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WSU Baseball vs. Cal Poly 03-25-16

Mar 25, 2016|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Slicing toward left center to center fielder watches them. Player right side second baseman diamond. It right. Hello and welcome to let them. Saturday he'll have his way back then and it scared bond. A state shocker baseball. The voices of the. The game series between Wichita State has now fallen yet. The Big West Conference change Dennis alongside our producer on site Kayla whiter. And tonight in the studio Simon's Sumner we're glad to have you weather sunny warmer but. Breezy evening again here that stadium last night the breeze was blowing in from the north out of left field and it was cold tonight temperature in the low sixties. The wind blowing out again as it was on Tuesday night when soccer's faced Oklahoma City and much more pleasant night to watch and play this evening. And the soccer we'll try to build on a good performance by Willis walking in some timely hitting last night. Couldn't get much better than it was last night and it started in basically ended with Willie talking guy I talked Todd Butler on the cage a little bit earlier. Asked him how close he was to run its want you back out there for the ninth and can I shot it down you we were more excited more expected than maybe he was thinking after you got to 99 pitches he decided that was good enough. The two runs late made a moot point you to turn over to somebody else at that point John Hayes. Took over after that but. Yeah the recipe for. Any quality baseball. Short of a shut out the slow much to ask but they got timely hits they got can't altogether almost everybody contributed. And Wichita State kept the pressure on him. Early off and we talked about it about this time yesterday about how cal poly is very good once they get ahead. And they stay ahead of the once they are which does date flip the script now. I will say though that I think and we stressed yesterday that that was one that was pretty imperative that shocker yet because they're two boys or go on tonight and tomorrow sell off. I get that first run and get out ahead make you feel good. But as we'll talk about with their two starting pitchers tonight and tomorrow morning there are no joke so which does state will certainly have to work for if they wanna win this series and. As we talked last night guys that don't need the bullpen very much they protected their allegiance find themselves at both typically goes seven plus and both have thrown a shot out this year so certainly. Guys that can take care of things themselves. Little bit different types of guys to the guy we'll see today Kyle Smith. A left hander who's reportedly got a very good changeup guy keeps you off balance Goldman he'll throw tomorrow little more of a typical power type pitcher although. The other guys really have overpowering type fastballs and I can probably see I DC united forward. This there's a couple of guys that out of their hands that have really get strikeout numbers for two innings pitched ratio but yeah. And especially when you talk about lefty tonight it's meant to operate he's got a good changeup give about anybody fits. And you look at him he's made five starts needs. Had almost forty innings that's right at eight innings per outing. He's going to be out there for the long haul so Wichita State not only have to work out a little bit of making work in the first three innings hopefully get some guys on early in innings. Making picked over really slow the game download that make him work. But with them being in California they can throw all your round they likely do and that's partly probably big reason why. Their pitch counts are way higher in their innings pitched totals are way higher but. You don't just leave the guy out there if you get lit up beat yourself. Kyle Smith of the ERA in sub three and it is about eight innings every time you get there's the shocker last battling tooth and nail. It was kind of interesting in this didn't make it to the pregame interview that I blisters well here with Todd Butler but he was talking to me. About. The work today the emphasis today. Was on setting up in the box of setting up in the at bat because. He said one of the things that this team has power but we've only hit nine home runs and part of the reason is we don't hit the hanging breaking balls that were not set up and ready for it so they spent some extra time it's early work today. Just on footwork is getting set up in the batter's box and being position to make an athletic move when they get your reaction just a continuing work on developing this game. Yeah and it takes a little bit savvy to move around the batter's box in the trusted and it consequently trust what you're gonna get what picture thank you once you move up. We notice that with gracious and generous than in his at bat. The left the that pitch for them last night through to really get breaking balls he swung and missed both the mile lot. And many moved up on the plate moved up in the box a little bit was able to hope that next when they got. It it takes a long time or not only a hitter to be able to move around the box. During the course of the at bat and take advantage of the pitcher's doing but it also takes a little bit. For the picture recognize that the guys moving around in the box you don't kind of via a salty veteran to understand. Cheat on me. Or back off player whatever. Pitchers are still locked into the target and what pitch selection and there's guys on base don't often see guys walking around and box though. And be a little bit of give and take an act cat and mouse game animal keeper eyes on for you tonight as well. And he specifically mentioned the Janice did bad and of course you actually mentioned that before even made the movie city needs to get up on the plate here which he did and and coach Butler mentioned that is a good example of the kinds of things he's looking for Mora and if you don't continue to attacking hitters weakness you're making a mistake you foolish. You got to credit canister there everybody in the park knew it's gonna throw another breaking ball but it's up to suggest that to actually adjust and believe that here comes. And to say that with a fastball. He would have occurred to throw a fastball he's gonna try to strike me out so. That's part of what baseball is is trying to take away the other guy's strengths and having the courage to say. I am a sellout in this particular pitcher this particular bat because this is what I think he's gonna do me. Well drag your way out it's better night to watch baseball for sharing your drive of the game is brought you by the officers of politics thing in hearing your do you line from a defense attorneys. Give them a call 2637596. Or visit their website at www. Homely law. Dot com something else that we talked about last night that will talk with coach Butler about the pregame interview but. Just the opportunity to put some things on and do some things he often because there's chapters got out of her for a change last night and even if you're behind in a close game you could do some of that when it's five or six nothing by the middle of the game it really takes away your opportunity to have a lot of us who left to hope for doubles. And pop one here there and Heath. Coach butler's shown. The fortitude to say all right we need a run here even though we are behind hi Ivo. If I got a guy birthdays it's usually in our position he would try. But. That's a desperate type of thing and you don't wanna be left with that you'd you'd like to be even or ahead. Early in the game and and you at least have the opportunity to put stuff on any of the golf. We sought help Polly's corner infielders they were moving around like crazy just because they expected Wichita State to do something. Trader who didn't quite get away with it but just the threat of doing something. Hit and run bunt. Straight steal whatever. Gets setting and feel a little bit skittish little bit moving around there and you don't want I mean feel that that know what's common and that's what Wichita State had them predicament they had and then last night and all these things we're talking about could be very much for it to tonight's game in particular this guy has does that change up as he is supposed to. Those kind of guys you really have to have some thought about approach and how you're going to go about things you know they. Unfortunately for a hitter. Changeup is kind of a different animal because you're. You're trained to hit the fastball you're trained to it's when you see something straighten that means it's hard and change up is straight and not quite as hard and that's why nobody ever does change ups and batting practice because you don't want your. Finally totally destroyed. Yet they could have implications breaking balls in batting practice because this is different and you gonna pick that up and you gonna get on new before. Fastballs in and out. You can you can work on a party game nobody will ever ask to be thrown changeup so it fits down around a season low. Yeah it's just the case of you tip your hat when he threw two good ones but don't miss the ones that he puts on a T four in the middle place. And this is the candidate won a couple of those could leave the yardage and maybe turn a gamer round no doubt no doubt in and got away a guy like this out you gotta be patient I grind out those at bats. And again when he makes one mistake in the middle play you can't be missed. Had a date this Packers play you get 50% off your on line ordered any Wichita area Papa John's blog on the Papa Johns dot com. And here's the problem coach shocker fifteenth. To receive your soccer is here it is Wichita State seven and fourteen cal poly thirteenth and seventh game of the series. Soccer is up one now after a six to nothing win last night will be back as head coach Todd in a moment. We all know that girl the girl with no wins sight words doom speaks intense. The real zest with cats and videos of cats will that journalists playing powerful and she might win seek powerball jackpot can fund a lot of cast videos which beat GW was not held a little four. It's up to you to win. Busy meeting deadlines aaron's car pulls sabres needed to ask around the Thanksgiving. Completely forgot just how are they have to do things different believes that he can you promise that yeah. Stopped he can't be everywhere. 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Much different story that first though we actually you know Willie tomorrow he knows the difference you know Willie went eight innings and probably could have gone into the ninth inning. And we have four to nothing lead and we scored two more recovery and John Hastert getting back to rule which want feet. Once he settled in about the third inning he really pitched well used his movement on his sinker slider. He also developed. Kind of a soft or slightly from last night for the first time everything gross astonished to Egypt this virus fastball. He kind of joked his slider and I was also offers slider and it's normal kid and I had some guys kind of coming out of their way lakes and Jason pitch out of the zone so. He was in command. You know we had to adjust the left side of the infield third and short you have so much seat that he gets those founders that hit into the turf and we kind of Paulson we can't get sued to make the play on throwing good runners we kind of played in and it worked last night gets more involved so. We played good defense which some timely hits but we've wasted a couple of opportunities. Early in the game second and third one now. Can put the bat on the ball got another run. But overall it was a good win and ready for another game today. Obviously every guy has to run his own job that you always look for that guy that throws the first game of the series to set a tone and certainly did them last night in the way when about it is. He did we scored first set the tone that's something I've actually talked about Mike his. No set the tone earliest pictures set the tone offensively segment on defense that we make in the places the beginning of the game. Looking back at Nebraska the post ever one of the games make an error in the infield. So setting the tone is big on this team to keep us building confidence as we battled through these these ball games we have so. You know grace engineers that. For freshmen had some very good at bats last night could see him making adjustments to the left handed pitcher he's a lefty and here he moved up in the box got on the way. They kept spin on the ball and puts battle won't score run. And right cheek and had three hits yesterday. And getting taken going to a big force off. Now we talked before the game it was I'm sure almost fun for you last night dead. You had a lead early you're able to distance it had to sacrifice bunt for the first time and if he losses while you're here. We're going on you guys who we do things and we get sort of do things I've actually stolen five nothing down to try to get against were just been thrown out. He's trying to get something started that scored first has been expressly for our mentality we're. We're still stronger guys are coming work in early stay late and just got to build on today got to put another good game today restore exact Lewis. And he's been pitching well he needs to do it again today and give us a good start by setting the tone like you said setting the tone at the beginning in the ball game. Certainly that you guys you'll face today and tomorrow their two best numbers wise anyway what do you know about Smith started. Left hander you know left handed pitcher last night we got your left hander out kind of early in the ball game so. Same approaches last night stay in twos on screen opposite side of the field. Let's all get to us I think he's probably got thrown. Order last night the pieces. He's a guy that has better numbers would probably be able telephone or hitters rafts they discipline the one word that I have for us right now it's determination. 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Security and advisory services offered through SII investments incorporated member finreg SIPC and a registered investment advisor pastor and associates incorporated and SII investments incorporated are separate and generally companies shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance. C agent Brad woody Shawn Chapman orange haze filled forest pummel. George story from coast to coast AM stormy week knights right here I'm KM SS. I'll be back to a stadium Mike Kennedy shake Dennis came to a wider to the ballpark scientists under the studio before we get wind ups. It's gonna take a look at who's hot and whose goal brought to you might have a heating and air over thirty years providing thousands of Kansas was superior service. At affordable prices your comfort is there is this up for Wichita State lately Ryan taken into modest little five game hitting streak going when you hit had a kid at this time last night at three hit game and early. Swung the bat pretty well. Who's hot for Wichita State they hitters overall at home doctor's in this ballpark so far this year after what we got him. You know games being over 300 as the team Wichita State. And Eck stadium and Grayson jealous death warmed up late in his last six games he's knocking it eight runs. Any very quietly moved into fourth year on penis in RBI gets eleven. After just forty at bat who's cold gutter Trout line is cooled off a little bit he's only three for his last nineteen and clay McGuinness. Freshman pitcher has allowed seven earned runs in his last editor's pet so he's cool off a little bit as well. It's. And it would be easy to overlook if you could take out. Tuesday night debacle at Oklahoma State in the game like that messes up the RA Dickey numbers for a long time over here a lot of games. But in the other nine of the last ten games in slackers allowed 6568. Yes. Two earned runs in 75 innings that's a three point 84 ERA compared to 635. Over the first eleven games so. There has been so. Some subtle improvement there again a lot of it is just about consistency. In shackles to continue to do what he should live carrying that it didn't not a bad. By the third starter continue to fill those roles is starting to pick up little. Danica Patrick theater with Willie each walkie kind of being interchangeable with campaign is as far as we trust or like more likely to. Give you better start Williams while he's really get that look since he's made is he three start. And I made us a spot start with the very first one but the last we've been real ones he pitched good and he's given them stability in the Saturday game. Make you feel like are we got a shot at this obviously he said things together with. Davis' injury. Herding them back in your weekend rotation but first you guys been pretty solid. In exactly that really funky plus. At home and talk about at home as a shocker that long homestand John has been pretty good here except for the the the game on Sunday that third game of the year this Sunday game. That day blues thing. So things look it up a little bit for the pitching staff especially at home septic else he brought up last night that I thought was very interesting you talked about will leash walking it nice to starting pitcher. Being able to take an important leadership roles just because of the weight goes about things at night you said got a raw rock not a real outspoken guy but. Plus a guy that will say something when it's necessary. And it. Zach Lewis moving in the rotation could help in that regard also because small accounts Butler considers him a competitor was almost a little bit of a mean edge to him. He was on the radio show Monday night talked about how he loves to compete loves those opportunities. And more guys you have in your rotation in your lineup like that it's got to help the general outlook it. Yet you would think you wouldn't necessarily need somebody. To be that guy that holds people accountable but it happens and I've failed to mention I think it it was the New Mexico series and that did not go well but. Jack Lewis was one of the guys in the dugout. That was for a lack of better phrase demanding some accountability out of people. Even though he wasn't pitching in the ballgame there's nothing wrong with that. And throughout the course of the season. You want people to if not literally. Figuratively pin guys against the wall saint which into the roper you Paula let's go well you know let's let's get this taken care but. There whether it's leadership from the pitching staff or position players I've never been really big on not needs to be a guy that plays every day and he needs. Beagle on Holden Kimi. As long with a message is good and it's the timing is good it shouldn't matter who it is. But these upperclassmen is the one those who want to look too because their time is running short they're their college careers are almost pilgrim for those seniors on that team. There's eight of those guys that this this so if one of those guys certainly understand it will each walkie this is. As much his team does anybody else and then whoever wants to emerge in that role you can't make him do it. But if it if you fit or right ahead. I rights act Louis tonight Sheen has to complete line ups -- do you buy equity bank where you never pay at AT&T is sure to visit them on line it equity bank dot com. Starting line up first for cal poly they're thirteen and seven under head coach Larry Lee Alex McKenna Walid and often place their field. Followed by the second baseman hitting second child bearing content. Greg bar BA can hit third play first base for cal poly in the cleanup spot at the right fielder Jon shook neck. Michael Sanderson at third base will hit fifth batting sixth and playing left field tonight in poll shot. Cooper more than DH at seventh for the mustangs. Olive by the catcher nick Meyer and Dylan Doherty will be the shortstop hitting nine. Left hander Kyle Smith makes his sixth appearance all starts he has three and one with a new aria he stepped to. So again for the most things it's McKenna Marron cons Barbie day shipment Sanderson poll shock. While more minor and minority Kyle Smith pitching. For the shocker at 714100. Coach Don Butler they'll start with Michael Luka in center field followed by the second baseman tanner Kirk. Batting third at first base Ryan think I'm Gunner Trout line is the catcher batting court. In the DH spot hitting fifth for the shocker Grayson Janice the chase traitor the third baseman hit six. Lower third of the order for the shot at a young laugh. Trade Vickers the shortstop and batting ninth right field dean you got. Making his fifth start and eight the parent's overall exactly policy 013 with the RA of 3.2 oh once again for the shots. Look at Kirk take them. Outlying Janice to raider. Young Vickers you got that clueless. Are starting pitcher. Umpires for tonight's game Carlos Martinez behind the plate Jason Blackburn at first base mark Hutchison. At third. Game time temperature 63 degrees wind out of the south southeast at sixteen gusting at times little bit over quade so certainly. Went with some force although. Not at the level we saw on Tuesday night at nevertheless will affect balls hit in the year in terms of how you played him in the outfield pop ups infield. And it certainly just a routinely fly ball has a chance to get out of here it is that that win as well at least it's not going to be a total circus pop pop fly you know like the Oklahoma State game and really the forecast today was four wins like that but thankfully there are gonna get up that. That high. Maybe if the sun goes or when the sun goes down the wind will die down a little bit more. This might be is gonna attack as any dimension for the first time we'll continue to repeat it as the evening goes on but tomorrow's game was originally scheduled. For noon in large part. To help cal poly be able to catch their flight get out of here without having to rusher on too much head back to the West Coast. But because there's also a chance that some weather could move in later in the day. They actually moved it up another hours of start time tomorrow first pitch it is 11 AM and will be on the year. At 1030. Whether pregame shows so mark that went down to thinking about coming out again we'll