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WSU Baseball @ Nebraska 03-20-16

Mar 20, 2016|

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Ace of diamond. It right. Talk him out to deep left center. He'll have his way back then and it airs on time. Shocker baseball. Okay and SS. Call of the game. Good morning and welcome. Do Haymarket and park and I'll. This field Lincoln Nebraska Wichita State. And the Nebraska Cornhuskers out of the Big Ten the final and deciding game of a three game series. Coming up here at the top of the hour shocker is winning seventeen to five. On Friday afternoon and man. Yesterday lost fort and nothing so two games could have been much more opposite Wichita State got a bunch. Charity from Nebraska pitching. In the opener and piled up thirteen hits seventeen runs themselves. Broke open a close game and actually a game in which a shocker were trailing in mid game. But a avalanche of runs from the fifth at night shocker ended up winning now when going away seventeen to five. In the process shocker snapped a road closing losing streak that span that first eight games of the season. And also snapped a six game home winning streak. For Nebraska the Huskers. Finishing up main nine game homestand. With the game here today and the shocker is attempting to not only win the series but give them a couple of home losses before they had out of town go to play. Missouri Valley Conference opponent of Wichita State obviously but Nebraska will take it take on. Indiana State a couple of games in the mid week before hanging around and then playing Purdue built in the Big Ten season Wichita State on the other hand will come home. For a long homestand we'll get to that in just a little bit. But first yesterday's game was all Nebraska for his Fort Lee is a pitch in the opener and they walk seventeen shoppers. They pitched just as well yesterday they did walk five. But Jake make steam and two relievers. Combined on a five hit shut out the shocker is fell four to nothing in the game that was played under. Not only overcast conditions but snow showers throughout the course of the game a brisk northwest wind at. Wind that made it pretty uncomfortable for the entire game for everybody involved on the field. And the high temperature barely got to forty degrees. Now today on the other hand it is quite a bit nicer although much a sunnier. During batting practice than it is now now that it's a little bit more overcast but overall a better day for baseball. Heading for a high of 48. And the winds are much much more calm so making it. Much more comfortable the phantom bundled up here at hawks field and the players and umpires and everybody down on the field so. Looking like will get the final game of the rubber game of this series. Under way on time coming up at the top of the hour your pictures today it would be a pair of freshman Clayton McGuinness. We'll go from Wichita State and he has basically been. Shoved into the weekend rotation due to injury and he has taken the job. He will be making the start and it'll be plate in his third start of the year. And this will be his camp appears overall so he pitched well enough out of hand in his first seven outings. To earn some spot starts and now he's the guy for the moment on Sundays. And he'll be making start number three. For Wichita State. Matt Walter and fellow freshman we'll make the start or Nebraska this will be his third start. And only its fifth appearance overall bodies piled up nineteen innings so far it hasn't ERA of three point 72 felt. Pair freshman we'll have it on their shoulders if they wanna win the game and the series or help any way for their teams. Before. Nebraska heads out on a road trip and Wichita State. Com's home for long ten game home stand. Again the weather should be fine the winds light and variable out of the northwest. Heading for a high in the upper forties much more comfortable. Then we experience the first two games of the series. It's no aside yesterday the win. Really made it much much tougher on everybody has opposed to Friday which wasn't great. Friday's temperatures. Were similar but the real feel as they say or the windshield. Much more uncomfortable yesterday. And two teams. Kind of suffered offensively really there's only two innings which Nebraska scored they got three spot in the 617. And overall pitching rule the day. Otherwise. Jack Lewis pitched very well through the first five innings of his outing but then ran into trouble in the sixth. And then Reagan speak or give up runs in the seventh John Hayes worked a scoreless eighth and make steam engines and the Klinsmann. Held a shocker to five hit Wichita State stranded eight including handful of guys in scoring position they can come up with a big hit yesterday. Now the situation that was reversed. On Friday they went the first half of the game pretty quiet that exploded late inning play blocked but. Cashing in almost all of them and every single mistake it seemed like Nebraska pitchers made in the mid to late game on Friday shocker cashed in. And couldn't do so yesterday so. In that this baseball more consistent you are better team you're going to be at Wichita State trying to find that footing. And that happy medium in between games Friday and Saturday for example and I'll try to do that today and try to win this series. Good drive to the game is brought to you by the offices of hold saying it scaring. Or do you line from defense attorneys care give them a call 2637596. Or visit their website at WWW. Uphold the law. Dot com. Let's get a shocker wrapping up a and stretch of games where they were gone a lot they played after this from today will have played. Seven of their last eight on the road the only home game to Tuesday in town earlier this week or North Dakota. Oklahoma State helped colleagues you up off lucky few and Oral Roberts all come to elect stadium starting on Tuesday and then ending April 5. The shocker will be home for a good long time after they've rapist went up with a new and first pitch or shortly thereafter here hawks field. And Haymarket park again appear unfamiliar with this ballpark it is a beauty. The Lincoln salt dogs independent team plays here along with the Nebraska Cornhuskers. It is one that they'd have a dying breed a little bit College Baseball in that it is all natural surface. Our grass infield and outfield and obviously the dirt hits around the bases at home plate area and as I mentioned yesterday it is taking care of better than. Edu and lawn in the laud the month in your neighborhood that you can possibly imagine this thing has literally a dozen. Ground crew members working on their tarps all over that thing during infield out brought home plate and even a foul ground behind home plate. It is cordoned off where nobody is allowed to walk on it not a blade of grass is out of place after. Familiar with Missouri State in Hammond field it's similar to that and obviously they share with a double A team of these St. Louis Cardinals to their going to be extra cautious with that one. But it's the same way here Haymarket park this place is really immaculate playing surface not only that it's a nice ballpark watching game in. And the cornhuskers faithful come out in great numbers despite this. Terrible weather the last couple games of the big departure not only from what Wichita State used to but Nebraska as well their first. Six games in this homestand the weather was very good. Similar to what Wichita State had been experiencing. Until it went south so to speak on Friday and Saturday but. 8600 or so in the places jam packed and Wichita State and Nebraska looking forward to a good crowd obviously here this afternoon. But we'll talk about a little bit as far as the conditions and the surroundings and playing here Nebraska and we talked to him. In just a second so Clayton mcinnis and Matt Waldrop a pair of freshman right handers will hook up today. And the shocker trying to win the series and head home. On a good note and to take their first road series of the year speaking of Todd Barbara we'll talk to him Wendy pregame show continues right after this. We all know that girl the girl with the new insight voids the girl who speaks in textile. The girl assessed with cats and videos of cats will that girl is playing powerful and she might win state powerball jackpot can fund a lot of cast videos which beat GW was not hello Wilfork and it. It's up to you to win. Your busy meeting deadlines aaron's car pulls sabres needed to das render the thank you completely forgot to our camp didn't pay any different really expecting any candidate promised better yeah. Stop you can't be everywhere but we can. 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That's what I picked up no illegals to show and 56 he chuckled and syringe PH sells weed. Whoever at soldier insurance we've been ensuring all your favorite ride since 1946. But clearly. Steve Perry hall and gaz de studio TDs and handover or Brent Collins in Wichita. Tonight and now Simon candidate for the public so it seems perfectly fitting I want to be president too many we have announced that I announce my am. To announce my candidacy most will drop down. And candidate for president of the M I. Getting ready to do some things are and until you hit the ballot box. We have a long way to go. Until election headquarters is. And SS. I let them join me Monday morning denying right here on CNN that. And Nebraska wrapping up and historic three game series for the first time in over thirty years and got together for three games and the coach Todd Butler joins us now on the first two games could have been more polar opposites all shoppers in the first game and Nebraska kind of flipped the script as far as that. Pitching was concerned the second game what your observations of the first two combined to I thought we pitched well both games which won't you Lewis Lewis did a fantastic job of throwing a breaking ball for strike key. He'll fourth fifth inning they they had their three remaining in the same he comes back to us as we didn't giving you run support for. For Lewis authority pitched very well. They'll continue them every good lie that we talked about it yesterday and way to cheer school with first and third with two outs in the first inning and then we took a called strike. Which and can't do that they're pinned. At some other opportunities I think we wrote for. With runners in scoring position I think O for five so I remember correctly so today's another day we wanna get two out of three. When a series on the road. And done Nebraska has a very good team they they pitched the ball extremely well yesterday that in that as many walks that this is Friday so. We're gonna see a freshman today and in Walter and that's very good. PS command and he looks like he's a very good freshman picture him and we're gonna countered them with mcginnis a freshman or her own. And speaking of which you get this situation now where McGuinness is stuff. Our thrust into a bigger role and while maybe in the back your mind you one in 45 good ones out of him. Is that something that's said to him or you just keep quiet and say you keep getting out until I come and gets country it's good question right. For from for more I'm looking at it keep quiet. And let him go as long as he can do you have confidence in Cody Tyler coming in. To back up but mcginniss appearance in the trouble or we need to just get him out because of pitch count. I you have Tyler Jones and John Hayes who both pitched well so for the first two games in relief so. These two games that the one thing is really pushing the free energy in the grinding out of it bats. Yeah we haven't struck out much we've walked a lot just a timely hit yesterday we need one hit to get on the board it's disappointing to be shut out. But I like what I see the last two days. We've come to the park ready deploy. Now the question is can you do it three days in a row. And and like I say I mean the schedule that we have it and it's a fact when you look at cal state Fullerton on the road and and you play you know you before Fullerton on the road and you have Nebraska on the road you have Oklahoma State and cal poly who's good. Tell you a great program out of California and you've finished with TCU two of the four World Series teams. I mean when you talk about scheduling and the schedules going to be a top ten nonconference schedule we look back at the end of the season. The big key right now is preparing for the valley and we need to continue to stay strong as a coaching staff. Building our team like the way we played the last two days now we've pitched the ball well we've swung the bat okay. We're starting to walk a lot. In our strikeouts seem to be coming down that three days in a row is the key. So winning two out of three is very big for us to kind of get closer hopefully inched towards 500. But the schedule has been a base that really has been through people that know baseball when you name a couple of schools that I just named. Better yet between very good baseball pitching defensively. And offensively so hopefully we're learning. Now we have some freshman in the lineup today. Everyone seems to be healthy taken has all hamstring strain that's bothering him. So probably just gonna DH him. In it's a pretty good place. He just saw a little bit there's lineup it's nice balance between right and laughed bowl there's a real bear the very top. And then you've got the big lefthander Miller in the Shriver behind him. It's very special way that you attacked those guys are strike one really the only way to two approaches really striking one and hopefully no one's in front of three and four hole hitters and you know if you look at their line up it's balanced. In their good hitting team. I like their offensive line up I think it's I think it's as good as you'll see in most college teams picture is. They're very Big Brother four hole has six home runs and every time he comes up Shriver. And he swings the bat hard like a man should think he's only a sophomore. And yet the big man in Miller left handed hitter with a wind blows out here every day he seems to be right feel what he's dangerous every every time he steps up. The lead off hitter Bolton was a high prospect out of high school I can be extremely high pick. So for we kept him at bay a little bit with those three guys are beast in the middle right there weren't three and four so. What we've got a good job so forth I think it's getting the rest of the guys out I think we've pitched the ball well. That was thrown give me over curve balls bug doubled up or break him also start to see some things we've been preacher for two weeks. That are starting to work in the games in and will be more successful. If we can command off speed pitches for strikes more behind in the count. And not to look too far ahead which touched on taken his banged up a little bit and does not reading your protecting a little bit because he's got a kind of a balky hamstring but. Once we get home will be nice to unpack and stand back for awhile but as you alluded to the schedule doesn't get any easier so it's not like you can. Take a sigh relief and I don't look at mullah cure everything floats Allah give a three game series after play in Fullerton where you go well we play well we we can at least get two or three wins. Yet Nebraska. And after Nebraska you don't have this how we can opponent where you go. That would play well we get your three warrants yet cal poly who's really good. And Africa up all Leo well you know maybe there's a patsy there. TCU crew's home hall the last two years and probably in Omaha team this year so. You know what it is what it is I like it hopefully we can grind it out that's a word right now keep grinding keep fighting. And then conference will be here hopefully will be playing our best baseball. But coming in Nebraska the crowd yesterday there snow flurries. In the ninth inning. Two guys are battling with two strikes I mean this snowflakes are so big you can't I don't know which is bigger than baseball or the snowflakes. There's no lights on he can hardly say. And now we battled to the end now we just did not score a run with a timely hit with their friends were there the whole time. Then that's kind of fun to play a part where people were into it and it's a good experience for employer and our players and the other thing it's as if we're ready get to postseason. If that day comes back again. I will be in parks that we played last year and this year or maybe we'll have an understanding of comfort playing in a hostile environment. What a series they would catch up with you on Tuesday and we need to get two out of three this week can it be great deal on the bus to a third thank you. Credit coach Scott Butler in his pregame comments. As usual and he alluded to the injury report lead it's right in that. Ryan take him and chase reading both with some hamstring issues. Neither one quite bad enough to keep them out of the lineup consistently. Take them will DH today. And Zach Redding is available to pinch hit and has done so. Over the last couple games in this week so they're both available neither one necessarily speed burners anyway if you follow shocker baseball's so. You know the the issue