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10/26/15-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Oct 26, 2015|

The Republican establishment will do their very best to sabotage Conservatives, which is why there hasn't been a Conservative nominee since Ronald Reagan

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He was there. Only underground. I'll also be hidden. Somewhere under the bridge can steal. This brick building. We once again made contact without. Create 13811877. 3813811. A lot of helter skelter would you say. I asked the bush family Romney. All the other ruling class types there would be ruling class types having a fit. Got a prominent cable TV host. Who has coauthored a book smearing Ronald Reagan. To the got a radio host. Smearing Russian Hannity and conservative talk. Amazing isn't ladies and gentlemen. None of them. Are conservatives. None of them have been part of the concerted movement. None of them have attended conservative rallies. None of them. Even though they were old enough to back Reagan for president suddenly six or eighty here 84. So they talk. And they talk and they talked. Some of the bush people finally did back Raegan. When Reagan chose the bush patriarch bush 41 to be is running. Turns out to have been a brilliant move by rank and even though I posted at the time. Because in the establishment joined in and supported him. But otherwise they will sabotage conservatives they will do their very best to sabotage conservatives in my view that's why we have not had a conservative nominee in the Republican party for president. Since the end of the regimen. And Romney. Gave us Obama marks his second term. Romney gave us Obama and a second term. Because he moved back into his Massachusetts Republican ways. And handed it to Obama and several million. Republicans didn't vote several million Reagan Democrats stayed home. And Obama should have been easy Pickens. Is as a record was a disaster. He was out of the closet as a socialist. Not fully but enough he showed more than ankle. Obamacare was a disaster from day one the American people didn't want it. And the Republicans nominate a guy. Who created the predecessor to obamacare Romney care and I just posted on my social sites my comments. They show following that election that defeated 2012 of November. You may recall. And we have all the shows that true that I was a reluctant. Advocate. For Romney in the end to defeat Obama. Reluctant. And I'm even more so now. We're gonna invite Mitt Romney on this program. Apache doesn't come on he wouldn't come onto most of the presidential election. Because I'd been a conservative critic of. But we're gonna invite that Romney on the program and how soon he'll come on the program because he did an interview would David Axelrod. A podcast for crying out loud last week. Would David Axelrod and here's the thing about these. These ruling class or would be ruling class Republicans they would much rather gone to show it David Axelrod who. Who was the the mastermind if you well I'm Barack Obama's election success and they would with a conservative or somebody like me. Because they know. There's nothing in it for them to come on this show. When I cannot row all well they are what they've said and where they're wrong even like. But ultra. Because demand ubiquitous now trashing conservatives everywhere. I don't know what his agenda is he thinks he stayed in the Republican Party. We're trying to rebuild it after his disastrous election. Last week George W. Bush would donors. The man won't speak out against high as he won't speak out against Obama he won't speak out against the Iran bill EO buddy. Add mouse and smears take crews behind the scenes when he doesn't think anybody's listening. Now we have these phony conservatives pretending they're conservatives are very upset you've seen. Because Paul Ryan is a True Blue conservative you know to become speaker I read one guy say he would be the most conservative speaker. Ever. So now they got a name all the speakers. More conservative than Gingrich. And house now. The more you dig into the guys voting record he's a disaster and since 2012. Terrible absolutely terrible. And I'll get into that a little bit more. On the one hand these people call you an eight tourists. Where conservatives but you know where you're arrests because we're Reagan. And they're not. On the other hand they said we're not you don't. Because we don't smear Donald Trump even when I disagree with him on some of positions because I don't traction and smear him because he's not part of the crowd. Oh I'm a supporter. But do they backed Ted Cruz now. He's too much of a cure it. You see they wanna always not just both ways but every way. Mitt Romney. Iran he's really speaking for rove. He's speaking for the bush family speak for all. That's exactly what he's. Same mentality speak from a Connally speak of for Boehner. Complete sell apps. So Lagos on a show would David Axelrod podcasts and nobody's listening. Well we actually have the audio because mr. producer had to take the time to listen to this damn thing. Pull it together I was writing Russian others this morning about this we were writing back and forth as well as others it's just incredible list. This Romney. But here is some of what was discussed how he trashing conservatives in the Tea Party. Who in the end rallied around him you'll recall. Tried to support him. But he ran such a crappy campaign. Cut seven doubt we have. To have a political system which looks for common ground. But finds a way to see if there are some places where Republicans and Democrats actually agree. And where those things occur make progress I think it's harder if we're gonna say. Unless you go along with the us. In this in this case and talking about a small minority in my own party. Let's go along with a us we're gonna close down government we're not gonna vote for. Key measures that are important to others. And that I think is Celeste. Unlikely course to be productive. Oh Eason. So monotone sound so thoughtful and so they shut and the government step drives them nuts. The government shut down eighteen times since 1974. And here we are ladies and gentlemen still alive. Still spending like drunken marxists. Federal government. Bigger than ever. I don't understand this. I don't understand this I mean I really do. Obama. Just because the defense appropriations bill did you hear Ronnie so you're damn thing about that. You even hear the Republicans talking about the. The president of the United States vetoed funding for our military personnel including those in combat somebody's kids. Tours overseas somebody's parent tour overseas. Instead basically the idiots attacking us. Actually kind of common ground a Barack Obama or what is coming Graham what Iraq Obama Romney. What's the common ground. Gutting the military. Attacking the police officers. What's the common ground open borders. I'm bridled spending. Incredible. Headache go. That in our political system right now that the extremes within our respective parties let me stop right there this sounds like his dad. When is daddy was biting cold water and other conservatives and said. The extremes in our party. So you see ladies and gentlemen if you actually believe in the rule of law and our constitutional. System of separation of powers. In limited central government if you actually believe in liberty. And federalism a private property rights. Extremist if you actually believe that people who make promises deal when they knocked on your door and turn trying to secure your vote in a primary or general election. When you say yes I agree would you secure the border. Cut spending. Limit the size of government you're an extremist. And you must be like black lives matter or the ACLU ilk are all these dark hair. Yes thrown in the category with them you got the extremists here in extremists over there. So revolutionaries. Who seek to overthrow our our society. Where Jill and I seek to defend. What a rule of law and the constitution set forth where extreme. Noticed this is why I despise. These Republicans. Don't never get it and they don't get it. Go ahead. That in our political system right now that the extremes within our respective parties are having a louder and louder voice. And and demanding more attention. And and demanding immediate action is supposed to collaborative action have you demanded immediate action ladies and gentlemen have we have been at this now for what. The end of the Bush Administration. That's when the Tea Party began. Mean this thing Don. Just shy of the decade. Just shy of a decade and the changes that are occurring to this country the destruction. From this president and his party and now the Republican Party is happening so fast they yes we're demanding they stop. We're demanding that they stop. Just look at the immigration issue. Then the the country is changing so quickly not just in New York but in the united star it. Ten years ago we wouldn't have had almost a thousand ice is related investigations would win. Now this man. And his ilk are absolutely blind to reality. Far from being extremists. Will law abiding American citizens where tax paying American citizens. We don't make demands on the public trough. We don't seek radical answers to anything. We want them to follow the rule of law. A basic constitution. Use common sense on spending secure that border and do all those things a rational limited constitutional republic. Are supposed to do. And yet we're extremists. Go ahead and and that in my view it hit it close in part from the change in the world of media. That there there was a time when we all got our news. With the same facts if you will you know I have this I didn't realize this man was a stupid is he is and he sounds stupid. He truly does. He truly does to me go ahead. We've networks we watched for the evening news we. Mostly got newspapers almost everybody in the middle class. I got a newspaper so you would get the washed and compost the Al lace climbs the New York's lines that Philadelphia enquirer all these leftist. Be hives are phony news. Or you get. You know ABC NBC CBS without any competition. And those of us throughout our old enough remember how horrific this one. Everything left. Was presented as news how Democrats had a huge advantage. That we actually have competition. Now that we actually technological advancement. Now the people that speak. This guy's resigning. Again it shows you how brilliant Reagan and his people where in 1986 or thereabouts. Is FCC. Changed the rules. That really gave birth. To talk radio I don't mean in terms of substance and content I mean legally. We can't have all these talk radio stations and all these hosts and all the variety without equal time without the Fairness Doctrine. Regular didn't know the conservatives would succeed at this but he said I believe in competition to see the difference between. PM in this guy. That's reg don't want to landslides this guy's a loser. Could you be Barack Obama you know McCain and and Romney should hang their heads they could even beat Obama. With those lousy record is lousy resume they could even beat Obama. Go ahead. You've got the same facts whether we agreed not with