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10/23/15-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Oct 23, 2015|

We can pretend that Paul Ryan is a big conservative but his record says otherwise. According to the media, if you don't smear and trash people like Sen. Ted Cruz, Donald Trump and Ben Carson then you're not a true conservative

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's okay. Only underground. From the bowels of a hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel. This brick building. We once again made contact without. Create one. 38118773813811. Would you consider a congressman. Conservative. Three the libertarian. Who voted for the 700 billion dollar TARP subsidy in bail out. How about if he voted for the GM Chrysler bail. How about it he voted for the confessed to Torrey taxes on CEO bonuses. M that way back. Evidently voted on No Child Left Behind. How about if he voted for a 192 billion dollar stimulus bill in 2009. Or an economic stimulus act of 2008. Part of expanding Medicare prescription drug program in 2003. Abbott thank congressman was campaigning here and there across the country. In support of the bill that went even beyond the gang of eight senate bill. Well among others Luis Gutierrez. And last year alone almost got that bill passed. Creating what the Center for Immigration Studies market Korean says 32 million new voters. I'm not a bad Donald Trump. I'm talking about Orion. Now the beat bush contingent. In the pseudo conservative media. Likes to attack. Whether it's trump are frankly rubio or cruise or whomever. As being inconsistent. Inconsistently what. These are the people on the one hand who call we conservatives we write unite your asks. And a but Reagan behind us then on the other hand they're saying. Paul Ryan is a concern. And then on the third hand they're saying trump is no conservative. Can say whatever they want. I haven't announced support for anybody. One of the reasons I have like Paul Ryan. Is because he was very very gutsy in proposing entitlement reform with respect to Medicare matter of fact at the time argued eating go far enough. But I was thrilled that he did it and I defended him strongly and I defended him against Donald Trump. See Mike Huckabee. And trop and others. They talk about social security and Medicare and as best as I can tell about leaving it alone well if we leave you alone they collapse. Now I've written about this extensively as a matter of fact I've written about a more than all right. Or his salary gets his mouth pieces in the media most of whom are former bush staffers. But let's not pretend that Paul Ryan is this big conservative. Who worked at a conservative think tank and and therefore he promotes conservative if he may talk the game. But his record. Indicates otherwise. Not to put the man down personally. You know. These holes in the media these pseudo conservative media among other places tall black and white with these. You either smear and trash tramp you either smear and trash. Crews you either smear and trash. Carson. We are not a True Blue conservative but of course they are. Any beta is it True Blue conservative they think McConnell is True Blue conservative. McCarthy after Boehner Paul Ryan now insist that we elect Jeb Bush president. Or John Kasich president before that they were talking to Chris Christie and on and on and on. And yet they reject the real conservatives. Let's talk about proves why aren't they endorsing cruise. Cruz is without a doubt the most consistent. Principled conservative over the longest period of time. At anybody in the race. I'm not endorsing anybody right now but I'm saying affect your test. What is it that fraud Pete waiter over their commentary in the other frauds out there right now endorsed him. Or our friends at national review online endorsed him. Well at the weekly standard Bill Kristol anecdote there party trump okay endorsed groups. But they don't do it. They won't do it yet. Or maybe they haven't I somehow I missed it. So they've played this game. First they hate what they call the purest we conservatives who are not Q where were conservative. And then on the other hand they say well look at who they support they're not you'll iron. We don't let not your we never said they would beat you are they are dealer. One of the most redeeming values that Donald Trump hat. Is he's kicking the crap out of the establishment. Which is why they trying to strike back by attacking him and attacking those of us who refused dismiss them. Amazing. Well what about trump on tariffs I've said openly I post trumps position on tires I strongly built. And you what's interesting ladies and gentlemen there is a whole regime we have in place most of which I reject. But I didn't put it in place Republican and Democrat presidents put it in place of the harmonized tariff schedule. The harmonized tariff schedule hundreds and hundreds of tariffs that are placed on products that come into this country. Long before trop as a candidate and I said I reject this whole notion of all these parents. Now we already have all these tariffs and place. So there really the argument is should we increase. So I decided just quickly. The sea where Paul Ryan stands on parent. And it turns out. As a member of congress he's always opposed Paris until. He became Romney's vice presidential candidate. His running mate. Then. They supported. A position. Where if China continue to manipulate. It's currency. That they would empower the president of the United States. To impose tariffs. On countries that fundamentally undervalued their parents. Joyce how to use on ten. That's OK I'm just pointing it out. I'm just pointing it out so these gotcha games are really got you games. What we're looking for today. Is a solid. Conservative who can defeat the last. Looking get blue collar Democrat voters because the motion amid all the Busch east can't do. That's what we're looking for. There is no excitement behind the Jeb Bush campaign certainly not now he's laying off staff he's cutting salaries nobody ever thought they'd see this but may. There's no excitement. John Kasich watts 34% he's the governor of Ohio that's the best they can do Lindsey Graham. His head out liar. He's an error in the polling system. And I go on and on and on. The fact of the matter. Whether rich tropic cars and a cruise or others. The bush family. The bush arrogance. All over Washington DC all in this pseudo conservative media. They are furious of what's going on and they are lashing out. They want consistency. The vast majority of the votes for a big government that I cited in the case of Paul Ryan we're going up presidency. And George W. Bush. George W. Bush supported TARP. George W. Bush did the first bail out GM and Chrysler. George W. Bush No Child Left Behind. George W. Bush the 2008 stimulus the 2009 stimulus. George W. Bush expanding the Medicare prescription drug program George W. Bush comprehensive immigration reform. I am not trying to elect at camp either. I'm laying out a case. These people are in no position. The throw mud balls and anybody else. And insisting on who is and isn't a conservative. I'm gonna move along. If they continue this I will continue to strike back. I certainly hope. Paul Ryan is the conservative he said he is in the letter that he sent out the other day to all the Republicans in the house. I certainly hope he will fight I don't X. And the wind all the time they may not win any time but I certainly expect in the use the rules of the house regret I certainly expect them to promote. Good principled positions I certainly expect in the take on the hard left Obama yesterday. Vetoing our defense now Obama yesterday seeking a shot down I defense system in this country checked out the Pentagon in this country. An outrageous outrageous act. House Republican leadership today you don't hear squat. Now and Ted instead attacked me. There are frauds all over the who pretend to be considered but they're really allied with the bush family in the bush campaign jab among others. Nothing personal against that a bush whatsoever. But just remember. If they had succeeded. In 1980 there wouldn't have been a Reagan presidency. And because there was a Reagan presidency there was the bush 41 president. I do not understand how these people think. We're going to win elections when they're continuing lying about spinning and trashing conservatives. They know nothing of the grassroots I didn't see one damn one of lemonade at rallies and I've been to with tens of thousands of people I wanna. And they sit there offices and their fat ass is behind their computers. Writing their stupidity. As if there Ernest Hemingway. I'll be right back it's. Them. Going back and forth all day. Whether to read to you this article that appeared in the new section of the Wall Street Journal. Which is. The shocking. Article and shocking news article. I don't know its accuracy firsthand or not but there it is. And then I decided yes that's what this format is for. Not hit and run you know headlines all the time. It was in the Wall Street Journal news section called spy vs spy. Inside the fraying US Israel and tie it. I hope you'll spend just a few minutes. That ten or fifteen and listen. By Adam and house. The United States closely monitored Israel's military bases and I don't know why am I reading. I want you to see how completely. Outrageous. This administration has been with one of our closest allies and how this entire situation is unraveled. The US closely monitored Israel's military bases and eavesdrop on secret communications and 112 fearing its longtime ally might try to carry out a strike on fourth down Iran's most heavily fortified nuclear facility. Nerves frayed at the White House after senior officials learned Israeli aircraft flown in and out of Iran. What some believe was a dry run for a commando raid on the site. Worried that Israel might ignite a regional war the White House sent a second aircraft carried the region and ready to attack aircraft. A senior US official said in case all hell broke loose. The two countries nursing a mutual distrust. Each had something to hide. US