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As It Happened - Hour 2 - FULL HOUR

Dec 30, 2015|


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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

From the BBC news radio there's just an hour right big moments ago there is breaking news join us as we listened back to the year's top stories as they were breaking. There was a very loud. Mr. yeah like it's feeling in my own throat right now we're seeing people running. You're gonna. Who else right now are heavily armed swat arriving on scene now ambulances are now moving closer to the scene the police just know that they are basically built it and I. Active time battle. These views as it happened. Now from NBC news headquarters here's your host Alex go. 4015. Has been a year of violence in Baltimore it's murder rate skyrocketing after things began to unravel on April 12. Police arrested Friday gray 45 year old African American man. They said he had an illegal switch blade on them gray seem to be in good health and Kelly was arrested and put into a police transport van. During the ride he sustained neck and spinal injuries he went into a coma and died. Weeks of protests and extreme violence followed. In Baltimore. Protests following the death of the young African American man Freddie grain appeared to be okay well in police custody in an arrest video that died after suffering a spinal injuries a week later Dole's officers immediately. But need to be arrested. I wanna know why the officers pursued mr. grey out wanna know if the proper procedures were followed. I wanna know what steps need to be taken for accountability. I know that when mr. gray was placed inside that van he was able to talk he was. Upset. In which mr. gray was taken out of that band. He could not talk he could not read. Anger rolling as there are protests outside Baltimore city Florida power and contest the streets of Baltimore demanding answers. Demonstrators marched from Baltimore City Hall the police headquarters during that mark stone police officers and protesters engaged in a good about it. Cisco bought confrontation if you will some bottles were hurled at officers and we understand at least two people were taken into custody right now it is a peaceful demonstration. It cannot be business as usual Saturday in Baltimore Maryland. They cannot be business as usual wit that may have spying broken with his. Bet broken with no justice on the scene and Baltimore cannot go along as usual this added that. They are up ABC news estimate is about a thousand marchers are blocking traffic and shutting down downtown Baltimore people holding signs that read jail killer police. And unite here and loud but not violent angry two deaths in police custody at pretty grave. That are heavy police trap they're all around Baltimore city police headquarters. There are. Metal barricades up with police officers lined up also a lot of street police vehicles. Blocking off streets around City Hall to allow thirty protesters there will be coming to city hall and to let them get to gain access on what that way they won't do traffic driving. Through those areas. Police some of them in riot gear are standing shoulder to shoulder in downtown Baltimore as protesters. And the death of Freddy grade and. Oh enough enough of Blackstone blacks accounts can relax and. And we can come down here this is not the first in new this is a mile line somebody die hard. Once taught me oh. Police in this whole ride you're looking at a cop looked at a suitors that there is split off from the rest on the other side of it Camden yards which has. Thousands of people. Are bad air probably just now be understood Orioles here and all these people need to go home. Rain started to come down or needless to say no and was really expecting what would say pretty typical plastic. Protest to your turn out the sweater tonight. Baltimore city police from the defensive position nine near the also station it's. Don't several of the. Within the Camden yards out of the normal baseball. This would appear to be anything but yeah. Protesters appeared to be throwing rocks at police officers in riot Keira local mall the tense situation happening. After the funeral for Freddie gray there's been a series of increasingly violent protest of that city one is going on right now. Used about the last only in all I hear a lot so well a lot of debris. We're going on for all of last hour and it's. The current status and what was very very beautiful and such in Seattle but he earth. Police again now are moving they've moved now into the middle of the intersection there were close. Their prices don't road. And again. Trying to off contain the situation that's going on here. Now there are people who are at great avoids all sorts throwing. Items that the police officers are all young people again now police are using. I'm going to be using com. Well we understand dump. That was brave face basis try to push it over. Right now it is a group of flawless individuals. Had no regard for the safety of the people leaving their community. For the safety of our police officers. Who were there and sore at the people who live and work in that area to do so safely. Reviewing the situation right now you can hear officers responding out there behind me right now our focus is made you so that you with a Internet community are saying. And our officers or state. It's. You can see here days. C. It's too short wave of. There was a very loud and and I couldn't see one or was it could have been a brick on one of the plastic shields. There's a police officer heroes tear gas pepper sprayed physically sought to right here choking and gagging. I could feel it in my own throat right now as well. Then there it is is starting to burn my throat just a little bit on the back away. All these police officers they got