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As It Happened - Hour 1 - FULL HOUR

Dec 30, 2015|


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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

From the BBC news radio there's just an outright big moments ago there is breaking news join us as we listen back to the year's top stories as they were. Breaking the swat teams are active very loud bad things happening. Now we're hearing gunfire there are helicopters up above there are rescue teams move again hang on to the edge of your seat. The case he's passing it happened. Now from. Headquarters future host Alex field. Morning fifteen offered stories of tragedy terror pride and hope. We begin our program within active hatred that was meant to divide us but it had the opposite event brought Americans together. We take you back to June 17. There's just damn police in Charleston, South Carolina are responding to a reported shooting at a church there and helicopter circling above with the flights. When you're down toward the ground seem to be sort boring public safety officers it. Made it very clear that people need to keep moving. We're looking for a white male. Approximately 21 years old sandy blond hair. And he he obviously is extremely dangerous. That they are going to get everything they can't find him and there are helicopters. Everywhere police combing the peninsula Charleston. Don't variation. Somewhat luck. Church. And shoot people pray. There's hate. I see those who saw me in Charleston, South Carolina where police here are searching for gunmen walked into a black church in the middle the Bible study. And shot and killed nine people at least one other person is injured this morning fighting for life I can. Confirming that there is a subject in custody. In relation to that she Houston and Charleston from last evening this young man came and sat down within the church for about an hour during the Bible study. When at one point he gets up starts screaming and starts firing. Wearing a white striped prison jumpsuit Dylan roof was escorted off a state owned plane just before sundown. He you're he'll initially faced just one murder charge the one that enabled his extradition back from North Carolina where police say he fled after shooting nine people to death during a Bible study. Even the dangerously high he couldn't keep hundreds. And crowding memorial for the nine people killed in this house of god. They diva. Whether they be wiped whoever we cannot allow this tragedy to unite us. Like hands joined black ones together in prayer telling us that the almighty seize all their tears the same judge. 21 years old friends say Ruth alleged plan was six months in the making. This friends since childhood telling me roof had deep hatred of black people. You'll have seriously what it does happen how he gonna do that I think towards them do a good luck tomorrow morning we wanted to make phones or it will raise we're all day we've seen a steady stream. Of Charleston residents and people from even at a town coming here to put flowers and cards and notes we saw one woman even put down a large Teddy bear. The suspect Dylan group is on suicide watch right now it's not a local jail very close to this church Emanuel AME. Where this tragedy happened in the smash shooting he will face that judge Friday morning. Law enforcement source confirms to ABC news that Dillon rule has confessed to killing six women at three met at an annual AME church on Wednesday evening. Friends have said he harbored racist views he has quite the nine victims are black. A federal hate crimes probe is underway one after another family members of the six women and three men stood before the court. And directly addressed roof Margaret closed circuit TV. We'll we'll let you take dissolve into. You'll have killed some out the most critical of those people. That I know. And besides grin by Barney Harris. And her. And I never abuse AM Charleston mayor Joseph Riley says the church shooting meant to inflame racial tension has had the opposite effect key thing still. The cars didn't Ferraro broken hearts. We realize. We love. Each other more. Dylan roof and custody tonight a scene with a gun. And confederate flags it's a long essay railing against people who are black Hispanic or Jewish. Saying that I chose Charleston because it is the most historic city in my state. And a one time had the highest ratio blacks to whites in the country pay debt. And protesters in Columbia, South Carolina calling the removal of the confederate flag from the State Capitol grounds. Across this city and around the country bells were rung this morning to under the knowing people murdered during Wednesday Bible study here at an annual African Methodist Episcopal Church. It is words at his writings 41 year old suspect Phillip groups that he wanted to sparked a race war. Today blacks and whites gathered here at this church known as mother Emanuel in worship and in defiance. The time has come forward general assembly to do when it ought to have done a long time well wishers who moves soon. Division and even terrorism stuff. Photographs of Charleston church massacre shooter Dylan roof. Displaying the confederate battle flag as governor Nikki Haley calling for the flight removal from Statehouse grounds and it. Obama he would ties to the reverend plummet to pick me in Charleston south. Actually sang some of amazing grace himself at the service instead the man who gunned down reverend PB and eight others and Emanuel AME church didn't realize how strong those victims were blinded by. And fail to comprehend what reverend pick me. So well understood. The power God's grace. The confederate flag is coming off the grounds of the South Carolina State. That was the scene a few minutes ago inside the state house as governor Nikki Haley signed the