with foot speed is not gonna come out and Ryan take him was gonna win many foot races anyway but he's well enough to beat the DH today. And we'll get to that in just the second when we get to our equity bank starting lineups. Wichita State will be in its road grays the traditional road grays tops and bottoms. Trimmed in black well the black cats and black spikes today on getaway day and the rubber match of this three game series. Nebraska will go back to their Friday uniforms their traditional home whites trimmed in scarlet with the hats and shoes in scarlet. As well. Haymarket park hot steel. Wichita State and Nebraska playing a three game series and wrapping it up first time since 1983. That they'd played more than two games. In one particular week and talkers have an opportunity to win the series today in the turn to clay McGuinness. To try to get it done who's hot who's gold is brought few by an heating and air for over 30 years providing south central Kansas with superior service. At affordable prices your comfort. Is our business. Dinner Kirk the kid from Lincoln's have a pretty good homecoming he's gone four for nine in the series and a two hit game in each of the first two. And Ryan take and we talked about him a little bit. Dating back to the North Dakota game he has four hits in his last eleven at bats we've heating up just a little bit but he's also drawn three walks and speaking out. Luke Ritter while he only has two hits in his last three games has driven in two runs in and walked five times. In his last three games so you like to see got out of a freshman that hits in the middle of your order and that's Luke Ritter's got a season's average at 275. But currently has walked more than he struck out on the year and has an on base percentage of 439. And likewise Gunner Trout line continues to stay Heidi leads the team in hits with twenty. Hold runs with three and is tied for the team lead in RBIs. With fifteen and who's hot also Wichita State overall their hitters have walked 32 times. In the last three games and before you say that seventeen will spew that I would agree with you however. Yesterday. In getting shot out they still grew five walks in the game and you'll more than take that. And then you lump in attendance figure against North Dakota and it's kind of mind boggling that the shocker of averaged drawing ten walks. Over the last three games we'll see what they do today. Against freshman Matt Waldman that's who's hot and cold brought you by Hannah heating and air. Time now for our starting lineups that brought you buy equity bank. Where you'll never pay an ATM fee be sure to visit them on line and equity bank dot com. Nebraska comes in at. Ten and seven the shocker at fiction twelve under head coach Todd Butler in the shocker is lineup we'll feature tanner Kirk at second base leading an off. In center field hitting second will be Michael Luka. Ryan take them the BH will hit third for the shoppers. And Gunner Trout line will be in the cleanup spot and catch. Look Ritter will hit fifth and play third base today for the shocker. Grayson Janice that we'll get to start at first base and he'll hit six. Batting seventh for Wichita State is the right fielder Dayton do god. Josh your backers in left field hitting eight. And batting ninth for Wichita State the shortstop. Trade Vickers. Clayton Maginnis will make his third start of the year he is one and oh has an ERA of six point 14. Once again for the shoppers you'll be Kirk mocha take him. Trout line Ridder Jessica. Duke got it backer bickers. With Clayton McGuinness. Getting the start. For a basket they're ten and seven other head coach Darren Erstad they'll start it with Ryan bolt the center fielder. Jake plot stack the third baseman will hit second. BH in Miller will hit third. And Scott Shriver the first baseman will clean up. In right field hitting fifth as Jake Meyer but Taylor fish catching again today he's gonna hit six. Luis Alvarado gets his second start of the series he can be in left field hitting seven. Jake which will open Bok will play second base and hit eight. And Stephen rebels play shortstop. For the Huskers and that night. Freshman Matt Walters making an appearance number five start number three he's two and one. In the RA a three point 72. So again for the Oscars it's blah bull plot check Miller. Shriver Myers fish Alvarado schlep in the locker room balance Matt Waldman. On the mound or Nebraska. Umpires for today's game the trio that started it all made it all the way around the diamond Tim court ill will call balls and strikes. Jason Hart stick will be at first base. And over third is Carlos Martinez. A data shocker play get 50% off your online order any Wichita area Papa John's. Log on a Papa Johns dot com and use promo code shocker fifty. Your receipt or shocker this count. We alluded to a little bit with thought Butler and the segment before that but the upcoming shocker schedule. Doesn't exactly get friendly air but the friendly confines awaits Wichita State after this game shocker to come home to play ten. Before going into the month of April and hitting the road again. In Evansville to open valley play but before then Tuesday night. Thursday night and Friday night we've got night games at Wichita State and from what we understand the weather's supposed to be plenty warm on Tuesday. Against Oklahoma State that they 630 game Mike Kennedy will be back with the F. For that when he and I'll have to call. On Tuesday night starting at six hearing in SS. As the Aggies from Oklahoma State from the town then cal poly pays a visit the 24 when he fifth and 26. And keep in mind that Thursday Friday Saturday theories. Night games Thursday and Friday in new game. On Saturday. And then Stephen F Austin for a midweek series. The 29 at 63030. That three. And in the horn frogs of TCU. Opened the month of April. First second and third at 631. And one and that April 2 game is televised on ESP NU. Or Robert comes in April 5 for a night game at 638 X stadiums shocker hit the road again. They go to Evansville open valley play the eighth ninth and tenth at the right back home again for four in a row at home. April 12 OU comes calling that is they Cox Kansas televised game. And then the weekend's series against Missouri State 506070. They're he stayed off to a blistering hot start. And the middle game of that series will be televised. On Cox Kansas as well so Wichita State will play. Fourteen of their next seventeen at home. And winning today as Todd Butler alluded to really go a long way into. And the team feeling good about going home. And again the schedule doesn't get lighter but at least Wichita State and players and coaches and everybody involved he'll sleep in their own bed on packets they impact. And try to enjoy. The fruits of it very very challenging schedule starting with Oklahoma State. On March 22 that's Tuesday night game at the act yesterday in the Missouri Valley Conference. Dallas Baptist what the double header from Louisiana Monroe and that series got moved from Monroe to Dallas due to bad weather in Louisiana. The Dallas Baptist took advantage of that they want six to one and 73. They'll go for the series sweep today yesterday southern Illinois beat Illinois three to two. In Carbondale and got out. Have a invitational tournament going at southern Illinois and northern Illinois. Along with southern in now one and as I you'd be fighting Illini three Q yesterday misery states won the first two games of its series against Iowa. They won yesterday the bears did five of war. Wisconsin Milwaukee is one series against Illinois State they'll go for the sweep today in normal 43 yesterday Illinois State falls. To Milwaukee. And Indiana State swept a doubleheader against Siena. And three and twelve victory. And in the mid week. Nebraska will go to terror how 482 game series to keep our eyes on math and the other Huskers in sycamore is fair. In terra haute today CNN Indiana State will wrap up their series. Southern Illinois trying to play two today but there and a weather delay currently there trying to play northern Illinois and then later on today. If everything is okay Illinois understand it's snowing in Carbondale so with that all artificial turf field that will at least help. If they can wait out the snowflakes Iowa Missouri State wrap up their series likewise. Milwaukee Illinois State. And we've him Louisiana Monroe. And Dallas Baptist. Some other scores from around the nation as it pertains to shocker opponents. Michigan Oklahoma State will wrap up its series Oklahoma State won the first two games of that one. TCU and West Virginia down in Fort Worth. Or Roberts and South Dakota State will play a rubber game in Tulsa today cal poly is at Sacramento state. New Orleans is taking the first two games from Stephen F Austin the lumberjack turn nine and eleven. On the season and Creighton has taken an early lead war. Over North Dakota and scored three to nothing shocker. Dispatching of North Dakota earlier this week and later on this season on May can't be exact the plea Creighton at home. In nineteen. As creek comes calling this series Wichita State. Respectable numbers really only across the board now that seventeen walks and they've drawn certainly can't help but they are overall hitting 277. In this series with eighteen hits including three for extra bases neither team by the way it hit a home run yet so we'll be watching for that as both of them have. Burying power numbers shocker with occasional power in Nebraska you deaths they'd better than that. Nearly a home runs per game but Nolan gone BP at Wichita State on the mound has the team earned run average in the series of just over two. And nearly 31 strikeout to walk ratio. As a club allowing just. 215 batting average. From Nebraska so. So far so good as far as it pitching staff is concerned and top Butler talked about it in pregame comments the offense has been good except. Except for. Some timely hits yesterday. This would take you want to. The break up the shot out but that's a kind of a big hump to get over what you do then things sometimes fall in place that just couldn't get yesterday. And they lost four to nothing so today's game will decide the series for both these teams vacate. And hand out to their respective schedules. In the weather pretty good. Considering if you listened yesterday there were dodging snowflakes all day they are expecting. Highs in the upper forties by the time we're done here. It is in the low forties right now may be just that forty degrees but the real he wore comfort level for the players and umpires. As the coach's meeting at home plate is the wind it's just barely blowing that University of Nebraska flag no glory out in left center field. Drifting out to right right thinner and really not hard enough. To affect the flight of the baseball itself should get this would underway on time here a couple minutes and should be and hindered the rest of the game. As the shocker in Huskers. Not playing in tremendous conditions frankly I think both clubs probably got spoiled. Over their first 101214. Games before the shocker. Came to town the weather really cooled off and made it. Very comfortable certainly yesterday was bad to be out but they battled through it and the doctors Huskers will wrap up the series. Coming up here just a few minutes to play Maginnis. Is is warm up tosses in the right field bullpen. Already ready is Matt Waldman in the third base dugout getting ready for the player introductions. And the National Anthem is sung. Peeking through clouds me. Partly cloudy day here at Lincoln. He market park in hot field with a side of today's rubber match between doctors. And the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Who got an extra special thing going on the field as the kids are running out on the field with the starting lineup. As they. Run out of third base dugout maybe non starter making McConnell for the Huskers players and little kids. Getting the chance to run out on the field size gesture from the players administration from. The University of Nebraska again the crowd. Has been very good all series long and when you consider the conditions. It's been pushing 2000. Actual butts in the seats all weekend an ounce is much more obviously with the season tickets but. Yesterday. When it was 38 stability in windy there were over 15100. Actual. That showed up more than on Friday 1638. Was the attendance. And those are actual. Figures though. Big red fans. Coming out in force as you've probably are aware especially when it comes to their football following quite haven't. Not only fan base but huge alumni. Base in the midwest and here at the University of Nebraska they'd certainly love their Huskers. Darin Erstad trying to get them back to post season. And see when he inherited. This bunch or this program. They had gone three consecutive seasons without going to the post season though Erstad winning 35 games last year. Trying to improve on that this year shocker friends pool party today where we come back wolf the first pitch shocker the Huskers coming up next. Our serve yeah. Precious. You just currency. He'd like to. Look. 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And much ballyhooed high school pitcher a year ago or even before that freshman 6175. Out of Omaha Nebraska. He is two and one this year. And Walter in season ERA so far three point 72. In nineteen in the third innings as he is third start of the year. He had a couple of relief appearances. And call it Charleston got his debut out of the way when an inning and two thirds got roughed up a little bit against them. He. Beat two lane. We're only allowed two runs in six innings against the green wave and then got the loss against long beach state on the fifth. And last week in beat Loyola marymount with six and two thirds shutout innings against them tanner Kirk first pitch swinging back to the mound. And Walter underhand to first after. Flagging it stopping it pretty much right over the top the pitching rubber on Al low short hops when pitching one out. And I'll bring up Michael Luka. So Walter and who also has a twin brother Mike on the team. Went to westside high school. And he was about as good as they get coming out of high school year ago and he delivers low one ball no strikes. Michael look at three automate the series one of those hits a double he drove in one. Annie takes little to load two balls no strikes. Now Aldrin was the number two right hand pitcher in the state of Nebraska and the number four overall player by a perfect game. Que lo. Duca takes right now my heart to one. And Waldman along with his brother obviously. Help website guys who win three consecutive class a state titles thirteen fourteen and fifteen pounds stroke that left center field thinking quickly and on a dive left fielder. Colorado can't quite about what that so Michael Luka. But a low liner into left shoppers. And their first hit in nature. There's thank him getting the day off from playing a position today in just DH in case you missed it. God Butler talked about his hamstring and had been bothering him a little bit and as we've seen with Zach Redding. Not Butler now playing around with hamstring injuries waiting color or until he's convinced that they're 100%. Healed before. Going full wars are taken will. Try to get the day off a little bit takes a breaking ball up and in one ball no strikes. Matt Walters. Right hand pitcher. They runner at first and one out in the top of the first inning. Take a waiting at the plate Alvarado very deep in left field. And smacked in the left steal the base hit. The second is mocha Neil Parker right there so Ryan to come. With a bullet passes shortstop and shocker to have consecutive hits with one out. And bring up governor Trout line. As part of the honors in high school format Walden. Back in 2013. Through a complete game shut out. In the title game. And also threw a no hitter last year in the state title game so it's not quite like. The division one baseball but. He has certainly pitched in a lot of big games already and his. Young baseball life and spins a curve ball on their first strike to get her Trout one. Got a cure out of nine in the series. He and Janet Kirk came into the game. Sharing the team lead in batting average 339. Writers lead away at first and second. Throughout line waiting patiently at the plate Waldman long hold the stretch and good pitch on the outside corner fastball. And it's on to. With that hit buyer Ryan ticket me he. And cantor Kirk now with nineteen and Michael Lucas hit. Ties him with Trout line for the moment. For the team lead they both have one. 012 it'd gutter Trout line any balked. He stepped off it was gonna go to first and you can't fake the first. And soul. After reading off all the honors war Matt Waldman. He had a freshman tight mistake right there with runners at first and second obviously they're not gonna hold on to commit first base and maybe by. Force of habit. He popped off the mound and was gonna throw to first but didn't and so shocker to get a break there. Luka and take a blocked in the scoring position. That is Walgreens first balk. And his career. To account holding Ellen too although gutter Trout line deep in the hole now if he can. Just put