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WSU Baseball vs. North Dakota 03-15-16

Mar 15, 2016|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Drive to deep to center field. Slicing toward left center to center fielder watches them. Player right size second baseman diamond. It right. On the wealthy left center field that is way back there and get scared gone. State shocker baseball. Tennis. Employees of this. Try to snap a losing streak and get back on the winning side of things. Shocker coming into today's game at 411. And the North Dakota fighting hawks are three and six. And coming off a victory they played. Over the weekend in Lawrence against a couple of different teams they were victorious over Saint Louis in the most recent game to get them to. Three and six other doctors coming off of that tough tough. Fullerton series a series in which they were limited to only two runs. And they only were able to Iraq a total of ten hits they went ten for nineteen against the titan pitching staff. And so the shocker is trying to right the ship and get things back on the right on the winning side only one home game as I mentioned. Among these seven. That they have on the road this is the only one home game interrupting that seven game road trip. And this week in the go to Nebraska to play or two at noon. Friday Saturday and Sunday. In Lincoln. Until the shocker is after that tough road trip that actually spanned. Went all the way back to last Tuesday a week ago against Oklahoma. They lost that game to the sooners forward to. And only ended up with six hits in that series so their team batting averages tumbled some sixty points in their last four games now. Facing cal state Fullerton pitching that'll do that Tia I don't know necessarily. Fifty points is. What you expect falling. From game one to game three of that series but the middle game getting only one hit didn't help as can't Kirk got the only base hit. On Saturday so North Dakota comes in here for the tenth time overall the shocker have won all ten games of this series and after this game. The shocker is that as I mentioned will go to Nebraska this weekend and then. They embark on a long long homestand longest of the season starting march 22. When a night game against Oklahoma State. And then cal poly come to town the 24 when he fifth. And 26. And two of those games on the 24. And when he those are night games so the next three shocker home game will be at night they're all 630. And then cal poly finishes up the series on Saturday should be pointed out. And that game will be at noon and Stephen F Austin comes to account for up to the 29 and thirtieth. Then TCU nationally ranked horned frogs come to town the first second and third of April. And it'll Roberts finishes up that long homestand with a team on the fifth. And that's a night game here next stadium cute so. Starting march 22 play of opportunity watch shocker at home as they will be on ten game homestand. Against Oklahoma State cal poly you up Boston tea futile Robert good teams all and shocker will continue to be tested. With this non conference schedule. The North Dakota fighting hawks play out of the wac conference in baseball. From Grand Forks, North Dakota dimension they are three and six. They absolutely gave southern cal all they want it. Opening weekend as a matter fact they won the first two games they start out too adult and that lost a couple close ones to Alabama. They. The winds were over number twelve USC twice. And dimension they beat Saint Louis on Sunday. They have lost three Alabama. And also fell two KU and Purdue this past weekend. In that little get together in Lawrence has the team they're getting no only 233. And it on base percentage of aggregate to 95. So they struggle to get on base consistently and they strike out quite a bit this strike out nearly ten times a game associate the shocker pitching staff. Can take advantage of them here this afternoon. But they can pitch a little bit there Kimi or is barely over three. And I have a 950 fielding percentage that's so so at best in college and so we will get it. Good look at the team that beat nationally ranked USC. On opening weekend in Los Angeles as image in the shocker to lead the all time series. With North Dakota. Nine games to none name. Have met eleven times but two of those went for vacated back 2013. And all eleven of the meetings technically eleven. On the record nine they've all occurred here in Wichita last time two teams met was back in 2013. Shocker 162193. And in this series. North Dakota has never scored more than four runs. Back in 2011. As part of a three game sweep at the hands of a shocker is. The highest amount of runs that piled up was for the shocker won the final game of that series eleven to four. Since then including the vacate wins north Dakota's scored 19111. And three runs. Against Wichita State. Now as far as the nickname you might have. Heard me say that fighting hawks that is very very New York code used to be fighting fit. The NCAA mandated that they changed their nickname and in the fall 2015. Fighting hawks. One today over. North stars. Rough Riders some dogs and others of like many sports teams when they. The nickname is up for grabs there is a vote and alarm thing and civil like voted and fighting hawks want out so it's the North Dakota fighting hawks. And the Wichita State shocker a couple of very unique. Nicknames and mascots. Or these two clubs so. North Dakota out of the lack taking Wichita State. How the Missouri Valley Conference the fighting hawks three and six the shock yours. And four and eleven if you're not in Wichita it is sunny and warm but the wind is gonna have. Something to say about the outcome of fly balls and maybe the outcome of the game we'll get into whether a little bit later on but. Overall the weather very good for baseball in early march in the shocker continue to be fortunate when it comes to the weather especially here. And next day. Coming up next will visit with head coach Todd Butler our brief visit the pregame about the fighting hawks and beyond thought Butler is next in the pregame show. We all know that girl the girl with no inside avoids the girl who speaks in tech's home. The girl assessed with cats and videos of cats will that girl is playing powerful and she might win C powerball jackpot can fund a lot of cat videos which beat GW was not fellow wealth or anything. It's up to you to win. Your busy meeting deadlines parents' car pools sabres needed to ask render the thank you completely forgot to our camp didn't pay any different feelings that he can be you've promised better. It stops you can't be everywhere but we can. 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It's good to be home just get in from the airport when recruiting yesterday and now we're back from Fortson and you know last week was tough we force played Oklahoma in the cal state fortune didn't do a lot offensively. And to really get teams of fortune being home all seem really catch the ball well against us and and they swung the bats so we're back home against North Dakota thing about North Dakota they played USC. Beat them opening weekend played Alabama two games close to win two of three they have an outstanding left handed pitcher that's a starter. That they might bring in relief that it's been 1994 he's a prospect for Major League Baseball so we're gonna see a left handed starter today and wind's blowing thing you have to keep the ball out of the airline drive grumbles a work today. In the it's nice to be back. How do you as speak up offensively how do you flush. That fortune weekend you'll get ten hits the whole weekend how do you. Petty refreshing well you know you go in there and you look Stetson teams are at 140 off their starter on Friday and I went down. And one hit on Saturday and by sable he would he hit batting average 119. And and they pretty much really showed that pitching clinic against us offensively so. We we've got to get the offense going today here and I get back to do we need to do. We're gonna start Clayton mcginnis right handed freshman will probably go two or three innings depending and won't pitch by committee bringing in guys and ending her to. Hopefully all the way to the ninth inning. We're going backward and then moving forward does that Lewis turned in pretty good outing for you on Sunday. Looking ahead to the Nebraska series. Everybody moves up one slot image mcinnis got pitched today he wolf although short fuel Friday Lewis on Saturday Louis pitcher yet because this past weekend. Possibly mcginnis he and yet Williams chipped Cody Tyler I think Cody Tyler. As more of a reliever type guy brilliant left handed so we have a couple of guys who can work and that's and your midweek show role. So there won't go further from that from there. All right today instilled North Dakota we'll have a lineup always looking at forty looking up from your starting up. Well starting nine and we have one left in the lineup and moved in the tool to rest a right handers and you know the one thing that we need to do is none of our fifteen games. Nine of our fifteen games they opponent to score in the first inning I think the only time we scored in the first inning was game one of the season so. I know it's something that really jumps out. And we need to score first been emphasizing that but we have not so. When he to prevent the opponent from scoring in the first and we need to we need to learn to come from behind we have one come from behind win this year. And that's a sign of a team that doesn't give up we've been good late innings but we've been poor out of the bullpen late innings from the sixth in the ninth so. We have a lot of things to work going I think a couple of things of importance for pitching staff is to get me over breaking ball O. Being able to double up and off speed pitch for strikes. Kitna had two of three catches. Things like that are meaningful to pitch in college and you just throw fastballs are gonna get it doesn't make a difference for your. North Dakota right here. This is a pretty good club you cannot overlook the state this is a big day for the shock first. And we need to get today done the run hasn't felt lucky journalist you won't have some fun thank you. There's a good start Butler playing still to go on the pregame show have the top 25 will take a look at the scores from the top 25 or you hear a minute and need Missouri Valley Conference the schedule for them. Coming up at other teams outside of Wichita State. And North Dakota. In the mid week and then will look ahead to the the weekend as well plus we'll have the starting lineup for you here shortly. And go of the umpires. And recap the weather for education not here in Wichita it is 65 degrees. Headed for higher at 67. North northwest winds at 27 miles an hour and gusting up to forty. Or the Euro wind advisory back not surprisingly. So as not Butler. Alluded to a little bit earlier balls in the air will be affected and it will help a left hand pull hitter. Today with the wind out of north northwest it'll blow over toward the right field foul poll. Answer you get one up in the air and it might carry it right on out. To left not so much but I will keep an island that keep your prize of the weather as we go. All right other games around the Missouri Valley Conference in the mid week there are few or few scheduled anyway western Illinois. Is. At Missouri State. Western Illinois came awfully sweet but hand Arkansas over the weekend Indiana State and nationally ranked in the state at an afternoon game today. Tonight interest being. Nonconference. Game between a couple of futures shocker opponent Dallas Baptist of the valley hosting Oklahoma State Oklahoma State will be in here. Next week southern Illinois that Arkansas State tonight. Indiana. Evansville I'm sorry Evansville taking on Indiana. And they'll been playing better as of late too and that's the first shocker opponent in Missouri Valley Conference play. Other future shock proponents or past opponents hey you taking on Murray State Stephen F Austin at K state couple of future shocker opponents there. And Oklahoma taking on Fresno state and as a quick look at. Valley schools and teachers shocker opponents in the top 25 games of note a couple of night games. Number two Vanderbilt taking on northern Illinois Texas and Texas a and M getting together. This evening at 630 Texas and it ranked as high as number three. Xavier in Louisville underway one to nothing Xavier Louisville fifth in the country that game just getting under way TCU and rice in the interest team. Matchup coming up this evening. In Houston I'm an idol missed taking on UAB. Top ranked team in the land is fla and their rivalry with Florida State continues Florida State ranked. Near the top ten Florida number one overall mention India state taking on NC state and T state ranked thirteenth. Number fourteen Arkansas taking on scrambling tonight a lot of night games. Here this afternoon and evening in that top point five plagued the city state entertaining if you Kentucky. Number sixteen South Carolina taking on South Carolina upstate in Greenville. And another big matchup in the state of North Carolina North Carolina thing on east Carolina. At east Carolina those two teams both. In the top 25 just in to the top 25 long beach state number 22 taking on Loyola marymount. Will marry about just got swept in a four game series bind Nebraska and mentioned Oklahoma State Dallas Baptist getting together. Number 23 cal state Fullerton to swept the soccer's it will take on San Diego State. Coming up later on tonight here's your look at the Missouri Valley Conference scoreboard the top point five or revisit those. As the game goes along as some of those Bally games being played in the afternoon celebs and sports update. Here after this game gets going Wichita State in their home whites with there black and yellow hats and those that elect to go with the high Sox have the blacks Europe's in the horizontal yellow yellow stripes across the calf. The North Dakota fighting hawks going in their traditional road grays they are trimmed in green primary color or North Dakota. So they will be occupying third base dugout soccer's meeting in shallow right field just outside of their first base dugout injury report. Not a whole lot new to report and that's not necessarily good news for Wichita State because Sam Davis is out. For the foreseeable future his diagnosis yet to be released. But the shocker coaching staff and players are not hopeful. To see willow hopeful but they're the news the outlook is not good that. That Sam Davis will return any time soon and -- ratings been up quite a while with a strained hamstring he hurt. That hamstring. In the New Mexico's series of the second week of the season. Exact reading injured his hamstring has now there's cents and not even in a pinch hitting role. Who taught his gold brought you by Hannah heating and air for over 30 years providing south central Kansas. With superior service at affordable prices. Your comfort. Is our business and unfortunately. There are many shocker is on the hot list when you go to him for ninety. Against cal state Fullerton. Not many position players are going to be basking in the glory of their stats and you go all the way back to a week ago today. Shoppers took on Oklahoma the only got six hits in ballot now. In that one Michael Luka had 83 hit game three other shoppers had one apiece but after that. It was slim Pickens Josh to backer went two for three for the shoppers in that Sunday lost cal state Fullerton seven to one. But. Michael Luka in this series went hitless suited Luke Ridder so did Ryan take him. Chase raider and Alec ball on the tandem at third base both when it combined old for eleven against cal state Fullerton. And really the backer and their Kirk. The only ones that had. Any kind of success at all with the backer having a multi hit game Kirk hit single hits in the first two. And Dayton do guy ended up two for nine in that series but it was really tough sledding. Wichita State position players on that trip. To California so who's hot who's cold by handing heating and air pretty much dominated by Chile shoppers that we'll try to. Get on the good side alleging that batting average and runs and RBIs and all that good stuff for those position players back on the right right side. But first starting lineups now brought you buy equity bank where you'll never pay an ATM fee. Be sure to visit them online at equity bank. Dot com. First for North Dakota they are three and six there led by head coach Jeff Dotson. They all started with. Bin read the check he will play second base batting second in left field is miles Lewis. The DH Hayden Manny will hit third. In the cleanup spot will be the third baseman Daniel locker. Hotter Walsh is in right field and he'll hit fifth for the fighting hawks. Batting sixth as the catcher. Brett Harrison. At first base batting seventh or North Dakota Luis cal though. Hillary browse and hand we'll hit eight and play center field. And batting practice shortstop. Will be Cooper Smart. Starting on the mound or North Dakota. Will be Jack Collins this will be only his third appearance all year his first start he pitched a grand total of one and two thirds innings. So for North Dakota they'll be resident Jack Louis may. Locker Walsh Harrison. Malveaux breath and hand and mosques. With Jack Collins pitching for the fighting hawks. For Wichita State it for eleven under head coach Todd Butler bill look like this tanner Kirk lead often played second base. And Michael Lucas in center field. Hitting second. Luke Ritter is at third base and he'll play it you'll hit third for the shocker in the cleanup spot. Is the first baseman Ryan take up. Catcher gutter Trout line will hit fifth. Batting sixth is that VH Alec but home. Trade Vickers at shortstop hit seven. Dayton do God's in right field hitting eight for the Yorkers and batting ninth and left field is Travis young. Making his second start and ninth. The appearance overall it's quite mcginnis. He made a spot start a week ago against OU with two innings and gave. Two rounds before the shocker shall be Kirk mocha Ritter. Take a trial wine home. Pickers you are young. Plate against pitching for the shock. Umpires behind home plate it is coatings