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Butler Grizzlies vs. Dodge City Conquistadors 10-10-15

Oct 11, 2015|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

In show and week seven of the Butler grizzlies 2015. Season it's another gorgeous Saturday night near Eldorado. As we get set for week three the third week in a row that we have played your PG products veteran sports complex. As the grizzlies host the Dodge City in case it or is this is a very big eight conference matchup. The grizzlies command sets you know overall three you know in conference play. While the comments is there tension affectionately known icons arrive 51 overall four and oh in conference action. Edited once again everybody tennis against reputed beauty products veterans sports complex I'll be joined on the broadcast we'll look at later by coach brain cancer in my broadcast partner. In our studio coordinator tonight is Simon Sumner. It's always great Debbie when it is right here on thirteen thirty can assess in Wichita. Now tonight's game with major ramifications or who will win can't it in our conference this year. The grizzlies and picking these records along with a copy it over at ravens all undefeated in conference play. And the fact copied all pressing nonconference matchup tomorrow afternoon against Bethel junior college the JV team for Bethel. That is an afternoon game tomorrow at Coptic open at all three teams currently. Tied for first place in the jayhawk west division. As the grizzlies are three you know copy built three you know and Dodge City is four and oh. So major major implications of this game here tonight. Or do they win the conference this season now the grizzlies cut off their second consecutive shutout victory. That was last Saturday afternoon here against Iowa central the Triton is the grizzlies won it 42 nothing. The previous week the grisly shut out airports for a 39 Duffy. So the grizzlies cast have put defense now is not allowed a point. In the last eight quarters. And it went last week over Iowa central the grizzlies were led by freshman quarterback. Coulter Al and cult Paulus 1243. Passing for 200 yards and a touchdown. And cult also rushed her six carries for 22 yards in two rushing touchdowns for the freshman for this Tucker high school. It was a big game for bribery and Pringle Pringle ID 93 yard kick our return to start the game you also ID 72 yard touchdown reception. And Kobe McCrary. Sophomore running back for secrecy is another big day 91 yards to more rushing touchdowns he continues to lead the nation in rushing touchdowns. With fourteen. Meanwhile Dodge City they arrived five and one overall foreign policy conference play. Last Saturday night at home they defeated fort Scott seventeen to fourteen. The difference in that game coming with about halfway through the fourth quarter is dark city got a field goal for the difference that he game winners 1714. Over the great towns. Now the carts coming here with one of their better teams in many many years. And have an outstanding running back among several very good players they're outstanding running backs sophomore. Mark Thompson tops of the young man from Pennsylvania. He's already committed to the University of Florida to play for the gators next year. And he leads the conference in rush you know 120 yards rushing per game so this has all the makings of a very special football game here tonight. And on top of that beautiful 73 degree temperatures right now is the sunsets in all Laredo. All teams down on the field getting ready for tonight's game great to have you witnessed this is the grizzlies pregame show brought you by any heating air conditioning and plotting. With more convenient locations to serve you include an office and hand over to backers are Butler county. Hanna is always on call 24 hours a day seven days a week. When outstanding service and high quality installation is what you're looking for call handing heating air conditioning and plotting. And a heating air conditioned upon me a proud sponsor. Of Butler athletics. We'll take our first time out here tonight. Welcome back in this it would grizzlies head coach Tim shock early continue. Let the pregame show right after this. Recognized locally is a leader in arthroscopic knee surgery in sports medicine and doctor Brenner has been a team physician for the Butler grizzlies for over twenty years trust the doctor the grizzlies trust doctor Bradley Brunner had orthopedic and sports medicine at cypress for an appointment call 31621980. To 99 or go online at OS and cypress dot com doctor Bradley Brenner is a long time supporter of Butler athletics. Commerce Bank we bring convenience to your world in my world I don't always have time to get the bank and up early like may to get like just before I feed them breakfast have a meeting or two or 30 my lunch hour I need or into the bank. No matter how you like to thank commerce thinks it's your world we have over 360 branches and ATMs and offer mobile banking online banking and online bill pay. You can even make a deposit your mobile device and Commerce Bank were always making banking easier that's. That's easy and convenient that's Commerzbank call click or combined fees apply for commerce mobile deposit subject to restrictions and limitations Commerce Bank never FDA say. Trending to talk radio and thirteen thirty. You can't SS. He's big he's fast he's shifty. We looked at as highlights and he he's hurdle a couple of guys this season that we're Stan enough and he's he's a full he's the full meal deal he. There's a Florida commit so you know that an SEC he's got to have size or speed. Better cancel for sure. Thompson averaging a conference lead 120 yards a game he's had a couple of. Tackles he'll also get an opportunity outside. Absolutely he's got he has taught me to go play Nazi siege no we can run low pay annie's he's tough between the tackles one. What we've been impressed with is his vision in his acceleration once he sees a hole he can square shoulders he's gone. And go past him back so absolutely I mean he's got at all you. You don't get recruited by by SEC schools if you if you dawn the total package and again he can block he can run cats. He even though tonight were his Dodge City options. Where they stack up in compared to teams like analyst for in touch. Right there in a house. They're very similar to a distance of you and I may have mentioned that last week if you look in America they've got a however on the league level quarterback that makes really good decisions they've got a a bonafide big time running back like we do. In and out on the outside he has three or four really good weapons until the ball to and an offensive line has been. On dominant much like ours that's all season long along those lines to keys to victory your biggest concern against city. Not giving them extra opportunities with the ball making the most of what we have been efficient like we have been and taking care of the football and that means that we went on occasion anyway have you. But not not turn it over on downs and certainly not with and who knows that a little things that really turn out to be big things we've talked all year long. Not turn the ball over and we've been very pleased with the number penalties the lack of its absolutely that that deals at one of our big things and that's that's focus and attention that the talent. And right along with that is our special teams mean. I think they've been a big plus for us all season and so will need those guys on the disposal team to step up and perform as well. Glad you brought that up because. Special teams have scored six touchdowns last week. Byron Pringle 93 yard kick return he also had a seventy yard touchdown reception. But six touchdowns was special teams I was Troy immoral this past Saturday mentioned to him. And he looked at me and he just nodded his head so that's unbelievable that's that's fantastic. Well we're just really gets at the do that we do and eat it. He's always put an emphasis on it loses something we believe in and it's an important part of the game and acting. From the moment we had a blocked field goal two an independent sick kids. Began to realize that he understood that we have guys wanting to be on special teams taking pride in those things. They wanna see the film and it it just kind of feeds itself it's a self feeding monster and it's kind of created were rat right now. Find it last week I kind of think we had a heads up the media justice Hanson would not start not play and he didn't. Is he continues to heal from his leg injury what's the status as we continue you tell us is we've written quarterback. I don't know is gonna start justice will be out there you'll see an ambulance and right coach best of luck tonight in the game this is going to be a heck of a game a conference matchup. The first place both teams undefeated and also coffin bill's author undefeated so we'll talk about the at a later date is are coming out next week it is always thanks to visit to talk Jeff beginning absolutely didn't think you. And shocker head coach at about service is back with more of a pregame show from PG products veteran sports complex right after the us. Yeah. 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That's certainly the case accuses football and doctor Larry Abraham L radio doctor Larry Abraham a psychiatrist specializing disease insert your foot has been about your team doctor for over forty years doctor Larry Abraham also provides quality of care for patient throughout but account. If you have. Foot or ankle problems call the doctor because this trust doctor Lear and Abraham and L radio court appointment call 216 through 212050. Doctor Larry Abraham. A longtime supporter of the or athletics. Trending news. John M thirteen thirty. Can SS. Eldorado where. Sports complex glad to be joining us thirteen thirty in a sense in which a top four. Butler grizzlies football this is week seven. As the brother grizzly six and now on the year 380 in conference play hosting. The Dodge City continues to goers sneak in stores have a very good squad this year they're 51 overall. Or you know it conference play. That is as a series that dates back to 1936. And this is the 85 overall meetings about the grizzlies lead the overall series 51 at 32 with a one to hide. In the last regular season game at Dodge City one that came in 1995. A game played at Dodge City 8478. Team final. But the only other time that the grizzlies lost to Dodge City since 1995 that came at a really heartbreaking. Semi final round playoff game every six playoffs it take you on black or stadium back in 2005. A stunning defeat. As dark city came in and knocked off. The number one ranked Butler grizzlies undefeated grizzlies. In that game at Tokyo black more state money Sunday afternoon it was a huge upset. As dodge came in at afternoon and want it. By a final score of 23 to seven team. Agree Teddy what is sun can assess and coming up in our post game show tonight we'll have our call the game brought you by can't is one call. It is one call remind you that no matter your big project is big or small don't make a judgment call always call 811 before you dig. Or you can contact him at Kansas one called dot com and this one called dot com or call of the game proxy by Kansas one call. Coming up in our post game show. A time now as we do each and every week for the grizzlies injury update brought to you by doctor Bradley Bernard orthopedic and sports medicine at cypress. And for the other grizzlies this is great news I was talking to Brett back Monday head trader here at practice on Thursday. He said Dennis aside all the usual nicks and bruises and cuts our team is very very healthy. Although they are playing without Michael Gallup and you don't really poorly or badly for Michael Gallup. Gallup the wide receiver six suits Watertown south rademan wrote Georgia. India game here at home or at a hundred yard kickoff return against Iowa western just an outstanding wide receiver in fact in the game last year. It was a historic day for Michael gallop in the game played at Dodge City. Gallup in that game had five catches you or 287. Yards and three touchdowns yet receptions of 9658. And 62 yards. But Michael Gallup continues to be sidelined by an ankle injury and he will not be available tonight it's the fourth straight week the grizzlies have had to play without Michael gala. So that is say the only injury that we can report this week. For the Butler grizzlies the grizzlies interim update. Brought you by doctor Bradley Bernard orthopedic and sports medicine at cypress don't let an injury keep you out of the game. Doctor Bradley Brunner is locally recognized as a leader arthroscopic knee surgery in sports medicine. He's been eighteenth position for the grizzlies. For over twenty years so trust the doctor the grizzlies trust doctor Bradley brokered orthopedic and sports medicine at cypress. For an appointment call doctor Bradley birders opposite 316. 2198299. Or go online request and appointment at www. OS and cypress dot com. Oh as I am cypress. Dot com. We are just a little less than twelve minutes away from tonight's kick off in that should be a good one for him. Not a conference football the Butler grizzlies in the Dodge City can keep stores. They along with the copied over at ravens are tied for first place. As says Dodge City is born on top split the grizzlies three you know and copy bill also three and always mention a copy bill hasn't been tomorrow afternoon. India they will be at its at home tomorrow afternoon against that bill javy. So they'll play their game tomorrow afternoon at a horse in the as a non conference matchup the book tickets I'm out here be back with more the dugout are the via pregame show. From Egypt products veteran sports complex right after this. 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The bookstore also carries your favorite color collectibles including patents modes and uzis to be sure there's the other bookstore and Alfredo an Andover and at all Butler home football games and be proud to your purple and gold from the the other bookstore and go grizzlies. Still number one Rush Limbaugh. And thirty KSS. This is about her please bring. So profit by any pain air conditioning and army went for a convenient location is the Serbian included in office and over to better serve Butler county. Anti is always on call 24 hours a day seven days a week. When outstanding service and high quality installation as what you're looking for call handy heating air conditioning employ army. It may heating air conditioning and plumbing is a proud sponsor. Of Butler athletics well I'll say it again what a beautiful night 73 degree is a little bit of a breeze here tonight. But he picture perfect deep in the stadium lights turned on and it just shows you how quickly removing him to a fault. Because when the grizzlies played their home opener here about what a month ago. Well the entire first half against Iowa western was played pretty much in sunlight but this game's gonna get started pretty much. With the sun having set already and he means is upon us but it beautifully it is 73 degrees. Big matchup here tonight as the grizzlies six and oh ranked third in the nation and what a season they're putting together. Gary Thomas the third your head coach regards sitting. As they come in five at one overall for going conference play and I think they cut everybody's attention two weeks ago the big road win at touch. Big defeated the blue dragons at night 27 to fourteen. It it was a very big night for running back Mark Thompson Thompson 171. Yards rushing against people who dragons. And three touchdowns and a Mark Thompson leads the conference. In rush you know harder in twenty yards per game average. Being off for the other grizzlies. Are running back is not too bad in his own right. Is re back sophomore Kobe McCrary. Build it McCrary is second in the conference is averaging 97. Yards per game and he does lead the nation in rushing touchdowns with fourteen. Rushing touchdowns for Kobe broker integrate better with us on thirteen thirty in this assets that do for the pregame shows they what does. We're coming back with tonight's opening kick up up up there grizzlies and the Dodge City cigars it all comes up next on thirteen thirty in. Assess. Freddy's frozen custard and steak burger celebrates a classic steak house favorite the H one chop house burger two sizzling steak burger patties topped with grilled onions sauteed mushrooms white cheddar cheese and as STA one and garlic sauce on our own style -- served with the most American ingredient of law. A smile only at Freddy's frozen custard in steak burgers don't taste that brings you back. Now available in all Wichita area Hutchinson and McPherson Freddy's locations. 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Doctor Bradley Berliner at orthopedic and sports medicine at cypress and grizzlies team doctor for more than twenty years. And remember click it or ticket beats Kansas law. Now let's hit out of the stadium for Butler grizzlies football. All of these products veteran sports complex elderly ago. As of other grizzly right on unity in the field. And tonight they're facing a human nature opponent conference match up with Dodge City keys to doors. Now that the other grizzlies ranked third in the nation it is not move up in the national polls this week this by the 42 you win at home last week in Iowa central. And a commitment he's the doors command ranked fifteenth in the nation here 51 overall and 40 in conference play. Last Saturday night at home yet somewhat of a struggle against fort Scott they defeated the agree on seventeen to fourteen. Paparazzi that was the final score that kind of surprise some folks but to the grizzlies greater role here tonight. And we're ready to introduce my broadcast partner coach Craig Hansen Werner eleventh season of broadcasting grizzlies were all right here at thirteen thirty. Can't assess it went up beautifully and the coaches always. Great to see a week could have a heck of bikini on our hands tonight. You know we get that. Guys that are beating the conference does this figure estimate. Even Lou both of us who have defeated they've won four conference games we will want three so definitely. Allied with you look beyond this game on both and Butler have copies you'll deployed. So there's a lot of equality bill on your books these two teams that night. Other captains from both teams are meeting now to the center of the field a look at tonight's coin toss. Now dot Citi is breaking out brand new uniforms they order these uniforms for the start of the season but the manufacturer was late getting it done. And Dodge City is wearing all white white pants white jerseys they've got the yellow helmets. In their true colors are yellow and purple. And at a grizzlies are in their traditional look with the purple home uniforms the biggest gold pants. In the shiny gold helmets right now the officials doubted that it still. The grizzlies won the toss Andy declined as they've done all year long whenever they went to toss they wanna go on defense first coach. The Butler winds. The thirds. That's who you start the gate with the ball there's no wind. I got candlelight. I really big hit or report that in order with the loss. That it was before with the deeper ruled he is because you know what the weather's like the start BP you know what people footballer. And it's good to have that choice for the halftime. Are they picked up tonight at all season long been granted by Freddy's frozen custard steak burgers. Birdies delicious cooked to order double steak burger and crispy shoestring Fries season with Freddy's famous seasoning. Finish it off with they're. Famous signature turtles Sunday made with their fresh greenery frozen custard throughout today. Four locations in Wichita wanted to derby and won in Calgary go to 18 on 9 west central. Freddy's frozen custard steak burgers long time sponsor of other athletics and they are open until 10 PM nightly. Parties here in town at 18 on 9 west central just in fact within eyesight of the a stadium from the press box. Over gonna get an early look at this outstanding running back. Mark Thompson Ford Dodge City. Not cities got quite an offense coach 35 points per game average we're averaging 389. Yards of offense depths. Just four yards less per game average at the grisly softness. You can look at the statistics at the VP they're fairly equal our offense. They have that the restaurant the campus than water quality few yards and so they're the game and the butler's. Hope you'll clarity is. Second in rushing to the conference that he just under a hundred yards a game for us. You know all teed up at the 35 yard line secrets these will be defending date and so on to the southern end of the stadium. Here come the concept under the bill the grizzlies lined up ready to go. Here's the big picture that these teams does that make its defense Butler has. Really looked good the last group for both games defense. And I think that played Butler you've got to be able to play defense because you don't want. They don't want Butler to have the ball all game well. And it says that he is Butler and has the ability to pick this big play on offense. But you're Snooki outside the beauty depict running back who brokered. Great Scott is key to receive along with one state them or. Sides it the ball is teed up. It rehearse at that go week seven conference matchup Butler and not sitting here is going to be killed inside the five out to the tee and the 1520. Parts 125303540. 45504540. All the way return back inside the grizzlies forty yard line. And that was I believe on the return of its it was great Scott who is a running back out of San Antonio Texas. No that's the event we're a better way to start the ballgame they receive the Lola and let a market that it the left side. It big bold in that. Everett for Butler. Butler Victor disputed that we've yard line but pursuit Bada would. Last week the grizzlies 93 yard kick return to opening game against Iowa central tables turned on and tonight my return. All the way to Butler 37 yard line those are the quarterback pars that's right side it's hot and a very short if any. About authorities. Eight yard lines that it may have lost the art on the plate as humanly quietly market. It's going to be awfully awfully tough to read the numbers on these guys sitting up forms yellow numerals with the white Jersey and it's really tough disease. We that that's out there right side John wrote re youth movement limit on that read it. Grizzlies where he ActiveX and outs not giving up appointment last eight quarters. Mark Thompson is the tailback behind the quarterback Thomas. Those are ruining it off expecting a pass over the Middle East intercepted at the 21 hi Eric three. It's our through all right so I think it's that coverage. And exit to hide it interception at the twenty yard line. Butler had a border lit. He is or beat up on the land that we didn't blitz the quarterback that's worse. Brewery road if you threw the ball a little over the receiver. Butler they moved back there possible there that precede their profits it out to lead them is justice incidents. Yet in did not play last week he has labeled listed as the number one quarterback for Butler. Transfer it via University of Oklahoma. After redshirt freshman year that is sooners. He's in the gun fixing it up r.'s pass over the top first 3540. 