the ball in play the shocker to them fighter's chance of scoring era. Moment ago would have taken a hit. Trout line in a similar situation yesterday struck out looking. And boy he. Really got a reprieve right there fastball that was just outside. In court ill didn't read up and Trout line will be wise this week anything close now. All of two strikes look at third. Think in the second one out the shocker for. Mulder and once. Fish to go through new set of signs. And time called at home plate. Took two singles and a block. And the shark yours poised for a first inning run. Or maybe more. All in 12. Downing looking on the outside corner. Outlined strikes out looking again. Bob Butler one of the though that was a little too far outside. In corneal. Taking off the mask to go talk to Butler Butler basically it's pretty decent would turn around and getting greater walked back to the third base coaching box that. In court ill it's taken off his mask. They can the liberties of visiting with Butler face to face amount over and done. That Trout line yesterday. With two outs. And a runner in scoring position to be called third strike. And now with one out he had the opportunity and almost got run up the pitch before. But just couldn't pull the trigger on a pitch out away from Lehman down around the knees. And now it's up Luke rear. Good curve ball sales in there for a called strike a little. Ritter one out of five of the series when he walked four times and been hit that he's been on 60% of the time. Despite only getting one base hit. Getting to 75 on the year a home run. Thirteen runs batted. Along his chopper to third charging him. Fielding by the baggage plots that and shocker return to life. A golden opportunity that doctors couldn't catch him. Who hits and two left in the half and inning Wichita state building and Nebraska coming to back. Taco Bell find shocking data and new polls a 100% of dentists know your lying about flushing Michigan doesn't think it's that cold. And finally Americans won a dollar menu and actually costs a dollar. You don't say. Taco Bell's new dollar morning value menu with stuff like sausage flat bread case ideas and bags juicy sausage melted cheese all folded up and a warm flat bread for just a buck. They only breakfast value menu where everything's a dollar comparison base among national quick service restaurant at participating locations prices and and later Texans. And carrier turned to the experts trying to start Clark I thought. I eat shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance. C agent Jared Crawford. Chris post or Mike Rogers George story from coast to coast AM join me weeknight right here I'm KM SS. Fight against freshman right hander from Wichita State. Gets set to. Face Ryan bull. On the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Here in the bottom of the first. Mentioned yesterday that Yonkers. Squandered an opportunity although it two outs and runners scoring position and makes three consecutive games in the series doctors have had a chance to score in the first inning. They have been able to cash it in. Count on him Ridder couldn't get Luke and take him in. When they were both. Scoring position. Quite McGuinness. Earlier in the week against North Dakota. Went three innings. Allowed four hits. A couple of unearned runs. And he ended up throwing 54 pitches. In that game so. Maginnis it would be reasonable to expect that. He could go 6065. And pull things go well obviously that would take him for five innings or so. But first things first Ryan bull takes outside. One ball no strikes. McGuinness through 48 pitches in his start back on the eight against University of Oklahoma. And outlets have high in the air the left right field fairly deep do you guys got to measure though and all the warning track reaches up and makes the catch. Both just got under it and made a bid. For all run that would have been his second of the year but a long out and that'll bring up. Plots that the third baseman. He is over six. In this series so far. Overall he's eight to 55 hitter. And McGinest bring it home and Allen's hit well the left field over toward the line it's trouble. And. Gone just got over the fence and Jake plots that have to Ryan bowl almost did. Leaves the yard it's his third home run of the year RBIs in the pin. And Huskers are on the board first for the third consecutive game. The first home run of the series goes to the Huskers. And that is eighteen on the year and now they're eighteenth game. Ben Miller comes late word. The wind as I mentioned not much of a factor today that. All did not get hurt in Ryan bolts ball did not get helped. And went the opposite fields that. Even though the flags are moving there not moving very. Briskly out to right field. What I noted then Miller. Miller three hits in the series Annie it's little ground ball short. Vickers rounded off pros name gets. Then Miller's not much runner. The two outs. Yours got Shriver. Shriver threw out a sixth in the series a double a couple of RBI. He's leading home run hitter on the year he's got six. That was. Clay McGuinness is second home run allowed this year. Bases empty two outs Huskers on the board first one and nothing. Fastball inside mating. Movie speed a little bit one ball no strikes. Scott Shriver the sophomore Wisconsin native. He takes a breaking ball below its two and now. Driver last year for the Oscars 1871. Hitter and a 144 at bats and yet. Pretty regular playing time not an everyday player necessarily. And good off speed pitch count in their for a called strike to walk. Shriver all of last year and three home runs. And those 144. At bats he's doubled it already. And he gets hit a fastball inside. And Shriver not. Particularly pleased but he does think his base striding down the first thing. A throughout hit batsman. Nike driver off the plate. And I hires Dick Myers. Flyers got the day off yesterday. In the opener of this series. Myers went two out of three. Double a run scored. Shriver laid first. Mcinnis a right hander comes set comes to the plate now. Belted behind deep to left center field that's when trouble nobody is gonna get that one. Eight ground rule double. At least not that. Was picked up by the center fielder looked like left fielder. Who backer put his hands up he thought it bounced out but it did it stayed in and Dick Myers with a triple. And all said and done in the deepest part of this ballpark it's. 403. All the way out there to a corner. In deepest love senator feel more towards sinner that's about where that bowl win. And it was a long way from home play we'll be get up out there and keep it the plucky didn't play like. Myers did you're gonna have an easy trip soon now. With the hit batter. It is two to nothing. And buyers at third base for Taylor fish. And it's one ball no strikes to fish. Fish like Myers. Played in the opener and got yesterday off. That you know for four on Friday. And no one bounce to second charging is Kirk it took a little funny top line but he picked it up and throughout this team in the inning but. All home run in the triple highlighted a Q run first for the Oscars into one complete Nebraska to Wichita State and the. 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You should to go to surrounding home health dot com or call 8662929. To set a free consultation. Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance. CIA agent Bernhard Ng does. I'd like to join me for ground zero we. There's a nine year Montana's dad. Huskers after one on Friday and doctors in it up full amount amount to nothing Oscars. Here today after one. We'll see. Now Wichita State reacts and if they can take advantage of Matt Waldman we got a couple of hits off Waldman but he buckled down. After yet runners at second and third and one now. He got to outline in Ridder. And then his guys getting to in the bottom of the first. Home run triple. Here's grace and generous just getting started first base today. It'll be generous stood to god and a backer for the doctors here in the second. Matt Waldman. Into the wind in the first pitch from the right handers. Are low and outside change. Walter and in his set up in the full windup has its feet. Pretty much pointed directly at the Huskers third base dug up. They just picked up these frog legs start to crowd wanted for right now at thin air for base hit past a diving second baseman shall open box. DeGeneres that gets the third shocker hit of the day. And he leads off the sockets that seat to shocker and moved around. It. Here's Dayton Delgado right fielder. Dayton one for seven in the series. On the years averaged 286. Will pull twelve hits. And one home run. Garnered first nobody out. Aldrin do gone. Down too low one ball no strikes. Dayton did god true freshman. From Lake Charles, Louisiana to Sam Houston high school. Big strong and fast. 63 Q 25. And breaking ball stays very high tuneup. They do god in essence. Priced himself. Right out of getting drafted high and have to sign made fairly clear that he was gonna go to college. To know. Do now awaits the pitch. And that's low and outside three and out. The one thing do guy has. Shown in this series. That he really hadn't. At that point is a lot of patience at the plate he's drawn three walks in the series. 30 outside ball four so now the shocker kept you want and nobody out. And they draw yet another walk. Dating back to the North Dakota game they've now drawn 33. This week. Anger three games plus an inning. Here's Josh you backer. The backer appeared as a pinch hitter yesterday. And also pinch ran stayed in the game long enough to go one for two with a couple walks on Friday. The backer overall 263. Two on nobody out the shocker second. Plot tech even with a bag at third. Not Bunning wide strike. I think in one. The backer on the year yet to lay down a sacrifice bunt. Doesn't strike out much handles the bat well. See what happens here if any thing as far as. Putting guys in motion are putting on a play. Walter until Juan long hold the stretch here it comes and tobacco takes a pitch. Down around the knees on the outer limits of the strike zone for a called strike to. Showed bunt very late. But. That wasn't a pitch that you could probably do much with anyway. So advantage Walden. He's way ahead in the count nothing into it. Maybe series are really good pitches in the first but. What then again quite like this. And breaking balls stayed way high and outside. One multi strikes shocker with four base runners already through their first. Seven hitters. The backer. Trying to battle his way back into the count one ball two strikes. Two nothing Huskers top of the second. Crowd clapping for a potential strike out. Count one included a backer he's. Tired of waiting calls time at home plate. Turned into at least to this point a bright and sun shiny day. Win just barely drifting out to right as the temperature climbing above forty degrees certainly can. 12. And challenging with a fastball to backer on the back. Got a nice kid a little bit is able the get a piece of it. The development continues in the count holds. And it wanted to. Josh the backer redshirt freshman from Lee's summit Missouri. Battling true freshmen. Matt Waldman. 12. Overblown off speed pitch and fish went to both knees to make sure. Just sit second Dayton did god first Afghanistan rolled one in right field. Hugo law. Two balls two strikes to Josh de backer. Final and deciding game of the series. You do. It on the ground to second waiting for the hot news shall often mocked this second one back at first they turn 463 double play. What surface hit quite sharp clean up or the Oscars to turn but Levin bock to rattle us to Shriver. And they joggers. With a aide familiar refrain. Runner in scoring position and are perilously close to squandering another chance. The shocker overall the series. Have left 22 runners on base including those first two. In the first inning. If stray Vickers. He takes the breaking ball on outside one ball no strike. Vickers yesterday went over three. Right hander against right hander. Plots that the third baseman. Still in even with the bag. Though he's not. Quite so sure that Vickers will try to drop one down he's shown bought a lot in this series. Another curve ball and Allen dropped in there. One ball one strike two out student nothing Nebraska. Janice that third base. Walter and is elected to stay in the stretch position. Top of the order due up next. Vickers trying to extend the inning. Trading to 61 on the air. He waves in this is that a breaking ball away. To. So Matt cauldron in the first couple of innings. As made a habit of make it some really good pitches high leverage situation. He walked Luka and taken into scoring position the first one out. And ended up escape. Two on nobody out here in the second one pitch away from getting out of this. Hire an outside fastball and over through that 12 balls and two strikes. Vickers technically over four in this series we've walked three times and scored a couple. Two balls two strikes two out. Janice good third. Walden can't get together with Taylor fish. And not time called at home plate. So fish a senior. And Matt Waldman a freshman. Now they come ready. And to the belt and to the plate Walden and just an emergency swing a little flare foul ball right side. Under the Berman the fight is on about half a dozen kids rolling around trying to get that souvenir. That's crowd any weekend. Not surprisingly best weather day of the weekend to. Mostly sunny and the wind staying down itself. Keep things a lot more comfortable. You Walton two strikes Vickers weight to the plate but it. Line drive and it's feared by Shriver the first baseman on a dime. Foolish doctors can't help themselves. With runners at first and second the double play ball and good diving stab by the first baseman. And he shocker to weigh in and of one and half still Nebraska to in the shoppers now. We have a lot of responsibilities in today's world we cautiously analyze our wellness but neglect the largest organ of our body. 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This is Stephen can join this morning right here on cape enhancements. Do nothing Oscars bottom of the second will be in the lower third the order. Luis Colorado the lead off. Alvarado for two with a walk yesterday. Didn't play Friday and Colorado roll 237. Takes little high one ball no strikes. Alvarado a native of Puerto Rico. Big guys 64200 pounder. And 8000 back over the screen. How broad those overall average wall while you much but when he leads off an inning he's lethal. On base 71% of the time leading off an inning and out when pop foul right side out like. Alvarado last year as a part time early. 47 out of 89 at 303. Home runs and eleven runs batted him. Nebraska overall. Went 34 and 23 year ago. McGinest livers loads tuned to. Huskers were very good at home. As usual here at Haymarket parked there were 216. I'll ball and pass to diving tennis than in their right field. They'll Alvarado strikes again leading off an inning. And leadoff single for the Oscars has been in business. Or Jake slept in boxer a debate. Overall the Huskers. Had a decent season but in Big Ten play. Kind of slop they were nine and fourteen. In the Big Ten. Slept in bark yesterday over three with a pair strikeouts. Angry waves and misses and a fastball I think in one. Do nothing Huskers bottom of the second. And their leadoff man on there. Alvarado. Rolled one in right field for the Huskers third hit. Maginnis rising back with a throw to first and fairly close. Justice slapped the tag on. Last year the Huskers finished eighth. In the Big Ten at nine and fourteen. Stretched by McGuinness. And he'll want they're goes Alvarado the bunt runners on in bonnet bow. Don't see them very often. Normally it's just either straight sacrifice or straight steal. But. At times weapon Bach tried to lay it down and it. Squirted foul along there. Under Darren Erstad they have been to the post season once I was in 2014. They were 4121. Two years ago throw to first runner back. That year they got an out large bid to the NCAA if he gets it distill water went one and two and that regional. And then. Last year 34 and 23 currently. Setting it can't seven. 