that we got the same fast we never got the same facts in many cases whenever it got that facts. He's rewriting history here. And so comfortably as would David Axelrod. Talk comfortably is without actually. The way Boehner and McConnell are so comfortable with a Obama negotiating budgets and everything. Go ahead. Pulled in different directions now. I mean myself I don't think anyone and it's a newspaper. They are gonna find Boyle they would do my thing all right they they've when they get their news on the web and they tend to read those things which. Who wish they agree west. Tend to read those things which they Greenland. Well I guess we should all watch MSNBC how ladies and gentlemen that we'll get facts don't look at something logical. Truthfully the Washington Post is still here barely. Is that worth reading is that we get your facts is that where you think facts exist. The next ones which cup cover up the Holocaust did you know that I've talked about it many times so we think you're gonna get your facts is that we should go to the Philadelphia Inquirer. The a Boston Globe had still around you know. All these papers. We used to get your facts. Incredible. Is the Republican nominee for president joint twelve I'll be right back. Oh. OK okay. Famous on radio keeps attacking. Defense founders. Keeps attacking Reagan. In his youth. As a hippie pretty much. The mounties the U leading conservative in America do you know this. You know if they ask you know just keep telling. I've had them and spend a whole Sean scale maybe it will. Just for the fun of it there's so much there. But instead let's go back to our friend Mitt Romney cut nine dollar. Google for instance looks which you bin reading last in the league gives you articles that they think he'll enjoy. You ever somebody who's criticizing all this mr. does he seems to spend a lot of time doing this doesn't. How does he know what Google does. How does he know newspapers Rania. Or is he. Not using computers and I'm reading on the Internet. How does he know what talk radio sense. But he listens to talk radio. All these guys are a joke. He did it a problem with talk show hosts on radio and TV who backed him in his primary ram and both both times and is a primary run for the nomination for president as a Republican. And a probable that. You can have a problem with the supporting him early on in the general election he would have a problem with these web site supporting him then. The guys talking about where we get our news from and ironically he's on a podcast. We gave I gave it acts around. So presumably is hoping people are listening to the podcast with David acts around. I'll be right back. And more are. Mean. Mark television. George S Patton. On the radio only married 77381311. That's 8773813811. Finally the one point four million and you. Purchase copies of liberty and tyranny. Others of you who read at the library and so forth at the back. There's conservative manifesto as a matter of fact it's on the cover. The cover says liberty and tyranny a conservative manifesto. About three dozen proposals my recollection is maybe 38 gonna take a look at that. Their time worn. Conservative manifesto. But if you take a look at the liberty amendments. That's the real fix that uses federalism. He can expect. Corrupt Washington DC to fix itself paying their bill. So article five that's that's where it's found. And if she were plundered receipt. It lays out even more of the evidence. Against a corrupt government. What it's doing and so forth and so on the very end last chapter. I dressed young people and specific. About what they can do in the classrooms what they can do with their social organizations and so forth and so on. I'd say it's a trilogy but there's more than a true much. Five books. If you wanna take a look at the solvents and I leave most these guys in the dust. As they play catch up. So ladies and gentlemen. Looks like a Paul Ryan. We're told is going to be speaker of the house and all us little sari gets all the little yapping your keys enchiladas are all over radio and TV. Well this swim I'll hit a role Mark Levinson hypocrite. You can shape it's ever since Canada. So now we're being judged. Now we're being judged because we were loyal supporters of the nominees. For the last round. For president. And anything that's taken place since that election is off the table when I ought to look at. Now I'm looking. So when Paul Ryan says to me on my program that we can use the budget reconciliation process. To repeal 85%. 85%. Of obamacare. And he never lifted a finger to do it backs off the table don't pay any attention to not pay her one knucklehead say today. Bob because Obama just gonna veto it anyway well then why do anything. All point is you use the reconciliation prime I explain. These are just tax. You get your 51 percent in the house in the senate you get the build of the president's desk he vetoes it and you make a national fight over. Win lose or draw it's not that you don't get anywhere it's called a democracy it's an amazing thing. It's amazing how squarely are critics of the one and you're not you're not on the other hand your appearance. You know it's interesting to me and I said this to you the other day. These folks don't back Ted Cruz who has the longest most consistent record as a conservative of anybody running. These folks. I notice. These folks attack conservatives while claiming to be conservatives. You know doesn't attack conservatives. Donald Trump. While mark he's wrong on this issue this issue an issue really. But isn't an interest in it as an attack conservatives. See if the establishment where to be taken seriously other than their cult of personality support. For whether it's Paul Ryan or Jeb Bush or whomever it is. They would tried. And meet with and talk with and convinced Donald Trump quote unquote their conservative positions. That's what I do when I am on the show. He never supported on my program single Payer when I started to talk it through with them he made it clear he supports the health savings accounts. That's a basic. For reformers. And also he believes in competition. He would use a lot of the money in Medicaid he says. To great. But did you not not a special plea for the guy but I am not best spokesman. For conservatives. So it's interesting that truck is an attacking conservatives but the bushes are attacking conservatives. Romney's attacking conservatives. Always attacking conservatives visited interest. And the people claim that. And he's not pure enough for work to do when it comes to Paul Ryan or Paul Ryan as you are. Given that Ted Cruz for president. Incoherent. They're utterly incoherent cell blow mock. Bomb off their weasels for the most part. The whistles for the most. Now Paul Ryan said. That he would support. A reconciliation. Budget process that would cut 85%. The of obamacare now there's something working through the house. Let me see if I can find a mister can you find that article I sent to two to post. If you had a right thank you. I am. But it. That would cutting minimal amount. Of obamacare. A minimal amount of obamacare and I heard it said well so what that's better than nothing let's go for it let's go for what happened in the 85%. While some is better than not I'm not understanding the site. Some is better than not okay theoretically sound is better than. But if you have a majority in the house the majority in the senate. To repeal 85% of obamacare at least in a vote and in and a pass legislation to send to the president. Why would you shoot short of in my she support a lot of Obama can. Why would you do that. I'll tell you why you would do it. Could you support obamacare is there's a wonderful piece Robert Romano of Americans for limited government. When his but he says. He quotes my show on my interview a variety says when I tell people at home as I think we get 85% of this for sure repealed and reconciliation. That was Paul Ryan on the Mark Levine showed national radio program on July 112012. Outlining house Republicans plan to repeal almost all the health care law. He's the budget reconciliation press. He said this. In July 2012. He said this. With the election in November 22 all right miss. A producer. So he said this in the lead up to the election. And that cherry got my attention. All the Medicare policy all the Medicaid funding all the obamacare exchange subsidies that's fiscal that spending taxing and spending. All of that can go in the reconciliation. Which has always been our planet is our land dot. As the presumptive choice to be house speaker Ryan we'll have a chance to make good on his work but he will have to contend with the budget reconciliation. Measure. That just passed the House of Representatives. Last Friday. By eight to forty to 189 vote. That repeals a small part of the law. But leaves untouched Medicaid expansion and obamacare exchange subsidies Ryan mentioned in his interview with many. The problem is. Those are easily the most expensive parts of the law at 153. Billion dollars a year for 20/20 five according to the Congressional Budget Office. That accounts for more than 90% of new spending they came about as a result of the law being an act that. So if you could repeal 85%. Of Obama care through reconciliation. Why would you vote for a continuing. It budget bill. That prevents it. Ryan voted for that bill on Friday. And unfortunately commentators aren't. Up to speed on this and we have to watch these people very very carefully on Capitol Hill so he tells me we can repeal 85%. Through the budget reconciliation process. Buddy boats on Friday. For budget reconciliation. That makes that impossible. Why did he Gillick. The bulk of the money. The bulk of the money remains in obamacare. The most expensive parts. Medicaid expansion the exchange subsidies. I remain in place. So to call that it disappoint many rights would be an understatement is it any wonder why some conservatives in the house and senate oppose this legislation. Is it any wonder why some of us questioned Paul Ryan. We're not to go back you know he's going to be the most conservative speakers in the industry speakers. And a lot. Congressional Republicans ran into funny fourteen on putting a repeal the health care law and Obama's desk. Are they lying now or are they lying then. Everyone knows he will veto it but that's not the point Republicans promised to do. And poses expense expect that if you make a promised you have to keep that promise is that so hard. It is the sort of tepid have to ask gimmickry that frankly in rages grants were constituents. Port instrumental in helping Republicans secure that house and senate majorities in 2014. This is what the bushes will never understand this is what Romney will never understand this is what their surrogates in the pretend media will never understand. If Republicans can't even get a straightforward repeal the erected reconciliation. On Obama's desk. When they promise that's exactly what they would do so what hope is there that the push such legislation. On a Republican president's stance. As speaker Paul Ryan could change that. But they get their Ryan needs to assure the Republican conference. That repealing obamacare via reconciliation and getting on Obama's desk now not later. Will be is most urgent priority. Well I would say that among others. So conservatives however right. To be disturbed by what's taking place to look at this. Why spend so much time the other guy playing his interviewer may not because I like to hear my voice because I wanted to hear what he said. That's their plan to repeal 85% give on the senate. At the house given the senate that's their plan 85% a reconciliation. And now you're supposed sticks you know. Except some tiny fraction we're told us of progress go along can't get everything something's better than nothing but you have to stop and ask yourself. 