officials hope to restrain Israel long enough to advance negotiations and a nuclear DR whether Iran that the US had launched in secret. US officials sought Israel strike preparations. As an attempt to usurp American farm policy. It's an attempt to defend themselves. Standard take talking to each other the allies kept their intentions secret. To figure out what they weren't being told they turn to their spy agencies to fill the gaps. They employed deception not only against Iran bout against each other if there working in concert for nearly a decade to keep Iran from an atomic bomb. The US and Israel split over the best means. Diplomacy. Covert action our military strikes. Personal strains between Obama and Netanyahu. Erupted at their first Oval Office meeting in 2009. New. Isn't an accumulation of grievances in the years since plunged relations between the two countries in the crisis. The Wall Street Journal account of the souring of US Israeli relations of around is based on interviews would nearly two dozen Karen and former senior US and Israeli officials. US and Israeli officials say they wanna rebuild trust and acknowledge you won't be easy mr. Netanyahu reserves the right to continue Covert action against Iran its nuclear program. So Karen and former Israeli officials. Which could put the spy services of the United States and Israel on a collision course why. Is the CIA now working for Iran. I can't imagine. Masters Obama Netanyahu shared common ground on Iran when they first met in 2007. Netanyahu than the leader of Israel's opposition party Likud. Discussed with a Obama a democratic senator how to discourage international investment and rents energy sector afterward Obama introduced legislation to that end. Suspicions grew during the 2008 presidential camp campaign race. Mr. Netanyahu spoke with some congressional Republicans who described Obama as pro Aaron. Israeli officials said. The content of the conversations later found its way back to the White House. Soon after taking office in January 2009. Obama took steps to rely Israel's concerns. Including instructing the Pentagon to develop military options against Iran's Ford out for so Ford F facilities and nuclear facility. In violation of all deals. And it's building to a mountain. President also embraced an existing campaign of Covert action against Iran expanding cooperation between the CIA Mossad. The Israeli spy agents. But sadly it is compared to Covert campaign to attend floor building. The higher the floor they said the more invasive the operation. CIA must not work together and operations on the lower floors. But the Americans make clear they had no interest in moving higher is really proposals to bring down a rants financial system for example. Or even its regime. This is amazing to me that Obama. Protected this regime from collapsing when Israel wanted to take out their financial system. Some Covert operations were run unilaterally by most sides such as that listen that this is all being leaked. Such as the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists according to US officials so we've US officials note down in the White House leaking. That they believe the Israelis assassinated these Iranian scientists. The first Oval Office meeting. Between Obama Netanyahu may 2009 weeks after Netanyahu became prime minister was difficult for both sides. If the meeting mr. Obama's aides called Ron Dermarr Netanyahu's advisor now the ambassador here. And a great man to coordinate their statements mr. chairman told them it was too late. Netanyahu has already briefing reporters. I'm gonna continue. Just another few more minutes so you understand what exactly is going on here. Which is treachery. By this administration. And by the way the same treacherous mines. To develop Obama care. And all the rest of the Obama again. I'll be right back. What we've by having read your man seen below sea Knight may and big news with my game. Golan doubt heading 77381. That 48 Y broaden. By the way I would cubic feet something in my and I bring this article out for me it was seven pages all the leaks about operations. About assassination. All the leaks. About national security information and technology kind of from the United States. That is the Obama administration. Every damn 1 am in this article. Is about what the Israelis are doing with assassinations listen to this fund and its public there's an anger about it. In 2010 the risk of Covert action became clear. A computer virus dot stocks net. Deployed jointly by the US and Israel to destroy Iranian centrifuges used to process uranium had inadvertently spread across the Internet. The Israelis wanted to launch cyber attacks against a range of Iranian institutions according to US officials. But the breach made Obama more cautious officials said for fear of triggering Iranian retaliation. Or damaging the global economy if they virus spread uncontrollably. Throughout this article. To Obama officials US officials. Other Israelis quota to off the record but they're not revealing. Secret. Because the Obama administration reveal secrets all the time. Continue to listen if you would it. Israel question whether it's Covert operations were not sent dates that Netanyahu. Stocks that had only temporarily slowed Tehran's progress. Netanyahu headed toward a military strike raising anxiety levels in the White House the US air force analyze the arms and aircraft needed to destroy rants nuclear facilities. Concluded Israel didn't have the right equipment. The US share the findings in part to steer the Israelis are military strikes of the Israelis wanted to go. The Israelis weren't persuaded him briefed the US on an attack plan. Oh listen that's US officials again. Meaning Obama administration. Cargo planes would land in Iran with the Israeli commandos on board would blow the doors and go went through the porch and trance. A four Dow is senior US official said the Israelis plan to sabotage the nuclear facility friend from within. Why is this administration leaking all the stuff. I'm telling you about it because now every foreign government in the world knows about it. You might as well know about it it's in the Wall Street Journal. Pentagon officials thought it was a suicide mission they press the Israelis to give the US advance warning. The Israelis were noncommittal. And skipping around. Obama meanwhile was moving toward diplomacy in December 2011 the White House secretly use and sent Senator John Kerry. To sound out Omani leaders about opening a back channel to the Iranians. And the Oman. The same time the white house press the Israelis to scale back their assassination campaign and turned down their request for more aggressive Covert measures. Said US officials. The Israelis had never admitted any assassination campaign. President spoke publicly about his willingness to use force as a last resort to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon. I don't bluff Obama's senate marched point twelve. But some of Netanyahu's advisors weren't convinced. Generally 2012 US spy agencies told the White House about a flurry of meetings that Netanyahu convened with top security advisors. The meetings covered everything from mission logistics. To the political implications of a military strike Israeli officials sent now. For the discerning among us. US spy agencies called the White House about a flurry of meetings that Netanyahu convened with top security drives. You know at that means mr. producer. The Israeli facilities rebut it. Frank. How would we know about a flurry of meetings. How would we know about any of that stuff. US by ADT stepped up satellite surveillance of Israeli aircraft movements. They detected when Israeli pilots for punt on alert and identified moonless nights. Which would give the Israelis better cover for an attack they watch the Israelis practice strike missions. And learned they were probing Iran air defenses looking for ways to fly an undetected US officials say US officials sent. Do you remember. Folks you remember mr. producers several years ago. All of a sudden it was revealed how the Israelis would conduct an air strike against this nuclear facility remember that they would fly low they come over Iraq and all the rest of it. The Obama administration like that. This is what you'd do with an ally. Okay. You get the drift ladies and gentlemen I won't go through the whole thing I've I've gone through about a third of it if you wanna read it. It is in the purchase section of the Wall Street Journal. It's it's really that kind of stuff that movies are made out of but we're not really interested in making movies here where interest and laying out the facts. You wanna know why Netanyahu came in spoke to the United States congress because all this crap was non on. Obama is arming the enemy Obama's keeping this stuff secret from the little country of Israel Obama senses people and Israel to trying defeat Netanyahu. So you get a act. A quiz rolling in their as the as the prime minister who'll do his bidding. The United States is never treated and allies like this the United States is never treated an ally that's tried to topple a government. Tried to predict prevent them from protecting themselves and now leaking to the Wall Street Journal all of this. Top secret information. What you find the stunning mr. produce. It's absolutely incredible. Meanwhile very defensive of the regime in Iran. Very defensive that regime. Very protective. Meanwhile the Republicans in congress surrender they throw away the treaty provision of the constitution right. They have the votes to stop this while what if Obama didn't submit I've talked about this many times as mapped the submitted. The senate acts as if it's a treaty. And they don't ratify. Obama can take as executive actions for which he should be impeached but at a minimum. You create a constitutional. Confrontation. And we can't do that no that Corcoran art I had I was a good bill that Carlo bipartisan. This is amazing so even after they cut their deal with the Islam on Nazi regime in Tehran. There are leaking the details of what led up to us. To the Wall Street. The details. About the cyber war