45 cities tracked down about working seven yard line. But normally that would rip. Receive roots group wide receiver for the live in that received with Brooklyn who threw him a feeling in a quick slant all wheel route but that's down. That's again all the way out to the 47 yard line and now movement and whistles will blow the play dead it looked like Dodge City jumped but were they drawn outside. So dark city gets the opening kickoff returns it deepened the other territory and on the second play from scrimmage he throw an interception to air in peak. Amid a big Gainer for the grizzlies. It picked up on to pass the latest applied heard outside apple call against Dodge City the defense. A little bit too anxious to repair some of the balls place that the Dutch city 48 yard line after that five yard penalty and but burst in five for the grizzlies incidents in the gun. Anchor ED tailback behind them. Indianapolis McCurry sit in the backfield that he is unable to get back to the line of scrimmage he fumbled the ball but he was down. Besides cities scoops it up starter and back to the way the whistles and bring him back to reality. Can and it's the lowest quarterback just reverse handoff to the tailback. They took the middle of its physical description but that is used to get laggards. Grizzlies averaging 48 yards a 48 points per game 393 yards average per game this year. Second down and five the ball sits at the Dutch city 48 now they had off left side McCrery McCrery lucky to get around yet cities undercut nice tackle. In about the 46 yard line. And it's just a short game Ellison Pekovic tackle there. And I believer and that was a statement came up from his DB position statements out of Athens Georgia. It is nice tackle there on McCrary so it brings up third down in three at the Dodge City 46. No score early first half it got Hanson. Zone option read in the handoff goes to a dual he's going no where he tried here on the right side that the defense penetrated. And drops and back near the fifty yard line. But the defense eat really well from sideline to sideline well. Butler's first running play was a hurry up the middle you mentally get it plans to pick the five yards the next few plays Butler rent this weekend plays. The duds that you pursued. Ended up getting it. Or don't you very little game. Michael Mason is on the punt for the grizzlies the ball is sitting at the dark city 46 yard line. Butler will punt away after their first possession no score here's a rugby style kick in it's a wobbly low line drive kick this can bounce inside that. And I got a bounce and about a five yard line they're gonna market right at the five yard line but a nice kick or kick there by Michael Mason. Amazing how that's really beat the community period that it didn't land like that knuckleball like Atlanta iron actually put backs via. If I could she wanted to reach the group to return men. Did not catch the ball. That he is because that looked at the goal of the building when that ball hit. It's just it's backward. Your comes Thomas who has sorrow that quarterback freshman he's a big guys 64225. Pounder out of Colorado Springs pine creek high school. Thomas lows are the quarterback is in the gun. In the ball off left side around the edge and that. They're running back is all out past the twenty yard line in that his state Dick picked up there on a first his first run of the night by Mark Thompson. They could beat him up but is now editor and it up the middle there was an nor is it that man right these days could be back for a beat. You get to the left and took the ball up the left side. Mark Thompson 63220. Pound sophomore settle LaMont Pennsylvania and he's quickness he's already committed to play at the University of Florida next year for the gators. He takes the handoff he hit the backfield and it's going to be stopped for no gain may feel awesome. Thought I was Michael Thomas defensive lineman for the grizzlies who got through it made the tackle looked like that. We work together but the fact all the rights that they deferred. But they're getting behind the lens. So it's going to be a loss of one. So Mark Thompson who runs stop there for a loss of one. Exit to tailback position was early quarterback. Mixing it up but now he's going to be getting sacks in the back filled. That was the reached its own greed and then put the ball India it enhance a Thompson Thompson did not take it. And analysts are always acts. What Butler had another quarter with them. In this unfortunately. That won't write tonight. But he quickly did the quarterback just with a big news drop. Also for the quarterback sacked. Brings up third and fifth innings with 1021 year ago quarter Eldorado house floor was our back to pass cars over the village to that here incomplete. Grizzlies had another shot at it interception near about a 25 yard line. In the ball was tipped up in the year it's incomplete. Yeah and so brings up or in fifteen minutes and he's Googlers here comes their punting unit. This is butler's defense the really worked out there that night and do their. Bring it all back and view that the defensive backs them so they're blue with a beat it's around. Need to receive this money is Byron Pringle. Dylan Burkhardt is the partner hello snapped in me gets it away it was partially blocked it's going to be a short time. Out about that 38 yard line down there by the Yankees get goers I believe that was partially blocked was it not just it was he ran into the kicker Billy Graham who all the duties to rip re doing cute cute cute. To. So I arts but it's not great you'll lose 36. Hired a young man in the who block debt. Numbers are last week idiot goal line interception in nearly returned it for a touchdown and he was caught after going seventy yards down the field not from behind. Grizzlies haven't burst into it and at the top 38 yard line. Yes and back to the gun back the past ours over the middle it's hot and that's ever played in he's brought down inside its 48 about the eighteen yard line. Trevor crane young man right here elder Prado. We'd bring residents that you receive your mind that the united but he name and that's the route program while ago when he caught the ball just the slant the third receiver and honestly and across the middle burst in Angola to seventy yard line and they picked him up institutes at ease up the middle 1510. At least tackle at about the seven yard line. Justice Hanssen did not play last week he continues to recover from that left leg injury but he looked fine and there are lines are open went back behind it and they back up to the right he keeps the ball goes left them little read first and goal from the seven ball snapped it looks like extra auditing and out goes to McCrary right side it's gonna be stopped but I think. Dodge City may have jumped early but we'll see if they were drawn offside. Yup second time tonight that Dutch city has jumped early you know be a ticketed for five yards here. But they've made the bet there's many yards untouched this point it's gonna play but it hit a very quick. But if they're up but they're these at the linesman so far have not been control. Taxi halfway to the goal that penalty. So it's first and goal from the three incidents in the gun. Back to his right mixing it up argues that McCrery last night at her. The middle for a touchdown. And public library. About five yards and he took the handoff broke left and right back up the middle goes and basically untouched in the grizzlies. At 915 to go in the first quarter because it's definitely. They did pull back the right these birds beautiful new Paula. Newton who. Now the extra point. Mrs. Robert brewer on for the extra point but it grizzlies ninety Thomas the holder follows the launch effort to snap the hole that it up. Other grizzlies benefiting from that partially block might have to coaches 38 yards. And it's a three yard touchdown run by Kobe McCrery is nation's leading fifteenth rushing touchdown of the year. The apply it. And a battle or field position. The others that. That who along. That it hit series. Give up the ball but. But the fact that go. The what did we are blind. Does that able to convert them that spot girl who were. It did at having the blood the blood was that reflected partially blocked. At Butler ended up with 38 yards a football field they treatment exhibit goes in for the school who hit schoolwork. Butler the seven. That he left in the first quarter etiquette that. Partially blocked punt that set up that touchdown drive woods cheating cider. The freshmen out of only you know late this south high school. To the bolted. Now at the 35 yard line. And again deep to receive for Dutch city it is great Scott you also state them. Into this again it's got it to five its hand far sideline fifteenth short of the twenty he's wrapped up by the Jersey and now big doc file and he's gonna be tackled shot the 25 yard line in the far sideline. It did return if there was this thing returned as the opening kickoff. But they knew it was in the audience though but there. Receive return men had to hook up but that's the ball but because the political both out of these hill. And then he's the reap the coverage is good but Butler. There comes Dodge City. I city's only loss this year was city's stunning loss last second loss at home dial western. Ohio western raced down the field under a minute to go on regulation in the sport 129 yard touchdown pass of the only four seconds ago. Could be Dodge City in Dodge City now they had off goes up to middle to Thompson he sidesteps 12 tacklers and spin his way across the 25 be stacked up. And about to 27 yard line. He's a lot like the grizzlies running back Kobe McCrary rarely does that first guy that hits them bringing down. Tolerate. You would miss Butler. Is an excellent. Record while ruling. Giving you an. Advantage. Thomas was our quarterback he's averaging 220. Yards through here each team. It up was to tops right at the middle and he pummeled all he did pretty. The ball was stripped into currency to get. The grizzlies hit. Tops that actually ran out of a crowd of defenders. But I noticed you did that look all that. It was running without the ball at the grizzlies ball on it in theory however it at its proximity. Thirty art art. I he was read in Atlanta and you. With physical evidence if it's. Broke loose the plan was that the the line backers known. And he with the hectic period of both couples that unease. And it will people contact is made that he lost control. I know my I say it's not as good as he used to be announced that it words equipment running that he would have them all them. That was Saudi team right now that packer defenders he kept running without the ball. In our hands in the dark pants and I'll put the medal in that is at you'll I believe that he gets inside the thirty great team Abdul to carry to the 29 yard line. So but he picked up both want that first down rush. He threw Butler. And it's that with the all of a thirty yard line. After their last position timing. Started on their own long that's 38 yard line already two turnovers tonight that a yankees get two hours. Is it up McCrery look at percent room takes it right the middle breaks through still SP 25. Twenty Perry's attack that six to outlined. What are run by a prayer it looked like once or twice it stopped just kept his legs. And he takes it to the sixty yard line is that the that the votes to proceed round numbers that are all your loan. First down for the grizzlies in the polls at this sixteen yard line at the comments. We've 741 to go here in the opening quarter but at least seven nothing lead. In a gun is Hanson Becker in the running back to his right. Handed out it's on Hanna who has McCurry at the middle drive jumps over the favorites and spins down the sex. Michael McCrary. Ticketed over here on this a possession. That he's throwing it in the game everybody that the best running back. And the pampered them that god city vote Butler hit point votes first and all this acts. In the proceeds go without the huddles other looting quickly dale Hansen made the change in the platelet desperately there but it though. When it was brought in from the sideline called in from the sideline him under center. It topic for McCrery puts his head down any got inside the five and now he's wrestled back in light takes a big hit it he was held up. Riser was not a whistle to stop the plays his sport progress had been stopped. Now. Got inside the five coach and somebody and I that your team into that they really never got him down they just surrounded him in the pile of all was followed up yet nowhere to go forward progress to the 52 down and goal from the five clock is running at six and half minutes ago in the opening quarter. It conference matchup here tonight Butler and Dodge City greet him it was designed to assess it under center and out goes to McCrery McCrery. It's away from one defender I can't hear that all right he's just short it's going to be. I'm about the one yard line is delivering a thirty goal. From the want to go but tonight in the platform is that night. And periods and feel like if they equal political rights that you Mario that he had no word it still made about where your irons. Third and goal from the one. Instant let everybody know what the play call is its. Chances music it under center lays out in the center. It's an affirmation it up as the first man through and for a touchdown. I believe that Michael Mason. I definitely aggravates the pace of the the fullback Heath there's been recruited him the ball good move afoot now but the blindly think that what you are that lets them. I was Michael Mason with the rushing touchdown. In Mason. Yeah them. 542. Ago it grizzlies with two scorers. Have a thirteen nothing edgier. Grizzly short a man got to wait for a lineman Cameron an end. Unity Thomas is the hold partners to snap the hold the cup and this one is good. Now flags thrown after the completion of the play. What 540 minutes ago it got cities have to regroup here on the road right he conference matchup and her down fourteen nothing. And I with our flag but refused. Penalty of course predicted points good of these networks over that you we look forward. It is you're right I think that's the coach maybe confidence that we're this close game. That is the case seed beat them out of the blocks globe that they were gonna have been brutal that it. Because they have got themselves a hole it to read all of its review of you know mark. Thompson fumbled the ball at his own thirty degree at least in scores have come on short fields. 38 and thirty yards respectively. So Butler what a great start for the grizzlies 814 nothing lead over the fifteenth ranked team in the nation Dodge City. But we got awful long way to go 548 to go in the first quarter. But he rates start for the grizzlies. Grizzlies next Saturday night will be on the road it number one copy bill next Saturday night at 7 o'clock kickoff then. Brewer runs up it is kick it's as near sideline it's going to be filled it. At the goal line and it's off the hands of the return and in the end zones are dropping good knees that return in. That's state them in so dark city will have possession at their own twenty yard line. Return that was barely inside. The in zone behind the goal line he touched the ball. Rick ricocheted off his hand him over him he was even the bell a ball that you've been inside the park that would benefit them. I know it's early coach that would you agree this is a key position forgot city. Just to do that get a fair that. Soon and it's. At the deal with this has just been there in India that now they have. They have no reason to give up Butler game plan at this point there's. Quick that the that the state. The quarterback hit an opposite Thompson Thompson takes it right up the gut. Except yardage out to the thirty yard lines I stand corrected actually placed the ball when he by accurately and it's touchback. That's the old days and forty. Keep changed at every year coach at Yankee Butler. Right that's that here that's yeah but the certificate though by Thomson. Is that rested. He's or runner takes it right at the middle. Second in fighting it out that tops the journalists yet she does it at 3035. He's wrestle very well again and the grizzlies. My practice practice practice sessions. Hands Hopson pop the ball and it grizzlies have it. This time. At 837. Yard line I've got seven. We'll hook then he's the ball that well it's been good for tackling. That time before he kind of lost we lost the ball early. I'm off of the slow but this that was really the reason for that well because you people that you know fumbles he had the first six games this year. 110. He has tune tonight in the first quarter. In fact he's got to know the spotlight on him and Cody Booker tonight's top running back to junior college football. Grizzlies and yet but he short field that's the third turn over buy dot Citi. Balls at the 37 airlines are now back to pass Hanson looks to throw it deep down the middle as a man it is quite. But there was contact now finally I guess from Byron Pringle. It was intended reason moon and essentially the defensive back down there hee-seop Pringle had a step on him and tackled him as the ball was in the year. Does the U tackle it earlier there's no doubt the official that was beaten the play never called that but the official that was trailing the labor the other side of the field. Through his flag. That is Desmond Henderson. Defensive back out of line and South Carolina he's already committed next year to play at the university Tennessee Volunteers. The big post route and that receiver just beaten addicted man. So a ten yard penalty automatic first album Paulus at the 22 yard line actually fifteen yard penalty. In a gun Hanson hands off of the middle McCrery said the line of scrimmage that stays on his feet and takes it to the twenty. Once again we see Kobe McCrery hit right at the line of scrimmage but refused to go down he picks up two yards. For the last five period of votes it's really been aggressive that you need the eight yards that you need your worries not city trying to hold on for your life here early for 42 to go first quarter. Quick start for the grizzlies fourteen up late for Butler. Butler take advantage of three Dodge City turnovers an interception in two fumbles. Here's Hannah to McCurry at the middle puts his head that he holds his way to the fifteen yard line. It appears spectator does well in this stated you have no idea what's you'll only that he's a pretty familiar with the well. Think that there had a putter says that typically do tailback who. Let's look look look like they have the contest between two peel back in both the art games but we'll have globally. Which is the difference right now. Here's a third down and three for the grizzlies they have the ball at the Dutch city fifteen yard line. Pringle is why it to collapse. In. McCrery. A bigger part white right is McIlroy. In the gun he has in 33 passes it's hot I critical site that hit and Eddie inches as weight of the Heidi cut it all started back in. And I hit the five yard line that's the first down point is that which. They make a quick little late in the what it is that the truth route very quick. First goal for the grizzlies at the five yard line it under center it up to McCrery McCrery hit into Brockton immediately boy he was hit hard. And I believe that was Gary Johnson linebacker edit Douglas Alabama Heatley says the talks in tackles ten game. In point but that it hit on them McCrary that are there would that that. So lawsuits in back to seven yard line so it's second and goal from the 73. On nine clock running here in the first quarter. Now here's a pass that left corner it is a complete as Pringle jumped up at eleven quarter. With the defender in front of those office into tough catch he made it in Coakley. It looked like that while eleven Libyans is that that would leave Indian. Thirty goal for the grizzlies. Trio three to go clock stops incomplete pass. Kurt angle Romney. Seven yard line incident on takes the snap fires a pass it is now. Rather city dropped it forever brain had it. But if this older that he. Calls it and complete it looked like green had a busy hit the ground the ball was dislodged. Wide receiver ran a slant and then died in rain just ran a quick out route. This across the goal line. Looked like the complete and that touchdown. But wouldn't you believe so but at the subtle. Or appeal eagle at him with you yeah it left lane brewer is not a quarter showing the replay and the crowd is reacting that should get a touchdown according to the crowd. You're watching a replay on via video or here's brewer on for what will be EE 25 yard field goal attempt left hash mark. Snap the hold the kick is up it to whistles blow the play dead. Delay of game against the grizzlies now remember your junior college football there is no replay. You know throw a flag up there at the officials look at that video that. Judging by the reaction of the crowd that was able to look the crowd reacting as though that was attached him. If Hillary that. He. Would. Worked notices it via thirty yard field goal attempt by lame brewer is longest it's yours 31. And he thomas' the holder David tells the long snapper snap hold kick is up it's on its way in it is good. So laid Rory is now six seven it field goal attempts in the grizzlies. But it hit importing no decade seventy nothing lead over guys city. I was very impressed that it through that that he gets the ball all the way out. If you attract. And as the battle of the bill back then you're here. I've cities they'll. As mobile ball twice. Yeah both both of those over the clinic accurately. Those business. The candidate they think that's city school Blackhawk is the music here that we're one of the league everything in there will be two yards a game. The prairie butler's. Bernie back who's averaging just below a hundred. Yards 97 and these are either. Now Thompson is fumbled the ball twice on consecutive possessions for Dutch city. Again we got a long way to go to fifty portico here in the first quarter's seventeen nothing lead for Butler. We're runs up 35 tickets an end over end kick your sidelines to be fielded inside the five to that and your sideline 1520. 