continue to stress at 11 AM. First pitch tomorrow for. Game three of the series. And I. I can't stress enough either that the move to get away from Easter Sunday. We just get so used to I know which does they did playing on Easter Sunday which is fine. But it just it if you had any plans or wanted to make plans with family or friends treat each. A meal together had to be dinner you know because. Earl is playing baseball. On Easter Sunday so look forward to that and moving up an hour on Saturday if you dress you're Saturday he had no problem at all. Again breezy but warm tonight overcast skies but no no rain in the forecast until much later tonight so. Looks like the weather's going to be fine to get this slamming keep this series going as attackers. Gotta go for their second straight win. Against the mustang to get no previous history in this series that mentioned that last night Wichita State has played a lot of the members of the Big West Conference. But the first time that this attackers and cal poly have ever hooked up. They are located in San Louis Obispo California. Enrollment of approximately 21000. Students and a long time division to power that moved up to division one. In 1995. In every sense that. Have been in the Big West Conference with the likes of cal state Fullerton long beach state UC Santa Barbara UC Irvine a very very good baseball conference. In particular. And like all those schools we've seen recruit almost strictly in California combination of high school in the junior college ranks. I don't know Utley junior colleges or big at Kansas we talked about it a lot of basketball. But I think you have to have been out there just kind of watched the progression of some of these rosters. To see how important the junior college system is to division one baseball in California how many really outstanding players there are yeah hey that was the big thing with me now in the number of great players in California but there. Almost thousands of junior college out there. We are they Ferrari had some sort of budget joining us as we honor America here next stadium. Yeah. I. Okay. Attackers will take the field they'll be wearing white uniforms with black numbers and letters they have the double strike from the top of the shoulder down along the sleeve and then also matching stripe down the side of the pants it's a gold strike with. Black lines on either side. Iconic shocker camp the black cap with the gold insert. At some of the players wearing the old style Sox in terms of the horizontal stripes. And ring at three stripes around the high socks on seven cal poly tonight in black jerseys over and rain pants. Lettering and the numbers on uniforms in green which is their base collar and those are trimmed. In point. Sac blew us. Coming off a game where she was really really good for five innings at Nebraska last Saturday five shutout innings. Then gave up three runs in the sixth in the third inning finished with five of the third five hits three runs two walks. Six strikeouts. And it had a typical of something we've talked about jade war. It seems like the shoppers can't ever get out of an inning once it starts going the other way it was just one runs scored it adds that being three year. Four that was one of those innings in Nebraska what. And as it turned out they wouldn't matter chargers got shut out so. Exactly Louis game five solid innings but it was. It was a day not only. In that. It was hard to score runs it was hard to get loose who's 38 degrees and wind was blowing out northwest about 1520 miles an hour it's not a good day of play baseball certainly not a good date yet. And shocker that back neck Lewis and much offense at all that day. It'll be interesting is he started out the year. Kind of been a set up for a long relief type role but also spot starting mid week games but not really. Set up to go a lot of innings at the beginning of the year. He's gradually lengthen that out according to get Sam Houston State six in the third Fullerton five plus last week at Nebraska. And again we like that we've seen it but I think it will be good to see how he continues to develop as he has built his arm up now to go longer in the ball games. Yeah I know things about. On par with anybody else hard chase Williams are we talking as far as how far any go well. They'll probably hit a loan losses is effectively threw ninety pitches in his last outing. And his debut here Wichita State get kind of ruining things so. He's certainly proven that his arsenal pitches he's got a good three heads next is not afraid to throw a breaking ball. He looks every bit like that's starting pitcher's needs and not the only count it works valley season once again. And it may turn out as he continues to develop to shoppers might actually be lucky to have him. The first place his freshman year I want banks valley community college. Second team team all American eleven and now. Four ERA and it was drafted in the 33 round by the virus last year just head it off as what happened. Night appearances to add to that a six to three ERA. And so he was not drafted again he was available to soccer's haven't awareness of how good he had he had money had been recruited him and certainly. Now especially with the injury to stand Tennessee may become one of the most important. Efforts to commit to the programs here yeah and hits in his demeanor is really what sticks out in what we hear about him. But the way he goes about his business and my guess that not only when he pitches but. Being part of this team and sometimes you just can't eat yourself into it eat you kind of let the day. Returning upperclassmen handle things and you don't necessarily inject yourself into. The club house. Goings on I suppose but that looks that way he these. Invested in this team he's proven it. With his actions with the words and what goes on in the dugout he's not accept any funny business especially when he's pitching and that's that's fine by me. Which actors defensive play have better Trout line behind the plate Ryan tinker but first tattered cricket second straight victory secured. And chase reader again that third travesty on it left Michael Lukens Saturday duke got it right field. The only change from the starting line up defensively from last night is due got right instead of Grayson Janice who is DH Ing tonight. Lewis about finished for this warmup tosses rematch of last night. That fight tonight all of the valley teams would be playing inning nonconference series or we're scheduled to start last night one of those was actually postponed the Evansville. Eastern Kentucky opener. They'll start that series actually did earlier this afternoon Memphis at southern Illinois Baylor Dallas Baptist all of those started last night. And then getting under way today and tonight Indiana and Indiana State Bradley at western Michigan. Illinois State at two lane. And Minnesota. At Missouri State in there will be one more week. Nonconference play particularly weekend not conference play before the ballot begins its schedule with all eight teams going against each other. On April the eighth. So Kerry got Alex McKenna ready to step Italy did not. Worked out hauling the Canada freshman center fielder hitting 280 with four home runs and fourteen runs batted in hope for four. In last night's game right handed hitter. And Zach lewis' first pitch of the game is just outside for ball on. Again Carlos Martinez calling balls and strikes tonight. Get a deep in the box on the right side Lewis is one now. Popped up. They stay and play first base side drifting back toward the catcher Trout line and had to fight the greens a little bit makes the catch. Started like it was going to go up first baseline a little bit came curling back to trot line and ended up stepping toward the third base side of home plate to backhanded. We don't talk about that very much that I marvel at catchers that aren't good feeling as popular especially the young guys. Practicing that. That's almost impossible to practicing team type situation but jugs machine shoot the ball up in the air all day long but until you have to actually. Located through your mask away and figure out where to land hats off to catchers. He scout merit cons the freshman second baseman for cal poly he batted cleanup spot last night who's at the two hole in this one. First bit slow let's just one pioneer to left left fielder young was fairly shallow drifting back with the wind and makes the catch but yeah. Good jump on that one by Travis young got back and made the catch pretty easily. Started out pretty shallow fly ball to got a little extra depth because of the way and it up into down quickly for Lewis. In the battered Brett Harvey the first baseman. Right handed hitter who's having a great start to his season for eleven with two home runs and twelve runs batted in. And a little flare single up the middle his first time up last night to extend his hitting streak to twelve games. Hi pop up down the right side toward the bullpen and just out of the reach of Bryant take him. Just didn't get very high in the year low backs in pop up headed toward the first base seats and it actually landed in the playing field but. Didn't get high enough for ticket to run it down. Our VA ended up 143 last night. Twelve game hitting streak and has reached base safely at one way or another and all twenty games this season takes that one opinion for ball on. Lewis so far upper eighties when his fastball. Two out bases empty in the top of the first. 11. Check his swing and they get a feel it to first at first base umpire Jason Blackburn confirms that he won around one ball in two strikes. Or BA after his base hit last night struck out grabbed a third man was hit by a pitch. He's been plucked seven times in the first twenty games. Snack Lewis look the one to. Missed outside two balls two strikes. Last night although Willie swampy settled in and pitched eight shutout innings. Had a couple of base runners on in three of the first four innings pitched his way out of each of those situations. Due to. Well it's three and two. RBA and John sure neck to his waiting on deck. Are the only two returning position starters from last year's cal poly team. And part B it was the leading hitter returning it just 252 year ago takes that one just low. And he'll throw two out walk here where cal poly. Most fit the bar BA aboard the better John chip and act so. Are we hastily to work on hitting streak that keeps alive that streak of reaching base in all 21 games now. Should neck the other returning starter from a year ago getting to 953 home runs 21 runs batted in his batting average up about sixty points from where he finished last season. First pitch to him tried to stop himself that he checked his swing on a slider water around for strike one. Well the point of emphasis micro last week and a half or so couple weeks. Is for the starting pitchers to be able throw a 00 get me over curve ball nobody's looking for it. Nobody wants to hit it and it they swing at the gonna get who they're going to be fooled and message in that time Zach looser oh breaking ball that shook next pitch for. And one outside for of all one and one. That walked by the way given up to Barbieri pretty rare for Zach Lewis threw his first 25 and a third innings just five walks. To 25 strikeouts. Working from the stretch with a runner at first. But it takes off with a pitch is hit in the year toward right center fairly high in the air but deep in the gap on the run that they won't get there it falls in the Alley bounces on the track. Around third to score as bar BA. And a double by juncture connect gives cal poly a one nothing lead here in the first. I was just perfectly placed into the gap in right center field Luka was pulled around toward left and the wind blown the ball away from. Shocker right fielder Dave do you Gaza as yeah while hit pretty well just in no man's land especially shocker percent of the offensively. Check next team leading eight double. And team leading 22 run batted in fact he leads the entire Big West Conference in RBIs so it is one nothing cal poly here in the first. 102 with two down for Michael Sanders in the third baseman. Sanderson takes one low for a ball. Sanderson over to last night walked a couple of times. He is the other player in this lineup along with Bret or BA who has reached safely in every previous game this season. Hitting 30310. Runs batted it right handed hitter. To act Lewis delivers. In a fastball strike call up in the zone one ball one strike. Cal poly what they score first twelve and one on the season. Shocker it's three and twelve when their opponent scores first so they need to reverse that trend at night and Lewis would certainly like to hold it to just one run here in the first. It's on the way swung not advanced slider down and it's 12. And Lewis who rarely walks anybody. Walking a man with two outs. And that's the run this come around to score. Check neck its second attitude and I don't want to count to Michael Sanderson. Lewis' pitcher under breaks for third throw down a third is light good job. And a stolen base for sure that this is not a team that runs much at all they were nine for fifteen coming into tonight's game. Through twenty games your neck now four for four on the year. Galaxy two and two as the pictures little bit outside and honestly. Stealing third with two out you better make sure you make it there's not as much benefit. To steal third with two shots as there is with less than two ball bounced in the air outside it's three and two now to Sanders. And he was stance with Louis when he is at second base and no middle infielder really stopped him from doing it either I mean it's pretty much in motion from the time that Lewis came set. And then just. Basically that walking only the third and kept bill. 32 to Michael Sanderson matter at their two out the pitch. Way low and outside of the breaking ball. And a second walk in the inning for Lewis first and third with two out for a ban whole shock. Both Shaq getting a rare start he's had fourteen at bats with one hit host 71. This is his fifth start. Right handed hitter. Poll shuck a sophomore from Clayton California six for 195. Pounder. Lot of freshmen and sophomores on this team two thirds of their roster. Situated in those two classes. First pitch to pull shot is low. Outline digging now on it's one and islands that Lewis somewhat. Uncharacteristically. Wild here in the first inning and Brett candidates who is back from his recruiting trip to Texas is going to go out have a chat with him. Quicken had that much easier time against McKenna and Marron cons but. Struggle to throw strikes consistently and stay ahead of RBA Shipp connected Sanderson and they hit my shot necklace have a rarity awful Lewis because he against right handed batters this year. Had been holding hitters to 173. I don't Lewiston really tough against right ladies before shook neck hit that gap earned the right center field warning track here. Not only is cal poly twelve that one when they score first whenever that is they're seven and one when they score in the first inning. And interestingly enough we've mentioned that they don't give up leads last night. One time this year they led after one and then ended up losing the game that's the only time they've led after any inning in the ball game. And didn't let it. Checkers again just trying to hold it to one here first and third to about. One account to pull shock as Lewis goes back to work and that's a good looking strike breaking ball down and away it's 11. Lot of movement on that pitch. They said pull shut one for fourteen and has struck out four times in fourteen advance. Lewis from the stretch. A little longer hold throws over to first base and Michael Sanderson dives back. Sanderson has not attempted a stolen base all season. One ball one strike to cannot cutters first and third two down and a first inning run home for cal poly. Lewis' pitch this low. It's two balls and one strike. And pretty much everything he's missed wit has been that it's been down. Or low and outside. 21 account a lefthander already starting to loosen the shocker bullpen. 21 pitch coming. Lewis delivers. And a little flare toward left field it's gonna drop for a base hit. In to pick it up on the bounce Travis young but just a little floater off the end of the bat goes for an RBI single for bad polls shut it it has to do nothing can upload. Two hits in the inning neither one of them. Especially ringing but it has worked effectively. Cal poly after getting shut out last night quickly out in front to nothing here in the first. In there that are stopped at second so first and second with two not for Cooper more. So it very early hot. Peppers act Lewis here tonight. Right candidates is already been out so. There is just obviously something that neither Britain nor Todd Butler liked about lewis' approach demeanor or something. And that's gonna do get a ball wasn't particularly hardly looked rough the end of the bat. That Lewis will leave after getting two outs to start the ball game and and failing to retire any of the next four. But he Tyler's Emeka. Early appearance here threw out the first inning shocker lefty. Would be. Making is that. Tenth appearance. Tied for most of the team. John Hayes her career. On 11 save for Cody for 67 ERA. That a very effective most of the time had a rough outing against Oklahoma State on Tuesday night that kind of muddied up is ERA again two thirds of an inning gave up three hits and two runs. Just prior to that had pitched three innings allowing just one unearned run at Nebraska. And two hitless scoreless innings against North Dakota in fact in his last six appearances. Before Oklahoma State he had allowed three earned runs on just seven hits. In his last thirteen and two thirds were 198. ERA easily been pitching very well. But he and everyone else just seem to run into trouble against Oklahoma State on Tuesday. Tyler will be facing Cooper more runners at first and second two out. Two runs home in the first for cal poly. And again. It just seems like there's justice fielded his pitching James like coaching staff wasn't very happy with. Approach just falling behind everybody and maybe that's. Maybe that's what got it that it had to admit that to mean I mean. Two outs in the first inning. And I walked a couple of guys that. With four consecutive guys reach with two outs in the first. That I think they'd all have to be home runs through my head to make more sense that he get yanked but yeah we're not down their that I got that we either. So here's Cooper more second straight night as the DH for. Al Pauly over for three last night needing to go seven but no home runs and seven runs batted in and 29 at bats this is his tenth start. In his team's 21 game of the year. Tyler's first pitch to Adam's good breaking ball in their for a called strike one. Cody Tyler. Throws a lot of those big round house curve balls that's one of his best pitches. No balls one strike. And the 01 fastball bounces away from the catcher up to third baseline. Chase raider. As to come over from third and chase it down a wild pitch. Boost the runners to second and third were a single could now score two more. Again this just seems to be following it all too frequent pattern. One run. And then. Just can't get that next out to finish it off. One ball one strike to Moore. Tanner sets delivers breaking ball line fouled on the left side. On that one a little bit more out in front of it. Laced it down the left side well foul on voluntary strikes. Cooper more than hitter a freshman from Huntington Beach, California. Candid Tyler's favorite the 12 fastball down and in almost threw that one away. Outlines sliding to his left to get in front of a two balls in two strikes. He can settle in Cody Tyler is a guy that can go three or four innings in his early release situation. Coaching staff hoping to settle things down. 22. Over that low they eat my half to one way or the other if he's got a game tomorrow and early in the first inning in this one so. If he doesn't go three year war. Boy everybody shocker bullpen and put their spikes on. Three balls two strikes to Cooper more runners at second and third two out two runs already home to pitch. Breaking ball hit hard through a hole in the left field for a base hit one right as in they're gonna hold the trail runner from second. So ball was hit sharply Travis young got out quickly but. Easily the best hit ball of the innings for cal poly in the league three to nothing already. Poll should stopping at third. Cooper moreover this first hit of the series is eight runs batted in of the year. It's now three runs on three hits for the mustang here in the first. Nick Meyer the catcher O for three last night hitting to 33 another of the cal poly freshman. Scott nine runs batted in writers first and third with two out. Tyler's pitch. Fastball over to knees for strike. Disappointing start to the shocker they're gonna have to really suck it up. And rally at first they need Tyler to get him out of this first inning. 01. Fastball again just slow that time pretty good looking pitch and it's one and one. Eight men to the plate. For cal poly so far here in the first. Nick Meyer coming off phase three for ten series last weekend at Sacramento state. Drove in a couple. Right handed hitter facing a lefty Tyler. And the 11 now to the right out of play. One volunteer strikes. Jack Lewis retired the first two men on four pitches. And walked bar BA three to. Schick nick dropped a perfectly placed double into right center to drive in Iran Sanderson walked. Then poll showed a bloop single that did it for Louis. 