theories going to be right up around a hundred pitches so it may not. Come back after that to started another thing we'll see. 12 way high with a fastball to them to. They can't make good solid effort by Cody tallies only given up two earned runs tonight. Six and two thirds. 22. Popped up right side it's good period to shallow right field Janice is under let's go ahead of 123 innings reported Tyler. In this Havoc actually go to the seventh inning stretch with a shot here's hang it right there it's Bradley five wood to just need surgery. Dependable on capable advanced one look at that 4016 Chevy Silverado and you'll see why it's a new face of strong. Muscular new grill give Silverado bold new look well and available small block V8 engine offers impressive power and efficiency. Plus it's built with high strength steel price strength dependability. Silverado. The most dependable longest lasting full size pickups on the road. See your hometown should be doing today and dependability based on longevity in 1987 to July 2015 full size of the coverage restrictions. I this is just in Baxter Baxter & Associates in our forty years of business Don Baxter in our whole team has seen challenging Financial Times and we are up for that challenge we understand you're depending on your serious money now and in the future so please give us a call at 3166520101. Baxter & Associates time well spent money well invested. Security and advisory services offered through SII investments incorporated member Finneran SIPC and a registered investment advisor pastor and associates incorporated and SII investments incorporated are separate and unrelated companies this is Stephen can join this morning right here on cape end as fast. He has had good. We'll have the top of the order up here in the seventh after north reverse. Back in the game trailing five to three Italy Michael would go Luc Richard. And Grayson Janice it's better right hander Matt Tennessee has allowed eight hits three unearned runs. One walk four strikeouts. Chapters three hits in the sixth seed we're big shops in the infield. Michael we'll go one for three with a infield single his second time up in the third inning. He also has now that. There to the shortstop on the left field line and flied out down the left field line to left field. That first pitch wide through ball. Left handed hitter against the righthander met Dennis Dixon delivers. Almost hit a fastball up and in fastball at ninety that just missed his right shoulder. Two balls no strikes. Dennis brings that glove up goes to the line 20 lead that it takes outside three and that's exactly that left to get their leadoff man on here in the seventh. And any base runner brings the potential tying run to deploy. Three balls no strikes and pitch Deluca. Low for ball four leadoff walk through the chapters. They got a one out walk in the sixth that led to a three run inning that was the first walk deficit issue gone night night walked the leadoff man. Here is set. As crummy as the first five innings this game went. This is becoming real amount which doctors. Can do this now they get the tying run at the plate and will for the remainder of the seven so long as nobody gets into a double play. Luke Ritter over for three years he stands in. And the first pitch terms and off speed breaking ball it's clear radical left handed hitters batter's box for Bowen. Dennis has now gone over the 100 pitch plateau with Eric Sugarman. They're closer. At the ready down the left field bullpen. Later tonight a ground ball to third to pop ups to the second baseman. 10 that's low and away two balls and those strikes and met Dennis. Has thrown six pitches in the inning without yet finding the strike zone. Through the fourth and fifth innings he was just the opposite about a shark he's you can be hitting spots. Too low load inside faltering. About this. And the rally is certainly far from home from complete but it. Dennis unravels here in the seventh and then Janice. Middle that shocker order comes up. And the inning starts with two walks boy you couldn't ask for anything more than that for a rally starter. Catcher Chris Dunn went out talked to him for just a moment three now to Ridder. That's right down the middle for a strike it's three in line. That's pretty much at stake get me over fastball at 88 try to get in the camp. Look at first. 31 count to render. Notices pitch aloha golf course. First and second nobody out of tying runs are on now on the seventh from Wichita State Grayson Janice to coming up there. Yesterday high fly ball to center that he barely best driving defense. That a sharp single past the second baseman walked as last time up. Todd Butler. Not to talk to him make sure he knows just exactly what they wanna do here here comes eldest Dominguez then they do it through that Dennis he has. Already sick and the umpire. To make the move to the bullpen. So Bradley will make the change here with nobody out in the seventh and two men on. Eric Sugarman. Will come out of the bullpen for the Braves for the sixteenth time this season. Nice hand for that status as he can. It's a strange game sometimes he started out just. OK that's good through the first three innings in the fourth and fifth it looked like he had really found it was really settling in hitting spots moved the ball around. And then after that one out walk in the sixth. He has struggled a little bit and certainly here in the seventh walk two men on nine pitches to start. The inning and Eric Sugarman on for the sixteenth time he's by far and away their most reliable reliever. And their primary closer. Right hander. Won in two with a four saves fury of 19 B. Better than