85% is an a 100% 85% is a big chunk why didn't they go for. If Obama's gonna veto it ain't either way. And you have Republican majorities in the house and the senate which is an all the time factor it's not. Even that often if you look at history why not do. Because it's a ruse that's one. Because they don't wanna get rid of these exchanges. Because some people now use them because they don't want to get rid of Medicaid expansion what would that say to John Kasich. And Chris Christie. And the governor of Nevada and the governor of New Mexico both Republicans and other governors all over the country Republicans and Democrats who expanded Medicaid. If you now abolished that provision. I think this is why you listen of the Shah. As we get past the superficial we looked deeply into these things. I'll be right back. OK okay. For the most infamous. In the front. Me do you feel post. Ladies and gentlemen he can't stop time against black. You don't need delivered those bags and puffing to send your eyes either. And I can get rid of thanks to Jenna said. The nude tennis so plant stem cell therapy for bags and puffing is under the eyes from our friends at chairman day. Is doing just that for men and women all across this great country. Here's Florian knew they know what north port New York I started would Janice out after my sister gave me some to try. The bags and in my eyes are gone and I mean gone absolutely love my new look and recommend it to everyone. By the way gave some a man mom she actually loves it too even better it works for men and women. In fact whether it's instant effects you'll see results in as little as twelve hours. Call 800 skin 6048. Hundreds in 604. Origin SL right now they get the legendary SOT wrinkle treatment absolutely free would you order. Janice so works guaranteed. Or your money back guaranteed. Or your money back 800 gained 604. 800 skin 604. That's 800 yen 604. Bob the Grafton North Dakota they great w.s CFG the flag go. Mr. event thank you particular call monarchs here. You I just got a question I'd like to. What other establishment Republicans explain to me a social sector there's smoke and mirrors promises. If we deliver that a Republican president. Olives are gonna make any disrespect to mr. coworker that seems like the Democrats and Harry Reid decides what reaches the president's desk for that also be true Republican president. You know. They depending on the route Republican president is if you have a conservative Republican president. He. Will drive. What the house and the senate do they'll buckle under the act so that that can make a difference. But yeah your point is well taken as Mitch McConnell conducts himself this way assuming there even in the majority. We can't get bills to the president that your point. It tactically. New necessary to match by point so to me what I hear you at all. Paul Ryan bacon promises about the budget reconciliation which I heard that episode on your show last year. It drives me crazy yo first while we need to house and while not give us the senate what we did. And you don't it's just we're just mr. coworker pills and. And what and when you ask when you ask EU's surrogates for Ryan and bush and Romney who pretend that they're the real conservatives in the something wrong with us. When you ask them about something like that that while Obama would veto it anyway what's the point. Never heard of anything like this this is the first time I guess we've had one party control congress and present the other party. This president is only vetoed five bills. And that's the mentality that's why. Because first of all and Harry Reid was in the majority leaders that chair. He made sure he did all the interference for Obama but now the Republicans at the man is only vetoed five bills. And the reason you do this is to take the case to the American people are big issue after big issue you use it as say. As an opportunity to persuade and argue and make the case to the American people so it effects the next election cycle. So it affects the next presidential election so they know that you've done everything possible to repeal 85% of Obama care. I mean this idea that if we did do what. It's hilarious they attack you let me saying we can't do this immediately they can do that. Immediately whether Obama signs it or not and then the next president should the president be a conservative Republican. What that act on. Exactly and it just surprised me not Smart because the American people you know we do have a memory and if they would just put up bombs by. If they were just stand and put up a fight even if they got it gets socked in a note a couple sides just put up a fight get at least get in the ring. But they have a right. With that and they can put up a fight the whole reason for the constitution being constructive with separation of power ours. Isn't that the courts get to decide everything in the president gets to execute everything congress has a role and it amazes me when the Democrats are in charge you notice. These tests and missile that I'd like to say thank you sir for all you do on the veteran but I'd like to thank you sir. We're everything you do on the civilian side here our country. Every episode of your show surrogate and education. You remind me a lot of my bothered. So used to speak. A lot the same way that you speak it with love and patriotism for our country. And now I just wanted to say thank you sir. You're very very kind thank you for your series Don hang up. Give any kids or grandkids. Yes they do I have four children and one grandchild. While I mean singing copied my dad's new book that comes out in November but it's called proverbs three young people. And we have basically two dozen advanced copy so don't hang up and won a senate deal. And I would tell you folks something I'm not gonna scream that you don't buy a book of McKinney yell at you to buy a book American a pound the table acute abide book but. If you're looking. For a positive inspirational. Book for young children. Three to say. Nine years old whether they're your grandchildren your great grand children are your own children or somebody else's children. That promote. Ethics and morality and family just a positive wholesome fresh type of book the beautiful drawings and then I my father. Take a look at them proverbs for young people proverbs for young people you can get it now at Amazon make about ten bucks. Is there. Only underground. From the bowels of hidden. Somewhere from deliberate can steal. This brick building. We've once again made contact without. Know everybody mark the event here this is our to our number 877381. 38118773813811. Now here's the thing. Politicians. About part. Government. Government always wants to grow. And politicians always wanna grow it. It really takes a remarkable politician in their only a handful. To go against the tide. It takes a remarkable politician. These days. To stand up and say that's enough we have to comply with the constitution we took an oath to abide by the constitution. Think's remarkable politician to say no let's spend less not more. To say noticed some lobbyist. Some business groups some union group. Or whatever group. There's nothing in it for most of them politically. Most politicians wanna point to what. Program they've helped pass some bill they cosponsored. Funding they've said for this railway says them are funding for this bureaucracy are they stood between them not jobs and they yet. And the government didn't that because then the government will not be shut down I mean really this is where they come from this is where their heads Iraq. You and I we stepped back there's nothing in it for us. As conservatives to support politicians tightness. Because what do we say. We've seen economic system that's on the road collapse it's unsustainable that's the word the GAO uses. That's the word the CBO uses. Not you and me. We don't do for the most part unsustainable things and yet. The collective in Washington does it all the time give an example they talk about raising the debt limit. We have to raise the debt limit ladies and gentlemen don't pay our bills. They sound so conservative fiscally good. We have to raise the debt limit pay our bills. What refunded trillions apology and spoke from the Social Security system. Pay the bills. Of those obligations. But I can't. A very say politicians lecturing us about paying our bills raise the debt ceiling. Staal all that money from Social Security. They stole all the money you did not every week every other week every month. Depending on your payroll system baseball all that money. To spend it on other things. And yet there are the ones are said to be compassionate good little liberals whether they're Democrat or Republican. They had no intention. I'm putting that money back. Because it's gone. Because right from your paycheck. Or pure businessman because right from your business. Into the Treasury Department. In the front door out the backdoor. No social security and petroleum by the way same with Medicare. This same. Treasury Secretary. Who wrote an op Ed. In USA today telling us we must pay our obligations we must pay our bills. Is stealing money out of Social Security to pay for everything else. Including benefits for illegal aliens pilot. Now let me ask a question. If you could take the biggest. The biggest death that you have on your books. And just pretend it's not their take it off. What happened a year. Well if you're running a publicly held business. You go to prison for the rescue life. They're the auditors on your head you're throughout there'd be the IRS would be there the SEC would be there all of them would be. If you're doing it in your own home you're gonna go broke right. It's not honest. It's not not. To run your business to run your household that way. But that's exactly what the federal government does the president does that. The congress does it. The Treasury Secretary does it in everybody turns the other way that may. And I'm talking about these unfunded liabilities. Over 200 trillion dollars and grind. By five to seven trillion dollars a year. While Hillary Clinton wants to open up Obama care to illegal aliens. Over 200 trillion dollars a year. Well mark. Paul Ryan put forward a proposal. In a two reform Medicare. Paul Ryan voted to expand Medicare. He can put forward whatever proposal he wants. But he put forward a proposal to expand Medicare. A proposal that was pushed by George W. Bush and all the clowns who worked on his staff and now are. Pretend columnist. They're expanding Medicare while it's imploding they're expanding