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9/11/15 - Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Sep 11, 2015|

There's something horrific about the irony that yesterday, the day before 9/11, we watched the Senate ensure President Obama's deal with Iran, which ensures they will get nuclear warheads

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Gives me. Only underground. From the bowels of a hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel. This brick building. We once again make contact without. Hello everybody. Hey mark revenge here are number 87738138118773813811. This is always a difficult day. It's a difficult stated trying to. Decide to have to do a program like this in every talk show host has to go through it. Some ignore the anniversary altogether. Others. We'll spend the entire program on it. And of course we're talking about nine elevenths. No what I'm going to do. Is interspersed. Pro American patriotic music. From time to time throughout the program. In honor. We're military. I've fire departments and police department Syrian mass folks. In an honor all those who have perished. And their families. Not only on 9/11 but every day since fighting the Islam or not. There's something. Terrific about the irony. That yesterday we watched the spectacle. Of both parties in the United States senate. Ensuring that Barack Obama's deal with the enemy. Would result in the enemy eventually getting. Nuclear warheads. Fourteen years later. They didn't want to have the vote today. And it yesterday. To avoid this. Horrific irony. And so the Republican establishment. The democratic ideologues. They've now made a false peace with the declared enemy. An enemy that seeks to substitute box cutters would nuclear warheads. Our current crop. Of political officeholders. For the worst in history. And they will be remembered. On every September 10. There than nine tennis. Because yesterday they surrendered to the enemy. They agreed to fund and arm the enemy. And they make no mistake about it sow the seeds. An inevitable war. That I believe many of your children and grandchildren will be drawn into. An enemy that will now be more powerful. And an enemy that will now be able to strike the continental United States. It amazes me that thirty years or so ago we had a president. And congress. And allies. They were able defeat. He truly powerful enemy the Soviet Union. Which had a massive. Nuclear warheads. Thousands and thousands of tanks. An army of over a million. A modern air force. And we defeated. And today. They carry crop of political office vote. Cant even defeat a two bit seventh century throwback. Sub human regime. Led by cockroaches. And here it is 9/11 for the fourteenth zero. Now we're gonna discuss many things today that have nothing to do at 9/11. Some will. But before we get started. As I said we're going to. Have throughout the program and I considered. Patriotic music to honor. Those who perished fourteen years ago today and those who have perished since. Trying to destroy. Those. Who attacked us on nonviolent. Cut fourteen go. Today we head. Planes and crash. The World Trade Center in an apparent change verse ten. If you. England where I. And this done. They did it play. I've got an Olympic blood elevate. Everybody knows. And another I've had hundreds have. We're gonna come out of this. Emotionally stronger. Politically stronger much closer together as a city. Has seen for itself the state of our union. Here it is. Love about it evacuated although it. Did you got about a that we did get an idea of what their power back. Whether. We bringing our enemies to justice or bring justice to him. Justice will be done. Their origin moved firefighters. How many we'll. We get whole again. I'm shoulder to shoulder with our American friends in this hour tragedy on the freedom. And waged against us I don't. Archie. This struggles fears. In the third out of the program we will have former Vice President Dick Cheney on the program. And his daughter Liz Cheney. And I'll be right back. It. What I'm glad that you know I'd rather not do but I feel an obligation to do it. And I'd rather not stood for several reasons number one. I'm going to be said that the you know sink a fan for Donald Trump and I haven't endorsed assault. Number two. It's gonna be said this is not a day for this when in fact. Really I need to do and I need to address that I've put it off. There is an effort underway ladies in general whether you support Donald proper and honor when the year and in in different about it or whatever the issues there isn't there's an effort under way to tamp down pollution there's no question in my mind I've seen this kind of gang attacked before. I've seen it before. And it's getting a lot of currency. Scanning a lot of media attention. Now first of all. Let's look at cut to mr. producer I wanted to say about Carly Fiorina. She's been shooting spit balls at him for some time I've been watching him watching and watching. She jumped into the making Kelly saying she didn't have to but she wanna tune. She seeks to draw attention to herself even those of you are supporting her and check it out that's perfectly fine. Do I agree with what trump said about her face to I agree or what he said afterwards. Now I don't. But she's not a girl's death. I said to mr. producer I remember in twenty tension was running against Barbara Boxer when I supported her opponent. I supported her opponent who was the real conservative in the Republican primary do you remember that the Republican primary day. Select a Republican. To take on. Barbara Boxer she was the moderate Republicans five years ago. There's no discussion whatsoever. On our favorite cable channel or anywhere else. Anywhere else. About her flip flopping on. Only one guy they talk about flip flopping on issues I think we had a talked about all of them flip flopping on issues. IC not Chris Christie is. Is Ronald Reagan Collison. But here's what she said in June 2010 mr. producer dug it up at my request pat hit TPM. About prop Barbara Boxer cut to go. Loud or soft Barbara Boxer briefly on television this morning. And said what everyone says god what is that hair. Up up up up up up but. So yesterday. That was on CNN on open Mike. It's amazing to me CNN. Hasn't played that. I'm just sent. Not want to play just a few clips. Because you've heard endless clips about what trump says I wanna play a little few clips so what's been said about trump it's like one guy against twelfth. And that's one of the reasons the establishment doesn't get it. And again I am not a special player for the man. I don't coordinate with the man I don't know that house run in his campaign it doesn't matter I think for myself. Bobby Jindal lost yesterday. Even just all one of my jokes. Why did to a different person. Than squirrel on the head joke how often I use that mr. Bettis and but here we go. Bobby general what is he won 23% in the polls it's obvious he's trying to hit up caught wind out. He says things are Rolling Stone about Carly Fiorina then have attracted a great deal of attention how do you respond. Yeah it's pretty outrageous for him to be attacking anybody's parents who say he's got a squirrels signal does that have any of your I think he should stop attacking other people's appearances. So that was. An intentional hit. Do you think that helped Kendall. Ben Carson a man who I admire greatly. I admire him greatly I like him very very much. Somebody and I'd vote for one day. And might in shorts. Got three go. I realize where my successor is found. And I go in any way to deny. My faith in god. And I think America. Yeah probably is a big difference okay. That's pretty offensive even though it said in a very. Polite way. He won't deny his faith in god but I think this is a big difference there were talking about trump. Is inappropriate I think. Because Carson is a good guy he subsequently apologized. But everybody's picking up on trump saying you know it was an average stock obviously was an average dot that's my even my point. My point is who was dragging this race and they got. Now Jeb Bush. Yesterday on CNN. Cut. Four I doubt I agree I think that genital trauma as the front runner needs to be treated like a ball it's an. He needs to share experiences are to be present United States what is ideas are and so far at least he has not been serious about that. I think he believes that he can insult his way to the presidency and I'm only histories of early to guide for that I think. He needs to work begins say what is vision is for the future and dug up till now I think governor Jindal Sessler correctly he's not a serious candidate. Yeah. This is called piling on what consultants talk to consultants campaign managers talked to campaign managers. Trumps and believed like it or not. And so they're trying to take him down. Any swings back. Lindsey Graham. On CNN so much at this occurs on CNN battle. Cut five. July 20 of this year ago. There is a jackass. Really that he's bringing. She is the name down. And he's not. Helping the process. And you shouldn't be commander in chief. Nobody called Lindsey Graham on the news. Now what. Rick Perry who just pulled out of the race. Gave a speech today we're basically every