pepper spray themselves and they're struggling with a I can feel a little burned in the throat as well. They now lit it on fire lots of smoke coming out that Baltimore fire department has just arrived. They're ringed by I would say a 150. Police officers who works fully it right year as they try to protect the firemen and they try to put this fire out. We've really does have to be pointed out that for. Maybe 2000 of these protesters. Ready great period miniscule amount alternate construction output on. These children don't realize how dangerous distinctive beat and we gonna wound up having more victims. As opposed to solutions to Fam it was very clear that this was the day. I'll secret cloture I in the funeral so far the come out of the Barrick gold and walked into this. It's absolutely inexcusable I'm asking every young person to go back home. Tomorrow night will have a community leader and how far to really re calibrate hobby just peace is the call in the order of the day. Disney is being called peaceful this is not a right way to do it I've come on a mob got benefit costs of trying to tell Robert and this is not known right way to do this we actually comes out says is meant what I can't it was an act called the. Even as I stand here I can still smell. The burned in the air you can almost taste it it is unfortunate. And it's something that I know that myself and many other people many uses a significant number of them African Americans like myself just don't understand. You know why burn down your own neighborhood. A line of police officers in riot gears and a standoff with protesters hurling taunts and obscenities. Standing between the two lines is a role of college age women there arms linked. Win here in solidarity trying to protect our city protect our people. That's our reality and make sure nothing crazy happens. At least for now the strategy is working words are the only things thrown so far today. There is some music being played out with good drums. So it's a totally different atmosphere that I witnessed yesterday when on this very street corner you really couldn't stand here. But more than a few minutes without fear and beat it with a bottle Iraq. Peaceful protesters returned to the streets here in Baltimore and across the country trying to shift focus away from riots. And back on Freddie grade Baltimore police investigators say they've exhausted every lead and now it's up to prosecutors to decide. If Freddie gray was killed at the hands of police or did he just die while in their custody. Johnston out for the State's attorney Marilyn mows being in Baltimore connection with a fatal injury that. Led to the death Freddie grant it. Landing is about comprehensive. Sorrow an independent investigation. Coupled with the medical Examiner's determination. That mr. grace death was a homicide. Which we received today. As led us to believe that we have probable custom filed criminal charges. Community have been protesting have been demanding. They were skeptical they were gonna get it and when they did get it they erupted in cheers so I think that. There there is a bit of a surprise here in Baltimore that police officers were charged. Under a bright blue sky as many as 101000 people are expected to marched through downtown here in Baltimore. Making their way to City Hall for a rally that's expected to last several hours this afternoon. Planned several days ago the tone has changed somewhat and so is the title it's being called a victory rally after charges were brought against six police officers in the death of Freddy gray. Officer William Porter took the stand in December defending himself against the manslaughter charges he was a first of six trials for the officers charged in Gray's death. Coming up. Terrorist attack the city of light. So lucky that we heard a handbook gunshot and we hesitated he had never heard gunshots before. And we did what to do and it was many people running. Talk the street so we just turn around and ran my life. As it happened from NBC news radio continues. Actress. Reporting from. Missouri or Oklahoma home after home obliterated Chief Justice to the bathroom where she was huddled in the brain that are okay. Oh thank you hurricanes Katrina rhythm. Tsunami in Japan everyone is okay Gaza China Tehran. Ukraine Mogadishu's if they. Fired just around the all the stories from every corner of the planet every inch of America. Our first reported some ABC's David Muir did the New York near the front lines ABC's David north. Leads our coverage once again tonight about a. Connecting us to reach others he events in our world that matter most. For the better welcome home. When news breaks ABC news radio he's there. And it is an active shooter situation. At Fort Hood when tragedy struck Fort Hood again police moving around the base they're giving descriptions of recruits that don't look at Cornell have a pretty decent reporter but I thought that this couldn't happen. BBC news radio honored with the prestigious Edward. Right here. More Americans surging. Good Morning America so I didn't get to be America's number 1 morning show that helps to know would you won in the morning. To get from Robin Roberts you what the news you want it fast first ever right outpouring take it from George Stephanopoulos you want breaking news. Is making exclusives to get from Spencer weeding out you know I don't snaps of the line. So good in your morning with the ABC's Good Morning America Good Morning America Good Morning America. And among firefighters and teachers. I'm a farmer I'm a barber await checks on mom. For all part in the community and every day we moved in and now in each other's busy lives. It's easy to take for granted I'm a little moments that make up our every day and someone could. Others not so much but that's nice and just when you experience and moment of uncertainty