Medicare. When the GAO the CBO and the Medicare trustees are telling them hey bunch forgot broke over here just a matter of a couple of decades. And let's expand. We won't be around. So I asked the secretary treasury may. They're Lou. Another hack. Why do you take over 200 trillion dollars off your books. I could just as corrupt. There's mad now and Ponzi before him. Aren't you mister president. Aren't you mister speaker. Mr. majority leader. And all the rest of them in Washington DC should we just like a really big crime tape. And wrap around that city now aren't you are Aaron extremists here type curb. He's just over the top now. Now because unlike Mitt Romney. I don't get this information from the washed and compost or the New York's lines of the TV network to cable shows. I get this information. From the statistics from the information that's put out by the federal government. In some testimony that before congress may be made ought to try that from time to time. Not that it don't matter. So we just go along to get along we just pretend all this stuff is okay then it's no problem but if you are radical right wing knuckle dragging Tea Party conservative. And you look at this and that way meant this past the stop we need to begin the process unravel it before it's too late right. We're told wrong. And there's no point in passing bills that the president will veto right there's no point in. And crystallize in initially focusing an issue for the American people and taking it to the people in a democracy now now now. Just assume that the veto it can't be overrated and that CNN that. So rather than build momentum over eighty years and make the case to the American people over security years. And used legislative fixes under the house and senate rules and under the constitution. You just surrender. Because apparently our downfall is inevitable. And those of us who point out the the idiocy BP these suicidal idiocy this position. Where screen. Pure. The purest. Incredible isn't it. And yet none of us put us in this position. A look at Donald Trump Donald Trump vote phrase budgets Paul Ryan voted for all of pretty much. Donald Trump didn't vote the ballot GM and Chrysler whether he supported it or not. All right and it. Donald Trump didn't vote for No Child Left Behind the centralization further of local education Orion and it. Donald Trump didn't vote for TARP Orion bit. Donald Trump didn't vote for two massive stimulus bills in 20082009. Pushed by George Bush all right and it. Donald Trump doesn't support amnesty Orion does. Again there's things I disagree with the pot and let them. What trot there's things I disagree with all these candidate. But let's be honest. They don't hate trump because he's a liberal he's not a liberal. And they don't hate him because he they disagree with a monitor on 235 issues. Because somehow there are more conservative than he when they back a guy who did all the things I just told you in the in the name of Paul Ryan. Trump not one of them. That's why. In many of the people who are trashing him. Are unofficially aligned with a they campaigns. No it's true. When you read it garrisons or listen to the rove. Our per Reno are when you are when you read Wayne where these other V these are all bush people. They're all over the place and they wanna come back minions. Okay. They should've beyond their fire at like a scarlet letter but okay great offense. Well they support other candidates or their RNC guys or whatever it is. Or whatever it. But they could no more support truck that they could support Ben Carson they don't like any of the they don't like Ted cruising. There are others they don't like either they don't like Santorum for instance. He just now one of them they don't like Jindal either. This couple I was I can remember every. But let us not forget. It's not the outsiders who created the situation when it's the inside. It's the insiders who did. And I think more and more people quite understand us. It still drives the you ruling class entrenched establishment knots they stole a control cable they start control when networks they could still control most of the media outlets. The model. I'll be right back. So why do you think. Washington wants to lift the deficit. Think they wanna lift the debt ceiling to fund the united states military now. They wanna lift the debt ceiling to secure the border now. Having required having compelled people to pay into these entitlement programs for the last seventy some years. They always hang that over our heads don't think. So either support massive profligate unconstitutional. Government and spending. We're gonna take a Social Security check. Like the month. This is what we're up against. So just remember what I said earlier none of these so called outsiders. Voted for the disaster. The disaster that is the federal government at this point none of the insiders hinted. Let us go to down. Not a lot and Leon XM satellite go. Luckily in one market truly great Pataki. I've read all your books except for a screen despite but I've been here personally myself spent sort order almost. They. Gave up the people equate to greet well. A lot. Panel here. So I like your little I clients you know and a pretty low today. But in the extra year earlier. Talk about. Talking about it we can we get a shot target they got to look. Work well with Democrats and just. Feel we. I. The light between. Equation all the. Let me let me ask you this question bill. What is the first or last time you've ever heard Harry Reid said. What is the first or last time you've heard Nancy Pelosi said. Or Barack Obama he mesa air but he certainly doesn't mean it that's what he meant by the pen and a phone that's why all the executive action going on. By the court decision. Greece would make exactly. So totalitarian. And look at it. And I guess I deal and extract it. Well I don't know I agree with what you're saying but they're also a cult of personality Obama is a cult of personality. That doesn't mean you supported by that that he be reelected as he says I'd be easily reelected. While you're running against Romney or McCain again I don't think there's any question about that are frankly. Running against bush case X same thing. Cried my brother thank you for your call I appreciate it. Gil. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania the great WNETP. Go. Mark what I wanted to buy treat cure or it would actually guard Chu. 1020 years all it is safe always been on the last but certainly new media as. He and that you cited. They've broaden the spectrum. And they've revealed just how far less they always have been and when I stop and think about. Even much more acute I was born with a conservative spoon in my mouth. Pro what ever reason and I stop and think about how I really. I knew they were less but I never understood just how far left to me you know you talk about. Walter Cronkite and all those old you know guys one other thing mark. Cronkite it's clear undermine it are undermined our troops in Vietnam with his reporting in the tennis census. I mean all these guys for where it left wingers pretty much. Deliberately. One other thing I raised my kids I try it first can give them moral to give them values to teach them about god. An art dinner table every night we sat we talk about. We can mean what was the most important thing is seeking or yourself being an individual happened to me that's conservatism. You can't think for yourself and be a liberal. And I try I guess I really tried and I'd like just. How to how to how many of these mouth pieces that I've decided. How many of them have taken an independent look at Paul Ryan stepped back taken a look at his record. Really digested it's taken a look at his record since Tony twelve. What you said would Luis Gutierrez. And so forth and so on none of them. Because they just wanna you wanna play gotcha or mechanical we've found. And an and that's pretty much and then look how they treat trot. They don't have to agree with trap on everything but they don't agree with all these candidates and everything get the treat him with absolute contempt. Absolute contempt. They don't even understand what's going on in this country you don't have the support him for president to see what's going on in this country thirty or 35% of the Republican. Now voter support him. And the attack him any majority of the Republican voters support. All the outsiders combined weight Jeb Bush is lagging behind. Kasich is lagging behind Lindsey Graham isn't even on the radar. And yet he's on TV all the time it just shows you the complete disconnect. I don't know how this thing's gonna turn out. But how does a Republican Party revive itself had as a way to presidential elections by attacking fifth different set the Republican Party. Thank you for it caught and let me make that clear. As clear as I know how. When you I'm not a whole guy but when you look at the polls right now. Over 50% of the Republicans. Are not acting any of the inside. That's pretty substantial I don't think I've ever seen anything like that except when Reagan was running. And yet rather than trying to figure out. I how to appeal to that group box rather than figure out what it is that motivates us they attack us. Because we're a threat in the you wanna know how clueless Jeb Bush's. He appointed as his campaign chairman in the commonwealth of Virginia in only appoint mr. producing. Eric Cantor. That guy who was defeated. By the great Dave brat who had almost no money known name recognition. Grassroots door to door. Defeated their dog power Feyerick granite can't do it five million dollars to spend. Jeb Bush appointed him his campaign chairman for the commonwealth forget. Do. You think about that I'll be right back. You turn off your radio and opened the window. You can probably hear and straight from the studio. Called mark glove then 877381381. Sea containers last deal to year. Budget. And that's him. But before we get to that as we gear up to fall back and gain an hour of sleep. I gotta warn you your old lumpy mattress is not doing any favors it's not letting you get the best night's sleep. Every hour you sleep will be amazing when you get a Casper I know because I did. It's one award winning mattress engineered for support of comfort guaranteed to give you a great night's sleep. Consumer reports Bloomberg the Wall Street Journal all rave about their Casper. It ships for free in a surprisingly compact box try it on your own home for 100 nights. Risk free with free shipping and returns. Seriously take your old mattress leaning against the wall. Take them up on this and get tree Casper and check it if you don't get the best night's sleep you've had the pick it up and refined do everything. But Casper to the test go to Casper dot con use code mark. You get fifty dollars towards the purchase of your masters. That's Casper dot com code mark fifty dollars towards the purchase of your match mattress Casper dot com terms and conditions apply. But usually. Take your old mattress your current one. Politicized. What are your Casper. Check it out I know you'll allow that. Which can check it out for over three months you can return it if you don't like it but I know you will like by the