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WSU Baseball at NMST 02-26-16

Feb 26, 2016|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

State shocker baseball. That's. I hear the voices of the. Good evening and welcome to Albuquerque,. New Mexico and Sana and asked our field home of the lobos. For a shocker baseball shame Dennis sitting in for my can't believe this evening the first of three game series. Tonight Wichita State opens up the series with New Mexico. Of the Mountain West Conference this series is a return trip. From belong the lobos maybe a year ago and was highly competitive and entertaining at the same time. With a shocker is sweeping all three. Just to keep you up to date and up to speed on the V broadcast location which normally that's not an issue. But every once in awhile the visiting broadcast locations. Happened to be outside the press box and Penn night. Is one of those nights in this weekend will be one of those weekends. The good news is the weather's supposed to be OK so hopefully you won't hear my teeth chattering. That is is when you're outside and right in front of or at least within a couple of roads. Of the fans the public address. Is in full force and that's the case tonight so hopefully. It will be something Caleb corral him. Corral back in the can SS studios and hopefully the the tunes in between innings will be good too so hang with me on that one. So Wichita State trying to snap a mini cube game losing skid. After dropping a four to three decision on Sunday in northern Colorado. And six the four. At all Roberts in Tulsa. On Wednesday. The logos meanwhile there visited Honolulu last week in and hating him historic series. Against the rainbow us. Before opening day in New Mexico. Was six and 34. All time against Hawaii. But this time around him lobos took three of four including pasting the rainbows eighteen cannot things. And you make his worst home loss ever. So New Mexico comes in three and one and the shocker is that at Q and tooth. It's time again that brought you by the law offices are all mixed bag and Gary or he lives and criminal defense attorneys. You might call 2637596. We can visit their website. At www. On the lawn dot com. Other scores from the. Around the Missouri Valley Conference this week you'll get to the scoreboard first since that handful of the games are either going on already or already are complete. Because so many big games this early in the season. And last night Illinois State. Dropped an eight to five game at Oregon ranked number twelve. In the country. And that's the first of a four game series in Eugene of that series will continue buying. Up but he came Clark. And Oregon already under way and completed a couple of games in the valley. San Antonio. In the Notre Dame tournament Bradley defeats Notre Dame four to three. And Bradley I believe going on right now they're taking on incarnate word. And who gives few days gore as it becomes available but Bradley beat the fighting Irish born three. The thirty stay was dealt its first loss of the season and Clarksville Tennessee got off to compete tournament. Connecticut. This. Hammered Missouri State twelve to four behind to five run innings. From the UConn Huskies so Missouri State. And losing for the first time. Indiana State hammered Iowa eleven to three yet Port Charlotte Florida. So Ric Keller and his Iowa Hawkeyes. He lost to his former team that he used to be the skipper of Indiana State for the sycamores elevenths. The hot guys three Port Charlotte Florida southern Alan all I mean. Beat western Illinois today. That game was played at. Carbondale. So SI he gets the win. And going on right now the game should be about final if you final score later on Evansville playing in South Carolina upstate. Mentioned the Bradley and incarnate word match up down in San Antonio. And Oral Roberts visiting Dallas Baptist. So the shocker judges leaving ORU and Al are you. From then going that Dallas take on the patriots. And I game is scheduled for tonight. Started I thought she brought do you buy equity bank where you'll never planned eighteen feet and be sure to visit them online. And equity bank. Dot com but Wichita State. That comes into the game that can understand their head coaches cotton Butler these visitors obviously tiger lineup. Goes like this second baseman tanner Kuerten will lead it off. Followed by the center fielder. Michael spoke. Batting third playing first base of the year Ryan thank them. All it will get these started PH kill him or. Chase raider the third baseman will hit fifth. For Wichita State. Catching and batting sixth movie Gunner Trout line. Batting seventh and left field is Keenan eaten. Date you got its start tonight in right field he'll hit eight. And batting ninth. We'll be the shortstop train bigger. Doctor we'll send it right hander Sammy Davis to the mound in the low blows come to bat in the bottom of the first. So for the shot hurts it'll be Kirk book god can't come. All of my raiders Trout line. He didn't do god Vickers. With Sam Davis pitching people Wichita State. All down low close of New Mexico they are three and Juan and their head coach is rape Birmingham. Moved in they will only get off. We're going to see it is still feel Luis Gonzalez in center field to a state you're batting second second base will be Michael. And there's and it's fitting to learn and be the third baseman Carlos thought you are. Jack Selma will play first base. And it fourth. Oh batting left field and you're hitting fifth Jared management Crist to veto will be eighteen it fixed. Also reached Webber's and regulating seven. All by the catchers Johnny Grahame and shortstop. Personal hours left hander partisan Schneider will pinch. For the low ball a lot again minus 40 New Mexico Gonzales eaten stock you are so tell their manga Vigo. Webber slam than ours. And then Carsten Schneider rules on the mound for the New Mexico. Santa Ana star field artificial turf. It is a big big ballpark. 338 now the lines floral five to the gap. And 413. Feet to dead center field is whether currently clear and calm. They have these temperatures going to be right at the sixteenth with degrees the season. When we come back we will hear from head coach Todd Butler he will be looking ahead to tonight's three game series. Against New Mexico a return trip joggers. Re paying a visit from last year's low boat trip to Wichita only come back pregame show role on a visit with the unpopular right after this on in assets that. 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And scheduling and recurring big physical players walk. They get put to the testing that's pretty good mountain west team here and here now walker ray Birmingham he's been coaching a long time head coach of New Mexico he likes big physical players. There's some really big guys in there again any knives and since the start your hard it's hard to say extend your heart third baseman I think he was a freshman all American last year with a lot of power. This is a different part and I've ever been to the gap to four or five in left center right senator. Probably the biggest part in College Baseball. So loved it plays. Maybe a little bit small we'll find out the wind's blowing in today but they have very good offensive team they do year in year out. He got the best of them last year in Wichita but they were three very close games three wildly entertaining games. It was tore into the season propelled you a little bit knocked him back a little bit so I'm sure they'll be looking for payback closer played well this past weekend against whole life. We're very good received a left handed pitcher and Schneider tonight that supposedly 8586. Scatter report target Tel. What you might be ninety tonight Battelle last year we swept them and we were playing good ball go when that series really concerned plaintiffs and their quality opponent that. No well coached with ray Birmingham and his staff. And somehow we slipped out of there with three wins and I'm sure they remember that that's in the back of their mind and number don't remind our players that what happened last year for the new players so. They'll be ready to go and if this is a big series for us some and we the first two games we played really well we pitch play defense and had a lot of hitting. And then Sunday didn't get the big hit in the ninth inning to maybe take the lead. And then now Wednesday mr. Roberts did not hit at all did not pitch very well and didn't plays good defense as we've had some three phases of the game we didn't perform well. We still had a chance in the night we're gonna hit away from. Time at the ball game so. Looking for that extreme lip possibly today this weekend in the you know it's beautiful weather it's seven degrees and you can't get a better weekend for baseball. Certainly it's hard to tell the time of our visiting right now how the team will react put. Maybe because they're playing in Mexico a team that's picked to finish at or near the top of the mountain west yet again for the fourth year in road that. The voting says they'll probably finish at the top or near. Maybe easier to get the attention your guys as opposed to playing some lower tier competition. Well you know I really don't wanna answer them the fact is saying I think each and every delay you need to be ready to play there's many variables in the game that affect the ballgame and you have to adjust every single day the game's different and and where there's pitching defense. Hitting wind on par there's there's many factors in baseball. And you just don't go out and just beat people. Maybe like you did years ago well hi every team that you play you have to have Altima respect. Form because anyone can be choosing College Baseball if you look at the source cross country. I think possibly with the numbers of 27 players on scholarship 35 players total some of the schools don't get fifty players in Coleman harm whatnot. In that I think College Baseball might be as good as it's been as it's ever been this force competitive wise. I'd let's get to tonight much has been talked about. With Sam Davis which won't be rightfully socialist talk about your starting eight other than you're starting pitching. After the first four games and you know obviously be very hard to be settled on an eight you gonna run out there every single time but are you a little. I can on the fence on a few guys what's lineup look like tonight move forward. Interesting question because you know when the alpha we have three left handed hitters we have three right handed hitters all and can play defense and their athletic so. You know no one is really grabbed hold positions of this and I'll say it Michael move consumer. I think took her be and where your player I think he solidifies second base. I think Ryan team can be in a senator senior first base solidifies first. You know I still think third base is open trade Vickers you know to move Kirk toot toot short if need be. The two corner outfield spots left and right so my least take hold of those positions so you might see this weekend where today we're facing left handed. A pitcher. A war that will keep looking there's a left handed hitter to with a right handed line up tomorrow we face are right hander. Might see lefties in there. Still have some guys that need to get don't feel like Taylor sent a risky immigration in this still a freshman he can really hit trying to find a place for him he's kind of log jammed at first and third right now. Alec bone shown signs of Vienna. A fantastic freshman so. But today were to go the right handed line up would look in the to a baton left handed in the that they make changes and make adjustments of one thing that we do have that I believed. It's still early so we have depth and we have options as the game goes. We pension that left on you we had feared ensor Robertson second inning we saw ten pitchers in that game which. If you'd like to see one pitcher in the get him out of the game we sought to end. And we took two in the second quarter freshman had a base in RBIs so we do have options. And you know I've visited about that opening weekend that that you stressed that depth that was something he really wanted to. I only have the feature may be a little bit if necessary because injures and happens once you gonna happen things like that. But in keeping almost everybody sharp and ready and feeling like they're one pitch away from going to the game and that's not a bad thing well I think that's where. That right now I would like to see some separation from some guys. You know that this to say young I'm the third baseman I'm in the right fielder Ryan left fielder in its still early to see that I mean. We do need some guys to grab hold some positions and have some separation. Instead of just death were running different guy out all the time and I hope as this weekend goes. We'll start seeing some guys step up. Final question for you for let's go right in the middle mean you know pretty much what you gonna get out of your starters on. On a consistent basis and then at the very end he settled anything after four games from maybe this is fifth through the seventh or eight. We're live in we have to use amber he's coming back from tonight c.s together hadn't gotten on the mound we have Conner won what's refreshment. That Hamels who. Scope surgery in the fall and wait for him to get really full speed. But does that Lewis is pitched well Cody Tyler pitched well the other night you know I think emotional at the end Jones and Haiti's. And we have some freshmen that we need to get back in their Cody Hugh work. Robbie evidence in Clayton McGuinness for freshman is pitched twice now from one inning and he said to quality. All the innings in these tips so. You know this this week and it'll be interesting I think you'll project pitched quite a few guys. I'd like to see Toews go deep like any starter that we have that this will be a great challenge I'm actually excited because. Earl wrote I forgot what dorm roadways like. You know yesterday you're sitting in the hotel. And we come to practice last night we had a very good practice at a team until after the practice have some bonding the hopefully our team will be moved from a road trip and become the team and indeed excited to be at the park each and every day I'd be great tonight. And let's that first thank you. Predators head coach Todd Butler and his pregame comments. Wichita State and Mexico getting stepped on first. A three game set. And last segment we gave you scoreboard another final land from the Missouri Valley Conference pretty good day for the value so far. As Evansville B South Carolina upstate by two. And we told you the Bradley beat Notre Dame Florida or 43 in San Antonio they're currently playing incarnate word. And Q2. After eight at last report that one in oh are you taking on DBU. A little later on umpires tonight. Behind home plate it'll be Jason Vincent. At first base ray bill Fiore. And the third base umpire tonight and Stephen Fargo. Shoppers are in their road grays with a black hats the lobos in their home whites win it read tram great numbers. And the great caps. Any data shocker plague 50% off your online order at any Wichita area Papa John's. You can log on a Papa John's not copies promo code shocker fifty to receive your shocker discount. I like to know what's up coming from Wichita State and a little bit for New Mexico because that has something in common with Wichita State. Tomorrow's game will start at 3 o'clock. In the central time zone but will be joined in progress. After shocker women's basketball is finished on KM NASA itself you can follow along live on the live stats page. On go shocker dot com. Or you can follow legal shocker baseball Twitter feed if you want things up to date until we join you. Here on Afghanistan so again tomorrow's game will be at 3 o'clock but we joined in progress aftershock the women's basketball is finished. On KN OSS. The series concludes Sunday at two. Will be on New Year's thirty minutes for the game for that one and shocker come home. 48 Tuesday meeting against Omaha. And that the game is scheduled for 3 o'clock and then march 4 through this sic Sam Houston State. Comes to town New Mexico's. New Mexico stays home next weekend to host Dallas Baptist. 483 gamer here so it's kind of an interesting twist as far as the on schedule as concerned. Oral Roberts shocker opponent on Wednesday is in Dallas taking on Dallas Baptist this weekend. And then next weekend the patriots picked to finish second in the Missouri Valley Conference will come here. And play a series. Against the lobos. As series history hero quit is shocker leading 23 to seven. This to be at 31 all time meeting between the two clubs. That issue of course swept New Mexico in three games. Last year. Six to 58 to six and six to five. The teams. Have not met here since 1991. They split the four games with Wichita State winning thirteen to ten and 117 point. And a shocker plus seven to six in ten innings. And also Los 63 that's what four game series last time Wichita State was here in Albuquerque but that was. Way back in 1991. Mentioned a little bit wimpy visit with top Butler lobos are picked to finish at the top of the Mountain West Conference. Along with. Seen yields faith they got the same amount of first place votes. New Mexico finished fourth in the league last year. Four straight season. The lobos have been picked at the at least the cult favorites. In the mountain west and also. Talk Butler mentioned his name a couple of times rape Birmingham. Is the lobos Gifford it's this is his ninth season. And he is a New Mexico baseball institution that not only here that you have him for nine years. But he was the head coaches eighteen years at New Mexico junior college. Racking up 765. Career wins at the junior college level to 75 more. At the University of New Mexico and then you mix in a couple of years at college itself last. And he has over 1000 victories in 29 years. At three different spots. And he is also. Going to be elected nor has man we're going to be New Mexico's sports hall of fame. Coming up in April so this is the highly decorated guy ray Birmingham. And his low votes now. And teams. Over the past nine years. There's really only then but. One heck up and Birmingham. Stands. At New Mexico and that came back in 2011. When they went twenty and 41. But every other year. Before and sense the lobos have one. At least. 