other sentence was don't support trump don't support trump don't support trump. Fine. Here's Rick Perry in July CBS cut six go the first eight barking car. Act that can best be describe yeah. As strong that is so this this is Perry who sat down with his advisors and they come up with these lines and would ginned up. Same way bush same with Lindsey Graham go ahead. I toxic mix of demagoguery. And mean spirited it's. And nonsense that we'll leave the Republican Party prediction. If pursuit. All right come down name Perry. Charles Krauthammer there are so many Krauthammer attacks. That I had a limited to one. Cut seven go. How makes a Mexican pay for the long I'll make the saudis. Can do that treasury because support. Our infrastructure. Look who did this is a campaign. That's run on no nothing zero phobia. Say they don't you address specific issues it's no nothing Xena phobia. George well. Earlier this year. Cut eight go. I do not understand the cost benefit here is that the costs are cleared the benefits what voters can vote for him because he's seen with with Donald Trump. The cost of appearing with this movie is being. Ignoring us missile. If it is obvious nothing estimate. Don trump is redundant evidence that if you're not worth his time out of your IQ can be very low and you can still intrude into American politics but I think and I don't understand the benefit what is Romney see. So here you have these tight dances. Here you have these establishment night. Here you have these people attacking trump. For doing what they're doing to him in space. I mean I'm just watching this. I'm no special plea to train these people. And going they guess. Throw Adam throw out of Brad and he respond to them we have another day of his response hoping to believe what he says. I'll be right back. If you wanna talk to mark. We have two numbers for you to call. We're regular Americans call 87738138114. Liberals only 77 create one. 38 B eleven. So George Welch called trump a blow away. Slowly gaining in arraignments are as he says that about any left wing Democrat who's decent and about Obama or Hillary he'd never do that. Charles Krauthammer called sin may know nothings in a phobia Xena phobic. It's pretty hard stuff. Rick Perry barking carnival act. Lindsey Graham a jackass. Jeb Bush is not a serious candidate. And Carson. While I very much. I he doesn't deny his faith in god and he thinks that's the big difference between him and trot. And Bobby Jindal. Score all sitting on his head and let me ask you folks something whose dragging down the debate. I'd like ten against one Republicans might and I will say this about Ted Cruz and Rick Santorum. They're not getting involved in any of this I think mr. Dennis. We look for eclipse. I'm Ted Cruz attacking this way there aren't any. We look for clips. Have Rick Santorum attacking this way there aren't it. They're running their campaigns. They're trying to make their case to the American people on don't take your eye off Rick Santorum is a good man. But it is 9/11. And as I said we are an honor those who deserved beyond. And we're in honor them. Best we can. While dealing with the events that are going on today. One of my favorite actors of all time was Jon wins matter of fact in the bunker I have. One of the EI patches Wayne war and true grit. Thanks to Sean Hannity and and one of John wings daughters'. Skin enemy of my birthday several years ago. He was a great patriot. Cut eighteen go. US meanwhile. It's not the we'll explain and easy. There's always. He drifted down by. Once the full blown fifteen over. You heard Bob Wright going to Carolina. Now all of these will have a laser. Well. Waters. New York. You bring up my. You're sitting down. A museum has no place drifted in the it is. Ginsburg. He's in the Mississippi. Okay. Plus there's. He's been in disbelief. Okay. Okay. Need. Zandi. Men and million. I. Okay. Not okay. Okay. And yeah. Okay now. News that. Yeah. See ladies and gentlemen millions of us love this country. We despise Washington. But we love our country. Because we despise what these politicians are doing to our country. There was a piece written today rush talked about it I had printed out myself. By Jim Garrity very good man over a national review online. Piling on on trumped. In a search couldn't see him mentioning the words freedom or liberty very often. And I thought to myself. We have Amanda senate majority leader. And republic. Who's been there forever. Who hasn't done a damn thing in the name of freedom and liberty. Trump has been in the private sector his entire life. Freedom and liberty. An amazing thing now that we have. Republican establishment types in their surrogates. Going on about freedom and liberty. I get behind this microphone gain and day out and I talk about freedom and liberty I have books with the word liberty on that. And they pretend they don't even exist. I get behind this microphone gain and day out and I talk about the constitution. And I hear crickets. From the peanut gallery. And now lay. When I don't know where the candidates are particularly Donald Trump when it comes to freedom and liberty. Freedom of levity. Where are these people Wednesday. Where they at a rally on the west is not a west lawn of the capitol building. Trying to save this country's future from the Islamabad he's in Iraq. Crude was their. Truck was there I was there are many others were then we're okay. Nowak. Nowhere. We don't need election is about freedom and liberty. From people who sit on their asses all day and do nothing about it. And no this isn't specific to any individual. It is amazing. To listen to our rhinos and establishment politicians go on and on about we need to stand for conservative principles we need to skip a conservative principles. Then I wanna fight for a conservative principles are Sutton says that guardians of conservative principles. You watch the next two or three weeks. As they push up that debt ceiling. You watch. Freedom and liberty. Freedom and liberty they say there's not enough discussion about freedom and liberty. Look at this piece national review online. Senate Republican leadership as wary of holding more votes to trying to block the implementation of Obama's nuclear deal with a ran. Where's our freedom and liberty near. I don't thesis for other Republican leadership. Up. Pseudo conservative media. Not even about the words freedom or liberty it's about the fact the freedom and liberty. Even before the house announced that it would adopt a new three part plan for registering disapproval of the Iran DL and I wanna so looked. That house or representatives. The big dummy runs and the speaker. He's coming along for the ride he was dragged into this. Senate Republicans were debating whether this step outside of the review process established by the. Pardon doubt that Clark at carton bell Obama did. Some GOP senators when it did just that in order to increase pressure on Democrats but other lawmakers think depression is already in place. And suspect that the alternatives might be counter. Productive. Well counterproductive we can't have that where the words freedom and liberty. Why the Republicans talking about freedom of lipid. The Republicans who are in town. Who've been in past who have been elect the term after term after tan where's the freedom and liberty. And by the way freedom and liberty mean the same thing. When we come back I'll tell you exactly what's gone. Of all people. In nemesis. David from. Of all people. And of all in all places. The Atlanta. He got it right. I'll be right back. On our program. All right already Rick Perry. Draft that he wasn't ever going anywhere folks. In my humble opinion. That's an against the man and against any. Set that Lindsey Graham quite frankly. And that piece I was gonna say that's gonna have to wait to the next hour and think it's actually an important piece. Baghdad don't really careful. But I give credit where credit is due to from. In the post that he has on the Atlantic web site. You know three must known facts that will completely change how you two's home security. Fact one. Be aware of long term home security contracts they make it impossible to cancel. Fact two when you can't cancel you have no power fax three when you have no power of the home security company does whatever it wants. Random price hikes terrible customer service he can't do a thing about it take my advice get home security but don't ever sign a contract. Let the Smart way it was simply save home security the only home security I trust simply say never a lot she went to a contract they have no contracts. Mean canceling time. Professional monitoring the 24 Saturn protection keeps you your family and your home safer around the clock. First sign of a break in simply save since police. He of hundreds you save hundreds of dollars every year. Other alarm companies charged bloated monthly fees 5060 bucks a month that's a rip off. Protect your family was simply safe you only pay 1499. A month. Take charge of your homes protection was simply safe so go to day when exclusive 10% off. Simply safe dot com excuse me simply say mark dot com that simply say mark dot com. At 10% off you'll get a free key chain panic button to simply say. Mark. Dot com. David