for oval. In Harlow is first. And Greg that the umpire. At third base. Any data shocker play get 50% off your online order in Wichita area Papa John's. Logon to Papa Johns dot com user promo code shocker fifty receive yours shocker discount what's in the weather. Is good overall 67 so it won't be warm but. That win. While cumbersome could also. Be detrimental to balls in the air and or outfield play especially for. Pop ups on the end you know I guess for that matter the wind is blowing on the north northwest at about 27 miles an hour. And I think about its. Pretty consistent as far as the the velocity but the gusts. Have gotten close to forty miles an hour so. Balls hit from the center field side over the right side. In the air at all will be greatly affected by balls and a couple of left hand batters that really got into wanna batting practice. Got real boost from that jetstream so if a left hand pull hitter can get into one today they. May end up with a tape measure blast by the time it's all that done. Jeff Dodson head coach or North Dakota and Todd Butler the shocker as head coach finish up their meeting at home plate with the umpires. Dotson. He is in his eighth season at north Dakota's so he's made. A handful of trips and his coaching career to Wichita on top Butler. In his third season. At Wichita State. One other. Interesting note a Wichita State tied to North Dakota is the pitching coach Mitch Mormon. The former pitcher for the doctors back in 2012. And he helped to. Officer then shot out opening day against USC the guy that. Thought Butler was talking about the lefthander Mike coming relief his name is. That's not gonna turn and he's the guy that shot out USC on opening day. And Mitch Mormon I'm sure took particular delight in that one kind of then storing him. And pulling me huge upset of nationally ranked USC that they did it again the next day started off two and well. But then have lost their last sick or had lost six in a row before. They defeated Saint Louis. In Lawrence that score on Sunday was 72. So they commit three and six overall shocker. For any eleven and badly need a win and badly need a reprieve from the road as we mentioned. They had been held to just four runs their previous four road games. And came within an eyelash of a couple more shut out outside the one on Saturday so they're gonna try to right the ship today. Here coming up in just a couple of minutes which doctors and fighting hawks for the now technically twelve time all time that count or that had been vacated nine times. On alleges the shocker that never lost. To North Dakota coming up this weekend you might you shocker fan chuck baseball fans may notice some interesting game times against Nebraska. Friday is at 4 PM. Saturday at little more traditional it too and him get away day on Sundays Yorkers and Huskers play it news. So 4 PM 2 PM. And then noon or the upcoming road trip to Nebraska. Not terribly long after we're done here. Shocker basketball. Hits the airwaves are like Katie Lyons so too in my Kennedy in the boys as they will be live from date. On in assesses sister station CY and one of three point seven. Shocker and Vanderbilt. In the first four in date that game is scheduled to be the second of two so to say that they would started hater 810 would be. Kind of gambling a little bit on the late in the game before but around 8 o'clock and around 7 o'clock that presumes pregame show. Wrong he 103 point seven. For Mike Kennedy and shocker basketball so big day for shocker sport in addition softball team. Is in action they want to over the weekend against northern Colorado and had their final game. Washed out so Wichita State softball. Off to a decent start and got their home schedule going. And they take on the western Illinois. Coming up here in just a little bit so soccer softball going on simultaneously with the baseball game and then shocker basketball men. Take on Vanderbilt will later on tonight so play keep track and let you doing here and he's yet I can't assess whether North Dakota game doctors. Gathering out in front of their first base dugout getting set to take the field. It will be placed Maginnis and dot com. Mcinnis a right handed freshman. Columns they left hand freshman so fair freshmen going at it. The fighting hawks and North Dakota and Wichita State. Coming up next take our final regular pregame show for the first pitch and after that. There are certain. Precious. You just can't ever on C. He'd like to forget but you never want. 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Getting ready to do something or knew until you hit the ballot box. We have a long way to go. Additionally election headquarters in recent talk for. Can't SS. Shocker sports is brought to you by American family insurance. C agent Brad woody Shawn Chapman orange haze filled forest pummel. We can cause severe storms leader thirteen thirty K and assets. Drive of the game is rock bottom off season home. Thank you hearing or the line of defense attorneys in the call at 2637596. Or visit the website at www. Only law. Dot com shocker in fighting hawks being set for. A brief one gamer report shocker hit the road again in. Four on the road in this game at home in three more. At the University of Nebraska coming up this weekend right hander Clayton mcginnis. Taking his warmup tosses making his second start. He has appeared eight other times. And overall eleven and two thirds innings fourteen hands. He's allowed ten earned runs. Struck out five or struck out ten walked five. Last Tuesday against Oklahoma. Two innings three hits a couple of runs he walks and three strikeouts. Through total forty pitches. So you would think that. Three or four wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility you could do well here today as far as pitch count is concerned but then again coming back on four days' rest. Would mean him starting Sunday and that is still a little bit up in the air as to who will start on Sunday August oh against Nebraska. But we'll cross that bridge when we get to a clay McGuinness will. They've gone bad resident Jack miles looks and hate may hear in the top of the first inning. Shocker defensively on the infield. Luke runner at third today Vickers and perk up the middle pick in the first. Young Luke and do dock in the outfield from left to right and your battery is clique mcginnis. And dinner trial why. Ready for play the wind in the first pitch and it's in the air for a called strike nothing in the law. First pitch thrown at three ode to game time temperature 67 degrees. Right hander against righthander been written a check. Take a little bit low one ball and one strike. Clayton McGuinness. Right hander. And resident Jack ran veteran on top of the plate and get hit. Right on cue Reza checked in on the shoulder is. Quite Maginnis tried becoming so I don't. And so leadoff man's on there for miles Louis Louis the team's leading hitter. He's 8371. Hitter this year. Leads a team with thirteen hits and no one else is in double figures. So are aired first and nobody out here in the top of the firm's. Resident checked. Has stolen four bases in five tries. And it's wanna noted miles Lewis. Read the fighting hawks. Steal bases with a moderate. Success rate nine out of fourteen troopers or her back. But resident Jack is the best four out of five. So he has nearly half their steals. Prior first nobody out just getting started wanna know the count the miles Lewis. Not going and little bit outside Lewis. Slid the hand up the back and McGinest missed and check swing no swings and Greg but the middle of the field. Lou greater than third baseman in on the green turf. Particularly against the bunt but again lewis' teams leading hitter. Sweeney walked one and shallow left could be trouble wind gonna blow back toward the shortstop liquors who makes a sliding and basket catch. What the wind really knock it down and Vickers did a nice job of not giving up on the young couldn't get there. But trade Vickers did and made an acrobatic catch a pop flies one now. Bring up Hayden may. Mays the DH. Hayden may four out of 183 runs batted it. Right hand batter right in the middle of the box and actually there's a throw to first runner back. A lot of hitters almost all will put their back foot. On the back line and take as long look as they can have pitch. He's pretty much right in the middle there's a good foot and a half between his. Right foot and the back line of the chalk another throw to first. Hayden may. A freshman from Tucson Arizona. Listed as catcher but the eighteen today. First pitch to him as a breaking ball for a strike. Talk Butler and it pregame comments one of the couple of things to happen among others. He wanted his pitchers to be able throw first pitch breaking balls for strikes there was one from Clayton mcginnis. And he wanted to win the first inning. They have not been doing that. Very well at all. Go to first runner back the only game this year that to shocker that scored in the first inning came in the first game. Governor Trout line hit three run home run off northern Colorado pitching. And that has been hit 41 inning runs shocker to a grand total three. 01 pitch and pitch out. Nothing doing. One and one do Hayden may. Shocker opponents. Have scored a total of thirteen runs. In the first inning. And other throw to first matter fact. Cal state Fullerton scored a total of six. In the combined first inning they scored in every. First inning of this series. Oh you scored two runs in the first week ago and Sam Houston State got one in the first. And the the last home game at shocker play there's a called strike. Says opponents trouble and it's one bolt to strike yet all the way back to march 5. Are you up march let's see. The middle game of the Sam Houston series when the shocker shut them out. Obviously that they didn't score in the first inning popped up Satterfield. Drifting over a ranked sooners moved in makes the catch the team. Pop fly outs after Reza checked with hit. And now Daniel walker. Locker to 42 he's got one of the four home runs hit by. Nor eco issue here. Runner first two out. Mcginnis try to work around the leadoff hit batter. He throws one down around an easy 89 miles an hour when striking nothing. 01 account to Daniel locker. The third baseman. And Allen's. 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You don't want to get one run struck out a man felt appearing for the third time but he only got five outs all year it'll be interesting to see. How long Jeff Dotson and it's Mormon elected go with. Jack Collins. Here today the freshman from Wisconsin 63 you'll survive. So first collegiate start. For Jack Collins. Tanner Kirk will greet him. Kirk went two out of ten of the Fullerton series. First pitch to him he shows button takes lawn outside it gives away from catcher. Harrison. They're Kirk still the team's leading hitter is. Average like everybody else's took a big hit this past weekend season's average now at 341. What those high. Two balls in those strikes. Kirk on the season. Six bases on balls. And he takes a little. Three and well. On base percentage this year for can occur for 31. And Jack Collins comes into the game. With some. Hardware. Down and Ian ball forward four pitch walk. We can't hurt. And immediately Harrison's gonna talk time. Comes it was some. Being for pretty highly touted out of high school is ranked at number eleven. Overall pitcher or player in the state of Wisconsin. And the number three overall left handed pitcher. So Collins. Just the kid but has a bright future for North Dakota. In auspicious beginning today though. Walks can occur on or straight and Lucas taking all the way matter of fact. Look bad out there to try to distracting but called strike in there. Michael Luka old for nine hits cal state Fullerton. And he was hot going in that series do these hitting 280 now on fourteen up fifty. Brokers just lobbed it over there. Cal we'll had to come off the bat. Locker couldn't be in any closer at third. That is soft wall range. Left hander against left hander Luka. Watches that none of the throw over first lady's hand up the battle little bit whether he actually meant it or not I don't know wolf. Have to wait and find out if Luka moves Kirk along with again. Todd Butler just adamant about. Holding the opposition off the board the first inning and scoring themselves swinging any takes low. One and want. And now south cal although the first baseman. Once they have a word with Jack counts of colleges. And dialogue with a couple of different guys the last couple minutes. Infield pitching up the middle playing for a double play at double play depth and of course. Locker at third still convinced that mogul my one buck shows but takes high two balls and one strike. And Jack Collins. Having trouble locating home plate here in the early going. The walk to cantor occur to start the game. Was a departure and what they got from Fullerton again a grand total of six walks in three games against the titans and that's low three and one. To Michael Luka. I. So shocker lead off man aboard. And Luka in a hitters count right now. Three and want. And lawn outside ball four back to back walks to start the shocker first. And now not only do they have an opportunity to score first. They have an opportunity to have put together big inning. Now the shortstop. Mosque is gonna talk to Jack counts so there's three. As a check and locker haven't checked into the mound. Yet this inning but still nobody out. So here's Ritter. Luke one for his last fourteen. I hit coming a week ago today against though you it was a RBI double. Ritter playing third base today. He shows bunt and takes a called strike fastball at 86 get to the outside yet. Ritter freshman from Overland Park. Batting average to 731. Home run eleven runs batted. Two on nobody out in the shocker first. Poll. Shows but pulled back back at the last moment and took outside. So look like Jimenez. Jack Collins was quite close enough to the strike zone for Ritter to lay one down. Ritter has one successful sacrifice issued shocker that the team only six. What it wanted. Squares to bunt gets down and foul. And it's wanted to do. Before Ridder. Squared around and offered at that I wouldn't have been all that surprised if Todd Butler started the runners there. With third baseman kind of been close and the infield kind of expecting the bond. Putting those two guys in motion Kirk and Luka on a potential double steal with Ridder at the plate who handles the bat pretty well. Could it really puts pressure on the fighting hawks defects but. They elected for the sacrifice bunt Ridder for all the back. Highs in the hole one and two. Collins brings an end. And allocated the air to center field resident hand circling under it. Indeed makes the catch tagging as Kirk draws a throw the Kirk not going anywhere. The one out. Rear with a fly ball to center field. And now Ryan take up. Ryan pick up. Also has been scuffling lately went over aid against cal state Fullerton. Over his last thirteen overall. And take him batting averages dipped to 255. Couple home runs wolf runs batted. Kirk its second Luke hit first one out in the inning. And low and outside a great pick up by Harrison. All of those strikes take him. Pre season all valley. Got to see some. Family and friends. On the recent trip to Kelsey sorties a native of Simi Valley, California what an auction art community college. And that's outside two balls no strikes. The Jack Collins laboring a little bit here in the first inning. He walked hander Kirk on four pitches. Walked Michael mocha on live. And visited the strike zone just enough and often enough to get. Lou critter to fly to center field but now he's behind taken to an up. And that would split the plated 852 balls and one strike. Cutter Trout line waiting on deck. Shoppers have enjoyed some success at the plate at home. This season hitting. 