02. Outside one into. Her stance fifth season at the Helm at Nebraska. Is now just one victory shy of 150. In his coaching career. Maginnis ahead in the count one and do it. Jake schlep in mock another toss over differs. Before the appearance in 2014. In the regionals and had been since 2008. So quite a drought for Nebraska before couple years ago. One to swing and amidst gangs chase one down and schlep in mock those down strikes. First strike out for quite Maginnis. How Stephen Drew Melancon shortstop. Well. Many no longer sit the Huskers won a conference title got to go back to 2005. They won the regular season and post season tournament title. She is hit the air right center field do go all the run is gonna get Barry makes a running catch in the gap. And back the first series Luis Alvarado. Dire Brian bolt the lead off man he flied to deep right his first time up there. Okay. Nebraska has being playing baseball since 1889. Overall have made thirteen NCAA tournament appearances. And three times went to the college World Series that in the early two thousands of 10205. Called strike. I think it'll run to Ryan bolt. Junior center fielder. Bowl 344. A year ago. Started pretty much from the time he stepped foot on campus chopped one off of himself in the batter's box it's Owen to. Pull one out of four yesterday did the same thing on Friday. The overall shocker to them. Pretty good job of keeping him under wraps. In this series bin Miller with three hits coming into today's game Shriver and bull with to a piece. And Eli should do all day was not a lineup today. With a couple minutes overall. The mention in the open the shocker pitching staff is. Held Nebraska down hitting just 215. In the series before today. However. Two of their three hits today and gone for extra bases triple a home run. But first and diving back to Colorado. Alvarado with two steals on the year. Nebraska overall just so so. In successful steal attempts bull weighs in misses and pitch out away from him and Downey goes again strikes out two of the inning. And would go to the third ask a leading the shoppers to do nothing but yeah. Your busy meeting deadlines aaron's car pools sabres needed to das render the thank you completely forgot to our camp didn't pay any different believes that he can be you've promised better yeah. Stopped you can't be everywhere but we can. Delta dental of Kansas offers individual dental plans across the largest Dennis network in the nation's so when something's gotta dance blues the laundry list. Keep your smile learn more about individual and family dental plans and delta dental KS dot com. The Carnahan. Group that JPY get a sense this highly trained team that presidential realtors ready to accomplish the goals of buyers and sellers in Wichita we utilized data PR marketing with exceptional photography for an inspirational experience online and in print media buyers can expect a team of unique abilities with years of experience to negotiate on their behalf and Nesmith transaction all the way to their new home to see all of our beautiful homes at the Carnahan group dot com a leader in real estate for over forty years. Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance. Seat agent John Green Ryan woods or an end over west saw earlier case Sean Hannity here listen to meet every weekday at two could fall half. Happening right here on KM SS. The top of the third inning. Bob Mueller was done they. Doctors have left three on base in the first couple innings. All three in scoring position. And obviously would shut out yesterday. Went hitless with runners in scoring position a day ago only a few chances. To break through yesterday as well. Kurt takes low. He saw it first pitch of the game and bounce one back in the mount. Perk for for ten in the series pair doubles. 10. We're below two and a convention throughout the series. Kirk a native of Lincoln. Tanner went to Lincoln southeast high school. He and Sam Davis both from here. Knee high strike called to a one. Davis went to Waverly high school here in Lincoln. Do balls the strike Walden spit. Hi in the air down the left field line over toward the line and out of play into the bullpen. Kirk just got under just got in front of it. A long way down the left field line that. Got out of play. Clocked field Haymarket mark has a fair amount of foul ground. Not outrageous but. There's been a couple part shocker to played in really haven't had much foul ground at all. Little bit high. Read too. Pick up the pitches that Wichita State has seen. Go in its favor in seem like any of the call yesterday went for the shock others. They've got double the day now when it off the end of the bat and flared to the right side felt ground and now a play on the berm. Myers gave the go but just ran out of room. Hawks field. Very big in the middle but hitter friendly. If he keep it to straightaway writer left or down the lines. Little more still in right 325 down the line in right. 342. The straightaway right field so it doesn't jot out very for. Three and Judy Kirk Matt Waldman of the line in the pitch. Popped up foul back and how to play. The left field down the line it's 335 year and 3562. Straight away left. Now where. Jake Myers hit his triple. Was just the left in the 403. Signs. In deepest left center field. That's popped up foul on how to play we'll do it again. In. Straighter and not deepest left center over toward deepest right senator. It's pretty much. Straight away as far as the angle there is no line in other words that make the corner in left center right there that when belted the left but right at the left fielder. And Alvarado barely had to move so Kirk after a long battle hit it hard buddies the first out of there. They got a little corner out there deepest left center field it's 403 feet away from home plate. Just about the same to straightaway thinner and deepest right center 395 and 400 so. You want out there and you got a sure triple. Down and ended. Michael Luka. Michaels singled his first time up there. That was his fourth hit of the series. 10 pitch. Mean high strike. 11. Last two days Oscar pitchers have done really really fine job of keeping the ball down getting a lot of called strikes. At the lower part of the zone. 11 is fell back to screen is wanna do. At Walter in his head to base runners on. In each of the first two innings. Got out of both camps shocker said two on one out the first two on nobody out in the second. The Huskers struck for both their runs in the first. Tried the inside corner and missed two and two. So look at now on the season. Hitting 328. He's driven in seven on the year. He's redshirt senior year. I'm away from Maine won't fly ball down the left field line twisting fouled out of line. Two balls two strikes wanna. Hawks field. When it's full. 8486. Still a lot like nick stadium. As far as the capacity. Still into the count Waldner and staring in for the sign and taking a little too long. The difference between. Beck and Haymarket parked beside the playing surface. I'm in right center field not quite as fan friendly is packed stadiums. Into the dirt. And they've gone as far as he can with one another three into it. Out beyond right field as a shocker bullpen. And then there's little special picnic type area. Toward the center field side of the shocker Penn. Three Q pitch it on the ground the first baseman driver's got to deal taking himself. And two down. Although Shriver and I thought that was outnumbered three. So Luka one out of two and here's Brian and taken. They come singled his first time. How is his fourth hit of the series as well. Kirk Luka and take a mall. With four hits in this series. Strike called on the outer edge. I'm familiar territory for. Matt Waldman in this game got bases empty and two outs. Tried out there again and now when was too low. One ball one strike the right taken. With that hit now waiting to 84. Couple home runs in fifteen runs batted it. The outside too and want. Has had a little bit of an issue with a hamstring. Not quite bad enough to keep him out but. Butler limiting his. Movement today by just DA tedium you'll have to run back and forth to the bag at first today. Mean in a myth out front of the off speed pitch got away from him punitive. As has been the case all weekend the outfield playing taken very deep especially the left fielder. Alvarado could be much deeper and left. Too cute and on the ground in a diving stop by plots next drops it picks it up throws say. Even with I think a running. Clock tick. Couldn't throw him out. Made good diving stop within just dropped them mishandled the exchange. And I'll be an infield hit for Ryan take. The shocker with four hits and a walk. Here in the early going Gunner Trout line. Struck out looking his first time up there with two men off. And. Now they flashed up. On the board. So who. Think Dan hit away from tick him and assessed plot thick with a there. Grew up as they hit first but after further review. One noted Trout line. And Allen's gulf to the left field Colorado comes on and makes it jogging catch. And outlined. Is the final out there. One error one left. Nothing doing for the soccer's good about the third two nothing Nebraska. 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Missing class fuel economy were five point three liter V8 engine EPA estimates sixteen city 23 highway MP EG two wheel drive recently just due to your sales growth. Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance. C agent Alex Acosta NG Valentine or in mold main Kirk barber which caused the news traffic and weather leader thirteen thirty KM SS. Perhaps the bottom of the third place in the finishing up his warmup tosses between innings. And gets greater face the hard the Oscar order here in the third. The law offices of all the things Goering a broad support as a shocker athletic. You can reach all the staying here and she's 637596. Or visit their website at www. Home law. Dot com. SID Caleb Corel backers studios. The final game of the series and the deciding game of the series. And lopsided Wichita State win on Friday seventeen to five. And Nebraska. Paid him back with a shot up yesterday. Among the snowflakes ward and nothing. Jake plots neck with a solo home run his first time up there. Makes lol wanna know why underway here in the bottom third. Mcinnis 10. Off speed pitches load tuna. That had been one thing that the shocker has done pretty well in the first two games of the series and generally well lately that's throw. Off speed pitches were called strikes and get me over breaking balls as they call liner into left field that's gonna drop in. Front of the backroom races over toward the line they're taught kick the second and closed play the thing. Want sick thinking to ride out of the box in this slid in under the tank just beating the throw from the backers. Homered and doubled so far for Jake plots that. Who's. Pretty why there in the first few games of the series. And ups ups then Miller. Miller has reached base safely in sixteen straight games now. Team's leading hitter. Imposing figure up they're from the left side. Maginnis. In the work around lead off trouble here in the third. And Miller it's now little Lutheran shallow right center field everybody chasing and it drops him or her with a diet. Headlong away from home plate couldn't come up when it and then Moehler that just a little Texas leaguer they fit moving. Dick clock ticked at third. And now it's got Shriver. So runners at the corners and nobody out and now time called. And looks like Brian walker it's gonna go out to them now. And so with runners at corners. Maginnis. In a little bit of trouble here. In the third. A double the left and then have it tough luck little darker in right center field. On occasion Todd Butler will go to the mound. And head coaches sometimes do kids still look pretty much handled all the visits. Or Nebraska. And all the other visits as you know if you're shocker and gripped him it's hitting coach wooden handle. But Brian walker. Has made the visit now. And it's not totally unusual. Because Brian's background is that catchers so. But interesting choice of. The one to make the mound visit and Cody Tyler's. Loosening. Mind Maginnis in Penn. First and third nobody out Shriver. Team's leading home run hitter. Annie started swing couldn't stop himself home plate umpire Tim core deals that I don't need any help you with too far. And doctors may have gotten caught a break there. Shriver and a four game stretch last week. His name Louisville slugger national player of the week Big Ten offensive player of the week. It 5714. Home runs. And that's in the dirt didn't fish for that one. One ball one strike. Hit three home runs against northern Colorado in the mid week and then. In the finale of this four game series against Loyola marymount. Missed two of the games last week. After you hit the elbow. In Wednesday's game. 11. Being an immense went fishing again. On pitched down one and two don't strike out here would be nice. Shriver on the year. Not the easiest to strike out if I got some. Not every five times up there. But you make a mistake to him and he will make effect. Ten extra base hits and slugging percent to 695. Started to swing at the same pitch and one walk and those swing according to first base umpire Jason Parse it. Could do. Plot thickened third Millar at first nobody out now hoster third. Nebraska trying to. Venus stranglehold here on the final game of the series. McGuinness trying to work out of trouble. When a lawn outside of breaking bones three into it. One thing to be careful which driver and they obviously are with a steady diet of breaking balls but if you lose him. Then you load them up with nobody out for Jake Myers. And Myers triple deep into the gap in left senators last time up there. Rim to Maginnis comes set. Miller not going to pitch that bounces in front home plate nowhere close call for now they're loaded up. Well shocker really in trouble now potentially bases loaded nobody out from Meyers. Myers a right handed batter. I. Doctors won't encounter airlift and batter until. Jake schlep in box but. That's enough for Todd Butler. He is gonna go to the hands so. Butler makes a visit takes a look within and Clayton again us. Has a rough one today. Only two plus innings. For McGuinness. Gave up five hits. And walked one struck out two. Cody Tyler it's gonna have to do long and wail of a job that mcginnis runs total doesn't. And on thirty giving up a couple of on a home run in RBIs trip. Cody Tyler comes on NA bases loaded no out situation. I'm making is eight compared to the year award one would one say. You are a force 61. Tyler. As you know missed all of last year. Recovering from Tommy John surgery. And Tyler in a big mess now. You'll have Jake Myers due up. And then fish and Colorado. Plots that started the inning with a double to left and then Miller just a little flare to right center field perfectly planes. Tanner Kirk was the closest one to it he made it headlong dive toward the outfield that came up empty. And then in. Trying to pitch carefully to play in the IQ. Scott driver plate Maginnis. Continued to throw breaking balls in the dirt and charter offered it two of them but the payoff pitch. Was not close enough to camp Shriver and now they're loaded. With nobody out. Cody Tyler. A six foot left hander Richard sophomore from Terrell Texas. And Dick Myers in the first. To create. Do nothing Oscars for the time being the united that shocker it's five to three. So it Cody Tyler coming in early in this one. That will make Tuesday's starter. A bit of a mystery. Well you do still have chase Williams down there in the bullpen. But. It's not all real possibility he might make you play in this went to only the third inning. And we'll worry about Tuesday as David Cody Tyler. Will be out there you'd think for awhile unless he is totally doesn't happen. Though very go already replying. Jake Myers. Facing Cody Tyler. I. Myers at one a long way into the gap in left center field. Drove in Scott Shriver. With a three base hit. I'll speak pit stops in their first strike zone Tyler jumped ahead of Meyer's old one. Buyers 354. On the season. And with a triple read these averaged ten more points. He's all of a sudden their second leading hitter. And it rips one to left field over goes to backer he makes a running catch waist high tagging it thirds plot that he'll score. The other one out and no further advance sacrifice fly. Dick Myers not seen his second of the day. Good running catch by Josh to backer going over toward the talent. If there are other fish. This is the guy that will go up there and throwing the bat hitting 306. Only walked one time all year so. If Tyler can jump ahead of a mating game did pitch out of swing one around the strike zone steadied lashes want to write and do guy comes up to make it yet so. Fish picked on the first pitch and lined to right. Throughout. And it would be something of an accomplishment of this inning ends when it's freedom nothing. Colorado. The last man to get. Luis with a ground ball single to right. Actually start the second inning he was stranded their first. Two on two out now. Tyler trying to. Strand a couple of inherited runners want and scored. And curve ball floats in their first strike. Cody Tyler's. First appearance. Of the series. Pitched two scoreless innings earlier in the week against North Dakota followed up Maginnis is three with. Two of his zone struck out three. Three nothing Nebraska lower in the bottom of the third. Sunny but cool day here in Lincoln. Wind with no factor at all. Good strike on the inside corner fastball onto. The bulls in two strikes. We've Oliver Otto. To. Little darker in shallow center field out goes Kirk it comes look. And it dropped between the two of them runner comes home is gonna make it the throw gets away from throw line. Gonna try to score and he will now the second of those Eldorado. It's a little flare at the center field that scored one in in the throw in from Lucas skipped away. Rome. Got her true line. And that allowed Shriver to score. And Eldorado crackdown the second day. Though it's now five to nothing in. Dockers were oh so close that getting out of that with minimal damage. But all three runs in depth scoring all assess the clay McGuinness. Now we're autos still scoring position and the inning continues. She loved him bark he struck out its first time. Think low and outside. Her second two outs three in. And the Huskers. But their biggest lead of the series. And out of line to left field for a base hit the backer coming up they're gonna wave of thin. And play at the plate. It's not included in the second coach let them. B Tyler gives up an RBI single huge weapon but it's Colorado's cooers. And down to second on the thrill homeless slept in Moscow. So some clutch hitting four Nebraska. And Wichita State has not been able Luke. Cash in on their opportunities they find themselves down thick enough that. And now Stephen rebel us. From Ellis flied to right his first time up there. A called strike breaking ball. The shocker is just teetering on the brink. Of good things. The entire first third this game both offensively just waiting for a big hit and when they've been out in the field just one more pitch. But they haven't been able to execute and credit Nebraska for that. Now Walden has made pitches when he had two and the Nebraska hitters. Have really come up big in the clutch. One and wander a balance. When popped up foul over toward the shocker dug out and beyond and into the stands three euros the. Huskers now three for five. Hitting with two outs. And also three for five with runners in scoring position. Fix nothing Huskers bottom of the third. Wanted to do Stephen Root ballots. To stretch. 