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As It Happened - Hour 3 - FULL HOUR

Dec 30, 2015|


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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

From the CBC news radio is just as likely moments ago areas breaking news join us as we listen back to the year's top stories as they were breaking. You can hear sirens going after right now. Yes we know that a higher rates. Speed we've got a long rifle in the street the suspect is now we may be asked to cover here and second their officers right in front of the helicopters thundering overhead that latest touching down. Right now. France's hands in the united seeing these use pass it happened. Now from BBC news headquarters. Here's your host. Alex still own. In 2015. Terrorism struck the homeland in the deadliest terror attack in the US since 9/11 I'm married couple apparently inspired by ice news. Opened fire on a San Bernardino County Health Department employee event on December 2. It was a dramatic few hours following the initial attack and in a shootout with police and sell that story unfolding. Police in San Bernardino California say they are dealing within active shooters. Police are actively searching the area we heard them talking about that it was coming out telling those who were inside the building. They come out there and are now a long line of ambulances. As more emergency vehicles swarm into the area we. Know where those shooters aren't. I'm their heavily armed and they are possibly wearing body armor and things of that nature yeah I mean it is not a staging area to be very dangerous. As we drive right now the fire department here LA county area brought out this. Dozens of people have been streaming out of that building according to eyewitnesses perhaps under evacuation orders by police. Heavily armed swat teams have been seen moving toward the location in San Bernardino California a number of ambulances have also been seen driving to that location swat teams are moving in a position columns of ambulances have been sent toward this. Seen in a parking lot right now we'd do see people with their hands raised in the air. Undoubtedly led from the building by police as they Coke untoward adored trying to evacuate. Dumping the swat teams have been practicing it now. They are letting you know what he's moving it from all over Southern California. They are going lights hiring right now. Adding gore I am bird eat out you can hear sirens going right. At unmarked vehicles go a lot alike they're a lot. Are running at me right. They are like at UB that a lot of flashing lights they're more album coming debate in the direction to go around all of us were brought Derek well we're going out highway speeds are right now. There are a lot out. Black you whip up flashing light. Our blog bet that's. That quite a bit faster clip that you are still a lot of resources. Trying to get the area and oh yeah right. Now there are dozens and dozens of police officers here and as we're talking we still see people filing it ought to heavily armed swat unit is John Ward Just. Away from the scene not sure what's going on but they're on wit. Automatic rifles. Clearly this is not fully yet under control helicopters thundering overhead and I and again he sheriff's officers armed with. Are any art or some sort of automatic long rifles are running towards. A scene just but a 102 yards away from that build. There are police officers have long gun rock are. Holed it on it they are blocking traffic in keeping people back. Now on the freeway which is about a mile and versatile back. They get shot down the offer and spare. I am looking Eddie long line of fire trucks and ambulance lights flashing they are awaiting word go we ended. There is eighteen about sheriff's deputies about a block down from that I. They have helmets on they are awaiting word on what you apparently. Op all of us here are pretty sheriff's department helicopter I'm making circles. A row on the campus area as I speak up above me. Irrigate sheriff's department helicopter. I've circling the area watching over a top to do their work. The suspects. I have fled. Particularly in a dark colored S you think we do not have any identification on who those suspects are we do not know what the motive for the shooting at this point. This is a worst case scenario for police right now the they have made it at mass shooting an active shooter who came in and they broadly adopted three suspects came into this as Sam Perry in front of me right here. Opened fire then got into a black SUV of some kind. And took off and now they don't know where the multiple gunmen that may be as a docket you here come a number of other. Patrol cars and now yet they are taken off that they're going somewhere we we know that there have been several different cars that they have searched and pulled over and looked at. They keep getting tips as is common with these sorts of things they did tips that something more patrol cars are going now they gave tips that something's going on and I go to check it out. We've been hearing that yell as they got into their vehicles or showed they typically do here's another do this we're gonna at a high rate of speed. This is. Officers that we've seen take off already and here's another one coming. Outdoor art on the dollar bonus they approached what JT seems to be talking about again we've heard. So all of them yell out or show it took a canoe here's the swat vehicle. Going off the scene again the most activity we've seen here I don't know. Number of hours. As law enforcement officers continue. To get on the road and squeal off to this next scene search and very tense moments here as we're waiting to hear word is yours or. Off quickly end the cars just keep on coming from the location Iraq. We don't know what what this response entails medics are now making their way again. We don't know this is one of the suspects at this is another shooting involving the gunman. We just don't know at this point except police are it heavy response around. Now police