and something I someone's behavior that doesn't seem quite right. These are the moments to take upon us and because if something doesn't feel right spelling out. It's not about paranoia or being afraid. It's about standing up and protecting our communities one detail at a time because a lot of little details commit coming out. We we we. We trust our instincts just like you soon because only you know what's not supposed to be indoor every day. So protect your every day. If you see something suspicious. Things come into local time yeah. I am amazing. I'm not sad case aren't broken kids. I like stories at that time. Island I use and frustrate you or inspire you. I want someone to see the fastest land. It's changed the world. You can make a difference from Boston to. Finally you can. It's three years for fifty million kids school's out for the summer. Out for months. Leading our kids with no way to go and nothing to do better. Putting three quarters of them at risk informed them. You a whole new meaning to Victoria Clarke belt doesn't. When school's out for some Boys and Girls Club stores are open. Support the boys and girls clubs visit great futures dot org. From ABC news radio this is pass it happened. Once again here's NBC's Alex go and. November 13 it was in normal evening in Paris Friday night the cafes were full soccer match was under way concert. Swing. Explosions and gunfire in Paris were getting word of at least two explosions near stub from stirring of France Germany soccer game we're also hearing of gunshots nearby. Perhaps at a restaurant. I would back inside that restaurant. It appeared that cafe I would tapping. Mailing my friend in the kicking right that the window wedding that was numerous guns talk. Directed at the windows. Towards the restaurant that we let eating it we immediate. Talks with fuel with all the other darnit. We're back in May be one minute lying on the fuel. We continued to hit needless gunshot. I mean that net I didn't hit the woman next to me at a fake injury I think how it would. Toward the check. I and it was a couple of other say the injury I went yeah. The police say at least eleven people are killed in explosions and gunfire. There are now reports of hostages being taken at a concert hall. It's still ongoing and it would not racially not happening this year seem to be still on but it enriching people running the good daughter. Fair and chaos right now are. Although France's elite troops have been deployed across Paris where at the very least a police official tells ABC news fifty people have been killed in multiple acts of violence including explosions. Shootings and a hostage taking at the bat took on concert hall. When as many as 200 people inside with the attackers. There is a heavy security. And police presence be rapid intervention brigade. Has just arrived on C which is the goal of this kind of scenario they would do that you're equipped to handle this situation. And and it's really am a mix. He. Very much the 21 century you have a couple of journalists trying to film from a farm every now and then we can hear shout occasionally. But we don't know where they're coming from. And you have a lot of curious by candidates and their numbers are growing impact of the lot when you hit the have been here many of them taking pictures filming with their cameras some of them speculating at film behind this that they. Lee are telling people walking by you. Walk a walk away walk away. And we've seen security cordons being good security bank as policemen and heavy machine gun. And regular police. And I mean this disclose who is quite impressive but there's just sat in Chile over the city it's not. There's hostage crisis. I know the ongoing. It's grind out calmly and not in the streets besides the sirens are by. French president François Hollande. Announcing that he is closing the country's borders and declaring a state of emergency. This is an attack not just on. Paris news of the attack not just on. The people France but this is attack on all humanity in the universal values that we share. This location comparing the concert all they have the hostages. I'm you got a combination of the you know command post that's focusing just on the concert all you've got tactical piece swat teams that are amassing nearby. You've got snipers are watching it trying to gather as much intelligence about what's going on inside. Reports of multiple gunmen inside that theater. Witnesses according to French TV saying that they were screaming I'll lock bar while they were shooting. And again hostages. Held there automatic gunfire blasted wrung out in the area of Paris where that music hall is in Lisa say that people are being held hostage insides scores of police. Are there are surrounding the concert hall now is this hostage situation goes on police confirming that security forces have launched an assault. On the concert hall where hostages were taken. I was on the fact pool of the venue. And that was with a friend and do in the middle of the cold but listening to music Kathleen good time. Then all the sudden we heard gunshots. That they were quite. High pick. And that I can't quite put it was a joke on behalf of those the arm tackle the gravy train your honor I can actually believe it. And that helped kept going going and going and people body screaming and people but it. I'm ducking and hiding behind the tag and the C and bad when you realize that we have to get out. Police operation at the bust cycle is now a move. To attack is that have been killed and. India as people are being take into gambit chances there are many government. On the loose tonight in our people have been killing people this evening that an outlet to freak who's trying to relation. We are hearing that the Paris police have gone in they have ended the siege in the concert hall. One official described