12. In on the ground as shortstop Vickers got to. Throw crosses true in the inning finally comes to a close. But the Huskers have a good round they end up scoring or they've streamlined. In the three it's now Nebraska six shocker if nothing getting your hands on hot Kristy Lee usually sends a lot like this. I don't win streak it's a little more like this hello we. Wind streak delivers crispy wings stuck in an eight hole sauces to drive around. Including our exclusive Jim Dean Dole's got spicy Durban barbecue sauce no creme bars no cross town trips. There are required doing street we went to pizza and drinks and we're now Pizza Hut. Product failed totally breast cancer spacious interiors and charges and minimum just like delivering digital doubles as a registered trademarks of being French company. Hey we're gonna big bucks I'm looking for new LG LED and a real wood TV stand on me. 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Matt Walter and has allowed at least one base runner in every inning. But. For sure workers have been stranded three in scoring position. And meanwhile. Nebraska. Great clay McGuinness over the coals and added a couple of hits in Iran for good measure off of reliever Cody Tyler. And a whole run an RB I triple in the first inning. Sacrifice fly with a bases loaded in the third. And then a pair of RBIs singles from Alvarado and she looked and bock. And Luke greater takes a called strike here in the fourth six nothing. Grass is not at the shocker seven victory. Ridder takes too low one balls and one strike. So Matt Walter and trying to. Back up his solid start that he had against Loyola marymount. And as a strike changeup drops in there. Aldrin went six and two thirds and it's his high on the season back on the twelfth. Scattered six hits no runs a walk and five strike out. Sliders sales outside too and student. Luke Ritter. After. Walter went six innings in relief on the 28 of February. Earners that is convinced he ought to be a starter and strike three called the raiders. Downey goes one way. Grayson Janice those singled his previous trip. After Walter and turned in six innings in relief getting a win against two lane which he only allowed two runs. That was in San Diego. Nebraska won that game 73. He's started since then. Strike call. Coinciding with that move. Cold how all. Has been moved from starting rotation to hand that's upstairs one ball one strike. Cold Howell is four starts and any RA just north of eight. And with Walter and emerging. Made a lot of sense for ball drops in their third strike with one and two. So weekend rotation for Nebraska going. Junior redshirt freshman true freshman. Jake and Eckstein. Danced in and out trouble yesterday in his five innings of work in the bullpen. Did the rest. Outside low pianist. Attempted to didn't go after. Grayson within a single is first time out now writing to 33. Her ball popped out foul left side and just beyond the fourth road to home plate side that Nebraska dug up. Very good crowd on hand and you might expect just about everybody wearing red. Bases empty one now the shocker for. Walter and looking in for the sign. To make it happen right here in the line in the QQ did just. Tidy up a little player foul. And a fan of the second back whipped on a two handed bare handed catch an outline. Just up there left handed battling Walter in the team to again. Andy got in swing at a pitch down Jones that way outcry over the top. Second strike out of the inning and Waldman now has struck out three. His season high is five. Struck out five. In his last two starts. On the fifth against long beach state and last weekend against Loyola marymount. Your Dayton do god takes a called strike. The Walden had did. Get out of that a couple of jams and each of the first two innings but since then he's really settle in. Sweating and this might do God's going to. Since he walked duke guard in the second. Walton has allowed just one base runner now was. And a ball that was ruled an error. Off the bat of Ryan taken. Smith upstairs. One and two. Shocker back home on Tuesday night they'll entertain the Oklahoma State countless. Which you nationally ranked. It comes the wanted to do gone. Just outside. Now Walter and popped off the mound to be a couple of steps toward the dugout but he had straight three. Balls two strikes two outs bases and in the shocker for. When outside you got spit on it three and to. Top of the order for the Huskers do up in the bottom of the fourth inning. Doctors trailing six nothing. Four run third. Has been the big and 32. Chopper on the ground of the short stuff charging Israel well let's throws on the run and got. Three up and three down and then Wichita State. Fourth inning. And now all of a sudden now Waldman has really settled in Andy and Julie thinks that ethically going to the bottom of the war. 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Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance. C agent Jared Crawford Chris post or Mike Rogers. Election 2016 headquartered. Thirteen dirty pain as fast. Ryan bowl started off for four at Nebraska here in the bottom of the fourth. Huskers amounted to shocker 73. Q runs in the first and four in the third as. Given the Huskers from breathing room. Wolf so for two. Main culprits. In the first third of the game Dick plot sick and Scott Shriver and both been on both times both scored. Both times strike called to run Ryan bull. Bolt has lied to deep right and struck out looking sharp upswing and it should say and chased a pitch that looked very good doing it against clay McGuinness. Normally very good hitters though. One outside one of the war. Ryan bowl is. Enjoying the fruits of his first two years labor and being on the Brooks Wallace award watch list high fly ball to left and at lazy fly ball as. Graham Biden about Josh good backer for out number one. Golden spikes award. Watch list I should say minority bolt had been pre season all American by. A few different publications. And bull the number thirteen college prospect. In this year's draft. Here's plots that he has been a real. Pain in the neck for Wichita State today home run double. And a couple of runs scored. Cody Tyler brings it and and immediately jumps ahead of him Poland do. One out bottom of the fourth. The final line for Clayton Maginnis. She runs five hits five runs a walk and a pair of strikeouts. And little hump back liner to Vickers he makes the catch. What do away. Cody Tyler hit Dan Miller here he's one out of two. Don I looked like you've got to get out of trouble and thirty a lot of sacrifice fly but then. Got a line drive to right for the second out of the inning in with you on and two strikes. Luis Alvarado. When they RBIs base hit. And then Jake schlep in the box followed with a hit of these zones. And Miller takes one right down middle. Have been Miller has extended his. Streak of reaching base safely to seventeen games. Had a pair hit yesterday. Low and outside. One ball one strike. The Huskers from here will go to terra haute and play a couple of midweek games against Indiana State. Miller takes blown away with two balls in the strike. Bases empty two out two and one. He's a Nebraska DH. I'll speak it's catches the outside court to me. On top in a really good hitter Ben Miller doesn't strike out very often at least not lately. 22 pitch. Flare to left the backer right there he's gonna make the catch and a 1234. Inning turned in by Cody Tyler. We'll go to the top of the fifth that the more complete Oscar's lead shocker six and up getting your hands on hot Kristy Lee usually sends a lot like this. I don't win streak it's a little more like this. Oh hello when. 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Why is Glenn Beck can join you begin mourning tonight right here on K. More complaints from Haymarket bar and hot field here at Lincoln Nebraska. Huskers leading shocker six to nothing in the deciding game this three game series. Aldrin. Israeli go here in the fifth inning I get Josh to backer trade Vickers and and can occur. Beyond deepest center field and the trees on the berm or the batters. And at. Big hill leads up to the highway. Memorial stadium where the football team plays. In full view. And the downtown area. Pretty much directly over right field as you're looking out. Pinnacle bank arena. Downey right field line. And called strike to the backer in one way in the fifth. Meant to Nebraska. Next week will take on Indiana State next week is the Huskers spring break. And Walden started hits and stopped. The backers bounced into a double play he's only played appearance today. A real low one ball one strike two to backer. God Butler alluded to the fact that after the backers. Solid. Game one of the series game in which he didn't start it. Came off the bench. It's right hand pitching the backers going to be in their most days. He has earned his way into the lineup. To one count. Soccer is played a lot of different combinations in the outfield. But it would seem that the backers got a hold on the left field spot against right hand pitching now takes it strike. And it's due in two. The packer leading off the shocker fifth. Here's the line at Walgreens to two. Breaking ball pulled on the ground Shriver went right between these legs and throw the pitch covering out of time. Driver didn't stay down on it and the backers on the one when it's booted plain and simple eat three. And two to backers credit and I guess to Matt Wald and credit to meet one I'm gave up on the plight. But the backer. Is safe. And Shriver assessed his first there of the year. Tree Vickers now. Trail for one he lined out the first. It's low and outside one now. Stock and about all the possibilities. That we've actually even seen this year in left field. Keenan eaten been out there Travis young Brett fears start a couple games out there. And even Lou greater. Low and outside Q and own fish wants to talk to Walter. Not the only thing. That. Is etched in stone wears clothes you get to it is center fielder Michael Lucas started all but one game out there. Dayton do god. More consistently. Is starting games in right field. The start today is Dayton seventh consecutive. And eleventh out of the last twelve games in right. Do go to Vickers. Strike and to the outside corner. Fix nothing Huskers stop we'll fine. Too little on the gallop to trade Vickers. To back her first. It back through the middle and shortstop picked him up flipped the second out one and the third double play and when it turned. By rebel. The low bouncer headed up the middle and rebel us stupid and just flipped it to the second baseman. Weapon bond was right there at the bank and a quick pivot by him. Turns his second double play the game for the Oscars. The bases clear and do away. And bring up tanner Kirk. Kurt takes a little outside the miss by much. Wanna know Kirk is bounced back to the mound and flied to left. Swings and misses an off speed pitch 11. Kirk with a pair of hits in each game of the series. Entered the game tied with dinner Trout line for the team lead in batting average now. We lawn outside. Do want to dinner. Kirk now it six multi hit games on the year. Outside and three law. With his. Exploits in the first two games of the series. Now has climbed to his name's. Chopper to third. Fielded by plots that long throw crosses in time Tucker still leadoff error but only end up sending. Treated like halfway through the finale from Haymarket market six nothing Nebraska. Much passion as can make all kinds of things disappear do that again making ATM fees that can. 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Seat agent John Green Ryan woods or an end overweight Sawyer. We can cause severe storms leader. Thirteen thirty K in assets. All the rafters tomorrow here in the final game of the series. Halfway through Haymarket park hot steel. Six runs seven hits. Ford Nebraska at no runs periods where New Yorkers. In Wichita State. Has now gone. Fourteen innings in a row in the series. Without a run that on the heels of seventeen runs in the last five innings of the opener. Scott Shriver to lead it off no official at bats he's been hit and walked. And Tyler throws a strike. Cody working on his third inning and of worked in relief. Played McGinest went the first two plus three batters. Driver pops it up foul right side. And I applied talk Butler hit the nail on the head when he was talking about Shriver in the pregame show. He swings the bat like a man. And to his credit he. Doesn't strike out all that often considering a healthy cuts that he does today. A two. Anti handing the fastball will now ask Mike Kirby at third base. Charter sports properties in Wichita State athletics would like thank the shocker ambassadors which just states in league level of corporate partners they are. And now how's that shuan. Pizza Hut Taco Bell delta dental Coke industries and Cox Communications. And that. Skipped up there and hit driver so he's been hit twice and walked. The lead off hit batter. His pound of fifth goes down. Jake Myers will be next. If your interest in advertising Wichita State athletics. You can called shoppers or property 316. 9787552. They are Dick Myers he has tripled and hit a sacrifice fly. He greeted Jake my Ari he greeted Cody Tyler. In the third inning with the bases loaded nobody out. And Tyler retired him but a run scored. Through the first Shriver started to go to second then. Back to the Maggie went. Six nothing Huskers bottom five for. Leadoff man on there. By way of hit by pitch. And I stroked a left the backers going to be there though and makes the catch. Myers had a hard but right at shocker left field. Taylor fish. This is grounded to second liner right. You sort of the first pitch he saw from Cody Tyler and hit it right to Dayton did guy with two on and one out in the third. And at that point it looked like. Cody Tyler might be able to wiggle off the hook and keep it three nothing but Nebraska kept coming. One ball no strikes. First pitch to fish misses inside. The fist now over six in the series. Curb drops in there. One want. A ball strike which driver first. Driver didn't run much. He's only successfully stolen one this year. He had three last year so. Not a great candidate to steal. Especially with being six nothing. One. Looked in the left heel that's gonna drop in their effort here. Overcomes the backer and a big turn at second driver will hang on there on a single by Taylor finished his first of this year. How Luis Alvarado knows yet to be your time he's got a pair of things one the right one to Saturn. He pretty much at the key at bat of the game. Or Nebraska anyway. With two on two out and one man in the third and being treated nothing at the time he was down two strikes and dump the soft single in the senators. Scored another run. And he later came around to score himself. In on the ground and third baseman and under raiders glove in left field everybody moved up ninety feet. It was a little bit to Ritter's laugh but probably should it come up with it. Another loaded with one out. And that's gonna be. Probably the right call. So Ridder uncharacteristically. Draws an error on the infield he's been versatile and to this point really handled everything that's coming is less. It's only his. Third error they'd been assessed all year. Schlep embark with a loaded and one out. Tyler's gonna go for the full line. For all didn't quite come around statin side. Right hand are right hander listening in the shocker pin. Bases loaded one out. Here's a stretch like Cody Tyler. One no neck herbal settles into the strike zone one and want. Owners and every day Schreiber. Finish Alvarado. And after that first pitch was out of the full windup Cody Tyler's decided or. Been told to. Pitch out of the stretch. Here comes a 11. Adding reaching may be chased ball tune fouled it back. The big reason for. Cody Tyler needing to be from the stretch in this situation. Is maybe not necessarily. Force weapon bock with one out. But if he gets them. And rebel this comes up there with two outs. Out of the full windup the guys at first and second. Can't really give huge secondary lead. And with the crack of the bat score a lot easier pop fly on the infield Ritter's got a chance and Justin felt fair territory makes the catch. That two outs in the shoppers. Faced with getting one more key out in an inning and it'll be rebel. Novellus a slider right grounded to short. Tyler trying to work out of a jam here he was and a similar spot in the third. Six nothing Nebraska. Bottom of the fifth. To stretch. First pitch called strike another breaking ball. Dodged a pretty good job of jumping ahead of hitters with the secondary stuff. He's still got a couple more pitches to make that. Only on the pitch. Smacked into left field over goes to backer and makes a running catch toward the line and Tyler does get out of the inning. I nice running catch our Josh who backers in the five it's still six nothing Huskers. 