12 pitch breaking ball in the dirt undertakes not to second Trout line bluster through all that doesn't throw. And now it's second and third with Sudan. Caddie that's up to him to. Myers stepped out of the box for a moment back kid. Cody tally from the belt. And 22. Popped up right side drifting into foul territory on the run do and other right fielder they can't quite get there. Kind of off the end of the bat the wind blowing across it as it curled into the wind was knocking it down and that shorten the time to do that I had to get to the ball. Stays at 22 to nick Meyer. Packers really need Cody Tyler to get this guy get this inning over when it. Two balls two strikes. Tyler has society wants. And his pitch fastball in three balls and two strikes. I some of the fans left happy with the call but it looked like it may have come in off the plate just a little bit to the right yet to hear. This is the fourth. Full count of the inning at eight hitters. And the payoff. If style with a fastball and walks in the a lot of up. This guy inning which to us they want to have Kyle Smith the first to work him over make him throw some pitches. He's again it so far this season has its racked up an unbelievable. Innings for his first five outings. But so far she's been on the other foot bounces. Jill Doherty tonight night Canada Meehan. And Doherty a guy who's only had fifteen at bats all season but they've come in the last seven games he was hurt at the beginning of the year has moved into the starting lineup since he returned first pitch to him to breaking ball high. Doherty last night to retreat against the shocker cities had four hits in his first fifteen at bats to 67. Left handed hitting freshman shortstop that edition of the four hits he has walked eight times and it hit by a pitch he has a 542. On base percentage. That's following throw to third down in time writer back standing up. And the cat goes to two and now. Cody Tyler. Is laboring since coming on here early for exact Lewis in the first really struggling to hit spots. Two voted Doherty way outside three balls and no strikes. No place to putting. Bases are full two out. Tyler set. And even on the automatic he couldn't find the strike are getting sinister take I think he called the strike on the throw down the third it was a delayed. OK strike calls so it's three and one now. When it was outside three and one to Doherty left on left back chipped for Tyler's he tries to get out of the first. 31 that's right down the middle for a strike Doherty taking all the way was committed to take another pitch there at three and two. It. So far showed mostly fastballs. He can. Throw that good curve ball here in the strikes might be an effective pitch against the lefty. Lot of guts to do it 32 fastball lifted in the air down the left field line it's gonna get out apply a believe yet that will. And pretty good collision at the fans for Travis yacht. It was tracking it trying to get over there Kerry. It's six or eight feet outside the fence there and young defense pretty good that appears to be okay. So a 32 of holding to Dylan Doherty. First event retired on four pitches the next six have reached. Three hits three walks. 32 again. It is Satterfield look at going back looks like he's got. Range and makes the catch property well hit to center field. Michael that there runs it down. And Tyler finally gets out of the inning but for cal poly in the first it's a three spot. On three hits and they leave the bases loaded after enhancing cal poly three attackers coming up. 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Shoppers ward says brought to you by American family insurance. C agent Jared Crawford. Chris post or Mike Rogers. I'm like little. Stormy from ground zero winners in nine years Montana's dad. I've had 180 pound sophomore left hander. From Torrance California last year as a freshman. It was a Saturday starter there's three that weekend rotation five and seven with a three point 95 ERA. And sixty strikeouts to 27 walks. In 84 innings. Last weekend Smith went seven innings allowing ten hits and four runs against Sacramento state. Which certainly isn't bad but. Right and batted four previous starts he's averaged over eight innings per start with a ERA of 2.2 oh. Including a five hit a shot at a Grand Canyon on March 11. And what you want no one and struck out six over all Smith's numbers five starts three and one and a two point. 72 ERA for 39 and two thirds Michael Luka leads it off against the middle left on left match up and takes a fastball for a called strike. Looks like rob musgrave out there when he does that's good that it. Good acknowledgment. A lot on the way. Just outside of Boston hoping doesn't have rubbed muscular street Lucia and open up along and I. Along ignited the it is like much period. Smith did 39 and two thirds 35 hits but just six walks and 34 strikeouts this for. 11 the Michael Lucas hitting 304. 11 pitch bounced in their two balls and strikes. Okay hitting 580 years. I immediately be confident. What for four last night that infield single. It's 21. Outside with a fastball. Maybe too much to hope for peace not at his sharpest dried up to bit. Three balls the strike. Three runs in the top of the first for cal poly is soccer's already digging out of a hole that's at their fastballs to freeze its three and two. It's this fastball expected to be in the 85 to 88 range most of the time. Three tournament. Line down the right field line and just there. Just inside the line doubted the color that is spreading to second and around the bag and pulled up their leadoff double for that yet. As you can place them on and that's a good sign right there because I was just thinking the way things have been going it's gonna Walt just. Yeah it's nice to get an extra base hit now you can see. Chip away at that three nothing lead and not have to get another hit in order to get a run obviously like this. Yeah more than one back which we'll get greedy here they can play. Feel like you backlog. Hook his fifth double among his 22 hits on the season. There are exempt hander Kirk starts that I needing to 99 with no home runs and nine runs batted in in his. One for four at last night's game. Right handed hitting senior second baseman. First baseman bar BA creeping in already. And the first pitch to Kirk is a fastball just a little bit outside the ball on. Better Kirk king for seventeen against left handers. Or BA shortened up the first to third baseman Sanderson about even with the bag on that side of the diamond. In the pitch to Kirk is slow to a nothing. Between that corner infielders plane in for really no real good reason in my opinion right now and Doherty the shortstop jockeying and playing around with Michael mocha there's all kinds angles to get through the infield if your Canner Kirk hitting. 20 pitch. Breaking ball over for a strike at its to have one. Their basements they've moved Sanderson back. At 20. Now they've moved deem it again about even with today. Jane mentioned Doherty to shortstop playing almost right behind Michael look up the middle is huge gap on the left side of the infield. 21 to her way high and outside off speed pitches three and one. Dismiss what three and one on the OK got it back to 32 they gave up the lead off double three at one on tanner Kirk. The shocker is already down three need to take advantage of some uncharacteristic. Wildness early on here for Smith. 31 delivery. Fastball pretty much down the middle for a strike it's three and two. Hander curt trying to really get this inning moving if nothing else they could just get a ball to the right side of the infield get moved over to third just any thing to. And it picked off at second hits the runner. That it stays in the infield because it did hit Luke in the throat was back to the shortstop side of the bag it right into the body of Michael look at. Eventually rolled out from under it about six or eight feet behind second base that. If he had hit looking it would have been in the center field. They're awful concerned about Michael Lucas out there with a three nothing lead. They're like you said they're really look he's not there right now. Three balls two strikes. Pitch to Kirk now back. He batted with a fastball felt that back over the street. The can appears to be no worse for Wear from. Getting plunked with a throw. Sure it's not Doherty. Not playing quite as much right behind it now. And another three to hear why did it to left field for a base hit. Little stop at third volleys juggled back in quickly. That ball was hit so sharply that there was no way Michael that was likely to score first and third nobody out the shot. They can hesitates now throws a little bit which is fine but there's no way that. It is the left side of the infield. Third baseman shortstop gonna make that play back. Against them so sharply issue neck and down three there's no need for her and try to be a hero here. Now you got a big inning in the works its. Take him at trial winds coming up next. It has just been two hits it's been too. Rockets both those balls for him really well by move could hurt Bryant ticket. Three for five last night including a double and one of these two outs was a wide shot to the third baseman caught just above the terror. Big right handed hitter. Leads the team was seventeen runs batted it. How's this first pitch to him which fouled off. Our speed pitch count that up to catcher's glove there's no balls and one strike. Bryant stepped out for a moment back in the right side. What from the 270s to 295. With a three hit game last night two home runs seventeen runs batted. 01. It hard toward third backing and by the third baseman goes down the second one there no chance to make your return throw to first in runs stores. Good play by the third baseman Sanderson backhand that sharply hit ball behind the bag. But a clean straight into the bag slide by two hander Kirk got it right into the pivot man and second base and Erica and that it had to throw differs. Wisely. One even with Ryan to come running. Runners can't hurt bearing down right on so. So they shocker do you get a run and Kyle Smith essentially gets what he needed right there. That are Trout line takes time outside dribble how we act had the opportunity you'd double play ball that's what you're looking for. You're Smith strike itself out of trouble. Checkers did get one back it's 321 rhetoric are still only one out. Throughout line one for five with a double to right center last night eating 304 on the year. 102 in mrs. hi again to balls and those strikes. Clearly Smith is not anti sharpest factors can just kind of concentrate there down all three balls hit off that hit very hard. And if he falls behind you as a here you got making pay too because he didn't have the stuff to overpowering to get back in the count. Hello. Get heart into left field that's going to be another base hit a looping line drive that takes one hop in front of the left fielder. Jacobs got its second first and second still only one out at them talking about right there he tried to get back into account they'll let it. He gets into a predictable fastball count in line the clear leader Ian yeah. I don't perfectly or war fight so. Don't just look at Google cookie no idea. Because these. Behind in the count only after the. Gonna get a trip to the mound. Pitching coach chow fanning. And have a word with Smith. Raison Jenna stick coming up net two hits last night. Swung the bat well against the lefthander is started the ball game. The shocker softball team has finished its doubleheader at look at stadium with a sweet Loyola Chicago winning the first game five nothing. And the second 17 attitude that as a shocker to fifteen and twelve overall. Three and two in the Missouri Valley Conference that they will conclude that series tomorrow with a new game at welcome stadium. When umpire Carlos mode Martinez becoming involved in the discussion here trying to speed things along. Attackers after a very disappointing top of the first giving up three runs after there were two added nobody on. Coming right back to get around they've had three solid base hits. Trying to get it all back if they can certainly. It themselves right back in this ballgame. Jenna still this two hits last night now hitting 250 on ten for forty. One home run eleven runs batted in in those forty advance he's been driving in runs with frequency. Left on left match up for Kyle Smith. And his first pitch to Jenna still is low and outside for ball on. Get listed big freshman from Eudora Kansas. He has hit safely in five of the last six games and over those 67 for 22 with eight runs batted in. The 10. And that got the strike zone kind of up and away one ball one strike not a bad pitch to lay off. Gatti that it wanted to block. Double bind Duca singled like Kirk. A force play grounder behind the bag at third by ticket that brought in a run and another single by Trout line just a bonding and that's going to be foul. Try to drop it towards third surprise to cal poly defense but he didn't get it in fair territory in the count 12. Barring a double play chase raider waiting on deck. Taken that second. Pretty average runner that are Trout wanted first. Devastating for 67 with runners in scoring position and he fouls a split over behind third what makes which makes a bonnet camp in little more curious. Have a feeling that one was called that was certainly may have thought Allen is out there. Swing the bat big Fella there are those runs near the DH. Still one ball and two strikes. Smith in no hurry come set. And Janice to cost time. Back in the box. A fun to play a little bit. 31 cal poly bottom of the first shocker is trying to rally. And the want to look to the left that's going to be trouble it will drop for a base hit. Tickle we stopped at third bases are loaded with one out that this actor's fourth hit of the inning. That would not as well hit as the others that might make up a little for a couple of players that cal poly dropped in there and their hand. On the next two guys coming up for the shocker in both really run so hopefully that will. Hilton's the other double play opportunity and greater damage young the next few shocker hitters so. After he got spotted three runs in the top of the inning it's taken Kyle Smith 22 pitches. To get one out and load them up and have one school. Chase raider right handed hitter who's one of the shopper's best against left handed pitching. One for three with a sacrifice bunt last night the first pitch to him is fouled off the plate for strike one. We're hitting 27893. Runs batted in. So far ten singles a double and a triple on its twelve hits. At the very very least he needs to get that run home from third soccer's need to at least get one more out of this. It up only getting one run on four hits second via. Back breaker in terms of momentum in psyche. No balls one strike us this pitch. Greater takes one low and in the turf one ball one strike. Off speed pitch from the left hander. So far in the inning a double by America single by Kirk in singles by Trout line and Janice step. Bases loaded one out. Kyle Smith set. And the pitch to raider. Swung and misty went after the off speed pitch was way out and credits one and two. And on top of everything else and you take advantage Kyle Smith not being a sharks because when he settles in you know he'll be better than this if he can settle. We need to take advantage. Here's the stretch by the left hander. And the 12 curator low and outside two balls two strikes. Like that was thrown right where it was with a chance and off speed pitch that in the turf outside. And see if he can get greater to chase one. Almost have to hit backwards against this guy stayed back now mr. hands to the fans all night in the bullet by. Due to hit it harder to left field base hit again ticket we'll store. Stopping at third is Trout line at say three to two ball game. Bases still loaded the shoppers have five hits in four of them have been here right on the nose. Well now it's Kyle Smith turned the struggle. He has been not only missing his spots but that I think it was a changeup these kind of put a layer raider with one out right on T. And greater Houston blur in the lab so. Shocker took Kyle Smith measured pretty good and he continues to make mistakes not only if you let them and I are behind. And as he ended up basically put the ball and key for Trout line Afghanistan greater. And we keep Kevin shoppers need to do this attackers needed in this league got a pretty good job of that they've stayed back Dave Dave. In good in the batter's box. Lot of solid hits and at Travis Yahoo! was one for three last night. First pitch to him is over for a strike on the outside corner. Yeah I'm in a situation last night ended up striking out and Todd Butler certainly talk to him about that this is the kind of situation. Like that relief to at least put the ball in play. Bases loaded one out. 01. Swing and a miss fastball away that time and so on to. That is young 246. Against left handed pitching. So that's a 333. Average. Writers are Trout line at third Janice did second grader at first attackers gave up three in the top of the first they've come back with two. And the bases loaded with one out. 02 beyond. Bounced up the middle could be 22 baseman stepped on the bag throws low to first the first baseman plays and on the bounce and it's an inning ending double play. Nevertheless this Packers get themselves back in the ball game as they scored two runs on five hits. And they leave the couple after one full inning it is cal poly three Wichita State to. 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And carrier turned to the experts cornerstone part I thought. Each shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance. C agent Bernhard -- does. This is Stevens can join this morning right here on cape enhancements. I'll volleys story. Got three hits the actors came back with she's on five hits and so it's back to being a tight ball game Wichita State back in it now. Keep talking about it appeared leaves here need to do this they do it that utility Tyler. Hate to shut the story you don't wanna see your teammates can back it you back in the ballgame and give up some more runway. Top of the inning or top of the order. As cal poly batted around in the first left the bases loaded Alex McKenna leads an authentic slow them. Cody Tyler the ball on. The Canon Mary and cons and Barbie aid for cal poly in the second. McKenna oh for one found that to the catcher's first time. 10 fastball over for a strike at its one month. Alex McKenna to lady hitter on the year. Cody Tyler was the 11. This low two balls in the strike. McKenna was the first big west player of the week in his debut series against Pacific on the opening weekend of the season. To want. It hard in the left center field and it's gonna drop for a base hit played on the first bounce by young. Strong throw toward second and young get a good job to hold that to a long single off the bat looked like that ball is gonna plug the gap and go for a couple. Nevertheless pretty solid hit for McKenna. That's just the fourth hit for cal poly. Two of those that one and one of the hits in the first inning have been pretty solidly struck they had a couple of the soft variety in the first inning. Leadoff man on count Mary and cons of a fly ball to left his first time. First pitch from Tyler fell back. Eric on the left handed hitter facing a lefty time it. The candidates first will run occasionally too for too as the space stealers this year again this is a team that. Characteristically has not run very often although they took a couple of bags in the first inning John short necked stealing her. They are and kinds out of the box for a moment back yet. Tyler the stretch. Long hold and the move over to first base. And are back. You would normally say that Cody Tyler needs to take care of merit content guys like this when he faced him lefties but. He's actually been equally good against lefties and writings both of them in the two teens. Hitting off of Cody Tyler. 01 but it drag but pretty good habit Tyler off the battlefield it flips to first for the out. Merit kinds didn't drag it hard enough to get it past the pitchers so that he had a chance to beat that but he sacrifices the Canada's second with one out in the inning. Annie sets up guardianship and try to add delete. Red bar BA walked and scored to get that three run first started after they were too loud and nobody on. So far in the series one for three cities that on two other times in five plate appearances with a hit by pitch and a walk. A 411 hitters on the year. That's from the right side the first pitch doing fastball high and outside Barbieri at the moment. Up over a 150 points from where he finished last season to 52 hitter a year ago. Primarily a catcher who last year played a little bit left field he is gone strictly at first base so far this season. One out. Just got the outside it pretty good pitch by Tyler went ball one strike. Cal poly scoring three in the top of the Kursk after there were two added nobody on the witch doctors did come back to get to themselves. One run ballgame in the top of the second. 11. Hired away two balls in the strike. Still don't really have that feeling that Cody Tyler is spotting up like now capable of doing. I just can't feel his way through it trying to didn't do a good rhythm. But as we mentioned it's early enough in the game that. If he settles in neat thing shocker would lean on him for three or four innings if they can squeeze it out. 21. That got the outside corner again he's drunk too fast balls right on the outer black Barbie edits to it too. Combination a couple of really get pitches and getting. Good pitchers calls from the plate umpire Carlos Martinez. Can tell bar BA it was not very happy when that would cannot even at two and two. But he turns towards second inside move just. Riveting. On his back leg toward second base to keep the Ryder honest. Alex McKenna the runner at second of one out. Two balls two strikes. Tyler delivers slang and the best guide to chase a fastball up out of the strike zone that's a pig out for Cody Tyler. Bruce strikeout by shocker pitching because I couldn't come at a better time but still. A dangerous guy to get it John chip in act two drove in the first round with a looping double to right center. Check that two for five in the series in both of his hits have been doubles so far. Right handed hitter once again for the lefty Tyler first pitch breaking ball low for ball one. Short necked his gone at least so far this year from a guy that was kind of day power low average guy last year to thirties with six home runs to. Guys still delivering the power eight doubles and three homers but much more consistent hitting close to 300. Rhetoric second two out. 10 pitch big curve ball broke over the outside corner evens it out that one and one. It hit good late break. Kind of back door team on the outside corner it's wanted one. Ship deck holding the bat up and his lead handout toward the pitcher Cox it behind easier. Tyler delivers breaking ball against one not a vested in this that on a lot on volunteers strength today to ask the one in there for a called strike in and he buried that one and bounces right on top of the play. And ship next saw another one coming in body's gonna hang on to the no waves and a touchdown. Now they're working for a position of strength and out on the count one and two. Kinda picture around the leadoff single here in the second. One huge neck fastball in check swing I know we didn't go around. Boy from here it looked like he did pressure hasn't really good pitch to fastball in on him. Chip and it kind of what the map as an afterthought. And then get much closer now. Here I thought it was in the strike zone anyway and others wondered. The ball to and it's evened up to and to really get a good job of busted that went in on it. They're breaking volley check that time and he went around he's out of their stuff. Why didn't work one did he gets the call the second time Cody Tyler after a leadoff single to sacrifice strikes out to three and four hole hitters to get out of the inning. Noble no runs one hit for cal poly and after two it still the mustang story of shoppers to. 