carnage inside that building seeing the attackers had tossed explosives. At the hostages. Clearly that is why the police had to go win because normally they would wanna wait. And gather as much information as possible about what was going on inside that concert hall. Where the hostages war. How the hostage takers were armed but they had to move in and they moved in just a short time ago. NBC news can confirm that the siege in Paris is over but we do know. Then the block a clown theater at the stadium stop the prompts and the tenth district and in the eleventh district of those are where the attacks took place. And other confirming reports that are going on as well we're still trying to figure out to where all the attacks were exactly but we do know. That dozens were killed in these attacks and we do know that police. Pulled in went in and try to stop that siege going on in the theater. Which you they have arson suspect footers stone balloon I don't we we have confirmed whether all suspect that would involve. Have been apprehended or Portugal. Stole that something that the working on right now because they're going to be out there and that they are at this I'm not counted for now you're talking about a man on. Where you got plenty strained automobile. Our whole any way to keep guys can get out of the country that's what to look for. Reluctantly heard. A handful of gunshots I don't really remember how many it does not kill baby about sides and we hesitated because it never heard gunshots before and wouldn't like to do and that was many people running. Buck up the street so we just turn around and ran our lives and I've never had a run pipe took four and I. Can tell you right now I didn't think about fast enough. And I'm we tried finding the quote is quite high. And it was a restaurant that was putting down there metal door. The ones that I. Identity data call the shot should we have any. Praying that it would open. And they lettuce and thankfully analysts. A group of people having dinner and teach. Data waiter to shut this on the back kitchen and we just stood there and silent not living on. Or I'm about a block away for our they cap made that and and makeshift hospital. Our nurses and top on site about dot. People there is activated or the content and it. Am I actually will. People evacuated coming down. I'd like. And and bent to that cafe. Some of them had had not on she. It will occur on very occupied many of them on the bag pro relative. And they're going to be an orchid you hospital right and and I are. At the French are all is I've seen if you that minute ago. Looking Hughes. Two. Is then and Abby want that here on the night. Making shall abbey and I have. At night out to chat. This is just command that French. And media police sources are telling ABC news that at least 100 people. Have been killed in these terrorist attacks. The aftermath of the attacks has led to countries around the world vowing a fight I he sees France immediately began carrying out airstrikes. Coming up. An attack on the US military at home. We had some wind. Viciously. Attacked. At two different locations. People who proudly serve our country on that hasn't happened from ABC news radio. After this. Every single person has their own thing every one of them is you me there is no one break we could be. Are you can't be married. B class B unafraid to be exactly when you walk out of where it got to own it. It's time to be an example and together we can stop apple. Do you need to be a friend who inspires us just kind. To find out how you can make a difference go to I'm slash B inspired him. Dear Smokey Bear for teaching us how to prevent wildfires for seven years. Outdoor lovers would like to say something happy seventieth big guy let's bring it in for bear come home for safety tips this cookie bear dot com brought you by the US Forest Service your state foresters any act council. These inspire and be inspiring. Mean your schools in your community and you weren't. An expert you just have to care he can make a difference inspired us to listen to get involved through volunteers and I had slash B inspired. He's been right so. First of Fortis and ABC's David Muir David yours David's New York leads our coverage reporting from everywhere. There's so much at stake I was a barrel mark that there's a status and as I keep it chilly Michigan. Jobs are on the line. This is the strength of the ABC news. Breaking news in Boston this season describe. It chaotic scene from disaster in the nation's heartland ordered a review picked up or how record here. Deadly conflict overseas not that military crackdown going on here you are. BC news winner of the prestigious Edward. When news breaks listened for award winning color. More Americans turn taking BC's Good Morning America than any. Place else in the morning so I'm. Be America's number 1 morning show well it helps to know what you want in the morning and we know because it's important to you it's important to us to get from Robin Roberts. You want it fast first ever write a report to get from George Stephanopoulos you want breaking news. His making exclusives taken from Lara Spencer weeding out you want to know nap acting here in luck because you can. You won it all in the morning that's where Good Morning America concert of the or Tillman and some good. ABC's Good Morning America Good Morning America Good Morning America and our best warning start right here. At the dinner hour seem like more Americans are now turning to TVC's world news tonight live. Wherever the story years. From all across the globe to inside the White House to light weight it's where world. Next week next turn to ABC's world news tonight which DB anywhere. Your body. Up to 70% water yeah. That's what you learn. So we feel like you're running low. Capital. Recharge your body. You're good yeah. Would you drink