officers are out of their cars. And running in stopped traffic toward a scene. Where other officers are waiting it in a heavily armed swat vehicle we've got a rifle industry there is Brothers that officer the suspect is now. There's a rifle in the street it looks like there may be a body in the street coach. Officers got out of their cars and then started running towards this scene which it appears to be in a residential neighborhood. Officers are out of the car. And they are in their vests they have guns drawn. And now they are crouching at a fence line looking at this suvs the SUV is riddled with bullets there's a body in the street there's a rifle nearby there's blood. And police officers are crouching behind a fence and behind a utility pole calling out to see if they are all are any of the suspects from the shooting inside the vehicle plainclothes that sheriff's apart. Internet deputies just got out of may stand in front of me. And they have stance on and they have just about every kind of armor you could imagine and they are running down the street in front of me. The smell around here is not burning rubber smell I don't know what that is. Operated today it there's a smell of burning rubber whether it be the brakes all those vehicles are streaming in. Or something else I don't know all of this happening. A couple of blocks down that the street is not looking down their right now. And that there are still Syron still people's reading at around us now at this point. They believe. They suspect vehicle has been sound now riddled whip up bullets no windows completely shot out. Now long gone outside blood in the street they began to believe they suspect he's down. Is a body in the street. A long gun nearby there's blood on the pavement and now police are probing the SUV to see if the second suspect may well be dead. Inside the vehicle we may be asked to cover here a second their officers right in front of me pointing their guns inside this house that they were in front of and they are because we're running from car to car. I and they are crouched down with their guns drawn behind cars and they're putting another car to create some more copper. They are bending down watching them give signals to each other. As they move around now more deputies moving in the area they're guns erupt they're getting behind these suvs for. Op protection that bending down behind them pointed at this house in front of us. I think it would make sense for a frost probably get a little ways back and crouched count as welding with the officers are doing it right in front of us is. SUV stopped about two miles away from the scene of the mass shooting that left fourteen people dead is in fact the suspect vehicle. Shots were exchanged one officer was injured but okay one suspect is dead on the street there was one. Hold from the vehicle. And initially they said three gunman silly if there were three gunman one may still be outstanding if there were only two gunmen they've got everybody police have. Al completely left they are in this general area there is still a helicopter circling above somebody's streets have officers with their lights still going. But these homes were they were not that long ago. Going door to door. No longer have swat teams out in front of them and actually opened up some of the streets now the helicopter as I'm talking to you now the sheriff's department helicopter is. Beginning to fly away. And their deputies are getting in their vehicles and actually at leaving as I speak to you right now. We are following a bunch of chips that took us to do residents in the city of Redlands. When officers were showing up on that residents to watch a ball there was a vehicle that was seen leaving wall that was suspect possibly being involved. Father ended up being a pursuit of our vehicle. And then eventually that pursuit came back to Australia avenue between Mountain View and Richardson you're in the U serious chairman of the you know. Where the suspect vehicle stopped and there was an officer involved shooting. We are multiple officers were involved in the shooting. We have two suspects that are dead after seeing one of them well one of the female. We have one police officer was wounded. He has injuries that are not considered to be life threatening India's off at a local hospital that was expected to be okay. There were two people. In the vehicle both of those people are deceased. The FBI is in charge of the investigation right now agents believe husband and wife couple cited sorrow contesting Malik have been radicalized for some time be. For the attack. Coming up an all out manhunt to find two prison escape peace we have aircraft we have canine we have. Had tons of ground personnel. We're exhausting every single resource that we. We have at our disposal ABC news radio was actually happened continues. After this. Reporting from. Missouri or Oklahoma home after home obliterated Chief Justice to the bathroom where she was totaled it brain that are okay. Katrina. Tsunami in Japan everyone is okay Gaza China Tehran. Ukraine we'll be dishes have been good. Fired just around the all this tourists from every corner of the planet every inch of America. Our first reporters and ABC's David Muir did the New York near the front lines ABC's David north. Leads our coverage once again tonight genetics. Connecting us to reach others he events and our world that matter most changing lives for the better welcome home. Tradition. When news breaks ABC news radio he's there. And it is an active shooter situation. At Fort Hood when tragedy struck Fort Hood again police moving around the base they're giving descriptions could recruit that they're looking for now I'm a pretty decent reporter that I not no discredit me. BBC news radio honored with the prestigious Edward. Right here. More Americans surging. Good Morning America so yeah get to be America's number 1 morning show that helps to know would you want in the morning. To get from Robin Roberts you what the news you want it fast first ever right outpouring take it from George