310 here next stadium. If you want his lawn outside three and one so. For the third time in four batters faced. Jack Collins is gone to a three ball count. Gunner Trout line is waiting on deck. He's got. Gaudy batting average here next day. 31. High and outside ball four is gonna come up with a bases loaded one out Jack Collins who walked to load it. So here's Trout line. Leading the team in home runs with three Mitch Mormon former shocker pitchers. Can make a trip to the mound so. It's been a tough one so far for Jack Collins. And he's got to bundle dynamite up there. Got her trial one. Thirteen of his eighteen pitches. Have been outside the strike zone so far. Draw a line on the season 326. He's one of two shocker regulars. Over 300. Tied for the team lead in hits with fifteen. But he is hitting 478. And seven home games this seat far away shocker best hitter here at home. And Carolina in his last ten games. Go back that far hitting 360 sevens we got a little bit of a slow start as far as making contact but he's been really good lately. He's up there with bases loaded one out. Collins delivers a strike. That it's there down around the needs. Nothing in one to gutter Trout lines sophomore from fairway Kansas which Shawnee mission needs. It to 96 a year ago already has equaled last year's home run total. Shocker that every base the old law breaking ball started to swing it was up and went around according to. First base umpire have been Harlem not to look too. It looked like that could've gone either way and now throw line. It's gonna have to hit on Jack Collins terms here for awhile. Kirk mocha and take up. Out there on the basis. Ode to his low and Trout line watch the balance in there. Bret Harrison the catchers then. Worked over a little bit so far sophomores. Been up to the task. The first pitch of the game went back to the screen and all the rest of miniature he's been able to smoke. One ball two strikes one now. Shocker with the bases loaded in the bottom of the first. Collins won two. And will not. Or the right field and get it for a base hit what runs score. Two runs or got to score that play at the plate is Laurie and Lucas lied that. Shocker faking it should definitely. Well I didn't hit very hard but he. Fountain green turf in right field throwing for Walt was late offline to try to get the Oca. Under Trout line. Arrived in. RBI eleven and twelve for him. First and second count wind comes up that big hit. And he now has knocked in all 51. Inning runs on the season for the shocker. Opening day at three run homer today two run single. Your ballot bowl. Runners at first and second pick of stoppage second violence. Alec ball. Over the weekend would go for six. First pitch to him is upstairs. A ball no strikes. Bowled a big guy 65 and 240. Freshman from Omaha. All wait to the plate. Collins brings it and and to strike one and one. But he's got a lot of room in left center field. It looks like the left fielder Lewis is shading in the hole. And Reza hand is about six or eight steps over to right center field. I think they both will hope if Ballmer it's one of the gap that the wind will hang it up there. And it's strike you know running. And it's one and two. Aleck bald getting his twelfth start. He's hitting to 35. With a home run and six runs batted. What multi strikes bold and tired of waiting backs out calls time and now opponents for the war. After granting it telling him. To get back out. Jack Collins. Two of the three walks he issued have come home to roost. Bolton swings in this Susan Downey goes pitch out away from him was not a strike. And so now two outs in the inning. Here's trade Vickers. Craig Akers hitting 289. Eleven out of 38. Though to still out there and Vickers. Gonna have the agreement with two away. And shocker is gonna getting more than two lead two to nothing here in the first. Down in the annals sitting in the foot. And balls no strikes. Straight Vickers played in two of the three games of the series. Against cal state Fullerton battle for five total. And with one out of three little RBI. Against owe you a week ago. Very high two balls no strikes. Collins continues to labor here in the first. Nobody got in the North Dakota pen so. It's his game here for awhile. He's approaching thirty pitches here in the first. Duo. Vickers took one right down the middle for a called strike. The Jack Collins about 8587. With his fastball not bad for a left him there but. His commanders really been shaking. Two runs home in the inning. Gutter Trout line with a bases loaded single. Do want me outside three and one. They can do guy would be next. They do god. With a home run under his belt. Earlier this season. Trey Vickers still waiting to hit his first career home run. Annie takes a strike it's three into. Their take him at second and Trout line at first will be off with this delivery to play. They both will. Pay close attention to make sure Collins does go to the plate so that it a couple of steps head start. And time called. Granted by current strolled. Three balls two strikes two outs. Too long to end in the shocker first. Score first. And in the first for the first time since opening day. Stretch by Collins. There are other matters at 32 and Vickers swings and misses a ball a foot outside. So is better than it was for Collins it could've been worse shocker helped him a little bit. Bowman Vickers strikeout to India. But shocker to score first they scored two they lead to it in the water Wichita State to me and North Dakota nothing. 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Shocker sport says brought do you buy American family insurance. C agent Bernhard dating does. I'm like you. Stormy from ground zero weakness in nine here on Canas. Shocker far ahead after the first. I've been able very often doctors got a two run single from dinner for outlined a moment ago. And North Dakota will come up here in the top of the second. They put their lead off man aboard but couldn't moving in the first. Honor Walsh. Will lead it off or or securities the fighting hawks right field. Under Walsh 525. One of those hits a home run. We Walsh Harrison and alma. Shows but takes a strike from Clayton mcginnis. Honor Walsh junior from. Bismarck, North Dakota which Kansas City. Community college. Here's a strike in there's nothing emptive. North Dakota under eight deer head coach Jeff Dodson. Got a former player on his staff that picked up former shocker on staff. Mitch more swinging a file back by hunter all options still able to. The fighting hawks. Have. Only three nor the rodents. On their roster. This state that is most popular on this roster to be from his Minnesota pitches low block by. Dinner Trout line when bowling three strikes and twelve minnesotans. On this roster form in 2060. McGuinness into the wind the one to. I mean swinging at pitch in the dirt blocked by Trout lines you have to throw it down at first but. Pretty easy Pickens there is under Walsh was at all an interest in running out of first place on strike out or click Maginnis is first. Good breaking ball down and good job by Trout line blocked it. Here's Bret Harrison the catcher. Harrison is from neither North Dakota or Minnesota. From Winnipeg Manitoba. And it sprays one foul that's gonna get. Over the bleachers and over in the parking lot strike and nothing Q Bret Harrison. Harrison six out of 26. To 31. Played in seven of the nine games they played before today at one over but low. One ball one strike. Click Maginnis with a fastball at 89 miles an hour. Harrison 6220. Right hand batter takes into tonight. But throughout whine like the location of that pitch even though it missed two balls and one strike bases empty one out shocker to. Fighting hawks nothing. Off speed pitch Scott to their third strike to a two ahead. Bret Harrison way out front knee couldn't pull the trigger. Badly fooled of that breaking ball. Good to Maginnis brings it and and other breaking ball this was low and outside. Account goes full three tipped the scouting report at least offensively for the fighting hawks. Not unlike a lot of people they like the fastball but they hunt it do and are susceptible to breaking balls and now when this fairly low. All four Maginnis. As issues first walk. And the stats would seem to bear that out in nine games he struck out a total 87. Times so nearly ten a game. And that walker right there is out of the ordinary as well. The fighting hawks walk on average of twice to gain so they're out there. Take pitches. Here's Luis Calvin. And there's a strike in there. Hold on to police although it's three out of thirteen. Runner first one out in the north Dakota's second. Along. Swing and the same way out front. Nothing to do cal low eight senior from Tampa Florida. Six feet 185. Stretch by mcginniss is way ahead in the count. 02 in his third block now and balanced way out front home plate Ellis one thing that. Among others that really stood out for cal state Fullerton in their sweep of the shoppers. Virtually every ball that hit the dirt thrown by shocker pitchers. Cal state Fullerton was able to hold off and not swing it. Shock has already gotten a couple of swings on pitches in there and Allen pulled foul breaking ball goes up a little bit and cal low. Pulled it over into the dugout suite behind. Or just to the. Left edge of that. Visiting dugout. Count holding one and two. Mcginnis working quickly come set. 12 again and it's too low fastball at 92. Balls into strike. Today and the game started with bright sunshine but. There has been some cloud cover role ends notes. Quite a bit more overcast now win continuing to gloat that hasn't changed lined in the left field a base hit over the head of Goldman down into the corner go. Our round second on his way to third is Bret Harrison he'll be stopped there on a double. By Luis album. So a ringing double into the corner. And fighting hawks are back in business. After striking out Harrison walked in and cal though. Has gotten something brewing for North Dakota. Here's present and the center fielder. Hillary residence three for 23 with nine strikeouts. So even though it's early in the game you don't necessarily have to get this guy yourself he's a good candidate. President and 52 in a junior from castle to North Dakota. With runners at second and third one now first it's doing bounces gets away from trial wind didn't try to score the run and gonna be out by violence. For outlined at the pitcher covering. Bit shaken up just a little bit but they got Bret Harrison by fifteen feet. And Maginnis. Vegas slow walked back to the mound. Ryan take them over to check on and make sure he's okay. And he got slid into fairly hard at home play what any kind of malice it didn't look like but there was a collision in K hill. Is gonna go out and check on Maginnis boy that's the last thing Wichita State would needed another injured pitching staff. Hey hill is going to. Get confirmation from Conan stroll that it's okay for mcinnis to throw a couple of warmup pitches. So runner at third two out. Good to see if Maginnis can continue hard tell what happened to him. Complex and his left leg a little bit. All of that means. He's back or it's actually his leg he threw two pitches then let's play on clay except. Don't runner at third after Harrison was gunned down. On a ball in the dirt. President hand in a big spot here. Although. Outline did a nice job to get them who stepped close to being outlook ground ball the first taken boots hit. And that the first has not had time boy that could have been more right Ryan take him. And it scoot the line with between his legs and North Dakota scores. Why that should have been out number three. But they'll be the first aired today on Wichita State. And it's not to want. Now here's Cooper Boston shortstop. And he draws a throw. Last year all last year Ryan taken who played every game. Made only four errors. Well when. Really cost and pick up the shocker out of the inning outside. One ball no strikes to Cooper moss. 725. Loss little guy 511150. 10. Line and back into bite taken knocks it down and he recovers those the first not a time against us all down in the writers gonna go to third. Now that wasn't any he played yet to come off the bag and backhanded but it didn't stick in the glove it playing around toward. The pitcher's mound and mcginnis. Has really had a tough time and here in the second inning. Runner goes to third. And probably be an infield single and a throwing error on tape and again. And that will be call single B three. And any continues first and third. Now for the top of the line up. Been Resnick checked he was hit by pitches first time. And breaking ball alone outside blocked by her outline so a fairly easy first inning for mcginnis anything but. Here in the second. He's still leading to the one bit. Soccer's. And got a little sloppy it's been a walk and two errors in the inning. And that slowed to an up. Been resident Jack with runners at the corners and that you'll count. And it's long late sprayed over the bleachers and out applied. Total. Been risen to check. Native of Sioux Falls, South Dakota went to Indian hills. Community college hurt. He won. Hit into the left field past a diving Vickers in the game this time Vickers. And it's bubbled out there by Travis young and everybody is gonna look ninety more feet. Three errors in the inning for the shocker in the game as Todd let me check with the RBI. Fresno hand scores. Single. The third error of the inning. Brett candidates is gonna go out and talked to. Clayton mcginnis but there's not really much you can say to him. Although he did walk Bret Harrison. With one out. So the game is tied it two here in the second. Due in large part. To three shocker errors. Law offices of all the staying in hearing a proud supporters of shocker athletics. You can reach all the staying in hearing. At 2637596. Or visit the website at www. All the law. Dot com. So grant finished with his meeting and Trout line back behind home plate can it's back to the first base dugout. Miles looks you up now with runners at the corners. And two ends of North Dakota answers to shocker to in the first inning with two of their own here in the second. Units. Been an ugly inning. Travis young. Just kicked it out there in left field to allow runners to go to second and third swing and miss it off speed pitch. Down in Lewis swung over the top of it. Second and third. Maginnis with a long inning. No one. Little bit high. Action in the shocker. Right field bullpen behind Maginnis. Kitty not be able to get out of the inning Cody Tyler throwing in back of him. One balls and one strike. Strike down around the needs. Changeup drops in their one and two. Q runs three hits for the fighting hawks two runs one hit. Three errors from Wichita State. I only in the second. 12. Passed ball up doing to. Mention miles Lewis leading the team in hits. He also has five runs batted in that's tops on the team. And it swings and misses a pitch down actually yeah I was a swing and a miss Trout line. Caught it before it hit the turf and maybe it took days. Brunt of the back swing kind of shook him up a little bit but the inning finally comes to a close is mcginnis. 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For those that don't know and if you. Realize that they do god is a pretty big human being 63 Q 25 he can really fly though. He built like a linebacker that runs like a wide receiver and he liked Alan Alan outline. Here's another guy can really run and Travis yell. Young getting the starting left field today. Is 628. So far the derby product. Stretch by Jack Collins young once the bunt dried up. Push it up along the first base side and drag it now. Strategy on what one out of three yesterday or Sunday should say at cal state Fullerton. In the final game of that series it the very first pitch of the game. Into the gap in left center offered no. You got first Crosby throw. Statistically North Dakota is hard to run on opponents. The fighting hawks are four for seven in the fields. Collins in the stretch comes at the letters that pits young bond that's up along third that's the beauty and that's a bunt single. No play anywhere. Too great but it's one bite and go one by young. And just as in the first inning shocker two on that nobody else here's can't occur. One thing that Collins could do London does blood. Or that locker could do all the young spot. Couldn't rolled out there any better. And there's Kirk walked and scored last inning doctors trying to at all. After taking a two to nothing lead it's been right back out and other trying to retake it. Corners variant. Collins comes that. But is back to the mound and he only played gonna be first hand just in time to the second baseman covering. And the throw led. The second baseman resident Jack wolf right into the runner and just barely got hurt so. Three bonds that will work to for singles one for his sacrifice and now Luka and rear have an opportunity to knock them in. They're Kirk's first successful sacrifice on the year. Here's Luka. Left hander against left hander -- walked and scored his first time up there. Collins walked him on a 31 pitch after walking Kirk. To start the game and he can't get together with the catcher Harrison. You got third. Young its second virtually any base hit to the outfield who score well they can both really run. First pitch Deluca. Cap found. Dockers with two in the first. Fighting hawks got to back in the second. Where it's. Like you do not say the North Dakota fighting suit for all those years but. NCAA mandated that they changed their nickname and fighting hawks to this. A one. Yeah outside one. Infield will. Trader run for an out if they can get it here they're all back. I say they are all back lockers third. Is even with a bag so I guess if he gets a hard grounder he had an opportunity yet you've got contact plays on but. Everybody else who give up the run they get a ground ball hit them. Allan straight to left field over toward the line heading over his Lewis makes the catch in foul ground runners are gonna come hold and sliding across to do god he'll make it. The sacrifice fly from Michael cook it in the fouled out in left. And young stayed put at second base. And do scores give the shocker lead back 32. Al Luke Ridder with a runner second team in now. Ritter flied to center. His first time up there. That was last inning with a Kirk and mocha aboard. Islands. Leaning into the sign now straighten. Don't stand a chance check the runner at second. Runner goes to third pitches outside called the strike the throat don't think that there. Stolen base by Travis young lives a bang bang play. But young swipes third. And it's all on wanna believe. To Lou greater. 01 pitch was called the strike. So young now ninety feet away. Stretch. Collins pinch. Why candidates that are feels kind of settle in for a base hit battles going shocker get welcome back. Murder guides one into center field for a base at his twelfth run batted in its fourth Q Wichita State. I was just getting ready to comment on. Travis young stealing third base. Is already in scoring position obviously second hand with the kind of speed that he happens. Obviously being at third as opposed to second little I'm just wanna an errant throw into the girder and error but. Ritter makes it a moot point balance low. One ball no strikes. Do guys and young start the inning with what singles they both come around to score. 10 is outside. Ryan take a walk his first time up there. Two balls no strikes a runner at first in the person of lucrative. Collins too well. Is high and outside the arena. Collins walked three in the first. He's given up three hits here in the second. For old cold for Wichita State. 30 is global war. Think it was walked twice now. And here comes Trout line. I'm called by Harris in the catcher he's gonna go out. Walk the ball out there Jack Collins. All of that is to relief appearances earlier this year didn't walk anybody in an inning and two thirds that. Walk for today. Action in the North Dakota pin. Henry burning. Right handed sophomore. Is loosening. They're strong wind with two lawn in two out two in. Jack Collins this. Having. Little conversation with one of his middle infielders and who's gonna keep. Luke Ridder the closest. Shot wind takes one right in there nothing and want. Got a with a soft single to right his last time up there it was with the bases loaded it was last inning. Right fielder Walsh playing very deep and over toward the line course the wind is blowing. Hard over toward the right field corner. And once cranked into the gap in right center field all the run Reza handle the run on the run any leaps and makes the catch. On the edge of the warning track windows blown away from him. But he had had a gauge the whole way and it nice diving catch by grasping hand. To end the threat but the doctors answer with two more runs. They leave too and at the end of two scores now Wichita State or North Dakota to. 