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You've got kind of the typical freshman season to this point he's been a little up the data is really should supply issues he's got a lot of talent going to be an outstanding player. 10. Fastball away distant cities one ball and strike. Walk power to. Big strong fast right hand hitter. 11. This time with that one. Two balls and strike. It does most recent adding he started the Oklahoma State game. And struck out his first two times that came out of the game after that. 21. Fouled off got him on its hands goods and over towards first base dugout. Did also oath for five with a couple of walks in the last two games of the Nebraska series last weekend after going one for four with a couple of walks in the Friday opener. Two for four here last week against North Dakota. Smith looked like he was ready to go out and steps back off the robbers would do though also steps up for a moment. One out nobody on the shocker second. Now Polly leads 32 and 22 pitch to do got fouled straight back had a rip. Voice still hang in exchange debt hasn't gotten a good feel for it. Just yet and the ones that he has thrown down around the dirt and turf. Not really close enough steam bait fish not yet anyway. Another 22 pitch coming up. Eventually. Smith really taking some time and you've got steps out again. They don't have that many pitches. That is love brings his glove right up in front of his face and it looks into the sign he has held it up there forever appearing in. Ready to go this time. In the fast ball fouled back. Did I hang in any kind of seen the whole story news and fight them off with two strikes. Which continues to blow hard out toward left field. Soccer's. Had five hits in that first inning and the bases loaded but a double play ball not cal poly out of it before the soccer's could tie it up. Allen fouled off the plate you got a little bit late on that one but managed to fight it off again he's hanging in there. You might wanna be a little bit late against Al Smith as opposed to a little bit ago in an upswing in the miss. Good battle going here. Backers for a seemed to throw a lot of pitches early that this is a guys used to going deep into his pitch counts. Due to again. This low and it's all the way full. And they're off speed pitch. Three runs four hits for cal poly two runs five hits for the shocker is wrongly in the second. 32 to data. Foul tip then the catcher couldn't hang bodies still alive. This is now at least an eight or nine pitch at bat. After Vickers popped up on the first pitch he saw leading off the inning. 32. Fastball strike three call. Close pitch down around the daisy duke got down looking for the second out of the inning when they came in for the first time the entire sequence. Dude I was looking out over the plate it will hurt others that are striking out house yeah. Except Michael Deluca we'll let off the game by working the count to 32 of them lined a double down there right field line. And eventually scored the soccer's first round. Michael two for fives so far in the series this first pitched him his fastball outside. The law officers appalled at staying in hearing your proud supporters of shocker athletics could reach home lake staying in hearing 2637596. Visit their website www. Public law. Dot com. They slow breaking ball over for a strike one and one. It's a slow he's working he can read an entire line him to throw pitches. As I say you don't have that many pitches they can't be shaken off them 11. Fastball down and away two balls that a strike Dominica. Michael came into the night hitting 304. Is double in the first his fifth double of the season. 21 on the way. And fastball there at today's evens it up to him to. Two out bases clear. Kyle Smith with the team to. Stepped up the first base line foul. Packers getting quite a few to strike foul balls in these first couple of innings which will certainly. Push a pitcher's pitch count up there. Cal poly actually had a right hander throwing a little bit in the bullpen right at the start of the inning just kind of preliminary listening in case somebody's needed. You two again high chopper toward second second baseman charging we'll have to hurry makes a good play to get America. Some merit kinds throws out there at the soccer's go and order in the second and after two remains cal poly three Wichita State to see. Your busy meeting deadlines parents' car pulls favors EDT to ask Brenda thank you completely forgot to shower they have to pay any different believes that he can you promise better yeah. Yeah stuff you can't be everywhere. But we can. 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Reboot now following you now have Michael's. The five hole that I followed by then we'll start. For more. Cody Tyler goes to work in his first pitch to Sanderson a strike at today's. Not exactly like he's so far on the mound as it is not as this struggle to find home plate. If Tyler can settle in a little bit and that one is in their for a strike that needs against. Couple of better pitches to start it up against Sanderson and its own to. Cody did finish well in the second after a leadoff single and a sacrifice he struck out the last two that he faced. You know to gear up and away one ball and two strikes Sanderson hitter up there now and poll scheck who's up next. Are the only two cal poly hitters who have not yet faced Cody Tyler since he came into the ball game. 12. Swing and advance fastball down and I am not overly overly hard and 84 but he disrupted violently Internet. Her typical. Little lefty you know you always hear her balls that you alluded to but he'll also coming in on yet. He can run it up there 8780 sometime in the not tonight consistently but he can't he's not afraid to throw in that in off the plate to right hand matters so. Tip of the cap to Cody Tyler were in both sides of the plate. Then pull ship takes a fastball over the outside for ball one pool shark. Got his second hit in fifteen at bats his first time up looping single elected drove it around. 10. Off speed miss tied two balls no strikes. Holtz act PO LS HUK. Now two for fifteen on the year. Run batted in was his first that would a little low it's three and nothing. And it happens in baseball these situations that would drive you nuts for a guy who's one for fourteen is working over one way or another. 30 in for a strike it's three and on base hit his first time up. 31 on the count this time. Yeah I mean you get the guys. Not gonna hit those 71 the whole year but you always feel like that they break out against you. This low for ball four. Cody Tyler second walk. Rhetoric first one out in the two shocker pitchers Lewis and Tyler have walked four and now in the first two and a third. Things that Cooper more the designated hitter and board greeted Cody Tyler within RBIs singled. Back in the first inning that drove in the last of the three runs. Cal poly in the first. Rhetoric first one out. Tyler's first pitch to more fastball on the inside corner for a called strike wonk. All three of the runs were charged to the starter. Snack Lewis. He pitched two thirds of an inning before departing to hits three runs two walks no strikeouts. Good breaking ball they're just this low and inside one of one. So far the prospects for a quick evening are not very good. 11. Big chop right side second baseman Kurt has to jump a little bit to field it gets the out at first. Off the plate but fair and a big high looping bounce Stewart's second Kurt charge it waited for it to. Get in his vicinity and then threw him down. Two down runner at second now. And the better nick Meyer who walked facing Tyler his first time. So Cody now in his second time through the orders starting with more. Managed to load the bases after he came in with a hit the walk but got to fly ball to get out of the first leaving them loaded. First pitch to Maier popped up should end the inning shallow and right Kirk out at colleague the second baseman is under it makes the catch. And Tyler pitches around a one out walk. So he's keeping this doctor's right to areas cal poly goes down without a run in the third mustang still only get three to two. What is the sound of the dream. Is at the center of the business and you caught a home. I was just enjoy. But American family insurance we know protecting dreams takes a strong partnership. 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This is mark living finding. Weekdays at five right here on tape and as bad. Kayla lighter. The ballpark. State trailing cal poly. Three pitches doctors get the heart of their order up there in the third against starter Kyle Smith. Doctors got just hit it. Which runs on five hits in the first. He then retired the side in order in the second although it still didn't appear to be at a sharp mr. quite a few pitches to work his way through the three hitters. Tattered curtain leads it off against him the first pitch to him as a fastball in for a strike. Now that means anything but the next pitch he throws beat number fifty so. If Wichita State team trying to keep that up you think maybe by the sixth or seventh to be on gas. Don't want crickets are part of a grab this second straight face here. For all its short and left fielder tanner is two for two and a shocker is six in the ballgame. They continue to get good passes like that counts in this. Six kids today. And as the guys only permits. Posted 245 off of it needs. It's been pretty stingy all around the walker meet people you are raised unit. And he's an absolute horse averaging nearly eight innings per outing the shocker here. Raking forget. Ryan Jacob all for one that hit the ball sharply as first. First pitch to him. Bounces in there for ball one ticket hit the ball just inside the bag at third in the third baseman. Sanderson made it nice backhanded play to get a force out at second base. It did bring in Iran so Bryant both for one run batted in and regulators corner. Circuit first nobody out shocker happened that there. 10. Low fastball thrown behind Kirk at first that he just barely got back. Looked like he stopped it kind of spun his wheels he realized there was a plate coming but he couldn't get moving and barely got back in the game. Here's kind of look at oh you know what I want this and this includes other. The throw coming down Nate is barely get back in time but he did make it still alive in the count 20 now Huntington. Smith delivers a ticket drives it toward right field slicing toward the line the right field is gonna get back. And make to catch on a calm day that's got a chance to be an extra base hit but the wind really helped not that went down there's one gun you see him hit to the opposite field all that often. That's against the left the likeness is not overpowering. Hitters better. Wearing out left center fielder left fielder certainly left side I'm on the infield that. 1115. Or twenty feet away from line in right. Here's getter Trout line laced won the left for a single his first time. First pitch to him. A breaking ball hikers changeup that there for a strike. And asking too much for somebody just get one up in that win right time the left field. This is certainly guys capable. 01. Just outside came with a fastball just missed the outside edge on line. Couple finals and from the valley Ari Evansville. BT eastern Kentucky 40. And SI you. Even up their series against Memphis they went five to three. On the rest of the games in progress. This to try outlined that time had him out of credit the change up waved at it for strike two. So at Illinois with that win now thirteen eight and one that is one more win than they accumulated all of last season. All those young kids and the through the fire last year an off form this year. Exactly an easy schedule that they played they played decent people. One to travel I Harden up the middle but one hop to the shortstop this will be the second double play for cal poly as they go short to second to first. And attackers are gone some way solid leadoff single by tanner Kurt but nothing comes of it. Yeah after Katrina thanks cal poly three what you testing to. Getting your hands on hot Christie wings usually sounds a lot like this. Don't win streak it's a little more like this solo win. 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Security and advisory services offered through SII investments incorporated member Finneran SIPC and a registered investment advisor Baxter and associates incorporated and SII investments incorporated a separate and unrelated companies shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance. C agent Brad woody Shawn Chapman orange haze filled forest pummel. Election 2060 headquarters thirteen thirty ASS. In the first inning and Cody Tyler. Into his third full inning of work at credit for a third of an inning. Coming in in the first inning relief but Jack Lewis of the basic Dylan Doherty the ninth hole hitter. And and Alex McKenna. Tom Merritt to the top of the order. 123 Beers on tap and plenty of high Def big screen TVs he does go on tap works great place to watch all of your favorite sports event. That is the top Butler show on Monday nights at the house for six to seven. He knows is located at the southeast corner. Money orders and Philip Doherty also won the. The fly ball to center that was a huge out Cody Tyler getting him to end the first with the bases loaded after three runs and scored first pitch this time. It's a fastball high. If he didn't get Doherty there no telling if she doctors are in this game at all down by only Iran in the fourth. One out. And a fastball that today's for a strike one ball one strike. Shoppers will have to break eight trend though cal poly has not lost a game this season when may have led from any inning. Starting with the second on that went inside. And it's too at one. They have now led after 12 and three innings. Doherty four for sixteen after coming off the injured list drives are slim to setter but it slicing back toward the case gonna get back and make the catch for the out. Off the bat that would look like he could be trouble ahead a little bit of slicing action on it went just help move there right back to Michael Lucas thankfully. All the right there. So one out back to the top of the order Alex McKenna has style to the catcher and singled up the middle. One for two tonight after going over for the series opener last night you're looking freshman. And run has some power. First pitch to him as a breaking ball over for strike. A couple of scores in the NCAA basketball tournament. Virginia's 67 Iowa State 55 there. In the under seven minute mark. You know there's a high fly ball the left that the winds not going to be quite an up back to the track to make the catch is Travis yuck. But I can't off the bat had a golf that I thought it had a chance to maybe get up in that strong win. Had a lot of looting action on it and young back to the track to make it. Wisconsin Hannity in my 3426. Over Notre Dame thirteen 27 left in the second. Once they get to post season. The tradition is certainly there two out nobody on Kyle Marron console laces one fouled on the left side. They got a little bit Michigan stadium don't think they do want to get to the post season hardened against those guys. It looked like Bo Ryan's unusual step down early in the season by season started so is. System would get promoted give it had a chance to really paid off season a great job with that team. Not Butler has questioned for the plate umpire. After that foul down the line by America baron counts as flied to left laid down a sacrifice is one hit so far in the series. Was an opposite field single through the whole story yesterday. Type voters seeming to make it pretty emphatic point about something to the plate umpire Carlos Martinez he nodded as the went back to the dugout so apparently got when he was looking for but. I've. A loss for what that would have been about. 01. Step underway one ball one strike. There is. Just a little bit of a haze here tonight and we're not sure if it could be the smoke blowing from the big grass fire in southern Kansas northern Oklahoma with the wind picked up again. Or it's more like Paula there's big curve ball missed low two balls and one strike. That certainly that. We've seen the smoke like this sense that fires started carries a long way to one. Laced at the left field a base hit toward the light on the have to hurry to hold this to one not sit down and felt territory but it's going to be a double. Africa out there and guns young got over as quickly as he could but the ball actually ended up right on the line practically in foul territory. And two got doubled for cal poly. And the conditions kind of mirrored what Kiki you're doing in the first inning just being an Hayes thanks for that nobody could. Creating out on the mound but since then Kyle Smith then Cody Tyler the reliever kind of have calmed things down a little bit it's not. Have been perfect there at least. Put up some zeros. Fifty yet for cal poly and Brett Barbie AAF there kicks outside the ball on. Tyler struck out bar BA as last time up and walked and scored in the first this is a dangerous moment soccer's got it back to one run. Runner in scoring position that two out for cal Polly's best hitter. Stretch in the 10. Dried his holdup went around on a fastball up that it's 11. And may be either starting to tire a little bit chews up to 61 pitches. In this one teachers who 34 the other day against Oklahoma State. Through 38 in three innings against Nebraska so he's done multiple innings before but not quite this many pitches before. A lot won the bar BAMRS high two balls and strike. When he was struggling a little at his first inning of work there was a right hander up briefly in the bullpen but there has been any activity down there since then. Nobody doing anything right now he has two out in the fourth. Runner at second at 21 count on the him. And the pitch missed low and away three balls and strike. 65 pitches against OU back on the that's four innings stint in relief. Our VA started denied it for eleven which is really good. These hitting for 38 with two outs in innings and 450. With runners in scoring position both conditions exist here. 31. Low for ball four won't get the chance to swing the bat this time draws his second walk of the night. First and second and it appeared to some degree time it might have been pitching around him just a little bit of John chip that comes up here now is no bargain either. Third walk for Tyler five walks by shocker pitching tonight. Should neck double to right center in the first struck out swinging facing Tyler in the second. Two on two out for cal poly in the fourth to lead it three to two. The first project neck lifted the right. One back on the ball is the guy he's the area didn't catch it he almost well too deeply barely made the catch. Let CT planted lunged back and and just got his club under it as the soccer's get out of the inning. No runs one hit to left for cal poly after three and a half the mustang actually 32. McDonald's shamrock shake presents intriguing thoughts will actually try to introduce claiming. Yeah and dampens the spinach has aimed at least tell us your crab and lobster dog pinch me let me. Even if one of the sea creatures don't need to media day that. And here's another mixed reading thoughts for the McDonald's for a delightful shamrock shaped. It's like finding a bottom gold you can drink with the with the dream. And a cherry on top. Prices are just becoming very shocker frenzy is the cold weather making you shiver even endorsed called frozen in Comfort Systems they're experienced technicians can tune up year old heating system or provide a free estimate on the I -- went right now taking advantage of great savings with rebates up to 17100 dollars on qualifying purges come for system is proud to be a premier Lennox dealer people men and women are very warm air is just a phone call away Comfort Systems comfort in your home comfort in your wallet call 3162657. B 831. Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance. C agent Jared Crawford. Chris post or Mike Rogers. I led enjoying the game mourning tonight right here on. We're just not safe in the bottom of the fourth sharks trailed three. Gave up three runs in the top of the first came back at the bottom half. And recent data stuff part of that rally with a single to left field he has won for won tonight three for four in the series. Left handed batter against a lefty Kyle Smith. And the first pitch and it left handers swing and a miss on a changeup for strike one. Suckers had six yes Bob Smith but he has not walked anyone. And he is struck out only one. 01 digestive bounces in there one moment strike. Janice a lefty hitters seem to be fairly comfortable facing left handers have been too right handed swingers and greater neon. Here in the fourth inning. Smith to the wind and the 11. Breaking ball a little bit high two balls and one strike. Pianist so they hit his first time up now eleven for 41 and his freshman season. 