way they wouldn't even make this offer. If all of us here most of us didn't like our transport it that good. So according the associated depressed speaker John Boehner pressing ahead the one last deal. He heads for the exits pushing to finalize a far reaching. Two year budget agreement with a Obama before handing congress' top job over to Ryan. I predict there could be wrong there really doesn't matter that John Boehner. Will become a lobbyist. Like his old buddy pastor. Before doing prison time at least that's what they latch. I guess he'll become a lobbyist like his old buddy Trent Lott did. Representing a banquet ties to Russia's recall. Millions. Just my guess because Boehner has been so good with the boys on K street canal street and all the other streets. They love me love them over there at the US chamber of crony capitalism. They love them because quietly behind the scenes he's pushing the export import bank going yeah. It's been pushing amnesty behind the scenes. He's just swell. And as our friends at cnet's report. John Boehner and Barack Obama jointly. Have increased the national debt by Imus four trillion dollars. That is sensed Boehner. Has been speaker of the house Obama's done more. A while his good friend John Boehner has been there really sorry to see go. And Paul Ryan really sorry to see come to the speakership he hopes. Four trillion dollars in increased debt. After the Republicans were in the majority in the house are represented in 2010. And all these clowns. Would typewriters so I mean keyboards. And microphones all over the place telling us this is inevitable so desperate Hindus nothing else we can do. Isn't an incredible. So now Boehner is trying to work a deal beef. We leaves office. The budget packing concert where they must pass increased in the federal borrowing limit. Let's solve the thorniest issues awaiting Ryan who set to be the elected speaker on Thursday. This is not how our Republican supposed to work. So banished gonna try to push this through because he is nothing to loose. 82 year budget not a one year budget in the past they couldn't get a decent one year budget past two year budget. Tell lock in. The future congress. If they can in the future president. If they can. How hard they work to expand government to fund every damn part of it. That's how hard they work to deliver Obama what he want Vito. And notice how often they tell us that. Our measly little requests. Even taking a couple of steps in our direction they're impossible because Obama will be cut every reason in the book. Obama couldn't have vetoed. A yet turning down of his so called Iran nuke deal that is a treaty. But the senate. And with the house has now made it possible they could. I mean these guys are working overtime strategizing against you and me. Congress must raise federal borrowing limit by November 3 now it must not. This is the phony reporting its associated depressed by Andrew talent Erica Werner if that is their names. A risque first ever default now we've talked about this. The only way to get a default is if Obama doesn't pay the prince Von interest. To our bond holders. And is more than enough money that comes in every month to make those payments. But he'd like to see it the fault wouldn't he'd like to see the whole damn thing collapse. And then there's nothing left of the constitution's separation of powers. Nothing. A voice. Let's see he. Money to pay for government operations runs out December 11 unless congress acts now it doesn't they have to prioritize. And for Obama it's food stamps over the military. That's welfare over the military. The emerging framework would give both the Pentagon and domestic agencies two years of budget relief in exchange for cuts elsewhere in the budget. The Madrid under discussion would suspend the Karen eighteen point one trillion debt. Through march 2017. After it would be reset by the Treasury Department to reflect barring over that time I'm not sure what to me. The American budget side of the deal resembles a pact that Ryan himself put together two years gone concert of patty merry leftist Washington. That east automatic spending cuts for the 2015 budget years. Lot of conservatives dislike the measure in many of the Republicans right flank are likely to oppose the no one which would applied of the 20162017. Budget years. We're scoring goals for our from her own vote. Majority leader Mitch McConnell set Alec has anybody seen Mitch McConnell. Anybody heard from Mitch McConnell. Obama vetoed the spending bill for the Defense Department anybody's seen or heard this man. I guess it's a blessing in some ways as. I want to keep an eye on this. Obama wants roughly 74 billion dollars in additional defense and non defense spending. This measure would provide full relief demanded by defense talks would award equal increase its defense and domestic spending so Obama has now paraded. The the prototypical. Spending process. First thing he did it is slash the defense budget in massively increase domestic and slash the defense budget. And massively increase defenseman right that exude a massively influenced a domestics then. So now. All their calculations are based on that. So if there's a one dollar increase in defense spending that's a very necessary. There must be one dollar increase in say food stamps and. This is irrational. It's absolutely irrational. Having slash defense spending we need help our Defense Department. We need help our military person. I don't believe we should increase spending for illegal aliens I don't believe we should be increasing spending on welfare. At the same rate we increased spending for men and women in uniform who put their lives on the line beyond mr. producer that's not us. That the Republicans go along they are insane inning invaders so excited about it he wants to lock it into a tune yet. Did a year counseling have stability usually stability. Stability on the way to the Ed decked cliff. As we look into the abyss. And that is the difference between conservatives and these guys. But what does the Republican Party standpoint. I base this before what does it can't afford it. I don't mean what do they say it stands for what does it stand for today. As it stands for securing the border well yes we should we secure the border first. Hey folks. George W. Bush had a Republican congress for many years did they secure the border first well. Our Ryan all yes ball secure the border first but he plans to dot lot further than that. When his buddy Luis Gutierrez. So what. Does the Republican Party stand. Don't tell me fiscal integrity. The second biggest profligate spender was George W. Bush whether Republican congress. Massively increasing an entitlement Medicare expanding at wallets. Watch on its death row as I hate to say but it's true. I've got Matt Ryan has proposed reforms while he's voted against them in essence. Let's go to Nady. Income nine. Can I it would whereas cannot it. I'm art I laugh at you nine Alaska law that sounds cool. How do you take may be why aren't great affiliate there that. All right mark. I wish that when he had to be talking here about a different subject to if they're Republicans they are now controlled congress and senate revealing their jobs. We could be talking about a different Sunday. But my blood pressure is up. Because. People like Mitt Romney and why do you want her do you think he. One of my favorite television commentator and I tracked this break TM. And I was just shot confinement YouTube. Pretty well over the weekend it was. The middle of the mothers around October the thirteenth he would come split bears excel. And mark Vincent de listed almost verbatim spiky they had. Even Paul Linehan. Could be. Speaker of the house so why would he want to be he said the Republicans. The House Republican Caucus is ungovernable. Because of a small. What happened that RU MP. Group of backup dancer. And then he goes on to say who are the real Republicans and there are 200 and haven't they and the majority of this this this and get my award nominee. Gary let's get to your point because Brit brits not here to descend so that Ryan Howard aren't the ones. And he called the freedom Crocker there right now you and really called the freedom caucus the runs. Yes people who are no real grind out an otherwise this 700. Club that party variant. And then one of the things eclipse and let me just. And let me just slam I'm not comfortable doing it this way because I don't know what he said that. I trust you even though I don't know I look and let me tell you stock. So many great. Men in the past and women have made the point. Jefferson in particular made the point. About a legislative tyranny. The Lexus to float to toe foaming at the same point about a legislative tyranny. The fact that over 200 Republicans a 109 you republic or whatever it is push in one direction doesn't make it right. Mean we've got to be rational human beings using our own brains looking at what's going on I would say this to unity. I expect. The overwhelming majority of those Republicans and Democrats to be pushing in the same direction that's. We called on the establishment. And I am glad that there are forty or fifty give or take. Patriots who stand up to them in the House of Representatives and a smaller number a small handful. In the United States senate. But this is exactly why we call them the establishment. And this is exactly why we challenged Eminem that is exactly lack talk about article five convention of states. So might my only point oh my she's my only point dealing as. It Britt said those things because Britt believes in and supports and I don't mean to pick on him. The establishment so that's like to. All of 207 what is the republic which is really exactly what I'm showing what else happened other Republican Party what does that stand for does it can't fret that. Does it stand for endless debt does it stand broken borders has its stance following up the military go ahead. Right now I'd stand for backing the freedom caucus. And and I I wish. And I nearly fallible when you said that can't care was Bush's campaign chairman Mary in Woodbridge Virginia. Beat the you know net debt why is chief of staff market's going to be all a man handle lobbyist for a Connie had a chamber of crime. I had to take a break many great call I've got to move along. And I'll be right back. You said but I didn't hear what Chris said some along comfortable commenting on it's just the way it is I don't know. So I'm on the air when their on the air. With. Was with that program so I just don't know I'm so I just wanted to say that again I'm not questioning many some liken it. Wonderful lady with great integrity but I didn't hear what brits sent. No statesman shaped the twentieth century more than Winston Churchill. To know the full Churchill is to understand the combination of baldness and caution of assertiveness and humility. That defined statesmanship at its best. Doctor Larry arm president of Hillsdale College to study Churchill most of his life he teaches that Hillsdale College courses on church. This is your last week the sign up for the online course some Winston Churchill taught by doctor Larry on and created just for you. And it's free. As are all online