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Group that JPY get a sense there's a highly trained team that presidential realtors ready to accomplish the goals of buyers and sellers in Wichita we utilized data via our marketing with exceptional photography for an inspirational experience online and in print media buyers can expect a team of unique abilities with years of experience to negotiate on their behalf and as smooth transaction all the way to their new home to see all of our beautiful homes at the Carnahan group dot com a leader in real estate for over forty years. Shocker sports is brought to you by American family insurance. C agent John Green Ryan woods or an end overweight Sawyer paint Sean Hannity here listen to meet every weekday at two it's fall camp. Happening right here on KM SS. Today he wanted to Wichita State after two innings of one. Doctors through the first two of the second. Fighting hawks with two in the top of the second. Played Maginnis. Finishing his tosses. So he'll try to end up going three here today. And he'll face. Hayden may. Start things off here. In any number three. It was getting to forget defensively for the shocker it last inning. Wichita State committed three errors two by Ryan take him. And I basically invited North Dakota back into the game but the offense. Answered with two. Runs in the bottom of the second. And a high pop up right side we're gonna help drifted toward the stands ticket always ran right into the guardrail. And caught the ball while I hold onto it. That dug out. Guard rail just newly installed this year. Stopped take him in his tracks he ran into it. Ribs hurt he's gonna stay in the game. Point Pincay who has been way more important that he needs to or wants to be. Through. Fifteen games for the doctors mcginnis has been shaken up kick him. Maybe just got to air knocked down in the little bit he's okay. Nice play. And I'm not sure what else can be done over there he's going into his own dugout so they you know. That there is help and chopper back through the middle backhanded stab. Attempted by Kirk he knocks it down and trickled into left field for a hit. It's a one on and one out. Is Daniel walker. Speech one past. The diving tumbling cutter tanner Kirk. Tires on or Walsh. Walsh strikeout victim is first time up there. One of two strikeouts. In the second inning started last inning by striking out so that inning started innocently enough. Swing and a miss whether going up there hacking here in the third inning. No balls and one strike one out. Plate mcginnis. Out for inning number three. Off speed pitch misses low. May get us. Against New Mexico. Had his longest outing of his career on the 28 he went three innings. 11 over the load two balls and strikes so. He's not necessarily just one inning at a time guy three times this year he's done two or three. And trying to. Complete three innings here in the start today. To want. Swing and miss pitch down. Fastball at 88 the honor Walsh came up empty on its two and to. Cody Tyler continues to throw. In the shocker bullpen. He pitched briefly on Sunday against cal state Fullerton. Sort of first or are back. The shock Ers have some decisions to make coaching staff does anyway about. Who their Sunday starter becomes. On a weekly basis. Due to. Smashed into center field Luka coming on Ellen makes it can't levels hit like a bullet. Luka read it well and really inept move all that far came in looked over to his left. Throughout your friend Harrison. With the injury is Sam Davis is becoming more clear that Willie Schwab key will be the Friday guys have inherit DH role. And Jack Lewis who pitched pretty well at times on Sunday against cal state Fullerton will slide into the Saturday slot. Started to swing held up Pearson took a called strike nothing in one. And so that final weekend starting role. Is still little unsettled could be this guy Clayton Maginnis might be Cody Tyler but Todd Butler didn't sound. All that convinced that he would become a star Allen's outside wanna want. Right her first two men out the stretch by Maginnis. Pitch a little bit blown inside to want to. After that the candidates. Get a little thinner. You do you have chase Williams with starting experience he's down in the pan for the moment. Low and outside 31. And. Clayton Maginnis fall behind Bret Harrison. You're distressed by Clayton mcginnis. 31. High towering fly ball to deep left wind gonna help hold it up for young who's under Mexican. On another day that might be out of here but not today Harrison they've long loud out. At the top of the third in the two and a half Wichita State continuing Elliott fortitude. What is the sound of the dream. Is it percent of the business the new car home. I was just enjoy. An American family insurance we know protecting dreams takes a strong partnership. 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C agent Alex Acosta and Jeanne Valentine or in mold vein Kirk barber which caused few traffic and weather leader. Thirteen thirty KM SS. Fighting home pitcher out there more North Dakota. Henry burning it was loosening last inning behind Jack Collins. Collins two innings four hits four walks four runs. And two strikeouts. Henry burning appearing for the third time this season. In his previous three and two thirds innings gave up one earned run didn't walk anybody. And struck out four so. Third appearance of the year for Henry burning. And he'll get Alec bomb trade Vickers in Dayton duke got. Here in the third exported to Wichita State the Hitler even at four. Shocker have committed three errors. Leading. To north Dakota's. Being in this ball game the way that they are they got two runs in the second. But all three. The errors Wichita State came in the same inning and actually expand the three batters. But anyway soccer's continuing. Stay out of offensively. Grayson generous it's gonna hit for Alec bull so we'll go one at bat against the lefty now that burning here right handers in there. Jenna stuff. Will pinch hit. First pitch to him is called strike down around me. Grayson Jenna step. Four to 21. He had one hit in six strides against cal state Fullerton. Burnings pitch. Chopper over toward the shocker dugout. And it's quickly nothing into Grayson Jenna stuff. Nobody on nobody out the shocker third. And exported to Wichita state sun. Peeking back out. Coach to hating reaching ground ball the second should be easy for resident check any pros out generous. Janice. Off balance a little bit rolled on over to second base for the first out of the third inning. It straight big org. They Vickers a strikeout victim his first time up there and. Jack called me look bad. And swings and fouls one back. He came out there with you on and Q out and chased a pitch out of the strike zone really helped out Collins who's laboring in the first inning. Collins walked three. Bowman Vickers will help you now chopper back over the mound going to be a tough play by resident Jack cut it off guns the first site that first. Vickers like that out perfectly placed high hopper right over the mount. Trade knickers. With the third infield hit of the day for shoppers. But. Dayton did god did I had one album. In Travis young dropped down back to back bunt singles. And able to ended up scoring. Just a grounded out Vickers. Was an infield hit. Here's do gods now. Ten out of 32 on the year. Why should one foul and that. Look like it either got close to hitting Horford hit Ryan take him. In the shocker dugout man oh man. When it rains it pours. Drink units or Brian walker. One of the assistant coaches is nearest to the home plate area. But look like pink and either got hitter barely get out the way. And now did I get hit by pitch. A bit about four or five guys would like have a do over. And go back and start today. Do you want one out for Travis young. An infield single. I hit batter. And here young new. Dropped down a bunt single stole bases scored a run. Fortitude shocker they're threatening for more. The base runners all over the place. Here in the early going. Vickers second do that first Goodspeed on the basis. He would talk butler's got. Brewing down there in the third base coaching box. First pitch to Travis is into tight. From Henry burning. Burning a native of Minnesota's sophomore 61170. Writers legal way burning finally straighten up with the sign that he wants. And that's too low. To an out. Tanner Kirk is about to get his third plate appearance. And as many innings. You go to Travis young. Lots of room in left center field. Stretch by burning and the two well. I get to see inside corner two and one. Almost all those shocker right hand batters Lewis. The left fielder looks like he's playing the hole and resonate hand initiated. To the opposite way. Leaving a lot of real estate in left center field. Two balls and one strike. Travis young waits the writer's goal and it's flat foul line got Butler and they'll have to go back. So Butler started the runners there. And young saw pitch that he liked but. Couldn't put in fair territory. Do I do. Two balls two strikes one round shocker for. Fighting hawks to. Yorkers have had. Runners on early on in every single innings so far. Teach it in on the ground at shortstop might be a double play second base won back the first young beat it out fielder's choice. You guy out at second over the third goes Vickers. So Duncan earlier on and. Boston resident Jack would have had to not only handle that flawlessly but. Quicker than they did. Jewish Kirk. Scanner knew official that's yeah walk and sacrifice. Dinner Kirk in scoring a run. In the first inning that was his six runs scored. Runner goes from first to pitches low and no throw down his second term as young steal second with no play at all the middle infield hit to me flinch. Hayward. Not about to throw down to second base they concede a steal to Travis yeah. So now I've base hit by Kirk might mean Q more. Fortitude shocker in the third. And burning walks. They get one in. Greg not immediately saw. Henry burning the pitcher. Started to come up and put his hands together and stopped and it was pretty plain to see. Vickers scores on the balk. And young at third base. And Kirk takes a curve ball sales in their first strike. One ball one strike it's now five to two Wichita State. Kirk with one more guy out there Q outs in the inning. The 11. And it's a little too far inside pretty well thrown but just off the edge. Totally Kirk. Candidate to 48 a year ago couple home runs and 21 RBIs. Played 47 games missing only two games where it's hit by pitch. At TCU. And he takes too low three. Chalker played 59 games last year so Kirk missed twelve of them. But for good reason he was. Hit the face with a pitch ball down at TCU and ever since then has been wearing kind of extend to guard on his batting home. Inside ball or Kirk walks for the second time. So runners at the corners for Michael mocha mocha gets a chance to face right hand pitcher now right. Walk and hit a sacrifice fly off lefty Jack Collins. Here's mocha where. Young at third Kirk at first. Henry burning. Has had a tough inning after getting jealous to the start. They're the first movement. Kirk not fooled. Count the fielder's choice like Travis young shocker about twelve base runners tolerant. And scored five of them. And a strike in their Luka nothing in one. Over 23 Beers on tap and play big screen TV's you know Israel and cap works a place to watch all your favorite sport. Join us for the Todd Butler sure remind united beat us. Northeast quarter when he first in what. On one the pitch. Runner goes hand no throw another stolen base for Kirk. So young with two. Kirk with one. And again North Dakota not interested in trying to throw down on the last two. Runners at the corners situation with two outs. Cal won in London Michael Luka. 11 pitch high and look at takes it to it one. Look on the year at five runs batted it. Got two in scoring position here with few options shocker third inning. Scored in every inning so far. Boca coming in only one of two guys to ever have played against North Dakota in tanner Kirk the only. Survivors left. The Q1 pitch. And it bounces somehow. Harrison blocked out and out way out front of the plate. So now it's three and one. Luke Ritter would be next. Look as best season or BI wise to back in 2013. Knocked in twenty Q. Michael drove in eighteen. A year ago with one of his two career home runs. Here's a stretch by Henry burning. And the 31 to Boca high ball for. To back walks in the inning at six issued by. Hawks pitch. And coming in. That had not really been an issue for them. They've as a staff walk 32. In nine total games close. Not crazy by any stretch but they've really struggled. Throwing strikes today. And the bases were loaded for Lou critter. And he hit it. The shocker to put up with two spot in each of the innings and then get plotting to help. Here in this him. Two hit batters and two walks. And Lou Greer gets an RBIs at painful way. But he'll take it and it's now six to two shoppers. I mean you're starting to loosen. Behind burning bodies. Just now getting up on pitching reverend he's nowhere close to be in ready so. Bryant can't come who has walked twice. Made two errors. Ran into the dugout guardrail was hit by a foul ball. All the first third of the game and here it comes to the plate I would imagine he'd like to. Take a little frustration on the baseball. Luke Hanson is your right hander listening for North Dakota. Those shocker with two runs in each of the first three innings. And pink gum. You might remember. Does have a Grand Slam. To his credit this year. Annie it's not my millionaire that shortstop who wins got to play within it and the finally came down the glove of Boston shortstop a big league pop up in the truckers third. But they get Q more if they leave a bloated. Mean at the end of three it's now the shocker sixth North Dakota to. Getting your hands on hot crispy wings usually sell a lot like this. Don't win streak it's a little more like this. Solo win. Windstream delivers Christie wins toss in one of eight home sauces to drive around. Including our exclusive Jim Dean doubles that's my suburban barbecue sauce no ground bars no crust you'll trips to answer acquired doing street we wouldn't. Pizza and drinks and we're now he's about. Hard to fill literally priced suspicion prayers and charges and minimum just hard living did you notice as a registered trademark regrets company. When it comes to local beer and local flavor. More town breweries the new favorite in town. Check out their outstanding food choices from the chopped and chipped nachos award winning Chile to their half bacon hamburger truck merger. It's the best food you'll find in the craft beer joint. It's not a sports bar but it's a great place to watch the game check out your new favorite today in Bridgetown breweries west when he first and Tyler and eased when he first and rock room. We're town brewery since 1992. Shocker sports is brought to you by American family insurance. C agent Brad woody Shawn Chapman orange haze filled forest pummel. This is mark living finding. Weekdays at five right here on tape and as bad. Cody Tyler. Played against those three gave up four hits two runs. Neither one of them were earned I don't believe. No they weren't there are both honored. One walk and she strikeouts now Cody Tyler will get the lower third of the order. Or Norton code. Shocker got you in the first two in the second two in the third North Dakota got two in the second. They got to walk. With one out then Luis although. Doubled Bret Harrison over the third. And Harrison later was thrown out at the plate trying to advance on a potential wild pitch so. Shocker said two outs and a runner at third. And then Hillary resonate hand hit a grounder to first taken couldn't handle went for an error that scored a run. And then there is that infield single. And a throwing error on take him to the very next batter. To strike in Mary Tyler jumped ahead of cal local one. And then didn't have been present a check and RBI single. And made it 22 with time but shocker have stopped going cents. And outlasted the crowd or after off the facing of the railing protecting the first rows of bleachers. 