32 games. And that last year they were 3227. Shocker Chicago sent them a little bit of that tailspin. I'm going into the Mountain West Conference tournament. But by and large and when you play any rate Birmingham New Mexico bunch here in poor tussle. Because they have. And everybody has laws that you tonight and the way you know it's virtually every year from Birmingham into the states has been here in Canada Mexico but you're. Are once again if you just joined dismal and applications. Night didn't you girl side. The press box what is considered a real estate one to say the least we know the the public address very very close story broadcast okay to tell Slaton and bear it and as. Throughout the course of the weekend at the bit on it either that he will clash a little bit but not subordinated notes. Regarding this game and moving forward but it bothers talked about the Chandler Sam burn shocker right hander here that. I'm curious tonight he's on throwing it refreshing right now. And it's doubtful that another event and didn't. Taylor sand berm would pitch this week and it. Also speaking of hitting him on the parent deli guys that appeared sparingly last year out of shot multiple events for those wondering if you don't redshirt. This season. He's a little than a year ago as I imagine it boots but will not pitch this year you can elect you richer. And save another year for him. So that keeps you up to date on how blow I. Occurrences here in the early going first four games of the season. And also top Butler mentioned a couple players that have not pitched. From Wichita State so far one of them being hand burned because he's injured. But there another couple shocker pitchers in the commerce certainly that still haven't got you'll they had let's bring in those means yeah. There are able to do richer for some of these guys now. Quite the against Iran yemen's capital pitchers freshman pitcher panayota handled them pretty well as head coach is junior victories that Lewis. According Hoyer had a didn't want what you taught me that you know he's gotten his security that you're out of the way you Conner on the witness was one guy that also. Todd brought up that he's a freshman pitcher from many times tools that we told you my twenties and right hander. Why does a lot of potential. Coming off on the shoulders go. It has so he's still waiting for his debut was again remains to be seen. Him you Conner will contribute. Here this weekend I'm certainly not off the table so what'd dockers brand New Mexico hitting that's for the first half games. Three game series and wanna remind you once again in case you it's that in here at the end of ago. Tomorrow's game will be joined in progress after the shock of women's basketball game. Here on in us that hey this game tomorrow faces. Start 3 central time but joint readiness that progress. Over the Chicago basketball game to. Saw him and me. The half finale will include the Sunday ahead. Of its. Here at Albuquerque tomorrow starting pitcher which ties an eight made it to be familiar face and name Emily Schwab began and she's Williams started on Sunday. In addition for Wichita State. You know the trio on the weekend or will remain the same boat war. The shock and born in Mexico Lou Carson Schneider tonight Tyler Stevens is tomorrow we will call it all saluted. And then on Sunday that is needed to play a four game series. At Hawaii New Mexico did and they took three out of. War from the low blows. When we come back we'll have the first pick for you at the shot makers and lobos live from Albuquerque coming up next on Keyon SS. There are certain. Precious. You just can't currency. He'd like to forget but you never want. The worst part about Iran does something like that somebody has been injected. Is that we're in nursing tells us the fact that it is such an easy thing to do. I must call it. It's not wearing her seat belt. In Kansas it's belongs. Click it or ticket worst. 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We're town brewery since 1992. Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance. C agent John Green Ryan woods or an end over west Sawyer okay Sean Hannity here listen to meet every weekday until the fall have. Happening right here on KM SS. Holiday cards. Taking these big American flag office. We'll support tonight Wichita State and in Mexico game that they make their way to the first base line. Shocker and New Mexico for the 31. Time all time. And the first time Wichita State is. Made a visit to Albuquerque seen in. 25. Years been a lot shocker last been here. Soccer's splitting a four game series with the lobos. Back then. And Wichita State returning a three game visit from New Mexico. Last April in which cock. Color are making their way off the field. I tradition master plan coming here this morning on. Of this three game series that you can join us joggers. And the lobos. So shocker we'll have dinner Kurt Michael Malone and Ryan did come started here. Can occur with his on base percentage and has van. Pretty undeniable in the first four games and worked his way up to the very top of the line up. And man's move chase reader down five spots are throughout winds also moved down in order. Allen's home. The after his. Productive start. Through this season is in the DH spot vacationers to opt out there pregame comments. Our guys switch it up a little bit as far as pain quote unquote right handed line up of a left handed lineup and tell someone. Catches fire stays that way and might be a little bit of attending here and there. Depending on who's pitching for the other guys and that's it. Clearly case tonight they can do guy in the lineup he's keen eaten in the lineup Alex ball in the lineup at all those guys right handed batters. Whereas. Normally they would be subjected to maybe a platoon him pay right hand pitcher. Was on the mound but as it is tonight. Carsten Schneider 63195. A lefthander from right here in Albuquerque. If you look at the start. For New Mexico. As he finishes his warmup tosses the again a reminder. This. Small field that is the big remains to be seen how big it plays. Here Santa and a star field. For war. 151413. A big part in dead center fielder. 405 into the gaps. And 338 down the line now obviously. It might not play quite that big with a little bit slight error. I think are all the foods they Albuquerque. Elevation is 5312. Feet above sea level. So Lucille Ball travels. Coming upn this weekend so we're ready for baseball can occur climbing into the right hand side. And left handers Schneider. As a sign anyone from the very first pitch is right in there down around me so we're underway. First pitch uncorked at. 603. Local time. No wind to speak Schneider's poll on any feelings within their down around the knees again. And it's nothing in two. Schneider a year ago spent most of the year in the bullpen made seventeen of his when he three appearances out of the pen you know to pitch. And Allen barely missed low and inside. One ball in two strikes. Yeah just getting started here from Albuquerque. Schneider. Looking into his catcher. Johnny Graham can't get together with the many backs off. Start you are bowers eaten ends elder from third over to first on the infield. He on the ground stockyards to his right for a step guns over the first and in time and can't hurt his time for the first out of the game. So that'll bring up Michael look at the center fielder. Now they didn't salute to Mike Bloomberg. Mocha. Pretty much the every day center fielder has Todd Butler mentioned is pregame comments may be the only ones got a strangle hold on. Any position as he takes downstairs one ball no strikes mocha left him battered the only one in the lineup tonight all the rest them from the right side. And it or main be seen who comes off the bench if and when Schneider knocked out little traveler to shortstop. Charging hard as bowers and throw across isn't time. Could queue up to you down. And that'll bring up Brian picked them. That I didn't the first baseman who intend to move. Carsten Schneider and his first start of the season last weekend. In Hawaii went. Five innings allowed four hits. Two runs three walks and a couple of strikeouts in win against the rain goes and he delivers low. To Ryan think of take a four out of twelve with seven walks so far this year. Bases cleared it came out the top of the first. Schneider kicks in deals that he delivers one into the turf. And it's two balls and no strikes. Shocker is making their. First trip to the desert some 45 years. To go to take them and it pops one up foul right side and drifting over. And how to play over fur look was. The first baseman sell their but he ran out of room you. Schneider laughter mentioned mostly as a reliever started six games but. He was five and one with a a three point six state ERA. All told. And I islands for all the way again it's two and two. Schneider back in 2014. Appeared in 24 games in relief. 22 pitch got in looking on the inside corner and a shocker down in order 123. In the top of the first. Three up and three down at the end of a half an inning it's a shocker is nothing in the lobos coming up on canister. Which cheese baked into the shell taco bells can salute these gonna be big how big. She's in the shall this is going to be better than ducks pay X by superiors is going to be bigger stimulus my opponent is so rough it's going to be. She's gonna show it's gonna be bigger than Tweety printed in six hours I'll have teachings. Good to salute and with delicious milk tea pepper Jack cheese baked into the show people think it's gonna be bigger than almost everything only at Taco Bell. Two locations for a limited time while supplies last. Tonight and now Simon candidate for the holiday so it seems perfectly fitting I want to be president too many we have announced that I announce my am proud. To announce my candidacy most will drop. And I am a candidate for president I'm EMI. Getting ready to do something or knew until you hit the ballot box. We have a long way to go. Julie election headquarters is. And SS. Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance. C agent Alex Acosta NG Valentine or in mold main Kurt barber which caused the use traffic and weather leader thirteen thirty KM SS are. Luis Gonzales will lead off the bottom of the first inning born in Mexico Libby Gonzales beaten and stock you are born in Mexico. As Sammy Davis. Finishing his warm up tosses. For Wichita State and the shocker went down order in the first. And Sam Davis looking to build on an excellent first outing for him in the last weekend at home against northern Colorado. Davis. Pitched six shutout innings and allowed only one hit walked two and struck out six. This will be certainly a step open competition I think we all realize that it was between northern Colorado and New Mexico even though. Northern Colorado got one. And stole one out of town on the way out Sunday afternoon but. New Mexico from the mountain west in. Thank you talk hello I am here. There. What do this. The hand in campaigns. Left to be on his game tonight shocker wanna get off on the right foot here in the first game of the series. So Gonzales climbs in there at the center fielder two way player for New Mexico up there from the left side. Davis. Glove in front of his face into the wind a first pitch and he delivers high with a fastball one ball in those strikes. Sam Davis. Making appearance and start number 22. In his shocker career. And that's high tee balls and those strikes a couple of fastballs. It ended up above the strike zone from them tendency. Beating Luis Gonzales. To 99 here a year ago. He wants the third two good one raider fields throws not in time. 82 holes but didn't perfectly. Phil Gonzales. Leg one round. So it would spin this. It's. And here's Michael Keaton second baseman. So far this year. And that four game series. Mexico's stole eight bases. In ten tries. And Gonzales. Was not one of them got a decent lead at first and at that strike on the inner edge. To Michael Eaton. Eaton a senior. Transfer from. The University of San Francisco. He had a very good opening weekend in Honolulu had a home run and had two doubles among eight hits through the first runner Barack. So Michael Eaton on the young season four to 41. He and Jackson dome are leading the club with eight hits coming in to tonight's game. Gonzales starts and stops and went outside one ball one strike. It's. Been bitten them. Can do. Beautiful night for baseball. Upper fifties adversity hedge very little win. Avis looking in for the signed got the when he wants. 11 pitch coming out. Instead of throw to first and get away from take him. And down the seconds gonna go Luis Gonzales they actually had Gonzales leaning a little bit would've been very close to the birds had taken to come up within. Body attic get away fine we'll see how they score it'll be an error on somebody. But Gonzales down at second base. With nobody out here in the first inning. Michael Eaton with a 11 count on it. So it has been. Put up on the board as an error just wait and see who they saddle with it. So here's a stretch from Sam Davis in the 11 pitch swung late and sprayed Staubach and how to play over the net. And then being Santa Anna's daughter feel beaten him. Didn't know according to the written notes houses 1000. Capacity. Lots of room to stand O'Donnell left and right field line. Davis in the count one and two here's a stretch my stamina pitch. Any got a swing with a hard cutter down out of the strike zone. Anything goes down on strikes to a big first shop for Sam Davis. Abandon. Those eight. Both the good. Here's Carl's dodge car. Freshmen all Americans. A year ago. The air will go to Q Sam Davis by the way. Dodge yards 3229. Home runs and 53 runs batted in last year. First pitch from davis' upstairs. It's one ball no strikes. To argue are one of three lobos. Picked on the pre season all mountain west team. Not surprising this guy you are being a freshman all American a year ago. There's a stretch by Sam. Check of the runner at second wanna know. Off speed pitch drops in there. One ball one strike two Carlson I York. Are you are four out of seventeen in this series against Hawaii hit a home run and drove in two also. Struck out five times. Can't occurred with a quick visit. To the mound and talking to Sam Davis for a minute. Runner at second one man out bottom of the first just getting started to shoppers. Came up empty in their half of the first. Davis comes set. And a high pop up foul down the left field line it's gonna get out of play start you are. Where I'm from Alan Campbell never fair. When ball and two strikes. It and it. To all vote third baseman me. It's. Okay. And it did shocker went 123 in the first. And after a bunt single and an error. Davis has come back to strike RT now has die you are one and two. And after a long hole in the stretcher after a long book. Appearing in the gutter Trout lines dodge you are back down briefly. Now he's ready so is Davis 12 pitch outside of the fastball. Two balls and two strikes. Sam Davis Canon five in his career. Coming into tonight's action just wanting to a year ago innate. Season that was limited to five starts due to injury. Took into account the pitch. And will never foul. Horde cutter out away from him that he just barely got a piece of evidence found. Often himself that it didn't mean trickled out and a fair territory and and competitive and it went through. Are you are right and battered. 61 to fifteen from Fort Collins. Colorado. Davis picket sack and and good timing that really. Gonzalez wasn't very far off there. So even if you've been right on the bag which it was a little bit to the first base side. Gonzales. Got back in pretty good shape timing play with. Davis and tanner Kirk to second base. Davis comes out again that two to dislodge you are into the dirt and. Gets away from Trout line home plate umpire pretty hands up men and adults that many call the ball. Them. But over at third goes Gonzales is. The. And it's taking me out he may have. Must've called a balk. Home plate umpire. Jason pins and signaling to two. So that it's never happened and then I'm gonna assume that a balk was called. Those stretch runner at third to two breaking balls little high hard slider. And so now it's preemptive. So the first run of the game ninety feet away. Davis plays in the stretch. 32 pitch. And that one didn't come around us. Lighter than are you are gave up on and it barely missed inside. So it won't much whose dog you are after. Gonzales gotten hurt. No bargain and Zach yeah tell you this this and she is. Elder and another. Pre season home mountain west selection. And great year last year. 350 to. Four home runs and 33 runs batted in any hits and a mile on the air on the infield. Playable for Vickers. And he finally makes a catch after comes down those Elmer. It's a big league pop up just short and now other two outs. Yeah yeah yeah this. She. Generic Mac and a lot of feel their pain through brush. It's. Their from the right side Davis trying to. Wiggle off the hook here. Here's a stretch. Runner's lead away at first and third and a slider drops in their first strike to Jerryd Manning. Two time Gatorade. New Mexico high school player of the year Jerry match. Anger this past weekend four out of twenty against Hawaii. Here's deal one. And at heart breaking balls outside. Count wind kind of dole out to get one ball one strike. The other all mountain west pre season selection for the lobos is Dini collier but. He's being brought back slowly this year after being. Really hampered with a knee injury last year. 11 swan island this hard cutter. One and two so Sam Davis. Had a runner second nobody out runner third one out as one pitch away from getting out of the inning. Had to work for it. Honors at the corners to me now. Bottom of the first no score. Davis in the count one into the pits demanding in its. Held off a hard cutter into the dirt. Now two and two news. First of three from Albuquerque joggers comeback colony. Pick on home on Tuesday afternoon and Sam Houston comes to town. Next week in here Dallas Baptist of the Missouri valley will pay a visit. And take on the logos next weekend. 