Stephanopoulos you want breaking news. Is making exclusive seek it from Spencer weeding out you know I don't snaps of the line. So good in your morning with the ABC's Good Morning America Good Morning America Good Morning America. Among firefighters and. As teacher. I'm a farmer I'm a barber always checks my mom. For all part of your community and every day we moved in and now and each other's busy lives. It's easy to take for granted I'm a little moments that make up our every day and someone could. Others not so much the that's nice it's when you experience and moment of uncertainty and something I someone's behavior that doesn't seem quite right. These are the moments to take upon us and because if something doesn't feel right. Spelling out the set about paranoia or being afraid. It's about standing up and protecting our communities one detail that time because a lot of little details commit coming out. We we we. We trust our instincts just like you soon because only you know what's not supposed to be in your every day. So protect your every day. If you see something suspicious. Things come into local time yeah. I am amazing. I'm not sagged case or broken can't. I like stories at that time. Island I used. To frustrate you. Inspire you and I want someone to see the fastest land. I have from the to change the world. You can make a difference from Boston to. Finally you can. It's three defense. For fifty million kids schools are for the summer. Out for months. Leading our kids with no way to go and nothing to do better. Putting three quarters of them at risk informing them. You know whom meaning to Victoria Clarke belt doesn't. When school's out for some Boys and Girls Club stores are open. Support the boys and girls clubs visit great futures dot org. From ABC news radio this he has actually happened once again here's ABC's Alex go. On June 6 two. Prison inmates at that Clinton correctional facility in upstate New York escapes the two murders dug their way out intense manhunt followed. Let's take you back now to our coverage of that manhunt. Hundreds of police plus helicopters and bloodhounds are holding two escaped killers who busted out of a new York state prison near the Canadian border early today. The men apparently cutting their way through the concrete walls. Carving through brick walls and steel grates using power tools the men somehow. Obtained without the guards knowledge. Have female prison worker now being questioned in connection with the escaped a prison in upstate New York that we're right out of the movies too dangerous cons still on the loose joy Mitchell an industrial training supervisor Clinton correctional facility has been interviewed as part of the investigation into the weekend prison break she worked at the prison since 2010 but we're told has been removed from her post. The governor of this date has said he's eight he's definitely had help on the inside. But he said he be shocked if a correction officer was involved revive the intense manhunt those two icons in upstate New York. There is a new lead in the search for the two escaped prisoners in New York State so police are still searching locations in New York but to escape peace may have fled across state lines into Vermont. We have information that suggests that they thought that New York was going to be hot and Vermont would be cooler. In terms of law enforcement. The hunt for those two are scary beast now expanded to include at northern Vermont. But the focus remains in northern New York near the prison. These communities all around this area. They are wholly inhabited by corrections officers over that this is a very very personal. Bloodhounds picked up a very strong scent. Deep in those dense woods and that suggests that those prisoners could be nearby. Police dogs picked up a scent that suggested they could be in a wooded area about three miles from the president roads leading to the spot have been blocked there are flares barrels cones and large road closed signs people who lived nearby told us they received robo calls warning them to stay indoors school was canceled the superintendent said he wanted to get out of law enforcement way. You have aircraft we have canine and we have. Not tons of ground personnel and we're exhausting every single resource that we have at our disposal. And a long night for hundreds of officers searching for those who escaped convicts who broke out of New York prison seven days ago cut entire town court and off road blocks police checking every car only residents allowed in. More than 500 officers now involved in this massive manhunt. They're now some 800 law enforcement officers hunting for the two skate peace they've been asking property owners to unlock their dates up they can thoroughly searched every inch of territory and the intensity to change in an instant. At one point the sound of a gunshot was heard in the area troopers dropped in by helicopter to check it out there. And helicopters circling milk woods over the parameter that the police have had blocks off whereas the last day and a half. We've seen two helicopters and no one was circling for about 45 minutes around this one section of the woods. Here at this Canadian border crossing cards are normally only checked leaving Canada. But with these killers on the loose officers tell us turnout checking cars leaving you west a week and a half after the prison break that led to these skate for the two convicted murderers in upstate new York law enforcement officials have confirmed. There's still no sign of them if there's one word. That I thought up throughout this investigation. Is relentless in we are gonna pursue every lead in we are going to locate these individuals. And they will be apprehended. Major developments in the manhunt for two prison his eighteenth police confirming reports of possible sightings of the convicted killers. Along the New York Pennsylvania border. When someone reported seeing two men who fit the description of Richard Matt and David sweat state police responded immediately with canine and aviation