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Homeowners insurance see Trevor Harrison Bob do it or at a McDowell in Wichita. George story from coast to coast AM join me week knights right here fine KM SS. Work do we had the fifth third downs and about Walter and turn in a pretty solid five innings. And Michael Luka. Will lead it off and greet him here in the sixth so far. Now all in the freshman. Has been as advertised. Five innings three hits no runs walking three strikeouts. He's gotten eight ground ball out. And by and large. He's worked ahead in the count and now the shocker off balance. Worked out of trouble in the first two things with been pretty smooth sailing since then. Lucas takes a soft strike on the outer edge. Michael hit in two trips. Shocker threatened in the first. Think that same result of one duke. They had back to back singles from Michael Luka and Ryan taken in and they were blocked in the scoring position. With just one out. The shocker failed to score then. Hutus high wanted to and then the second inning judge Janice led off with a single and do golf walked. They had two on nobody out. But then the backer. With a rally killing 463 double play. And boot the waves in this is an eighth straight changeup and down the curse goes to throw from fish to complete the strikeout. One out. Here's they come. Taken the DH today it's been all their both times. Told you about that first inning single he also reached on an error ground ball that. Plots like the third baseman dove for and stop the Denny dropped it. So the official scorer. And f.s idea apparently. Thought that plot that did the hard part and then. He defeated just got the ball out of the glove hitting gotten taken which probably is true little tapper to third. Plot thick throws on the run nice play out. Take a mile high chopper and plot tick. Had do field and throw on the run all in one motion and they're right on target. He's got hurt your outline or. Trout line hitless in two trips. Previous two games of this series he said. One hit exactly any each. All Barron's first pitch to him. And it hit the knob of the bat I guess. Apparently. Governor not flinching. And certainly know how roving in any part of his left hander arm so. Either glanced off the handle or the knob. Balls and one strike. I'll back go into. Out Aldrin has won the battle of the two freshman pitchers today Maginnis. Only. Pitched into the third inning. And Walter and has been cruising since the third inning. To Trout line. Bit high looked like slider that didn't snap. What do. Now line Shawnee mission east product. The sophomore. The line in the 12. Putting looking on the outside corner and that's three opens read on for the shot it's five and a half six nothing Huskers. Who. There are certain. Precious. You just can't currency. He'd like to forget we ever will. The worst part about that Iran is something like that person has been injected. Is that we're in nursing tells us the fact that it is such an easy thing to do. Most vulnerable. And it's not wearing your seat belt and Kansas it's belongs. Clicked into the ticket and worse. Need a place to watch the big game. Where you sit. You know off highway 96 and went road jerseys offers daily specials a dozen Beers on tap and a menu featuring everything from pizza the primary. Jerseys proud to be an official sponsor of the Wichita State shocker as. No matter where the soccer play home or away want to make jerseys at tickets ride to the game and style and their sweet Hummer limo. Call 3166365000. Jerseys grill and bar and what's so. Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance. C agent Alex Acosta NG Valentine or in mold main Kirk Farber. I'm like Jordan from ground zero win tonight here on Canas. Lot of the things that nothing Nebraska. New shocker pitcher. Right hander Tyler Gibson. Gibson and native of Oklahoma. Went to Seminole state. Also. Spent some time at. University of Oklahoma. Taylor sand of course is now catching tuna brand new battery. Alec bald now playing third day. Ridder out. And throw line and get the rest of the day off. And Charlie Gibson had been out there for awhile. 26 of February of last. Game action. When an inning and two thirds against New Mexico allowed a couple of hits and a run. His only other appearance this year was the start on the 24 against Oral Roberts Annie only lasted an inning and a third so. Gibson making his third appearance of the year. And you picked up the order for the Huskers. Here in the 66 runs eight hits and two errors for the Huskers. 03 into from Wichita State workers are now. Come up empty in their. Last fifteen innings. Bolt takes down and in one ball no strikes. Tyler Gibson. 64185. Here's the 10 now on lofted foul left side twisting over toward the stands in bowl. Actually it landed in the field of play ball and kind of dancing around over there as he got close to the barrier. No feet thought it was gonna get out of play or. You shied away from the barrier but. He and the ball. Basically got. The barrier at the same time. Though wasn't quite high enough for the camp under it. And so. Just by that much. Ball manic out of his reach. And Brian bull continues to play it appears to want. High blast deep right field and at seven and nothing Nebraska. Wolf they want out of here. Second homer of the day for Nebraska. And now the Huskers lead at 70. Clock ticked coming up next. Has also homered these. Two out of three. The only time he's made out was in the fourth inning. The shocker kept. The Nebraska hitters pretty much it made the first couple games of the series but not today extra base hits all over the place including a couple of home runs. Plots they plot to the back with a breaking book. So he's been on their all. Or three out wartime mission thing. And I'll bring up then Miller. Today paid double or triple and two home runs. Among the Huskers hit. For the nine. Have gone for extra bases. Miller one out of three with a single. Gibson's first pitch to him. His off speed pitch strike. Oscars with fourteen hits combined in the first two games of the series nine today so there. Finding their stride. Gibson get a pitch out of the stretch now what. Plot thick at first base. And at turn and throw to first. Cody Hoyer. Listing behind Gibson if he gets any worse. Miller up their from the left side all kinds of power. And in short porch to shoot that. Don't want. Her ball belted to right duke right there makes cats over toward a line a couple of steps. Miller is guard but he effort now. So again keeping score. Trout line out and ignores in greater out Bolton in. Gibson the third picture of the day for the shocker. Scott Shriver. Has been hit twice in walk walk us. Batting average holding steady at 322. And party up with a fastball felt back through group. Good pitch by Tyler Gibson you've got to get in on this guy because. He is. I hope for hanging out over the plate is the right term but he's got long arms and he swings like you mean that so few. It barrel bat many passes it through his own your trouble. Good pitch on the inside went right back in the air for a called strike. We'll see if that opens up the lower and outer part of the zone. Were they wanna go right back inside. Where they go on to. Team leader in home runs with six. Course he sets up inside there's a rifle shot the third bomb to check it out there go to first. 543 double play. Any over the leadoff home run from Ryan bolt. Makes it Nebraska seven. In Wichita State now. We have a lot of responsibilities in today's world we cautiously analyze our wellness but neglect the largest organ of our body. 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Keep your smile learn more about individual and family dental plans and delta dental KS dot com. Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance. C agent Brad woody Shawn Chapman orange haze filled forest pummel. This is Stevens can join this morning right here on cape end as fast. Think Nebraska six complete from Haymarket and park in hot field. With like Oscars inching closer to salvaging this series after. Basically imploding in game one of the series. And case you missed it back on Friday. Nebraska was looking good after four innings. And their starter Eric Burke camper who started. This season with sixteen consecutive scoreless innings. But then a shocker got four in the fifth one in the sixth. Five in the seventh one in the eighth to sixth in the night to win going away seventeen to five. And in the process drew seventeen walks. Against Nebraska pitching in the game that took three hours and 41 minutes to play Alec bone getting his first at bat picks lawn outside. And then yesterday I gain nothing like the Friday four to nothing. Oscars. Home takes a strike from out Walter and cauldron. Is. Working on his season and career high. As far as duration goes a long he's been out there. When he outside the home two and one. Hewitt six and two thirds against Loyola marymount last weekend. And six in relief in that game against Tulane. 128 and February. Too little and Alec ball. Matt in left field the base hit out home. Guns one in the left to lead off the seventh inning so Alec. Leads off the seventh by a reaching base. Alec bulb out three out of five in the series. There is gracing Janice. First pitch to him as a high lazy fly ball to look. Over goes Alvarado a few steps and makes the cac just out on the first pitch he sees now one for three. One out for Dayton do guy. Bowman in that opener on Friday. As a pinch hitter had a hit and and RBIs. With the DH yesterday went one for three so he's. And productive. In the series. Dude up high pop foul behind home plate. Heading towards us and just beneath us in the second deck. And makes that catch off the ricochet often MPC. Aren't really many of those. Good good crowd on hand in the the wind in the sun never really cooperated today. They started mostly cloudy now it's mostly sunny in the wind just how much a factor at all. Do god takes outside. And if you're on the field and the wind kind of swirls here we discovered over the first couple games. You can look at the flags in left center field and it'll tell you one thing but. There are flags in right center on top of the scoreboard it'll tell you another. It on the ground as shortstop backhanded thereby. For a balance throw to second for the out and they return throw to first should have been made went off the facing it. Doug outer neared anyway. Nice play Byron ballots and schlep in mock probably should put the ball in his pocket but bowled out at second and new guy reaches on a fielder's choice. And now. Young is doing yet heard about it. And Travis young. Making a pitching appearance. I was eight out of 3230. Three RBI. Hitting an even 250. Seven nothing Nebraska top of the sub. Travis young. One previous at bat in this series. Mac came in and start on Friday. Strike the team won't. Shocker have been out hit ninth floor. Who got five hits yesterday. And on top of those seventeen walks that they got Friday out of thirteen hits. They got a lot of those late received scored Conner runs late. 01 beyond. Her ball over but lo. And it's one and one action in the Nebraska ten hours. Matt Walter and inches over the hundredth pitch plateau. He's working on six and two thirds scoreless she scattered four hits. One I want to young. Snap throw to first. Driving you got back just in case. Jeff chestnut who worked on Friday. Who's up and going in the Nebraska bullpen. What do Lonnie young. Walden comes set. Comes to the plate. Low and outside try to fastball and miss the corner. Shocker in Oklahoma State Tuesday night and Eck stadium and supposed to be very very warm. So. Great weather day after three iffy ones. Here link in this weekend. And it kicks off a ten game homestand Wichita State. Quick throw to first is. Older and hop off the rubber. That's a movie can get away with a in college. One of the differences between. College and professional. As a right hand pitchers you have got to break contact with the rubber with a back leg in pro ball first and ecology can just jump off. We'll flare to right field and into right field it goes base hit. For Travis yup you got stopped at second after Jake Myers kicked it around a little bit. So young with a soft Singler right. And that'll. Bring up trade Vickers certainly his spot we'll see if he hits. So far Canner Kirk and the only guy in the on deck circle and it's illegal for him to hit. Back Redding. Will be your pinch hitter. Over anything. Reading one plate appearance in the series he walked. He is nursing a tender hamstring. That has been bothering him since. Late February. Injured it running to first in the final game of the series against New Mexico. He has made. A handful of pain pinch hitting appearances since then the first of I believe coming against North Dakota and he promptly doubled so. He gets his second plate appearance of the series and Ted Silva. Gonna go out to the mound and maybe just maybe. This will spell the end of Matt Waldman if it is. In the end for him he's done a very good job he's equaled his season high in innings six and two thirds. Throughout honored eight pitches. So he's more than done his job as Silva wants take the hook when. And he's gonna make called hands so. You would imagine that meant Aldrin will get a great ovation as he comes off the field. And Oscar faithful. Rises one as Walter and turned in six and two thirds. Shutout. Yep chestnut. Well. Come on in relief for the second time in the series. And overall this year. Chestnut. Is. Making appearance number ten. That leads staff. One and LER 8540. For Jeff chestnut. In the opener he. Spelled with. Derek Bergkamp. And an inning inning and two thirds shocker gunning for two hits and a run he walked three. And when he came in and walk the world that was pretty much the writing on the wall per camper struggled. Ended up walking five and we just got back it up it was an epidemic and nobody. For the Huskers on Friday could throw strike. So Walter and six and two thirds. Scattered five hits only walked one. Struck out five. Jeff just not. We'll get Vickers spot in the order but K threading Razzaq reading sorry will pinch hit. Will be chestnut and Redding where. First and second for the shoppers. Do god and young. This is appearance number 72. Chestnuts career. And he is now in ninth place. On the all time list all by himself. Is this the handful of a pair it is. From. Making get into the top war and frankly we stayed healthy and effective. He could probably become the all time appearance leader they. Number yet is 87. And need only need fifteen more after us. He made 31 appearances last year so it's certainly within sight. There are dreading. Two on two out. In the shocker seventh. Kind of break up the shot out here first pitcher Redding. Went low fastball wanna know. Jeff chestnut wearing number one now. 64207. He is also from Omaha. Quite a few Omaha natives on these rosters and in the lineup today. Load two and a. Redding. With a pinch hitting appearance series. Six for nineteen. Four doubles. Way ahead in the count two in the outfield playing him straight up. And it's going to help him. Don't want. Seven nothing Huskers. The big blow a four run third. It was when plate mcginniss ran into trouble and Nebraska. Put on a clinic. To strike in two out hitting. 