012. Cody Tyler's come out throwing strikes. Tiger on Sunday and a rough one against cal state Fuller the third inning and hit two walks. He barely misses outside. The 88 on our fastball one Q. He gave up two runs they were unearned but. Tyler struggled in his eighteen pitches on Sunday only threw eight strikes. Curve ball tapper burglar into the North Dakota dug up. One ball two strikes so Cody Tyler. A Tommy John surgery survivor. Missed all of last season. Only pitched in ten games the year before that lazy fly ball left young waiting port come down makes the catch. Cal ball flies to left for the first out of fort. Cody Tyler 6175. Redshirt sophomore. His freshman year in 2014. Eight and two thirds. And then. Again missed all of last season. You elbow surgery. One ball no strikes to Hillary breads and hand. President handle that can't batters so we'll see if Cody Tyler can eat him up theory delivers lawn outside. And now is the issue really with him on Sunday. Zach Lewis pitched into the seventh inning. And then. Cody Tyler was called upon to face a series of left hand batters not in a row but. There are cluster out of them in there and he didn't retire any of the 3-D face and he's behind. Prisoner hand three you know. Now when you write in their three and one. Bases empty one out in the North Dakota for a shocker Italy six to two lead. Working quickly Tyler brings an and then delivers global war so. He walks Hillary president hand with one out here in the fourth. Second walk issued by shocker pitching today. There's already been a little bit of everything they've been. Three hit batters in the game. Shocker at three steals has been a balk. Three errors in one inning. On at that went down and in an ice blocked by trial whiny cannot talk Cody Tyler. Cooper moss is your hitters need. Is the guy that reached on a base hit. And cut butler's. John out there and talked Cody Tyler's well. Moss in the second inning hit a ground ball to the backhand side of Ryan taken who's holding a runner on at the time. And it had a ball kicked out his glove and over toward the pitching mound. And and take him running after it in feeding the pitcher covering. It got away from Clayton mcginnis. And that allowed a runners to move up an extra ninety feet so Cooper moss with the infield single. And there is a throwing error on the same play. Strike in there it's what I want. 62 shocker soar in the fourth. Cooper mosque with a runner first and one out. And Tyler throws another strike. One and two. Cody Tyler. Making his seventh appearance of the year. Her ball swing at him as he struck him out. Good pit like Cody Tyler down and hand and Cooper moss weigh out front over the top. The back atop the order have been present a check. As the check. Yet to be retired he was hit by pitch got their first floor resident Jack Stanton there. Trying to catch Hillary present hand snapping. President check whether RBIs singled to left field in the second inning as well. A little bit low. Pass quality 71 ball no strikes. So Maginnis with three. And looks like the shocker hope will be that. Cody Tyler goes multiple innings. Chopper foul on. Allen down toward the corner ricocheted off the facing the wall over. Into the field of play goes to one and one. How would think two or three from Cody Tyler. If all goes well. Changeup lone inside. Two balls and mr. right. Tyler is capable of that he threw 65 pitches in four innings against Oklahoma in Norman a week ago. So that's. Their desire. Tyler's at least equipped for that to go. Three or four innings picked at first they gotta pick Pickens throw down missed the shortstop covering it just in time getting there. Was trade Vickers and out at second is Grozny hand so I picked him clean and that's that in the North Dakota fourth in the three and a half. It's a shocker sixth. And or go to Q. McDonald's shamrock shake presents intriguing thoughts will actually try to introduced claiming yeah. And dampens the spinach is aimed at his tell us your crab and lobster dog pinch me even if one of the sea creatures don't need Camellia. And here's another mixed reading thoughts for the McDonald's for a delightful shamrock shakes. It's like finding a bottom gold you can drink with a whip cream. And in cherry on top. The price for his vision me very shocker friends is the cold weather make you shiver even indoors call them frozen Comfort Systems they're experienced technicians can tune up zero heating system or provide a free estimate on a new web right now until he brings a great savings with rebates up to 17100 dollars on qualifying purges come for system is proud to be a premier Lennox dealer keep Forman a winner in bay warm air is just a phone call away Comfort Systems comfort in your home comfort in your wallet call 3162657831. Shocker sport says brought to you by American family insurance. C agent Jared Crawford. Chris post or Mike Rogers election toward sixty. Headquarters thirteen 38. Janice asked. North Dakota is Henry burning. Goes one today. Big right hander Luke Hanson. On board North Dakota. 64200 pounds a year from burns will Minnesota went to Iowa central. Junior college. Hansen into previous outings covering an inning and a third has given up anything. So he will come on here in the bottom of the fourth. Faith got her Trout line. Shocker have scored two runs in every inning so far. North Dakota with two in the second so it's six to shock yours. They've got hit the fighting hawks. Five to fool. Where's your outline. Goddard got the shocker started with a two run single in the first inning take flow from. Luke Hanson. One ball no strikes so Collins went to burning one now Hance. Now. So now in full force lawn outside. Started a bright and shiny day there in the clouds rolled in for a couple of innings it was overcast and out sunny again. Everybody except for the batter home plate umpire the catcher in bright sunlight. Do well. Get to the needs to balls and one strike. Wind continues to blow that's been constant. How of the north northwest at 25 miles an hour and up. Do want to Trout line. Hansen brings it all. And over below three balls and one strike. The shot workers have drawn six walks today. And able and been hit twice. 31. On the inside corner fastball. Had three balls two strikes so Hansen is gone as far as he can with Gunner Trout line. Grecian pianist. Who replaced Alec Baldwin as the DH waiting on dec three do. High chopper to third charging as Lockhart waiting for to come down throws the first thing. Infield hit forgot or Trout line just a big Baltimore chop. And anything that walker could do about it. Charging in and then wait fort come down and try outlined an infield hit. Shocker of at least for the. Yeah greater. With the RBI single to center Trout line that a two run single to right. They've had. Their share of infield hits to a woman in violence in Afghanistan. And he takes a knee high strike so. Nothing in one. Considering all of the shocker had to go through the weekend they'll take. Can infield hits that's when things. Janice grounded out to second in the third. Annie loaded up that didn't swing at a pitch missed low wanna watch. To drop wind got two out of three. And Luke chances fallen behind. His second consecutive here. Janice that takes. At the knees a called strike. Six to do what you just made bottom four. On nobody out in the shocker for the pitch to chemist. Chopper back through the middle that shortstop might turn isn't it to stepped on the bag throws to first got 63 double play turned in by. Boston shortstop. That chopper laying right to the bag and right behind the bag made the play. And then on the first. To two outs. They'll bring up. Straight Vickers. Just behind us. Cross the street Wilkens stadium which Utah State softball league western Illinois nine before the plane in the fifth. And on the ground and back through the middle moss kicks it gonna get into center field climbed right up bizarre. And just get right to say that. Up until then. Both the baseball team and softball team that scored in every inning that they'd come up. So I'll Boller won the first one the second three in the third fourth floor. And with mosques. Error allowing pickers. To reach that keeps things alive. For that to continue here at a stadium. Do god has laid down a bunt single and been hit. First air that day for North Dakota. It's to do got. Swung late and now back just got over the screen and into the box seats. Down to a right. Nothing in one in the shocker fourth they have a runner at first and two outs they'll play sure helped. Here's a stretch by Luke Hanson pitch. And add him in the back. Breaking ball didn't come around and you guys been hit twice. So it error and hit batter. And now Travis young. Young has singled. With a bunt. And he reached on a fielder's choice but he has stole two bases. Those are the fourth and fifth. On his season any scored twice. Joseph rockers will at least three steals today that makes them seventeen of eighteen on the year. And young pals back phonetic. Balls and one strike. Now this young hitting ninth in the order. Try to keep it shocker. Run scoring spree going. Vickers his second did god first here's a stretch by Hanson runner breaks for third swing and a foul back. Vickers. Took off for third and then shortly thereafter do garlic the second. But young fouled it back like Sam Young was up there he had two on and he had. Both base runners. Moving on a pitch that he felt the way. Oh entered Travis young. I handed batter waiting. Hanson to staring in for the sign now becomes. The coach you. Freaking ball low. And young didn't offer one ball two strikes. Shocker road show. Continues this weekend at Lincoln. Three games against Nebraska. And all afternoon. Friday game starts at four. Hansen is one to eventually here comes. Look pretty good and maybe deemed to be high. Do it too. Young may have gotten away we want there. That after the Nebraska series shocker come home for a good long while. On March 22 to April 5 all the games that they'll play it will be right here. Two balls two strikes two out two on runner's lead away and inside bowl three almost hit a breaking ball didn't come around. Three and do. So now the runners Vickers and do go be off with a pitch. And little more pressure. On the shoulders of Lou cancer throws strike three into the check of the runners check again. There they go to pinch little Fister in the shallow center field everybody chasing and it's gonna drop in Burbank sit. One run it's gonna score and those are honored a second because nobody's there shoppers out on a little darker to center field. Opted not to Travis you. It's seven but it. So I assume that would be us. Scratch double. The Q they fit for Travis young and really there wasn't a whole lot that could have been done about because it was just a little player in this manner and Boston red checked both there. In states where obviously the laughter and that basically leaves it up to maybe the first baseman. The pitcher backing up bags but anyway Travis young. Got to get base there and Kirk swing and found that back he's up there for the fourth time in four innings. And a shocker do. Keep their streak alive of scoring in every inning. No balls and one strike to dinner Kirk. There's a second and third. 01. Takes low one ball one strike. Shocker with two in the first two the second two in the third and one here in the fourth. They had the bases empty and nobody bases champion two outs just a moment ago but an error by moss. Kept the door ajar shocker it taken advantage. Do you guys a third. Young its second. And Kirk waves and misses and pitch out away from him ball got into the turf. Away from Harrison a little bit but. Do golf loft and then went back to third. Dolan launching strikes to Kirk. Seven to shock yours. Bottom of the fourth. Hansen. Comes set comes to the plate. Barely missed breaking ball low to have to. Every shocker except for. The DH spot has reached base safely in at least once today. Q2 to Kirk. Slice to right field Walsh playing over that way and drifts over near the line to make the catch and in the shocker fourth but Wichita State. Adds another one they leave duke and her new scored the and a for. Now the shocker seven and North Dakota to. Getting your hands on hot Kristy Lee usually sends a lot like this and doing street it's a little more like this. Solo. Windstream delivers Christie wins in an eight home sauce is too dry routes including our exclusive Jim Dean doubles guys spicy urban barbecue sauce no crowded bars no cross tells trips to answer acquired doing street we've witnessed. Pizza and drinks and we're now a Pizza Hut. Until literally priced prescription prayers and charges and minimum just hard living digital doubles as a registered trademarks of regrets coming. Wind down broke down made its same day when time is not on your side call led put expressed. A hot shot to Tulsa our next flied out to Orlando led put express gets that there are fast. The depart nationwide the same day use their next flight out or hot shot services let's put expressed delivers anything fast. What an absolutely has to be there on time call let's put expressed at 5409991. Or online at led foot express dot com. Shocker sports has brought do you buy American family insurance. C agent Bernhard -- does. I Glenn Beck joins me begin mourning tonight right here right. They fired. Into fits and he's top of the order from North Dakota facing Cody Tyler. Then resident Jack was up their win. Hillary prisoner hand picked off last inning in any loss wanted to right field went and loaded foul ground do go over shading his eyes and make the running yet. The one pitch one out dig out like. Walsh North Dakota is right fielder. Playing pretty much right on the line. Or further over toward the line than normal because of the wind. And Reza checked. Is the first down there. I here's miles lewis' popped out and struck out. Prize money went on about the back in the street. Shocker sports properties in Wichita State athletics would like to thank the shocker ambassadors. Wichita State to the level of corporate partners. Aetna house that you want pizza Taco Bell delta dental Coke industries in Cox Communications. Do an advertising which just failed political shocker sports properties 3169787552. Half swing at a breaking ball by Louis anywhere around its own to. Cody Tyler. He scoreless fourth inning. Played mcinnis was the first three give up 200 rounds. Aunts my enemy is breaking ball waved at. And Lewis came up empty second strike out for him today. And I'll bring up hate mail and Diego. May flied to center popped to first. Cody Tyler with. His second strikeout. Any slings and a curveball for a called strike till long. Check some of the baseball scores Korea as. Time allows a breaking ball swung on ms. Cody Tyler. Pitching like he has somewhere to beat. Reagan beat clear. Among those milling around the bullpen right now down and end Tyler hurt Tyler to patent may. Wanted to. Only one game going on right now in valley play Missouri State pounding western all of a point nine nothing in the fourth thirty state. In the national rankings couple polls it's pulled foul past Jeff Dotson third. In USA today coaches poll the Thursday it. Number nineteen. Here's highest number twelfth. I think collegiate baseball. So like three called on the inside corner Cody Tyler. 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And always will Cochran mortuary crematory which does only member of the order of the golden rule and veterans and family Memorial Day care finalists on face the Rick Cochran mortuary dot com. Shocker support says brought do you buy American family insurance. C agent John Green Ryan woods or an and overweight Sawyer Wichita severe storms leaders. Thirteen thirty K assets. The answer back for his second inning in relief to. It up and wars Michael Bloomfield greeted. Here in the bottom of the fifth. Seventy shoppers it was 22 at the end of one and half with soccer's haven't stopped scoring him. Or go to pass jock is about to hit the fighting hawks 74. Michael Luka has walked twice. And had a sacrifice fly it takes a wide strike. And its own one. Mocha. Two walks and a sacrifice flies and no official that's. And he takes lol wanna one. Dinner Kirk. Took three plate appearances before he had his first official at bat when he flied out in the last half an. What I want. Shorten up the buck took one on the outer edge. What do you do. The shocker is on Friday will play the first of three against Nebraska in Lincoln it'll be Willie swampy. Toeing the rubber for the shock yours. Alone inside skipped following back to the screen. Two bulls and two strikes that game on Friday will be at 4 PM and blistering start time. Be on the air half an hour prior. And then the Saturday game at 2 o'clock. And the finale Sunday in Lincoln at noon. Luka rams what in right field for a base. Michael Luka. Is now one for want. No mention Gunner Trout line been so out of his mind hitting at a home he was 478. Before today's game and gunners who got a three today. But Michael Booker has been good at home to. He entered the game today hitting 360. In games played today stating. So leadoff man on marriage Luke Ridder. Look at got a great job the throw down is not nearly eight times skips away from the shortstop. Luka. Absolutely timed that perfectly shocker have now swiped. Four bases. Kirk with one move go with a one Travis young with two. Because in scoring position for Ritter its own one. We can't have taken forever get to sign now. Stepped off. That's the high water mark for any one game. So far this year steals. One outside. Two other times shocker it stolen three inning game but now with war and. They'll be looking to build on after after the game they need to one and one. Ritter RBI single and bases loaded. Plunking it has a couple of RBIs in another opportunity with Luke at second base. Count and in two balls and one strike. Chase Williams. Is loosening in the shocker bullpen. Play begins with the first three Cody Tyler certainty scoreless since then. Do one. Low three and one and if not for an air played second inning this would be all shoppers. As it is there. Pile on up the runs. Its runners all over the place every inning. Three on the count deliver greater. Outside wolf for another walk issued to. The chargers. Includes seven. Higher think. Take them as walked twice and sky it out to shortstop with the bases loaded. Hey it really is a hit crimes. Over his last fourteen even with those two walks. Earlier in the game. Be nice for him to get hit. And it pops one foul right side wins give it your way out of play. And all the way out. Total in the count to Ryan take up. Take command Trout line. Now tied for the team lead in oh lead in runs batted in both have it doesn't. Two on nobody out. The pitch they're the runners breaking balls low double clutch throw to second not in time doubles field. And now six stolen bases that on the day for the shock. Second and third nobody out. Doctors. On the doorstep of scoring for the fifth straight inning. One in one account to Ryan Jacob. Right hander listening in the North Dakota can bind. Luke Hanson. And it's called strike. Box a little bit by the catcher won in two. Harrison. Didn't catch it cleanly and. Lot of times that will cost you strike call if you drop it but. Guards trouble already made up his mind that he was a called strike one into the count to take him. We're looking at third Ridder second. And then hit tinker. And oh man knows a pile up to you. That is. At least that's for four times shocker has been plucked. Out of bases are loaded for Connor Trout line he is. Poised for a really big day. He's already two out of three with. A couple of runs batted him. And now the cancer meego from the full lined up. Bases full of shocker nobody out there. Outline rips it right back in the middle base hit that's gonna mean to more. The outline with a four RBIs game and it's nine to two Wichita State. I'll wind continues to be quite hot here at home. Stopping its second is stickam. And that's gonna push. Gunner Charles wind over 500. As far as his batting average here at home and that's also gonna push Luke Hanson. Out of the game. So he ends up going one plus four batters. It's gotten worse. Or North Dakota. Here in the fifth inning. Another pitching change. Coming up for the fighting hawks. That'll be four. Pitchers. In five innings now. Hansen gave up. Four hits giving it shocker a total of nine now on the game. He walked one hit two. And didn't strike anybody out three runs so far. To learn. Two guys still out there. Zach Finley. Is your new pitcher. And he'll face. Grayson Janice or at least the DH spot. Fiddling. We'll take over. For Hanson. And he has two scoreless appearances and so far this year totaling one inning. And Dennis news grounded out twice little. Get an opportunity to. Take part the base running America around. Hansen so far three runs two earned but. Stay in the second trial wine first. His responsibility. She rockers have. Drawn seven walks and been hit four times. They've turned to other than nine rounds the first half of the game. But. And they're only one plunking. Away from. Tying a game high. In being hit by pitches. Four other times. Shocker were hit. Five times in the game and they've. Almost gotten there and half the game today. Here's Janice does the first pitch to him. Is high when ball no strikes. Is that Finley is a junior from Brentwood California. 