units a perimeter is now set up to an Allegheny county New York near where slept. Is frowned in another major development. Techie Preben employ week this time a male corrections officer has been placed on leave. In connection with the investigation into the prison break the officer whose name has not yet been made public. New prisoners Matt and sweats and Joyce Mitchell who's now behind bars charged with helping the inmates escaped. Two weeks after a couple of convicted killers busted out of a prison in northern New York there's still a loose. Once again the search centered not that far from the president a man seen running my hunting cabin. That lead off hunting camp that searchers came across where they think the men might have spent time. One source close to an investigation telling us a person was spotted running away from the camp. And neighbors say they were told by police that fingerprints from one of the men was found at this camp. The owner of a hunting cabin some twenty miles from the prison where Richard Matt and David sweat escape went to check in the place Saturday we're told the cabin owners saw signs of people being inside when they shouldn't have been. The owner called out and then he told authorities are at least one person bolting on the Kevin. When police arrived they off food left behind a quick DNA tests confirmed a match from the estate -- prison issue underwear was also among the items recovered. I'm Cherie Preston breaking news from upstate New York fugitive Richard Matt has been shot and killed by law enforcement had been searching for him and fellow convict David swept for the past three weeks AB. C news has confirmed that Richard massive one of the escaped convict has been shot and killed by police. North of the town of Malone I'm in the Tom Malone or right now. Just a short while ago officers race to Dubai here a lot of commotion a lot of activity. We also just learned that state police have a pretty good idea of where sweat is aboard David sweat the other escape the is. David sweat is believed to be within a perimeter established near Malone New York not far from the Canadian border. His fellow escape B Richard Matt was shot and killed by a federal border protection agent earlier today after he tried to carjacked a camper. We're told law enforcement officers are prepared to hunt for swept into the night now we've night vision here. If necessary. More than a thousand officers are out here in the woods. Surging in the area of Malone New York they're using spotlights going up and down the neighborhood their focus is now solely. On the David sweat we spoke with the Franklin County sheriff late last night. And he believes they're gonna be a major break in this manhunt very soon. It is pouring out here and it's expected to stay this way all day. That will slow down on the search but it's going to be even harder on us wet weather no protection from the rain. So its painkiller Davidson west. Captured near constable New York ending up three weeks search for two escaped Eastman maximum security prison and down more on New York. This is over the David sweat. After three weeks on the run is now under the control of law enforcement according to three separate sources telling ABC news that's what has been captured. And is under their control. People here have Bennett. And deaths greats at for the capture of these two men they were encouraged by the killing. A massive may have been desperate for this moment people here are found locked down that had daily calls from police officers asked him to stay inside their homes to be extra vigilant. You know I've been checking their hunting cabins on a daily basis looking for signs. And the locals have been a big reason why these two men have been caught. On the run more than three weeks David's lead is back in custody captured alive by New York State Police after being shot during an altercation with a Sergeant York governor Andrew Cuomo briefing reporters in Malone New York. Then nightmare is finally over took 22 days but we can now confirm. As a two days ago as you know. Mr. Matt is deceased and the others gave. And we would let's give a big round of opposed to the matter where it. Joyce Mitchell to prison worker who helped them escape pleaded guilty she cried at her sentencing she received up to seven years in prison. Straight ahead on this story in the air assault. I have an airplane like A 320s to suddenly lose that much altitude especially during the daytime. And what are sugar workers here the quicker you. ABC news radios as it happened continues. After this. Every single person has their own thing every one of them is you me there is no one break we could be. Are you can't be married. B class B unafraid to be exactly when you walk out of where it got to own it. It's time to be an example and together we can stop apple. Do you need to be a friend who inspires us just kind. To find out how you can make a difference go to Slash B inspired him. Years Smokey Bear for teaching us how to prevent wildfires for seven years. Outdoor lovers would like to say something happy seventieth big guy let's bring it in for bear come all the safety tips visit smoky bear dot com brought you by the US Forest Service your state foresters any act council. He inspire and be inspiring. Mean your schools in your community and you weren't. An expert you just have to care he can make a difference inspired us to listen to get involved through volunteer since I had slash B inspired. He's been right so. First of Fortis and ABC's David Muir David yours David's New York leads our coverage reporting from everywhere. There's so much at stake I was a barrel mark that there's a status and as I keep it chilly Michigan. Jobs are on the line. This is the strength of the ABC news. Breaking news in Boston this season describe. It chaotic scene from disaster in the nation's heartland ordered a review picked up or how record here. Deadly conflict overseas not that military crackdown going on here you are. BC news winner of the prestigious Edward. When news breaks listened