21 is too low three and walked. Cantor Kirk on deck. Chestnut trying to string in a couple of inherited runners. Injures pitch to. Zach reading here who has some occasional power. Robert takes off to third swing and MS throw down. On the third. Not exactly sure what they do go thinking man and Todd butler's none too pleased. Any ins with a caught stealing. Stretched time here at Haymarket park seven nothing Nebraska. Wounded Chevy truck month. What do you want an assembly of trucks dependability. Capability besting class available create fuel economy. What is you can get all of this and more on meet the all new 2016 Silverado 15100 as the new face of strong boundary truck marks CY Shelby is our fastest growing pickup program see your hometown should be dealer today at. Missing the last few we know we were five point three liter V8 engine BP isn't a sixteen city 23 highway MP EG two wheel drive recently just due to your sales growth. When it comes to local beer and local flavor. More town breweries the new favorite in town. Check out their outstanding food choices from the chopped and chipped nachos award winning Chile to their half bacon hamburger truck merger. It's the best food you'll find in the craft beer joint. It's not a sports bar but it's a great place to watch the game check out your new favorite today in Bridgetown brewery west when he first and Tyler and east when he first and rock room. We're town brewery since 1992. Hey Sean Hannity here listen to meet every weekday at two defaults have. Happening right here on KM SS. They knew god was caught stealing in the top of the seventh. With shocker is down seven and probably not coincidentally. Brett fear is now playing right field. Instead of date. Jake Myers slid off in the seventh. I like Gibson out for his second inning of work in relief. He gave up a solo home run to start the sixth off batter Ryan bowl. So looking more and more like chase Williams will end up drawing the start on Tuesday. Here's the wind and Gibson's first pitch. Her ball called strike. First of ten. At home starting to the united 630. Jordan boy are now playing shortstop and Travis young. Stays in the game to play left. Good strike from Gibson curve ball catches the moderate. Oklahoma State on Tuesday night. And then the cal poly series starts on Thursday keep that in mind not your typical weekend theories although it's night typical weekend either. One into account to Dick Myers. Thursday and Friday's game against cal poly at 630 so the next three games are at night. 12 rifle shot to shortstop Boyer picked it up cleanly and throws high and safer. Jealous of you leaping grab it could get the tag down on Myers and always finds a new guy in Jordan Boyer. It is. Going to be charged with a throwing error well. It is this. This is grounded to second liner right and single. One on nobody out in the bottom of the seventh. Curve ball called strike. Jockey have been a lot of that today on a first pitch. Off speed and for the most part have been the autumn for strikes. Nebraska just goes to show you that. Virtually nobody goes up they're looking for first pitch breaking on the have been much more ago. First. Cody lawyer. Back to work in the shocker pin. And Nebraska's Ben they got a little something going down their Macs can Newton. 01. Who do. Good curve ball. In the final game of that series against cal poly will be. On Saturday and that's a twelve noon start so. Just like today at noon start shocker to vet all kind of different start times this year. The two. Heading reaching ground ball to short might be to second base won back to first double lives 643. Soccer's turning over. That is their first double play of the game. And their first double play turned the series. That helps out. Kinda Gibson. And bring up Luis Alvarado has been on their all three times. Pairs singles reached on an air. Gibson's first pitch to him. That's ball strike at pennies Gibson's look sharp. He made one mistake to bolt and bolt hit it in the parking lot another now he's been good. Swing and mr. past. The balls and two strikes dealer will Luis Alvarado getting his second start. In left field in the series. I ball right center field and on the run is Luka any runs it down. In the gap in right center. So a scoreless seventh for Wichita State will go to the rockers still trailed those seven nothing. Are you looking for a great place to play golf whether you're beginner for a seasoned veteran. And looked into and over municipal golf course couldn't believe distressed behind and come to end over municipal golf course with your wife and kids and friends. Under new management the greens have recently been re grasping. With inexpensive green car and membership in the east end of municipal golf courses they're golf course for you. And don't forget to try foot golf. And over municipal golf course off of highway 54 just blast of hand over Rhode. Hi this is just in Baxter Baxter & Associates in our forty years of business Don Baxter in our whole team has seen challenging Financial Times and we are up for that challenge we understand the you're depending on your serious money now and in the future so please give us a call at 3166520101. Baxter & Associates time well spent money well invested. Security and advisory services offered through SII investments incorporated member Finneran SIPC and a registered investment advisor pastor and associates incorporated and SII investments incorporated are separate and generally companies shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance. C agent Jared Crawford. Chris post or Mike Rogers which caused Andrew's Traficant whether leader thirteen thirty KN OSS. We'll get the eighth inning for Nebraska. Jeff just got credit for a third of an inning. And he really didn't retire or anybody. The Al that was made was that caught stealing. And because of that. Zach Redding who is hitting poor trade Vickers. Didn't get to complete his at bat. Because he's not a middle infielder. Lawyer Nguyen in for him. And now Boyer. Will lead off the top of the eight and it's seven and nothing Nebraska they about it shocker is nine to five. The shocker scoreless inning streak is now reached sixteen innings. In this series. Max can it to the left handers made five previous appearances appearances no records days. And any RE a 506. Jordan Boyer. It's a rare bout he's. Gotta give his. Seventh played appearance. He's too performer with a walk. Annie bean he wants. He has three runs batted in. That came against Sam Houston State in a bases loaded situation where he knocked them all in with a extra base hit. First pitch from commutes and first pitch swinging for all the practice green. Jordan Boyer redshirt freshman from Oklahoma City. 6119 be made throwing error in his first inning in the field. Last half inning but Tyler Gibson pitched around. Down low. And outs one on one. Boy here than Kirk in Boca when you're scheduled hitters. Striking to me. Wanna do. Max and it's in 62 to 25 season. Minnesota native. It is from the stretch with nobody on. 12. Slider can come around. With four lawyers have complete the national college for DUI defense hold X thing in hearing will be your defense against any deal IE get one call. Make it count 2637596. And lawyer fouled it back and continues to the count. Holding a two and two. They Sunday's. Haymarket park here this afternoon. Tremendous crowd. Both in the box seats and not metal the berms Downey the line. Two Q Boyer again outside three and to. The air temperature is not great but. With the fact that the wind is. Really stayed calm virtually all day has made 44 degrees. Feel much more tolerable. We your pals back over the route. Three balls and two strikes skewed Jordan Boyer. In a seven a nothing game in the shocker to me. Can Nixon to Boyer. He lost in Bible for. But boy were they base on balls to start the eighth. Doctors have put the leadoff man aboard in the second. The death. The seventh and now the eight. They have stranded. Michael Luka and gracious and generous. At third base. The game in the first two innings her stick to strike. Hold on. Danner Kirk over three today so. His series. Has gone a little bit south after multi hit games in each of the first two fouls one back over the route. Cohen to. Kirk hitting 322. And powder near the top of their hitting list for Wichita State virtually from the start. There is little period there where he missed a couple of games. After he hit a foul ball came up and hitting in the higher right underneath his right a high. Start to go after breaking ball and held up and low. Lawyer first nobody out in the eighth. And Kirk takes in the dirt gets away from fished out a second go boy are you make without apply. It's in the dirt and wild pitch. And so shocker have a runner in scoring position. Get pummeled getting them home has now. Tough issue for them today. Runners in scoring position shocker or hope for four. And Kirk. Lofts one foul right side and we'll do it again. Border battle committed sin and eventually worked a walk and Kurt. Is working him over currently. Walk drawn by Boyer just the second issued today. Allen's loan it's 32. Max can it's in no. Is pretty much all or nothing when he comes him. Five and a third this year he walked seven. Struck out eleven. There's a lot of bats that ended up with nobody put it in play and Kirk has drawn the second walk. In a row. So commits in now with nine walks and five and third. Who got. It still was gonna go out and talk with Matt candidates and he's got a left handed batter up here but. General that's gonna matter. And Nixon's lack of command. He struck out the side against Tulane. And it's been here. And with those eleven strikeouts. In just five in the third you know he's got the stuff. But that's over the former. Pitching graded cal state Fullerton who is in his fifth year. As the associate head coach flash pitching coach. Make his point and then back to the dugout against. So it'll be commutes and and Luke with two on and nobody out here in the day. Not that is a precursor but. Two walks to start an inning. Sure fire way to invited team to get back in the game. To Newton's first pitch low. One ball no strikes. Shocker certainly have some work to do they wanna climb back in this one but they've been given an invitation. In a right hander getting loose for Nebraska it'll take you awhile. And it's two. Gary king. Would be next. That he has even gotten up on the rubber down the left field there. Don't go to Luka. Almost certainly will be taking here time call. Shocker trying to break through and a seven or nothing game and may be more. Maybe not a big inning. And it's and it's kicked open the door. And that was over the little hard. Umpires in the crowd thought that was good enough but. And you can't throw a strike uniting it borderline ones and he didn't get that 13 up. Manny walked to load. The shocker with a golden opportunity. To really make. Nebraska nervous. And they have. Ryan take him due up. Take them has been aboard twice he's officially one out of three. Knight doesn't run all that well even when he's healthy in his hamstrings been bothering him a little bit soft ground ball wouldn't. Probably be profitable for Tim that an infielder. There's a strike. But take him certainly is. Gotta have bigger things than that on his mind he's got to get something that he can drive the outfield. Big right hand better waiting. And a fly ball the right that'll do the trick but a badly needed out from candidates and everybody tags and the runners at second and third will both advance. For the shocker on the board. Sacrifice fly by Ryan take him. Well at this point Nebraska new question is counting outs and now they definitely need or more. Here's Sana gore skate Taylor getting his first plate appearance. Switching catcher will be up there from the right side. Alec bone due up next. It'll take another couple guys reaching for. This one too. Be it nerve wracking situation in third base dugout graft is still OK soccer's. Try to claw their way back at center court to take to pitch down our company's for a called strike. And of course you this year two out of seven limited work. And that's a little too low. Runners at the corners one in British doctor's. And that's too low. Two and one cent a course you with good patience. Taylor last year. Eightieth in 52 plate appearances got nine starts behind the plate. Two of his hits were home runs. I counted in three and one. And now. If standing gorge you can reach. Then you really make Nebraska mic stand and over extend as far as who is coming in next. As the inning started it just wanna get. Max candidates in some work in a feel good inning where there were up seven. And he walked another one. Or walks in the inning. And then as sound familiar. Loaded back up for Alec bowl. And the catcher Taylor fish out to. By a little time or whoever's down pan. And Ted still was gonna make the move. Here king is due up next and Max commits and could only get one out. Here in the eighth inning. You know look walking or. A lot of sacrifice fly. And he loads of up. So be here king and ballot bowl. The combatants. King a part time starter. This is his sixth appearance overall. So it's his third appearance out of hand he's also started three times. And he was the winner back on the eighth in a start against northern Colorado sees the mid week guy. Last year. Ford Nebraska. Derek king went for a walk and did about the same thing he appeared sixteen times. Eight as a reliever ages start. Sophomore 63 right hander. Was drafted in 2014. And high school by the New York Mets in the 36 round. And last year's oppression and I mentioned before and won the record he was. All Big Ten are on the all freshman team in the Big Ten. And back on the last day of march last year. Went eight innings. Career high against crate so he's capable of working long relief but right now I just trying to throw a strike. Comes into the eighth inning with the bases loaded one in British doctor's seven to one but. Couple more hit most doctors here. He's got a match again. Eric King. Me right handed sophomore. From Anaheim hills California. He's gonna get ballot bowl here and bomb. Singled his previous time up there. The lawyer Kirk. Luka and Shannon Gore's people walked in the inning. And wedged in there was that sacrifice fly by Ryan taken so there is one out in the inning. And king. With pretty good infield behind him still this. One pitch away from getting out of it. So Kagan moment. Right hander against right hander just about ready to go. King climbs the hill and bold. Climbs in the batter's box here ago stretched by Garrett king. In the first pitch. But low ball no strikes. King this year twelve and a third. Six walked six strikeout. It's. The areas six point 57. For his previous five outings. No. Now when catches the outside corner. Now thigh high one ball one strike. Tanner Kirk a third Michael look at second. And of course you first. Can't run for enemies already replaced. Starting catcher Gunner Trout line. Chopper found slider and foam came over the top of that amount one and two. Now like ball homered in his very first at bat as a shocker. And has been on a 56. 59 plate appearance. Drought since then. Soccer don't need a home run it would be nice but. Just a base hit. And breaking ball on outside the home held up. Do unto. At Walter went the first six and two thirds for the Huskers scattered five hits. Jeff chestnut. Recorded an out and Newton could only get one here in the eighth though and he's created a bit of a mess walked four. Do you do. And bold swings and misses in Downey goes off speed pitch. The oldest reigning king wins the battle. So now to away. And your great suggests that. Janice third today one out of 32 inning single. Second baseman schlep and mocked all the way around toward the poolside. For Janice. And down and in its way from this that. Down six. In our Kirk was gonna make sure that it went all the way into the dugout before he was gonna turn score. Grayson Janet stepped. Big left handed batter up there and and RBIs situation when shocker should just starving for a hit. Runners in scoring position they're now hope for 50 for five yesterday. Sacrifice fly obviously doesn't count as an at bat. Strike called wanna want. Janice stuff from DeSoto high school. Eudora Kansas. 61440. At the start at first base today with Bryant taken DH. Writers Lida let alone one hit back over the middle and into center field a base yet. One run then here comes another underscore. He suggests that with a two run single and now it's seven to three. Adjust it comes through is bounced one over the mound. And shocker too little bit closer. Just a chopper in the center field and at. It's a shocker to within four. And here's Brett fear. Fear getting his first plate appearance. And in probably a higher leverage situation than you would have thought a couple of innings ago when Dayton dude I was caught stealing. In the seventh. Fear replaced him. And here we are eight batters later. In tears up there with you on cue up. The shocker finally get a big two out yet. And need a couple more here the wanna get closer in the eight. King throws a strike that killed one. Rick Fehr cold for eleven. You lawn to out shock yours. Have broken through for three year. Hated by four walks. Here's a stretch he'll walk. Fear found the back and it's go to. Read fear. Richard freshman from Manhattan. That's endorsed its second Afghanistan at first. Derek king. And it's final I'll leave. Would you pitch. The dirt blocked by a pitch. 73 Huskers. Not being. Here trying to battle Gary king here. One bullet two strikes. Runner's lane at first and second now king finally gets together with this. 12 curve ball gunning looking down he goes. And fear strikes out looking to strikeouts for king. The shocker strand to score three and after seven and a half or new score is Nebraska seven shocker story. Even be yeah. I didn't run that don't give. It gives kids there yeah star. All right. Good to this addicted to make the right calls. So. Your busy meeting deadlines aaron's car pools sabres needed to das render the thank you completely forgot to our camp didn't pay any different really expecting any candidate promised better yeah. Stuff you can't be everywhere but we can. Delta dental of Kansas offers individual dental plans across the largest Dennis network in the nation's so when something's gotta dance blues the laundry list. Keep your smile learn more about individual and family dental plans and delta dental KS dot com. Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance. C agent Bernhard Ng does. Mark living finding. Weekdays at five right here on tape and as bad. Cody Hoyer is getting in the eight inning for Wichita State. A little. Replaced Tyler Gibson knew it two innings. Gave up one run on one hit it was a home run hit by. Ryan bowl. Tony lawyer wrapped up the game on Friday with a inning in early. Gave up a run in the ninth. He's been there for the second time this weekend. And Hoyer. Will encountered Jake shall have the mach the second baseman to start things. Here in the bottom of the eighth. 73 Nebraska they've taught at the shocker today. Nine to six. Both teams middle sloppy they've combined for five years. Schlep in the box he's singled in three trips his hit in the third. Drove in Iran. And it came with two outs they had. A lot of success with two outs in the third inning. Lawyers first pitch hit it. Mile on the air to left center field and Luka moves over and makes the catch. It's one out. Nebraska. Two out hitting today three out of but they're also three out of nine the runners in scoring position shocker to only 17. But in a third inning. Alvarado had a two out base hit and so did slept in mock. That turned me three nothing game into its sixth and I think it. Torre helped anyway. Even Revell us. Oh for three today. When outside tuneup. Bases empty one out. 20 pitch. Drink called doodle. Cody Hoyer freshman from Windsor Colorado. The fossil ridge high school. 64185. To one pitch. Over below is novellus. Showed bunt but really didn't have much conviction behind and he was taking pretty much all the way there. Great luck. Ryan bull in the on deck circle. 31 pitch. It hard right at bowl on a couple hops and Niekro option over there and play it time to get rebel us. Hard to hopper write it out like bomb to go up into down. You're the end. He. No bases empty Brian bull. Boldly long the home run in the sixth inning. Who's the second one of the day for the cornhuskers. First two home runs of this series. Little bit inside. From Cody Hoyer won enough. I bullet that hit. Got him up to 308. Playing a missed an off speed pitch. And the amount front. Bases empty two outs and a 11 count the lead off man Ryan bull. 11 swing and felt that. Not bother me it's in this sentence pregame interview. Visit we have before the game. Bolt is a very highly regarded prospect. And I told you about the watch list that is on. Only. Pre season favorites are candidates anyway for. College Baseball. Most prestigious award the golden spikes watch list but. He's also the number thirteen college prospect. In the draft so he's likely to be pretty high around picked. 22 pitch. Inside it clipped him. So hit batter keeps the inning going. And I'll bring up Jake plots that he's been the toughest out today. Bought tickets homered doubled to. Lined to short and he'd been hit by pitch its dockers have. Plunked four. Including. Dutch driver twice. The two outs. Lawyers pitch. Curve ball drops in there. 73 Oscars. Bottom of the eighth. Lawyers no one instead threw to first ball at pretty good lead in Afghanistan. Slapped the tag down on him. Getting back just in time as Ryan bull. You know as early cap works proud supporter of shocker athletics replaced watch shocker when they're on TV. Come visit them at the corner of 21 and what. And other threw to first. Soccer's break up the shot out in the eighth. With a two out base hit migration Janice but. May have stranded seven today. And. More than half and scoring position. I want. Right in there. Fooled plat that unique and pull the trigger ode to. Columbia. Great weather day on Tuesday at the at Oklahoma State comes calling at 630. First of a ten game homestand for Wichita State. And Nebraska will hit the road for five. And we'll have to swing foul ball. And still onto. Perhaps you'll go to terra haute to play the 22 in the 23 against Indiana State. And then a three game series. In West Lafayette against Purdue. Open up Big Ten play for them. Who went to Jake plots that. Rather throw to first and Janice. Is safe Cody lawyer for throwing here. Where in the count plots that goal and two. But trying to keep. Ryan bull close to the the bag at first. A tip. Dropped low one and two. Politics thought about it but held up. Then Miller waiting on deck. One ball two strikes two outs bull the first. Hoyer leaning in for the sign that read you right meter comes sent the letters. 12. High. To enter it. So lawyer would like to make it happen right here than Miller waiting on deck. It goes any further with plots that bolt would get a head start. And all kind of potential bad things can happen. And throw to first hating leaning a little bit whether that was close. Have been a couple of close picks over there with. Lawyer being a big guy might not think it but you're pretty quick feet. Those throws been fairly accurate save for one. So bolt got about as big a lead is seeking get without getting picked off. Two balls and two strikes bull into is a little bit further away. Leaning again and close play again and Janice the drop the ball not sure if had a heat. Kept it in the glove would have been awarded the pick off it was close. But again bull is. An absolute outer limit of that Lee. That's really the goal first goal of any base stealer. Know the limit of nearly breaking ball in the dirt downstream to Cody Hoyer. Certainly had his attention divided. Between plot thick at the plate and Ryan bold first. Three balls two strikes. Two outs. Bull will be off with a pitch. And plot it once behind in the count oh into his work the count full. Lawyers 32 pitch Al back this way and over the heads of us and off they assign the upper deck. Went all way back into the first bounce all the way back down in the first row still three and two bull we'll go back first. Plot thick AT 7080 hitter by. Considering he's not very big back quite a bit of power three home runs on the year including. One in the first inning and there's a high drive to left. Body got under a little bit young is under it and makes the catch though. Plots that made it did it got under. And a lawyer pitches around a two out hit batter final chance for Wichita State we'll go to the night shocker trailing Huskers seven to three. We all know that girl the girl with the new insight voids the girl who speaks in Tex Tom. The girl assessed with cats and videos of cats will that girl is playing powerball and she might win state powerball jackpot can fund a lot of cast videos which beat GW was not hello will force and it. It's up to you to win. Hi this time backs were backs associates in 1976 we started assisting clients with a personal financial plans for forty years now RT missy challenging Financial Times and were up for the challenge we understand how you depend upon your serious money now and in the future so give us a call at 6520101. Faction associates time well spent money well invested. Security and advisory services offered through SII investments incorporated member Finneran SIPC and a registered investment advisor pastor and associates incorporated and SII investments incorporated are separate and unrelated companies. Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance. C agent John Green Ryan woods or an end overweight Sawyer. Election 2016 headquarters thirteen thirty KM SS. Champ and joggers here in the ninth inning. I was young the leadoff shot you're trailing by four. Final game and deciding game of the series shocker on Friday. Seventeen to five. Nebraska winning yesterday Ford announcing it and the Huskers with it and it's day 73. It the bulk of their damage the first three innings to in the first and four in the third. Travis young. Young one for one today and he takes a strike from king is trying to. Wrap things up. Shocker have been out at nine to six. Young caps won the third plot tick waiting on handguns and across in time. Young can scoot so plot ticket to lecture on it. And one out in the shocker not. It. Warrior facing Macs can Nixon to start the eighth inning led off with a walk. And it was an at bat weary pretty much was grinding it out. And he ended up drawing a walk takes a strike there and that led to. Three more walks after that in the inning off of Macs can Newton's I don't know if that unnerved him. More than normal now is walk totals fairly high anyway this year but it unit that by Boyer. Keep Wichita State's three running down account here I want to. Right hander here king brings an end and Swan Lake and lashed into the crowd down right field line. Mostly sunny all day today after. Yesterday news hit myths. High fastball glances off the glove. Taylor fish. Yesterday it was overcast. About 38. At game time. Cold northwest wind. And periodic snow dollars and by the end of the game it was legitimately known. One twos upn in two and to. Today a different story mid forties. And no win virtually. And mostly sunny skies all day no fear. At the ballpark and you're in the sun it's not too bad at all swing and a miss by Jordan's lawyer down egos. Shocker today on the final mile. Those shocker final hope is. Their hair. Care. Kirk is grounded out twice flied to left and he also walked and scored in the anything. This high one ball no strikes and assuming. The shocker Zarryon take a strike mode they're down four. They need money base runners. Gary king brings an end and that's loan outside to go. Doing a liquor. Derek king brings it home. And there's a strike could walk. Matt Walter and in line for the victory. Starter went six into third teams via. He would move to three and one on the year. Like to go. Dylan tune now that. Crowd rises. Looking for that final strike. If you pitch. There it is called strike three. And doctor's home planet score of 73 post game shows straight ahead. This is Todd Phifer with Cochran more scoring crematory would Utah's exclusive certified veterans and famine memorial care provider. Over a 150000. Troops are currently serving overseas away from their families and loved ones. Join us and supporting armed forces by donating your old cell phones to cell phones for soldiers. Come mind call or find us on FaceBook for details. Cochran mortuary crematory proudly supporting our troops and our sharks. I'm down broke down made its same day when time is not on your side call led put expressed. A hot shot to Tulsa our next flied out to Orlando led put express gets it there fast. Feet apart nationwide the same day is their next flight out or hot shots services lead foot expressed delivers anything fast. But it absolutely has to be there on time call let's put expressed at 5409991. Or online at led foot express dot com. Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance. C agent Alex Acosta Angie Valentine or in mold main Kirk Farber. Why is Glenn Beck joining weekday mornings at nine right here on. Tigers took the opener this series seventeen to five but Nebraska prevails. In the final two games two in the series two games to one Oscar winning yesterday for nothing. Final day here from Haymarket park seven to three. Nebraska jumped out ahead of Wichita State first one out home run by Dick plot sick. And then three batters later RB I triple by Jake Myers means she did nothing after one. And then in the third inning plate mcginniss ran into trouble that shocker starter. Yup adult plot thick a single event Miller walked Shriver loaded him up. And then Cody Tyler proceeded to allow a sacrifice fly. And a pair of RBIs singles and it was out the gate at that point six nothing after three. Shocker gave up one more in the sixth inning home run by Ryan bolt. And in Wichita State or laid. Four walks and a bouncer into center field in the three runs to make seven to three but that was the final shocker could get no closer. And Nebraska wins this series. So Wichita State will head on to play a ten game homestand starting on Tuesday night. Against Oklahoma State that game is at 630 hopes C a lot of be out there. In what should be or at least at this point and great weather day. Or baseball in Wichita soccer's dropped the finale dropped the series seven to three of final today. Our players the game has brought you by the Kansas lottery get your Kansas lottery Mega Millions ticket today for a chance to become a millionaire. Go to kiss lottery dot com for the most current jackpot amount play Kansas lottery. And dream bigger the player of the game for Wichita State today is gonna be great to Janice multi hit game the only shocker with more than one inning drove in two. The three runs when we come back will ever put it that deep freeze play of the game Jackson scores from other games. In the valley and much more at the post game show contains. And although holiday cooking cleaning it the best of your old appliances and it's time to get into Clinton's appoints today during their big remodeling sale all kitchen a dishwasher or sale price plus give free installation on all models priced 699 not many for samples are priced below wholesale combine these savings of factory closeout prices on the kitchen aid refrigerators and package rebates from kitchen aid for even greater savings Koreans Clinton's appliance at 123 cell bill signed today for the best selection best price and best of all get it done now. 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Fourth reinsurance treaties CNET Otis CNN's Paula falter or Mike Renner and Wichita. Solutions can be treacherous given just the way. Some of them swimming some time to weigh in case. That treasure folks I love he's good ocean's greatest home. McDonald's filet of fish than most don't and none of them. Then McDonald's filet of fish meet with 100% wild caught Alaskan Pollock and creamy chocolate sauce on a soft Stephen brown. Here's. TV we believe your TV should be fun not frustrating that's why we sell trustworthy brands like LT offer free delivery and service everything we now have to TV that are written which taught not to start branching. We can cause severe storm leader thirteen thirty K and assets from. Doctors all seven and Marines to Nebraska. Throughout the series two games to one of come home play. Tuesday night against Oklahoma State. At 630 foot deep freeze play of the game reserve for victories but the play of the game is still brought to you by Clinton's appliance took awhile for Wichita State but. Finally in the eight they broke through and here is our play of the game. Writers leeway to 11 hit back over the middle and into center field a base yet. One run then here comes another underscore. He suggests that with a two run single and now it's seven to three. And that followed a sacrifice fly by Ryan take him. And so a three run eight. And the rally fell little bit short Yorkers. Left couple men on and then. Went up and down in order in the ninth inning 73. Your finals scores from around the Missouri Valley Conference today. Southern and northern finally got going it's five to two. Southern Illinois in the third in Carbondale Louisiana Monroe five Dallas Baptist won their in the six. In Dallas. Iowa leading Missouri State ported to bottom five in Springfield. 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If you do midwinter T unless Kellogg drive in winter ball online and midwest PR dot com. Or call 1800 new DS but it's 1800 new PS. 36 of these okay how's your. George story from coast to coast AM stormy week knights right here fine KM SS. Started all of us yours today seven to three Nebraska wins this series final totals in the final game. First for Nebraska seven runs nine hits to wearers and seven left on bad shocker three runs six hits three years. And they also left seven winning pitcher. Is Matt Wald 33 and won the loser Clayton mcginnis he now is one and one. Curome runs in the ball game both by Nebraska. Take plot thickened the first inning his third Brian bull. Hit a home run in the sixth inning his second of the year game to two hours and 46 minutes. 4656. Paid Nebraska goes to eleven and seven. Shocker faulty six. And thirteen Wichita state council for a ten game homestand starting Tuesday night. Against Oklahoma State panic stadium first pitch scheduled for 630 to see a lot of you out there. For Caleb Corel he'll whiter chain as saying thanks again for listening once again the final score. Nebraska seven Wichita State three so long from Lincoln Nebraska. You've been listening to shocker baseball on thirteen thirty KMS best price you by d.'s five sponsors. Butler plumbing and restoration. The Kansas Department of Transportation. Shelter insurance jerseys grill and bar. Kansas one call a cart ahead group McDonald's. Clinton's appliance. Equity Baghdad. Your hometown Chevy dealers Taco Bell who delta dental. Maximum outdoor equipment. Blue cross blue shield of Kansas. He's so hot the law office of all next day in Goering and American family insurance.