yeah. You drink up. There are a ton of social networking web sites but one stands apart for very special reason this one saves lives it's matching donors dot com matching donors dot com links organ donors with people in need of kidney and other transplants in the US nineteen people die each day waiting for an organ transplants most of them for kidneys if you ever consider becoming a living organ donor or do you have someone in need of an organ transplants. Visit matching donors dot com. Over the greatest gift of all the gift of life. Matching donors dot com. Welcome back to ABC news radios as it happened. Once again here's NBC's Alex go. On July 16 two military installations became the targets of a man shooter a gunman first committing a drive by shooting at a recruiting center in Chattanooga Tennessee Dan AUS navy reserve center nearby. As navy confirms there's been a shooting at a reserve center in Chattanooga and the city's mayor tells reporters quote we have an officer down the number and extent of injuries is unclear shots fired at two military facilities in Chattanooga Tennessee there is no longer a shooter on the loose active shooter scene is no longer in fact what we do know that military personnel. At a member of the local police force have been shot at a recruiting center. These two Marines wounded along with a police officer sharp shooters neutralize the leaked BC students. Solve the silver. Convertible. Must saying hey he's just unloading some type a large. Rice bowl. Came into our building here and got it locked down there and this was stating a two door you can hear this numerous gunfire. He just pulled that the next thing you know he lifted up his arms like this but it a big black gun ranges. There was one sad ending it was just inlet shots one after another just unloaded into the army. Witnesses describe hearing between ten and thirty shots once said simply I don't know. It was a lot. Dramatic gunfire at a naval operations center in Chattanooga Tennessee Tennessee governor bill husband says people serving their country have lost their lives in the attacks on two military facilities in Chattanooga. At least three people are dead following the shootings there. Troops were sent scrambling for safety in a military recruiting office at about seven miles away another senator was also attacked today. They had someone. Viciously. Attacked. At two different locations. People who proudly serve our country we are conducting this as a an act of domestic terrorism. The FBI is taken charge of the investigation into the deadly shootings in Chattanooga Tennessee four Marines and the gunmen all killed. The shooter is now that I identified officials say he has Mohammad Yousef Abdul Aziz. We're look at the shooter route around. Do an intense look at him because see here. What his connections are a look at his friends family & Associates anybody who associated room did you determine. That cause they're the reason why he conducted this. Attack this is a sad day for the United States. These service members serve their country with pride. And they have been the victims of the shooting. So my heart is broken this day over the loss of needless loss of people just out of hatred that out of somebody hates another wants to kill someone for no reason. We have four families. For people who died. I won't be won't be seeing their families this evening. We live in the volunteer state the state it's rich with tradition and affiliation with our armed forces. And where are we cannot. Countenance. What happened. To those four families today. My main message right now is obviously. The deepest sympathies the American people. To. The four Marines that have been killed. It is. A heartbreaking. Circumstance. While no specific ties eyes as have been identified. Authorities have been warning for weeks at the group has been flooding social media with daily messages for supporters to attack inside the United States set. This second shooting inside a makeshift memorial has been set up below the assigned to the navy operational support center and Marine Corps reserves setter Rachel Katz percent doesn't know any of the victims but left flowers and prayer cards. This feeling kind of never on the medicine and have been helping him out here today in great for the family. Pay my respects to them the ball in military. Flags are being flown at half staff across the state today in remembrance of the victims it was interfaith service that included prayers and statements from nearly every religion. Pastor entity baker was moved by one moment. We solve. That Muslim community that came here. For this meeting stand up and pledge their allegiance to Chattanooga. How big service member has died from his injuries in Thursday's shooting in Chattanooga Tennessee now hundreds of flowers banners and American flags litter the grassy strip in front of the recruiting setter if you're seeing right there's where. Stress on my papers and bells must play Seles for us shipped off to the count people continue to file by showing their respects to the five fallen soldiers and ours that sit. My brother said. Got blind side and. By cowards the lot has become so crowded the Red Cross has set up shelter offering bottled water and air conditioned trailer and chaplain services for the borders. Or Marines and a sailor died as did the gunmen. It was one of a number of Mac shootings inside our borders in 2015. Up next. A Planned Parenthood clinic is targeted in Colorado Springs. All his opponents hate you bloody. Green means they have got they aren't perfect Bob. As it happens from ABC news radio continues. After this. More Americans turn taking BC's Good Morning America than any place else in the morning so I'm. To be America's number 1 morning show that helps to know what you want in the morning and we know because if it's important to you it's