legislation. Ordering that the confederate flag that's flowed on this property since 1961. Be taken down tomorrow at the end of an era in South Carolina thousands of people gathering right now to witness the last moments the confederate battle flag. Will fly at the State Capitol. Any late in the crowd of several thousand people clapping and cheering you that it could they be kidding take it down and take it down now. It's fifteen year. Forty yard pass. Eight capital don't look like it's even come down. There is still no trial date said in a federal case against Dylan roof there and still prosecutors have not decided if they will seek the death paneling. Coming up. Terrorists tried to quiet satire. I have good with a gun battle with the leads to terrorism attack in a magazine ABC news radios as it happened continues after this. Reporting from. Missouri or Oklahoma home after home obliterated Chief Justice to the bathroom where she was huddled in brain that are OK okay. And Katrina rhythm. Tsunami in Japan everyone is okay Gaza China Tehran. Ukraine Mogadishu's if you hear the gunfire just around the all the stories from every corner of the planet every inch of America. Our first reporters and ABC's David Muir did the New York near the front lines ABC's David York. Leads our coverage once again tonight about a connecting us to reach others. He events and our world that matter most. You're welcome home. Tradition. Your home when news breaks ABC news radio he's there. Yeah it is an active shooter situation. At Fort Hood when tragedy struck Fort Hood again police moving around the base they're giving descriptions of recruits that they're looking for now I'm a pretty decent reporter but I got no discredit me ask. BBC news radio honored with the prestigious Edward. Right here. More Americans surging. Good Morning America so yeah get to be America's number 1 morning show that helps to know would you won in the morning. To get from Robin Roberts doing the news you want it fast first ever right outpouring take it from George step and list you want breaking news his making exclusives to keep from. Spencer weeding out you know I don't snaps of the line. So good in your morning with the ABC's Good Morning America Good Morning America Good Morning America. Among firefighters. As teacher. I'm a farmer I'm a barber always checks my mom. We're all part in the community and every day we moved in and now and each other's busy lives. It's easy to take for granted I'm a little moments that make up our every day and someone could. Others not so much but that's nice it's when you experience the moment of uncertainty and something I someone's behavior that doesn't seem quite right. These are the moments just take upon us and because if something doesn't feel right. Rally in that. They set about paranoia or been afraid. It's about standing up and protecting our communities one detail at a time because a lot of little details commit coming out. We we we. We trust our instincts just like you soon because only you know what's not supposed to be in your every day. So protect your every day. If you see something suspicious. Things come into local finds. I am amazing. I'm not sad case or broken can't. I like stories at that time. Island I use and frustrate you. Inspire you and I want someone to see the fastest land. I have an. To change the world. You can make a difference from Boston it's finally used to. After I threw my daughter. It's 3 PM thanks for fifty million kids schools are for the summer. Out for months. Leaving out kids with no way to go and nothing to do better. Putting three quarters of them at risk informing them. You are a whole new meaning to Victoria Clarke belt doesn't. Who's out for summer and Boys and Girls Club stores are open. Support the boys and girls clubs visit great futures dot org. From ABC news radio this news as it happened. Once again here's NBC's Alex go. Leading up to 2015 there was growing tension between the French satirical weekly newspaper surely you have now when Islamic extremists over cartoons of had been appearing in the paper. On January 7 terrorist attack they surely have dealt offices. And that's good with a gun battle with police in terrorism attack. Can a magazine known for its cartoons of the Prophet Mohamed at least twelve people killed including an editors and cartoonist. And possibly some police officers were translator prince president along this is. The terrorist attacks there is no doubt about that a terror. I think Charlie in honor of the satirical magazine credit though that was the target of gunman who killed twelve people to police officers intend journalists the attack took just about five minutes in the gunman emerged from that building down there this. Quiet street still echoing what the gunfire went around the corner killed a policeman who would come onto the scene to try to stop them. And their car and headed. ABC news has learned that the youngest suspect eighteen year old Mohammed more out. This turned himself into the authorities after seeing his name circulating on social media police have put out a wanted poster for the other two men who they say are armed and dangerous. Brothers in their thirties named Sadie and Shareef squad chief here and ross' about ninety minutes from Paris police are combing through an apartment looking for any clues. That might lead them to the suspects. And notre done. Those minding tears in their eyes remembering the victims. This is a capital trying to come to terms with the horrific attack. Took place just over 24 hours ago. In the wake doesn't massacred last night emotional vigils were held throughout France in memory of the victims and in defense of free expression. The focus of this manhunt right now one of the largest in French history is on those two gunmen. Police are investigating reports that they have been seen in