activity. About the assassination activity and again it's it's presumed let's assume based on what's being reported. That the Israelis were really at prepared to to hit them but when the Israelis ask for certain weaponry. Says in the article particularly this 30000 pound bomb that debt that is unique to our. Not military. They were turned down. Step their plans are being leaked they're being bogged they're being surveil. It says later in this article that the Israeli started to surveil what we were doing in these Iranian negotiations because he. Obama administration would tell them. So we're negotiating in secret with a ran with China. Would Russia. With France with Germany. About what's gonna happen with a rant at the missiles are gonna get to keep. The ICBM is. Money they're gonna get all arrested yet but we're not gonna tell the Israeli. I just wanted to get notice. I said over and over and again that. Barack Obama. Barack Obama is an anti semite and I believe it in my heart of hearts. I truly do. He embraces the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Even after they were thrown out. ICC. A great hero if you ask me. He embraces this group care. Involved in a criminal case unindicted co conspirators. Their relationship and Hamas is unequivocal. People from these groups have showed up in the Oval Office they don't have the White House had been involved in the Obama administration. He was close to this hack a leading. This mouthpiece for Hamas this professor. Bill Ayers. Right. Obama never lost any in this. But he never lost in this instance who yes. This is what Halley was train this is his indoctrination this is his ideology. And that's why. The last few weeks. As the Palestinians. Have undertaken another terror campaign. The best this administration can do is to issue a statement saying both sides need to tamp it down. Which is absolutely outrageous. And it sends signals throughout the world. That the United States. Under this president. Barack Obama. Under this president Barack Obama. It's where it means nothing. And so yesterday he vetoes a bill to fund the united states military. He's a war. With the Israelis his alarm the united states military he's at war whether our domestic police departments. But today he said this in defense of black lives matter cut six go. I think the reason America. The organizers used the phrase black why it matters. Was not because they they were just nobody else lies matter red. Announced that that keep in mind many in this group have talked about killing police. Death to the cops tell over the Internet. Firsthand evidence. Indisputable evidence. Hacks like this is some disk. Community group getting together you know like the boy scouts of the PTA or whatever. And notice how he speaks for the does he know them. They communique would damage they do and the White House full of not how does he speak for them this is a radical. Josef. Terrorizing organization in my humble opinion. I had. Dusting was. There is a specific problem that is happening may have been American community but not happening in other communities and that is a legitimate. That's after they're saying none of them. That is a legitimate issue which you never address. Black on black crime. It is horrendous the numbers suggest that disaster and I've talked about it myself many more times than Barack Obama. And really really your heart goes out to people innocent citizens. Who are living in these communities and their stock. While meanwhile you attack the cops. But we're talking about a radical leftist. Hate America group here take the cops group here. I had. To address we as a iron. Particularly given our history have to take this seriously given what history you know what ladies and gentlemen. This is the excuse slavery. Slavery is a horrific bark on American history I've talked about it and I've written about it. Her rep that. When I defend Abraham Lincoln is it still but not jobs who attacked me. Some pop in the inner city. Murdering a senior citizen. Rape and somebody. Knocking over a store it has nothing to do what slavery. That's an excuse today it is nothing to do with it. It's not a defense in the courtroom. And it's not a defense outside the courtroom. People have to be outdoor count for their behavior. And Barack Obama gives excuses and that's why this kind of. Horrific. Murder and mayhem. Cryptically blacks against blacks will continue. Black on black crime has nothing to do with slavery. I'm sorry but it's true. No excuses for slavery. Not not for many. Slavery has existed since the beginning a man slavery is going on right now in the Middle East. I can demo of it. But you don't use as an excuse. When a family is suffering in the inner city because one of their members was murdered. Or somebody's been re. President. Our history. Our history. Is doing us. So exciting is doing us. Individual human beings are doing this individual human and. Go ahead. One of the ways of avoiding the politics of this and losing the moment is everybody just stepping back for a second and an understanding. That. Their camera crews are just making this a. Let let's stop let's that the African American communities they represented by a represented by black plasma it was a vote taken. Incredible to me. Absolutely incredible and the man is making an excuse for radical left organization I hope that new group that they set up there at the Justice Department. That's out looking forward domestic terrorism. I hope fill out. Take note of what the president said in open a file on him I think. I mean I'm sure they're opening files on me them as open a file on him he's defending this group. And members of this group have said publicly. That cop about. Let's I have to do is slavery. I'll be right back. And in. Can. I'd helping these communities he's harming them reasons. The attacks on the cops. Statements like this which basically is excusing them. 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But isn't it time to help protect yourself from someone eating your financial launch plans start at nine dollars and 99 cents a month that's pretty darn good. Call or visit life flocked dot com right now to experience the peace of mind only lifelike and provide. May change from a Kovalev they and that's promo code L dvi and and receive a special 10% discount exclusively. Feel in my audience. Call 804575625. 804575625. That's 80457. Block. It's if we have time for a quick call here. And let us go until Sharon Washington DC the great WM hey Al go. And no sharing go. No show Sharon Judy Omaha Nebraska they go AK OI algo. Yes hello mark. I have two things in common with you personally. My mother's birthday February 13 and my favorite song about kind of tired higher by Jacqui little. Are you like that and that's my mother's birthday as you well on the bright and wonderful candidates. I actually that's not my favorite song of all time a light and what I just love it if Joe Cocker as you are beautiful to me that's my favorites on the ball. OK with it. And anyway anyway. I am so tired of carrying. You'd say that Paul Ryan is a nice guy. She's not a nice guy if he can defeat cents or articulate and do what he's doing. To the American people. Well look like we're maybe we're quibbling. The times he used to call me which bio it's been years he was a nice guy can I say was a nice guy but I don't think anybody's done more to talk about what he's done. When his record what he's done that's not conservative and I and I keep being attacked. Boy oh I'm sorry I didn't mean to offend you but you'll offend me really nicest guy I know he's probably comes off night. The two lead putting on a faith kept you know I think he's a nice guy. Who has a very checkered record here. As a congressman but that said now he's gonna become the speech yourself. We'll keep them very very careful island and we certainly well. Judy thank you very it caught me right back. He's here. Literally underground. From the bowels of hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel over. This brick building. Once again make contact without. I'd tell you what. I feel for the people who weren't anywhere near Bedford. Around mark within our number 87738138118773813811. Category five category. For life. Is talking about winds over a 170 miles an hour at the 200 some miles an hour depending on. But part of the hurricane hits what part of the land fall. Just incredible. And when you look at these maps on the Internet are on TV I mean it is massive I don't think this thing's gone away you know some of them they they should Easter whatever this thing's not shouldn't anyway. My question is when it's done with Mexico what else it's probably gonna move up in the Texas is my guess to get us. Maybe. Parts of Louisiana. I don't know. But done. He really nowhere to hide when winds are that face she just had to get the hell out. But apparently everybody can get particularly the tourists. Where they gonna go. You know you so we'll get a rental car I'm sure there aren't any rental cars left we'll take a bus I'm sure they're gone. We'll take a plane I guarantee you they're gone. So I don't know where you go. Because a lot of these Billings just aren't gonna survive it. The settlement. That is going to be a catastrophe. If this hurricane stays on course. You know unfortunately looks like it's on course sound. We wish everybody the absolute best. Something remarkable happened at an NPR interview that's government radio national pubic radio. Somebody named Jessica Taylor reporting they all sound the look alike over the dolphins. Paul monotone. No passion whatsoever and all liberal all the time but in any event. She writes as follows. It's a good thing for him that Mitt Romney isn't running for president again. Only if I keep hearing the rhinos saying hey rip. Met comeback queen major met Wayne may you know just because you lost last time anyway. The twenty trial GOP presidential nominee who still been bandied about as a potential candidate. Just embraced everything that made many conservatives skeptical of him. He admitted that the health care plan he instituted as governor of Massachusetts was the precursor to