a strikeout and aiming it 26 and 23 and two thirds. He has allowed seven extra base hits two of them home runs quality 250 end game. Though the shocker to get their licks against Eric Sugarman. Janice take him and trough wind you're scheduled hitters 34 and five here in the bottom of the seventh with two on and nobody out. She urban 612 both bodies are redshirt junior. As a freshman made eleven appearances with a 550. ERA and limited innings. And that really made an impact as a soft or two years ago eighteen appearances to as a starter he was too good to. But the ERA at exactly three for 54 innings and then last year broke his arm before the season started miss the entire year. And so he is coming back after eight complete here off and has really settled in nicely those numbers change gave you. But they went to Matt Dennis as a starter this year they had to try to find a closer and short men. Has been that more than anyone else Allen Peter has also gotten some late inning work it has picked up a couple of saves that. Sure has been the main guy they're going to pretty early here tonight in the seventh inning. Hoping he can keep this one under control was his team up five to treat the tying runs on and nobody out. Racing Jenna still be coming up there left handed hitter. Shocker sports property in Wichita State athletics would like to thank the shocker ambassadors Wichita State so league level. Of corporate partners that net house's one Pizza Hut and Taco Bell delta dental Coke industries. And Cox Communications and appear interest at an advertising Wichita State athletics. You can call shocker sports properties at 316978. 7552. Evansville touched him up twice gave up two runs and two and two thirds combined last weekend. In Evansville future doctors and policy. Janice to stand it takes way outside almost a wild one. Crist on almost sat down reaching out for that one to keep it from getting by it and it's one and out. Again Jenna still one for two Milwaukee as one hit was a hard single up the middle on the ground past the second baseman. The pit second Ritter first both run well. 10 generous to drive separately. The gap in right center that's gonna get him again that it is not the fence on the phone. You're trying to score a pitcher comes under the holes out. But like credit goes to the story got a great jump ball the first it was right at Lucas background executive. Couldn't cut relay by Bradley did it come up ended it. Decision by my Syriana with nobody out to hold greater third it would have been a close play at this. At the plate but good discourse it's five to war. At two men in scoring position with nobody out on the last thing I want is to get a guy thrown out to play with all the momentum. New York. Back pocket and so. Wichita State will settle for one there at second and third still nobody on and a struggling Ryan taken with a huge redeeming right here. First pitch from sure man is a fastball for strike on the outside corner ninety miles an hour from their right hander. Jacob may routine fly to left to strike out swinging and then bounced one offered gays glove at third for an error in the sixth that really opened up that three run inning he later scored. Much out of the ground right to shortstop rather go to third runner coming off the ball goes yeah. Hands as shocking as its target. Take him around first hit down to second holding out of third. Is racing Janice did. Blood had to be the contact play their because my son Jim Estes started from second I thought he made a base running mistake now under from third Ritter was going also. I don't know about that whether the contact Elaine we're down. I kind of thought they would disallow the guided school or and then. Try to get Janet stand a rundown between second and third with the best of both worlds run scorers. An air ticket and goes to second. He'll destroy key thing. This error on the throw to the plate. So it is 55. And taking a little bit hide inside for ball as gutter Trout line. Jenna still third ticket at second. Still nobody out. And better Trout line two to three years struck out once it is hit two rockets up the middle for singles. You Herman's pitch. Time now to the right out of play. We'll tardy on ninety. Away from him. And as well as Bradley executed in the first hole four innings or so Wichita State is started the turn the tide a little bit excluding a little better forcing some errors from Bradley now. Has the Braves have committed three miscues. Here's to this channel fell back by Trout line get a little bit later on a fastball but a little closer to catching up for that one. And it's wanted to. I'd rather be a little bit late in the way early. You wait that split second longer in this situation just trying to get the bat on the ball you don't get picky here. We'll be guessing they'll get all strung out upped their stake compact with the ball travel and his over the second baseman hit one to. Driven in the center field that's way back there it's gonna percent get a run candidate is going to. Because this sensational. Catch in center field. I chatted attacking and scoring is still a student. At this actors take relief woman. The shocker we'll take it no question but my goodness. They sprinting. Or a buying she added. All the way out toward them Wesley sign in deepest love Senator Kennedy is laid out. And Todd butler's gonna run out and argue again this time when Matt Anderson I'm not sure if he thought the Anderson as far enough out there to see if he caught it or not I'm not sure if you can you can play at all. I ask that is easier you don't write I'd have to say that's the best outfield play I've seen this year. Have