Hillsdale College courses just register at Levine for Hillsdale dot com that's LE PI and for Hillsdale dot com. He'll still serves America by offering free online courses on the constitution. And great men like Winston Churchill as part of their commitment to pursue truth and defend liberty. And you can take this new course by simply registering right now and lived in for Hillsdale dot com. Friday is the last state to sign up but you can watch the lectures any time you want so sign up right now live in free Hillsdale dot com. Registration closes Friday night that's lived in for Hillsdale dot com. Let us go to low ease Panama City, Florida they gray WY. 00 dealt. Right curry had a lot of questions for you actually were ethnic a couple of statements on my grandmother Cindy we have we have Serena minutes. OK well let things really go over and chosen. To represent the Republican Party at. As he doesn't have the votes next question. Because he doesn't have the votes. XP people to record center because they got people are not they protect themselves. They picked themselves they pick among the caucus members of the caucus members. Well they made a big mistake because Florian is a very you know I don't trust him and I I do. Chinese arrived inside the beltway and the people who are hangers on in and around apparently they love. Diet I like I served seven until I I have been a Republican for very long time you and IE when Laynce speech say this the first time. Well we got the first time they can train has repeatedly. And it the second time RAI re registered I will not have another piece of this party until Donald Trump. Erica that I was just gonna say seek this is what they don't get inside the beltway there are a lot of people who had. And so they pick a candidate announced Syron who they like and and one of the main people they choose is Donald Trump so the more they attack trump and the more he takes them back. The more you're excited about trump right. Because there are New Yorkers learn new Yorker no I'm not I'm telling us that it detail that's just let everybody tells me and you know what I'm proud of that the go ahead. And maybe we have a different attitude on the right Mississippi. They love me there to I had. Yeah. I like this this certainly. I can't. I'm very very disappointed in harmony to I could think they're pulling people out of and outstanding effort that I didn't jerk reaction that. Please let me ask you something to discuss were not a lot of time. If we lose this election whoever the nominee it's gonna be the establishment that does it isn't because that the way they're trashing people in their own party who just won't go along with. They are nothing but politicians tend to family for crime syndicates that that satellite look at it and there's been no different from the mafia. And I I am and I finished. There there is a mafia. Home. Having you heard there is Norma for both of them not be out there a bit. I Louise you take serious. By the way when this show's first started. I was told you won't work in the south and won't work in the. So who post tell me this all these liberals from Manhattan. Not only works this out. We did great in the south the west and midwest the southwest. Atlantic states that east knowing when the midwest everything. You know receipt. I'll be right back. It's okay. Only underground. From the bowels of hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel. This brick building. We'll once again made contact without. Hello everybody mark who have been here hour. Three our number 8773813811877381. 38111 of the most destructive. Proposals for our economy. Coming out of this administration. Is these so called EPA clean power plants. It's gonna shut down a number of coal mines it's gonna shut down a number of phone. Hydroelectric facilities. It's gonna drive up the cost of energy. And the difference in air quality will. It will be minimal or nonexistent. It's one of the most extreme proposals coming out of this administration. And it will destroy jobs. Practically for blue collar working men and women which is one of the reasons I feel that we should be able to attract. Hard working men and women in this country. And yet. New Hampshire senator Kelly I yacht has just announced her support for this world. She's just announced her support for this from now she won't be called a radical or extremists are phony or fraud. They won't be writing about her like they write about Donald Trump right. She'll still be a traditional conservative no matter what she says or what she supports. Senator Kelly I had reading from news Max dot com one of the good news services at their news Max dot com. Senator Kelly I got a new Hampshire Republican waging a fierce reelection battle on a state that supports Barack Obama. Has come out of favor of the president's climate change initiative. They held reports. After carefully review in this plan and talking the members of our business community environmental groups and other stakeholders. I decided to support the clean power plan to address climate change to clean energy solutions that will protect our environment she said in a panic comment. Though she didn't she decided to support it because she thinks that a help her in her reelection for. She's a fraud. She doesn't give a damn what happens to the economy it's all about her. And so she has embraced one of the most radical regulations coming out of this administration. And she will support. And does support. In she will not be criticized by Mitt Romney. By the bush family by Karl Rove or any of the rest of. They complete fraud. New Hampshire is already well on its way to meet the goals of the clean power plants were positive Stetson has already taken she sent. You clean power plan developed by the EPA proposed a 32% cut in the carbon dioxide emission of power plants. Basically lays in general this is on top of the cut they already put in place several years ago. So they're breaking the backs. Of these utilities they can't afford to make these changes repeatedly in this change chest goes very very far. And the putting our coal miners out of business. They're driving up the cost of electricity. And other fuels. Other energy sources. And this is supposed to be compassionate this is supposed to be wise this is a fraud it's big government if the EPA. And Kelly I got going along with. Now she's not considered and and out liar on this loan out Cali has to do what Kelly asked to build. Which was my point earlier and has been my point for many years. It just keeps moving left that's the trajectory that's the trajectory of government that's detractors of politics. And this is why wouldn't Iran niece had was so in the Celek. He thinks he's so Smart he's not smarter all he's actually quite dumb I'm surprised. I'm not real. The surprise endorsement was quickly criticized the New Hampshire governor Maggie Hanson who hopes to win the democratic nomination to face idea. Hasn't who has that station as state lawmakers to support the clean power plants and you I was backing corporate special interest. A New Hampshire is environment so here I got buckles under the hard left when an outrageous rule. And still. She said to be buckling under to business. What will these fools never learned what will these fools ever learn. Now she ran the first time with the backing of the Tea Party. Even though she was considered. Suspect quote unquote. But let's see if we get done commentary on our favorite cable network criticizing. You walk. Let's see if some of these web sites attacking. Donald Trump for being liberal and liberal look at what aspect let's see if they attack Kelly I got. They want. I'm just pointing out. That joke. That are the Washington media for the most part. Our Brothers and sisters in our world many great stations in Ohio we wanna thank the mall. I told you this was coming. From the Ohio watchdog dot com Ohio governor John case is another. He's respectable Mitt can support him. While governor Jon K six obamacare expansive shattered enrollment projections in its first year. And reliance on the welfare program keeps growing. There were 634526. All highlands enrolled in the Obama care expansion in September. An increase of more than a 140000. Since January. Nine months. That's according to the Ohio department of Medicaid for the first 21 months Kasich Obama here expand expansion. Has been any effect the program has grown much faster than Ohio's economy. Mostly Ohio once a Medicaid under the expansion are working age adults without children or disabilities. Before Obama came Medicaid was restricted to children the elderly the disabled pregnant women and impoverished family. So now we should vote for John kasich's running around saying now when I was that. The head of the Budget Committee in the house. We today at 500. Trillion billion zillion surplus. And not look out the Republicans want here is governor. We're taught you can only elect governors. Because they have executive expands. What it is executive experience is legislature which was Republican rejected his his heavy handedness and trying to expand Medicaid. Because many of them saw what a disaster will be for the people of Ohio. Fiscally disaster. So use some comedy bored to push it thrilled. Some phone anybody comes office is nice guy and so forth and so on I've seen him in person screaming at people. Yes it's true. So this is what he's leaving behind in a lot Ohio pitching obamacare expansion of the Ohio general assembly when he thirteen. The basic administration estimated. 447000. People went and robbed by fiscal two point one any. Actual Roman exceeded 620000. By the time fiscally 2015. And it five or any topic to get up to a million governor. You implemented obamacare expansion after vetoing a legislative ban on the policy. Despite publication of a National Bureau of Economic Research study. Funny Tennessee's employment increased. When this date removed working age adults from Medicaid so he put working age adults eligible for Medicaid. The foundation for a government accountability and other free market groups warned against extending Medicaid benefits. Which come with no work requirements let me repeat. Which come would Nowak requirements. Every Ohio and losing companies that are below 138%. Of the poverty level though listen this guy when he gets up and talks about the good old days in the House of Representatives. Look what he's done as governor. He's a disaster. Well I want bush 67%. Of the vote. I can hear brick right now 67% of about the people must want him. That is not responsible. I keep saying these governors who expand. Medicaid under Obama camp who pretend they're against obamacare but expand Medicaid under obamacare. Christie. Case. Martinez. The guy Nevada. And a handful of others they've done a huge disservice to their state. A huge disservice to their state. They should disqualify. K sick right at the top it should disqualify. I'll be right back. I Jerusalem. Is ran how are you say. I don't growth market you. Very well my friend let's see its site but times it to like 221 in the morning we got them a little different there. Well thank you do what effect occurred in the future and it could have been. Tiger and doing well and