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Operation StormWatch 04/08/15

Jun 12, 2015|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

That are the situation in west Wichita and a central and I 235. The rain has stopped but kind of a whopping more tents are to this storm directly up to our west. Well a lot of frequent lightning and directly out to our north a lot of lightning there as well on. Seemed like a Tea Party combined range shafts on either side of vote and in between some of that area so we do have some areas. In the metro area evidently like this city limits have been affected much by severe weather broke kind of watching to our web into our north and net general Greg and see how this dust storm might he do affect. 200 to the Wichita area. And though we continued throughout the evening watch the storm hit backed the western part that would county right now on the my approach even closer UK and it just crack one funny at west Wichita the template word. All thunderstorms are dangerous every thunderstorm produces lightning. In the United States an average of 300 people are injured and eighty people are killed each year by lightning although most lightning victim survive people struck by lightning often report a variety of long term debilitating symptoms other associated dangers of thunderstorms include tornadoes strong winds hail and flash flooding flash flooding is responsible for more fatalities more than 140 annually than any other thunderstorm associated hazard. All thunderstorms are dangerous in an open area go to willow placed such as the ravine or valley be alert for flash floods. And open water get to land and find shelter immediately. Anywhere you feel your hair stand on end which indicates that lightning is about to strike. Squat low to the ground on the balls of your feet place your hands over your ears and your head between your needs to make yourself the smallest target possible and minimize your contact to the ground. Do not lie flat on the grow. Some of the most severe thunderstorms occur when a single thunderstorm affects one location for an extended time. Thunderstorms typically produce a heavy rain for a brief period anywhere from thirty minutes what our warm humid conditions are highly favorable for thunderstorm development about 10% of thunderstorms are classified as severe one that produces hale at least one inch in diameter has winds of 58 miles per hour or higher or produces a tornado. Chris there's a severe thunderstorm warning yeah. We refuse this business severe thunderstorm warning. This is operations storm watch on thirteen thirty K and assessed Osama has coverage on FM 1037 KEY and and we're getting now reports now from mother sheriff's office of a possible wall cloud over Cheney lake area. Spot her as entertaining about five miles south of haven looking south seen the wall cloud. Energy and another storm spotter. I see here this is in the is and the area. Reporting no well this is this is up from about a seventy minutes ago they reporting is seen. A string tornado rode a brief rope tornado. Again in the Zend an area but now has so foes just stood. A minute ago now the sheriff's office reporting a possible wall cloud. Over the Cheney lake Syria and about to the spot was about five miles south of haven looking to the south. The reason we are are here tonight we are in the severe thunderstorm. He owning the situation for a few western Cedric county it also includes southeastern Reno county. And eastern Kingman county this is a going until. 845 tonight and we're keeping abreast of low the possible look. Tornadic activity we've had some mud earlier tonight about 630 in the voters were Syria. And we've had a I did just a few minutes ago brief rope tornado reported will be evaluated all this information for confirmation as as a goes on. Throughout the night for let's go back count to worse storm trackers right now Steve Macintosh in western. Parts of separate county and a parts of a sounds like you might be getting some hail their Steve is that what I'm hearing. I know in. Yeah. They went one west well revert back to Tyler heading toward the west. And does so much getting much gone on her no no rain no wind it just lightning Ricci liking this guy. Straight west and then do you know what you talked. A lot of like these pretty good joke gone unsolved. Cloud to ground strike up north just a couple of minutes ago but. Since I left the Riverside area I Hannity stellar budget the way or eight. And introducing is we've been talking about this storm. We're now about the past two or three day east. Dammit it's gonna come in on Wednesday in the afternoon agree at all let. So by the guy that my antenna all after. But I'll tell you what Steve I've got to OJ crater on the line here let me interrupt you right now and that's. Oh what are you seeing with so you're reader here tonight. Iowa as we take a look at dedicate for solar doppler HD I know that there is something that would look like a hook echo in the vicinity. Of Saint Paul between the north achieving. And to the west of garden playing by about six miles but as you when you look at the velocity data. There's no tight rotation near to supported at the current time so it's more of a scary looking at radar signature than something scary. We are getting indications. Of hail larger than quarter size though possible around Saint Paul. Up towards St. Joe. And the way this thunderstorm is gonna track it's moving more north and eastward. So this'll take it from seeing Joseph. Over towards Ian dale saint mark's close to Mays. And then maybe valley center in Sedgwick this particular storm there were under the severe thunderstorm warning the ball got it is not gonna get. Into the incorporated limits of Wichita proper. Now back to the south and west a stronger thunderstorms that has a history of producing tornadoes when it formed back he Comanche county near buttermilk. I had tornado open field didn't do any damage because it was open country. Cancer produced the tornado in quite some while that is now a long K 42 just north of Nashville and send. There will be coming close to teen went over towards Cleveland crossing K fourteen midway now bat has more of a potential to actually get into. Wichita proper later on so there's two thunderstorms. That are severe that were watching but right now it's wind inhale. The threats and other heavy rain you know delving burns that you get up in the air but that is not part of the severe thunderstorm complex the current time. Thank you very much Jane and I apologize. Do Steve Macintosh sudden let's go ahead and give back to Steve Fehr didn't continue your thoughts. And Jay was you know confirming some of what you were saying about nothing happening in the area that you were in but it looks as if we do have some cells. That might eventually make its way into which to off proper here yet tonight because we are still wondering if tornado watch. Until midnight tonight. Well I mowed down 21 street westbound I 290 seat now Danny and I can see the northern part of their source. The northern part of that there's a southern part down. Helpless to Wichita well what Mercedes they westbound and it's not like they vary. Very critic here