to keep tanner Kurds play in the in contention and claim made on the pop up that shallow center last week but. To have was just sensational by shed. And I think he did catch you know the way because this Tennessee. He was sliding he held his glove up above the ground as if to show I've gotten it here. It wasn't like he averaged looked like he could reach border anyway I think he added all the way. But the sacrifice fly for Trout line he really got into that volley gets the run home the shot is only 65. Ticket still at second with one out for chase raiders and raider gets a shot one hop to the shortstop Dick can go on for third. Gonna get around down Jason back is gay and runs him down. That was not a very good base running play either. Paulus hit sharply night and it didn't even go on contact he just kind of waited there and Ellis. And I had it with Jenkins put speed I was actually pretty good play by left play Smart play anyway. Butler was fairly deep but short the ball is hit sharply right adding. So meticulous out shortstop to third second out of the inning rader at first now with two out. And the better tanner Kurt. To shoppers were down five to nothing scored three in the sixth they were all honored runs they've added three more here in the seventh. To take a six defiantly. The first five runs are the responsibility. Of men Dennis. And no more than two bit. To those will be here. And then sure and it's to act with a six run that was to go ahead run rendered first to that tattered curtain over three. Ground ball to second to strikeout and a pop up to catch. Takes hide inside the ball on. Notes doctors get a faster runner but. Ninety feet further behind. Greater first if they try to stealing and scoring position and be a terrible idea here don't think. It to curt swan on foul tipped into the catcher's glove that's what it wants. Doctors now had six runs on nine hits. They've committed two errors Bradley five runs seven hits three years. Kirk swings and misses on a fastball in. And it's one and two. Jason rader other uttered first down at the inning three runs in choppers have taken a six to five lead here in the seventh. It goes to batter swing and a miss a medal in the innings and strikes out. Chapters in the seventh pick up three runs on just one yet. It was one error and one man left on base of go to the eighth it is suddenly Wichita State six. Bradley fine. Are you looking for a great place to play golf whether you're beginner for a seasoned veteran and looked into and over municipal golf course complete distressed behind and come to end over municipal golf course with your wife and kids and friends. Under new management the greens have recently been re grass and with inexpensive green car and membership fees and of municipal golf courses the golf course for you run. And don't forget to try foot golf. And over municipal golf course off of highway 54 just blast of and overrode. Wind down broke down need that same day what time is not on your side call led put expressed. A hot shot to Tulsa our next flied out to Orlando led put express gets it there fast. You depart nationwide the same day is their next flight out or hot shots services led to express delivers anything fast. What an absolutely has to be there on time call let's put expressed at 5409991. Or online at led foot express dot com. Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance. C agent Brad would be Shawn Chapman orange haze filled forest home all eight Sean Hannity here listen to meet every weekday until the fall have. Happening right here on KM SS. John McCain spends time for the twentieth time this year to try to protect what is now a one run lead for Wichita State death wish hackers wants trailed five to nothing. Cody Tyler with a 101 pitches under his belt not coming back out for the eighth another strong starting performance by the left handers seven innings. Six hits five runs only two of them earned three blocks. Five strikeouts. Soccer coaches would love to see that John Hayes who pitched on Friday united Peoria last year three of the there no hits or runs. One walk four strikeouts to save the win for rising cancers and should we settle for that John Hayes pitching every other time this year that I don't know but it could do that game. We had a rough what it Kansas. On Tuesday night. Two innings four hits two runs two walks to strikeouts. In his first picture also still lined up the middle for a base hit to center field. So one picture of attack run on for Bradley saw his first hit of the night he's now one victory. And as Bradley's. Eighth hit of the ball game. A study earlier tethered given up seven and lose 67. Here's Ian Chris Dunn left handed hitter had a tough time with Tyler going go for three with two strikeouts. And also drove one deep to the fence in right field for the final out in the fifth to last time up. John Hayes from the stretch respect Crist on bonded. Back to the pitcher goes to second ad out at second base and a runner ups to tip it now. Well I've seen worse plus they'll hit it way worse. Way less than that called for interference and Todd Butler who's been the victim of a couple of those is really upset. It was a hard slide straight in but it went through the bag and. Flip demand over in now. At second look I'm not exactly sure what else could have been done it looked bad. But. That covered up Vickers covering knickers he was basically stand right the baseline and kind of got in the way. But he did get dumped for sure though. And at that point being which does they've been on the wrong side of a bunch of those and as soon as really. Mike when you see a middle infielder get dumped like down