the north of France. And there has been a shoot out in the south of Paris with police one police officers killed unclear whether or not that is. Related to yesterday's terrorist attack. And just all police have massed around a forest about an hour outside Paris searching for the two suspects from Wednesday's deadly shooting. Man resembling those wanted were spotted in a village near the rents Boras on Thursday. Police officers armed with automatic weapons have been going house to house and villages around the forest telling residents to stay inside and asking them they seem to two Brothers who were on the run these assault teams are going methodically door to door their guns at the ready looking for these two suspects a scene that is playing out in villages all across this. There is breaking news out of France the Interior Minister there. Confirming the search for two gunmen believed responsible for Wednesday's attack on the French satirical magazine Charlie had dealt. Is now focused on the town some thirty miles northeast of Paris. The two Brothers holed up in a business there we have reports they have at least one hostage a worker at that business. And beer is an ongoing operation the French National Guard on the site that is unfolding right now slot. Teams are active as the manhunt continues for the two Brothers who are accused of shooting and killing twelve people at the French satirical magazine in Paris right now. Effectively a small town demy tent and go out. Northeast of Paris near shoulder Gaulle airport is shut down and planes have been diverted from the airport it appears that that the Brothers may be. Holed up there possibly with a hostage the two individuals right now inside a building it's got a number of offices including a small printing company. There have been you know local reports there are fears of of of hostages. In this building. That is now been confirmed by government officials here in Paris 22 miles away they say at least one hostage inside. We are in the area I have talked about all go at we get it close to that industrial zone off the ball the police boat gendarme and swat teams have dropped the net on that area preventing anyone actually Brett. Brought it in close but what we are being the heavy security president. I'll world that the helicopters flying in from other places and harboring. Above the area. The entire community is now up effectively on lockdown they've been instructed to lock the doors stay inside. Reminiscent of the manhunt in Boston in the posture in Boston. After the marathon attacks. Some years ago and and now that this small community northeast of Paris is on similar lockdown with heavily armed police officers present everywhere. Security forces that depended on the area. In very large numbers they have to match the negotiations are ongoing but. These two men as we know our Islamic fundamentalists. At least one of the Brothers we understand from US official we're all by French official. That the older brother had gone to Yemen. I had been trained by al-Qaeda we know that some extent that they have a very very radical. Ideology interpretation of Islam one would have to imagine that these guys. I will not go down without fighting and and possibly would want to die a martyr. It's jumpers over a little town northeast of Paris where the two suspects in this week's shootings are believed to be surrounded. It's present. And outside Paris this is a standoff French. The law enforcement officials expect that that these are men who want to die as martyrs that is what one official has said. So this is it this is the showdown that. 88000 French law enforcement officers and the French people have been looking toward to see how this awful terrorist attack that happened on Wednesday will end. Police now responding to a shooting and Kosher grocery store east of this city that may be related to the shooting of a policewoman outside Paris yesterday to very tense situations right now outside Paris the two suspects in this week's massacre are surrounded. And another hostage situation involving up. Possible cop killer in the. Eastern part of the capital another hostage drama is unfolding where gunmen with automatic weapons as holding a number of people at a Kosher supermarket. He says he'll release them when the other hostage situation is resolved. Police think he may be that same person who shot at a female police officer at a subway station yesterday. Just reported moments ago serious developments at the scene of the hostage takeover northeast of Paris gunshots and explosions can be heard now coming from the direction of one of two standoffs at the scene. Of the first standoff involving the two Brothers believed to be responsible for the deadly shooting of twelve people at the satirical French magazine that there are now. Gunshots being heard a series of bangs so loss of smoke and perhaps. French police mounting some kind of an assault just. Moments ago we started hearing a loud gunshots repeated sustained gunshot as well as always one large group. Coming from the area back behind me about a mile that's more or less where the industrial zone is where that printing shop. Is where those suspects have been holding. That hostage. This hostage crisis started about seven hours ago and it and for the last few hours Henderson police have been negotiating. When did you suspects inside but now it seems an operation is underway the police are going in to try to end this standoff. The public prosecutor in Paris has said that the man who is holding hostages in the Kosher grocer just around the corner here has said he will kill those hostages. Yeah in fact did police storm. His knee and his colleagues in terror if you will in that village north India friends and since that seems to be going out some kind of firing in the north of France. Police on edge here there's