succeeding lightning strike searchlight. And it shows up the crowd but did you can't see a whole lot disseminate that you can't make up much detail. But because people the lightning strike Gaza into westbound on 21 year the OYMCA. All each holds. No regime is no way to end it just a damp surface where we can tell as generating a little bit. But there right now just a big lightning storm going on we had the west and we look to the northwest into the west. Just according to all little all right bigot just like so wheels keep getting less your little bit but. You and I am the western part of citrix. As a dead person now I didn't birdie mystery. Is so brittle and could be three yards deep black. Thank you Steve van though let's roll oriented Ted Woodward and is erasing encouraging that you're location. I mean whether wise or otherwise. Not going down much of what speed Macintosh is saying I'm a made all in 119 left. Brain stops here so I'm not getting any rain that does done seeing what's deepest seats. Pretty attempts like Nagin darker cloud has just talked to the left of my location. And it still looks pretty intense thought to the north getting pretty constant up clout lightening strikes right now. And that's lighting up the sky but doesn't build this western part of Wichita. We're not be a lot of rain right now land not be any wind at all either so the more severe part of the thunderstorms still. Opt further to the west and north of the metro area that people want this to be a thunderstorm. I want to gamut. Maple of 119. And stop watching commodore intent sparked this storm off to the west and the north our location. In KM SS Star Trek once won eight in north west Wichita the table worked. Lightning is very much a part of severe thunderstorms. And average of eighty people are killed by lightning each year in the United States. If there's a lot of lightning and thunderstorm moving indoors and stay away from windows. Avoid using electrical appliances and use the telephone only in an emergency. If you're caught outside during a lightning storms stay away from isolated objects like trees are towers. If you're voting or swimming get to land and find an enclosed shelter immediately. If you're driving stain your vehicle. Any closed car or truck offers reasonable protection from lightning as long as you do not touch the metal. This is chance chase with the National Weather Service in Wichita. Chris there's a severe thunderstorm warning. We redeemed this business severe thunderstorm. Warning. This is operation storm watch on thirteen thirty KM SS Osama casket Raton FL mortal three point seven KEY and that. And we're here with operation storm watch tonight because the weather service in which does issued a severe thunderstorm warning. Or western Cedric county southeastern Reno county and eastern Kingman county tonight we're getting some sort of little conflicting reports are not going go into details some of this suit is is not. Who mourn unable to confirm but no mystery greater was alluding no earlier that took some of the both the echoes that he's seen on the radar. Might indicate that there might be so most small activity in and day might be deceiving to the I knew we're getting some of those. Possible receiving reports here outs in in the Kingman county area down my medicine launch here so. We'll keep an island on what is actually happening. And so what we can tell you as far as so wind gusts we've had to these storm tracker. Reporting no wind gusts of about fifty miles per hour this happened. Oh just a few minutes ago in the up. The Newton area here tonight says Torres for Kingman Reno and sent week. That severe thunderstorm warning is our remaining in into effect until 845 tonight. And we're getting reports now of possible sixty mile per hour winds. Reported in Kingman Kansas. So let's go back outsource storm trackers and so what they're seen in the western part of Sedgwick county here tonight and I must go back to Steve Macintosh now Steve. Dinner and a little bit northbound honored. Thirty discrete well summed up almost 53 street and around it just west of me said we're starting to rain here cry out. Just a little right on the windshield and all the reasons Larry IC looking back into my dad took some hail but I don't really aged I need now is our. Divide eels don't at all like doubt as to the but I. Smarter and I just had a quick upright windshield wiper a little bit get a dog. But here and just westar based. The light rain light beach is a major beautiful like he should reduce its regular intercourse seconds. You see a light of this guy but god really pretty close to that step. You know that in general farm for the radio stations around college and I are so you don't realize you were a matter. No wind to speak just a little light rain drops are so what good Barbara treat or I'm going past forty is street north. All I want 35 most about Al outs you can still hole right out there roared like some white out blast you can see it it's what you look like lightning strikes and don't see that much to east Gary and at this point. Well reliably what I wasn't sure this is what. Jakes is with their radars to concede more doubt that I have been you know a lot of the supper reached peak we can tell you about the conditions slightly strikes. Don't go abroad and you're the northwest part of secretary. Start to get a little bit more moderate right now but stood at this point. Again Dan actually no pale you know I wind but did that mean you couldn't shake shall rather abruptly after all. We are at Kansas historically. Girl and 53 estimation I'd be Macintosh. Okay thank you Toto and actually on the radar Steve assist. You hadn't a little more south and west to be heading into more of what the raiders in the junior worthy heavy activity is right now. I Ted Woodward is also out and about tonight and let's get an update now from Santa. Yes and speed at the one side it may come on the other side Democrat new market square it done made it 21 and and now. We're not getting any rain here report directly up to my west not too far from needed. Pretty. Pretty intense part of historic seems to me a lot alike me and it to be a very strong yeah. Cloud base a little bit of I arrange apps so like some some that. Ten part of the storm is strictly up my last year want to get on new market square. In the north west Wichita you're 21 and maize road. And are still watching the storm not getting any rain right here right now all of Norway in the but took Boyd didn't like you said. Bennett. At a morgue as part of stormed just seems to be optimize western kind of ought to be at southwest of speed Macintosh location. As we are up north west part of the metro area right now it can't SS storm tracker 120 at new markets where northwest Wichita mr. Woodward. Thank you Ted and we're getting reports out of Kingman yet to a sixty mile per hour wind gusts are being reported by some of the spotters. And until 845 tonight that covers southeastern Reno county western such we county. And he's string Kingman county Gary Kelly is also out on the streets he's been chasing storms all day today what's your location Algeria and know what can you tell us. I got I met side. Border district is the