22 pitch. And emergency swing shoots one foul just over the New Mexico first base dugout. To account holding it to and do. Davis. Will now throw Obama count pitch number 22. Here in the first inning trying to keep its Corliss. And I went down and and three balls and two strikes. And that Davis give up a bunt single committed an error. I walked stock you own it. And in between their got a strikeout pop. Davis long look in and finally Jarrett Manning get tired of waiting. 22 again. It on the ground third grader on the big hop he's got to throw crosses in time. Sam Davis gets out of trouble after lately first inning and I hit a walk into left at the end of one we are scoreless in Albuquerque on can assess its. Hardworking reliable employees make Kansas companies rates and excellent employees appreciate hardworking reliable health insurance. From Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas. Employees value blue crosses trusted coverage and extensive network of doctors and hospitals and employers find blue cross competitively priced and really easy to work week. 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Worked out for both those scores we had the top of the second Alex Holmes takes something soft down around the knees. For a called strike. Bone getting the started DH tonight. It'll be bowl greater and Trout line any cranks one into left field for a base hit a breaking ball. Barreled up and smashed in front of chaired Manning and laugh. The shocker to get their first base your honor men like bolt is now four out of nine has a shot. I think the pistons is they. How to bring up chase raider. Rader queued up to twelve but has drawn five walks. These two clubs after four games a piece both have our up among the nation's leaders in walks drawn. And raider quips that day. Breaking ball it tried about miss monitor right through. The chase being asked don't laid down a sacrifice. Bullard first base. Let off of that single low left. The lefty Schneider brings an and that one's. A good bop along third Schneider's got I'm not even throughout. Bunt single for chase raiders' best of both worlds they're from Wichita State as he got one down and up along third this Alter. Field for him Mexico. And other things I didn't yeah dilute your. Important got a chance to get to the brown portion of the Turks and didn't even. Quite get to the foul line at third base and certainly Schneider taking no chances had a field it. But raider one who runs well enough that he beating out to a pair bunt singles. So far in the early going one for either team. Here's governor Trout line with two on nobody out. Annie takes wide with a fastball one ball and those strikes. Gunners three out of thirteen with a home run and four runs batted in. One of those hits a home run. He homered opening weekend. Against northern Colorado. It. Weighs about waiting up from the right side facing a lefty Schneider. And that one gets away from the catcher. Not far enough for now the throwback the first stand. Scrambling back is raider penalty was looking at ball that second expecting him to go we got way off first base. Ball got away from Scotty Graham but not far enough for either to advance and fortunately. Alec home scramble back to first. Torture outline Indy drivers seeks to balls no strikes. Pitch breaking ball strike well thrown by Schneider's through fuel breaker. Carsten Schneider in his career. Eight and two. But this is just his eighth start the the appearance number 49 tonight for Schneider. And Alex down and in three and one. In his career Schneider with the really really good control eighteen walks in ninety and two thirds innings. Mentioned he's from Albuquerque 112. New Mexico natives on this Lobo team. And ten of them are from out of her. 31 Trout line here's the pitch. Line drive base hit right center field wall around third butler's got a way demand over the third is. Got ahead greater he'll make it. And got her Trout line with a RBIs similar rights dinner in the shocker it's not only on the board but poised for a big inning. Trout line drives in his fifth. And right corner journey and he didn't even. Keene Amy and Q out of eleven. In the early going. Those Hewitt Todd Butler has. Up his sleeve here before anything will happen we'll have. A visit to the mound. By the New Mexico pitching count so a very very easy first inning. For Carsten Schneider. But then Obama's single lap rader a bunt single that third and governor Trout line got way ahead accountant took advantage. On a 31 pitch that he drove and right senator but those shocker stake here early one to nothing late. The law offices alcoholics gang and scaring a proud supporters of shocker athletics. You can reach only staying and hearing it she's 637596. Or visit their website. At home like law dot com. And the entire infield was out there on top of the mound. For that visit. So we're all set for action once again three consecutive singles for Wichita State. Scott Graham the catcher will walk out in front of home plate flash its series of signs. To his infielders. Before we get going here Schneider and eaten. Eaten but getting the start. In left tonight and swings and misses a fast ball came right now Ramon Keenan came up empty. Eating installed Roberts. Hopefully one struck out in his only plate appearance on Wednesday. Here's a stretch by Schneider the pitch taken first strike. And it's known to. So Schneider. They strike thrower as we mentioned. Coming right at Eaton dean and eight to 89 hitter a year ago and 45 at bats. 02 pitch. And swing and a foul back boy that was way better than Schneider wanted to make it. Graham the catcher was set up outside and it was pretty much sooner cut and Eaton fouled it back of the net still wanted. Raiders' third Trout line differs nobody out one home in the innings and violence popped up foul on how to play. And still looking into it Keenan. Eaton from Parker Colorado. Sick. One to fifteen a sophomore. Thirteen hits three doubles a year ago. Trying to keep it going for the shocker the O two again down and AM. One ball and she strikes. Shocker in the third base dugout lobos. In the first base dugout. Outfield shaded eaten around just a little bit toward right. And throw to first. Gonzales is center fielder about ten steps over to the gap in right center. No wind to speak of thin air here in Albuquerque. Schneider straighten up and delivers a 12 and a little Popper. Right side of the diamond should be caught by the first baseman. And seller makes the catch so eaten. Got jammed and it'll pop flies in the first baseman one now it. That and this they didn't do. They can do got within. Big plate appearance here young freshman from Louisiana getting the start against the lefty Karstens Schneider. Dayton old for five so far any shocker career. Annie takes outside one bowl. And no strikes. They can do guy much ballyhooed freshman from Lake Charles. Big time body 63 Q 25 all kinds of power. But this struggle to make contact in nearly all. And it takes one right down the middle wanna walk. Raiders' third base Trout line at first. One and nothing shocker in the top of the second. As Gunner Trout line. Drove in his fifth of the year. 11. Little bit inside. Two balls and one strike his. Person Schneider dreaded coming in on it. Do you got going with the shirt sleeve look as a handful players are tonight swing and elicited changeup for the student to. To do god took Juan. Come on wall at two on one but credit Schneider for pulling the string. Tone it down even at two emptive. Stretch by Schneider in the pitch. High bowl three. So do god didn't. Offer to pitch up around the letters. And now little. Philip the count three goals and two strikes. Trey Vickers in the on deck circle. 32. Popped up foul back and how to play team outing with a fastball and do got. Salvage to the right now to play. Shocker trying to get over 500 snapple to game. Losing streak. Well those are three and one. 32 popped up all back and how to play over our heads. And their count remains. Full three into. Schneider had a very quick and easy first down. Shocker here in the second inning made him work a little more. Davis had the labor threw a scoreless first on his. Now swing and MS and down goes you got off speed pitch that he couldn't stay back on. So after three consecutive singles. And higher. AS set down to morrow. And here is bigger than insurance it's really big news. Straight five out of fourteen in the early going. Shortstop up there from the right side trying to cash in raider and Trout line at corners. First pitch to him. It is a strike on the Internet. No balls and one strike. Carsten Schneider in his career. And at first start notwithstanding. Very very good control he did walked three and five innings against Hawaii. And ground ball right back to the amounts here by Schneider the sort of person then time. Vickers try to shoot one on the middle could get it couldn't get past Schneider in the joggers digital or they leave to new era in a one and a big shocker wanted to Mexico or nothing here on CNN center. We have a lot of responsibilities in today's world we cautiously analyze our wellness but neglect the largest organ of our body. Our skin. At Moeller dermatology we offer specialized testing and treatments for common diseases and skin hair and nails and thorough treatment for skin cancer moles and lesions and we're the provider offering moves in micro graphics surgery that's recognized as the skin cancer treatment with the highest cure rate please call more dermatology at sixty to 7546. To schedule an appointment at our east or west Wichita locations experience for yourself one more dermatology is your premier trusted source for all Dermot too logical needs. Yeah we don't have big bucks I'm looking for new LG LED and a real wood TV stand on me and the TDs are back there in the stands there. Over there by the stands real wouldn't threaten me here what does that mean well the plastic looks like leg especially these twins. I should've gone to Hefner had a team. TV we not only sell the highest quality TV brands like LG but we also have one of the largest selections of real wouldn't entertain furniture in the city. After TV we've got our roots in which time not just our branches. Election 2016 headquarters thirteen 38 and SS. Back here in Albuquerque came canister the ballpark. Soccer's leading one to nothing. As we head to the bottom of the second Caleb Correll back in arcane SS studios. Sammy Davis. After a scoreless first inning we'll get. 67 and eight. In the order for the lobos with the veto the catcher. Greece Weber of the right fielder or kidney Christie vetoed the DH. Whoever the right fielder and Johnny Grahame catcher. DeVito lab can batters sixteen don't want him a little snow again. Who flew out of Northridge California could use the. The vetoes so far this year three out of thirteen. Davis kicks in deals the first fit channel line drive back to. The middle base here Kristin DO got to pitch in owning just a little bit but muscle back through the metal. And for the second straight inning the lobos. Happily off analysts. So here's where the right fielder. Sophomore three out of twelve against Hawaii drove in three. An interesting season a year ago he's also their from the left side. He takes the fast strike on the Internet. Hold on to reached Webber right fielder. Figures to be a crowded outfield wants to Dini collier gets healthy. All mountain west performer a year ago at 346. He's slow to come back from a knee injury that was sprayed around eleven sign and so on do. And then. Reason Weber from certain whether art first and nobody out and men and. Wherever from Aurora Colorado. Down in the count nothing into antics in the dirt good blocked by Trout lines one into. A state dirt this is all turf field. Webber's switch hitter redshirt sophomore. Last year in media that had thirty hit me hit 375. And also walk twenty times so he's got up. Pretty good batting. 12 pitch. Inside almost hitting men. Downer on the shoe tops meeting skip rope. Those two balls and she strikes the Sammy Davis tries him and give an inch to me any good groove at. On the mound. Labor little bit in the first inning. To into the count to Weber. Right fielder hitting seventh one and nothing shoppers. Bottom two. You're a fan and a star field campus of New Mexico. And it swinging demands Downey goes and Trout line dug an amateur. So every word down on strikes but can strike out Sam Davis. Now that I didn't catch your troops to be good. There's got to Graham with the veto it first and one out. And it's interesting it DeVito and Graham. Teaming up here in the bottom of the second they are. Now vying for the time behind the plate for New Mexico this year and off speed pitch catches the outer edge. Sosa's home plate umpire Jason Vincent. Corey vause last year's catcher for New Mexico. Has transfer that leaves it up to DeVito and Graham to split the duties behind the plate. And at fastball little bit above the belt one ball one strike. Sky gram getting the start behind the plate tonight. Three out of seven to start 2016. He was eight to eleven hitter in. Brief at bats a year ago eight out of 38. Islands in the dirt gets away from Trout line and down the second goes Christie vetoes will be a wild pitch on Sam Davis. So for the second inning in a row. Sam Davis as a runner in scoring position. We're less than two out. The DeVito its second. Graham up their from the left side waves of that waiting. Trying to get this game tied up shocker with a run in the top of the and Alex down a man and gets away from. Trout line a little bit but not far enough for the veto to advance. So now we're in a lot of and Sammy Davis and those cutters sliders or whatever they aren't enough power to fit into. But he's been playing in the dirt. For most of the first inning plus and governor Trout lines and about the mound and not only visit within that maybe shake off getting beat up. Here in the early go. Scott Graham sophomore from Seattle Washington 51017. He not a very big guy. Hitting eighth today. Dalton bowers to shortstop waiting on deck under second one out. Shocker lead one nothing. And Allen outside ball four Q Davis is walked his second. It looks like. That's payments has some good lied on his fastball and definitely deserves it fits him. Heartbreak on his cutters sliders. He's yet to really harness. Any of his pitches consists. Simply walk the couple is gone so long counselors. Dalton dollars. First pitch to him is in the dirt and bounces away from Trout line all the way back out there. The field of play traveling never did see it Davis picks it up. That's the second wild pitch of the inning and second and third one mountain Sam Davis is a little bit hot water once again. He had runners at the corners with one out in the first. Now runners at second and third with one out here in the second. And part of it his own doing walks in each inning. He committed an error in the first in his throne to wild pitches here in the second. And that one's. Lo que balls and those strikes. Paul bowers a senior. From right here in Albuquerque. The volcano this dice to. Only played one year here spent two years at New Mexico junior college 20 pitch. Get on the ground the left side backhanded by bickered long throat and make save that hurts. And it runs score so infield single. Paul bowers has tied the game. As to veto scores and won the war. That maybe panel brilliantly and Collins. Gonzalez laid down a bunt single last minute. The the lobos went major donors all over the place. Tie the game one here in the bottom of the. The second and Gonzales up they're. Looking for more. Graham the third bowers at first. First pitch to Gonzales. Is a called strike on the inside corner where it first started to go bowers started and stopped in that brought. Gunner Trout line out of these crowds and little prematurely and some of that. Fans behind the plate groaning a little bit home plate umpire called strike. Here's a stretch. And through first and runner died back safely so. Sam Davis tranda get control this game here in the bottom of the second it's just one to one but. He's walked a couple prone to wild pitches and committed an air and just basically trying to settle him. 01. In the dirt and blocked by. Gunner Trout line again again or you know real work out. Luis Gonzales the starting center fielder and leadoff man it's also late. A two way player or to Mexico. Third to first move. They're gonna call block. Third base umpire had called a balk on davis' 31 moved. And Todd butler's gonna come out and argue that. You know that is the second walk of the game that we seem to. Both Vontae Davis. That was the apparel. For Wichita State in a go outside the conference Friday executed third first moment. Not to say that nobody else does but that's the risk you run from umpiring crew that's not used to seeing. Third to first move. And it's certainly. No disparaging remark against Steve embargo. But more times than not. When Wichita State caught for balking at first third to first move. It's normally on the road. And top dollar have any good long talk. With Borg out. Out in the middle infield. And over 23 Beers on tap employ high Def big screen TVs. Dino has grown to work his place to watch all your favorite sports. Sort of the dog Butler show coming up this season every Monday night Dino is guerrilla cap works located southeast corner of when he first. And left. So now rhetoric second and one out there goes the double wide. The lobos have taken the lead to war on. And Gonzales waiting on a 11 count. Gonzales left hand batter outfielders slash pitcher takes the load cue balls. And one strike that Davis. Continues to labor. Gonzales a year ago foreign to. And 38 innings on the mound difficulty of first time up easily to 99 hitter. Hit four homers and drove in 23. Last year. And they cannot cure laundered as a runner to third and he picked a great and go on that would in the dirt and gets away from Trout lines so it'll be a stolen base. Sam Davis. And a heck of a time locating home plate with the runners on base. An. Hour's. Steals. Third