a lot of movement around here we are not hearing. Any kind of gunfire here right now but as you say these incidents are linked just the last minute for wowed. Banks very very loud bangs coming. From the direction of that Kosher grocery it looks like how the action is underway here as well they did not select gunfire to it to me very loud bangs. Perhaps that that that flash bang technique of a dynamic entry into the grocery store but that's what I can report for very loud bangs happening. Now we're hearing gunfire. A lot about automatic gunfire. You can probably hear it. There's another bank. A lot of automatic weapons fire. And large and large banks as well it seems that the operations going on right now remember there are hostages. But in that Kosher grocery store as I say this is the seventh a lot of people in their doing their shopping before sundown. Which is happening now so I know that there are a lot of prayers going out for the hostages there and and up for Alex Marquardt is Tamara. The town has just confirmed that the two Brothers. The two main suspects in the Charlie a bill massacre from two days ago have been killed and the mail hostage that they have been holding throughout the course of this day. Has been freed. The Kosher supermarket has been stormed the terrorist is dead. There are reports that there were deaths here and very brief spurt. Of gunfire. At least one perhaps you banks they sound like single shots coming from and guns they sound like. Not possibly flash bangs but beyond that we have seen very little from this vantage point there has been smoke. Rising how we understand from that industrial complex. But we are awaiting awaiting word he'd come from the police that's exactly what happened in that hostage situations there is a palpable sense here. That this standoff is over the ended this siege to a for a brief period of about 45 seconds to a minute we heard. Our repeated gunfire by security forces points game. To try to save that hostage who is being held by the two suspects in the Charlie Abdul. Massacre of two days ago for. Magazine massacred terrorists are dead as are four hostages north of Paris and right now wanted posters are raptors a manhunt for a woman. A suspected accomplice who police say escape from the Kosher deli one of the bloody standoff sites earlier today. More hostages killed in France today were dead before police began their assault. And a Kosher deli north of the French capital that from the Paris prosecutor adding that the bomb squad went inside to secure the building and found the place was rigged with explosive. A claim of responsibility. For the attack on Charlie of dope. The terror group al-Qaeda in Yemen is now gone public claiming it directed the killings in revenge leaders say for the honor of the Prophet Mohammed I. Outside of the Kosher supermarket in the eastern part of the capital they done. Hundreds they're paying their respects to the four victims who died in the second of the two hostage situations. That gripped this ban city tomorrow world leaders will join an expected one million people on the streets of Paris. For a silent unity march. Capping off a traumatic week for this country crowds. Gathering in Paris. One million people expected including dozens of world leaders a massive rally following three days of terror in the French capital the march is about unity. Young old conservative liberal religious nonreligious. They're all here saying we embrace inclusiveness and diversity and a freedom to express one's own beliefs without fear of reprisal. It's a strong message if anything the violent attacks that killed seventeen haven't divided the community see here it's actually brought people from different backgrounds together. On the streets of Paris. Thousands chanting Charlie the crowds continue to grow. And about one hour one million people expected to march for unity following three days of violence that terrorized the nation. The name through the together with perhaps one of determination that the whole nation is rising up after being knocked down by the terrorist Rampage this weekend apparently has one. In the weeks after they surely have deadly shooting there were several more smaller attacks in the same region of France five more were killed and eleven were injured. As the months went by normalcy begin to restore until terrorists carried out a series of attacks on a much bigger scale on a bustling Friday night in November. Coming up. Lives change in an instant on a train between Washington DC. This is a really bad situation. We have over sixty people who have been injured. Many of them seriously. We have a number of unconfirmed yet at this point ABC news radio news as it happened continues. After this. Every single person has their own thanked everyone and that's easy and there is no one break we could be. Strong peak time. Yeah B class B unafraid to be exactly when you walk out wearing gotta go and it's time to be an example and together. We can stop apple. Do you need to be a friend who inspires us just kind. To find out how you can make a difference though that I'm slash B inspired. Dear Smokey Bear for teaching us how to prevent wildfires for seven years. Outdoor lovers would like to say something happy seventieth big guy let's bring it in for bear come off the safety tips visit smoky bear dot com brought you by the US Forest Service your state foresters any act council. These inspire the inspiring. Mean your schools in your community and you weren't. An expert you just have to care he can make a difference inspired us to listen to get involved through volunteer since I had slash B inspired. He's been right see. First of Fortis and ABC's David you're David yours David York leads our coverage reporting from everywhere. So much at stake I was a barrel mark that there's a status and as I keep it chilly