outrage route now awakened electorate that made and now that there. Playback and it dropped per. Cleared the weather service as well. We've got lots and lots of ground lightning out here. Not a lot of lip reading the attic yet. Out exactly as I reported a lot of this is going to be it seems to be hooking up the west side note the metro area. But then again look what is the street it vote. And EC east Israel. And Gary Kelly dirt track of 130. Okay thank you Gary and I was just getting some new information here from the National Weather Service. It looks like the severe thunderstorm warning for Kingman county is expiring their body that nobody does continue. For a Reno and Cedric county still until 845 were also Guinea reports. Of baseball sized hail. This is in the Nashville area in Kingman county again reports of hail the size of baseballs this coming and just a moments ago here from awesome storm spotters in the field here again the National Weather Service has issued a severe thunderstorm warning is in effect. Until 845 tonight in that does cover now alone. Southeastern Reno county and western Cedric county the Kingman county. Has been taken out of the equation here and will be bringing you more on operation storm while. Watch this is chance days meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Wichita. Thunderstorms can't produce winds of over 100 miles per hour. Wins like this can overturned mobile homes turn the roofs off of homes and buildings and can operate trees. During a thunderstorm warning stay inside and away from windows. A basement is the best defense for the powerful winds have a severe thunderstorm. Thunderstorms can also produced hail the size of soft balls. People and animals can be injured in such hail storms. For your safety avoid the outdoors and moved to a bathroom or the interior portion of a building. Chris there's a severe thunderstorm warning. We refuse this business severe thunderstorm warning. You're listening operation storm watch on thirteen thirty K get SS was so I'm cast every John FM 103 point seven. KEY and now some of the storm reports there were getting on the wire here we've had reports about. Quote wall cloud north of garden plain. North of garden plain they say is a good place checks but there are around trying to learn get a better location on this votes. Again the OK here we go with Syria. This like we're going to locate get a where you a confirmation a confirmed tornado. Located near garden Blaine we're going to be getting. The updates here from the weather service though have a soft momentarily to the wounded two more on this information here shortly. This is a tornado warnings we reduce. This is a tornado warnings and. This is operations. This is a tornado warning. It's. This is a tornado warning. This is operations storm watch on thirteen thirty KM SS was Simon Castro average on FM 103 point seven KEY and then there's you. Just heard from the new weather service we have a tornado warning now effect in western sense recounting. Until 9 o'clock tonight's there is some good news says did does not affect the city of Wichita proper but let's go out to our storm trackers here Steve Macintosh. In another western parts of the county are used scene any impact from this right now Steve. No I'm not gonna hear the sirens going off amid which right now. At a convenience store parking lot just all the police to gorge police just pulled out there ones I'd do it don't look the young lady behind the counter what's going on here but colleges in new like this you have the path of this. Tornado warning also Isiah. Or French woman TV station actually we're here aghast clubs so yeah we got good production marina pier and can call rich over the past few minutes a little rain coming down. Which you need real high wind during the like that. But. Yacht that's it's. The sirens going off we're prepared for the worst year created in college because it sounds like we might regret restored itself. Yeah right down the call it sure Gregor what could be three yeah well like you little hurrying can't win right now. A record retrieved. And we've got. Okay thank you very much Steve let's go ahead and check in with what's happening with GOJ greater cost on channel generally join him in progress right now. Very logical thunderstorm as we want to live on in prize bank cake camp as he continues to track over towards the northwest now this is being followed by. Another storm there's a severe thunderstorm warning in effect for parts of Kingman county. And Bryce can tie you've been on that storm and Bryce the current time that storm doesn't pose any kind of tornado threat correct. But hey we're not taking a couple mile here and we're so walked in the door that. The start of the moment currently does that balance that were caricature. All right and we continued to on confirmation from we'll. OK aren't the weather service has issued a correction they just said that they do not have. I confirmed tornado that they had the reportable wall cloud so again we've been. Weather service. Issued a correction when the report came out the way it was coded it said confirmed. That has been not clarify about the National Weather Service that this is not confirmed tornado at this point but. If there is going to be a tornado right in the city of saint marks again tracking towards in jail cell. Hail very large preceding. The tornado threat if it's going to materialize. And here's the view from mark in prize bank Qaeda camp as we watch that storm tracking across an accounting. Apparently this let me. We can book itself all the site. Responds OK I checked you Mike. But the idea bin Hussein and that all this tornado warning sirens are going off in the entire county. Which normally they only go off within the area under warning so. Cedric county letting us know that the whole county has been alarmed even though the city of Wichita has not in the threat area. The sirens have gone off in the city of Wichita sell only. Western Kansas north of US 54. Saint Mary's and dale. West of saint mark's cold which and near Mays that's the area of concern to get back overtakes. We're tanks and a K would anybody look closer this thing. Okay and I was meteorologist Dave Prater on channel ten and they're getting confirmation that the sirens have sounded now in no Cedric county. But oh we are not getting confirmation that it is actually a tornado. Again let's go back out to our storm trackers in the field and see we can make some sense of flow what is happening out there tonight Ted Woodward what's your location and then none how sensible can you make it does sound forests and I intend. She would we see I'm Adele won 67 west and 21 Norris just a little bit west of us via Christi saint Teresa. And the YMCA. I mountains so I'm I'm a pretty fairly rural area of the county I'm looking straight to my west. And I can see what I what is. Lowering I'm admitting you know it's dark so it looks like and a pair of pretty dark chapter of Bahrain and maybe hale. And that's directly onto my west have kind of been watching the track on the western horizon. But you know I happen it's dark it's it's pretty hard did start to define some things although we do have pretty constant. Club to