61185. Right hander. Two on nobody out to win in the shocker fifth. Janice that takes loans to enough. So Todd Butler certainly got his wish and then some today he wanted. Wichita State to score early and keep the opposition from scoring early. Not only has he seen his guys score early they've scored often. In the dirt three you know. Trey Vickers. Waiting in the on deck circle. This has turned out to be at least so far just what the doctor ordered. She soccer's last week in in Fullerton. Got ten hits. All weekend there's a strike they got nine today. And some of them have been of the infield variety. Couple months singles street Vickers an infield hit. Matter Trout line within infield hit. But anyway you slice it hit three hits and it's all about. Confidence and swing and miss the ball gets away from the catcher goes all the way back and screen. So the catcher just basically. Whipped on one from Paris Harris in the catcher. Let's see outscored. But it's 32. There will be a passed ball. So put that. And add that to the list. Second and third nobody out ninth two. Count bold agenda stuff. And tying goal. So if that walks a lot of them get batters quite a few of those errors. They'll balk. Just. Kinda had this nine to two relief here's a stretch and the pitch and outside bowl for their loaded up again. Finley. Hands out the eighth walk. By. Fighting hawks pitching has momentum coming in that really hadn't been an issue. These are guys that are pitching. Foley in some cases a second or third times this year. But still. It only handed out 32 walks in their previous nine games. Vickers take some breaking strike on one. Betrays one out of three. And an infield single he's also scored twice. Bases loaded still nobody out and two home in the shocker fifth. Blinded her right center field over goes president in any makes a running catch tagging in coming home. We'll be taken to make it without a play Vickers got rob nice play by president hand. But the sacrifice fly at least saves tray and on an at bat. He drives in Iran is now tended to. President adding played over there and that is what saved him is about six or eight steps over toward right center field. Here's Dayton duke got. Who has singled and been hit twice. Here's the stretch and now time called. Couple of teams in the top 25 in action at the moment. Do god takes high one ball no strikes. Number five Louisville beating Xavier eleven to one in the ninth and Emory team Virginia. 32 over Collison in the sixth. Most of the rest of the game's top 45 and otherwise there. Tonight. What did yoga. Strike an outside court one and one. Gender do Wichita State bottom bottom Gordon every single and. Win just as strong as it's ever been out to right fielder over toward the right field corner anyway. 11 to do got. In the dirt blocked by Harrison and right between his legs turnaround picked it up. Softball team continues to lead western Illinois nine to four or they're through six. Right behind us. They can dig out with two on one now. The right handed batter waiting. Finley comes that and the pitch. Breaking ball crank tying deep to left field Lewis gone back when it's gonna hold it up and let's makes a running catch on the warning track. Everybody is gonna move up. And down the third goes Trout line to second. Goes Janis hill on a long. Long now by Dayton do guy. So now Travis young. Young single double fielders choice to steals and RBI. Stat sheet. Has been stuffed. Second and third two out. Finley comes to the neck and then to the plate down and away one ball no strikes. Finley with a very high set position. And he's elected. Stay in the stretch with runners at second and third Q now in the T shoppers. And a snap a losing streak dating back to this Sam Houston State Theres. Inside strike it's one and one. Since shutting out. Sam Houston State can Saturdays ago. I lost. Bloodbath thirteen do Lleyton for now I this series they lost fortitude Oklahoma a week ago. And then. Their offense was just a rumor this past weekend open and gets away from the catcher in the throw the plates say Frontline score. Now it's eleven to two. Trout line. Scores his first run of the game. And it's a wild pitch. Issued by Zach Finley. And it's over there now levity shock. So young was still one more out there. Workers at their highest output since the first Sam Houston State game chopper to third and foul. And that's due in two. Bakken that stunning loss to Sam Houston State. On March the fourth fifteen to eleven that's the last time the shocker of run up this many. Down and away been blocked by Harrison. Preemptive. Danner Kirk waiting on deck he'd be ninth man about the inning. Runner at third. Q outs the pitch to young down and in bowl full. So young girls a base on balls and second by Finley. And it can now close the book on Luke Hanson. He gets. Charged with a five rounds. And now. Finley has two of his own on the. For the runs charged enhancing our. Here's perk up there for the fifth time. In five innings. It's too Kircus. Chopped down now. Oh balls and one strike. Shocker with runs in every inning. And Nick Cannon. Is loosening in the North Dakota and he would be if he comes in or when he comes in. Fifth pitcher the day. Kurt kicks inside. Wimbledon one strike. Had to get to the outside corner one and two. Dockers have sent at least six men to the plate in every inning. It added seven in the first. Sent seven more to the plate the second. You get the idea base runners all over the place. First and third. What do Judy Kirk the pitch. Breaking multiple high two balls in two strikes. May have seen a lot of pitches here this afternoon. From North Dakota pitching. Remains to be seen who go out to the mound in the sixth for Wichita State that whoever it is we'll have a within nine rightly. Now went inside to Kirk three into. Young will. Take off early on this one. Perkins walked twice sacrificed and flied to right. And you reaching for 1000 back. Three balls two strikes two outs. Shocker have erupted for four here in the inning. The first five in the inning for the shocker reached. And Trout line a two run single. Terry bickers and RBIs sacrifice fly. Kirk bounces it back through the middle to feel the virus that Jack won't throw to first. In the shocker fifth but Wichita State that's around and plates for more at the end of five it's now a shocker to eleven North Dakota to. 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See Trevor Harrison Bob do it or Adam McDowell in Wichita. George story from coast to coast AM join me week knights right here find KM SS. Comes out with a six minutes. Replaces Cody Tyler. And Tyler turned into scoreless for Wichita State. The chase Williams. Big right hander for this Yorkers. Appearing for the sixth time. His first two appearances this year were starts. And it all together. Jason tenant two thirds innings. No wins one loss. In this will be. His fourth. Outing in relief. Williams. With two and a third on Friday night against cal state Fullerton. In that game where Sam Davis got hurt and couldn't get out of first. Williams poured one in their first strike to Daniel locker. Williams electing a go from the stretch. He jumps that Neal won his upcoming here is. And rolled on the ground as shortstop Vickers picks it up throws and got. Went up to one down chase Williams retires. Daniel locker. Now under Walsh. Me. Walsh is over to be struck out flied to center. So anyway getting back that Friday game when Sam Davis had to leave. You know an elbow injury there's a rocket back up the middle of Williams got undressed by that. Line drive under Walsh with a clean single in the center but Williams came in. Where one out in the first inning. As one of those situations where. A college kid probably not used to. Taken as many as he needs out on the game out whenever there's an injury whoever. Comes in forum. Can literally take as long as he thinks he needs to get ready. And Williams delivers low and outside. One ball no strikes but Williams. In his to a third innings. Didn't allow it reruns he did walk forward but worked out of trouble. Enough to keep that a 21 cal state Fullerton lead. Into the third inning. And Reagan basically came in after that. One and one do. Bret Harrison. Chopper to third is it fair it is not foul. And Lou greater. Fielded behind the bag but foul according to Conan strobe. And it was that game. On Friday that's a shocker city's six relievers including. Jason Williams chase was the first one. He ended up throwing 46 pitches in the fact that. He started the season in the starting rotation. Allowed him to go multiple innings right out of the gate. Two balls two strikes. Q Bret Harrison Harrison the catchers over one officially. Eleven to Q shocker we're in the sixth. Williams. Delivers high three into. That is the one thing that has plagued him in his shocker careers brief visit might be met. Kerr rallying his stuff. He's got a very live arm but occasionally. Has trouble locating home plate. 32 pitch and skips it up there. Both war. So a single now walk. And I'll bring up Luis. Although. Jason Williams last year really turned it on late and he pitched very well down the stretch. He was one of the shock yours. Bright spots and they starting irritation at the end I mean he was really good. As a matter of fact he pitched the only complete game that the shocker had all of last year. And skips 13 legs of better Trout line and all the way back screen. So Roy Williams wild pitch. Sends runners to second and third. With the one out. So runners at second and third. And it catches in the east. One ball one strike. Really the only inning that. North Dakota has. Threatened to score beyond the second inning. They haven't had more than one base runner in any inning. Since the second until now. And now one lone dirt. Two balls and one strike Reagan be clear. Working in back of chase Williams. Williams got the first guy on the ground ball to shortstop. And then Walsh. A liner to center. And a walk to Brad Harrison. 21. Swing and miss took a little off. And out student to. Hillary breads NAND would be next. Shoppers. Have let it from the start below. North coated tied it briefly in the second. It on the ground left side and into left field for a base hit past the diving Lou critter run scores. And now it's 113. Cal though ruled one in the left. First and second. Connor Walsh score some. Now here's president him. Imagine a slow start that he's gotten off two weeks over one today in Grozny hand. Three for 24. He was. On the whack all tourney team. A year ago. So he's had his moments but he's. Off to a dreadful start this year there's a strike in the air from Williamson told one. President and one of the three. North Dakota natives. On this. Fighting hawks roster. Out of the dirt again one ball one strike. Chase Williams. Has. Allowed a run and on a couple of hits and walked a wild pitch here in the sixth. Shocker still comfortably in front but it's. Now eleven to three. Strike call on the outside corner Trout line. Came springing up out of his crowds is if he wanted to throw down the third. One into account. Stretch by Williams the one to. Any reaching his pokes it foul over the third base dugout. Got holding a one ball in two strikes. So three more on the road this weekend and a shocker is will be home for ten game homestand swinging and events and down goes Hillary Redman. Williams pulled the string on Ayman registers his first right now. And now here's Cooper moss. Loads and loads of good teams coming in due next stadium. Over the next week and beyond starting next week anyway Oklahoma State. Game on the 22. And and cal poly comes in for three on the weekend we hide it Cooper mosques. Stephen F Austin in for two TCU in for three to start the month of April. And Oral Roberts on the fifth. And a bunch of those are night games do. Do you want to knock off work early to get here. Swing and a foul backed by moss. And it's 11. The games this weekend. In Nebraska at 4 o'clock on Friday. Two on Saturday noon game on Sunday. One ball one strike two Cooper moss to pitch swing and this wave day. High ninety mile an hour fastball. While ball in two strikes. Case Williams working quickly come sat. Comes to the plate meet Jack thanks Cooper moss out of the way with a fastball. At 912 balls in two strikes. Harrison at third base. Cal vote for. Here comes that 22 pitch plain and fancy struck him out and chase Williams. Fans the last two of the inning. Do in the top of the sixth or go to get one back they lead to. However the bottom of the sixth it's now the shocker eleven fighting hawks three. There are certain. Crashes. You just can't currency. He'd like to forget the look. The worst part of Iran is something like that somebody has been injected. And renders you tell us the fact that it is such an easy thing to do. Most vulnerable. And it's it's not wearing your seatbelt. In Kansas it's belongs. Click it or ticket worst. Need a place to watch the big game. Finally paid 96 and went room. Offers daily specials a dozen Beers on tap and a menu featuring everything from pizza to primary. Jerseys proud to be an official sponsor of the Wichita State shocker as. No matter where the soccer. It's playing homer away want to make jerseys have tickets ride to the game and style and their sweet Hummer limo. Call 3166365000. Jerseys grilling barn Wichita. Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance. C agent Alex Acosta Angie Valentine or in mold main Kirk Farber. I'm quite sure. Stormy for ground zero wood nine tonight here on Canas. Hear from Salinas California. Becomes North Dakota is fifth pitcher today. Gannon is only pitch one other time this year it was a scoreless inning in relief. So this is outing number two for him. And Michael locals started for Wichita State in the six to eleven to three shock years. And first pitch to Michael mocha is low and outside. One ball no strikes. Shocker is about hit the fighting hawks. 96. And Lucas stroked one into right field gonna drop down for a base hit over quickly become an office Walsh to hold Luka to a single so mocha. And Trout line continue to just blistered the ball here next stadium. Ten hits now for this Yorkers and Gannon. Greeted with a hit. That reading is gonna make a rare plate appearance. First time a long time we've seen him. That reading. Six to keep warning a senior. First plate appearance since the 28. Of February. And tactics to strike in there. Zach went over to the next game against New Mexico on the 28 but strained his hamstring in the process. In making one of the outs quick sort of first look at dives back. So Zach Greta good to see him back in there he. So far on the season is five for eighteen. A lot has lined to right center field it's gonna plug the gap and go all the way to the law. So Redding can pretty much just crawling the second base and that's about what he's doing and here comes book go all the way around from first to score. Democratic. Welcome back to line up RBI double. Shocker if they're on right now. Thought extra base hit for Wichita State there that's. Reading this. Fourth. To base hit on the season. There's Bryant take up. And chiefs raiders got to run for Zach critic. Looks like the shocker you gonna. At least start to empty out the bitch a little bit. Taken hits one into left center field that's a base hit that's gonna go to the wall. Raiders and immediately got a score to come steaming in the second base he's there with a standup double in the floodgate to start to open now as Ryan think I'm snapped out of a long skid. The RBI double of his own scoring raider and it's now thirteen to three. RBI for Ryan take on that. Is his thirteenth. And here's Gunner Trout line who has four RBI today. Giving him fourteen on the season just keeping him in front of Ryan taken for the league lead. Turn outlined three for 41. Of the hits an infield single. And a pair of two run singles one of the very first inning one in the fifth. Shocker continue to pepper this scoreboard. They have scored in each of the first six innings. And good for them after what they went through this past weekend with cal state Fullerton. All the better. Do noted Gunner Trout line. Josh good backer has. Grabbed a bat and moved in the on deck circle appears. To go to gutter Trout line. And on time called. Could be one of those games and that's actually not the backer he. Does have a helmet on in the dugout but he has. Emerged in the on deck circle it's. Gracious generous this deal. Strong wind swings and misses pitching up. Two and one. So Zach grading president kissing plate appearance by him he. Slammed one into the gap in right center field and basically just trotted to second base. And not wanting to test that balky hamstring. Hopefully it. Didn't getting worse. Inside loaded under Trout lines three and one. So better they four RBIs day that's one off of his career high. Knocked in five against. Illinois State. Back on April 11 of last year. Hackers now with. A dozen hits. There's a stretch by Nick Cannon. The edge. Now back and how to play. Three to pick out to better cure outlined. Carolina working on three a day Travis young as a multiple hit games such as Michael Luka. Luke Ridder with a pair of hits or kidney want him to two hits in this spot in the order reading pigeon point. And we assume rader will take over third baseman joggers and come back to play defense of the seventh. Down and ended Trout line all for watching. So the first more every tear in the sixth. First five reached in the fifth if scoring for that. Integration Janice done. Janice. Hit for Alec go home and has some. Gone over to walk. Thirteen to three shoppers were. In the bottom of the sixth. First pitch at Janice says down and and one ball no strikes. Shocker looking like they're well on the way to. Snapping a five game losing history. Leland outside. Two balls no strikes. Dockers leading the overall series with North Dakota. 