obamacare. Something I have said over and over again. They quote an eight Boston Globe obituary staples founder Thomas stem Barrick. Romney praised the businessman who opened his first storm Boston sub bears with the backing from Romney's Bain Capital. Romney often mentioned the success of the company know the campaign trail Stamberg even address the Republican National Convention 2012. Romney credit Stamberg with pushing him toward implementing universal health care in the state in 2006. Here's what Romney set. Romney said that shortly after he was elected mr. Stenberg asked him why he ran for governor. Romney said he told him that he wanted to help people mr. Stamberg replied. If he really wanted to help you should give everyone access to healthcare which Romney said he hadn't really considered before. Quote. Without Tom pushing it I don't think we would have had Romney care Romney said. Without Romney care I don't think we would have had Obama care. So without Tom a lot of people wouldn't have health insurance quote unquote. Let me repeat. Without Tom pushing it I don't think we would have had Romney care without Romney care I don't think we would have had obamacare. So without Tom a lot of people wouldn't have health insurance quote unquote. Why is this important while you know why it's important but there's another reason I wanna bring up. He reason I've been saying for a long time now. There's a lot of Republicans in the house and the senate who do not want to repeal. Obamacare noble people pieces haven't particularly those pieces that affect their lobbyist friends on. Al street and K street all the other streets in Washington DC but the fact of the matter is they don't want a full repeal of obamacare. They've now. She quickly so it doesn't take long for pseudo conservatives are Republicans just fallen line. Move on and. Without chronic care I don't think we're gonna have a obamacare said Romney now during the campaign. Romney was forced many times to defend the law's implementation art it was never intended to be expanded nationally. I like the fact that in my stay with Republicans and Democrats come together and work together recent in October 2012 debate. What you Obama did instead was to push through a plan without a single Republican vote what were some. Differences we didn't raise taxes. We raised them by a one trillion dollars under obamacare we didn't cut Medicare of course we don't have Medicare but we didn't cut Medicare by 706 Diane Wood and put him. Place a board that can tell Pete ultimately what treatments they're going to receive. But in the primary Romney was often on the defense and from Republicans. Who challenged him on the and so. That's Romney. Romney remember he could loose. From him. That the only wanted to win as Romney. Spent enormous amount of money trashing new trashing Santorum trashing all these other guy runs against Obama it's as if he ran out of money up I don't and it can't can't attack Obama. So. So Romney care was the predecessor to Obama can there was never any doubt about it. And that hack who advised on both of them said so too. Now when needed you know people word recording him and that would become a liability for Obama. So just point you know we need to put these things to rest once and Ferraro. We've been misled a lot. By the Republican establishment a lot in my view. The Justice Department notified members of congress today notice they did it on Friday because it's a very political. A Justice Department radical left wing hacks populated not just its highest levels now but they've. Particularly in the yen on civil rights division and other such divisions they have populated these legal positions. I was left wing hacks and make it very difficult very conservative attorney general. Did dig them out and remove them. You notified members of congress today its closing the two year investigation the way they ARRIS improperly targeted the Tea Party and other conservative groups. No charges against former IRS official Lois learner or anyone else at the agency that Justice Department sent him a letter. The probe found substantial evidence of mismanagement poor judgment and institutional inertia leading to the belief by many tactics applicants. That the iris targeted them based on their political views but port management is not a crime said assistant attorney general fraud. Peter Katz. Mr. producer would you invite Peter cachaca on the program please. The assistant attorney general for the Justice Department have some questions for Peter cancer. Having many chief of staff to attorney general I wanna I wanna talk to this gentlemen. And see if we'll come on the program and tell them the truth it's about the IRS. Investigation his findings I'm not going to a pursue information that he's not treated develop publicly but I have a lot of questions this. The ARRIS can as scandal exploded in May 23 team to learn intraday plaintive question and an American bar associate event we apologize for inappropriately scrutinizing some groups. Applying for tax exemption hell you know the history. So she Scot free. She Republican. Sheep being in an orange jumpsuit of the sort that Hillary likes the Wear on. Friday evenings when she goes out and she'd be in an orange jumpsuit. Sharing a cell. Was a lady named grace but in any event she's not going to jail. Should just be out there now and probably be doing the political circuit because she's the poor put upon victim so. Such and disgrace. That these people get away with this stuff. The system is so thoroughly corrupt. And people who really haven't committed crimes and none of the mens Rea to commit crimes. Are punished all the time. And threatened all the time and they make plea agreements in the go broke hiring lawyers these people get away with that they skirt the law this administration is lawless. And yet how many prosecutions of law of out law. Breakers have they've been in this administration very few if any. And you heard it said all during the hearings yesterday those of you. Who could watch leaving Gaza hearings that the hearings cost four million dollars. Linda Sanchez. From up Baltimore Republicans are squandering millions of dollars. While they spend a little under five million dollars. Little under five million dollars. And as they point out at the free beacon. The national institute of health gave 2.5 millions to the Dana Resnick it to Daniel Resnick. To develop three versions of the organ condom the origami conduct. They argued that anyway the origami condom including the first of its kind the anal condom. Resnick was later accused of wasting the money on full body plastic surgery trips to Coastr Rica. Parties at the Playboy Mansion and patents for inventions such as rounded corners. And we've never seen those before. The NIH also gave 3.5. Million dollars to research is to determine why lesbians are obese and gay men are not. Results have included Kate I didn't write this I didn't pay for this well actually we did it. Results have concluded game and a heavy iron greater desire for tone muscles than straight men lesbians have low athletic self esteem. And young men think about their mosques. Now Jesse you know those two expenses alone six million dollars this is a federal government that waste a 125. Billion dollars a year. But the Democrats. Why is Bennett four point eight million dollars to find out how these four American heroes were slaughtered. In can't do that. It's funny isn't it what standards he's leftist have there knows that the pathetic. So the feds have spent more on origami condoms fat lesbian studies and on the bank Gaza committee. But it one and a when we come back. You're gonna wanna hear. Barack Obama. And his view of the UN government this is important. I'll be right back. OK okay. I think that. Why is why these Farley all along the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission right Sean Higgins at the Washington examiner 1240000. Dollars in damages. For two Muslim truck drivers after it sued their former employer for religious discrimination. What that they do. The drivers were fired for refusing to make beer deliveries. The EO said the start transport Inky trucking company based in Morton Illinois violated their religious rights. By refusing to accommodate their objections to delivering alcoholic beverages. Quote EEOC is proud to support the rights of workers to equal treatment in the workplace without having to sacrifice the religious beliefs or practices now we know that's not true. Member of the cleric ladies and gentlemen. The clerk in Kentucky. And the federal judge in Kentucky. There is a way around her. Being forced to do something that she said her religion prevents her to do that is putting her name. When a marriage certificate for same sex couples. But the left didn't care about that. But here a couple of Muslim truck drivers they don't wanna deliver beer. While seems to me when you're driving a truck that has a load of some kind and he need to deliberate. But they're not gonna delivering. A truck full page that I can have a very truck full of bacon and I can delivery truck full of beer. They're not gonna deliver dogs to lay out their big yeah I'm a what what is this. CEO General Counsel David Lopez announced this today. This is fundamental to the American principles of religious freedom and tolerance no that's not fundamental. Get a job in that case. That is different. The case involves start transports firing of drivers mock hot out boss Mohammed. And gab about it built. But the Somali. And 2009 after they refused to make beer deliveries for the company setting their adherence to Islamic law for devout Muslims were told. Consuming or even being in contact with any alcoholic beverages prohibited. The EOC argued that the company could have easily reassign the drivers they did not unsuited for religious discrimination. While they account. One of the drivers bull (%expletive) Allen said this makes me proud to be in America. I'll drink to that mr. producer. And only when drink it's not a religious purposes are health purposes I just don't like it. America. Once great country. Which brings us to Barack mill house Hussein. And