Washington DC the gray WNA Al dealt. I think that you remark when I was just happy government shutdown Friday thank you do every Friday come hell or high water. Yeah I actually. Called. I call my offenders this afternoon. Calorie but the mom or your senators here in Washington where where you Maryland or Virginia. Not world. I made just mid to low ball mark on my way home since you apparently can't help my dad out or are you call those two senators. Good luck with that. And Carden who helped. Evil eyes this has surrendered to the enemy. But then votes again it's so he's he's a fraud and the course of Mikulski she's a fraud from day one. Right. I tried calling at 4 o'clock today and they reject I got nothing but voice routes. The government has shut down my friend it's Friday 4 PM eastern time they're long gone. Right fashion than better. Who want it I'd go to mr. are called street earlier wanted terrorist just shale. My again my displeasure wrist though Republican establishment attacking Donald Trump. And I think they're doing it out of here because social. He's. We get at how well he is an important out the front runner right now. Well here's what I'm saying and I'm trying to do and as of it is like. I'm watching these shows that just keep running what he says in response to what people are saying about him. But they really don't run over and over again what they're saying about him. And it's not just these candidates. Who really are pretty low down on the totem pole not all of them but most of them. But there's arrogance in the media who been supporting the establishment if they weren't trashing trop they be trashing crews were they not. If Rick Santorum was at 30%. What do they do to him when he was catching up the Romney did they trash until. When Ronald rag was running in 76 and eighty I can tell you I was involved in both of those campaign. They trashed his intelligence. They trashed his acting career they said he dyed his hair they went on and on and on Carly Fiorina has no idea. What it is to be try regular trash regularly. In 1980 was by the bush beat. And in 1976 was by the Ford people the establishment plays Garrity. They played dirty they're relentless. Except when it comes to the Democrats and a lack. And they surrender but when it comes to the conservative base they despise us thank you for your car and I've explained why before. Because they can lose but Democrats and still hold on to some power in government. What if they lose stop us. Out of government. I'm not saying support trump. Support whomever you want. About what's fair is fair and what's unfair is unfair. And it's obvious that these campaigns are ganging up it's obvious that the media mouth pieces. Are ganging up there's no question about. I'll be right back. Is there. Only underground. I'll also be hidden. Somewhere come to a brick and steel. This brick building. We once again made contact without. Hello everybody this is mark within our two. On 9/11. Funny fifteen. And number 87738138118773813811. As we continue to respect him. Connor those who deserve it. And we also continue to plow ahead. And I would like to play free you. The 9/11 tribute of amazing grace cut fifteen go. It's. Seeing the yeah. Hurry yeah he's. It's September 11 and a great sorrow. Saying. Today's. Obviously it's. Yeah to answer your take on. World Trade Center. Dangerous. Yeah I. Yeah. Her. Good. Any victory in years people have had a big heart and family and maybe. He's. Okay. Goes out to all. Innocent civilians. This horrible. It's. Me. You. Hey hey hey hey you didn't believe it. Yeah hi. Wow. TV. Room and thousands of lives were suddenly ended by evil. Despicable acts of terror yeah. Scribe to meet targets were song itself. And the second play. That's the last time she talked. Okay. The real thing. Billowing. Okay. See. She's okay. America. Okay. Yeah. She's. Okay. It's. Rudy Giuliani. I'm gonna quote him. Generally do. When people endure eight traumatic event. They are either defeated or make stronger. On September 11 I told New Yorkers want you to emerge stronger. From this. My words were partially I hope and partially an observation that people in New York City handle big things better than little things. I cannot be more proud of the way my city respond. This enemy attacked New York City. This enemy attack Washington DC he attacked the Pentagon. There wasn't for those brave. Those brave souls and central Pennsylvania. Who took that get down knowing they were gonna die. That jet was named for the capital. Here we are fourteen years later. Our borders are wide open. We're bringing in thousands and thousands of refugees from the Middle East. There's an FBI director who said the other month. We've terrorist investigations going on in every state. We have the US attorney in Minneapolis saying we have a hip problem. In this city in this state. With a recruiting terrorists. We have slashed our defense budget. We have slashed. Our defense readiness. And we just entered into. An agreement. With the devil. The devil. The Islam one Nazis and tea around. People say why do you use words like Nazis. Is there another. Is there another. The better describes. Police. Just bodies aren't. We've gotten used to them saying death to America haven't. We've got used to them saying that they're going to obliterate the State of Israel. I only wish our leaders in this country such as they aren't. We're strong as the prime minister. And the people who ran Israel. We have in my view sow the seeds of war any big war. A big war. We had this regime on the run. The sanctions will work. They needed to be strengthened. We didn't give support of the freedom fighter to the freedom movement within Iran. For ten days when they rose up. And they were slaughtered in the streets and they were dragged into school logs and raped and tortured and otherwise brutalize. Obama didn't say where. Now where. Nothing. What resistance is left of around what do you think they think about this the what do you think they think about a 150 billion dollars in the hands. Of the police state. To strengthen their military to strengthen their internal police and security forces. To strengthen that type of weapons systems they have setting up by more more from the Russian. The Chinese. What kind of a president enters into an agreement like that. Today was the day he should have been Monica of course. And left the morning to the country. America deserves far better than Barack Obama. And we're going to now pay the price. For having had him as president. We're going to pay the price. For the Democrats in congress. We're going to pay the price for the Republicans in the United States senate. We the people will pay the price. And I'm sorry to say it's going to be worse than 9/11. It's going to be works. Because they're gonna have. Different weapons more powerful up. They're gonna have easier access to the United States it's never been so easy. To sneak into the United States after 9/11 can you believe that and we Republicans like Jeb Bush going on and on the people come here for life. Well the problem isn't the people who come here for life. The problem as the people who come here. The lowest to smithereens. Any federal government they can even build a web site after spending nearly a billion dollars in years. Years and years. It's a federal government they cannot secure this country. And look what Obama's under the military. Look what he's done to our borders. But what he's done to our. Our wonderful police departments from sea to shining city. Look what he's done to this country. We don't even have a space program anymore. To speak. Every president supported the space program. Every president took credit for the accomplishment of the space proud. We don't even have a functioning school lunch program. Our healthcare system is a disaster. Says he supports a voting rights. He doesn't even support democracy. What does he mean he supports voting rights. What do you think he means when he says I've a pen and a phone. I listen to those bag pipes. Think about 9/11 fourteen years ago. And then you wonder I wonder. Have they held it we get we are today. Were we elected. Both Democrats and Republicans at top levels. The most incompetent. Clown bush. Fools. Imaginable. That's very interesting. Quinnipiac put a poll out today and of course all the media report on are the first or second questions who'd they support for president so forth and so on. But weighing down their item number 83. Refers to many of him. Would you rather have a presidential candidate who's political experience was mostly outside of Washington. Are mostly in the government in Washington. Tea Party. 90% outside a government. Evangelicals. 89%. Outside of government. Those who self identify as very conservative. Not. Those are self identify as moderate to liberal 84%. Outside of government. Men 89%. Outside a government women eighty and 84% outside of government. And the average total 87%. 87%. 