21. In heart of the grabber right at the second baseman. And the throw to first by America constantly out there and cons plain and appalling was pulled over in that gap it. Between first and second a little bit more than the second baseman took me plays that he is right answer. One down for chase raider lined a single to left to drive and around his first time up. He sought to have two for four start in the series. Smith goes to work and off speed pitch in their for a called strike. Like Cody Tyler he still not as sharp as he's capable of being but he's been good enough to get through the last couple or three innings. Mrs. Lowe with a fastball there and it's one and one. Not throwing everything Rory wants it that is they just enough good pitches when he needed to. Is the one wonder raider. The delay two balls in the strike. Indiana's beat Indiana State seven. Five. There's three finals in about baseball the other for about halfway through we get to those as time allows union. Two on and raider swings and misses that one run down and in and it's two and two. They threw five Bradley and western Michigan it's 92 graves in the sixth Baylor three Dallas Baptist three they're in the fifth. In Dallas. And split three game series between those two clubs. T two in art of the Gramm but a big hop in the third baseman Sanders in terms of throwing low off the first baseman but a greater say. Not exactly a rock solid left side of this defense for cal poly. Sanderson is fielding 8089 nexus seven there. And also the shortstop as Michael utility authority not the everyday shortstop but lately has been. You know if you hate 92 so. That was played really play want Sanderson made the play and then you've skipped it over there at first baseman Barbie couldn't come up with. It's a chance here to the shocker trader at first with one out Travis young grounded into a double play to end the first innings he has over one. Takes that went low for a ball. To terrorists by cal poly at last night's game and we've mentioned at the time. They rank eight. Nine teams in the Big West Conference in fielding percentage came into tonight at 961. That's pretty low. 10 pitch on the way and young takes a strike on the inner half one ball one strike the got a New Orleans two lane leading Illinois State three nothing in the fifth to play a doubleheader tomorrow. Because of expected whether that would mean Holland C I think you could stand corrected. Missouri State and Minnesota 33 in the fifth Springfield. 11 mrs. high to a one to Travis yacht Travis one for three in last night's game. Redshirt freshman from derby. They get this hits here and there lately. Five for fifteen over his last seven games. How Smith on hold at 21. That are going ball bounced the right side the only play will be to first. The second baseman Eric times gets it there for the out so. Young put it in play with the rudder moving gets rader to second but two out of the inning. Or date duke got. Erratic trade actually trade victories is due up by side did they're on the play it's actually Vickers turned that looks like. Todd Butler may choose to pinch hit here. Pictures popped up to second is first time up. Agassi who he does that could be loop Ridder do. Has not been swinging it as well lately been very capable. And another right handed hitter who could theoretically go on its second mr. moving over to shore. And it will be eight Luke Ritter. Who will pinch hit. So Vickers though for one denied Oprah for the series. And this group. Because Lucas five for eight against left hand pitching at six point five small sample size five hits. And only eight at bats it's worth a shot here. 268 overall. Three doubles a homer and thirteen runs batted in which ranks third on the team in RBIs. Runner in scoring position at second base representing the potential tying run to checkers trailing three to two in the fourth. It's this first pitch to Ridder he takes a fastball just a little bit low for ball one. One out error by the third baseman on a throw. Giving shoppers an opportunity here rader now at second with two out after reaching. He was talking about nuclear during batting practice he told him he says the united there tonight we keep doing what you're doing and you get your chance he's got a bunch of early. Takes that would love to balls and no strikes. It's going through a little bit of funk right now play. One for three against Oklahoma State on Tuesday and also struck out twice and Alan. In the Nebraska series only one for seven that did walk four times it was on five out of eleven in that three game series. To go to camp. Smith the pitch and ground ball up the middle. Got a chance base hit to center field rigor around third headed for the play here's the throw out from the Canada if it is it time. Raider is out at the plate in the shocker Alley dies out on a very good thrown by Alex McKenna looked like greater. Gaddis is those steps just a little bit Studdard going in did there to get a real good round there in he's thrown out and close play at the plate so. Tough break for the shot is no runs on one hit after work remains cal poly three. To the last eight to two. Your hands on hot crispy wings usually sounds a lot like this. Both wings street it's a little more like this. Hello we win streak delivers crispy wings to within eight home sauces to drive around. Including our exclusive Jim Dean doubles that's my suburban barbecue sauce no ground bars no cross town trips to answer acquired green street we went into. Pizza and drinks and we're now a Pizza Hut. Until literally priced just vicious and prayers and charges and minimum just by delivering digital and of those registered trademark infringement. Welcome to big box hi I'm ready to get an LG four KTV delivered streak all right let's get started of course deliveries extra. Plus you don't want the TV hooked up that's not part of the deliver all the fuel surcharge. Plus also listening starts snapped what's my name my service fees extra steps charged Sony Dayton. 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Line in the first pitch and Sanderson takes a strike on the outside corner. Sanderson a walk and a run scored in the first struck out swinging in the third that we followed by then pull shot and Cooper more for cal poly. 01. Over but little bit low one ball one strike. Shay mentioned the previous inning Cody Tyler getting into. Area pitch count that he has not gone before so it never righthander. Ready in the bullpen that when mrs. load it's too at one. Cody lawyer is up earlier he's been up and down a few times and that's still him out be ready and this. 21 to Sanderson swaying and MS and the caddie gives up at two and two. Red bar BA has walked twice for cal poly United's Anderson walked once so both of them continue their streak of reaching base in all 21 games this season. This popped up win may keep it in play here the first base dugout taken over has rove and makes the catch. Definitely definitely helped to soccer's on that what has kept the ball at the playing field and wanna. You're up above the roof of the grandstands. Night like tonight we given up on it and take him in nice job of cautiously getting over kind of near the shocker dug out in the overrun it. It's a gadget soccer's need to get finally been pulled check came into the game one for fourteen but has singled and walked it is to plate appearances. Sophomore left fielder for cal poly the pitch to hire an outside for ball one. Pull shot making his fifth start in 21 games. Right handed hitter against the lefty. Tyler's pitch. Breaks breaking ball bounced out in front of the plate two balls no strikes. Shocker is about hit cal poly 76. But. Mustangs had the lead treated to all five runs scored in the first inning we're now in the fifth. 20 on the way. And that went bounced off the trial winds love. Close pitch he might have gotten. Paula that if he'd been able to hang on to but it goes to three you know. Once you can't pull shot close to working his way on. One out bases empty. And the 30. That's in their for a strike. In her corner three balls and one strike. Tyler back to work 31 pitch. Just this down and away in polls shock has been on three out of three times because his second walk. The fourth walk issued by Cody Tyler. Rhetoric first one out in the remarkable. As singled to drive in Iraq and grounded to second. So doctors have not turned a double play yet in this opportunity here. They had to last night the fourth time this season that they have turned two double plays in the game. Burres pitched him war. It chop to short between hop recur top play but he gets it is only play will be a first and he gets the out there. Ball took a big high balance and yet to actually jump forehead as he folded in against his midsection. Had little trouble getting a hold of it and had to go to first publisher. Still pretty good play by tanner Kirk and his first chance at shortstop tonight that it. Mentioned Michigan came into the adding that as we anticipated Luke raider after hitting for Vickers stays in the game at second base. And Kirk has moved from second to short. Two had a runner at second nick Meyer the catcher for cal poly has walked to pop to second. To that. Runner in scoring position. Cody Tyler even with a walk a chance for a fairly quick getting here if you can get Meyer. Here's his pitch and a breaking ball catches the outside water. That even though you when he turned in those. Four innings that was a season and career high and he's right at that plateau right now. Officially for could make it four to third if he gets this last down. No balls one strike. Still mired fastball in. He's given them exactly what they needed front that's for sure and it didn't look like it would happen when he first started out here is struggling. The blue collar to call this little blue collar effort tonight but it did look. Soccer is still right in it trailing three to two in the fifth. Still has one more to get here with a runner in scoring position at second. 11 the Meyer. Honestly bounced right to go on for third and he's gonna make it as Trout line had a tough time picking it up throw bounces away that. But he Tyler is on it. And it goes a wild pitch that bounced out in front of the plate if Trout line had been able to grab it quickly. He had time destroy about but he just couldn't quite find the handles what it was a good read by polls show it to recognize that he had a good opportunity to try to get over there. Yeah is bouncing around out there too and I think men may have just kind of divided Cody Tyler to Chansi bounced another way up there. And so who knows that's reason why balance but. 21 fastball on the inside corner that was a good pitch evens ineptitude to. That it right Ian tied on and it got it on the plate two balls two strikes to Meyer. Meyer pole for four so far in the series hitting to 33 on the season. And the 22. Popped it up right side second baseman Ruder added to shallow right field and makes the catch for the out so. Cody Tyler every time he seemed to be on the ropes a little bit has found would be needed to get out of it. Four plus scoreless innings out of the bullpen and after Florida half their grenades cal poly three Wichita State terror. ATM abuse. Yeah it is the real thing ATMs forcing innocent users into agreeing to their feet before they get any cash. These they're not averaged more than five dollars and come to equity bank and get the debit card that blocks ATM fees it and an ATM threatens you with the feet ahead except you know that your equity bank debit card to be even after you've accepted. Take that AT and only. What is the cock. The difference this is top five with Cochran mortuary crematory. Our family has served which dostam is for five generations we've always been here to serve your specific needs whether you prefer traditional and nontraditional contemporary or cremation and funeral service so we work for you. But your needs first we always have. And always will Cochran mortuary crematory which does only member of the order of the golden rule and veterans and family Memorial Day care finalists on face the we're Cochran mortuary dot com. Shocker sports is brought to you by American family insurance. C agent John Green Ryan woods or an Andover west Sawyer George story from coast to coast AM stormy week starts right here fine KM SS. Nice day. Yes this seems like this ball game should be much farther along the the fifth inning but it's one of those nights after a forty plus minutes first inning in which the teams that all of their scoring so far it's cal poly three. And Wichita State to. You know as villain tap works is a proud supporter of soccer athletics and the great place to watch the shock is whether on TV as well as all your other favorite sporting event. Come visit vetoes it southeast corner what experts to him. I they don't go for wand with a strikeout looking after pretty good at bat his first time be really battled how's this for. Eight or nine pitches before taking a close pitch was strike three. So over one the first pitch to him is outside for ball one. How's Smith at 73 pitches through four innings. It's allowed seven hits but no walks and he has struck out one. 10. Fouled off got that went into his fists and it's one ball one strike. Shocker here so far Michael Luka one for two chatter Kirk two for two. That are Trout line one for two Grayson Jenna still want to to chase raider one for two. Swing and a miss pitch away and off speed pitch it's one and two to do. And Lew Ritter now one for one. The hit single in the fourth that looked like it might tie the ballgame the chase rader was thrown at a plate. From the center fielder. 12 outta do. Strike three called in Psycho daughter really threw good fastball in that time. And do die out looking for the second time. I was the only strike out a little house yeah. Tonight a guy who averages close to a strikeout ratings pitch 34 and 392 thirds coming. Michael let go one for two double down the right field line the ground ball to second. First pitch from Smith. He checked his swing they're gonna appeal it to third and he did not go around one all of those strikes. Look at got the shocker started. Getting back in and after cal poly scored three in the top of the first as he lined a double just barely fair down the right field line. 10. That would bounce maybe three feet out in front of home plate two balls no strikes. There is a right hander was his jacket still on just throwing. Lightly and he cal poly bullpen. To go to Michael Luka. Smith throws fastball over for a strike it stood one. Two balls one strike Smith taking a lot of time between pitches. And delivers. Fastball outside three and one. You have to get him some credit we know from his numbers that he has not edited sharpest and I've had a pretty good blue collar effort on his part as well hand in there battlers. 31 to Mitt good and the pitch. Fouled it off. Straight down off the plate three balls two strikes. Which isn't all bad is soccer's continue to. Builds this pitch gad and now the righthander it has taken off his jacket looks like he's actually gonna start warming up. Bottom of the fifth three to cal poly on top. Smith delivers fastball low Michael lived through those one out walk and that was a close one to take but it worked out. First walk all night for Kyle Smith whose. Rarely watch that he won six. In 39 and two thirds prior to tonight's game. And here's to hurt his hit two good looks and it's in solid singles to left. And we're gonna get a trip to the mound. Looks like this is Larry Lee the head coach. So let's so that might be it. I'd be stunned if that was yeah and thrilled at the same time that he's really looking hard out there days. Cost gonna make to those years. We've got him for around 83 pitches something like that so not a real excessive pitch count by any means but. We will get a pitching change here Kyle Smith down after Florida third by far. The shortest outing of the year's election with one out in the fifth and a runner at first Spencer Howard you right hander. Roland parity one on one out situation Howard appearing for the fifth time. Now he's got some really good strikeout to walk numbers this would be. Appearance number five in eight innings he struck out twelve and walked just one. His previous four outings in relief. You had mentioned earlier in the game may be the the pregame that they had a couple of guys in their hand with impressive strikeout numbers here this is one out that you just pointed out. His most recent outing was last Sunday at Sacramento state he pitched two scoreless innings did give up three hits but no walks. And struck out three. And it went four at Pepperdine on March the eighth prior to that giving up one run on three hits no walks and seven strikeouts. In that one's on his last two appearances he's pitched six innings he's obviously got it could give them a few here in the middle of the game. And in those six innings. Six hits but no walks and ten strikeouts. Facing right handed hitting tanner Kurt with a runner at first and one out. Overall Howard one point 12 ER eight great innings. Nine hits but just one walk machine mention twelve strikeouts. Backers about hit the mustang seven to six. They've had a runner thrown out of play hit into a double play with the bases loaded in the first. And come up just short of getting this game tied back up after they gave up three in the top of the first. And it could be that. Larry lead just felt like Kyle Smith which is never gonna turn what sometimes is the head coach you have that feeling. And personally I thought that was strike three against Michael Luka if it were higher up in the zone I think it crossed the plate but. Haven't had quite a bit different look now that your Howard news much harder throwing right hander. Kyle Smith is 5101 needy. Now bulldogs tonight against mr. hardy 63195. Throws quite a bit aren't so different look and frankly I'm authority Al Smith go it kind of. Made the pitches when he needed to. Kirk stands in two for two of the ballgame two solid singles to left tonight. First pitch to him as a fastball high that would at 92 quite a bit harder than what Jacques residency. Look at first got thrown out stealing last night for the first time all year he's seven for eight as a base stealer. Howard's one know her takes a strike on the inside corner there wanna one. 92 a 91 and his first two pitches. No one has even attempted to steal with Howard on the mound so far in his first eight innings of the year. One want to block it go to check swing and I think you went around on that when the first base umpire. Busy with the play says he didn't go this hackers I think got a huge break there it looked for sure like Kirk won around with the first base umpire. Jason blackbird was concerned with the throw it first tried to pick the runner. Might have taken his eyes off that pretty quickly. If whatever the case actor's happy to get that call stood one occurred. Fastball it was opt out of the strike zone that started trigger on it. Now Howard steps off the mound for a moment. Yeah I think I agree with you Mike because breaks if they catch him on at least take advantage of it. The first look at dies back low throw Michael didn't appear to pick up the move real quickly there. And throw was in the turf first baseman. Bar BA went to his knees picture he stayed in front of that. Who would want to Kirk potential tying run it first with one out in the bottom of the pit. There goes quicker and a fly ball pretty well hit the setter but hanging up for the center fielder mechanic goes over toward left center to make the catch. Kirk flies out to center for the second ad in the inning and it will be after rioting. There. Yeah yeah cricket match up right here now it's fastball where you again. I'm pretty proud his. Spitzer Howard. In the low ninety's in his first handful fastballs and Ryan think of guiding it in home runs last year led the club. Take a vote for two tonight so far sharp grounder to third that led to a fielder's choice and run batted in and then a fly ball pretty well hit to right. Howard's first pitch to him to fastball outer half for a called strike won't. Taken three hits last night has hit in six straight coming into this one. Over those six games hitting 391 on nine for 23. 01 coming. And that would miss down and away at the slider that time one ball one strike. Fastballs at 9192. That slider at 81. Michael Luka the rhetoric first two out of the inning. Attackers trailing three to two in the bottom of the fifth. Swaying in advance through the slider again down and you can kind of wave dead and it's one and two. Didn't see that would very well he's probably going to get it again. Here's the stretch by the right hander. The move to first look at back at another bad throw that one actually announced it was blocked by far BA. RBA catcher last year and a couple of those picks by Howard he's. Handle them like kept walking and I hope that there. What a tutor Ryan ticket leads the team in runs batted in picked up his eighteenth of the year in the first inning. Kitchen ticket it's a high in the air right fielder Lendl helped hold it up for the right fielder. And easy play at shallow right for short neck to end the inning. So the soccer's draw one out walk. But failed to do anything with it and we have played five with a score holding it cal poly three Wichita State to the Carnahan. 