2530 tripped up there at state them. But a state that gets through that little gap they run all the way to the end zone he was tripped up. Good field position for the console habit there only 34 yard line. But that doesn't receive the pick up all the right hedge market took him out of that marriage argument and evidently it. They're gonna return the ball for the insight into what I like the logic in that in schools way to that goal line the straight line. And I think he was good I think he acted it would make you look at them. So do you look at Hitler like what you're doing a take it to the house needed you don't trip home litigated out of the thirty or. Our other quarterback in the gun. Back to his left back to pastor sets up the screen over the middle it's almost intercepted. My pepper. All of the ball was tipped with pressure applied by Michael Thomas. In a ball was tipped they're trying to set up the middle screen in the effort. If he holds onto that he has an easy touchdown will be watched a replay Thomas breaks through. And that effort is adamant Iran's by coaches Armenians and knock Davis or implied that the quarterback they blitzed the old block out separately three. So like India and since that it can't the columns. This them populated here. It hit three turnovers here in the first quarter trailing seventeen upbeat. Those are back to pass arsenal of the middle it is almost intercepted a hint. And a pass at the 45 yard line. It was intended. For one of their attitudes at six. Receivers. It appears that six receivers coach and Eleanor was it Jeff George. In democracy topples an interception was. Almost picked off again we have an advertisement for the nuts and the equipment yellow numbers on a white Jersey polite little. Sean Rodriguez knows you're there for an. Possible interceptions. Now it's 32 at the grisly tales make him no choice. There are intent regarding city today thirty minute ago first quarter of dirt comes pressure of those are drops off left side has it to the 35 up to the forty. And that's the running back Mark Thompson who leaked out of the back. The open it's going to be shortened. I have a first down. And it's going to be short by about four yards and here comes the funny unit for Dodge City Voyager hearing Thomas. Head football coach regards city guesses that the article yesterday the eagle exit my big concern. Is turnovers we cannot turn the ball over and beat Butler. That's precisely what's happened here in the first quarter and it over. That you. We're fields for the grizzlies yours to snap. In the punt is away. So short punt it's gonna land on the far sideline out of bounds and about the they're saying it's not that it thought about it it roll back in doubt that the official runs up and marks and at the Butler 36 yard line so short punt by Burkhardt. Her perch averaging 32 yards apart this it was a short one. So the grizzlies and yet we have outstanding field position. It's Butler hasn't taken across the good field to get them there a clear through the last group. That's spoke lieutenant they're at their but just 38 and they're there. I think Chris is Michael for quick strike here. Three receivers why the left lone receiver to the right. He answered fakes handoff throws over the middle it is to add it got to the line of scrimmage and intended receivers beyoncé Thomas who was opened over the middle that one. Almost block to the line of scrimmage and. Other outside linebacker where park is on the right. And hornets net related street that are related to government shutdown that ripped out here operatives linked with millions statement. Second down intend. As his running back is Rahim Abdul. Three receivers punched why the laughs. Second down in ten he has been begun. He has adopted a dual dual takes it up the middle breaks through the initial line of scrimmage. In his short game out to the thirty. Nine yard line thirty yard Iran. It picked up soon. Saturday at duel started out left saw there was nothing there are so we cut it back up the middle except two yards third candidate for the grizzlies. 125. To go clock counting down first quarter seventeen nothing lead for the grizzlies. Grizzlies taking advantage of three. Junkies could or turnovers. To touchdowns and field rule. 38 Hanson back to pass as time money time now rolls near silent right it's hit hit the open field tackle there it's pretty short. And it just barely got a back to life is scrimmage. And because it got past that initial defender and a lot of pasture after Iran would. He said he hopes. And me. Rather rough and it looked like he had lots of room to run but they. The full load periods not to disclose. On you and took the leverage the way. Johnson is their leading tech leaders Mason's kicked. So wobbly kick in statements back to get it to 22 yard line. Christ reversed field is going nowhere see a purple swarms of great coverage on net punt unit. Or the grizzlies. Did the murder of Augusta. Freshmen against the high school was it an ethnic group tackle for the grizzlies. Already specialty players but such a big role. Look up with a black but let me let them let them bees because of religious war. Return deep there's warm exactly. But royalties. Right morals longtime broadcaster would keep Jackson. ABC college football. My favorites are broadcasting here he Jackson frank royals. Used to do those Saturday big gains on ABC like that moves them. Yes I do. It picked another handout goes to Thompson eighty finds a little bit erratic rumor on the left side it short game. He's not about to 23 yard line grizzlies to a good job containing. Topsy try to get outside it could balance it out there. You but it hasn't beaten in Italy the that these them to treatment the orient that was it's beginning to react better. So via final seconds ago and ticked off the clock curators the end of the first quarter what do scarred for the buck or grizzlies ranked fifteenth and makes him. Like city coveted here after one quarter. The third ranked Butler grizzlies or at least seventy nothing we're back with second. Second quarter action credit. 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Three dot city turnovers in but that's seventeen points. Regardless during the second quarter. Not city looking at least second at eight those are the quarterback back to pass steps up in the pocket aren't rules that are right throws on the field it is hot. What I catch out at the 37 yard line. And that's the first good sign for Dodge City tonight. Offensively. Trying to see the number that receiver down there that looks like Douglas putts eight fresh Norfolk Virginia. That's a first down out to the 37 yard line so nice completion there. Here comes the Kong's first down and a close to Thompson Thompson that he fumbled again I think he hit it may have recovered its own fumble what the world's going on what hit them. It looked like it he and his handling. Grabbed his arm but you listen let's cut back and he with it and let the crowd to be public that. Paul Risley said 22 plays from scrimmage first quarter under ten yards fourteen plays 37 yards off events. Or Dodge City through the first quarter. Those are the quarterback is in the gun index Thompson to his right. Two receivers to left receiver to the right there receiver to the right is Douglas butts he's a small guys 510. 170 pound freshman moments ago made it nice diving catch. Sorrow. Mixing it up now sit back feel somehow gets away now he's ready to laugh it's an erratic Porter 4045. It is going to be tackled shy of the fifty. India on the tackle for the grizzlies that was Tony Jones. Freshman linebacker on a counsel Mary Florida Atlantic high school that somehow. Those RO was able to avoid a sack somebody had grabbed by the shoulders and was able to break for the for a first down. All is sitting at the dark city 48 yard on the left hash mark. Just to start the second quarter here and L garrido worked beat you products veteran sports complex greet him it was it's on thirteen thirty in a sense. There's this release seventy definitely it's RO possibly writes I'd have to topsy turns up the penalties tripped up. And that again was the linebacker Tony Jones who was able to trip them up otherwise that look like a dictator about to unfold. Dobson really has a lot of speed institute bullet Hobbs carried the ball seven the first order for 37 yards and his counterpart on the opposite side we're Butler. It Kobe a very. Period it didn't pass for 39 yards into rushing touchdown two yards difference. But it touched down on one side to quell both of the other. You know Thompson one long run of seventeen yards his first road and right now they handed off to they get right site jumps over tackler. Any muscles his way into Butler territory down the Butler 45 yard line. Well we'll watch that video of him getting ready for this game tonight and he's so prone to jump over defenders coach he just did there and he took a big wallop that the 45 yard line. To bring up third in three minute months. Yeah he made about two yards and Pete that the depth that has. It was a loaded he says. 632 point. University of Florida Gators. This it is making noise just moments ago before halftime. 33 from about 45 yard line or the quarterback hands it off tops in the backfield gonna get hit he's not gonna make him. These early get it back to the line of scrimmage. Boy somebody there for the grizzlies shot through like a rocket. In a kind of broke the Plato. It did it and they're decency threat was solid work that is he would know where to go he tried to balance that out from the left. I think there are needed to be back up the middle put the game went. Grizzlies defense. They're averaging just given up eleven points a game. They could see it here its fourth and three at a concert at gulf war but the Butler 45 yard line. Early. Quarterback. Nobody. Looks over on the sidelines they'd be changed to play now they wanted to find out I think Gary Thomas realizes this isn't a huge play here. A field position has been that's that is an appeal let the law I don't know why they would wanna give Butler. Another good field position possession or. Other grizzlies football all season long is being brought to you in part by. Our good friends at handy he air conditioning in plumbing. With more convenient locations to serve you include an office and hand over to better serve Butler county inmate is always on call. 24 hours a day seven days a week that pretty much covers it. An outstanding service and high quality installation is what you're looking at port call in 98 air conditioning quality. In making air conditioning plumbing is a proud sponsor of Butler athletics. Many many thanks to all the great sponsors of our radio broadcasts could not get it done without him. We certainly appreciate all the support. Let's see if they get a punt the ball away coach I think there are. It's my opinion they have no choice we're just beginning this that the word limit limit fifty left. The second quarter dodges behind them that he did epic with a big Pittsburgh in the words. Well I'm hopeful that hurt them badly but the position they've had on the field that's what it really. About the grisly knows who Bob Johnson averaging five yards and rushed experience help. 33 years to stamp for the park. In a kick it's a way it's a high kick Pringle calling for the fair catch you lost it it's loose on the ground to ten and I think he got it back. Boy. That would have been. A big break for the prompts you Pringle called the fair catch into robbed him but he was alert enough to fall on it to ten yard line. The odds that he gave them so the chances in the football but rest to start the ten yard line. If they had it hits the really pick a big play there in a couple of guys that just really what host look who the ball at. Because god should have been able recovered it well. You probably this is Pringles first game back for months it's normally Julian Burris. Here come the grizzlies at their own ten yard line. Incidents in the gut a quarterback with Mercury behind him looks like the blitz coming from Dodge City now they're back off. Here's his staff has goes left side cut by a purse at the fifteenth sidesteps a defender still honesty goes out of bounds at about the twenty yard line. Just mentioned Julian Burris. Not returning punts tonight but it makes it nice played Aaron Maybin is that. They came with both outside linebackers that time that look validity pepper. Gruesome or wanna do with the corner and couples picked up the first down. Probably change in the plate thereby enhance the quarterback CNET blitz coming you think. Could have been Hansen takes his staff. Fixing it up now is gonna run trying to get around a defender he's going to be stopped Voight nice play open field tackle again there by that defender. That mark has Blair he's made some big blades. It outside linebacker. And that's the play has been very successful for the grizzlies this year that faked a handoff by the quarterback incident and he runs. Now it's. But look at the pants that had the room the quicker first down but that that Blair does. That tonight at third and four from their own sixteen yard line for the grizzlies. Had no way to go before half time here and held Laredo seventy nothing lead for Butler. There's he's taken advantage of three turnovers for three scores in the first quarter. And off goes up the middle that's McCrary and he's not gonna get there makers had to be stopped and all the sudden now. Not city defense is stepping up. Israel through good that's that he putt but look at the all of a ten yard line Butler fails to make the first down they go three and out. That's did you get a little I think right now Butler beat the seventy that the ethnic and I 36 coup in the effort in the second quarter pretty conservative Calder right 34. And you wanna you don't wanna. Give this team that you think right now to get too excited. State them back to receive the park stands at fifty yard line nation with a kick under pressure gets to kick off point for fair catches states and any guys Ford and gets it. Inside Butler territory they're gonna market at the 47 yard line butlers oh good no position. Regards Tony. Seventeen to go in the second quarter. Saturday night will be over in copy bill memorial stadium that blockbuster game Butler it copy bill. If those are both equivalents it's a big game but there's a good chance at the grizzlies can win tonight. You don't need one vs two notes and two or three Butler maybe. Grisly start tonight third in the nation as we saw last week there's no way of knowing that they'll move upper big bat with a win tonight. Here come the cards great field position at the Butler 47 yard line of sorrow in the gun. No whistles blow the play dead is the ball snapped it looks like a false start against Dodge City. I'll Dodge City is hurt themselves. Couple times tonight with. Early jumps defensively in now offensively the best field position they had all night to start a series on and they started on their own 48 other based with. The yard burst at fifteen and he had opposed the tops of the Middle East slices through the line of scrimmage he's down to the 45. Yard line. He picks up. What seven yards on that rush. That's the best daylight he's head of the line is good result let alone like Becker came across a good pursuit help them with them. Mark Thompson every 220 here to game rushing delete the conference he's got the twelve rushing touchdowns second most in the comp perspective. Kobe McCrary. Mark Thompson out of Lamar Pennsylvania. Second year player for Dodge City. He has vastly improved this year. Now back to pass is let's RO looks like he's gonna run last sighting comes up it is gonna get hit the forty from behind the and that was Michael Thompson the defense of climate showing good speed to get them from behind after the question out of the pocket. And it's gonna bring up via third down in about two. Also at the Butler forty yard line left hash mark. Either team huddles so few team. Total nowadays coach that third down into. Fox holes and get right to left yourself in the horn but I definitely don't know it might it's time now. Play clock it down to 113. Down into Thompson gets in enough up the middle he's got a first down at that might work hard. But he just does get it. That effort in Michael Thomas involved in that tackle off the left side. It's a quick end up with a oddly with will block but I'd snooty you know that's the reason they're sure. This guy's a workhorse. Mark Thompson. Tennesseans on opposite street is having. First and handing it off goes up to middle Thompson slices early start at 45. To the twenty assert tackle attempt they don't get it goes to the attendees knocked out of bounds near sideline. Boy eats yes sliced and diced his way through that at the offensive line is the only shirt tackled from behind got about a bounce it fits in justice read. And they'll look them up at the line for. It didn't additional block. It back. Pops it gets any daylight at all. You know load it it's hard for what you've now been that tackle in the view the field he gets ahead of steam on it looked out. He's very nice nice guy but he's very quick. And call it personal to tend to hit it off is going to be hit the backfield stop. Why that was true of all I'd young man from Muskogee Oklahoma they came from media far side on the left sighting came across the back field. It tackled from behind me. There's something else that lives like the field but did not expect the ball meets that he was standing there. About this being built by IP from the left side all the way across to get them in the back field. From all ideas already committed to Oklahoma State University the cowboys. Second and goal from the ten was our own hands and off the middle Thompson Thompson leaps up here it gets down to the just about the six yard line when he flew through the year. Like Bo Jackson beat up here yet at 60. Brilliant guy looks like he's tired. And really looked like quickly before. Good goal for six weeks to get the ball everybody yet still got some good move within one. Did you write opinions going between the tackles and a but it Thompson now he's down Clinton. It is likely catcher and a crowd but in the head yeah he had hidden periods of the third quarter. And I think you have over the won't even though it's their third and goal from the six was our at a gun takes the snap rolled to his right now he looks back the other way under pressure is gonna run. It is going to be stopped. In about a three yard line and pulled down he started out right. And then second back to the left it on net tackle stayed home. Was Curtis Williams these software and Austin, Texas. That was the pocket as he ruled out to the right. At that big pressure got to leave he came back and had a open field in the end zone but Butler you that the seed just guiding. But he did your coach who yards. They get a kick points. And they got to go to a place kicker Dylan ever heard it was with a last year perverted six of seven in field goal attempts. Point 425 and he tees this is going to be a chip shot twenty yard field goal attempt from the left hash markers to snap its island hole the. It's it's it's watts. A scramble for the ball. And it's picked up by the grizzlies here they come at 10152025. And ultimately mountains 304052. Clips now they putted. Else the fourth time this year. They walk that middle won't turn into a touchdown. That's going to be about 95 Kurtz. There is a huge scramble for that walk football. And all decide your parents Tony Jones out of the pot holders sideline. Takes it down but it touchdown. That's the case. Unit that. Good but. The exit the field goal was obviously block who has the very beginning. But then the ball dependent. Why they're around the collective played volleyball out there because the football above the crowd all the led them down now legal woods grounder that that you're still. Let it out of the pile down with the Atlanta all the way. 13 at the grizzlies here's where on the extra point Thomas the holder. What does turnaround here here's a snap the hold tickets up. And good. Whether grizzlies with their fourth. Lock field goal that is converted to a touchdown this what's good about 95 yards we'll wait for the official word that is rose who could not that's like gifts that we could not see what he. Originally got over the ball. There we go. You know. Most at times when there's a blocked field goal it's just kind of all Odyssey bubble. Jones picked it up but about the three yard line I believe that I did that night seven yards there is not a races down the sideline. It's a basic. The grizzlies outscored seven special teams touchdowns this year off blocked field goals. Not only did Jones. Who picked up the ball at that it's that would yard route that's that block you go. Not only did he break out of that file wide open battle with their poor five Butler players. Redick and apparent target they all fixed its broke out of that. Coats and the most the time it's a blocked field bowlers for example somebody falls on the loose ball at Christie's four times here. In return for a touchdown separately. The flip isn't it amazing that were five other guys that we act like that they see you return and it all of them you know a great effort by the book which would be if you can just see. She knows Tony Jones just mentally Dover picked it up and wrote for the right yet daylight. And it's 97 yards if you look at the replay the video board he picked it up with a three yard line. They each turn of events here 24 but with 440 ago. Did the it's just exemplified the involvement with these players that definitely have other spiritual needs. And it looked at my whole building got a we got a punt returner although all right. Though we're standing there like the full bowl but that's the difference. It doesn't it individually involvement. Player of those which movie that made it. Time out called on the field and mature guy who it is they were lined up to kick. For four days ago here in the second quarter you know want to remind you next Saturday night it proceeds will be on the road this is the third straight week that butler's home. In the next Saturday night a big one and copy built memorial stated 7 o'clock it pre show here on thirteen birdie at 630. Popular number one's nation lately tomorrow afternoon certainly Bethel you hear your GD. That plan did opted ilsley apple TV. Copy recruitment that we yeah. You know I've heard at the club itself. There the week. That that you Butler the path this game look at the do you know the thing is that you they would coach I was out of practice Thursday and talked to several players in all of exit. Sooner. We got a game it's Dutch city that's all we're concerned about these guys are really. Really dialed in boats. In a dispute and at the routed the YouTube brought. Later in its credit to the coaching staff and Jacque which gives its team meetings speeches. Fabulous. Mines against him he even keel. Level and on the shoulders. And comes brewer entity short sky ticket's going to be fair Condit to 25 yard line dialogue up front then. There that was actually Kerry Johnson in the linebacker one of the upfront and it is fair catch at the 25 yard line. For forty because before halftime Butler has raced out to a 24 definitely. Yeah but. Think that I should've tried that let the ball. That if they're pitching but that beat fellows are the ones that are expected to hit the ball hook with the everybody else is expected to block. If they have a bad pick up the block through the bill if there's any doubt at all they're gets the ball. Wisely be fair got the ball. The odds it's startled when a five yard line. Erica in the comics what they could use some points before intermission. When he poured out the lead the grizzlies. Those are back in the shotgun throws a pass over the middle it's trapped at the 45 yard line and other gonna throw a flag Saunders. Saunders may get called for a helmet to helmet are targeting. That's the only thing that does. Looks possible of that play. The receiver was without the Lipton you ran a post route across the middle. Was indeed airs rest. Appeared they need to have. Not caught the ball. The receiver collected hits him very close to when the receiver made contact Lenovo in just walloped. Could have could have went no help to know. And it just that you