important to us to get from Robin Roberts. First ever write a report to get from George Stephanopoulos you want breaking news. His making exclusives taken from Lara Spencer weeding out you wanna go home now act here in luck because you can you. Do you want it all in the that's where Good Morning America comes and some go Tillman and some good. ABC's Good Morning America Good Morning America Good Morning America you are best warning start right here. At the dinner hour seem like more Americans are now turning to ABC's world news tonight live. Wherever the story years dvds right there from all across the globe to inside the White House to lightweight and if so where were. Next week next turned it ABC's world news tonight when David Mueller. Today one out of every four American kids. That means many in the future doctors who care for us the engineers who build our cities scientist and entrepreneur awards and our country could be your kids. We don't know how hard in this case the cup. This is why we want you to know you aren't done. Every day one people support they can happen. Many support him and Hispanic scholarship money helps you prepare a plan hey your kids' college education and more at HSF dot net. News breaks ABC news radio that he's there. And added an active shooter situation. At Fort Hood when tragedy struck Fort Hood again police moving around the base they're giving prescriptions could recruit that they're looking for now I'm a pretty decent reporter but I thought that discredit me ask. He BC news radio honored with the prestigious Edward. Right here. We all play a role. And keeping our community safe. Every game we moved in and out of each other's dizzy lines. It's easy to take for granted I'm a little amendments that make up our everyday. Somewhat good and. Others not so much and that's nice. It's something doesn't seem quite right that just on the pay attention. This has only as you know that's not supposed to be in your everyday. So protector every day and feces something suspicious. See something to local authorities. In Cleveland and San Francisco in New York City in cities and towns across the country join ABC and helps cool feeding. Helping bring much needed food including fruits and vegetables to families in need we need. Us hello. It's. Part of the cities and feeding America org slash. Coast Guard members risk everything every day for sex dissident. You know. He serves. We are the Coast Guard foundation and we support our united states Coast Guard. In small and large ways we show our Coast Guard members of the Wii's valued their service to our country. He provides scholarships and grants to help make college dreams a reality. We provide equipment and gear to promote fitness and health. And when the unthinkable happens we're there to providing comfort and relief to family and friends of the fallen. The Coast Guard foundation gave us the ability. To go in honor signed Larry tree and Ford that I flame forever thankful. The Coast Guard foundation. Education support and relief. Go to costar foundation dot org to help support Coast Guard members and their fans. From ABC news radio this is as it happened. Once again here's ABC's Alex go. It was a day after Thanksgiving Black Friday many people were off work when a man walked into a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs and began firing. Council and possible explosive devices at first police didn't know who were one they were battling. Situation unfolding right now in Colorado Springs a possible active shooter situation according to police radios a gunman has been shooting at police near Planned Parenthood office it sounds like from police radio traffic that Steele there are shots being fired they heard shots a couple of moments ago. You just heard gunshots. Hope for I think until the end and then I don't want to come out. I heard undeniably one can't help but apparently it. The ball is simply say you know why me. Grainy you'd say there's and they are an epic. Heavily armed I'm guessing swat arriving on scene now they've got their helmets on they have their ballistic have vests on we heard a police officer yelling. I've been shot I've been shot. This just get my blood pumping right now at the credit because I've been in the situation or there's a certain. Waist call over the radio went something like this happens when somebody's been shot. Right now. Those swat team members are getting in the back als the bearcats. Of the armored vehicle lease some of them I just got in with their equipment they have heavy shields they have their helmets. They closed the door and they are taking off right now. Right now yet gun and the shooter he is that he's still active. He's still able are what are the down are hostages weather problems that are trying to make entry. We are still working through this situation. We do not have. The shooter at this point. But we do have all of our resource is brought to bear. And we are actively working through the different businesses and buildings to make sure that we. Provide. Medical treatment for the individuals that are injured and as well as try to locate that shooter in this situation. We are one gentleman who said that. You didn't fit his sister had a an appointment today at the Planned Parenthood office and he saw on FaceBook. That there was something happening and immediately called her. When he did that she said she told him that she was hiding under a table. He said that he could hear gunshots in the background while you're on. With the sister and a cup points are. O line disconnected and that he has not tried coddling our back because he said he does not want to put her life in jeopardy and. As I speak in the snow is coming down in Colorado Springs. They are using what they called the bearcats. And armored vehicle that today now all I'm not to give away any tactics