for award winning color. More Americans turn taking BC's Good Morning America than any. Place else in the morning so I'm. Be America's number 1 morning show well it helps to know what you want in the morning and we know because it's important to you it's important to us to get from Robin Roberts. You want it fast first ever write a report to get from George Stephanopoulos you want breaking news. His making exclusives taken from Lara Spencer weeding out you want to know nap acting here in luck because you can. You won it all in the morning that's where Good Morning America concert of the or Tillman and some good. ABC's Good Morning America Good Morning America Good Morning America and our best warning start right here. At the dinner hour seem like more Americans are now turning to TVC's world news tonight live. Wherever the story years. From all across the globe to inside the White House to light weight it's where world. Next week next turn to ABC's world news tonight which DB anywhere. Your body. Up to 70% water yeah. That's what you learn. So we feel like you're running low. Capital. Recharge your body. You're good yeah. Would you drink yeah. You drink up. There are a ton of social networking web sites but one stands apart for very special reason this one saves lives it's matching donors dot com matching donors dot com links organ donors with people in need of kidney and other transplants in the US nineteen people die each day waiting for an organ transplants most of them for kidneys if you ever consider becoming a living organ donor or do you have someone in need of an organ transplants. Visit matching donors dot com. Over the greatest gift of all the gift of life. Matching donors dot com. This news as it happened up from the CBC news radio future host Alex go. And on March money for German wings like 9525. Was flying normally the Airbus A three funny on violence done so I was on a flight from Barcelona to Dusseldorf. Again to standing in this kind of a mountain all 144. People on board and six crew members were killed. At first the experts were puzzled Allen did this happen. Late word and it jetliner has. Christ in the French Alps a local official confirms to ABC news a plane has crashed in southern France in the French prime minister says there were 142 to 150 passengers and crew members on the plane sixty and mourn the French president says it is unlikely anyone survived this crash it was sick. Cruising altitude. And then suddenly the last radar hit. The aircraft went from 32000 feet to 6800. Feet you can raise a lot of questions about why that might happen but apparently they were down. Closer those mountains and apparently as we know impact of the mountains. It makes no sense there's there right now there's just not enough information gonna wait and see if there's air traffic control tape so we can listen to finish around the wreckage settle hopefully they'll be able to find those those two black boxes but. Right now it's well this is really baffling about Clinton said. What we know right now is. Apparently on radar it was flying at 38000. Feet and started to descend lost the signal at 6800 feet and crashed and to the French Alps with that information and knowing what you know about the Airbus A 320. What can use suspect might have happened. To have an airplane like A 320s and he actually any commercial aircraft used to suddenly lose that much altitude especially during the daytime. It must pursue your world in the area this is very useful obviously for airplane to discern this quickly. Makes you wonder why. It was or some type transportation issue was in what was the weather conditions at the time when a thunderstorm or something else or I seen. To lose both engines. Is extremely remote. Right now we don't have enough information to. Give an estimate of what has happened here. A helicopter arrived at the scene of the German wings Airbus crash it helps search for debris in the recovery effort rescuers on board a helicopter flying high into the out searching hoping for signs of life. But sifting through the wreckage along the rugged ridge is at this remote mountain area some of the debris still smoldering. The plane just obliterated. It was clear all hormones. If they cold morning here at the base of the house where search operations have Brazil and we're sent five miles away from the crash site and it bodies and debris will be brought here today staging area if they grim task complicated by extremely rough terrain. At the crash site. Yeah risky chief has told us this morning that would be bringing any of the bodies off the mountain today it is just too difficult. And treacherous that hoping to do that as quickly as possible. Crash investigators now have access to one of the flight recorders or black box is being brought off the mountain has been fairly heavily damaged. But you audio recordings on us. Are you know reasonable condition at the moment though they said that they still trying to determine the identity. Of the voice that they are hearing clearly that is a crucial element in this investigation. You audio indicated one of the troop pilots was outside the obvious that the time of the crash. Left to call people and couldn't get back in it's clear from the audio. One of the pilots is desperately trying to smash down the door but there is no response from the other pilot. Remains inside the cockpit besides another dimension to this mystery and to this investigation. Is our medical condition of the pilot who was actually in the cockpit did he have an emergency and start the descent and then have this medical condition. The other possibility is pilots suicide shocking information on the plane crashed moments ago at a news conference in France a French officials says it appears the co pilot was alone at the controls and deliberately. Crash the plane into the Alps where the first twenty minutes of the flight the pilot. And co pilot were talking normally said prosecutor breeze through band and then you have a command is asking the co pilots to take over and that's when he said the 28 