showed the replay on the video board here at the high definition video board the south end zone. Players still injured down on the ground. Obviously a concern for him at this moment. Iran. Donna Saunders has been disqualified from the game or call that a personal foul. It's always a tough call that it's at the very tough call. It it receive receive the tough call is because what it looks like it really good defense to play. Mr. that the disqualification. But that you look around and they got to lay on the ground. Yes I believe he will not be eligible next Saturday against Costa bill I believe it's another. I don't miss the next game as well. That's the second grizzly. Secondary player this year here in peak earlier this season was that call for targeting had to miss a game. That's always trying to be questionable call because she got the at defensive back who's trying to make a play in. Sometimes that receiver when it comes down try to make the catch. Defensive back coming in and it just so happens that they go helmet to helmet. Millard continuing to look at that injured player out there about the not city 46 yard line. Do not have a number yet on that receiver. You know you you can say it's always questionable. I kicked it they did that we go through the official line is that often the player was totally. A protected. He was not in position to protect himself you get to football players bullet hit the hit it one they've been they're expected they hit. They're going and I believe that there they're expecting to hit. Disguises a pitching capacity is not expecting to hear. And so. It's a bit of food out of the that he doubt whether it's targeting our Thursday dealt or they're all the panel. The guy who is in position to protect himself it's the benefit of the doubt. And it did what you her when you have to have the soak it up but is he the guys still on the field you begin to agree with the ruling. But stronger. They've got several medical people up their doctor Bradley wrote her orthopedic surgeon for the grizzlies is the medical people out there. Also the grizzlies a training staff the Butler trainer. Immediately. If the field he hit that you began to grow. Another player now news. He's Lucy. I do. Get a number it is jerseys and saw a difficult. To catch the number I believe and I certainly don't want to. Give the wrong player. I've read that right its number third quarter and I would guess. Yet. Light yellow numbers on a white Jersey. It may seem like we have talked a little bit too much about this it. If you've heard the applause in the stands with within a good football game with a lot of good place. The young fellow that got off the ground at the biggest applause beaten. I'm thinking coach that might be Christian Booker and I'm not certain number eleven looked like before but they don't have a foreign roster. So might have been eleven. It's first come by the way and it's a penalty off goes up the middle Thompson Thompson does not shy away from contact he takes off the left tackle. He pulls his weight forward and fix up three yards and a 43 yard line. Which is about average for him but he gets hit at the line of scrimmage you know he has a load. Again. Mark Thompson is 63 to twenty very quick very physical. Sophomore running back who is committed to University of Florida. He's the tailback behind those are those our hands it off he's looked for some room left side the penetration rather grizzlies they stack him up enough that there. He may have got back the lightest grip it's great pursuit by the grizzlies Iran. Not that the accident opened them up the left side. The pursuit is that has been paid to play the Portland analyst David. So he does patiently waits group opening there's no opening because of Butler pursues solid. Three you have to go before halftime here in elder radio when he Florida could lead the grizzlies third down and five for the cards. Hollis. Those are the quarterback. The latest high school honey creek high school Colorado Springs for back to back state championships 2000. Thirteen and fourteen in other parts are gonna hurt it's time now. Their quarterback Lou Zorro was walking over towards sidelined two to see the play call in and they finally decided let's call time out. 35 here for the pumps. But. Who's hood for either team to score before. Let's get this third place I have right. They depict the first did you cross the cross the bid two point. You know they have to turn the ball over but recruitment back pretty good duke lose this game is. Jeopardy get away from Dodge City it's 44 nothing Butler with 314 to go time out on the field. Yeah. Grizzlies at Sonoma coming into. You know in conference play city five at one overall forgone conference play. Goal seems that wins over but she's in fort Scott. That was the game they're really not a lot of people's attention two weeks ago tonight is much. Dodge City when it neared the public Greg's 27. Thompson at 471 yards and three touchdowns. Are back to pass cars over the middle hasn't made it out of the 35 to the thirty to the 45 yard line in tackle there. Who shot Washington was it on that play. In that pass was completed number 32 Christopher messer. They listed as a fullback can sometimes they'll line up that titans by coaches 5% to 35 and he can blame that but there right slots plan. Big Red Cross the middle toss sweep right side goes to tops and I tries reverse. Gets through a couple attackers still on his feet stacked up and dropped it point tiger wants a back the line of scrimmage. Chris he's doing a nice job a fine job of rallying Thompson his last couple carries. Plus we delivered that he could be back that the good thank you use the committed to go Likud which of the yard picked up the yard. Second down and nine. Clock running 235 to 3040 goes second quarter and held Laredo. Third ranked Butler leading fifteen race Dodge City point four nothing. This is second down at nine sorrow fixing it up now rolls to his right throws over the middle it is hot at the fifteen yard line tackled immediately. As a nice tackle by Tony Jones the linebacker. Quarterback that that had to pull back through dragged tailback street between takes the ball the bill back left. Late passes out behind the full black bloc. It's the lip the secluded from the left across the middle. Was there have been storage for a big burst out of George with the reception he's 66 receivers to receivers electric you're right. And off goes up the middle it inside the tent down to the five the all clear. Indy I don't think that's Thompson is I think yes it is is what are Hartman that if they give the ball in the right at the middle exit coach it's not it's well it's great Scott greats got there there via. Now it's at the five yard line him up goes to Scott the middle Scott follows his blockers and goes in for a touchdown. And Dodge City it's not done. That's it for yard touchdown run in that was great Scott. It lasted carried seven it was a great effort and you know he's lying to law and leave just like clubs that. And ran hard and he's got the equipment. And he's rested. Ray Scott gets Dutch city on the board here that extra point attempt by a Burkhardt. The upper part. Snap is high the hole to kick is up and it is good. That's not city needed that would desperately they get it. Put together a nice drive with 147 ago the grizzlies lead is 24 to seven with a. Is that there definitely were not go flat out back concordia at their own forty yard line. Now you look back at it two minutes later they scored the the pitched them the film blood get back in the ball game. Like to see that resistance pattern or try to put together tribal what do conservatives here. 147 ago. Initiated due yeah you'd like to be political you if you look at the school is like to be 31 that's evident happen. You'd hate to be political report they have. So. Please Fortis limited bed no it didn't sell. But how good field position they get after this pick up return. Jimmy Johnson along with pirates bring guilty to receive. What the chances that cart's image for an onside kick. It's gotta wonder about that when coach. That's the once it stated this boat named the new loan and Woodward element of surprise. And that the grizzlies looking for that. Or Kurt as the ball teed up at the 35 yard line kriegel is. Johnson did to receive 147 ago before halftime. Here's a kicked and it still did at the 34 yard line organized by their. It was a hard hit. Pick on the ground and ask Michael pace of. Fullback Michael place and he'd have blood they get on it and let the guys who voted down. That we expect to duplicate that with a line drive to create good ricocheted off him very easily. Her 34 yard light for the grizzlies at any time timeouts. Timeouts left. C did you hear the final 147 incidents in the omelet maker to rein back the night in two receivers each side. Here's a pass it's got by adversity that 48. But is it that it gets out to the 43 yard on a quick hitting pass. 138137. Clock counting down low or halftime. I Bruce just minutes stuff out by guards stopped the Thibault. Second down into the callers ask left side it's got it accurately Johnson fumbled the ball it's picked up lite Dodge City in the ballparks back out of bounds. By praying goal it's gonna have the ball about 37 yard line as well over government. My city's got that all they have a chance to get right back in this ballgame and that was that Eric answer to pass short pass left sided and acutely Johnson. Try to extend the play the Bobble the ball. What Rick elevated place like they're not that I picked up ball was rated run at a at a weighted Pringle punch it out from behind him since. Get a good grade for that city. This is the best field position they've had good habits that drive well he beat. Notably they're gonna go to key here. At some point. We've got some receivers 66. Justin Macinnis. It also Jeff George back to pass his clothes are all under pressure rolls right throws it down the field it's incomplete way overthrown. Great coverage down near ideas on Washington. On the receiver out of the twenty yard line. Also locked tedious mortgage them here. If fumble was recovered at the Butler thirteen yard line. Second I intend. Cities that want timeout left. On thirteen to go before halftime. Second down and out goes to Thompson tops and hit the backfield but he bounces off the now I can't get away. At least hold down and that's a great play there by the grizzlies the standard. Yeah that was Patrick Dugan. You're a sophomore at bishop Carroll high school exit it stopped here in the backfield. So it's third down and wouldn't say technically yards. So what's 39. Under a minute ago. Before halftime. Those are the quarterback. That timeout called I think let Butler. Residual burn a timeout here on this third down in nine. All sitting at the 37. Yard line of Butler. Brokered a third down it in the situation there there it. With the bid at government less that the important thing is to go the second quarter. They've got to. Either come up with a big play here over the clock is going to really be decided to do. What do you think I'm on the field and I think Dodgers try to get seven. Yet but try to do it we got levity as it appeared nothing. Yeah I think did you vote 266. Phone receivers. Together but you've got it back like that. That let let they who has read pass to him earlier. There. That that the U but it through it just read to him earlier in the ballgame. That could be a real possible. The grizzlies take it it's good they were fault the effort right at the ball well. No hosted a screening of little room. Griese took advantage of three turnovers by the things he's indoors in the first quarter scored seventeen points. There's he's also scored on in 97 yard return off a blocked field goal to go hit point four companies. Please get over scored moments ago and get a bubbling right back at it now whistle stop. The play dead as the ball was definitely Butler calls another timeout back to back timeouts called a Butler. Buttons look the look and. But because they repeat it quickly with the well at those times four is open border over par on return on. You don't what is it like that way to solve it all lined up other urgent that will could. All the first time good vision I think it's time to disrupt the club. But they do want to stop the club. It's gonna wanna increase concession sales and that's they're they they want to. Arrest you because that in a break here. No it's time to rethink your recovery drink and Gary law that took the opposite natural for post exercise recovery. It has what it takes to help you rehydrate replenish revealed at the strenuous exercise in it to you straight to where we post workout routine. Here include Hewlett body parts routine looted electric light penalty a law that chocolate milk. So recover like the roads in the grizzlies in English is filing your job that bill. Read fuel pilot series he has missed only electric supplier in the other grizzlies. And what those this morning coats delicately bugs. Gary tuchman you know to me a couple of alone worth the commitment. Of its money back it. Center on campus and ice blocks they'll look at third and nine for about 37. Tomorrow I'm fixing it up back to pass under pressure he gets passing daddy's double past the quality attacked. Stops. And put a letdown it was Curtis Williams. Quarterback gets rose to grab users simply rounded he's a word that just under him pitch the ball. Two of ups and that was our roads in the alert fellow. Let him coach export to 25 a freshman out of Colorado Springs. But it just to let the clock ran out now in the prisons can't call a timeout nine cents a surprise or not. That I took my new we're gonna go for one's final player comes pressure pass those left side it's cot by Thompson at the 3030. 45. Annie's gonna be tackled out of bounds at about a twenty yard line with no time lines. Why we're does that play before they would had a chance at a field goal but time runs out. Have a look back in his previous defense so they're wide open for that but there was little they do because. Upton is the threat once he gets across the line is that is of Ottawa there's an open field they're good Butler had good pursuit on him. Get him out of the end result and it's halftime. Over. A first. Two reporters here now pareto. Fifteenth ranked Dodge City and town that face that third ranked Butler grizzlies. At halftime grizzlies have a forty. Or this seven league baseball team's head for their respective locker rooms that. Coach before we cut you loose. A very entertaining first half and for the fourth time this year the grizzlies where they blocked field all they turn into a touchdown. We could have a football game you have to listen up people they got this duke duke because it's only 47 Butler did it died here. It's fumbled the ball twice. Butler turned in the ten points. Butler blocks of three point field definitely give people feel it'll watch what you are and makes seven. Return to go away for seven point that some of the ten point turnaround that's twenty points of turnaround. Right there in the ball game you take the forty point difference that but the good beef behind right now. And age you know these special teams and grizzlies it scored seven touchdowns this is week seven coach. Four blocked field goals this year for touchdowns. And the one decidedly 97 yards Lola great first half take a break we'll see back there the second half. Argued that it is in my broadcast partner on the idea thirteen thirty give us test tonight we're at halftime or tolerate open. They're grizzlies with a 24/7 lead over Dodge City stay with us halftime coming up next. Southern style pulled pork gets a special the F hog wild bit barbecue. Here's Josh was seeing general manager and partner and talk while 47 in south Broadway location to tell you more you'll find them moist interval porky get a hog wild Justin were no one matches the steps we get through first we can't read. 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That's easy and convenient thanks Commerzbank call click or combined fees apply for commerce mobile deposit subject to restrictions and limitations Commerce Bank member FDIC. Listen I've grizzlies fans Dennis Higgins here to remind you that whether on the football field are digging in my yard safety always comes first and safe digging and is no accident so before planting trees install an offense or other activities or require you to dig a hole know what's below call 811 before you dig so play it safe put down a shovel pick up the phone and call 811. This message is brought you by Kansas one call reminding you that no matter your data and project is bigger small don't make a judgment call always call 811 before you did it. Since 1939 businesses and Kansas have relied on the legal advice and representation of the law firm love canal a canal for the the past forty years can Allen kanell has served as general legal counsel for BG Prada. So we look forward to VG products expanding their commercial operation to Belgrade Dylan Butler county and Allen kanell and also served as General Counsel for Butler community college the past fifteen years the canals are strong supporters of grisly athletics if you need legal advice for business or personal contact a re your ten canal at 3163214300. That's 3163214300. And Allen kanell. They have the knowledge and experience to meet you illegal leads. I'm thirty. Can SS. Other grizzlies. Currently 24 to seven over God's sitting time now for our first half recap project by the law firm of kanell and can help. As the grizzlies eight point 47 lead here at intermission. And it will be joined in a moment by net Jacobs will have the first half steps that are first half recap. By the law firm of kanell and canal. Into the grizzlies. Re able to score they actually be won the coin toss any elected. To kick off and start the game with their defense. In they were able to hold Dutch city that initial possession and it interception. By air repeat that the other twenty yard line. Grizzlies unable to generate much offense however they got the ball back it was three turnovers in the first quarter by the Dodge City in the grizzlies scored their first touchdown of the night. Did the night fifteen mark of the first quarter. But didn't agree with a three yard touchdown run that was 63 played 38 yard drive extra point by laborer was good. Grizzlies. Getting back to back fumble recoveries by bring back Mark Thompson conference leading pressure 120 yards a game but it soon fumbles in the first quarter Thompson tonight. In the grizzlies pounced on both in that first touchdown as a result of a bubble exit bigger partner at first touchdown was a partially blocked punts. Is it Jake sire broke through partially block the punt. And it said at least short field and grizzlies against replaced thirty yards. And fifty seconds Kobe agree with a three yard touchdown run. His nation leading fifteenth rushing touchdown of the year. Then the grizzlies got a possession on back to back fumbles by Mark Thompson wrote back for the cards. And they turned a a six play thirty yard drive off via fumble by Thompson and he scored on a two yard touchdown run by Michael Mason. We're with the extra point that came at the 548 hour. Answer the grizzlies had a fourteen up in late in the grizzlies again got a fumble recovery at the. 24 yard line grizzlies are actually at the third you're gonna grizzlies went seven plays 24 yards got a thirty yard field goal mightily brewer. It came attitude to it before market the first quarter for seventeen got in late. Then the grizzlies. For forty to go before halftime is Dodge City was lined up for a twenty yard chip shot to field goal that was blocked we don't know who blocked it. But it was Tony Jones he scooped it up went 98 yards down near sideline return for a touchdown extra point by labor that 24 Utley for the grizzlies. In Dutch city put together that the aforementioned seven. Play 75 yard drive a four yard touchdown run by Craig Scott in Dillon Burkhardt with the extra point. Exit 24/7. Here at halftime this is our first African death. Sponsored by a lot permit and Allen could help pelican island off the smell the raid was inserted a legal needs of candidates for over seventy years. If you need legal assistance for business or personal contact greater Tim canal at 3163214300. 3163214300. Canal a canal with the knowledge and experience. To meet your legal duties joined now by Matt Jacobson Gannett. You look at the first test status. Well that is before I just rent an entire stats package. Just decided look at the difference for the first quarter stats at halftime stats. Butler ran five plays for eleven yards in the second quarter that's all. Dodge City had 160 yards of offense in the second quarter alone so. What area sec quarter production of the grizzlies lucky they got that. Blocked kick return for a touchdown. To a maintain a seventeen point lead. Over Dodge City. Zoellick the stats. First downs that's CBS tent Boller has seven Russia's custody 26 carries 122 yards Butler eighteen carries for just 51 yards. Dodge City at 75 yards passing. Butler has seventy. God is completed seven of twelve passes with an interception Butler has completed six of nine passes. When those seventy yards so total offensive plays so Clark the first half. Got cities run 38 plays for 197. Yards and butler's run 27 place for 121 yards certainly not a stellar offensive performance for the grizzlies. In the first half punt return yards Dodge City said she par returns for no yardage and up Boller has one return for just two yards. Kick off returns Dutch cities has three kick off return for 115 yards 61 of those came on the opening kickoff of the contest. Got cities but the ball three times every 27 point three yards per kick callers every 37 point three yards on its three punts by Michael race including a 41 yarder. They keep dropping the five yard lasso up Mike bass kick the ball well for the grizzlies. Bubbles dot cities at three fumbles they've lost two of them. Boller has set two fumbles losing one. And out threats in the first half custody has been penalized more times for 29 yards grizzlies have two penalties for twenty yards. City dominating time of possession right now eighteen minutes fourteen seconds to just eleven minutes and 46 seconds for the grizzlies. Third down conversions dot city to a seven butler's to a six dot city win or loss on fourth down picked it up. On the court that version they try to sort of in either team. Gosh he's been in the red zone twice they've scored it wants. That's return. Kick up the block Google's the other one. And then butler's been in the red zone three times its portal three times they've been outside there. Individually Mark Thompson leads. All rushers warning carries wanting carries in the first half from Mark Thompson for 93 yards his longest is 27 yards. Rex got us to carry through fifteen yards including a touchdown. The tunnels Errol the quarterback has a four carries for eighteen. Well actually four carries for fourteen yards and four yards losses Anderson and at a fourteen yards on four carries for him. Those are passing the ball seven of twelve with one interception no touchdowns. 