whenever Obama. Speaking at the woman's leadership forum today. What that was the woman's leadership form mr. producer do we even know. All you women out there are you invited to the woman's leadership formed you know who's. The leadership of the one of leadership forum now of course. While go. Our system only works when we realize that government. Is not some alien thing. Government has not some. Conspiracy. Or plot. That's not. Something. Oppressed you. Governments us in a democracy. Government is us. Let's stop. And really chance. And chance. But government is not us. Liberty is ups individuality. Is us. They constitutional system is us ladies and gentlemen. Let me put it could be civil society. Existed before the United States federal government. That is. We the people are associations our values our belief systems existed before. The federal government. Why was there a constitutional convention. Why did they create this central government. They created it to protect. The individual. The individual isn't government. Government exists. As a necessary. Evil in many respects. Or a necessary good in many respects. It depends what kind of government is and how the government is run. But we're not part of the government. We're part of our communities were part of a family may be a part of a faith group yet. But that's this also citing government is not the civil society. So government is not us. And even though we vote you can see politicians reject the outcome of our votes they create these entities these institutions. That are impenetrable from the elections right. Like the bureaucracy for the most part it doesn't change. Like the court system that has helped. To be separate from the people and there are good reasons for that a bad reasons for that and I'm not getting into that today might put his government is not us. We don't fight wars for a government we fight wars for eight. The constitution exists. Craig is certain type of government for the purpose of protecting your liberty. Protecting any individual that's what the bill of rights are all about government is not not. These are these are statements. Our big man. Who has no idea why American exists. Has no appreciation for our constitutional system no comprehension of our founding none whatsoever. This also society. Predates. Any sick. Prerequisite. To our governmental system. We are not the government the government is supposed to work for us but we are not the government. We are Americans. I'll be right back. There's here's radioed for me. Mark Levin and Joseph Coleman an 87738138. You have him. 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Who challenged the whole notion of a massive ubiquitous sign fisted centralized government that is who disagree with him. Conspiracy or plot that comes from the left. Those are the conspirator wears and the plotters. Go ahead. It's not. Something. Oppressing you. Yes but in many ways it does oppress us. In many ways. It defies. Who voted for open borders ladies and gentlemen who voted for obamacare. Who voted for most of what Obama does through the bureaucracy and executive orders what are you trying to tell you as. Government is not alien he's the government. In one man in so many respects more car. He's the government. Go ahead. And salts in the mock governments us in a democracy. So when people voted time and time and time again in the states against same sex marriage and the Supreme Court. Five to four because one justice not a different way that's democracy. It what is it with the schizophrenic left. They attacked the government. And then they embraced the government. They attacked the government and that when their power there in the police state type activities. I'm sorry it's true. It is true. They like. I government when the government is doing what they won. The in the bill otherwise it's black lives matter. Otherwise it's left wing groups otherwise it's the ACLU otherwise it's everybody who sues the government right. And fight the government but otherwise. Perfectly fine. Government is us. Right there in the declaration of independence it's right there in the constitution government does not just because we vote. Which has less and less of a consequence when you see how were ruled by the un elected parts of our government. Does it mean government is us. That lord. And yet people will listen to this since and I you know he's right you get cigar mile area you are right. We can vote from these EPA regulations. So I told you before in the last eleven or twelve years the federal government has issued a million pages of regulations. One million pages of regulations have you read them. You're not expected to read them. And yet you're expected to comply with the man some of them have criminal. Penalties strict liability no defense. I had. Government is us he most important office in democracy is the opposite Syverson. It's you the office of citizen. You know that years and years and years of smoking marijuana had an effect. Our dear president L president there's no question in my mind to talk like this. I guess when you folks out there to know and to spread the word government is not us. We were out for politicians. Who serve in certain parts of the government. Others are point at some for life. More more of what the government does is disconnect you know we're gonna do did we post thank yet mr. produce the fresh chapter America opium. Okay we're going to post the first chapter of America hoping ladies and gentlemen on my socialists. We're gonna post on Mark Levin show FaceBook Mark Levin show Twitter. And not push in this book. This book was out several years ago. I want you read the first chance. I read some quotes from at the other night. I've posted some quote I want you to read the first chapter. If you read just the first chapter. Inane carried you to read the other chapters but it's the free chapter we're gonna put it on line. He got a library the rest of the book if you wish you can purchase it obviously if you wish he'd get a paperback copy it's not that much but that's set. Read the first chapter on my social sent to please. Then you'll know exactly where we are what's gone on what this man has done. I mean in a deep level don't know more than anybody else. Government is not us. Government is not us the civil society gives us. Just think about how dangerous this position is that government is us this government costs in North Korea for those people now. We're look around the world. The Marxist make this claim all the time. That they do there there horrific things. Against fellow human beings. Because they claim to represent everything. When you hear Bernie Sanders saying we want this we want this will do this to this group will do that the that group when you hear thanks to cnet's When you hear what he said thirty years ago about Cuba and it's some kind of paradise and how many words you can see what their mentality is. Among all the priorities that a president has. Obama was insistent. And opening relations flee Cuba. Why he care about exporting American is a meeting care about liberty. Serious salad and care about capitalism opening taco bells there. He's trying to help that regime. He's trying to help the Castro Brothers that's what he's doing. And I'll be there forever their offspring will be there forever there south upon her replacements will be there forever just like Venezuela if Obama has his way. Subsidizing them pouring money into these regimes. People don't get to see any of this. This isn't how you crush Cuba and make it a free country. The way you crash Cuba is the way Reagan crushed the Soviet Union. I brought them. But now. We're gonna fund the we would have some idiots and our own. Party so called concern is ninth and occupy capitalism and that taco bells and other asked the people will get a taste of free that's not how works. All that money goes through these institutions. Controlled by the Castro's in their cronies. I want to get the money. I want to control everything. Like the money that's gonna go into the Islam on Nazi regime in Tehran think that people are gonna get the money the government is. The Islam goes well. Gonna use it to help the people they don't want the people liberated they want to keep control they want them crushed they want the other. They want droughts. So now Mr. President. L president day we are not the government. Where the American people the government is supposed to serve thoughts. The government is supposed to be responsive to us. The government supposed to follow the constitution. Which limits the government. And maximizes our. Liberty. Now we're not the government where the people. This is Paris. Obama wasn't done. More lectures. Obama cut fourteen mr. producer go. As Democrats were proud that our plans to fix our broken immigration system are not rooted in and. And anti immigrant sentiment. Anti immigrant sentiment man talks about Americans having racism in their DNA. So American citizens have racism in their DNA. I'd anti immigrant sentiment you know the Democrats don't stand for that. The Democrats stood for slavery and segregation they stay at Virginia crowd they stood for alleging they stood for the client let's be blunt. You can read the Democrat platforms even right into the 1920s. Now they say the Democrats stand for immigrants. They only have skid for immigrants centralized government does not help immigrants. Freedom helps immigrants. The Democrats pretend. They pretend to stand for all these people they categorize a civic groups to turn one against the other they don't care about any of us. They care about their power they care about government remember government is us. Reverse. In this administration. In this president. Their positions are rooted in anti Americans. Time and time and time again. Them. Okay yeah I mean you could do. OK okay. Good afternoon and have a bit of its. I'm makers ladies and gentlemen gentlemen. The American Toby had chapter one which we've had on our website. And I was trying to link over to FaceBook and Twitter. This disappeared. The Sar. Cracker Jack IT guy is busy trying to find it. Maybe it's somewhere else on the Internet but there you go. We find it will post it and an awful funded today or whenever but the mountain time for a I don't think the end of this hour if not the programs are in fortunate. You know folks the Medicare annual enrollment period is here. 