90. You know the count. Cue Mo is too low. Three balls no strikes to Janice. Three balls no strikes. Just. Probably taking a pitch here. He does and it's a wide strike three balls and one strike. Yorkers have had. Three opportunities already with a bases loaded now one pitch away from loading them back up again. And Ellis. That's kind deep to right center field the way back and dawn. Grayson jealous now. Then eight tracer over the 375. Sign it's not sixteen victory. And just brings up his first collegiate home run. That ball was smoked. Schumacher's. It's their first home run the ball game. And now they've cast in a five run sixth inning. Home run number nine on the year for the joggers. And the first for grace in Afghanistan. Tires Vickers. He takes a pitch on the inside corner. Sixteen to three Wichita State. Him commands. Vickers takes nothing into. Doubles and two strikes here's the line in the pits to victors. Gunning looking right down the middle. That's another first out. Of the six goes down. That was the first home run that the shocker I have here. Since the final game of the Sam Houston State series that was the Grand Slam by Bryant take him in the eighth inning. And at home run. Brought in three off the data Jenna step violence down to loaded due got. They do go one out of two. And it seems you type on any other day Dayton do would. Have a home run here today to. Basically Kendall left fielder Lewis. To the wall. In the fifth. He takes low. Three balls no strikes. How Josh to backers in the on deck circle. You hit for Travis jumped. Do god takes a strike taking all the way. Britain want. That Nick Cannon after a scoreless innings being his only other appearance this year. Gave up three extra base hits in the inning high pop up on the left side of the infield and the third baseman. Locker makes the catch for out number two. A dual way forward Josh to backer the eighth man to that in the end it. You backer on Sunday against cal state Fullerton. Had two hits including. A triple. And it two out of three ain't getting the start in left field on Sunday. He takes a strike in there. Josh did backers for out of fourteen. They're from the left side. Throughout the bases empty here in the sixth shocker that struck for five more. And that's a little too low when ball one strike. Josh good backers freshmen. From Lee's summit Missouri. The 11 pitch and balanced looped in the left field. Over goes Lewis still going gets there and bubbles but catches. Almost popped out of the glove and hit the ground but the backer. Flies to right and that's not a shocker six. Comes to a close but another big round for Wichita State. Capped by Genesis three run home run we'll go to the senate it's not a shocker sixteen and North Dakota three. 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Delta dental of Kansas offers individual dental plans across the largest Dennis network in the nation's so when something's gotta dance blues the laundry list. Keep your smile learn more about individual and family dental plans and delta dental KS dot com. Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance. C agent Brad woody Shawn Chapman orange haze filled forest pummel. This is Stevens can join this morning right here on cape and as fast six. Quite mean changes for Wichita State and over the top of the seventh sixteen to three shocker Cody lawyers' union pitcher. Taylor sand of course you threw to catcher. Chiefs raiders now playing third base. So there's the extent of the changes on the infield. Keenan Eaton and Josh to backer have. Taken over into various outfield spots. It would appear. Do I still on right the backers and laughed. And looked like he'd any gonna be patrolling center field. So Cody lawyer. Gets atop the order here in the seventh in the first pitch is right in there called strike. Then resident Jack is one out of two NR BI single in the second. Jason Williams went one inning gave a couple hits Iran and it was unearned. Walk. And she strikeouts. Employers ode to. Little bit high soda battery. Lawyer and cynic or. Cody on for the fifth time this year. One ball and she strikes the leadoff man bin resident checked the pitch swing and Manson Downey goes. Those strikeout for Cody Hoyer. And that makes. Eight strikeouts for shocker pitching today. Up steps miles Lewis. Lewis has popped out and struck out twice. Thank Maginnis with the first three for Wichita State. And a chopper on the ground fielded by. Ryan take a meal ticket himself three an assistant to update you now. And guess what three and Cody Tyler to Jason Williams won. And now all. Cody Hoyer. Now grant Larsson has got to pinch hit. He will replace. Hayden may. The bases empty two outs in the seventh for Larson. First pitch to him from lawyer. Is wave data in this good changeup. 01 pitch same pit same results William hasn't changed up nothing and do. Pinch hitter. Grant Larson. Lawyers go to. Annie downing swinging three pitches in Downey goes and that's that scoreless seventh. Turned in by Cody Hoyer. So Wichita State will try to continue it's path of scoring in every inning seventh inning stretch time here at the ballpark Wichita State sixteen. And North Dakota three. Did show every drug month. What are you wanted a family of trucks dependability. Capability besting class available create fuel economy. What is you can get all of this and more on. Meet the all new 2016 Silverado 15100 as the new face of strong boundary truck month CY Shipley is the fastest growing pick program to see your hometown Chevy dealer today and missing the last few we know we were five point three interviewed injured EPA estimates sixteen city 23 highway MP EG two wheel drive recently just due to your sales growth. Hi this is coach Gregg Marshall. As a coach I know the numbers are important everything we do will be judged by escort and a record great teams produced great results. When it comes to home health care serenity home health is not only the hometown team. They're the change Medicare has awarded us ready home help the quality score five out of five stars putting them among the best in the nation. I trust surrounding home health. You should to go to surrounding home health dot com or call 8662929. To setup a free consultation. Hey Sean Hannity here listen to meet every weekday at two defaults have. Happening right here on KM SS. 'cause seventh innings doctors cruising in this sixteen degrees. They scored in every inning. And tanner Kirk. With his six plate appearance. Top of the order for the shocker Kirk and then. Mocha and in case raider. Although I think Luke is out there will be eighteen and he believed. That so would be Kirk eaten. And raider. Kirk takes ball one. Kirk walked a couple of times though for two officially. Any smacked one into center field present hand plane right there and he. Makes a catch almost write new racetracks. Kirk at that one well but he now and now. Keenan he would in his first plate appearance. He and eaten playing in his twelfth game of the years 325. Facing. Nick Gannon. Off speed pitch colts pulled strike curve ball dropped in there. And Gannon in his second inning of work. He's trying to match Jack Collins a starter and going more than one. We'll weapon and almost hit it. That would have been not only dangerous but the fifth. Hit batter. Of the day. Shocker to save a shocker of a base runners and everything would be really understating things they've had caught a base runners every. Curve ball drops in their first strike wanted to do. They are routinely. Sent. Seven men to the play. Wanted. Curve ball that almost clipped him statin side. Two balls and two strikes shocker in front sixteen to three in the bottom of the seventh. Wanted to two and 218 and he's getting his first played here. Cannons to Q curve ball popping up in a mile in the air behind second base. And present and stayed with that name called off the second baseman. Residents here he's been busy out there Resnick and play center field Krewell today. And but now its dockers. In peril not only not scoring for the first inning but going down 123 years chase greater. Greater. Pinch ran for his act granting new pinch hit or greater last inning. Annie lined it over the second baseman right center field present Hanover with a headfirst dive to cut it off raiders got to go for two when he makes it anyway. President hand has been absolutely run ragged in center field make great headlong dive. To stop it from going by and it still wasn't enough to get. Fourteenth hit of the day for the shock yours chiefs raiders first. Here's Ryan Jacob he doubled his last time out there. And that was they welcomed sight because Ryan. Snapped and hope for fourteen. Dating back to that hitless game against so you. First it's time. The curve ball chopped to third it's just doing. And the throw crosses below the dugout. And that's that for the shocker so they go quickly and quietly in the seventh first I am coordinating today. Seven of the book's list of the top of the day it's sixteen to three shocker here. Are you looking for a great place to play golf whether you're beginner for a seasoned veteran and looked into and over municipal golf course I believe distress behind and come to end over municipal golf course with your wife kids and friends. Under new management the greens have recently been re grass. With inexpensive green car and membership in the east end of municipal golf courses the golf course for you run. And don't forget to try foot golf. And over municipal golf course off of highway 54 just blast of hand over Rhode. Highest I'm backs were -- associates in 1976 we started assisting clients with a personal financial plans for forty years now our team is seen challenging Financial Times and were up for the challenge we understand how you depend upon your serious money now and in the future so give us a call at 6520101. Faction associates time well spent money well invested. Security and advisory services offered through SII investments incorporated member Finneran SIPC and a registered investment advisor answered associates incorporated and SII investments incorporated a separate and unrelated companies. Shocker sports is brought to you by American family insurance. C agent Jared Crawford. Chris post or Mike Rogers which saws and whose traffic and weather leader thirteen thirty KM SS. Fifth victory or that shock pitcher. Mcginniss went three Tyler to Williams and holier wanna piece of Robby Evans will get the eighth inning. Here and a sixteen to three shocker blowout. In progress to get Daniel locker. To start. Robbie Evan 6200 pounder is a freshman. Frisco Texas. Evans. Last pitch in. That nine to one game on Friday and struck out the only man that he faced. That came in the eighth inning. And Fullerton. The servers in a locker. To start the eighth inning could you lawyer turned in a 1237. Breaking ball by Evans is in their first strike. Perfect opportunity you work on such things. Up thirteen. There's something that you don't do well the great opportunity to work on it inning game low leverage situation. Breaking ball missed inside. So it doubled up on the curve ball it's one and one. Locker to one for three. And now when you weigh in on outside to balls and one strike. On the here this is Robby Evans fourth appearance. 21 we hire an outside 31 Kate Taylor sand of course he just telling it. Calm down. Soccer's leading. Sixteen to three. On the verge of snapping a five game losing streak and Evans delivers high bowl for. So for. Five pitch walk after you started the at bat with a strike. Yours higher Walsh. Walsh is one for three. Fourth walk issued by shocker pitching. Warriors was the only one that didn't walk anybody. Evans' first pitch. Now on in their first strike and off speed pitch like it's lighter. Connor Walsh struck out flied to center. And he singled and scored. In the sixth inning. Little bit high same pitch but now when above the belt. Something at. Head coach Todd Butler said that pitching staff need to work on. Throwing first pitch breaking balls for strikes here's fastballs were anonymous. And backing up breaking balls in other words. Thrown two in a row and be able to its bottom for called strikes. Evans has tried to do that to hitters he's faced Allen's loan outside. One ball. Evans a little bit of a Max effort guy. He got everything coming match. Is it to two. Got in looking at passable neatly outside edge and down goes on her wall. Phil Evans brings up his first punch out. And that's canned for Wichita State pitching today. And here's Bret Harrison. First pitch to him as low one ball in those strikes. Little bit of action in the shocker pins so we can only assume somebody else is gonna get tonight. Tyler Jones. Might be at Canada and. I'm an end one two balls and those strikes or ski in. Try to play therapist a little bit. He's Robbie Evans back into the strikes out. Sixteen to three Wichita State. Scored in each of the first six innings. Called strike two and one we're in the top of the eighth with a one on and one out. Shocker is. Inching closer to snapping a five game losing streak. Do want. Little bit higher guest. We also strike. Here's a stretch by Robbie Evans. And at 31 pitch. Strike called preemptive. Ryan take I'm not holding on Daniel walker and locker. To this point not it just didn't taking off his president meaning although he'll take off. Maybe here. Does not go in the pits popped up foul backing out of play and we'll do it again. Dockers back in action on Friday afternoon in Lincoln at 4 o'clock game against. The Nebraska Cornhuskers first of a three game series in Lincoln. Three into account here's a stretch by Evans the pitch. Little bit high ball for so he walked two in the inning. Took too long and now Luis although. Cal lows been but the most consistent guy in their lineup today double a single. And Cody Tyler going to fly to left. The only time it was retired he scored a run in the second drove in one in the sixth though he's been. In the middle about it everything that Northcutt has done offensively. Swings and misses an off speed pitch so Robby Evans even though he has walked two in the inning. I believe has started all four hitters off with something soft and I think they've all been strikes have been at least. 31 pitch strikes. A one. Allen misses lawn outside so. At least on two other case indeed backed up a first pitch strike with one that's mr. strikes out so. Again. This is a spring training type of atmosphere for him right now there's did. Trying to work on throwing strikes really secondary stuff. 11. Didn't mean to do it he got that out there and found that off. One and two. Luiz Paulo. Cal ball out of the few seniors on the team and the only Florida native is Tampa. And I likes those Grand Forks winners. When ball and two strikes one out two on the bench. And reach any hopes that I'll back at a play. Still wanted to cal look. Interesting. The list on their roster where bodies from they've got a handful of players. From all across the country not just. Minnesota South Dakota north coast swing and a miss by cal low and down he goes to strike outs an inning for Evans to go to those two walks. And looks like you have a pinch hitter for north to code. Anyway callow is from Florida. Gannon the pitchers from Salinas California there's another guy. Tyler roadless from Rancho Cucamonga California. Connor tricks dead. From ways not a Minnesota is gonna hit. Tricks dad. We're old. Hit four breads and hand center field. Connors three out of twenty on the year. Evans' first pitch doing. Inside low almost hitting through another breaking ball. One ball no strikes. Britain and ended up over to officially reached on there and scored a run. He is the 10 and that's lawn outside to. Connor Triggs dad longtime player in programs that trick stand as a volunteer assistant now it's his second season. On the coaching staff. But this is his little brother. Toto two on two out in the age sixteen to three dollars. Very high three and out. So Evans has alternated walking and striking people out. Here in the inning. Cooper moss. Would be next. Three out of tricks that pinch hitter. And low ball for. Four pitch walk and Robbie Evans is locked and loaded. Pretend it's gonna go to the mound try to get Robbie Evans throw strikes. He does grow on tap work sprouts border shocker athletics and a great place to watch shocker when they're on TV. Come visit him at the corner of 21 and web. Dockers in front sixteen to three but. Evans is loaded them up here that. Fighting hawks scored two in the second. Thanks in large part three errors. And then they got one in the sixth off the chase Williams. Aided by a passed ball. And now three walks. Here in the eight. And it's up to Cooper moss to cash in Boston has reached on an infield single and struck out twice. Sixteen to three shocker in the top of the eight. And that's a little too low one ball no strikes. There's no one else. Taking all the way out ones in there the first four. Is under way in Dayton. Florida Gulf Coast and fairly Dickinson a pair of sixteen seats duking it out. And don't city league thirteen to three in the early going. 11 is way low and outside two balls in the strike. About a half an hour after that when concludes Wichita State and Vanderbilt. All square off. With the winner of the shocker game getting Arizona. On Thursday. 21 the loss swing a foul tip to do came out of the fastball. In the valley Missouri State. Polishing off western Illinois thirteen to two in the night. Indiana State NC state. 