Michigan. Jobs are on the line. This is the strength of ABC news. From breaking news in Boston this is you're describing it chaotic scene from disaster in the nation's heartland ordered a review picked up or how record here. Deadly conflict overseas. The military crackdown going on here you are. BC news winner of the prestigious Edward. When news breaks listened for award winning color. More Americans turn taking BC's Good Morning America event. Place else in the morning so I'm. 1 morning show what it helps to know what you want in the morning and we know because it's important to you it's in court. Us to get from Robin Roberts. What good news you want it fast first ever write a report to get from George Stephanopoulos you want breaking news. His making exclusives taken from Lara Spencer weeding out you want to know nap act here in luck because you can. You won it all in the morning that's where Good Morning America comes and some so much and so there. ABC's Good Morning America Good Morning America Good Morning America and our best warning start right here. At the dinner hour and see why more Americans are now turning to PBC's world news tonight live. Wherever the story years dvds right there from all across the globe to inside the White House to light weight it's where world. Next week next turn to ABC's world news tonight which DB anywhere. Your body can take up to 70% water. It's what you learn. Capital. Recharge your body. Would you drink yeah. You drink up. There are a ton of social networking web sites but one stands apart for very special reason this one saves lives it's matching donors dot com matching donors dot com links organ donors with people in need of kidney and other transplants. In the US nineteen people die each day waiting for an organ transplants most of them forgive me if you've ever consider becoming a living organ donor or do you have someone in need of an organ transplant. Visit matching donors dot com. Over the greatest gift of all the gift of life. Matching donors dot com. Base is as it happened up from the BBC news radio and here's your host BBC's Alex go. Welcome back on May twelfth over 200 people were riding on an Amtrak train from Washington DC to New York City as a whole through Philadelphia their lives would forever change. On Amtrak train his steel rails near Philadelphia a little is known. At this time we are beginning to see images now of train cars completely off the tracks on their sides train cars completely toppled over. Rescuers are using flashlights looking through the area. Trying to find any victims and going through the train cars. We are seeing responders with flashlights moving it a number of responders. And a helicopter seemed to be flying over the area as well. Right now rescue teams are using the platters in the air climbing up onto the train cars that are on their sides just see I'll flashing lights there is in a spotlight from a helicopter likely a law enforcement helicopters it's making its way around the area. And then a whole lot of small flashlights on the ground from all the firefighters and all of the police officers. Who are there and on ladders trying to get into these train cars one person on a stretcher. Being pushed by a firefighter. Into a waiting ambulance there are quite a few fire engines and ambulances at bear around the scene as you can imagine. As rescue teams are rushing in to try to help anybody they can you can hear the sounds behind me here right now. There are helicopters up above there are rescue teams moving Gandy it is a very act. Active scene right now. It is incredible there they massive police and emergency response we've been watching it they cure band of paramedics and I UT an ambulance. Go -- backing of the derailment happened. Extricate people get them out that fire aren't working yet people out. They're getting folks on to stretchers and we know that at least that you respect beat people happened not transported. On the stretcher by ambulance to area top level. This is a really bad situation. We have over sixty people who have been injured. Many of them seriously. We have a number of unconfirmed did at this point. One gentleman now with the beard and quite bloody with a he had. The some bandages up against his head being brought out by what looks like police officers they have guns on their belts and detonated police officers are moving in and doing everything they can as well as rescuers. I'm bringing up folks out to. Ambulances in and others who can help them also another gentleman who has blood all over his white shirt. I heard like a Big Bang. It was a big bag when he minutes later that's when. Helicopters in everybody's just started coming that was seen a lot of people out of passengers coming out really failure. Image of regret I just hope everyone is okay that this. I just hope everyone is okay. 243. Individuals on this train five of whom are Amtrak employees. Unfortunately. We can confirm at least five individuals. Deceased. It is an absolute disaster is mass. Never seen anything like this in my life. As soon as we Rio. The walk Don gone to the tracks there are now I'm already endless crews on the scene and they were helping out everyone they're bringing out passengers it was a lot of blood. I'm told by police that two of the deceased have been taken away from that mangled metal. That crane is now here on scene here we'll try to lift some of those good some of those cars. Take get two others. The Department of Homeland Security is on scene. And the National Transportation Safety Board will lead the investigation. The FBI says it doesn't look like foul play. Authorities here on the scene now telling us that death told now up to six and again they have not accounted for everyone. On this train keep in mind it's unlike a plane you don't have an assigned seat he does have a ticket. You go on and