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To speak do we trust that licensed insurance agent to discuss your Medicare needs called Amax senior resource is network here's the number. 1803349330. That's 1803349330. Or learn more at WWW. Got a Mac dot US forward slash Medicare. That's WWW that a Mac got the US forward slash Medicare. And tell Mark Levinson. Content let's take a color shall we yes we can. Our buddy Eddie Orange County on the mark within at California go brother. Being schooled by the great educational little choice in these. You're on fire tonight and how we diploma can actually you know if we don't mind that there Matt and I think people that seem cold unforgettable and have a much different agents would compete. Mark you have been a bit better. With reform. Think do you with the producer and Steve called green you develop avoid it did put this he could beat me it would have been different responsibility. And I think there have been born in America will be half the battle was won let alone a lot of public critic of America the first mockup of a public vote you are better the police. You don't mean between the way to record the the Pope well because you if you have lost their way it should be dealt with. I would refuse to sit on the police. I loved the many really Palin went out Arab respect debate might be a third behind a day. But I respect the bed well before you got put on this or marks that bad ankle so my wrist. And I directly hit great speaker and I did Margaret Beckett get away and wind caught I asked how bad the podium to. Opposite can be charmed is volatile and some funny I was let go clubbing I support the police. And I would not condemn don't let nobody. Blood multiple phone calls they don't deny. But let's put it that might edit this sort of American. And it truly Libyan that I am. Did country elected the first black president a great moment of blacks. My target and of this country only problem you people not be okay if they change and catch. It. So I encourage but I think courage but they're going to poor have been constant Cadillac about the American people. Yeah better suited. It suited to lead did it right. Input and output a conservative minority into the White House and includes outlook that it didn't in my minority in the close look at our. Do you Mr. President. And that term loosely I know you don't really can't. But you sir had barely true disappointment. And they tremendous. Embarrassment. And I rebuke all the deadly you have done this great country. And we will prevail know how I'd give you about where little debt we will prevail. Any I love you but I really did a year terrific. And are. You you keep in less keep in touch with us okay. I remarked I know you take a lot of heat I I really know you don't hit a lot of carriage and you really. Intelligent thoughtful man you think for yourself I have to do the same thing obviously saw I really wanna thank it. My fellow at thank you for being there for me too much you've been a tremendous group originally in my life but the needs of others in public figure how much. All of which should be looked human man we children. You're very kind I take care have a great weekend. And he is terrific absolutely terrific. And let us go to Bruce garden city new Arctic great WABC got. Block I'm a long time listener and believe that you worked on in your opinion if flopping and political views and at that people educating the listening audience including myself. And by the way LO VE WB average like fear that you play hoped that it is I love that I grew up with a sixty years old. And I have to confess that I have a little difference of opinion in in we go to Paul Ryan I feel like we're replacing. A crybaby that was because the house that being John Boehner would cook out took this. Pour I didn't really show the world what he's been out in the vice presidential debate against Joseph Biden when he looked like a deer in the headlights. And I can even Cuomo boy scout out the corporate costs that could you couldn't even stand up to defend its own and. I may but I mentioned in the debate he was embarrassed. It's terrible and we really easy we need to pit bull. In a dog fight not a quota. Yeah. They way to minimize dogs are brutal and he's got a he's he's back pretty have very good I don't. Iron Man thank you for eco I appreciate it well time will tell has apparently he's gonna get like to speak and won't take long. Let me set Panama City, Florida they gray WY 001 minute don't. Called godless people like cheap date partly they cannot love behaviors such awesome man that aren't so let's listen in do you like afforded comedy channel oh Obama. A bank. I don't actually realized this but watching that is play up in the air over the past. Its current state banning it but anyway. When he speaks he hit. Speaking about himself I don't realize that he knows that or not. But the thing that he says against the public and for Democrats or whoever. It's always things could be this thing he says its banks don't eat them. Yeah it's him he's the government. He's the center of the universe. I've said it before and I'll say again I really do believe this man has a screw loose I really believe it. We'll be right back. Music. Only underground. From the bowels of hidden. Somewhere on to a brick and steel. This brick building. We once again make contact without. Oh everybody mark the event here are number 8773813811877. 3813811. This is the last the program. The government is shut down. It's been shut down for several hours. Obama vetoes the defense appropriation bill yesterday solely military. We'll go out will go without funding unless so the Republicans buckle and increase funding for domestic spending and agree. That these hormone not T al-Qaeda Islam on Nazis in nine Guantanamo there were released into our federal prisons used. These are Obama's priorities ladies and gentlemen these are Obama's priorities. But the Republicans. I mean every day Eric Cantor. These guys never go away they lose and they never go away they in fact they come back and they feel like they need to be vindicated. But they really do expose themselves Eric Cantor was on BBC's hard talk podcast. Two days ago. And here's what he set count one go. There's a real difference between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. And I would not say Donald Trump is reflective of the Republican Party he's not a conservative but let's not miss Susan Collins a conservative. I'm just curious. The cave Donald Trump's not a conservative okay mister Kantor my question is is Susan Collins a conservative. I wanna know. I think it's a fair question. Go ahead. But it Tea Party issues out there and the agenda that they are pursuing their more populist radicals and they are concerned all the tea party's populist radicals. Because he lost to a real conservative date Brad. So you Tea Party members at that you are populist radicals. This guy really is a putz. Apps Lou putts. I had. Real conservatives are conservatives who believe in progress through incremental progress and temperament that is befitting of a conservative not a revolutionary stop let's. So now your revolutionary if you support the constitution. Here revolutionary. You revolutionary because you support the rule of law ordered liberty the constitution. Because you reject this notion of endless increases in the debt. You revolutionary because you don't believe in over book open borders or revolutionary because you believe in the cops in the in the military personnel. So now this guy this guy is a complete fraud incremental change Arab probably incremental change we don't have incremental change. Expanding the liberty. Restoring the republic we don't have that the debt ceiling just has raised and raise generate. Where is the incremental change what was the incremental change under bush I gave it a long list of a left wing big government policies. That Paul Ryan voted for and most of those where as a result of Busch car. GM Chrysler bailout the first one. He confessed to toy tax on CEO bonuses he voted for that. No Child Left Behind to massive stimulus bills. Starting before Obama in 20082009. An expansion of the Medicare prescription drug program at the very same time we're told that it's imploding. And the most radical position. On amnesty imaginable. Certainly from my eight historical perspective. And areas in Britain. Burping up his ideas I had. And that's really the foundation upon which the US was built in the constitution that we have followed the. Mr. mr. king it is an amazing how historically an economically illiterate these clowns are. Democrats and Republicans. The US constitution. The foundation upon the US was built in the console does he not know we had a revolutionary war I mean just as a historical factual manner. There would be no constitution that the American revolution. But a fool. When an absolute idiot go ahead. I do think as we get closer you'll see a lot of more seriousness on the part of voters see there's something wrong when you because you voters through. Eric Cantor Al. And the grassroots has had enough of Boehner. So there's something wrong with the you know. And conservatism is gradual change but of course gradual change in what direction Obama is radical aggressive. Every day change. And what do they do in the face of this really effectively nothing. This guy thinks he's had been Barrett Madeleine he's not. Tattooed out. In here's where I think a lot of the anger and fury is coming from go back to what I said before miss somewhere along the line and expectations. Became Republicans with the majority in the house could somehow. Change the law without having the president to agree that there have been known on on on and that's that would. Anybody says that with somebody who we've been saying is use the same process ceases the Democrats stand. To put the bills on the president's desk in the fight over