on double play it's almost like anymore you expected to be interference called adult life. Let's not going to be in the show actors get the out they needed they get the lead man at second base John Hayes. Fielding a Sosa bunt by Chris Dodd and then through one of his best fastballs right on the bag at second to get the force. On Soka. So Bradley instead of a runner at second. With one out as they runners still at first with one out and Chris Dunn who replaces all their first does not run nearly as well and it. You don't wanna get greedy necessarily right here but it pays placed things right we want to see gay or left Fuller. Again in this game if he can make quick work of them middle to bottom. Part of this order. Andy she added try to hold up what around on a slider misses for strike one. She added to fly to center a walking long home run to left tonight one for two with two runs scored and runs batted in. Yeah knitting group there won't be easy for sure. 01. Swing and a miss on another slider he's threatening to really get wins in a row and it's O and Judy shed. I'm thinking shed it does not need to see a fastball elicit that we concur. W wall back near future outlined no code to lose and he was. Ready getting to bite down and away. Held up on it Trout line got a friend that kept it for a one ball two strikes. One on one out talk to the eight Wichita State leading Bradley six the five. 129. Swing. Came in with it gets away from Frontline runner going to second throw down is not what it tag biker late. So a strikeout for Hayes to go out in the inning. That's probably a passed ball it's the call. So the tying run to second was to go out. And to not fitter and Evan greater. That's why the bunt single and a fly ball to center tonight giving it to 75 were gonna get a pinch runner. At second base now for the Braves nick Greene junior infielder. From Eagan Minnesota. Only seen action in eleven games mostly as a pinch runners only had four at bats. Scored three times. Including once in the Evansville series last weekend as a pinch runner. So green running for Chris Dodd second that he's scoring position. Through trying to get that tying run home with two. And then there was twenty RBIs on the season. John Hayes ready to work. It's pitch to Gruner fastball on the inside corner for a strike at 93. Hayes has had his good fastball more often than not lately which means 93 you as much as ninety fives and. 01. This blown away that when it 93 also one ball one strike. Lot of moving parts John Hayes delivery to panic and all the high leg kick brings his hands up to. Plus he's 66. Those long levers at play here but when he gets little link together like my exit 9395. And a sharp hordes like 11. And he threw the slider got away from Trout line almost hit the batter but he would not so the cat goes to two and one. Router moves to third with two that's the tying run in the ball game. When it wild pitch that's all it. Revolution being caught. It's too in the inning for Treo line. The tying run at third with two out 21 count at the Gruner. Hayes pitch checked swing and it was just outside. Close to going around close to being a strike that Hayes didn't get it either way it's 31 down. It is ready. 31. Now back at all the way fool. Good play it in the sky boxes to Arlen. Coming into tonight at Magruder had started all of the previous 5 PM PC games. The city wants 67 on three for eighteen with eight strikeouts. That would slow for all four. So that two out walk to Greer who's walked twice tonight first entered the two. Does get aid. Right handed hitter back up there and Vijay Gaza. NASA to retreated after the single bunt single to fly to center he's had a couple of pretty good swings regatta came in Munich 200 on six for thirty. Lot given up by Hayes the fourth issued by shocker pitchers tonight. And they've allowed eight hits. First and third two shocker is leading 65 in the game. First pitched against those swing and a miss subnet slider in this debate. Applause one extra. Hey didn't need a big sweeping slider. As hard as he throws it they just a little bit wrinkle at the end and it starts out on the outer half that's going neat he didn't need yet one that breaks with the play. And the going back to. 01. Grounded to short Vickers as it over to second at the course of out of the inning. NASA grounded the force play for short to second. And the sadness you got a couple of days lenders could no runs in the eighth we go to the bottom of the eighth it is Wichita State six Bradley five. All right yeah. Netscape's director. It stars viewers. All right and. Good to bid rejected. Make the white balls. So. Your busy meeting deadlines aaron's car pulls favors did you ask Brenda thank you completely forgot to our camp didn't pay any different believes that he can you promised better yeah. Stop you can't be everywhere but we can. Delta dental of Kansas offers individual dental plans across the largest Dennis network in the nation's so when something scanning can blues the laundry list. Keep your smile learn more about individual and family dental plans and delta dental KS dot com. Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance. C agent Jared Crawford. Chris post or Mike Rogers. This is mark living finding. Weekdays at five right here on tape and as as. Song twins the Bradley this weekend they did them in to pitch the eighth. We'll Bradley. Is twin brother grant will be even sudden they start in less plants change. They are twins but they're Europe park. In eligibility one has taken a redshirt year Nathan's dog who's coming in right now as a redshirt junior. And Anders Don will make the start on Sunday is a senior notes ability. They couldn't stop replacing Alex bombed trade Dickerson Michael Luka here in the shot eight Wichita State. Looking to add to a six to five lead before Bradley comes up at night. Bradley at one point let this game five to nothing. Now I bombed two for three tonight with a double an infield single and a hard shot right at the shortstop. Right handed hitters stung goes to work. And mrs. outside for ball one. Mason's stock has made seventeen appearances. Most on the staff these wanna know what once saved that it ERA of science for 27 innings giving up 31 hits. Throws strikes evens it up on what he has only walked three. In 31 innings. 27 innings soaring 32 strikeouts the 31 hit streak to 84 opponent batting hand. Go up their hat in the home half. On one aspect on the outside corner. Fastball and has been a problem for Alex to ninety's than at their swing and on the first pitch most of the night. In the hole one and two. They drank handed hitting freshman DH tonight. 12 pitch driven in December that's gonna drop for a base hit. Already get it back handing it to center field this year added Chandler shading toward right center. Had to hurry to get to that one before it's done past involvement his third hit of the night. Young's gonna run for home. Vickers is probably gonna bunt. And as we mentioned. In the first half this game Bradley could do no wrong shocker to do nothing right. But lately the tables have turned and you go back to that sacrifice bunt attempt in the top of the inning from Crist on that turned into a force play. Analyses of Wichita State can excuse to sacrifice body of Vickers is indeed Bunning and try to get that insurance run who has a very fast runner and young second thanks. Travis young I'm sorry Travis young running. Trade stickers one for 380 does square around takes a fastball for a strike on the outs like water. And strong stance bought an 82 that. Three hits tonight for Alec bombed the third time this season had three hits in both the Friday and Sunday games of the New Mexico series. And Andy. Three for four games in middle game of the cal poly series Vickers gets the bunt down. And the play will be the first to jump off first by Travis there was no chance with. Played here so it didn't take it great but by Vickers just an average spot back toward the future and statistically the to better spotting teams. In the Missouri valley as far as successful sacrifice and we've seen him look here tonight. And the latest one could get this doctors. Looked closer to a come from behind victory. Render its second one out for Michael Booker who has won for three with a walk it was his leadoff walk. In the seventh that started to go ahead rally scored the first of three rounds of that inning. And infield single up the second baseman who in the there. First pitch to him than a high pop ups gonna get out of plywood behind the third base again the end of that. That out of reach it's nothing in one. Michael look ahead a good valley series last weekend going five for twelve against Missouri State's five RBIs look at to pick up his first revealed tonight. Add delete the travesty on its second. Running for Alec moment. Stripped by Nathan stone in the pitch and that's winning time 11 almost the wild. By the way the name is strong ST ONG there is no aren't spell like strong but without DR. One ball one strike to Michael Lukens. Righthander ready. And delivers. Anaheim are now back home screens out of play it's going into the Booth. Yeah those grow and to networks is a proud supporter of soccer athletics and great place to watch every shot in game when they're on TV come visit to those of the southeast corner. 21 live. One ball two strikes to America. Restraint and on here in the eighth leading six defiant after trailing five to nothing in the game. Pinch hit on the ground to short Butler hasn't. Hold the runner at second throws united answers. No way for young to advance the ball was just about that in front of him. Then. Loeffler headache could play nature he was staying put throws that we looked at first it's a lucrative. Ritter tonight Oprah three but did draw a walk and score runs in that seventh inning rally and trying to drive one in the two. After a four game hitting streak he is now 047 in the last two big obstacle for four Kansas Tuesday off for three. First pitch to him is an off speed pitch a little bit outside for ball on the Bradley night they'll have Wilkins. And Geary in game. Scheduled it's 91 and two it's presumably John Hayes. Nathan stone has two out surrendered second. 10 at a breaking ball in their effort called strike it's 11. That Ritter came into the game hitting two and 98. Right handed hitter against right handed thrower count of 11. Stone delivers smiled back. Fastball up at 92. And it's one ball and two strikes. Attackers were down five to nothing coming to bat in the sixth scored three to get back yet. Scored three more in the seventh to take the lead. Most of the runs for both sides are honored tonight. Now a lot of played in the right. Three errors. By Bradley to by the shoppers. Only two Bradley's runs learn we're pretty sure only two of Wichita State's runs error. Still wanted to dilute Ritter. Right hander set. And his pitch bounced up the middle shortstop behind the bag left has thrown his. Can't answer them the first winner pending home so yeah. It's. Runs the good players. It's good and I saw fit right to catch it and tagged the runner as he went by at greater beat the tag. But the shoppers leave at seven to. We begin searching out there are back with grace and Janice there are now on Ritter who could run first. Might not be done yet. And Travis. Let's