year old co pilot activated a button that started the plane's descent from which can be analyzed that's included willingness to get his destroyed there provost he said the captain came back started knocking then banging violently and the co pilot said nothing Cuban breathing noise can be had done a fine on the impact the last sound recorded was of passengers screaming. The CEO of Lufthansa did say he had a long break in his training unexplained at this point. But there is no indication of any links to terrorism according to the looked on the CEO in the German interior ministry. Right now look John's is a very puzzled they say he was 100%. Fit to fly but he is clearly the focus of a lot of attention they found evidence. That loop which hit some kind of illness from his employer they found evidence medical records what they say torn up sick notes. Funded day of the crash that indicate quote he had an existing illness and appropriate medical treatment that he was hiding from his employers. The prosecutor's office saying their investigation has revealed that before Lou it's what the pilot. He was treated for suicidal tendencies since then the prosecutors said there have been additional doctors visits that resulted in sick notes to exempt him from work. But they were not related to possible suicide or aggressiveness towards others. It didn't take long for investigators to uncover the the co pilot had been treated for suicidal tendencies and had been declared unfit to fly by a doctor. The co pilot kept that information from the airline it was determined to have been suicide. Up next a classroom becomes the scene of tragedy there's only a single gunshot affairs and then. After that me like ten seconds later it's like fortify more consecutive ones like one after another so than ever start running away. And then I ran into the library to get all my friends make sure that their own. As it happened from ABC news radio continues. After this. More Americans turn taking BC's Good Morning America than any place else in the morning so I'm. To be America's number 1 morning show well it helps to know what you want in the morning and we know he disease it's important to you it's important to us to get from Robin Roberts. First ever write a report to get from George Stephanopoulos you want breaking news. His making exclusives taken from Lara Spencer weeding out you wanna go home now adding Gary Luck because you can you. Do you want it all in the that's where Good Morning America comes and some go Tillman and some good. ABC's Good Morning America Good Morning America Good Morning America you are best warning start right here. At the dinner hour seem like more Americans are now turning to ABC's world news tonight live. Wherever the story years dvds right there from all across the globe to inside the White House to lightweight and if so where were. Next week next turned it ABC's world news tonight when David Mueller. Today one out of every four American kids. That means many in the future doctors who care for us the engineers who build our cities scientist and entrepreneur awards and our country could be your kids. We don't know how hard in this case the cup. This is why we want you to know you aren't done. Every day one people support they can happen. Many support him and Hispanic scholarship money helps you prepare a plan hey your kids' college education and more at HSF dot net. News breaks ABC news radio that he's there. And added an active shooter situation. At Fort Hood when tragedy struck Fort Hood again police moving around the base they're giving prescriptions could recruit that they're looking for now I'm a pretty decent reporter but I thought that discredit me ask. He BC news radio honored with the prestigious Edward. Right here. We all play a role. And keeping our community safe. Every game we moved in and out of each other's dizzy lines. It's easy to take for granted I'm a little amendments that make up our everyday. Someone. Others not so much and that's nice. It's something doesn't seem quite right that just on the pay attention. This has only as you know that's not supposed to be in your everyday. So protector every day and feces something suspicious. See something to local authorities. In Cleveland and San Francisco in New York City in cities and towns across the country join ABC and helps cool feeding. Helping bring much needed food including fruits and vegetables to families in need we need. Us hello. It's. Part of the cities and feeding America org slash. Coast Guard members risk everything every day for sex dissident. You know. He serves. We are the Coast Guard foundation and we support our united states Coast Guard. In small and large ways we show our Coast Guard members of the Wii's valued their service to our country. He provides scholarships and grants to help make college dreams a reality. We provide equipment and gear to promote fitness and health. And when the unthinkable happens we're there to providing comfort and relief to family and friends of the fallen. The Coast Guard foundation gave us the ability. To go in honor signed Larry tree and Ford that I flame forever thankful. The Coast Guard foundation. Education support and relief. Go to costar foundation dot org to help support Coast Guard members and their fans. Welcome back to ABC news radios as it happened once again here's NBC's Alex go. On October 1 students wearing class Saddam Kwan community college and rose were gore again few hours south of Portland then a fellow student walked in and began shooting. It rocked this small town and listen back as the details of that day's events unfolding. There are reports of a mass shooting on the campus of Umpqua community college in southwestern Oregon and police have been clearing the buildings are now we're hearing them talk about. Giving students out of vacuum waiting the campus students who have been mocked downer held in some place. Now being brought out to buses are seeing images now of ambulances so on campus and paramedics doing their work putting people on stretchers police say