and I think that is. Didn't. Unofficially there are ninth steel. Of the season that's bowers fourth. In another visit from gutter Trout one minute taken forever. The plate two innings. Davis'. Thrown forty pitches now still this one out in the second. Three and won the infield kind of creeps in and Alan's high ball war. So now runners its core is about the only thing we haven't seen as a visit from Britain and its. Picking up. And then we'll take care of that it's boom and Hulu. There's Michael Eaton. Second baseman. Gonzales walks he's on their for the second time. So it's first and third again and she won a silver lining the double plays back in order. Sam Davis can get a ground ball right and an infielder. Two runs home in the inning. They're Ben two singles two walks two wild pitches. Stolen base and a balk here in the second and student Griffin. Chiming in from public address. So Brent and it is. Finish was his visit. Shocker record for most walks and a game violated three so unfortunately. At Camp David hearing that one. Thirteen years ago against northern Iowa. That help walked three times. Against the Panthers. So eaten at the plate runners at the corners two and 21 low blows here in the bottom of the second and swinging a foul tip. And it's nothing in one. Michael Eaton went after that. Eaton struck out his first time up there. Here's a stretch by tables and street picked the first. And you'd imagines. A little gun shy as far as a third to first potential with. Bowers at third and Gonzales a guy can run at first base. Oh on his right down the middle no balls and two strikes. Michael Eaton. We told you have a native of New Mexico but spent his first three years at the University of San Francisco. Misses his first year playing for his hometown team. 02 runner goes pitches. I Trout lines throw down not in time here comes our runner home that drove that's not in time. Double steal now that global growth real. The bowers ends up stealing third and home. Gonzales steal second. One ball and she strikes to Michael Keaton. Davis. Meehan for this time. Straightened up comes step. Comes to the plate and Eaton went too far hard cutter down away any strikes out for the second time. So badly needed outnumbered two. They have eight. Certainly not out of the woods yet because Carlson are you are freshman all American from a year ago. And a guy who walked in the first. Is up there for the second time in as many innings. Right hander against right handers Scott you are awaits the pits doing. And that one's right in their first strike. Carl stodgy offer. Freshman all American and hit 322. A year ago. One of only two sophomores on the whole mountain west team. In the pre season. Breaking ball catches the inside corner Davis got a call. Two strikes and nothing to Carlson dodge your. Stretch by Sam. And the owed to them down and away. Scoreboard says. Two and one I beg your pardon his cue balls and one strike. Star you are a year ago 21 doubles. Ended up slugging 545. As a fresh. Q1. High in the air left center field playable should be caught mocha drifting back in over to the gap. He makes the catch and Davis finally put a lid on the second but the lobos scored three will go to the third New Mexico three in an awkward one on CNN's. You are busy in meetings deadlines aaron's car pulls sabres needed to das render the thank you completely forgot to our camp didn't pay any different really expecting any candidate promised better yeah. Stop you can't be everywhere but we can. Delta dental of Kansas offers individual dental plans across the largest Dennis network in the nation's so when something scanning can blues the laundry list keep your smile learn more about individual and family dental plans delta dental KS dot com. The Carnahan. Group that JPY get a sense this highly trained team that presidential realtors ready to accomplish the goals of buyers and sellers in Wichita we utilized data PR marketing with exceptional photography for an inspirational experience online and in print media buyers can expect a team of unique abilities with years of experience to negotiate on their behalf and dismissed transaction all the way to their new home see all of our beautiful homes at the Carnahan group dot com a leader in real estate for over forty years. Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance. C agent Jared Crawford. Chris post or Mike Rogers. I just let back into any week day mornings and night right here on CNN. Stopped at the top of the order the shock is hurt but then take him. And tanner first pitch swinging at the fly ball to center field plotting your room back there for Gonzales. Any gathers them. So Kirk one pitch one out here in the third scanners over to. And I bring up Michael mocha. Shocker Sarah Palin's and it didn't lose my cool move. Mocha grounded out to shortstop his first time up. In the very first inning shocker went 123 very quick and easy inning and breaking stride there. To Michael. Milk is got the third baseman Scott you are in even with a bank protecting against about a third and nets little bit hot one ball one strike. Outfield pretty much straight away from Luka. Michael now three out of sixteen on the young season to those hits came opening day philly's been scuffling lately. Take slow. Slider down and Lucas didn't offer it to balls and one strike nobody on one out. In the top of the third. And it catches the outside cool to it. That Davis. Has really struggled in his first two innings of work Schneider. With a long inning and in the second but it was because of three consecutive hits ground ball to short. Fielding throwing on the run is scholars to take care mocha for the second time you open cute out. No doubting that this isn't what you didn't. Hear Brian can't come shocker first baseman. Ryan struck out his first time up there. One of two strikeout victims for Schneider and poor's one in their first strike. Bases empty two outs in the shocker there it's three to one New Mexico. Shocker got one in the top of the second lobos got three in the bottom swing in a foul that might take him. Good cut and felt it right back to the neck. Again this is a big ballpark. But part of the reason why it is because the elevation we are in the desert we are in the mountains 5300 the elevation. One ball and she strikes take him it's 338 down the line. 405. To the gaps in fort thirteen to dead center hi pop up off the bat of taken that's gonna. Make its way out of play. And then. California native stays alive with a bases empty and two outs and the shocker third. Thank him. Team's leading home run hitter from a year ago he belted ten any swings and misses of the changeup down. And he goes down strikes for the second time. 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And he just not been able to get comfortable so far. Jack elder. One of the more decorated hitters. For the lobos lifetime 338 hitters in 326. Career bat swings in fouls on back to the screen. Pupils and two strikes. Junior from Gilbert Arizona. In his career. Jack with seven home runs and 52 runs batted. One of those home runs. Last weekend against Hawaii. Many bounces one back through the metal it's gonna get on into center field for a base hit. There was no there becomes a third consecutive leadoff man to reach against Sam Davis. Sam's still in search of his first easy inning. This one still could turn into line. The and and and you won't being true one Q3 ends and Q what happens here Jared manga freshman left fielder grounded out to third due in the first. Squares to bunt. And takes a little high one ball no strikes. Logos actually. Missed an opportunity scored first they had a runner at second nobody out and runners at corners with one out but Davis. Got out of that team. See if Manx serious about Bunning doesn't show but that time and takes high. Tune up. Jared man one of a handful of really heralded freshman. On this club Andrew Pratt who is also listed as a catcher. Earlier bigtime prospect from right here in Albuquerque. You know one way low and outside three enough. Manning from Los Alamos New Mexico mention. Two time Gatorade New Mexico high school players a year. There's action in the shocker bullpen and whoever it is down there is ready. Chandler Sandberg was signaling down the Pandit keeps going and whoever was down there Saddam running. A mobile four in the first to have breached here in the third. So Davis is the kind of guys that you give the benefit of the doubt to. When he struggle in trying to give him a long track. Designated food critics. Yeah. And he looks like he's gonna get at least one more batter here and try to get the veto and the veto the DA it. Singled and scored last inning he led off the second with a base hit. So DeVito with two on and nobody out. He takes low one ball no strike. And Trout line wearing out a path between home plate. And the mound. Over half of two Davis pitches have been balls and that is not like him. At all he's an aggressive come out to kind of guy. And he just has not had a it to this point. Eight base runner surrendered. And the first two plus innings. Here against a good Lobo team so he's been really playing with fire. 10. Smacked into the gap in deep right center field. And that ball is going to bounce Saudi here. Between the 405. In the fourth thirteen sound. The elders scorers. On a long home. Ground rule double. But we'll have to return retreat to third. But it's four to one hand writers are second and third and still nobody out here in the third. The first. Extra base hit of the game goes to low volts. Yeah here comes to reach Glover. Whenever struck out swinging its first time. The shocker is for the moment we'll play the infield back at regular depth though trader run for now things get one. Davis stays in the stretch to pitch a little high. Trout Trout line kinda had the reaction they use maybe a little crossed up. But at any rate one ball no strikes. The lobos three in the second one so far here in the third and threatening for more. Good off speed pitch drops in there and Webber took it. One ball one strike nobody out one run home in the inning. RBIs by Crist to veto. Really put a charge in one less spacious gap in right center field. Get on the ground to second should be an out of the score on the throat of persons in time. Men's scores. Head over to third goes to veto a B and RBI please whoever. And he gurus and room. Those are five to one and DeVito third bids. It's Johnny Graham walked and scored his first time. The infield will come in now. Davis brings it and and a good curve ball drops in first strike. The Sam Davis making his second start of the season. Trying desperately not only keep the shocker is in it but to stay in the game himself. Give up a lot of base runners in the first three innings another good pitch called first strike. Do off speed pitches. Drop in the bucket and so on to stamp it. Stand to get this guy himself. 103. One man out. Shocker trailing 521 in the opening game of the three games here. Okay. Yeah they got it gets down and Antrel one blocks it'll have to throw to first. And the strikeout his record to Davis did getting themselves. But. Thank you out. The band aid and showbiz. The and yeah. Taylor's. With his fourth strikeout of the evening. Now Dalton bowers. You bounced a single in the left that brought in around. Didn't mean to do it they go too far look like he did know swing. According to first base umpire. Raid bill Fiore said no swings to one ball no strikes. Don't bowers. Single RBIs to stolen bases. And runs scored. In a big second inning for the lobos. Off speed pitch day's high. Trout line couldn't rein in their tuna. Dalton bowers. Really battled some injuries a year ago. Virtually never healthy. And now it's three you know. Bowers. In 41 games only hit 218 but had an ankle injury and missed the final sixteen games. Due to that also that means me. Walks on four pitches ball Dalton bowers the nine hole hitters been on they're both times. So now Luis Gonzales up. There for the third time in as many innings or could undergo. They'll loan. Gonzales has singled and walked. Hand he. In light as Jack Gramm and on the base has to piece. Go on to second on an heir to third on a balking and it's also stole second. So third plate appearance. In the first seed but he but it it for a single to third in walked in the second. 51 lobos bottom of the third. Threatening for more two runs home in the inning. Runners at the corners with two outs. Annie takes inside with a fastball. Again the stuff. Has been there are forward Davis. But it's just been a case of not be able to harness it. The areas such a thing is feeling too good before a start readjusting to visit with him at some point Mars CIA felt. Because it looks like his arm is plotting lives but it just hasn't been able to. Around that stuff in his strikes out there was a good breaking ball drops in there and it's wanna want. Joggers in the fourth liable raider and throw line those guys. Started their inning where they scored in the second with consecutive singles. It on the ground to second Kirk scooped it up drop fit and no play everybody say. That's gonna be any more. And when it rains it pours a shocker. Neither second air. All they should've handled by Kurt and the news that there is big the yeah may have came up a little early in peak. And trying to have flipped it to trade Vickers but still would have plenty of time. So the inning continues and and now it's six to one back to back three spots. And it's too loaded. Michael Eaton. He and reached Weber are the only two lo those not to reach. Eaton has struck out both times. 10. Outside tuna. 61 low lows bottom three. First of a three game series. Here in Albuquerque. And time called home plate. Here's the stretch Mike Davis. Do well. Half swing Annie went too far. Davis threw a good nuggets down in the zone to get. Eaten half swing out. He didn't you. And it's. Cue balls one strike. Bowers its second Gonzales at first. Do want. Swing and miss. As much of a struggle is davis' head each one pitch away from giving Michael Keaton hat trick after three innings. Two balls two strikes two out two on three in. There comes to 22. Shop now. And we will do it again two balls two strikes and count remains. He didn't do anything it. Davis is. Just south of eighty pitches. And even if he gets out of this. It might be if he if he goes out for the fourth just because of all the pitches he's thrown out of the stretch and been in trouble from start. Due to swing and now back do it again. So this will. Be right at eighty pitches for Davis in three innings. Schneider through three innings has thrown 47. 22 count holding Eaton pitch popped up foul backing out of play and we'll do it again. He didn't do. In its. All three innings for New Mexico they've put the leadoff man on. They scored in the last two and crooked numbers at that. Too cute shop foul again. Now Michael Eaton putting up a fight. Trying to avoid becoming the third out of the third. Eaton last year. 286. Home run and 2624. Runs ban. Great series against why would he hit. But struggled against Davis here tonight runners go and Allen's pop up foul back and how to play and we'll make it over the roof. And quite a battle between Davis and Lee Davidson who keeps throwing strikes. He keeps fouling them off you. And it's been independently. You couldn't do it do anything. Two balls two strikes. Davis comes that. Did you again. Popped up this was gonna stay in player she greater over near the dugout and makes the catch. To retire the side and another good round. For the lobos will go to the fourth underscore is explore New Mexico here in Canada. It. There's a hot new restaurant in town it's got the best pizza and the best appetizers sixteen and ruled garlic knot stuffed with melting cheese at this hot spot parking is free reservations are required dress code your reason not to Wear whatever you want pets are allowed. Even better experience that person where is this restaurant your house bacon I didn't put him right out with a new stuff got knocked pizza. That's all and what appetizer and pizza for the good target large one topping for just what money not only get Pete's upside limited time offer does a chart to restrict their black. Wind down broke down made its same day but time is not on your side call led put expressed a hot shot to Tulsa our next flied out to Orlando. Let's put express gets it there fast. They depart nationwide the same day use their next flight out or hot shots services would put expressed delivers anything fast. What an absolutely has to be there on time call let's put expressed at 5409991. Or online at led foot express dot com. Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance. Seat agent John Green Ryan woods or an end overrule west Sawyer George story from coast to coast they enjoy every week knights right here fine KM SS. Alan Ball home takes its drive to start the top of the fourth inning. Shocker trailing six the long they've been out been out hit five to three. Make clear calm night here's Albuquerque. And Todd Butler was not in the third base coaching box when the at bat started so that strikes not gonna count. It's one ball no strikes and full plate umpire apologizing verbally to the New Mexico dugout. And that it should never been allowed. There's a strike one ball one strike Alec bone singled and scored a shocker to only run in the second. He let off single and came around on trot line single to right center. Gains crowded with a strike on the inner third pitch from Carsten Schneider. Schneider. Three hits in three innings. Struck out three little flared on the right side and it's gonna make its way a down to the warning track without ground. So ballot bowl. Is now. Four for nine in his shocker career. He homered driven in for me takes low. When balls two strikes. In the shocker for. Bowman a breaking ball on the left field. First time that thick and fast walking in her third and he Jack knocking out of the lane Downey goes on strike two looking. For striking out. For harsh and Schneider the second plane through its needs is they didn't. Case now three out of thirteen has been moved down in the order. At least to start this series. Here of course led off. In the opening series against northern Colorado takes down too low. Rader did a good job of reaching base. In a series the girls take to strike. Walked three times on opening day. When one out of three last Saturday. One for five. In the loss on Sunday. The belt high strike and it's one negative against all are you. Travis yup. Let off for the shocker. And raider did not start at third so got part of the day off on Wednesday ground ball back through the middle all that goes snake its way into shallow senator. It was cut off. By eaten the second baseman but an infield single in Athens war. Chase trader he's got him. Yeah. Your daughter Trout line. Draw a line brought in the shocker is only around with a solid single right senator. The one on one out rader pretty good speed at first shocker is down five and drop wind takes it strikes and Erica nothing in one. So better with RBIs number five. On that second inning single. Soccer's. Trailing six the one. We're in the fourth. One ball one strike and certainly his game playing right into Carson's tonight your fancy. Guy with a impeccable control. Throughout his career. He treated just pepper that strike zone in this big ballpark. Mrs. down and in tune want. Schneider opening weekend against Hawaii went five. Gave up two runs to the rainbows. Ended up getting the win. And a calling card move over first. Lobos with a three spot in the second. It and the third. So they are comfortably in front the moment. And strong wind takes lol hi I didn't miss by much. Her first. One out she doctors trying to draw a little closer. And throughout wind takes it strike. Three balls and two strikes. Mr. Schneider deals and hundred and go through all the on the inside corner and crowned idol down looking. Or seen anything. Two outs in the inning and didn't it didn't lose it. Even into them. Fifth strikeout for Schneider. And Schneider. A big tall lefty doesn't throw particularly hard runner goes ground ball base hit right field. Around second on its way to third and making it without a play is greater. Keen eaten disputes one in their right field for a base hit his first he's one out to do. And not trade now Dayton do got a big part. I was gonna say Schneider the reason wise yeah yeah so effective tonight. Is because he's been working both sides of the plate and establishing fastball on the inner third. And four left hander that doesn't throw particularly hard might not hard I mean. Not lower ninety's. You've got to be willing to throw that fastball. On the inner third. Keep the right hand batters. Off fears stuff on the outside corners. And breaking stuff. And Schneider has done that very effectively. Duke dot rams won in the left field but right at the left fielder Manning. And they can do guy hit in these tough luck joggers or turned away at the bottom of the fourth it's 60 low blows on him as yeah. 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Five to. Thelma get as it takes over for faith. But the thing I am. Threw 83 pitches in his three innings of work. He gave up six runs five of them or earned by the end that you I want him blatantly give us he struck out. Oh yeah it's. Good with the husband and rolls. Davis threw two wild pitch is committed to balks and committed an error. So 61 lobos bottom of the fourth and mcginnis. There's a little bit high. It's one ball no strikes. Clayton McGuinness. A week ago Saturday three scoreless inning against northern Colorado sky Umar. Slices one in right center field it's gonna settle in. In front of Luka for a base hit Carl's dies you argued his first day. There's business. The McGuinness also turned into a scoreless inning Wednesday. Against ORU and at six to four loss so Clayton appearing for the third time. And for the fourth consecutive inning leadoff man's on their for the lobos. Good strike in there to Jack Zell Miller Zeller against Davis one out of two with a single. Score run in that three run third inning. Shocker one in the second low blows three in the second three in the third. Swing and a foul tip. But Walton two strikes. Jack Zell Miller he junior. Second team all mountain west a year ago. He is nine for eighteen. So far on the young season. Any swings and misses then Clayton mcginnis strike him out. For strikeout for Clayton. Runner first one out for Jerryd Manning. And you know. Men over one officially little walk because it just moments. Then that the first three guys you reached in the third they all came around to score effectively. Chasing Sam Davis solos Sam was able to finish in. Outside and load it. Jared mangled. So a battle of freshman right now mcginnis. And manga Clayton from Missouri. And we'll cue ball now off the facing of the dugout. One ball one strike you dude. Didn't clay McGuinness went to high school in Savannah Missouri and then and Newton did you bang. Los Alamos high school here in New Mexico. Here's 11. Down and away two balls and one strike. And we mentioned earlier that the lobos have twelve natives of New Mexico on this roster and it's no accident. Ray Birmingham. Has made it clear. That win New Mexico gets to Omaha and he stressed win it's gonna have a big New Mexico player. Hi blasted deep left field. Way back and off the base of the Walt the poor old Feinstein. All the way around to score is are you aren't on any long double off the van shared name. It's good to hit it much further without getting out. Seven to walk. This slow boat team hit five home runs last weekend in the working OK Edmund doesn't know why do. This is the lose interest DeVito has yet to be retired he's singled to double. Spray Birmingham as a head coach at New Mexico said before the season and I quote we've got a great team. If we can stay healthy then we will have an excellent chance reaching in CA and quote him. That is pretty clear line drive base hit into center field. And around third on his way to score is Manningham Nagin and out of play. A and it's they who wants. Crist to veto is three for three. Oh. Here's what ever hope for two grounded out and brought in Iran as last time up there. So Clayton mcginnis. And getting. Treated little rudely. Here in the first game of the series. One ball no strikes. Three in the second three in the third two in the fourth for the lobos. And now is after they missed a chance to score in the first. Good changeup drops in there's. One ball one strike. Birmingham led New Mexico to the regionals. Four straight years. 2010 to 2013. Allen blocked in the dirt. By dinner Trout line he spent a lot of time blocking baseball's. Through the first hour and a half this game. Those post season bursts from 2010 to 2013. With a first for the lobos since 1962. And I went down to below three and want. Though is certainly. Building a tradition. Here in Albuquerque. And they mentioned. At the top of the broadcast he has been an aid to Mexico coaching institution. Different places ground ball to short might be a double plays 64. Kirk over first for the double play. And the inning is over first double play for the shocker tonight at the end of four though the lobos lead at eight to launch on it and that we did this. There's a hot new restaurant in town it's got the best pizza and the best appetizers sixteen and ruled garlic knot stuffed with melting cheese at this hot spot parking his free reservations are required dress code if he's not to Wear whatever you want to pets are allowed even senator experience that person where is this restaurant you lower house. Bacon I didn't put him right out with a new stuff the box pizza. That's all what appetizer and pizza for them that target large one topping for just told that he not only get pizza limited time offer is a chart to restrict their black. 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Schneider has scattered five hits in his four innings of work. Given up one run had walked anybody. And poor to strike on the inner edge to trade Vickers that has been his bread and butter tonight. Carsten Schneider. Fastballs for called strikes on the inner part of the plate to right hand batters went back in the European and barely minutes. He has put the ball right worries wanted it for the most part tonight the shocker pitchers haven't quite been able to duplicate. What he's done. Twenty. It on the ground back to the middle for a base hit trade Vickers. Serves one into center field he's won out at two and trade gotten off to a really nice offensive start this year. Vickers. Now has six kids are my chances and it is indicative. Here's tanner Kirk. Kirk's ground to third and on the first pitch he saw the third inning. Slider relatively deep center field. Second time the shocker to put the leadoff man aboard. Kirk takes in the eyes strike. Hole in one. Pitching match up tomorrow Tyler Stephens for New Mexico. And it'll be Willie chalky British doctors that once inside. One goal and one strike. Case you missed it at top of the game starts at 3 o'clock central time tomorrow but will join in progress after the women's basketball game here and can SS. Women's basketball to it and then after the conclusion of that when you hear shocker baseball. Joined in progress. When starting to pick up a little bit for the first time in eyes. Her tactics are low. And few balls and one strike. And the finale of the series. Sunday had to call and Thompson. Chase Williams will be year pitchers. Strike called to. Tanner Kirk. On the inner third again. So announced three goals and two strikes if you can't or curve. Runner first and nobody else the shocker fifth. Three duties thanks one foul them the right side now deployed. Really it. About as much wind as we can in Albuquerque all day today. It is blowing from right field corner of the left field corner. In this very very spacious ballpark. Powell back and out played directly over our heads. Still preemptive. Shocker got a run on three hits in the second. And a couple of hits in the fourth but Dayton duke guard hit a bullet to left field and right hand mangled left field. 32 pitch strike three called on the inside corner. Kurt tossed his battle laying thought it was ball four. And he goes down looking that's the third consecutive shocker to strike out looking at it means that it didn't I didn't okay Carsten Schneider. Continues to. Deep down inside edge of the shocker right hand matters. Here's Michael Luka. Moved it takes little bit high. I'm honored first one out Michael is twice grounded out to shortstop. Handled never found. So that again the only left hand batter the shocker camp in the lineup tonight. Going without quote unquote right hand lineup the home. Eaton and do doc. Six hits but only one run to show Ford two balls and one strike. Down on the way to Michael Luka. Q1. Outside love three balls in the strike. All for the second straight hitter. Karstens Schneider is gone to a three ball count. Still and walked anybody. Yes you're out 631. Right in their first strike streamed it. It's not enough to say this guy's a strike throwers or go up and take your hacks he has worked both sides of the plate effectively in the shocker have been caught guessing more times than not. Yeah on the ground shortstop might be too bubble body shortstop out of second and save the first of mine across the bowers. Dropped it got rid of it in a hurry and Eaton did the best he could do but. Only a fielder's choice. And Vickers I can this is going to take him. Here's think on this struck out twice tonight once looking ones swinging. Six to one low lows top of the fifth. Popped up now ground and spinning back toward the stands in the out of play. Grandstand. For dugout to dugout. And that's pretty much yet the only permanent seating. Here now the current. Capacity of 1000. Standing room down the right and left field line. Lots and lots of room down the left field line. Souvenir stand behind the shocker dug out. Wanna wonder Ryan Jacob. Look at verse with human out. Here in the fifth. Popped up now back now play and he has really done a good job. Schneider as stand off the barrel that he's done a really good job of trying O'Brien take him. Dying swing and with a changeup in the third. Gunning looking on a fastball to in the first. And Alex hit well living apple left center field nobody's gonna get that one. Think I'm got a name. And Luke is gonna steamed around third in command and score without play Ryan take him with a two run right two out RBI double. And it's now eight to two. So the Bobble by. Bowers is shortstop. Probably call it a little locally run isn't. Here's Malibu home. Bohn one out of two. Singles quarter on the second he went down looking in the war. Schneider comes set. And foam at the bullet in left field for a base hit. Up for that is Manning and stopping at third wisely. Is Ryan take him head coach Todd Butler put up the stop sign pretty much immediately. That ball got the left field in a hurry and take I'm not the greatest runner. So now about it towards the greater his maiden. Rader a bunt single that. And the singled to shallow center. Doctors. Trying to claw their way back in this one good backdoor breaking ball to chase trader. Once I cannot think. 01 barely missed inside. Schneider went back in there. Eight to do New Mexico on top of the fifth inning. One underwriter. And cited hitting him on the foot so now the bases are loaded. And I'll bring it Gunner Trout line. So it. Bases full of shoppers now that you didn't get it couldn't. Taken the third ball in the second grader at first. Draw one had a really good at bat in the second not so much in the fourth. Got ahead in the count. In that second inning and hit a bullet in right center field that brought home ballot bowl. And then was caught looking. In the fourth. So to shocker to them making game of it. It may come down this about right here even though we're only halfway through. Upstairs one ball no strike. Back. Some action now running in the Mexico right field bullpen. Schneider has now given up eight hits the hits or even eight apiece now. Soccer's with three of them in this inning and Trout line. Swings late and shoots one valve down the right side not a ploy. One ball one strike. One run home in the inning. Under leeway in every base to catch. Here on the ground right side the first baseman giving ground can make plays down there. Three unassisted and the inning is over shoppers you'll want but leave them loaded halfway through in its New Mexico ain't in the dark version 200 news this. 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Chris post or Mike Rogers which caused games Traficant whether leader thirteen thirty KN OSS. Air Canada Mexico Albuquerque. On the campus. Of the University of New Mexico. Sana and a star field and low blows its bottom shocker they want and nothing lead but. Have scored eight in the meantime shocker got one matter and dark. If you lose that they. New Mexico chasing him Davis after three innings and. And lead it 82. Graham bowers and Gonzales due up here in the bottom of the fifth. Clayton mcginnis. For his second inning of work he allowed a couple runs on three hits. In his first inning in early. And that's a little Heidi Scott Graham. Scenario for a long struck out and walked up. And two balls no strikes. Some scores around the top 25 in baseball tonight. Second full weekend of action number one Florida taking on number six Miami. For nothing gators bottom of the fourth. Mcinnis missed that floats through you know. Another marquee matchup number two Louisville and number six Ole miss rebels leading little six to four bottom of the seventh. There's a strike in their three and one. Third ranked Vanderbilt beat Illinois Chicago nine to nothing today. K state got shut out by number five Oregon State fourteen to nothing. Bouncer to short should be the Vickers has got it and the throw crosses in time so Maginnis falls behind three know that comes back he gets out of your. They didn't just. And. Futures shocker opponent TCU. Beat number sixteen ranked Louisiana Lafayette seven to one. Big win for the frogs. McGuinness delivers high did Dalton dollars. Bowers has singled walked. Scored and driven in more. 101 out bottom of the fifth. And I went outside. College of Charleston upset. Number eighteen Florida State to one. There were nineteen coastal Carolina beat Marshall nine victory. And that's upstairs. Three balls and no strikes to Dalton borrowers. So for the second consecutive battered. Clay McGuinness. Fall behind 30. And that's inside ball fours over four pitch walk. To Dalton bowers who is the ninth place hitter and has been on there all three times. The other than his. Good old days yeah. You. Thought Butler talked about it our pregame chat word in essence he said I'm not quoting him that. In essence anybody can beat anybody College Baseball nowadays in the pretty much to bear itself out over the first couple weekends. Sort of first runner back. Right state beat number eight or is beating number eight. No they did via NC state tendency to. It has a final. Here's a strike in there that. Luis Gonzales Gonzales has also been on the girl three yeah. Texas Tech beat number 22 Houston three it to him. Mcinnis 01 runner goes pitches a strike to throw down is. Right on target out at second base. A throwback governor Trout line and Clayton Maginnis get a good job at getting rid of it and giving Trout line chance bowers gunned down. Bauer stole third and home. In the second inning. So now Maginnis can go back to a full windup with a bases clear and two outs 02 pitch swing and a foul tip. I'd get one by Gonzales. Room unranked Pepperdine beat number 4 am Texas a and M 75. This afternoon. Utah leading Kansas six to one in the fourth but the big twelve action. Coach you again and chop heard toward short. And funny spin on bounces away from Vickers. Runners gonna try for second and will make it. One that is an unbelievable. Result. Public chopper ride out in front of home plate then. And all kinds of funny English on it Vickers came charging that and it basically took a right turn away from me. For the second day he couldn't get it is the end there. Yeah and it just trickled in the shallow center field. For a double. That's the way it's gone. For Wichita State tonight. Anytime you double up the middle. That's. On comp store or second throughout for Michael Keaton. Takes one lo gets away from. Trout line and ended up right between the legs of the home plate umpire. Eight to two. New Mexico bottom of the fifth two outs and a runner at second. Clayton Maginnis trying to. Put a zero appear in the bottom of the fifth. Come set. The freshman. Brings it home. Little high two balls no strikes. Some scores for sure future shocker opponents Nebraska. Or Omaha I should say beat Saint Louis sixteen tip. Sam Houston State beat though you'd today Ford at three. Couple of shocker opponent getting together. Ball in the dirt gets away from trowel whining gunned down to second base in its second. As Kirk with a heads up play. Got on the bag and Trout line gunned him down so two runners thrown out on the paths by Gunner who don't want. Then they hit a result of those days Mexico come up empty in the bottom then we'll have the sense that John trailing you need to do here in death and that's. 