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C coldly Zeke and Wellington Leah taken Winfield or Randy Hitler in our Kansas City. I'm like storms from ground zero weakness in night here on Candace says. And things. Like them back out to start the sixth Wichita State they have. Righthander ready behind even the bullpen that Tyler is really battled his way through those born at third three hits. Four walks three strikeouts. Had runners on in every inning. That has pitched his way through the chance of facing Dylan Doherty at 90 hitter deleted off for cal Polly here in the sixth. Doherty a lefty swingers space Tyler twice. And has hit a pair of fly balls to center. First pitch from the lefty as a fastball and effort called strike. After Doherty gets Alex McKenna a right handed hitter than lefty swinging Kyle merit guns. 01. Her ball strike call too good pitches to started off so it too. Doherty just getting his season started a couple of weeks ago after being out with the injury. He has started every game since he's returned. That went off the plate intentionally fastball wide one and two. But he is first at bats tonight majority now four for seventeen in his first eight games to 35. Curve ball again hit a hand and make it's there now now. Not it wasn't a moment. Yes he didn't really leave in two that he didn't really try to get out of the way which you don't have it is her ball operator. And after two good pitches to start the at bat an eagle and two I'm at bat and deleted off and that's gonna do it. Todd Butler heads for the we'll get a pitching change that good effort by Cody Tyler. As he upkeep the shocker right in this ball game through four plus innings. While at any point through there it looked like cal poly. Could get another runner to it starts to take hold up with a little bit. More than did his job today if any team on the first inning. And he gets a shocker to the six. He. The new pitcher for Wichita State is freshman righthander Tony Hoyer. Out of Windsor Colorado tall lanky 64185. Pounder. It's been an eight games on the bullpen six and two thirds innings ten hits and runs okay. Cars and nine strikeouts and ERA of thirteen. Point five OO. He's facing Alex McKenna with a runner at first. And nobody out here in the sixth. Cody employers most recent appearance. Was two thirds of an inning against Oklahoma State on Tuesday gave up two hits and two runs. And made two appearances last weekend that Nebraska. Is overrun on a hit. The inning of work on Friday and had a 123 inning on Sunday. Also had a 123 inning against North Dakota last week. But lawyers have to put the national college for DUI defense holdings stated Gary will be your defense against any U get one called make it cannot choose a street. 7596. They'll mention again that tomorrow's game has been moved up and hours on the schedule for. You will not get underway at 11 AM first pitch at 11 o'clock in the morning our pregame show at 1030. Right here on thirteen thirty. Also earlier this afternoon over at welcome stadium the Wichita State softball teams with a double header. From Loyola Chicago five nothing at seven to shoot the scores. Soccer is now fifteen and 123. And two. In Missouri Valley Conference play and they'll wrap up that series with neat new game tomorrow at that stage. So I carried out Cody Hoyer ready to face Alex McKenna. Count one retreat foul pop up to the catcher a single at a. Fly ball to left. Right handed hitter the first to face that knew right hander on the matter of lawyers first pitch is low and outside for ball on a fastball at 88. Dylan Doherty either uttered first Brian T come holding him on. In the sixth cal poly leading at three to two again all the runs scored in the first inning if you just happen to join us. One out. Down and away again to Boston those strikes. Cal poly scored three in the first hit the bases loaded with two out Cody Tyler got a fly ball to get out of it. Looked like it was about to blow wide open. Too low. Down and away he had all three in the same spot pretty much it's three and nothing in the cannot walk with. Group that potentials run into scoring position. And after really being on the ropes in the top of the first shoppers came back and got to themselves. 30. Fastball for strike that's the hardest one he's thrown at 93 at one. Best opportunity for the show actors to tie it. Came in the fourth inning chase raiders' second with two out Luke greater Pitt singled to center but the center fielder McKenna the guys up there right now. Through not to play. 31. And it got the outside corner for strike two not three and two. Player with a lot of run out his fastball everything moving away from the right handed hitter. Joining five straight first couple of 8889 the last two at ninety. Here's the stretch. Holds little longer this time 32 era undergoes pitches wild past captured the backs. Purity turn in second and holds up. If you wanna. Take advantage of what Cody Tyler did for you in this game and frankly moving forward. You but just like throwing arm raised about your bullpen and Wichita State to this point has had some mixed reviews as far as that's concerned lawyer about a walks per inning in the chase Williams. If head. Tyler Jones. Had pretty good command that Tyler's walked nearly guy per inning as well. And there's just only a handful of guys that they have a lot of confidence in. To get outs and you can't Wear those two or three guys out every game including Hoyer. As have an early exit after not being able to get Alex yeah. And touch Butler didn't just ask for the ball he kind of snatched it out of his hand he is not very good mood right now. First of all. You gotta be ready to come in and jump ahead of the guy whips lawyer could you know three anti cancer one of the backs up you gotta have it close enough. At least kept. McKenna. And a little pressure on Carlos Martinez called strike. Tyler Johns. Trying to pick up the pieces here adherence to man I'd let nobody out both reaching on free passes. Tyler Johnson sophomore right hander making his ninth appearance one and all of a seven point 20 ERA for fifteen innings. He has Chad. Really crazy here you look at his total numbers twenty hits in fifteen innings sixteen runs twelve bird. Also seven walks to sixteen strikeouts. You have to kind of break it up in two separate performances. Four and two thirds innings in three appearances against Sam Houston State and Oklahoma State. Fifteen hits and eleven earned runs in those four and two thirds in his other five appearances. He's given up five hits and water run into him in the third and David very good or he's got lit. They need to good Tyler Jones tonight with two on and nobody out here in the sixth cal poly leading 32. And getting right into the heart of the order come here and cons the second baseman is one for two with a double his last time. Attitude ninety hitter on the year. Goes back to him they. Wish list for coaches I just need to know what I'm gonna get out of you. Yeah. Good or bad this consistently. I need to know what I'm gonna get in. More than a couple of shocker kind of fall into that category no. While you at a time or two out there that then they'll be an outing where they just don't have it. Tyler Jones ready to go to work sophomore from call which tended. And dale high school. Tall and slim at 63170. Come Eric Johnson freshman or cal poly. Freshman from San Jose left handed hitter. Why don't left in the first sacrifice bunt in the second and it doubled on the left field line in the fourth he's had two hits in the series both at the opposite field from the left side of the plate. It's on the play squares around but sit in the air pack two discrete and out of play. Strike one to Marron times. Cal poly. What they want to sacrifice violence in their first twenty games. There and cons only has one of those. They are among the nation's leaders in sacrifice bunds. That nineteenth in the nation. Take a minute first. Poland want to merit guns. Avid John's taking awhile to get to sign he's ready. Turns to second. But nothing doing there. It merit cons is spotting his job is to get it to the third baseline they want the third baseman for the pitcher to have to come make the play and not. Gift take him a chance charging from first to throw on the lead runner at third. But Lonny does square mystic ball gets away from Trout lines on both runners move up. This the baht one after a pitch that wasn't a strike. And I think they ring it is a strike. The palace aide did to city they city didn't go but it's a passed ball on Trout lines and he doesn't have to but as the runners move up innings. And looked like he'd just. Pulled the bat back and nothing just in the nick of time. Caroline's got squeezed apple. Now the shocker to bring the infield in. Only down Iran but were in the sixth inning now in second and third that nobody out. 11 account. Tyler Jones from the stretch. And pinch. Just missed time. Like pretty good slider that stayed up just a little two balls in a strike. Cal poly has had a few threats here and there Cody Tyler able to get out of the previous ones that what is low and inside runs it to three in one. It was a situation here here Wichita State. One run is okay. You know absolutely have to get down on this with no damage and no pitched like you got a strike out the side. That you need to limit the damage starting with Gary here. Popped up shout it's gonna carry dissenter enough to get around home from there Luka moving toward left center makes the catch. Matters tag and hold at second base the scoring from third. Is Dylan Doherty has now fortitude ballgame but that does get the first out of the inning. Off the bat I thought that ball is going to be a little more shallow might not be deep enough that the wind helped push it into the gap in left center enough for the run to score. There. And cons now has the somewhat rare combination of a sacrifice bunt and a sacrifice fly within the same game. Except his tenth run batted in and year. And that run is charged to code entirely the only one that he'll be saddled lifted his 43 innings. Rings at fret bar BA. But they're dangerous hitter but it right on right match up for Tyler Jones the first pitch outside Ruble. Drought winds set up out there off to color. Bar BA would not chase very disciplined hitter he's already won twice in this game struck out his at a time. 42 mustangs they have scored a run here in the sixth without benefit of a hit. It better a walk a passed ball a sac fly. Swing and a miss big rip and a fastball didn't catch up with a one ball one strike. Four runs on just. Five hits for cal poly. Checkers have managed to runs on seven hits. That would just missed a way to have one. Soccer dads asking where that last week was. As Mike alluded to Trout line and we set that way sometimes sets up off the place even if you hit target. It ends up being in what can batter's box. Fouled back fastball up and away to into and out of our VA. RPA ranks third in the big west in batting average on base percentage and slugging percentage does the victory. And ranks 38 in the nation and on base percentage 49 in batting average. Came into the game at 4112. Balls two strikes. Tyler Jones ready. Hughes' pitch struck him out fast Bo I got him swinging that's a big out for Tyler Jones and the second out of the inning. The job hitting the target. By Tyler. Away. And our BA went fishing in the public. Both of these teams among the nation's leaders in strikeouts both average about eight point three per nine innings but so far tonight. Now Paulie has struck out three Wichita State as now punched out for. John should enact clean up man one for three with a double. Takes talent for a strike on the inner half. Tyler Jones consistently at ninety to 91 was sensible. Shane said attackers can get out of this just giving up one. The pretty good escape they at second and third with nobody out one in our runner at second with two down. 01. Outside of all the strike. Wearing out that outer edge in the UST it is. Jack is still have four at bats to come back in this and they'll be in the middle part of their order in the bottom of the sixth inning. 11. Goes away again and again outside paid two and one. After awhile use he can't go out there that far. You gotta trust that your pitcher. He's gonna hit that outer edge you know have this. So over renounced. You know over basically on me in line the left hand batter's box froze Martinez in and call out there. To line bounces that there could stop that time by Trout line holder at second. Slider and it bounced and it three and one. There's a time where umpires called that consistently but that you know this game is a lot of rumors stream now and the ones that aren't televised so umpires don't wanna look like a fool on TV where but he can see it so they're. Gotta call. More pitches that are actually strikes instead of one's just off the plane. Minded the last one hop to Travis young they're gonna sit there that are on third throw toward the play is cut up throughout the play is not a time that cal poly it's a big two out hit to take a five to two lead. Travis young's throw got to chase raider who's added on home man. Not quite in time big two out yet. By John short necked his second run batted in of the night for you know all. Attackers who were down. That's very the first time they came to bat now down three again in mid game its constitution. Act also took second on the throw. So he's in scoring position with two out for Michael Sanders. Sanderson a walk and striking out enough now to the first baseman so far tonight. First pitch to him is now back for strike one. We'll continue to remind you at tomorrow's game starting an hour earlier than scheduled it will be at 11 o'clock. First pitch 11 AM tomorrow. In the final game of this three game series. Tyler Jones trying to get the last out here in the sixth. Throws Lowe. Got wind had trouble finding it that the runner at second chance to hang on one ball one strike. Checkers tomorrow be facing Eric Goldman three and now with a 2.0 two ERA is the reigning big west picture of the week. After shutting out Sacramento state last Saturday. Alex Jones from the stretch. And the 11. Good breaking ball for a called strike goes to one and two. Shocker is one last night six to nothing. It now trail five to two in the sixth in this one. Jones taking a little while to get to sign. And the 12. Now to the right out of play. Kudos to Cody Tyler who was not at his very sharp this tonight that battled through four and a third giving up just one run on three hits. Started this inning but hit the first batter after going oh and two. And the run eventually given up for him. But a good outing. 12 against Jones striking out swinging. Speed skaters corner. Sanderson down swinging to end the inning cal poly gets some big runs two runs on just one hit. No errors and a passed ball makes him. And one man left on base so after five and a half it's not cal poly five Wichita State news. There are certain. Precious. You just can't ever on C. He'd like to forget we ever will. The worst part about it arriving at some point that person has been injected. Is that renders you know this the fact that it is such an easy thing to do. I mustered all honoring my favourite music not wearing her sick don't. Kansas it's belongs. Click it or ticket worst. Need a place to watch the big game. Finally came 96 and went room. Offers daily specials a dozen Beers on tap and a menu featuring everything from pizza to primary. Jerseys proud to be an official sponsor of Wichita State shocker. There's no matter where the soccer play home or away want to make jerseys have tickets ride to the game and style and their sweet Hummer limo. Call 3166365000. Jerseys grilling barn Wichita. Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance. C agent Alex Acosta NG Valentine or in mold main Kirk Farber. This is Stevens can join this morning right here on cape enhanced fast. Five. Six if that's better Trout quietly enough. And Spencer Howard and his second inning of work in relief. For cal poly throws outside for ball one actually. Howard technically two thirds of an inning in the fifth face to hitters retired them both on fly balls. That are Trout wind died a single and a double play grounder to short one for two. And the 10 fastball over for a strike. Even did it one and one gutter hitting 600. Leading off innings. He is 247. So far in this series. Recent Janice done deck and then chase trader. One line he chased one did look very good swing and added fooled on the pitch hits one into the all right showing a fastball it's. He threw one about 89 in this thing the first inning he worked it was all 9192. And a sliders 8182 so he's got that nice ten hour. Difference ten mile per hour between his fastball his breaking ball that went outside it's too into. Cutter Trout wind came into the game at 304. Howard taking his time pro outline deep in the bucks. And the two to. Get near to Saturn shallow actually just barely off the infield portion deterred the shortstop out of makes the catch. I would just carried about a step and a half under the green portion of the turf. One out in the shocker happened the sixth inning and the better recent yesterday there and nothing definitive. Shocker and not Kyle Smith now a fifth the result he thought would have been better than this we got a couple on the first. And base runners and every inning except for the second but nothing really going on. And then there are league goes and gets cal Smith who comes Spitzer Howard into the game. You thought all right now we're onto something but cal poly is a leg up since the first inning. First pitch to grace suggested an off speed pitch way and sat almost hitting one ball no strikes. Janice did tonight a looping single to left and a ground ball to the second baseman one for two officially. Checkers it's still out hit cal poly seven to six betrayal five to. Takes a fastball up and away for a called strike and it's 11. Five of the seven hits by the way came in that first inning. Only two cents single by occur in the third a single by reader in the fourth that. Looked like it might score a run chase reader was thrown out at the plate trying to score from second. 11. Fouled straight back had a better candidate that won but under a little bit one ball in two strikes. Checkers have had base runners in every inning with a second DeShea mention. Not too many getting beyond for space though. It's never a good time. Casey doesn't souvenirs that thing. 12. Motives side of the fence won't and it's two balls in two strikes. Candidate stick it out at Howard's got those good strikeout numbers. But he was consistently 9192. On the first two hitters he faced 8990. We're typical here in the sixth. Doctors trying to put something together after cal poly scored two in the top of this inning to extend their lead to five to two. Tutu to jettison. Wind foul outside third. Candidate defensive swing just protect the outside part of the plate that he hit it hard on align the way foul outside third base coaching box. Still two and two. One out nobody on in the bottom of the sixth. Howard's pitch and just have bounces off the handle to the second baseman. Easy play for Marion comes over to first and two out. Got jammed on that one rolled won the second two out in the better will be chase straighter. Greater singled to drive in Iran reached on an error a throwing error by the third baseman. One for two officially. One for three last night so two hits in five trips against cal poly pitching in the series. First pitch to chase is a fastball to strike call on the outside corner. Right hander Eddie. And the pitch. And a little bit low of one of one. There is part of the West Coast style that I could actually kind of enjoy watching them. Some of the small ball stuff they execute well but they are notoriously slow on the mound and that's not enjoyable. Next pitch inside leaned back to balls and one strike. They make up Florida I guess so by throwing strike and a don't walk a bunch of guys. Only one so far tonight. To wonder raider. Fly ball shallow right field. Should neck camp under it and makes the catch to retire the side it really easy 123 inning for Spencer Howard in the sixth. So we go to the seventh in the score remains cal poly five Wichita State to. We have a lot of responsibilities in today's world we cautiously analyze our wellness but neglect the largest organ of our body our skin at Moeller dermatology we offer specialized testing and treatments for common diseases and skin hair and nails and thorough treatment for skin cancer moles and lesions and we're the provider offering moonless in micro graphics surgery that's recognized as the skin cancer treatment with the highest cure rate please call Moeller dermatology at sixty to 7546. To schedule an appointment at our east or west Wichita locations experience for yourself one more dermatology is your premier trusted source for all Dermot too logical needs. Your busy meeting deadlines aaron's car pulls favors EDT to ask Brenda thank you completely forgot to shower thing hasn't been any different believes that he can you promised better yeah. Stops you can't be everywhere but we can. Delta dental of Kansas offers individual dental plans across the largest Dennis network in the nation's so when something's gotta dance blues the laundry list. Keep your smile learn more about individual and family dental plans and delta dental KS dot com. Shocker sports has brought do you buy American family insurance. C agent Brad woody Shawn Chapman orange haze filled for a stumble a Sean Hannity here listen to meet every weekday until the fall half. Happening right here on KM SS. Three outs also gave up singles drove it. Up two runs scored in the sixth want to burn the other under the second run would not have scored if a passed ball had not but the runner in scoring position so. Of the five runs four earned denied a shocker pitching the first pitch from Jones to bin poll check low for ball one. (%expletive) came into the game one for fourteen he's been on all three times up with a single and two walks. The system in the year to shallow right. You've got moving in Hendrick and makes the catch for the first down. Bolstered retired for the first time flies out to start the seventh with the better Cooper more of the DH he has won for three and RBIs single of the first. And since then a couple of ground ball outs. Mora started both games at DH in the series going one for six. Alex Jones first pitch to him. Is it good slider for a called actually fastball for strike one. Detail and movement on that one. Pitch fastball low one ball one strike Cooper more. They said starting both games in this series had not played since March the twelfth when he Lotto for two Grand Canyon didn't get in last weekend at Sacramento state. This one's hit in the air right center field high in the air when drifting at that you guys there at the right fielder makes the catch for the second out. Jane mentioned last night. Cal poly is about to wrap up the stretch of ten straight gay. On the road they opened the season by playing twelve at home. Going tenant two of their three and five so far. In the eight road games. It will finish off with tomorrow's game here in Wichita. Safe to assume that chase Williams what it's called tomorrow that's my understanding yes. First pitch to load to nick Meyer for bowl on mired not a walk in a couple of pop ups to the second baseman. The line by Jones. And that one catches the outside corner off speed pitch even that it wanted one. Even with five runs tonight cal poly only was six hits and yet these eight road games. Just hitting 217. Averaging seven hits in three and a half runs that was inside fastball moved him back in it's to have one. That compares to a 300 average in their twelve games at home averaging just under seven runs per game. Two out bases clear 21 pitch. Strike on the outside corner. Levels an opportunity to. Time calls for just a moment Meyer was out of the box back again. And Tyler Jones two to. Announce to the left side deepen the hall Kirk feels throws across his body no chance to get in the first. Ball was buried deep in the hall Kurt going hard toward the left field line had to try to twisted throw across his body just couldn't get anything on it. In infield single for Meyer. That is seven hits for the mustangs. That are rendered first with two out for Dillon Doherty. Doherty to fly ball outs and then was hit by a pitch and scored around his last time out in the sixth. We're now on the seventh cal poly leaves it five to two. And pitched authority strike tanner Anthony's best quality eight. Once again Jones ready. And the 01. Strike over Anthony's again nothing into. Seven hits for each team. Five singles to doubles for cal poly. And Wichita State with six singles a double their very first hit of the night was a leadoff double in the bottom of the first but Michael Luka. Two Lotta rhetoric first and out to pitch coming to Dylan Doherty. And he laid off and off speed pitch that was low one ball in two strikes. Soccer's at their half of the seventh at the bottom three of the order coming up. When she trail after seven it just gets harder and harder to any level of baseballs could be a big at bat coming up to pitch. Tech fell past third still 12. Soccer's in the third game of a ten game homestand they lost the opener at Oklahoma State Tuesday. Came back to get a win last night trail in this one in the seventh. 