75 yards of passing he's been sacked one time. Receiving Mark Thompson has three receptions for 23 yards chip George has two catches for eight passer as one catch for thirty Booker has one network team. Now for the grizzlies couldn't McCrery leads team in rushing eleven carries for 37 yards just 3.4 yards per carry got city. As the top against the rush so far the first half. Justice it's in the quarter brackets three carries for nine yards wreaking a dual three carries for three yards Michael Mason one carry for two yards that was a touchdown run. Just Hansen passable six of nine. No interceptions no touchdowns seventy yards his longest paso or was 27 yards that was the very first passing through. Of the evening. Julian vs three catches for 44 yards including that 27 yarder Trevor Kahne has one catch twenty yards. Byron for less one catch for ten and killing Johnson lost four yards on his reception. Leading tackler for the grizzlies Sean Rodriguez was six total tackles including a tackle for loss also. That Mike Thomas has had a pretty good game in the in the trenches he has five tackles so far including a tackle for loss. Hers Williams also with five tackles for loss of Tony Jones has. War. That wanna ask you I did I get a chance to see the the high definition video replay Trevor parade. We're up for work to that we thought was a touchdown catch when he came down it looked like the ground cause the fumble. Ended it showed the replay now what you see I did not see the video replay will be. He caught the ball and that is he came down his back he rolled over wants still had possession of the ball. Came back Wie is back in it because he's getting ready get up that's that's you know that's when the ball bounce that that's almost like he was getting you know getting rid of the football you know. That was not the time to prison staff feel the cancellation have greatly sadly right now. So the officials missed that when I think I can see the video replay but I did hear the crowd's reaction up. When they saw it on the replay just before the field goal attempt that showed the the catch the end zone by Trevor crane and that they sedated complete. I'm just curious what. What that your what you saw the replay. It's to be administered as city and find scores from the conference. Wanna remind your next game is coming up Saturday night itself blockbusters the grizzlies will be on the road it pour coffee bill. That second ID 7 o'clock ticked off at memorial stadium it copy go off to bill is that number one team in the nation. Off the bill is plain essentially a scrimmage tomorrow there at home against Bethel JD. And they'll win that game easily. It copy bill advanced to seven and all the they're ranked number one in the nation. Snow college and you top ranked number two candidate jumped over the grizzlies last week. In this no want a and nail biter today at home 3837. Over New Mexico military. Into New Mexico military try to 55 yard field goal at the the final seconds and they missed it. But snow was able to hold on to beat New Mexico military 3837. So who knows. What will happen in the rankings this upcoming week. Any source yeah we certainly do Hutchison leads Garden City 21 to fourteen. At the break Ellsworth imports upheld an earlier game right that's what's got to look like Ellsworth one Mac contest. 32. To fourteenth. I was this afternoon. Am the other scores at the games going on we have not seen reported yet. Iowa traverse independents that at 230 games should be able to minus twelve. And enough highland and hi Alison too that gets started tonight until 730. At the and usually late start especially for Ohio central to likes to play a lot of digging. So of the Fort Dodge, Iowa secret plan that I analysts here real quick vote in the meantime I'll remind folks are for step recaps sponsored by the law from a canal a canal canal a canal that office to help pareto. Has been serving a legal needs of Kansas for over seventy years that the political assistance for business or personal. Contact raritan canal at 3163214300. 3163214300. In Allen can now with the knowledge and experience. The nature illegal neat style western had a tough today it's the sentencing on 63 and nothing to 63. So and then six point. Score highland games if central. Other currencies are back out of the okay well we'll take a break here we'll be back with more of halftime or elder radio the other grizzlies leading Dutch city. 24 sevenths we're back with more on thirteen thirty in. Assess. Freddy's frozen custard in steak burgers celebrates the return of our fall classic Freddy's pumpkin pie concrete fresh and creamy frozen custard blended with a whole slice several rich pumpkin pie crust standoff topped with whipped cream and sprinkled with cinnamon served with the most American ingredient of law. A smile. Only at Freddy's frozen custard in steak burgers don't taste that brings you back. Now available in all Wichita area Hutchinson and McPherson Freddy's locations. It's a painful knee injury keeping you on the sidelines keeping you from enjoying an active life they called doctor Bradley Brunner had orthopedic and sports medicine at cypress today doctor Bradley Brunner is recognized locally is a leader in arthroscopic knee surgery and sports medicine and doctor Brenner has been a team physician for the Butler grizzlies for over twenty years trust the doctor the grizzlies trust doctor Bradley Brunner had orthopedic and sports medicine at cypress for an appointment call 31621980. To 99 or go online at OS and cypress dot com doctor Bradley Bernard is a long time supporter of Butler athletics. A lot can happen second including making the wrong choice I only had a com. And I mean if Maliki speaking and I deciding to drink and drive can turn a second into a lifetime problems like jail time. Lost job opportunities. Courses are much worse than I thought I was fine. In Kansas usury do you drive. A program at the Kansas Department of Transportation under Kansas law enforcement community. Still number one. Rush Limbaugh thirteen thirty KSS. Hi there sports complex work halftime a beautiful Saturday night. In the other grizzlies are leading 24 to seven over Dutch city. The grizzlies have returned to the field north through warm up start city has yet to emerge from the the locker room at the north end of the stadium here. But it Dodge City will be late score with 147 to go before halftime and then. To get back in this ball game may 24/7. Lead. For the Butler grizzlies. Right now and or were re joined other broadcast now by my partner coach Albanians and and coach the other grizzlies won via the coin toss to start the game elected to pit box which means they'll get the ball to start the second half that's bit. No they haven't run but offensively you fill us. That actually. So Dodge City in. Some regards that's kind of taken over part of the moment with a speed if you just take it with a specialty. Realize you can't just pick it would specialties the net. Workable business. If at the Pentagon the vote. The two fumbles and interceptions in Thompson's fumbled the ball twice their roster leading rusher. There are other running back and scored the touchdown and a it's got a look at these numbers that net ticket just went over those that 38 plays from scrimmage 397 yards regards city. 47 place for 121 yards for the grizzlies. And the grizzlies what would it let's say it by place or what eleven yards in the second half a second quarter. Yeah and so the grizzlies have got to put together some kind of offensive drives here that score some points. It's at put them up binders to look up there. The look at the football game and it's and clarity it looks like Butler Kevin dominating the game looks like there control and still have good. And who would you just look at the line of scrimmage the play relentless if it's not that city has the whole bit them on that pleased that the game right now. So. I really. I'm a bit Christopher Dodd is the name made those mistakes they've made. Three crucial mistakes during the ball game that cost them points directly. But they've hung in there. And they hope with their game plan. And they've stayed solid the state rather conservative. And trying to get back in the ball game you'll play action later trying to earn it. Well while we have a moment here as delegates at the start of the second half wanna pass along a sad note John Curtis. Sports writer and sports editor for the act Dodge City daily globe newspaper re also. And it does spent some time here elder radio it's a sports writer for the elder radio times. John Curtis passing away this past week. He was working in Dodge City is that sports editor for the dark city daily globe. Is there had been battling some pore health in recent years and passed away at the age of 48 much too young passed away this week in Dodge City John Kurdistan at a moment of silence for John before the game tonight. In Jarvis again and I've known well every time we went to Dodge City whether it was football basketball baseball. He was always there covering the costs for audio local paper. John Curtis leaves behind it to children. This certainly will be missed around me and educate our conference. We count down final seconds before we start the second half third ranked Butler posted fifteenth ranked Dodge City. And we got all team here at the grizzlies raced out to a seven nothing seventeen got the lead after one quarter. It was 24 nothing grizzlies. In fort Dodge City put together. In nice scoring drive that says it was. Seven employees. Seven play drive that covered 75 yards and stick to 53 out the clock but these Goran. Just before the end of the first happened. We get set to start the second half or second hand picked off. It is right to buy are good friends at Freddy's frozen custard steak burgers. Freddy's frozen custard steak burgers experience delicious cooked to order food and rich cream and frozen custard. Churned it fresh throughout the day it Freddy's frozen cut steak burger is four locations in Wichita wanted derby when Hillary got 18 on 9 west central. Freddy's frozen custard steak burgers taste it brings you back they are open until 10 PM nightly it. All right ball is teed up. A city will kick off to the grizzlies. Grizzlies have to beat three seats your arm thing. Byron Pringle and looks like Julian Burris here's a ground ball kittens can be filled it on the diet at 25 yard line he says across the middle of built a thirty that a 3540. At a nice return. Climate godly young man shot my god of Wichita north West High School on a different meant that after a ground ball picked up. And takes it out city 41 yard line midfield position for the grisly. So that the votes that that even though the Baltic who's who spent the guy he pitches over the had to return right. He takes the ball deep into the right nation Arctic that duke for about fifteen yard return the more. You at the grizzlies can do justice Hansen is the quarterback in the gun McCrery the running back behind him three receivers elect receiver took a right. Back to pass on first down to throw it deep down the sideline and it's incomplete at that 25 yard line. Just out of the region Julian purses outstretched left arm. It looked like they were little confused on their routes like that play call although quick deep pass to start the second half. You always like you'd like you though a thirty yard David Edwards got him down into. And grizzlies moving right to left here in the third quarter when he fortunately yours that has kept its not the 41 yard line. And that's McKinley Johnson locals away today crafty inside not sitting territory to about the 47 yard line. There is a flag back on via Butler 45 yard line. Acutely Johnson dropped it short pass and then I was able decides that a couple of defenders. For what may be a nice game but I think it's government. But look quarterback does that hits the degrades added this student with a look a quick. Passed out to the wide receiver and a outside Atlanta record cross the lines of script is that it is based and he. All the while background and probably did at. Arnold's old ball like he. Welcome him back in powers the freshman at a Teepen known thermal. Was called for a hole so the grizzlies. At second down and six team they got the ball at their own 35 yard line. Acted McDonough is Hansen here comes pressure rolls to his right now flag is front and back he'll pass his cot out near the fifty yard line. But there may be another holding call in the backfield as the flag was thrown. In the grizzlies backfield that catch was made this a hole against the grizzlies back to back bolts. In this goes against. Part that killed offensive lineman for the grizzlies. Period usual back to back holding calls against the grizzlies. And they're gonna march off to it you're so handsome. Straight back. At it with less the pockets and into the right side. And those. Who. Often it's the second and 26 back to pass his chance that any rolls to a greater pressure throws it on the field it's. Yeah Thomas 45. Birdies on line. Yeah update promise. Found an opening down the field and perfectly thrown perhaps a big Gainer Hanssen had promised. And encrypted up on first down and Russia that line of scrimmage. Not use your credit advance of the walls at the dots at 833 about the middle her treatment prairies that desperately short game. Went out it was that that was second and 26. In deputy Thomas with a pick reception. Overcome to holding penalty that row that they like that it. Really get hurt that the U football in Edison keep possession but it grizzlies struggled offensively in the first half although there leading. Second hand off goes up the middle McCrery is hit and he's going nowhere. What you ran right into the clutches of a couple of defense lineman. He stopped for no game. When did in the first they don't agree with forty yard rushing in 37 after the first quarter. There's these medical outside the coach he's trying to go between the tackles but he did get pretty adamant that second quarter up. The only got a couple orders are down in ninth that it grizzly they have the ball to Dodge City 32 were just underway third quarter but early in 24/7 over Dodge City. Ridiculous on thirteenth hearing on the officials right and in timeout called by Dodge City. Which teams don't use in their timeouts. Oddly tonight. On the Christie's use back to back timeouts in the Yale witty moments of the first half. When they were on the defensive side. And there. Is nothing to overcome and overcome to holding penalties rove like. The years at Arco is gonna make about the but the blood on those holding penalties the quarterback drops back straight activities principal way to right them. To the sideline what happens the offensive lineman expecting a bucket passed to protect crew puck past. And he has to keep himself because we beat up and that includes the blood and the quarterback Ricky gets himself in this behold we've been so. Got a standing at the quarterback lets down with him. Because this. Did he works the hole locals who. Notice against Shalala codes mean Nancy great to have you witnessed tonight on thirteen thirty can't assess it Wichita week seven but the other grizzlies team. On grizzlies ranks third in the nation coming in tonight. I Citi fifteenth the grisly six and no. Not city five to one. It started the grizzlies on the road at number one copy bill. Here comes a big 39 for the grizzlies grizzlies moving right to left here. In the third quarter. Occurred at tailback here's the stamp third and nine hits acquires it city. Here's Nightline it is I've piracy spectacular. Assault caps at about six yard line. Local thrown at us by hands and the Burris. It's very broad background in two. It's a good receivers you know you down at the line. First goal at this acts in the gut it adds up to McCrery up the middle McCurry takes part time. Six and here at the border. We'll fix that though it hurt more accurately it's restore order here but at least 37. We're talking about city and it sold the game. Disputed blades not all that Butler and a very rested. The companies that it nice passing. When it picked third and nine reception by Burris to the six. Yours brewer on for the extra point Thomas the holders snap hold kick is up. And good. It never wanna say yep that's the point victory so automatically brewers get it. Businesses getting better at things black and. Butler had a couple of passes that were. Really broke the back of that city and all those last two plays flag. Girls. Lord it runs into the end zone above where it looked like but there. Is this could be it could throw the ball game. For the first time that night looks like Butler religion could move the ball game. The grizzlies in that drive they had to convert its second and 26 after back to back holding call today at third and nine. Or that was some kind of pass reception by Julian person at third and nine. Pass was thrown across the field from right to left and Burress caught it over the shoulder just before he slid out of bounds at the six yard line. But this I got about a crucial position this is crucial for nuts that'd they can do it. Good drive on it picketed their school or they could stay in the ball game. Otherwise. There they're gonna find themselves beat did you think it's uncomfortable for. I. They have got deep to receive. And attitude to receive a net coming back. With Leah kick return your sidelined 25303540. And I wrestled out of bounds. By Langston. And it's that sense either in two hours seven who just cannot tell and is said Douglas buttons on the return. These are brand new uniforms regards city I don't know who ordered that edited sticker like yours is live in light very like new rules in yellow. All it is impossible to read if they do not have their back to us. Burke with the fact is that we can't beat them like that human touch months ago where they cannot agree uniforms would light blue numerals. I've heard over the years coach we'll tell it to do that deliberately so it is hard to see who's who won bill the video. Does indeed via broadcasters and Eagan that return to solid up to the 46 you're like yours Thompson left side Thompson. Pulls his way out across the fifty in the Butler territory. Here about Thomson first half at twenty series. 83 iron. You know luckily they're part that is not Thomas. That is great Scott number six not number five number six let me do it at stake in the first neck of the woods who were. A couple of or second down and six ball at midfield. It off goes to Scotty sic the fifties rock the waiting list hammered. If not that tackle for the grizzlies was Patrick Dugan. It also sacked the effort to bodies that played together at bishop Carroll high school. Anderson 37 for the conference. All right in the field strength. I'm 331132. O'clock coming down third quarter. Chris please click 31 to seven overdrive city. City all white uniforms. Yeah securities yellow helmets grizzlies purple uniforms. Take a school dance blue helmets back to pass. Quarterback under pressures that are ruled it was left throws it deep down on the field way out of bounds in complete. And is so those are a lose. A bit of stress he parred double out of bounds at fourth and seventh. Believed up back and receiver had been a deep out route and it happens or quarterback scrambled free. Expecting the receiver to break that route and cool down deal in the receiver did not do that. Unrealistic to receiving stands at his own fifteen yard line. Her heart is in the pond. On the night they keep hearing that field. Fourth and seventh snapped loose in the kicker in a kick is away it's so high spiraling kicked. It's gonna land at the twenty in counts. Down about the seventy yard line down there. By acting keys BitTorrent and eleven don't want to go third quarter Butler has the ball ended 317 lead. Well that's the declines themselves some good field position that's going to be important. A relief accident because they played those this game and all of them. There into the field. You've butler's got 82 yards go to Google. Were. Grizzlies have the ball well. First in ten at their own eighteen yard line in the gun is justice Hansen a runner each side you know those McCrery you're in the backfield breaks free. Up the middle the field today across the morning still on his feet. Still polls as well up to the 22 yard line. He picked up about 45 yards coach after sit in the backfield. On the right tackle got through. With penetration and giddy about or yours four yards deep in the backfield and he shook. But purge shook it off and it's good young. Second down and six is again it's Hanson Hanson fires at your side like Jimmy Johnson as it gets around this offender takes it inside out across the thirty. And he's out to the 36 yard line McKinley Johnson fumbled the ball the first to have. He's played very got around the defender and tight rope that was sideline gets a first down. Premarket to 36 yard line on the speaking but it was the resentment merger into this vote. Your receivers go left receiver to the right in the gun or some quick pass McKinley Johnson in left side gets around as offender puts his head down. It gets out to the 45 yard line. Second time in a row he's gone around that defensive back. NFC light should paddle out in Newark, New Jersey who's been left flat footed there. Up to the 45 yard line McKinley Johnson back to back receptions and nice gains. On second down into. It off those up the middle and not that. Back needle loss of the yard. Not sure if that's at dual or McCrery. And that's cool about it is it's the blinds built up well. This and that vote. Breeze the third down into the grizzlies. Balls right at the 45 yard line Butler in the gut is Hanson. At dual running back fixing it Optiem throws it to the sideline and Pringle. Edit the twenty yard line he tried to reach out. Just off his fingertips would've been a sensational. Over the shoulder catch. Not a bit thrown pass coached by Hanson. It's just barely off the. Mark Pringle applying that but that's good in the granite street route as he had both times before when they threw that out throughout the second receiver in. If that. It would beep. One point fourth didn't want to grizzlies for the punting unit out. Mason gets this app. Rugby stuff out here he kicks it deep spiraling kicked and its ally in the end zone goodness gracious. He put that ball. Over sixty yards in the near. You this do that than it ordinarily. Well. So for this game and that he'd been that it's VO he did that happen would be out of bounds marker. O line at that than you are back in lieu. There is a little bit of wind up looking like it and when it is he himself board so that we do it act included. Here comes Dodge City. 915 to go to third quarter but they're leading 31 to seven. Tommy Lazaro the quarterback. Is sending he's got the running back. Behind him Thompson takes it off he's going no where he's undercut. That's a great play there by the markets Lloyd a linebacker out of Vienna Georgia. What a great season got three freshmen linebackers that you get all three of them back next year that's going to be wonderful they can keep them. There were some ground who. The camera. They will lose a shot Rodriguez the middle linebacker to a calls the defense that an in state kids John Rodriguez had a fine career for the grizzlies. When he left ago. Those are back the pastor that groceries and dropped my trouble right active site fifteen yard line. I actually shot eleven analysts. I've gotten tired of that