club lightning strikes. And kind of watching the darker and more intense part of this storm it strictly up to my western moving to the other. Moving to the north east a little bit so kind of watching that part of the storm. I'm not close enough and and there's not enough likely to television as any rotating or anything like that so it's kind of hard comedic take data from my location. But there is obviously they're pretty dark area the storm and and whether to arrange chapter are lowering of the clouds it's. Fairly hard to tell from my location given the time and not as well the kind of watching that part of the storm as it does continue to track off towards the north and east of little bit. Well to get it directly to the left of my location. And that is that 21 north and 167. West. And I'm still just a bit too via. To the south of the coal which area in the NFL are huge cloud to ground strike go directly to my way where that they're pretty intense part of the storm is right now. It can't SS storm tracker want quality. In another northwest part of Sedgwick county and at 167. Left the 21 north it's it would work. All thunderstorms are dangerous every thunderstorm produces lightning. In the United States an average of 300 people are injured and eighty people are killed each year by lightning although almost lightning victim survive people struck by lightning often report a variety of long term debilitating symptoms other associated dangers of thunderstorms include tornadoes strong winds hail and flash flooding. Flash flooding is responsible for more fatalities more than 140 annually than any other thunderstorm associated hazard. This is a tornado warning we reduce. This is a tornado warning. This is operation storm watch on thirteen thirty Kayla says there was some test every joint after a mortal three point seven KEY NN that. Tornado warning remains in effect until 9 o'clock for northeastern separate county that we are getting conflicting reports says we've been talking about. It's more properly and perhaps to called a severe thunderstorm capable of producing a tornado. And that's been located near the garden plain area moving to the northeast at ten miles per hour. Let's go back to our kick for solar Sanjay Prater and get an update their roles. Pearl will probably gonna say southeast Hillsborough and back into King County all right I'm gonna watch the southern edge of this even though this thunderstorm as we can point a little bit. No circulation yet but the fact that we have that opinion down there. I'll say that again okay train spotter reported a tornado in north of Goddard and K 42. Any idea if we get a timers. Report of when that when that happened because. Senior Goddard now. That's that's moved to the north so once we get at a time stamp on win that. A one that actually occurred torn in the ground near a 10295. In 21. And they're trying to get better organized so against fodder now reporting a tornado. In the general area unquote. From 331. West is where the spotters confirming so now we do have confirmations. Tornadoes with this thunderstorm and again if this threat is going to be north of Kellogg north the US 54. In the vicinity of saint Mary between saint mark's in dale in coal wage. That's the direction were were continuing to go so the whole sirens are going off across the city analysts double check in with K and SS. Apparently can assess currently not providing track information Bryce here OK let's. 02. Storm tracker C Macintosh announce if we can help out are folks that to take first alert Steve what are you seeing them do your location on western with Cedric county. I'm actually sitting and call which right now the wind has picked up all the past few minutes and then dies down a little bit. We've got a little piece I feel. I don't see any high wind and hitting like yet again the lightning strike should the at this time and I'd bankroll you can see out here I can't budge and look whether you liking like to this guy you don't see much but we do. We're having moderate to heavy rain right now and call it surely. Well at the edge of where this could be tracking. And so you're pretty call right LU law enforcement people call which have been going up now streets. Balled their sirens and the lights are you know actually the siren here's our battle out I had a hard Liberia. But don't law enforcement did go and don't street's major but he knows what's going on now. As I speak the rain has nearly stopped mid. They're to big creek near me under lab but current arrangement almost software like brain now in all rich. As we wait for maybe more trouble along with the store. Right now pretty calling call which start Brecher one cookie tree I'd Steve back. Okay Steve just so heads up here because we are getting some radar information. And a looks like west of your location near Reno pretty good spot right now. Do was see what is impact in the area and into the western view looks like we could be getting so much heavy activity Mohawk perhaps hook echo in the in the radar too so. Keep her eyes out there and will look join you back again for another update here in a few minutes. Yeah. All right Steve Macintosh. And let's go do storm tracker Ted Woodward now in the attends a house it's shaping up at your location at this moment. Yeah I after that reported via a tornado west of Goddard I've been heading out west on 21 street north now west of 167 western. Still looking adapt. What I was talking about earlier that kind of lowering of the cloud basic plot to migrate the north east of my location right now I can't beat. Any rotation necessarily but it there's a couple of places where the clouds of lowered a little bit from the cloud base then. And trying to it's tough to get a good look as dark as it is. It to see whether or not there's an rotation or whether there's any formation of this but it does. It look very good so combo. Kind of headed. Westbound from 167 western 21 north. Kind of looking at a couple of lowering of the club paid to talk to the north. West of my location right now. And that's kind of their. A part of the storm looking at it there's some pretty intense. Cloud to ground lightning associated with this that are really kicked up and and is very very intense that part of the storm. As are cannot try people look at a couple of places where the cloud to lowered from the base and I haven't seen any rotation it's early yet but. It's getting kind of hard to see what as dark it's getting now on the part of the storm that not getting any wind or rain I haven't seen any detailed but. But keeping it pretty intense part of the storm to stop the north west in my location under 167 left and 21 north in KN OSS storm tracker 120 that what we're. Thank you attend let's go back to take first alert NG Prater and and join them in progress of their college right now city limits of Wichita so again in their own. Cole which it's a good idea to take your a tornado precautions right now and that continues to move towards the north. It's a tornado warning for Sedgwick county and the new severe thunderstorm warning. For Reno Sedgwick and keenly counties that is until 915 sold brand new severe thunderstorm warning. Has been issued an addition to the