87%. Amazing isn't. It explains a lot. And the people who spend most of their lives inside the beltway and the people who spend most of their lives reporting. People who spend most of their lives inside the beltway. They just don't get it. They don't understand how much we despise what they've done this country and despised. And day after day they rub our noses in it. Day after day they tell us. There's something wrong what we the people. Day after day we're treated like second class citizens when illegal aliens are treated like first glance at its. Then after. This Supreme Court tells us what marriages. As it quite tells us what we shall do what we shall not kill. Interferes in our daily lives when it has no authority to do any up. We can't pick. Aaron health care policies. We're being brutalized for being tormented. Bennett this is our country. It's our country. It's not theirs. And this is why. Nine out of ten. When a candidate from outside government. Or who has meant a mall governmental experience. Not because we seek incompetence. Because we seek somebody finally. Who will do what they say they'll do. We'll do what they say they want to and either the Republican Party. And braces the American people what they want. Think it'll die on the vine. This is crappy sound. I'll be right back. Open. It's. Filed turns out only have a minute of only come back we have on the line. You whirlwind nine renowned brilliant man. Media. Professor of philosophy Daniel Robinson. Distinguished professor emeritus the last three Georgetown university of fellow of the faculty is philosophy Oxford University is much much more about this man. When you heard me talking about this piece it nationally on line that that trump not mentioning freedom liberty and much fact now at all. He wants to comment on that and I want him to comment on the and so after the bottom of the hour. This is a big treat these of these are listening to this program. Which is an honor for me. And I want to be him last time he called and I was 68 months ago. People people were very excited about it after they heard him speak so we'll be right back with a professor Roberts. We establishments. Worst nightmare. Mark love them. Call and now 877381381. Lawton as you all know I proudly join the sponsor this. Program conservative review of another editor in chief. And I'll tell you what things are really heating up over there. I'm very excited to lead a team of the best and brightest in the conservative movement for example we just brought on Amanda Carpenter. She was a former speechwriter for both senators Ted Cruz and Jim dement. And she's been on the front lines of the fight and never gives the establishment a pass. And there's Chris Jacobs from The Heritage Foundation and the Wall Street Journal Uday and and day out is breaking down news and policy in plain English. And he's a brain when it comes to public policy and how conservative principles and ideas can win. Now when you add these big names to the crew over there already some of my favorite writers like Daniel Horowitz stand by geno John Gray that's right. Jeffrey lord many others Steve d.s. We've got a team that's ready to shake up the Republican establishment I friend Jen K. I hope they'll check out conservative review right now. Now if you are reading it you're missing out that's conservative reviewed dot com conservative review dot com please check in now. Well I wanna go to professor Danielle Robinson of Oxford fame and Georgetown fame and in Middletown Marilyn how are you my friend. More trained and Middletown I think that most other places. By the way creatures to your talk the F. Capitol building and you'll orthopedic recommendation regarding. Price you can hit putts right on target. You know Europe in your preview of what they national repute hello. Had to play it as an article Garrity I hadn't read it. I hope we haven't sunk to the level of political analogy split we're going to work countless. But it don't downgrade within his farewell address president Washington took him to speak too much about liberty or freedom. In fact when he gets you to that point he does yeah. In truth wolf and is local local liberty it would at Purdue ligament pure part of the no recommendation of mines a necessary to fortify it or confirmed the attachments. So long taken for granted if one is addressing. That properly constituted. Citizenship the United States. They need no encouragement to set about to preserve their liberties they are not blind support. Wouldn't sacrifice distance can be have to approach liberty and Donald Trump strikes mail but not recommending anybody vote for anybody not like my perfect. But term. I don't think we're used to look businessperson. Of the manner in which successful business transactions are conducted. And so this seems to be they don't make anymore. Describe for me as a good deputy is a pretty girl one boy and one brown won we we we here at trump. And he's so different from what we used to getting. But we operate on the premise of this something strange about it exotic may be objectionable. But this is precisely the sort of approach that a fellow wanted to topic he'll post office buildings. Can make a four star hotel is likely to take when he and its tablet. The powers in Washington DC I've got to deal that would be good field it'll be good and they let tore Gupta detailed. Do you really want a lecture on the advantages simply free enterprise system. Or should we get down to business. The other thing in the farewell address change which. Like I can worry about it. President Washington of course we're deeply about it. It does. Citizens. By birth or shortly yeah. Of a common country. That country has a right to concentrate your affection and the name of Americans. Would beat long Qiyue annual national I don't. Must go we exalt the just pride patriotism. More than any appellation. Mubarak from local discriminated. Now part of this problem of massive immigration. I've I don't know missed abortion rights of people come here because they're local that's. But I do know that one won a sample and many of them. Duke crews at the flag at their native country. Well one would give this native country. Practices and culture of their native country not logistically possible if augmenting their lives to that Americans would go to post would. Foreigner to industry recognizes. Like Ritalin but in lieu of four. American national. And this is very. Definitive element and a twelve I think what you see is the current administration. Praised. Very effectively. Divide and conquer that sort of thing but I taken too much Qatar. Ohno I'm not done with. Professor Robinson Daniel Robinson now. I don't want professor here. All the creative by the lose it I've only gone through. One Harry displayed since we spoke last. But I have to be original contract I don't is that what you there's I don't expect you to great hearts of their terrific what. I still revert to type but I didn't get the didn't count because I didn't usually name but two money billions we can settled at a time publicly about us. Now professor gana Robinson and you folks out there which it Google has names that you know on talking with here he is in my field he's a world renowned. Now Oxford you're going mode Oxford in October. October say how long do you stay over there. Well I'm again giving the four elections on. Can't critique of pure reason which is or if truck going very broad undergraduates and saying but they do that would. We were true that amnesty at Akamai because of current expert. And very difficult text and then I'm also going to go the corset collection of them based. Philosophical foundations can psychology they created a position. What make it to disciplined. How do you know that what you're dealing with similar psychological phenomenon to begin lived. Console of psychology finally to be a sort of true brain you know that people to pick up. I listen this is very very interesting to me and yet you're a man who doesn't come on my program to rail against Donald Trump. Well but if they repeat several recent first. There at the corrupting influence just. Poking and happy life. And so Donald Trump can pay. It's like that it's free cab driver I had to let with a 25 people. You couldn't get an insatiable argue without having somebody can shoot back I should like be. Think they're less confrontational. Burden because they are discouraged if you know connect. Yeah I mean it's the New York offense to interrupt you toward pocketbook issue you go to a record. 