left. In room SDS. Too cute little. That quarterbacks that that that the pockets and those that that is that we step back in it's still hating cities like. There are sixty. It and all of the room or. Our back the answer comes brasserie partners and its product that thirty. And I think he's sort of person now Arctic is more easier to wrestled out of bounds. In the reception was made today. My thoughts. Let's Douglas putts that. You. The room. Had to go back. The it is the mow the yard hurdle for coach Smith fourth and one at 29 yard line. Here for god she wore that one it got upset at running back. And that goes to top cities hit but he gets through the line of scrimmage he gets a first inning got across that thirty. I think got a first down and get a call for a measurement he made two thirds downs and just clearly it. What do grizzlies defense staunch. It was fourth that wanted to get one and A half yards a first down when it could be an effort to botched its own 29 yard line but that it got but this wouldn't have to do some things like that they have to take that risk. You know 31 to 71 down. And a close to Thompson last sites around here it's 35 cities out to 36 yard line. Which on Washington was in net tackle but the initial it was made by Tony Jones linebacker. Earlier tonight Jones credited with the 898. Yard return off a blocked field goal for a touchdown. We still don't know who blocked it we'll find out maybe after the ballgame when we talk to and shoppers hitting coach. This Saturday night the grisly 7 o'clock kickoff against number one copy built in copy built next Saturday night. There's enough up the middle I believe that stop the secondary running back he gets it out to the forty picks up four. He's going to be about a yard first down they're angry Scot. San Antonio Texas the Alamo city. There's a third and 13. And one at the 39 yard line. No huddle distorts. Our hands are back and stop its stock. He would hammer I've horror five grizzlies. Hit one of error the tackle. Was a circus Lloyd. Also that defense that front. All of about five yards in the back with you about four yards Agilent. Tapering potter and a fourth and so what's the difference here coached more that want to twenty you know. Pour into their own 38. Very little speak to receive his own thirty for the grizzlies will they make it here. Here's the snap in Burkhardt with the kit it's a short while Utley hit. It's Atlantis night the fortieth Butler to get a bit of a role. You know 131 your beat down there will be the difference more than two room thirty. London. And the commitment these things about it. And it was the guard. Point. Not quite panicked timing gets through it Nazi who were approaching its 317 grizzlies I think that's exactly in his. It's this time but not panic time. On the grizzlies they could really. With the a nail in the coffin here and around goes to burst burst around the right side 3540 he's tackled at the 41 airline purse was in motion. From left or right on the reverse Libya and around. And he makes good yardage she picks up about nine Europe and make it first down in the movie chains on the 41 yard line and this is without a huddle incident again. It off goes to McCrery left side agrees yet no gain there or maybe it short game. And now we're gonna throw a flag against our city for a late hit on what alignment. In that is sick Gary Johnson a linebacker. Lost his cool they're well after the play was over hit one of the young offensive lineman from behind and knocked them over. And it was well after the blaze. Coach shocker is asking for an explanation here like maybe should we gotta be disqualified Risley said. And Donna Saunders was disqualified in the first half tonight for helmet to helmet contact. Yep that's Gary Johnson their outstanding linebacker leading tackler and casualty game. Some personal foul and a first down. 31 to seven other lady we're watching a replay or it was sadly that was cheap. That's through that wouldn't stop on this week coach he should be out of all game. It should be stopped on the back to the alignment after you not to overlook this plea I don't know why we call disqualify valuable audience. First instead here's a hint about the middle McCrery McCrery said the line of scrimmage but he put his head down look at a pile Luke inside the 48. What McCrary is that helped him toughness of the line. And at the American Marines there in the ball Iran. 503 to go the third quarter here at PG products veteran sports complex and elder radio Saturday night industry conference football on thirteen thirty can't assess. Second down five McCrary was some help from his friends picks up five minute here and second down Hanson back to pass throws it near silent domicile. It's ten out of it. Beautiful program answer that first first all these older and think yeah. Anyways pushed out of bounds by the defense in back here and there is. Wrong wanna. So. 63. And up front first it is McCrery McCrery gets it down near the goal line pretty stacked up there. What do grizzlies got in for the kill here coach with 432 ago. Dodge City is back on their heel Soros that streak gratis by eleven that the vintners that the three it looked like the way the ball again because he's covered yeah and then. That Whitner Murphy wrote an excellent it's about world executive golfer and a city that got Trevor Creed and here is the HVAC McCrery is to tailback. Answered as the quarterback second goal from its new. Hanson with a snap takes ends up to the current McCrery hit the backfield but still somehow managed it wiggles his late freaked out about the one. Somebody got by the ankle in the backfield but he still was Italy for ordinary job to the one yard line. I absolutely dampen the equipment regardless. Mercury's effort took them to. Other quality no gains so it's thirty golfer it's him. In the goddess Hanson and not those that McCrery up the middle and he's if he's going to be denied. It's third rushing touchdown of the night. And the crowd is on. 37 to seven prisoners lady. At the really good go. Are very. There were grew up a load of water law Hugh. But that's what looked like we'll put her in Atlanta spirit that that they're just too big weight. Brewer on for the extra point Thomas the holder. 336 to go third quarter the blowout is on. 37 is seven your transistor points snap hold kick up. Good and 38. To seven. I'll let you. But it is putting on the Atlantic right now. That could have. They played with great effort to reverse them that he made some mistakes but let's look at the or. They'd have great days. But these last few drives. It just purely a living they didn't look well drive it down field. Boy in this third quarter there have been some spectacular hookups for instance of Burress. On over the shoulder catches. Well thrown balls. I answered so the offense is it physical and the third quarter. A look with the click what happened here. This football team missed the gala. Excellent wide receiver looks like group to step up and they can you please. Really like Burris you talked about it quite a bit this year he's pleased with great effort yet it's been. Concentration. Unbelievable what reason. That game at all. That are questionable respective quicker if you do speak good to see these little involved in the moment. If an opportunity to receive bulls game inside the ten yard line. When those whose butts. Says the ticket seats short kick. To be fielder it's a fifteen yard line near silent and it's 125 to thirty. That's but she spins and now flag is strong McClendon was involved and tackle. Them. Things get a little bit chipped chipped it down near dark city. And frustrated I think with this war 38 to seven Dodge City their coach Gary Thomas came in your thinking it to his club. Was ready for this and it tests won but. Would pocket that back against Dodge City. So. That always returned out to the 34 yard line but they're gonna march off things you really brought it back. A bit that's it hardness that boat came in Israel that the development and it says. In spite of the mistakes they made well you know I hate to see it it should be just because of 38 to them there's still a football game. There play hard. His sleeves and really improved. It looks like it's safe to say to seven and go forward on conference play first counseling pass left side it's money out to the 25 and about 27 yard line the reception. The ball was cut by Douglas blood spots a small guy at 570. Pound president of north of but Virginia. About six on that first down carry three minutes ago third quarter. There's except this one well in hand I would suspect 38 to seven. Barring any. Credible come back here. Clock is running. Those are the quarterback and the gun now takes the snap. Looks to throw over the middle and demand down underneath Condit but he's going nowhere. Short game. The ball was actually jarred loose with the grizzlies teeth and answered his and yours that coach at this point in time. Tony Jones Fredricka this book you don't want it but the same is they all get this game and controlled. The reason you think that led navigate to. So does the defense played well but there's been all over the field. You know third quarters at third. It hurts to lose what traditionally. On ES award. Vernon jubilee conference. Sorrow of the quarterback it again. Past outside his cot and that's spots across the thirties got a first down ankle tackle over there of course sideline. And we. But then he goes to Sean you know Washington with the won't tackle on the play. So it is a first down for the drunks aren't. Under two minutes ago third quarter. This is gonna set up quite a when a matchup next started writing copy bill. Number one ranked a red ravens. Essentially places scrimmage tomorrow night tomorrow afternoon at home or playing apple TV. Really wish the conference would not schedule those types of games here's eight. Sleeper on the right side running back has about 4040 stacked up fairness applied throughout the backfield. Inept again it was Scott. One wonder why were Nazi and a Mark Thompson yeah it does Tony carries. Who wouldn't call roughing the passer. Penalty on the grisly case. Thompson may have we gotten injured. Right before that touchdown. But before the audience let's go for boxer you know we I think we see him a couple of plays that. But then we've been mistaken about him to grow that roughing the passer penalty. Takes the ball inside brother territory with a 125 to go third quarter to shock period explanation from the referee. Receives did not like that call on roughing the passer. Since shoppers about seventy yards out on the field talking referee. Who. There were ready to resume play. And shoppers continuing his argument let's see what's gonna happen here. He called time out. Beamer got another called a timeout 123 to go. Coming up but our post game show will be talking to workers he said coach Tim shocker. That shocker first year head coach replacing Troy immoral world was here for fifteen years unprecedented success. And now option shocker try to carry the torch. Andy's on his way to a 70 start. I haven't seen that in golden I think the candle blink yet and you know. I'm born from Britain and a severe had a big game next Saturday night. Just a matter where Brothers and and a coach I don't know that you hold on him witness gaming convention fast do you think about it right. Move back to eight or nine in the nation. I don't know what week. That's that's totally. But there's a lot of a lot of theory that led the Edmonton. Strange things can happen when you have to be in the top two. But they're getting better every week Williams. On one coach John says all the right things right that it pre game show today those are back to pass. Steps up the pocket person might. Thomas at cats are behind it FY zero it. Michael Thomas that evidently is what 331 went through the rock the quarterback behind. Yeah at a flag was thrown on the quarterback was ready for his life. But it is. Thomas caught the quarter deficit the quarterback wasn't bleeding on Thomas caught the quarterback and with or. Dallas Texas that is 63333. 330. Pound the you know. That quarterback that's impressive Michael Thomas Dallas actually skyline. I school. Pounded out here who death penalty was against. Yes it was against Dodge City declined. So it's second and twelve are shouldering played Thomas kept him from behind. The foot speed through the occupants of the tackle. Second down seventeen for the congress. Head off of the middle. Mikey Thompson is don't know it's perhaps in it going nowhere. We're. That it is Thompson. They'll bigger targets great Scott I I guess Thompson may be done for the night I would suspect he's not out there has been out there for most of the second and then you rate. Did twenty carries for what 94 yards in the first half were constantly rusher in the conference. Good studies on the sidelines somewhere over there and this is where would help the. We have silent worth it. Third and seventeenth political leader Jonas. Or effectiveness. Here comes Chris 36. Saudi throws a lot of games fertility generals there will contest. Those are Roosevelt himself why happens to be like this year majority. But you know Butler takes that path a lot of the ball well actually. But it back in Egypt by its act together and we've been lying. But they brought the Nightline. It is the pressure on quarterback in. That ballclub we're. Over on downs with 12. Left to go. In 38 at that ball game Butler the. Butler just called timeout. Or whatever reason. Now coach you know me pretty well right now I'm not a guy who likes to instigate. But I did that notice an article today from the other Dodge City daily globe paper we're coach. Gary promise. What qualities that we torched them last year reportedly given that it probably anybody last seniors on defense Thomas said that is something that we did. With this group of players so I don't think Davis or awestruck as star struck at least by the but these things will attest that the ball game tonight. Here comes apart with 12 ago. And short on its get a bounce NB downed inside the Butler forty yard line that the Dutch cities coach Gary Thomas saying. Last year we scored 36 points and over 600 yards on the grizzlies. Nobody start a business because you did. I don't care about after tonight into the fourth quarter butler's leading 38 to seven. It made these are good together these drugs. Not. Seven dollars. UConn blues now going through there. And not hot dogs. Mom and it's. And. Starting the fourth quarter on a first hand hand off to. Abdul Abdul got around the left end for a couple of yards for the grizzlies started a fourth quarter butler's leading 38 to seven. Overcharged city here in held Laredo. Receives now that was it picked up bloodied and at first I rushed by rec team Abdul. Grizzlies leading 38 to seven over Dodge City. He has it is in the shotgun pass over the middle spot. Inside our territory. On a slant pattern up beautifully thrown pass and a reception by McKinley Johnson. Dream was just covered up by that cornerback and at that great yet. For a first down certain. Waters down the grizzlies ended Dodge City territory. 387. Butler. Incidents and they gun first down enough goes to a dual outside east to the 4540. Ankle tackle. It'll be close looks like another first down so right he met fuel running the ball now. We're well there but it is a first down the grizzlies in the fourth quarter moving left or right. North to south here at PG products veteran sports complex. First down handoff. And Abdul is gonna be stopped no gain there may be a loss. Tackle Beckett about the 39 yard line so long also wanted for a dual. One. New York. Thank you globe. For the business. Phone at second too also that was a loss of two. On net to carry back to the forty. He shine my god has committed a ball game but god. Freshman out of Wichita. Again it is the coach Stan really like him Agassi it off left side 4035. Outside thirty. 45 to forty gets aggressive tackler innings wrestled. About the eleven hardline. He shot McDonnell Wichita on northwest flight school. He let this immediately it rushing last year for northwest the grizzlies. He stuck around these Butler grizzlies. They call a penalty CNET writers coming back. You don't get credit score but that was a nice room. I think they called the penalty on fire and Pringle I heard numbers seven. So maybe that says it was a hold David outs would open up that long Peter for a my god that. Italy has the ball back to the 41 yard line worker thirteen minutes ago. 387. Butler. Impressive performance tonight by the brother grizzlies. Will be visiting with him shocker in the post game show. Yes it takes to step fires a slant pattern in completed the 35 yard line intended receiver was Byron Pringle are. Little bit out of his reach regret on and it's flat route but. It's in just that threw him a little. We've heard them. Are down thirteen for the grizzlies. Hostility their tail backs three receivers to the right. Burris. Ian Thomas. In the McLaughlin. Now under pressure he has a chance he gets a pass away it's. At that 31 yard line by bring below leaping catch. A flight was thrown that pass was. Thrown. In the backfield. Poignancy and somehow. Under direct it's. Volatile holding penalty on the grisly secrets isn't bad news about holding calls today. It is that looked impossible for handsome thing you can throw that ball let alone completed because that. The goal line and have rested and had his arm around Hanson's that had slept through that over the open. And it's and delivered the ball over the middle. Verdict that ordered growth Gerson right calls for the holding. So the ball moving backwards with penalties for the grizzlies. Well tend to go the ball is back at that Butler 49 yard line. Grizzlies cruising here tonight 38 to seven over Dodge City. Can't sit in office to the top left side adopt. It's rap and tackled at the 46. Yard line they're gonna market. Opera moment but got may have fumbled the ball but he did not. So brings up third and really long third and 23 for Butler. Actually fort. Any scenes scoreboard shows here comes the punting unit. He show up because we couldn't can win these. Six look better than the pound on the roster reduced with little bigger net but he does look read you a quick. Here's some Michael Mason on the par at 1120 remaining fourth quarter. Receiver Beckett defense team airline meters behind. It's a line drive kick you know the ground look at the role league and its rolling inside the tent City Council about the cemetery area on your headlines nice job by Michael basin. At exactly five Butler players that they're spreading that ball. But we keep peace through that kept it going into the they'll let it lets role as possible. The for the team as the start up their 08 yard line. 92 yards. The goal line. 38 the seventh behind the boat we're grizzlies. That's the situation besides the victim with the North Korea this. This sets up that big big. Game next Saturday night adopted bill. Number one ranked profit over it ravens against the grizzlies. Handoff on first down and that's got some room below that are roomy muscles his way out across that and the so about the eleven yard line will unfortunately Mark Thompson apparently is night is done needs and our top running back in the conference. Thompson at twenty carries for 94 yards in the first half yet a couple of fumbles as well hidden room we have not seen them during the second half. We're Dutch city. It is depressing reading back. Big who Ruth convinced that there's perks that that. Room that are whose way of the popular he. Other Dexia here's a pass over her silence hot out city BT you're going that'll be close to a first down regards city. In that reception. It goes to Justin mcginnis. 66. Freshman he's not a quarterback candidate. At times we seeded player for a candidate in the G-8 conference on any. Though that they bring myself first and chanting enough is a little to Scott Scott is hit. Crossed it's corny. And please Tony you know here's. Who's on his knees coach when he saw the runner got just wrapped around a race in front of them. It's really until. We have to assume that your candidate your them out of state. Absolutely. But it is as they've got a country that. I'm sure he Celtic and gets the pool and second down in seven. Nine and a half to play the grizzlies while on her way to a convincing win over ranked opponent. Shotgun. And hit up close to Scott and Scott somehow. Gets away from the first would be tackler he's around I eat more no game. Sean Rodriguez lose it among the tacklers. And I'll tell you it. Dodge City had every reason to believe when they came in this game today had a chance to win it. But I believe they'll leave here all the radar thinking this is an unbelievable football team. Very good football team about Christmas. 