here about a number of swat team members are getting into they've been using it day in almost appears like a shuttle. Not coming and picking up swat team members and taking them into the scene. Responding officers exchanged gunfire with the shooter police on scene just came running out asking if any of the swat team members use a sniper are any of you a sniper is what they were sank we just got new information from police on scene they say they are still encountering gunfire as they search for the gunman. We thought that police cars fly into a parking lot at first but they're like Simon and then I peeked outside and I told my other coworkers that I heard but I heard gunshots. And then we heard several gunshots. And it just went on from there then when the officers came by and told us to stay in the back. And then locked the door don't let anybody in or out and just stay safe in the back away from now the front well we can't be seen. We do have officers actively engaging the shooters they've been taking fire. 84 police officer has now been injured still a very active situation in the shooter is actively quote shooting at. Ad asks they say they believe the gunman has a long gone and they do not know anything about the man's identity or his ideology at this point. They have not identified the shooter. The ambulances are now moving up closer to the scene they also have sheriff's deputies. Holding a long guns. We spoke to one woman earlier who said she was on the phone with her daughter when she heard gunshots and she's extremely worried because she hasn't been able to reach her daughter since. The police just told us that they are basically still in an active time battle with this suspects at least inside the plant Erica office at the moment. Up from where I'm Matt now you can see just an incredible. Response police vehicles ambulances there are. Police cars that you. From all over this area local county sheriff's department local police department Colorado Springs El Paso County sheriff. There is also a huge line of ambulances and paramedics just standing by. As this situation on all. We are now seeing pictures. People who clearly are not dressed for the outdoors being escorted out by police officers one looking like. She is in eight medical. Jacket of some kind. They are still exchanging gunfire at the suspect I also just found out so far. At least fifteen people have been rescued some of those people are some of the winds in the hospital. Snow continues to fall right now at a pretty good clip on police officers who were standing around I'm looking at a police officer who no longer has a gun across his chest he's in uniform but does not having gone out the gun is in his holster. Has still a lot of the patrol cars there it. At this point this is still an active scene. The suspect has fired upon our officers inside the building and we are still working through the process of that. At this time this is not as stable lysine at this time. We know that we're in contact with him because he has shot at our officers. At least seven made entry into the Planned Parenthood building. How we have seen now over time not a number of our people coming out civilians. Who are in street clothes some getting ended to ambulances climbing into ambulances they don't look like they're seriously injured. I insect right now looks like where are looking at it some of that now happening. Of people coming out. We're seeing a change in stance now among law enforcement all the sudden the tactical units set are beginning day we're now seeing them as they come out the tactical. Vehicle his come back out lot of police officers are kind of walking around now on going to their cars at. And we wouldn't be surprised here if something is said and that we may find out something just happened. Any sign of law enforcement. Sort of casually retreating in other words. The walking away. And it's not they're not moving away and it is sort of an tactical format. Then you know it's it's potentially to all of us that they've they've made some progress here. We can't tell you that at the mayor has just announced that the suspect is in custody right now that as we are seeing this change in postured via armored vehicles the lights are off the beginning to pull out now I some of the patrol cars are pulling out as well as this heavy snow now falls say in Colorado Springs. The perpetrators isn't custody the situation has been resolved there's no continuing. Apparel to the citizens of Colorado Springs very very difficult afternoon Colorado Springs my heart goes out to many of the victims here at this point. I have as many questions as you do we're still trying to figure out exactly what happened or victims are hand we need to do this. Point four there were eleven people that were transported. To local hospitals. Of those eleven people five of them were police officers. From various agencies that have responded. Today this is a horrible tragedy for our community we saw a lot of individual acts of bravery today. Connection a lot of bravery as a team. It was amazing how law enforcement first responders came together today we're very well and efficiently today but it still is a horrible tragedy. That gunman was 57 year old Robert deer in early December official charges were filed against him. Coming up. Our night out to the movies turns into a fight to survive. We saw a lady would good all of your legs. I just got my talent than me this phone ring and. ABC news radio's actually happened continues. We all play a role in keeping our community safe. Every game we moved in anatomy each other's dizzy lines. It's easy to take for granted I'm a little moments that make up our everyday. Some are good and others not so much and that's why it's something doesn't seem quite right that just on the pay attention. This has only you know it's not supposed