2 to in my pinnacle of the bit that they can not not in the tend to get in culprit in March. And done. Well not to get too personal about these things but doesn't. My mother does I was quite young man that has spent much time as possible out of her that side. And and he had to go out and make money he sees it as a person and they don't national and I competed and mom and apple trip. And I saw what went into. Can you can't occur the appeal. Of the deal wasn't there some way of pulling something nobody to somebody that was making it known to them. But there was a product that may be equated that exclude them you have to believe that if you want to know look competition. Offering. And you had to beat people can make up a good case that. Putting will put on the scale of what I'm offering you could have a better arrangement ample room for negotiation. Temperature. Trump strikes it is so cool. Could okay and then from queens to I've heard people say this for other people stay out of that crash and he didn't do that. He's not really haven't had an IP he's become much more I think we're told that in pen and queens but he's put up these. Look from the architecture rendered. You know we've learned from the corporate tent so gut don't contribute. He's he's put up these. This opening up into the cities and places around the world. With the bureaucracy. Must be happy so absolutely intoxicating. And he's done it. And you don't you get to this by luck and you certainly don't get this spy scandal. Anybody who has been engaged in projects that that's so put that many years. And I've kept myself out of prison if it almost certainly a man of Berkshire so to speak. And the current thing is. I don't wanna be so tedious with these people not Washington people they will. Well he's not Washington dignity and drove in. That they put people on most admire him in modern history. Paul always treated as political figure that they were mildly mentally significant. Philosophical figured when the protection what he. Well read person. Well the counter and you know we've got a cottage industry devoted group with. Europe Tehran digits sparkle like that it street who think they will get people are somehow they can controlling the founders don't. It doesn't work that way Jordan spilled on the trip and then Hamilton still. Eight at sorry about that that's the way it go it's true and I don't know how many currently good doesn't have a statement by the way. And I think that's. They don't even know what the hell Hamilton did it's just drives me nuts we might not happen. Her to feel I know it's so ridiculous. Exciting and the Italian Lira. So. So but by. By the bite out of that experience. And you've been a great teacher and a government mark. By the bite of that kind of accurate history. The current crowd I wouldn't look great. It cook book worthy. And it could look war they and virtual that's attachment to what they accomplished. What they're doing an candidate got this corrupting what they accomplished. Figuring out ways of getting around it not taking it too seriously that was then that I have now. And in fact they have no competing theory. They only have a computing ambitions. What is a very personal ambition. And then now that I approach birthday number 79 I can I say get. But the company I think that. Yeah it's the sort of characteristic that would have you done a proponent. You wouldn't want to be closely associated with people who act that way and I think that way. So why would you want to be led by Adam. Wonderful wonderful wonderful professor your welcome here at any time and I appreciate you calling him. Get away and I'll I'll I'll Tehran can tell hope pass puck. Well good luck have a terrific talk he gave it but I wish you would just. Had a micro about a half hour. I'm like why not professor I only needed six or seven minutes to say what I needed to send. Sutherland. Talks were. Trust apparently and you know not not then not there as a I think clipped. Some of our present the impulses perfectly uncontrollable. That so. Crews so I think there's an exceptional. Lawyer. But you know pretty laid out. Possibilities. Are that the highly instructive. Why are they ignoring every one. You Wachovia I think but but but just you know experience you know people can put on the record the fact that they ignored things that could work that you would work. You you do it flight 92 week. My you very very kind this and I'm not I gotta get you blades for sure. But aren't you out lest it have a safe trip. Brilliant man. Brilliant man professor Dan around it's and seriously when she Google who we were just talking to. Two great honor to have him in the audience. And there's a man a brilliant man and I speak a lot of drilling of people many of you were brilliant as well. And yet. Who he's a right Winger wool user radio talk show entertainer always there's always that. I don't talk about my educational background I could. I could. But I'm not going to. But I get runs circles around my critics. And I can run circles around trumps critics. I can run circles around anybody I want to no brag just fact. I'll be right back. Oh. Okay. Professor Robinson is. Poetic in his brilliance is. Is cadence is mismanagement. That's a great treat them Colin. Speaking of brilliant Hillsdale College to pursue truth to defend liberty. To seek that which is beautiful to understand what it means to be good citizen in this marvelous country called America. That is the heart of Hillsdale College this is the Hillsdale different. Whether it's a fine young student on the campus of Michigan or someone like you taking a free online course. Hillsdale College since its founding in 1844. Has taught individuals things really worth knowing. But the studying chemistry your business. Or anyone at 31 different major students learn what it means the level it is good to cultivate beauty and elevate societies speaking appointed. This is why hills those rated by kiplinger's has among the best value top twenty national liberal arts college. Why some three million have you read their free monthly speech I just called and primus. Hills does liberal arts education is rich and full developing the hearts and minds of students and helping to advance the principles of liberty. Hillsdale college. For a better America and for a better you know this is the Hillsdale difference now. I am gonna get to this David from peace in the Atlantic. He says rank and file Republicans. Are giving vent to their distant. Pointman in frustration. And with or without trump. There insurrection merry mood seems unlikely to change. Rank and file Republicans have signaled their disaffection from their party and spectacular fashion. From the Tea Party to this summer of trump the reason the Republican revolt is not hard to explain disappointment and frustration. Donald Trump was propelled in the first place among Republicans in July 2015. Much more by anger against the parties' existing leadership. And by any attraction he exerted on his own. I don't agree with that I agree partly with that but that's not the point. Listen for a minute to conservative radio host mark living in on the six states from fox feud after the first presidential candidates debate. Any quotes me as saying the following senator Mitch McConnell and representative John Boehner Karl Rove and their ilk you're sick of them. You're sick of them not doing what to elected in the duke you're sick of them lying to you you're sick of them attacking everybody who doesn't agree with them through their surrogate. You're sick of how they treat people who dared to challenge them and Republican primaries. You're tired of so called conservative commentators on TV and elsewhere who servers they're surrogate. You don't feel you'll have a home and you don't feel that there's a party that stands up free. Within expressed with extra vehemence. He views is surprisingly widespread among rank and file Republicans. And it didn't start in 2015 either the influential conservative leaning election analyst Sean trend. Observed after a house majority leader Eric Cantor lost a primary election in trying to fourteen. As follows quote. Analysts need to understand. That the Republican base is furious with the Republican establishment. Especially over the bush years. From the point of view of conservatives I've spoken with the early to mid 2000 look like this. Voters gave Republicans control of congress and the presidency for the longest stretch since the 1920s. And what the Republicans show for it. Temporary tax cuts No Child Left Behind the Medicare prescription drug benefit a new cabinet department increase federal spending art. Repeated attempts at immigration reform basically. Despite a historic opportunity to shrink government. Almost everything that the GOP establishment achieved during that time moved the needle left work on domestic policy. And so. Whatever happens to the trump candidacy. Writes from almost certainly nothing good he says. The insurrection eerie mood inside the Republican Party one not easily be quiet it. More than 40% of Republicans want illegal immigrants deported the party specify any candidates are committed to some kind of pathway to citizenship. More than a fifth of Republicans believe the wealthy will too much political power. The forces that have worked to render the GO. Yeah minority party. Remain. At work. They remain at work. Is more I wanna addressed in this if we come back after the top of the hour. Ladies and gentlemen enjoy your freedom the federal government has officially closed. And Iraq back. It's okay. Only underground. So easily hidden. Somewhere fun to a brick and steel. This brick building. We once again make contact without. Know everybody mark within this. The final hour of the show the final hour of the week and number 8773813811877381. 