12 again fastball high. Dubose and two strikes. Shocker is for all their struggles at times on the mound with their third shot out last night. That is tied for fourteenth in the nation. Two balls two strikes Tyler Jones pitch. And a high pop up shallow and the left field Travis young moving in under the left fielder makes the catch and that will do it's a little. Infield single with two outs did no harm no runs one hit. And one man left for cal poly at the seventh inning stretch. It's the mustangs five and the soccer's two. Did show every truck month. What do you want in a family of trucks dependability. Capability best in class available via H fuel economy. What is didn't get all of this and more on meet the all new 2016 Silverado 15100 as the new face of strong boundary trucker mugs CY Shipley is the fastest growing pickup program see your hometown Chevy dealer today and missing the last few we know we were five point three liter V8 engine BP isn't a sixteen city 23 highway between two wheel drive recently just due to your sales growth. Wind down broke down need that same day when time is not on your side call led put expressed a hot shot to Tulsa or next flied out to Orlando. Let's put express gets it there fast. State apart nationwide the same day use their next flight out or hot shot services would put expressed delivers anything fast. But it absolutely has to be there on time call let's put expressed at 5409991. Or online at led foot express dot com. Which caused news traffic and weather leader thirteen thirty KM SS. But for the seven. That's up Travis look greater faith in god or anything haters here is beginning. They try to get it going against Spencer Howard ESP. Out of the bullpen to face bias and has retired all 54 of those balls hit in the years three fly balls the outfield pop up to the shortstop. And a ground ball. Travis got leads it off. Travis spoke for two of a couple of ground balls to second tonight one of them started an inning ending double play in the first. Have this one for three last night five for his last fifteen coming into tonight's game so at that pace. You be due for a base hit here. First pitch to him. Tried to but it fouled it for strike one. We got a little bit of the catcher Carlos Martinez plate umpire and sympathy walking the new ball out to the picture for a moment give. The catcher Meyer a chance to wreak recover a little bit. 011 beyond. Travis started the night hitting 263. Packers need base runners are down by three in the seventh. 01 slinging it drives it toward the gap in left center that's gonna find robot there. Balancing all the way to attract young can really motor he's the second it'll hold up there. Travis yeah I'm in a leadoff double here in the seventh the first shot greater reach against him. Sir Howard and a promising start to the seventh inning. Third if you base hit the crowds young and song anti. Here's a shocker the opportunity like hikes at last campaign trail after having you come back very often especially if it's. 83 run deficit after seven so. With Luke Ritter and I think Josh to backer maybe meaning for dear god. I had a chance to get one closer or maybe better. Cal poly eleven and oh when leading after seven innings. That's not unusual for teams to have that kind of record leading after seven with a runner at second nobody outlook greater one for one. It's doing. It is a little bit high for ball one Ritter. And the ball game as a pinch hitter in the fourth and singled to center. Soccer's with eight hits now that was their second double. Ridder right handed hitting freshman infielder pitch. Fastball high to an out. And Howard is not throwing quite as hard as when he first came into the game. Bit of activity in the cal poly bullpen a right hander still. Not really throwing in earnest off the mound but playing some long catch starting to loosen up. Too low. Way outside with that 13 balls and no strikes. Another base runner at least get the tying run to the plate wind's not blowing out quite as hard as it was earlier but still enough to maybe help the ball toward left. Spencer Howard from the belt and the 30. That's in for a strike fastball at 93 and one. Jane mentioned Josh to backer has come out in the on deck circle for the shock here's. He is a left handed hitter as opposed to the right hander Judah. 31 and it's just on the outside corner. Readers started towards authors waiting to hear the call from Carlos Martinez to let it go to stay there. Three in two and now after three you know start that would just barely caught the outside edge. 32. Fouled it off went away from him again. He has protected. Swung late fell to run out the end of the then. That's good hitting when you can spoil a two strike pitch like death that you're not exactly right on. Still three to your ears Spencer Howard set. Check second to the plate. Now back again. Look prayer coming into the game in the 26268. As thirteen runs batted in. Howard long look for the sign. He's ready and delivers. Strike three call fastball on the inside corner. Ritter got caught looking away after all those pitches on the outer edge and Howard busted him inside for strike three. It's Spencer Howard's second strike yet. Here's Josh to back greeting at Purdue Dayton was no for two with two strikeouts looking tonight. The back room left handed bat up there against the right hander Howard. Josh to backer 22 at bats five hits 227 including a double and a triple. And four runs batted him. There factor also an outfielder so he will likely take over for you done right. Just can't have Travis young guy out there at second base. Jock has had a little something go on at some excitement the dugout after that double to start the inning. And then Ridder goes down strikes and a backer trying to pick him up. One out. One on. Spencer Howard did Josh to backer of fastball at the knees for a called strike one and you're gonna pinch hit it. And you get ones that are cut like death matter though from lot to me as to get to the catcher. That's is that the first thing you look forward to go actually the first thing you look for a pinch hitters in college you'll different than pitchers in pro ball. A learn as they get older. Fastball high and at time one ball one strike. Backers steps out for just a moment. Had an at bat against Oklahoma State going Oprah won and was O for three in the last two games of the Nebraska series last weekend. Had a good start to that series going one for two with two walks in the win on Friday. 11. That's the outside edge for a strike and it's one and two. Checkers for for seven. Tonight in its rules runners in scoring position so that's good average. They need to keep that going got to man up there at second with one out. And this young reaching on a leadoff double. Readers struck out to backer in the hole one and two. Howard's pitch. Plumes lows in the ticket it was just out of the zone he too is that close to. Striking out pinch hit appearance where he didn't take the bat off his shoulder. And again it's good to be selected the when they're that close you probably better be ready to at least Alomar. Tutu and now. We'll have you don't swing at that mean what you really look at for news. Two strikes well that wasn't called a strike but a couple of pitches in that bad either middle or middle away. And with wind blown out laughed in all like it stuffy yet but itself in your favor featuring about. Big gap on the left side of the infield to pitch him away. Tutu. Came in and live sit down the left field line that foul but a better job that time of fighting it off. Cal poly jumped out with three in the top of the first. Slackers got out of a bases loaded jam did in that inning and then came back and got two of their own they also had the bases loaded hit into an inning ending double play it and there was no more scoring. Until the sixth when cal poly got to and they now lead at five to two in the bottom of the seventh. 22 against. It chop to the right side second baseman lays back on it then charges of throws to first in time. -- kinds throws out to backer moving to third Travis young that there are now two outs in the inning. Michael looked at the top of the order double. A ground ball to second that'll walk in his three times up officially won here. Around Stewart. They sit here he could even get it to 53. Changes the whole feel this a little bit he goes down. Not feel very good go on the last couple of innings. Chains set a leadoff double you just feel like. We don't get that guy home. Chopped his second shot dead two hops right to merit guns over to first giving up the soccer's wasted a golden opportunity in the seventh. And go to the eight still trailing by a score of five to two. 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It's not a sports bar but it's a great place to watch the game check out your new favorite today in Bridgetown brewery west when he first in Tyler and eased when he first and rock room. We're town brewery since 1992. Shocker sports is brought to you by American family insurance. C agent Jared Crawford. Chris post or Mike Rogers. This marks living finding. Weekdays at five right here on tape and as as. Right field. As a pitcher Wichita State's. It is quite right hander clay McGuinness he's in there for the eleventh comments. Tops on the team he's made three starts. He made start last week in and Lincoln 62 thirds of overall. Seven blocked fourteen strikeouts 11 knows they claim. They number 23 hits opponent batting average of 329. That includes nine extra base hits among the 23. Good stuff just the advance got a lot of potential. But. Mike is started Oklahoma got off to a good start the first inning and then gave up a bomb to. The three hole hitter and had trouble getting out of the inning it's just. It's all about location consistency once he learned today that he's got a chance to be really good. Spacek Alex McKenna at the top of the order. Cal poly five runs seven hits one error Wichita State to runs eight hits and no lawyers. Alex McKenna one for three with a walk walked and scored a run in the sixth. And he takes a strike. Fastball at 89. Clayton mcinnis from amazonian Missouri. 61180. Pounder. The 01. Popped up but behind the bag at second. Or the shortstop calls operator of the second baseman and it makes the catch one out. Attackers will be back. In the heart of their batting order to start the bottom of the eight. They have just got to make something happens down five to two at the moment. Come Aron congress had a pretty good night in the two hole batted cleanup last night went one for four. New depth to to hold at night. And is one for two he has a fly ball the left a sacrifice bunt a double and a sacrifice fly. Officially won for two with a run batted in. Burres pitched to him. Dividend right well hit the right at Josh to back it makes the catch for the second out. Soccer's actually have won a game this year when trailing after seven. That's not a very good percentage it lost twelve. But have not wanna game and it trailed after eight. Sliver of hope as they come to bat in the bottom of the eighth but certainly. You would think we need to be 52 in the war. Set the Omaha game it seems like one of those ideas are right analysts. Three any did the trick now. Two out nobody on Bret part BA takes a strike on the outside corner bar created at a couple of walks but also two strikeouts. And now has a twelve game hitting streak on the line that's here in the eight. It is his pitch showed but I don't know where that would was but it's called ball one. Most blanked the RBA walked and scored the first struck out swinging in the second walked in the fourth struck out swinging in the sixth. Struck out by Cody Tyler and Tyler Jones. One hopper to the shortstop. Kirk fires to first for the out so nice 123 innings for Clayton Maginnis in the eighth. Keeping the score right where it is but the shocker states it runs is cal poly five and the soccer's two. Think whites machinery and bobcats sponsored teams some important batting practice and it's going for the bobcat many track floated past the center field wall. Right above it bombed all of the Muslim it's. Headed for the bond get all wheels to your letter left with the Mac O attachment. Elite yeah. The dog gets gets here with the talent works. Nice being photographed bobcat equipment and attachments for white dog designed for peak performance built to take a beating there. Your busy meeting deadlines aaron's car pulls favors he didn't ask render the thank you completely forgot to our camp didn't pay any different believes that he can you promise better. Stop you can't be everywhere but we can. Delta dental of Kansas offers individual dental plans across the largest Dennis network in the nation's so when something's gotta dance blues the laundry list. Keep your smile learn more about individual and family dental plans and delta dental KS dot com. Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance. C agent Bernhard inning does. Election 2016 headquarters thirteen thirty. And as fast. Now volleys. Tired because nine his face he did give up a leadoff double to Travis guns in the seventh but. Nothing came of that for the shoppers they can demand in the eight still trailing by two. It was intended heard Ryan Jacob. And gutter Trout line for the shoppers. To tie state with eight hits. But just two runs both in the first inning dinner Kurt two for three. It fly ball to center fielder's last timeout after two straight singles to start tonight takes time for ball one. Checkers have some guys coming up who's. Had a chance to make something happen. Pretty much needs to happen here in the eight. One note had occurred Spencer Howard. To the plate fastball in their for a strike it's 11. Tomorrow's game gets under way at 111 hour earlier than originally scheduled so 11 AM first pitch. Our broadcast begins at 1030 here on thirteen thirty K in essence. 11 to Kirk and that would bounces away from the catcher to balls and strike. Howard will throw that occasional pitch it's not even close and he comes right back at. Pretty low spots everything. Two and one to Kurt. And that fastball on the outside edge for a strike it stood to. Now Molly's got some nice links at of the bullpen last night. Boston done it and bill. Filled up some innings at the hijackers got starter rule utterly. Howard already with two and two thirds of the books tonight. Pitch to Kirk fouled off the plate and the count holds two and two. As Jane mentioned you would have liked the shocker is chances if you said they'd get Kyle Smith out in the fifth. Seven hits off of it but I need to opted out to only give up two runs left leading. And it is now 52 mustangs in the eight. Two to begin to Kirk. Inside just a little bit three balls in two strikes. Doctors trying to get their leadoff man on the second straight inning wasted a leadoff double by Travis young in the seventh. 32. Strike three call fastball down around the knees. And that is Howard's. Third striking out all of them looking. One out of the gates of the better Ryan Jenkins. It's given them a steady diet of fastballs can complain about that. But. Ridder in the seventh and Kirk here in the eight. Taking a called third strike. Taken over three takes a fastball on the inside it's for restraint. Ticket mate fielder's choice grounder in the first drove in Iran and then to fly balls the right fielder. Need to hit to prolong a hitting streak that is six games coming in. 01. Outside of that 11 ball one strike. One out bases empty bottom of the eighth shocker stand of their last five outs trailing five to two. Spencer Howard signals he'd like to see the signs again from his catcher Meyer. And delivers. Taken grounds it to the right side the second baseman is cheating up the middle but able to get back to his left to make the play. Merrick on the second baseman was way up the middle on T complaining to pull ball was close enough to his left that he was able to move back again. Three times taken that all the opposite field. The senior editor. I Campbell's sack and a very often. Two out bases empty. Router Trout line one for three with a single his first time options that he is grounded to short starting a double play and has popped assured. Howard's first pitch to him then he also pioneered foul behind first base dug out. Just deep enough to get out of play about four Rosen. Got a with a hit in each game so far in this series 248. Against cal poly pitching. Tomorrow the shocker shall face Eric yield went three and now with a 202. ERA probably chase Williams getting the start with a shocker is in the series finale. No balls one strike to Trout line. Howard's pitch fastball. Maybe outer happened right there nothing into. You guys take a lot of fastballs for strikes. But wait to. Both to. Way outside of that when one ball and two strikes. How artificially three and a third innings in the books he has retired all but one hitter that he's faced. It's ready to go with the one to deter outline. And gutter takes just inside to him to. Shocker is with five hits in the first inning since then. One in the third one in the fourth one in the seventh. It's been scattered around. Two out. Bases cleared powered working slowly and try outline calls time. Should he get on Grayson Janice waits in the on deck circle. GQ. Low and it goes all the way floor. Second full count at the inning tanner Kirk took a called third strike after going 32 deleted off. Ridder had it 32 in the seventh. Took a called third strike. 32 to gutter Trout line coming up. And a grounder up the middle to big hops to the shortstop. Easy throw over to first by dory. Soccer's go quietly in the 83 up and three down and after eight still cal poly five Wichita State to. We all know that girl the girl with no inside voice grew speaks in textile. The grossest with cats and videos of cats will that girl is playing powerball and she might win state powerball jackpot can fund a lot of cast videos which beat GW was not fellow Wilfork and it. It's up to you to win. You know the benefits of dental implants from Cambridge family dentistry will now Cambridge is giving you a very special offer a complimentary exam and a 3-D X ray valued at 350 dollars. Two hours from start to finish and I had six class and we did. Hurt in retrospect. I would pay double received your complimentary exam and a free 3-D X ray now call 3163501100. At Cambridge family dentistry you have something to smile about. Shocker sports is brought to you by American family insurance. Seat agent John Green Ryan woods or in Andover less Sawyer. I just let back into any week day mornings at nine right here on. The game right were district. It was shot yourself up. For the last time that it is five to two. Cal poly as the mustangs bid to even in this series. That would send it to a deciding game tomorrow starting at 11 AM. Again that's a new first pitch time 11 AM broadcast tomorrow at 1030. Soccer's we'll get. Kind of an extra day in between games they have two bit weak games scheduled this coming week as Stephen F Austin. Tuesday night at 630 and then 8:3 o'clock game on Wednesday to allow Stephen F Austin to get headed home to Texas. That week's going to be tough to five games. 3 am against TCU. TCU will be. Good and angry because they've already lost their series down in Austin against Texas. Giant ship next leads off for cal poly swings and misses first offering from Clayton Maginnis short necked tonight two gets. And two runs batted in. Leads the Big West Conference with 23 RBI now on the season. As a double a single to night. 