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See Josh Alexander in the person a theory in Marion or John Gosford in new. Martha living joining us weekdays at five right here on tape and as as. Thanks alone inside one player in the top of the sixth inning. Eight runs nine hits for New Mexico two runs eight hits a couple of errors Wichita State opener of the three game series. Karstens Schneider out for is sixth inning or got to change up in the air for a called strike it's one and one. Jane did us here in Albuquerque Caleb Correll back and argue SS studios in Wichita. An island golf deep to left field mango on back any runs it down. Keenan eaten with a pretty good swing on it. After ground ball single to right in the fourth. Is now one out of three. Good bad and it didn't take him to go home. Here's Dayton do guy has struck out and lined to left. So Schneider went reviving its why now five and a third here tonight. And swing and a foul that you guys had some good cuts tonight. With runners. At first and third and two outs in the fourth. Dayton hit a blur to left field but Manning was right there. Strike called nothing and do it and Snyder continues to fill up the strikes them. Still no walks in five and a third scattered eight hits. And two runs. Do god stays alive on a pitch down and away didn't miss by much. Gays and scores in last half inning will continue here in the sixth. Some shocker opponents. Do god took a little bit low and some 200. Creighton beat Stetson by the one. Inside to do Guthrie and zoom. You tell leading Kansas now nine to walk. Stephen F Austin. Who come in later leading sacred heart 75 in the game. Nebraska getting pummeled by San Diego eight to nothing in the second line drive base yet left field. Congratulations that Dayton do got its first collegiate bass hit. Do god they're hard ground ball in to lefties one out of three won't believe it was a completely lose it. And also. The future shocker opponent. North Dakota. Who took two out of three from USC last weekend. Lost tonight to Alabama to one. A called strike in there to trade victors. So North Dakota. Who comes in for a midweek game. Next month. Republican as dangerous as you could possibly want a wac opponent will flare and a sinner field this guy. Carry out he Gonzales. And Vickers is retired he's now one for three. To the producer who is that in this game to united couldn't. After standard turkeys. On the outside looking in today. Oh for three. Even though the chartreuse or on the short end of an aide to to score hitters the only guy in the lineup. There hasn't reached base safely at least once. And it takes low hurt takes a called strike down around me the bigger part. Kirk was. Bob among the nation's leaders in on base percentage before tonight's game still 556. And it takes a strike in. Right Ernie his hands down around the knees of 12 and I guessing Kirk's defense niners made a bunch of really really good pitches stood up. 02 pitch. On an inmate skip rope one and to. Hate to do all those top of the sixth. Same two teams tomorrow. At 3 o'clock. Programming note though at 2 o'clock will be shocker women's basketball on the shocker baseball game. After that wind in the center field past a diving third baseman Scott you mark. And so now tanner Kirk. Joined the hit parade to shoppers. Kept him off Carsten Schneider. And so now Michael Luka that they don't let him out who wanted. The shocker to not hit the lobos but still trail by six. And a strike to look at and the big reason why one of them anyway. Is that. Shocker pitching has doled out. Six walks. Couple walk a couple of wild pitches and two walks and expand by Sam Davis. Little bit wide one and one. Sam never really got comfortable these three innings of work and New Mexico may impact who was six to one when Davis. They exited the game after three. One on one of Michael mocha. Partners at first and second team and now. Chopping ground ball right side. Retreating is the first baseman Selma he takes it himself. And the inning is over so Carsten Schneider with six Workman like innings but the bottom of the citizens it's a little bit too little alien. Yeah. There are certain. Precious. You just can't Enron C. He'd like to forget we never will. The worst part about Iran and some aren't that somebody has been injected. Is that we're nursing tells us the fact that it is such an easy thing to do. Most vulnerable. And it's not wearing her seat belt and Kansas it's belongs. Clicked into the ticket and worst. Need a place to watch the big game. Where you say. You know finally came 96 and went road jerseys offers daily specials a dozen Beers on tap and a menu featuring everything from pizza to primary. Jerseys proud to be an official sponsor of the Wichita State shocker as. No matter where the soccer play home or away want to make jerseys have tickets ride to the game and style and their sweet Hummer limo. Call 3166365000. Jerseys grill and bar and what's so. Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance. C agent Bernhard ink does. 2016 headquarters thirteen thirty and SS. New pitcher for the shock here's. The bottom of the sixth we go Friday Evans we'll take over. Davis went three McGinest who now Robbie Evans. Freshman from birth go to Texas. And liberty high school will take over Robby. 6200 pound. It. He will get cute Korean war in the order to beat Michael Keaton Carlson guy you are. And Jack Zelman. In the bottom. McGuinness went two innings allowed four inches you've run into the wouldn't have wanted to strike out. There. Second baseman and I think the important thing Michael Eaton. Let's not sorry to see Sam Davis now. Strike from Evans Eaton struck out twice and pop the third. So. He faces right hander Robbie Evans wearing the collar to start. Low and outside. This one ball and one strike group. It's eight to two New Mexico in the bottom of the sixth. Here's the 11. Sliders state lol hi. Few balls and one strike nobody on nobody out in the sixth. And that's a little low. Davis walked five and three innings mcginnis walked one and two. Now rally Evans is falling behind three and one. Intangible force of that seven walked. Irish Karl stodgy hard. It. That dude is boom it's. It's. Are you are as one out of two we singled and scored. In the fourth. Walked and flied to center against Davis. And greeted Maginnis with a single in the center field. Takes a strike it's nothing in one. HT global bottom of the sixth. When ball one strike. Her way at first pitch slider stays hot. Few balls and one strike. You're you're you're prudent and being beaten them you know you've been. Joggers got one in the second. Lobos three in the second may lead. Throughout since then. Sort of first on the back they added on with three in the third. And then two of the fourth made it 821. That. Made a pretty tough proposition for Wichita State. 21 swing and fell back. Two balls in two strikes it. It again made good pitching match up tomorrow. Tyler Stevens a sophomore from. New Mexico get the call. And will leash long key will pitch for Wichita State. Two goals and two strikes. The pitch. Outside global reach. Three into. Eaten at first. Michael Eaton for New Mexico than it. Think I'm holding him on guys you hard to play. Throw to first or Iraq. Pretty good bet to make contact so it's great Birmingham. And would like this in a Michael Eaton. Probably wouldn't get that idea plus you're up six. You can kind of gamble if you wanna call that. Runner does go now within a mile on the air left side. Twisting in a foul ground long run for Eaton and Kenan and sees it going as shocker bullpen. Filtering and do all do it again. An active version goes Michael Eaton. And it. But it. Overall it was a pretty good day for the Missouri Valley Conference out of conference. In his second weekend. Of the year. It's caught up on some of those scores case you missed. 32 again runner goes again and Allen's in left field hit play easily in the air. Eaton started in now goes back a couple steps and make the catch. Michael Eaton goes back to first. Stock yards one out of three. Tuesday's game. Yeah and a. Lot of valley teams played at neutral sites. Today and tonight. Bradley played two in San Antonio beat Notre Dame four to three loss to incarnate word six the Q in ten innings. You know four spot in the pan. I'll tip behind home plate off the bat of Jack Zelda. Connecticut. Beat Missouri State won't go more in Clarksville Tennessee. And Port Charlotte Indiana State beat Iowa eleven to three. And in Carbondale southern Illinois beat western Illinois for one. Photo on the Jack Eleanor. Throw to first chasing Michael Lee and back to the bank Zeller singled and scored a run in the third inning. Robbie Evans the third pitcher for Wichita State. 01 runner doesn't go changeup down and Anand. Under Trout line with a another block. Oral Roberts is in Dallas taking on DBU in the Golden Eagles lead the patriots five to four in the eighth. Also Illinois stated that twelfth ranked Oregon. They lost last night currently state did start four games here. Cue balls and one strike count now to jock Zell Miller. And scanner trial wind can jog out and talked to Robbie Evans. He knows guerrilla cap works a proud supporter shocker athletics and great place to watch every shocker gain them when they're on TV whom. Come visit dean knows that the southeast corner when he first and web. Two balls and one strike one on one out bottom of the sixth lobos leading. 822. And a changeup there's loads three and one. Schumacher's. Trying to rally and snap this two game losing streak at their on that heartbreaker on Sunday afternoon against northern Colorado which they were one strike away from the sweet shocker work. And Evans. Has just walked Jack don't. If you on one out. And now Jerryd mangled left. And oh yeah food. And and home. Talk father coming out and leave us. The third base dugout looks like he's animated movies and music this moment. Robbie Evans. Walked two of the three men that he faced. Coach Butler and make May Day signal just yet. There New Mexico is dead base runners all over the place. Had two on in the first failed to score scored three in the second scored three in the third scored two in the fourth. It. Can separate got a cute guys on but not the same time in the fifth and now to chew on here in the six. And who they are gonna go to Japan. And it's going to be Cody Hoyer didn't visit each other's numbers well maybe you didn't. So Hoyer six more. Freshman from Windsor Colorado. We'll take over for Robby Evans who retired just one. And so two on and one out. Cody Hoyer. Becomes the fourth shocker picture. Of the evening. Mentioned Illinois State. And Eugene taking on the University of Oregon. The ducks won game one of that series last night and lead. Three to nothing after two. So far here tonight. Thug and a shocker to come back home after this weekend's series. They'll take on home on Tuesday afternoon at 3 o'clock the next day. And Sam Houston State. Will come to town next Friday Saturday and Sunday. Shocker you'll have a little payback for both of those teams. Or at least revenge should be on their minds from a year ago. Cody order. Taking is warmup tosses. You went to fossil ridge high school. Fort Collins, Colorado. Appearing for the second time on the season. He becomes a third reliever employed by a Wichita State tonight the second of the inning. Shot makers in the southern Lebanese born five. My employer's job right now is to keep this a six run game. Kara Lang hit eight. Long haul and long double off the wall in left field his last time out there. Drove in Scott you are. Two on one out from Yang the freshman left fielder. And lawyer delivers a strike and he crossed up. Gunner Trout line Trout line has had a long long night behind home plate tonight. He has been. Diving after balls blocking balls off the chest protector and that was a fastball that he thought was gonna be something else. He got a glove on it didn't catch it. But it was a strike him home plate umpire Jason bins and. Had simply is heavy on. Governor Trout line and gave him a strike call normally and catchy and catchy you don't get the strike call. Lawyers don't want. And low and outside one ball one strike and Trout line is had to absolutely. Beyond his toes from the word go. And to his credit. And then let's get mine and he's actually thrown up two base runners. For New Mexico. And Alice in the dirty block challenges. Two balls and one strike. Counted Jerryd Manning. Trout line. Throughout Dalton bowers trying to steal on the fifth and and picked off Luis Gonzales during two. Too far off the second base bag later in the same inning. Do you want. Outside snap throw back to first stand back standing is Jack Zell Miller now it's three and one. The and then. Manning grounded on the third in the first inning boot them. Walked and scored the third doubled and scored the fourth. There's been a runner in scoring position at the very least. Or the low blows and every inning. Stranded a runner at third in the first. And Gonzalez got picked off second in the fifth. Low ball floor. So Hoyer. Walks Manning. Nowadays they. Unloaded it would put us. Yeah they're. Logos and everybody's interest to veto it just to be retired. Two singles a double to. It. More action in the shocker and trying to. Stop the bleeding run underscored yet the shocker you're still in it but. Employers got to get video here. Tough customer to strike Caldwell thrown on the outside corner. Hate runs nine hits the lobos who runs ten hits at. For the charters. 01 coming here it is and it's grounded for now. Nothing in Judy Chris DeVito. Singled and scored in the first. He doubled deep into the gap in right center field. And scored in the third RBI single in the fourth. Even a third Zoller its second Manning at first. Shocker in a jam and Cody lawyer. Trying to get a ground ball and infielder here balanced in the dirt and blocked by. Gunner Trout line. You know in with all of those breaking balls that have been in the dirt. They haven't all been that far out of the loans to get a credit New Mexico with their. Should and they walked 38 times in four games against Y. So maybe you shouldn't be all that much of a surprise. Crank high and deep to right field. And gone Grand Slam. One old to do. Crispin he goes for perfect war was six runs batted in. And shocker came through the nose. For the bases on balls. Hey high and long. The bases loaded home runs and OK don't. Your injuries clever. And now forced bond in the sixth. Man has broken this an open. And Paul hi I wanna know. Re sweater over three. Drove in a run with a ground ball in the third. And Allen is down and it. Wanna keep people showed up for this one tonight even though once the sun went down the temperature dropped rapidly in the wind picked up a little bit that Grand Slam has. Sent a feud to the exits. Dockers and trailing New Mexico twelve to two. First match up between these two teams in this ballpark. Since 1991. 20 is poured in their first strike. So two of the four runs charged turabi Evans the other shoe to employer. It is permitted to walk in a home run. And that's a little low. Three balls the strike. John usual hope for better things tomorrow from Willie chalky. Sliced foul back and out of playoff about it Reese web. Well first struck young grounded out twice. Men get into a 643 double play him in the fourth inning. Three balls two strikes one out the pay off. In sidled fitting gulf war. Fourth walk of the inning issued by shocker pits him. It's. Good routes. And. Here's Johnny Grahame is open to the wall. Lawyers pitch. Strike called on the moderate. There really the difference in the game as Wichita State. Against the nation's leaders in walks drawn. New Mexico. Line drive and and it's going to be caught by Vickers little hump back liner. In shallow left field made the catch good drop step by Trey. But after walking 38 times in four games against and why again they have more lives. And and on the other hand. Karstens Schneider and gave up ten hits for New Mexico but didn't walk anybody in his six innings. I'll work. Or runner at first two outs now for Dalton bowers she singled and walked twice. And that's thrown well right in their first strike. Five of the ten walks. That New Mexico has drawn tonight have come around the school. Twelve to two. Hit three minute. Can a piece. Orders so long. Little high. Ball one strike. In no doubt. Grand Slam by Chris DeVito. Has seemingly put the icing on the cake for low lows tonight. And I went to load two balls and one strike. Dalton bowers has had quite a night. A single two walks. Two stolen bases. He also had a big big game passed this past week and it's Hawaii when they beat the rainbow warriors are eighteen and nothing. Outside. And it's three and one hue it five or six. And at eighteen and nothing win over Hawaii. Which by the way it was the worst defeat. The rainbows had ever experienced at home ever. 31. Strike called on the outside corner. So bowers is now officially eight for sixteen. With six runs batted. And that's going to be a welcome sight for him after earning 218 and 41 games in an injury plagued last year missed the final. Sixteen games of the season due to injury. 