to be into your everyday. So protect her every day from if you see something suspicious. See something to local authorities. Having someone's back. There are being there when they're needed. It's about standing up she does he believe in the military got your six means I've got your back. Today it's more than a turn to bring veterans and civilians together to show of respect for all of reserved. And a way to ensure that they return home to be seen as assets and leaders I've got your six I've got six god sakes I got six I've got a sense from congress six. Find out how you can help music got your six dot org today. More Americans surging ABC's Good Morning America so we get to be America's number 1 morning show that helps to know would you want in the morning. To get from Robin Roberts you're the news you want it fast first ever write up for tickets from George step and unless you want breaking news his making exclusives to give. Spencer weeding out you know I don't snaps of the line. So good in your morning with the ABC's Good Morning America Good Morning America Good Morning America. Dear Smokey Bear for teaching us how to prevent wildfires for seven years. Outdoor lovers would like to something happy seventieth big guy let's bring it in for bear come home for safety tips this smoky bear dot com brought you by the US Forest Service your state foresters any act council. These inspire and be inspiring in your schools in your community and you wells. An expert you just have to terror he can make a difference inspired us to listen to get involved through volunteer since I had slash B inspired. Today one out of every four American kids Hispanic. That means many of the future doctors will pair us. Engineers will build cities scientists and entrepreneurs of our country can be your kids we all know how hard it is from this and yeah. This is why. It shouldn't be going low. Every day more people support you. Many spinach is Hispanic scholarship fund no child care plan on paying for your kids. He's been right so. First of Fortis and ABC's David you're David yours David's New York leads our coverage this morning from every clue. There's so much at stake I was a barrel mark that there's a status and as I keep it chilly Michigan. This is the strength of ABC news. Welcome back to ABC news radios as it happened. Once again here's NBC's Alex go. On July 23 at theater in last night at Louisiana wistful for a showing of the new film train wreck. John Russell Hauser sat watching the movie for twenty minutes before he stood up and shot eleven people. Please confirm doing ABC news a shooting. At a movie theater in Lafayette Louisiana just in the past hour around the theater in Lafayette right now lots of police and ambulances there are reports we're getting from hospitals have injuries word into our affiliate in the areas of the queasy and a state police have confirmed the shooter is no longer an active threat there is still a large response in that area as police try to figure out exactly what they have on their. And we saw a lady with Glenn all of her leg. I just got much how demanding this hollering and get as they hear it and Susan jazz and there was blood everywhere hasn't realized it was from. They called slot in the cops shouldn't everyone else to come over here already in the chart was kind cents. Heard a bunch of gunfire in the intro there are putting up caution can put everything on hand from their radios from the content and yelling talk about on. At their economic heater fourteen and that there are shoot children. Four officers. Entered its creator to engaged a shooter. They did hear shots being fired at that time we have three dead. Not. Of the three dead. One is definitely appreciate it. Transported. Eight. Gunshot victims to three different hospitals are laughter. We know he was sitting alone there was nobody else with a of course. You know we're gonna check the video. In the theater. You know talk to more witnesses we never meant to happen Louisiana. Never imagine would happen in Lafayette Tennessee this thing on the news all the time which is never expect to happen in your own town this is an awful night for Lafayette this is an awful my from the wheezing and this is awful night. The United States. I'm Brian Owens and Lafayette Louisiana this is an awful awful night for Lafayette from Louisiana for our entire country. Governor Bobby Jindal at Lafayette grand sixteen movie theater the scene of Thursday night's deadly shooting. Where eleven people were wounded during a showing of the Amy Schumer comedy train wreck three people killed including the gunman. I shooter is John Russell 1000 HO US ER. He's a white male 59 years of age Lafayette police chief Jim Kraft says the shooter. Have a semi automatic handgun and was seated in the audience but his motive remains a mystery I think it's going to be easy at this moment to kind of speculation. Here we ought to Lafayette Louisiana and a metal the neighborhood. Of a movie theater why why did he come here body he did. We don't know that amid the chaos stories of heroism have emerged governor Jindal says a teacher in the theater took a bullet in the leg to protect a fellow educator. One of the teachers literally jumped on top of the other. May have saved a life and literally you know took the bullet that could've hit the second teacher and had the second teacher was injured what shot. But not life threatening this may have been far worse were it not for the actions of a teacher who was actually shot but still managed to pull the fire alarm and clear that. Theater two people were killed nine were injured and Hauser committed suicide officials believe Hauser suffered from mental health issues. Bringing you would take years top stories as they were originally reported. You were listening to pass it happens a special presentation from ABC news radio.