38 to seven Butler relating under nine minutes ago. Here's a 37. Credit on this. Sorrow that quarterback for the under pressure all night fixes that active pass fires at your side and it's got to 25. And that's mcginnis across the thirties tackled the 31 yard line. Grizzlies are gained exactly tonight that was McClendon and on the tackles and also in Washington and also was well. The markets Lloyd Martin. Not Butler defense would severely energetic and I swarming. They've they've played very well swarmed the ball. By the way that touchdown the grizzlies gave up just before the end of the first half was the first score they gave up into headquarters. Last three games him up the middle at Scott Scott spin his way all the way out to the 46 yard line department there. By Rick Scott 5990. Pound freshman out of San Antonio taxes. Scott has come on to replace. Mark Thompson. I. That's got the only a freshman you get the you can replace that Thompson's next year. First and said that a comments. It off goes to Scotty tries get outside nothing doing he has wrestled out of the backfield. Is it odd that tackle list from all ivy. It's been great defensive effort tonight by the entire unit would. With that from the front tour has that they've made lot of tackles the night that would. The connected over the. 333. Pounds Michael Thomas. Now. You know I asked him this week during practice say it had a moment to talk to Lance about Thompson's a great writer. Here's a pass near sideline as Scott but Maginnis at the 504540. Look out he's got speed. He's in the twentieth fifteen Andy's wrestled out of bounds at about a six yard line. Wrestle out of bounds biopsy is Morgan. Finally our receivers it will Lou yet. Yet three and a big gains toward the congress and the art but Michael Thomas who say yes he's a great runner and we're gonna to do everything we can't stop diving they have tonight. That Maginnis six good six look pretty runners did this this is what that was could breakaway speed. Now Butler putting in a fifth big blown. Examines. Him from almonds from heights high school. Second year player the grizzlies in the gun is a roll up to the right pilots are he throws in zone it's incomplete at receiver the back of the end zone. But it was off his audience. They go to figure running back to the left the ruled out to the right. You had the intently from the backside today across the middle that he tried to hit. You know I was gonna say that's numbered ten but that's the quarterback Lazaro. Complete tasks he was open back in so that Cassel who hide. Second six. Using it now goes to rein back that is. Great Scott. Takes an inside of five it is. Three yard line that's is that they are elated that he the rights that looked like he had a whole let it known that the it backwards and all there it'll grow at three. RO exit and it's not it's not it's yeah Andy's going dollar credit on that at all and get wild wall of purple. And grizzlies. They don't wanna give up any points any points. You and other leading thirteen to seven site Poland teeth coach to be giving up touchdowns anything. The odds that a turnaround. He bit the power well when writes I'd bet and he veteran right at the Biddle and they refuse those daylight. Look at this fourth and goal and a dark suits and call a timeout you think it was CO one touchdown. Difference in the game. What Gary Thomas back to the drawing board of ours is probably the best team he's evident unquestionably the best team he's had in three years at Dodge City. It's got to be thoroughly disappointed idea. He really believed in his team had a chance tonight and I think he did as well it. Things went against them early they had three turnovers in the first quarter that grisly story netted seventeen quick points. And I think they study the game. Do they were very but battled this football game because. If they could eat and you could liquidate the states at the you can do with Lou they'd love to speak. And you pick up the football and do that. But I beat. All slid. The code of through the wheel drive with more respect for this but fruitful today. You know he said it via paper this morning. He said do I think they're the best team we've faced all year probably. Talking about the grizzlies. They're just the next two daughters schedule we're not awestruck right now. Note that it get us through it but the guts drugs yep. Butler lit well ultimately swelled with well. I'm 36 to go and a Dodge City trying to knock that in the end zone for a second touchdown of the night. And where the goal recuperating. Those furrowed at quarterback gives the big guns and running back to his right. He takes the snap he's gonna run up the middle of the sit for a touchdown. Telecoms can celebrate that touchdown. It. That is the political lock yet or they sedate. Step above the quarterback in the agreement community activist black took it and it's good. Was RO the other as early quarterback with credited with a three yard touchdown run. Yours Burkhardt on the extra point with 532 to donors to snap the hold the kick up and do it. Won the please leave us 3814. Yeah. There but we've seen who say they call time out with fourth two. Maybe that is the big deal fall because they rent that burst but I will be quite as loan. After scoring fourteen points. As it would be if they just words that the proceeds have been averaging just eleven points per game allowed. About two touchdowns tonight. But it's grizzlies nearly 38 to fourteen with five and have to play. Obviously it'll improve to seven and on this season portal copper ploy. The defense did you have fourteen point that the people more than their average of more than these are expecting to give up at all. But I think their defense is that proved a lot. That really impressed with some of the beef and it's only been able. Not to shop here head coach of the grizzlies that's the case on the sidelines talking to a couple of the officials he still upset about something. Might have been that roughing the passer penalty being at the awhile back called against the grizzlies. Clinton shocker it's pacing the sidelines and a couple of times he's. Did in conversation with the officials you can tell he's not happy. It's got a 38 to fourteen later comes the kick from Burkhardt. It over and kick it's going to be fielded. Inside the five return it'll appeal to attend your sidelined the fifteen. An operative there. And that was McLaughlin of McLaughlin on the return for the grizzlies first time he's returned to kick this year. Are there. So the grizzlies have the all the 520 portico. Bolt and Powell at quarterback now for the grizzlies comes out freshman from bishop Gerald. Bolton is started three games this year and that was the lone quarterback last week in 42 nothing is over. Iowa central. Alice in the gun. Takes the snap it off near sideline that's got to the 20/20 530 left out any south of the forty. Good shot but probably at least steam out of the backfield nearly broke that one to that house he's out to them forty. Three yard line they got out that border right quick that's about it is Britney it would line commitment. He's the view that that would that the press room like I don't know bridge right quick. Receipts also having the ball game now whether other a freshman running backs. And is Trenton not treated who's out of the Wichita heights high school that is so parents today. In the tailgate area before the game. Is snapped and off and this is Lagarde right side I cut it back to the left at the middle and east tripped up. Maybe picked up the yard started out to his right tried to get back to eleven was cut off there and though Ford for you art. Boy and a half ago clock running. This is the future running backs right here and the show on the gun in the Trenton not true. Both running backs from Wichita. Interest and quarterback out there. From Wichita. But Gaza tailback grizzlies in no hurry ten seconds on the play clock four minutes ago they gave. 3814. Butler. Now takes a snap it up goes up the middle accomplice to sit down and breaks throughout the fifty yard line. Attacked her win high anyway I write this album just ducked underneath them in the holidays run at the fifty yard line. Good to have seminars that as you gotta agree with that combative reviews you can pick up soon you know yes yes. Put a sit down when Patrick Pass at a tackler would be tackler. He gives them quickness needed let's visitation. I exceeded his vision yet for freedom for 25324. Clock counting down here but literal improved to 70. Convincingly over Dodge City. Now takes a step Madonna has it right side cuts again but to sit down and it is not near the first down marker. It about the 47 yard line he might be close. He has close in fact. Close enough for first down. That's that's the that's the president because he's the blatant appeal written and everything you do it out of that. Last its outlook to see this and grizzlies second unit often score here. Three minutes ago. All game well and hit the grizzlies have the ball at the dark city. 47. Yard line bursts into in. Powell in the gun. And off goes down Autry got your right side gets around one defender. But to sit down still honesty it gets all the way down to the 42 yard line taught him a hard run at staying in bounds and three months electric Crabtree with ice carried here alone. Wouldn't. 42 yard line. On the air right hash mark for the grizzlies clock running 222. And we are wondering last year. Coach you see me hurt recruiting any look at these freshman out of Wichita that are real human problems right now. Helping the football team. Two minutes ago grizzlies in no hurry play clock hit six Allen Leon. Not showing blue. Here they come hand out those thought trip to middle Autry hit the line of scrimmage but somehow breaks through. And gets to the offer not yard line. Now we know the world that you get out of that so this 1033. And three for the grizzlies. Joseph Patrick comes in as a wide receiver for the grizzlies he'll take over for them. JD Carter Carter is sidelines. And up through there's a lot of you know build real close to the ground business. 510 a 193 pounds coaching freshman and hikes they've been little nugget gold. Once again receives letting all the play clock run down before they stand at 116 the only game. Third in three. Al takes the snap it up was thought tree got tripped them at all any holes past wants him defenders he gets a first out of the 35 yard line it's known here. A nice run here. And not treason. First and carried on Lucas seems. And it looks like it the holding it like give a local book boil spurning. And that that department. Under a minute ago coach you navigate on the victory formation. Grizzlies have had enough for the score. But got the ball to calm 35 yard line the vote needed. Wrist injury here. And play clock is running down there waiting until the last second before they stamp it. And it dropped down to one is col Allan. It may have to snap that one more time or don't I guess not that's gonna do it. An impressive win but the Butler grizzlies. I think there was some genuine concern by the grizzlies coaching staff that this game tonight in for good reason. That's our team it proved to be a very good at club. Two weeks ago they went into Hutchinson defeated Hitler dragons point seven support team. And coming in here with. One of the top running backs in the country and Mark Thompson. We're not Benedict per staffed twenty theories for 93 yards that we did see him much in the second half losses if we find out. If in fact he was injured you have to listen he was. There the clock runs to zeros. So the other grizzlies. Against the fifteenth ranked dot city agencies here or is when it I have final score of 38 to fourteen. And right now the handshake line now on the field that deal. Players go the length of the field with the they that would that the field handshake line. Another possible abductor new uniforms today other than give us a bit strained in recent efforts appear the press box. Didn't do all of that a good did it. The there I thought it was whose uniforms currently worth waiting for what efforts on about on the field frequently really that it. But that but I got credit numbers we've been lawful order and sensitivity of this right now decided opinions. On one side says Dodge City in purple yellow background the other side says costs. So that's gravity touch. Different manipulative. Help coaches that the Oregon got started where all of that are Canadiens have elected to anything. Exactly. You know before we cut him loose and get a cup final comment here to premiere via grizzlies. As I said I think it was a genuine concern with this opponent tonight. The fifteenth ranked guys city is yours and I know it's never easy bit it would have to see it trustees made it look fairly easy thing coach. You know they. The third quarter that really put on a political bureau. That is. Oil over is that often it's looked ovule. They do the whereas a couple of baskets they do the ball down field look up the run the football they had to drive back to back. That other than a couple of penalties almost flawless. That's the herds because they're beat him you better no doubt about it it's really amazing to their war. Blocked field goal return for a touchdown this year coach that is really unusual war and this is the seventh game of the year. The percent Butler open. People to turn over the course but it gave the special teams play. And they had the Altman because of the specialty Poland. And at that time that a field goal attempt it was a minute forty yard field goal attempts. My Dodge City. And it came late in the second quarter and at that time it was seventeen nothing butler's those still very much a game. Andy twenty yard field goal attempt was blocked. In Tony Jones picks it up windows 98 yards. In that literally and figuratively was a game changer at the. Buzz that was actually at this point turnaround play. And it would have that and look at the Pope will turn did the seven point that a bubble turned into three points moving ahead. They hit twenty turnaround points on turnover. Please edit but through the bullet you said it coach. Towards it the broadcaster the end of the game and he said this team is getting better and better each week. Grizzlies and no matter what you say a good solid protest that. Like let's get that is the objective to get better to borrow can do better next week and improve every ball game. And I do believe they have done that every week and that they could improve blood bully they'd be pretty good they would pick up the bill. Yes and you know what I like to it was the second quarter to grizzlies I think the grizzlies had five plays from scrimmage or just kind of weird quarter. They give five plays for eleven yards or something total offense they come out and get the opening kickoff in the the third quarter. And I thought it was huge because they're really the offense. It in kind of sluggish. Enough they were hit 24/7. And half. But they're kind of sluggish but to put together a seven play 59 yard drive. Into Kobe McCurry took it in for secured torture rub it in that drive. They had a second and 26 were to got a first down in the they had that third and nine when he got a first down. So they really look good in that third quarter the offense extremely impressive. In other words what we did that the week but that he was good to keep themselves in the bowl game which is good good rules we play. They had dominated that the second quarter and Butler came right out the third quarter and it just took it back the good way crawl. And it was there they were very impressive in a lot of ways it is we could speak of for awhile. Here are coached before we cut you loose seven you know butler's seven and no copy bill next Saturday night. That's a rivalry that dates back in 1929. In days I've said before. Those two teams next week could both be relentless and it would still be huge rivalry matchup. But this is possibly one persistent. Doesn't it it really should be one vs two might have been wounded they'll be. While Burton's three yes. And beat the top to repeat it and they should we hold on another Google to do what we hope after what happened last week in the rankings she never and other prisons may move backwards this would. Move up that this with or without. The word target to watch it long to bring it back to the spokesman explained it best we can't. Eric coaches always great job enjoy it worked and we look forward to next Saturday night it's gonna be a great one. You're in them looking over coach rain dance in my broadcast partner here on the broadcast tonight the grizzlies when it by a final score 38 to fourteen. Stay what does the grizzlies post game show is next. 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Eight big win in his state beat Dutch city of taking these stores by a final score. 38 to fourteen this is the post game show. Indo along the way it will be visiting with him shock hearing it coach of the Butler grizzlies his first season. In the coach shocker now improved to seven and oh in his career as head coach of the grizzlies. For an own conference player right now. Now on the field is all the family and friends visiting with the players infected or some family and friends here and I priority at Dodge City players are now at the North End zone. In the grizzlies down at the southern end zone. Grizzlies when they convincing performance here tonight. All the talking to him shocker here momentarily when he makes its way to the press box and they'll also be having an honor. It is one call call of the game that will be coming up and also our final game recap they look at the final steps. Sponsored by the law firm of canal and kanell. Well as we always do let's start off with the scheme recap in a coach a shocker joins us during that will look breakaway and speak with him. But to the grizzlies improved to seven on the season. In four and oh in conference play with a convincing win overeat that football team Dodge City 38 to fourteen. Grizzlies won the opening the coin toss and elected to kick off in so's our first look at the outstanding running back Mark Thompson. Thompson one of the leading running backs in all the junior college football soft war for our cities committed. ID specimen out there are 63 to twenty blazing speed hard runner very physical. Grizzlies though on the very first possession after a great return on the opening kicked off by Dodge City across midfield and a Dutch Butler territory. But then the quarterback Tommy. Was sorrow threw an interception at the twenty yard line by air and the capacity appeared to be headed for nobody other than here in the defensive back for the grizzlies. It was the first of three turnovers by Dodge City in the first quarter 1000800. And the other grizzlies. They were able to catch a break when they partially blocked a punt that it was a jig. Dictate the backer and you can hear that doing interviews now with the players on the video board but to the grizzlies. Not the part it was a Jake's hired sire was able to breakthrough and partially block the party even grizzlies had a great field position. They had the ball at the dark city 38 early and it took just three plays for the Christie's to score it was capped on this touchdown run by Kobe McCrery. It is in the nine. Back to his right makes it on August McCrery last night at Korea. The Middle Eastern part touchdown. Public library. About five yards deep that they had. Left and right back up the middle knows it basically untouched in the grizzlies. What 915 to go numbers boards yes it's definitely. Rather it was a three play 38 yard scoring drive again off via partially blocked punt by Jake sire headed up that game at 915 mark of the first quarter. And the grizzlies with the extra point by Elaine brewer had a seven nothing lead. Grizzlies would get the ball back on consecutive possessions on fumbles by Mark Thompson tops it with fumbled only once the running back regards city. The first six games of the season it back to back fumbles on back to back possessions. Given the grizzlies short fields. For all possessions and at the 548. Mark the grizzlies. Which six plays on thirty six plays thirty yards eight to 38 time can sit out the clock. And at this time it was a hand off to the first man threw for touchdown dances music and vendors that are pleased about senator. Information about those that first man through and her touch now. I believe that's Michael Mason. Yet it was Michael Mason the full back first man through a broker that tailback behind him but Mason took it and and officially two yard touchdown run again that came off that the fumble by Thomson. The extra point by emperor was good and so with 548 to go on the first quarter the grizzlies. Take advantage to well turn over a block that part personally blocked punt. Andy fourteen nothing laid it receives we get another fumble recovery. A short field the grizzlies went seven yard seven plays for 24 yards to two minutes eighteen seconds. In lane brewer connect on a thirty yard field goal. And that team to 54 mark of the first quarter the grizzlies had a seventeen nothing lead. Then in the start of the second quarter. They went back and forth late in the second quarter with 440 to play. The other grizzlies on defense is dark city drove down the field yet to settle they attempted a twenty yard field goal. Twenty yard field goal at 440 to go in the second quarter. But for the fourth time this year the grizzlies defense stepped up in a big way in this is our Kansas one called call of the game. Clips now they candidate it's. The fourth time this year. Good walk that middle won't turn into a touchdown. Well it is still up 95 yards. They're received huge scramble for that blocked football. And all decide your parents Tony Jones out of the pot holders sideline. Takes it down but it touchdown. Well there was so they blocked the field goal a twenty yard field goal attempt and big scrum in the middle of field and all of a sudden. Tony Jones emerged out of it interpret the near sideline he was credited with in 98. Yard return off that blocked field goal. Into the grizzlies that point went up 24 nothing with the extra point by lame brewer. That is tonight's call the game brought to buy canned his one called reminding use them matter predict project is bigger small. Don't make a judgment call always call 811 before you dig or contact them at Kansas one called dot com. It Kansas on call dot com. Route 24 nothing lead the grizzlies with for four days ago before halftime in the dark city would put together a real nice drive they had to score. Trailing twenty or not because we're approaching half time and they put together a seven play 75 yard scoring drive it to 253 out the clock. It was great Scott who scored only four yard run. Dylan Burkhardt with the extra point and that negated a 24/7. Lead with 147 to go before halftime. And that's what it was at intermission 24/7 Butler. Third quarter the grizzlies would really struggled in the second quarter they had only five plays for eleven yards have a strange quarter for the grizzlies with the most possession in the second quarter it's. Owned by dark city. But at the grizzlies put together a tremendous scoring drive in that third quarter seven plays 59 yards. And there was two big conversions. He's second down and 26 after that tobacco holding penalties against the grizzlies highly unusual. Great passed on the field per first down on that second and 262. Thomas you know take Thomas. And and the grizzlies were looking later and then drive at 839 out beautifully executed pass. It first down out of the secured lines from justice Hanson to. The Julian burns and burns with a sliding catch over the shoulder catch went out of bounds near sideline at the a six yard line the grizzlies. Would end up scoring. Is that McCurry took care in this court yet another touchdown. Pass. Up to it very up the middle McCrary takes a hard time. Explore. We're currently here and there order. Well I think that third quarter grizzlies. Restore order here. At least 37. You know that was a big score because going to halftime it appeared like it Dodge City had a bit of momentum in debt. Member of the grizzlies won the coin toss elected to kick off to start the ballgame which meant statement they got the second half kickoff and ended the grizzlies Rivlin put together that scoring drive worthy of the offense that struggled somewhat at that point but they are look put together that nice drive again. And drive with seven plays 59 yards and six yard touchdown run by Kobe McCrary. McCrery of finished today with three rushing touchdowns he picked up another rushing touchdown. Late in the third quarter eighteen yard touchdown run the grizzlies on that says scoring drive went seven plays for 69 yards. In again McCrery with a two yard touchdown run and then Dodge City closed it out with they score in the fourth quarter is on a fourth and three Tommy. Those are the quarterback ran the ball right at the middle for a three yard touchdown run. Dylan Burkhardt with the extra point made it the final score. Of 38 to fourteen looked at a break here come back in coach Tim sharp there will join us when we return. Grizzlies won at 3814. Back with more of the post game show right after this. Listen I've grizzlies fans Dennis Higgins here to remind you that whether on the football field are digging in my yard safety always comes first and safe digging and is no accident so before planting trees install and if answer other activities or require you to dig a hole you know what's below call 811 before you dig so play it safe put down a shovel pick up the phone and call 811. This message has brought you by Kansas one call reminding you that no matter you're vegan project is bigger small don't make a judgment call always call 811 before you did it. Trendy talk radio and thirteen