32 pitch swinging a Messi struck him out. According Hoyer strikes out dollars demanding but another good round and after it is Mexico you will they are true and it animal. We have a lot of responsibilities in today's world we cautiously analyze our wellness but neglect the largest organ of our body. 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Keep your smile learn more about individual and family dental plans and delta dental KS dot com. Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance. Seat agent John Green Ryan woods or an end overweight Sawyer. I led deck enjoying your weekend mornings and night right here runs. Picture from New Mexico this week. Further plot at the top of the seventh I beg your pardon. Matt Villa lobos. Will be a new low blow pitcher and then Carsten Schneider went six scattered ten hits. Two runs no walks six strikeouts. And Snyder's answer me a winner. As Matt do you allow votes. That will be in there for the second time this year. Below those in the inning and two thirds three hits. One walk with no runs allowed against Hawaii last. Because it's their business and it's you lose first baseman who. And. Bryant income will greet deal of those. Here in the seventh inning. Keenness here at the ballpark. In the Corel backyard can SS studios game one of three units. Really been all low blows. Villa lobos spores one in their first strike and it's. Nothing in one. Matt below those six feet 180 he's also and native New Mexico. Rio Rancho New Mexico. Where he hails from the islands low one ball one strike so Schneider stand to be the winner. Davis on the hook for the loss. Take him one for three RBI double in the fifth. Her ball takes high. One ball one strike. Matt Villa lobos Cleveland high school from Rio Rancho New Mexico. And Allen's hit the air to center field. Gonzales play heading played way over in the gap in left center but I hung up long enough for him right now I think comes one for four. Here's ballot bowl. Now that I think designated here would know mobile. Below those last year redshirt. 2014. Only appeared in six games covering three and two thirds innings. Villa lobos. Stepping and much more prominent role this year at least in the early going would look that way. Trying to mop up here and soak up some innings for New Mexico to a notice. Alec ball Alex delegate game these two out of three. Bowl money his. Young career now five for eleven. Hit hard on the ground at shortstop bowers picks it up. And throws in time. Bowman at the low screamer to the shortstop and two up and you have got a bit baseman Jason made news. You're straight traders to for two and been hit by a pitch. Two up and two down in the shocker seventh. Line in right field for a base hit chase raiders three out of three. Then on there all four times. The show markers have gone down in order only once tonight. Next came in the first inning. It hit number eleven OK pension privileges and because you. And of course he will grab a bat and hit for Gunner trial on. Those switch hitter up there from the left side will. Hit against Matt Villa lobos got a Trout line tonight is Hillary's one out of three wood and RBIs singled. Prater way at first. Ten run Lobo leave. Little high one ball no strikes. Told you a couple of innings ago that. Ray Birmingham. Has. Omaha. On these lobos mines in the hands for a couple years now. There's a strike and there one on one and again from 2010 to 2013. They made regional appearances in consecutive years. 2010 they have an RPI am nineteen highest ever. Standing gore ski takes load to walls minister. And 2013. They were ranked by. Baseball America's highest thirteenth. In the nation. So they're making some noise out here. Do you want. And didn't miss by much three and understand of course. They in San Diego State the front runners. To win the mountain west. 31 to Taylor. And he lost the baton fouled it off all the same time. The bat the ball basically landed the same spot. Just to home plate side of the on deck circle from New Mexico. Three balls two strikes. Two out new shocker seventh. Shocker to actually scored first they got one in the second inning. But the lobos score eight unanswered after that the shocker guess one in the fifth. And then for for New Mexico in the sixth on the Grand Slam by Chris DaVita. 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Hurt in retrospect I wouldn't pay double received your complimentary exam and a free 3-D X ray now call 3163501100. Pick Cambridge family dentistry you have something to smile about Wichita severe storms leaders. Thirteen thirty K assets. The senate than it. Sam and a star field. Car along with him naked shocker debut of big right hander from Mays high school. On for the first time this year according Hoyer went two thirds of an inning and good inclusion came on late hit a couple of runs. It was a home run. If you walks. And one strikeout to Connor long lists Manning. Shoulder procedure in the offseason. Gets a chance to show what he's got. And his 2016. Debuts in Davis mcginnis. Evans' lawyer. And now omelets and 65 into wanting. Out of maize high school. Tremendous athlete. Put off some staggering numbers not only in baseball with football. It's never going to look at the top I ordered. So there that the. Luis Gonzales there. Two out of three single double walk reached on an air. So long lists delivers and it's strike. Can't gore speaking out taking over behind home plate. As he. Hit for Connor prefer Gunner Trout line. 01. Lowe is. Luis Gonzales ran out and showed bunt which. My I don't wanna make you haven't when Europe can. Bomblets in a line in the war on one. Little bit higher at two balls and one strike. So long which was one of those guys that Todd Butler talked about the pregame like take a look at sooner rather than later and here we are. Little Popper fallow lands. Just wide of the shocker dug out now play. Two balls two strikes nobody on nobody out in the lobos seventh first of a three game series and New Mexico looking like it's gonna go foreign one on the young season. In time called. Wind and Connors to chief. Now want golf to the right fielder will hit retreating. Hand off the wall as do doc Gooden again and as he got to the wall the same time the ball bit and Luis Gonzales. As a single double and triple. Connor long woods. Gets treated here in the senate. Says yeah. Good. The old three doubles and triples home runs among the eleven hits. Born in Mexico tonight. They have yet to be retired in order. And here's Michael Eaton who's so for three with a walk. Ground ball left side. Vickers and Scott are actually at Kirk now playing short but great play by him run scores. Picked it up on the short hop threw across his body it. He had scores Gonzales. About thirteen. His. That in better smooth and still. You. Kirk is a sure Luke Ridder is now playing second base for the Schumacher's. Value hard takes outside one ball no strikes. So substitution starting to come in now is. Raiders then there are so is Santa gore ski. One rule them bounces. Thirteen to two. Bases empty one out in the bottom of the seventh. You'll pitch. Crank kind in deep to left field down toward the poll it's fair it's gone. Home run. Carl stodgy arm with the long home run to left and it's now fourteen to two. So baptism by fire for Connor Connor Connor long would it. Hey good. You are now there. Long night getting longer for the shock course. And New Mexico really flexing its muscles there's a breaking ball low. Zoller single in Milwaukee scored twice. And now everybody that Reese Webber's at least scored one run. Changeup is low to no. Multi four run innings. By crave different ones. For New Mexico. And now it's three and noted Jack Zelman. Triple ground ball home run. Here in the seventh. Here's the 30 pitch. Outside ball four. So Connor long which joined the previous four shocker pitcher's hand walking at least one. He didn't. Yeah they look good route to. Derek Manning the left fielder he's reached. In his last three plate appearances. Hit back through the middle that the base hit into center field and hit number thirteen. For. New Mexico. To Manning's second. Yeah that it doesn't do it's good. Crist to veto. You vetoed cheese singles a double a home run. Last time up there he homered with a bases loaded. To break open and eight to two game. Over hand curve balls and little low. DeVito against Sam Davis single in the double. Against Clayton mcginnis. A single. Manny is Cody a lawyer. He bases loaded home run. 10 pitch. Line drive base hit center field. Another runs gonna come around to score fifteen to two. Chris DeVito has seven RBI. First and second. One now. The beat goes on for New Mexico. Over half reached lover. DeVito becomes the first Lobo. And for years to drive and seven inning game. Fifteen to two. And there's a strike called in there to reach Weber. So DeVito is five for five. With seven runs batted in. And he matches Dalton bowers. Who had a five hit game against Hawaii last weekend with five out of six. DeVito. I for five tonight one ball one strike to reach Weber who is the only low blow. Without a hit. Beg your pardon Michael Eaton also without him. Didn't mean to do a little check swing foul ball. Down the right field line fell one ball and she strikes. Three more home here in the inning. Connor lung which. Sacrificial lamb at this point. Bad part for that shocker pin is yet to more ago and Alan flying in right field for a base hit. And they are gonna stop the runner at third mangle holed up there in the bases will be loads. Five hits in the inning off Connor long weeks. The bad and it's true yeah. He. John butler's done. Come out of the third base dugout. Bit tough debut for Connor along with but he had middle loan. It's been a struggle for everybody tonight. Third inning I hit. It three runs and walked. And joggers it will make a move that. Go to the bullpen and he just beat you. Pitcher numbers six. And Wichita State tonight. And look like Tyler Gibson I believe. Wednesday's starter. There's that militia movement. I'm from and it's gives them. Gibson who started. On Wednesday against all of Roberts come back and try to help out pitching staff here and I. Just trying to get through the final two at bats. This one on one more week. Born in Mexico. So Gibson becomes pitcher numbers six and you're looking to him today. Jacob western and is running Ford did veto at second base though. Crist to veto the DH. Has a historical mine. Five hit seven RBIs game. So Gibson will be on there with the bases loaded on Al. Three and this. An age fifteen to two run away born in Mexico. And shocker heading for there. Third consecutive loss turned to Michael the people turn to will each market tomorrow. Trying to snap the the three game losing streak again shocker baseball fans. The game start to. Three tomorrow. But women's basketball starts at two on can't access who will join in progress if after the shocker women are done playing hoops. He could follow along you know shocker shocker cop who lives that broadcast. Or you can follow the shocker baseball Twitter account for the full details. Sky gram with a bases full of lobos. Won out the pitch and Gibson delivers low. One ball no strikes got a Gibson junior college transfer from seminal. He's a native of how Oklahoma 64185. Manning had third. Western minutes second. Wherever it first. And strike right through there. The Santa gore skiing out catching. Kirk moves from second over to short. Luke Ritter. Is your new second baseman. 11 pitch. Outside cue balls in the strike. Eaton mocha and give god the outfielder remains the same. Fix shocker pitchers. Who have toiled here tonight. Do you want. Chopping ground ball to think oh man any bubbles on the short out stepped on the bag. Everybody else moved up ninety feet though and that means Manning scores to make it sixteen to do. And they're abandoning its. Yeah. Bowers says he's been in the middle of a lot offensively to. One for two officially runs scored two driven in two walks. One driven and I should think. Stolen two bases. And Allen's thrown hard and high. One ball no strikes. Shocker in the eighth. We'll have the lower third the order he can do guy and Ritter. Gibson. Come set checks for runners at second and third in the 10. Strike called one on one well thrown. Sixteen to two in New Mexico. In the bottom of the seventh. Breaking ball is low. And blocked by Sana horse he. Here's the 21 from Gibson the pitch outside three and one. Gibson. How the stretch with runners at second and third. Long hold the stretch three want. Strike down around the knees printed. Shocker have been out hit fifteen to eleven. But the bases on balls are really. Told detail shocker have not drawn one tonight offensively. High pop up. Left side of the diamond should stay in fair territory. Me and Kirk squeezes it. Over near the third baseline view him beginning to put another big round for the all those. They get formal but it does have are they sixteen hits and I know one thing is death it was everything. Are you looking for a great place to play golf whether you're beginner for a seasoned veteran. 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Security and advisory services offered through SII investments incorporated member Finneran SIPC and a registered investment advisor pastor and associates incorporated and SII investments incorporated are separate and unrelated companies shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance. C agent Alex Acosta NG Valentine or in mold main Kurt barber. George story from coast to coast AM stormy week knights right here I'm KM SS. With the five floors and completed national college review by defensive holding staying in caring. Beat your defense. Against any deal line you get one call make it count TC is free okay why did you pick is the attitude that you're. Rick Fehr is gonna hit for Keenan eaten. As we had to be eight inning doctors on the short end of a sixteen to score them. Brett the year. Started that game Wednesday against. All Roberts but never did come to the plight. Takes upstairs one ball no strikes. Feared takes over fourteen and Eaton who was one out of three map below those still out there. For you and him. Fear upper glove side runs well for big guy and he takes a knee high strike may be beyond. Jared holly is now playing third base. Takes over for stodgy heart. And fear bounces one back through the middle fielded near the bag. By eaten anything he throws out Brett fear. So Brett bounces suspected and that's on the eighth inning starts. Now they write that you didn't. They can do guy old stadium Aaron hit for himself he's one out of three. Had a base hit to left side in the sixth. Via low volts. Q do doc. Upstairs. Shocker got one in the first but Sam Davis never really could get comfortable and after. Escaping trouble in the first inning gave up three in the second three more in the third that well those were on their way shot fouls Longley. Straight to the right side. Looking at the shocker line up. Most everybody got at least one base hit do god picks in the high strike one and two. Kirk one out of four take a one for four. Bolton two for four rader went three for three Trout line one out of three and exited. Eaten one out of three he's gone. Duke. Lying on over there a first baseman down toward the right field line and Dayton can really run in hill's team in the second base. With a double. So Dayton duke got knocked you out of war. So he's got hits in his last two plate appearances. It number twelve for which he does things that basement bedroom. Here's Ritter hitting his first plate appearance. Tray Vickers one out of three. Gives way to Luc Ritter. Riddle one for floor. So far on the season. Ritter. Takes his time climbing into the batter's box now does so the native of Overland Park, Kansas facing. Matt the yellow votes. Pitch. Popping up high in the very shallow center field. Gonzales. Ranges under it makes the catch. Throughout its. That it is important to us this is just ten. Standard Kirk he's one out of four singles this last time. Kirk. One for four is grounded out flied out and struck out. It's killing his rifle and through the shift in left field for a base hit. Stopping at third is due got third baseman and shortstop for virtually right next to each other and care Kirk. It tracer right between a you got stopped at third. And Michael move just enjoy it doesn't backer you can just put that through. Some focus day is done O for four. And now the backers. Sixteen to New Mexico shocker sitting in the top of the eight. Tobacco one for three on the year than RBI. Partners at the corners a first pitch to name is. Strike down our nominees. There shoppers have. Two runs on thirteen hits. They stranded ten. Haven't flown to backer watches it. Bounce in there and he blocked by the catcher. Stinky teams tomorrow. Finale Sunday at 2 o'clock. Shocker will come home for four. 11 pitch. Swing and miss it changeup he backer over the top of one ball two strikes two outs. Do you guys third Kirk first. 12 pitch. Top on the ground foul past Mike Syria on its first. Still one ball and two strikes. Workers have had at least a base runner in every inning but two. The doctor into center field but Gonzales is wearing glides over to make the catch. Inning is over and I'm mainly go still sixteen did him in Mexico on canister it's. Yeah. Gibbs gives Derek yeah star viewers. All right dad did. Just this addicted to make their way home. Why can't be there plus. You are busy meeting deadlines aaron's car pools favors EDT to ask render the thank you completely forgot to our camp didn't pay any different believes that he can you promised better yeah. Stuff you can't be everywhere but we can. Delta dental of Kansas offers individual dental plans across the largest Dennis network in the nation's so when something's gotta dance blues the laundry list. Keep your smile learn more about individual and family dental plans and delta dental KS dot com. Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance. C agent Brad woody Shawn Chapman orange haze filled forest pummel. This is Stevens can join this morning right here on Kate and as fast. Try to get them out for the bottom of the eighth inning. Mexico is. Effectively Elaine hidden from shocker tonight sixteen news here's wars meaning that you haven't always been mythology lord whose independent living and use the. Dallas leads it off. And here's a chance. For the cycle. He takes outside. Dane Hamilton hit for the cycle. It's seven years ago for New Mexico. Gonzales tonight single walk double triple. You strike in there. Gonzales tripled off Connor lung which to start the seventh. And hit on the ground and a backhand stab bite taken knocked it down no play. Luis Gonzales. I think four hit game. Born in Mexico. At numbers sixteen and on a mobile. They've sent give them a good. To. Villain now have a five hit game from Christie veto on a four hit game. We're Luis Gonzales. Michael Leighton fixed loan outside wanna know. Eaten one for four walked. Drove in around with a ground ball on the set. Gibson comes that. In the pitch. Back through the middle base hit into center field. The second and holding Gonzales. Michael he's an. It gets his first hit of the game pace. The thing good things that didn't. Yeah it is yeah. It. It so Holly's gonna get his first plate appearance. He came in last half inning defensively for stodgy our first and second nobody out the pitch. Little bit inside. Jarrett holly. Senior utility man on the Lobo team Rihanna sick so far this year. Polly been productive in his career. Although he only at 254 last year. Tech to breaking ball in the air for his strike. Ball one strike two on nobody out in the low blow eight. Gibson long hole in the stretch in the 11. So breaking balls wanna miss wealth around. Davis mcginnis Evans warrior one wits and now Gibson the shock. At least in the first game of this series Mexico's shown there is. Good as advertised and as good as ray Birmingham thinks they might be. Breaking ball thrown over the top of the head of calling. Gonzales to second. Eaten at first. UM has now hit the shocker seventeen to thirteen plotting of hits tonight. Heading reaching ground ball foul past third. Do balls two strikes me. It's an independent and and it's. A good. Shocker with just those two runs on thirteen hits and stranded twelve. The Mexico has left eight. Teach it. Swan Lake slice fouled on the right side long run Ford do you got any overruns at and it lands fouled out of play. It's an opportunity missed that's been that guy and I let it again. Newton Newton Travis young is now playing right field to beg your pardon so young it's again. Overran it right at the line. The backers now playing left field. And fears playing center three balls and two strikes. Here's a stretch by gifts in the three to lose outside bowl for their loaded up. There have been opening her recurring theme. That everything is blown to. It. In Mexico one for two tonight with the bases loaded no one here left the ballpark Crist to veto. Here's Jack Zelda are the bases loaded nobody out. Gibson brings an end. Chop foul. Whose owner herb. I hit in three trips he's walked his last time last few times and there. Nothing in one account. Gibson's no one. Changeup a little bit I didn't miss by much. One ball one strike. Close owners one for three but he scored three times. In the third sixth and seventh. Jared mangled left fielder scored four times tonight. One walk. Move it outside funeral. And for as much of a blowout as this is Jason Benz and clearly doesn't have anywhere to be. Gibson comes to the bell. If you want. Munich called out on the strike two and two. Fans groaning about the element. Accounts probably dollar it should be two goals and two strikes. Here's a stretch by Gibson. Check of the runners to toot his donor can on the ground ashore Kirk's got a QMR Ritter for one back to first double play run scores. But a 643. Turned over by Wichita State. It's always out exactly over the. It's my. You wouldn't. Lose it and. It's now seventeen. Is due to his limitless. Jared Manning. Manx you're out of 34 runs scored and RBIs a couple of walks he has been busy. And well thrown strike by Charlie Gibson. So Gibson has been touched up for Iran that makes all six. Wichita State pitchers given up at least one. They both saw game to be sure. Generous strike on the inside edge. And I think Benson has reached the point of no return. Fifteen run game. Gibson comes sent me notes it. Popped up. That gives the infield Ridder making the co. We'll go to the guy who's seventeen to tune in Mexico on innocent. 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We're town brewery since 1992. Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance. C agent Jared Crawford. Chris post or Mike Rogers say Sean Hannity here listen to meet every weekday at two it's fall half. Happening right here on KM SS. Eric. Come on the pitch the ninth inning. Born in Mexico. It is seventeen if you love. And it's been all the Mexico's that they re run second inning. Sam Davis. Sailor marine making his 2000. Sixteen name. He's a senior from right here in Albuquerque. Made nineteen appearances a year ago. Not a lot of success Bowen to you than 8084 ERA. Of your chance to. In the final three dollars and thirty races into this Grayson Janice well. Bad for Ryan take him. Just against the read. And little bit high when bonus strikes. Carsten Schneider once at the went the first six then Matt Villa lobos the next two. And out to reach. Genesis Dixon behind strike. Just over three with two walks. In his. Maiden voyage for Wichita State 11. In on the ground to second but it should be easy and is. And over the first. He takes care Genesee one out. They abandon his admittedly you're now light bulb. Bomb two for four. Post game show coming directly afterwards you'll. What you know who the star of the game is. Play of the game. And strike in enacting. For a couple of different reasons and I will be fairly brief. Lot shocker fans would like to relive probably about this when seventeen accused score. The ball one strike two Alec boom. Singler and scored the second. Struck out the fourth singled in the fifth grounded to short in the seventh he swung the bat pretty well the night. He handled cue ball off in the baton off speed pitch anywhere up front. Same two teams tomorrow once again. The game time is 3 o'clock but women's basketball starting on Candace says that two and will join him progress. After the late. 12. Barely miss. Slider down low. Two goals and two strikes throughout the home. And the pitch. Lying. In the senator feel now like moments at three hit game. He has been a silver lining for Wichita State that's fourteen hits for the shock yours. The thing that children's act. But it snack granting. Rating four out of twelve. He's hitting for raider. And rader had a three hit game to. Popped up and left sides should be playable. Is for the third baseman holly and makes cats throughout. So one more again toward Mexico. That'll be Taylor standing Gore's keep standing in line. Now batting catcher didn't senators who. You read to Sana or ski. Hard but high. Ball no strikes. Not holding the rudder first bone barely off the bag. And of course he takes luck. Two balls no strikes. Her first few out. And that's load three you know. In the on deck circle lose Brett fear. Actually. He's gonna be lifted should stand of course he reached nanny does ball for. First walk of the game issued by New Mexico pitching. And it's didn't wouldn't they can cure it. Tort lawyer. In turn here. Too long to out in the shocker night. Do reads pitch. Afternoon for strike. Jordan Boyer hits for fear fear got one back. Yours is stretched by tailored to read. Neo long's name has somehow locals. One strike away from taking the first game of the series. Here's a stress injuries pitch low. When ball and two strikes. Moments that I can't. And of course he had first ones to hide. It's still unclear. Die hard tailored to refinancing your round. Duels and two strikes. And no one outside all three so boy lawyers worked the count full. Three into two outs too long. Shark or night. 32 pitch. Well wolf war and their load it. And back to back walks the first you'd drawn by the Shia workers. And that's an overhead and drab as you know those drivers don't. So young income lowered it up. Known three out of thirteen so far this year. And he picks outside one ball no strikes. Shocker that every base. But it. He is too little too late. 10 a young taking on the right there one ball one strike. Shoppers with a run in the second run in the fifth. New Mexico is scored in six separate innings. Duck at multiple runs in. Five. Of the six all the way back to the screen in the shocker the ending of the cheap when there on while it. Gomes scores makes seventeen to three. Runners move up ninety feet. The drought is young when runners at second and third. Two on one account. Dayton duke guard in this spot in the order. Got his first two hits as a shocker single and double. Taylor jury looking for that one final out here. And young takes inside. Three balls in the strike. Stretch again bide your read it three Juan outside ball four. Are loaded up in three consecutive walks. And now Luke Ritter will be another shot. And it really quick visit. By Ken Harkin made it pitching coach. Willie chalky will try to snap the shocker three game losing streak. Tomorrow afternoon. And New Mexico will hand the ball to Tyler Stephens. A sophomore. Freshman all American geragos who rendered. Here's Ritter. Why does senator in his only other plate appearance and he takes one right down middle for a strike. Nothing in on the shoppers have been out here it's seventeen to fourteen. Base runners for both teams like Jack rabbits all over the bases. An Allen smacked in left center field for a base net gonna go all the way to the wall wonder and is in two runs there ran. A third runner comes around to score on a three run double. By Luke Renner. The shocker is break free. Even when now horse is already out of the barn but. They make three walks. Is devastating flirt like crazy I heard it tailored theory. The rhetoric three run double. And makes it seventeen to six. Ground ball base hit to left field. Ritter around thirty going to be leg and he's gonna score. And tanner Kirk. Has it three hit game English soccer's not going quietly they put up a five spot I don't know I know you can't. Dudek who used to backer. Now seventeen to seven. The shock yours have batted around. Here in the ninth against tailored to read. And strike in their jobs if backer to backer flied to center in his only previous plate appearance. Sixteen hits now for the shocker. Outside to one and one. There comes a 11. I'll back. So. For a while now that lobos have had a shocker is out of their final out. And for at least a second time they're down their final strike. But three consecutive two out walks in a three run double from Luke Ridder. Followed by an RBI by Canner Kircus kept things going. Hit back through the medal and a sliding stop by the shortstop makes it trickled into center field can be hit for the backer. And Kirk makes it clear. The New Yorkers have now about it all the way around. And Janice Logan another. Trip to the plate he started the inning by grounding out to second. The betting there's this name isn't just. So it seventeen to seven. And they hit three and up at seventeen. Apiece. And naturally. There's a pitching change. But. Taylor jury just couldn't get that final out. He ends up going two thirds of an inning. Four hits three walks. Five runs so far. And the shocker still batting. But. Grayson Janice. Will face somebody news. It'll be. And he left hander. He kind of feel bad for Taylor Green just trying to get a mop up inning in relief innings seventeenth team game. Annie couldn't quite it. Close the deal Jake Nelson. That. Particularly if you can go and children who take its. Yeah. So Jake Nelson who like to read the making his first outing of the year. Nelson. A redshirt freshman solicited debuted. From the beaten Colorado. 511100. Fifty pounder. Jake Nelson. It took. Eighty innings plus a couple of matters for the doctors to draw their first walk. And hand out coaxing three out of Taylor Maria all of them come around school. Seventeen to seven. Kirk is a third. The fact turns it firms. Kirk has ended up with a three hit game. After going over his first breeze that singled in his last three trips. So what's left hander against left hander. Jake Nelson against Grayson generous to act first pitch doing. Slider a little bit low one ball no strike. So Jake Nelson count on lower three quarter guy. Swings now when in their loan outside. Gets away from the catcher. Just for a second. Though to another. Grayson Jenna step. And there's a strike in the outer edge. Alec Baldwin. Who's got a three hit game working and a single and a run scored earlier in the inning is on deck. That's a little too low three and one. Shoppers go eight innings without a walk and other eyelash away from drawing four in the inning. Swing and a miss by generous to. Three inches two outs. Shocker again down their final strike. 32. Chopped her up along first behind the bags bearing the. So jealous that grounds out twice in the inning. In the final scores New Mexico seventeen in the shocker seven post game straight ahead. 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Loretta popped dogs dot com use promo code shocker fifteen UK you're the shocker discounted. Well it's tough when tonight for Wichita State all the way around me to lose seventeen to seven fall for the third straight game. New Mexico proves to be born on the shock now. Q and three. Shocker got on the board first with a run in the second inning on RBIs from gutter Trout line. But Sam Davis who got out of trouble in the first inning couldn't escape trouble the second. There was two stolen bases. With two walks three stolen bases to walk this the hand of the walk. In addition to two wild pitches missed 301 after Q I just got worse after that. RBIs for Crist to veto and reads whoever in the third inning but RBIs from mangan DeVito and more. That maybe eight to one and a Grand Slam like Crist to veto in the sixth put the icing on the cake. As to field finished with five hits and seven RB IL hold shocker if you live cosmetic rounds. In the ninth inning highlighted by a three run double fine. Luke Ridder could make it seventeen to seven but it was on top of all the way around not only for the shocker pitcher's split in essence the shocker hitters because. They only had two rounds on the first thirteen hits before they broke out in the fifth and final score seventeen to seven. When we come back world crown r.'s star of the game giving our play of the game and you'd final totals they didn't come can answer. 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Is lunch for breakfast no breakfast is for breakfast with McDonald's all they breakfast menu which includes the eight the muffin hotcakes and hash browns any time is delicious breakfast on. The man Amanda McDonald's have a good afternoon don't you mean good morning. That you now. Donald's all day breakfast menu varies by location. Wind down broke down made its same day what time is not on your side call led put expressed. A hot shot to Tulsa our next flight out to Orlando led put express gets at their fast. He'd apart nationwide the same day is their next flight out or hot shots services let's put expressed delivers anything fast. But it absolutely has to be there on time call let's put expressed at 5409991. Or online at led foot express dot com. This is mark living finding. Weekdays at five right here on tape and as bad. Are your calls tonight here now. But Turkey seventeen to seven dollars star of the game is brought you by the Kansas lottery. Pitcher Kansas lottery Mega Millions ticket today for a chance to become a millionaire they're can't slaughter dot com for the most current jackpot amount. Like Kansas lottery and dream bigger. No short of the shortage of candidates offensively to shocker was seventeen hits. There were. Four different guys with multi hit games. Gotta give it to Alec bombed only three out of five tonight drove in a couple and Alec on the young season and is career six for thirteen. So he is York Kansas law to start a game cantor Kirk also had three hits sorted chase raider. And Dayton do guy got his first two hits of the shocker career. And honorable mention Lou critter although we hear from him. In the second and that brings us to our. Play of the game it's not a put the deep freeze play the game brought to pilot and client who's shocker is a little short tonight but. Even though. They were down big in the ninth inning. Luke Ritter didn't give up then he's registers are let the planes play of the game and here it is. And Alan smacked in left center field for a base net gonna go all the way to the wall wonder and is in two runs there ran. A third runner comes around to score on a three run double. By Luke Renner. Man made it seventeen to seven and the Taliban to boost rockers fall short but they get five runs in the ninth. To make this look a little bit better. At the very end final totals. Four years seventeen runs seventeen hits no where's nine left for the lobos. Seven runs seventeen hits. Two errors fourteen laughed for the shock winner Carsten Schneider he's 210 loss to Sam Davis he falls to one and one. Home runs in the ball game. Carl stock you are hit his second Crist to veto with the bases loaded his first. New Mexico now with seven home runs in five games. So far this season. Game took three hours and 21 minutes 891. Saw it. New Mexico now foreign one on the season shocker to fall two and three again Willie each walkie and Tyler Stephen to pitchers tomorrow. First pitch will be at 3 o'clock central time. We will will be on the air following women's basketball tomorrow. Here on can SS they will tip off at 2 PM so after they're done. We'll pick it up here from Albuquerque. So thanks again to Caleb Corel for his work back in the studio and thanks to you for listening chain Dennis. Repeating the final score New Mexico seventeen Wichita State seven. Signing off from Albuquerque will talk to tomorrow after women's basketball right here on canyon SS. It's time to telecharge Intel on AT&T'S charging into three or even five bucks just to get your cash but every checking account and equity bank gives you free use of every ATM if any thing so women ATM threatens you with a feed go ahead take that charge equity bank wants it premier account.