not forget to give him some credit running hard all the light coming off second not third on the play comes all the way around for second with two outs to store. Ridder board pianist there are two for three with a walk at a big double. In the seventh and he ripped just put it to right field for a base hit. The basement rhetoric turning second and holding is a stroke on CN. The shot is still not done here in the eighth leading seven defied. Ritter at second jet instead first pianist and now with a three hit game. Checkers and eleven hits. Including two here in the inning off they didn't stop the Ritter. Claimants. Ruled he sticks by. So error than here so regardless shocker still still cooking here. And take him who's kind of had some good fortune his last public and that the youth reached on an air both of those done. Known for years now from Bradley and man about Caleb. Two halves of games in the first half this game could have been worse. And the last half could have been more fortunate from Wichita State. Some solid yet certainly mixed in among the eleven all the Janice is both a hits have been well struck. Bombed two out of three have been hit right on the nose Trout lines had a couple of beatings. And they're gonna feud. Infield variety Jacob hope for four officially but he's been on twice felt it to the right out of play. The writers are Ridder at second. Janice dead birds. A potential insurance run home here in the eighth to Shaq is now lead seven to five. 01. Low for ball one ball one strike. Breaking ball from the right hander Nathan's on there is a left hander throwing in the Bradley wolfman. Start taking little more time got to sign. Now delivers ticket here. High in the air right center shallow the second baseman out center fielder and and a sliding effort to catch today he had night she added is now made two outstanding catches in this game tonight. I thought as high as that ball was it was going to be an easy play for somebody shouted at him making sliding catch to take away yet. Wichita State picks up a run on two hits Bradley committed an error. Two men left on base simply go to the ninth attackers leading seven to. We all know that girl the girl with no inside avoids the girl who speaks in textile. The girl assessed with cats and videos of cats will that girl is playing powerball and she might win seats powerball jackpot can fund a lot of cast videos which beat GW was not fellow Wilfork and it. It's up to you to win. Yeah we don't have big bucks I'm looking for new LG LED and a real wood TV stand. The TDs are back there in the stands at. Over there by the stands real wouldn't trade me here what does that mean well the plastic looks like wood especially these twins. I should've gone enhancements had a team. TV we not only sell the highest quality TV brands like LG but we also have one of the largest selections of real way to entertain furniture in the city. After TV we've got our roots in which time not just a brain. Chess shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance. C agent Bernhard -- does. I just let back into any weekend mornings at nine right here runs. Tonight soccer league is now it's in John Cage trying to close it out will face Brady's little bit leaving enough of them have been hearing. Just answer games. And we led five to nothing after five and a half with Utah State three of the 63 in the seventh one of the eighth. Now leading 75 pays a scoreless eight. Although he gave up they hit and a walk in the inning. Brady will get left handed hitter and a high fly ball to right center Michael look at the center fielder getting under it and prepare for the first. What pitch one out in the ninth rocket one for three on the night. And backed the top of the order for Lipman Cherie. And tearing the freshman DH one for four with a single his first time up since then they felt father and a third strike the ground ball to second and a fly ball to center. He's to the line first pitch fastball of their for a called strike at night before. Not give up they hit. Got to force play that he made the play himself struck get a man walked demand got another force to end the inning. That was just outside one ball one strike. Chance for distant second save of the season. 11 swung not advance good breaking ball there and want him to. He'd be the first guy to have multiple saves from Wichita State five guys have one apiece from Wichita State this year and it's. Odd stat. 12 and struck out swinging and other breaking ball. And Eric to Don at midnight for Bradley. Paisley is second strikeout sevens in the game for Cody Tyler John games. And the better Spencer gay who is pole for four on the night. Double play grounder to third inning grounder to short pop up the third fly ball to center where previous at bat the first pitch to him is on the inside one of for a strike at night. John Hayes a year ago led the staff with four saves. It's been an up and down years of seniors that went low and outside slider. But ball one strike two out nobody on the night for Bradley. Gay at 343. Coming in. 11. Low skip it for us to balls and strike. The shoppers by the way it made two defensive moves in the outfield Josh get backers now playing left Keenan eaten it right Janice to move from right to first place the 21. Load inside three balls and strike. It's still Trout wind catching adjusted first Kirk a second Vickers it sure rader at third. It backer who can't eat in the outfield. There's a strike on the outer half because all the latest read too expensive game. Two out nobody on. Three to ten John haze over the line to pitch. Out back game hanging in there. This crowd unite those. Haven't seen the number yet for the good turnout of very enthusiastic crowds it was factors that support down the stretch here to rally. Another three to Japanese. Struck me. Profit just a foul tip let naughty daddy but as of now tipped it ricocheted off the Trout lines lovable. In at least one more pitch here. Amazement two strikeouts. In an inning and two thirds tonight. Now has 32. In 22 and two thirds on the season. 