thirty and can ask ask. Beautiful Saturday night when a bomber grizzlies and on the fifteenth ranked dark city can case could orders. Convincing fashion 38 to fourteen and we catch it now with the grizzlies first year head coach Tim sharpener. In their coach I know there was some genuine concern. About this game tonight because a Dodge City a really good football team coming in here. Five and one foregoing conference play and I know it's never easy but it in this game tonight you guys took it to a. It's it goes back to their preparation goes back to the hard work that the that the coaches put in. You know throughout the week in and that the work that the kids put it and then this is their opportunity to display and so those. The world whoever's Watson they don't the hard work that they've done preparation. You know they come out you guys are gonna ask you got to see you guys when every of the opportunities you're the wind according to us you guys always elect to kick off them. Why is that. It's just that kind of the personality of the team now that's what they like to do out I'm gonna talk to those guys and I'm gonna put him in a position they don't wanna be yeah. I think our offense is comfortable with that in. Obviously the defense is you know it with the exception of one game it's it's worked out pretty well you know the the honesty and get a quick score but it just it just kind of a routine that we talked about before. You know Dodge City gets a real nice return on that game opening kick off deepened about her territory but it their quarterback those are throws an interception. To air in peak and that kind of set the tone they had three turnovers in that first quarter you guys were opportunistic he took advantage of those three turnovers half. To aid. That's what we wanted to do was keep them from getting have to start both on number five and number ten the running back and a quarterback. They're good players you know they're gonna make plays we just didn't want them getting started with a lot of confidence. You know Mark Thompson their outstanding running back at twenty carries for 93 yards in the first half that we did not really see him in the second giving you an idea what was wrong now on I. The game changed a little bit where it was more to throwing game and maybe again and that is a different packages and I really don't know. He was impressive. Yeah it did about a mile and the game he's a he's a very good backe. He's just exists Ottawa to eighties he does not look like he's explosive is great I mean all the things we discussed earlier. He's he's really good that we don't face them again. You know you guys jumped out to a seventeen nothing lead first quarter and taken advantage of those three turn overs in the seventeen points. Then the second third quarter was kind of a new drug taking guys at five plays for eleven yards. As well part of it was. We had I think that David wanted to targeting had a penalty. We had DO blocked field goal which keeps us. Keeps us off the field offensively if that's happened before to answer them haven't been a couple of games there where. We just don't possess the ball a whole lot of what we do I don't think we thought we scored an opera. Yet there's been there's been times we don't possess the ball for for periods of time. Yeah time of possession is very misleading halftime dark city with a big advantage in that category. You mentioned it to block field goal and in critical for forty to go it's a seventeen nothing lead the grizzlies. They're lining up for what's a twenty yard field goal attempt it's who got the block we know. Pace over he had really I really don't really have no idea that in a situation like I mean I'm all those guys are trying to which is a good thing but to identify who now. I have no idea coaches is the fourth time you guys have blocked a field goal and return it for touched on this 198 yards by Tony Jones. What's amazing to me I was telling the opinions on the broadcast to sit. You can see a month a blocked field goals and never return usually people fall on Iraq like a fumbled a fallen a bit. You guys four times this year have picked him market at the the presence of mind to return for touchdown. It is that goes on to the rehearsal goes and the preparation you know coach Brad Pitt have run that group had. Has done a great job with the men and really the biggest as a take a lot of pride and at least he I. Doubles opportunity for us to score anymore but that's our don't look at it. Scoop and score absolutely what you guys sick about the practice and when you guys so practices special teams that what we're at yellow you're finished at ticket and a house bills say the blocking a scoop and score the return to us through the house the each each unit has their own little special break that they do it again and create some pride and it in the unit and I think the results speak for themselves you would agree and round is a long long time is dairy period usually deceit or lost Noble's touch. It's ridiculous really is that you. If you were patting and you could have taken the could think outside the room and return now. And who knows how many more in store rest is curious for them seven games you don't if it's not about it you prepare for pre don't count you hope that you can't and again of Brett has a great job or company that knows about your running back Kobe McCrery McCrery with three more rushing touchdowns you now network seventeen years to lead the nation while some good hard running he's awesome I think I thought all of that in one night when they. Even though the runs it into the game I thought Trent and end he's on. It really good at first donkeys on got at the end keep the ball out of their hands was huge key in Montreal are grounds for Adam was. We'll coach also wanted to ask you about it and it in the record is really nice to see the office could not after we mention that second quarter review it like five. Five possessions or five place. And it worked suit in protest passing first downs in this passes from Hanson do overs over the shoulder catches at. I guess I I get to see that's one of things are like I really get to CNN camera look at our our possessions to start the second half and that one that the one that he made was was incredible over the middle of them of one department just. We're from I was a second in 26. If you would have told congress number now it's. It speaks to again a preparation guys get the right spots in the ball's thrown to the right spot and make plays and start like those totals catches like the one that Trevor trend coming in we thought he had a touchdown. Maybe the first or second quarters while that that guy. That got ruled incomplete. Now you know me coach I don't like to stir the pot but ultimately here. Earlier this morning I got on the Internet in grit of the game story from the Dodge City daily glow in their writer John settler. Who's here tonight covering the ball game. End quote it was in the story was from. They're head coach Gary Thomas Thomas was referring to last year's team you guys that gave up 36 points in over 600 yards a Dutch city amateur place there. In his quote was weak torched them last year for more than they've given up probably the last ten years on defense Thomas said. That is something that we did with this group so I don't think we are star struck in it in any in any level at the least. Plus what he's got to say every forest boss through so. Secondly that about me that's what you gotta say they have a lot of callous and a team that's a good football team and arms and over there that's exactly what I'm thank him by. We're not we're not saying guess this'll Portland is it's a whole different your whole different group or different attitude right. It's that's that's what you got to believe that. You know if your opponent to a game you have to you have to look back to last just excellency we can do that again. Tom fortunately for tonight you know tonight we we were better we get a better job we're better prepared and executed better defensively. This linebacker crew you've got to a couple of freshman and Sean Rodriguez the sophomore but it these guys are fun to watch your linebackers senator Ernest Jones. At arms and again moon and the markets lower their. They are there a lot of fun to coach they they take a lot of pride their performance. Just that. They did again a reflection of the rest of the team in these guys are good they're good they're good drew it's fun to be around. About Michael Thomas 330 pounds chasing them quarterback from behind in second. And so I mean if he it says lycopene an outlaw run this for Kansas you are Thomas good to see they might get out there. He can run now summit sometime and spread she runs with the the next group up and he can he go when he wants him. OK next Saturday night the chance to be number one vs number two OC with the rankings this week that. Coffee bill will be number absolutely sure that they've got a they've got a game tomorrow against Beth OJ he should be no problem and although the seven and all the prisoners of 70 this is Sunday. But it is so and coached Kansas to this could be you guys people who wind blows it's still be epic absolutely rivalry brag but what about one persistent or one verses three. It's politics enough this was if this was the visit went for played had game continue to evolve ME. It's a great rivalry goes back to I mean it just goes back to the decades of of that competition between these two schools these two programs. And it gives the fans at the house for us it'll be. You know another workweek that starts tomorrow. You know it's a great rivalry that dates back in 1929 brokering cocktail and a I'd love to know maybe meant to Jacobs of notre we have talked and a little bit to the last time that that coffee was ranked number one. I I have no I have no idea why don't we went down and hand and we were one and they were too that was a that was a great atmosphere and a great game by. Is back to a number of questions tankan. The a lot of good guys on the team to. Right coach what congratulations seven and knows it coaches have other grizzlies first season and he got a daughter Tommie here with you tonight and there's an integral Thomas in the Booth. How he's out there somewhere and the rest Montana was listening to you religiously like everything got a softball game somewhere tomorrow for now we're done now have to have her on the basketball coach congratulations seven though big winner tonight over ranked opponent Dodge City. 3814 and it will look for to talk in actually absolutely extend. Other grizzlies head coach Tim shocker we'll take one final timeout in the post game show come back. Have a look at the final steps and we'll see if we get some scores Cameron JR conference grizzlies when it 3814. Over Dodge City back with one final segment right after this. A lot can happen a second including making the wrong choice I only panic. I mean a week yeah. Deciding that it should drive can turn sex into a lifetime problems like jail time. Lost job opportunities. Courses are much worse I thought I was fine. In Kansas usury do you drive. A program at the Kansas Department of Transportation under Kansas law enforcement community. Freddy's frozen custard and steak burger celebrates a classic steak house favorite the H one chop house burger two sizzling steak burger patties topped with grilled onions sauteed mushrooms white cheddar cheese and as STA one and garlic sauce on our own style bun served with the most American ingredient of law. A smile only at Freddy's frozen custard in steak burgers don't taste that brings you back. Now available in all Wichita area Hutchinson and McPherson Freddy's locations. 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All right Dennis Sierra grizzlies had 181 downs one more than Dodge City. Butler had a 42 carries for 160 yards quota turner after the first half gutsy said he cared 46 cents to 138 Darcy. Threw for 132 Boller threw for 201. Dodge City for 221 passing with an interception. And no touchdowns while there was thirteen of nineteen with no interceptions. Total offensive plays 67 plays run by Dutch city for 310 yards. And Butler and 61 place or 361. Yards of the grizzlies were little more efficient and a little better overall and yardage gained. Kickoff returns. Of five per wants Sony five board Dutch city three for 36 for the grizzlies. Dot Citi had to punt returns for no yards. And Boller had one punt return for two yards. There were no punt returns in the second half all the parts repair our you know after cutter our way out of bounds or whatnot. Interceptions. Notre such a Dutch city one interception Pernod yards Butler. Ponting got to make it six times every 28 yards per kick Butler 5641. Yards per kick there's a big 55 yarder Michael Mason Boone. In the second half snapping went a good 6570 yards in the air supported got to the end zone. Fumbles dodged yet three they lost to a home Boller had to be lost one that was just before the half. Italy's Dutch city six for the key for the grizzlies penalize a little bit more the second half and they would like gets them at least for 75 yards. Time of possession. Dutch city at thirteen minutes and 32 seconds of the ball the grizzlies had a part supplement its 28 seconds. Third down conversions Dodgers four of fourteen the grizzlies were 506 of twelve. Dot to a port of port down three times a converted. All three times grizzlies did not try a fourth down conversion tonight. Red zone scoring chances does city scored two of the three times are inside the red zone. The grizzlies scored all five times they got inside the Dutch one yard line tonight. Sex Boller had four sacks for 25. Yards especially as does he was forced to throw the ball over or. In the second half. Individually rushing Mark Thompson at 24 carries for 99 yours yet 93 at halftime and 99. Well against the defense really clamp down on him in the second half Rick Scott fourteen carries for 43. Domino's they're eight carries for negative four yards for Butler Kobe McCrary nineteen carries 59 yards. About key shot got coming into the fourth quarter he got six carries for forty yards he has lightning quick. Ricky Abdul at seven carries for 21 yards tree now tree three carries for twelve. Julian Burris to pretend justice canceled three for nine Mike Mason wants for 2000 touchdown run. And hackers are charged with the team Russia minus one yard. Passing the ball some of those are fourteen of 21 completions one interception no touchdowns 172 yards justice Hanson. Very. Average effort tonight passing the ball with Kristen needing to put up big numbers passing to get a big win here just a stance was thirteen of nineteen. With no interceptions. And he had. 201 yards passing which is interesting because last week cold how the quarterback at 200 yards passing this week just Sansa with to lot. Receiving the ball just on the tennis for Dutch city three for 69. Douglas but three point six Mark Thompson three for three Jeff George street for ten. And messer at one for thirty and Booker at one for fourteen for the grizzlies Julian Burris. Five catches for 100 in three yards about the effort Julian verse. And Johnson had an Achilles announcement five point six the Arctic Thomason went for 42 Trevor crane won for money Byron Pringle. One per channel interception of the game was by air peak of the grizzlies yet know. Yards of return is a diving interception. Mark Thompson had three fumbles tonight two of them lost. And now Byron Pringle had one fumble he got it back Kelly Johnson one Bobble the heat loss. Defensively the grizzlies were led by. It's from all ivy with eleven tackles some of them solos Tony Jones at ten tackles six solo. The shot Washington hours on nine tackles Sean Rodriguez with aid and Mike Tom. They keep needs to be talked about the big nose tackle. Seven tackles and six and soul he ran at a quarterback from behind in the second half what an effort. Or up Mike Thompson real interesting nugget as we talked but the three fumbles Mark Thompson the guys committed to go clinics here at University of Florida Sony's big time effort actually. And I was talking to the dot city radio guy you interviewed at halftime. And then again in the post season. I guess these are brand new uniforms and actually he was wearing it tonight and they said that for the first time to complement to New York uniform that Mark Thompson wore a sleeve. On his arm he's never won before. And sliding the coaching staff little frustrated and they think that maybe that's a united country managers who could only fumbled once all year through six games yes three fumbles in the first half alone didn't he and he got back on him but he lost to a balance. As their degrees got ten points out those turnovers and all point four points grizzlies scored in the first half came off. Either terrorists or partially blocked pond or the blocked kick that I was taken all the way back. It is a really good solid. And we just a solid win at any gun battle top fifteen ranked teams the grizzlies. You never really felt that threat. No I mean if Dodge City at manage his work you know the grizzlies fumbled that ball right where halftime Dutch city had been able to score a second touchdown then make it 2414 mind started to wonder. But at saint Anna grizzlies either get the ball like to start the third quarter employees portrait I don't that was used as you mentioned in the second quarter a bit like what five play I grow as an art tip in in the second quarter just the way it played out yet that the blocked field will return for touchdown. How about that that's the fourth time this year that blocked the field goal. You can go a month as some days without seeing a team blocked a field goal one. Eight return advertisement on four times well I Colin not offensive touchdowns grizzlies have seven non offensive touchdowns and seven games a season four of the special teams on returned. Field goals and three interception returns for touchdowns for the defense and where it's been a huge keep this team. This year you know it. A game like dollar cost to build no matter what they're ranked even when if either neither team is ranked is going to be a big game is gonna come down to something like that. And of course with these teams being you know maybe a 12 this week maybe 13. You know I'm not so sure there was snow only getting one point win today and grizzlies dominating number fifteen did if it Pollard has moved back to number two that's neither here nor there but it's going to be. It's going to be a great game and you know. I've talked to a Tony Jones on Monday of this week and he says. He says it is Saturday and right now gotta wait six more days now again you know he was radio and when he showed displayed in this grizzlies defense they'd literally fly around they just want to tackle it so it's a lot of fun to watch and that's just the way it's been preacher butler's does chaos tempo. Is what they've called and under it Tim shoppers here eleven years defense recorders that coach the defense recorders well. Chaos temple and he really RD swarmed the ball. You know and they really take on the coming this team takes on the identity of its head coach and that's what attempts after his economic. He's got the bloody hand print you know on his door that he you know and basically that you're at school cross bones and you know. I mean that that's basically is saying is we're gonna take your will from boredom you know. You know the defense also take its last breath on offense you know run and they've done that here well this is going to be a huge team like you sit Butler copy billed itself as a big rivalry but if it's one or 21 vs two or one verse three whatever it is. They went last start united made that trek up to such incidents are Riley Ferguson quarterback for a popular he is the real deal you know president have to get pressure on him or he will pick them apart. And the thing that also adds a little bit of concern as the fact that Donald Saunders was ejected from the game for targeting so he'll miss the next game as well so we receive your free safety. Amendment. That's certainly hurts not SARS in the grizzlies on itself back up there but certainly view on how all of your defensive. Bolts available to you when he went to a gunfight throw it Ferguson executive he has is accused sorted out University of Tennessee. And transfer that I read a story about Miami Tennessee you know we're Shan transferred out by the state there it is starting quarterback now on well he's going to be somewhere big time it was here he didn't check it yeah SEC's starting quarterbacks of the grizzlies defense better be ready. Last night we see we saw a quarterback went on the start in the SEC I believe was Cam Newton. You know late bland back and oh seven's. Right now well it's going to be a heck of a game next Saturday we're gonna have a few guys on thirteen thirty can't assess it 630. Will have the pregame show at 7 o'clock kick off. I'm assuming I would hope a lot of folks who make this trip to capitol I believe so mean it is seems to me the last several times we've played there we have failed at that visiting sideline pass they reap the Butler fans have felt that losing silence them. Imagine there would be a very nice contingent of purple across the way from that C Everett next week talked about this too I mean you kind of wonder when Troy announced he was leaving and I think a lot of votes deep down that way let's wait and see what Butler does. And you know I I I would imagine beating people bought it right now posits that if you're still waiting on what did you waiting for me so slow on team to watch a mean. You know and nothing is. Cycle the Dutch city B writer a little bit to have time he has this Boller teammate they don't. You know showboat and I don't overly celebrate things because it's just that. A good solid team to watch in there and they're fun to watch us yeah I mean for shoppers for Kurds and has some great character and they want to write things are right way in. Let's say what he has got the single in the right direction and. Right now it's always we appreciate their help look forward have you on next weekend Southgate can't wait right now at Jacobs is the assistant athletic director for Butler community college joins us on the broadcast. Our studio coordinator tonight he's been Simon's summer that's broadcast next Saturday night. 630 airtime right here in thirteen thirty it is a big one buckle your seat belts. It's gonna be Butler and coffee bill and quite possibly will be number one against number two in the nation what a match up and also for the yet adams'. Jay how conference championship and you know looking for Europe the wrote a chance to get to the national championship game over put a lot from India. Part of the horses here by CNET but it will be a big game this at least next Saturday night in coffee bill. Grizzlies won it by a final score 38 to fourteen over Dodge City. Coach brain cancer and at Jacobs Dennis Higgins saints' all along and good night for a DG products stated here in L Laredo. Nothing gives you good barbecue especially until hitting with family and friends you for the big game and nothing beats great taste of guidance and everybody talks with the U grill indoors or outdoors in your backyard or at the stadium Majorly famous barbecue sauce you.