3811 the insider DC establishment contempt. Protect cruise. For trump and frankly for guys like Rand Paul. Among others. This is contempt for yield. It's contempt for you. Everybody knows bush isn't gonna shake a plan and everybody knows Casey is a big government Republican. And on and on and on and we want something else. I can't we all this said David from peace nor do I wish to let let me let me read the ending. Says after the fox debate I received an email from an old friend who advises one of the Republican party's very largest donors. And he quotes in this way this is the first time I've ever done anything but throw cold water on this idea but I think the Republican parties about the split. The establishments utter failure to even consider what Trump's rise means. Much less how the Republican Party must accommodate trump supporters rather than the other way around means a split. And a good thing too I've never voted anything other than straight ticket Republican in my life nor ever consider doing so. But I didn't think I'd be happy to cancer went for trump as a protest vote but. I wanted to say to my friend this is this is that from now. You and your boss on the Republican establishment. Are at least two of its most very important members. If we've reached the point where even the establishment hates the establishment. The mood is dangerous indeed. Now ladies and gentlemen despite a lot of the static from some of the others in media and so forth. From day one I've been explaining how McConnell and Boehner are dragging down the Republican Party. And attempting to destroy the conservative movement. And I don't need to bang my AF pots and pans their low point answer. Play clips you know I'm right you people been listening many of you for a long time. Some of say just elect more Republicans in the will pressure them and then we'll do the right things that's wrong. Others most have sat silently while we duke it out of these primaries and bring candidates on to try and help you. Make a difference. And now they sit back and they say he had been telling you all along about the Republicans or the Republicans are effective work. Yeah we know thanks thanks a lot. Door in this period of time. I put Ford three different books. America opium. The liberty amendments. And plunder and deceit. America's opium. Which is political philosophy for really any. To trying get into concisely. The bases for our republic. So we can appreciate it even more. And the bases for tyranny. Which is actually easier to explain. So we could resist that more. The liberty amendments. Was a personal search at first. Some people came up to me and said what do you think about a convention dates and I said now we'd have a runaway convention and so forth they said. Please study this will you please look. And I studied. And I study and I studied. And I said I need to write about this. Because they were right and I was wrong. And I think that becomes the most. Prominent well known advocate. And a convention states. Whether friends make clear and Ferris and cobra. And professor Nielsen manifest. And professor Barnett and there are others. And so we lay the case happened. And then of course what plundered receipt. Well I don't need to discuss say your you know what's in the. You might say that. The public. And scholarly perhaps even electoral effort. To drive the Republican backed party back in to conservative of arms. Has been led right here. Every day behind this microphone and every book I've written. In order to try and restore. What's left of this republic. This is why you and I are held in such great contempt by everybody in Washington. And they better be careful. They're playing with dynamite. They're playing what your future they're playing with your liberty. They're playing with your lifestyle they're playing with your welfare. And they're doing enormous damage and they're doing enormous damage to future generations. I am the one trying to figure out. Ree courses. Better constitutional. And civil all. And yet. People like Obama. He lighting fuses and the Republicans. Keep stepping all over. It is remarkable question 83. It has not been addressed anywhere in the media but behind this microphone. Do you prefer presidential candidate whose government experience inside Washington. I don't ever and experience in Washington. And you prefer 90%. No. Washington government expects 90%. And these people inside the bout way these people who live inside the belt way. The politicians inside the bout way the mouth pieces in the media for the politicians inside the bout way. They try to drive the national agenda they do drive the national agenda and you have said enough is enough. So when they attacked a truck. Maybe would have been somebody else of drop heavens that that. When they attacked a cruise maybe would have been somebody else of crews had stepped up so forth and so on it robots you whomever it is. You're saying. That Boris I don't have to agree with the horse in every respect I don't like doors in every respect it does it matter. I know what I don't want and I know what I don't like and I've had to applaud. And so all make it clear. To our friend mr. Garrity in the others. We want fired liberty back. I talk about five phone isn't popcorn movies and so far we want our health care back we wanna ultra back. We what are your order back we want our military back most of all we want our constitution back. And I declare. So joyous. Nick critics who attacked us because they said we're not conservative enough this is a joke. This is pathetic joke. Joy don't support us do you support the liberty MM. Let's unite to support every one do you support the effort no they don't. Us and nominating a real conservative. When Ted Cruz stepped up in October 2013. Let a filibuster Ted defund obamacare. He was really attacked. By the people down mark and Sharon. That trumpet it conservative enough. When they told us both and they give up but stamp congress we handed it to them. The first time they spent like tried Marxist. They drove up that debt more than any congress prior to this congress. And let us be clear that they're reckoning is coming in September 2. When the Republicans give Obama everything he wants although do a fan dance although pretend otherwise. But they won't give them everything he wants as they always do. And then they say give us the president's. While we don't wanna give them a book. We don't wanna get on the case. We don't wanna gimmickry is the. We don't wanna give them whatever and then they say now you give us so we have on you give us so weak demand. And we're telling them to stick it. The establishment is destroying the Republican Party. In truth it already passed. What comes of this battle now will determine whether the Republican Party. Is something effective for goes the way the way. Now the one time we were able to take back the Republican Party was Ronald Reagan. Two massive landslide. One of the greatest most successful presidents in all of American history. And they tell us forget about reckoned. We need another bush. Forget about Greg and we need Romney. Forget about Greg we need McCain. No they're wrong. And we will stand our ground and be right back. OK okay. It's a great honor to have two people I admire. Enormously on the program. Former Vice President Dick Cheney Liz Cheney how are you guys yet another car. They are here's that fares well here's the truth. The truth is they have written the number one hardcover nonfiction book. Not mean they say. But they were screwed by the near times. So let me be the first to say that and I apologize for that I had nothing to do. Yeah well that's your brother mark is Leah we agree that you and evaluate New York Times. Ten and let let me opposite and mark your market commended and I think that there are your listeners out there on a really. Pick the New York Times got to go out by both books. Well you very. Kind but the really I wanna focus on your book because it is an exceptional but exceptional why the world needs a powerful America I mean. The timing of this book it is so crucial for people to read this Buckland let me start this way. May I ask you both what took place yesterday in the United States senate did you ever think. You would seem Republicans do something like this. Mean basically it although there in terms I mean rollover they surrender the treaty provision and then in the present violates the Clarke or bill their side agreements they're voting on stuff they don't even know. He ripped the Democrats betray them they used the filibuster. I'm sitting here saying no the majority. There's there's no question that this should have been out. And you know treating under the condoning prostitution. Of course Obama ultimately controlled whether or caller treat your. But the importance and significance to the school had should have been a treaty children treated as such. Notepad and of course it would have gone out of the secrecy could never get tutored slopes quarter. So we get 42 senators to block the whole thing and so really nobody has any say in this other than Obama himself what do you think about this deal. But there were Democrat. Yes. What what do you think about this you. It's terrible deal. In if you look at spend any time studying it won't spend a lot of times we put together our book. It is. It's remarkable how bad it is I'm not only is it. Leaked from the standpoint with respect to the nuclear issues in also at all good about the revisions and it is basically. Listen the embargo on that a conventional weapons it the sin embargo on their ballistic missiles with not only here. You know investments. Iran that has the capacity to