21 and two there's. It's a very good strike out ratio and innings pitched. Two out nobody on against 32. The count Spencer Yang has fouled off 232. Pitches. Hayes feels again that he founded back again. Gay has kind of the odds swing for good behavior almost looks a little bit like somebody chopping wood looks a lot where he has. They have a very good hitters throughout history expert. 32 again. Not sure on the ground. Vickers hasn't crow hops throws Clark came over. Let's just say yeah five to. The bad in the sixth got back to win it seven foot nine John is closes it out with a 1239. And we'll invite you to stay what is for the post game show. What is the Cochran different. So this is top five with Cochran mortuary crematory. Our family has served which toss famous for five generations we've always been here to serve your specific needs whether you prefer traditional and nontraditional contemporary or cremation future's so we work for you you put your needs first we always have. And always will Cochran mortuary crematory which does only member of the order of the golden rule and veterans and famine Memorial Day care find us on FaceBook. Rick Cochran mortuary dot com. When it comes to local beer and local flavor. Port town brewery is the new favorite in town. Check out their outstanding food choices from the chopped and chipped nachos award winning Chile to their half bacon hamburger truck merger. It's the best food you'll find in the craft beer joint. It's not a sports bar but it's a great place to watch the game check out your new favorite today in Bridgetown breweries west 21 in Tyler and east when he first and rock group. Bridgetown brewery since 1992. Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance. C agent John Green Ryan woods or an end over west Sawyer. George story from coast to coast AM stormy week knights right here I'm Kia and SS. I went through Wichita State tonight his doctors were generous early helping. Bradley and five runs three of which were unearned. And then the shocker somehow found a spark big games started to come back and then Bradley helped them out listen this plays it was a strange game as we've said throughout but the bottom line is factors. Come from five runs down the win seven that's why you play all nine yes and that's why you. Do everything in your power. When you're behind you keep everybody pulled in the same direction it did look good at all. The first five innings for nothing and actually five and happenings. Five to nothing for the jackets got going but they're also face and again that Denis he just looked sharp attack had everything working flooring and four consecutive strikeouts at one point mid game. Think chipped away it wasn't always pretty there wasn't a huge hit you know what the Grand Slam or. Four walks in a row or anything like that is just a little bit of everything soccer's. Stayed after it. And the streak continues then it was looking like that was gonna go by the boards too but Wichita State is now extended their winning streak. Over Bradley in this stadium to 34 consecutive games. It's been twenty years 18 long years Bradley is wanting scheme here. And it looked after about an hour and a half like. And I'm going to be. They had to feel left to lose and that would like there must be some sort of strange magic working against him here because it felt like their game career path that picture and everything that they did they had us safety squeeze that they executed. Two boats that they just wanted. Sacrifice bunt on what was it in ninety there was an air mixed in there too. And so they and that it two in the third two in the fourth credit Cody Tyler though too because. He really just kind of stayed the course to need to look at war more to me like. If he's not a prototypical Acer Friday guy he's got that demeanor for nothing seems to rattle him. He understands. Hitters getting themselves out quite a bit. Going back to that weird start he had against Evansville you've never looked rattled and he told coaching staff that he was fine he knows what he's Dylan. He's got a good idea how to get these guys out and he just. Throws and they take the ball from him I was gonna lead you into that so I'm glad you brought him up because. Not only that but just kept him in that when he could have wilted in -- Just said heck with some of the things that happened behind them. Kept it kept him into where they had a chance to win but also went seven innings so that they did not hit deep into the bullpen on Friday and you go back the last start when he had those. I don't know I think you'll lose all four of the first four innings were guys were on and only one time that Missouri State's court and I mean he really walked tightrope and Alan. But tonight in the first six innings. The leadoff guy reached. Five of those times and so if you're not gonna lose last week and if you're not gonna lose tonight. Dan you're really gonna have to take it out of Cody Tyler Hansen show in the middle that you want out of a Friday again. 