you get a quick look at the well you're very kind thank you commit. A bit bigger than UConn punt on let's slowdown a second so how old are you. When you want you to when he won are you an American or Israeli air boasts. And in that the only American you're an American you're going to school there you're living there permanent almond almond grove. In what you major union. I'm an cutter and did a good come out very. Tunnel that somebody going to be a rabbi. And let it did the thought. McKinney very good there's a lot of term all right there's so again I'm sorry. That I couldn't lead a degree a couple of good look cool. Or let your. That's true. There's a lot of turmoil there I mean I thought John Kerry. Worked out a whole peace deal and the Palestinians were gonna behave themselves. That there we looked everywhere every every every. And remember a couple amid the bill and get better but it. No but John Kerry said it would working you know who who can who can distrust John Kerry's. Couldn't do it and read it they're gonna look good group that. Guess the John Kerry tends to say that while he's boating off of Nantucket the way. And there are a lot of it that important because I knew there wouldn't go to that. But it warns. And I would you read it in and redo OP bill and the concretely to put the Phillies. Adolescent day yourself a favor don't watch CNN don't read all these outlets they're disaster a complete disaster. There's there's a number of good outlets in this country our web sites you can go to news matching got a bright barging go to. Drive in Lucy and on free republic. You can go to MR CC NN us. And news busters I mean they show us with some wonderful washed and free begin. Course Mark Levin show FaceBook and website there's just many many. That of course Mitt Romney you know wishes didn't exist he won a solid at the news from the very balanced a Big Three in the past. But there's a lot of outlets. That have. They carry it honestly. I read about it Biden spent the better at that we were both automatic and attacked them we and then it yet we're good at that. Yeah at CNN stop watching CNN. And what they have read the court. CNN the only reason CNN Mason has any ratings because you were apparently required to Wear that. That American every damn airport in America he show up and there it is all of a sudden. At that bit and they were there to protect it and a couple of quality crude. It would do what everybody else that you like tank crews. That. Mean. I want to got a good reporter Greg. Okay all right. You know it's good to hear from you be safe. And I take cozy life from Israel. We at a time I guess we are right. Mr. good history around you realize you okay. No pay five minutes OK let's continue. Mean ma. Danny dale the great K. SM so how real. Hello mister Markel event are you doing reference I'm doing great thank you. I am a seventeen year old. In all school. You and your book smarter and it. You know. And or the hawk I'd like seafaring experience with you during my sophomore year high or recently. I learned about enlightenment. And I learned about arm lock and I learned about self government. He he and I liked that idea and you know let that. Yes that's correct your book splendor and I learned about a lot about obamacare. Obama cares about the bit about putting emphasis on an individual that mr. No it's not. You know it may matter of fact I would argue liberalism or I call state is. Is counter to the enlightenment isn't. Is an Indian. If carpet it's contrary Mr. Mister yes yes and you and you know what I mean you got it and I can do that when a lot of people told me that. You know what your conservative did you listen to mark living your converter can if you live in the Fox News. No I'm a conservative because I believe in putting emphasis on this on the individual out in the government or. You aren't lightens. You are right that's the great thing I am right and I and I like to and second of all I'd like did you were writing a book because it it will have a lot to me that Owen is looking out. For my generation and I don't California has a fairly Blue States. However I. I think that it along California's our red state and by -- I mean the old red you know the Communist we think Iran hit. A record. Yeah I I order I will that if a lot more you a lot younger people virtual high school would read your book. We can follow up or problem and countrymen. You're very very kind name out there what I'm gonna send you a signed copy of plunder and seats you can senior copied somebody as a ready yet what you say. You know what that sound awesome and you elect and you know what I did Switzerland beat army attic. I went after your book I want my social studies teacher up for it in my sophomore year and you know I didn't. I didn't have to re under your seat are mark load and he and shadow. Good field and did a year who knows. You know what I'm going in tomorrow and am and an coming out about how thought. And I Neiman eureka main don't hang up when innocent you a copy signed cannot be plundered seat. And a good kid. Wonderful wonderful. Josep angle what New Jersey the great WABC got. Rock. I'm Greg and I have six kids. All I know they're big supported the view Waltz thank you and thank them. We live by you don't think that the third market I worked were a lot of uploading copyright care repeal it and I. The critters that you don't have to tell us it's Gallup I've got that figured that you're in Englewood New Jersey I believe there in New York now there in New Jersey. The go ahead anyway. What if he would talk it out holding. 92%. Of Republicans go all. Persuasions. Would have had rob and he. As the president then Obama. And I have to say that you know you are you your feelings about this so called right now those. I totally wrong it is a great back out. 2%. Of the Republican Party. That believe in that's so there is absolutely no chance and oh. I said I don't go by polls I don't than none of that matters to me. I'm not wrong when I'm talking about substance whether people follow me or not as a whole another story. But since you work for this polling company Tony what percentage of Republicans like the Republican leadership. Well the I would say this number I'm giving you numbers are about seven paper senator. Are there Republican blunt the Republican leader in yeah yeah a joke you're playing games now. Rescues and had one that was almost 70% detested the Republican nation. That was a moderate certain group did you are right now it wasn't a mile is among Republicans. Marlboro country at all I'm not talking about the whole country of about Republicans. He Republican it would be worse among the whole nation could you and had Democrats and independents who have less of a reason to wanna like the Republican leadership. Hey Jose fueling your six boys I wanna thank you. Make Triad and other polling company just saying no offense just as saying. You people can do well let yourself are saying it had been using things VI NG every is that mr. division. I like it actually like him more than gogel. I'll be right back. Barcelona then to show. He lives. A national. At 8773813811. The most important solution to addressing what's going on in Washington today. And the poise and it's spreading from Washington this convention of states. We've got them more chaos. In congress. And they've got no plan no strategy for saving the country. Now while they fiddled the republic parents. So what are we gonna do that. We gonna wait for them to get their act together. You know wait for Republican president to fix things. Well. They conservative may start down the road of fixing things. But that's not enough. Look at these guys they can't even manage their own house let alone the country. Now that's why I've been telling you about convention of state stopped short convention of state dot board just trapped Aetna. I've been talking about article five of the constitution since I wrote the liberty. To with every passing day it's more obvious is it not. The only solution as big as the problem. Is convention of state standpoint that phrase convention of states. You'll find it in the constitution. Constitution provides us with a lot of it too. We don't need to rely on congress. Or the present. Or the supreme court of course to save the republic. The founders gave us the power to reclaim what is ours this country. That's right we the people. I really want to check this out right now. And go to a convention of states out of a convention of state dot board don't wait. You see what's happening to the country you see what's happening of the Republican Party don't follow the frauds in the phonies who make promises that can't be kept. Convention of states that targets up to every one of us convention of state stopped port. That's the real solution. The real soon. A one point solution. That involves you. And that involves the state legislatures. And that is gonna act shocked central Ohio on the mark lament that they'll. Play out mark GM just wanted to first thought is great thank you for everything you do. Bob wasn't religiously the podcast on trying to get others. But we'll know a lot. I don't hang up the podcast went payments. The company I work for cumulus Westwood One keeps track. Of the specific number of people who use the digital format we'll meet some phony website telling us who's number one to the they put out the numbers. The exact numbers for everyone in this company. Last month. We had four point one million iPod down. In one month it's not counted in the ratings or anything else what that means is. Hundreds and hundreds of thousands of folks listening this program they listen on their iPods made the next day made the same night when the work and now when the jogging a work whatever it whatever it may be. Four point one million and they're not even calculated in the ratings can you believe that and you'll want the coach thank you. You know well you're welcome a good account would feel it more than once. I don't know what to do that like you listen repeatedly to me I think maybe need to drink if you didn't. Well it would com but guaranteed they got to see governor here in Ohio arm and lives not too terribly far from anybody who has in central Ohio. But there's couple others saying that problem. I think need to be brought to light that people aren't aware and maybe they're looking at him as a possible candidate. Key. You don't belong to pick winners and losers and she know when to. Most industries and lasts. Bearable. And journalists are contributing to to his campaign has ought which went into one example that is attracting industry in Ohio benefits greatly. From the practice that he's placed on the eastern border. You know I'm not Republican legislator legislature had to fight him on quite some 2014. Because he kept wanting. Almost a double digit tax increase on fracking industry. And he was calling you were getting all stable I don't feel like twenty dollars a barrel. In tax revenue which not good to me it felt like a lot of money but he was saying that that analysts. Ridiculous it was machine and I'm in he was doing everything he could. To increase. Beyond the taxes on the front on the guys doing the tracking and of course all they have