you see where you want which is why it's so difficult to make sure they know that everyone's been accounted for. Speed is an initial focus for investigators here the trade appears to have derailed as it rounded a curve here in Philadelphia. Authorities of course are going to want to know why into that then they interview the train operator. Was there a human error mechanical failure they'll also examined event recorder that will tell them whether the brakes were applied. And a camera that faces forward both tell investigators whether there were any obstructions on the track already in this hour to each body has been pulled from the wreckage of this week's Amtrak train crash in Philadelphia we did. Recover. The remains. One individual. This morning it was about 8 o'clock this morning when recovery workers on scene requested cadaver dogs come back to the site that dog got hit. In the wreckage and then those recovery workers pulled. The case confirmed death from the mangled twisted metal that remains an Amtrak train 188 those remains were sent to the medical Examiner's office. And the search and recovery is now all. Or they strange update on the Amtrak train disaster in Philadelphia just in the past couple of hours. Something revealed by federal safety investigators he Amtrak conductors talk about what she heard on radio come from a Philly commuter trains. You're called deceptive engineer had reportedly took the train dispatcher. That he had either been hit by a rock. Or shot at. The FBI joining the investigation on a cause of Tuesday's deadly derailment circular fractures on Amtrak 182 windshield raising suspicion. Possibly linking to other trains in the Philadelphia area to be investigation. Have three different trains in or near Philadelphia just a few miles apart or all hit by objects. Within a few minutes the night of the deadly Amtrak disaster that could lead to this right now FBI investigators are helping the NTSB analyze the wreckage and depending on what they find. This could turn into a criminal investigation the NTSB is still investigating the cause of that derailment believing it was likely an accident there had been no criminal charges. Coming up. Life or death. The Boston Marathon bomber on trial absolutely silent inside the courtroom visual arts star Diana was convicted of count one conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction. News gringos as it happens after this. More Americans turn to EBC's Good Morning America than any place else in the morning so I'm. Be America's number 1 morning show will helps to know what you want in the morning and we know because it's important to you it's in. Take it from Robin Roberts. What the news you want it fast first ever write a report to get from George Stephanopoulos you want breaking news. His making exclusives taken from Lara Spencer weeding out you wanna know nap act here in luck because you can. Do you want it all in the that's where Good Morning America it's a good or tell them so. ABC's Good Morning America Good Morning America Good Morning America you are best warning start right here. At the dinner hour and see why more Americans are now turning to ABC's world news tonight live. Wherever the story years dvds right there from all across the globe to inside the White House to lightweight in the city where world. Next week next turn to ABC's world news tonight when David Mueller. Today one out of every four American kids. That means many in the future doctors who care for us the engineers who build our cities scientist and entrepreneur awards and our country into your kids. We don't know how hard in this case the cup. This is why they want you to know you aren't done. Every day one people support they can. Many support him and Hispanic scholarship money helps you prepare a plan and their kids' college education and more at HSF dot. When news breaks ABC news radio he's there. Yeah it is an active shooter situation. At Fort Hood when tragedy struck Fort Hood again police moving around the base they're giving descriptions could recruit that they're looking for now I'm a pretty decent reporter but I thought that discredit me. ABC news radio honored with the prestigious Edward. Right here. We all play a role in keeping our community safe. Every game we moved in and out of each other's dizzy lines. It's easy to take for granted I'm a little amendments that make up our everyday. Some are good and others not so much but that's nice this was something doesn't seem quite right that is Thomas pay attention. It has only as you know it's not supposed to be in your every day. So protect her every day and if he sees something suspicious and see something to local authorities. In Cleveland and San Francisco in New York City in cities and towns across the country join ABC and helps cool feeding him. Much needed food including fruits and vegetables to families in need we need. Us hello. So it's part of his sleeves and feeding America org slash. We'll start members risk everything every day he presents dissident and save lives. The toughest. He served. Near the Coast Guard foundation and we support our united states Coast Guard. In small and large ways we show our Coast Guard members that we value their service to our country. He provides scholarships and grants to help make college dreams a reality. We provide equipment and gear to promote fitness and health. And when the unthinkable happens we'll their sue providing comfort and relief to family and friends of the fallen. The Coast Guard foundation gave us the ability. To go in honor signed Larry tree and Ford that I flame forever thankful. The Coast Guard foundation. Education supports and relief go to Coast Guard foundation dot org to help support Coast Guard members and their fans. Welcome back to BBC news radios as it happened. Once again here's NBC's Alex go and. It took