current tornado warning until 1 o'clock for Cedric county you're looking live cakes. Enterprise bank. Take camp and now we'll go back over to Kate first color doppler HD as this continues to track over towards core wedge. Analysts see if I can SS has what other chasers around. Let's go out to Steve Macintosh now when does Steve's. Europe pretty much in the outline of things right now what can you would tell us is shaping up at your location. I'm additional Webster college on Decatur street north go about her or miles not much training going on right now but I've come through another right stat. I can see the crowds all Cubans alto why location that nor talked about. And get you much beneficiary thing up there like is really going credit all around us right now as I said. Go to the west they're to break in the clouds up there but you to the back into this. But yeah outbid. Week you're right in question do you see just a glimpse. Well probably because they're talking about it could be. Have produced it tornado I doubt you're pretty it's pretty definition of stopping any allure. And it's just to myself probably a couple of miles here. I get a month to keep their street north just west of coal rich camera Yemen which are stay with a if you will produce manager death. Yeah he's the situation now just give Reagan and he gets a little more light rain low moderate Dallas ahead questions and looking back like south. Just South Korea want to featured straight hair color match. And just how just flesh just western George scorched sponsored entry door. So let's. Situation here and good to I don't know if you've been able here we are not ever go. A friend it well that people all year I've been no west battle indeed dirt. West a coach or our files now looking to themselves like she'd be out there talking about right now where I'm sitting is the rain is pretty much got. But I had a nor'easter like tomorrow rain you're what scorched so I get. Who unfortunate people in college didn't go out and screeched all the sirens are to be going all I call. Well over the Caldwell who saw the way I turned back east. And they're just sort of really trying to put Becker. Just oh boy it's gonna beat you may be about the couple miles I'll. Call which she. My little closer to where we're. There were any destroyed dealt a very low hanging cloud Baird steps yet I see it. We're watching Ellen AA and that would be so also call what about Richard by else. And they can't get dragged direction we goes towards the north east but. Your college. Again things are cold now. The wind and about a trade but I can't see that I believe the low hanging out there and about the could be. I could be a tornado like to see rotation. Or get a lightning strike her down and that's about all you can. You can go by the get a pre barely watched it say it again I'm course I'm headed back east academic which I think is going to be yourself. And to be east of coal try to clear a comeback Camilo every one star Greg won 53 I'd be back to. Thank you Steve well law enforcement is also are reporting is so much heavy. Quarter sized hail to about six miles so south of Kingman. And near 43 of north and who were reviewed reports of some lower marine in the clowns may stir but. No confirm rotation at this time as you were saying no intent might be in the thick of things here so let's check in with so storm tracker took what worked and. It meant seeing some of the same thing that speed is seen and I'm kind of at a different vantage point on that boat 21 ignored and the 183. West. And I cannot definitely I'm looking straight north into that lowering of the cloud base that speed is seen as well. It's. Did. Nothing it's formed. It's significantly yet there's good there's two or three parts where the big cloud become lower out of the base. Haven't really seen in development any paying you can only really it's hard to tell rotation because it's dark and you can only really get into what's going on when there is there. When there's lightning going on but there is up. Directly to go to the north of my location here at 21 north and 183 what. Okay Ted Ted let me interrupt you here for a second here because we are getting some reports. About 05 minutes ago while we had tracker reporter rope or how often trumped tornado. That was confirmed in the Kingman area and we're getting in another report here. That just about two minutes ago. Father is a confirmed tornado located over Cole which moving to the northeast at fifteen miles per hour or so work getting all these so reports in here again this was confirmed by. A National Weather Service storm tracker here in the call which are content. Yeah I've I've come I'm still watching that from the from the in the south of that location there's. It's pretty extended cloud base so that college area there's been there's three or four places now whether it will lowering of the cloud and you didn't. Intention you get a feeling coming might be developing but I have not been able to. Get a good look it's just too dark to feed some of those locations and whether or not those are actual. The formation but it seems like did little bit of a dissipating right now I'm not seeing that it's concrete formations. Also also be in a no look from a radar here that there may be kind of a hook air air I'll hook in the end deal area just to the oh west northwest of coal which so why you know word we're getting all the signs here tonight and and obviously with the the sundown the darkness using his hampering our spotting abilities here but you are getting a little look see with such. Between the lightning strikes a ticket. Now it's come the column trying to do and now are you know taking like the other will be a lowering when you think OK coming to an helmeted men the next time a lightening strikes it's dissipated and it's. It's not avert our. I agree information there was just few seconds early yourself or did you not on this call that obviously is. Pretty volatile and might be dropping from severe weather in the call which area in the northwest part of the metro area. All right and again anyone in the northern no surgery count the area that includes coal which Phillies senator maize and dale. You should be taking shelter right now because of the situation is so fluid. And because of the darkness you can't really tell. What is or is not out there here but we you're in a severe thunderstorm are should say guys tornado warning now. Until. 