develop nuclear weapons. But they're also going to be able to the public missiles and they already it has to obviously there's little weapons against her. There ever seriously against our friends against European gonna get United States. Now Liz Cheney. If you're Israel what do you think about and a. You know it's that it is that just a tragedy what happened here is a child Krauthammer has written that it took Nazi Germany seven years. To kill six million views and that it will pay a nuclear armed Iran one day. Am if you're is you've got to feel you know basically completely abandoned by United States by the president. And not only Israel but our allies all across the Arab world. Feel the same way and have they have you know taken the measure that president have a look at policies have watched it on. Completely get the better about these negotiations. And you know it has been the case that the United States provided security guarantees through the year world. That we were in a position where we were saying to them you know you don't need to develop your own that nuclear arsenal. We will protect you. And they know they can no longer count on our. Not only and we failed to prevent the audience from obtaining nuclear weapon but. We're cutting our own arsenal but cutting the size of our conventional military as well and that. It it says it really bad day. And I I hope very much and I think it ought to be the case that anybody who is living in the district. Represented by somebody who either support a good deal or. Failed. To vote. Could stop debate on a curb voted not Cuba. Go to their filibuster essentially support that no matter you gotta make sure that those. Pay a price for the next election. An exceptional book exceptional while the world needs a powerful America and yet we're hollowing out our military arm when mr. vice president. No question about it mark I think back about it Asia. I'm oftentimes ask what was most favored job. Different Sadler Eldon who was secretary defense sector defense sir. During desert storm and it and moved to collapse of the Berlin Wall on the and Soviet Union. Was a remarkable time they're talking about that because you left and relations in the World War II maintained. Superior strategic forces that capacity. I don't have prevailed during World War II ultimately the when the Cold War. But we did it every step of the way because we maintained. Military superiority basically and that. We never let ourselves fall behind. From the military standpoint what happened now with Barack Obama is. The technology yet that we enjoyed where we always work ahead in terms. Well ranger of missiles sort of precision guided weapons. Stealth aircraft and so forth a lot of that edge has gone out to support the Russians and Chinese are investing in them and who obviously had. We promised them at least sort of so let's find beware situation where the threat is ranking around the world and the potential problems that simultaneously we're seeing declines. And the US military capability to do anything about it. And Liz Cheney isn't provocative. When the enemy sees that where essentially unilaterally disarming. Absolutely and market and one of the things that we read about an hour but is. You know going back really 75 years for the most part with Papa technically Carter. American presidents Republican and Democrat lite can't wreck it not that weakness is provocative. And they've understood. You know Ronald Reagan said that basically the port here. Net debt that enemies of freedom. Art on the Marx you know when the importance of freedom are strongest when the forces of freedom a week that our enemies are able to prevail and you couldn't see across the globe today across the Middle East out of my dad mentioned in Russia and China. America's adversaries are clearly stepping forward to fill the gap and he take advantage. You know the last eighteen months of this presidency. Knowing that there are unlikely to face the situation. In the future where they'll be able to exploit American. Weakness like they are today. Do you think mr. vice president what's going on now. Well let me ask you this question contemplated over the break and only about forty seconds if you don't go there are we weaker today. In terms of our preparation. For the for the enemy the enemy these two bodies. At the top of our government. Are we weaker today given the the policies of this government than we where. Fourteen years ago on September 10 just prior to 9/11. I'm not trying to ask a controversial question I am I am extremely concerned that we are don't answer that yet when we come back I do want to answer that question. Ladies and gentlemen it's a great honor to have one of the greatest vice president's American this and that's just saying that at least here I've said that he had many many years. And he is so wonderful daughter lives. We'll be right back. And as you can get transparency from. 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So go to blinds dot com now mentioning heard about it from me mark and check out the sales on solar shades. You'll see easy and a whole new light will blind dot com. So. Mr. vice president my question do you was do you feel that we are more endangered today than we where before 9/11. I definitely think we are mark remember back. Each unit. 9/11 we have nineteen guys armed with airline tickets box cutters. Who came in and built a devastating blow to the United States worst attack on almost in the history works Pearl Harbor. Street thousands of Americans World Trade Center it pentagon separate. Now I think the trip is. Much more significant in the sense that I believed an extra more intimate but they orbit. That the hijackers that Paris will have a far deadlier. Weapon than just airline tickets bought it and I think that all the proliferation of nuclear weapons the Middle East. What you have policies that Obama's complaints regarding Ron. We'll it is move for example against things such as our nets interrogation techniques that the majors we were placed. Safeguard the nation for seven I have here I think that the district level is higher and I think you were actually able to take care of. It must really frustrate you and upset you know watch what's going on all the that was accomplished. All that was achieved being unraveled as a result of these mindless policies. No question very bad and certainly there and I had the privilege today that we're in San Diego. And so we spent the morning out there until they won't she'll this year. And San Diego and also remarkable America there are great Americans who. But it played a crucial role in terms of protecting the nation and in particular freedom. And nobody going to be spent time let them see what they've done force what they're going to be expected to do in the future. I mean you've really disappointed in the and Barack Obama and all the at least until greatness all the circumstances that are fundamentally damages garnished. The book is exceptional. Why the world needs a powerful America. So my social sites Marc Lynch of FaceBook mark lemon showed Twitter it's on It is everywhere I strongly encourage you to get a copy. Liz Cheney let me ask you this and that relates to the book very significantly. What is this mindset that we're dealing with now we see what's happened in the Middle East we seething these the the Chinese on the move the Russians on the move. But what is this mindset doing. You know it's absolutely mark situation really got a president knew. I have no doubt particularly after all the way to get this book into his years in office and going back through its policy than his public pronouncement. I came into office determined to weaken the nations and determined to do so because he's really. Leave. He said this himself you know that America has been and monoline power in the world that we been a force for they'll. That it is very important to reduce our footprint around the world. Bet you know no nation. I know there's no world order that elevates one nation about others. He actually said in his speech in Cairo in June of 2009. That donation has the right determine whether another nation can have a nuclear what. You know so his his sense of moral equivalent. He is his complete rejection. Even know he has acted on that. Been cold and learned that they have to talk the talk but you know in the beginning of his administration is very clear did not believe any unique kind of America exceptional at them. And and he had said about I think very methodically. To withdraw from the world to diminish our power to diminish our role and influence and what I don't understand that how he can turn on the television today and see the devastation is copies of rot. Across the Middle East now hundreds of thousands of refugees blown out of you know the areas controlled by the parent. Yeah I can watch all that and and think that his legacy going to be anything but devastation. And we felt very strongly one of the main reasons we wrote the book was number one and set the record straight about. The goodness and the greatness of this nation we lay out the beginning in the book where he had got to know that they are citizens the most. Good an honorable nation has ever existed in history. A