heavily armed as they. How we're trying to treat students who were on campus. There's only a single gunshot first and then. But after that me like ten seconds later it's like fortified more consecutive ones like one after another so then it was started running away. And I ran into the library to get all my friends out to make sure that their own game. I heard maybe about 35 to 45 rounds that were shot and Don and is just a horrific thing banks but I heard it was tariff. I spent a mother I can only imagine how devastated these fairly well. We really did our community. Right now we just have all the officers that are on deck here in teams and we're going around clearing buildings to make sure that there's no. Additional threats on campus. Like that late start going out there that this this still a very chaotic and active scene and the fact that they are still. Checked in multiple building throughout the campus to make sure that there weren't any other sort of the bite that. Or anything like a bomb or anything like that they accept that there could be bet that they're making sure that there are not any other security concerns here aren't you a bit. Federal agents from the FBI and AT ass far responding to the scene because of where it is. Many agents are having to travel great distances to get to the scene we are now seeing crime scene tape op at an intersection in town. But looks like a number of parents loved ones who looked very very concerned at that crime scene tape waiting for word. As emergency vehicles stream in so still many resources are rising we are. And we are. Apparently happened what we hear from people here in one classroom. People are looking. Ebert crews are ever come through at least three or four but does it the end sticking out of the area. And the other number where else where you when he obsolete injured when there were unsure they'll. They'll be equally there. Chill out get out get their automatic rifle they get it. Vehicles and head toward the scene where the action was going on as a that there are longer probably at least one minute it's it's seen is that they could call. Officers from around the county immediately not responded. To the college and upon. Arriving there are they located. The shooters in one of the buildings. Officers engage that suspect. There was an exchange of gunfire. And the shooter this threat is neutralized. And officers continued. To sweep the campus looking for other threats. I've seen at least app then I ambulances drive away from camp there's a local hospital. I have seen a helicopter in the air which I would be led to believe would be like like navy. Taking people out of this small community that some of the bigger areas up north that out hospital but could probably deal with some of the more serious injury. FBI ATF. Our local law enforcement is getting all the support they need from the federal government. Authorities say it is critical to gather as much information as they can't tune night because they need to know more. About motive it has taken several hours but now authorities have confirmed how many people were killed and wounded we are reporting and can confirm. Jim fatalities. In the shooting Stacy Boylan starter was injury she was going into surgery she told her dad with the gunman sand because your Christian. You're gonna see god in just about 12. And then he shot and killed today they scampi is will be closed all night long federal agents retton apartment complex down the road from here what do gunman lived with his mother. As bank nights played hundreds of people held candles at a park here in town of our families are just coming together earn just being mayor street has as many crying needs just really wanted to be here for that community and for the people and to pray over than my CEO flickering candles a crowd chanted IM UCC for on the lawn community college. They shooter was identified as Christopher harper Mercer nine victims were killed plus a gunman is officers moved in. Police recovered over a dozen guns between the crime scene and he's apartments. Coming up tens of thousands gathered to witness history. Crowd is just going out meanwhile they've got their flags that people are making the sign of the cross his girlfriend. Does happen in the automobile and hit his blessing over the entire car. ABC news radio was actually happened continues. After this. We all play a role in keeping our community safe. Every game we moved in anatomy each other's dizzy lines. It's easy to take for granted I'm a little moments that make up our everyday. Some are good and others not so much and that's why this was something doesn't seem quite right that is Tom of pay attention. This has only you know and that's not supposed to be into your everyday. So protect her every day from if you see something suspicious. See something to local authorities. Having someone's back. There are being there when they're needed. It's about standing up she does he believe in the military got your six means you've got your back. Today it's more than a turn to bring veterans and civilians together to show of respect for all of reserved. And a way to ensure that they return home to be seen as assets and leaders I've got your six I've got six god sakes I got six I've got a sense from congress six. Find out how you can help music got your six dot org today. More Americans surging ABC's Good Morning America so we get to be America's number 1 morning show that helps to know would you want in the morning. To get from Robin Roberts you're the news you want it fast first ever write up for tickets from George step and unless you want breaking news his making exclusives to give. Spencer weeding out you know I don't snaps of the line. So good in your morning with the ABC's Good Morning America Good Morning America Good Morning America. Dear Smokey Bear for teaching us how to prevent wildfires for seven years. Outdoor lovers would like to something happy seventieth big guy let's bring it in for bear come home for safety tips this smoky bear dot com brought you by the US Forest