915 tonight this includes southeastern Reno county west central central county and northeastern Kingman county. A tornado warning until 915 tonight. Stop look and listen when a tornado watches issued this simplistic advice is still the best. Stuff going outside and stop sitting or standing by doors and windows. Tornado winds can tossed debris with tremendous force and shatter even well protected doors and windows. Tornado winds can bring down trees limbs and power lines you are at great personal risk if you or outdoors during a tornado. Look around for the evidence of a funnel shaped cloud and be prepared to evacuate to a tornado shelter if you see one. Look for a flashlight batteries and a first aid kits mechanical can opener and your emergency supply kit with food water and medications. Listen to a battery operated radio or TV for news and weather updates stop look and listen. This is a tornado warnings we reduce. This is a tornado warning. You're listening to operation storm watch on thirteen thirty taken SS with simultaneous coverage on FM mortal three point seven. KE wine and and we are over and well we're we're going to be getting an update your possibly tournament a tournament or. It looks like a tornado warning now for army sent to wait until there's an accident until 930 and won't get the the information. As is it Gupta is here. Okay. Redundant. It. Tornado warning. It is a tornado warning. We're listening operation storm watch on thirteen thirty KM SS recital cast every dawn FL 103 point seven KEY and end up. Their rehab of the tornado warning has been extended now until 930 tonight for southeastern hungry and to Norris eastern. So we county again tornado warning until 930 tonight has said back out onto the streets are strong truckers are. Out of the thick of things Steve macintoshes so joyous now. Don't. Worry you're getting a little feedback with me here Steve breezed can you really aren't. Yes I do imply that we get out did you argue I hear the digging coal which. Talking to law enforcement officer and mixing Art Shell and what you blew a big part to the north and west of college. Don't know why in cub looks really ominous so there we were watching oh yeah I'll let you down a life insurance it's dead north. Of black college now this blog that I can even talking about and your course yellows not much rain Bologna has been already heavily in the call which area could get likely you are certain that up toward Alexander now. Like he's CNET all hanging cloud to your doctor about getting much definition footage seeds yellow but I got outside alum I might be able. Yeah a bit better look at it. Just go I would never quite to the city while I. Saw a look up to the east now to call which they are going to get some premiere yet. Yeah they are pretty pretty much shut down and coalition growth to continue Zorn young lady at all. You're Nikkei nick a bunch nobody nobody customer dugout many customers here that there are people so those sirens go again. And then buried here although I create a regular album are gourmet or keep him at all which. And is now headed up to the north and east. Up toward the northeast undersecretary or your nor recorded under chaotic. You're an artery county areas southern army Gary. This is that this short track and restore not a gang don't produce a second here. I'm really earned lightning strikes limit yourself. And might be able yeah Albert says very low hanging cloud. And it Jala distorted that I can't make it out the you know trouble. I got so. I get damaged or chilling call now be arranged to stop it looks like he's gone over to the northeast part of Cedric county and that's gonna track next. And adjust now east to college or they could retreat doors cracker or one bit Petri I XP back. But you're much Steve van de areas being impacted by the extension now the tornado warning. We're looking that Newton parks city valleys set her Mays since week coal which. And Bentley being affected by this tornado warning. Until 930 tonight Ted Woodward is also out about listen join him now what's your location dad. Yet amateur at 29 north and about 151. What I asked you and I that same. Lowering of the cloud its speed Macintosh is talking about it does seem to be up to the north of the college area now but. It's we're trying to relying on the lightning strike could. Can't help but see where that cloud base is and it's not easy I'm done at 130 dipped. Blessed and 29 north monetary ignored a little bit here on. On 130 dipped one has to kind of get me better angle looking at this storm. Compact all it's a little bit that. I XP says there's a pretty good concentrated area of some lowering of the cloud base but I haven't seen any. Definite formation with a yet it. It beat change every time I don't lightning strike it differed. Look at it but still trying to keep track of that storm that's obviously something that the National Weather Service that spotters are very concerned about it it will. Continue to proceed in tracked across the northwest and a northern part that would county here during the next half hour or so once again I'm not a bit. Over to the southeast to the college locations don't watching this so lowering of the clout bait to continue to track it way had you been part of the county I'm at 130 get blessed. And are about 3500 block north UK and SS storm tracker once Juanita that's what we're. Think you're much stead as we are heading into our our number two of operation storm watcher tonight's lets us. Take care of foes some housekeeping business or you're listening to operation storm watch on thirteen thirty taken SS Wichita. With some cast coverage on FM 103 point seven KEY in Wichita. Now the National Weather Service has extended the tornado warning this is for southeastern Caribbean northeastern Sedgwick county. Until 930 tonight we've been listening to our storm trackers say in the call which Syria and were also getting an indication that. This storm could be impacting Newton parks city valley center remain essentially call which. And Bentley in the next thirty minutes let's go out to storm tracker Gary Kelly now and Gary what's your location and know what can you Phyllis and on the storm. I right now and that Ford expects and say it and it's outside of the city of man and we kind of been waiting for these new tornado warnings that it it was only made another move out here at. That seems dealt like that it's happening up in this area we were. What would you stiffed here does. About separate it when they had to go out and shot some lowering I think to be actually appear the area we were up at bear with a lot to cloud to ground lightning. But I don't know that that's sad mad then anchor leg and that we keep saying after dark really archaic or make a lot at the Al. I'll what is the lightning it to go on so where try to play it straight back Eric is 45 and hey. Is Star Trek like 30 Rock is Eric Elie. Thank you Gary again the national weather service of these severe thunderstorm warning. Still in effect until 915 month we are also in a severe. Tornado. The warning until 930 tonight affecting Kingman Reno Sedgwick county Arnold that I'm sorry that's the thunderstorm warning the tornado warning. Is for a century county. Until 930 tonight the severe thunderstorm capable of producing a tornado was located near Mae's move into the northeast thirty miles per hour. This was as of about two minutes ago. Were also getting reports of a tornado. About twenty minutes ago reported. Strong tracker reporting may rope. More elephant trump tornado reported and confirmed it. In need and Goddard area that's about twenty minutes ago we're keeping me I on the storm is a moose threw for the next thirty minutes or so. Let's join nudging Prater and take first alert and find out what's happening on their radar right. Earlier this is very good news. And as I'm looking at Dunn scored check out the velocity source here looking at some other places too. And getting absolutely nothing on the southern flank here