01 just a little bit low one ball and strike ship neck batting cleanup tonight. We followed by Michael Sanderson and then pull shock. Maginnis is 11. Fouled back. United up in the zone. And its one and two. Chip next couple weeks ago the Big West Conference player of the week. Seven for eighteen in four games against Pepperdine in San Francisco with three doubles a triple homer and drove in seven. One hopper to third baseman raiders sets up buyers and a little bit Hyde taken gets it was a close play. Ball was hit right at greater but he was fairly deep and it wasn't hit real sharply chase made a good strong throw to get him by about a half step. Camel hump back flyer that. Rader could do anything about that weighed on it and it kind of made a flat footed row over cross sowed I think a lot behind him. Ship neck. Down line prediction. Here is Michael Sanderson walked and scored his first time up since then hope for three with two strikeouts. And a pop up the first baseman and off speed pitches tonight it's. As to catch you don't mind taking for the team not much behind that one off speed pitch that got him in the leg it looked like he's bored with one out. Second hit better but I shot pitchers tonight. And also seven walks allowed that's nine free passes to see. Up Polly got their last two runs kind of there. Insurance runs if you will with only one hit in the sixth. It better wild pitch pass ball sac fly. And a single. Strike call to then hold check. That's a single two walks and a fly ball the right one for two. They hit a single in the first it drove in Iran just his second of the season. He is not two for sixteen on the year. Moved to first to the writer dives back. Sanderson has yet to attempt to stolen base on the years of not likely that he's going anywhere. And he goes in and balls popped up in her right setter fairly well hit that look at. Moving back as the ball drift to him in the reason makes the catch for the second out. A two out of the inning. Now Paulie getting aggressive they are sending Sanderson tried it yet one more insurance driver. Rendered first to dot Cooper more than DH one for four. Collecting a hit to drive in Iran in that three run first inning. Or came into the game hitting 207. First pitched in swing and of aesthetic waving at the off speed pitch out in front nothing in one. Cal poly three outs away at with a three run lead continuing. Impressive stat not ever having lost a game in which they led at any point from the second inning on. 01. Checked off in time it miss down and away. At the completion of any inning for them to through eight that they have led this season they have not let the lead get away. Jack recently three to tie the bottom of the ninth. 11 swing at events busted that one up it and I'm one ball and two strikes. The just get. Let me off speed pitch get away it hit a guy clay McGuinness throwing well here at least two innings of work hopefully that will give him a little bit of confidence. As he needs to be a guy he has a guy that I just a freshman with the ability to. I'll add some depth this staff. Moved to first of their utter back. One and two to Cooper more to not rhetoric first. But look over to first and then Maginnis comes set. Delivers. And it's tough now. When will push it but not enough to get it back to the playing field Lance neck behind the shocker again. One vol two strikes account holding a one out hit batter has Michael Sanderson at first since then a fly ball out. So there too down of the inning. Mcginnis had a 1238. So he has retired five of the six that he has faced so far. 12 again. Our speed this slow to a two. Soccer's will open conference play. Two weeks from today at Evansville. They'll be home until then this is the longest stretch at home this season. It is delivers. Swing at a mess and it pops out of the catch you've actually got a foul tips so he's still alive. Just barely graze it and it spun out of the glove of gutter Trout lines that cap stays too into. More standard and from the right side awaiting another 22 pitch from clay McGuinness. And a fastball in just mystery into. Now the rhetoric first Sanderson will be taking off with a pitch. You know looking ahead to tomorrow Libya fair amount of pressure on chase Williams. Because Cody Tyler obviously not an inch. Tyler Jones probably rule that played against probably. And a ground ball one hop the shortstop could Kurt kicks it. And so the inning is still alive normally sure handed batter Kurt looked like he just took his eye off of it for whatever reason for a split seconds left behind. First error of the night for the show doctors. Their first in two games in the series. So first and second two out at Reagan be clear not available for. And again and Taylor spammers probably not a real leader. So you're looking at Justin's seawall. John Hayes will be in the next but who knows win. And that's kind of yet maybe Cory Cody Hoyer Rica's only faced one guy today Connor long what's. So. It'll be being tough on chase Williams tomorrow. And tough on the shocker if he didn't have deepened in the game. Pitch low and outside for ball one to nick buyer the cal poly catcher is one for three and an infield single hole shortest last time up. Also walked back in the first. First and second two out. Guinness is pitch. Ground ball up the middle Kirk gets to this but Bobble zip everybody got to be saved. League runners stopped at third. That was a tougher play was going to his left up the middle looked like he was trying to get his body turns we can make a flip to second on the force. And looks like to get escorted to base it. And soccer's. Well right should have been out of this inning along time ago. Now three men have reached on a hit by pitch and error. And the infield single that could potentially have been the third out as well. Dylan Doherty O for three and hit by a pitch. That's for the second time with the bases loaded tonight. Takes a fastball on the outside corner he was up with the bases loaded in the first for the chance to really blow this one wide open it already scored three. In a fly ball to the center fielder. Soccer's are going to have any chance at all that slam now the Guinness has got to get Doherty right here. 01 misses outside. Took something off the ball to strike. Five to two mustangs. They look to even up to series. Attackers still with one at bat to go. 11. Low smothered by Trout line two balls and mr. right. That another one of those games where. Just here in there anything it could go wrong seems to. Shocker should have been out of this inning instead. Cal poly with a threat. Bases loaded two out. 21. Low again three balls and strike. And the shocker offensively besides the first thing really in mount much offensively and they got. Leadoff double in the seventh from Travis young that was really the only legitimate threat in have. Much else going on and where after the first inning you've never thought the sharpest I would note that he might be parked on two rounds but here they are. Almost tied it in the fourth pitch single wire raider raider trying to score from second thrown out at the plate. Cal poly stayed in front of the time 3231. Pitch. Low for ball four. Man. Hit better air or infield single that was. Top possible force out and data bases loaded walk it is now six to two. The run is unearned because the error prolonged the inning. So Alex McKenna op rate candidates. On his way out to talk to Maginnis. Eight walks now by shocker pitching included cup only including a couple of hit batters. And the six runs. That the mustangs that score. Only one. Was. Due to a base hit in other words the run that scored they got on because of a free pass barred VA and Sanderson. Walked in the first and scored. Doherty hit by pitch McCann walked in the sixth they both scored in Sanderson. Hit by a pitch with one out here in the ninth he has scored. And next closest runner. More third reached on air. Alex the candidate night one for four with a walk. At a single in the second for his hit deceiving. Again this goes to work and a strike at the knees. Two of the six runs are unearned as a result of a passed ball in the sixth and the error here in the ninth anything else. That should score here in the ninth would also be honored. Soccer's just couldn't afford to give up anymore down four runs in the in the ninth now. Battling gets through Trout line here comes another runner home to store. Seven to two in. Like that would should've at least been blocked if not caught. So that's one and one. Not sure if that's a while pitcher fastball it kind of look like a fastball from here. Second and third to about 11 count. Seven to two cal poly. Is a wild pitch off pit chip. Fouled back. And it's one and two to Alex McKenna. It's vanishing mention. Only one of the runners scored reached on a base it's just and that kind of night is. In this inning hit batter and error. Panic greasy infield single a walk. Wild pitch. Fastball up and in tune to. Seven to two cal poly. Attackers made a good effort early to come back after giving up three in the top of the first but. Office just stalled out after that. Did too. Soft liner to short cut biker that incident. But more damage status cal poly picks up two runs on one infield hit one error. Toobin left we go to the bottom of the night it's seven to two mustangs. This is Todd cipher with Cochran more scoring crematory would you tell us exclusive certified veterans and famine more health care provider. Over a 150000. Troops are currently serving overseas away from their families Monfils. Join us and supporting armed forces by donating your old cell phones to cell phones for soldiers. Come mind call or find us on FaceBook for details. Cochran mortuary crematory proudly supporting our troops and our shocks. I'm down broke down made its same day when time is not on your side call led put expressed. A hot shot to Tulsa our next flied out to Orlando led put express gets it there fast. Speed apart nationwide the same day use their next flight out or hot shot services let's put express delivers anything fast. What an absolutely has to be there on time call let's put expressed at 5409991. Or online at led foot express dot com. Shocker sports is brought to you by American family insurance. C agent Alex Acosta NG Valentine or in mold main Kirk Farber Wichita severe storms leaders. Thirteen thirty K in assets six. Or. Captain Adam and I trailing seven. Racism Jim justice chase creator and Travis on the first three scheduled gators. Spencer Howard. Chance to nail down a save tonight and you would be. The easier variety now as he's got a five Brantley to work with in the bottom of the ninth came on in the actually Agassi bigger ball confidently yeah yeah yeah us and it didn't go five so. Howard stance to be the winner three and two thirds shutout innings one yet. That's been the only base runner he's allowed is struck out three walked none race in Afghanistan takes a fastball for a strike. Janice fitted at a single the first since then to ground balls the second baseman one of those. It won previous at bat against Spencer Howard. Mine's just underwrite based debt. That's his second two hit game of the series two for four tonight two for three last night. In the big freshman continues to impress at the plate. And I think coaching staffs crazy about race in Afghanistan. As talkative tot well there before the game around batting cage. And it kind of off and after I come out home. I sit I want out we'll be right handed hitting great suggesting any kind of chuckled saying yeah I'm not quite there yet. But Dennis. Even for young guy very advanced. And his strike zone judgment in the way he swings the bat. Here's chase raider he has won for three on the night takes a strike on the outside corner chase singled in the first to drive in Iran reached on an error. And was thrown out at the plate trying to score in the fourth and a fly ball to right his last time up. Stretched by Howard swing and a miss by a raider and it's going to. Attackers have not yet cal poly 98 betrayal seven to two. No balls two strikes. And it's pitch and that would bounces in there blocked by the catcher one ball two strikes. Of the nine hit seven have been singles. Luka had a first inning double Travis young led off the seventh with a double. Grayson Janice at first base nobody out raider battling that the count one and two. And time called. Cal polish perspective they want Howard to just finish this thing off. Fastball high it's too good to it's unlikely. Variant like that Wichita State to be able to come back in this and that. Cal poly with a another game to play with justices and not have to dragon of the guy out of the bullpen to finish. Two balls two strikes. Here's the pitch generator take strike three then. That is the fourth strikeout looking. Registered by Spencer house. Every strikeout. Today by. I'll Paulie has been looking. So one out Travis young one for three with a double as last time out double off of Spencer Howard that's the only other base runners that Howard had allowed the for the leadoff single by Jenna stay here in the ninth. First pitch Deon is a breaking ball outside Travis young. A couple of ground balls to second on his other advance a one for three tonight and also one for three at last night's game. Came into this one hitting 263. And seems to be on the rise as a young here. Here's the stretch. The 10 an inside almost hitting two balls and no strikes. Of the nine hit standard Kirk. And Grayson Jen Aniston now both with two hits apiece. 20. Yeah on taking all the way. Showed the fake but just trying to distract the pitcher takes a strike it's too at one. Checkers need a lot of base runners at this point. Trying to work the counts do anything they can't get done. 21. That's a strike on the outside corner two and two. Six strikeouts for the shocker gators all looking tonight. It's not the total numbers so much is just. What that feels like bounce. So our speed pitch away a little bit. Travis youngest kind of fighting it off almost bounced it over the bag there. Still two and two. The leadoff single by Jenna stay here in the ninth. Raiders struck out looking so one down to two to Travis yacht. Spencer Howard ready to work. This is way outside of that one and three into. The lefthander now throwing a little bit. In the cal poly bullpen. It is seven to two cal poly so it's going to take a lot. The shocker is to have a chance to still pull this one out. Three do. Now up to plate young fighting up there anyway. Travis young ones retreated night six for his last eighteen so he's been maintaining that. 333 pace over about his last seven or eight games. That is 32 pitch count it. And he hits it high the heir to left center field Wynn's gonna help carry the center fielder on the run now makes the grab ball hung up just enough. That McKenna was able to run it down in the gap. Pretty good swing by travesty on did for his second double of the night. And looked a lot like that double he hit in the seventh but. McKenna. Today and yesterday you that matter plain awful talent and ambition you can understand yesterday but today. Barely. Outside the reach of would shocks and build these cap out there in center field he's been really shallow the whole day I think he's gonna get to balance that. He retreated and Johnny's horse to run that went down. So here's lit greater one for 31 for two pinch single in the for president struck out looking in the seventh. Soccer's down to the last out Ritter takes a strike on the outside corner. Couple of good at bats for young to end the night should. At him coming out of here feeling pretty good. Not about the outcome but certainly about his performance. 11. Swing and a miss good breaking ball that time and it's one and two. Attackers down to their final strike. Cal poly. Will even up the series send it to a deciding game tomorrow. 12 pitch strike came out swinging at the ballgame over. As checkers go down in the ninth with no runs on one hit and they leave one aboard final score cal poly seven. Wichita State to will be back for our post game show. 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And Cody Tyler finally got out of it than Tyler. Kept them that today into the sixth inning in the attackers forward thirds solid innings of relief even though it wasn't really sharp as. Cal poly picked up a couple of runs in the sixth. Mostly freebies hit batter. Passed ball that sort of thing one hit finally got the second writing it. And that can't open it up there and a couple more of the night to make the final seventy two's game attackers target for a long time advocate. In the offense going after the birds pelicans and five other nine hits came in the first inning and it just didn't ever seem like they were. Toys. To make a real. And that's a lot of pressure on Cody Tyler to be good which he was. It threw 85 pitches early and got called upon the very first thing in acting. Been expected for him. And then after that Cody Hoyer Tyler Johnson Clayton mcginnis just couldn't quite. Keep up there into the bargaining you have a couple of runs in the sixth and obviously those two killers and us in the ninth that when it was maybe RD out the gate but. There's just a lot of pressure on all the shocker relievers keep cal poly right there which he did for awhile. But Wichita State never really responded offensively and I threw it during the game. After one inning Allen never guessed shocker through and ended up to. And especially knowing that Powell Smith never really settled in he didn't look sharp at all he did all he could to get through for the third. Made pitches when he had to but once he got out there you think okay. Gotta clean slate here but. As it turned out to answer Howard was too much on the opposite didn't click. Yeah that's that may be the most disappointing thing was that they face the guys normally there Friday guy and he was very beatable and I was not in his best he battled the shocker. That's it chances to. Yemen and maybe take the second game of the series just to get. You. Really find much fault in the first inning and it should runs five hits that seem like much but Trout lines they hit. Afghanistan raider. Those three cases were just station to station they fit threatening anybody can do about it. And you know in that cell lines to retrieve it and they turn at the very proud about in no way we do mean. They pretty much squared up a lot of balls. In that first inning but then now. For that this and never like this that and there was a feeling like shoppers were poised and ready to the house they never did. I started the game is back to you by the Kansas lottery if you Kansas lottery Mega Millions ticket today for a chance to become a billionaire KS lottery dot com. For the most current jackpot like Kansas lottery. And dream bigger. Your thoughts in this my vote goes Cody Tyler. Mean he did more than I think which does think that it expected. Honorable thing to baby grace in Afghanistan and another bowl type it means he's really found the range. Looking more and more like he's gonna be in there consistently no matter where the other guys throw lefty or right. It choices final word after this. Much passion can make all kinds of things disappear do that again making ATM fees that. Or can get an equity bank debit card and make every eight GMT at every ATM vanish go ahead but greeted me. The magic potions inside your equity bank debit card prevents the feet from ever appearing in your account abracadabra. And equity backed debt card and perform your own bit of magic got any AGF Kate want to top not required equity bank memory the eyes. Need a place to watch the big game. Finally came 96 and went room. Offers daily specials a dozen Beers on tap and a menu featuring everything from pizza to primary. Jerseys proud to be an official sponsor of the Wichita State shocker as. 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They're six or at least help. You know super great about getting a farm bureau super checked out your insurance coverage. Climbing up the money you could be super saving. Because when you get a super check. A farm bureau agent we'll review your existing coverage to find any gaps and additional discounts to save you money so you can be super sure you have the right coverage. In the right place it's. Super brave talk. So I know what they kind of set a tomorrow when you can super check today. Visit farm bureau super checked dot com. You'll see Brooke thank us later. I'm like you. Stormy from ground zero witness in nine near Montana's dad. The fact thanks. Final town hall seven Wichita State to lose this series at a game apiece and limbs appliance presents are. Play of the game. Yeah online and just fair. Just inside the lines it added the Carter Lucas spreading to second and around the bag and pulled up their leadoff double from. As a place that one man that's a good sign right there because I was just thinking the way things have been going it's gonna Walters. Well I got the shocker started in that first inning rally came back from three nothing then to cut it to 32 but that. Talked about the last scoring. Denied any other scores of now I guess matches up all the weavers checkers swept Loyola Chicago five nothing about it Jimmy Brooks theater. And 72 in the second game. And go to 32 in conference play final game of that series tomorrow at noon and Wilkens. In baseball earlier today Evansville shut out eastern Kentucky fort and nothing. SI you beat Memphis five to three day tie that series up one game apiece Indiana over Indiana State 75 Bradley all over western Michigan sixteen to five. Dallas Baptist even their series with Baylor at one game apiece they win five to three in Dallas. Two lane smoked Illinois State tonight in all one's thirteen nothing was that final is a green wave when it. And Missouri State beats Minnesota five to four. In the first game of that series NCAA basketball scores can that if Syracuse hide. Early second half North Carolina 52 Indiana 41 at halftime. In now. Again tomorrow's series finale starts at eleven not they've moved it up and hours of 11 o'clock first pitch. Our broadcast at 1030. And if ever the shocker is neat to see the good chase Williams finished out the year last year they could really use that data Maro the a little bit of a thin bullpen tomorrow and chase Williams. Having trouble getting out of the early innings would not be pretty if that happens tomorrow so hopefully. He'll be on top of his game hopefully shock when that final game series in wins here. Thanks to all of you who joined us and again series finale tomorrow at eleven pregame at 1030 thanks for Simon Sumner for his work in the studio. And for change Edison Kayla wider Mike Kennedy saying goodnight for Mack stadium the final cal poly seven Wichita State to. You've been listening to shocker baseball on thirteen thirty KM SS. Brushing my niece finds sponsors Butler plumbing and restoration. That Kansas Department of Transportation. Shelter insurance jerseys grill and bar. Kansas one call they're Carnahan group. McDonald's. Glitz and suppliers. Equity bag. Now your hometown Chevy dealers Taco Bell and delta dental. Maximum outdoor equipment. Across blue shield of Kansas. He's so hot the law office of all knicks stagnant Goering and American family insurance.