close to two here. Take you back now inside that courtroom. From an ABC news. I'm Aaron users being in Boston where the long awaited marathon bombing trial begins this hour with the opening statements that will reveal competing portraits of shall hearts are not yet. Defense attorneys say he's an innocent led astray by his radicalized older brother prosecutors say it's our knives willingly planted a pressure cooker bomb at the feet of an eight year old. Cyrus streets chaos in the aftermath of the marathon last caught on video by Clinton killed yeah. Okay he told the jury he was blown through the air he remembered a deafening explosion. There was smoke in Staten Island what he called an acrid disgusting smell. There's videotape the jury an up close and bloodstain view of injuries that would eventually require amputations they. Three of the Boston Marathon bombings trial till Richard who captivated the courtroom with somber testimony about his eight year old son's death returned here to watch sorted Roseanne's story described blood pouring out where her knee should have been. Shall hearts are nigh has maintained a flat rather disinterested demeanor as Jessica kinki move toward the witness stand in a wheelchair. Two stumps dangling where her legs used to be. She said these are war one. Jurors in the Boston Marathon bombing trial took a field trip today to see the bowl where pars are not yet hit out nearly a week after the bombings show hearts our night seemed almost self conscious as he sat by himself under a canopy while jurors see you this little way to the fiberglass boat where he wrote what prosecutors considered to be a concession tonight impassively watched the jury inspect the stated handwriting and streaks of blood which have lightened and turned brown. Jurors seem particularly interested in the number of bullet holes more than 200 of them most in the starboard side jurors barely caught their breasts from last week's riveting testimony of the carjacking victim who escaped the clutches of Tamil and enjoy hearts are not have. Now come a heart pounding accounts from police officers who engage the Brothers and a fire site. There's shootout with police in Watertown Massachusetts ended with ten. Tamil insert knives death and -- hearts our knives priests escape into a boat stored in someone's backyard after an eight minute firefight it took several officers to try to subdued temperaments are nine if he was wrestling with us patrolman Joseph Reynolds told the jury he's a big kid we weren't able to control and that's when the officers said he heard an engine revving she screamed get off get off as an SUV driven by Joseph hearts our knives sped toward them. A sergeant tried to pull Tamil and out of the way but camera that was run over by the Mercedes. Boston Marathon bombings trial closing statement from the defense after gory details of an eight year old's death brought jurors to tears defense attorneys set out to convince them it was Joseph hearts are nigh as older brother tam Roland who directed the attack. So far they present itself voted GPS records that suggest show harmless elsewhere when temelin bought the pressure cookers and built the bombs. The defense assumes guilt and will make its strongest arguments when trying to spare it's our knives life during the penalty phase I candid today the jury the Boston Marathon bombings trial this. First day of deliberations lasted about seven and a half hours and near the end is when jurors sent two notes to the judge indicating they had a couple of questions. The judge did not say what they were bud indicated they would be answered by the time deliberations resume. Jersey wrestling with competing portraits of shall hearts are not at either he's a committed jihadist who wanted to punish America with a bloodthirsty plot. Or as the defense says an impressionable adolescents completed about girls homework and sleep good after. Colin nearly 100 witnesses throughout weeks of testimony the jury in the Boston Marathon bombing case has reached its verdict. Boston Marathon bombing trial jurors spend a good day and a half deliberating on accused bomber jars and I have guilt or innocence. I carried pictures via federal court in Boston. Which our hearts our client has been convicted of all the death eligible counts of the Boston Marathon bombing trial. The 21 year old is now eligible for the death penalty to be decided at a later phase of this trial by the same jury that has now convicted him we. We'll know within minutes the punishment for Boston Marathon bomber joke Ers are nine of the jury in Boston is reached its verdict. Deciding whether he should be put to death or spend the rest of his life in prison without parole for the attacks. On the second full day of deliberations a jury in the trial of Boston Marathon bomber show ours are now I am has decided on a sentence the verdict is being random right now. I'm better pitchers in federal court in Boston where a jury has decided marathon bomber racial hearts are not have should be put to death. It took jurors about fourteen hours over three days to decide it's our knives deserved a death sentence even though the defense implored the jury to choose life. But few jurors were moved by the mitigating factors like it's our knives upbringing or even his domineering older brother. In the end the jury decided he should die because he alone planted a backpack bomb at the feet of children along the royals and streak. John I have currently sits in a Colorado prison as his legal team argues for a new trial. Coming up from celebrity. To the supreme court's transfer people deserve something vital. They deserve. Your respect. To win this returns way across the plaza holding the opinion there. Word went through this big crowd of thousands of people like wild fire. Elemental human shield and he story here in the fight for equal rights. BBC news radio was actually happen continues. After this. We all play a role in keeping our communities safe. 