and as it starts to get farther away from the radar mid Condit were actually imaging up higher in the storm. So should we so should receive any thing that would be up and make it more for presentation. On the radar so tornado warning still for Harvey Cedric county until 930 severe thunderstorm warning for Kingman county. That is gonna expire at 915 and less that thunderstorm that's on US 54 between king and in teeny. I kind of rams back up they may lead to let that wouldn't go. Is still with a price. Okay price to drop off okay all right so has he done that we'll officers who have dropped that and we're continuing to live here on K let's go back over to K and assessments here. Eight tornado warning is issued when a tornado has been sighted or appears on weather radar. During a tornado warning listen to a battery operated radio or television for progress reports. Seek shelter immediately. If you are driving when you hear a tornado warning or seen a tornado on the ground get out of the vehicle immediately and seek shelter in in nearby building. If there is no time to get indoors your chances of survival are better if you get out and Lionel ditch or low lying area away from the vehicles. Cover your head and neck. Never tried to follow or how to drive a tornado. Tornadoes can change direction quickly and can lift up a car or truck and toss it through the air. Remember if you've seen a tornado on the ground seek shelter immediately. This is a tornado warning we reduce. This is a tornado warning. Operation storm watch coming to you on thirteen thirty Taylor sent us with some Castro Raton FL mortal three point seven KE YE and the sixty mile per hour winds hail king men Reno Cedric county that's a severe thunderstorm warning. So to expire at 915 tonight about ten more minutes but we still Lawrie and they. Tornado warning until 930 and let's set out to our strong trackers Steve Macintosh. You've been did in denial on the small clouds you were isn't moving now on were you have now. I'm on 1996. Now coming back tortured or to be northwest are Wichita. And yeah and what you storm walked to my left now would be to the north. Betty a could've Alexander area and a lightning strikes shall illuminated every now and then I don't see millions. They're from my vantage point and take groups say is terribly. Striking or Andy right now what I can see now. Here at bridge throated 96 good rate edged up. There's no rain there's no wind Berry called looks like from my marriage went up to the north. These will go to the excitement is right now. Possibly getting the worst part about it shatter. A lot of light ignore on. And I just cannot Croatian. Czech stairwell all the excitement was there and that there are actually we parted bitchy and tuba. We're very scary crowd that was so those double college. I'm mood around a couple watch look back again and it was in the market call it so that was dirty bastard might have been a bit. Might have been no wasn't a tornado was that they are talking about. So all right now I jailed in the northeast part of the county bill at the studio he could be seen jumping I got a great field and it's gonna be a little more than you though. It might just stay to the north of blood northeast Wichita does go up into the they'll be organic you have an artery yeah anyway it's my marriage in 1996 look at north. I'm manage several miles away they're treated like being in new Schobel on the night. But there are you glad to be out there don't be up there that's why a bush years and outside eastbound on back in addition to wonder why so what is tailgating me. At sixty miles an hour obviously someone from another county who doesn't know what they're Billick. Now exceeding the speed limit of people want to be a little bit odd situation some great lightning showed tonight and we got guy at the end it. Usually get damage reports that there's really really your dog got acute. Probably haven't seen much damage reports are sort of where they call Bob on the wire. Bucket they're jumping interstate. I am on May well alt a thank you I'm going to base your lighted side log in ID six tornado warning children thirteen 38 out. How about that's UK and us. I was good shot out and actually we are talking about this the tornado warning right out socially duct drive along the agent or six days they know we're doing our attention this alchemy and educators say the LaSalle I would north. I'm no approaching West Street spin. MK 96 Andre trend that north part of which don't like corporate call I doubt there. So one could be three I beat back and huh. Okay Steve and the weather weather service is also confirming none. Bureau speculation about the storm moving north Aurora studio location the leave my areas being impacted. In the next thirty minutes or so world would be Newton Park City valley senator Mays since we call which. And the Bentley area we do have some mud good news to pass on a lease these severe thunderstorm warning for Kaman Reno and surgery county. Expired. A problem little over ten minutes early here there was set to expire after 915. They have actually pull that one now. But we still have the these guys tornado warning in effect until 934 area. Ted Woodward is also out and about tonight so let's go to storm trucker Ted. Ed and I just not just at the Pizza Hut that made and made their debit beat third north and major road. Com and like Steve I was a forty mile an hour speed limit zone I had somebody around like beat her up. People are never to get places. This severe weather is. Still seems to be often that most of the power and after the storm he'd be up to the north east of my location now. Or you're watching that lord of the cloud based their college and they also admit they got tough to see final pitch shrouded in range carpet got darker big eagle but a combination of both but. It's really an art we keep track of that part of the storm of the team took. And it got dark it's just not keep you see any more so. That they can might be wrapped in rain at that. It did not continues to make what I make up 53 Norton and Tyler right now heading to beach east. Still watching the most intense part of this storm would still appear to be up to my ignore these kind of the same direction that beat macintoshes hitting it well. In between now amaze and Wichita are right now. Under beat third street north not getting any rain or not getting any win I've not been to Australia. Does get it would this storm but. I watching this storm of the continue to track its way across the northern part to the metro area are northern part anyway GK NSS storm tracker once won eight is that what we're. And there are no reports of any power poles in the you down position here tonight that's that's a good thing. Of these severe thunderstorm warning for Kingman Reynoso every county that expired early that was set to expire at 915 that is so now off the table. We RO looking at a special weather statement being issued for Butler county and Marion County. That in effect until 930 that basically. Meaning that loose the threat of severe weather is is out there we Europe. Of course under the tornado warning until 934. Southeastern Harvey and northeastern sentry county. Impacting the areas of