overriding the veto. When Europe majority leader there escort. When you were majority leader you didn't use the reconciliation process to repeal the very law that the Democrats used. That is the reconciliation process to pass it and a skirt the election in Massachusetts of Scott Brown he didn't do that square now did you. Now we don't expect a Republican senate to surrender the treaty clause. Thereby making it impossible to stop a reckless president arming up the Iranians would nuclear weapons we expect a Republican senate to say not the takes two thirds of the senators present that's with the constitution says. We deem this to be a treaty so I think in the constitution says that Obama has to submit it. Where or if he runs with it as an executive agreement are some UN DR that the senate has to go along does it square. Now that's not with the constitution says. I had. And this is Wendy this so called where the radicals are now they're demanding a shutdown or default in the debt. I gather radicals the radicals out there so the government shut down multiple times under Reagan. The government is shut down eighteen times in the last forty years shot down you know shut down. Like Obama vetoing the military appropriation bill. Rights court is that what you're talking about. Radicals like rag and radicals like Clinton and Newt Gingrich radicals you know like I like all those people what's radical is what's going on today ladies and gentlemen. Absolute. Utter surrender. Capitulation. No fight whatsoever. It may be a sloppy system but it is a system and you're supposed to operate we're saying operate within the system they won't even do that. We're tired of seeing charity as inevitable. Our lifestyles slipping away I country slipping away our economic system slipping away we're sick and tired of a new office. We're not radicals radicals actually. Go ahead. Federal debt and so if Republicans are seen we won't default on the federal debt you're a damn liar and I've explained this over and over and over again. If you pay principal and interest on the debt. On the fiscal operating debt forget about unfunded liabilities we campaign any of that but on the fiscal operating debt. You don't default. You don't the flaw so he's ignorant when it comes to the constitution any cigarette when it comes to the actual spending process. Or is that a liar one or the other may be boats go ahead. Prayed to not have delivered on what they said they would have which is again and untrue statement then if Donald Trump has an outsider along with Carly Fiorina is not. What does Donald Trump and Fiorina Carson have to do what you're doing. They have nothing to do what you yet nothing. Nothing. Which in part is why they're popular. Cut three go. If there were 200 said that right now the Republican Party looks dysfunctional I was no question there's no question because you have this very vocal minority. That is able to seize opportunities to use procedural is amazing ladies and gentlemen on the one hand they preach democracy. And so we exercise our power under that democracy we vote. And the fact there are forty or fifty people in the house that don't go along with the other. The 435. Voting members. That just a bridge too far for these. The fact that they can have an influence over the over the system match jest too much. Now other minorities. That are 101213%. Of the population. Printed on the immigration issue they control the entire issue. They're so called phony ethnic front groups like La Raza. And the rest that they can control the agenda. We the American citizens we send forty or fifty concern actually we sent a hundred but they didn't you know they they they turns out that forty or fifty hold outs. For the republic. And whether radical. There's something I want the minority whether or not just remember what Reagan said in that 1977. Speech and I've read to you many many times it's heat pack on his birthday. February 6 1977. They treat us like we're a cult and he was talking also about the Republican establishment. They treat us like we're minority within minority they treat us like we're called and yet every time there's a home. I think it's the Gallup poll every time there's a poll. 40% giver tank of the American people identify as conservative or very conservative. Around 20% as liberal or very lip. And the rest are spread all over the place where the majority. The fact is these Republicans in the house do not represent us. They do not represent us. Go ahead. Or does sometimes work for the Democrats. To disrupt the process from working the way usually got this guy. I want to thank the people who elected Dave Brad and through this bomb out. Now is making millions of dollars in New York. A sewing come back you want to run for governor you know or senator in Virginia. I will fight that tooth and now. And any of his supporters who wanna run I will fight that tooth and now as well. But this is how this guy thinks of you this is how he thinks of everybody. Cut for ago. This is their assists Hadi you know a situation where in Virginia mr. come from we have something's gotta open primaries where Republicans can go to Democrats Democrats incumbent Republican primaries doesn't happen very often in fact I think most abundant. Never even believed it would happen and so what happened in my rice is. I actually won a majority of Republicans who was just 23 to stop them. Stop. Had using only won a majority the Republicans. Has he now. Well you do register in Virginia. But how does he know he won a majority Republicans. Lot of independents photo reformer Republicans a lot of conservative Democrats votes I guess in that sense he would now. Go ahead. Press crossed over and voted in my primary because they didn't have a primary that day in a democratic let's listen all the excuses this guy. Amazing. So he lost because of the radical revolutionary Tea Party and the Democrats. Otherwise he wouldn't want other words he's a loser. I love the way they talk about being able to reach across the hour work we Democrats and any complaints that 23000 Democrats voted against him right mr. producer. I mean the Schwab does anyone understand it doesn't make any sense. But he is the one by landslides. What happened he happened. He terrific candidate stepped up underfunded went door to go. Using free media that is TV and radio to make his case. And beat him in the Republican primary. And the guy still wedding himself. Cut five last one go. But the bottom line is you've had a war chest feel campaign of over five million dollars in lost two a little known conservative. Professor of economics who had 300000. Dollars to spend you should never of loss and a guy annual seniority of your possession of them a loss like that before. This guy's good. You refer Brit he's got a Downey's exactly right. F five million dollars value of the majority leader at every endorsement in the world you owned every precinct worker you on the party in your own district. Europe powerhouse not only in the state Republican party of Virginia but also the national party. And you got blown out in the Republican primary must have been a conspiracy. I had. And there were there was never an instance where there was a cross or sabotage vote like I've now OK so he was sabotaged. Eric can't that was sabotaged and wonder is he. If he's been receiving any counseling mr. that is obviously he takes his heart his loss very very hard. I would cheats yes the little counseling may be a social worker somebody something. Because this guy. He doesn't think it's. Him he doesn't think he lost because he's a loser he doesn't think he lost because he. He distanced himself so much from now from the Republican base and I would warn all these Republicans in and around Washington DC. There's a couple of Republican. Congressmen and congresswomen and so I would warn it. You show out like Eric Cantor you're gonna lose. You know lose. You wanna reach across out that's fine. But you wanna keep slapping conservatives. You're gonna lose. You probably deserve it. I'll be right back. Okay. Let us go to Quincy. Our friend Quincy California tracker hey. XM satellite how I am I friends. I don't go somewhere out there. And you tell us speaks there and you all right man you're always you're always on the move luncheon. Yeah they are doing you know and so. That's true. I. And Goran. Obama. You'd be in your name that is so let let out of movement. And handling it pretty good bet. I wanted to bury president dual. Why do you talk about them being deluged. It's. I actually. But he can't beat. Yeah I've been black lab. Not speak for me they know not being a personal responsibility. In this sort of clear. And you know don't eat supper and and I go. How would you wonder how well or just. And that beat criminal element which are not anymore I know my. Together. Why why would the president talked this plays almost making excuses for this stuff. And Barbara daughter. Excuse just you know you are are more well hey hey Quincy you and I can start the no excuses movement. Are. And it. So when he so Lydia hall in this time. Kerry two. Close to borrow false. Oh Ross's yeah then we'll owner that still yeah. A business pretty good which it. Out there. We're probably weren't. We can. Serpent. Are all this week. It's unbelievable. Quincy we love the about Steve Cohen okay this particular. I take K yourself. Yes everybody doesn't agree with a Obama but then again that doesn't matter does it. Bomb is not up for reelection so lingo they and spout we all love government meaning Barack Obama. The whole argument is so perverse. Hi ladies and gents in this is a Good Friday show. I really I'm really enjoying it I hope you are too we'll be right back. There Reynolds. Nice and laughter. Our peace mission brave move. Little bit more. You know rent them loose it's a column of Bernie Parent Reynolds I couldn't care. I like Durant. I was pleased with the crowd still as Clint Eastwood. In and it Jupiter Florida and he he donated big piece of land there and now. So when I had financial hardship that many people do but I'd like Burt Reynolds. Where's my list here's my favorite. Jokes after just a testament