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An expert you just have to care you can make a difference inspired us to listen to get involved through quarantine since I had slash B inspired. Today one out of every four American kids Hispanic. That means many of the future doctors will carry us engineers who build cities scientists and entrepreneurs of our country. Can be your kids we all know how hard it is for medicine. This is why it's an ongoing problem. Every day more people support you. Many some large Hispanic scholarship fund no child care plan pays for your kids. He's been right see. First of Fortis and ABC's David you or David New York David's New York leads our coverage this morning from everywhere. So much at stake I was a bear market just doesn't do as I keep it chilly Michigan. From ABC news radio this is SE happen. Once again here's CBC's Alex go. 4015 was a year that millions in the LG BT community will never forget from a reversal on a controversial religious freedom on some states to millions given the right to marry in all fifty. Listen back now to the fight for equal right. It's the US Supreme Court has changed its mind justices have now agreed to decide definitively the constitutionality of same sex marriage now the bottom line is this if the justices find those state bans unconstitutional. It could effectively make gay marriage. Law of the land many are protesting after Indiana's governor signed a new law allowing businesses to refuse to serve people based on the business owners religious beliefs and. Indianapolis hundreds turned out to protest the State's new law. That they say will legalize discrimination against gays Indiana governor Mike Pence signing the so called religious freedom restoration act. Which supporters say will allow businesses and individuals to refuse service to someone if it violates the religious values and. Avalanche of criticism. Apple CEO Tim Cook calling the law dangerous and he's let's putting a forty million dollar expansion project on hold. Even the NCAA calling it completely inconsistent with its values just days before the final four is held in Indiana. Do you think it should be legal. In the state of Indiana to discriminate against gays or lesbians. George. Would say yes or no closer. Come on that hoosiers don't believe in discrimination banks this now that is the headline covering almost all of the front page to date Indianapolis Star the State's largest newspaper saying Indiana's religious freedom law signed by Republican governor Mike Pence. Puts the State's image and reputation app Rick. After much reflection. And it consultation with leadership of the general assembly. I've come to conclusion that it would be helpful to move legislation this week that makes it clear that this law does not give businesses a right to deny services to anymore. My whole life has been getting me ready for them for artists are purposes. I am a woman if you want to call me names make jokes about my intentions go ahead because the reality is. I can take it but for the thousands of kids out there coming to terms with being true to who they are. They shouldn't have to take France people deserve something vital. They deserve. Your respect. The religious freedom restoration act part two lawmakers and Indiana are about to propose a fix to the State's controversial new law. Following up on the governor's request earlier this week to clarify the law with language stating businesses do not have the right to discriminate. Not far from the site of the seedings final four match ups gay rights activists spoke out against the rough trusting that fixes approved by the governor don't go far enough to protect the rights of gays and lesbians. Jason Collins the first openly gay player in the NBA is hoping for change. Sports have the power to bring people together but more American sports have their priorities to do the right thing. This is just. It's a report from ABC news I'm Aaron tutor ski the US Supreme Court has just given same sex couples the right to marry in all fifty states. The court has decided there is a constitutional right to marry and that states have an obligation to perform same sex marriage. Same sex marriages now legal in all fifty states. The High Court decision does have that the US supreme courts are people here who are not happy with just an opinion of course. I people who believe that their faith tradition help or their. Fundamental beliefs about marriage and family that this contradicts that you but the vast majority of people here were very happy and you could feel that in a really special way a very historic. Well you know when I when I showed up at court this morning I expected a big crowd it's big it got bigger. When the interns ran across the plaza holding the opinion in their hands and word went through. This big crowd thousands of people like wild fire. An elemental human cheer went up by most the vast majority of Cubans in 90% of supporters of same sex marriage. And something that is a burst of relief. And that frankly equality to gay men's chorus of Washington is here and they came over quite in front of the camera. To sing the national and the tears streaming down their faces some of them and in a sense for the first time claiming that. Our national. As full equals under the laws of merit under the constitution. And it was quite a moment. Despite this Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage across America have the law has been met with some defiance. 2016 issue orders CA chair of continued legal battles. On the issue bringing you the year's top stories as they were originally reported. You were listening to what actually happened plus special presentation from ABC news radio.