Newton Park City valley center may essentially call which. And event played and know what's let's go back to take for solar energy crater and pick up any information their. They are seeing right now with their radar. So that's the latest spotter report have on this storm. Now let's get you back into Kingman county. This thunderstorm as we can dramatically let's between midway and Mount Vernon on US 54 this is what's left. All of the tornado warn storm the one the crews to tornado when it was back in parts. Of Comanche county earlier this afternoon and went to get to the west that those thunderstorms are well below severe limits let's get you in the chase county. For met Phil green up the bizarre and cottonwood falls a strong thunderstorms maybe some nine Halen that at some point but not really we can turn on anything. This event. Yes no I was just. Trying to keep up of all the action we got going on out there and the course today you pretty much doing a great job of it we have these thunderstorms that are continuing to be the main show in town. Looking further back to the south the more asked kind of monitoring perhaps the next several hours early not seen too much additional development now. Western medicine lodge south and west to perhaps we do have some strong thunderstorms way back in southwestern portions of Oklahoma. Looks like they should not be a problem for so really we're talking about the next couple of hours as still being under the gun for which some actuarial south central Kansas. All right you know and now we're we're certainly get a few more sweeps of the radar here. If this trend continues we're gonna let this continuous coverage go here. At some point and can get you back into the programming so we're still trying to get some month some spotter reports. I must go ahead and take a look at some horror storm trackers who we are getting reports so we had done. In Kingman county. Spotter will OCA won't clown with some rotation. 109 north and 167. They say that it lowered and raised a couple of times but no real touchdown on that area so. Things appear to be quieting down but let's go out to see Macintosh right now or are things quietly and in your area to were. You ours things certain to pick up a little bit what's the story. Hard to beat choirs sick right now we're in north meridian. In northwest Wichita and already know. And no wind EG the lightning still. As is sort moves off to the north and east of Wichita that there. And I can tell you that you're on that note birdied there has been so great and you could tell ahead right here. I have seen no I had no wind damage no lights down. And not unlike we had last Friday early Friday morning which most. About like yet just at this time spot little spot there are areas where the first Gerri what can clout and possible tornadic activity but it looks like Wichita State did the cover storm understated there. The prediction in a clear bookkeeper marsh from the situation dollars. At. Cake in their pianist escape way and I don't receiving. But there's been an area here and that no auto which taught it's so not much strata mistreat everybody went oh yes. But it was very yeah it was very nice juicy a great big sign of keynote as Alan K 96 AM. Uranus is still a tornado warning true to thirteen thirty thank you. And appreciate debt that it can Richard Kagan and Gary added get the seating but I think it's premature so loudly that you. But Wichita. So Gregor looked at patriarchy Arkansas. Woolsey we haven't officially got the all clear yet but we are getting some more spotter reports that the storm is dissipating. Other not seen a wall cloud anymore doesn't appear torn nanny cam that was about a mile south of only senator. That report coming from a strain or train spotter. We are getting because of the tornado warning no. Here in separate county in effect until 930. A severe thunderstorm capable of producing a tornado was located near since week. Moving to the northeast at 35 miles per hour of that coming down just a couple minutes ago. And let's see. Are the reports of the storm weakening. So what what this may not be her final word here but so let's let's go one more time to Ted Woodward and see what happens as the storm seems to be a dissipating here tonight Ted. And I've been tracking eastbound on 53 street norte are just now entered the Wichita city limits near meridian. And not Muster report said that it has Craig here but I haven't had rain attempt that went through the main area. And then not not be any wind at all on my speed Macintosh said that. So that's appear part of the of the thunderstorms it will attract well ought to be the north northeast at this point. And it's not affecting the city limits Wichita still didn't Bridget clout they cloud and cloud to ground lightning strikes but. People more intense of the art distort markets said it is well up to the north and northeast of my location now. But I am not. I amateur at 53 nor is there and just to India just to be east of meridian. Well traffic out to be like this part of the well I guess it is that's not a caught with that's a Wal-Mart stopped traffic there aren't. After leader's door and another bar and they only had one truck each outside so. Deputy ought Traficant is part of town right now to go out people stadium tonight and opens the most part to despair whether we're past our area. What'd I tell you want what's let's make that to home pretty much last word here tonight at we still have the severe. Thunderstorm. Situation expire here at 915. And the tornado warnings still way is on the books until 930 but with everything weakening and area we've we've gone into a situation here where we just might be repeating herself quite a bit but we're standing by if if other storm. Source of pop up again will be back on the air with more alive information here on operation storm watch. But as things are winding down here tonight just it's a quick recap we. Sort of off with a severe thunderstorm warning for western centric caddie which turned into a tornado warning for northeastern Cedric county and we've had some reports. Posts from wall clown some traumatic. Movement in the clowns mound we've had some. And more clouds so that appeared and disappeared in the darkness in the end. Really nothing in that has touched down with any impact at this moment in time. But will keep you appraised of the situation will have far more reports says so the night goes on if we do have reports of damage. Two property that kind of thing coming from these storms will let you know about it especially with those Stevenson in the morning here. Tomorrow morning and I can't assess and throughout the night tonight so well it's 917. And we're just gonna go ahead and up. And go ahead and and close down operations go back in a regular programming but if the situation Lawrence. Will be back with more operation storm watch on thirteen thirty Kagan SS. And Simon Castro breeze on FM one a three point seven KEY and the. Operation storm watches are production OK and SS news. First coming here every season but accurate weather in him. When weather big severe. You didn't radioed thirteen derby a cake and as it. But cycle pass coverage on FM at 13 point seven. KEY came.