to do it to jump across a rebel council premiere run up to New York. To get away from that so. I'll let another example. You know and in Ohio. A lot of the most most of the schools are funded true. Property taxes but of course you have some districts have more money than others well. The legislature had a crew seat legislature has approved war additional tax money for all of this school districts. You and at the last second case is called back and said well you know the school districts that look like they can actually raise the money. They're not gonna get. And any of they're not gonna get there fund state funding increased at all that a lot of troops should. On the state funding. And of course in those districts feel all that money doesn't just go to the district. I have huge property tax increases and stuff like that happens and a lot of people. Who live in those communities who are retire on fixed incomes who can't afford huge property tax income says that at tax increases if they wanna live in their homes. Well that's exactly right and and what you see is that evocative of course that perpetuate a cycle where you have spoke without. Lived here and they've raised their children and their kids are gone they have a house that's too big. For what they need and then they're trying to get out of that then they get trapped because. There they can't sell by for that matter but it's important because people really don't know outside of Ohio many people in Ohio but certainly outside of a the real basic record in its interest thing. He has his talking points down but. More more. Conservative legislate tourists from Ohio contact me and Tony hey you better take a good look at this guy's record he's not as conservative as people are saying. That he he likes to to pick and choose his numbers. Club Cato Institute does a pretty good job I think of looking at. The epithet budget numbers here on the if you look at cute those budget numbers were two K six. You can see how massively. We keep increasing standing in the state of Ohio. And cork a large part of that business this is not a cute funny that you talked about earlier. But he. Because of that he's coming out every future. Governor and legislature is going to have to wrestle with what he did on the Medicaid funding. They're all gonna hostile I have to find the money. The Medicaid rolls are gonna continue to expand because there's no work related to a you know healthy young men who were on Medicaid now. It's just that without a work requirement. And he has really opened the floodgate he's not the only one other governor Republican governors have done the same course. We expect the democratic governors to do it. You know the disaster absolute disasters so he needs to be. And he will be marginalized in the east debate thank you for it caught my friend good call let's continue. Let's go to bill in wac a pocket of what went well does this where are you and was not. Packed. Wall pocket Al congratulations. Are straight WS AU I think yeah. How are you senate bill. Howard aren't many luck I'm great thank you great writers are often right. Yeah I am in good shape come and help the. Okay it's gonna question Korea. Okay in Iowa I wanted to military backing it means 74. They have to win pay grade of when to record of 307. Dollars a month. And other government wants quick putt. The pay. And benefits for military now. You after what they're born Carol. I know and he hearing in the Republicans. Make it make. You know and take strong issue out of this all across the country now they'll make a floor speech and then off they go. Original ticket anymore. But bush says idol. All right thank you for your call. Will slurring their I noticed mr. produced just saying no offense. It is Monday yeah that's been harassed he's over at bright spark dot com media matters has Paul Ryan's back. By Dan Rio. If representative Paul Ryan a 58% rating by conservative were Cuba. It's a deep I think. Is looking for more support in his quest to be speaker of the house he may or may not won a look further than progressive media outlet media matters. It appears to have his back vs conservative radio host mark Linn who simply want through Ryan's actual record on his October 23 radio show. And it indicates what I set. Would you consider congressman conservative reason libertarian if they voted for 700 billion dollar TARP. How about if they voted for the GM Chrysler bail out Pallet if they voted for the consist qatari taxes on CEO bonuses. How about if they voted for No Child Left Behind have anything better for a 192 billion dollar stimulus in 2009 or an economic stimulus in 2008. But it wanted to expand the Medicare prescription drug program into 2003. Have an effect congressman was campaigning. Across the country and support the bill that when even. Further than the act gang of eight senate bill went among others Luis Gutierrez. That's Paul Ryan. And real writing at bright spark dot com says it's impossible not precisely what media matters is up to by highlighting this. But the outlets seeming embrace of Brian likely won't do much to a short conservatives he's the best pick to replace outgoing speaker John Boehner. What a 37%. Conservative be who rating he's a clunky. And so there you have it media matters is that covering Paul Ryan's back. But don't worry everybody. We Yaris or the problem. I'll be right back. OK okay. Lots of books coming out this week. Whole lot of books coming history. We'll see what's interest and Mattel about wine stat count. October as the month the start updating your home for holiday entertaining. Implying dot com can help. Blinds dot com has new sample packs. Which offer tons of ideas from making your home polity ready you ready for this. Sample packs coming a wide variety like the best seller sample pack. The patterns and textures sample pack designers favorites and many many more. When he when he textured roller shade insulating cellular change draperies or shatters. 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Obama is immigration agency now welcoming all residents. The Obama administration's efforts to transform the nation's electorate through immigration is running at full speed. White House employees have been sent to the Department of Homeland Security. To accelerate Obama's efforts to integrate martyrs in the American political landscape as quickly as possible. Preferably by November when he sixteenth the next federal election. Beat Morris gala Fisher then Lance. The last is joined the Department of Homeland Security US citizen and immigration service. She's on DHL from the White House for a 120 days. To steer that agency towards policies in keeping with the Obama administration's priorities namely the White House task force on new Americans. Well as background is in the key intersection of politics policy and immigration. From her internal announcement obtained by PGA media. Through her appointment today at the department of homeland security and I quote. Previously the LA has served as the senior advisor to the director in the Office of Refugee Resettlement. At the Administration for Children and Families US department of HHS. There she focused on refugee immigration and strategic partnerships. While at all our art he collaborated with the interagency partners including the White House whenever. Also she was a political organizer for Obama's election campaign. Prior to HHS she shaved dizzy bilingual partnership specialist for the 2010 census. And as a field organizer in the Florida for change 2008 presidential campaign. She's a former Bill Emerson national hunger fallow. And an americorps Vista volatile credit I about as best that this Sony volunteers in service to America started and a 1960s. That growth has been taken over by the most radical people in our government. Advantage used to promote. Let ism all over the country particularly in our inner cities. All at Fordham. Incidentally she won an award for her paper and tied it prisoners of politics. He case study of Puerto Rican Nationalists in the role of politics and American jet. All left this lose all leftist Kooks. All left this hacks. That's what we're dealing with here. Throughout our government everywhere we Tarrant and let me tell you something when Obama eventually leads praise the lord the fact of the matter is this. He will have institutionalized. His agenda he won't put these people in civil service positions. It'll be incredibly difficult to remove them. And from those positions they will sabotage. Any conservative agenda they will leaked to the Pretoria and guard media. By the way I noticed my phrase retiring guard media is great popular being picked up now everywhere. Separate touring guard media and on top of that. It'll be linked to congress for the hold hearings but the Democrats they like to hold hearings real hearings. Unlike the Republican. So this is what's going on in your governor murmur Obama said government is us government is just not known at this one. Now it's not us. Hi let's take another call shall we Tony. Southern California they Greg KS FO quickly go. They've mark I've worked out of your show where we get an overwrought establishment Republican or Hillary in the White House and they hate capitalism so much. Let's get what they want but not the way they want it why don't we just stop consuming. Let them get no tax revenue. What a legal victory gardens do whatever it takes like Winston Churchill well. I mean stop consumed they think they raise funds through an income tax. So it's it's our income it's not a consumption. Hi my friend. And we go. That's continued to show Long Island the great WABC quickly go out. And are you all the control room. Our world a generation or. Already has a great James Buckley got 1970s. Yeah and. Our 776. Or send anyone to 77 I guess he was. Senator has on the Conservative Party ticket the javits and Africa at the other guy. GAAP wanted to great liberal. Opt. I just wanted to tell you our you know our tonight on Andrew you know Denver had been Republicans strong Beno whatever is very ms. They're they're reached agreement began of course storm raging be you know debt limit. So this is gonna go on and on and on. And you know are probably don't want to stand up you know go on and on and on to the crashes on. There's more but they won't more than our wanted to recommend to a bowl. There was a written voyagers Buckley. On each whole issue. Which equals saving congress shall Mattel. I've actually read some of that book and the book talks about cutting off. That the states in these these programs the that the that the bats subsidies are ranked and down. After days then yeah you know mock. And it could very good book I would strongly heard it is a very good but can't tell anybody that title again. Are portrayed in congress for almost twelve. Yeah I think it's a very good. But I just feel like we're gonna have to actually do more than that I don't think congress will do that. Congress is incapable of savings. Ladies and gentlemen what a day there's always tomorrow we salute armed forces police officers firefighters and emergency personnel. I'm ready to do the show tomorrow right now this minute. And I'll see tomorrow America I'm mark the event.