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And he drew that one out walk in the sixth in while that necessarily didn't. Read any kind of extra life into Wichita State. Three batters later he came around to score and shoppers ended up scoring two more so Gracie gets my vote. A cattle lofted it all he dropped that fly ball early out game that led to runs a company certainly atone for with with with what he did at the plate yeah early on what he's doing offensively you know we've we've song is phrases are quite a while now but he continues to. To play way beyond his years right in the last shocker lineup as a freshman and he was right in the middle of our play of the game presented by Clinton's appliance. But like predators at historic got a great jump off at first it was right at Lucas background executive. But it that replay by Bradley did cut up and make that decision by Mike Syriana with nobody out to hold greater third it would have been a close play at this. At the plate that that the scores it's fine to war at two men in scoring position with nobody out outlasting him. I want is to get a guy thrown out to play with all the momentum. In your. Back pocket and so. Wichita State will settle for one there at second and third still nobody on and a struggling Ryan taken with a huge avid gamer right here. And we didn't hear the actual yet but the key there was the shock has got to straight walks to start the inning trailing five to three. That thing is that lately they haven't capitalized on those opportunities enough. And this time. Double by Janice did not only got one run in to cut it to one that two more guys in scoring position and all of that up leading to street and they both scored and taken reached on an air. And then Trout line. Sacrifice fly despite a great catch by their center fielder. And deepest left senator handy she added that turned into Iran nonetheless shocker from the way first night of the valley weekend Shane has. The scores. Some interesting scores done not only in the valley but throughout College Baseball. Dallas Baptist takes game one of their series at Indiana State three to two. Was the final there is Stevie you've got to run of the night. Southern Illinois wins against Illinois State keeps red birds struggling at seven to three got final. And in the sixth Evansville all over Missouri State eleven at three so they're trying to stay a half game. Within Dallas Baptist that the very top. And sand in Missouri State to Q and for that score holds. Other scores of note Baylor and K state 55 in the eighth Kansas and Sanford. Postpone they'll try to make that up later this weekend. And BYU all over Creighton ten to nothing in the seventh. And some real good ones go on in the top 25 number one Miami trailing Virginia five to two and the staff. Notre Dame and number seven Florida State 88 in the eighth. Number six Ole miss and number ten LAQ 44 in the fourth. Oklahoma State all over number nineteen U nine nothing there in the eight. Texas and Texas Tech 55 in the sixth. And Oregon State number fourteen in the country be. Utah's 72 it took on a topsy turvy night all the way around account based. And look got to keep you up to date tomorrow big shock softball doubleheader second place Wichita State at first place Drake in devoid. Here in town don't forget it senior day for 26 ranked shocker women's tennis they're 22 and 35 and on the valley. They will play Evansville 9 AM than southern Illinois at 1 o'clock involvement tennis complex and if he'd like to get out there and watch him get some free breakfast. Great harvest providing cinnamon rolls coffee and other goodies at the morning match at 9 AM the shocker baseball game tomorrow. Gets underway at 230. Change and I will have to pre game at 2 o'clock from tech stadium. At the shocker is with that win Indiana State's loss and moved in to a tie the sycamores at four and three in the league. And hang in there with Dallas Baptist right now Evansville at the top of Missouri Valley Conference but more than anything else. Beyond the win the shocker is still fourteen in 2443. Of the league. But this was the caddie gave that's been getting away from them all year to come back to get what it needs to start. A weekend series isn't really this is the kind of game that after five nothing that would turn eleven and nothing in meant shocker to score six late in. And be elevenths you know it looked just got out okay on the surface like we blew up again though didn't give up. The fact of the matter was that. While nothing was going right for Wichita State they stopped it started executing themselves very putting pressure on the other guys they wilted. And lo and behold they scored the last seven currency game so it is possible no matter how bad things ago. 7-Eleven and two for the shot it's five rounds eight hits four errors. Or Bradley. The winning pitcher Cody Tyler those seven improves his record to two and two gave up five hits and three earned runs. John Hayes two scoreless innings for his second save. And the loss for Bradley to Eric Sugarman to keep out of the bullpen you give up the go ahead run in the seventh he has now won him three. Tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock it will be Zach Lewis position backers against Cameron wrecked yours for three with a 340 ERA for Bradley. Yet our pregame at 2 o'clock this shoppers try to win the series early by taking the middle game. Tomorrow thanks for Joseph artist's work in the studio thanks tequila wider for her protection help here at the ballpark for Shane Dennis. Mike Kennedy saying goodnight for Mack stadium where the shoppers waited over Bradley seven to five. My objections can make all kinds of things disappear do that again making ATM fees. Or can get an equity bank debit card and make every eight GMT at every ATM vanish go ahead agreed to let me. 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