to. Him. I. I. The whole thing it's almost nonexistent and here we get. You know. My last first. Is okay. Yeah. Almost. You wouldn't. I. You know right. We sing that song every single night and we were putting their kids to the my line in my case. And pace would sing that song. To my dogs. When we're putting them justly. For the final time. So it's a very happy song for me in a very sad time for me. Very simple song but that's my favorite son. I think it's a great time all right thank you for indulging me let's take a few more calls. Not much time left in the program let's go to. Now let's go to Thomas. Las Vegas the great KB ET go. They mark. Yes there. Hey. Are ruined your show you my daughter with you or we get conference quote what she's doing Thomas Jefferson. She's doing. Our third. Well I don't know what you would call did we otter is Thomas Jefferson and Tom wood burning the declaration of independence. On four way table and we dig your show I had a couple questions. I I don't know how low. Well my bicentennial 82 so we kind of all running out of time go right foot snow yes well your question. My question is. Would you be interest in making him put to work it this year about your book your father's boat yesterday. And I don't really understand how to. But I know I'll tie when I'm gonna do we're gonna send me copy of the book. They're not out on November if seventeenth it's proverbs for young people an excuse me. So don't hang up and one definitely sending copies this and I appreciate that. Only because we're getting near the end of the show so I have to move along and I need to tell you that. So anything you can learn from Winston church on well if you love America and you concerned about this presidential campaign the answers a resounding yes. America needs a leader who understands how to fight for freedom to be an effective national leader. The folks at Hillsdale College showed it takes in their new free online course Winston Churchill and statesmanship. And you can sign up right now that Levine for Hillsdale dot com that's L dvi and Chris Hillsdale dot com. My good friend Larry aren't president of Hillsdale College is he leading expert on Winston Churchill. In this fascinating information weaves together Churchill's life leadership history and political philosophy. In a course that chose what it takes to be great national leader and statesman. Know a lot of the folks in Washington today could learn from this and a lot of those. We're throwing mud balls. At conservatives today could learn a lot from the stood. We can learn a lot from Winston Churchill sign up now then watch the six free lectures at your leisure when they're released. And as always you can access these excellent free online classes at Levine for Hillsdale background Hillsdale College has been pursuing truth and defending liberty. Since 1844. In this course will help you do so as well in roll today for free. At Levine for Hillsdale dot com. Our night. And that's 1010 you know let us go to Tarek Fort Worth, Texas a great WBA peek out. Greetings to you and yours mark god bless yet. My time in my car I'm listening to me and I got aced my rescue dog he's riding shotgun. And we are very view to play the clip was Obama's saying we are the government us just geyser the government and I so Latin. And then my dogs are very Smart he looks at me like what he laughs and this is where where in the govern based. Andy eked out eve looked confused he kind of cocked his head like on I mean here's something and it should not I don't worry about your not in the government. But looked and thought deserved at that I have heard that the crooked Eric Cantor. Analysts on my god they're so there's the huge similarity there they're both delusional. They don't they don't really understand what's going on David Brad beating them soundly with 300 grand he had five million. Look what happened we have to count them all over the place. Somebody's an article I don't it was Wall Street Journal world was that you prior member. They beat the inevitability of as you beatle reelected or elected is is not as it's not. It is not a free shares sank the people waking up twenty tents they took over the state legislatures they don't go over the. Prior to that point forward a slate and you raise your interest in pointer and it's worth mentioning. Incumbents. Lately have been elected at 90% levels eighty to 90% levels so when they lose one or two or three they freaked out. And they and they freak out they circle the wagons they start trashing the conservative electorate they start raising enormous sums of money from Matt. People who benefit from federal largess are taxes like the US chamber of crony capitalism. In order to defend us off by lying to last lined up other voters getting elected than telling us they don't have the votes to keep electing more of them in more than a more than. And you know this is AM. This is enough for getting off this Ferris week and thank you for you call my friend I appreciate it. Richard. Orlando Florida on the marks then they'll. The Ali how are you very well my friend how are you good good. But I lifted the bureaucrat about Israel out contemplating how well Batman epic explain to my young daughters. What what our government doing that you know the government bit. Of McLean is. Even my daughters and their young major aware of it. The way this government functioning today is not in their favor it's really disconcerting. You don't any any. Of the framers of the constitution. When you look at Madison's notes who stood there and say government is us. If government is us. Why did they work so hard to try and create balances and checks why did they work so hard. Not to enumerate the powers why did they worked so hard. And later talk about bill of rights if government is us. Mean it's so absurd it's so outraged and yet. If you are about Marxist mindset. Or a despotic mindset you believe government is us as long as you control it of course if you're not controlling government thing government has to be attacked it's to be usurped. Right but. What this does let's take the next step and I talk about it in America hoping unfortunately at first chapter will be posted until Monday now but that's sad. They are using government to devour the civil society the civil society that is we the people. Acting in our own lives whether it's going to church whether it's with the Boy Scouts the PTA whatever it is. A raising our families doing our jobs living our lives enjoying ourselves or whatever we're doing. The government is usurping up so Obama says we are they government. That should be a warning sign to everybody to everybody. With this man is really coming from. Truly coming from he believes government is bigger than the people he believes government is bigger than the society and he's gonna use government. He's got to use government to impose as well that's what he's been dying because he is the government that's the way views that he doesn't get what he wants he vetoes the yep Defense Department funding. He's he's out there attacking local police departments unleashing his Justice Department against them he's trying to change the very nature of citizenry. And citizenship. What is immigration policies and I could go on and on. But I don't want a boy you it's Friday. And I'll be right then well. Yeah. And I think. Help folks before. At this tournament missed. And which to check out proverbs for young people Amazon right now I just notice it's 40% off this book is ten dollars and 79 cents heart. It is a beautiful book of proverbs. For your younger kids your grand kids ages three to eight or nine years old it's too aspect that I want to take a look at I've linked to an unmarked live in show FaceBook mark Lou mentioned on Twitter. Comes out in what three or four weeks perfect time for Thanksgiving and Chanukah and Christmas and all holidays and birthdays but I reared its positive. It's inspiring. It's for you and your family. And the author is my father. So I'd like you detected at its just a beautiful little book and if you go to Amazon they have seven images of interior pages for you to. But it's less than eleven dollars hardcover I've never seen this the hard coverage cheaper than can. Can those 1099 hard covers 1079. The pre Audrey you can lock in that price and get get a copy or two or three whatever your interest in but take a look at the great book. And I'll talk a little bit more about it next week. And by the way she's never been on a cruise I think there's one you're gonna really wanna look into because my good buddy Brent Bozell at the Media Research Center. Is planning a Caribbean cruise this winner on February 13 and began to my mother's birthday. It sounds like a really good time matter of fact it's going to be a great time. For details you need to go to MRC cruise dot com. Tickets are selling very quickly you don't want an Iran out so you need to book your cabin lease the joining brand for this vacation on the spectacular western and cruise ship will be senator Mike Leake. 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And about a 107 near a 180 miles. An hour and people a lot of people couldn't get the hell out of there including tourists. So let's hope for the best but this this can't be good idea of its potential catastrophe and I don't need to hype and I'm just saying I you can look at the map. No this isn't a prediction anymore it is happening in real time. So while we wish all the people all the very very best. By the way as always. Every Friday. Ray Charles and America I do that for you that's our tradition. In celebrating you the American people. You're. Yeah. He moves. And ever change yeah. Militants. Okay. In June. New. And god. Okay. Yeah. You know one moment that. Sing a song like yeah. News. Spacious. Love him. Not a very. Majesty. Okay. I. Yeah. Okay. How weak is officially over the weekend officially begins like government has closed. We salute our armed forces pay them mr. Obama please let our police officers firefighters and emergency personnel. And I writing and I Griffey and I Pepsi and good night America. Get out trying to get Hamas. And I sent out faster.