mankind. And what our next president gonna have to do in order star power and bath but the time is short and the next president is gonna have a very tough job and difficult that a policy decision to make very quickly. And Liz what's happened to the Democrat party there used to be at least a few senators and I yet had Lieberman in the old Asia had Scoop Jackson I mean. Yeah I had some hawks in the Democrat party there aren't any hawks left in the Democrat. Now they're really aren't that mean I think it. He went back and you know was somehow able to explain to say John F. Kennedy here. Very chairman Eric Franklin Roosevelt what Barack Obama is doing. They'd be dumbfounded they wouldn't recognize or understand that policy. They were there would be able to comprehend why he's doing what he's he's he's. Really. You know departed from the tradition. The Democrats used to have to some extent. Also supporting strong national defense. Mr. vice president wanna put on the spot you don't have to answer this I don't I don't really trying to then on this program unless you're a liberal and we know you're not. Mr. vice president my question is this. I don't wanna know what you discussed that dear I'm just curious do you talk with the former president George W. Bush. On occasion. Home glad I'm on my wife Lynne wrote a book great book biography and James Madison. I was it was I still haven't hit and how it actually was on my show it is a great book threats. Her blood and them we went down barely traveled around the country obviously like Lesnar you know on the book. And there are a lot of places you stop who's the I'm orient them at SMU medallist. Where we put on the show respect and deal but foot. But we had dinner while there was. With former President Bush and there's like Slorc. But it's not like every week we concert can you believe what this guy's doing that it's not that sort of early. Yeah. And he's been. There's about tradition among former presidents and it's it's gone through most of those who serve. Or you know criticize your successor. That's fine I think sometimes when that's appropriate I'm not bound by any such agreement. And we need you out. Exactly that I have an obligation if you will. To share what I don't know what I believer. Current developed over the years. List serve Manama some of citizens and and when I see some egregious activity taking place. In the name of the government of the United States that it's perfectly appropriate from bloggers say something. And frankly enjoy just about candidates for office. I don't hold any office in the point but I think it's very very important. Or someone movement in this case I'm sort of drafted by circumstance. I'm happy go out there and there are. Be very directed very a very open people. Thank god that terrible policies. This man's sport blacks. And you have to be really proud your co author archer. I am indeed he's part of and I am sure I'd better than I do. And that. Tremendous privilege and an obviously until about bush was a lot of countries books together so at what the White House. In all mine. It's great fun working with your daughter cessation keeps it straight there. Live and let me yet. See that. Listening to keep it down and out of let let me ask you questions as I mean you thought about getting involved in politics I proudly endorsed you. Right out of the box 'cause I know you would have been a great senator. I just on circle back a little bit I don't wanna talk about any senator in particular but you'd be in I mean. Might call that we've millions of listeners the grassroots is really fed up. And really furious that the Republican Party hasn't taken any firmer stance against this president. You're contemplating running and so forth he got in and then and then you decided to pull out some isn't this one of the things that which was bothering yield. You know but I I absolutely am and very troubled by a situation in which in and you know lucky you gotta blame. Some Republicans in the senate in the instant prettier on the oak you know the they're agreement that was worked out. You know I never Republican senators that led to this not being cheated the treaty was with glaring mistake and you know when you have a situation where. This president is doing as much damage as he is. You know I really think it's incumbent upon those who are you know representing us in the senate and house representative. A lot of presidential candidates to be out there every single day reminding people that. If you elect Hillary Clinton if if she and could not be in the democratic nominee whichever Democrat is out there. That will be a third term of the presidency does yeah and we have not seen the kind of bad damage that this manic cod and a very very Long Island nation just like you know can't afford four more years or so. I am I do think it's incumbent you know I think that. We're at a point now where the notion of staff. Certain how you shouldn't talk about national security needs them how it's not part of the political process. That's that's an appropriate just flat lie. Yet imagine anything more important. After the future the republic for us to be talking about and meant to be challenging the president on. Well I wanna encourage you folks in my audience the weekend is now here the government has closed so you you have at least two days of freedom. Had to go out and get a copy of this wonderful book exceptional book. And that's the name of an exceptional night Dick and Liz Cheney. If you're concerned about disarray and deal if you want to understand what's actually going on in farm policy right now. Wanna be able to communicated your fellow citizens this is the book that like to see this book number one next week and I want to wish you both the absolute best come thanks for coming up. You aren't sure how are capitalists. Well the timing couldn't have been better this was scheduled sometime ago and it's frightening. It's frightening how much progress we made and now look where we are. And you heard the former vice president. You heard what he said. We're in more danger today than we were before 9/11 and he's exactly right. Folks I know you're focused on the election but even electing a conservative president isn't going to solve all the country's problems. I've been telling you ever since I wrote the Libyan. About calling and article five convention of states it's the only solutions. As big as the problem. We can talk all we want we can force DC back into its limited role however under the constitution. But there's really only one way to do it it's time to call a convention of states to restrain the scope powered jurisdiction of the federal government. I wrote the book I talk about it. Now it's up to you and you don't even have to do that much my friends mark McLaren Michael Farris they've teamed up around the convention of state projects. I'm so serious about this that I serve on the illegal border of reference senator Tom Coburn is on the board along with many other prominent conservatives. Now you need to get on board. Just give them your support just sign up. Go to and come at a convention of states that all right that's convention of states' dot org and sign up today we have to do this I promise you don't take two minutes. Go to www. Convention of state that all right let's get involved will you join me. Please the country hangs in the balance it's up to you to help make this happen. That's www. Convention of state dot org convention of states out Rory as I say. There's not a lot treated bill but if you do a little it's a lot. Convention of state spot or at least sign up right now I'll be right back. It's. So when he ran out this weekend. 81 of the warehouse stores are mall of perhaps online you'll pick up a copy of the Cheney book exceptional because it is exceptional. And while you're there I hope you'll pick up plunder and deceit because I think it's very very important as the plow ahead. Wanna make this quick comment I hope it's understood. I've nothing that absolute empathy. For Joseph Biden in the loss of his son beau. Nobody wants to experience that nobody wishes that on anybody and frankly Joseph Biden has suffered quite a bit in his life. Originally the car accident with a and so was his wife and the death of a child and hear the death of another child. But I also wanna say this. In my years working in the Reagan administration there was no nastier senator. Who is willing to destroy the careers and lives of conservatives who were promoted. By President Reagan. Nominated to serve on the federal judiciary than Joseph Biden. And support for him. As the Thomas. And their other family you can instant. I mention that because. I can see the love affair going on between the median Biden put those are the facts. Ray Charles and America. I just feel. You do. You go. Is. Or change. Or mention. Okay. The yeah. So if I'm like yeah. News. Yeah. Love them. Not clear who. Majesty. Okay. And and oh yeah. Okay. So wait so officially over the weekend begins right now. We salute our armed forces police officers firefighters and emergency personnel. God bless you each and every one of the and I sobriety and I rib feet and I can't say goodnight America. Get out kinda. Debt crisis cannot act cock roaches.