11 in the third and crawling. Good kick out Cooper moss. Robbie Evans trying to. Work through this eighth inning. She too little roller to second should be easy and the throw to first as in time to Evans look the market gets out of. North Dakota turned away they strand three. Well the bottom BA it's still a shocker sixteen and North Dakota three. 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Shocker sports has brought do you buy American family insurance. C agent Bernhard inning does. This marks living join me. Weekdays at five right here on Kate and as best. Theme victory which does date. The doctors come to bat in the bottom of the eighth inning. And through sand mess he's in new pitcher Nick Cannon went to. And through San us. Attempting to become the sixth and final North Dakota pitcher on today. Dockers. Have led virtually throughout they got here in the first. North Dakota got two unearned runs in the second but doctors poured it on after that. Two in the second through the third one in the fourth for the fifth item six. And last inning is the only one shocker Kim Gordon. Louis blues to senator Triggs dad stays in the game to play right yeah. Walsh moved from right to left. And drew Sanath if you picture and Taylor Oceanic course he takes upstairs on one ball no strikes. Taylor's first day be. 10 is tied to go. Clay McGuinness in line for the victory with the split start as it was. He exited with a a six to two lead. Swing and miss Taylor's intercourse yeah problem. Tenet or ski so far this year one out of six. Switch hitting catcher of their from the left side facing through stance 62 freshman from brainer Minnesota. And a one stroke off the glove of the diving first baseman into shallow right field base hit particulars and of course he. Although with a headlong dive toward the line at a kick off his glove but Taylor's and it or ski. Is his second hit. So here's Grayson jester. The big blow in the sixth inning a three run home run the only home run of the day so far. Soccer's. On the day to day. With. Five extra base hits. Four doubles injustice home run. Stretched and pitch. Annie tried to do it again hit a mild air to center field. Lewis coming nominees there in drifts over to right center of it I guess what else. Just we didn't start the game is now one for four. Here's. Jordan Boyer. Border getting his first plate appearances sometime. Back on the six NN that runaway game against. Sam Houston State he ended up in during the game lately going two for two. We have three runs batted in. It takes a called strike in there. Triple. Among his two hits on the season he's two for three. Behind him on. One ball one strike again. Taylor sand accord ski having a little mercy over their first base did not. Go to second ball that hit the bull. One ball one strike. Jordan boy here. Picture freshman from Oklahoma City. It's by Santos and pitch. Strike down around the knees one bowl in two strikes. Soccer's. Getting closer ending at five game losing streak now let's take their act on the road and try to snap that. String as well. Tough series coming up this weekend. Popped up by a lawyer should stay and play. And first baseman cal will make the catcher on the W issue insignia stumbled a little bit than they'd plug. Phil Boyer fouls out. And I'll bring up they can do gun battle bring. Jeff Dodson out of third base dugout but he wants a reliever. Saying yes those. Two thirds of an inning. Then after. And of course he's leadoff single. He will give away. To a new south hall looks like it's going to be for North Dakota. Brandon route marker. 63. To act and pound lefty from the white city Saskatchewan. Branded Iran locker. As the only safe. For North Dakota and he's on for the fifth time so he's been the busiest. Is previous four outings covering three and two thirds innings. A low three quarter guys gonna drop down a little bit so Brandon rat locker. Becomes the seventh pitcher. Four UND. Add marker we'll ever runner first. And they do god had to play. So shoppers putting the finishing touches on this one. Or three outs away from the victory. And Alec. Move them to five and three at home. And it'll be a little while until North Dakota. Gets to play a home game. No real surprise there. Springtime baseball grand forks north Dakota's economy a lot of road trips. And so all of the season short code 36. All of them away from home but already two signature wins that program they beat USC opening weekend twice. Do god takes a knee high strike and so on one. It's not market Herm is. The guy that pitched opening day that shut out USC and also gave Alabama all they wanted the next weekend there's a strike. And it's nothing into. They can do guy. And although the first baseman had a cat fly out these heads the next candidate. Weather wise here in Wichita win has just been dealing. From the north northwest and blunt about as hard now as it has all day. Talented Dayton Duca. Down in skips back all the way back to screen this time standing horse he's gonna turn this and in the wild pitch. So red marker. Unloads a wild pitch and his third of the year. One ball threw strikes. John Hayes. Tuning up in the shocker Kenny may get the night. Wanted dig out. Little hope back line here in the second baseman has to make a headlong dive and can't catch it. I'll be an infield hit about a us off that little flare base hit as you'll ever see I'm not sure if read a credit checks started back and then came and that is just a little. Humpback liner right off the this the Dayton did god and I headlong dive toward home plate. And a ball squirted out of his glove so do guys to infield hits today. And a total of sixteen for the shocker now on here's. Josh you backer who flied to left in his only other plate appearance. They won't hold on do gone. And that's all the way back to the screen and actually a good move by San of course he's not try to. Score because it was so wild that ricocheted right back to the catcher probably. Would have turned into and out had him of course he tried to score. So account or the scored sixteen to three holding. One noted Josh to backer. That's an under. Do enough. Shocker scored in every inning but the seven. They're two outs in this inning but. Runners in scoring position nonetheless are one anyway. Today these doctors have done really well seven out of seventeen with runners in scoring position for twelve. They've led off innings six times out of eight. By getting on. The backers raised its foul. They've done a good job of moving runners to. That's 31 opportunities. Today to move runners. And they've done at almost two thirds of the time. First and third two outs. Sixteen to three in the bottom of the eighth. The backer line did in the left center field moving over his Walsh any slides to his knees to make to catch the backer hung in there well against the left the but lines to left last chance of the game for North Dakota we go to the top of the night it sixteen to three shoppers. We all know that girl the girl with no inside avoids the girl who speaks in textile. The girl assessed with cats and videos of cats will that girl is playing powerball and she might win C powerball jackpot can fund a lot of cast videos which beat GW was not fellow Wilfork and it. It's up to you to win. When it comes to local beer and local flavor. More town brewery is the new favorite in town. Check out their outstanding food choices from the chopped and chipped nachos award winning Chile to their half bacon ham hamburger truck murder is the best food you'll find an craft beer joint. It's not a sports bar but it's a great place to watch the game check out your new favorite today in Bridgetown brewery west 21 in Tyler and east when he first and rock room. We're town brewery since 1992. Shocker sports is brought to you by American family insurance. C agent John Green Ryan woods or an end overweight Sawyer. Election 2016 headquarters thirteen thirty. It SS. Doctor closer John Hayes. Getting some work here today he'll work at 916. To three shocker all Wichita State today. Hill get the top of the order. And it won't necessarily mean. President Jack. Lewis and norm may. Matter of fact it probably won't. Looks like. Tyler Midas. Grabbed about. And hope becomes. So might as has been hit. And they haze here. Minus three out of thin. One of those hits a home run. So hey in my it is here at nine soccer's three outs away from snapping their losing streak and. Wrapping up this. Stephen homestand is just kind of popping and. Hayes first pitch get generic one ball no strikes. John Hayes. Appearing for the seventh time this year. And too fast on their first strike. Pays what the final inning and a third on Sunday against cal state Fullerton you a couple hits struck out. Little bit high. Two balls and one strike dreading it John Hay is on track back in that shocker bullpen was supposed to be a strength for Wichita statements. Then it looks a little bit but first couple weeks of the season there's a pitch in their first strike pays and right hander Tyler Jones. Figured to really solidify that sixth through the ninth innings. Inside from Hayes. And count on full three and do. But Tyler Jones. ERA of 476 so far Don Mays. The RA of just over eight and Hayes lost Midas. And walked him. And that's. Been part of the issue. Tyler Jones is walked six. In 113. And John Hayes now with five walks. It is five and a third so far this season. Those guys. Command the strike zone and you're on to something. They both have really good arms. And there's a strike in the area miles Lewis. Lewis started in left now playing center field. Miles is over for today. Page 10. 01 rather and a stroke that left center field is gonna settle in for a base hit. Might as stopping at second and then thirteen run game and a backer get back into the infield. So looks just served one into left out it's his first hit of the day. And now. Larson. Graham Larson. Struck out as a pinch hitter in the seventh. Larson a freshman from. Might not North Dakota. That bad he got in the seventh was his first of the year. Hayes delivers a strike down around and he's an off speed pitch nothing in line. Jon hates. Native of Foxborough Texas. 61625. The law on his little tapper back to the mound Hayes is guided a go to second for one go to first in time for a 163. Double play. Nice job by John Hayes to gather himself and deliver a good seed and the shortstop Vickers. Or third heads Midas and he's there with two outs so shocker now one out away. Daniel locker. The only guy standing in the way. Cases got to remain in the stretch. First pitch line fouled on the right side hand it's. The walls and one strike. Sixteen runs on sixteen hits for the shocker today in 83 years all in one inning three runs seven hits. One air for North Dakota. Swing and miss and now. Shocker to one strike away. Again upcoming. Starting on March 22. Shocker embark on a long long homestand and. Oh do. Swing habits of all the dirt and a horse he's gonna throw it down to first he does and that's the ball game. John K Stern's name scoreless ninth in the shoppers snapped the skid in a big way. By routing North Dakota and sixteen to three is your final post game show straight ahead. This is Todd cipher with Cochran mortuary crematory would you tell us exclusive certified veterans and famine more health care provider. Over a 150000. Troops are currently serving overseas away from their families among its. Join us and supporting armed forces by donating your old cell phones to cell phones for soldiers. Come I call or find us on FaceBook for details. Cochran mortuary crematory proudly supporting our troops and or shocks. You know the benefits of dental implants from Cambridge family dentistry will now Cambridge is giving you a very special offer a complimentary exam and a 3-D X ray valued at 350 dollars. Two hours from start to finish and I had six plants and we didn't. In retrospect I would pay double received your complimentary exam and a free 3-D X ray no call 3163501100. At Cambridge family dentistry you have something to smile about. Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance. C agent Alex Acosta and Jeanne Valentine or in mold main Kirk Farber. I let them enjoy the weekend mornings and night right here runs. Jacques has got well a big way today found out sixteen hits scored sixteen runs. And scored in each of the first six innings. On their way to a sixteen to three victories scoring went like this gutter Trout line started it in the very first inning much to the happiness of Todd Butler who. Just dine to have his guys scored the first inning hadn't done it since opening day. But they've scored two in the first today why you run single by governor Trout line they got two more in the second. Sacrifice fly Michael Deluca RBI Luke Ridder yet two more in the third after. Two unearned runs scored for North Dakota in the second shoppers. Got them both right back bases loaded hit batter and to Luke Ridder brought in one of them. And then in the fourth inning error hit batter and a travesty on double made seven it to. And a four run fifth inning was highlighted by a two run single by better Trout line. Sacrifice fly added in by trade Vickers. And then grace suggesting capped off a five run sixth inning. With a mammoth three run home run to right center. Sixteen to three was the final shocker when it they improved to 511 on the season snap a five game losing streak in the process. When we come back we'll name our player of the game well output of the deep freeze play of the game finally. 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Play Kansas lottery. And dream bigger Kansas lottery player of the game today is Gunner truck line he remained red hot the next stadium was hitting near 500 coming in. To today's action in home games and upped his average even more went three for four today drove in four scored two. And got the shocker on the board in the very first inning again that's something cut Butler been planning for. And Trout line delivered with a two run single. In the very first inning and two run single. In the fifth. And walked and scored ahead of Genesis three run home run in the sixth so. Gunner Trout lines or Kansas lottery player of the game and speaking of the put in the deep freeze play of the game. Genesis home run pretty much put a cap for on this one. As his long homer in the sixth will be our lit the appliance put into the deep freeze play the game and here it is and Alex and. That's kind deep to right center field the way back and dawn. Grayson Janice now. Hit eight tracer over the 375. 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Then mouth your old car has never been worth more. 5000. And sixteen Obama. He's got a month. Get through midwinter PR let's go a long drive in which at all. Online at midwest GO dot com or call 1800 UBS does 1800 you'll see us. It turns into a police hope. George story from coast to coast AM join me weeknight right here I'm KM SS. He was created after five feet losing streak and there is one of the home parents among seven. Road games will be back on the road this weekend we'll get that this second take a look at some Missouri Valley Conference scores one final in from the valley as Missouri State. Took apart western Illinois thirteen to that the final. Pretty much marquee match up and Raleigh number thirteen North Carolina State. Taking on Indiana State Indian states opted it's our values are tied 11 in the fourth. In North Carolina some night games tonight Oklahoma State at Dallas Baptist southern Illinois at Arkansas State Evansville. Taking on Indiana. Murray State all over Kansas tended to in the top of the fourth. Or Roberts leading Jacksonville State one nothing in the first. Answer game later on future shocker opponents TCU. Taking on rice in Houston at 630. Stephen F Austin at K state at 630. As well and oh you taking on Fresno state in the later on softball won today Wichita State beating western Illinois. Nine to four final totals for your first Wichita State victorious sixteen runs sixteen hits three years. And fourteen left on base North Dakota three runs seven hits. One air. And ten lap on base winning pitcher Clayton mcinnis at first collegiate victories wanna know. The loss goes to starter Jack Collins he's old one notes they've in the game. One home run of the game. Grayson Janice that his first collegiate home run. Multiple hit games for better Trout line who had three Michael mocha went to attitude scored three times walked twice. Also Dayton do god Travis young now at the bottom of the order both 82 hit game. Young drove in one walked wants to hand the shoppers. Rang up to 356. Stolen bases including two each by Travis young. And Michael Lukens game took three hours and eleven minutes shocker is improved to 511. North Dakota falls to three and seven. Up next to Wichita State he'll be on the road again for three in Lincoln against the Nebraska Cornhuskers will be on the air at 330. Friday afternoon for a 4 o'clock start the first of the three game series. Between Schumacher's and the Huskers. Once again the final score Wichita State sixteen North Dakota three. For Kayla wider here in the press box. And for Simon Sumner back arcana SS studio Sheen as Cink thanks for listening. What to get shocker snapped a five game losing streak winning today against North Dakota sixteen to three. Been listening to shocker baseball on thirteen thirty KM SS products you buy these five sponsors. Butler plumbing and restoration. The Kansas Department of Transportation. Shelter insurance jerseys grill and bar. Kansas one call. McDonald's. Let's and suppliers. Equity bags. At nine. Your hometown Chevy dealers taco Belle yeah delta dental. Maximum outdoor equipment. Cross blue shield of Kansas. Pizza Hut the law office of public stagnant Goering and American family insurance. Analyst. That's kind deep to right center field the way back end golf. Grayson Janice now. Innate tracer over the 375. Sign it not sixteen victory. And Kenneth brings up his first collegiate home run. I just what I worked for a Pacific for example you'd you'd just never knew. From day today what the reaction going to be give it to a to a problem yourself that it came up it might be. He'd be call. Let's have a conversation normal or it could be that.