Service your state foresters any act council. These inspire and be inspiring in your schools in your community and you wells. An expert you just have to terror he can make a difference inspired us to listen to get involved through volunteer since I had slash B inspired. Today one out of every four American kids Hispanic. That means many of the future doctors will pair us. Engineers will build cities scientists and entrepreneurs of our country can be your kids we all know how hard it is from this and yeah. This is why. It shouldn't be going low. Every day more people support you. Many spinach is Hispanic scholarship fund no child care plan on paying for your kids. He's been right so. First of Fortis and ABC's David you're David yours David's New York leads our coverage this morning from every clue. There's so much at stake I was a barrel mark that there's a status and as I keep it chilly Michigan. This is the strength of ABC news. From ABC news radio this he's fast it happened. Once again here's ABC's Alex go. In September 10s of thousands of Americans got to witness history for the first time Pope Francis visited the United States. It's time to shake hands and less babies now we bring you back. Shepherd one the Alitalia flight carrying Pope Francis from Cuba as touched down at joint base Andrews in Washington. Francis is just a touchdown car Harry. It's. Launching. Cheering crowds for the first family on the red carpet has been ruled out of the stairs have been rolled up to the Alitalia plane waiting. For both branches to open the door and step out onto US soil we President Obama at his side blueprint to success flowers from children. As the crowd scenes his knee. There is some music and it is an electric feeling outside what will become the papal residence. People of the Catholic faith subplot to the apostolic message or a Massachusetts avenue many have gathered along the security business hoping that he would collapse appropriate sailboat. Princess and it's just let me ask bestowed their vehicle and Washington DC where a crowd of people who reaches for him. Waving flags balloons. In the United States chanting his name and the school has come to the fencing that's blocking the crowd from the door. Shaking his many hands as he paid. That might have happened to me it absolutely did leave but I think some 20000 people jam packed into the president's backyard all. Eagerly waiting the pope's arrival people have been here all night long president. And mrs. Obama are standing on the red carpet smiling it races on earth. The embrace of president and mrs. Obama on the South Lawn of the White House. He met with the president now he meets with the people and knowing what we know about Pope Francis this is the part of his trip to America he really looks forward to. And right now in Washington DC he is rolling around outside of the White House you can hear the crowd shouted waving. Two people and right now it looks like he has just missed his first baby in the crowd this Pope mobile has stopped rolling really an amazing sight in Washington on a beautiful day. Everybody's waving flags cheering and shouting taking pictures. It is a parade like man I've ever seen in the city of our. A moment of history at the United States capitol hope. Francis is about to become the first Pope ever to address congress. NASCAR's big. The puck up the holy city. Global introduction by the house sergeant at arms full Irving painful Francis. You know. Who's pulled going to. His balcony. Leaving the crowd of tens of thousands. See full who has captivated the American public. Thank you very much. Fun book realism may. Well friends is in America and now well friends is here in new York City of Hope has left the nation's capital behind me is now in the nation's largest city all the Catholics. The bells of Saint Patrick's Cathedral herald the arrival of Pope Francis here in New York City. Riding in the open sided hole mobile surrounded by security and thousands of well wishers. But Francis is now touring the grounds of the 9/11 memorial in lower Manhattan. Leaving a flower on the Arab and its surrounding the memorial pools that descend into darkness and getting a look firsthand at the scene of an American tragedy hope Francis finds himself now at that 9/11 memorial you can hear the water descending into the memorial pool. Round what used to be that south tower. Hamels is and that's honestly. By being Sierra Club zero. Needed immediate end. Clearly I don't know about where thousands of light sport taken out booms inside. You know senseless act of violence and destruction and I cannot forget that it won't turn it reminds. He's done yesterday's T Anderson today's teen acts. Amid vendors selling G jeans and T shirts and flags some 80000 people try to make their way into Central Park. To catch a glimpse of hope Francis says he rides by on the Pope mobile on his way to celebrate mass at Madison Square Garden. It may be a fleeting glimpse but the people who are waiting under bright sunshine say it's worth it. You can hear the cheers of the crowd is hope Francis comes into view of some of the 80000 people who have been waiting for hours for at this moment for the hope that passed by in his Pope mobile and. I mean I. Either way I got this little wave. Proudest just going absolutely wild they've got their flags out. People are making this kind of the prophet Pope princes does happen in the Pope mobile and gives us his blessing over this entire park. It's a moving experience for people they feel something when there in his presence. And that is exactly what they came to Central Park for today there's a woman across from me right now I'm looking out she's wiping away tears people spent hours out here. And this is what they came for. In a year that was marred by numerous acts of terrorism in tragedy the pope's visit was a welcome bright spot bringing feelings of hope a mob to millions. Of Americans. Bringing you big ears top stories as they were originally reported. You're listening to as it happened a special presentation from ABC news radio.